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B&B confirms Adrienne Frantz is back as Amber!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

The Bold and the Beautiful is now confirming that Dayime Emmy winner Adrienne Frantz is re-joining the B&B cast as Amber Moore.  Her first tape date is May 18, but she does not hit the airwaves till July 1.  Let’s hope they have some great story in the works for one of daytime’s most original actresses!

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Bell had no guts to reject Frantz! lol!

Great, so she’s back! Good luck to SJB and Heather Tom since they’re on their way to becoming the next Eileen Davidson and Lesli Kay of B&B, actresses who’ll be pushed to the background for the likes of scene chewing, one dimensional, annoying, terrible actress Frantz.

Bell is going to write for Frantz. The sad part is Kyle Lowder is most likely going to get a storyline at this point. Great. Terrible Frantz and untalented Lowder. That’s a ratings disaster and Talk Soup fest waiting to happen.

The cast is already so bloated. They don’t need Amber! They never even use SJB and Hearst much, thankfully they don’t really use Diamont and Wagner much, and thankfully they never use Lowder, Harmon, DTB.

But awful, emotionless, pathetic “actors” Moss, Jones, Beemer and Downe are front and center. And Bell loves to write for the very uneven Gareis. Now you throw in Frantz there, and there’s no hope of the actors who can actually act like Lesli Kay to return or for Alley Mills’s Pam to do something other than pull pranks on Donna.

The dumb part is they have sooooooooo many women on the show, and they don’t need Amber. They need Deacon! If the Forresters want to mess w/ the Logans, they should have Deacon back. Felicia/Deacon would be fantastic.

This show is going to hell in a handbasket! I hope the ratings decline when Frantz returns. So will Little Eric/Deacon be in his late 20s since he’s older than Steffy and his half sibling/former aunt Hope?! Or will Bell ignore that since he doesn’t want Frantz to seem older?



The only way B&B can redeem this is if Andrea Evans returns as Tawney to B&B and she goes after Eric. How annoyed would that make Pam and Stephanie?! After getting rid of Donna, they now have to battle trailer trash Tawney for Eric. But that won’t happen since Bell likes the actors who cannot act to be front and center on B&B like Moss, Gareis, Beemer, Jones and Downe. And he’d let his vets KKL and Tylo have storylines that revolve around Matula, Conroy and Woods. LOL!


LOVE Adrienne but have to agree, the show is VERY cast heavy with a lot of talent being wasted, why add to the mix???

Breaking News

Lauralee Bell On Her 35th Anniversary With Y&R: “My Hope For Cricket Is To Smile The Way She Used To & Chill Whenever Possible.”

Congratulations are in order this Sunday to Lauralee Bell who is celebrating her 35th anniversary with The Young and the Restless.  Hard to believe, it’s been 35 years since the perils of a young Cricket became front and center and those young love stories with Danny (Michael Damian), Phillip (Thom Bierdz) and eventually, Paul ( Doug Davidson).

As Cricket matured, so to was the decision to now call the character by her birth name, Christine.  After all, she became quite the legal eagle! For over three and a half decades with time-off in between, Lauralee has shared memorable storylines with the amazing Tricia Cast, and the late Jeanne Cooper as Nina and Katherine, and let’s not forget Michael Baldwin, played by Christian LeBlanc, to name just a few/

In a few tweets on Sunday, Lauralee acknowledged the day stating: “We all couldn’t do what we love to do without the viewers so thanks to them!”  She followed that up with a tweet filled with photos of herself and her co-stars throughout the years ,and some self-effacing humor stating: “Wasn’t going to post for YR anniversary, because I’m not one to put attention on me but no denying these people have made my life better. Thanks to crew & fans and my hope for Cricket is to smile the way she used to & chill whenever possible”

As viewers know, Lauralee is the daughter of Y&R creators, the late, great Bill Bell and his wife, Lee Phillip Bell.  We are sure Bill is smiling today for Lauralee and proud of this accomplishment.

Share your congrats for Lauralee on this milestone via the comment section below.  Then let us know your most memorable or favorite Cricket/Christine moment on the CBS Daytime drama series.

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GH’s Vinessa Antoine Lands Primetime Series Will Make Canadian TV History!

Fantastic news for General Hospital favorite, Vinessa Antoine (Jordan)! The talented actress had landed the leading role in the primetime Canadian series, Diggstown!

The legal drama is scheduled to air this fall.  In Diggstown, Antoine will play Marcie Diggs, a top corporate lawyer who decides to dedicate herself to a legal aid office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

This casting news will make Vinessa a part of Canadian TV history as the first Black Canadian actress to star in a prime-time drama on legacy network television, CBC.

Antoine spoke to the Toronto Star about her starring role, “When I first read the script I was really attracted to the notion that she was a corporate lawyer and she believed in the system. And when that crashed for her, life nudged her to do something extraordinary. And because I’m a woman of color, so many things connected. She’s complex, not stereotypical, and that’s refreshing.”

However as suspected, and according to the Toronto Star: “General Hospital fans will not be happy to learn that Antoine, who has been with the show since 2014, will no longer be a series regular when she starts shooting Diggstown in August.”

So, excited to hear Vinessa has been cast in a leading primetime series?  Comment below!

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IT’S OFFICIAL: Downton Abbey The Movie To Go Into Production This Summer

The highly-anticipated and rumored revival of Downton Abbey to the big screen is on!  Production is slated to begin later this summer.

From what we understand, all of the original cast is set to reprise their signature roles in the motion picture, written by series creator Julian Fellowes.

Fellowes will also serve as the executive producer along with other ‘Downton’ notables behind the scenes: Gareth Neame, Liz Trubridge, and Nigel Marchant. Brian Percival is set to direct.  Percival also directed the pilot episode of the critically-acclaimed and beloved period soap opera series.

In a statement, Gareth Neame expressed: “When the television series drew to a close it was our dream to bring the millions of global fans a movie and now, after getting many stars aligned, we are shortly to go into production.  Julian’s script charms, thrills and entertains and in Brian Percival’s hands we aim to deliver everything that one would hope for as Downton comes to the big screen.”

Focus Features chairman, Peter Kujawski, shared: “Since the series ended, fans of Downton have long been waiting for the Crawley family’s next chapter. We’re thrilled to join this incredible group of filmmakers, actors and craftspeople, led by Julian Fellowes and Gareth Neame, in bringing back the world of Downton to the big screen.”

Downton Abbey ran for six seasons on PBS  and received 15 Primetime Emmy awards and 69 nominations.

Actress Joanne Froggatt, who plays maid Anna Bates, took to Twitter with much enthusiasm at the news: “Delighted to announce we’re getting the band back together! #DowntonMovie #DowntonAbbey”

So, thrilled to hear the Downton Abbey movie is happening? Comment below.

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