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BREAKING NEWS: Agnes Nixon Reveals Prospect Park Names New Head Writers For AMC and OLTL!



Breaking news this morning has changes at the top of the writing teams of Prospect Park’s All My Children and One Life to Live.  In a statement from the creator of the legendary shows, the one and only Agnes Nixon, who has been a consultant with Prospect Park on her shows, announced the new head writers for All My Children are Lisa Connor and Chip Hayes. While the new co-head writers of One Life to Live are Jessica Klein and Marin Gazzaniga.

Agnes related,  “It is now my pleasure to announce that the future stories involving the lives of All My Children’s beloved characters are from now on in the capable hands of the co-head writers Lisa Connor and Chip Hayes, both of whom have a long and stellar history with our program.

Lisa Connor collaborated with me on the final draft of the All My Children Twenty – Fifth Anniversary Family Album.  For two years she also served as a line producer of the program and was creatively involved in plotting and writing daily episodes since 2002.

In addition to his six years as a producer on Melrose Place, Chip Hayes in 2003, became a vital member of those devising the ongoing drama of All My Children. He remains in this crucial work through its incarnation on the internet.

I agree with Prospect Park’s  decision to replace the head writing team for All My Children.  However, I particularly want to thank Marlene McPherson and Elizabeth Snyder for their incredibly positive dedication to the show and their constant helpful attitude during many long hours of intense work.  It is greatly appreciated.”

Meanwhile, Prospect Park said in a statement today,  “We are excited for the opportunity to put the lives of our characters in the capable hands of the new writing staff.  We appreciate their commitment to great storytelling that will build upon an already solid foundation for the residents of Llanview and Pine Valley.”

Changes to the writing staff include the appointment of Lisa Connors, currently the script editor of  All My Children, and Chip Hayes, currently script writer of All My Children, to Co-Head Writers. Additionally, Jessica Klein and Marin Gazzaniga have been promoted to Co-Head Writers of  One Life To Live. Jason Seidel will also join the writing staff of One Life To Live.

About the staffs below …

All My Children Co-Head Writers:
Lisa Connor (has won four Writers Guild Awards and a Daytime Emmy, has worked on shows including All My Children, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, Young and The Restless, As The World Turns, One Life To Live and Guiding Light.) Chip Hayes (All My Children Writer, Melrose Place Producer, Writer and Director.)
All My Children Writers:
Rebecca Taylor (All My Children Script Writer) Suzanne V. Johnson (Executive on All My Children and One Life To Live, Head of Writer Development for ABC’s daytime dramas, and Emmy award winning creator and co-executive producer of the web series, “What If…”) Joanna Cohen (All My Children Script Writer, journalist for Sports Illustrated) Tara K. Walsh (Story Coordinator)
One Life To Live Co–Head Writers:
Jessica Klein (As The World Turns Head Writer, Beverly Hills, 90210 Executive Producer) Marin Gazzaniga (As The World Turns” and Arthur Writer; SO CLOSE Writer)
One Life To Live Writers:
Alex Douglas (USA Network’s  Royal Pains Writer)

So what do you think of the news of the head writing changes at All My Children and One Life to Live?  Happy about it?  Do you think it will help the shows? Weigh-in!

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Perhaps you can provide some context, Michael. What does it mean when writing teams are replaced so soon? I know PP is struggling to find its footing, but there have been a bunch of changes in a short amount of time. Bad sign or necessary adjustments?

I echo Dennis’s request, Michael. As an industry insider and a very trustworthy source of news and information regarding daytime drama, please offer an opinion piece on these developments. I think we all knew as the ride began there would be quick changes and adjustments, but I did not expect reduced episodes and new writers.

I still am enjoying having these dramas back on air (as it were). I know they would not be as the once were but the tone especially with AMC is similar.

agree!! I still love my OLTL!!

It means the writing sucked…the new stories sucked…and this is great news!

I agree!

Amen to that!


TOTALLY agree. I had been waiting for so long for the show’s return, only to be fairly disappointed with the result. And PLEASE work on those obnoxious teenagers of the new generation. They are just awful.

OLTL is and alway’s will be my #1 favorite soap! And AMC was my 2nd favorite soap. Maybe the new writers can bring back the heart-warming stories back on OLTL. Which made it so popular and so special!!!!!! I don’t care for the young actors in the way they are being portrayed now. The language & all the drinking
isn’t necessary..It was not quite like this before.

I believe that this is the real reason for 2 episodes a week and the hiatus. You can get some idea from the behind the scenes segments that the production staff needs time to regroup. They have probably never worked together on this kind of production. They probably need the time to reorganize the production process and develop fuller storylines. Both shows come off as a bit stiff and rusty. It takes time to work out all the details to run this type of operation and to get everyone working well together, no matter how good they are. ABC had decades to get this right. PP did a good thing by slowing down and taking a break before things fell apart. As an OLTL fan who never liked AMC (sorry), I really like the new AMC, it pains me to say, better than OLTL. BTW During the break would the set crew please fix the exterior doors, most of them open the wrong way and it is beginning to really annoy me. 😉

Things can only go up as to the writing for OLTL. Very happy to hear this, and hope some of the “Gilmore Girls” type banter come to OLTL. I find the humour missing since Ron isn’t writing.

Would love some gilmore girls banter too. i miss ron writing this…so far he’s oltl best writer since ive watched the show!


The current OLTL writing team has failed to build upon the creative high this show went out on under Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati in my opinion. The emotional reaction to Victor’s return was completely bungled and the whole Shelter business leaves me cold.


I agree….the whole Shelter thing I don’t care for, and the total lack of emotion on Victor’s return was just weird!!

Totally agree with you. Everyone should have had a better reaction when Victor came to the hospital to see Daniella. Everyone were like, “Oh that is nobody but Victor” and didn’t even acknowledge him except Tea. His sister didn’t say anything to him until he came to her and reveal himself. They were acting as if he just came back from a vacation instead of the dead.

i can’t stand the new oltl or amc. they should not forwand the yrs. much better with the old cast. not watching. would love rex gigi and shane and all the originals back then i would watch it!! not yrs ahead either it’s digusting now

I find the heart-warming stories are missing on OLTL!

OLTL needed new writers but did AMC? These changes tell me that their ratings aren’t as good as they are spinning. I had a HULU email in my inbox with its top 5 and neither AMC or OLTL were mentioned on the list. Prospect Park is clearly clearing house in the hopes that viewership will rise. I wonder if them telling viewers they really can’t watch anytime after all has further hurt them?

Yeah, I thought AMC was just fine.. perhaps they are going to focus less on AJ-Miranda! OLTL, the pace was REALLY slow.. that’s why I don’t understand people needing to catch up.

I am just so excited that things are continuously moving forward with the shows! It’s a blessing that they are back and I love the storylines on both!! I’m proud to say that I’ve been an avid watcher of AMC & OLTL since their inception and am so glad they are back!! Welcome to the new writers and keep the fantastic stories coming!

Linda, I feel exactly the same. It’s like you wrote my post for me here!

Whatever it takes for “JOLIE” to get revived on OLTL, is what I want. Changes are hard to take sometimes and I’m being as patient as possible. Moving Forward OLTL.

It sounds like to me everyone involved has a good history with both shows. If it can continue to move the shows forward, I support it. I am already, sadly reading negative comments about the changes. People acting like the shows are falling apart etc. It seems that no matter what is done for the shows, some will ALWAYS find a way to complain and bring it down. It’s not as though changes don’t happen all the time in daytime. I will still keep watching as I have done for nearly 37 years!!

i am so excited about this… i just wish OLTL and AMC could be on longer… i just get excited and it goes off and they dont show the both anymore on the same day… so i am getting bored and lost then friday is just a blank day

I too am glad it is back, but sad it is only on two days a week i dont care about the curseing i hear worse than that every day i just want more days to watch two days a week is like a pay cut lol then we have to wait for next week to see what happen i wake up at four am just to catch it i love it all day anytime watching the clock hurry up please please give us more day or more time its like waiting for my grandchildren to come over on the weekend and sad when Sunday night come and they have to go back home to go to school

Hopefully, this will be a positive change. I don’t watch AMC – had not for many years but was a OLTL viewer from its inception. I can’t say I have been over the moon about the writing on OLTL. There were parts that was really good and other parts that were just so-so. I understand the need to draw in newer, younger audiences but, felt the storylines with Matthew, Dani, Jeffrey were lacking. Dani becoming involved with drugs was a strong start but feel it was mishandled. You had the feeling that Dani’s drug use was not limited to that first night and then suddenly she is over the drug use without a true to life look at the situation. I know they paced the action faster but having her attend counseling or other consequences needed to be addressed.

Watching the three roomies drink and play stupid games is not compelling story. They didn’t have to do daily NA meetings or anything but did need to follow up more. I feel it would have been important to show THAT to younger viewers. In the past when either AMC or OLTL did such storylines they were able to pull it off without turning the shows into PSA’s but provide information that worked into the plot.

Also, I am in no way a prude and my own language certainly contains profanity but not every episode needed the word sh*t in it. A little goes a long way. Yes, in many ways I feel that in the past soaps had to “whitewash” the dialog and didn’t feel that was realistic. There is a happy medium.

Agreed, WAY too much focus on the roommates.. and NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!! It doesn’t lead anywhere.. it’s something for “new” viewers, and it takes up a 1/3 of each show.. watching them banter and hang out.

As you said about Dani’s drug problem, they could have easily written a story about Dani’s struggles with drugs and her feelings for Matthew; while Dani wants to be closer to Matthew, she pushes him away for trying to get her off drugs. Then you could of had Jeffrey seeing Destiny behind Matthew’s back, at least a date by now.. while Matthew doesn’t want Destiny.. he doesn’t want to see his best friend playing daddy to his son.

I’m no writer or anything, but I think that’d be better than the non-story we’ve been subjected to. Right now, Matthew could be getting ‘catfished’, Dani likes Matthew and Jeffrey is trying to sell ideas on moving the Banner to the digital age.. that’s it. I’ll watch because it’s OLTL, but for less dedicated viewers.. it’s not going to bring them back for more. OLTL definitely needed new writers.. AMC, only if it’s less AJ-Miranda.

Your ideas are good…better than what ive seen on the show so far…if it wasnt for Victor/Todd the show would be nothing…i almost quit watching but now im going to give the shows another chance…i miss rc writing for oltl!

I agree with Chaz they every episode didn’t need the word Sh”t…. There are so many other words that can be used instead of those. That’s my opinion on the language part… Just not use to hearing them use this language on the soaps.

I think if anyone knows what the shows need it is Agnes Nixon, so I will put my trust in her.

Jessica Klein is the only writer I am familiar with of those mentioned, and I think she’s a great choice.

This gives me hope the shows will change back to appeal to all ages.

I loved both Gilmore Girls and Ghost Whisper so …. I just hope that they have the good sence to keep up with the Victor & Todd storyline and Victor with Tea and the kids cause we have waited along time to see all that with Trevor St. John .


I think it was very much needed at AMC. The HWs didn’t know AMC’s history except for David and Cara, and Miranda and Bianca. I didn’t recognize Zach Slater and I have had a hard time accepting that he would shrug off the loss of his family and Kendall, his soulmate, as if he’d misplaced his watch. He should be doing everything in his power to reunite with his family, first and foremost. I also think that these new HWs can write for the veterans if PP is able to get Erica, Jackson, Kendall and Tad back on the show, and IMO, they need more vets on the show than they currently have. Having HWs with history about AMC is much better than having McPherson and Snyder who had worked together at DOOL but didn’t seem to know much about Pine Valley.

I also think this news indicates that PP wants AMC and OLTL to succeed. I applaud them for taking this serious a step so early. But they must have heard from alot of fans that something wasn’t quite right at AMC and OLTL, or else they’d have never made this move for both shows so fast. I’m glad to see them respond to fan reaction.

As I mentioned in a reply above…this is great news! The new OLTL couldn’t have been worse and obviously the PP team and Agnes recgnized that…it was soooo completely, corny, forced, inane, non-true to the original…It was, to coin their new favorite word…S H I T!

I just decided today that I wouldn’t waste my time ATTEMPTING to like it.

Here’s to another shot…and hoping the new OLTL ROUND TWO is good.

OLTL needs the heart-warming stories back .. They need more fellings and emotion…

as long as we continue OLTL and AMC – as anytime programming – I’m ok with the change. It means PP is looking forward.

Maybe new writers can cut back on the sh*t and other language – it doesn’t enhance the storyline and I cringed the other day hearing Erika Slezak have to utter the words
—that Jacks life sucks.

Come on.

To me Viki hasnt sound like Viki since the shows return…she also seems tired and overworked in some scenes…its how i see it! The cussing is too much…it feels forced and out of place here…edgier isnt working for me…hope the changes turn out positive!

Thanks Micheal for not printing on this message board that filthy dirty reply i had recieved in my email. Those kind of response is totally uncalled for and whoever sent it should be permanetly banned from this site. Even the reboots havent gone that far!

I agree with comments on 5/24 at 1:16pm….The cussing is a bit to much. Seems totally out of character for Viki to use the word S-ck… Viki has alway’s been proper and a classy lady!

Did Agnes Nixon not mention anything about her feelings regarding the OLTL writers? It is too bad that GH took all of the past OLTL writers. As an OLTL fan, I would like to see less cursing and less of Matthew and Dani acting mindlessly and vulgar. In the last episode Natalie cursed twice while on the phone with Viki. That just seemed like a way for the writers to have the characters curse because they could. I like that we are seeing the vets a lot. I love Viki and Clint, and I do not want to see the writers split them up. I am also waiting for Destiny’s brother, Sean, to return. I would recast Starr with a better and more interesting actress which would add more conflict for Dani and company.

I agree with you lisa…the cursing does nothing but makes the show seem trashy…i could tolerate some but there is too much of it on these shows…it doesnt help or move the scenes at all. Better storylines are need stat or the shows wont last long!

ITA, jimh. The profanity is crude and tacky and, in OLTL’s case in particular, is contributing to the overall lack of heart and depth in the characters. And speaking of OLTL, they need to either ditch Shelter completely (my choice) or use it a lot more sparingly. It adds nothing to the show and wastes money by having to pay a bunch of extras to stand around and look pretty. Hopefully the new writing team will not only get their priorities straight, but will also restore the old OLTL’s taste and class to this new version.

That was Ron and Frank’s idea to take writers with them. It would be nice to have them back on OLTL, thus making room for the misplaced GH writers to return. A new Starr would be good since the last one was just mushy and whiny.


Agreed, Glen! There is no heart or substance to oltl. I wish the shelter can be gutted and buchanan mansion brought back. The classiness has gone down hill with the cursing and it all wasn’t appropriate. The final straw for the cussing was when Bo uttered mother[— I clicked out of hulu right then, I was so mad they had him say tha! Glad about the changes!

Good point! Maybe the new writers will stop the foul language..

NO , AMC is MOMa’s FAV it has all ways been AMC is AMC that OLT has always played 2d fiddle to AMC even TO GH

OLTL has alway’s been my #1 favorite soap! They need to get back to the heart-warming stories is one of the reasons I liked it so much! AMC came in as my second favorite soap and so on. It was never 2nd fiddle to me.

Changing head writers after four weeks?!?! The Prospect Park execs and Ms. Nixon can spin these changes whatever way they want, but it seems pretty apparent that this whole endeavor is failing already. Here’s a thought: why not just tell the honest truth about what’s happening?

If Prospect Park was making a profit or at least breaking even, they would have stayed with four episodes per week for both shows and NOT cut them down to two broadcasts per week. Anyone who thinks otherwise is too gullible. Viewership and interest will almost certainly decline even more as a result. Given their extremely rash actions, it certainly seems that Prospect Park has no clue as to what they’ve gotten into. At this point, I’d be very surprised if these two reboots make it to the end of the calendar year.

I feel the same!

Agreed. I wonder too, in addition to what you stated, how much (1) sagging viewer ship and (2) Roger Howarth returning to GH has to do with the reduction in episodes.

I agree. Call me cynical, but I don’t think Prospect Park is telling the whole story. There’s just something about this company that I don’t trust.

I think this is all just spin to cover the reality that these shows are already starting to go under. They’re obviously falling well short of their target viewership and ad revenue to offset the production costs. If that’s true, I can’t say I’m surprised. Outside of PP execs and the shrinking group of the most die-hard fans, most realistic people thought that this was a doomed endeavor from the very beginning.

The next step will probably be letting go most veteran cast members and going with all young newbies, and then cancellation for good.

Gosh, Nick, such a shame that those naive PP execs and the billionaire investors didn’t talk to you. With your obvious knowledge and skill sets then they wouldn’t have wasted their time and money.

Honestly folks, what is the perverse pleasure some people get from writing such condescending carp with no background other than an obvious need for attention, be it negative, and some odd pleasure in irking other people?

Nick, do you ever the sun in the sky or do you keep your head down until it rains?

I agree with you.

Apparently there is no silver lining you can’t find a cloud in, is there? You don’t see the glass half full, you see it broken on the ground and full of ants.
And it also seems that the only news you’ll accept or attitude you’ll entertain is one of gloom and doom. Otherwise, you’d be “gullible”.
In business and entertainment, if one wants to not only succeed but to grow, you makes changes as soon as needs indicate. When a path or approach isn’t working, or even if you see the opportunity for something even better, you don’t dither – as the networks did with both shows for a DECADE – you make the changes ASAP. OLTL had already done this with one writer, now both shows are. It’s called doing your damnest to succeed.
This proves more than anything that not only does PP want these shows to thrive and live on, they are willing to do what it takes as quickly as it takes. These decisions are anything but “rash”.
And why on earth would viewership decline because of these writing changes? Do you think everything on both shows is so stellar that no changes are needed? You sound more like the mother of one of the fired writers than a fan of either show.
I’m so tired of the Elvira Gulch’s who troll the boards posting spiteful and mean-spirited attacks on these reboots with no other intention other than riling people up. And without a doubt, these posters have never been fans or even viewers of either. The internet is a perfect place for people to unload their own misery.
The above post is a perfect example.

Actually in reality, you know nothing that is going with PP, they do not include in their business nor take you into their confidence..
Your mind is full of junk lol
Being bitter over having our soaps back seems a bit weird….

Chris, I hope you never work a hotline because you are so gloomy. Let’s have a little faith. At least they are trying to remedy the shows and not wait till its too late. I will continue to be a faithful viewer. Give them a chance. No one else would take a chance on our soaps. This is uncharted waters for everybody involved. So let’s try not to be so pessimistic. I am praying that this is successful because it seems everyone is so sure it will fail. OLTL should have never been cancelled in the first place.

I agree!

I think they are making a statement, Chris. They’re acknowledging the writing hasn’t been good…the shows haven’t been the same…and they’re changing the teams…now…which is a good thing. If they’d let that crap which they tried to pass off as the soaps we all loved and fought for stay on much longer…they’d certainly would have had to bail out.

I stated from the beginning that I thought even the cutback to twice a week was because they wanted time to do some rewrites…take more time with the scripts and come up with more credible storylines.

Let’s hope they get it right this time. That whole, “we’re young, we’re hip and therefore we curse was almost became a parody. Had it gone on they could’ve changed the title to Saturday Night Live.

Actually, going from 4 to 2 episodes finally makes sense to me. I didn’t get it until now. If they knew they had to replace the writers and make major changes, then they needed the time for the new writers to come and do what they do. You can’t change writers when you’re churning out 4 a week. Cut back to 2 and you have some time for the new people to get up to speed. I wish they had told us that, but more than likely the old writers didn’t know they were being axed. It’s just the way business works. I feel better now, I thought it was about money.

I agree!! I am excited to see what the new writers bring to the canvas!!

I completely disagree that the OLTL writing was bad. There are always a few people on these forums that will always hate what is going on with the story lines, and they will be very vocal and they do nothing constructive to keep these two shows going. I thought the storylines were daring and look, if I really wanted to watch disneyfied crap, I’d go to the Family Channels. You have to have relevant storylines. OLTL has always been in the forefront of telling groundbreaking stories, and Matthew’s story about being an irresponsible parent is being played out a millionfold out there. People like Dani get hooked on drugs and spiral. I would rather see these storylines than some ridiculous high school musical knock-off.

you’re right. the “idea” of having a deadbeat dad is great and unfortunately, realistic. but…the stories, characterizations and dialog still…sucked!

those of us who were/are negative are not so because we don’t want to keep OLTL going…it’s just that the show PP has been dishing out isn’t OLTL! The characters aren’t portrayed the same as they were on ABC. if PP wanted to do completely new soaps with new characters/personalities/lack of family dynamic, etc…welll then…let them start a whole new soap from scratch!

but if it’s under the guise of OLTL (can’t speak for AMC; don’t watch it) well then bring back OLTL! That’s not what they did.

Vicki wasn’t Vicki, Bo wasn’t Bo, Tea wasn’t Tea. NONE of these three resembled their “old selves” other than in body and name.

Victor came back and it was pointless. He interacted with almost no one…there was no explanation…no reaction…his kids who missed him the most barely saw him and Blair didn’t even seem excited or visit with him. Not to mention Vicki who acted like he was some stranger that just came back from vacation.

Bo’s screaming, all the others are cursing, and warm, fuzzy Vicki is cold.

There is nothing “new, hip, young or fresh” just because people are drinking, partying and cursing. That’s not breaking edge.

Look at some of the best films that attract audiences of all ages…they’re not successful because the characters use certain words all the time to show how “real” they are…look at some of the best TV shows…LOST, The Sopranos, Judging Amy, Hill Street Blues…”back in the day primetime soaps like Melrose Place, 90210 (those were aimed at the younger demographic), great new prime time shows like Revenge and Nashville…these stories are character driven AND story driven…and not one of em’ throws in the random curse word. Their’ “angst, frustration…whatever…is conveyed through raw emotion.

What’s particularly upsetting in this new OLTL version, for me, is what I’ve already said. It’s unrecognizable and inauthentic.

Latest episode Natalie tells Vicki she met some guy who she’s supposed to have a date with…Cutter. Didn’t Vicki know Cutter? (maybe I’m wrong…I know Clint sure did!)

The whole thing has lost its continuity…and its ridiculous plight to broaden its audience with everyone cursing all over the place is so forced that it breaks whatever “belief” I’ve been attempting to have in the story…it just snaps me out of it and I find myself just shaking my head screaming GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

As it is now it’s not groundbreaking…it’s gut-wrenching…ly bad.

PP’s OLTL got progressively worse…and I’m hoping these new writers can revive the one they’ve got now..cause the one they just created is on life support and I’m hoping the new writing team can save it!

I agree totally! This isn’t OLTL.

Well said, and I agree with you 100% Maybe they should have called it OLTL 2.0 or More Life to live, then maybe the expectations of it being the same show would have not been so high.

Very well said Rebecca…nicely thought out…i agree with you 100% ! I barely recognize OLTL! They shouldve renamed it ‘A Differnt Life To Live’! Victor/Todds storyline started with promise than went downward, Viki should know Cutter after his schemes with Aubry against Joey, cursing…yes people cuss…but it was overused here and seemed written in just because they could…there was some minor cursing on the network but online it makes these shows sleazy…oltl use to be classy and entertaining…it wasnt a childrens show and it was far from being approved by the Pope when it was on the network…why push the envelope so far to please a few who like this trashier approach when you loose so many other viewers who are turned off by it? It doesnt make sense! Best is go to a middle ground to please all. Keep some edginess but with less sex and cursing and give us more but less darker character driven storylines to engage us plus less shelter!

I was liking Marlene McPhereson’s stuff on AMC and I enjoyed her stuff on Days too. She must be difficult to work with if she was let go again! So is Thom Racina out totally too? I was not caring for the storylines on OLTL so maybe they will improve with this change.

It really would be a novelty if Prospect Park would make an Honest announcement – like the fact that they have not been happy with the writing up to this point – the writing on All My Children, while not terrible, has been lackluster – and as for One Life to Live, I think we all agree that three young people playing strip truth or dare or whatever that was is idiotic and still photos of the proposed new heartthrob is boring. “Shelter” needs to have a fire – it could be very dramatic and at the same time get rid of the stupid club. All My Children truly needs to bring in some core characters (Like Tad Martin, Erica Kane) to bring more of a familiar spark to the show.

I have been following OLTL for 20 years. But all this unneeded cursing is losing me. There trying to win a younger crowd, but May end up losing some Oldtimers

Whatever they have to do to keep OLTL running is fine by me. So happy to have them back but they need to bring in Rex & Gigi though.

1. Since you have to get rid of half of the show, let it be the parts that take place at Shelter. Everything that happens there is abysmal.

2. Since Triscuit isn’t assigned to any boy-girl relationship, I hope he will be gay.

3. I think in not too long a time, the people who carefully qualify themselves by saying they “aren’t prudes” will get used to the language they non-prudishly think of as swearing, or cursing, etc. It’s the way people talk.

Oh, I’m talking about OLTL above. I don’t watch AMC.

@Jay and other posters who think they have the corner of “real language…”

Re: OLTL and the cursing. You and others who tell those of us to get used to the “language” and “that’s the way people talk…” well, it’s NOT the way the beloved characters from OLTL talk. That’s the point.

By throwing in those words every scene instead of making the dialog realistic it becomes a transparent effort to “push the envelope” because they’re not restricted by network censorship.

If you’re a new viewer…then maybe…MAYBE it wouldn’t feel so forced because that viewer wouldn’t feel it was out of character…

There are plenty of people who drop curse words in reality…that doesn’t mean it makes the show realistic because suddenly the fictional characters do. What makes a show realistic is getting immersed in the story lines and emotionally invested in the characters. The “language” doesn’t create either effect.

Don’t assume that viewers who don’t like their characters throwing in a S H I T or a MF every scene never curse in real life…or that these viewers are “sensitive” or too delicate to hear such language. LOL…that’s sooooo not the case with me! If anything, I need to curb myself back. Not bragging (nothing to brag about, just saying.) But I STILL don’t like it on OLTL…it doesn’t seem “real”….and the fact that it’s said at least three times or more in EVERY episode is so obvious and so misguided of the current writers…to think thtat it would add an edge or bring in younger viewers…

There is not one show that has been a huge success on network TV that’s used curse words and they’ve been beyond successful. Many of these shows have been gritty, poignant, passionate, sexual, and all managed to come across without throwing in the “language.” Of course they couldn’t…but it wasn’t missed or needed.

With the advent of cable yes, all shows have free reign….and many shows are great and I don’t even blink if there’s an up n close sex scene or a tirade of “words.” I could care less if everyone cursed their brains out all episode long if the story was good and it felt real/right. Oz? Did you ever watch OZ? Prison drama about as raunchy, direct, explicit as could be. And I loved it…one of my favorite shows! Why? Because it was a compelling show and all the language, sex, violence was needed and authentic…it was a prison drama.

The soaps have been around for decades. Throwing two on cable and suddenly taking beloved characters and having them speak OUT of character for them just makes them unfamiliar and losed the crediiblity, warmth and familiarity that fans missed in the first place. Instead of adding to the realism it detracted and distracted.

meant online…not throwing two on cable…

Dear whoever you are.

Dear Rebecca –

Have you ever stopped to consider how archaic and artificial television dialog sounds because of network strictures? Real language has been very much missed, both at night and in the soaps. And I’m not a new viewer. I’m a charter viewer of OLTL since the first episode.

That’s right. I remember when the show wasn’t much more than Viki and Meredith sitting around the kitchen table, blabbing about Larry.

To suggest that only criminals use the kind of language under discussion is disingenous on your part.


@Jay…just saw yourm message.

No, I don’t think about it. I think that I LOVE film/TV/literature…whether they have or don’t have cursing, nudity, violence. Depends on if/how it works into the story.

These stories are not working for me. There is NOTHING that holds my interest…the characters are unrecognizable…and if I were a new viewer I still don’t think I’d find anything about OLTL as it currently is to grab my attention or warrant my time.

What is “real” languare? Shit? Throwing it in to every character’s lines because it’s supposedly more realistic?

And the acting? It’s forced…sigh…I’m not going to get into it further. I’ve posted many times and it’s just redundant. I don’t think OLTL is good now. Period.

I’m hoping the new writes will give it life again.

Oh…netword strictures? So throwing in a cuss every ten minutes is so liberating and screams realism? I call bullshit. Now, if I were on a network..I’d call bull. See? I’d be allowed to say that…and that’d work just fine…

The fact that the stories aren’t working for you, Rebecca, is another matter entirely. I agree with you on that, btw. I can’t stand anything that takes place in the bar, in particular.

I just hope the new writers for OLTL understand its history and the characters and do this show justice. It was always my favorite show…but I don’t really feel like watching people just get drunk all the time. If I wanted to see that, I’d be hanging at a bar, not watching OLTL. And when you are giving me a half hour show two days a week….let’s not waste it. They have some wonderful actors… now give them depth in their stories and make the show a five day a week show and I would be happy. Also, I would much rather see them bringing back actors and characters from the original show versus hiring more people that were on other soaps and shows.

I agree they definitely need to bring back a few more original actors and characters. Where’s Roxy?

Thank God. Thank you PP. Just wrote about OLTL needing new writers.

Well, that could start with less cursing! By NO means am I a prude BUT just because you can say it doesn’t mean you should. To me, it just screams of not just lazy writing but a juvenile way of getting attention. The latest Soap Opera Digest says that several stars from both OLTL & AMC are privately against the cursing. Are they afraid to come out publicly to say this about PP? Trust me, I’m so grateful to PP for following up to get these iconic shows back on the air but at what cost? I tuned in and quickly tuned back out. Sex Traffiking??? I tune in to see romance, fun, and a tad (!) of real life thrown in…sorry don’t need to see that! I’m also insulted that PP blamed the viewing habits on their decision to cut back on the shows. Excuse me, but we survived watching these shows 5 days a week and had NO trouble keeping up. This is also without the endless reviewings one can see with the internet. We also have the soap magazines with the synopsis’ ready to be read. Truth is, these shows aren’t making the money they have to make to stay afloat. Big name talent, no matter how much they love their roles, don’t come cheap. Sets, travel, wardrobe, music, catering, fees to the writers, directors, etc. While I know a lot of people have enjoyed the returns and have given thumbs up on the content, I know others like me who have stopped watching. I mourned my shows and kind of wish they left them the way they were. All this doesn’t bode well. Bad PR indeed….looks like these shows are floundering. I guess the internet isn’t quite the ideal it is often (and deservedly so) held to. Remember, stop the cursing and maybe, just maybe I’ll tune in again. That is if I can fight my brain to remember what’s going on…wink…wink!


If only OLTL and AMC had resumed their Rainbows and Unicorns storylines instead of all this nasty other stuff – like, you know….s…e…x , then I guess you’d still be watching, huh? Oh, that and all that terrible swearing!
It IS difficult, isn’t it, to have to see Vicki in a dominatrix outfit and Brooke running around topless, isn’t it?
Well, MERCY MAUD and LAND SAKES, folks, the shows you claim you’re missing, the shows you say the reboots aren’t, NEVER EXISTED. Did you watch either show, ever? Both shows are more realistic than they were and frankly, that’s all to the good. Now, some of the storylines, especially on OLTL need fixing, which is what PP is doing. But as always there are those who delight in doom. And then there are those like RobbyRob who aren’t even watching. NOT WATCHING. But they do us the favor of coming to dance on graves that haven’t yet been dug.
Isn’t it a shame that people like RobbyRob who say they always knew it wouldn’t work, or that they know the revenue isn’t there, or something else damming the shows that only they were privy to would have been in charge all along?
No, I don’t think so either. Blowing smoke like this just must hurt the rear end.

I think you need to learn Boes…that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Most of us who don’t like OLTL is because it bears no resemblance to the original…which is what most fans wanted back. If YOU didn’t like the “Rainbows and Unicorn” story lines why’d you watch the ABC version?

And don’t be so high n’ mighty with your condescending, patronizing s…e…x…because people don’t want to “escape” into Shelter or hear every character think they need to throw a S H I T out (LOL…no double entendre) doesn’t make you superior or oh-so-much hipper, now, younger, cool, g r o o v y…take your pick

the stories didn’t flow…they were disjointed, the characters weren’t connecting to each other, there was no seeming bond between any of them.

Don’t agree? Oh well.

Wow Boes, you certainly are telling me and some others a thing or two. Nowhere in my response was I sounding the doom bells and what if I was? How dare you go off on me and some others here. Within a few weeks of launch, production has been reduced and now all the head writers were let go. Something’s up and not everything is hunky dory. Just because I don’t like what the shows have morphed into doesn’t mean I don’t want them around anymore for precious viewer’s like you Boes. Thank you so much for setting us dummies straight. Now I can resume living my life…that is with your expert guidance. Doom and gloom indeed! BTW, congrats on wanting all this realism…I don’t. You should work for PP since you know everything and certainly can strike down any criticism. They are not gods and have made mistakes. I don’t like this version of either show and YES I did watch. If you love it then go to %&$#& town as the characters now say. It seems these shows need viewer’s like you Boes and that is quite scary.

Good to have you around boes to set us negative people straight with all our ‘shit, shit shit’ comments about what we dislike about the ‘shit, shit, shit, reboots. Well, if this ‘realistic more edgier approach’ was working the show wouldnt be in ‘shit, shit, shit,’ trouble that it is with whats happening behind the scenes! First one of the cowriters leaves early on, then episodes are cut back and remaining writers are replaced! Some stuff was interesting like the Todd/Victor storyline but thats all the show had going for it…when it was on abc/d especially in its final year the show was at the top of its game and the ratings kept going up…this proves that well written drama without the added cursing and more esplicit sex scenes is what most fans want to watch! If the edgier ‘shit, shit, shit,’ was working the viewers would be there and the changes wouldnt be needed. If the changes dont turn around the show for the best and they still keep the shows edgier with the profanity, sex, and all the gloom and doom the shows wont hold on to an audience and will end by the end of the year. im not 100% against the show bein a little edgier but it needs romance, family drama, and a conection to each other. like you said truth is hard to take…these shows arent working for the majority of vieweres…NOW DISH THAT AND TAKE IT BOES WHO? BOES YOU, THATS WHO!

@RobbyRob Took the words outta my mouth! 🙂 Great post!

A few home truths are hard to take, I guess. Dish it then take it.

In my opinion, especially for AMC it is bad, bad, bad. AMC is stupendous, faboulous, I love it. On the other hand OLTL is too dark, too much swearing (especially people who would not speak like that) and the teenage drinking etc. I very much dislike the Shelter scenes. The drinking and scenes with kids who are just about teenagers are awful. I am not enjoying OLTL as much as AMC but I will igive it time. however, I am guessing it is the way PP wants it. I am disappointed by the firing, especially in the case of AMC. The writers have been working hard. no reason is given. I want more scenes on OLTL with my core characters. It’s like a show for teenage and early twenties boys. That seems the aim with a little bit for very young girls.

I am happy there may be hope for my OLTL!!!

Another signal the shows will die quickly. Not enough viewers, pure and simple

I agree. Prospect Park seems to be quickly learning the hard way what ABC and the other networks have known for several years- This genre is a dying breed, no matter what medium it airs on- TV or internet.

For those rabid fans who keep insisting that the internet is the future home for the daytime soap genre, you may want to rethink that, considering the problems that Prospect Park is facing with this project. And Prospect Park can twist it however they want to, but realistic people know better.

If only they’d listened to Nick. Any predictions on the housing market too?

Life could be so much better all around.

Actually, going from 4 to 2 episodes finally makes sense to me. I didn’t get it until now. If they knew they had to replace the writers and make major changes, then they needed the time for the new writers to come and do what they do. You can’t change writers when you’re churning out 4 a week. Cut back to 2 and you have some time for the new people to get up to speed. I wish they had told us that, but more than likely the old writers didn’t know they were being axed. It’s just the way business works. I feel better now, I thought it was about money.

OLTL has been good. I really like the younger actors on this show. I am still hoping that they open up Jack more. He needs to start evolving although I am wondering if that is where they are going with Vic/Todd story. At some point this actor needs to do more than angst. Or off show he will need a good stiff drink. Just sayin….Other than that I like the dialog. Humor is injected. KM(Dani) has such an acting range. It has been shown more now than before although she is older at this point. Love watching the young group on this show. Sorry for repeating. Don’t forget folks, even with writing, contracfts have to be agreed to. Obviously these people coming on board are agreeing with the terms. Everyone automatically assumes it is the storytelling, but writers are like actors.. They want what they want.

“Jack” is a superb actor, always kept in the background.

It’s fascinating to watch Prospect Park flailing about like a small child who suddenly found himself in the deep end of the swimming pool. Between last week’s decision to cut back on its episode count as well as the # of airings per week while blaming it on the viewers, losing the FX Canada TV deal, and now firing the headwriters from BOTH shows all before even 1 month of shows has aired, this outfit really is in a chaotic state.

Still, following the behind the scenes drama has certainly been more entertaining than watching that torturous 10-hour scene of Dani photographing New Matthew, so maybe OLTL did need a new writer.

Besides all of that, as an OLTL fan, it would certainly be nice if Agnes Nixon would actually show even half as much interest in OLTL (also her creation) as she does AMC. From this article, she goes on and on for 4 paragraphs about AMC and its new head writers without a word about OLTL. The references to OLTL in Prospect Park’s statement weren’t part of her quote. Again, nothing new, but her blatant favoritism is still tiresome.

Change is good. I am certainly glad that show will continue and hopefully for another 44 years

I am afraid it won’t last 44 more days.

It has been one month having OLTL back! Has it been perfect? No not at all! But I am so grateful and glad that I will take imperfect as they try to work out the kinks and get some better stories. God some of you expect it to be exactly like it was and it just is not going to be that. But, give PP some time!! Thank them for this even being possible to fix instead of slamming every solitary move they make! The changes means they are trying to make it better!! Stop being so negative to those of you who are. I am a proud die hard fan and will never stop watching OLTL! I did not always love every storyline before and I may not now but I am so happy it is back!

Thank them? Theyr’e in business to make money; they’re not doing anything “for” the fans.

You’ll NEVER stop watching? Even if the show is boring, immature and tedious? Jeeeez, even the actors who play these characters know when it’s time to leave.

I was ready to do just that…but I’m curious to see if the new writers can make this show interesting and fun again. Here’s hoping….

My only hope is that the check in to see if Rebecca approves. Only then can we even dare hope the show will survive.
Have you informed Erika Slezak how she should portray Vicki yet?? Please do it ASAP if you haven’t yet – I’m sure she’s waiting up to hear from you how she can improve her acting skills.
Fans like you can’t be invented……not even when you seriously wish that sort of invention was impossible in this galaxy, not so far, far, away.
You’re special – just like Sr. Angela meant……

I don’t think anyone expected it to be exactly like it was but if your really a diehard fan you have to admit the writing really stinks. What I didn’t expect is drunk fowl mouthed kids on the show. I also didn’t expect Shelter to have women dancing with each other the way they have it. I’m not a sex craved man watching this show. I can do with all the sex scenes. I’m not a prude but they put it in when not needed. The changes are needed or the show is going to tank.

Totally agree with you. I think it’s important to make swift changes now, before it’s too late. We don’t want bad writing at the helm of these shows for too long, which will then cause a sink in the viewership, and will inevitably lead us back to square one….not having our shows at all. I think that OLTL needs some improvement. The show was at the top of its game when it went off, and that’s what the fans remember and are craving to see again. We are not going to get that with a show that’s centered around Shelter….or Dani stumbling around drunk/high, cussing. Give the veterans stories that they can sink their teeth into….and no, I don’t mean Dorian’s storyline with the Senate scandal, that’s going absolutely nowhere….but give them big juicy stories that we can get involved in, and let the newbies fall in line where they may.

Exactly. And that’s why making changes ASAP is a good sign. But you;ll never convince the basement dwellers whose only pleasure is gloom and doom.

Where is the like button when you need it?

boes…you’ve been nothing but nasty and insulting to everyone and anyone who doesn’t agree with you. your sarcasm and condescending comments don’t display anything other than your inability to play well with others.

I’ll repeat what I told you on another post. I don’t like the way OLTL is NOW. Nor, apparently, does PP or Agnes Nixon. That is why they’re changing the writing team.

If they didn’t chage the team…and the stories continued being as shallow, uninteresting, unengaging, disjointed, immature and boring…I…and many other fans of OLTL…would have stopped watching. One doesn’t continue to watch anything…which requires time out of one’s own life…when they’re bored and disinterested…just to save a show at the expense of themselves.

There is no one here…myself included…who didn’t want to see, and didn’t look forward to…OLTL’s return. That doesn’t mean we automatically love it or continue watching it if we don’t like it.

What I do know is I don’t like you. So unless you get a new writer….I’m “tuning” you out.

It drives me crazy that Agnes never even mentions OLTL…..all she ever talks about is AMC. Why is that?!? Why is it that I get the impression that OLTL will always be treated like the red-headed step child?

People of a certain age does sometimes have memory issues.

Funny how this person “of a certain age” has had more success, and brought more pleasure to hundreds of thousands of people than you’ve had the sniffles?

Wow. Cutting down on episodes, replacing writers already, sounds to me like these reboots are taking a nose dive.

But not as deep a nosedive as the basement-dwelling “fans” who rejoice in anything that sounds like bad news.
Now I know who watches coverage of natural disasters and cherishes their woodie.

Sure you don’t mean “nose job”?

The 2 geniuses at Prospect Park should take a hint. If you constantly find yourself making long term business decisions that you think are great, then constantly want to change them as soon as they get started what does that tell you? Either become a silent partner and let other people tell you what to do, including when it’s time to go to the bathroom or sell the company to someone else so we can have our shows long term. Since they don’t look like they know how to follow directions, I hope they sell or I’ll buy stock in Depends.

I thought All My children was already off the air? Been a fan since 1977? Would B great if it came back? Mrs T

If you;ve been a fan since 1977 it might be good if you’d checked in since 2010, since both OLTL and AMC were relaunched earlier this month.

You might want to have checked in with the show, considering you’re such a fan, since Jimmy Carter was President. Fans like you just inspire such CONFIDENCE, dontcha know??? Bet you were still fussing over who had the best view as the Titantic went down too, right?
Watch out for WWII – it’s a doozy!!!

I hope they know the show and characters like Ron did. I hope they bring back Jessica too!!

How sad that head co-writer Thom Racina has been let go. He’s a magical story writer.

Thom’s writing sure is magical…its made him disappear from OLTL as head writer! lol

not only master of the self-disappearing act…he made much of the audience disappear as well!

Nice…..insult the creator of both shows because she dared to get old. How nice for you that eternal youth isobviously guaranteed by your garbage company.Now don’t forget to floss cuz you definitely don’t want to kiss your mother with that mouth!

It would seem that most of us don’t care for all the idiotic filler “Shelter” scenes. If one reads through the comments I think this seems to be a common thread. So, I do hope the new writers take note somehow of all this and cease and dismiss these inane shots that really do not help the storyline move along at all.
It would also appear that for the most part, with few exceptions, most of the viewers aren’t wild about the language being used just for the sake of bad language being used. I personally think if it emanates from a low-life type of character it’s fine but I wouldn’t expect it from the more refined core characters. That’s just my own view of it, we’re all expressing opinions here.

I agree with you!

Idea for new writers: Have crazy Irene come back She could be the one that had Alison kidnap Victor. Later it can be revealed that she kidnapped Vicki, Blair, Bo, Tea, Dani etc…and they’re all being programmed to act like idiots.

Then…note to new writers…you guys come in…save the town…and our old characters are back in sound mind…wth Vicki clucking a cooing, Bo being all warm n’ fuzzy yet strong and reliable, Blair missing and longing for Todd though conflicted about Tomas, Dani and Tea close and the epitome of a great mother/daughter relationship…Cutter cute, devious and scheming, Natalie pining for John…Matthew conflicted over his parental responsibilities ex cet er a!

Then, when these peeps are rescued, they can react like their “normal” selves when Victor comes back from the dead…and they can start actually acting when they’re pissed rather than blurting out their newfound collective “S H I ….T”

There. All better.

I’ll just say it isn’t the OLTL I remember with all the heart-warming stories! Like they were when it was on the t.v. They all cared for one another on OLTL & they were a family. I am happy it is back. All I am saying it isn’t quite like i rememeber it from all years past..

This is great discussion. I come down on the side thinking these shows are in big trouble. I cannot live in the land of make believe and ignore the big production cuts , new writers and problems in Canada TV land. I will wait to see how long until someone swats down my opinion. New writers will have minimal impact because early summer taping was canceled.

OMG, I want my friends from Llanview back, I can’t stand this, New writers, I hope so, this is awful, I AM SO SICK OF SHELTER, that should be the name of the show because that is where all the stories are, OH WAIT A MINUTE STORIES< WHAT STORIES, PLEASE BRING BACK ONE LIFE TO LIVE AND STOP THE YOUNG ONES, THEY ARE BORING, I DONT GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT THEM< THE BOOZING< IS THAT ALL THEY DO, IF I SEE DANI JUMP OVER THE COUCH WITH A DRINK ONE MORE TIME I WILL THROW SOMETHING AT THE TV? We need our show back the way it was before that damn ABC trashed it, PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU< BEFORE IT IS TO LATE.

There could be a fire at SHELTER – it could be very dramatic, and guess what, at the same time, they could get rid of SHELTER – yay! Three young kids sharing an apartment and playing Strip “truth or dare” and taking still photos of Matthew and of course saying “sh–!” every third line, do the writers think that THIS is compelling storytelling? Erica Slezak is an incomparable actress and no one could play Victoria Lord the way she has but all her character ever says is “I have to save the Banner”….C’mon, the writers need to wake up and give us something interesting to follow.

All My Children

Kelly Ripa Shares on Husband Mark Consuelos: “My Funny Valentine…Celebrating 29 Years of Love With This Guy”

Ah, we remember them when, right? Hard to believe that 29 years have passed since Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos tied the knot when they were mere young adults on All My Children on May 1st, 1996 and portraying Hayley and Mateo, respectively.

But, look at them now! Kelly and Mark are happily married with three children and co-hosting the top-rated syndicated morning talk show!

On Valentine’s Day, Mark took to his Instagram and Kelly took to hers, posting pics and snaps of their love for one another. Consuelos shared: “My forever Valentine…You make smile♥️♥️” to which Ripa replied “Ten Hearts.”

Photo: MConsuelosIG

Kelly posted a plethora of great shots of the duo through the years, captioning it all with “My funny Valentine…Celebrating 29 years of ♥️ with this guy 😍”

The photo album included: Kelly and Mark in matching blue and white outfits standing in front of a red sign that spells out the word “love.” In addition, Ripa chose some moments from their red-carpet appearances and some of their favorite vacations.

Photo: Live with Kelly/Mark IG

Meanwhile, the Live with Kelly and Mark social media account featured a shot of the couple wearing matching t-shirts that said, “Find someone that loves you as much as Mark loves Mark 😂 Happy Valentine’s Day!”

So, what do you think? Are Kelly and Mark the best example of a Valentine’s Day couple we know and love? Share your thoughts in the comment section and Happy Valentine’s Day from Michael Fairman TV!


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A post shared by Kelly Ripa (@kellyripa)

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All My Children

Grammy Winner Jody Watley Recalls Dancing On ‘Soul Train’ with All My Children’s Darnell Williams: “Like Every Other Soap Fan I Loved His Legendary Character ‘Jesse'”

Look who’s paying an homage to one of the all time daytime greats, Darnell Williams (ex-Jesse, All My Children), none other than recording artist and Grammy-winner, Jody Watley.

While in promotion of her new single, Everlasting, Watley has been sharing photos and memories of moments from her career that are everlasting.

Taking to her Instagram, Watley shared a photo of herself with a young Darnell Williams, where we learned not only is she a huge fan of the iconic Jesse from Pine Valley, but she danced with Darnell when they both appeared on Soul Train! Darnell was regular on the show from 1974-1975.  Watley began her professional career on Soul Train, then became part of the musical group, Shalamar, before beginning her own solo career which has now spanned decades.

Photo: JPI

Watley expressed on Willi: “EVERLASTING Indeed! 😁😁✨ “Always believe in you..” #flashbackfriday #70s 😘 this photo was shared with me from a ST fan page on FB .. I’d never seen it before 😯😍 – two teens with big dreams — Darnell Williams such a nice guy and so handsome we danced together a few times – a snapshot – … later like every other soap fan I loved his legendary character “Jesse” back in the golden era of daytime TV “All My Children” ❤️❤️❤️❤️ terrific actor— and I was in awe like “I knew him on ST” 😁 – before coming into my own trajectory as an artist.”

Photo: DCorneliusProdsInc

Two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Darnell Williams appeared on All My Children during several stints from 1991 to 1998, then again from 2008-2011, before reprising the role in 2013 in Prospect Park’s reboot of the series.

Watley’s biggest hits include Real Love, Looking for a New Love, Everything, Some Kind of Lover and more.

So, what do you think of the Darnell and Jody connection, and her remembrances of his time as Jesse on AMC? share your thoughts in the comment section, and also check out the radio edit version of Jody’s new single below.


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All My Children

‘Live with Kelly and Mark’ Scores Most-Watched Week of Syndicated Talk Shows in 2 Years; Delivers Strongest Week in Nearly 3 Years

In another case of soap alums doing great things, come news that former All My Children stars and real-life marrieds Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley) and Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo) are having a great ride together as on-screen co-hosts of the syndicated morning series, Live with Kelly and Mark.

New numbers were just released by ABC that share that during the week of January 15-19 2024: Live with Kelly and Mark hit series highs in Households (1.81 rating) and Total Viewers (2.673 million). Interestingly enough, former GH star, Rick Springfield (ex-Noah Drake) appeared on the show that week performing with friend and musician, Richard Marx.)

But there is more good news: Live with Kelly and Mark delivered the franchise’s strongest week in nearly 3 years in both Households and Total Viewers, as well as double-digit week-to-week increases in key demos over the last three weeks.

Photo: ABC

With 2.673 million Total Viewers, ‘Live’ delivered the most-watched week of any syndicated talk show in 2 years ( since Dr. Phil second week of January in 2022).

In even more solid gains for this ratings report: the talker stood as the week’s top  daytime talk show in Households (1.81 rating) and Total Viewers (2.673 million). ‘Live’ also ranked as the No. 1 entertainment talk show of the week across all key Nielsen measures, topping all daytime and late-night entertainment talk shows.

Photo: ABC

Overall the Live with Kelly and Mark is up 4%  from the the previous year averaging roughly 2.4M viewers across all of its episodes. ‘Live’ also stands as the season’s No. 1 entertainment talk show across all key Nielsen measures.

Consuleos arrived officially on the season on April 17th 2022 taking over for the departing Ryan Seacrest to co-host the show with Ripa. While many voiced concerns that the on-screen and off-screen coupling might make for lower ratings if they were not entertaining, just the opposite has happened, the series seems in a very healthy place; given the constant downturn in linear ratings and viewership in daytime TV.

Are you enjoying Kelly and Mark as co-hosts compared to Kelly’s other co-hosts through the years? Comment below.

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