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Alison Sweeney Returns To Days of our Lives!

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After an extremely successful story arc her last time in Salem, Alison Sweeney (Sami) is back taping new episodes of Days of our Lives.

When viewers last saw Sami in 2017, she was reunited with her son, Will (Chandler Massey), and had sex with Rafe (Galen Gering) before heading out of town.

Sweeney is very excited about the latest storyline she is currently filming written by head writer, Ron Carlivati.

The fan favorite told Soap Opera Digest that this return has been, “super-exciting, definitely a roller-coaster ride and really fun.”

Look for Alison to be back on-screen sometime later this year on the NBC daytime drama series.

So, what do you think Sami will be mixed-up in this time when she comes back to Salem? Comment below.


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Is it possible she’s pregnant?

Yeah, I called that one the minute she & Rafe hooked up.

Sami’s not going to come back without some sort of shocking news…. and since James Scott has no interest in coming back (For the love of all that is unholy, do NOT let ReRon attempt an EJ recast!!) then about the only thing she could do is be carrying little Rafe Jr. when she walks in the door.

I thought of it, too, but if she’s not staying on the show not sure where that story will go…

James Scott is before my time with the show. Googling the history…

Most likely pregnant,then have a miscarrage.

She already has like 4 kids…so what is one more?????…

Yeah, my Jimmy, but, this will be Rafe’s. Can you see me jumping for Joy????

Sammy is coming back again? Honestly, I did not know she left.
I don’t watch Days but it feels like I am constantly hearing about Allison’s comings and goings. From what little I have seen of her performance on Days, I can say that kind of overly wrought scene chewing gets on my last never.
But I guess she has a huge fan base.

“thank you” on the “…overly wrought scene chewing ”

agreed… altho.. her first guest arc since leaving the show… I was amazed … WOW did she work magic at bringing her son back to life and back home to Salem.

LOL.. seriously… fan outcry… it took 3 years of … on that note i’m so glad

Sami Brady as a standalone character… argh! I was glad she left.

she has 3 claim to fame:

being the wife of EJ. w/James Scott… HOT HOT HOT
being the mother of Will. I’ve never seen a character so loved and lauded.
( my favorite ) married and lover to Rafe Hernandez. Galen Gerring ! he’s alive

she’s @DAYS equal to GH Carly. I really don’t care that much for either or.

Ali generates a lot of interest… so I welcome what she “adds” to the cast.. she’s not as loud

Agreed Patrick, good comparison-Sami is a an equal comparison to Carly, and I am not a big fan of either actress/character.

This is a character that was SO completely ruined by the writing of James Reilly, it is hard to take her seriously. However, I thought her 2014 exit as a kinder, gentler, NON psychotic Sami was very well written and acted. Keep THAT Sami around! Please enough of the 40 year old whack job whining about her parents getting back together.

The character has been whining since I can remember-and throwing tantrums.

Agreed. I’ve never been a big fan. Honestly, I’ve never gotten the buzz around the actress/character.

I never thought about it, dmr—-maybe because I don’t know Carly as well as I do Sami….but, yeah, now that you mention it, I see it….a force to be reckoned with, both of them!! Strong willed, chomping at the bit and holier-than-thou, whose caca is never offensive to the senses, LOL.
The main difference between them is ….one’s mother is an ex hooker; the other an ex-demon-alien?

Ali does have a big fan base, dear Harry… should join us and watch !!!! I’m serious…truly!!!
Would love your sarcastically, hilarious input—I’m sure you’d have a lot to say, and I would enjoy it immesely.
Will this be Rafe’s baby? Are we making too much out of Sami’s return?…,
…..which brings me to GH…..since the day Griffin came to town, not only did I question his paternity…..that is; that Fason was his father ( except I said he was in Duke mask) and Anna his mother; but also, that he and Nathan were brothers. Coming full-circle?
So, Sami coming back with a neonate is not so far fetched…..she may deny Rafe his child and say it is someone else’s, a’ la mode of all soaps….It could all be in my head, LOL.
PS. I still think Kiki is Nina’s….or Nelle?

I think Nelle is…or maybe Kiki and Nelle were twins and both Nina’s or Ava’s

That’s right, Jimmy….We both agreed, a while back, that Kiki and Nelle could be twins….I think Nina’s….neither looks anything like Ava…..
Both girls are tall and svelte; so similar to Nina.


Great writing always brings actors back…

Yes, Alan…..I hope there’s a showdown between her and Hope….impaling Hope, the virtuous!!
Can’t wait…..

True Alan, I figured she’d want to keep returning with Ron C. writing and the great return she had last year.

Ron must have Ali’s number on speed dial. He’s using her to boost Days ratings, which is not a bad thing to do.

Ali is always a welcome sight on the Days landscape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rafe’s baby will need a rare blood transfusion. stefan o will be available. sonny tries to break up will and paul. you don’t want to meddle with sammi’s little chicken.

Sami will be returning to Salem because her one night fling with Rafe, of course created a baby! Because
Neither used protection so Sami is either pregnant or she just gave birth to Rafe’s son, which will cause more tension between Rafe and Hope since she decided to forgive him.

I keep thinking Sami will be either be pregnant with Rafe’s baby or just had the baby when we first see her again because i don’t think the show had Rafe and Sami had sex just to cause problems for Rafe and Hope.Hope probably can get past Rafe having sex with Sami since technically it wasn’t cheating but Hope may have a harder time dealing with the fact that Rafe has a child with Sami.Plus it could be revealed that when she found out she was pregnant Sami decided not to tell Rafe because she didn’t want to cause problems between him and Hope and maybe she decided that once she had the baby then she will tell Rafe about it.Plus i’m also wondering if Will starts to get memory back Sami could be forced to choose between being there for her son and have people learn she’s pregnant with Rafe’s child or staying away from her son when he needs her in order to keep the pregnancy a secret.

In soap-opera-land, if Sami showed up with Rafe’s already-born child, the kid would have to appear as a full-grown teenager.

Oh, lord…..pregnant by Rafe?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sami came back with a baby in her arms and guess who the daddy is?

shoot.. it’s also a perfect time to bring back Christie Clark .

Sami gives the baby to Rafe… and he and Carrie are one happy family.


aren’t we still waiting on , whether Kristen and Eric had a baby. what an opportune time for THIS . Jenny Bear is getting her clutches in . this can’t be possible.

Ron? The baby is Ron’s, LOL.


Maybe because EJ comes back from the dead!

Not unless James Scott has changed his mind and decided to come back. Because nothing would be worse than ReRon trying to force one of his OLTL pets in as a recast of Elvis DiMera.

Yeah, I know Kristen popped in for a 30 second cameo to tell us all that Elvis never really “left the building”, but unless they can bring back the prematurely aged British guy who was a lawyer, MBA, and race car driver all by the age of 9, then why bother at all?

Good one, Marsha….I think EJ is alive—does Sami know? If so, why sleep with Rafe?
Maybe seeing his mother again, may awaken Will’s dormant memory.

Her first scene will be Hope slapping the taste out of her mouth. After that who knows what that whack-a-doodle will be up to.

Or maybe she’ll one up Abby on the alters and be samabigail.

HaHa, dav….good one. I hope Sami is pregnant, or has had the baby already? Rafe has always wanted kids….Hope is waaay past her childbearing years!!
I remember when Sami and Rafe were married; he loved Johnny and Allie as his own.


FUN’ny ! course… Sami has already gone their MANY times. so I don’t know if the “alters” would mean much.


Glad Ali’s coming back to us for a little bit. Hope the story goes as good as the last time she visited Salem.

The writing has been really awesome. Not the repetition per se. When there is typical daytime theme Ron throws in so many unexpected turns at rapid pace. Not the same dialog. New take on daytime. Daring.

Who knows what twist there will be with Alison. I bet nothing we guess. Pregnant seems too obvious. But never know. Somehow I think something else.

Ali Sweeney deserved to be nominated for an Emmy for this past year work. flawless as an actress.. and as always brings Sami flaws warts and all… humane. can’t beat that

WOW.. did she emerge triumphant and all … BROUGHT HER SON HOME. that in itself historic and mother and son once again top shelf and as history should dictate the heart beat of Salem. why not

I wish @DAYS should pass the torch on to Christie Clark. nevertheless… Ali is coming home.

she showed a stronger , more mature picture. YES

OK OK who wouldn’t sleep with Rafe

Agree Patrick, while I like Sami’s returns, Carrie needs to be back for good. christine Clark already said she’d love to return for longer visits.

I agree, blake….I’d prefer to have Carrie back for a prolonged stay in Salem….
As far as with whom should Rafe be paired? Funny, but, I like both scenarios….LOL.
I suppose the idea is moot, since neither “visits” long enough.

I miss Sami almost as much as I miss Alison.

Yay! I hope Sami is not pregnant. I look forward to more Will and Sami scenes.

It is abundantly clear she is coming back with a baby in tow. Love Hope but she is WAY past her childbearing years. And Rafe has always wanted his own child,so why not tie him to Sami with one? I cannot wait for this. I love Samantha Gene Brady and Alison Sweeney! I hope her and Will have alot of scenes too! I bet she has a son by Rafe! Anchoring Rafe in Salem with a child of his own! So what will this make Arianna in relation to Rafe and Sami’s child? Lord the Salem family tree! Only on soaps! But we love it!

Hey, Richard……we almost said the same thing…verbatim. The first part, anyway! LOL.

Just to clarify…Hope is not “way” past her childbearing years. Not sure what her age is in the show but in reality Kristian Alfonso is 54. Women that age can and do get pregnant; albeit few and far between.

If say, Hope is in her late 40s/’50 in the show she can still get pregnant. (see Janet Jackson who was pregnant, for the first time, at 49. and since Hope already had children it’s technically easier for her to get pregnant at an older age than for a woman who never was before) If using her own eggs is no longer an option, a woman can also be implanted with donor eggs and get pregnant that way. In some recent studies, they even found that the pregnant woman (let’s say in this case, Hope, can pass some genetic material over to the baby via endometrial fluid) thus, though the baby is genetically the father’s and the egg-donator, it has, to some degree, some aspects of the impregnated woman. Too technical! LOL…

Just to say Hope is not “way” past her ability in today’s day and age. The possibilities of her getting pregnant in real life are there (but of course not as common) and in soaps, well, anything is possible!

Nina over at GH was still interested to know if she can get pregnant. In real life Michelle Stafford is 52. (not sure her age in the show).

Despite what others say, Richard, you are correct about child bearing age. That’s not a dig on women’s age, just the biological fact that the average US age for menopause is 51.

Hope would be pushing it, but GH has occasionally gone way beyond. Nina’s quest is painful to watch (unless she goes cuckoo again). The tease that 61 yo NLG could be with child was only topped by the easily forgotten lady in white daughter Helena would’ve had to have in her late 60s.

We suspend some reality as soap viewers, but there are limits.

Hey all, what I said was it is possible, albeit rare. I didn’t say she’d want to have a child in her 50s, but the possibility exists. When it’s said that someone is “way” past, it implied to me that it was impossible. If that’s not what you meant, Richard, then I misinterpreted. Sorry. However…

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there were 743 births to women 50 years and over in 2014. In addition, the birth rate for women aged 45 to 49 was 0.8 births per 1,000 women. While these are small numbers it indicates women can get pregnant in mid life, when many assume it’s not possible.

To Steve: I wasn’t talking about Helena or Alexis. I specifically mentioned Hope and Alexis. Since both seem to be playing women in their 50s I said it was possible (not probable) but possible. It is. And statistics mean nothing. There are many women who don’t go through menopause til the age of 55 to late 50s. There are women who think they can’t get pregnant in perimenopause, when they can. So, i wasn’t talking in absolutes.

IF Hope were to become pregnant (and this is just for conversation because I don’t thin that’s the writers intention) it would not be impossible or unbelievable. Just a not common preganancy that is still within the realm of reality.

correction to Steve: I meant to say…I specifically mentioned Hope and NIna (not Alexis). Nina and Hope are wtihin the realm of possiblility. Alexis, if playing mid 50s would be, too, had the writers not put her through menopause years ago (if I remember that correctly) but I think they quickly tried to “chane history” which is why they went with that story. IF she had gone through full menopause then yes, she couldn’t get pregant naturally but still could with donor eggs.

So when you write to refute my statement you’re wrong. Your “average age” of menopause might be correct…but the fact is it’s not impossible and does happen. Which was my point.

LOL, Steve …the only person I know to have had a child in her 60’s is St. Anne ( The Virgin Mary’s mother)… and that was through divine intervention ( Catechism—-Catholic Religion Education).
My grandmother gave birth to her fourth child at age 47 or 48 ( naturally)….. but Hope and Nina? That’s stretching it…..I do not care what age they play….they look their real age….beautiful, nonetheless, but, we cannot defy nature. Even if that were possible; tha is, if there were still a monthly flow involved; the pregnancy would never come to fruition…..the womb would not be producing healthy cells at that age….most likely miscarry because the risks for abnormalities are extremely high…..miscarrying is how nature takes care of itself.
Those who get pregnant and give birth in their fifties is not accomplished by natural means but through a system or a petrie dish.
I do keep in mind, Steve, that these are soaps and I do go along for the ride…..believing is another subject.

Correction….through a syringe, not system, sorry….

LOL! Celia!!!! How DID I know that you’d chime in here! I could feel you salivating for a chance alllll the way over in my corner of the room!!!

I didn’t say a woman in her “60s!” could get pregnant. Did I? Ummmmm, no, don’t believe I did. Which is why I clarified that I was talking about the age of the characters in story!

I also didn’t say it was common! I said, possible, albeit rare. I said that in the FIRST SENTENCE.

As said, yes a woman in her early 50s CAN get preganant by natural means and NOT just in a “petrie” dish as you so matter-of-factly and joyously stated.

I repeat, since it seems to have escaped your reading pleasure, ” it’s RARE but CAN” happen. (Unless of course you don’t believe the National Center for Health Statistics.

However, since it’s been such a long time (and I TRULY would have lost the bet against myself that you’d joyously jump in…didn’t have a doubt) and could have placed this same opinion on the top of the page where you stated, with emphasis, she’s “waaaay” past her childbearing years but I had no desire to comment on your comment. Yet, lo and behold…here you are anyway!

Right on time…

I was so caught up in her last REEL ( guest STAR arc)

thee pay off .. is so worth the wait. dang it.

just one of the BEST mother/son duos of all time.

Sami , the mother bear. watch yourself

Chandler Massey story is SOOOO good… it’s like it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t remember his past. LOVE his relationship with paul. and love watching Sonny going thru his trials.

nevertheless… the payoff of Will remembering his parents… is a must see

Sami and Lucas… they both acknowledge the one thing (plus Ali) the one thing they did right… was their firstborn and Ali

I’ve been missing Adrienne and Lucas…

Rebecca, Hope is a grandmother so on soaps her getting pregnant is a tad ludicrous. Yeah real life is totally understandable, but no one wants to see Hope pregnant. I said the same thing when Brooke got pregnant by Bill but lost it on BOLD. Its way more realistic for him to have a baby with Sami since they were once married and she is probably about 40. That being said, Sami will have 5 kids and this should DEFINITELY be her last child. If Hope got preganant i would seriously laugh. In character, Hope is probably about 55. She is a good 15-20yrs older than Sami! Haha

Rebecca I respect you but Hope is way par the child bearing age she is my age and I sure as hell would not want a baby at 50 trust me she has gone thru menopause just once could we get in reality

Hi k/kay

I hear you. And, thanks. I respect your opinions, too. (you’re always very fair and impartial).

But! LOL…I said she could, (though it would be difficult and the odds wouldn’t be in her favor). Didn’t say she’d want to.


Hi Richard…

Read my comments above. Yep; all I said was it’s possible. But being a grandmother has nothing to do with it. There are grandmothers who are in their 40s…if their 20-something (or younger) kids had kids! It’s all relative, as they say…

Hope, Nina or Alexis having kids isn’t quite as “funny” as the late actor Tony Randall becoming a father at 80! Sigh…all these geriatric men becoming daddys… MY POINT, ahem, is that they still can and do. So, if the individual woman, while it’s not as common, still can, then she should, if she wants to.

Not impossible; odds are defintiely not in an older woman’s favor…but still possible and based in reality.

Now let’s all smoke a cigar and congratulate new parents of all ages everywhere!

Sami could have Rafe’s intersex child. If not, maybe twins. One could be raised by Sami and the other by Rafe, but they would have to be separated before separated because they are conjoined.

Sami has no business with a child enough their are tons of stories to tell RC does not have to do the baby thing!!! Ugh

I’d rather there not be any angst for “Rope”, K/kay, because I don’t like the couple. Angst should be reserved for couples who belong together or who are halfway decent. But if a baby (or babies) is/are already in the works, why not something different?

I originally thought of an intersex child for Carrie and Austin…My idea was born out of the lack of detail DAYS has given in regards to their son. Carrie and Austin moved away while she was pregnant and the baby was barely mentioned and finally viewers heard the baby is a boy named Noah, but then Carrie and Austin were on canvas without their son and finally Carrie made a visit WITHOUT her son. I thought a storyline like that would be compelling and draw viewers in. Maybe Carrie and Austin reluctantly agreed to the sex of their child. Maybe Noah may feel differently. Anyway, Christie Clarke would do the storyline justice, but since Carrie seems to be an afterthought with DAYS, maybe Sami could grapple with the subject…

I’m just trying to think outside the box, not trying to shock or offend anyone.

HaHa…..or, 4ever, Sami could have the same ‘type’ of pregnancy as with Johnny ans Allie. Twins!! One is Rafe’s and the other EJ’s…..IT’S ALIVE!! Yeah!!

Can’t figure out why she left in the first place. I wish she would sign on long term! And isn’t James Scott sick of retirement yet?? Ron’s writing is great- they should do everything they can to lure back Sammy and EJ!

@DAYS – needs – to hire a LEADING Lady for Greg Vaughan. PRONTO

this is a – glaring – omission… on the part of the audience.


explore with us all his being

Oh, Patrick…ugh; I hear ya!

Agree because Jenn and Eric are BORING.

Ahhh, blake. We will never see another Nicole-type, my friend—-too bad for us!!

Just as Hope decides to forgive Rafe, Sami will resurface and announce she is with child.
Then she will deliver an Alien….well on THIS show….who knows ~

This isn’t going to be about her carrying Rafe child, this is all going to be about who’s child SAMI really is. That daddy (& adulterous mommie) she was always so proud of…….

This means more Chandler Massey screen time!

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The strike will officially come to end on Wednesday at 12:01am PT.  This was due to a vote from the guild’s leadership that now has authorized its over 11,500 members to return to work.

That means: pitching and selling scripts, taking meetings, responding to notes, writers’ rooms opening up again, and more, can now restart.

Photo: JPI

The WGA committee shared that the vote, “Allows writers to return to work during the ratification process, but does not affect the membership’s right to make a final determination on contract approval.” However, WGA East and West voted unanimously to lift the “restraining order” on Tuesday.

As the negotiators shared, the end of the strike doesn’t mean that the tentative agreement that the union reached with producers on Sunday night is a surefire thing: Union members still need to vote to ratify the contract. Union leadership announced on Tuesday that will take place between October 2nd and October 9th.

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A devastated Justin has to tell Alex that he is not his biological father, and that Angelica had an affair with Victor, and she made Victor agree to never claim Alex as his own for it would send shockwaves through the Kiriakis clan.

While Justin sits down with Alex and assures him that this does not change the fact that he still considers himself Alex’s dad, that doesn’t seem to make Alex feel any better. Alex feels like he has been lied to his whole life, especially by Victor.  In addition, this news means that Alex inherits the other 50% of Victor’s legacy. The other 50% was given to Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), even though at the time of his death, Victor was supposedly never legally divorced from Vivian (Louise Sorel).

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Bonnie (Judi Evans) finds out the news from Maggie, and wants to be there for her husband, so she heads back from Horton Town Square to comfort Justin. Alex asks Justin to leave as he needs some time alone. Justin hugs his ‘son’ from behind and then walks out. Later, Justin breaks down in tears in Bonnie’s arms.  Meanwhile, Alex is seen looking at a portrait of Victor trying to process what this all means for him moving forward.

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While this is playing out, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) breaks down and tells Xander (Paul Telfer) what she overheard Rex (Kyle Lowder) and Phillip (John-Paul Lavoisier) talking about – that Xander is the biological father of Sarah’s (Linsey Godfrey) baby.  Chloe even goes so far to admit, that at first, she was going to hide the secret, not only to keep Xander, but because Sarah didn’t want him to know. However, she had second thoughts.

Chloe levels with Xander knowing when she tells him, he is going to hightail it over to the Brady pub where Sarah is tying the knot with Rex.  An emotional Xander tells Chloe he loves her, but they both know it’s the end of the line for them.

Photo: JPI

At the Brady pub, Phillip officiates the ceremony and Rex and Sarah say their “I do’s,” but then, Xander shows up.  He confronts Sarah and she admits it’s true. The baby is his. He asks to speak to her privately and so they head out to do so. Meanwhile, in the aftermath, Chloe gets a knock on her door, and it’s none other than Phillip who shows up to console her. Will they hit the sheets for old times sake?

So, what did you think about the performances today of Wally Kurth, Rob Scott Wilson, Nadia Bjorlin and Paul Telfer? Are you glad Xander knows the truth? Happy that Alex is Victor’s son? Do you think Xander will still be revealed to be the true son of Victor’s when all is said and done? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Jamie Martin Mann and Ashley Puzemis Join the Cast of Days of our Lives

Some SORASing is going down on Days of our Lives! Announced today, Jamie Martin Mann will now be portraying the teenage version of Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) son, Tate Black.

In addition, Ashley Puzemis joins the Peacock streaming soap opera as Holly, the now teenaged daughter of the late Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) and Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker).

According to Soap Opera Digest, both actors are set to make their debuts on the October 9th episode, as it looks like DAYS is beefing up its teen scene with some fresh faces for some teen angst.

Will Tate or Holly be a troublemaker causing drama for their parents?  Will they fall for each other? Stay tuned.

Puzemis had appeared in television roles including: BF For Hire and Danger Force.  As for Mann, he recently appeared in the Netflix series Country Comfort starring Katherine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian (ex-Sunset Beach and Y&R).

So, what do you think about teenaged Tate and Holly hitting the Salem canvas and Days of our Lives? Comment below.

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