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45th Annual Daytime Emmy Winners: Days of our Lives Takes Drama Series, Davidson & Reynolds Top Acting Honors!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

On Sunday night, the men and women of daytime television gathered together to celebrate their accomplishments and to celebrate one another at the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards handed out by NATAS (National Academy of Television Arts and Science) at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California.

And the envelope please … it was a big night for Days of our Lives! The NBC daytime drama series took home the gold for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series for Ron Carlivati and his team, and Outstanding Direction in a Drama Series.  In addition, James Reynolds walked away with the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series award for his heartbreaking performance as Abe Carver. Most of DAYS submissions in the major categories centered around the episode where JJ (Casey Moss) contemplates suicide, and the Christmas Eve episode where Theo finally comes out of his coma, as well as the double-wedding episodes were Ben busts through the door for shocking news for Sonny and Paul, and Chad and Abigail.

In addition soap vet, Greg Vaughan won the Emmy for his work on DAYS in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category.

Y&R took home two major acting honors. First, Eileen Davidson bested the other 4 strong women in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Ashley Abbott.  The Lead Actress category was the toughest acting category of the night for many to call.  Davidson had now one two Lead Actress trophies, having won previously for her role as Kristen DiMera on DAYS.   Camryn Grimes also added to her trophy collection winning for her role as Mariah Copeland in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series category.  She previously won an Emmy in 2001, and was the youngest ever to receive an honor for her role as Cassie Newman.

In the Younger Acting categories; General Hospital’s Chloe Lanier received the Outstanding Younger Actress prize, while former B&B star, Rome Flynn (Ex-Zende) took home the Outstanding Younger Actor gold.  GH’s Vernee Watson (Stella) was named the Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series, and The Bay added to their collection with another win for the Outstanding Digital Drama Series.

Daytime’s beloved Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie Williams) of Days of our Lives were honored with the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award.

After the jump check out the complete list of winners from the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.  Then after the jump, let us know what you thought of the night’s winners via the comment section below.

Days of our Lives

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Eileen Davidson (Ashley, The Young and the Restless)

James Reynolds (Abe, Days of our Lives)

Camryn Grimes (Mariah, The Young and the Restless)

Greg Vaughan (Eric, Days of our Lives)

Chloe Lanier (Nelle, GH)

Rome Flynn (Zende, The Bold and the Beautiful)

Vernee Watson (Stella Henry, General Hospital)

Days of our Lives

Photo Credit:

Days of our Lives

The Bay

Wayne Brady, Let’s Make a Deal

The Price Is Right

Judge Mathis

Good Morning America

Entertainment Tonight

Steve Harvey, Steve

The Dr. Oz Show

Adrienne Houghtton, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley, The Real

The Talk

A Chef’s Life

Lidia Bastianich, Lidia’s Kitchen


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Denzel Washington in a recent interview says men give awards, God gives rewards for what we do. All of us — audiences too — are blessed we have daytime drama yet, even though it is not the deep genre it once was. I pray that will change. Anyway… It seems the Academy made the right choices for trophies. No head-scratchers here. The nominees were strong in every category.

I found the show to be too long and heavily scripted. I miss the network broadcasts and hope the Academy again can make a case for those broadcasts again. For audiences, the daytime awards are so fragmented and there are so many, and the daytime drama categories may not have the luster they once did.

Still… I was watching and sharing my spirit. I love the genre. Long live daytime!

Very happy that Eileen Davidson won-love her! (So happy that she smartened up and left “Real Housewives”). James Reynolds-a well-deserved win, as well! Disappointed that Marla Adams didn’t win. Ms. Adams was a powerhouse this year. I don’t really care for Camryn Grimes or her character, but congratulations to her. As always, Eileen looked beautiful. Camryn looked fabulous in red. & I loved the black on black on Mr. Reynolds-very classy!

I thought that Ms. Adams should have won, also.

Yes, Boop…..she’s wonderful. Love Ms Marla…..too bad we, the fans, don’t do the choosing….

So happy for Days. Totally deserved.

I’m really surprised Rome won. I watch B&B and have never thought he is a good actor. I thought Casey would win.

Congrats to Eileen and Camryn. I also wanted Marla to win as she has been killing it, but Camryn did some great acting so can’t be mad there.

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

What material did Rome have to even support his nomination? Casey Moss has shown such growth in his acting skills and definitely deserved to win the gold! I’m happy that Days is being recognized and rewarded. Although, I don’t watch much (The NuAbigail Hour) I have fond memories from the ’90’s-when I used to watch. I’ll always tune-in when Eileen Davidson visits!

I do not watch B&B, dmr….but, if you say Casey deserved the award, then I trust your judgment.
I am not into Gabbygail one bit….especially the latest turn of events where she and Stefan escaped the ‘fire’….getting away with his crimes….she’s forgiven…..not herself.
Abigail better come out soon…sick of the alters already….especially when en league with Stefan…ugh.

It was shocking enough that no actress from GH was nominated in the Supporting Actress category or that Maurice Benard was left out of the Lead Actor category with strong material for Sonny following Morgan’s death , but I was stunned that Nancy, Laura, and Maura all lost the Lead Actress category. They all had a stellar year, but maybe they all just cancelled each other out. I’m glad DAYS won best soap, if not GH. They’ve got Ron Carlivati now, who is not afraid to write strong stories for the vets, like he did for a time at GH.

I have to say, I am sick to death of hearing about The Moron (Morgan). His name is mentioned more than the living characters on the show. Not sure what Laura Wright did this year; however, I thought for sure that Maura West was going to win-always stellar. Nancy Lee Grahn submitted a great reel, as well. I love Eileen Davidson, though…

No to Maura; enough is enough!

Fans didnt even like Moron when he was alive!

Not shocked.

Casey Moss was robbed.

i totally agree


I agree the blue ribbon panel has to come back.Unpaid volunteers who are a part of the industry should choose the winner.Michael fairman,jamie giddens,michael logan,carolyn hinsey,stephanie sloane,dan kroll and the staff of soap opera digest should choose the nominees and winners.Every year for 44 years people are ignored.Did anyone notice that brian datillo did not attend the show.


Totally agree, Robert. Even the audience seemed surprised. Not to mention Flynn himself, who apparently needs to have a script to speak coherently.

I definitely agree with you Robert. Casey Moss is a fine actor who always delivers. His performances during the Theo shooting story were outstanding.

Yes, Casey Moss losing Best Younger Actor was the biggest upset of the Emmys.

The show was magnificent.However,where was freddie smith and chirstopher sean.Days is taped 5 months in advance,I geuss in five months the 2 of them are off the show.Thaoo penghilis was their and that means carvalatti is bringing tony back to life.Chandler is not in this picture,but he was in the audience.This show was so good because there was no music playing to make winners get off the stage.David and michael did a spectacular job.

No complaints here. I thought the show was very well done and happy for all the nominees and winners. Great fashions-and seems like all had a marvelous evening. Shout out to Michael Fairman- Loved the GH55 segment you produced. Excellent job, Michael. Also saw your pics from the red carpet and inside-lookin’ good!

@Phyllis….Greetings “my fair lady!” Even though I didn’t watch the show, I did happen upon an online sartorial slideshow of fashion favorites and magnificent material mishaps…probably about 60 in total?? All I can say is that more than a few frocks truly took my breath away due to their utterly appalling artistic abberations that were so heinously OTT I more than once thought that these atrocious examples of apparel couldn’t even possibly rate as charity cast-offs from John Waters’ “’DragQueensRUs Classic Collection”…..Yep, THAT bad! (And no, I shall not be naming names….) However, whilst there remained some quite lovely conventional choices, if I am to be completely honest, there was only one show-stopping selection that totally rose head and shoulders above the rest of the too-often couturially-challenged crowd… was an enchantingingly elegant, sleek and all-together tasteful number, and the fact that it was the darkest noir in shade also upped the sophistication level. Sooo….who was the recipient of Shay’s “Best Dressed” honors for Emmys#45, you are no doubt asking???? Well, well, “Milady,”sit down and have a nice stiff drink before I make my announcement, because you will no doubt think your eyes are deceiving you as you read my verdict: Drumroll please…..And the winner is…..NLG!!!!! Yes, you read that correctly, Phyllis….now promptly pick up your jaw from the floor! (You, too, CeeCeeGirl! Lol…) In all candor, I was absolutely awestruck by this woman’s uncharacteristically chaste turtlenecked, sleeveless, form-fitting black gown…she looked as though she had been poured into it and the effect was beyond flattering…it was simply spectacular! I know, I know….but you needn’t check—-h#!! has not frozen over, even though I admit I was shocked silly by this supreme style triumph from such a surprising source, considering my less than previously stellar views on the specific subject of NLG’s Alexis Davis and her lack of suitably proper attire!!!! Hence allow me to extend my sincerest of congratulations to Nancy, as the no doubt gobsmacked recipient of this most unexpected distinction! Furthermore, may I humbly suggest that the actress offers her smashing number on borrow to her alter ego, Alexis, for the upcoming NB? Seems such a shame to waste this fantastic frock on just one night,, so go on, NLG, be generous with your onscreen self and show all of Port Charles that she is entirely capable of making a fashion splash in a most uncustomarily modest mode! (And, should you refuse my request, then please pass on this stunning creation to the Divine Devane herself…since if truth be told, it actually has “Anna” written all over it as exactly the sort of style she herself would select….and that is perhaps the highest compliment one could offer any garment good enough for the luxurious likes of this modern-day Mata Hari!)

Oh, Shay, amore……Anna ( my apologies to Finola, whom I love; it is what it is) would not do that frock justice. One must have the body—-a generous, yet not overwhelming, bosom; shapely, feminine hips, in order to stun and/or raise the dead!!!!
Finola, as pretty as she is, has a boyish body…..thus, she needs to choose her habillement with extra care. In contrast, Nancy has it all….I can only hope to maintain mine, as she has. She, as Michelle Stafford, looks good in anything.
Very admirable of you to regale such a compliment to one of your not-so-favorable-character.
I have always liked and appreciated Nancy, both in looks and in acting. Now, I, also, like the character….but, with the same litany, Shay….sans Julian ( I love William as well). I don’t know what turned me off when those two went at it….I blame the writers for scripting such scenes as doing it in the living room, with the front door right there…..with adult kids, a grandson, walking in at any time.
Sometimes, no matter how hard some women work on their wardrobe, make-up….no matter how beautiful they may be; some women lack flair and savoir-faire—-comportment and sex-appeal are an innate gift….natural flirting without being crass is a gift…. can’t fake it….Nancy, Michelle and Maura ( among only a few) have it….
Arrivederci, cara…

@Phyllis……Hey there, lovely lady! Where have you been? Still aimlessly wandering the prairie, searching for that elusive “Delores Claiborne” DVD or did you fire up the Pontiac to hightail it down to the Kentucky Derby’s weekend of grand festivities? (I can totally picture you donning their customary millinery creations with the greatest of aplomb!) Regardless, I simply wished to check in, say hello and remark that although I applaud the down-to-earth, viewer-friendly Lidia Bastianich’s Emmy win for “Outstanding Culinary Host,” you remain my sentimental favorite as “cookshow hostess with the mostess” for your sassy, saucy presentation of “La Cucina Italiana,” so don’t give up your cuisine-oriented aspirations, okay, “Phyllisima Bellisima?” Who knows? It could be you on that Emmy red carpet come come next year! Best of luck, darling!

I don’t think she is coming back, Shay. Hope she does, but seeing how she has been treated here- she deserves better. Swore I would never jump in here again after the last wars-and being called a liar for calling out behavior from the defender of fictional characters. Thanks for having my back during a couple of those battles. I still get majorly irritated thinking about all that.
I wanted to reply to Phyllis, and wish I would have. She was funny as hell and just wanted to have some conversation and humor and human contact.
Instead, she gets outed and questioned about her gender identity-what a crock-there are no restrooms in Fairman City or whatever this is for anyone to be freaking about her using them. We don’t truly know who is whom on here and found that especially insulting to her-and when she was relating painful experience and wishing Fairman well in his personal grief.
She wanted to get along with everyone-and even apologized to the one who never apologizes-and received no apology, of course.
Her “little stories” or movie plots or whtever made me laugh out loud-hard to find that on here-great when you do.
Then, because this is like some mean girls party, I see that her replys and posts were ignored-entirely-like she had the plague or something. She had nothing but kind words for everyone and in return she is snubbed and ignored-real classy ladies-
You were a friend to her on here-consistently and when she needed one. Wish I had been, but my own hesitation at taking another swim in the swamp prevented me. Shame on you haters and others who just totally turned your backs on someone who deserved to be treated like a human being. Thanks, Shay.

I was waiting to see if you would reach out to Phyllis-notice how everyone else has all of a sudden shunned her, don’t respond to her posts. I doubt she will return. Don’t blame her at all. She shares some personal info with Fairman and tries to offer comfort during his personal grief-and gets outed and questioned about her gender identity-classy! Who knows-really-who is whom on here-and there are no restrooms in Fairman City or whatever this is for people to freak out about her going into. She seemed lonely, and I did not see her do anything offensive-she even apologized to the defender of fictional characters-and then is snubbed by her as well? I am still not over being called a liar during major battles -and appreciate that you stood up for me-I have sworn not to post here and been good about it. Wish I would have responded to Phyllis-she and her movies or stories had be bust out loud laughing-and she did not have a bad word to say about anyone that I can remember. I don’t get why all she was conversing with suddenly snubbed her-but nothing here should surprise me after all these years. Hope she is ok. Thanks for being a friend here to her, Shay.

Have very much enjoyed your posts. Very funny. Hope you are doing ok.

@Gary…..How very nice to see you back here after such a lengthy “hiatus!” (Despite your great reluctance to do so….) And thank you for your kind words! You have written two very insightful and thoughtful posts and I hope somewhere out there, Phyllis is reading them, so she (or he) realizes how much they’ve touched not just you and me, but so many others who have enjoyed the most creative, spirited and entertaining material this website has seen in some time. Whether she is a he or he is a she——-or whatever, matters none…what does count is that Phyllis is a truly special, sweet soul who spreads sunshine and when they aren’t around, are keenly missed! I realize that we seriously meandered off the beaten path with some of our more insane tangents, but they were meant to be in good fun…I know I had the time of my life trying to keep up with the rapier sharp wit and wickedly wild wisdom of this dearly-loved “character” and I thank the moderators for allowing us to maintain our conversations despite going immensely off-topic! As for your notion that we may have seen the last of Phyllis, oh gosh, I most certainly hope not! I always look forward to staying in touch with this most precious of posters and I am not alone. CeeCee also expressed high praise and a sincere appreciation for the unique contributions of Ms. DeMarco…as did Harry and others. Perhaps there was not so much an intentional snubbing, as you termed it….but some of the replies simply didn’t make it online, Gary…I know many of mine to Phyllis didn’t materialize, and CeeCee also noted the same…it happens to most of us for a variety of reasons, hence my sincere wish is that no hurt or offense was felt on the part of Miss Phyllis because of this. At any rate, I am saying a prayer that our much-esteemed Ms. DeMarco will once again swing by Fairmanville in her snazzy Pontiac and that her apparent “detour” to parts unknown is merely a small “bump in the road.” (Phone home, Phyllis! It’s not the same here without you!) As for you, Gary, it was a pleasure to hear from you again…Please don’t be such a stranger this time around…friendship awaits for both you and Phyllis, too! Later!

Congratulations to all who won. I can’t say I did cartwheels over a lot of them but am so happy that the competition was so strong. That just shows that the soap opera genre is making a creative comeback; people are upping their game.

I do think that DAYS win was well deserved. Since Ron has been writing this show, things have really gelled nicely and I find myself wanting to watch every day. If GH didn’t win, I was glad it was DAYS. Happy, too, for James Reynolds to finally get his “due”.

Bill and Susan Hayes’ Lifetime Achievement Award was well deserved. As the old-time pros they are, of course they had something prepared to say that was delivered with heart. So happy for them!

I think Casey Moss was robbed. (Sorry, Rome Flynn fans.) His work on that storyline was heartbreaking. Those wonderful women from GH probably cancelled each other out, but it just goes to show what an embarrassment of riches they have on that show.

I really liked seeing the old clips.

Wasn’t in love with the song/performance for the In Memorium segment; felt it was too loud and brash.

Carolyn Hennesy was a real trouper doing those Red Carpet interviews with all that chaos going on around her!

Overall, I was thankful to be able to see the streaming and felt the show was better than it has been in other years when they were online-only. Hope this means they will continue to improve on the quality and maybe someday, our soap-loving friends who couldn’t watch on a streaming platform will be able to enjoy it live on TV again.

So happy Days won-the only soap i rarely miss…James deserved that emmy..Casey should had won but there is hope for next year…nice to see the Hayes-my all time favorite super couple recieive a Lifetime Achievment award…Chloe Lanier-so Heather Webberish as bad Nelle-best thing about GH these days as well as Max Gail…so disappointed how Genie was treated and Kin being fired at GH…that Jim guy could had been Laura’s stalker but everyone believes its Scott-there is a story for them…also Scottys daughter could had showed up and Carly could had used her to keep Micheal away from Nelle-more story…jmho!!!

Days…locked in that room for days but these three women still have their hair, makeup and clothes all so perfect-lol

Do we really want to see them looking all grungy? I’m fine with suspending a little belief that maybe there is a hidden bathroom we can’t see. I’m sure Stefano thought of all that. And remember, Marlena was locked in a room in the tunnels before by Kristen.

It has been days in our time, but in soap reality it has only been 1 day — Stefan and Gabby put them in that room and planned to leave town, but took time to have a roll in the hay, and Chad caught them–when he beat Stefan– was arrested, and while Stefan was in the hospital Gabby was caught visiting him– this is all happening on the same day in Salem

Yes, I have no words how Genie was treated. Will she really come back with a “Genie-worthy” story? Can we believe anything TPTB say?

James deserved his. But Days of Abigail and little else merits no applause. And a writer who cheers on a man who poisoned another is a sick writer not a good one.

Rather disgusted with Ron Carlivati and his rehash of OLTL. He did earn the title rehash Ron. Never anything but DID with Ron and frankly I’m ready to cancel a program I once loved for years.

Random thoughts….

GO DAYS!!! So happy for all their wins! The big trifecta, and the two for acting (not to mention the Lifetime Achievement Award to the Hayes duo).

Casey losing was most definitely the biggest shock of the night. I wanted James and Greg to win, but my money would have been on Casey that he would win. I am super disappointed for him because he earned that win big time.

That being said, it was nice to see all the shows got love this year- every soap had someone go up with the chance to honour their show.

Thrilled for James and Greg, who gave such humble and heart-felt speeches. After years and years of little to no recognition, I know these awards mean so much to them and so for that, I am so pleased.

The show itself was alright. Last year’s was better. 3 1/2 hours though? What do they think this was….the Oscars? This year really did go on long. Do they need to recognize EVERY milestone for EVERY show? GH making it to 55 and YR making it to 45 were recognized on their own shows. It just wasn’t necessary for the telecast and was just superfluous when the show didn’t need any more time fillers.

Also, Steve Harvey winning AGAIN, and not showing up AGAIN is ridiculous. He’s probably in the Bahamas somewhere drinking a mai tai. Like Ellen, Kelly and Ryan etc, if you’re putting your name in to win you should make the effort and show up.

Vernee winning was also such a delight. She’s been in the biz for decades in every role imaginable. How nice for her!

That’s all for now….but more will come to me as soon as I hit SUBMIT I’m sure :P…..

I am a long-time GH watcher and started watching Days again when Ron took over. The show deserved to win this year! I want all the remaining soaps to last. I was rooting for Michael Easton but James derserved to win. Happy to see Greg V. finally win, always liked him, even when he was on GH. Was shocked none of the GH actresses won but all three were so good they probably just over-shadowed each other. Was hoping Marla and Casey would win. He was robbed. Hope Max Gail gets a special guest star award next year and wins . He so deserves it!

Good on Greg Vaughn; Casey was great also!

And good on James!

Ryan was working. He was hosting “American Idol” the same time as the Emmys. And then he had to fly back to NY.

Oh, Jules, I agree about the length. Sometimes less is truly more. And Casey’s loss was the only real low point for me. Regarding Steve Harvey, his daughter was lovely and poised in the acceptance speech but honestly, I’d never let my daughter wear such a revealing outfit. Ditto for several other actresses. Again, less exposure can be more flattering than more. Between that and those ridiculous short, ruffled skirts on women way too old to be wearing them, I found the fashions underwhelming. Susan Seaforth Hayes, Deidre Hall, Eileen Davidson looked great.

So happy for recognition for Susan Seaforth Hayes and Bill Hayes.
Next time: Give Genie Francis a special award! Well, one can dream, can’t one?

I agree with your fashion statements, but Suzanne/Maggie being the beautiful woman she is, would have looked more so , in a dress.

I love Eileen Davidson-always so classy and beautiful!

Absolutely thrilled for James Reynolds so well deserved! I am glad Days won as far as I am concerned GH is The Sonny hour B&B is the Liam hour and Y&R is the Victoria hour. Newsflash it takes a ensemble cast working together to make a good soap .

I can’t believe not everyone shown was not dressed for the show. I know it was in the bkground but it just was hard to enjoy the interviews being done. I think Carolyn did a great job.

I really don’t care..
It’s no big deal and has little to no meaning that one is chosen over the many others deserving of the award.

now, its over and won’t come to mind until the next one.

Out of all the awards given through the years I recall only one, just one.
When Anthony Geary/Tony was noted as having 8 awards..
A record I don’t believer will ever be broken by another.

as for others that received rewards I’d have to google ..

Re Anthony Geary: Why, su0000?

STELLA! HEY STELLA!!! I cannot help but hear Marlon Brando as Stanley from A Street Car Named Desire when I hear the name Stella.
I wonder if the actress yelled her acceptance speech? “I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE ACADEMY FOR THIS WIN!!!”

so happy for days but Casey Moss was robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Harvey is a hack

And Dr, Oz is an infomercial Quack ..

So glad you said that, rpm. He is startlingly ubiquitous, despite his incredibly unprofessional, ludicrous mistake of announcing the wrong winner at the Miss Universe in 2015.

He is the next Bill Cosby. What a fraud!

Who, T? Oz? Never watch these trash shows. Harvey? I like him… FAMILY FEUD ( and Harry, no, I’m not YELLING, LOL. Titles may be in caps). Why is Harvey a fraud, my Timmmy? What don’t I know??

Ron get back on the tracks I was chuckling because Geary and Bernard called him the writer and they were not in the audience nobody is perfect hepegully RC gets back on track as for CH she was totally rude to Gina for what reason? She took over a part yes she is younger but move on Stafford has

I hoped that Marla would win.


Days of OUR Lives



BEST : leading man
BEST: supporting actor , man

it was a rob we will steal : Casey Moss

Was it me, did I miss something when the crew came up to win their award for The Price Is Right, and I never even heard Drew Carey’s name mentioned, nor was he there either. I normally skip over the game show awards, that’s why I watched it Mon. on Utube, just so I could pick and choose what I wanted to see, and decided to watch the TPIR award. I know I miss a lot doing this but don’t have the patience for all of the awards.

Missed the beginning of the show – forgot start time. Add me as another surprised at Casey Moss’s loss. I only tune into B&B on rare occasions and Rome Flynn was no match for him. Plus, I remember his stupid comment a year or two ago that he was shocked he wasn’t nominated. Hubris.

Happy about Greg Vaughan. I think he should also get an award for Best Male Hair….hahaha.

Hopefully, Days can keep up the momentum and remain strong.

He does have great hair! 🙂 And that great smile.

Stop with the attacks on Rome nobody was more shocked then he was so please go dry somewhere else this actor Casey Moss will survive better actors then he have been snubbed RF does not deserve this constant abuse

Congrats to the winners.

I am so glad that Camryn Grimes, Greg Vaughan, Wayne Brady and The Price Is Right all won. As for the rest of them…well, never mind.


Days deserves it just wish that Marci Miller would have won,guess what I found out about her she can really sing check it out on you tube I guess that was really her voice we heard on the show she has such a beautiful voice.This woman can not only act but she can sing too wow

rome flynn sounded lost during hi speech his win was a scam and his team scored him a win because he has an upcoming gig on how to get away with murder and he did by beating the much more deserving casey moss

btw did anyone find it interesting that reign edwards didn’t win when she was holding rome flynn up in that storyline

I agree Reign Edwards was robbed. She and Maya carried that whole damn story, and neither one won anything? What the heck?

Are you talking about he wig she was wearing? Please stop with the attacks on Rome ok he got the stupid Emmy he was gracious he was shocked get off the guys back please

Ok regarding the actor who won for young actor I did not watch the reels is the fact he thanked God is what has most of you twisted in a knot? Newsflash you are not robbed of anything unless it is in your possession to begin with. The young actor has been attacked enough get on with it Lordy Emmys do not in the final scheme of things mean a dam thing.

I don’t mean to sound mean ,but as much as i love the Abby story the writers need to stop referring someone with a mental illness as aloony and a nut case.We are not mental illness is also a physical one because it effects the brain.Otherwise everything else is okay.I am not going to make a big stink out of it but they just need to chance there wording around.I have friends who are mentally ill and they have so much compassion for others.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Blake Berris to Chat Live on the Michael Fairman Channel as Everett & Bobby’s Story Heats Up

The tale of Everett Lynch and Bobby Stein is starting to reveal itself on Peacock’s Days of our Lives, which puts returning cast member, Blake Berris front and center in story.

On Monday’s, February 26th episode of DAYS, the results of Everett’s CAT scan indicate he suffered a traumatic brain injury which jives with his story that he was in a car accident and spent in a year in a coma, or does it?

Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and Everett are reeling that Everett as Bobby Stein was married to Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) and treated her badly. While Everett claims he doesn’t remember anything about his time as Bobby, despite his fingerprints matching those of Robert Stein’s, Marlena (Deidre Hall) ponders if he could be suffering from PTSD, which might explain his memory loss.


Everett wonders if he has a brain tumor, but Marlena points out that they would have found it on the CAT scan. While there is no obvious reason for his memory loss, Kayla wonders if he is faking his amnesia? Marlena tells Everett that she is a psychiatrist and they should set up sessions immediately. Will it be revealed that Everett and Bobby are split personalities living inside one man?

Blake Berris is set to chat about the latest storyline developments and more, when he visits the Michael Fairman Channel on Wednesday, February 28th beginning at 3 pm ET/Noon PT.  Make sure to join Michael and Blake in the live chat for your turn to share your questions and thoughts on the story.

Photo: JPI

Days of our Lives fans first met Blake when he played the character of Nick Fallon who was eventually murdered in 2014. Later, Nick made a few return appearances from ‘the grave’, in 2021 and 2023. Recently, Blake returned to the show in his newly-minted role of Everett Lynch at the end of October of last year.

Blake will talk about portraying Everett/Bobby, plus working his co-stars, and being a dad to his three boys, and more.  You can catch the livestream below.

Now, let us know, what is your theory about Everett Lynch and Bobby Stein? Looking forward to hearing what Blake has to say? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Legendary Susan Seaforth Hayes Talks on the Horton House Fire Storyline, Mourning the Loss of Husband Bill Hayes & His Near-to-Final Performances

It has been an emotional time for longtime fans of Days of our Lives and beloved veteran, Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams). On-screen, the iconic Horton home was burned to the ground in what appears to be a storyline-dictated decision that shocked many. In real life, Susan is mourning the loss of her husband and DAYS enduring favorite, Bill Hayes (Doug Williams), who passed away at 98 in January. Over the weekend, during the 2024 SAG Awards In Memoriam tribute, Hayes was remembered along with other motion pictures and television stars whom we lost over the past year.

Since the Peacock streaming soap opera tapes months ahead of air, the Horton home fire and its aftermath are currently playing out in all-new episodes with more on this story featuring Susan to come. Bill Hayes also appeared in several of these episodes making it all the more touching and heartfelt.

When Julie came back to the Horton home to see what remained of it after the fire, Days of our Lives fans were treated to a heart-tugging episode that streamed last Wednesday, February 21st. In it, newly-taped scenes of a young Tom (Zach Chyz) and Alice (Sydney Kathrann Smith) Horton telling the story of how they came to live in the house to raise their children, juxtaposed with Julie and Doug (and members of their family and friends), surveying what’s left of the beloved house, brought many a tear.

Michael Fairman TV talked with Susan Seaforth Hayes for this very candid and heartfelt conversation to get her feelings on the Horton house fire, and being given the opportunity to have a storyline at this point in her storied career. In addition, Susan provides some insight on what it was like for her ailing late husband to tape scenes at DAYS shortly before his death, what the series plans to do about writing off the character of Doug while honoring the legacy of Bill Hayes, and how she knew she had the greatest love affair that anyone could hope for in their lifetime, which in turn, has inspired all of us.

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I was shocked when they decided to burn down the Horton house. Were you at first devastated … and did you know that there would be a big story surrounding it?

SUSAN: I did not know how big a story was with it. I knew that many years ago, another regime had planned on trashing the set and getting rid of the set because nobody cared about the Hortons anymore. It was stopped by one person, and I was eternally grateful for that. This time I thought, “Oh, my goodness! I guess I’ll be meeting people for a cup of coffee at the Horton Square. No home, no roots, no reason to be called in,” and thinking that’s the end of Julie. That’s the end of Doug and Julie. Then, when they began to structure a story around it, I think all of this came up during the writer’s strike. So of course, I was curious to see how this was going to turn out. I enjoyed the aftermath, because in the aftermath, and a little bit before the fire, if you saw the show, I get to talk a bit about the history of the household and the people in it.

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In the special episode that aired last Wednesday, Julie gave Leo (Greg Rikaart) the family tree history of the Hortons for his story in the Spectactor.

SUSAN:  I’ve had a couple of good long soliloquies about the past. I’m fated to be the character that does that because I’m the one still standing. I must say, I do enjoy doing them. Emotionally, all I have to do is rerun some of the actors and my own family in my mind and the emotion starts to come, you know, the emotion starts to flow.

Julie talks to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) immediately after the fire. She is upset that the Horton family Christmas ornaments are gone. Fans were not happy that they could possibly have burned up. Thank God! There was a happy ending when they were located and unscathed, or there would have been hell to pay! 

SUSAN: I knew that they were in the prop room and that they still existed. But how much they were going to put a story around their loss, I did not know. We don’t get to ponder the plot. We just get to show up and start doing it. I think on this particular matter, something as important as a structure of the original set of the show, there’s been quite a bit of interest. So, I can appreciate that.

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I was thinking, ‘Did they decide to burn the house down, because they were finally retiring the old Horton home set?’ What was the purpose of it?

SUSAN: They’ve done everything to make quicker set changes, which is remarkable and very efficient right now. The set designer said, “I’ll be interested in your input,” which was nice. The one thing that I loved that had been done, didn’t work. You couldn’t shoot into it. It was a federal mirror over the mantle. I loved it. The size was perfect. I was just delighted. And then, we tried to shoot it, and because of the roundness of the mirror, you got a perfect view of camera one and camera three. So, it came down.

This is Julie’s project to renovate the home. She’s determined to bring back all the memories and redo it?

SUSAN: Absolutely, which is another nice note to play for my character. She’s determined to make the house something that her grandparents would recognize and still feel comfortable in.

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What did you think of the episode that just aired where the show incorporated flashbacks of a young Tom and Alice Horton?

SUSAN: Well, I set it up. They had their own their own lovely scenes. I read them, and I’m sure the audience was charmed.

What do you remember when you first came to DAYS, and you were in that house, in that set?

SUSAN: What did I notice about the set? I noticed that it was a strange shade of green. (Laughs) It was explained to me that that dull color meant that your face would pop on color TV. I understood that. I loved the little window up the staircase. I’ve always loved that. And at one time, there was a model of the house that sat on the set on its own little pedestal, a little playhouse of the exterior of the house. Whenever the house was on (and remember this is when we were a half-hour and practically live, but not live, because there was no editing), there would also be the sound of a barking dog whenever we reached the Horton house neighborhood. We never saw the dog, but I’m sure his name was “Spot”, and I’m sure he belonged to someone.

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You shared so many scenes with Frances Reid (Alice) and MacDonald Carey (Tom) in the Horton living room set and up till they passed. Did they get along well with Bill? Looking back, how was your relationship with them?

SUSAN: They loved him. Well, Mac and Billy had worked together before in theater. Mac was very kind to me at the beginning and helpful. Frances was as well. As Frances got older, she got a bit testy. When someone says, “You’re not going to read the line like that … are you?” It catches your attention. (Laughs). I got peeved at Frances from time to time, but her intent was always to make everything as good as it possibly could be. I saw her come back from her stroke. learn to talk again, learn to do it all again. Not do it easily, but to do it at all was wonderful, and the same with Mac. In his last shows, he was very frail, but we’re actors. We liked being there.

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During the taping of the episodes surrounding the Horton house fire, Bill was mostly in them with you. How was Bill doing at the time you taped these scenes?

SUSAN: He was okay. He was up for it. He had difficulty moving at that point. So, they restricted his movement a lot. Bill always enjoyed coming to work a lot, and it was extremely difficult for him because he was blind, and didn’t move very well. And now, to do a scene with people who may or may not, have rehearsed with you, who may or may not, give you the exact cue, and when they are attempting to have you look each other in the eye, you can’t see who’s eyes they are, that was the hard part. The easy part was working with him, which was lovely and was a gift. It was a gift from Corday Productions that he was able to work within three weeks of his death, which I thought was super and extraordinary.

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That is amazing. Did Bill understand everything that was going on at the time of the tapings?

SUSAN: Absolutely. He understood what was going on. He just couldn’t see it or touch it.

The timing couldn’t have been easy for you with Bill’s declining health, and that the show was going to burn down the Horton home where you shared so many scenes and memories.

SUSAN: Well, it hasn’t been my greatest stretch. But I knew that life would be like this. I’ve had five decades of an absolutely wonderful, blessed marriage and a chance to work and a chance to live in my own home and travel, all good. And now, we’re going to have the epilogue. And the epilogue is the hard part, seeing rapid change around you and losing the people that were the center of your life. I’ve just been very fortunate to have cultivated some wonderful friendships, and to have a wonderful large family of Hayeses.

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You do realize that you and Bill were the gold-standard of what we all should be lucky enough to have in our lives. What an incredible, beautiful, passionate, loving marriage that the two of you had. You don’t see marriages like that anymore. We were all just in awe of the two of you. To us, it was the greatest love affair. You got to have that which is so extraordinary.

SUSAN: I know, and it was all Bill. I mean, any idiot could have been married to Bill Hayes and been deliriously happy. The guy was so perfect in every way that you really would have to pick something and blow it out of proportion to ever complain about any of his traits of character. He was just all good character, goodwill, and good humor. I just followed along and tried to live my life for him, with him, and follow his style, which I hope to carry on. I hope to be as good to people as he was to people, and, not be selfish.

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I always remembered how the two of you would come to the studio with your suitcases, ready to work no matter what material, large or small, they gave you. You showed up. You just had such great work ethic and you don’t see that as much anymore.

SUSAN: At the moment, it’s hard to find it everywhere. I think it’s probably generational. You cannot get too angry at people that are still holding up their phones in the one rehearsal that we have. I think it’s more convenient to receive your work electronically, but somehow it doesn’t seem quite as real. You don’t have a script in your hand anymore unless you print one up yourself.  Sometimes you haven’t met the person you’re working with. Well, that’s not unusual, but no rehearsal at all, that’s kind of marvelously new.

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Does Julie lean on anybody for emotional support as she tries to rebuild the Horton home. Who’s there for her?

SUSAN: As far as I can tell, nobody. I’m supposed to be the wise woman, and Marlena (Deidre Hall) is supposed to be the other wise woman. I haven’t had any scenes with Marlena for help. I would think Marlena would be the person I would be going to for grief counseling, for friendship, for all of that. I haven’t seen it in the scripts, yet. I’m still deeply entwined with Chad’s (Billy Flynn) storyline.

How is Billy Flynn to work with?

SUSAN: A pleasure. Billy Flynn has grown a lot as a human being and as an actor since I’ve known him. I’m really enjoying his company and really enjoying doing scenes with him. We rehearse and then we get on other subjects and laugh and talk and inform each other. We’re interested in a lot of the same things. He’s a new parent. He’s really devoting himself to that, to that experience in the best possible way. So, I’m lucky.

Do Julie and Chad try to figure out who set the fire?

SUSAN: Oh yeah.

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I kept thinking about how Julie got burned in the kitchen fire years ago and her face was scarred, At the time, your mother Elizabeth Harrower was writing DAYS and wrote that for Julie. Did you hate that story?

SUSAN: Well, I know where the story came from. It came up from something in mother’s own life. I knew the people involved, and I wasn’t crazy in love with the idea. Then, when it was supposed to go for six weeks and went on for months and months, I was concerned. Mainly, I was concerned that my face was going to be affected because of the appliance, the scars, that I was wearing. I was told by a dermatologist, “You’re going to have a little beard after this. Ripping your face every single day to get this off is going to be hard on you.” But, I seem to have survived.

Has the show even addressed with you how they plan to handle writing-off the character of Doug Williams, and how they want to honor Bill?

SUSAN: Only in the smallest way. I had a conference call with the producers and our head writer last Friday. I was informed about the immediate, immediate future. I’ve also been promised that they’re going to keep me busy. It’s a cast of over 40 people. I’ll be happy to show up and to be included.

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I was just hoping that whatever they decide to do with the character of Doug that they were going to run it by you, first.

SUSAN: They have, and they have been very sweet about it.  I’ve got to tell you, this regime, they have a sign up on the wall now, that says, Things we expect on this stage.”  The first one at the top of the list is “kindness.”

Have you watched your work back all these years? I know some actor’s never like to watch the scenes they taped.

SUSAN: I think you learn by watching yourself, if you have an open mind, and if you are not hypercritical, or dismissive. I cannot be dismissive of a character that has given me such a wonderful life. I’m still interested in Julie, perhaps I wouldn’t have been if I’d been on the show for three years and never returned to it. But I’m quite interested in her now, and what she has to offer as a member of this ensemble.

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Julie’s ties to the whole history of Days of our Lives from this point on are very important. How do you feel about that?

SUSAN:  There are those that don’t care about the history of the show. I know that. I know there are those that only care about continuing with something snappy to keep eyes on the screen through action, adventure, drama, death, kidnapping, missed opportunities, all that, which I suppose that’s what the audience craves. But, that’s not just what the show can do. What the show can do so well is character. There’s a lot of people over 70 who are still on the show now. I’m the oldest one, but I’m not the only one. We’re coming up on the 60th anniversary. I don’t think the show is worn out. And if it is, it’s had a remarkably successful six decades.

Lamon Archey (Eli) is back on DAYS for a stint. What has it been like to work with Lamon as his on-screen grandmother?

SUSAN: I think he’s terrific and visually he is so beautiful, so appealing. I think both Eli and Lani (Sal Stowers) are very appealing as characters. I’m delighted to be connected to Eli as a family member. That was a lucky break for me.

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Do you think DAYS fans are going to continue to be emotional in the aftermath of this fire and all the story that comes out of it? Do you think we’ll be touched by what Julie goes through to get the remains all cleaned up for a new house?

SUSAN: I think anybody in America who’s gone through a disaster, and have unfortunately had the disruption of their home, will be sympathetic and interested in how it all turns out. It’s a nice note to play. We haven’t had to do that very often. We just go from one lovely apartment to another without much discussion. I think this is the one set that meant a lot to people. I was very sorry to lose “Julie’s Place,” as it turned into kind of a sandwich shop. I still loved having a business, a tangible place to be, and an alternate place for people to meet.

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Upon reflection, what was your favorite scene with Bill? Was it when Julie and Doug got married on-screen, or was it something else that was much more intimate?

SUSAN: I think our last scene is going to be more important, emotionally. I think the first wedding was beautiful, but the material around the time of our second wedding, when Brenda Benet (ex-Lee) came back on the show and Doug stood up to her and says, “I’m not going to be manipulated anymore,” was also strong. There has been a lot of very important times – when Doug was killed-off by James Reilly, and we met in the tunnel of light. That was a day. That was a difficult day, which I certainly can’t revisit right now emotionally. When Julie found out Doug had run off and married her mother, Addie, that was a day. It was a day because, I went to the producer at the time, Jack Herzberg, and said, “Is this it? Am I not going to work with him anymore?”And he said, “Right! That’s it. You’re not working with Bill Hayes anymore.” We were not married at the time, and I thought I was going to go through the floor! That wasn’t a happy day.

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In terms of Bill’s final day on the set with you, did you know that it was his last, and what would turn out to be his last scene?

SUSAN: Well, they didn’t know. But I knew. I had been allowed to rewrite it. So, I can’t tell you Bill’s last line now, of course, but I will in time.

What do you think about the sentiments shared by Susan on her late husband, and this storyline? How do hope the show properly honors Bill and Doug Williams when the series writes-off the character? Are you enjoying the Horton house fire story arc or does it upset you too much? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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