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BREAKING NEWS: Oprah Winfrey's OWN To Air "Summer Fling" Of First 40 Episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live!



Big news for soap fans this morning!  Those who have been wanting a television cable outlet to pick-up episodes of the revival of One Life to Live and All My Children have gotten their wish! And it comes from none other than Oprah Winfrey’s OWN cable channel who is picking up the first 40 episodes of AMC and OLTL airing them as part of a “Summer Fling” programming promotion with her network over an exclusive 10 week run beginning  Monday July 15th!

Oprah tweeted on the OWN Twitter account this morning, “For 2 years u posted, tweeted, Facebooked me..I heard you. Starting 7/15, we’re having a summer fling w/ the soaps”

Here is the official announcement: “OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is hosting a summer fling for soap fans as the network has acquired the first 40 episodes of The OnLine Network’s reprisal of the popular daytime dramas All My Children and One Life to Live for a special exclusive 10-week limited engagement.  Half-hour episodes of each show will air Monday through Thursday beginning Monday, July 15 with AMC at 1 p.m. ET/PT and OLTL at 3 p.m. ET/PT only on OWN.

“These shows have proven to be very popular with a significant, loyal fan base, not to mention Oprah herself is a big fan,” said Erik Logan, president, OWN.  “Many of our viewers across numerous platforms have expressed their passion for the soaps so we are especially excited to air this limited engagement on OWN.”

“We are really excited to bring OWN viewers and our audience at large an opportunity to catch up on All My Children and One Life to Live on traditional television,” said Jeff Kwatinetz, CEO Prospect Park Networks.  “We look forward to our millions of fans enjoying the first 40 episodes of the shows.”

You can follow OWN on Twitter at @OWNTV  Show hashtags:  #OLTL and #AMC!

So AMC and OLTL fans, what do you think about the shows having a television cable home to view the first 40 episodes? What do you think about Oprah Winfrey’s Network carrying the shows?  We hear she was very impressed with the new revivals!  Now that they have AMC and OLTL plus Tyler Perry’s soap, The Have and Have Nots, it looks like OWN could be a great place to watch soaps! Share your thoughts!



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my question is why does oprah want the soaps now????
oh that’s right amc & oltl are doing extraordinarily well & she wants a piece of it – just wish it was another network instead of the own network……..

EXACTLY!! The stupid bitch would not even pick them up after cancellation

I agree 1000% I will not watch on the hypocrite Oprah’s channel. I will never watch her channel. When she was asked to help save our soaps she said the time has passed for these shows. They are not relevant. I love watching on my computer. OWN can go to … down the drain. It’s probably dying and she sees these shows are doing well. Why would I watch on OWn when I can watch whenever I want on my computer. The only good thing is if she gets enough sponsors that PP/TOLN can make more shows a week. But my guess is she is only doing that because OWN is not doing well. I can’t stand her after she did nothing to help these shows when we needed her. I hope they will still be on HULU. I wondered at first If I’d like watching on my laptop. The picture is wonderful. My mom doesn’t watch soaps, but she saw my screen and said how great it looked. Oprah did nothing for the soaps- why should they help her?

So true.

No matter what it is good for the shows and there is no need for the b word when referring to any woman. I was upset by her shortsightedness as well…no hard feelings fellow fan.

I hate to say it, but I have to agree here as well. Oprah said she “couldn’t save the soaps” and that it was a dying genre. Now that they have already been produced she’s willing to dive in? She could have had her Production company produce little 24 minute versions of the show(s) couldn’t she? Where was she then?

She is looking for ratings for her channel! Why all has Oprah done a 360 turn on this???? She once said : I can’t save the soaps! Why I say again?

Wow what a nasty individual you are. I hope you don’t kiss your loved ones with that filthy disgusting mouth. I’m looking forward to watching the episodes I wasn’t able to view on the internet because of technical problems. Thanks Ms. Oprah!

Me too, so HAPPY the soaps are TV.. being on OWN takes away from it… ALOT. But, TOLN should make some money from OWN for getting exclusive rights for the summer plus should get a piece of the advertising dollars. I’m willing to bet the soaps lost half it’s fanbase for those unable/unwilling to watch online.. will bring ALOT of fans back to the table.

Ethel, Lawrence and Lin – this is an honest answer.

Why now? It’s about timing and politics.

1. She probably didn’t want to rush into making a decision. Even though it took almost a year for them to return, she would still have to deal with the union, location and budgeting.

2. She probably had other commitments at that time such as ending the Oprah Winfrey show and the other shows she manages (Like the Rosie O’Donnell and Nate Berkus shows that were cancelled)

3. She would have to deal with the licensing issues with ABC and that network wasn’t being forthcoming about what was really happening with the soaps. They kept sending out mixed messages and she would have had to deal with the leadership of Brian Frons at that time.

So there are alot of business decisions that need to be addressed before re-broadcasting the show. I don’t begrudge Oprah for turning down the offer at that particular time. I’m glad that she changed her though.

That all may very well be true. If it is, Oprah would have done herself a world of good by saying just that. Instead, she told us the soaps time had come and gone”, and the “viewers just weren’t there anymore”. Then she basically told us to stop bothering her about what were, for her, relics of the past.

I’m glad she’s showing them on her network – they’ll probably get the best ratings of anything she has on (which are mostly reruns anyway) – but Oprah is doing this strictly because she thinks it will help her network, NOT from any warm and fuzzy feelings about the shows.

And that’s okay – business is business. But either she didn’t tell us the truth the first time around or she’s not telling us the truth now.

But at the end of the day, the survival of the shows, and their success matter far more than anything about Oprah.

boes – That’s true. Everything she said about soaps dying was awful. And I personally could not understand why she was saying that.

On the other hand, I have to remember that the leadership of Brian Frons and ABC was horrible. Brian misled so many people that even Susan Lucci called him a liar. I honestly believe that Oprah was also misled by ABC/ Brian and that caused her to make a bad business call.

No oprah said soaps are dead and there is no money to be left in them. Now she wants to profit off someone elses work because her channel is tanking in the ratings

People should realize that while she said she didn’t want soaps, they were dead, etc she saw that she was wrong.

Instead of people being supportive they want to cut down someone who had a change of heart. She saw they were successful and gave them the chance. If people don’t watch them on her network she will say she was right. And other networks will look at it the same way saying well no one watched them on OWN, why should we pick them up.

But some people would rather complain and are never happy. Just sad

I agree. I’m happy that the soaps are going to be broadcast on television again, and I’m looking at it from a pragmatic point of view, not EMOTIONAL. This is a good thing. And, that’s how Oprah see it.

Sorry David but the only reason she is doing it is because her Network is is going down and that is why she got Tyler Perry to air his Haves and Have nots show on her network to SAVE HER PATHETIC Channel! She wants to shows because of how popular they are and want to cash in on the viewership! BULLSHIT! She could have had ALL the viewership if she had picked them up the first time but remember David…..”She was not interested because the Soaps were dead”! If you think that after what she said PUBLICLY about the soaps after being asked to help the 2 shows she CLAIMED to love and Appeared on AMC long b4 she was Oprah/HARPO won’t be remembered by other networks think again. If she gets no viewers they will know why….The fans never forgot about what she did!!!!

I agree with Joliefan forever! Are these shows she is airing on the own channel going to be repeats of we have already seen on hulu? Or will she be having new
episodes of OLTL & AMC as well . Is this just a temporary thing and just for the summer (just repeats of what we have already seen)? I rather keep watching it on hulu! I am not a fan of Oprah & I never watch her own channel.

Another thing Oprah said when she was approached about the soaps she said: everyone works and can’t watch the soaps. HUH! I would record the soaps everyday when I was working. That response was boloney!

Thank you so much for your comment – for heaven’s sake, she’s a human being – what a bunch of B Effing S to rip on her for this one.

Joliefan Forever – Yes it’s true Oprah said all those things, but there’s 2 things to keep in mind.

1. Hulu network is up for sale – the current owners of Hulu wants to sell/divest from the company. It’s very possible that Hulu will be shut down and Prospect Park would have to look for another website to broadcast. With OWN, at least they have a backup plan.

2. Brian Frons – HE lied to so many people. I mentioned this in another post but HE was in damage control when HE decided to cancel the shows. HE very easily misled Susan Lucci and the cast of her show. So it’s conceivable that HE also misled Oprah into believing “soaps are dying”.

Now that time has passed by, it’s good that Oprah reconsidered broadcasting the shows. I give her credit for that. I just hope she isn’t misled into anything else.

Hi Susan M, She is airing the first 40 episodes so yea she will be airing reruns. Because as she put it this is a Trial, Trial this you money hungry hippo LMAO!!

Sorry Linda she is a MONEY HUNGRY HIPPO! This is nothing more than her trying to save her pathetic channel with the popularity of AMC and OLTL 2 shows she refused to put on the same channel 2 years ago because her channel was doing fine! She is a piece of work!!!

Where did you read that HULU is up for sale? How is OWN a back-up plan? The Hippo is showing shows that have already been shown on HULU……This a Trial Her words so NO own is NO back-up plan!
Dude where do you come up with the stuff you come up with? It was Brian Frons fault? HIPPO is the ONLY ONE to blame for her not helping us fans out when she was asked it had nothing to do with Brian Frons!! Brian Frons was in damage control when he cancelled the shows, Are you serious? He was NOT in Damage control HE had an agenda and he fulfilled his agenda and then was let go by ABC!

Joliefan – Google “hulu for sale”. There are so many articles about hulu for sale.

So it stands to reason that if something happens to the management or format of hulu, it would make sense for Prospect Park to have a backup plan.

And I don’t see anything that mentions that Oprah, herself, said it was a trial run. Other articles said it, but not Oprah.

As for Brian, he directly lied to Susan Lucci about her show being cancelled. So, yes he was in damage control and lied about the state of ABC soaps. This is partly (if not all) his fault.

This is thrilling, huge, life changing news! the paradigm has shifted. Thank you Ms. Winfrey!

Thank you???? Are you forgetting her whole ‘time.season.reason.’ speech where she said the soaps were dead because nobody was watching and there wasn’t any money to be made. Please. I’m happy for people like my grandma who refused to watch the soaps online, but eventually I hope TV guide channel gets exclusive rights to the re-runs in september.. if possible.

Thank you for remembering that. I love watching on my computer and would not watch OWN!


What’s the point of holding grudges. She can’t change her mind?

Changed her mind is a nice way to put it. When the soap fans need her she spit in our faces and told us no because there was no money to be made and no audience. Now that somebody else has shown everyone there is an audience w/ plenty of money to be made.. Oprah comes running looking for soap fans to save her failing channel. No grudge here, but Oprah needs to go her own way.. since soaps are dead, according to her. I predict the soaps will be going strong this time next year, OWN will be closing up shop.

Actually own is on an upswing. More viewers and more money for the shows is good for all of us. Your spite is counterproductive.

Oprah said she couldn’t save the soaps! I rememeber that very well!

Actually TRW her channel is on the DOWNSWING not upswing! That is why she begged Tyler Perry to put his new show on her channel instead of I believe it is TBS that airs all Tyler Perry shows, Her channel is a JOKE and has been since DAY 1 and NOW she wants to cash in on PP’s success with these shows?? Screw her let her go down with her failing channel!

That is wonderful! I will re-watch them again just to see them on my big screen TV!!!

Me too I will always be grateful and loyal to OLTL and AMC ; love these two soaps.

Now I’ll catrch up on them. I tried watching on laptop but just didn’t like it. I like watching on a big screen without going thru hoops to hook things up to do it. I would also always forget to watch, now I can DVR them like my other shows.

Yeah, sometimes my screen would freeze up watching Hulu, and it certainly discouraged me and I missed quite a few episodes. This will be refreshing. All of you haters that want to hold grudges are just sad cases…

Can’t you enlarge your picture on your laptop? I do with my laptop .

I think this is great news! Still don’t understand why soap net never gave these favorites a home!

Wow. Really? People still don’t understand that ABC/Disney OWNS SoapNet and has killed it to create a “tween” channel? Most cable systems don’t even carry SoapNet any longer.

because soapnet is owned by disney……………disney is slowly cutting it from the cable company’s that why as of 7/1/13 y&r will show same day episodes on the tvgn channel instead of soapnet

HUH? ABC owns soapnet. ABC tried to kill our soaps. But just in soap opera fashion they rose like a phoenix thanks to Prospect Park/TOLN.

wow. she caved. we won.
prop 8.
oprah and soaps.

PRICELESS!! I so agree with you!

We ALL Won!

Hugs to You Robert in Jersey City.

Prop 8.

“I’ve won – the right to be me.” w/You…. and et al… The Masses converge.

Our LGBT Community is having a big rally at 5 p.m…. today.

I cried this a.m….

i’m jubilant.

You… cried…? I guess…

I cried with relish… so didn’t untold.

His governor’ship, this morning: issued – declared that all those getting married… are being given license to; with full Status.

This Summer’ PRIDE Festivals are going to ROCK.

anthemic pride for US.

This is for those that fought… passed… and the future.

You in NYC? I’m not missing Stonewall tonight.

“HardBALL” w/Chris Matthews – MSNBC.

“Yes, You are ONE OF US.”

“It’s staggering…”

I say… IT”S REAL.

Celebrate! Pride colors… YES. however, it’s that blue and yellow… “Human Dignity” that I reflect.


@Robert –

I forgot to make my other point….

as Chris Matthews brought up as well…

IE: those of us who saught “refuge” places to come out… etc…. the big cities…

well…. I hope that this helps in making our homes… hometowns that much less intenable… more liveable… shared.

my big cause now… continues… w/bullying.

remain vigilant my friend.


anyway… back @ DAYS.

Will – I just learned yesturday…

That Chandler Massey may in fact be leaving in December… his calibur Talent will be missed big time…. I hope they will recast.

In light of the advancements’ made today… I can let go of his storyline. His story… (my – our) story, was shared… and brought DAYS many accolades… and brought us fans back to Salem.

Oye! Eileen Davidson does it ALL again…. ie: hotting up my screen and attention span…. whew! first with Brady…. a quickie w/John… and yeah, suspect… but… HOTTED it up BIG TIME w/Eric. it’s just a story folks.. but leaves so much up to the imagination…. Greg Vaughn… Yikes! wasn’t he remniscent of William Holden…. kinda went “The Graduate”… route… and it’s definately Kristen ALL the way. I read in the Latest SOD… that… ED is so enjoying that it’s Kristen that’s back… what with all the attention given Susan… and the other alter egos…. LOVED SISTER MARY… but… she is playing Kristen like the good ole DAYS. Kristen is playing her to the hilt and with all the elements of true Serial and you feel for her. LOL… her new character definately had me recalling her last stint on DAYS.

Kate is on all cylinders… I hope she and Rafe continue something… it’s refreshing and heck.. if that was me… ie: Kate… i’d be stumped that it was happening to me… and give my All. Rafe’alicious is something.

is it just me… watching Vargas and Nick together… smolders… they catch Fire. there’s an intensity that leaves me hanging…. Oye!

Yes yes we won.

Guys she did not cave she saw there was money to be made so boom she was there PP did all the heavy lifting! Now as for dom President Clinton and a Democratic Congress signed and passed that law and as for President Obama he gave speeches from 2004 until 2012 against gay marriage. Late in 2012 when he decided he needed LGBT funding oh wow all the sudden he was for gay marriage do not be fooled by politicians and Hollywood they only use you to serve what ever purpose they need. That is why I can not stand Hollywood or politicians! Happy that you are happy but do not be fooled by these guys they will turn on a dime! Both sides of the aisle!

President Obama didn’t NEED LGBT funding; he always had that and always had the LGBT community on his side. I think he’s always been for gay marriage but couldn’t say so during his first campaign. Since this was his last time running, he simply decided it was time to set the record straight. And, what’s wrong with Hollywood? They make the movies, TV shows and entertainment you watch and enjoy.

I’m elated…. What an emotional Time. In our life time… it’s all eye to eye and on equal footing.

But this is just for the summer and all episodes are repeats!

Great news! Can’t wait to see OLTL on OWN!

Why do you want to watch on OWn? It’s free on HULU and you’re not helping a woman who would not life a finger when she was needed to save our soaps. Not only would she not let them be on her network, she would not help us find another place for them. She said they were dead, not relevant, etc.

Yeah, she said all that and she was wrong. Just to spite her, should we not watch the OWN airings and prove her right–that there’s no market for soaps on cable TV? Although she greatly disappointed me with her remarks, I see no point in holding a grudge.

yes & was very arrogant – she really talked down to the soap community which was so unnecessary……………..
her network is tanking so now she wants the soap fans to help her – i just wish amc & oltl were going to be on any other network instead of own

God, that was then, this is now; let it go!! And, OWN is also free and you don’t have to boot up your computer to watch it.

Boot up your computer? Do you have dialup? And HULU is free- heck you have to pay for your television cable. Some people don’t get OWN on their cable. . Why should we watch OwN. Personally I love watching on my laptop. The picture is excellent quality. I can watch anywhere there is wifi or in any room in my house or patio. I have no reason to watch it on TV.

I agree with Lin, I already pay for HULU PLUS, so that I can watch the show(s) on my TV – not that I can’t watch it on my computer screen, but it’s just my preference. I already pay too much for the worthless Cable tv channels that I get, and OWN isn’t a channel I get. Yes, sure, OPRAH has a right to change her mind – when I say “OPRAH” I of course mean her huge corporation I’m not putting it really on a personal level, but whatever you want to call it, “Oprah and her people” (ok?) weren’t there for the Soaps and made us feel that it was a dying art or a time gone by instead of saying, “hey, these are on-going characters and on-going storylines, there is no reason to end this”. I DO UNDERSTAND that the soaps were getting sophisticated and expensive to produce but to this day I think that ABC-TV made a big mistake. They could have trimmed ALL MY CHILDREN and OLTL down to a half hour and kept them back to back. At any rate, while I am happy that our shows are attracting the attention of others, I’m not doing cartwheels because Oprah has suddenly had somewhat of a change of heart.

I’ll watch all the new episodes on Hulu, but I’ll watch OWN. While I share your feelings for Oprah and the way she treated the fans. If all soaps’ fan come out in force and OWN gets a HUGE rating boost for AMC and OLTL.. a bidding war will start with other cable channels throwing money at PP for permenant exclusive rights to the shows.. then the fans that can’t/won’t go to the internet can watch the show.. and provide a bigger source of revenue for PP so they can increase the quality of the shows(bigger studios), cast size, pay the actors close to network rates. Even if it helps Oprah, it’s a good F-U to her turning her back on us and showing her what she missed out on, but it’ll also show the WORLD that soaps’ fans are alive and well and we want more!

Oh, and most importantly.. more money for the soaps means the can afford to produce more episodes!

I agree with Lin on 6/26 at 2:02p.m. And I agree with ethel also!

Now this is only for the summer. Are they thinking if taking the show completely over after the summer? Maybe make it like it use to be? An hour show 5 days a week. I really miss watch it everyday. I been watching since the show started and when it went off the air I felt alittle bit if my died with it. I really hate that is 2 days a week for a half hour. It’s life a huge tease. And honestly I am so disappointed.

it’s for 10 weeks………….all episodes we have already seen on hulu……….

which makes me excited…

truth be told…. my time has been spent on baseball… I’m so loving this year!
spent on DAYS and GH.

and alas…. i had to let go of AMC… and tried to watch OLTL…

SO… if I can record and DVR these shows from the start…. I’ll have them recorded….

So… in that respect… thank you OWN.

Not necessarily… Oprah… it’s a sound business decision… she needs the press… and winning back “fans”.

I hope this gives “monies” back in the coffers… etc. FOR PP. They DESERVE any and all the support they can afford.

and… more press that Soaps are making strides.

and inroads that as FANS – I have to support.

and hopefully… if this is financially stable for all interests… they’ll bump AMC and OLTL back to 4 days a week….

which ultimately is my goal.

Yes yes we need OLTL and ALM an hr/ 5days a week.

I think its all good and I hope it can lead to a long term pick up by OWN so the shows have a cable home and still are available via the internet. Some will not like it given her response two years ago. I do so hope that people will let that be in the past and see this as a true positive!!

NOPE! Why the turn around all of a sudden! HMMMM! I never watched her own channel. I wish it was on another cable channel and not on hers.

This is a great sign that the shows are doing well. The fans wanted Oprah to take the shows on her network and she refused. I have a feeling the 10 week period will be a trial run to see how well the ratings will be on the OWN network. I have a good feeling this show will continue to air on the OWN network after this timeframe. Thsi is great news and so glad the producers are working very hard to ensure these shows succeed. Now they’ve also taken out the foul language and OLTL feels like it did on ABC. I hope this leads to more episodes per week, with a potential to be an hour show.

If the soaps are a HUGE ratings boon on OWN, they’ll be a bidding war for the soaps amongst the cable channels(lifetime, OWN, TVGuide, etc) for the permenant rights to the re-runs. If there is a bidding war, and OWN wins.. I hope they take Oprah for every red cent, showing this great “businesswoman” how to turn something presumed dead can be a CA$H COW!

Now she sees the light. Proof that ABC made a mistake cancelling the shows in the first place. Our soaps are here to stay!! 🙂

Good news but what a hypocrite…she didnt want them before but now? Oh, i get it…she didnt want to save our soaps but now she sees they arent dead after all and now she wants us to save her cable station! They may as well replaced the Katie show on abc with them too …its the same thing… imo…Im happy for the shows however!!!

I dont understand oprah. however i agree with u. She knows that even 1 million viewers will make it a success on her network. Shes trying 2 air someone elses success when she did not want anything 2 do with them

Im still happy for the shows but id been happier and a big O.W. fan had she taken them over in the first place. id rather a different station aired them.

Triple DITTO! I agree with Lawrence!

I know O couldnt afford(maybe!!!) to take the reboots over, i just didnt like her saying the genre was dead or whatever then its her network that goes picks up the repeats. However, it still gives the shows more exposure and profit…thats the good side to this.

I agree. If she couldn’t afford to take on the soaps that’s fine. But to say they are dead…. and now air them. Obviously they’re now less dead than OWN. My hope is that another channel will see them do well on OWN and make a better offer.

In the long run…. – I hope Oprah… OWN… and said investors….

Know – and that these two shows.. will elevate OWN.

and hereby… support what we’ve watched for, what? 40-50 years.

That’s not Oprah’s money.. OWN is half owed by the Discovery Network, they’ve put over $700M into getting OWN on it’s feet. I’m willing to bet PP/TOLN had to spend some where between $10-$20M to get the soaps up again.. with internet rates.

If they’ve already thrown $700M for the crap that’s gone on OWN, I don’t think it’s a stretch for them to throw down another couple of million to get the soaps up. It’s not Oprah’s money, so I don’t think money was the issue.. but then again she had flushed so much money down the toilet, it’d be hard to ask for more money for something she saw as dead.

I 100% agree with you, Oprah should have just kept her mouth shut! Oprah’s little video message was her way of telling us: “Stop bugging me about the soaps”. Tell us that there’s no audience and no money to be made exposes her for what she’s been about all these years: a money-grubbing cow.

How many pieces of crap products does Oprah put her name on, let’s other people run it but collects a check for? Oprah is all about the money, which is fine.. except she tried to sell herself as somebody that wasn’t.

Yippee – wonder what took so long… could it be that she is lauching her own soap…and these soaps will give her network credibility?

It’s a good thing for the shows as they will generate additional revenue which is great for their long term future. As I recall, Oprah said that her network couldn’t afford to produce the shows itself. However, as a second run home for the already produced episodes, it’s more feasible. OWN is available on cable and sattellite so those people who couldn’t get the online episodes should be able to access the shows easily. Myself, I intend to keep watching online but I’m happy for the audieneces who will now be able to join in on the reviaval of these two great shows! the fever can only grow once cable and sattelite viewers get their first taste of AMC and OLTL.

Pat! you are sane! and not full of hate, how wonderful!!!!!
A person with dignity and also intelligent!!

Oprah could have never produced the 2 soaps, never..
But, she will show air them for us!! thanks Oprah!!

The hate from some people is frightening!
thank god I do not allow haters into my life to muck up my happiness with their dark minds.. lol

Fabulous news! This will certainly bring me to the OWN network. I wanted to watch OWN’s The Have and Have Nots but wouldn’t because of the condescending way she talked to us soap fans back in 2011. Well, I guess I’ll be watching it now! Glad Ms. Winfrey finally saw the light…people want serialized drama…not the reality crap her network has been pushing for the last 2 years! Hopefully, OWN’s airing of these two GREAT shows will continue even after the Summer Fling!

I’ll watch just to support the soaps, but I won’t watch anything else on that network. After the way Oprah treated us, I hope the soaps are a SUPER success, I hope she sees what she missed out on, then I hope some other channel(TV Guide) gets permenant re-run rights to the AMC/OLTL.

Is this channel available in Canada?

Finally she realized soaps arent dead . I would of watched on soapnet. Thanks oprah

I am not sure what to think at this point. This opportunity should have been made when the soaps were cancelled and viewers begged to keep the soaps alive on tv.
Now after 2 years they want to “cash-in” and step on TOLN and PP’s hard work and dedication to make the revivals a success? I plan to give credit to the people who have overcome many adversities to bring our soaps back to us, even at times from the negativity of the fans being disappointed after a failed first attempt. Sure I am glad that they will be aired on tv but my loyalty and gratitude belongs to TOLN and PP.

Is she having crow for dinner too?

Oprah didn’t understand or took for granted that soap fans supported her ENTIRE career! Her Oprah Show had great lead-ins her entire run, getting her ratings and making her a billionaire.. but when it was time for her to help us.. she said no and took her HUGE bag of money and ran.. pissing on the hand that fed her.

Oprah, with her massive, unjustified ego, thought she it’d be easy to run an entire channel on auto-pilot.. found out it was work, and it’s struggled ever since. BTW, Oprah got a ton of money for own channel on SiriusXM, appears less than 30 minutes a week.. and Discovery has put up nearly $700M for OWN.. and it’s not a network! A network would be more than one.. OWN is a SINGLE channel. NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS and CW(kinda) are networks.

Oprah realizes her network isn’t going to last very much longer if she doesn’t re-capture her fanbase, she probably BEGGED to have AMC and OLTL run on OWN.. I know those Tyler Perry soaps aren’t putting butts in front of the TV. Just like Oprah put out a video saying she wasn’t going to save the soaps, she should put one out begging for forgiveness. Oprah thinks anything she puts her name on will turn to gold, which was true.. when she had the Oprah Show to anchor her empire.. without she just another fat head trying pawn sh*t off on the people.

I want Oprah to admit the Soaps namely General Hospital made her . She had the eighties powerhouse GH as the lead in for her show. With out GH, she would have vanished from the screen like millions of other talk shows. Having GH as a lead in was the only way she could have taken on Phil Donohue.

first off…I don’t think OWN is a free station. Don’t you have to pay for her station?

second: I get the station. I refuse to add to her ratings.

third: as others have said, she didn’t want any part of it when they were cancelled. how many fans wrote her, begged her…but she didn’t see any profit in it.

fourth: her own OWN hasn’t been doing well. they cancelled shows and are regrouping. so…now she rakes in millions of viewers by airing the soaps???!!!

I call bull…and the now banned S word.

To all the Oprah .. shame on your pettiness and terrible of you to hate ..

Oprah did not want the responsibility of ”’producing”’ the soaps nor to wholly put the money up to do it. A huge undertaking.
We all have seen what PP has gone through to give us our soaps..
The hiring of cast, crew, writers, set makers, the whole huge studio, sponsors, and the list is a mile long to make just one soap episode.. Oprah could not have done that from OWN, it was too much..
Most all she does on OWN is talk and air ”reruns” that she does not have to produce..

There is a fathom of difference of ”’producing”’ a soap from simply airing a soap after it has been produced.. Showing a rerun is merely done through equipment..

Thanks Oprah 🙂 I appreciate that now that you are able to put our soaps on TV, you are doing it for the fans.. It is a beginning to perhaps something big!!

Oprah has more than enough money to last her a few lifetimes. She has 2.8 BILLION dollars and was listed on Forbes as one of the wealthiest women in the world .

Paleeez! She couldn’t afford to produce the soaps???

I was thinkin the same thing Rebecca!! su0000 is in la la land.

I know… and you know how celebrities get their freebies…

she wouldn’t even be footing the “bills”. commercials and other investors paying as well…..

this is PR w/Oprah.

i’m surprised that no publicity was done for the new soap on OWN w/Tyler Perry…. “The Have and Have Nots.” I tried a couple episodes… and it’s the night time soap that they’re trying out… John Schnieder… is helming this.. and he’s not bad… easy on the eyes swagger…. for all i know… it could be now cancelled… but… it’s their.

as long as Oprah and OWN give back to PP… investments/commercials… that’s what works.

oh…and please don’t be so naive…”she’s doing it for the fans.” Cough! Splat! Come ON!!!! Wake up.

Completely agree Rebecca!!!

I agree with Rebecca also!

unfortunately su0000, Oprah didn’t say any of things in your post, If she had I don’t think people would be so angry. I think what you’re saying is probably the truth, i wish she had said that instead of dismissing millions of soap fans.

You act like Oprah does all this stuff herself.. she doesn’t. Oprah merely slaps her name on stuff, she doesn’t actually do any heavylifting. When OWN first started, Oprah thought the channel would run itself and turn to gold because her name was on it.. when it started failing, she got real involved and has publicly stated if she had to do it again, she WOULD NOT HAVE STARTED IT and it was more work than she ever imagined.

Oprah could have gotten the rights for both, started off producing OLTL.. when it picked up steam and started making money.. then you she could have brought in AMC a year later or something. Oprah clearly stated the soaps are dead.. so stop bugging her to save them.

Doing this for the fans??? This is Oprah tucking her tail between her legs and begging the SAME people she spat on for her to save her FAILING network! It’s all about the $$$ for Oprah. If OWN was a hit, think she’d be looking for an internet show to air on her cable channel?

Oprah did not want to produce a 2 hour block of of soaps because it is a very expensive endeavor with not exactly a very high return on investment. She’s able to pay to air them without having the financial responsibility. I can completely understand that. If they get enough eyeballs on this “Summer Fling” expirement, perhaps OWN will be able to do a Winter and Spring Flings when there are enough episodes to air? I’m just tired of people complaining that they want the old 1 hour/5 episode system back – that’s not going to happen. Also, curious if the performers unions are going to raise up a red flag since these are now being broadcast – wonder who’s paying the actors salaries in this case.

This will be the count test, a rating, how many will watch the soaps on TV??

So far we have no numbers as to how many are watching, now we will see ratings going up on OWN, perhaps the soaps will bring up the ratings of OWN….

thing is; many who watch online, my preference, will not re-watch on OWN..
so, who will watch the soaps on OWN? not me ..

Both of yous are crazy if that is actually what you think!!!

agree with you Joliefan. As I stated above, Oprah’s worth BILLIONS of dollars! She could have produced these shows as soon as they were cancelled. She sent a video message saying, err…NO.

now that she’s seen that there’s actually a real, growing fan base…she wants in…she comes in AFTER all the tough work done by PP…all the money raised, all the legal battles, signing the actors..etc…NOW she suddenly on board?

What a joke! In my opinion she’s actually insulting the fanbase again. It’s like saying…”I know you’re all so desperate to see these shows on TV that it won’t even matter that I didn’t “save” them even though you wrote me, implored me…how many times???”

I agree Rebecca she is nothing but a Joke! After she claimed to be such a fan of Both shows she spat in the face of the fans like that SCREW that Hippo LMAO!

Would you look at that. Now she realizes there is a fan base to the soaps. Where was that mind set when we asked her for her help the first time. Before she wanted nothing to do with them since she said there is no ratings and could not make a dime off of them and the fan base just wasn’t there. Now that TOLN and PP has put in all the hard work and actually listened to the fans and saw that there still is a fan base to the soaps she wants to be apart of it. What a 180 she has done now. Glad for the ones that want to watch it on TV but OWN is just a little too late.

Of course now Oprah wants the soaps since they have proven successful on hulu. Well, im glad she’s airing them for the people who can’t watch online but yes, she should definitely be eating her words right now.

Glad to hear it. Hope everyone can be happy now.

wonder if she’ll save Paula Deen’s cooking show?

I too remember what Oprah said; but I will put my personal feelings aside about it because what is most important is the shows success. Oprah’s channel may struggle but she has a loyal fanbase and they may support this venture and help the shows get a new home, either on her channel or another one. At the end of the day, it is about AMC and OLTL’s success. I will support the shows on both Hulu and OWN because I just want them to stay on.

Right. I’ve never been able to stomach Oprah’s pompous and egotistical ways, but for the good of AMC and OLTL, I’ll watch every single re-run on OWN.. but only AMC and OLTL.. not watching anything else on that crumbly channel.

Exactly. Sometimes, we let our personal feelings about one person detract us form the ultimate goal and that is the success of the shows. I watched AMC for 30 years and OLTL for 25 and I have resumed watching both. I am so glad they are doing great online but they need to reach other audiences. Oprah didn’t really have the backing to do what PP has done and she felt that there wasn’t enough of an audience to support them. Well now, TPTB are bringing them on and I will support whatever avenue they are on cause I am so glad they are back. Screw ABC.

I think it’s fantastic. Oprah is willing to “own” up to her mistake…something ABC would NEVER do. Long live OLTL!

Oprah did not make a mistake, she made a decision that was best for her..
she was in no way capable of producing 2 soap operas..

Now, Oprah has made a decision to air the soaps for all who would care to watch them on OWN and enjoy them..

She did what she always does worries about her money! Selfish fat bitch I hope after the 10 weeks are over so will her stupid pathetic channel!!!

Oprah was wrong.. okay, if she couldn’t afford to produce the soaps.. then she can’t afford to produce them.. but Oprah was DEAD WRONG when she said that soaps’ time had passed, there was no fanbase and no money to be made! Those were Oprah’s sentiments.. and she was WRONG!!!

If you think Oprah made a ‘decision’ to air the soaps, I’ll have what you’re drinking. Don’t think Oprah made any decision.. more liked BEGGED PP/TOLN for the right to air the soaps on her crumby network.

It’s no secret in the industry that PP has been looking to air the re-runs on cable, for OWN to have gotten the exclusive rights, they would have to had outbidded everyone else for the right.. and I do believe the was a bidding war(OWN, lifetime, oxygen, TVGuide). PP/TOLN have to know that going to OWN is going to rub alot of fans the wrong way, but it’s good PR because of the history and probably great money.. I hope OWN paid thru the nose!

Su0000 do you not read the replies to your post…or do any research. You keep saying Oprah couldn’t afford to produce them. SHE COULD. She’s worth BILLIONS! One of the wealthiest women in the world. Period. She could have. SHE DIDN”T WANT TO.

EXACTLY. I am not really interested in what is on her channel but I am ride or die for OLTL and AMC.

So…big, black mama wants in – now that she smells a possible big success. She was nowhere to be found when these shows were scrambling to find a home but the very greedy, fat pig wants her share of the pie (I use food as a metaphor, it’s so suitable for this cow). I wouldn’t give it to her. Surely something better will come their way, they deserve it and it will happen. Don’t burden yourself with someone who is in and of herself a burden!

I am certain that Opra is on her hands and knees praying that Prospect Park doesn’t see your post and rescind the deal to air the shows permanantly!!!!!!

I’ll give credit where credit is due. Thank you OWN and Oprah for re-broadcasting the 2 soap operas.

And if for some reason you were misled into thinking that the 2 soap operas would not be successful, I hope that The Online Network/Prospect Park were able to demonstrate otherwise how successful they would be. I also hope it goes to show that the ABC Network isn’t as forthcoming as they claim to be about their daytime lineup.

Yes, my thoughts exactly. But she doesn’t own OWN; she has backing; PP did an amazing job so now that they have produced the show, now they can air them. Sure her network is struggling but I am more concerned with OLTL and AMC and I won’t be cutting off my nose to spite my face. I respect others feelings though. But I am so glad cause now my older relatives who are not into computers can watch on cable. So happy. I’d rather have them on OWN than none.

Please people don’t hold grudges. I remember also Oprah said the shows had run their course and her network was not going to pick them up. I have huluplus and I watch both soaps on my television because I have the roko box and I enjoy it that way. I have managed to stay up with the soaps because I get up at 6a and watch them. I was elated at the news that PP was going to air all the soaps on Mondays starting next week and you can watch them at your leisure during the week. I think Oprah now sees that she may have made a mistake and this is probably a trial and who knows she may get a contract to start airing them regularly. I see that happening. I have faith.

that’s what I’m thinking too


I am very excited about this. While I did watch the first couple of weeks online, did not like watching them on my computer. Now with the opportunity to watch them on TV I can catch them all again.

Thank you Oprah for doing this. Yes originally Oprah said soaps were dead, but she saw the success and went with it.

I am very happy that she gave them a chance. Now I hope people watch. The success of these shows staying on TV depend on people actually watching.

that’s what it is for me…

recording… watching at my own pace…. Binge if I will.

and keep UP!


A sound business decision?

however, you look at it.

PR for Oprah… to win back fans…. this could be big.
it’s not like she and OWN are producing and giving us new soap… she’s re-airing what we already know.

She’s “trial” running it?

I hope the fans show some support….

two fans…. tv and computers….

I’ll take the familiar… easier, TV.

The bottom line is that everyone needs to keep supporting OLTL and AMC if they want to stay in production. I will be setting the DVR and rewatching all the episodes.

I had a feeling when they announced “no more swearing” that it had more to do with a potential TV deal.

That crossed my mind as well.
I had no problem with an “occaisional swear here and there”.Would have been weird to hear Viki swear

I never thought about that. But a lot of people didn’t really like it. I wasn’t offended; just felt they were cursing to be cursing. I am not big on Shelter and Cutter though but i wasn’t crazy about him on OLTL. He’s a cross between the Old Rex/ Jared but that’s JMO.

So Oprah is tweeting “I hear you”. That’s funny seeing that she didn’t hear us begging for her to put AMC & OLTL on OWN two years ago. Her network is bleeding viewers so Oprah is desperate. She is not doing this for any other reason.

Oprah will not gain a lot from having the soaps..
the fans will be hit and run..
they will watch their soap and leave..

It is better for PP than for Oprah ..

The world and people change every day, their likes and dislikes, what they need and do not need, and opportunity knocks..
The world stand still for no man.

Haters need to grow up .. you all look like very disturbed sad people..
I think Michael needs an in house Psychiatrist to help some who post here 🙂

No suOOOO, I think some people need to grow up and not be so naive…like thanking a mega billionnaire because she’s running reruns that will bring revenue and viewership to her network. And defends the same woman who turned her back on many fans who helped build her career…who watched her Oprah show…

At THAT point I could see thanking her…IF she had listened to her fans and seen the crisis that many were in…those who not only enjoyed the shows but DEPENDED on them for various social or medical issues…who felt the shows were a lifeline…

Thanks her? For what? Padding more of her own pocket and thinking the fans dumb enough to buy her newfound loyalty?

If you’re going to watch the soaps on her network do it because you’d rather see them on TV…but don’t act tliek she’s doing this out of the kindness of her heart.

Exactly Linda!

Happy they will be available to those who haven’t been able to view them on the internet. Disappointed Oprah is first picking them up now. She flatly wasn’t interested when they first needed a new home and financial support, which we all know she can afford.

I hope the success of AMC/OLTL just keeps continuing, the little soap engine that could, can!!! Oprah came to her “cents”. Hope the advertising revenue and exposure make all the difference.

I think the soaps will have long and great future..
everything is finally working out very well..
It was a very long hard road and in a short time the soaps have arrived!!

In a way it is unbelievable that both soaps are rocking the world, simply a miracle..
No more living in the past, people need to leave the past in the past, living in the future is much brighter. and free of hate and resentment.

I am very happy someone is putting these shows back on 80 year mother has been watching these shows since inception and has missed them very much as she doesn’t do computers. I’m sure there is a huge fan based populist out there just like my mom. Let’s not criticize, but think of those who have TV’s and not computers /internet access.

I’m very happy these soaps have found a cable home because I think the success or failure of Prospect Park’s business model has always hinged on add on revenue thru additional airings. I think that’s the REAL the wave of the future as opposed to streaming online in and of itself which is nothing more than another a delivery system.

I assume we’re all here because we’re all soap fans and we can all well appreciate the barrier of having to hoist decades of character and story baggage in order to pick up a new soap. I’ve tried with a couple of other network soaps but if you haven’t been watching since dirt it’s next to impossible. Prospect Park has managed to break that barrier…and I’ll admit much to this skeptic’s surprise.

Good job although I’d personally prefer a different network.

I think OWN is failing and SHE does NOT fail. But this means She wants people back that’s she’s her back on.

Mixed reaction, glad for added revenue/exposure for PP but Oprah wanted nothing to do with the shows 2 yrs ago when fans were pleading for her help. It’s all about $$ not that Oprah actually cares about AMC and OLTL.

People change their minds, you do, I do ..
It is good for many people/fans that Oprah has agreed to air the soaps..
I am sure many will be thrilled to watch their soap on TV..
And it is PP who is making the money on OWN not so much Oprah ..

Yeah…i change my mind like you say…im not an O.W. fan and disliked her caring the show at first…now i feel grateful someone is airing the repeats…we all need to take a deep breath, move forward and enjoy our soaps. (then next week ill probably be bitching and complaing about something else…thats me…lol)

Let me put it to you this way:

Oprah saying there’s no fanbase, no money to be made, the soaps are done..

is like me saying about a significant other: I hate them, I don’t wanna see them again, there is nothing redeemable about them. Then seeing them in another relationship, doing well and thriving then saying: I was wrong.. you’re great.. I need you, you’re everything.

So while Oprah is free to change her mind, it’s gonna take some time before people who were BEGGING her for help to get over her basically saying: Leave me alone, stop bothering me about the soaps.. they’re dead, nobody is watching them, there’s no reason to put them on TV because there’s no money to be made.

Oprah should have kept her mouth shut.. she turned alot of fans and bystanders into enemies. If Oprah wants to start the healing, she should post a video apology.

I did state first that I was very glad for the added exposure/revenue for PP and that it helps canadian fans watch the AMC and OLTL. I just don’t think it is appropriate for Oprah to be involved after she wanted nothing to do with then in the first place. Now that she sees PP having success with it, Oprah wants to try to win some of the viewers to her network.

Lawrence rather harsh weren’t you!!! The woman has done a lot of good for a lot of people in this world! They’re only soaps, let’s not forget that people.


Making billions of dollars.. slapping her name on whatever crappy product they put in front of her. Oprah is about furthering Oprah.. please don’t be fooled into thinking she cares about her fans.. whom she sees a loyal buyer base to sell her crap.

Very good news at last. oprah knows the shows are. doing very well. kudos to miss winfrey
shame on you abc for canceling our 2 beloved soaps. i hope abc chokes on it. Abc will never admit there mistake. abc can go to hell.

You forget; ABC still owns the 2 soaps and are making ”millions” from them not being on ABC and costing them money produce, they leave that PP , ABC just collects millions from the 2 soaps for doing nothing ..
No money oiut of ABC’s pockets just money coming in ..
so, your assumption that ABC made a mistake, would not be correct..


(wish there were a correct button here lol ..

NO they DO NOT own the shows anymore! PP Owns the shows!

Perhaps now a few people will watch Oprah’s krap channel.

OMG, people… quit the complaing, please!… 1st of all, I am not an OW fan, but I will watch on OWN to support my favorite TV show of all time, OLTL!… I have not and will not watch online. Much prefer to watch my TV shows on the TV screen!.. also hoping that people support the shows on OWN so that hopefully the shows will continue with new eps!

Hopefully you’ll tune into AMC too! It’s so good right now!

I agree as I said in my other comments. It’s not about Oprah and she doesn’t have full rights over OWN. Her comments did rub folks the wrong way, but whatever reason the network is airing the shows, it is for the good of the shows cause no one else is doing it so I’d rather have her network than no network.

Oprah, you have restored my faith in mega media. You are my new best friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

BTW, I boycotted OWN before because she missed my beloved soaps. Now I’ll watch the soaps on OWN & HULU to support the genre. Rock on soaps

Ummm, we KNOW about the significant loyal fan base – that’s US. And I’m not impressed about Oprah “hearing us”, as she has said, and bringing the soaps on her network as if it’s some huge favor. No matter what the projections for her network may be, up until now, she’s been hemorraging money. If the shows bring her viewers, okay, because that’s good for the shows. As for Oprah, I don’t forget how friggin’ condescending she was about the soaps “time being over” when asked if she’d bring them onboard her network when the cancellations were first announced. I never thought that was something she was obligated to do – but she also didn’t have to speak down to us, or diss the shows as hasbeens, as she did.

So I’m glad the shows will be getting more exposure, glad they’ll be easier for folks to watch, but I do NOT GIVE A RATS BEHIND if Oprah’s network benefits. She showed her colors.


However late it may be, I’m thrilled OWN is broadcasting AMC and OLTL. I don’t care if Oprah feels her network is sinking and thinks soaps can save it, or what. All I care about is our soaps. We can’t let our beloved genre die. Plus, how satisfying would it be to stick to ABC? If AMC/OLTL are successful on OWN and find a permanent home there, then all the more egg on ABC’s face.

I currently watch OLTL on my computer and my tablet. I’ll watch it on OWN because I want this experiment to be a success.

I agree 100% Alley. Whatever you wanna say about Oprah’s positions in the past, at least she is not openly sabotaging Prospect Park like ABC is by manufacturing roles to keep OLTL actors on GH. And you do have to look at it from the point of view of a lot of the older and poorer viewers who may not have the ability to easily watch the shows online. This will give them the chance to see the continuation of their beloved “stories”.

Anyone who is contributing to increased viewership or revenues for the Prospect Park soaps should be applauded in my book.

Well said, Eric. IMO, the more viewers who watch on OWN, the better the chance of this becoming permanent. Yes, Oprah wants ratings, but not just for the summer…the goal of any network is continued high ratings year round. If we bring our viewership to OWN during this summer experiment, it could lead to OWN picking them up permanently.

I’m not an Oprah groupie, but I’ll do whatever I can to help PP, OLTL and AMC to succeed. It’s worth a shot and if it fails, we can say that we tried.

I know a lot of people are pissy about Oprah not signing the soaps to her network,but since FX Canada opted out of airing AMC and OLTL …I don’t care,I’ll gladly watch the first 40 shows on OWN – it’s a channel I have in my cable package.

Oprah is just airing the first 40 episodes we have already seen. It looks like it is a temporary thing! She isn’t going to have the new episodes on her channel. Only the episodes that we have seen already…She wants to cash in on the profits so it benefits her channel…OLTL & AMC will not be a permanet thing on the own channel . As I said it looks like just a temporary thing just for the summer. I will continue to watch it on hulu!

All My Children

Josh Duhamel to Star in Netflix Romance Drama ‘Ransom Canyon’

Former All My Children star and Daytime Emmy-winning actor, Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo duPres) will star in a new romantic series for Netflix. The streamer is expanding its romance brand with the upcoming drama, Ransom Canyon.

In story, Ransom Canyon “charts the intersecting lives of three ranching families, all set against the rugged expanse of Texas Hill Country.” It is said to be a romance-fueled family drama and contemporary Western rolled intoone.

Duhamel will take on the role of Staten Kirkland, said to be,”The owner and sole occupant of the sprawling Double K Ranch.” Staten is, “steadfast and stoic, and leads the charge to resist outside forces threatening his way of life and the land that he loves.”

Photo: JPI

Minka Kelly stars opposite Duhamel in the role of Quinn. According to the loglines, the character, “has often found herself in the shadow of others, but after a stint in New York pursuing her career as a concert pianist, she has returned to Ransom Canyon to carve out a new path for herself.”

The series has received a 1o-episode order. Ransom Canyon follows the success in this genre of show for Netflix s such as Virgin River and Sweet Magnolias. The show is created by executive producer April Blair, whoseTV credits include: Jane by Design; All AmericanHart of Dixie and the Gossip Girl reboot.

As for Josh, he has recently appeared in motion pictures in the Transformers franchise, as well as features such as Shotgun Wedding. and on TV, he appeared in the NBC miniseries, The Thing About Pam with Renee Zelleweger. Minka is best-known for her roles in Friday Night Lights and Euphoria.

So, intrigued by this new romance western drama starring Josh Duhamel and Minka Kelly? Comment below.

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Billy Miller Memorial Scholarship Endowment Created at His Alma Mater to Help Others ‘Realize Their Dreams’

Two months since three-time Daytime Emmy-winning actor, Billy Miller passed away, the beloved All My Children (ex-Richie), General Hospital (ex-Jason/Drew) and The Young and the Restless (ex-Billy) star, will now have a permanent scholarship endowment in his honor at the University of Texas at Austin which was Miller’s alma mater.

Through the scholarship, it will be able to help radio/television and film undergraduate students with financial need. Billy’s family and friends have established this permanent scholarship in his memory, naming it the William Jon Miller II “Billy Miller” Memorial Scholarship. They hope the endowment will be a legacy to his life and love of acting.

Before becoming soap-famous, Billy graduated from the the university’s department of Radio-Television-Film (RTF) at the Moody College of Communication. On its official website, they shared the news of this special memorial scholarship and how Miller died at the age of 43 after surrendering his life to bipolar depression, which he struggled with his whole life.

Photo: JPI

Megan Hubbell, Billy’s sister, expressed, “We want something positive to be held in his name in perpetuity through the University he loved. He would be honored to know that even in death, he can help someone else realize their dreams.”

She added how she hoped her immensely talented brother will be remembered: “I hope BJ (as Billy was known by to his friends and family) is remembered for the kind-hearted, silly, funny, goofy, generous, beautiful soul that he was His megawatt smile, deep belly laugh and gorgeous mug were gifts on screen, but his true self was a bright light that will be carried with us forever.”

Photo: JPI

According to Miller’s family, Billy had his picks of schools and UT was his first choice. When he first came to the university, Billy started in the zoology program before switching to radio-television-film, where he felt he belonged. Miller was one of just 20 students at the time accepted into the department’s prestigious production-sequence program.

“BJ was extremely proud to be a Texas Longhorn and always remembered his time there fondly,” Hubbell said. “The time he spent at UT allowed him the space to explore who he wanted to be and what he wanted to accomplish.”

Photo: JPI

In honoring her brother’s work and strength to persevere in the often heartbreaking world of entertainment, Megan related: “I always admired the guts it took to go after a dream in Hollywood that so many people tried to discourage. He heard, ‘You’ll never make it’ more times than I care to count, but he used those comments as fuel and said, ‘Watch me.’”

Miller’s roles went far beyond those on daytime soap operas, as throughout his career he played major parts in primetime’s Suits, Ray Donovan and Castle to name but a few.

Photo: JPI

In his death, Billy’s family is encouraging people to take stock of their own mental health. “BJ would want anyone struggling with intrusive thoughts to seek professional help,” Hubbell said. “Do not suffer in silence or try to muscle through on your own. Mental health is vitally important and shouldn’t be spoken about in silos behind closed doors but rather in open forums with open arms. Shame has no place in the discussion to seek help.”

To donate to the William John Miller II “Billy Miller” Memorial Scholarship click here.

Share your thoughts on Billy’s family and friends, along with his alma mater, setting up this memorial scholarship endowment to help other talented young people in financial need get a shot at realizing their dreams via the comment section below.

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‘Live with Kelly and Mark’ Scores Touchdown in Ratings with Taylor Swift-Inspired ‘Halloween: The Eras Show’ Delivering Largest Audience In Over A Year

More great numbers for Live with Kelly and Mark. The talk shows Live’s Halloween: The Eras Show scored an impressive 2.9M total viewers on October 31, making it the most-watched Halloween episode in four years, according to the Nielsen ratings.

The episode also delivered some of the highest ratings in seven months for the morning show, particularly among women 18-49 and 25-54. Live’s Halloween: The Eras Show also pulled in a 1.92 household rating, as well as a 0.47 among women in the key 18 to 49 demo and a 0.69 among women 25 to 54. Those are up over the last two years of Halloween episodes and since Consuelos first started in the co-host chair back in April.

According to Deadline, Live’s Halloween: The Eras Show, also pulled in the largest audience numbers for a single episode in more than a year and half.

Photo: Disney/ABC

As is tradition with “Live’s Halloween” episodes, they are always filled with costume and pop culture moments and special guest surprises. Ripa and Consuelos were right in step with the biggest social media love story at the moment; that of Swift and her burgeoning romance with Kansas City Chiefs Tight End, Travis Kelce.

During Halloween week which started on Monday, October 30, Live was up up 11% versus the week prior in total viewers, and averaged 2.6 million viewers throughout the week.  Year-over-year, the talk show was up that week by 15% in terms of total viewers.  It looks like the former All My Children’s alum on-screen chemistry is just as palpable as it off-screen; as the two marrieds are making quite a successful run together on morning television.

Photo: Disney/ABC

So, what do you think of the impressive numbers for the Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on ‘Live’? Did you enjoy their recent Halloween episode? Share your comments below.

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