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AMERICAN IDOL: Should Nutsa Have Been Picked by the Judges for the Final Spot in The Top 12?

Photo: ABC

If you caught Monday’s night reveal of the singers moving on to the Top 12 on American Idol, you probably were stunned at some of America’s choices.

After being narrowed down from the Top 20, the episode became a nail-biter when viewers along with judges: Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie were seeing who voted safe, and who would have to sing to earn the judges votes.  You see, 10 contestants went through from the public voting, while the final two spots would be saves from the judges.

Contestants who were safe included: Colin Stough, Tyson Venegas, Haven Madison, Warren Peay, Wé Ani, Marybeth Byrd, Oliver Steele, Iam Tongi, Zachariah Smith and Megan Danielle.

Those in danger of going home for good were: Matt Wilson, Paige Anne, Nailyah Serenity, Mariah Faith, Hannah Nicolaisen, Michael Williams, Kaeyra, Olivia Soli, Lucy Love and Nutsa (the singer from the country of Georgia).

Photo: ABC

In the end, Lionel Richie revealed the judges chose to save Lucy Love after her performance of Imagine Dragons, “Radioactive”, while Luke and Katy gave the final slot to Nutsa following her performance of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls.

Photo: ABC

However, it should be noted, the smart reality-singing competition fans, knows that Nutsa is no stranger to these types of shows.  Her selection to the Top 12 was slammed by some fans of “Idol”.  Nutsa previously won the New Wave 2014 competition and participated in Turkey’s version of The Voice.  She is also known for winning X Factor Georgia in 2015.  She also currently resides in Dubai.

This brings up two questions: should a contestant who already has a built-in audience or recognition from other singing competitions be able to compete against those who never had a big break before? Should American Idol allow a contestant to qualify for the show if they don’t reside in the U.S. or do you think that shouldn’t matter? Let us know in the comment section.  Then, check out Nutsa’s ‘Idol-save’ performance below.

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Having won other competitions including XFACTOR and being a already professional entertainer, she should not be competing again. I also wonder about her age. Is she really 25? Seems much older to me.

Nutsa should not have been allowed in

I agree that she was the wrong choice. She didn’t show sportsmanship or anything else but selfish intentions.

I agree Nutsa should have never been allowed in the competition. It goes against the rules of the show. You have to be a US citizen to participate. Do to the fact thst this was allowed to go on it altered the whole competition. No one will ever know how things could have gone if the rules would have been followed. People that were sent home that may not have been… It’s one will ever know. Doesn’t seem quite fair.

I agree 100% Wrong choice

I agree, she is the wrong choice. Her attitude is aweful. She is talented though.

many other contestants from this season (white country/christian singers) performed on the voice in the US and lost… whats the difference?

TOTALLY AGREE- this isn’t a fair competition for those that have never competed outside the US.

Sally you are 100% right !!!

Don’t care for her style

I wonder about her age. She looks 30 plus

I believe Megan n We Ani also competed in The Voice


She needs to go. For the reasons stated above and the fact that she thought she was bettse than everyone else during duets and left her partner high and dry. Then she defended her actions, she should not be here, at all. NOT NUTS FOR NUTSA

lol get a life

I agree with you Melissa.

This little girl created herself with tireless work She is undoubtedly a brilliant singer and has everything ahead of her. She is already a winner,a little girl from a small country.America met her.She has a bright future ahead of her Thanks to America and the American people for giving her this opportunity.

Her duets partner was better than she was so regardless of what she’s done before she should never have gotten this far

I felt so sad over the duet. That is when Nutsa should have been let go and I believe the judges know it. I hope the judges come to terms with what is honest.

Totally agree Mary!

Agree 100%!

Nutsa is the best singer in this competition. Hands down!

She should be kicked out, she is from anothercountry!

I agree!!!!!

She definitely deserves the win

I was shocked that she was their choice. I didn’t know about her previous wins however I think American Idol should be for Americans. Granted she can sing but I don’t think she was better than some of the ones sent home. I also think her provocative performances in the past episodes is another reason she wasn’t “voted”thru to the top 12.

I agree. Is Nutsa an American citizen? If not, she should be disqualified as it’s called American Idol. Very disappointed with LUKE, Lionel and Katy.

Why the obsession with contestants’ citizenship? I’m shock at the hatefulness over the fact that Nutsa is from outside the borders of the U.S.

It’s not citizenship,…It’s in their own rules that you have to live in the US for at least 6 months to be in the show.


Nutsa should win the whole thing. If the rules say she can enter the contest, then she should be able to win fair and square. But she won’t win….not in America.

She shouldn’t have been on the show

She shouldn’t have been allowed to compete in the first place….Winning X Factor Georgia and participating in The Voice Turkey should have prevented her from participating….that is not what AMERICAN Idol is about. Plus she is not a resident of the US!!

No, she needs to go on. Give someone else a chance.

No, there were 7 extremely talented Americans standing up there. Nutsa not only does not reside in America, but she’s already won a competition in her country. It is not fair to the people who actually live here and are looking for their shot. I’m honestly very angry they chose her. Not fair.

I agree totally!!! I’m very disappointed with American idol!!!!’

Truthfully, I honestly don’t think it would be fair to the rest of the competition due to the fact she’s already established and pretty much professional at this point in life. Even though, no discrimination against her (Nutsa), she clearly does have what it takes to go all the way. But one must ask themselves, is it really fair? It is really truly fair to the rest of the contestants and the hard work they put in just to participate and come this far when in fact the rest of the competitors are indeed true Americans? I believe this will only bring hate and discrimination to the table against her, although I never agree with hate nor discrimination, I just want to add that how really fair is it to the rest of the competitors who are actually true Americans when indeed, after all, the show IS called AMERICAN Idol… I can’t believe the producers didn’t catch this in time. Now I feel like they are in way too deep at this point. Because if she really lives in Dubai, how can she still hold residency in the US? And I’m well aware of the rules and regulations the American Idol produces have put in place to make sure each contest is indeed in fact an American and has residency to the point where they have to be allowed to work in the US. Idk seems a bit sketchy to me under the producers eyes. They should have caught this sooner rather than later. But I agree with the fact that everyone deserves a second chance whether good or bad. However, AFTER seeing her audition, it kind of had me cringe a bit, because she did IN FACT mention how she had to travel through upon a plane HOURS from Dubai, AND made it clear right then and there HOW FAR she came to audition after stating shes indeed LIVING IN DUBAI. but still doesn’t take away how well of a singer and performer she is. But after seeing the duet performance she had with her partner it was so upsetting to see her sleep instead of coming together to work with her partner as duets instead of being selfish. I don’t know alot of red flags if you ask me. In the end all it really comes down to is Americas votes. So in due time we will see what comes to surface. All it takes is time, patience and a lil grace. Idk in the end I mean no discrimination towards against her I’m just simply stating the facts from an Americans point of view. Love or hate me I believe I can state and hold my own opinions after all we are in the land of the free and capable of freedom of speech and this is just my speech. But I’m free and open to hear other opinions. Let’s debate on this. Ain’t tryna make this a big deal but if she deserves this more than other contestants AFTER ALL THE TELEVISED EVENTS & SINGING COMPETITIONS SHE WENT THROUGH PREVIOUSLY IN THE PAST, INCLUDING WHERE SHE LIVES AND COMES FROM, COULDNT THIS POSSIBLY DISQUALIFY HER? BECAUSE I MEAN CMON, WHATS “AMERICAN IDOL” IF ONE ISNT A TRUE AMERICAN. That’s just my opinion. Tell me if I’m wrong, let’s talk about it.

What do you mean by, “a TRUE American”?

She should not qualify for this competition at all. Not a citizen and already has won many other competitions. Not fair to others trying to win. Disqualify her

Is it in the American Idol rules to be a novice and as well as not winning other competitions? They were already aware she lives in another country. I feel should disqualify a contestant.

It’s AMERICAN Idol, hello?

Exactly! And there were better singers for the judges to choose from rather than “Nutso” and Lucy Love who acts like she is high on something. If either one go any farther in the competition, I won’t watch it anymore, because it has to be rigged.



Nutsa is best vote for her

There were much better singers then Nutsa…she was acting like a showgirl not a singer…it is a singing competition. Totally disappointed in American Idol. Katy Perry is trying to save face for all her off color comments.

Wich one was better? Be honest.

Nutsa is mean to sabotage her duet partner. She is such a fake , pretending to be sorry for her actions. There are several singers better than her. Katy Perry trying “ Damage Contrlol “ to save face. Nutsa looks like 35 and her behavior is not classy. Looks cheap like a Lounge Singe!

NUTSA is a fake and a fraud and HAD NO business being on American Idol – the shows name says it all. Disappointment in this seasons judges (lead by Katy Perry) to choose Nutsa. Bad call, as have many of her actions. The fact that such a terrible (not so much) team player made it into the Top 20 after her behavior alongside her “partner” performance AND with 19 other exceptional participants, escapes us. We’ve been watching this show every season since its first season and if Nutsa remains (and perhaps Katy Perry), you’ll lose a household of (8) viewers who’ve NEVER missed a show. Boo Katy, American Idol, and Nutsa who seems to have NO moral ground and who played Katy like a fiddle!

Olivia Soli waz a much better singer…she was the total package…and she plays the piano.and she sings like a bird…she should have been saved not Nutsa

Totally agree

I agree as well! Luke even said that in the six years he’s been on idol he has never heard a better voice. So why did they cut Olivia? Oh, because there wasn’t enough drama in her life…so predictable and sad.

I have been a long time American idol fan since the beginning but i always thought it was American idol I do not believe a person that resides outside of the US should be allowed in the competition. Hence the name American idol!!!!

I agree not that she isn’t a good singer but some of these doe eyed kids are hoping their dreams come true of being American Idol
I know Hunter from last year cut a record bf the show ended got to go to a club invited by Luke and sang w Luke at the end
That was a little jaded
But Noah who won was a down home country boy no shining Armour or competitions and play the rerun when they announced him as the winner that’s what we want to see
These kids or young ppl who never had a chance to be anybody
It’s all on us voters
So vote vote vote

There are Canadians on the show, or there were. I am not sure if they made it through or not.

Wrong choice! Paige had a stronger voice!

No. Nutsa should not have been able to compete at ALL. Her attitude is bad when the cameras aren’t rolling AND she is NOT an American! American voters said NO and that should stand!!!

I think Idol, and other comps, should be for newbies. If you have already competed in and/or won other competitions then you had your chance. I am also of the opinion that if the show has the word America in it then it should be an American based competitor. JMHO

The show is called American Idol. There are plenty of young , talented, deserving people in the contest that are looking for a first time chance to further their singing careers from America….apparently the show’s purpose has changed direction??

I said from the beginning that she should not be on American Idol if she is residing in another country and never originated from here.

I am a Canadian and as much as I have cheered for our Canadians, it’s called AMERICAN IDOL not WORLDWIDE IDOL.
Anyone who has won any of these such contests I agree should not be allowed…they are changing other things on the show this should be one of them!!
if contestants have won others there must be a reason their career hasn’t flourished.
But love the show .. Hubby and I have seen every year since year #1!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT NUTS FOR NUTSA!!! She should NOT be in the top 12

No…I see her more as a contestant for the Voice. She’s good though!

Absolutely not. She should not be here trying to win an amateur singing competition in this country when she is a professional in other countries. It’s clearly cheating and we try to show we want her gone and the judges save her. What the hell was that.

This is called American Idol and I dont think it is fair for someone to compete in other versions such as this anf then knock out someone who has competed fir the first time and is just as talented. Nutsa needs to go to Vegas and not American Idol. I think she needs to prive she is 25 or under!

No nutsa! The other contestants were much more deserving!!

Absolutely not don’t like nut-sa or Lucy love!

Love Nutsa

Me too!

There is no limitation for American citizenship in the American Idol contract. There is a restriction for American residency AND/OR a work permit to work in the US. Nutsa was accepted for American Idol and should be able to compete like any other competitor.

No Nutsa should not be on American Idol It’s not right! It was not right for the judges to choose her end and if she wins I may never watch American Idol again!

She’s an amazing singer, but I thought the rules for America idol stated you must reside in the United States. I’m confused about that.

Nutsa should not have been picked. There were others that deserved a change and that had way better talent

I do believe American Idol should be for American citizens. Katy Perry always seems to want to give a green card to those from other countries. Especially when they are not the best performers. There were several people much more deserving of the judges 2 votes, based purely on performance.

Elijah would have made it into the top 20 if not for less talented, non Americans being pushed ahead. AMERICAN IDOL Should be for Americans.

I do not feel she should be able to continue. She’s already proven To be a professional she needs to be excluded. Give someone else a chance who otherwise wouldn’t have one.

I don’t think Nutsa should have been selected. I would never listen to anything she sings.

NO she shouldn’t have been allowed through judges should have picked someone who was not famous that’s what American idol was before the no names with talent to give them a chance . It’s really discerning they picked her someone else deserved that more

No, for many reasons. She has competed in other major competitions and has an unfair advantage over the other raw talent.

It’s called American idol for a reason. Contestants need to be from America.

Good decision , i’m glad she is there and can sing . one of the best for my opinion

That should never be a factor there are contestants who come from all over the world just to make it on America’s Got Tallent nothing was ever said about that. There was a contestant who was on American Idol from Canada and that was okay. It sounds very discriminating if you ask me.

I didn’t agree with either choice. Lucy didn’t have a smile on her face the entire night. They were all so good. The two picks will be voted out by america .

Yes!!! Nutsa was awesome!!!

Nutsa is a polished performer and clearly not American. She doesn’t deny she flew in from her country of Georgia for the audition. So why then is she even allowed to audition and compete, let alone get this far in the competition. She is not an amateur. Her having won other competitions puts her in a different category. I strongly oppose her inclusion in the top ten. America made there votes clear. She does not belong with American idol top 10.

Finalists Should reside in US & Lucy appeared to be very rude with responses to her being chosen several times.


Feel US citizens should only be allowed.

American Idol

AMERICAN IDOL: Abi Carter Crowned the Winner, Katy Perry Sheds Tears In Her Final Episode

American Idol has crowned its winner when platinum ticket holder, Abi Carter took herself all the way to the finals with her exquisite voice and performances.

The 21-year-old from Indio, California, won Americas vote to become the “American Idol” season 22 champion during Sunday night’s finale on ABC besting runner-up Will Moseley. Earlier in the finale, Jack Blocker came in third.

During the three-hour season finale, Carter got a surprise video from her idol, Billie Eilish, which reduced her to tears. That would be a first of many moments through the show that Abi was emotional, and so too, was departing judge, pop superstar, Katy Perry.


When Carter was crowned the winner, the camera panned to the judges table where Perry was in a puddle of tears overjoyed for Carter, and also knowing this was the end of her run after seven years with the show.

Earlier this season, Katy announced she would be stepping away from “Idol”.  A replacement has not yet been named. At the end of the finale, judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie shared an emotional hug with Perry, who also performed during the show with the aforementioned, Jack Blocker.

Previously, Perry during the audition process, voted not to send Blocker through and gave him a “no”. Blocker’s fortunes were changed when the ‘Idol’ production crew and Bryan wanted him to move on to Hollywood and the rest, as they say, was ‘Idol’ history.

Photo: ABC

The who’s who of the music industry was also on hand to perform with the top ten runner-ups in musical numbers leading into the final moments of the show. Guest performers included: Jon Bon Jovi, Jason Mraz, Wynonna Judd, Seal and New Kids on the Block.

In the moment of the night, Ryan Seacrest revealed Abi as the winner and she fell to the floor in tears. After previewing her new single in the final round of competition, “This Isn’t Over”, Carter attempted to gather herself to sing a reprieve of Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” It was that song that started Abi’s ‘Idol’ journey.

Photo: ABC

Watch the final moments of American Idol Season 22 below.

Now, let us know. Are you glad Abi Carter was crowned the new American Idol? Will you miss Katy Perry at the judges table? Who do you think would be a good replacement for her next season? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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AMERICAN IDOL: Final Three Are Chosen; After Nationwide Vote, Are the Right Singers Going to the Finale?

On Sunday night, the semi-finals of this season’s American Idol were decided on Disney Night, where the contestants had to chose songs from Disney’s songbook which has become a tradition and of branding by ABC/Disney.

As usual, judge and music superstar, Katy Perry got decked out in a Disney get-up and this year dressed as Cinderella in full gown, no less.

The results of the nationwide vote sent two singers home, leaving three for next week’s 22nd overall season finale of ‘Idol’ and the 7th on ABC. It should be noted that we, and many at home, were surprised that some of the song’s chosen were even in Disney movies!

Photo: ABC

Eliminated were: 15-year-old Triston Harper who ended his run with a performance of  Rascal Flatt’s “Life is a Highway.” Also eliminated was Emmy Russell, the granddaughter of country legend, Loretta Lynn. After Russell’s performance of Brandi Carlile’s “Carried Me With You,” she did not have enough votes to move into the finale.

Moving on to the finals are: Jack Blocker, who wowed audiences during two-rounds of performances with “Nobody’s Fool” from Cars 2, and then David Bowie’sSpace Oddity.”

Will Moseley was also safe after his last performance of the night of Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild.” Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie thought it was the perfect sound for his voice, and apparently America thought so too.

Photo: ABC

Finally, Abi Carter, who ended her night with a rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s, The Chain from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack, illustrated her stage presence growth as noted by the judges, when she went full fledged rocker/pop star for this one. Given Carter’s exceptional vocals, and her often more intimate style when accompanying herself on the piano, this performance also lifted her into the finals.

So, did the right singers make it to the finale? Who are you rooting for to be crowned the new American Idol next week? Comment below.

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ABC Renews ‘American Idol’ for Season 8 and ‘The Bachelor’ for Season 29

While Katy Perry is exiting her gig at the judges table on American Idol at the end of this season, that will not stop the show from continuing on. The popular reality-singing competition had been renewed for its 8th season on ABC and its 23rd season overall.

American Idol started on Fox and was given new life at ABC seven years ago. The announcement of the renewal comes ahead of its Season 22 finale set to air on Sunday, May 19th.

As for Perry, she revealed back in February that she is stepping away from the show to pursue other career interests. The show is actively looking for the right chemistry and person to sit alongside judges and music superstars, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, who will be back next season, as will longtime host, Ryan Seacrest.

Photo: ABC

In other renewals, The Bachelor will be back following Joey Graziadei’s ratings winner of a season. The reality-dating competition will serve up its 29th season.

There is no premiere date set, but as has been in the past, the series usually premieres in January of the new year. While ‘Bachelor Nation’ will need to await, just who will be the next ‘Bachelor’, that person will most likely be selected from Jen Tran’s season of The Bachelorette, which is currently in production.

Photo: ABC

Jen’s journey to find love as the lead in The Bachelorette, marks that shows 19th season. It’s set to premiere this summer on July 8th and will again be hosted by Jesse Palmer.

Glad to hear “Idol” is coming back? Who should replace Katy Perry? Are you over ‘The Bachelor’ or did the last season featuring Joey as the lead, reinvigorate your interest in the show? Comment below.

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