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CONFIRMED: General Hospital's Teresa Castillo Pregnant With Baby Girl!

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It’s been bantered about, talked about on soap opera message boards, and suspected since on-camera Port Charles’ Sabrina had a bout with nauseous and then some!

We can now confirm that what you suspect … is indeed true! Actress, Teresa Castillo (Sabrina Santiago) of General Hospital is pregnant in real life according to the exclusive item revealed today from!

And further more, Teresa’s pregnancy will be written-in to the soap opera, which means Sabrina is pregnant! Does this spell trouble ahead for the Drake family?

Teresa and her husband Shane Aaron are expecting a baby girl that is due on May 24th!  Teresa told PEOPLE on the news, “It feels wonderful. This is the most joyous time of my life. It feels great to finally be able to share it with the world.”

Congratulations from On-Air On-Soaps to the happy couple on their upcoming addition to their growing family!  Now the big question GH fans, how do you feel about the fact that Teresa’s pregnancy will be written into Sabrina’s storyline?  Let us know!

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Very happy for her that she is pregnant but I’m not looking forward to that same ol story line.

I think it’s great. It keeps Sabrina in the story and, true to soap fashion, keeps Patrick and Robin from being “totally” happy…

Sabrina was devastated when Robin appeared and then she ended in the bed naked at Carlos house. She told Felix that her and Patrick practice save sex. But she does not remember what happen the night she spent with Carlos. I am thinking the story line could go either way. Interesting. I am still Patrick and Robin fan….

Hopefully that will be the case. Then Sabrina can get with Carlos.

I wouldn’t want Carlos to be the father of Sabrina’s baby. It could go both ways. Carlos denied taking advantage of Sabrina. Then again he would lie because he didn’t want to risk being charged with rape and with loosing Sabrina. Oh boy…What will be, will be!

Well how are they going to do that when Sabrina is 10 weeks behind Teresa in gestation? The dr on GH said Sabrina was 24 weeks yet as of 4-21 Teresa is 35 weeks. So when Teresa is 40 weeks Sabrina will still only be 30 weeks. Are we working a premie into the show?

What? Are you on the same story we were.

Um yes. Did u watch the sonogram episode? I thought I was pretty clear in my post.


CONGRATS! Teresa ..! A baby girl on the way!!

*I know you will give your soap love, Patrick a son 🙂

Haha…I love it!

Me, too! Plus, how can the writers NOT write it in? This is months (if not years) of storytelling that popped out of nowhere. I would have written it in, too, even though Patrick just had this story.

Let’s hope GH is on for years to tell the story… 😉

If they keep on giving the audience absolute idiocy like this stupid storyline, then GH won’t be going on for much longer. There is a point where people just give up on a show when it becomes too tedious and ridiculous…even these past few days (with the exception of Sam and Silas) have been pretty awful, although there was one saving grace to them…NO SAPPY!!!! Quite frankly, with the departure of Scorpio and the previous mishandling of other beloved old favorites (Noah and Frisco…) about the only things keeping me at the moment are the greatly welcomed return of Thaao Penghlis as Victor Cassadine and the promise of more Dr. O. (along with her daughter Britta….)

I think this pregnancy is going to be a great story line. Patrick still loves Sabrina. Sabrina has a kind heart and she is a good person. It is really hard not to like her. I know Robin and Patrick have a lot of history, but you can feel that something is just not right with them anymore. Good suds ahead!

Cathy I agree with you 100%

I agree with both of you. Here’s to sudsy soaps in 2014!

I agree, also.


I actually agree with you–something is off about Patrick and Robin. I would chalk it up to her being held prisoner for 2 years, except something has been off about Patrick since Robin allegedly died period. I never bought his love scenes with Sabrina–there was no conflict, no build up nor was there a spark of chemistry ever ignited between the two no matter how hard Ron and Frank tried to inflict this Disney princess down our throats. Patrick has been acting like he had a lobotomy since Britt, Sparkle Pony and Felix started running his life and he continues to act this way even with Robin now.

Sorry about not going along with the “offness” with Patrick and Robin. The writers are doing a great job to show the importance of TRUE LOVE,,,NOT the young, new love of what Patrick had with Sabrina. One year love vs 5 yr. love with Robin and Patrick not to include the friendship they had prior to the marriage….Patrick and Robin have what’s called true love, hot love and the fact that if they sexy Robin up a little bit she can go toe to toe with the “young and perhaps too young looking Sabrina”. I love Robin and Patrick 2gether…and many more fans do too!! PS just because Sabrina is young and made out to be innocent does not mean she has more hotness with Patrick. Robin has the “true love, last forever, hot love,,,,their scenes continue to grow and grow of their happiness to be back together,,,,

I don’t know why everyone thinks Sabrina looks so young…I mean, yes, she’s extremely pretty and looks younger than her 30 years…but “Robni” looks like a kid as well.

I am #teamSabrina! I don’t really like Robin. She seems sweet and all, but she is boring and uptight. There doesn’t seem to be real chemistry between her and Patrick.

I agree and she is dressing like a frumpy old lady??? What’s up w/that?

Cathy, you are so right! I feel as though the chemistry doesn’t exist anymore between Patrick and Robin. It seems so forced at this point! I really like Sabrina’s character and her compassion for everyone and I love the fact that Emma still mentions her. I didn’t appreciate the way Robin approached Sabrina. I am happy for Sabrina but I hope the baby is Patrick and Carlos didn’t take advantage of Sabrina in the night of her wedding disaster.

If you think the love connection between robin and Patricks is over then Sabrina and Patricks must of been over a long time ago because Patricks and Robins love story is so much more stronger and better than Sabrina’s and patrick.

I hate it….Another baby storyline on GH, What the heck is in the PC water? What did Jerry Jax do with the water?…writers please be creative with this one. Do not take the easy way out…

I agree, another baby storyline!!!!! UGHHHH
Too much “Baby Drama” on GH this year. Keep in mind, we have Britt’s baby, Dante & Lulu trying for one, Sam’s baby, and of course we have Maxie’s baby which may come back when she does in March.

I agree. Congrats to the happy couple, but I wish the writers had kept this out of the storyline. enough with the baby storylines for awhile.

Too much baby drama, I’m still waiting for the truth to come out about Britt’s baby, come on already the baby will be a year soon. Let LuLu and Dante get their Baby!!

Britt doesn’t have a baby…eventually she has to give back Dante and Lulu’s son. New storyline-she will lose her license, Nikolas because family means everything to him (remember NYE what he said to Silas). Britt withholding this truth after testing Lulu and knowing the further damage she is causing…uggh! I’m just saying.

Totally agree. We’ve had to deal with enough baby bs. Let her stand in front of big flower arrangements or send her out of town ala Maxie.

I agree also. Besides, there is just too much potential for this to turn into another complete about face on the storyline front…. i.e., too much potential for the story to go all over the map again where one week is completely inconsistent with the next one.

Jonboy, I love the way you think.
She could also stand behind the nurse’s counter for 5 months.

Agree.. they better make this baby storyline a storyline we have not heard or seen before……

Sooo tired of baby storylines!!


AGree,,,no more baby storylines,,,enough. Please leave Robin alone. Let her enjoy her life. Love stories do work and by the way….. just because Robin is the real wife, and not made up to look like the young innocent girl like Sabrina does not mean the “hottness” is not between Robin and Patrick. Patrick loves HIS WIFE,,,finally can the wife get a good story line on TV…


Agree, let Robin and Patrick be happy for awhile, it’s been a long time coming.

No thanks. Oh please!!! let the past go. Patrick moved on now he is back tracking and it seems forced 🙁

Olivia! Patricks and Sabrina’s relationship was forced! Have you been watching the tv screen?!

No, have you been watching the show you Sabrina, because you would see that the love patrick and robin used to have is not there anymore and there’s something that’s definitely not right between them two. you sabrina need to shut up because even patrick and robin were in love long time ago, you dt feel the love anymore between them. Patrick need to let go of Robin and just move with sabrina. I cant stand rovin in the show, something is definitly wrong with her. She so retarded uggg. Sabrina is new in the show of course and two years from now if she and patrick become together ya gonna see how strong they love will be. No more Robin please and let patrick be with Sabrina. And also they need to put Carlos out of the show too.

It will be written into the storyline!!!!!!!

It already has been written in…

How do you know it is written in the s/l. The writer said that ha the never said
that Patrick and Sabrina will be together.

where did you get that from. As long as Robin is in the picture Patrick will never leave her or if he does he will never get over her. He calls her everyday they are on set.

The preggars part i was saying that was written in…not Patrick going back to Sabrina…i doubt that’ll happen with Patrick knowing Robin’s alive and even with her possible kidnapping again…


I CAN wait to see what happens to the Drake family. This is a stupid storyline.

So predictable…

I hope Sabrina doesn’t pass the baby off as Carlos (bad idea)! I want Sonny to have Shawn to continue to investigate Carlos and his whereabouts. Shawn discovers that Carlos used to be romantically involve with Sabrina and finds out her address. He finds out her and Felix’s schedule at the hospital and looks for the opportunity to break in to their apartment. He finds Carlos near death so he calls Sonny to inform him of his discovery and ask what he wants done. Felix decided to take Sabrina to Kelley’s for lunch to keep up her strength after her first prenatal appointment. Enters detective Nathan West and Felix comments to Sabrina,who turns around and makes eye contact. Felix makes a point of introducing himself and Sabrina. Nathan West introduces himself and seems interested in Sabrina and makes a point of hoping to see her again when not on police business. Felix noitces Sabrina is blushing and feels this is just the distraction she needs to help her get over Patrick and avoid reconnecting with Carlos once he recovers. Felix feels the connection and teases Sabrina as the detective goes over to the counter to talk to TJ. Det. West is following a lead into the shooting of Max based on the information Rafe overheard and shared with Anna. Before leaving Fellix goes over to pick up another BLT for Sabrina for later and makes a point of leaving Sabrina’s number with the detective without her knowledge. When they arrive home, Felix goes to put the sandwich away and notice Carlos is missing! He doesn’t want Sabrina to worry so makes her promise not to get worked up and then he shares his discovery about Carlos being missing. Sabrina starts to let her imagination run wild then Felix points out it is not good for the baby so she needs to calm down. Felix tries to convince Sabrina. Carlos probably got his strength back and knew it was too dangerous to stay in Port Charles. Sonny gets Carlos a doctor to check on his wound because he wants to figure his connection to Lily, if there is one.


where did you get this from. This sound unreal and it is.

Congratulations..I like the Sabrina character..She is a wonderful and talented young actress and was a great addition to the show..I hope her pregnancy on the show does NOT drag on storyline wise..I want this character to kind of “venture out” of the Patrick/Robin storyline and more interaction with the rest of the cast..Perhaps she can be Tracy’s birth daughter who was adopted and sent to live in Puerto Rico?? I think there is more to this character..Happy New Year to all!!!!

Congrats , I think that is a great storyline too. Happy New Year everyone.

Congratulations! That is great and I bet it does feel good to share it with everyone. I love that it will be part of the storyline. It makes for great drama and I really don’t care about Robin having everything go smoothly. Granted she suffered a lot but she is still as annoying as ever.

I think Sabrina being pregnant with Patrick’s baby is great! It just adds to the drama and will make for some exciting and tense episodes!

Like its not been done before to Patrick. BORING!

I agree!

U r acting immature grow up please. Sabrina lives in the real world unfortunately robin lives in the fantasy world the way robin acted when she learned Sabrina was pregnant was completely immature and u call Sabrina immature. Plus Sabrina is prettier than robin. Robin is complex and insecure

I agree with everyone else commenting: NO, no, no, on the Patrick and baby story again…BORING! LET Sabrina’s baby be by Carlos or anybody else,,, perhaps she got raped while sleeping on the docks or someone came into Carlos house while she was sleeping in his bed or better yet Carlos fathered the child the night he saved her from running off and not dealing with her pain like a grown up,,,enough of the sweet Sabrina,,,remember how annoying that story line was when Robin was younger,,,please let Sabrina grow up and move on,,,, Congrats on her real pregnancy and much happiness in real life,,,

I agree with this statement.

Congrats Teresa!! Very happy for you and glad that GH is writing your pregnancy into your storyline as well! 🙂

Ugh! Me either! Of course, I’m very happy for her real-life pregnancy! But, this
storyline is so overdone. It’s practically a given – a couple splits up, and then, oops! Somehow, a baby has to enter the picture. There isn’t an ounce of creativity to this type of storyline. I guess I will be forced to watch Patrick, a grown man in his mid-thirties with salt and pepper hair, play out more “saved by the bell”
antics over the next year. This one truly might force me to stop watching. I just can’t stomach Patina. I actually don’t mind Sabrina on her own, if they paired her with someone more on par with her age range and personality. But pairing her with Patrick just completely ruins Patrick – not to mention she turns him into the biggest sappy bore I’ve ever seen. Too bad because Jason Thompson is one of the best actors on the show, and he is supremely wasted in the silly childlike relationship with Sabrina.

Teresa is paired in her age range…she may look young but she’s actually 30…all three…Jason, Kimberly and Teresa are in their 30s. She’s no more juvenile than any of them. Yes, she started out as naive/love struck but she’s evolved…she has history with Carlos…and she’s been depicted as a bright, caring, sensitive woman. She’s far from “childlike.”

NO HER character SABRINA isn’t paired with someone in her age range. Sabrina is in her early 20s. Patrick mid to late 30s. SEPARATE character from actor.

Patrick is in his mid- to later 30s. Assuming he’s on par with Robin’s age, which, given the tombstone they showed for her in the graveyard when she returned, she’s 36/37 (can’t remember which). Also, the character of Sabrina is absolutely not in her 30s – she’s 27. So, we can safely assume she’s approx. 10 years younger than Patrick. This isn’t to say that another actress could pull that off – they probably could. But even with her “duckling to swan” transformation, that just makes Sabrina look better, not older. She looks and acts far too young for Patrick. You’re confusing too issues. No one said she wasn’t a “bright, caring, sensitive woman”. Sure, she is, I’ll agree. I even like her on her own, without Patrick, maybe paired with Carlos or someone else. But she is not a good match for Patrick. She’s just plain and simple too young. There’s no depth, no complexity. Patrick is so much more boring when he’s with her. It’s sad because Jason’s a great actor. And making their storyline more exciting – and bringing a baby into the mix – doesn’t do anything to change the fact that I see no chemistry, no real spark, no deep love. More like a grateful kind of love for a young girl that babysat his daughter.

Agreed thank you Rebecca

Yes, yes and yes! Sparkle Pony has acted like a love sick school girl since first seeing Patrick. I swear she’s the one who wrote Patrick + Sabrina in the hospital lobby restroom. She might be in the same age range as Patrick and Robin, but the way she is written and the way she is fleshed out through acting, she might as well be in middle school.

I agree to disagree. I think you’re all confusing sweetness with youth. And please don’t tell me in “real life” a 20-something never dates or marries a 30-something, 40-something and beyond. As far as physical appearance, Kimberly looks as young if not younger than Teresa. As for Sabrina’s personality, just because she’s not pushy, arrogant or aggressive doesn’t means she’s immature or childlike.

I find her character to be emotionally strong; she stuck to her guns when she suspected Britt of lying about her pregnancy, she took care of and defended Emma against Britts nastiness, she’s supportive and stable. She started out with a schoolgirl crush. Literally. So what…get over it. She’s evolved, their relationship evolved and I think she’s a fine match with Patrick and a great role model for Emma.

Can I see her with someone else? Sure. Do I think it’d be interesting/fun to see her with Carlos? Perhaps…But I in no way think she’s a mismatch for Patrick. I think the two of them with Emma emanated a warm, cozy domesticity that was nice to watch.

I disagree. Do not call Sabrina a Sparkle Pony !!! Robin and Patrick are boring! The characters that enter their life and cause them anxiety is what makes them seem exciting. Robin grew up on GH and she has always been boring her parents are more exciting than her, she just end up in the worst case scenarios because of them! Also, Sabrina’s character will mature now that she is free of her babysitting duties!!!

Happy for the actress but feel that is so predictable and so many things could have been done to bring angst to Robin and Patrick but a baby oh please so not original unless Ron has something up his sleeve and it’s Carlos baby….

I hope it’s Carlos’ baby. like Sabrina better with Carlos than Patrick.

So do I !

Yes!!! Carlos baby!

I think it will be Carlos baby otherwise there was no real reason for them writing in Sabrina in Carlos bed, naked. He may be the baby daddy, other than that it would be senseless and that scene should not have been added.

I’ve been watching GH mostly for the Scrubs reunion, but once I read that GH was writing Teresa Castillo’s pregnancy into the story, I was turned off. I had hoped that Sabrina would move onto another storyline. I wish the actress and her husband all good things during this exciting time in their lives, but I can’t say I’ll be tuning in to watch the story play out.

Agree with AbbyS I was turned off as well, when they brought Robin back and then in such a short while, NOW Sabrina is pregnant….happy for Teresa in real life…but hate the storyline. Teresa is a great actress but I do no want her with Patrick or having his baby…

I would like the Drakes to be left alone. However, now that Robin said no to another child for now, it is probably safe to say that it is Patrick’s. I think this is too predictable and would like to see it be Carlos’s baby and that he lied to her about them not having sex. Life is not going to be smooth sailing for the Drake family anyway, why throw this at them too?

I love Sabrina, I just don’t want her to be written out for good.

Sick of another baby story and we just had this one with Britt and Patrick. Too many baby stories on GH. Wonder if Felix will call this baby a monster like he and the perfect nurse did? Doubt it it will be all the the perfect nurse and her pain like everything else is on GH. Hope there is a twist in this dumb pregnancy story AGAIN! One thing for sure, Robin and Patrick were absolutely wonderful today. Loved their scenes and the chemistry is off the charts. Love that Patrick picked his true love Robin. Had no doubt but with RC ruining Patrick to fit a forced pairing and by not making him ask about what his wife, Robin, and what she went through yet he listen to dumb Felix, another ruined for the perfect nurse had me afraid. SCRUBS are TRUE LOVE AND SOULMATES!!!!

But you gotta wonder how long Kimberly is staying around. I doubt she’s back for good.

you’re right. Not sure how long she’s sticking around ..

Congrats to her.. but agree this is suvh old storyline and boring.

cant stand the same o same o story line…but congrates terressa!!

Congratulations Teresa! I am very happy this will be written into the story line. I know that Robin’s return to GH was highly anticipated, I see love in Sabrina’s eyes when she looks at Patrick. I just don’t see it with Robin…there’s still hope that Patrick and Sabrina will become a couple…I hope so. Best of luck and happiness with your pregnancy 🙂

Thrilled for Teresa and her family, but this will end up being Carlos’ baby, not Patrick’s! The story will drag out but Patrick is the red herring. Carlos lied to Sabrina when he told her that they didn’t sleep together! Leave Patrick and Robin alone!

Congratulations to Teresa! I hope Sabrina gives Patrick a son. I love Patrick with Sabrina!

Not me…

Agree with all of the other comments. Just does not look right with Patrick and Sabrina. She always looks like the babysitter that got swooned by the father of the child she was babysitting for,,,,sorry guys but Sabrina’s character has been depicted too long and it is sticking with most of us that she was always the “young girl (late 20’s) who had a crush on the father she was babysitting for”. The move has been done b4. The babysitter pretends she will live in the beautiful house, wear the clothes of the big salary doctor, respected by her peers married to a doctor, etc….again this story is old, dated, and worn out. Please let Sabrina grow up, marry Carlos, or anyone else but to have a baby by Patrick,,,please noooooo,,,,,

Oh, but she has grown up. You must not have been watching lately. She is mature, sweet, kind and beautiful. BTW, in real life TeCa is just seven years younger than JT! I really didn’t want another baby drama story either, but in this case, it is totally acceptable!!!

Y don’t you grow up and stop being immature. Teresa is pregnant and is happy with her husband so stop talking bad about Sabrina

Patrick and Robin forever.

I am shocked no one has mentioned this yet. I bet my bottom dollar that it will turn out to be Carlos’s baby. The writing is on the wall.

Unfortunately, Tasha, what Ron will do in his on going effort to make Sparkles the martyred saint (Think Disney’s adaptation of The Little Princess) she will pretend that Carlos is the father in order to protect the Drake family.
This is only a guess, not a spoiler, and I certainly hope I am wrong.

I was thinking the same thing. They want something different – how about Sabrina & Robin both having babies, both Patricks and both boys. Clashes between the brothers for the next 50 years! Or maybe Robin had a little boy while she was gone? She was pregnant when she was kidnapped and didn’t know it and they have given her a drug for memory loss somewhere down the line? LOL!!

U know what man u need to stop and grow up and stop being immature.

Hope it is Carlos’s baby!

I see the writing on the wall. Carlo and Sabrina baby. GOOD

Happy for her, but they should have ” hid” the pregnancy as they did for Kirsten Storms. I said “hid” because it was not done well, but we were supposed to suspend disbelief. But to have Sabrina pregnant will lead to a stupid story line. Too many baby story lines…

What an absolutely unimaginative and cretinous storyline! Totally unnecessary and banal….just like the character herself! Only hope that the Sappy spawn ends up belonging to Car-LOS! and that it is dubbed “Tequila Rivera.” Perfect name for this trashy telenovela-twisted tyke, even if it does sound like a stripper, hooker or drag queen!

Patrick and Robin had some wonderful scenes…so good that im completely won over by them as a couple…i think Sabrina will have a boy which is predictable after Patrick and Robin mentioned how he would like a son next time…a drunken Sabrina slept with Carlos…the child could be Carlos’s but itll most likely be Patrick…hope im wrong…i do like the actress TC but i do not like Sabrina very well…she might be better in a completely different storyline…maybe as a long lost Quartimaine(Tracy once mention she always wanted a daughter) and as a new love interest for Morgan once he breaks up with Ava!

If the child is really Carlos’s, i bet that annoying Felix will change the paternity to make Sabrina and all others believe Patrick is the father! Maybe Felix and Brad deserve each other since they’ll have something in common if this story is played out the way ive predicted!

I wish they would stop making Felix such a stereotypical little bitch. The actor has potential.

No, I don’t think so. Felix is too honest to do that. He is not devious. If, on the other hand Sabrina told him to, then he would. He would only do it for her. Sabrina walks on water according to him . He would be her minion, if she allowed it. Gratefully, she does not handle deceit too well. Felix is a Yenta, not a snake.

Tami, my opinion on this has changed since i wrote you but i still think if the paternity issue did come up, Felix would still make certain the child is Patricks not Carlos’s and would switch it if the child does turn out to be the latters…that wouldnt exactly make him devious…more of an busbody from where i look at it!!!

I ken your reasoning, jimh, and this is, of course, a soap where anything is possible, but the “look” of that baby would have to be explained away. The baby’s parents would both be Hispanic. Carlos has that swarthy look about him. So, how does one pass him off as Patrick’s? Thus, if the baby is indeed Carlos’s, then there would be no trace of Patrick to persuade anyone that it is P’s baby. Wouldn’t the baby’s true heritage shine through? Only an idiot father would accept that child as his. Then again, this is GH where black is white and vice versa…no pun intended, please!!!… brain does not work that way, as some posters….

You are sick! Although this is merely a soap, how dare you refer to a child, unborn or otherwise, as a spawn ???? That word evokes visions of demons. I cannot believe what I have just read. And then you are audacious enough to dare denying your racist remarks. This is lunacy. You have just insulted an entire culture, B.

Very unsettling words.

There are having baby stories and there are having baby great stories..
This baby story with RC writing it is sure to be different than most baby stories..
some are freaking out over a baby story with no knowledge as to how it play out..
I feel this baby story will rock!!
There will be many twist and turns, surprises and intense drama…
It will be good!!! It will be its own …

Yes, I am “freaking out.” Please hand me my bottle of valiums…..yawn.

Now, now Harry…get a grip! We have only just begun to rally against this latest example of lamentable and ludicrous storylines! Simply stock up on an extra large supply of your beloved chamomile tea and everything will be alright! (By the way, if you haven’t checked, Amazon has some truly excellent deals on tea….I buy my organic white and matcha/sencha greens there all the time!!!) ; )

Shay, thank you for calming me down. I keep getting these email notifications in regard to the comments to this blog, but I am too nervous to click on the responses. Yes, I am a coward with a big mouth.

Awww…you’re welcome, Harry! It’s tooo bad those email replies don’t state the poster, so you know ahead of time if they are worth opening. I sent you a good one last week….hope you saw it, because it didn’t make it on here for public consumption, and it wasn’t even bad! Just a bit saucy….and anti-Sappy, of course! LOL…..

Cute, really cute…grow up!

I definitely am disappointed that it is being written into the show. I feel like they already have a big baby storyline going on right now with Ben and that is not resolved. I am a huge Scrubs fan so of course I don’t want this pregnancy messing with my favorite couple. So I guess we will see what happens, but I probably won’t be watching.

Congrats to her but another pregnancy story was the last thing needed on GH. I’m babied out.

I’ve totally lost interest in baby s/ls~ all of it has gone on way to long as it is and we haven’t even finished the ‘Ben’ s/l. I probably won’t be watching as much. Bring on some more Q action and Q family.

Although many parts of the Robin Returns story were fun and original, two big elements of the story were total soap cliches. Lazy and predictable writing to the max. First was the rushed, forced wedding of Sabrina and Patrick. So many couples on soaps pull the “Oh why wait?? Lets have a big church wedding in three days! Of course our friends and family will be able to get the day off! Of course the church will be available!” On the part of the writers, this indicates a serious lack of long term planning and originality. They think the drama and reveal HAVE to happen at a wedding because somehow that makes it more dramatic. They’re wrong. It would have been much better if they had the Robin reveal take place somewhere unexpected. That it happened at th enon wedding was something fans could see coming from the very second Patrick suddenly and uncharacteristically and impulsively started talking marriage. Now the next cliche is Sabrina being pregnant which will drag on with endless twists and turns. RC loves to write meandering baby storylines that by the time they are played out have become nonsensical. The aborted wedding and the unexpected pregnancy….these are two soap “staples” that have been way overdone by being applied like clockwork to almost every couple. What soaps need are some writers who wrote a show like Desperate Housewives. You could not see what was coming in the next 5 minutes on that show let alone predict entire storylines months or years in advance. It was bracing and refreshing to have a show that was continually unpredictable. Soap writers really are stuck in a rut of soap opera style writing. With all that said…I do hope Teresa has a happy healthy lil bundle of joy!

Well, said Johnny! And I miss your character on the show. I loved it when you played”Moonlight Sonata” on the piano.

For shame Harry! Cloven hooves?! It breaks my heart when innocent babies are bandied about like so. I suppose you do not realize, or you simply do not care what a blessing a healthy child is….losing one is absolutely hell on earth. Please stop, I beg you. I like you, Harry, but , please free yourself from the cult that is Shay. You do not want to be in league with the devil, do you? ………then again, maybe you do!

Sabrinas preggars is a predictable plot twist…itll be Patricks son simply because it was mention in scenes with Robin that he’d like a boy if they had another child…a drunken Sabrina slept with Carlos so the baby could be his…A year ago Maxi got pregnant by Spin and Dante and Lulu thought the baby was theirs and now a year later there seems to be a reworking of that same storyline here…Patrick and Robin will think the baby’s Pat’s and as Pat gets attached to ‘his’ son they’ll find out its Carlos’s child…Felix will probably change the paternity so Sabrina will think the boy is Patricks when its really Carlos’s? Maybe?

Is it possible Lulu is pregnant after all?

Lulu preggers? Olivia better have a pattern for knitting booties for cloven hooves.

i think lulu had a hysterectomy

Well soap writers only have two choices when actresses are with child in real life— write around it, trying to disguise it or write it into the story line. In this case in made sense to write it into the story because it creates drama for Robin and Patrick and gives the character Sabrina a story line now that Patrick is back with his first wife.
Yes, they had their share of baby stories of late, but that is what life is, people falling in love, having sex, creating babies– the circle of life even on soaps.
I would have been more frustrated if they went this route and the actress wasn’t pregnant in real life because it would have been so unimaginative story wise, but since she is pregnant you might as well try to make lemonade with lemons– if anyone can find a new way to tell this tale, I believe GH can— hopefully they will find a twist to make it less predictable and soapy. At least I am willing to see where they take this.


we need an unqualified newbie opinion… no holds barred fan real… on the writing/acting of Patrick and Robin, with this new regime, or someone out their… who didn’t watch Patrick and Robin their first 6-7 years… till this new writing team… how beloved and well scripted and acted Scrubs was.

Ratings! are one thing… not necessarily meaning good story.. but.. does prove the popularity.. of how BIG this couple was … in the past… and hasn’t let up… according to most… however, it really seems divided to me… 1/2 the fiery camp: being Patrina and 1/2 the fiery camp: being Scrubs.

for the love of this couple… and i’m happy – that some thing… is going right in Port Charles… did I expect unrequited love everlasting? (and, this is where we all falter, this isn’t the days of ole’, with stellar writing and Vets abound) but… it just didn’t have ALL the fireworks …. exasperating… at the direction and writing is out their.

Robin: does a 2 year captivity, prisoner, without her life, she loved that man, and loved her child as fiercly as another other couple out their.. who had it all…

Patrick: is he reeling from any guilt? that he didn’t love his wife uncommittedly? he thought she was dead… was his giving so much credence to Sabrina during and after the wedding… justified? and not disrespectful to the pair we loved first, from the start… Patrick and Robin?

theres no denying… that the chemistry with the three of them… IS… Patrick – Robin, and Emma.


Sabrina… (Theresa, congrats… on your prenancy… and that your life… and career is with GH) I love that Carlos is on the canvas… and I think these two have potential to reach a new audience… Latin community.. Puerto Ricans… and inclusive of color. I think their personalities are a match.


be that as it may… it’s back to exasperation… why, ugh, spit, ee gads… let’s not go back down that road AGAIN! Yikes!

soap fodder: sparkle pony, cinderella, ugly betty… Sabrina

soap fodder: school of hard knocks… Robin…

who’s life most all have witnessed and reel with… fought for her life… lived her life… attained that magic/snow globe white picket fence and triumphed with the love of her life… husband and family forever Scrubs…. missing parents/hiv/RIP loves… and so on and so on.. geez! it was like… at last….

i’m in a quandary: what are the writers thinking? leave well enough alone… Patrick “danced” in pain… with Sabrina and Felix… now let him and Robin relax and find their groove again…. and let them arsenol their two as one and take on the world.

that christmas scene when Patrick gave Robin her wedding ring back… that was lovely… in that same scene with gift exchange… he asked Robin if she was doing OK.. and she said… it’s going to take some time.. getting used to being what it was..

so you can see some hesitation, some angst, some forlorn… what to do? I guess that’s where I’m coming from…

like fans have realed… get these two alone… even at a marriage counselor.. and talke about your time apart?

Well truth be told as a newcomer I find this whole triangle lackluster to say the least. A really great soap triangle should have me torn on who the one in the middle should be with. As a viewer when I see Patrick with Robin I should want him to be with Robin and when I see him with Sabrina I should want to see him with her. I should be torn about it than Patrick.

My problem with Sabrina and Patrick was I never truly believed they were in love. It was so rushed and as a viewer the whole romance felt forced. I would have like to see that relationship develop more slowly — if they had been together for a couple of years before the wedding and then Robin showed up I could see that would make him more torn, but as it was his decision wasn’t really a decision at all. As a viewer I knew he would choose Robin.

But as a newbie, I am not seeing this famous chemistry everyone spoke of between Robin and Patrick. I did watch some old clips on YouTube, but out of context from the everyday storytelling I wasn’t hooked on this couple like those who watched the romance grow every day on screen. I get why Patrick went back to her, but for me, as a newer viewer I think he had more chemistry and connection with Elizabeth. So for me, I like to see him with her eventually.

Now as for the story line I think two years apart changes people. I don’t care how much you were in love, no one realistically just picks up where they were. So the vibe I am getting is both of them are really trying just to go back like two years didn’t happen, but eventually I think the strain of pretending two years didn’t go by should start to show. If the writers want me as a newer viewer to care if Robin and Patrick are together then I am going need more scenes that have them reconnecting, falling in love all over again. Otherwise, I am not going care if he stays with her or not. Like I said I like him with Elizabeth, based on the last year of shows— if that was the triangle I think that one would have more potential to be great triangle than him with Sabrina.

But ultimately good story telling should affect everyone in different ways, engage our emotions in what matters to our own hearts. All art would be dull if everyone experienced it the same way, so the fact there are debates, and differing ideas about how this story is going that is a good thing. The fact you do care about this couple, means GH is doing their job and that is what soap watching is all about.

you spoke the truth.

the new regime… didn’t continue the catapult Patrick and Robin are.


#1. But as a newbie, I am not seeing this famous chemistry everyone spoke of between Robin and Patrick

#2. Now as for the story line I think two years apart changes people.

and that’s what makes me crestfallen.. my heart lacks.. is missing.. the love , these two reeled.. the magical semblance we envisioned.. is :

marySF: I appreciate your candor… I don’t know what to think.

it’s neither here nor their.. for you and I .. to lament.. where do we go from here?

it’s soap fodder.. and I digress.. to go, anywhere.. but onward and upwards

it’s still a relevant, cohesive knit collective.. that GH reels.. a twosome.. that magically created stimulus


Mary, as a Scrubs fan, I actually completely understand what you’re saying in response to Patrick (the poster). Something is off with Robin and Patrick, and I’m blaming the script writers. Some of the choices their making, lines or just specific words, are changing the entire beat to the “love story” Ron C promised we’d see on screen.

The shock of Robin’s return should not have worn off by now. Patrick should be wrestling with the realization that the woman he told himself for 2 years was dead really is alive. He should be “needing” her more. Not in the sexual sense (though that too wouldn’t be so far removed from the history of Scrubs), but just in the touchy-feely moments, both physical and emotional, that connection that JT and KMc have down to a science. They should be playing that up way more. And in all honesty I don’t blame the actors here. I think they’re giving as much as they can, and I think specifically JT is still trying to act with some kind of a balance (for reason’s beyond me, but JT is the professional) believing Patrick had some love that could ever compete with his love for Robin. But it all starts on the page, and the actors can only do so much with the writing when it’s using language that goes against what the characters should be wanting to say.

Robin too should be struggling, with being so excited to finally reunite with her family but also heartbroken over the lost time. We’re seeing more of this than the former, but even still it’s a beat that’s not being well played. If both these struggles were being shown appropriately, then we’d get much more of the trauma (and I do feel for both it was extremely traumatic- Patrick’s depression and addiction post loss, and Robin being held captive and tortured) they endured being separated and ultimately the extreme relief and beyond happiness they feel being back together. Rather, we get scenes wasted on Robin debasing herself to get Sabrina to back down, or Patrick speaking as if Robin just went to the deli for an extended period of time.

And as far as dialogue, Patrick’s entire breakup with Sabrina was ludicrous. He’s breaking up with her gently on one hand, understandably not to hurt her, but his words were almost as if they were giving her hope of a reconciliation. Like, he wants to be back with Robin and he’s choosing her, but don’t feel too sad Sabrina, because you really are a very close second. Um, no. And like you said, what we saw on screen (for me for 2 months, but for everyone else however long their relationship went for) was not this “great love” he made it sound in his breakup. The dialogue put too much emphasis on something that was never there, as a way of making up for the fact that it was never there and most of the audience never saw it.

But other moments too. Like Patrick repeatedly saying he “belongs with Robin and Emma”. To me, this implies choice. And I don’t want there to be a choice for Patrick. If deep down he knew what he wanted all along, as he also said, don’t make it sound as if his heart ever belonged elsewhere. Further to the same point, he’s also using “Emma” and “family” a lot as the reason he went back to Robin, and I am DESPISING that too because it’s as if he’s doing it for the responsibility of it all, which again, is ridiculous because he should be shouting from the rooftops how it’s Robin, it’s always been Robin and how it will always be Robin. Hello? You became manic-like when you thought you heard Robin’s voice on the phone, you apparently rewatch DVDs of her for comfort, you went looking for her an hour before your wedding, you can’t stop talking and reminiscing about Robin with Liz, Sam, Mac, Maxie, Anna and anyone else with ears, AND you took a long ass pause before you said “I do” to another woman. IT’S ROBIN. Period. End of story. There should be no other reason necessary. There IS no other reason.

Finally, the dialogue with the baby conversation was off to me too. In truth, I wrote out another paragraph with my reasons but just decided to cut it out. Suffice it to say, the words, particularly Robin’s here, left a lot to be desired for me.

In short, I want STRONGER, more committal language that builds on the remarkable history and chemistry Robin and Patrick have. Will their vow renewal bring them back to life? I’m hopeful, but remaining realistic.

I don’t know, maybe I have thought about this too much in my head that *I* know how it should be written and the fact that it isn’t is letting me down. Maybe it was all my level of expectation. But then when I hear someone like you say that there’s disconnect, I feel more confident with what I already assessed in my head- the writing is lacking.

Scott, Katherine, Suzanne, Kate Hall (whom I actually mostly like…with the exception of that horrid breakup) and whoever else…you’re all on notice in my books. I was not a fan of Guza, but I admired his script writers. Susan Wald, Mary Sue Price, Nathan (last name I forget), occasionally Micheal Conforti (who I wished wrote more scripts) and of course, the beloved Karen Harris who was a Scrubbie like the fans. I felt the characters were safe with these writers. Maybe it’s because they helped shape Patrick, and Scrubs, from the start. I’m very disappointed with how careless and sloppy RC’s scriptwriters are writing Patrick’s and Robin’s dialogue. They are ruining what should be some of the greatest moments, riding the love high Robin and Patrick set for 6 years, as well as the church scenes where their connection was astoundingly palpable.

And lastly, for whatever it’s worth, Sabrina being pregnant is so damn predictable, but I’m starting to see everything about RC is. I should be getting paid for this show because I’m coming up with the plots long before we’re seeing them. Of course the baby is really Patrick’s everyone. Wishful thinking saying otherwise. This is a frustrating, overused plot point Ron will excuse as being the direction taken only because of TC’s pregnancy- which is such a load of crock. It wasn’t the only direction to take this, but Ron will no doubt be so proud of himself nonetheless. Sometimes I buy his crap as genuine honestly and good intentions, but then I get splashed with the cold waters of reality. I was always scared of Scrubs in RC’s hands…long before OLTL was cancelled, just wondering how he would do things with Robin and Patrick if ever given the chance. I felt a modicum of safety with the reunion, never having any doubt it would happen, but now I see, he’s a writer just like the rest of them.

Sorry for my rant. I promise it’s over now :).

There was another choice….send her off the canvas for awhile….or permanently. Either would have been preferable to this hackneyed, trite storyline…of course, then “Cartini” would have had an entire hour to fill each day sans their Disney-inspired fantasies and favorite pet filly to primp and prop, just real actors, mature, fleshed-out characters and interesting, gripping scenarios to create…simply couldn’t have that even if it worked for 50+years!

this was the opportune time.. to reel.. love at its best

why did they stray from… and filler with…

like you said.. real actors… fleshed-out characters with VERY interesting, gripping scenarios to create.. build upon

I remain steadfast

Well sending her off canvas for awhile is part of the first choice I mentioned about working around it— firing her completely, well the last I check that is illegal to fire someone for just being pregnant — so my statement still stands, they only have two choices– work around it or write it in. Since they just worked around KS pregnancy, this time they decided to work it in. As I said if the actress wasn’t really pregnant I would agree it was a stupid and predictable route to go, but since she is, as I stated if handle correctly it might work out.

I know you dislike the character or perhaps just the actress playing her, but realistically, the character is staying, the actress playing her is staying, so as I stated I am hoping they will make it interesting. But since I doubt there is anything they can do with the character you would like then all I can suggest is you fast forward all her scenes, or channel surf which is what I do when there is a character on a soap that I hate to watch—– Happy New Year.


@Gemma…As always, an intelligent and thought-provoking response from you…..

A lot of people complain…even me a little…that there are to many baby stories…but this is a show about a hospital and a city…so its fairly realistic to have several characters having children around the same time…my own family had 3 births the same year back in 1997…so there is nothing wrong here with a show set in a hospital doing several baby storylines…however, my only gripe can this show keep track of them when they barely show the children they already got? Carlys daughter was seen on Halloween as well as Lizs children and Niks son and rarely seen again except for Spencer at Christmas…Emma is the only one except for the babys that are usually shown. The cast of GH is bloated with too many characters, especially children who they can even use!!! Ok, Jocelyn is off with her father, Leslie is taken care of Spence and Grandma Audrey is babysitting for Liz…i get that!!!

rarely use and show as it is…i meant to say!!! not they can even use!!!

In so happy they are writing her pregnancy into the storyline it’s time for scrubs to come to an end and time for Patrina to shine and be a happy family with their baby and Emma

….and live happier ever after in their sparkle palace.

I agree, let Sabrina be the 1 2 give Patrick a son now Idk what it will do for Robin but oh well …


I had a sinking feeling the writers would take the storyline in this direction once I heard that Teresa Castillo was pregnant. I’m all for drama and angst as it is a soap after all, but I feel that Patrick and Sabrina have zero chemistry with one another. The character of Sabrina is likable enough, but she needs to be paired with someone else because she is one-dimensional right now. At least a feisty side comes out, during her scenes with Carlos. I hope that after all is said and done, the baby will end up being Carlos’. Patrick and Robin have always faced adversity and come out on the other side…together. Hopefully this storyline will be no different.

Sabrina and Patrick are HOT, great chem..
Robin and Patrick are old news, been there done that (stale)

Patrick and Robin are doomed, as all older soap couples are, is the way it is..
Sabrina and Patrick will bring us excitement, this is going to be an exciting journey 🙂

“HOT”?!…not seeing that at all, but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Agree with Kea,,,definitely nothing hot about Patrick and Sabrina. Patrick looks at her as the one who helped him to start having sex again. Sorry but Sabrina looks like the “babysitter” fantasy stories based on being inside of Patrick’s house too often and acting like Robin to his child Emma. The part that is being left out is that Sabrina treated Emma very much like Robin did early on, when Robin was the young innocent girl like Sabrina is now.,,,,Again no, please no more of Patrick and Sabrina,,,enough.

This storyline is no surprise at all.. Very predictable… It has happen quite often… I really hope it is Carlos’s baby and not Patrick…I like Sabrina better with Carlos… They make a much better couple…

You can tell it wont work with Robin. Shd was gone for two years and you cant go back. When Patrick broke it off with Sabrina he said robin was his wife and the mother of child…..never saying that he loved her. However he told Sabrina he loved her and did not want to leave. Robin wont have time for family when her cure becomes public…..she will be off on some kind of human saviour mission. This will not sit well wiyh Patrick and Emma who has shown not being able to relate to her mother unlike Sabrina. By the way didnt Robin always says that Stone was the love of her life what if he came back would she leave Patrick for him? Patrick and Sabrina will end up together. As for Sabrina she may be the missing Q heir…..just a thought. Back to Patrick he will be passed for COS which will cause a rift between scrubs as robin will get world wide praise for her cure. Just my thoughts.

Congrts to Teresa Castillo.

Congratulations to Teresa Castillo and her husband! Wishing you a great pregnancy and a healthy, beautiful baby.

Love you as Sabrina!

I agree with Marisa, wishing Sabrina/Teresa a joyous, happy and healthy baby. I hope that Sabrina and Patrick are united again. There was a refreshing quality about their relationship. Patrick and Robin as a couple is outdated and overrated and need to end for good. A new year has arrived, let the the past stay in the past. I believe Patrick still loves Sabrina, although he told Robin he will love her forever. He loves them both. The writers need to listen to the fans, and we are not bullying the writers but we are on the outside looking in. Robin should have remained dead.

That is a terrible thing to say. The fact is, Robin was not dead, therefore she could not have remained dead. Where is the logic in that….educator? Robin had parents who mourned a daughter and a motherless child who suffered, calling out for her mommy.
I found what you wrote interesting and plausible until the last sentence. That just killed it, EDUCATOR.

Congrats to the actress but I’d seen hints of and hoped for a “love on the run” story with Sabrina and Carlos as both Sonny and Julian would be trying to find Carlos and kill him. Now, with Sabrina pregnant, that can’t happen and instead we’ll get yet another WTD story. Please, GH, make the excessive baby rabies stories stop!

So happy for her but I hope they don’t make Sabrina go back to wimpy Patrick! I can’t stand him or Robin! Maybe the whole family will move away for a fresh start.

Please make the baby Patrick’s & give him a son !!! I like the pregnancy storyline & I hope Carlos didn’t take advantage of Sabrina the day of her “supposedly” wedding. Yeah I was all for Patrick & Robin find each other again but there wouldn’t be drama without sum1 being pregnant since Robin doesn’t want another baby so y NOT give Patrick the son he’s always wanted with Sabrina ?!?! I say make it Patrick’s baby please !!!

Yes, but I think that Patrick should not be named as the babies father. It should be made known that Carlos is the natural father of the baby, because when she got dumped at the alter and ran to Carlos, she got drunk and didn’t know if she slept with Carlos or not. Why would they make Robin to come back to this hearing that her husband is going to be a dad by Sabrina? It was bad enough while she was gone to hear about Britt having Patrick’s child, come on the same story repeating itself .

So happy for Teresa and Hubby, but writting it in the soap is tiresome. Thank goodness for recording, I can always fast forward, when Sabrina,and her talking to Felix and the Drake scene come on about the baby.Couldn’t the writters think of something original for Sabrina. anything but being prenant with Patrick baby.It’s been done so many times, since 1960.

so true

Thriled for Teresa & Sabrina !! Making her pregnant with Carlos’ child is disgusting. Sabrina was passed out drunk. Not very conducive for a love story !!! Patrick and Sabrina’s love story is beautiful. Robn should have stayed GONE !! The LAST thing that GH needs is ANOTHER “who’s your daddy,” storyline. Maybe it’s time for fresh writers !!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the idea of Sabrina being pregnant so that Patrick can be put to the test please please let this be Patrick’s baby. I like Patrick with Sabrina

Congratulations, Teresa! I think Sabrina will lie and say that the baby is Carlos’. I really enjoy Felix’s and Sabrina’s friendship. Loved the scenes of Felix going to buy her the pregnancy test, waiting with her, and reading her the results. I’m not a huge fan of Robin, or Robin and Patrick, so, having Sabrina pregnant with Patrick’s baby-as over done as it may be, not so bad for this viewer.

Sabrina don’t do this this could hurt Patrick. And robin Patrick and robin gets too have a second child in there family don’t get like Lisa please don’t

Not happy Patrick and Robin deserves happiness don’t like Patrick and Sabrina together come on GH

i so agree

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Michael Easton Pens Touching Farewell to Gregory Harrison

Following the on-screen death of his on-screen father, Gregory Chase played by Gregory Harrison, longtime soap vet, Michael Easton (Finn, GH) shared his feelings on a touching Instagram post.

Easton summed up getting to know Gregory Harrison, and to play emotional scenes with him for the last three years. In story, Gregory succumbed to ALS, a disease in which there is no cure.

Sharing several photos of himself with Harrison. Easton expressed, “Gregory Harrison. One of the finest actors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with and an even better human being. I learned so much from you, my friend, and it was an absolute honor to get to share a stage with you these past three years. Your talent, grace and powerful presence will be greatly missed around the studio. @gnhsurf @generalhospitalabc #gh #fathersandsons”

Photo: ABC

In addition, Josh Swickard (Chase), Harrison’s other on-screen son told Soap Opera Digest on Gregory’s exit, “Sometimes when you’re working on a show like this and someone plays your dad, it spills over. He really felt like a father figure to me in so many ways. Still does. He’s such a good human being. He’s been around the block in life, in Hollywood, and then some, and he’s just a wealth of knowledge. And he’s a humble human being.”


Fans of GH caught on the Monday, May 20th episode some very heart-tugging scenes between Gregory and Finn, where they each tell the other how proud they are to have been each others father and son.

Watch below the heartbreaking moment and the touching portrayal by Michael Easton when Finn finds his father has passed away.

So, what do you think about the words written by Michael Easton and he says farewell to the exited Gregory Harrison? What did you think of his performance on today’s GH? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Michael Easton (@iammichaeleaston)

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General Hospital

Lane Davies on Possibility of Extending His General Hospital Run: “I Would Be Totally Open”

This week, viewers are catching the re-teaming of Lane Davies and Nancy Lee Grahn for the second time on General Hospital and the third time in their careers given their storied history as Santa Barbara’s Mason Capwell and Julia Wainright.

Previously, Nancy and Lane played opposite each other and shares scenes as Dr. Cameron Lewis and Alexis Davis back in 2002 on the ABC daytime drama series. Now in 2024, Davies takes on the role of Fergus Byrne, the brother of the late Neil Byrne, as Alexis tries to get her law license reinstated.

Speaking with TV Insider on his recent return to GH, Davies shared, “I know Nancy was wanting to work with me again. I ran into (former GH head writer) Patrick Mulcahey at (Santa Barbara co-creator) Bridget Dobson’s funeral and we had a lovely lunch together and a lovely visit and I think it was just the synergy of all those things coming together that did it. Patrick saw me and realized that I hadn’t completely deteriorated over the years and thought, ‘Well, this would be fun.”’

Photo: NBC

Lane also shared he isn’t closing the door for more episodes of General Hospital down the line were the powers-that-be to keep Fergus on the canvas.

The popular actor expressed,,”I would be totally open, but that’s all up to the writers and fans and producers and network people and I’m kind of out of that loop. But if it happens, grand.”

So, would you like to see Lane stick around Port Charles? Comment below.
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General Hospital

Gregory Harrison Wraps His Run on General Hospital

Gregory Harrison, who has played Gregory Chase on General Hospital, has left the series.  As viewers saw, on the May 20th episode Gregory remembers his life, then seemingly went to asleep.

However, on today’s May 21st episode, is it revealed Gregory, who suffered from ALS, passed away in his sleep. Harrison brought with him extensive television and movie credits from Trapper John M.D., Falcon Crest and more before coming to GH.

Harrison joined the ABC daytime drama series in a recurring capacity back in November 2020 and signed a contract back in June of 2022.  A rep for the show confirmed to Soap Opera Digest that Gregory’s exit was storyline-dictated.


Photo: ABC

In story, Gregory Chase was the estranged father to Finn (Michael Easton), as they had a complicated past. He also had a younger  son Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). Gregory was also the grandfather to Violet (Jophielle Love). One of his last wishes was to see Chase and Brook Lynn (Amanda Set tie the knot.

Over the past few months before the character’s demise, he became close with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Tracy (Jane Elliot).

The death of Gregory Chase will certainly rock Finn and Chase’s world.

So, sad to know Gregory Harrison has departed General Hospital? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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