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Cynthia Watros Replaces Michelle Stafford As GH’s Nina Reeves

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Another big name is headed to the cast of General Hospital on the heels of the upcoming departure of Michelle Stafford.  Daytime Emmy winner, Cynthia Watros had been cast as the the new Nina Reeves.  Fans of Guiding Light remember her star turn as Annie Dutton, and she was last see on on daytime in the role of Kelly Andrews on The Young and the Restless (2013-2014).

As previously reported, Daytime Emmy winner, Michelle Stafford is headed back to her old stomping grounds of The Young and the Restless to play her signature soap role of Phyllis Summer.  She will replace her own recast, Daytime Emmy winner, Gina Tognoni.  Both actresses are said to be finishing taping their current runs on their respective shows in May. Watros will begin her GH run in Port Charles in June,

GH’s EP Frank Valentini tweeted on today’s casting news: “It’s a bittersweet day. I love @TheRealStafford and wish her all the best. I’m also really excited about @watroswatros joining the #GH family and continuing Nina’s legacy.” broke the casting change.  Stafford has been with GH since 2014.  As for Watros, she opted to leave her role on Y&R to join the cast of MTV’s Finding Carter.  She is also known for her run on the hit ABC drama, Lost and other notable primetime series and films.

Michelle Stafford’s on-screen GH love interest, James Patrick Stuart, tweeted on the news: “Cynthia Watros … Big fan.”

So, what do you think of the casting of Cynthia Watros as the new Nina Reeves? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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great choice. Cynthia will certainly bring it

Cynthia will definitely bring it!

I haven’t heard of Cynthia Watros , so eh..
As for the Nina character- it couldn’t get any worse so there is hope.

Nina was great long ago when she was tagged with Franco..
He took LSD to save her and rescue her more than once – that is when Nina was a good character. A bit off balance then Nina was written as an irrelevant.
Franco and Nina rocked back when the Nina character was still viable.

Franco has been totally a YAWN since they put the awesome viral swashy gray character Franco with the totally empty beyond boring null charter Elizabeth.
(Elizebeth killed Franco, dragged him down into her pit of BLAH..

Franco and Nina need to hook up again..

Agreed, not really an Elizabeth fan. I find her incredibly boring & one-note. Although, she has quite a following..

Yeah, su0000 and DMRR….what puzzles me, about Elizabeth, is the personality switch. When I started watching GH, five years ago, the character was in the midst of messing with Jason2’s ( Drew) life—suddenly, she has become Donna Stone ( The Donna Reed Show)… pristine, morally upstanding and consciously righteous.
Agreed….very boring. Yet, I love the actress and the character does not annoy me…..
Not as some others—uhmm; Kristina, “et al”.

Kristina is the female version of Morgan, a self-entitled brat who adds no value to the show, IMO.

I kńow…Kristina is an irritant—I, actually, liked the previous actress. I always think of this Kristina as a sixteen-year-old. The writers present the character as an immature child; yet, she’s in her mid twenties?
The cult thingy did not help develop any feeling for her. It had the opposite effect for me. No sympathy; no pity…..I don’t really care what happens to Kristina, one way or the other.

Read my reply above, CeeCee. I love Kristina. My heart broke for her in the therapy session. You’re usually a softy like me; surprised it had the opposite effect on you. I think the story…and Kristina…is totally poignant.

Hi, rebecca,
Yes, I am a softy, LOL.
Until today, I could not get into Kristina. I suppose I’ve never given her the benefit of the doubt because I mentally dismissed her as Sonny’s vacuous, little princes.
Today’s episode, however ( as Kristina was perched on the staircase, listening to her mother and the doc talking), shone a tender light on her. I did see her exactly as you depict her. A lost, wounded bird with its wings clipped.
Yes, you are definitely in sync with her struggle, rebecca—something which I completely chose to ignore because of her spastic, unsettling personality ( at least, that’s how I have always seen her, in my mind’s eye)—-a cover-up behavior which hid so much pain.
Therefore, her ‘attachment’ to Shiloh and all the comfort and acceptance he represents, was a Godsend. Dawn of Day became her solace; an asylum.
I think Kristina’s inner turmoil has come to a crossroads, of sorts—–the intervention could be working?

I don’t see Kristina as a brat at all. She’s lost. She’s been crying for help for years; they just didn’t spring this on us. It doesn’t matter if to the viewer she’s had everything. It matters that the character has always felt inferior to Alexis and Molly, less loved than Michael, was abused by Keifer. She’s been searching for a long time and this cult story was the perfect vehicle to bring her character to light.

I loved the therapy session with Sonny, Alexis and Michael. Lexi was at her best in those scenes and my heart broke for her. I’m also loving the new shrink. I like intelligence…

Franco was a weird dude and Nina was an outcast. It was perfect! Valentin is a piece of crap! I cannot get into those two as a couple! Lets spit them up and see what happens!

I loved Nina and Franco together, T……I don’t know what goes through the writers’ heads to mess with a perfectly ‘in your face’, interesting couple. Go figure.
I guess Valentin took precedence?
Maybe, the new actress ( Nina) will interact with him more positively for the viewer? We shall see. I’m just happy to have Stafford back as Phyllis!!
Happy Easter, my friend!❤️

I think they dropped Franco and Nina because they wanted to force Valentin on us and Stafford who is a decent actress with a name. I dont like Valentin but yeah, maybe the new Nina will strike a different chord, for her and him. Michelle back at Y&R makes me happy. Speaking of happy, thank you for your Eater wishes. Happy belated Easter to you and your family!

I’m one of those fans who hate replacement, but I’m also realistic and realize that if the show doesn’t recast, they would give up a lot of stories so with that said I’m looking forward to Nina’s storyline continuing especiallyn with all the fallout that’s to come but I just wish that stafford had stay non as Nina. I’ve never seen her before on y&r so to me she’s Nina not Phylis. And even though I’m a huge fan of stafford I just can’t follow her to YR.

I hope Gina gets a great role on another show. She doesn’t deserve being replaced.

Bring her to Days.


I still don’t know what to think about that – if GT left and oh looky, MS is free what a coincidence! I love Gina. That was such a tough gig, being re-cast in a role played, what, almost 20 years by another actress. My hat is constantly off to Gina and her Emmy was so deserved. I hope to see her do something, even at night, that will show all of her skill. And I really do think Nina was created for Michelle, so i didn’t think there would even be a re-casting. And i guess MS was “just kidding” when she told us that she left Y&R because she had taken Phyllis “as far as she could go”. Sorry if that sounded snarky, i just really hope Gina wa not dropped b/c someone changed their mind, you know?

By the same token, SG Fitzpatrick, Phyllis was created for Stafford. You say tomato, I say tomatoh!!
I never accepted Gina as Phyllis–different strokes for different folks.
Gina is an exceptional actress; yet, she never captured Phyllis’ essence for me–the fundamental “je ne sais quoi” which made Phyllis Phyllis.
Gina Tognoni, as magnificent as she may be, and as multi-dimensional as she may be, lacks sex appeal–she does not have that come-hither, ripe with the promise of wild-abandon in her tempting eyes….. Never any defiance in her look, as was/is Michelle’s modus operandi. It’s those little innate nuances that capture the audience—at least for me. All Michelle Stafford has to do is stand there—absorb all the glory!! Not too many people can diffuse those sparks and make an indelible impact. Gina is great for your average viewer—I am just not that person. Of course, it is my opinion….and, I respect yours. Yet, no one truly knows what goes on behind the scenes.
For you to assume that Gina was dropped because Michelle changed her mind? I doubt it works that way… one knows the workings of another’s mind. That’s a big, fat generalization. I doubt TPTB are puppets on a string dancing to any particular tune sung by any particular protagonist.
For one, I am ecstatic to see the real Phyllis’ mischief at work. Can’t please everyone.
Enjoy the show–lots to come with Stafford in place!!

If they were going to replace the actress/character they could not have picked a stronger actress her work on GL was out of the ball park. I thought MS was over the moon over there which tells me that she is going to get her way and get to play with JM forever at Y&R ! Hollywood is it not grand!!!

Even the best actress cannot right the wrongs the writers committed when they wrote the character of Nina.
Nina is a horribly drawn character who was executed badly. She is total flop and totally dispensable. Maybe this actress can make Nina work–Stafford certainly couldn’t.

Thats basically what I said Harry. Stafford never made Nina her own so Waltros can do that, perhaps? I am impressed that GH went out and hired a “Name” actress. Lets see what happens.

Timm, I remember this actress from her brief stint on Y&R. She’s good. I recall her being very adept at playing the walking wounded.

She is good. I hope they write her better dialogue and get her away from Valentin. I just cannot believe GH went out and spent some cash!

Who is JM??

Probably Joshua Morrow, who plays Nick Newman on Y&R.

I pulled it off my screen three weeks ago have no intention of bringing it back good luck

Joshua Morrow ?

Yes, Joshua Morrow…Violet and Kay are correct. He and Phyllia were married, at one point. Summer is their child.
Other than Jeff Branson, Michelle Stafford had intense chemistry with Josh—yet, I hope we don’t go through that merry-go-round for the umpteenth time–from Sharon to Phyllis; to some newcomer after newcomer and back to Sharon….and so on and so forth. That’s how the story goes, LOL.
And, no Jack either. I hope the “Red” saga is over.

Top notch Actress, good move Frank.

Oh my! C.W as Annie Dutton , on GL made Josh and Reva’s life a living hell. She should fit right in as Nina. I couldn’t imagine anyone better for this role.

Annie was fun to watch….hope she improves the role with Nina…already im happy about this…might watch more often now…however, she looks more like she should had been Kiki’s mom then Willow’s

I agree Jim, Stafford and the actress who plays Willow looked more alike. Ironically, the actress who plays Sasha and is a fake daughter looks a lot like Stafford!

Sasha looks like Britt 2.0!!! Given the striking resemblance, she either has to be another Dr. O offspring, or perhaps even Britt’s own daughter! Either way, I would welcome a storyline which would bring back both of those much-missed characters to prominence for another riproaring Westborne family drama!

I agree, Shaybelle. There is a possibility that Shasha is Nina’s, or a member of the family. She does look like Britt. I think there’s a chance she will turn out to be Nina’s….I had proposed twins a while back–fraternal? Sasha and Willow—that situation has potential for soapy drama.

Hey, CeeCeeGirl! It’s been awhile…I replied to you a few times on other posts, then finally gave up…you know how it goes! Lol…Anyway, I hope you and yours had a lovely Easter! As I am an ever-faithful member of Team Britt and Liesl, I am hoping that Sasha is one of their own, perhaps fathered by Victor Cassadine ala Dr. O.? (Would explain Valentin’s knowledge of her….) At this point, I say just make Willow belong to Nina and get it over with already….I’m totally sick of the storyline of her “missing child” and even less interested with the ongoing saga of Nina 2.0, which given the recast, seems not much different from the original histrionic version. Needless to add, I am disappointed because I desired an entirely new direction and “persona” taking over that character. Hopes dashed, for sure!

Hey, Shaybelle,
Thank you…hope you had a blessed Easter!! A little sad, I must say, considering those poor souls murdered in Sri Lanka. Prayers❤️❤️
Sorry you’re having a hard time posting…I feel you…yet, it is what it is…
As yourself, I would love to have Britt back….and, your Sasha-theory is very plausible–makes sense.
I am soooo very tired of “Who’s the Mama”, myself—the Wiley/Michael/Willow/Shiloh/Brad thing is just as tedious, Shay.
Let’s hope Dawn of Day, never sees another dawn. Stresses me out!! Does anyone really care about this storyline? Am I singularly disinterested? Can’t stand this story and most of the characters involved….you know who!!
Ahhh, Shay…I do hope that the new ‘Nina’ won’t disappoint you…..I’m all for giving anyone a chance. Let’s wait and see. I barely remember CW from Y&R–she was on for a minute—never had the chance to savor and digest her performance.
I hope to engage with you after a few weeks and exchange thoughts about Cynthia’s “finesse” as Nina, LOL.

Shay…I know it’s not Downton Abbey, but another very good Brit production…”A Discovery Of Witches.” My favourite right now. Takes place mainly around Oxford. The lead male character Matthew Goode was Henry Talbot who married Lady Mary. But I way prefer him as the vampire character in D of W.

Hello, Rose! So good to hear from you. I hope you are doing well! Actually, I watched D of W months ago when it originally aired in the UK….it was fabulous! I’m generally not into the “supernatural” themed programs, but there was such a wonderful slate of British actors in this show, I made an exception! Beautiful locations, too! Oddly enough, I mentioned this very show to you in one of my replies to you which failed to make the cut awhile back…I was sure you would enjoy it! Glad you found it! Oh, a few pieces of good “Downton” news: the buzz for the upcoming movie is so positive that there is already talk of doing another one and….Julian Fellowes is currently helming another British period drama called “Belgravia” based upon his own original serial he previously authored. It’s set in mid-19th century London and will feature the glittering upper class set of the times….This latest Fellowes’ project is already filming with a really impressive British cast…thus far, the only Downton player included in that list has been Dame Harriet Walter, better known as Lady Shackleton, friend of our beloved Dowager Countess Violet! Regardless, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product! Later, Rose!

Shay…I didn’t realize it had aired months ago. I have only seen the first three episodes. Guess I am going to have to be very patient not find out what happens. So no spoilers.

I promise…no spoilers, Rose! Just a comment that the show gets even better down the road…I especially loved the scenes shot in France and Venice. You’re in for a wonderful treat! Anyway, most of the UK programs currently available in this country are at least six months old…they almost always air first over there, the recent Victoria season on PBS being the exception…we saw that one first—-much to the consternation of the British public! Speaking of, are you watching “Unforgotten” on PBS? This is the third and best season yet…again, I viewed it months ago when it debuted “across the pond” and it was, well, unforgettable! I pretty much figured the slimy culprit from the beginning, but it was a great guessing game and the finale is superb! (Again, no spoilers….) I watched it three times…the first was to see the conclusion, the second was to mull over the details of the ending and the last was to savor the chilling, psychotic nature of the perp! He was so unbelievably smug, proud and matter-of-fact regarding his crimes that it almost became a black comedy just taking him all in. If you haven’t been following this show, by all means do! As for the other PBS offerings being presented as of late, I was not all that jazzed with Le Miz in general (or the upcoming Vanity Fair either….the actress who played Miss Becky Sharp was truly annoying!) or Call The Midwife, which is getting to be a bit much with its ever-changing cast….it’s almost as bad as GH! (Although as long as Sister Monica Joan and Trixie are around, I’m there! I just wish Patsy and Chummy, aka Miranda!, and the dishy vicar were still present and accounted for!) Oh well, must go, Rose, but please do let me know what you think about the shows discussed. Later!

I haven’t caught on to the other shows you mentioned. Good shows/casts are hard to find. Have liked “The Closer” which has being doing a rerun lately. Even featuring a couple a couple of GH “stars” like the Cassadine’s James Patrick Stuart (Valentin). Still loving Discovery of Witches. All of the settings are great. And speaking of Cassadine’s…Helena has to be a a off-shoot relative of Ysabeau deClermont. They are so much alike in stature, danger, revenge and what they mean to their families. Sure wouldn’t want to get on either’s bad side.

@Rose…Oh, that’s Lindsay Duncan…a fabulous Scottish actress!…I’ve enjoyed her in many different roles in UK productions, both contemporary and period pieces…she was even the eponymous lead in the film “Margaret,” a Thatcher biopic and was in Sherlock, too! And yes, she does have a certain chilling Helena-esque quality running through her characters’ usually blue-blooded veins! I suppose that striking similarity to Constance Towers’ Cassadine matriarch is one of the reasons I am so drawn to her…LOL! Regardless, Miss Duncan always gives an unforgettable performance, no matter the role in question…although she does seem to she specialize in playing strong, commanding women of the upper crust variety! I’m hoping she’ll be back for season two of DOW, which I am looking forward to watching after the show’s intriguing cliffhanger!

You are right, but if anyone can carry it off, its Cynthia and they may change her looks a little, not so blonde maybe.

Yes, Jimmy…..In my heart, I was so sure Kiki was Nina’s . CW does have a Kiki-ish look. Sadly, that’s water under the bridge.
Nonetheless, what reenforces the idea, that Willow is Nina’s, is the fact that there’s friction between them……each character is intense in her own way. They lock heads; ergo, it makes for a good story…..the gratification, after coming to terms with their true relationship, will be that much more poignant.

I know i’m In the minority here, but, I liked Nina (MS). Yes, the character came off as a bit awkward, but, I grew to like her. Although, the character never seemed to fit, I know.

I’m with you, DMRR. I love Michelle Stafford and the way she played Nina. It definitely does seem like we’re in the minority, which is fine with me. Not the first time, won’t be the last, that I share a minority opinion, lol.

Whether it was James Patrick Stuart, Roger Howarth, even Rick Hearst, MS had chemistry with all her leading men. Loved watching her go toe to toe with Maura West and Donna Mills, among others. I don’t think they ever used the character to the fullest, but Michelle made the most of what she was given. I’m sorry to see her go. But the show goes on. I’m very interested to see how Cynthia Watros does with the role.


the writers did not do Stafford justice as Nina……they sort of mollified the character—I liked her better with teeth bared!!

Great choice! I adored Cynthia on Guiding Light.

I’m all for Cynthia taking over the role


my Valentin – AND – Charlotte have been rescued.

I JUST ASK !!!! Shelly – AND – Chris… GIVE nuNINA chutzpah BACK BONE – a fire and intensity – especially passion.

I have loved this woman from GUIDING LIGHT… I’ve posted this before… even knowing she so deserved that emmy that year… that Eileen Davidson was nominated for @DAYS.

SHE ACTED WITH Robert Newman… WOW what is this MAN doing nowadays !!!! why hasn’t @DAYS or @GH snagged him.

I wish you ALL the BEST ! Cynthia Watros is in the HOUSE. watch your husbands, your back, stand , because she will , mow you “over”

she’s top draw

YES YES YES for my first family @General Hospital

I am so excited, because acting with Jason Patrick Stuart… is HUGE… adult passion folks… lots of it. adult intellect; adult flirtation ; just lock in to the eyes

YUM for us AND Cynthia

Patrick , I would love to see anyone from GL’s great cast, and I’ve always felt and seen a resemblance between JPS and the wonderful Michael Zaslow. The things Roger did to win over Holly. You take me back to such a wonderful time. I grew up on GL when it was on the radio, and then to TV in the fifties. Ed, was called Billy and was in a playpen. Boy, am I feeling my age today. Thanks for the memories.

Nina’s legacy?!?!?!

Come on Frank, she’s neither a legacy character nor part of a core family.

There was a clean opportunity to send off the character, but we’ll see where this goes.

Cynthia does resemble MS, so that’s convenient.

ooh nice on the word play “convenient” LOL

I just look for any thing any one morsel nugget moments of nowadays @GH. because if you can tell me you are stomaching superhero sleepwalking in the tightest fitting jeans ever… then we are all bowled over. watching Kelly Monaco Sam… is she in slow motion…. she looks like she needs a long nap, go thru the motions. my god this is gnawing

it’s SO NICE when Carly is quiet… has nothing to do. other than ACTUALLY SHARE ONE… O N E scene with Epiphany about her pregnancy… all thanks to Head Nurse acting . WHO”S OVER Josslyn exclamations one too many times w/Oscar seizures… did you notice how insensitive this time around as she belts out to Carly… this time “Oscar is in a coma” ???? OKAY Shelly AND Chis why don’t we give this ingenue who is getting louder and shrieking like mother, a time out. we all could surely use one. whew ! less is more… you are killing her presence.. but then again… I don’t mind.

Anna ???? what the ef did not happen with Alex !!!! so she’s been taken away… by what, the WSB, and kept mum about any “secrets” not divulged as of yet ? all of Port Charles had no idea that Alex was in town… not that any one may have known her ? just to have something FUN alluring FUN distracting us from Finn and Peter ? !? ! what the eff . can any one agree that this time around… the chemistry was just not their or even shared scripts between Anna AND Robert? it was embarrassing as once again another “character” is telling Finn how much they love each other… hip hip hooray for Anna. has so dimmed AND is steering toward BORING… she will be met at that finish line by Finn and Peter. Yawn

Dr. Neil HANDSOME STUD IS HERE ! just do not let Alexis loose on him . PLEASE
as I’ve posted before… isn’t he some Alec Baldwin.. and/or Tuc Watkins , OLTL father ? I LIKE THIS MAN a lot. I had hoped that Shelly and Chris pair him with Alexis… to steer her away from Julian and Kim… NOW seeing as how he’s so engaging… it’d be a waste . till they find him a match. let’s play with Diane. dang!

I got sick from this past , I think it was Mondays ep. At the Floating Rib.. as Maxie is declaring her love for Peter.. as MOM Anna giddy as ever… with her boring lover in tow, looks on LOL… how can this be ? this has fallen so far. OH MY GOD. they lip locked several times even I lost my tongue.. it was disgusting. I WANTED MAXIE AND CHET to make a play… ???? this would have been so endearing a switch a change a tender romantic tryst w/ Nathan son.

I’m really looking forward to Cynthia Watros and Jason Patrick Stuart. it’s amazing how much I’ve forgotten Michelle Stafford. not because I haven’t stood atop the mountain CHEERING her on no matter what. because I have.

ALL POINTS BULLETIN : just whatever it takes to distract us all from the Corinthos pie.. because wow has this show been dull. watching Sonny Jason and Sam with Michael beside themselves overacting this cult is NONESENSE. WOW with bad acting argh!

@GH killed it with , and still is, Jon Lindstrom… Shelly and chris gave us some serious intrigue with Dante. NOW SOD is sharing that Scotty AND Lucy are on the forefront.. for a doozy. THIS IS WHERE IT IS

Bobbie Spencer is the BEST .. let’s get this WOMAN prepped up and running

I Love your rants, Patrick. They puzzle me but I love them just the same. I think I agree with you on your assertions….not sure.

well.. one thing is certain… that I forgot to add… had it been either Drew or Kim… either parents who had been with Oscar during one of his episodes… just having one of his parents reacting.. would add so much more OOMPH.. aside from both being bedside manner. fraught AND angst out Joss needs to back burner, I did like that scene where the two of them with padlock had their own commitment ceremony. as I see padlocks on my walks on all the overpasses.. like that touch

How about getting JPS name right???
It’s NOT Jason Patrick Stuart…it’s JAMES.

Oh goodness! Frank said that Nina is a legacy character? She’s about as much of a legacy character as Hannah the banana was. Oh, you don’t remember Hannah the banana? Exactly!

True the nina character never really hardcore worked but once she was put with Valentin I thought she hit more of a stride. Cynthia watros in the role excites me.

This is a GREAT choice. I watched Guiding Light and Cynthia Watros was awesome. She will definitely make “Nina” the villainess that she is. Obrect better watch out. All we need now is Kim Zimmer and my life will be complete.

Ricky…Cynthia Watros and Kim Zimmer on the same soap soundstage…I wouldn’t count on it. Back in the day, word on the street was that both Cynthia and Kim didn’t get along with each other on the Guiding Light set.

Just saying.

Have a good one.

I heard that too…wishful thinking. But just imagine…You have a good one too.

The Nina character wasn’t needed in the first place. A recast even less so.

I think it could work. She is a good actress and Stafford never made Nina her own!

Very, very interesting.

We shall see.


She will do a good job. Probably better than her predecessor.

Having CW in the cast is s very good thing for GH!

She is a great actor and perhaps a new actor in the role is what the character needs. MS brings it every scene. She’s brilliant. But the character has always been too flawed because of how they wrote her at the beginning of her run. Watros will bring it too!

I never was too crazy about MS, but I never saw her in her signature role. I would really be upset if we lost Maura West. I can’t take my eyes off her when she’s onscreen – an amazing actress. Worth her weight in gold .

I thought caddie McClain was getting the role of nina?

Never cared for her acting ability. In my opinion she stinks! There could have been better choices

I doubt CW signed on for very long probably to wrap this story up she does other things I can’t see her on daytime for long .

Much better, Bonnie! I think the posters here could have come up with a great list of more suitable recasts….beginning with Cady McClain!

so why do they do this, I don’t see anyone else coming back from where they went, ??
Jax jasm
t been on even for 5 mins. Nickolas was really a shock, we really miss Lucky but Johnathan has made a big star of himself. I did find Nathan Parson in Roswell New Mexico, great show, guess we got to look them all up on our own.sad

Great actor… but way to old

Wishing Cynthia all the best in this new role for her. Big fan from GL days.

I thought the actress who played Dixie from all my children was the rumored replacement. Could the rumors of AMC returning soon be true as to why she did not get the GH role????

Only the fans rumored anything about Cady McClain as a possible replacement

Not a GH fan but I LOVE Cynthia Watros! I’ll be tuning in just watch her bring it!

Does anyone know if she is tall like MS?

Michelle Stafford is the ONE AND ONLY Phyllis Summers. Cynthia Watros signed a three year deal and will make a great long term Nina Reeves. Y&R and GH both have won on the casting front by this news.

Not a great idea. It feels like the show isn’t even excited, I haven’t seen announcements anywhere but sites I trust, like here and soapcentral. No offense to Ms. Watros at all, just a very different choice. But I do complain sometimes about Stafford’s … she’s really over the top sometimes, it pulls me out of the story. So maybe this is better, I thought at first that Nina would just end, that it was a part created *for* MS. They’d better stick with Cynthia, it was not nice the way she was replaced by Cady McClain so fast, Cady started in the same dress that Cynthia had on!
I also vaguely remember her from Lost. It’s weird for me to remember anyone vaguely.

I was thrilled to hear of Ms. Watros taking over the role! Although i admitt havent watched GH regularly in over five years i do read about it! No time these days as i am burried in research but always been big fan of both Michelle and Cynthia! I am sure they will do fine jobs and with Genaral Hospital being named ” General Hospital” i hope they break new ground! Because soaps arw famous for tackling soc8al issues and many once thoughy taboo issues that not so taboo need addressing.

Another great female lead for GH! Cynthia Watros was one of my favorites from Guiding Light! I was happy when she won for Best Actress in 1998 for playing evil Annie. Get ready for some action on GH!

So far not impressed with the new Nina, sorry

But, will have to see won’t we whether or not she’s good on Gen. Hosp. I liked the other Nina

I thought she was terrible. Not believable ,as Nina Reeves. Not classy enough nor feminine enough. She also had no chemistry with other male actors on GH. Very sad , as Nina was one of my favorite characters

It will take me awhile to get use to the new Nina. Nina was so outspoken at times, not nice at all but yet I really liked her and couldn’t wait for her to find out that Willow is her real daughter, at least that’s what I am hoping the writers will do. I think the new Nina should not try to be so much like the old Nina but bring her own personality into the role like the now Carly did. My favourite women in GH are Alexis, Sam, Laura and Diane. Alexis represents so many women out there with problems and hassles of everyday life. She is the best. I think the Shilo part will go on for awhile as he has a connection to Drew, and now Kim and of course Lucas and Brad which will really bring out the storyline for Nell, Michael and Carly. Also, I am so glad Jax is back, always interesting when he is in the show. All we need now is Jerry to come back. He is one crazy dude!!!

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Tracker retained 15% of the audience from Super Bowl LVII but that still gave the series the largest post-Super Bowl numbers for a series since 2021. That series in 2021 was The Equalizer.

Photo: CBS

Of note: The Tracker audience numbers refers only to CBS viewership and will soon see an increase when data becomes available from streamers Paramount+,, and the CBS app.  In addition, Tracker’s performance outshined last year’s post-Super Bowl effect in the ratings. In 2023, Season 2 of  Next Level Chef  retained 13.6% of the audience of the big game, and 15.7 million viewers after 115.1 million watched the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Photo: CBS

Interestingly, given the length of Sunday night’s Super Bowl and it going into overtime, it pushed Tracker’s scheduled premiere back even later until 11:14 pm EST. That marked the latest Super Bowl game lead-out in its history.

In case you missed the premiere of Tracker, and its first episode entitled “Klamath Falls”, the series stars Hartley as Colter Shaw, a lone-wolf survivalist who roams the country as a reward seeker, using his expert tracking skills to help private citizens and law enforcement solve all manner of mysteries while contending with his own fractured family.

So, what do you think of how ‘Tracker’ performed in its first episode averaging 18.4 million viewers? Will Justin Hartley’s new series be able to retain a large part of this audience moving forward week-to-week? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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‘Knots Landing’s’ Don Murray Passes Away at 94, Michele Lee Pays Tribute “I Will Always Love Him”

He played Sid Fairgate on CBS primetime’s beloved soap opera, Knots Landing (1979-1981) and was an Oscar nominee for his performance in Bus Stop, and now comes word that actor Don Murray has died at the age of 94.

Murray’s son, Christopher broke the news to the New York Times. However, he did not give any further details into his father’s death.

Michele Lee who played Karen Fairgate on Knots Landing posted a touching tribute to her former leading man, expressing: “Don Murray, One of the nicest people I have EVER met. When Don was working on the set, everything stopped. People stood by the camera to watch him. Don was often applauded when the director yelled “Cut.” Everybody, I mean EVERYBODY called him Mr. Murray. That’s how much respect we all had for him. I will always love him. #knotslanding #knots #goodnightsid #donmurray #restinpeace”

Photo: JPI

On ‘Knots’, Murray’s Sid was killed-off in a car crash in its third season. A mechanic working for the mob took out the brakes in Sid’s car. While Sid and an FBI agent were driving, the car went out of control and fell from a cliff. After having to undergo live-saving surgery, Sid didn’t survive passing away in the early stages of the operation. (You can watch the heartbreaking ending to Sid’s life and Michele Lee’s bravura performance below).

In addition to Knots Landing, Murray had an illustrious film career having been Oscar-nominated for his debut role as Beauregard “Beau” Decker, the lovestruck cowboy in Bus Stop. He also appeared in Fred Zinnemann’s A Hatful of Rain 1957, where he played a morphine-addicted war veteran, and starred as a closeted gay senator in Otto Preminger’s Advise & Consent in 1962. Later in his career in 1986, he played Kathleen Turner’s father in the film Peggy Sue Got Married.

Share your remembrances and condolences on the death of Don Murray via the comment section below. Under the video of Sid’s death on Knots, you can also check out the Michael Fairman Channel interview with Michele Lee, Donna Mills and Joan Van Ark where they discuss working with Don Murray during the conversation.


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Daytime Emmy Category Changes Announced: Outstanding Younger Performer Eliminated; Daytime Program Hosts Revised

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will look a bit different with the elimination of some categories and a redefinition of others as announced on Thursday by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS).

The changes include the elimination of what has become the controversial Outstanding Younger Performer in a Daytime Drama series category, where the age range was so vast that it had younger children competing with older teens or young adults.

That means that General Hospital’s Eden McCoy (Josslyn) will become, for all intent and purposes, the final winner of this category as she took the honors for her work at the 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards handed out in December of 2023.

Photo: JPI

This category had under gone a myriad of changes and age eligibility rules over recent years. Younger performers were first honored at the Emmys in 1985. With the removal of this category, younger performers are now eligible to submit for Supporting Actor or Actress or Lead Actor or Actress category. The flipside of the change is that there is one less category for Daytime Drama performers to be named in.

Other changes as announced by NATAS include merging ‘Outstanding Writing for a Daytime Non-Fiction Series’ and ‘Outstanding Writing for Daytime Non-Fiction Special’ into ‘Outstanding Writing for a Daytime Non-Fiction Program.’

Additionally, the Daytime Program Host category has been split into two categories – Daytime Personality–Daily, and Daytime Personality–Non-Daily. The complete list of changes is below.

Photo: NATAS

In a statement, Adam Sharp, President of NATAS expressed: “Programming is always changing, and NATAS continues to adapt its competition rules to reflect these shifts in the television landscape. We’re looking forward to gathering again at the 51st Daytime Emmys to celebrate all the nominees and the entertaining and enlightening programs they create.”

Photo: JPI

For a further breakdown of the category changes, see below:

Daytime Program Host Eligibility

Hosts, Co-Hosts, and Correspondents from Entertainment News and Legal/Courtroom Programs (e.g. the judges and bailiffs) are now eligible within the Daytime Personality – Daily or Daytime Personality – Non-Daily category depending on airing/streaming schedule. They also remain eligible in their respective Program categories but cannot win two Emmy statuettes for the same function, e.g. if a Program wins Outstanding Program and the Hosts win Outstanding Daytime Personality, the statuette defaults to the Host entry. Hosts from the same Program will be included in a single entry with all Hosts, Co-Hosts, Anchors and Correspondents on the same submission and the reel must contain footage that highlights all entrants.

Daytime Personality – Daily

Honoring Hosts, Co-Hosts, Anchors, and Correspondents on Daytime-eligible content that airs or streams daily AND/OR has more than 52 episodes per calendar year. Eligible genres are: Entertainment News, Legal/Courtroom, Travel/Adventure/Nature, Instructional/How-To, Lifestyle, Arts and Popular Culture, Educational and Informational, and Short Form.

Note: This does not affect Talk Series Hosts and Culinary Hosts who remain eligible only in their respective categories.

Daytime Personality – Non-Daily

Honoring Hosts, Co-Hosts, Anchors, Correspondents, and Narrators on Daytime-eligible content that airs or streams weekly or all at once AND/OR has fewer than 52 episodes per calendar year (regardless of how many were filmed or produced). Eligible genres are: Entertainment News, Legal/Courtroom, Travel/Adventure/Nature, Instructional/How-To, Lifestyle, Arts and Popular Culture, Educational and Informational, Daytime Special, and Short Form.

Note: This does not affect Talk Series Hosts and Culinary Hosts who remain eligible only in their respective categories.

NATAS also announced that the entry deadline for submissions for the competition will be February 22nd, with a late entry by March 7th. Judging will be from March 21-April 11, 2024 with the official nominations to be revealed the week of April 15th.

No word yet on the date of the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, but one would presume it will be back to sometime in June as it has been in previous years. Last years Daytime Emmys got pushed to December of 2023 due to the writers and performers strikes.

So, what do you think of the elimination of the Outstanding Younger Performer category? As well, as other category changes for this year’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Comment below.

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