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Bradford Anderson and Emily Wilson Finish Their Return As Spinelli & Ellie Exit GH!



If you caught Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, you know by now that Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Ellie (Emily Wilson) reunited when everyone had a come to their senses moment!  Spinelli chose to be with Ellie, and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) realized she loved Nathan (Ryan Paevey)

It all came about when Spinelli (after the the Nurses Ball concluded) shouted to the heavens, and to Ellie, that he loved her unconditionally and was strictly devoted to her.  Next, he picked her up an whisked her away, as the duo headed back to Portland, thus ending the return run of fan favorites Bradford Anderson and Emily Wilson.

The duo shared with ABC Soaps In Depth they would always welcome a phone call to return to the ABC soap opera: “I’m always happy to receive a phone call asking to come back. I would do that in a heartbeat!” Wilson shared.  Meanwhile Bradford Anderson said, “The time away from the character made me love him even more and made coming back to play him even more fun. I hope they’ll call me when they have an idea they’re excited about!”

Of course, with Spinelli being the bio-dad to Maxie’s daughter Georgie, certainly he will return for visits down the line.  And as for Naxie fans, it looks like you got your wish when Nathan and Maxie also pledged their love for each other!

So, are you happy that Spinelli reunited with Ellie and they left Port Charles? Are you rooting for Naxie to stay together from here on out?  Share your thoughts below!

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Who has baby Georgie now?

Maxie has her daughter. I believe Spinelli ceded to joint custody.

I hope Spinelli can come back soon. He is a great actor playing a wonderful, unique character.

I love Naxie together. They’re my favorite couple on the show right now. I’m glad they reunited.

I’m pleased that both Spin & Ellie and Nathan &Maxie are back together. Spinelli and Maxie will always be a part of each other but they both needed a partner who would help them grow. All is right. Now let’s move on to Naxie’s next story!

It’s always nice when everyone gets a happy ending and I think little Georgie is the big winner as she now has 4 parents who love and adore her. I was so proud of Maxie yesterday. She’s finally grown up and now has a chance at true love with Nathan. Nathan brings out the best in Maxie and loves her unconditionally.

I think there’s a possible payout for Spixie fans too Spixie has chemistry and great comedic timing together. Why not pursue their relationship as BFFs rather than romantic partners? We need Ellie and Spinelli in PC. Since Nathans mon is Chief of Staff at Gh, maybe she can give Ellie an offer she can’t refuse.?

This pretty much makes the last several weeks of “who will she choose” nonsense a complete waste of time. Why would they bring Spinelli and Ellie back to town only to have the story end up the same as it would have if Maxie and Nathan had made up and moved on from their fight?

Also, I wouldn’t call Ellie a “fan-favourite.” To be honest, I’ve always found her to be really annoying and pretty useless. The character never served a real purpose, so I’m glad she’s on her way out again.

I do agree that Ellie and Spinelli are perfect for each other, but why break them up off screen, have Spinelli come and cause problems for Maxie and Nathan, if they would end up reuniting anyway? Let’s face it, I don’t think anyone believed Maxie and Spin would stay together, and Nathan/Ellie seemed unlikely too. It all just makes the past few weeks seem like a waste of time, and a let-down.

Also, as much as I love Spinelli, he really pissed me off this time around. It seemed like he turned into a vindictive, manipulative snake who was only focused on winning Maxie back at any and all costs. I didn’t like this version of him, so at this point, his exit is welcomed. Hopefully he can return in the not-too-distant future and act like the Spinelli we all knew and loved again.

Spin and Ellie’s lame return was a short filler arc to temporary delay the obvious coupling of Nathan WestWOODEN and Maxi ‘DizzyHeaded’ Jones!!!

you are both wrong..
a good part of Spins return was to find out that Hayden was not Jake’s wife and to kick Ric to the curb and to give Liz her now story/the secret ..
There were a number of reasons Spin was back..
Spin uncovered Ric, and Hayden, and gave Liz a huge secret to suffer with..
The couple love stuff was just what it was, couple stuff..

su0000: nail on the head!

Ur such a party pooper!! Its was perfectly and believably done, both Spinelli and Ellie needed to come to their senses and it was done in a most enjoyable manner. Off screen there would have been no impact. We got a great scene and an even greater resolution.

Ellie’s purpose is to show that there are attractive, pretty, beautiful, intelligent women in this country and not airheads such as Maxie. I like the woman, but, c’mon; can she even add or subtract?
Ellie is a brainiac….she belongs with Spin…rightly so !!!!!
Many of us women speak the same language as Ellie. I wish she could have lingered….or stayed.

I hear you, CeeCee! I would have liked to see (at least) Spin last awhile longer in Port Charles….it was so refreshing to hear someone actually speaking with a multi-syllabic vocabulary!

I know Harry, I know. It’s frustrating, this name merging. As Su says, childish and silly.
As far as Nathan and Maxie being boring and flat? You got me thinking…other than sex and prancing around in their underwear ( which I do not mind if it’s Nathan…LOL), what could they do for entertainment…hmmmm; how about Maxie counts his well-turned muscles, while Nathan counts her hair extensions? Perhaps she can teach him how to apply nail polish, and he could teach her how to manipulate manacles.

I never liked Spixie together. Maxie acted like a cartoon character when she was with him. Never believed she was in love with him. Naxie are totally believable to me. She’s a ditz, she needs a man who can talk some sense into her. Same with Spinelli, he was always a joke in the romance department until Ellie came along. I can totally see them together.


Can Spin & Ellie give Valerie,Sabrinnnna, “New” KiKi, …
a lift out of TOWN.

Yeah, I hope this is the start of housecleaning. Genie Francis is not cheap!

No kidding Timm. Even if Genie’s is on for a short stint,I hope she
makes “the powers that be” pay a heavy price 4 all the past injustices
made towards her. Let us not forget the character of LAURA was equally
instrumental in keeping General Hospital on the Air, not just Luke.

I agree with you about Valerie & the new Kiki.

I will give Valerie a little more time to develop.

I do not like Maxie and Nathan= boring..
It was good to have Spinelli back, and it’s also good that he and Ellie rode off into the sunset..
Always a treat to hear Spin sing, also..

Naxie … Spixie <—- really, talk grownup, please..
Using those horrible shorts sounds like a kindergartner saying a neener neener..
It is not cute it is stupid speak.. (not to be used by intelligent grownups..

(I so wanted to speak up about the annoying kiddy speak)… lol 🙂 that felt good!

I agree, Su.LOL.
Neeter Neeter? Too funny.

Well, for me, this habit of fans merging the names of their favorite couple just confuses me. I have to sit there and try and figure out of whom they are speaking. I really don’t want to go out and buy a “Soap Opera Couple’s Names for Dummies” book either.
I also agree that while Maxie and Nathan are very pretty together, they’re rather flat and dull together.

No, like Spin with Maxie, Nathan is cute, but boring. I cthought Spin had custody?

Not anymore, vinnie . I believe they have joint custody. But, Maxie is now the primary custodian/guardian. Georgie/Harper (Barash) is Kirsten’s/Maxie’s real-life daughter.

Alls right in my GH world, thanks!!

Ellie matches Spinelli, language and all!

No!!! I’m not happy about both couples being reunited, or for SPINELLI leaving!!!!

As usual, I am out on a limb with my opinion. I like Ellie. I like her because she is brilliant and ethical and doesn’t engage in any silly cat fighting.
Strangely enough, I thought Ellie and Nathan enjoyed some really interesting and powerful chemistry. He’s a simple fellow and she’s a brainiac–it’s the law of opposite attraction.
I think Nathan needs an intelligent and ethical woman in life life and Maxie ain’t it!

I like Ellie, too. She very cute, a good person and quirky/brilliant like Spinelli. They are a great match…

But I don’t think Maxie’s an airhead. She’s sensitive, loyal, loving…had a great business sense when she worked for Connie at the magazine. Just because she’s high energy and unsure of herself doesn’t make her ignorant or not intelligent. She’s a wounded girl/woman…abandoned by both parents when she was young, near death several times, recipient of a heart transplant, she lost her sister…and through it all she’s been trying to find herself. I find her very endearing and sincere…which is why I think she’s great with Nathan who is also a good soul. I don’t think he’s “simple.” I think he’s a guy who could have accomplished more but decided to become a cop to solve what he thought was an attack on his sister. He followed a path out of love… But he’s grounded, he had a great head on his shoulders when he suspected Levi, he knew to go up against the judge for Maxi in her custody hearing…point is…don’t judge this book by his beautiful cover.

Maxi is very much ethical…heart of gold…and there’s nothing non-intelligent about her. She just puts herself down so much she’s convinced you she’s less than she is…

True True Rebecca! I believe Nathan is a good influence on Maxi, he keeps
her real. A few yrs back she would have never stepped forward so quickly,
to declare her feelings so openly and honestly. This is truly her first ADULT

I guess you’re right, Rebecca. Robcocop is probably good for Maxie.
I just wonder if they have to fight for mirror time in the morning.

I’m sure they have more than one mirror, Harry, but no need. They can see each other’s reflections as they gaze lovingly thru two pairs of beautiful eyes, hearts and souls…

Cheesy, eh? Lol..I know! But I kinda mean it!

The only word that comes to mind describing Maxie is ‘spacey’…..out there, somewhere in perpetual oblivion.
Just listen to the conversations between her and Lulu…..colorless and anemic.

It irks me to no end why blondes are constantly portrayed as dolts. I ain’t no dummy !!


what a marvel

i swear… I thought as much… that Nathan became interesting, WITH, Ellie

his facial expressions (tics) were normal… he had steady eye contact… it was fun to see him and Ellie playacting … it could have developed in to so much MORE!

dang! love the eye candy thing : but it’s not working for, “Nathan” and “Maxie”

I posted below earlier about Nathan

Ellie may be a brainiac… she’s still cute to boot

Same here. I loved Nathan and Ellie together. I t would have been very interesting to see where a liaison between the two would have led. With Maxie, we seem to be served the same staple…breakfast, lunch and dinner/supper.

Nathan and Maxie just make sense!!!

It was a filler story because I never bought the premise Spinelli was staying in PC, so I knew his romance/ reunion with Maxie would be brief. It created a obstacle for Nathan and Maxie to overcome, which was okay, because without them, couples get dull real fast, but this one was so obvious did anyone have any doubts that it would turn out just like it did?

However,I enjoyed having Spinelli back and was impressed that he was the only one to see Jason in Jake– just wished they had him work on that more, did some digging to find out whether Jason really died at the clinic, maybe have him to be the one to find out the truth– but that was not meant to be. I’m sure when it suits Ron’s purposes they will dust Spinelli off, and bring him back for short story arcs now and then.

I like Ellie but her return and Spins was too predictable…just there to drag out Nathan and Maxi from getting back together(which i said in my comments under a different topic)…wouldve enjoyed it better had Spin and Ellie returned just to visit the baby and take part in the nurses ball…but i guess a short visit was better than nothing!!! i think Maxi and Nathan were already dull…lol

I am disappointed! Wanted Spinelli to stay!

So glad they are gone. I cannot stand Spinelli.


There ‘s too much coming and going at GH. Britt, Robin, Johnny, Spinelli, Ned, the vets that peek in for a bit and aren’t seen or heard of for weeks…didn’t watch today’s ep yet…Is Duke out? Dead? Ugh…hope not. Still love him and thought he actually brought more poignancy to his performance yesterday when he and Anna reclaimed their love…which makes me fear his demise…

I’ll miss Spinelli. One of the major allures of soaps is that sense of familiarity…characters we come to know and love and expect to find there in TV land…once they all start dropping like flies the connection is lost.

people come and go on GH..
we love them all !!
and it always a great time to see them again!!
The ”main” cast is always strong.. the short/story stays are awesome..
Never gets stale and boring with the same ol’ ..i like the new and moving..
When there is story for them, they will return..
the writers can not write for 50 ‘active’ cast members lol

Some of the cast of GH are busy doing other thing and want less time..
The vets are retired or whatever they are doing and they like being short stay..
All is well and as it should be : GH holds them all to come back for story wheels..

I hope Duke doesn’t die
ALL stars want to go in a big bang!! not a whimper, they desire the big kill off/out in a bang..

That is what Kimberly/Robin wanted, to go out in bang and her wish was granted..
So- if Duke is to end I wish him a BIG A bang out !!

Hey Su…lol…yes, I hear you but the “main” cast, and I know you don’t see it this way because you’re more about the newbies…the main cast IS Robin, Duke, Felicia, Mac, Lucy, Scott, Laura, Ned…and then Spinelli, Johnny, etc.

It’s not about age…but these are many of the core characters that have been the essence of GH for a long time. They’re not dead and they’re not old. They old-ER than Molly, TJ, …then 20-somethings, 30-somethings…but they’re still attractive, viable, important players in Port Charles. So, when so many of them are killed off the show, which again, I still enjoy, but it still feels a loss when there seem to be so many leaving. I’d rather Anna have hustled Duke out of the country…but I’m pretty sure he’s dead. The live show looks to be a funeral, and since Carlos is part of the cast, it must be Duke.

If they show his body he’s dead/dead. If they don’t, then maybe, down the road we’ll find out he was saved in the last minute and someone helped him get out of town.

I have no desire to see my favs killed off… If the show was set to be cancelled that’d be another story, so to speak.

I doubt Ian is retiring…he’s only in his 50s. Mac, Felicia, Lucy, Scottie…none of these people are retired and from what I’ve read from them they’d welcome an opportunity to be stay on, but of course if they’re cut they look for other work.

Sigh. Hellos and goodbyes…such is life. And art imitates life…

I still love Duke too! I loved his tango into the past with Anna. And speaking of whom, Anna breaks my heart. She’s had her heart broken one too many times and always seems to be left alone.

This storyline wrapped-up too quick. I like Elle (Trout…what a last name!) and Spinelli.

I’m sorry to see Ellie and Spinelli leave. We need them. She’s funny and he’s a great detective. Interesing stories.

“oh” bingo


must haves

they are more intriguing than Maxie and Nathan


Ellie and Spinelli mix so easily throughout the cast

I love Spinelli. He’s one of the most unique characters in soap history, and I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for his geeky charm, so I’m happy whenever he visits Port Charles. But as for Ellie, I tried to like her during her first term on the show and just never could. While her brainy babble makes her a perfect match for Spinelli on paper, her annoyingly self-righteous busybody ways ruin the character for me. While Maxie is far from perfect, I enjoy her chemistry with Spinelli, and they have a compelling history together. Nathan, though a nice guy, is one-dimensional, and he and Maxie make a rather boring couple. So, no, I’m not happy that Ellie and Spinelli ended up back together or that Maxie and Nathan are back to bore me for another round. Ah, well. Such is life on GH.

Agree Spinelli is such a complex and funny character and is perfect for Maxie! Nathan is sorta boring. Spinelli needs to stay to find out about Jason!!!!!!

I want Bradford to stay after all Jason will need him!!!!!

i was definitely, more excited at Ellie and Spinelli reuniting over Maxie and Nathan

Nathan brings Maxie down several notches and pegs (or vice versa)…. she’s not that interesting any more. (ps: enough with the fake eyelashes)

Nathan really needs a pairing that he looks comfortable with… at least natural…
think how well he was with Levi
I liked his acting with Sloane
he was off the charts w/ Ellie

so go figure

i’m going to miss Ellie

Will miss Bradford Anderson and Spinelli-I think they really missed a chance in NOT pursuing his family lineage more. Ellie is a nice character but there isn’t a lot storywise they could go with her. I agree with OTHER posters though, WAY too many newbies and some really poor choices for casting. This show needs to get BACK to the BASICS that’s why we all love the show.

glad the couples got back to where they really belonged… sad to lose Spinelli & Ellie are leaving again. I really enjoy watching them on GH.

Wished so much that he and Sam would figure out who Jake really is.

I have enjoyed Spinelli the time he was on the set.I will welcome him back at anytime, as long as he’s with Ellie. I do love Spinelli though

Please bring Spinelli back, he’s such an asset to the show. Also, could you please arrange for his song “It Might Be You” to be available on iTunes? His voice is phenomenal and he’s such a great fit in the show, especially when Jake finds out that he’s Jason, Spinelli should be there too!

@Brigitte….So, I guess I wasn’t the only one positively enchanted by Spinelli’s surprisingly endearing rendition of “It Might Be You!” He truly brought a charming and unexpected treat to an event that has seen far better days….

Sorry Spinelli is leaving again. It was like a great visit with a dear old friend. He has been the bright spot of the show for many years. This year he absolutely stole the show at the nurses’ ball!!!!. I’m sure he’ll be back from time to time. Where else can we see him? What’s he doing?
I thought he might even be the one to discover that Jake is Jason. Oh well we’ll miss you Spinelli. Bradford wishing you well in whatever you do.

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General Hospital’s Jophielle Love Talks On Violet’s Emotional Scenes with Finn, the Loss of Gregory, and Taylor Swift

During General Hospital’s recent episodes surrounding the death of Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison), who succumbed to complications from ALS, many in the cast delivered touching performances; including Jophielle Love (Violet).

In story, Violet learns of her grandfather’s passing when she comes home from school and her father, Finn (Michael Easton) sits her down to explain that Gregory passed away in the middle of the night. Violet’s reaction was one of devastation and tears.

Michael Fairman TV caught with Jophielle on the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmy Award ceremonies, where she was a nominee for Best Original Song for the song she co-wrote, “Shine.” The track was first heard back on a December 2023 episode of the ABC daytime drama series and is currently available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

Photo: ABC

When talking about the departure of Gregory Harrison, and Violet’s reaction to her grandpa’s passing, Love shared, “Well, I was very tired from the taping of the three-day wedding, so I already had the tears in me. I knew that I was always going to see him (Gregory Harrison) in real life, but I was also very, very sad he was leaving the show. He was such a delight to work with.”

When Violet saw how difficult it was for her on-screen dad, Finn, to cope with with the death of Gregory, Love shared, “It’s hard for Violet, but Michael and I, we still see each other and he’s always happy (in real life). But, those scenes were hard. I was comforting him.”

Photo: ABC

Receiving her first Daytime Emmy nomination as songwriter was a thrill for Jophielle: “Well first of all, I was jumping up and down and Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) came and told me while I was on set. I was just so excited.”

Photo: JPI

Since pop superstar, Taylor Swift, started at a very young age as a singer and a songwriter, does Love see herself as a mini-Taylor? Jophielle emphatically stated, “I’m a mini Me“.  As to what she thinks of the record-setting Swift’s music, and if she likes her work. Love shared, “Yeah, yeah … so, so…”

What did you think of Jophielle’s performance during the passing of Gregory? And her comments here on Gregory Harrison, Michael Easton and Taylor Swift? Comment below.

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General Hospital Issues Statement Condemning Racist Attacks Directed at Tabyana Ali

After continued online racist comments directed at General Hospital cast member, Tabyana Ali (Trina), the series has issued its own statement on the situation across all of its social media platforms on Tuesday.

Ali, who back on June 9th took to X to stand up to the racist remarks sent her way, has been facing the same situation since joining the soap opera back in 2022 as a recast in the role of Trina Robinson.

Throughout her time on the ABC soap opera, Tabyana had been one-half of the popular young love story of “Sprina” along with Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer).

Photo: ABC

Now General Hospital is standing up and alongside Ali, with its statement which read: “General Hospital does not tolerate hatred or bigotry of any kind. Racism has no place in Port Charles. GH is for everyone.”  Since its posting, the ability to comment has been turned off on the GH Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

While the statement does not specifically name Ali, according to Soap Opera Digest, ABC has been communicating with Ali and her representatives about how best to navigate the situation. Once the statement was issued, Ali took to X and said, “I appreciate you so much ABC/GH.”

Photo: ABC

Back on June 9th, Ali opened up about the “hate” directed at her and then added, “To anyone that hates me, that’s absolutely fine. I don’t know you and you don’t me, but regardless I’m sending you peace, safety and prosperity.”

Several of Ali’s GH co-stars have posted the statement on their Instagram accounts including: Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Jacqueline Grace Lopez (Blaze) and Kate Mansi (Kristina).

What do you think of General Hospital’s statement that racism has no place in Port Charles? Are you glad they stood up for Tabyana, and moving forward for any form of racism related to the show and its cast? Comment below.

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John J. York Shares His Emotional Journey from Cancer Back to ‘General Hospital’ with ‘Good Morning America’

General Hospital fans are counting the hours till tomorrow, and the June 19th episode of the ABC daytime drama series, where they will see the highly-anticipated return of longtime veteran, John J. York (Mac Scorpio).

York has been through a physical and emotional rollercoaster fighting two blood cancers, myelodysplastic syndromes and multiple smoldering myeloma, and receiving a lifesaving blood stem cell transplant after months of trying to locate a match donor.

Now, on the other side of it, York sat down with Good Morning America this week ahead of his first episode back on GH, where not only do we see the moment he steps through the door at Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) and is welcomed by her, Georgie, Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and he will also meet the new young children playing the role of Bailey James, twins Riley and Miley Polonki.


Speaking with tears in his eye on coming back to work at the set of GH, York expressed, “Everybody has been very welcoming. Very welcoming, and here I go right off the bat (begins to tear up). I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to get the support that I have gotten.”

When asked by GMA’s Zohreen Shah, what he missed the most about being away from GH, while undergoing treatment, York shared, “I just felt so attached that I didn’t feel I missed anything. I just took a little break and a little vacation, I guess, and had to go through something, and now we’re here kind of on the other side of it.”

Photo: Disney/ABC

The story for Mac heats up on today’s June 18th episode of GH, when in a preview for the show, Cody (Josh Kelly) talks to Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) and finally admits he is having regrets about the time he wasted with Mac, after seeing how Chase (Josh Swickard) has been grieving the loss of his father, Gregory.  Will he fess up when Mac steps back into action and tell him that he is his biological son? Stay tuned.

Check out John’s emotional appearance on Good Morning America below. Are you looking forward to seeing Mac back in action on GH starting tomorrow? Comment below.

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