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CW Daytime Emmys presentation Q&A with ATI President!

emmytrophy.jpgFor many who wanted to know the answers and the beginning stages of plans for CW’s presentation, of this years long awaited and highly anticipated Daytime Emmys broadcast, Jim Romanovich, ATI’s president of Worldwide Media and Entertainment, who is the company producing this years telecast, has answered some general inquiries. Much of the  Q&A are at Here is a sampling, and it all looks extremely promising!

Why August and not June like in previous years?
“Two reasons. June was too soon and it’s a month I never understood for doing a show of this magnitude. The season is over and people are in summer mode-meaning vacation! We want to do something very special with this event and we need time to do it. I chose August 30th because it was the Sunday to kick everything off on the CW, stars will be back from vacation, viewers will be excited about new TV events as summer winds down, and contrary to what was stated elsewhere, this is not Labor Day weekend. It’s a really good time to do this.”

So what’s going to be different from past telecasts?
“A sense of fun and celebration. First and foremost, this is a television event and we need to entertain the audience if we want them to watch. We’re not re-inventing the wheel. But how about a new wheel? Our plan is more interaction and humor-but not the dreaded banter between two presenters. I am planning a tribute to Guiding Light which will hopefully have a major star formerly of the soap along with classic clips and, if possible, as many living stars as possible on stage. That might be more difficult to achieve than I envision, but you know how we’re thinking. Also expect a memorium to Phil Carey and Clint Ritchie from One Life To Live. With the soap categories, think tribute rather than just “the nominees are…” As we get closer, changes may be made for various reasons. But whatever changes we make, it will be for the good of the show. I can tell

Why did the Big Three pass and now it’s airing on the CW?
“The irony here is that when some doors close, others open. And sometimes the ones that open make more sense than the ones that close. In this case the CW, of all broadcast networks, fits the demo of Daytime TV perfectly. I have read that the CW caters only to young women and therefore older viewers won’t watch the show. I don’t believe that. Fans of daytime will find this and watch it. I also think this is a perfect opportunity to replenish the pond. Soaps need to be reinvigorated by new viewers. Viewers who may have never even considered One Life to Live, General Hospital, or The Young and the Restless. If the CW airs this event, which also runs Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, Smallville, 90210, and America’s Top Model, it somehow makes it all very cool and current.”

So how did this all come about as there seems to be many companies involved.
“I have been a fan of daytime since 1981 with the whole Luke, Robert and Ice Princess story which was something I never would have expected would be a “soap” story. Flash forward to November 2008 and I read that NATAS still had not secured the 2009 broadcast for CBS. In January, we had an internal meeting at ATI about The Daytime Emmys really being an opportunity for us on many levels. David McKenzie, president of ATI, gave me the go ahead to pursue it. My first call was to Frank Radice at NATAS who just became president and he and I hit it off immediately. We’re both cut from that same forward thinking cloth. I presented him with an opportunity to make this event a broadcast reality in 2009. We signed a deal and I was off to the races. I spoke with CBS and ABC and gave them a proposal, but they still couldn’t do it. I thought about cable. I thought about MyNetwork. Unfortunately MyNetwork does not program every night and we really wanted to get a prime television viewing night, such as a Sunday, when everybody is relaxed and at home. The CW came into play through my friendship with MGM president Jim Packer (in which we’re doing other projects together). MGM runs movies every Sunday night on the CW and I thought that everyone would come out as winners if we were to plug in the Emmys in one of movie slots. It gave him something new and big to distribute and he really orchestrated the CW deal. And so it all fell into place because the CW also saw the promotional potential we would generate to help launch their fall season.

Why The Orpheum Theatre?
“Availability and its sense of style. On every season of American Idol (save for the current season), The Orpheum was used for ‘Hollywood Week’. It is one of the most beautiful and ornate theatres in all of Los Angeles and a real throwback to a golden era of show business that I think we need to embrace, just as soaps need to embrace their histories. You can’t look forward to the future without embracing the past and sometimes the greatness of Hollywood’s past gets muddied in the business at hand. I’m a huge fan of Hollywood history. Some shows being honored began in that Golden Era of Hollywood so there’s a parallel in this approach that just didn’t happen by accident.”


B&B’s Lawrence Saint-Victor and Thorsten Kaye to Guest on THE TALK

Coming up on the Monday, January 17th episode of CBS’ The Talk, look for The Bold and the Beautiful’s Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) to make an appearance.

The B&B duo will chat on their current story-arcs; while Lawrence will also speak about being a writer on the daytime soap opera.

In addition, the two B&B stars are on-hand to promote The Talk’s co-host Akbar Gbajabiamila upcoming appearance on the Tuesday, January 18th episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Look for Akbar to take on the role of “Max” who said to be a Forrester Creations executive.

So, next week will you be checking out Monday’s episode of The Talk … and Tuesday’s B&B? Comment below.

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Remembering One Life to Live on the 10th Anniversary of its Final Episode on ABC

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the final broadcast of ABC’s One Life to Live. The beloved soap opera was canceled back in April of 2011 along with All My Children, and continued to air till January 13, 2012.

As the story goes, after some false starts, the show wound up in the hands of Prospect Park in an attempted online reboot of the series which lasted some 40 plus episodes, and one season on Hulu in 2013.

Photo: ABC Archives

Agnes Nixon’s brainchild first took to the airwaves back on July 15, 1968 on ABC, and tackled many of the social issues of our time, delivered unforgettable performances, beloved soap on-screen couples, and often humorous and edgy storylines.

When the soap was initially canceled by ABC, we took to our former site to share our thoughts in the piece here back in 2011.

Photo: JPI

At the end of its 43-year-run it was then EP Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati who took the show to third place in the ratings among six soaps, and delivered a one-two punch of heart, humor, and drama to close out the ABC run of  One Life. (We have posted the final episode below).

Photo: ABC

Through the years the actors who graced the screen were ,and are, some of the all-time great actresses including: Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser, Judith Light, Jessica Tuck, Susan Haskell, and so many more.

Photo: ABC Archives

It also brought us the talented actors including: Al Freeman Jr., Roger Howarth, Trevor St. John, Gerald Anthony, Michael Zaslow, Robert S. Woods, Ryan Phillippe, Nathan Fillion, and the list goes on.

Photo: ABC

Below, rewatch the final episode, and the extremely well-crafted and delivered speech given by the character of Viki on the penultimate episode, how soap operas touch so many lives a la “Fraternity Row” (But, as we all know, the show was speaking directly to the longtime viewers at home about their cancellation!)

Those videos are followed two emotional interviews we conducted on the final press day of ABC’s One Life to Live with Kassie DePaiva and Kristen Alderson, then Hillary B. Smith and Robert S. Woods that we are reposting here.

Now, share your thoughts and remembrances of when you watched the final episodes of One Life to Live, and how you still miss it to this day via the comment section.

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Robert Newman On Joining the Cast of Y&R: “I Feel Pretty Blessed to Have the Opportunity”

Former Guiding Light star, Robert Newman (Ex-Josh Lewis) shared his enthusiasm and ‘thank you’s’ after his casting news went viral, that he is replacing Richard Burgi in the role of Ashland Locke on The Young and the Restless.  Burgi was let go after not adhering to Y&R’s Covid protocols, according to the actor himself.

Meanwhile, Newman took to his Facebook page and made this statement: “Thanks to everyone for the sweet posts and messages about my joining the cast of Y&R. I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve had great respect for the show and its wonderful cast for many, many years. I’m happy to be a part of it. I had a lovely zoom meeting with Josh Griffith and Anthony Morina last night. We talked quite a bit about the character, and I’m very excited by the scripts I’m getting so far. I’m scared to death, of course, but I think that’s healthy.  It’ll be a new adventure and I’m feeling pretty blessed to have the opportunity. Cheers”

Look for Robert to make his Y&R debut in February.

So, what are your thoughts of Robert coming to Y&R as the new Ashland Locke, after Richard Burgi departed over the daytime drama’s Covid-19 health and safety protocols? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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