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AMERICAN IDOL: Katy Perry Makes a ‘Save’ and The Top 8 are Revealed

Photo: ABC

Monday night’s American Idol not only had the singers going at it head-to-head, but so too did the judges.  It was the judges song choices that the contestants had to choose and perform; to earn a spot into the Top 7 (or so they thought).

Each one got three choices; one from Katy Perry, one from Luke Bryan, and one from Lionel Richie.  After they chose their song and performed it, then came trying to figure out who picked that song for them to sing from the celebrity judges. In addition, the judge who had the most songs picked during the performances won that contest, as the performers were singing and vying for the viewers votes at home.

Photo: ABC

When all was said and done, Katy had 4 songs of her chosen by the contestants, and won the judging contest.  Then, at the end of the show, it was revealed that Perry would be able to save one of the three contestants who were eliminated to make it through and continuing on in the competition’s Top 8.

The following singers were voted safe: Colin Stough, Haven Madison, Iam Tongi, Megan Danielle, Oliver Steele, Warren Peay, Wé Ani and Zachariah Smith. The three eliminated were: Oliver Steele, Mary Beth Byrd, and Tyson Venegas.

Photo: ABC

Perry consulted with Richie and Bryan and revealed she had chosen to save Oliver Steele.  An emotionally overcome Steele, in tears, thanked Katy as he walked back to join the others and round-out the Top 8.

Now below, see the performances from last night of the contestants moving on.

Let us know, did Katy pick the right singer to remain in the competition in Oliver Steele, or do you think that nod should have gone to Mary Beth Byrd or Tyson Venegas? And, who do you think from these 8 could be the next ‘American Idol’? Let us know in the comment section.

American Idol

AMERICAN IDOL: Should Former ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Gervais’ Daughter Camila, Been Voted Through to Hollywood Week?

On the final round of audition to make it into Hollywood Week, Sunday night’s March 24th episode of American Idol brought with it some top-notch musical performances by contestants around the country.

An interesting moment occurred when the former ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Gervais revealed himself. Gervais’ daughter, Camila, who we watched grow-up before our eyes, before and after Juan Pablo’s season on the reality dating series is now 14-years-old and entering the competition.

When Camila explained who her dad was to the judges: Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Perry, he was brought into the audition room.

Photo: ABC

Katy asked Juan Pablo, “You know what it’s like to be on television, and you’re trying to throw her in this lion’s den?” Juan Pablo admitted he has been actually trying to temper Camila’s musical aspirations until he felt she was ready to audition and be a part of ‘Idol’.

When it was time to perform, Camila choose to performance Joaquina’s “Rabia.” Her audition drew mixed reactions from the judges. It was a “no” from Lionel Richie. It was a “yes” from Katy Perry although she expressed her concern about Camila’s vocal limitations as measured against the other singers who made it through.

Photo: ABC

The deciding vote was from Luke Bryan who gave Camila another “yes”. However, Luke was originally a “no.”  He said with the right producer she could make it. Katy mentioned that Spanish music is the industry’s fastest growing genre, and Camila is “authentically that.”

Many on social media and viewer reaction felt if her father, former ABC star Juan Pablo, was not standing in the room awaiting the judges decision, they would have given her a hard pass, since they continually brought up she needed more time to develop her potential and to come back and audition in a few years.

This was yet another controversial pick by the judges.  You can watch Camila’s performance below.  Then let us know, do you feel Camila should have been voted through to Hollywood Week? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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AMERICAN IDOL: Was it Shady of Former Contestant Alyssa Raghu to Sneak in on Best Friend Julia Davos’ Audition and Score a Golden Ticket?

Show business is really cutthroat and it was fully on display on Sunday night’s latest episode of American Idol.  We’re not sure after the dust settled if we should be more upset with the judges: Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry, or former contestant Alyssa Raghu.

But, here is what went down. 20-year-old Julia Davo, auditioned for the judges with a performance of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?” She also had mentioned that she is best friends and roommates with former ‘Idol’ contestant Alyssa Raghu.

The judges felt Davo needed more work, and should come back and audition again, once she has honed in on her vocals a bit more while allowing for her voice to grow. However, when the judges gave their verdict, Raghu was now in the audition room.  They told Raghu, “When she’s absolutely ready in your eyes, bring her back to us.”

Photo: ABC

It was at the point, there was a swerve by Raghu when she addressed the judges, “I know you said that my voice was going to grow until it was 21. You said that when I was, like, 15. Just for giggles, I’d love to sing you something.”

At the point, Katy Perry gave her the OK to sing. But, while viewers initially thought at home, that she may just be singing for the judges to prove that she has become a better singer, she was actually angling to get in the competition, once again.

Photo: ABC

“I think this was a really weird plot twist,” Perry confessed after Raghu’s performance of Mariah Carey’s “My All.” Katy added,“I think you could go in. Do I think you could win it? No, personally. If you were going to go to Idol one more time, I want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could win.” So with that, Katy gave Raghu a “no.”  However, Luke and Lionel were being generous and gave her two votes as “yes.” Therefore, Raghu received a golden ticket right in front of her friend who received a “no.”

Davo tried her best to say how happy she was that Raghu is receiving another chance, because as she said, “She deserves this.” But in the end, it was awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

Alyssa’s previous journey on Idol went something like this: She made it to the Top 50 of Season 16 but was eliminated by the end of Hollywood Week. She returned for Season 17, making it all the way to the Top 8.

Watch the auditions of Davo and Raghu below.

Now let us know, do you think Raghu should have auditioned after her friend did not receive a golden ticket? Should the judges have allowed Alyssa to sing and then vote to put her in the competition for the third time? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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AMERICAN IDOL: Ziggy Krassenberg and Abi Carter Impress the Judges and Bring the Tears

On Sunday night’s February 25th episode of American Idol, there were several strong performances by young talent. However, when the smoke cleared, two will remain most memorable. Just how far they will go as the competition progresses no one knows, but in the case of one of them, two of the Idol judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, think they found the season’s winner.

First, viewers met Holland’s Ziggy Krassenberg. Previously, Ziggy revealed he competed on the Dutch version of ‘Idol’ and came in at seventh place. A social media influencer, Ziggy is known for his blue and pink-tinged hair.

Fans of the show on social media seemed split on Ziggy, including those that felt he should not compete in the American-version of ‘Idol’, since he comes from The Netherlands. But a cautionary tale here folks! Nutsa made it into the Top 25 and beyond on last season of ‘Idol’ and she hailed from the country of Georgia.

Photo: ABC

Once in the audition room, when Katy, Lionel and Luke asked Ziggy about his background, he said people don’t like him in his home country because of his “big personality” and call him “cotton candy.”

Next, Ziggy let out a beautiful rendition of Lady Gaga’s “A Million Reasons.” Following his performance, he was asked about his mother, who he said was a drug addict and not around, and his father, who he had a difficult relationship passed away last year, and so he raised himself. Lionel noted that Ziggy had been trying to be accepted by people his whole life, now it’s their turn to help raise him up. Ziggy was in tears and received a golden ticket. Watch went down below.

Later in the episode, we meet 21-year-old Abi Carter from Indio, California. She is about to play the piano and sing “What Was I Made For?” by Billie Eilish from the Barbie movie. As she does, members of her family – brother, sisters and mom, listen in the doorway, while the brother tries to watch Abi’s audition looking through a crack of the door on the floor.

Inside, Carter delivered her own rendition of the Eilish Grammy-award winning Song of the Year. The judges fell in love with her perfect performance and how unique her voice was juxtaposed with her rendition of the tune. Afterwards, Abi is in tears.

Photo: ABC

Katy Perry stepped out from behind the judges desk and walked over to a Carter, praising her for singing from the heart and asking “What were you made for for? You were made for this, 100-percent.” Next, Abi’s family ran into the room for a group hug, bringing everyone to even more tears.

Watch Abi’s performance below.

What did you think of Ziggy and Abi’s performances on American Idol and the emotional moments that their auditions brought with it? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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