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AMC's Vincent Irizarry Message Addressing Prospect Park's Decision On Viewing Schedule Changes!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

You have got to respect All My Children’s Daytime Emmy winning, Vincent Irizarry! First, he plays the hell out of the role of Dr. David Hayward, a role so critical to the shows success that when the series was going to be revived, fans wanted to make sure he was on the definitive cast list of those partaking on moving the show into its new online home and format. And secondly, Vincent has always looked out for the soap genre and the work involved, and it’s beloved fans.

In fact, in his latest message on his official website, Vincent offers the fans a group hug and some thoughtful insight, while addressing their concerns of the viewing schedule cutbacks and decision made by Prospect Park to ensure the continued success of All My Children and One Life to Live, currently playing on Hulu, HuluPlus and iTunes!

In an important note, Vincent related:  “Greetings to you all from “Pine Valley!” In fact, I just returned the other night from a very successful 5 weeks of shooting All My Children in Connecticut, getting my life back on track on the home front since, but I’ve been wanting to address many of your comments/questions re: the news that AMC/OLTL is now going to be airing on Hulu and iTunes twice a week each, rather than the 4 times per week previously airing. First, I’d like to emphasize the positives that don’t seem to be getting enough attention since this news had been reported, which very much deserves mentioning. Our show was number one in viewing during the 1st week of airing on both Hulu and iTunes, while maintaining an extremely strong showing within the top 5 each week since! That’s news definitely worth celebrating, due in greater part to all of our dear, loyal viewers who have been watching faithfully since their return. So please accept our sincere collective thanks to you all, apart from whom we never could have accomplished any of this.

Please understand, the decision was made out of our producers being sensitive to the viewing patterns and busy lives of all our faithful viewers. They were able to analyze by the 3rd week, many viewers were still just watching shows from the 1st week, thereby having fallen behind by 12 hours of viewing at that time already; if they were watching both shows. Their decision was based on their genuine desire to prevent any of you from falling so far behind, whereas you begin to experience catching up as an obligation, or worse, as a burden. The content and stories of these shows are being produced as moving much faster than they originally were on network, with each episode being substantive and important not to miss. Also, even though they’re half-hour in length, that’s 25 mins of show time compared to 35 mins of show time on a 1 hour network soap. Not much of a difference, especially considering the density of each episode airing compared to those of the 1 hour network shows. Even those shows prepare themselves for viewers dropping off several days within the week, knowing that not all their episodes will be seen in their entirety, which is why they’re known for moving slower in pace and story, preventing those of you from missing story if any given show is not seen. Because of how fast our shows move, we don’t have that luxury, wishing you to miss nothing.

Considering that many of our favorite nighttime shows are 1 hour in length per week, with only 13 episodes per season, our 1 hour of shows each week, at 110 or more for the year, is again, an embarrassment of riches by comparison for those of us who love these shows and are excited to have the ability to enjoy them once again. Yes, it’s now “Anytime” rather than “Daytime,” and our producers are committed to helping us all enjoy these shows at our leisure, without the stress attached to falling way behind. With the great number of episodes being offered for this year, I’m confident that we’ll all be satisfied with the many hours of viewing pleasure available to us all. We, as a cast and production team, are extremely proud of our beloved shows airing, and can’t be more grateful to all of you for your overwhelming expressions of excitement and support for all we’re doing to bring these iconic shows back for you to enjoy. We’re also sincerely humbled by your very vocal expressions of love and enthusiasm for what you’ve all been seeing. It is ours, and most importantly, Prospect Park’s intention to do whatever possible to enable us to continue bringing these cherished shows into your homes, whether via your flat screens, your tablets, computers, or even your cell phones for many, many more years, and hopefully, generations to come.  Group hug, Vincent : )”

So AMC and OLTL fans, what do you think of how Vincent explains the viewing schedule changes?  Do you feel you have a a better understanding of why the decision was made to reduce the episodes to two times a week per each soap?  Share your thoughts on the post from Vincent!

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I don’t like it. I understand his explanation but it isn’t logical. How can they come to such a drastic conclusion after two weeks of “research”. Two weeks???? Did it ever occur to them that it could be the content? I for one am not interested in the AJ and Miranda whining show so I’m not rushing to log on. I know the teen storylines are prominent during the summer, so I tend to be less eager to watch. Simple as that and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I lovd the way he explained it! Inadore AJ and Miranda already! Just not the cheesy guitar riff intro. Seriously LOVE Miranda! A little Erika Kane perfectly cast in every way! I think this is great news as stll have our shows twice a week 😀 If i need more I just watch OLTL and AMC classic episodes and re-runs which are just as great the 2nd time around if not better if you incorporate the nostaliga! Thank you everyone working so hard to keep bringing us these fabulous stories! I for one am enjoying every second!

I, too, am very grateful the shows are back. Plots evolve much faster in two days a week at 25 minutes an episode with the much improved writing we’re seeing under Prospect Park’s wing. I did like the 5 day a week era, but face it, you could miss a week and not much new had happened. So, do we want quality or quantity? I’ll thankfully and happily take the quality Prospect Park, the writers and actors are providing under their new strategy. I appreciate the perspective Vincent provided; he made a lot of good points.

I hate that cheesy intro too, please make it stop! AJ & Miranda are awesome though. I must admit that I was upset about the change in episodes at first but after the first week complete it works for me and I have 25 mins of one of my favorite soaps to watch every morning before I go to work. Who could ask for anything more? It is much better than the alternative which is 0 mins so we should be very thankful to PP for saving our shows.

Its this negativity and lack of support that got the shows canceled in the first place. U have to accept these two as they are and as they come. 2 shows a week is better than none (which is what we had a year ago). Think of them as a one hour weekly show split into two days each.

Your not the only one…Im sure Miranda and A.J. have their fans but im not one of them…i wish they were more like Erica, Tara, Phil, and Chuck of the 70s or Jenny, Greg, Tad, Liza, Jesse, and Angie of the 80s but i guess that would be asking for too much. I used to watch the 30 min. Peyton Place twice then 3 times a week back in the 60s so im somewhat ok with the reboots doing it that way…im more tired of hearing the excuses why.

I don’t care for Miranda or AJ either.. They need more of the core characters we have come to love & makes us tune in all the time.

I love the playfulness between AJ and Miranda. And personally if Erica Kane never comes back it will be too soon for me!! Miranda needs to be her own person and not a clone of her self centered grandmother!!

I agree about the teen story lines on both shows. If they go to two episodes a week… I would rather see them each do a teen oriented show and a show like we are used too. I miss my OLTL… I would love to see them try that for a few weeks and see which ones get the most consistent views and then have them find that the Shelter story lines and the teen anger/angst/whining and the picture taking of teens and the stupid teen drinking scenes may not be getting the most views. If it proves me wrong then I will gracefully stop watching and be saddened by the loss of my OLTL or AMC again for something new and edgier.

What Vincent said was well said and his thanks to fans was very thoughtful and appreciated.

meant to say im tired of the excuses why they were cut back…pp made their claims whether we believe them or not…now they should air them twice a week and let us all move on without another person talking about the cutbacks…good or bad lets hear something new for a change that isnt another explaination for the twice a week showing…plus both shows need to concentrate on better storylines…they have some good moments but not enough to keep me watching every episode like i used to.

The human traficking storyline is riveting and is something that needs to be shown to warm people that this is happening in our world around us. If it means someone’s daughter stays safe, ten I applaud aMC for showing it!!!

No one is forcing you to suffer by watching the soaps.

Don’t watch. Shut up and read a book ..


It is completely logical, Dez. When Apple sees a turn in iPhone sales, or when a product reaches their saturation point, they cut back the number of phones they produce. All My Children and One Life to Live are products. You may not view them as such, but they are. Some movies are only released in a few movie theaters while others get 4000 screens. They would be idiots if they didn’t look at the demographics and I think it’s a smart business move. Some people will never be happy with any explanation because they want their world to act the way they want it, and they throw a hissy fit when things don’t go just the way they want it. Every other web based soap is once a week. Do you want that? If not, stop your complaining!

Well said

Chill out and get a life you geek. I can write what I want just like you, Mr. comments police.

Dez, get a grip on yourself and the la la land you live in.

It sounds to, from how little you’re enjoying the show, that two episodes a week is more than enough for you anyway.

I agree with you re just having 2 weeks of research. I tend to believe Jill Larson’s takec on this more. But I love A. J. & miranda! And I’m warming up to Celia & Pete.

AMC was off the air for a year and a half. I’ll take 2 episodes a week over none any day. Vincent makes a lot of great points. There are quite a few positives including the bigeest one which is there will be at least 110 episodes of the show this year. That’s up from zero episodes in 2012!

I do understand. I’ve been behind in watching the eps due to other things going on at present and I want to be watching them and I will get caught up. I appreciate that not every storyline is to everyone’s pleasure, so some of that is fair game. But I don’t think I’m the only one for whom live has the occasional chance of butting in – especially as summer nears and vacations and planning around kids summer schedules can make things chaotic. With less episodes per week there’s not that much of a feel of a burden to catch up on 8 shows (Mon-Thurs) / wk + the More AMC & OLTL Friday eps.

This works for me. And for the time being, I’m quite glad that here in Canada since FX Canada dropped the shows because of the drop in number of eps/wk, that the Cdn iTunes store will be carrying the shows now (previously they weren’t).

I understand his words, I just don’t believe the explanation. I don’t believe that people were having so much trouble “catching up” & I certainly don’t believe that was the real reason for the show reduction. I think it was more of a production issue, but I think most people wish PP would’ve just stated the truth instead of spinning to make it look like they were trying to do fans a “favor” by cutting distribution in half 3 weeks in. Why not just admit that it’s production that is having trouble keeping up, that the writers, producers, etc. need a little breathing room, & that this may be a temporary fix under they get their legs more firmly under them? The truth almost always works better than transparent public relations spin. I think the huge lag time, especially for people who only watch one show, will hurt them in the end. Yes the pace is faster, but not so much faster as to warrant only 50 minutes per week! Why not a compromise of 3 days per show – at least that way you wouldn’t have a 4 day wait each time. I think it’s a mistake. I continue to watch, but the schedule change has really dampened my excitement.

I do not know why the actors would lie to their fans though. Many could have any job they want, and I an not inclined to think they would lie to the people who keep the shows on the air!

Kayla…if your the same person who responded to me about the human trafficking storyline i do agree with you but the others have very little going for them except David and Cara…the trafficking story i hope makes people more aware of the problem…but for the other characters like Brooke and Adam exct. the need more story connections and one of their own. Plus both soaps could use more humor and lighter moments to add some balance to all the gloom and doom especially oltl.

@Cathy: Thank you. You explained it so much better. I don’t like what they’re doing and I just don’t buy it.

I love the reboots and am just fine with the 2x/week schedule. Their reasoning makes good sense to me – PP is being flexible in their planning so that this genre can survive and evolve.

I don’t like it because I love my shows everyday. That being said, the explanation given by Vincent makes things a lot clearer as to why the decision was made.

This issue that most have is that it was done after only a couple of weeks. With Vincent’s explanation it makes since to me that if people are already falling behind, a few more weeks will make it worse. And I agree that if you have too many shows to catch up on, they will lose interest in trying to catch up and just quit watching, which will hurt the chances of the shows succeeding.

It takes a little getting used to the change, however, I do find myself more excited for the next episode to air. I watch many one hour shows per week and I would not stop watching just because they are only on once a week, so this is no different for me.

I love the edge to the new shows and have no interest in stopping to watch them. One hour a week is so much better than the year we had without them at all. I am very thankful to have them for whatever amount of time a week they are on.

I think that PP should have given it more time. Part of the reason people were just watching week one was because many did not know they were back and quite frankly its insulting to say that the fans would not be able to catch up.

I’ve watched OLTL since the mid-70s but I’m one of those fans/viewers who is having a problem keeping up. Last night I finally watched last Monday’s episode. I feel for fans who want more–especially 5 days/week–but as long as OLTL and AMC continue, I’m happy with 2 episodes/week.

As I have said many times on multiple blogs and Facebook posts, I am one of the many few that have the opportunity to watch them from work at 5am. I have the ability to do that. I don’t have children and I don’t have a busy life so I am able to come and watch them if for some odd reason I cannot at work. Sometime, I watch them over and over again just because I am simply too excited that they are back on!

Although I see his point, I feel, like most of the other SOAP fans, that this is a huge mistake. BUT I say this for selfish reason only! I already miss not watching OLTL 4 days a week. I was already upset that I didn’t get a 5th day to watch but got over that…

I think they will find that about 95% of the fans will disagree and it is my hope that they bring back the number of days OR make the 2 episodes for each show at least 1 hour. Now that I would be willing to compromise with.

Still makes no sense. True soap fans don’t mind the rush to catch up . Just gives us more to look forward to. The actors have no choice but to back their bosses. This whole experience is wearing thin. My episode of one life to live for today was shown already on Tuesday. No new one today yet they say it first aired today the 23 rd. what’s that all about. Very disappointed.

Still makes no sense. True soap fans don’t mind the rush to catch up . Just gives us more to look forward to. The actors have no choice but to back their bosses. This whole experience is wearing thin. My episode of one life to live for today was shown already on Tuesday. No new one today yet they say it first aired today the 23 rd. from what I am reading the previous episode where todd reads the note about victor having to be killed was actually never shown. what’s that all about. Very disappointed.

As a TRUE soap fan myself, I DO mind the rush. Life is too hectic to try and watch on their premiere dates and trying to catch up on the days I do have to catch up on, while watching the other four daytime dramas on network television.

Susan, if you’re watching on Hulu [plus] when the ep first gets posted, I think there is a “stability” issue with their new content which may result in an older ep being shown; it seems to stabilize within 1–2 hours. I’m going to report it as a bug.

Makes perfect sense to me. I had no trouble keeping up but I knew several people who did. And most important, online viewing habits aren’t the same as regular tv. That change isn’t going away.
With all the excitement from fans about the return of the shows the veiwership for the first two weeks of the shows was high – and with fans who were going to stick with the show. I think that was a good basis from which to make this call.
People who aren’t “rushing to log on” mustn’t really care that much about the show anyway.

Oh – the AJ/Miranda storyline is pretty good and I’m not usually a teen storyline fan. This time I am.

Like it or not, it is accurate. Just have to get used to the different scheduling is all. It’s still the same show and great production! I am looking forward to catching up on the shows’ past 3 weeks now, and certainly would NOT be as inclined to do so if they were ALL still daily half hour shows to make up. Be happy with what they have; their intentions are good, people! We can’t always get what we want… but if we try to be patient, we’ll get what we need!

(actually, BOTH shows are great!)

I personally like the new AMC schedule. I was falling behind by a few days and this enables me to watch without falling behind. I’m usually about 3 – 12 weeks behind on daytime shows because of the 5 day schedule. I love just having 2 half-hour shows a week as opposed to 4 hours.

I get what he’s saying. I love that both shows have eliminated flashback/filler material and Just Keep It MOVING. Prospect Park is exploring & creating a new soap paradigm, so adjustments must & will be made. And, as this IS a business, they will certainly produce & offer as many — or as few :/ –shows as the market will bear. I’m sure that, in the end, we-the-viewers are in for a treat.

(Just happy to be watching SOME vs. NONE.)

So cool for Vincent to write this! Although I’m still disappointed about the cutbacks of episodes, he makes some valid points. I’m really loving the online AMC and OLTL, and I just want PP to be able to produce them for many years to come!

I read it last night on his Facebook. He is such a thoughtful, well-spoken man and has shard some beautiful words. I truly appreciate him using his voice to help alleviate some of the worry and concern.

…..That said, I’m just hoping it doesn’t resemble all the justification AMC actors gave when ABC uprooted the show from NY to LA to make it cheaper and thus “keep it on the air”.

I still don’t understand the rational behind the cut of episodes: how do they know new viewers weren’t watching week 1 episodes in week 3? Maybe people were re-watching the episodes, not watching it for the first time? And what is so terrible about binge watching anyway? If it’s “anytime” viewing, some people find it convenient they can sit back and relax on their weekend and enjoy their shows altogether rather than after work.

But I’m not giving up hope. News of the cutback is not as dire as news back in 2011 of the cancellations. I still have my shows, which I am gladly now paying for in Canada now, and will continue to faithfully watch and support them because I want this to succeed for everyone!

That was my thought too, that people were simply re-watching the first episode, and not necessary first timers.. I wonder if they factored that in or considered it?

Long-time soap fans are use to the pace, and it seems like PP are so fixated on bring in new, younger viewers.. they are alienating the very people that are the backbone of their viewing audience and are the ones that fought, petitioned, irritated, protested and called for these shows to return.

I’ll keep watching, I fast-forward thru AJ-Miranda, but I hope we see expansion some time in the near future. I’ve read the writing staff had only 2 weeks to put to come up with stuff, when other shows they get months.. I don’t understand why they rushed the project and didn’t give themselves proper time to before launch? If PP explained to the fans they need time to catch up after rushing the production together, which is probably the truth.. I’d buy that a lot more than this ‘research of viewer habits’ crap they told us.

I’m one of the people that is catching up – I haven’t seen all of the episodes – but what I like about it being on internet is that I can do it that way – I can watch a few at a time and then a few days later watch one – or whatever.

The thing I want to make sure Prospect Park knows – I would happily – happily – pay $10/month or whatever – to have them maintain the people, quality, time, etc. It’s nice to get them for free – but – I would certainly subscribe to the shows if necessary.

Why? Because I’ve felt like I’ve connected with family since watching again – it’s been so nice to see many of the people I loved/hated/etc for so many years. I want to make sure Prospect Park gets what they need to continue.

I believe that Prospect Park may have jumped the gun by reducing the number of weekly episodes of AMC and OLTL after only two weeks of airing the shows. I suspect that budgetary constraints may also have played into that decision. That being said, so many of us mourned the loss of our shows…and now they have, somewhat miraculously, returned. Yes, in a new format and yes, with some very noticeable changes. Personally, I am willing to give the shows a chance to “find their footing” and, hopefully, thrive. And I hope that others will be patient and willing to do the same. Otherwise, AMC and OLTL may once again “fade to black.”

I am one of those who had already fallen behind, and I appreciate Prospect Park’s decision and Mr. Irizarry’s further explanation.

This is the most thoughtful explanation ever. If fans can’t embrace and understand his forthcoming and very ‘fan friendly’ post by Vincent, who is trying to bridge a gap between production & viewers, they will just continue the ridiculous unwarranted stupid rants.
Which is sad. I get it now and hope others do too.

I am just happy they are back! Whether it is 4 or 2 episodes. In the last year there were 0.

I am continuing to watch……just think it would have been smarter to do Mnday, Wednesday, Friday for both shows…..then the dumb More show on Sunday so that there is not so much time between to lose interest or forget.

this comes across as he is a mouth piece for production, and I am sorry it is nearly impossible to know when we view it all the time. And second the promises made and the quick back track just shows you they planned this all along. I work fulltime like most of us and I still found time to watch AMC, OLTL, and GH…. in my time…not yours…and that was 15 hours a week.It is a bad sales job at that. I have already stopped watching AMC, just scan it. No Erica, No Adam, No Kendall, NO Jackson, NO Tad, No Krystal..your forcing relationships with what you got and it seems forced. .

I am watching OLTL and that’s only till the Todd and Victor Story. To be honest AMC doesn’t have enough legacy characters for my taste, or should I say the “right” legacy characters. and it is like teenage central….AMC tends to curse way more than OLTL. OLTL was able to bring the right characters back the shame part of it is that your audience continues to wonder where the nother 50% of the cast is and there story. Like Rex and Gigi.. and C’mon Jessica…Jessica lived in LLANDFAIR forever and you come back and not even a peep.At least though many may disagree, but GH kept OLTL alive believe it or not…. You don’t even talk it off right. I am all about the willing suspension of disbelief, but this is pushing it..

I am deeply disappointed by the “If I don’t get what I want, I’m going to take my ball home” mentality that I’ve seen from soap fans about this. Grow up people.. For all the children on here saying they won’t watch anymore because its only two shows, the last time you played that game…the shows got cancelled. Unlike the Nielsens, on Hulu they can tell EXACTLY how many people are watching. These shows are done to make money, not to cater to your whims. When they don’t make money, they go away. If you can’t afford $7.99 a month, then you should be spending your time looking for a job and not commenting on message boards. Be adults people, and not the caricature that people who don’t watch these shows want to make you. Grow up people.

Co-sign! Agree!!

LOVE your post! I’m so disheartened and frankly sick of hearing people complain that they aren’t getting everything they want every time they want it.
I’m hoping that this is just the exaggeration that is too prevelant online.

And your “Grow up people” is perfect. Perfect.

I agree with Edward. Intelligent words…but a total pr spin. I can just hear the powers-that-be scrambling around writing press releases…going to the actors to “reach out” to their fans. I actually find it insulting because:

A) Proepect Park didn’t revive the shows because they “care about the fans”. They care in a business sense…they saw an opportunity and they ran with it.

B) I don’t blame them! it’s a business…I’m not faulting them for that. But please, when I read some fan comments that actually think they “care” enough to bring them back…talk about gullible!

C) Part of that “caring” is cutting out a core of the long time fans who are older and not in the preferred advertising demographic…and caring about bringing in younger viewers.

D) I’ve posted this before but the OLTL resembles nothing of the old OLTL. One example? Bo. In my opinion, this once warm-hearted, compassionate, sweet, lovable family man has now been written as colder, tougher, scowling, more disciplinarian (yelling in the opening show at Matthew)…that’s NOT how the ol’ Bo was written.

E) I still don’t get how some fans feel like their shows are back. They have familiar faces with the same names…but I don’t “feel” any connection to this new-old show.

So, how do I feel about Vincent’s words? He could be a very nice guy….his fans seem to love him…but he’s an actor. Working his craft…wanting the show to continue…and helping with the pr campaign. It’s too transparent.

I STILL hope these shows succeed. But not “these” as in the way they’re written now. I’m still hoping for OLTL to rise once again…as was promised.

You mean the heart-warming stories OLTL had for so many years. Which you don’t see to much of now… A lot of the cast is still missing….The heart-warming stories are what made OLTL so special! That’s one of the reasons I got so hooked on OLTL. Maybe they will eventually get back to those kind of stories. Which we all liked so much!

yes Susan…there’s not any of that on this new version.

Oh like the heart warming story of the frat boys lead my Todd Manning raping Marty Saybrooke? In some ways it is mu8ch like that old OLTL and in others I think it is much much better.

Vincent’s explanation makes sense, I guess, but I think this was a mistake by PP. It certainly is creating the impression that they don’t quite know what they’re doing. Then you factor in how cutting production in half and having 2 shows a week rather than four is a pretty drastic cutback, and I have to wonder if the positive momentum the shows were getting will die down and even fewer people will watch on Hulu, etc.

Having said all this, though, the slower production schedule will work well for me if it allows PP and AMC to do a better show. There are some problems with AMC that they might be able to fix with time. They need to hire back some of the veterans, like Susan Lucci and Alicia Minshew. They need to let some of the younger actors who aren’t up to snuff go and hire more polished actors. They need to cut back on some of the stories that are not working or those that are too hard to watch. If PP and AMC can learn something during the time off and make some changes for the better, it may all be worth it. I’ll hang in there and hope for better.

All My Children explained it this way on a blog I read:

We are now only airing on Monday’s and Wednesday’s to deepen our story lines and air for a longer span of time this year. We are now airing for 52 weeks, which means no reruns, and no hiatus.

Except for one small thing: they’ve already used the time to fire the HWs, so clearly this isn’t just about “deepening story” or expanding the span of time they air. They’re making changes to what isn’t working on AMC right now, whether they admit it or not, although I’d say firing HWs and promoting ones who know history and have experience writing for veterans is an admission that they’re fixing what isn’t working. I like what I’m hearing for a change. Keep it up, PP/AMC!

I actually like this new format. It’s plenty of AMC viewing to me, and gives me more time to watch OLTL, so it seems to me like they made a good decision. With the faster pace, 2 episodes of each is all I need to get my fix of my beloved characters. I see others complaining of the younger storylines. I’m OK with them, yet find myself really enjoying when the more established characters are on. All the logic that’s been expressed by PP and the actors who have spoken out makes perfect sense. It’s too bad they didn’t figure it out before they started airing, then there wouldn’t be this hubbub. This is a new concept so we need to give them time to work it out. I’m just glad the shows are back. I haven’t seen anything about what this does to the actor’s salaries and am wondering if we’ll be losing some people because of a decrease in salary. And the union only gave them a year’s okay; what will they think of this? Keep workin’ hard Prospect Park; you’re doing a great job.

I think the change in viewing is a smart idea. I was finding it difficult trying to watch four episodes on their premiere dates. Working everyday is not an easy task. So I would generally watch all episodes of both shows on Thursdays. So it makes it easier. So I love the idea, but wouldn’t oppose if they went back to four-per-week, or even two one-hour episodes per week. Whatever they feel is necessary for the success and stability of the serials I support. I don’t see this damaging anything concerning AMC or OLTL. I trust Prospect Park.

We should ALL be thankful that so many efforts were successful to bring these two shows back. Prospect Park may be “spinning” us, but from a production aspect, they simply don’t have enough shows in the “can” for future viewing. As loyal fans, we have been on quite a roller coaster ride the last year and a half. Apparently, it is not over yet. Don’t give up. Support PP, the actors, the crew and Hulu. Give it time. Be happy our shows are on and continue to watch!

Thanks Vincent, it’s nice to know you have some confidence in the new plan… especially since you are the main reason I’m watching AMC.

I don’t care for daily cursing, boozing, undressed teenagers, but I’ll endure it to see if there is less of it in the future, after they have attracted their desired young audience. Moderation is a great thing, PP. 🙂

I feel I should post an “edit” to the above post, because my biggest complaints are about OLTL which are mentioned in it, and I didn’t mention the switch in shows, from AMC. They both overuse profanity and teen undressing,however OLTL is the worst, while AMC seems to be settling down.

I actually like AMC overall more than OLTL now, although it was the reverse when ABC dropped them.

OLTL is still my #1 favorite soap and AMC is 2nd… On OLTL you mean Dani & Matthew . In spite of it I still favor OLTL because of Erika Slezak (Viki). Bo, Nora,Clint,David,Dorian,Blair,Todd, Nigel.. They need Roxie!

They need Jessica too.

OLTL is still my favorite show too, but there’s just less to enjoy for me on it since the return. Viki and Victor were getting me through, now TSJ is gone. 🙁

Dorian’s great when we see her, and why can’t they bring back Ted King to renew Blair’s marriage plans to Tomas?
Unlike some other fans, I’m fine with Natalie and Cutter’s blossoming relationship, and would just like to see more of Blair when GodTodd departs. I also think Dani and Matthew are cute, just hate what they are writing for them. 🙂

Hate to be so crabby, because I am so glad they’re back and love all the old characters as well. Should have saved my comments about OLTL for another thread. 🙂


I understand & thank you for explaining it. I love AMC & OLTO so much that I am thankful to have them back at all. I used to watch the shows with my Mother…she is no longer with us. I just have one question for you, “What days will the shows being aired?” I no longer watch ABC because of their decision to cancel our soaps.

Flordia, USA

AMC on Mondays and Wednesdays. OLTL on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

OLTL will be on Tues. & Thurs. AMC Mon. & Wed…. On regular hulu which is FREE ( . Hulu plus is the one you have to pay each month.. So you want
the regular hulu….Hope this helped!

Might I just say, as someone who has Hulu+… there are WAY too many commercials! We already pay for the service, now I feel I’m paying for all the commercials, instead of the other way around (commercials paying for the show). Just my 2¢.

Both “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” will more than likely be put to rest again … again … again … a year from now. If Prospect Park truly screws this up again, they will go down in history as soap fans’ worst enemy.

Even worse than Brian Frons. Or Kim Zimmer.

I have watched OLTL since it came on the air in 1968. I watched AMC regularly for a good number of years but stopped at least 25 years ago. Both shows have changed, grown, developed a great deal over the past 40+ years. I have watched both shows since they are back on the internet and am totally entertained. I’m not thrilled with the two days per week schedule but I will continue to support both shows because I enjoy them. I enjoy the mystery. I enjoy the relationships. I enjoy trying to guess what will happen next.

Several people have questioned how a schedule change decision can be reached after only 2 weeks. I am sure TPTB get information about viewership and trends a lot faster than they did in the past. I want the shows 5 days per week. But, 2 days per week for each show is better than we’ve had for the last year and a half. I love OLTL and am growing to love AMC. Keep them coming.

The only thing that this change has done for me is that I no longer watch OLTL. I use to watch them both every morning while I had my coffee. Now I am just watching AMC. I am a fan of AMC and was trying to become a fan of OLTL. Since I don’t have AMC to lead me to watching OLTL, I don’t watch OLTL. I think viewership dropped because the first two weeks were really bad. AMC is starting to get its groove back now. Still way too much AJ and Miranda. Need more original actors. Will continue to watch AMC unless I keep seeing less and less of the vets and more and more of the new young actors. Prospect Park is not my friend. They brought the soaps back because they think they can make money. The actors want a pay check also. Nobody is doing this out of the kindness of their heart. That would be silly. PP is making a business decision which will either work or not.

Vincent – with all due respect, I understand what you are saying, but I don’t like it and I get the insecure feeling that the curse has not been lifted off of my beloved AMC a d OLTL. I don’t understand why Prospect Park doesn’t campaign to purchase a cable network? I don’t want y’all to go away and I’m loving the fact that its back….I just want it to stick and reducing the number of shows is worriesome.

Quite worrisome indeed. One gets the impression that they’re on a serious learning curve.

I enjoy Vincent’s portrayal of the slightly “evil” (or misguided) Dr. Hayward, but the actors are under contract to Prospect Park and it’s in their own best interests obviously to state what PP’s pretty much wants them to say. Don’t allienate the fans, etc., it’s really all PR talk – I want All My Children to continue, I’ve tried to also watch One Life, but One Life’s writing team had better get on the stick and cut out all this “Shelter” crap. I do not like the two times a week bull____sandwiched between what I still consider to be way too many commercials. I will continue to watch, but have to be honest and say, it’s not a daily soap, it’s not really a Serial, I’m not sure what it is now.

I am not fond of “Shelter” myself . It is just okay for me. I said it before and I’ll say it again OLTL is lacking the heart-warming stories which they had for many years. That is what made it such a special soap to me. Which I see not much of now. I miss these heart-warming stories a lot. It isn’t quite how I rememeber OLTL since it is been on again… I will still be watching because of Erika Slezak (Viki), Bo, Nora,Clint,Blair,Dorian,David,Nigel(needs Roxy),Natalie. I Like the new young reporter Viki hired. I am not to crazy about Matthew & Dani . Don’t care how they are acting since OLTL has been back on. I liked them better before. We need Jessica back! And I don’t care for Cutter with Natalie. He is shady and can’t be trusted..Natalie saw a missed message from John on her cell phone . And she seemed very excited about that! I don’t think she is ready to move on with her life
and especially not with Cutter. Who is a ladies man. Can’t stay with one person and especially with a woman & her child. That’s what I think.

I agree with him. At first I didn’t like the change but having a two day a week format for both shows makes it easier to watch and keep up. To be honest I didn’t watch the shows everyday when they were on ABC because it got to be too much with the other shows I would record and watch. If the fans would just chill out and get with the program they will see this is a win-win for everyone. The true victory here is our shows are back!

How many other programs can say that? Relax people and watch on!

First off, to all of you arguing and name calling in your comments, I hope you know how idiotic you sound. As they say, ‘ Arguing over the Internet is like running in the….’ Never mind.
AMC, the teen storylines are yawn worthy. I tune out and play on my phone whenever they’re on. If that’s the best you can serve up, then 2 days a week is more than plenty. I’ll watch until I just don’t want to waste my time any more, then I’ll toast PP for giving it a try and I’ll move on to something else. Irizarry is a fun actor to watch; great timing, great way he carries other actors in a scene. LOVE seeing him on the screen. Looking forward to Mr. Nader’s return as well. I applaud PP for bringing that character back, as I always felt ABC did him wrong. Let’s see how 2 days a week plays out.

All My Children

Kelly Ripa Shares on Husband Mark Consuelos: “My Funny Valentine…Celebrating 29 Years of Love With This Guy”

Ah, we remember them when, right? Hard to believe that 29 years have passed since Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos tied the knot when they were mere young adults on All My Children on May 1st, 1996 and portraying Hayley and Mateo, respectively.

But, look at them now! Kelly and Mark are happily married with three children and co-hosting the top-rated syndicated morning talk show!

On Valentine’s Day, Mark took to his Instagram and Kelly took to hers, posting pics and snaps of their love for one another. Consuelos shared: “My forever Valentine…You make smile♥️♥️” to which Ripa replied “Ten Hearts.”

Photo: MConsuelosIG

Kelly posted a plethora of great shots of the duo through the years, captioning it all with “My funny Valentine…Celebrating 29 years of ♥️ with this guy 😍”

The photo album included: Kelly and Mark in matching blue and white outfits standing in front of a red sign that spells out the word “love.” In addition, Ripa chose some moments from their red-carpet appearances and some of their favorite vacations.

Photo: Live with Kelly/Mark IG

Meanwhile, the Live with Kelly and Mark social media account featured a shot of the couple wearing matching t-shirts that said, “Find someone that loves you as much as Mark loves Mark 😂 Happy Valentine’s Day!”

So, what do you think? Are Kelly and Mark the best example of a Valentine’s Day couple we know and love? Share your thoughts in the comment section and Happy Valentine’s Day from Michael Fairman TV!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kelly Ripa (@kellyripa)

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All My Children

Grammy Winner Jody Watley Recalls Dancing On ‘Soul Train’ with All My Children’s Darnell Williams: “Like Every Other Soap Fan I Loved His Legendary Character ‘Jesse'”

Look who’s paying an homage to one of the all time daytime greats, Darnell Williams (ex-Jesse, All My Children), none other than recording artist and Grammy-winner, Jody Watley.

While in promotion of her new single, Everlasting, Watley has been sharing photos and memories of moments from her career that are everlasting.

Taking to her Instagram, Watley shared a photo of herself with a young Darnell Williams, where we learned not only is she a huge fan of the iconic Jesse from Pine Valley, but she danced with Darnell when they both appeared on Soul Train! Darnell was regular on the show from 1974-1975.  Watley began her professional career on Soul Train, then became part of the musical group, Shalamar, before beginning her own solo career which has now spanned decades.

Photo: JPI

Watley expressed on Willi: “EVERLASTING Indeed! 😁😁✨ “Always believe in you..” #flashbackfriday #70s 😘 this photo was shared with me from a ST fan page on FB .. I’d never seen it before 😯😍 – two teens with big dreams — Darnell Williams such a nice guy and so handsome we danced together a few times – a snapshot – … later like every other soap fan I loved his legendary character “Jesse” back in the golden era of daytime TV “All My Children” ❤️❤️❤️❤️ terrific actor— and I was in awe like “I knew him on ST” 😁 – before coming into my own trajectory as an artist.”

Photo: DCorneliusProdsInc

Two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Darnell Williams appeared on All My Children during several stints from 1991 to 1998, then again from 2008-2011, before reprising the role in 2013 in Prospect Park’s reboot of the series.

Watley’s biggest hits include Real Love, Looking for a New Love, Everything, Some Kind of Lover and more.

So, what do you think of the Darnell and Jody connection, and her remembrances of his time as Jesse on AMC? share your thoughts in the comment section, and also check out the radio edit version of Jody’s new single below.


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A post shared by Jody Watley (@jodywatley)

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All My Children

‘Live with Kelly and Mark’ Scores Most-Watched Week of Syndicated Talk Shows in 2 Years; Delivers Strongest Week in Nearly 3 Years

In another case of soap alums doing great things, come news that former All My Children stars and real-life marrieds Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley) and Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo) are having a great ride together as on-screen co-hosts of the syndicated morning series, Live with Kelly and Mark.

New numbers were just released by ABC that share that during the week of January 15-19 2024: Live with Kelly and Mark hit series highs in Households (1.81 rating) and Total Viewers (2.673 million). Interestingly enough, former GH star, Rick Springfield (ex-Noah Drake) appeared on the show that week performing with friend and musician, Richard Marx.)

But there is more good news: Live with Kelly and Mark delivered the franchise’s strongest week in nearly 3 years in both Households and Total Viewers, as well as double-digit week-to-week increases in key demos over the last three weeks.

Photo: ABC

With 2.673 million Total Viewers, ‘Live’ delivered the most-watched week of any syndicated talk show in 2 years ( since Dr. Phil second week of January in 2022).

In even more solid gains for this ratings report: the talker stood as the week’s top  daytime talk show in Households (1.81 rating) and Total Viewers (2.673 million). ‘Live’ also ranked as the No. 1 entertainment talk show of the week across all key Nielsen measures, topping all daytime and late-night entertainment talk shows.

Photo: ABC

Overall the Live with Kelly and Mark is up 4%  from the the previous year averaging roughly 2.4M viewers across all of its episodes. ‘Live’ also stands as the season’s No. 1 entertainment talk show across all key Nielsen measures.

Consuleos arrived officially on the season on April 17th 2022 taking over for the departing Ryan Seacrest to co-host the show with Ripa. While many voiced concerns that the on-screen and off-screen coupling might make for lower ratings if they were not entertaining, just the opposite has happened, the series seems in a very healthy place; given the constant downturn in linear ratings and viewership in daytime TV.

Are you enjoying Kelly and Mark as co-hosts compared to Kelly’s other co-hosts through the years? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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