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B&B’s Exec Prod & Head Writer, Brad Bell Teases Next Gen and New Ingenue, ‘Braylor’ Romance, and Sheila’s Next Move

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This month, The Bold and the Beautiful has been celebrating their 9000th episode milestone. Quite an achievement for any daytime drama series to get to.

Recently, Michael Fairman TV caught up with the series long-running executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell to gain insight into the trajectory of the series as it heads towards the summer, and where the scribe sees some of the key characters and components moving forward.

As fans of the show have seen, RJ Forrester has returned with a new actor taking on the role in Joshua Hoffman, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor’s (Krista Allen) friendship could be heading for more than that, or are they?

Meanwhile, Brad and his writing team have continuously found ways to keep the evil Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) viable, and given this past Friday’s cliffhanger there is something dangerous afoot.

Here’s what Brad had to share on a few of these burgeoning story points and characters, and how that could shake up the show.

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When you look at B&B now, and the history of the show, how do you think it stacks up comparatively?

BRAD: I feel like we are in a good spot right now. I think the cast is excellent. We have a right mix of love and romance, and then Sheila brings action and adventure. However, this summer, we are going to be introducing the next gen. We started with Joshua Hoffman as RJ.  The show began in 1987, and now we have the next Ridge Forrester that can take us to the next 9,000 episodes.

Photo: CBS

So, is there a new ingenue coming?

BRAD: Yes, we are building out our 20-something part of the cast.

Photo: CBS

Do you have a hard time or not, trying to figure out how to keep Sheila on the canvas? You keep coming up with ways for Sheila to escape prison and not truly paying for her crimes.

BRAD: Sheila is very elusive, very cunning.  She has nine lives and she has used them up, but I am guessing she has eighteen! Kimberlin Brown is just so great at being bad, and the character always works when we throw caution to the wind, and you do things like have her shoot her son (Finn) and her daughter-in-law (Steffy). I thought, “Well, maybe that’s the end.  She can’t come back from that.”  She did, maybe because she’s misunderstood. (laughs)

Photo: CBS

There has been speculation, and certainly it seemed to be teased on-air, of a potential romantic pairing between new bff’s, Brooke and Taylor. Were you toying with the idea?

BRAD: I was, actually. I was thinking “What if we went this direction?” I was just kind of watching the actors and seeing if the chemistry is there, like we do with everyone, really. So, at this point, we know that Brooke and Taylor can be friends, and we know that they are connecting on a whole new level. So, maybe that could be something.  It might happen.

Photo: CBS

What do you think your father, the legendary Bill Bell (who created B&B along with your mother, Lee Phillip Bell), would say to you if he was here  to celebrate the 9,000th episode milestone?

BRAD: I think my dad would be very proud.  He used to call me after every episode of B&B and it was always one of two things, either, “I watched the show and it was fabulous!” or “I just watched the show and it was horrible! It was terrible!”  It was never, “It was OK, today.”  I loved those calls. He was a man of passions, and he really loved carrying the torch from one thousand episodes to another thousand, to another, I saw his great sense of accomplishments. I think he would be very thrilled that we hit 9,000 episodes with the show. We never thought we would.  It’s great and we are going strong, and hopefully, we will make 10,000.

What do you think of Brad’s remarks on what to look forward to in the near future on B&B? Excited to see the next gen? Would you be all for a Brooke and Taylor romance? As for Sheila, she obviously is up to something by the mysterious visitor she received while in jail on Friday’s cliffhanger.  Who do you think is the visitor? Jack Finnegan, James Warwick, or someone else? Let us know to all in the comment section below, but first check out Sheila’s mysterious visitor shocker scene.

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Sheila’s visitor is Jack, James, Eric, Connor Davis or Justin Barber. I hope day after day that Sheila stays on the canvas long-term!!!

No m tired of her
It’s really getting old
I’m sorry

Long-standing fans of Y&R and B&B will recall that Sheila DIED in Genoa City YEARS ago when she had surgery to look like Phyllis – or at least portrayed herself to mirror her image. Lauren shot her. Kimberlin is a fantastic actress however the character Sheila is overdone.

It time for Sheila to go, the actress can come back as someone else, I also feel that character Sheila is over played. She could come back as an heiress with money start buying things up and make the current actors get them back….

I absolutely agree.. move on to something else.. so many great actors on the show that you can make a good story about them.. love the show, but very bored with SHEIA!!

I don’t think I have ever been so bored with a story line. The same with Hope & Thomas. Heaven forbid Brooke & Taylor taking a relationship with each other, Sick??? The world has just about made this one sick issue in life. Especially parents deciding to allow children whether they are a male or female. This is also a stupid stage of life!!
Please have a new decent story line and regroup the future of the show.

Never between Brooke and can do better than that

Agreed. It is not necessary or exciting to go “there” with Brook and Taylor because it’s ALREADY been overdone on so many other shows… Not needed… Not wanted… Don’t do it

I think I’d stop watching the show if they have a Brooke and Taylor romance! Totally disgusting, come on writers are you really perverted

I totally agree with you Rs Murphy

If they put Taylor and Brooke together..I will never turn B & B on again. That would totally ruin Taylor for
me and I love watching her the way she is now..I think a lot of long time viewers will go.

I agree…Im tired of her
..she needs to go!!

Totally agree, the Shelia character is played out… Let her fall off of the cliff at Steffy and Finn’s, be in a coma for a while and wake up with complete amnesia…

I remember that but just assumed she recovered her injuries and her former looks.

Amen, so am I.

Me too. You are going to loose a generation of viewers.. at least make some stories we can get on board with!!

I agree that this story line I’d “old”. It’s actually creepy and I fast forward it!
Thank you.

I agree time for her to go

Agree. Sheila’s scene is getting old.

Yes done got old, they need to really kill her off permanently. I’m sick of her.

Sheila is getting very old and we are sick of her! Get rid of Sheila, especially since it took forever to cage the evil woman. Be done with her

I soooo agree! It’s become boring. Move on.

I agree with Rosie the story of Sheila is getting verrryyy old

I AGREE!!! So sick of Sheila!

I just fast forward if the story is about Sheila, some of my friends have stopped watching the bold and the Beautiful.

I agree. I have seen enough of Sheila. Put her in prison for life.


I agree its time for Shelia to go ..its no reality to allowing her to continue to. wreak havoc in the lives of innocent people with no consequences…


Agree, I’m getting tried of her in this vein. Chop it up a little bit…let Sheila stay in jail for a while and have a few interactions with some inmates.

Sheila is old news. I can’t stand her. Same old story every time.

Get her off the screen!

I am so frustrated with Sheila!! She does what she wants and she is never stopped totally! Why is her character so unstoppable! With everything going on in your world today, let us at least see in this soap opera that evil people will be caught and shut down!

i have too agree i’m so sick of Shelia always finding a way outta everything instead of paying for the crimes that she has committed .. i honestly think this time there should b NO way out for her


WE DO TOO!! She truly adds spice and excitement to the show!!! My Mom and I watch just to see what thrilling thing Sheila will do next!!!

She is amazing. Watched her as young lad with Grandma who is of no more… Still love Sheila Carter

Sheila needs to go.

No so sick of seeing her! Get a new storyline!

Time for Sheila to rot in prison with no visitation rights and off the camera at Bold and the Beautiful!

Let’s have some reality. She jumped off the balcony and get up to drive?
She’s in prison they said and have old visitors face to face. Is she in a hotel?

And NO to Brooke an Taylor romance together.

If they do that storyline I’m done and no Hope Thomas romance either.


I totally agree. Put Brooke with Ridge and Taylor with Bill.

I agree absolutely NO to Brooke/Taylor.

I agree no to a romance

Totally agree! That’s nonsense

I agree. Will stop watching if that happen

Agree…no to this pairing up…

No to Brooke and Taylor romance leave them as friends
Find a new male love interest for Taylor.

I agree ì don’t want Taylor and Brook as a couple. No, no…

Totally agree that is a definite NO. Put Brooke back with Ridge where she belongs.

Now that you suggest it, I think it’s Jack, Doctor Finn’s father!

Yes I am tired of Sheila, but all of them is getting tired. Please no Brook and Taylor romance together. Liam’s and Hope over Thomas. Katie and one who’s always whinny about someone wife. Put some new people in the show. Stephanie and finn need to find more to do in a regular marriage. Find a new spin on the show, give Wyatt a new love. Thomas need a love to make Hope come clean about her feelings. Need new faces both Male and female.

Jack. I like Shelia because I see her as an actress that’s doing a great job. Brooke can get on my nerves at times. But I really like her. Taylor is better being a mother to her kids. She just isn’t a good dr. Sure she looks the role & is a good actress but seriously I think she’d be best with Ridge. But the friendship between the girls would be sickening to me if it got romantic. But that’s just my opinion

I like Sheila also and hope she stays around. She is a diversion from the love triangles that are not so interesting when that is all there is and no action or intrigue is going on. IMO

I thought the scene where Shelia fell backwards off the balcony and able to drive away was crazy and insulted the intelligence of it’s viewers. No, I don’t want Brooke and Taylor having a romance. I’ve read a lot of comments on other sites that feel the same way.

Agree!!! Do NOT have Taylor and Brooke get romantic!!!!!

Totally agree
Just let them be bestie’s pls

Brook and Bill . NO Taylor and brook

Katie and Bill please. Carter needs to leave town He tried Paris and herr sister and Quinn. Katie 4th try.

TOTALLY agree! Katie and Bill are forever! She mellows his stallion side beautifully!♥️

Carter is a joke he always go after somebody else’s wife or partner. For him to be a lawyer in the hunk that they try to portray him as he should not have to go after all these men dirty seconds!

No Brook and Bill any other man not Bill there are other men out there not her sister ex


No,I’d like to see Bill/Taylor together.

NO WAY !! Brooke likes the men too much to be gay , don’t insult our intelligence again, to suit your story line

Exactly what I was going to say. Taylor, maybe. She’s repressing something (when it was portrayed by Hunter Tylo). I love the friendship between the two strong women. I also hope that when the inevitable happens, Brooke getting back with Ridge, that it’s done in a sensitive manner with Taylor’s feelings being considered. I would love to see the friendship survive Ridge. I love the new Taylor. Less uptight, a hell of a lot sexier and so much fun.

I agree!!! Why dangle insult with misery for the sake of a new modern storyline as you call it? Enjoy your show but if it goes in the opposite direction of romance…it will be so easy to discontinue.

Agreed No romance btwn Taylor and Brooke
Would stop watching show and have watched since very first episode started!!!!

Totally agree with you on that one!!!

No way hosea

Agree. At one point I stopped watching Bold and the Beautiful for years when they changed Ridge from Ron Moss. And lately I am asking myself, is it time to stop again, because it has been becoming down right stupid, and a waste of time. I am starting to fast forward entire episodes. I don’t like the storyline of Hope having feelings for Thomas. The Sheila storyline, Brooke and Taylor, Ridge is not all that, he is slimey, and no Quinn. Quinn is the biggest loss! Not the same since she left. Just a big waste of time. So tired of Sheila!!!!

I agree. They really missed a great opportunity by not utilizing that master artist by not having better storylines for her.

Agreed, there is little enjoyment in totally unbelievable storylines such as the “Sheila” saga

I think if the writer’s go there, they will lose a good portion of their loyal fan base that have been tuning in for decades. Myself, included.

I hope in the near future that the writers of this show try to push this show forward and stop letting everything drag out I can come on a Monday and by Friday they even saying the same thing over and over again and that’s very sickening I started turning this show off because it doesn’t never change need to work on your storyline because for me it is very boring so I can go away for a week not watch your show come back and ain’t a damn thing change let’s get with the program and do a better storyline!

Agree 100%!!


Please no Baylor romance..

No Brooke an Taylor relationship no romance for them Brooke and ridge forever

Please no … give Taylor a real chance at a good relationship with a real man …

I agree a Brook and Taylor romance would be too much. It would push me and many others away. In Everyday life they push that lifestyle down our throats like it or not. I would not want to see in our story. PLEASE DON’T do that.


Rosie, et all,
I agree and I hope Mr. Bell reads some of these posts and realizes what he’s doing if he makes Brook and Taylor a couple. I’ve quit watching a couple time over the years due to an obnoxious S.L so no big deal, plus Hope wanting to act like mommy is another thing. One of her is enough. She might also lose her son if she starts chasing after his dad.

No please don’t

I agree, the way Shelia looked after she fell off the balcony no way could she have driven off. Brook and Taylor romance would make me stop watching

Both insulting storylines

I feel the same way. She should have ended with the balcony fall. Noone gets up from something like that. And no on Taylor and Brooke. Have Taylor and Finns dad get together if your not putting her with Risge. Brooke and Eric. Move on from the Ridge,Taylor,Brooke crap. Bring back Rick,Bridget. And that kid of theirs. Has a Taylor and Deacon thing been done ever?

1 agree on both counts

Totally agree!

I hope that don’t put Brooke and Taylor together as a couple lesbian it’s sickening yuck After 35 years I’ll stop watching B&B – Adios

Good! There’s no place for your hated!

Just because a lot of us don’t like the idea of Brooke and Taylor jumping into bed together, it shouldn’t be called hatred. How would you like to be called sickos because you like the idea. We just think it’s inappropriate and in poor taste.


Totally agree
It was completely informant it’s as if the writer’s are on life support
As for the tell of Taylor and Brooke can we just have one shoe that doesn’t sell out to the deviant’s and those whom think their not being represented enough
Bc you all have I thought I’d never herd some of the other soaps writing into the narrative
Be you and let us enjoy our 30 or 60 min escape without the political agenda we all get it
Like everyone in the auS you can be and live anyway you want
Do stop acting and pretending your not


I don’t want Taylor and Brooke to have a romance. B&B has been very boring for several months, now. And plz, a Rich man, Dollar Bill, would want a young beautiful woman, not a woman his age. And, lighten Hopes hair.

I agree about Hope’s hair LOL I would love it if she went totally blonde. Brooke & Taylor, will not watch!

I agree,if they do I’m out

They did insult our intelligence for sure ! She should have broken legs, arms, head !!


ABSOLUTELY NO to the Brooke/Taylor romance!!! IT’S TIME FOR SHEILA TO GO!

I totally agree!

No I don’t want Taylor and Brooke to have a romance like them to stay friends


I’m SICK to death of Sheila! I will no longer watch the show if Taylor and Brooke become involved.

Why mess up a friendship for Brook and Taylor?Let them be friends!

Brooke and Taylor REALLY when that romance starts that’s when i stop watching

I agree! Totally ridiculous for her to fall from a high 2nd story building without even a scratch or bump. Then when Brooke and Taylor were getting all cozy I was so afraid it was going that way. I may have had to quit watching if that was the case.

I will also quit watching if they have a Braylor romance. Do not cave to the “woke” media!!!

Agree completely

For God’s sake, don’t do Brooke and Taylor. Brooke goes to Ridge. Sick of Sheila. Don’t let Hope get with Thomas. Guess I figure out something else to watch.:

Totally agree about the hook up
No to the same old same old let Brooke stay single for awhile allow her to realize like Taylor that she doesn’t always need a man
As for hope she’s always had to pretend she’s got higher morals she proved that to be wrong by doing a married man getting pregnant like her mother let her be her
Let Thomas tho pump the brakes
Give her a realty check
Keep them as friends let Liam be wrong about Thomas this one time
Let hope get the mental health help she really needs bc living with a woman always sleeping around and making excuses has to mess with any kids mental health
She is a good person but is she a healthy one ?
She tried getting help then stopped in midway
Never made sense as it was never resolved b&b writer’s never the storyline
It was a good one bc it actually dealt with how promiscuity, betrayal to her own daughter’s and never apologizing for messing with their psyche’s

Agree on all parts

Tired of Wimpy Liam. The same conversation over and over and over with Steffy. B O R I N G

Liam stick to talking with your brother and dad. Why draw Steffy into your insecurities? She is happily married to Finn! Know your boundaries !!!

I agree that Liam is a wimpy and a bad actor. His eyes roll around and he acts like he can’t figure out what to say. Does he ever work? He wonders around town discussing his problems with Steffy and then his brother. Hope loves her kids so much but we never see them. They have a sleep over every night lol

I agree that Liam should not be such a wimp, I Know a Man can be calm at times but there is no way a man have to keep saying over and over again about Thomas. He doesn’t come from a cloth of weakness because his father is strong and his mother wasn’t a joke either. So please give that man more heart and put his foot down on this situation as far as his wife. I just really want to know when are you folks going to stop with the fake ass stories in the way you have people being betrayed if this is the rich life I rather just be a mediocre ass person with a mediocre family at least we be true to life

Agree 100%

Can’t these writers let Brooke and Taylor be friends and keep slimey haired, scruffy, unkempt Ridge for the likes of Shauna? Ron Moss was the best Ridge, much better looking, better actor and so handsome! Even now with grayer hair he is charming! There was true chemistry between him, Brooke and Taylor.

If they spin Taylor and Brooke I will never watch BB ever again!!!!! ….and they did that on Y&Y and I stopped watching for a while and now I just ff….

I am tired of Sheila, leave her in prison. No, I wouldn’t like to see a Brooke and Taylor intimate relationship. Would like to see Katie reunite with Bill.

Yes totally agree pls
So tired of Carter
He’s going through all the women on b&b
He’s like Brooke who had to try and find someone to be with at the expense of everyone else
Dang he didn’t even take a breath after they wrote Quinn off
Wow that relationship wasn’t obviously deep enough for him bc if it was love you’d think he’d take a brake go after Quinn as bc find out why she lf
After all he had no problem tracking her down and professing he wanted to be with her so much

Leave Sheila in jail. Bring on a new, mature man for Taylor—maybe a doctor or lawyer. Let Ridge be jealous and realize what he let slip through his hands by not marrying Taylor when he could. When he goes back to Brooke, let her be slow to take him back. The women should be in charge of their love lives. Taylor and Brooke have a good friendship. Let it just be that. They’re in their 50’s.

Leave Steffy & Finn alone. No more Steffy with Liam. Give Thomas a beautiful model to pine after. Thomas is too interesting for boring Hope. Make Hope realize she really is attracted to Thomas, even though she still loves Liam. I’m tired of the old triangles. Old storylines need to rest and be retired. Deacon should get a love interest, not Taylor or Li or Sheila again. He should date some young models and interesting women.
Don’t let Katie return to Bill. He abused and betrayed her. Keep her with Carter. Keep Eric with Donna.

Please bring back Quinn!!!That was the true hot love story with Carter. None of the women he has dated can hold a candle to Quinn. Maybe she can come back entangled with a man that is not who she thinks he is! That would be an interesting plot!!!

I agree would love Quinn back she was an awesome character even with Eric she made him way more exciting to watch than Donna.
Katie shouldn’t go back to Bill they never work too boring together why not Taylor and Bill for a change !

Oh please, Quinn was a slut sleeping with Carter and chasing after Ridge before the ink on her marriage license to Eric was dry.i suppose a lot of people thought this all was so sexy, well I thought it stunk, especially having Eric say it was all his fault and giving his consent. Lousy writing again I think. Maybe Mr. BELL is acting out his sexual fantasies.


Brooke has (possibly) bedded every Forrester male barring her own son. Do we really want to see her bed Taylor, as well? Not really. Let’s let them have their girl “bromance.” Women can be extremely close without sex. These two fought about Ridge for years. Let them stay bosom buddies without actually inserting boobs! If we want a gay, romping, same sex romance, let’s start with RJ & his mysterious “project” at which he keeps hinting. That sounds intriguing.

We’ll said
Tired of all the crap honestly snd we’ve already had all of the above minus the two women relationship
The RJ storyline is already boring he’s boring

They are hinting that RJ may further bridge the gap between ridge and bill or further break the bond by going to lead the new failing media group the Wyatt and Liam just bought for Spencer publications

Couldn’t agree more. This RJ is awful and don’t want to see him lead a story line.

OMG, leave the kid alone, he’s only 23. Bad enough he’s got a sex crazy mother and sister.

I am not in favor of a romance between Taylor and Brooke. They make good friends. But, I don’t see the romance chemistry between them. I was hoping Taylor and Bill would connect. As for Taylor and Brooke being more than friends doesn’t jive.

Don’t copy Y and R
Create your own storyline

Well as a long time viewer I certainly hope Brad can somehow redeem Sheila and get her the mental therapy she needs but at the same time she needs to take responsibility for the vicious things she has done over the many years since Genoa City..if Phyllis can be redeemed certainly Sheila can be especially since she’s a mother! Her children shouldn’t have to worry about her destructive habits. Let Taylor and Brooke build a foundation of friendship, don’t start a romance now, it’s fantastic seeing them bond!RJ should chart his own course for now, then use his influence online to expand Forrester creations globally with Gen z followers! Bring back Thorne and his sisters!

I want Li & Bill together…please….!

I also want to see Bill with Li.

Yes!! Bill and Li!!!!

That might be worth watching!

YEA!!! BILL AND LI!!! They have nice chemistry.

No Brooke and Taylor romance please. I think this would hurt the show and they would lose fans!!! Please!

Brooke and Ridge belong together (destiny)
Find Taylor a hot amazing Psychiatrist Boyfriend who challenges her and takes her mind off of Ridge!!

Bring back James Warwick to have a romantic relationship with Taylor.

Nooooooo romance between Brooke and Taylor pleazzzzzze!

Don’t want to have to stop watching, but I will

If Taylor and Brooke are suddenly gay? I am DONE with this show

If you put Brooke and Taylor together romantically, I’m done watching. We’re having enough of this rammed down our throat. Enough

I’m sure you can find episodes of Andy Griffith or Bewitched to watch. Wait, you know there were (closeted) gays on those shows. Wait, that’s probably how you prefer it.

While Brooke & Taylor as a couple might be a bit odd based on history, it’s about time a show based on fashion in Los Angeles has gay characters.

I’m not a homophobe. I have people in my family that are lgbq. Even have a daughter who just married a woman. I’m a Christian. I believe the Bible, God’s Word. It’s enough of it on TV. I’ve been watching since the show started. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. What happened to Brooke and Ridge being each other’s Destiny?

Awww,glad you feel that way, and yes, Im being facetious. It would behoove the writers and producers to introduce and write in gay characters,NOT turn established characters.

Big NO to Brooke and Taylor romance!!

Li and Bill sound good
No brook and Taylor please

Bet Sheila is pregnant..and as for a Braylor romance kinda though they would come up with that must be running out of story lines at least Sheila brings something to the show

Sheila is in her sixties. She can’t get pregnant.

If they make it to where Brook and Taylor get romantically involved I will quit watching the show and I have been watching it since it started. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS

Please, please, no Brooke and Taylor. Y&R does it and is sickening to look at. I FF through that part. Sheila story is getting extremely old. Someone that mean, nasty, hateful, etc deserves prison. Like watching a repeat of a repeat. Viewers are smarter than that. I love Katie and Carter together.

I agree, no Brooke and Taylor romance plz!!, And we need Quinn back the show isn’t the same without her !

A lot of anti-gay people on here. Your bigotry is quite apparent. You do realize that Michael Fairman is gay. Take your bigotry elsewhere you homophobes.

I agree with you! I am wondering if it is just one person with a bunch of accounts posting their agenda of the show over and over.
I’m ready for some changes. I have watched this show from the very start.
I’m over Sheila. Get her gone again please.
Totally down with Hope being ok with being herself, thinking for herself and taking care of herself. I think it would be great to find she always loved Thomas and felt she wasn’t allowed because she would be looked down on being Brooke’s daughter. Let it happen!
Taylor/Brooke, sure let’s try it. Larry’s try it and make them the next grand couple that makes it long term. It’s 2023 not 1987. I honestly know and love more gay/bi people as I do straight.
I’m straight. I am not offended by those who are not. Let’s reflect some real life lifestyles already!

Thank you! Too much hatred out there!

I would rather not see a Brooke/Taylor romance and it has nothing to do with being “anti-gay”. Nothing in either of their histories would lead them to a relationship and, to me, that storyline would feel forced. But that’s just my opinion.

I’m gay and the thought of Brooke and Taylor getting romantic makes me sick. Not because I’m anti-gay but because I’ve watched the show since day one and know without a doubt that these two women LOVE men. I’d be happy with someone else on the canvas getting into a same-sex relationship; perhaps Thomas:)

I’m not anti-gay at all. I just don’t think either Brooke or Taylor are remotely interested in each other in that way. They both have slept with every man on the show and are both deep down in love with Ridge. Another poster suggested Thomas in a same-sex relationship which I think is a great idea. He doesn’t have a great track record with women so it would probably work.

Don’t want to see Braylor…..they are too old for that….it’s

If Braylor happens, I’m done watching…..

I’d love a Brooke/Taylor romance. Bring it on.

I stopped watching young and the restless because of Mariah and Tessa. I will do the same for bold and beautiful if brook and Taylor become a couple.

The 1950s called, you and some other posters are welcomed back there. This is the 21st Century. Stop the homophobia.

Braylor romance not happening. I would fast-forward quick. Just let Brooke and Ridge be together,this for good. And Taylor with Dr. James Warwick.

No! No! No! To Brooke and Taylor! Friends only please!

Please no love connection for Brooke and Tayor!I love their frienship, but afraid you will lose lots of viewers if you allow a gay relationship between them.Lets see them both with a new man!I love Ridge and Taylor together, but like Brooke and Taylors friendship more.How about Taylor with Bill and Brooke with Deacon?And maybe Ridge with Li?As for Sheila, I’m really tired of her and would like her to just stay in jail!I have been stuck on this show from the beginning and hope it will be around for many more years to come!

Brad, it’s your dad here texting through Paul… the show is terrible. It’s time to rest Sheila in the ground. Be adventureous and create a new Sheila. Someone fans see turn evil. Not know you’re evil. Give them an adventure to watch and change things up.

If you plan on the next generation than start fixing this generation. I’ve seen you flesh out the cast a few times and then get bored with those characters. Where’s Maya? Where’s Rick? As a matter of fact Where’s Zende? Or Paris. You have characters you are neglecting and have become bored with. Flesh them out. Don’t have them connected to the soap families on now.

It’s fashion, son. Where are the gay men? It’s LA, son, where are diverse characters? It’s LA, son, why is everyone working at Forrester? Where r the actors m?

Disgusted idea to pair Brooke and Taylor.

Please No Taylor and Brook Romance. just let them be friends and nothingore!

Apparently Sheila must have been immaculately resurrected since Lauren KILLED HER many years ago on The Young and the Restless. And all the ways she gets away with are so far fetched!!!! No wonder viewership on soaps is down with all of these unbelievable storylines!!!!

This Shelia storyline is so redundant..I know several people who is just tired of this storyline..especially with the climate of our world today..Shelia should pay for her crimes and let’s move on.

Sheila is the most entertaining. The show is supremely boring during the years she is off-screen.

If Brooke and Taylor form a romance, you’ve lost a fan! We, of course, want Ridge and Brooke back together! Send Taylor back to Africa!

Get rid of Sheila for good!

No way, Sheila is the only exciting character

I agree I’m a SHEILA fan. And please No Brooke and Taylor I’ll stop watching also

I’m sick of Sheila – let her rot in jail where she belongs and lets move on. Bring back Deacon’s son, “little D’ and what about Bridget’s son, Logan? The love triangles are so lame. Leave the couples the way that are. How about more about the fashion and business? And please….no Braylor.

Brooke and Taylor’s bestie fest has been a joy to watch! They have so much chemistry…Their characters are evolving so if they were to explore a romantic relationship, it would stem from growth and honesty. Go for it!!

No romance for Brooke and Taylor I want to see Brooke and Ridge back together.

It got to be someone else that went to visit Shiva because of that head and my nose in that chin it’s definitely somebody else it’s not fun it’s not stuffy it ain’t none of them it’s definitely somebody else that’s not Liam it ain’t reach it ain’t bill it’s not Carter it ain’t Eric Forrester so I got to be somebody else

If Brooke and Taylor become romantic, I will be done with Bold and Beautiful for good.

Braylor together = dead end what would be their story ?
Just like Brooke and the Logan at FC is a huge mistake : There’s no more a major rivalry like Stephanie and Brooke : boring
The show needs rival fashion houses
Brooke should create her own company maybe with Bill to get revenge on Ridge after he chooses again his first family.
Taylor can’t do that alas unless Nick or Thorne are brought back.
Sheila is a dead end too. Even if she gets out of jail WHY would anyone interact with her ?

Please don’t ruin this show with a Brooke and Taylor romance. I have watched from the beginning, I would stop watching.

You will loose two long time viewers me and my mom put Sheila on house arrest and community work but definitely don’t put Brooke and Taylor in no romance

I stopped watching in March. Kountry Wayne skits on Facebook are better than these soaps. Tired of Sheila. Brooke and Taylor’s new found friendship is boring and both are corny. Making them bi is not the answer. There has to be another love interest for Thomas besides Hope. You all are recycling old storylines. Lazy writing.

While I don’t care for her acting, Paris and Thomas could be an interesting pairing. They DO have a nice chemistry, and she seems to be on his corner in all of his shenanigans.

No DONOT HAVE BROOKE AND TAYLOR HAVING A ROMANCE THATS JUST DISGUSTING. Brooke and Ridge belong together and always have put Taylor with Bill or Deacon or bring someone new put her with Hollis and put Ridge and Brooke back together. Nobody wants to see same sex crap.

I loooved Brooke and Nick together. He was real w/ her and didn’t take a lot of crap from her. Bringing Bridget back along w/ her surreal family would be nice.

Either redeem Sheila and make her finally sane after all these years, or get rid of her all together for good. As for Brooke and Taylor, keep them friends and nothing else.

Love me some Sheila. I think her visitor is one of the men she killed who’s very much alive which would allow Sheila to now be released from prison. I’m gunning for yah Bill Spencer .

The Brooke and Taylor friendship is boring and silly. It is an insult to women. Shiela is boring.

I totally agree!

I would stop watching if a romantic relationship was developed between Taylor and Brooke!

I thought a few weeks again, that was where the Brooke/Taylor friendship was going. That’s not a bad idea. As for Shelia she really has to leave, once and forever. She can do reoccurring visits as a ghost or spirit. I say Goodbye to Shelia

I love Shelia, it’s not boring, and Brooke and Taylor would be interesting, because it happens in real life..soooooooo I’m good with the new line anything but the same old..Brooke, Steffi, Liam,Hope, Carter,..sleep kiss,breakup..story line

Please put Brooke and Taylor together!

I stopped looking at the show because it makes you believe that people can get away with anything..yes I believe in second changes but to do things with malicious doings NO where is the JUSTICE?

ICAM that’s why Brooke shouldn’t be rewarded for her life of backstabbing family members
Ridge is no prize but she doesn’t deserve her HEA after she destroyed so many marriages
She DARES to pass judgment ? When she betrayed her sister again not so long ago and lied about kissing Deacon. At least Thomas attacked Brooke bc she threatened him with the CPS call and bc he wanted his family reunited
Brooke hurt people including her mother sister and daughter just bc she was horny for unavailable men


The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kimberlin Brown Teases to Fans: “There’s Something Coming Up, But It’s Not What They Think”

Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) is now a married lady! Yup, after a small, very small intimate ceremony she married Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) on recent episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Deacon’s daughter Hope (Annika Noelle) showed up for the nuptial to support her father, but Sheila’s son, Finn (Tanner Novlan) happened by Il Giardino, to pick up some food only to stumble upon his mother’s wedding, causing more trouble in his marriage to Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

All of this, after Deacon figured out that Sheila didn’t really die at the hands and butcher knife of Steffy, back in February of this year, but it was really her lookalike Sugar who had plastic surgery to look like Sheila many years ago ( one of Sheila’s more heinous acts) who was killed. Thus, setting the stage for Sheila’s return.

Photo: JPI

Kimberlin Brown visited You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel for an exclusive livestream one-one-one chat where a myriad of “Sheila-esque” subjects were discussed.  Here are a few of the more intriguing excerpts below.

After Kimberlin was informed she was exiting the show, did she have any idea, if or how, they were going to bring her back via the Sugar connection? Brown shared “I didn’t. As a matter of fact, when Brad Bell (executive producer and head writer B&B) called me asking if I would come back to the show, I said, ‘Well, how are you gonna pull this one off?’ And he goes, ‘we’re researching it right now.’ So, I guess that’s where their research took them to Sugar, and Sugar was on The Bold and the Beautiful at one time with me as well. Remember, when we had all of the Forrester boys, and we were holding them against their will and and at the foundry? Robin Mattson played that part brilliantly, and then back on The Young and the Restless is when she ‘unfortunately’ had the surgery to look like Sheila, unbeknownst to her.”

Photo: JPI

With Sheila being married to Deacon, does she think it will last more than a month, before her vendetta streak against others takes major hold of her? Kimberlin weighed-in, “I think for the first time in Sheila’s history, she has found a man who truly does love her. And yes, she does love him. Sheila desperately loved Eric Forrester too, but there were too many people around her that would never allow that to happen. And even though there are people around Deacon that prefer that this doesn’t happen, he’s actually stood up to them and said, ‘No, this is who I want to be with. She makes me happy. There are a lot of things that  make me a little crazy, but I go crazier when she’s not there’.  Sheila has finally found true love, I believe, and it’ll be interesting to see if she can hold onto it, and it’ll be interesting to see if a good man in her life can truly make a difference in hers.”

Photo: JPI

Everyone has waited and hoped, that when Lauren makes cross-over appearances to B&B she will bump into Sheila, but still years later that has never happened. Brown feels it’s just a matter of time, sharing, “I believe that they will cross paths one day. It’d be too good to not have that happen. Tracey Bregman and I, really did create something fabulous together. It was at the time, villain against really not a good girl, but a girl that never wanted what she had until Sheila wanted it. So it’s definitely a storyline that I think could resurface, there’s no doubt about it.”

Photo: JPI

Finn’s adoptive mother Li played by Naomi Matsuda may not be what she appears to be either. Might we look forward to the two moms going at it again?, Kimberlin teased, “Working with Naomi Matsuda is great. She’s fun a lot of fun to work with. But let me tell you what, Li has a mean streak. She really does. I have a feeling it may come out, or it may not, but she’s no angel herself.  She may be one calling the tea kettle black, you know?”

Photo: JPI

Fans of B&B have come up with many scenarios of where Sheila’s story is going, from an attempted murder mystery of her, to a plan to get Hope and Finn closer together to put the screws to Steffy. Kimberlin previewed, “There’s some big stuff happening on the show coming up that. I wish I could say more.  I got the script and when we were filming it, I was going, ‘Oh my gosh, this is just too good.’ There are a lot of characters involved in it. There’s something coming up, but it’s not what they (viewers) think.”

Photo: JPI

It’s clear that Finn wants to appease his wife, to stay away from Sheila, but seemingly can’t. “I mean, he definitely has Sheila in him. It is her son,” shared Brown.  But, I think it’s really difficult for him to be in that position. I believe that he wants to give Sheila an opportunity and wants to get to know her. He feels a pull towards her and being he doctor that he is, he wants to explore that and figure out why, be it good or bad. But, Steffy is just not going to allow that to happen. So for Finn to always being stuck in the middle is definitely going to cause conflict.”

Watch the full conversation with Kimberlin below.  Then let us know, based on Kimberlin’s comments, what do you think is the big story coming up on B&B she previewed? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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OLTL’s Erika Slezak Recalls Viki’s Breast Cancer Battle, Pays Tribute to Andrea Evans, and Shares Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Those Who Reached Out on the Passing of Her Daughter, Amanda

One of the all-time classic breast cancer storylines of the soaps was that of Viki’s on One Life to Live. Back in 2000 and into 2001, the character went through many trials and tribulations trying to face the disease, which again afforded the iconic Erika Slezak to be featured in another dramatic storyline, which at the same time helped so many female viewers.

As part of last week’s virtual event, Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer – We All Have a Story, Slezak chatted with co-host Michael Fairman about her remembrances of the important storyline, the passing of her co-star, Andrea Evans (ex-Tina) to breast cancer, and took a moment to address the fans and those who reached out to her following the sudden death of her daughter, Amanda Davieback at the end of January of this year.

While Erika has still been in mourning, she took the time to be a part of the night and wanted to contribute her voice to the benefit, and we cannot thank her enough.

Photo: ABC

Speaking on how Viki dealt with her diagnosis of breast cancer, and at the time being in a relationship with a younger man, Ben (played by Mark Derwin), Erika shared, “It was a very good story to tell because Viki, who had always been strong and by herself and tough and ‘I can deal with anything’, suddenly couldn’t deal with it. She was afraid. There was the whole relationship with Ben that was going on, and she didn’t want him to be a part of it. So that was separate, and the day that Vicki checked into the hospital, the last shot was me sitting on the end of the bed, sort of my dangling my feet over it, completely alone because she didn’t want anybody else to know.”

“Ben was around in the hospital and eventually found out that she was there and wanted to be a part of her life. But she didn’t want it,” Erika added. “She couldn’t deal with it. It was a frightening thing for her because it had been caught too late to treat. She had to have a mastectomy and a reconstruction and she had never been faced with such a very personal trauma. I mean, yes, she had Niki and all the others (Viki’s alters), but this was a physical thing that she could not control. It was a very powerful story, I think.”

Photo: ABC

One of the memorable moments from the story was when Viki sang the Gloria Gaynor hit, I Will Survive. Slezak remembers, “That was at Crossroads. She was singing to herself, I Will Survive, and she was desperately trying to believe it, as we all do when we deal with something horrible.”

In tribute to her former co-star, Andrea Evans, who started on One Life to Live as a teenager in 1978 and who died in July of 2023 at 66-years-old, Erika expressed, “Andrea grew up so beautifully and she was so talented that the person that she really was, who was a a kind and loving woman, could play so many different levels of Tina. I had such admiration for her for that. It wasn’t in her nature to be Tina, but she played the hell out of it. She really did. Her first day on the show, her hair was down to the back of her knees. She was just a kid, and she grew up to be a wonderful woman.”


Speaking emotionally about Andrea’s personal life, Erika recalled, “I think one of the proudest moments of her life is when she got her daughter Kylie, she was so happy. Audrey, Andrea’s mother, used to bring Kylie to the studio, all the way from California she would fly in. I first met Kylie when she was a year old.  I watched her slowly grow up and it was wonderful. Andrea was a fabulous mother. I never met her husband Steve. I wrote to him after she passed, and he wrote me back a very, very sweet letter. But when Andrea met Steve, it was like her life was almost complete, and then she had Kylie, and that was complete. And it is so, so sad that she died so young.”

Photo: JPI

During the conversation, Erika took a second to acknowledge all those who contacted her with their condolences, thoughts and prayers on the passing of her daughter, Amanda, sharing, “I thank all the fans and the people who have written to me. I’ve saved every single card. I’ve responded to every single person because the amount of people who reached out to me is just astonishing. I have a pile that it’s two feet high of cards and letters that people wrote to me. And I’m very, very grateful because this is the hardest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

You can watch the conversation with Erika below on the replay of Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up to Cancer. The six-time Daytime Emmy-winner appears at the 34:17 mark in the show. Below that is a playlist of scenes from Viki’s breast cancer storyline on One Life to Live.

Now let us know, what did you think of Viki’s breast cancer storyline? Erika’s words on the late Andrea Evans and her “thank you” to all for sending their condolences to her and her family during their difficult time? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Y&R’s Eileen Davidson Talks on Ashley’s DID Storyline, the Challenges of the Alters, and Working with Trevor St. John

The Young and the Restless two-time Daytime Emmy-winning actress, Eileen Davidson, has recently been given the ball by series executive producer and head writer, Josh Griffith to tell the ltin the latest of Ashley Abbott’s emotional struggles. This time, Ashley has splintered into multiple personalities: Ash, Mrs. Abbott, and Belle.

Given Ashley’s history (which has included several mental breakdowns), Y&R has chosen to revisit her psyche in a brand new twist in 2024 by launching a Dissociative Identify Disorder storyline. When things spiraled downward to her marriage to Tucker (Trevor St. John), and a flashback to a car crash which took her unborn baby in 2003, Ashley began to hear voices in her head and her alters began to emerge.

Speaking live on a virtual appearance on Tuesday on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, Davidson shared her thoughts on the storyline, how she crafted Ashley’s various alters and what she thinks of her co-star, Trevor St. John.  Here’s a few key remarks from the chat below.

Photo: JPI

Eileen talked about Ashley’s overall emotional make-up, explaining, “Everybody always talks about her being so strong and so together, and they don’t like seeing her weak. I’m like, ‘Ashley’s never been as strong and together. She’s had issues from the gate out of the gate … years … forever.’  She had amnesia. She had all sorts of issues. I love her fallibility and her vulnerability.”

Taking on the different personalities is a challenge, but Davidson pointed to one, in particular, that she feels is the hardest to play, “Ash has been the most difficult one,” explained the actress. “Because I didn’t want to do anything too broad and too ‘teenagery.’  So it was just trying to be honest about somebody who’s kind of young and sees the world in a certain way and is perhaps defensive and is an angry teen.”

Photo: JPI

However, embodying Ms. Abbott was a lot easier for Davidson. “It wasn’t hard for me to figure her out,” she expressed. “It was the very first time she was introduced on paper. She’s in Tucker’s hotel room. She’s breaks in. I’m like, ‘Okay. she’s sitting in the chair and it, it says kind of like a ‘Sharon Stone-type moment.’  I felt pretty comfortable embodying that in control, kind of toying with a man. She knows how to put on vulnerability and softness to get what she wants, but is always in control. And her ugly side shows more and more as the story has been coming out.”

The newest alter to emerge was Belle. Davidson shared how much she knew of the alter before she began playing her, stating, “They gave me southern, flirtatious, likes tequila, and always looking for a guy’ and I was off to the races. It’s been really, really fun for me. I didn’t want her to sound like she’s from the South completely, because Ashley is not from the South. It’s just a persona of how Ashley thinks a southern person sounds. So, she’s not playing a southern character. She’s playing a personality that thinks she’s southern. It’s very different.”

Photo: JPI

Currently, it looks like Tucker’s life may be on the line as Ashley’s alters want to get rid of him once and for all.  Eileen explained why, revealing, “The most fascinating thing about DID and what I kept trying to inject into the performance is these alters are created to protect somebody. They all believe they’re protecting Ashley. Ms, Abbott thinks the way to protect Ashley is to kill Tucker because Tucker’s caused Ashley so much pain. So I mean, from that aspect, it’s good daytime drama.”

A lot of times in DID storylines, a very traumatic event from the childhood is revealed which caused a person to fracture into a multiple personalties. When Davidson was asked if she thinks something will come to light that the audience never knew happened to Ashley, she responded, “You would think so, right?  I mean, why not? The one thing that’s true about Ashley is that she had a traumatic childhood. Her mother abandoned her when she was very young, and then found out in her early twenties that her father wasn’t her biological father. So, who knows what happened. Whether or not they choose to explore that, I’m not sure. You have to kind of keep reinventing things to keep them interesting. I think like that stands true for characters (on a soap) as well.”

Photo: JPI

Over the years, Eileen has worked with several leading men. When asked how she feels the dynamic is working with Trevor St. John, she enthused, “I love working with Trevor. I just told him you breathe fresh air into the scenes. We work well together. We don’t really know what the other one’s going to do (in a scene), but we play off of each other. There’s a huge trust factor and that has been there from the get-go. When I first started working with Treb, I told him, ‘We got lucky.’ When you meet somebody out of the the blue and you start working together, we just had something and it just worked beautifully. I always know that when I work with Trevor, it’s going to be a terrific experience.”

Photo: JPI

Watch the full conversation with Eileen below.

Now let us know, which of Ashely’s alters do you enjoy seeing the most? Do you think something happened to Ashley as a child that we never knew about that is causing her DID? Share your theories via the comment section below.

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