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Could Tea Delgado be on her way to Port Charles? Florencia Lozano to GH?



This would be fantastic news once we can get a confirm from a GH rep! According to We Love Soaps, Florencia Lozano is on her way to General Hospital to reprise the role of Tea Delgado of One Life to Live and is beginning work on the soap this coming week.

Florencia Lozano participated in a special benefit staged reading of the play Busted in New York on Saturday night where it seems the news of her coming to General Hospital began to come to light!

On-Air On-Soaps will be on top of this story on Monday after the Easter Holiday!  Think of the possibilities! Tea coming to give legal counsel, Todd Manning coming back to town when Roger Howarth returns to the show and Tea being there, and of course, could Victor Jr.  (ala Trevor St. John) be far behind?

Let us know your thoughts!

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I agree with you,they would have to recast,and maybe Jack too.

I meant recast Sam.

Why would you want to recast Patrick Gibbons, Jr who played Sam? Is he not one of the cutest children you have ever seen?

I agree, David. That kid is sooo cute! And, not a bad little actor, either, for his age…

I have been watching GH, and I am doing it to support my OLTL peeps, and the genre, but it hasn’t hooked me yet. It’s definately not the same. However I continue to watch to help save a genre that I have loved until my OLTL was pulled away. Flo Lo to GH will be the anchor that would get me, however I WANT KASSIE DEPAIVA also! Blair, Carly, and Tea! WOW! Also Trevor, and Roger. This is the right group of people to swing over. They fit with GH!

i agree although i am NOT a tea fan and would have liked to see KASSIE DEPAIVA asked first since roger howarth is coming on board as todd. With Todd, Sonny, Victor carly, tea and blair onboard i think GH ratings will skyrocket!!!

Kassie DePaiva was asked first.
I honestly don’t think this is a long-term thing (as long term as GH is going to be, anyway).

I agree with you…..but I also wonder, WHY NOT JUST BRING OLTL BACK?! If what’s improving GH is bringing on so many OLTL characters, as well as the Producer, and writer of OLTL…..then should the show really have been cancelled in the first place?! I mean, I would be thrilled to see Tea, but I want to see her on OLTL, with the rest of the cast….just my opinion.

I couldn’t agree more. However, people have moved on, and the likelihood of getting our OLTL back is probably nonexistent. ::sad::

Yes, yes, yes! This just proves OLTL shouldn’t have been cancelled! It was the best & most popular of the soaps! They should admit their mistake & bring it back just like NBC did with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show! It can be done!

This is great news I also read over at daytime confidential that she is coming to general I heard this at two different sights.tea,diane and alexis in a court room that will be great ,must see tv,I can see it now,Maybe victor is being held hostage in port charles somewhere ,let the story of two todds continue.also I heard at another sight this morning that the reason the ratings went up for general hospital is because of the one life to live cross overs ,gh needs the fans of one life to live to stay, so our soap characters from landview they have to stay to ,I knew it was a good thing to keep one life to live alive.I m a fan of both soaps (one life to live is my favorite) But this is the right move to keep general hospital from getting cancelled.Thanks again RON and FRANK,this fan is very ,very happy again,Friday Finola,Sunday florencia.General hospital will never be boring again.

This would be great…there can never be to many lawyers in PC and having Flo back would be awesome

Wow, very disappointed in this news, sorry..not a fan. Of all people to bring..VERY surprising!! Afraid it will turn off more GH fans..most of the OLTLers like me are not watching as reflected in the ratings.

The only GH fans who wants to see the OLTL characters, are those who were watching both soaps.

GH fans, who never watched OLTL, don’t want to see any OLTL characters on their show.

I am happy more of the actors coming to GH..doesn’t bother me in the least…I stop watching GH for a little while..But I am back on board..The main reason is because OLTL actors will be on GH…. I miss OLTL soooo much & I welcome them on GH………………..OLTL was my favorite soap………………So more the merrier….

I agree with Heather.

More OL characters directly means less time for the GH story lines. There are only 60 minutes to each show. The math is easy to do.

Violet – they are all GH characters now, they are appearing on GH so these are GH stories. If they were cutting away to Llanview then yeah it would be less time for GH, but you are still getting 60 (actually about 36 after commercials) minutes of GH 5 days a week.

Tea will be on GH 5/7……

Chris, why is this surprising? Everyone has their opinions, but I’m curious as to why the choice was unexpected. Thanks.

I hope so three of them is awesome., but I wish more actors and actresses form the two cancelled soaps can also be on GH.

I would love to see Tea with Sonny..OMG..these 2 spanish hot people together on screen.YES!!!!!! Sonny and Tea!!!!!!

THis is awesome news..Please let it be true.She is an amazing actress..TEA and SONNY!!!!!! HOT HOT

Loyal GH viewer here. Tea’s arrival, if followed by TSJ and the whole Blair/Todd family, will not interest me. I liked OLTL but only watched sporadically over the years. All these characters coming to GH sounds like OLTL is becoming a big chunk of the show. I want MY GH characters back! Not more OL! I want Robert, Anna, Alan, Monica, Emily, Bobbie, Sean, Tiffany, Ned… Basically, more Quartermaines, Spencers and others around which the show was established.

IF, and I do mean IF, bringing all the OLTL characters on saves GH, then I’ll put up with it. But it is not my preference. I’m not trying to disparage OL or all the OL fans. I sympathize on how great a loss you must feel with your show gone! I’m dreading feeling the same if GH is canceled.

I see nothing wrong with it.. There’s plenty to go around… OLTL was my favorite soap.. Gh was my second favorite soap…OLTL had heart & they were like a family..Plus OLTL was heart-warming soap…No mob/gangster stories like GH…They are as different as night & day………….Loved Erika Slezak the heart of the show…She had plenty of love to spread around to her family & friends…Again I welcome them to GH………….

Yes, I would like GH to get away from the wall-to-wall mob nonsense also. That’s exactly what I meant about bringing back the core characters and families that made GH. If we have more Qs, Spencers, Webbers, etc then we have less Sonny/Jason mob. If more and more OL characters are brought on, there is far less time for the actual GH ones!

More OL characters takes GH farther away from what GH was built on and where it should focus again.

These mob/gangster stories have been going on too long…People get tired with this storyline…Time to change the storyline if they don’t this could possibily hurt Gh ……………….You would get more viewers if they stopped these mob/gangster stories…………….

I am loving it, the addition of OLTL characters is breathing some fresh air into GH. However, the core cast of GH needs to be incorporated with the OLTL ones so that it flows better. The Sonny/John McBain story is perfect. It makes sense for the Mannings to be there in light of what happened to Hope & Cole. Tea naturally fits in because of Todd, the last charachter should be Natalie since John is staying in town. After that, maybe occassional visits from other characters but not too many.

I do think David Hayward should come to town to help Anna, grive.

OMG, this is awesome news! GH cannot survive on its own premise prior the RC/FV era, so I’m happy that there is some vindication for the abc number-one rated ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Let the takeover begin, and long live ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

I agree.. WELCOME OLTL ACTORS TO GH….YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep dreaming!

About what?

I do keep dreaming, and it looks like some of my dreams are coming true, and I couldn’t be more thrilled, except for if our beloved ONE LIFE TO LIVE were to make a triumphant return to the airwaves. Long live abcd’s number one soap, ONE LIFE TO LIVE.


This would be the greatest and if she found out Vitors alive then there going to be reunion again, The TnT couple will be back together and have a new baby. I can’t wait till they say it true! I love oltl but I love seeing them on anyshow!

I really hope this news is true! I love florencia and her character Tea! I could see lots of good interactions and storylines with GH characters. But they need to get Kassie DePaiva back as Blair! She and Tea are too good together to not have them both! Would also Love to see Trevor St. John back as Victor!

Blair’s ” true life ” family still lives in NY City, would be really hard for her to move to the West Coast, so I would be ” happy for visits ” from her now & then, although I did want her & Todd to get bk together again!!!! If OLTL/GH merger is what it takes to keep the last soap standing then so be it. & I agree David Hayward would certainly shake up the hospital scenes on GH, & I am sure they could write a storyline into GH where Hope cojld still be alive— they could & should hv ran this same storyline, only to hv kept Hope alive, & still ran the story & trial except w Cole being the only one in that SAD SAD accident.

This is the best news since OLTL ended 3 months ago. I love Florencia as Tea. Strong, sexy smart Tea can take on anyone in Port Charles. I actually feel a glimmer of hope and happiness. This makes a difference for me between tolerating GH and lookg forward to it. Maybe Tea can prosecute Sonny and send him to prison. Naturally, I would love to see her reunited with her daughter Danielle and husband Victor. I will never miss an episode of GH again.

David Im with you about sam (patrick gibbons)he is a cutie pie ,Every time he was on I enjoyed his work.Isnt this the greatest news that florencia is coming to general hospital? I hear there are 2 more soap stars , still just a rumor,trevor,kassie and roxy would be nice .Are we going to love the court room drama with tea,diane and alexis.I wish I could remember where I read this but there saying that the ratings going up on gh was because of the soap fans from one life to live ,so if any thing is going to save it ,its the characters crossing over,This one life to live and general hospital fan is happy,To bad viki,clint ,bo and dorian cant make a loooooooong visit.Throw dr david hayward in there to.WE have to watch we dont get to many people landing in port charles ,but It looks like my dream soap opera is coming true.

I hope Tea is still pregnant on GH. I want to see her give birth to Victor’s baby(s).

Yes I miss Viki, Clint, Bo, nora, Roxy,Rex., GiGi………………etc…I welcome these actors of OLTL to GH…will spice-up GH……….

Thats right she is pregnant,with all the excitement I forgot about that and I was just saying the other day I would like to have know whether she had a boy or girl.This news is all over the net ,all the soap sights are busy today ,forget about the easter egg hunts and the hams we want to know about tea.

It would be nice to have Florencia Lozano on the show especially if Trevor St. John is coming as well. However, I’m cautious about this news since I don’t have any idea about the storyline. I do not want her paired with Roger and I do not want her as his lawyer. I don’t want a redo of RH’s TNT. That ship sailed when he abandoned Tea on an island to chase after Blair right after having sex with Tea. It would be nice to see Tea portrayed as a woman with some level of self-respect and pairing her with Roger’s Todd would undermine all that.

Todd is accused of killing Victor and is to be tried for his murder. No way would Tea hookup with or help Todd. That is too nauseating to contemplate. The only man for Tea is Victor.

But Victor Jr. is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tea belongs with victor, todd belongs with blair.and I dont want to see tea with sonny.we need victor to clear this mess up .things are going to get interesting in port charles.

Thanks for the reassurance.

Thanks for the update, Michael Fairman!

I would love to see victor lord jr. come to port charles that would make things exciting and give GH very good reviews

I hope so to.General hospital is getting interesting again and I love it.

Me Too!!!!!!!!

Yes it is getting interesting (gh).

AWESOME RUMOR!! Hope it’s true!!! Tea will definitely be a compliment to the cast of GH! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Be still my heart!

Love OLTL TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would be over the moon to see my girl show up in Port Charles!!! I miss my T n T,or V n T,if you will,so very much!! I see anything and anyone that can pull in the ratings and help save GH as a blessing! can’t believe that soap fans are still not open to a merger of GH and OLTL.It may be what saves our last ABC soap.I guess some people would rather have nothing than to compromise?Florencia is a beautiful and talented class act,and can TSJ be far behind?Be still my heart!!!

Isnt this the best news ?

It certainly is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Florencia is incredible. She has chemistry with everyone. When paired with TSJ, they were one of the hottest soap couples, which is exactly what GH needs.

Even when they were mad at each other they were hot.your right david, thats what general hospital needs.

When is this going to stop? What’s the point of merging OLTL with GH? It’s as if the show shouldn’t have been cancelled to begin with.


You should be happy that the OLTL people have brought life to a dead show. The show will probably not get cancelled now and that is thanks to the fantastic acting and storylines. Merge the two please.

The only problem I have is that we lost characters like Kristina and Abby so that we can bring in OLTL. Merging them is one thing, but at what cost?

OLTL should never have been cancelled. And now they’re trying to salvage that show through GH.


Totally agree!! OL shouldn’t have been canceled, but this must not be rectified by merging it with GH!!!!!!

Why ?if it works, it cant hurt .I am a fan of one life to live and general hospital,Soaps have newbes all the time ,so what if there keeping the characters from another soap and bringing them on board.If it saves general hospital it should not matter who turns up in port charles as long as general hospital stays put and abc/disney doesnt cancel our show.The story of 2 todds was a good adventure I would like for that story to continue because we were cheated out of it because of abc/disneys stupidity,there not merging, there bringing a new story to port charles and its about time .

No OLTL shouldn’t have been cancelled(OLTL)………Abc are a bunch of idiots!!!!!!!!!!

More characters, no matter if OLTL or new ones can only HELP this show STAY ON!
OLTL should not have been canceled and GH is on the chopping block too.
I wish ALL the OL’s would come on and merge the two shows…it can only help GH’s ratings at this point. HATERS can hate..but lets try to save the soaps we have left people!! #ATWT #GL #AMC #OLTL

NO! General Hosptial DOESNT need her.

GH may not “need” her but what a fantastic addition. She is a phenomenal actress.

I agree with you,general hospital may not “need “her,but there getting a brilliant actress,I love tea delgado,cant wait to see her scenes.

please bring her back,i love florencia and please bring trevor soon too

WooHoo!!! Cn we also get Trevor St. John please!!! Love Florenza!!! GH is getting so good!!!

That would be the most awesome!! Join OLTL onto GH. Great news, I miss them soooo much!

That would be great! I love and miss Tea! (GH still needs Natalie badly!)

OMG I never even thought of this. This is so exciting to me. I actually loved her acting the best. When I thought she was dying with a brain tumor I was so depressed. God I love Ron and Frank. I want a contract for her too please. Now TSJ is next.

@justsaying> OLTL SHOULDN”T have been canceled in the first place! It was a great show and was rated higher than GH. So…be glad that the writers are incorporating them so that fans of either/both can hopefully keep the genre alive!

I agree with you, Rebecca. I have watched both soaps for over 30 years. I love the new life that the OLTL characters are bringing to GH. I was extremely sad at losing OLTL, but if they cancelled my beloved GH I don’t know what I would do. In the last year or so before OLTL ended I was more interested in it than GH. GH has gotten too “mob-centered” instead of family oriented. The infusion of both, I think, is the best possible way to keep GH alive and I’m loving it all over again.

I’m glad the writers are at GH. Maybe they can help bring back OLTL.

But seriously, this has got to stop. Let OLTL come back already and let GH be GH. Even if OLTL comes back in a half-hour format.

The news may not have been confirmed yet by a GH rep, but the information would have come directly from Florencia Lozano Saturday night to Damon L. Jacobs of We Love Soaps TV.

I wonder if her pregnancy is in ‘real time,’ or whether they are going to play with it.

Been watching OLTL and GH since I was in grade school in the 1970’s. As much as I love seeing some of the OLTL actors showing up in PC, I think Mr. Valentini has to be careful not to inundate the soap with OLTL characters. He’s done a great job integrating Michael Easton’s character (John) onto the canvas and I really like the chemistry between Carly and Todd, but you can’t turn GH into OLTL. That would not be a wise move. I’m enjoying GH more now than I have in a very long time thanks to the “magic” of Mssrs Valentini and Carlivati.

So true, Judy. Don’t turn GH into OL.

Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. Thanks Violet!

You’re welcome! We are in the minority around here, you know! Most want handfuls of OL characters brought to Port Charles. That only serves to take more away from GH.

If Tea prosecutes Sonny, Carley will likely come to his defense. It would be interesting to see Carley take on Tea. Maybe the two of them could slug it out like Blair and Tea, when Tea referred to Blair as a “bitch in heat” before slapping her for sleeping with Todd:

The good old days, I remember it well,I loved when tea and blair went after each other ,It was fun.hopefuly kassie will be moving to port charles and we can see tea,blair and carly going at it Finola can try to break it up.”Bitch in heat”that was good.It happens at jakes and our roxy is there complaining about having to clean up the place ,OOps they renamed it the floating rib.

UGH. FV/RC are really destroying this show beyond Guza. I hate this. I DO NOT WANT ONE LIFE CAST-OFFS. NO NO NO.
I’m done with this show now. They’ve ruined it. Just cancel it already before it sucks worse than OLTL did.

I’m sure you’ll get your wish soon.

I hope you DON’T get your wish soon.

As a GH faithful viewer i give my blessing, and remember, tea hates todd because she thinks he killed victor, can you imagine if she teamed up w/ sonny? , this could be really fun, and this is what its suppose to be, I think FV snd RC have proven and done more in the short time that they’ve been there that they care about GH and its rich history w/ all the vets who have come back so far, if they are choosing to combine that w/ OLTL history, then i’m all for it. I’m not going to be against bringing in someone talented like Florenzia Lozano. So heres hoping that its true.

You are correct Aria == Florenzia is a great talent and will add to the show– I hope it is true—– : )

Please Let This News Be True! 😀

I think it’s fantastic. Now that Diane isn’t practicing law Alexis needs a buddy in the court room. Tea is an absolute spit-fire. She and Alexis will spar very nicely. I don’t understand where all the hate is coming from for some extremely talented actors and actresses. They’re not “taking over” GH. They are making it much more interesting and fun to watch. Give it some time and they will be fully integrated into the canvas and it will be like they’ve always been there. I’m all for whatever keeps my beloved GH alive. It’s the only soap I have left.

Teresa ,you are so right.there are newbes all the time,so what if they are the same characters that come from one life to live I am a fan of all the abc soaps and I have no problem with the cross overs , Abc hired Ron and Frank to turn general hospital around and what ever they have to do ,let them do it ,I loved one life to live it was my favorite I would much rather have my soap back So Its nice to see a little bit of landview in port charles,Its not going to hurt anything,It will bring alot of fans of one life to live that never watched general hospital over to help save this soap .I would love to see tea,alexis and diane in a court room.How entertaining will that be?Its a soap opera that I want to see,there not taking over ,like you said it will be interesting and a lot of fun to watch.

The one thing that it does hurt, is it keeps GH from returning to it’s roots of the hospital, the Qs, the Spencers, and the Webbers, etc. The more OL characters there are, the more time it takes away from the true GH (not the new mob infested GH). There are only 60 mins in a show. Only so many story lines can be going at once. It’s simple math. More OL equals less GH.

As much as I loved OLTL they need to stop bringing those character’s over! GH is not OLTL. And yes it may bring more OLTL fans but what about GH fans that didn’t watch or care about OLTL? They want to see characters that they know and love not another show’s, this is ridiculous and needs to stop before we start losing GH fan’s too.


Don’t think of them as OLTL characters being added to GH. Think of them as new characters coming to Port Charles. We soap fans are use to new charactors coming and going all of the time. I am all for new characters coming to Port Charles and bringing new viewers with them — I don’t want ABC to cancel GH.

Get over it, They should do ” WHATEVER IT TAKES ” to keep GH on air, whats the problem if it keeps GH from the chopping block, I am a OLTL fan but a soap fan above all else, I hv no problem with sharing screen time between GH & OLTL, & Tea Delgado is a superwoman in the courtroom, they are all great actors, so I don’t see a problem with OL & GH working together if this is the only way to see any of our OL & you guys will see GH, IT IS BETTER THAN NO SOAP @ ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ least you hv a soap to look forward to other than Chew & Catie Couric.

Not a choice I was expecting. Though I am a fan, I am concerned about how the GH folks will take it. I would LOVE to see her mix it up with Alexis and Diane. Two of my favorite GH characters who definitely deserve more storyline. Or A storyline.

I would love to see Florencia and TSJ on GH. Maybe they could let RH disappear and TSJ take his place. 🙂

If FL is given a contract I’ll be getting a discharge from GH. Tea Delgado is my least favorite female character ever conceived on any soap. She was not even the kind of character I loved to hate, she was a snotty, hypocritical, screaming dork. Look out, Alexis. How many 50 year old female lawyers does one show need?

Téa’s not anywhere close to 50…

FL might be younger but Tea has an 18 year old daughter who was born when she was well over 30. Dani was aged 10 years, so was Tea.

I have never seen that as the case for the parents of a SORASed child.

However, FL doesn’t even convince as 40, so 50 is not believable in any sense of the word.

Flo is mid 40’s and looks it. Not that anything is wrong with mid 40’s.

agree – not 50 by any means — SHE”S PREGNANT! They only age progress the kids, not the parents! I would guess the character for late 30’s to very early 40s… because SHE”S PREGNANT! bwahahahaha

my mom was 42 when I was born and that was dangerously late to be having a baby… Tea has to be younger than that!

Are you guys twelve? 42 is not too old to have a baby and many women don’t enter menopause until their 50’s. A pregnancy is less likely but possible. Do you know what menopause is? Tea thought maybe she was going through menopause at first.

Regardless – whether she’s 42 or 49 she sucks. Worst female character ever.

42 and older, yes you can still have a baby, but it can be dangerous to most women to wait that late in life. menopause can start at different ages…. I used to think it was in your 50s too, probably cuz I thought that was old! ha! but it’s not.

I’m way past twelve… (I’m been watching GH & OLTL since they started) I think she’s a great actress!

and, more importantly, I hope that bringing on Téa means that we’ll get Victor shortly. I’d hate they get her involved with Sonny… that would be odd

This is a soap, who cares how old Tea is when she became with child, It was on OL & is on GH a soap, sooo it does nt make ANY DIFFERENCE @ all what her age was & is now. BRING TEA ON OVER, the more actors the more ” INTERESTING ” GH will be, Gh actors are nt having a problem working with Oltl actors, they are probably happy to still hv a job & I am still happy to hv a soap to watch each day w both the actors from OLTL & GH!!!!!”!””””!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ABC should not have cancelled AMC and OLTL– but I will be glad to see Florencia on GH. she will be a great addtion to the cast of “high sprited ladies” on GH

Today was a good episode of general hospital ,the quartermaines were a riot ,funny,I enjoyed every minute I spend in there living room ,sitting room,library,what ever the rich people call that room ,it was fun to watch.Thanks Ron thank you for making things funny in the quartermaines mansion ,I loved every minute of it.the characters of port charles need a sense of humor and they got it today.Thats what I liked about one life to live it always put a smile on my face and nice long laugh out loud.

reported as of 3 hours ago on ATVtoday… (Lozano) will appear in May around the same time that Roger Howarth returns as Todd Manning…. It’s unclear how many episodes/how long Lozano will appear in…

i wonder if she’ll just be part time to help with the victor is still alive storyline?

Bring the role of Thea Delgado to GH? Now we’re picking up some momentum with the migration of some of the OLTL characters if this becomes a reality! Excellent!! And I pray work is underway to bring Erika Slezak to GH. If that becomes a reality, I’d be happy to sign a contract as a daily GH viewer for life!

I will sign that contract to.Even though i have been a fan for 49 years ,How about a contract for another 49 years.

Huge OLTL fan, but the addition of the characters to GH isn’t enticing me enough to watch. There is one huge problem that needs to be addressed with GH, before I have the desire to tune in…..and that would be to change the direction of the show. It has been the Sonny Corinthos hour for far too long, and I can’t take it anymore. The entire show revolves around Sonny….what he’s done, what he’s thinking about doing, how what he has done has effected the people he loves…I just can’t stand it anymore!!! I mean, are they even going to address how the man who played Edward Quartermaine has passed away?! They don’t even take the time to do any other stories, unless it’s crime related and can lead back to Sonny. I love, love, love Florencia, Kassie, Roger, Trevor & Kristen…..but would love it more if they were in Llanview. I have given GH the last several weeks of my time, and I don’t think I can do it anymore. Why, just yesterday, I had it on GH, and one of my family members came in the room, and was like, “Why are you watching this?” I quickly said, without any remorse, “Oh, you can turn it, I don’t care. It’s not my OLTL, so it doesn’t matter.” The reason for this is because I was bored to tears. They quickly brushed over the Robin death, just so they could get the cameras back on Sonny. It’s freaking ridiculous!!

John Ingle who plays Edward is NOT dead!

My mistake…..Read an article that was apparently misinformed.

4 actors have played Edward. David Lewis, the first actor, died in Dec. 11, 2000. Les Tremayne, 2nd actor to play Edward, died Dec. 19, 2003.

The next actor, Jed Allan and current actor, John Ingle are very much alive. However John Ingle’s wife Grace-Lynn just passed away this past February.

I thought they were trying to save the show if you did not watch OLTL even if you did it is called overkill. They are headed right down the path as Y&R which looks more like AMC these days and even tying these people to Sonny well I just don’t get it! And the actress is lovely but OLTL got cancelled. Where is the story for Mac, Alexis etc give us a chance to get reacquainted with characters that Guza flushed down the toilet .You know they did some good things over at OLTL but they also had some stinkers .

“Basically, more Quartermaines, Spencers and others around which the show was established.”

Actually, the Quartermaines didn’t become a main focus until the late 1970’s…close to 20 years after the show started. Pretty much the same for the Spencers.

There is really no one on the show from it’s roots… Brewers, Hardys, Baldwins…..

Even as a fan of OLTL, I would not want to see GH overrun with OLTL characters unless they can be integrated into the cast with good, solid storylines….not “stunt” casting. Although, it would be fabulous if the influx of OLTL characters rose GH ratings to the heights that it was possible it could be aired again.

Elizabeth is from the Hardy clan… so is Steven, her brother. You know Matthew Ashford was just “released” from the soap he was on, sooo they could bring Tom Hardy back and then Audrey could get some real airtime and just mentioned by Elizabeth. And Tom had a bunch of hot scenes with Felicia and she’s coming back! And Audrey’s niece Anne Logan – make sense to bring her back cuz way back when, Heather tried to set her up for murder so she could try to get Jeff…. sounds like something she’d try now to get rid of Anna… hey, nearly the same name of girls in her way! And of course they could bring Scotty back now that crazy Heather is back. Brewers I think died out.

This is great !! I wonder how they are going to present her ?
As she was pregnant with Victor’s baby when we last saw her ?
Will she still be pregnant ? Or will she have delivered the baby ?
I still want to know how they are going to explain Todd’s presence in Port Charles as he is charged with Victor’s “murder”.

???????? Lots of questions …….but very excited.

i will love to see todd n victor jr team up n take on sonny jason. the two hot lawyer go that. tea and alexis let get it on.

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Steve Burton Reveals the Emotional Scene He Almost Could Not Get Through

On a recent episode of General Hospital, Jason received a message from his mother, Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) via a note. The effect it had on Jason’s portrayer, Steve Burton turned out to be quite visceral.

As GH fans know, although Jason’s bio-mom was Susan Moore, he was raised and adopted by Monica. Speaking on his Daily Drama podcast with his co-host and GH co-star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Steve shared some insight on the difficulties he had getting through that scene.

Burton shared that in the key moment, “Brooklyn (played by Amanda Setton) came in and that’s where she gave me (Jason) the letter from Monica. That was a very hard scene for me to do. That was a tough one. That was the one time I was almost going to call ‘cut!’  It read ‘Jason, I believe in you.’ I was literally going to walk off the set.”

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To clarify and in the story, Monica was saying “I believe in you” and that she knows Jason didn’t shoot Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). Steve added, “It was tough, man. Emotionally, it was a tough scene. It was overwhelming in the moment.”

Steve went on to detail to Anderson, “She (Brook Lynn) pushed it to me and I read it and she was walking out and I had to stop her, but I was so emotional I couldn’t even get it out.  And at that point, I’m like, ‘Do I just keep going … or do I just walk off the set right now?’ But, I knew just to stay, because it’s so hard to get back there, once you shut it down. I knew, the next take wasn’t going to be the same.”

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It’s clear that Leslie Charleson is so missed on-screen as Monica by all of her castmates, and that Jason and Monica had a very special mother/son relationship throughout the decades on GH.

What did you think of the moment when Jason got a note from Monica that said, “I believe in you?” Were you touched as well? Let us know in the comment section. You can check out the latest episode of Steve and Bradford’s podcast below.

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General Hospital

George Russo to Appear on General Hospital as Carmine Cerullo

Coming up, it looks like Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) grandfather, Carmine Cerullo is headed to Port Charles.

According to casting news from the ABC soap opera, George Russo will take on the role. Russo will tape his episode next week on April 15th and will appear on the May 15th episode of the long-running daytime drama series.

If George looks familiar he has been in numerous primetime television shows and motion pictures including: The Offer. Winning Time, Grand Crew and Shameless.

Photo: ABC

Longtime GH viewers will recall that Lois’ (Rena Sofer) dad, Carmine, was previously showed up in Port Charles on and off from 1994 to 1996 and was played by John Capudice.

Clearly, it seems that Carmine will be a part of Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s wedding.  Will it go off without a hitch? Are you looking forward to it? Stay tuned.

Who else would you like to see attend the nuptials? Gloria Cerullo (Ellen Travolta), any other blasts from the pasts who should be present? Let us know in the comment section.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Drew and Nina Get Physical; Were You Surprised or Did You Expect it to Happen?

On the Tuesday, April 9th episode of General Hospital, Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Nina’s (Cynthia Watros) explosive relationship just turned up the heat another notch.

In story, Nina who was responsible (although she doesn’t see it that way) for Drew being sent to prison for insider trading when she tipped off the SEC, let out her feelings to him about how to get back in the good graces of her daughter, Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) and Michael (Chad Duell). In doing so, she asks him for his help with it.

For months, the two have had nothing short of contentious moments, where Drew has not let Nina off the hook for what he did to him, or to his ex Carly (Laura Wright). Fast-forward and when alone in the Crimson office, Nina brings up wanting to stick it to Carly again.

Photo: ABC

As they banter back and forth, Drew can’t figure out why he should help Nina at all with any of her manipulations. Suddenly, as he tried to exit, his shirt rips and exposes his bare chest and abs, and Nina get quite an eyeful. From there, things become physical and before you know it, Drew and Nina are making out and having their version of hate-sex.


Cameron Mathison spoke to Soap Opera Digest on the shocking turn events, sharing, “I didn’t see it coming at all. I really didn’t. I think the audience did. Cynthia did some appearances and I guess the audience was ‘You and Drew, there’s some sexy chemistry there.’ I was like, ‘Wait, what? Really?’ I didn’t even get it. So I love it that it was very unexpected. The writers saw it, too. And, I love that it’s not a typical way for two people to be … physical. I was gonna say intimate, but there’s not a lot of intimacy there. And then as soon as it’s over, it’s back to arguing and giving each other crap again. It was really cute and really well done.”

As the fallout for their office room romp will air on the Wednesday April 10th episode, just how will the two deal with the fact that they had this fiery passionate moment in the weeks and months ahead? Will this be Nina’s new plot to get at Carly to be seen with her ex? Will Drew and Nina never speak of this again? (Well, this is a soap opera, after all, that’s pretty doubtful), or is this part of a major reset for some of the characters on the canvas now that Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte are co-head writing the show?


Speaking on the aftermath of the tryst, Mathison added, “The two of them are both like, all right, let’s forget about that and move on. It’s like a weird kind of aggression attraction. There’s obviously attraction there, but I don’t think either of them expected it, and I think they’re both totally shocked and surprised by it. I think Drew gets a kick out of it whereas Nina is a little embarrassed by it.”

Now let us know, did you see this coming? Did you think Drew and Nina would have sex? What do you think of the story turn? Comment below.

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