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DAYS Billy Flynn Talks Chad’s Behavior, The State Of Chabby & His Final Scenes With Joe Mascolo!

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It’s been quite the rocky road for Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abigail (Marci Miller) on NBC’s Days of our Lives.  After Abby’s mental breakdown and disappearance, and while Chad believed she had “died” only to find out she had some help from his brother to fake her death, and then was back in Salem and did not immediately reunite with her husband, the stage was set for these two lovebirds to continually be torn apart while circling in each other’s orbit.

For Billy Flynn, who has become one of the most popular, critically-acclaimed and engaging stars of the genre, 2017 has already brought him a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor for his riveting performances, while on-screen Chad is currently conflicted while embroiled in what many see as a rebound romance with Gabi (Camila Banus), and has been acting out in ways uncharacteristic of the young DiMera.

Next week on DAYS, things look to become even more complicated for Chad.  After Gabi and Chad had sex on the Island before being rescued, once back in Salem, Chad learns Abby wants to marry Dario (Jordi Vilasuso). But could fate intervene when Deimos’ (Vincent Irizarry) heinous plot throws Chabby together in an unsuspecting way?

In this candid and enlightening interview with On-Air On-Soaps, Flynn opens up about: the ups and downs of making Chad’s more recent story beats come to life, his hopes for the future of Chabby, and his excitement over new DAYS head writer, Ron Carlivati’s upcoming debut.

Reflecting back on his powerful Emmy-nominated scenes, Billy takes us through what happened and how he crafted his final emotional scenes with the iconic Joe Mascolo as Stefano DiMera, and what it meant to him, personally.  With more on the life and times of Chad DiMera, here’s what Billy Flynn had to share.

Fans first had to accept Marci Miller in the role of Abigail which was one big hurdle, then you as Chad with her on-screen, because the audience was used to you being with your former on-screen partner, Kate Mansi.  Looking back now, do you and Marci feel that you got through that adjustment period pretty much unscathed?


BILLY:  I think when you have someone as talented as Marci it makes it easier. Also, I think the Chad and Abigail relationship, and fandom, and the people who support that couple were such fans based on what Kate Mansi and I had done which was really great.  We kind of fell into this thing … it was never supposed to be this thing called “Chabby”.   Kate worked hard, and I worked hard, and we had chemistry and that couple was created.  I think fans really latched on to them, and for some time it was still one of the only rootable couples on the show that was growing into a potential supercouple. Chabby is always going to have their struggles, but they have their foundation, and it’s in stone and cement already.  I think as fans watched Billy Flynn grow as an actor and grow as a person, I started to put more of myself into Chad, and so the audience saw Chad grow.   It became something where I think fans were able to be a part of a transition and a change, and they felt they were included in my personal journey, and with Kate. As a result what we were able to execute with what the writers had given us grew into this quite amazing thing.  Then Kate decides to leave, and this is very much like the theatre in a sense that different people are going to be in the play.  I just happen to be playing Chad now, as Casey Deidrick did before me, and he did a wonderful job.  Marci Miller came in and I don’t think there was anybody that could have filled the shoes of Kate Mani better than Marci.  I believe that 100%.  The actress has changed, but I don’t think the heart between Chad and Abigail has changed.

When Abigail returned to Salem in the form of Marci Miller, it was very hard for the audience to watch her hiding in the attic, instead of going straight to her husband and telling him that she is alive after all that he grieved.  What did you think of that story set-up?


BILLY:  We are actors, and we get material.  It’s our job to make it work and to play it, otherwise they can get someone else who can.  That being said, it’s our job to try and create the most natural justification for what that character is doing and try to hold true to what that character is.  Abigail was stuck in an attic one way, or the other.  I know it may have seemed kind of ridiculous, but whatever justification there was for it, Marci hit the ground running.  There is no easy way to come in to what was happening after Kate Mansi left.  I think Marci did it as well as she could.  I got lucky.  I had it much easier when I entered the canvas.  My character has been off the canvas for a year sipping mai tai’s with papa in Boston, if you will.  But what I chose to do was almost make people hate Chad in a sense, because then they could take the small journey to grow to like him, and that was what I did.   That was my intention.   Good television and good acting is about that there is something that the audience latches on to and resonated with.  The fact that I came on to the canvas as this young jerk with a bone to pick, and then slowly grew into a man, and falling in love, and changing the way he viewed his family and life, was such a great metamorphosis to play.  The one thing that I have always tried to do is keep Chad’s integrity intact.  When the Ciara (formerly Vivian Jovanni) storyline came around … I fought it.  I could see it coming and I played against it.

What was your reaction at first when they’re-introduced Gabi as a romantic interest for Chad, and setting up of a potential triangle between Gabi/Chad/Abigail?

BILLY:   When Kate left there was this huge void.  That’s the nature of what we do here.  Things are going to be rushed and things are going to drag out.  They have to let my storyline drag for a bit in order to catch up another one, or we are going to move quicker to another one.  I will say this, we as actors often times get frustrated with story as the fans do,   I can only speak for me personally, and you know the way I work.  I put my heart into everything I do.  I care deeply about his relationships.  I think Chad and Abigail are an important duo.   They focus on each other and it’s love, and it’s simple in that way – it’s everything that is broken down to the human characteristics that it should be; to live as well as you can, and to love as much as you can.


As far as compelling young couples on daytime, Chad and Abigail have the components to make them star-crossed lovers with longevity on the soaps, in the true sense of the genre. And then there is Gabi!

BILLY:  What I will say with Gabi (Camila Banus) is that there was the time where Chad offers her a job.  It was never about needing a stylist.  He didn’t need her styling.  He just wanted someone around who he could talk to.  My justification as a man who lost somebody he loved, it was about having some company, and to see someone in the same age range of his wife, and someone who had the same lease on life.  They had a history that was different, yes.  But when you lose somebody the minimal stuff from the past is non-existent – that’s how I justified it.  It wasn’t about falling in love with Gabi, or any of that stuff.

Does Chad love Gabi?

BILLY:  I think it grows into a love, but I think they have a history.  The way I play Chad he leads with his heart and he doesn’t want to hurt anybody.  Now that being said, Chad and Gabi had this thing before Abigail comes back, and he didn’t know what to do.  It was hard for Chad fighting with Ben (Rob Scott Wilson) all of the time and with all of that.   If you look at it from a real life example, and as much as losing his soul mate was the end of him, I think it was his own little breakdown he was having. I think that may have gone over people’s head.

So, Chad was having his own breakdown through the “loss” of Abigail?

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BILLY:  Yes, it was part of his grieving process.  I think he was lonely.  It was just nice for him to have Gabi around, and then he realizes life doesn’t have to be so hard.  Then we get to Abigail coming back and she is in the attic!  For Chad, I remember the moment she said, “I didn’t come back for you.”  If any real couple has been through everything those two had been through, what is the chance of them making it?  I think we tried to play that as honestly as we could.

Many times on soaps writers come up with contrived situations to keep popular soap couples apart.  Have you felt that at all over the last several months with the story on-air?

BILLY:  I think that it’s important that we are talking about it, because when you move as fast as we do, we can’t always tweak a piece of the material the way we should.  We do 8 episodes a week.  You can do a take over, let me be clear.  The type of actor I am there is the written scene, and then as the type of actor I am in a scene the emotion takes over.  Sometimes when that happens it’s hard to go with how the dialog is written, because you are trying to get everything right in such a small amount of time.  Maybe I am not experienced enough, but sometimes it’s hard for me to stop what I am feeling and go with just the dialog.  So for me, it’s about making sense of everything and connecting the dots honestly.  That’s what we do in story overall; connect the dots.  So for me as an actor, when I have to go from: Abigail passing away, to then Gabi, to Abigail coming back, to all of a sudden I still have feelings for Gabi, which doesn’t make sense, because why wouldn’t I just be back with Abigail?  That can be tricky!

That’s what was also hard to understand.  I am sure some viewers felt the same way as well.


BILLY:   Then let me explain that little piece, because I think that is important, too.  There were some very childish-like feelings displayed by Chad.  He wants to be with Abigail, but the last time he saw her she was in the hospital, she lit the place on fire, and she wasn’t fine.  Chad does not know who he is getting back as his wife.  He is thinking, “You say you are OK, and you look the same, but who knows?”  I think a lot of people thought that Chad was trying to double-team her, or he was not willing to give his wife a chance.  What I was playing was that he was unsure of who he was getting back.  He had his son to worry about at the same time.   He doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Chad knew Gabi had feelings for him.  I think he found himself in this really odd position, and instead of dealing with everything as he should have, or have had an honest conversation, or a huge fight, or had some sex with Abigail, it was just too much.  This terrible thing happened to Abigail with this mental illness, and how do you deal with that as a man? Maybe, it was his fault.  I think Chad is starting to begin to want to run away, because he feels like maybe he is the problem and he is scared, and he is not showing it, because he is a DiMera. So him being one foot in and one foot out with Abby isn’t crazy … he is terrified.  He loves her so much that he is so afraid if he says the wrong thing, or does the wrong thing, she is going to break.  A part of him has been running away, because if he can do that he can begin to heal without her and he can move on.  Chad doesn’t have to worry about causing these problems again, and that leads him to Gabi.  Chad cares about Gabi. With Gabi, it’s not about running to another woman, its more about running away from his situation and realistically he is being a child.  He has lost his dad, he has lost everybody, he is scared to death, and all he wants to do is not feel it.  What is left?  Part of him died when Abby left, and whatever part came back, he can’t find it, or doesn’t know what it is, or how to deal with that.

Is Gabi then, in a way, being used by Chad?


BILLY:  In the long run I will say, maybe.  I think that is going to become apparent down the line in how this all plays out.   He is just simply running away and he is not just doing it with Gabi, he is doing it with his business, and this is where it gets a bit crazy.  Abby wanted him not to go after Deimos (Vincent Irizarry), so instead he is going to do it, because he says to himself, “You left me!  That gives you the right to tell me what to do?”  Chad thinks if he can cause as much chaos as possible then he thinks, “I don’t have to sit here in what I actually feel, and that is … I love you, and you hurt me, and I don’t know how to move forward with you.”  I think that is beautiful at its core.  What you have been seeing on-air tells a different story than what I was playing which is unfortunate.  It looks like I am leaving Abby, because I would be better with Gabi.  It plays like he is trying to get laid by two women and that is unfortunate, because that is not the way it’s played.  There are going to be moments in the future where I have to apologize to the audience.  I have done my best to make it all work and sometimes you get stuff and you don’t know how to do it honestly.  I’m sorry for judging it.  That’s not my job to judge it, necessarily. It was such a character shift in everything I worked for to build Chad that it seemed like it was a complete 180 degree turn.

You have obviously been working with more recent scripts from new DAYS head writer Ron Carlivati.  What are your thoughts on him taking over the lives of the characters of Salem, and in particular writing for Chad?


BILLY:   His track record speaks for itself.  I have had conversations with him and from what I can tell he knows how important Chad’s character is, and how important he is to the show.  Chad is the moral center of the DiMera family, and I think Ron gets that. I think Ron likes dark families and dark emotions, and Chad has been both good and bad.  I know I have always wanted to see Chad’s dark side and what that is.  But not at the expense of losing who he is, and not at the expense of losing his heart, which I think is crucial.

In soaps after a “bad boy: comes on to the canvas there is usually a shift to humanize them and to show their more sensitive or emotional side.  This seems to be a key formula in the soaps.  You have sort of followed in that pattern, but in your own unique way of doing it.

BILLY:  For me, that was two years in the making not two weeks.  You will see some things coming up that will change things around.  I am excited about Ron’s material, because he knows what Chad and Abigail are.  I think for me in that storyline that’s great.  I think Chabby will be a huge focus for the 18-49 demo, as well they should be moving forward.  You will see some things out of character for Chad.  Normally, I would never talk about this process, but we have been asking fans to hang in there for six months.  Thanks to them, and NBC, we got renewed.  Chad is going to be provoking people and chasing Gabi, and causing conflict for business.  But when you look at what he does it’s a distraction from everything that is important to him which is Abby, and his son.

Recently, Chad has been stranded on an island with Gabi and some of his friends.  What have you thought of that storyline?


BILLY:   I have always been so good at maintaining and protecting my character.  Chad and Abby have a fan base that I cannot sell short. Chad and Abby did not need a triangle to make their story interesting; they had a lot going on.  You are fan of This Is Us.  Why can’t we tell the simple stories that happen in relationships, and what happens?  I am not writing the show, nor am I am the producer.  I would be terrible at those jobs.  We are doing everything we can to stay on the air for the fans.  There have been be some weird transitions on-screen over the last several months, and pivoting back and forth, but from my part it is always about wanting to tell the fans good story.  I will apologize for moments you can see on camera, or maybe you can’t, where it might have looked like I checked out a bit, and that’s on me.  But as fast as we move, you are in here every day shooting sometimes scenes from 3 different episodes a day that sometimes you are going to have that look on your face of “WTF?” (Laughs)

We must talk about your final scenes with Joe Mascolo (Stefano) when Chad envisions his father and sits and talks with him.  It was in your Emmy-nominated reel and performance. What can you say about the experience of taping those scenes with Joe, and working with him one final time?


BILLY:  My great-grandparents were a huge part of how I was raised along with my mother.  My father wasn’t in the picture.  So in essence, my great-grandfather was my father.  It was a lot of personal stuff with Joe in that scene that made it close to my heart.  I was told that was going to be our last scene together and I took that with a lot of weight on my shoulders.  It was about this man who had been around for so long, and now I am honored, and felt responsible for his final scene on the air. As an actor, and as Billy, I thought, “How can I encompass all of his years, and be a fan in a scene and be Chad at the same time and be Billy Flynn, and give him all of that?   The scene is after Stefano passes away Chad has vision or whatever it is of his father, which is why I chose not to touch him so it gave it that feeling that it wasn’t real.  The original blocking of that scene was just for me to walk around and be talking.  It didn’t make any sense to me.  So I said, to the producers, “Let me just sit at his feet one last time like a little boy, like his son, and have this conversation.”  This was the Billy part to my great-grandfather and just let me ask this man some questions.  Then the fan part of this was; if I could take any fan and sit them in front of Joe, what kind of emotion would they display just to be there in that moment?  Then there was the Chad part, and so it all connected and it was a beautiful thing.  The emotions were all there in each moment and in each question.  The hug at the end of the scene was not scripted. It was for the fans and for me as a fan, to thank Joe for everything he has done.

How was Joe during the scene with you?


BILLY:   He had never been better than in that scene.  Joe read cue cards at the end, and the fans noticed it, but in our scene he didn’t read cue cards once.  He was so present in the scene with me.  I remember watching the scene back and when he said, “Did you ever feel that I loved you?”  He was so good in that scene.  I know it was my scene and it was written for me, but if you watch that scene up against the previous scenes, he was there with me.  And what a treat for me!  And as everyone knows I used that scene for my Emmy submission this year, and how could I not?  And then what happens in soaps is when they think it was so good, the producers and writers want to see if you can do that again! (Laughs)

Was the day you taped that emotional scene, the last time you saw Joe prior to his passing?

BILLY:  The last time I saw Joe was when he came back when they found Stefano.  I wish Lauren Koslow (Kate) and Thaao Penghlis (Andre) had a chance to have goodbye scenes with Joe, too.  They deserved that.  Joe is legend man.  The best thing about Joe is no matter how is health was he wanted to keep coming back and playing Stefano.  I felt so lucky to have known Joe, but those scenes as much as I enjoyed having them; I think someone else who had more tenure year should have had them.   I would have traded mine so Lauren and Thaao could have had the chance to work with Joe, so I took the situation very seriously.

You also included what we now call “the renovation scene” in your Lead Actor Emmy reel. That was another huge emotional moment for Chad.  What do you recall about “the making of” that performance and that scene?


BILLY:   Yes, and I had re-written that scene.  Originally, I went up to our producer and I said: “There is no way that Chad is going to sit in this house that is wife hated after she has ‘passed away’ and with the things that she despised.  If you are going to be in that little den get rid of everything but the chair, get rid of all the furniture, and all the books.  I don’t want anything in there.”  So they wrote the scene where I trashed it, but the scene was about everything except why he would be trashing it.  The whole thing was about “the renovation”.  Chad promised Abby that he was going to renovate and so I re-wrote the scene word for word.  Talking to yourself scenes are near to possible, and I thought this was one worked out all right.  I loved the moment, but I will say I felt I never looked uglier, because I wanted Chad to look like he was going through s**t.   I had gained some weight back then which was unfortunate, because I kept some of it on for awhile! (Laughs)  You know both my Emmy-nominated scenes were about loss and thanks to everyone at DAYS they helped me do that.  The scenes left me drained.

You have been branching out and doing more feature film roles of late.  Recently, you went on location for your part in DOA Blood River.  How was that experience?


BILLY:  I loved working on a film, but when I left ‘DOA’ I remember thinking I can’t wait to get back to DAYS.  Here I feel comfortable and I am still challenged, but I know how to tackle the challenges of the medium now.  Doing that film was tough.  We were shooting fast.  I think I had this false sense of my range as an actor.  I have lived with Chad here for awhile and the emotions I draw upon are real that I put into the character.  It’s not hard to look at Abigail again and know what to feel, because as the character I have lived through these things with her. The film was a test with how they shoot and controlling my emotions.  I learned a lot about preparation that I can’t wait to use on the next project I do, I will say that.  I have another movie coming out called Escape Room and it’s a horror film.

Actors mostly say when working on a movie that they sit around all day on set, and have to wait and wait for their call or their scenes to be up.   Did you find that true?

BILLY:  We didn’t sit around at all on ‘DOA’.  We were shooting a big film with a lot of material in it, and over three weeks.

You have been a married man now since October of last year.  How is married life with your wife, Gina Comparetto?

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BILLY:  I love it.  I have no regrets with her.  Gina is amazing. I am fascinated on a daily basis by her.  Even when she is mad, she cracks me up and is amazing to me.  “Love Hard” that’s what I always say.  I said to her “I am going to love you hard if you let me.” Gina is also a super talented actress and she is stunning!

Does Gina check out your performances and who Chad is with romantically in story on DAYS?   Does it make you uncomfortable if she watched your work, or knows about your storylines?

BILLY:   I think she watches sometimes, but it does not make me uncomfortable.  We move so fast and sometimes I forget to talk about it with her.  I will admit, I am not good about talking about work.  Gina will have to sometimes pry it out of me sometimes of what is going on with my storyline, or on set, etc.   The reason for that is: a lot of the time I am just not happy with my work.  If it’s more about the daily grind, she has a way of getting it out of me and making me talk about it.

One of the most compelling attributes about you is that you have such an analytic mind and approach to your acting.  How do you feel that has served you, or how might it hinder you as you go through your career in front of the camera?


BILLY:  Sometimes that gets in my way a lot.  I constantly want to know things. I like to learn and I am very curious by nature.  So if something happens in story, I want to know why Chad is doing it, and if I see that it doesn’t make sense, I want to know why they (producers) think I should be doing it, because it is important to their storytelling. During DOA Blood River I was going, “Why don’t you let me try this … and look over there … and that and that”   I realize sometimes I just need to shut my mouth, and just do what my job is. (Laughs)  All that to say, I think being an analytic thinker is what will be the most difficult thing for me, and for people to work with.  I have to apologize on a daily basis, because the work is really important to me and I get so invested in it.  If I could get rid of the analytic part of my brain, I think I could be a much better actor, because I wouldn’t judge things so harshly.  I still get terrified when I go into an audition.  The reason is why I am there I am over-thinking things.  Now if I had the job, I could do my work and know that is what I need to be doing, but in an audition I am still constantly in “trying to figure it out mode.”  It’s hard to try and be perfect in your acting.  That is why one of the best lessons I have learned are from Marci Miller and Kate Mansi and that is: “Keep it simple.”  What the audience has seen me do over the last several months, if I am not sure what to do with the story; I tried to do as little as possible.  I approached the material trying to be as fluid as possible, and that’s my job.  You will see me making choices.  I am going to play things close to the vest, and you are not going to understand, why or how, but sometimes you will see why I am doing what I am doing, but other times I am keeping it simple, which is something I think we should do more of, and let the audience decide what is going on.  My motto is: “If you want to know what happens, watch the show!”  I want to thank the fans for watching and continuously putting up with us, and I mean that in the greatest sense, because the fans are the only reason we are still on the air, so thank you!

So, are you rooting for Chad and Abigail to finally get back together?  What should happen to Gabi in all of this? What did you think of the sentiments shared by Billy in this interview? Are you looking forward to see what happens with the characters under new head writer, Ron Carlivati?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. But first, watch the latest promo from NBC for next week’s DAYS were Deimos is murdered, drugs the party guests, and Chad, Abigail, and Gabi are all put into, shall we say, some intriguing or comprimising situations!

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The Gabi/Chad relationship has been the worst thing to happen to both characters. They bring out the worst in each other. They look like two self absorbed twits. Are we really supposed to believe that Chad would’ve given up on Abigail that quickly? Dena Higley has reduced Chad’s character to a man who would throw away the relationship with his soulmate and mother of his child for a piece of ass.

As nice as it is knowing that Billy doesn’t agree or understand what the heck his character his doing, it doesn’t change the crap we’ve endured over the last couple of months and will continue to feel the ramifications of moving forward. The insertion of Gabi into Chabby could have been harmless, even compelling, but the way it has been written is careless and has intentionally diminished the Chad/Abigail relationship for what???? Who the hell knows.

The way they tried to undermine Chad and Abby’s love to sell the ridiculous idea that Chad and the girl who used to stalk him as a love story was insulting. I’m happy it won’t be long until it’s over.

i am so glad abbynad chad will renunite. They have t he kind of love that no one else has. Gabbi was never a loved interest for him she was his stalker and had someone tyr to stalk her ot get him. Now all of sudden he loves her. He eden said him amd abby have that special kind of love, gabbi was a distraction for him. cant wiat for them to get back and be happy as loving couple like they h should be

I can’t wait to see Chad and Abby back together they are my favourite couple. I have hated the stupid made up Chad and Gabi storyline. It was so contrived.

Chabby forever. <3

Great interview, Michael.

I can’t wait for Chabby to reunite. This Gabi story has been a hot mess and nearly ruined the character of Chad.

omg. so true. almost undermine our chad 4 far too long! THIS INTERVIEW Is a great 1.
one of the most realest/i feel his TRUTH as an actor,so much. chad is using gabi and her character shall lookin dumb once again. yes! love it.

it was still one of the only rootable couples on the show that was growing into a potential supercouple. Chabby is always going to have their struggles, but they have their foundation, and it’s in stone and cement already.

CHAD ABBY SUPERCOUPLE he said or potential is there, NOT gab-chad.

Totally agree about this story being a hot mess. Chad has really been hurt by Dena Higley’s pen. I hope Ron can build him back up to the man he used to be. And that starts with him dumping Gabi’s desperate ass and fighting for his wife.


The only other couple I’ve loved besides Bo & Hope is Chad & Abigail <3 I have really adored all that Marci Miller has brought to the role and I think her and Billy have a really special, interesting, sexy and very adult chemistry. They are definitely on the same wavelength, which is why I think they fit so well together as Chad and Abigail.

The essence of who those two characters are has remained intact, and it only makes me root for them even more. The Gabi part for his storyline has been tiresome, to say the least. I'm ready for that to be over. I do not want Gabi and Abby to be friends anymore. I can't believe how Dena has made them play nice so far. It's sickening to watch Abby have to be "nice" to the woman who was supposed to be her friend yet willingly slept with Abby's husband. Yuck.

Chabby bores the HECK out of me to begin with. the only part of the story I found intriguing was Ben; He’s gone,with probably no hope of a return. As a soap couple Chabby sort of remind me of Molly Tanner, they had appeal, chemistry together but the just could get out of the starting blocks. Kudos in the end though to Kate Mansi for her performance at the time Abby disappeared. As Dimera I’m sorry Billy Flynn just can’t cut it acting more or less like, a fake Dimera IMHO
It’s almost insulting to me that they are bring WILL back to life, as though Ben never happened. WILL got what he had coming to him give that he was meddlesome and a terrible reporter. Yeah..if you got the impress I think the writing has been terrible, this whole Chad and Abby “romance” has been a waste of valuable screen time for days you would probably be making a good call.

This version of Chabby is terrible. It’s a shame that BM doesn’t see the goldmine that is Chabi. Hopefully, they put Camila with an actor that appreciates her.

I don’t think that Billy and Marci have any chemistry. I think that Billy and Kate had chemistry. I also see chemistry between Billy and Camila. I find myself very bored watching scenes that Marci is in..

well, remain bored DMR.

CHABBY are the future of days,and a potential super couple for a while now. i m SO HAPPYit is clear now, he is only using gab and it, in time shall b seen and played out. i love abby with chad,and MAJORITY want him AWAY from loser gabi.” So the majority will win once again.
GABI is not a loser when she is not around ab’s soulmate chad.

LOL what is this garbage. Billy and Marci have great chemistry but it has been ruined to facilitate that FORCED relationship between Chad/Gabi. They have had to water down Chad’s love for Abby so they could try and justify him “loving” Gabi. It’s a joke and I’m glad that Dena got fired.

I can’t wait to see what Billy and Marci can do with material that is actually worthwhile and can showcase their chemistry rather than try and sabotage it.

love all of them very fine actrot and artess but I hope chad and abby get back it would be like hope and bo love for each others

I agree. Love Chad and Abby <3

I think Marci and Billy shine together 🙂

I might be in the minority but I’m a Chad and Gabi fan. I think Billy and Camila have a great chemistry together. I would like to see them explore their relationship further.

Hear Hear. The haters are not deep enough to see the fire building with Chad & Gabby!

I am absolutely a huge fan of Chad and Gabi…Billy and Camila’s chemistry is off the charts!! I’ve never felt that Chad and Abigail were start crossed lovers, need we be reminded that he fell in love with Melanie when he was with Abigail the first time and Chad and Melanie got engaged? Billy and Marci don’t have anything close to what Billy and Camila have

I don’t think you’re in the minority. They have a lot of fans.

You are in the minority and I’m glad because if TPTB were forced to keep Chabi going because of fan support, I would tune out immediately. Thankfully, Chabby are much more popular 🙂

Great interview … My main issue with the Gabi and Chad storyline is their history … Why hasn’t anyone brought up her previous obsession with Chad and all she did to get Melanie out of the way … You would think that Julie at least would be throwing it in Gabis face


Exactly! I hated how they not only omitted important parts of history but also straight up added in moments that NEVER HAPPENED. The whole baseball history was so contrived – which is basically a good representation for the entire Gabi/Chad relationship – which is such a joke.

I am disgusted by his comments and lost a ton of respect for him. I was a huge Chabby fan when Kate was in the role. I was a Chabby forever fan.
Then the role was re-cast. Marci is a very talented actress but I see no romantic/sexual chemistry with Billy. Her Abigail is a 180′ change from Kate’s. From her wardrobe to her demeanor to her very essence. This is not Abby.
I never would’ve thought I’d fall for Chad & Gabi a year ago but Billy & Camila have such electric chemistry that I slowly fell for them
Now a read comment after comment where Billy disses everything we’ve seen & it’s insulting. Did I think Chabi would win out in the end? No because it’s a soap but I expect every actor to sell their story/pairing without secretly trying to sabotage it and his screen partner. That is childish & unprofessional.
Not all of his fans worship at the alter of nuChabby and the lack of respect he showed in this article is eye-opening to me & not flattering of him.

Thank you for saying that Scoma60. Many of his fans are beginning to feel the way we do, and it’s only going to do damage to ratings, to his support as an actor, and to his character. What is the most offensive to me is how he now evades questions about Chad’s feelings for Gabi. Even though Chad told Kate Gabi is the right one for him, and later told Abby he’s in love with Gabi, Billy cannot acknowledge that Chad is in love with Gabi. He keeps pushing his bs stance that Chabby is the rootable couple. Well my answer to him is, don’t tell me who to cheer for buddy. In my opinion Chabby is a sick couple, and I will never cheer for them.

OMG thank you! It is such a breath of fresh air to read comments from viewers who feel the same way I do about Chad and Gabi… Billy and Marci have the chemistry of oil and water, whereas Billy and Camila together is the sole reason I still watch this show….I haven’t seen the on screen chemistry that they have since James Scott and Alison Sweeney…. No soap couple will ever match what they did on screen together IMO, but Billy and Camila are a close 2nd for me…I will be done with Days for good once they put Chad and Abigail back together…if the powers that be can’t recognize the off the charts chemistry that Billy and Camila have together and make Chad and Gabi the new supercouple of Days then the show doesn’t deserve to be on the air…PERIOD

“I” agree … with what billy Flynn said.. about filling the “void” when kate Mansi left, the role… so much time had gone by… plus with no other siblings and even Joseph Mascolo leaving… they had to give Billy … “something”

1. I LOVE Gabi… I think she’s the loveliest.. almost ever

2. these two look good together.. and the camera LOVES them

3. I watched.. not too long ago.. these two having sex.. and I nearly melted

or whatever you want to call it… steam me OUT .. this is HOT ! serials take note.. this was thee HOTTEST

I had seen in a LONG LONG LONG time… dag! I was like WOAH… give me this any day of the week… I nearly upchuck every thing and everytime.. when Sonny and Carly do this. throw up

4. the WRITING SUCKS.. and is not doing … – any one – justice. so there

it’s the going back and forth with no meat. so it’s LAME time and time again.

5. waiting for any balance, chemistry and feelings to and fro between Chad and Abs… I really do like Marci Miller.. dang it… since I haven’t been watching… is there any chemistry between Abs and Dario? to give us a wait and see when Ron Carlivati invents the wheel and finds this two some any ?

6. I do not do well with recasts… yet I really caught on to Marci Miller.

so the lagging question I should be feeling.. is “Chabby” real?

I DO not think Billy Flynn is being disrespectful to the characters of either Abs or Gabs. He genuinely wants to be @ DAYS.

I for one.. just wish… actors could fess up…. “The WRITING STINKS” OK ?!?!

I don’t miss Chad with Abs… AFTER all the time passed.

Billy Flynn as the lone DiMera… is an integral and vital character to not have on the canvas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. because .. yes.. after all this time.. he still has that look and presence that just leaps and engulfs me to this day.

Billy Flynn cares about his craft.. and fully embodies his character and care for each of his castmates.

THANK YOU soap god : in less than a month.. a whole new arena enters the fray and cause celeb : Ron Carlivati and @DAYS of OUR Lives .

When they change an actor of the character it’s not the same. That’s what people are experiencing, that doesn’t mean they should put Chad with Gabi just because they think he doesn’t go good with the new actress playing Abby. I would still rather see Chad with Abby!

The writing has been in a way that doesn’t showcase Chabby and that’s because of Dena Higley.

I can’t wait for Ron to give them material that might actually be worthwhile watching.

I love Billy and Marci. Billy/Camilla have no chemistry, it seems like they are forcing it.

This was a great article! I love Billy Flynn. I agreed with what he said regarding there was so much going on with Chad & Abby that there was no need for a triangle. The triangle frustrated many fans! The “relationship” with Gabi never made sense given their history. Chad & Gabi having sex was the last straw for me; there was no reason for that! I pray that the typical Soap storyline of a pregnancy after one romp in the hay doesn’t happen. Chad & Abby are meant to be and they don’t need anymore crap to get in their way. The next child Chad has should be with Abby. Gabi needs to be out of their lives for good!

I completely agree and hope with this new writer it will be so otherwise it will be the end of dool

Me too 🙂 I love that he said exactly how he felt. We all know he is a Chabby fan but it’s reassuring to hear that he is as disillusioned with how things have panned out lately as we have been.

Great interview! Billy is such an intelligent, thoughtful actor, & he displays so much talent & heart in his portrayal of Chad. I am a Chabby fan, & I can’t wait to see Chad & Abby find their way back together. I hope the new writer will do them justice. I’ve been frustrated with the writing for Abby for months. She seems to have turned into a moron — pushing Chad away, & the ridiculous Dario storyline. She looks like an idiot. Abby wouldn’t risk going to prison & losing Thomas, which is exactly what can happen to those who defraud the government via a green card marriage. And wouldn’t she, or her ace reporter mom, discuss Dario’s case with a good immigration attorney? I don’t want Chad & Gabi together. Gabi isn’t a villain, but should come to realize that Chad will always love Abby, & step away.

agree iwth u I hope they get abby chararcter better. I love them so much and tey have such great realtopnship. their love is so strong. gabbi was a disgtracton for him. hope to get abby and chad back soon

Great interview Michael, as always!!! Wow, I can never get enough of Billy Flynn! Not only is he certainly not hard on the eyes, but he has a wealth of knowledge that keeps those wheels turning constantly. He should never apologize for trying to achieve the performance that he is proud of and stay true to the story/audience. I can only see bigger and better things for him in his future! (just don’t leave Days and try not to be too hard on yourself) ❤️❤️❤️

it’s just so nice to be excited for a newbie.. of this caliber

“…he has a wealth of knowledge that keeps those wheels turning constantly ”

he continually gobsmacks me… to this day. he is keenly aware of his surroundings and what’s going on in the scene and with whom.

I just, am off the charts, – lost – with him.

this is a difficult transition… because I too was standing ovation… on the sidelines in the audience… just rooting for that .. off the charts in your face.. threesome

Chad – Abs – Ben


his star is on the horizon… he’s done two movies .. and .. by all accounts .. once his presence is known.

i’m thankful … oy! shoot… that his character as the lone DiMera is still tantamount to hot me out

in a months time .. will be telling the whole story. I want to root for Abs… because of how well Kate Mansi did.. and how easily I took to Marci Miller in the role of Abs… it was just ridiculous that the attic story .. may have ruined her chance. I stil see a more mature relationship with Chad and Abs.

I will never knock down Gabs .. as she’s still turning for me. and is relevant to the canvas. what’s wrong with Eli and Gabs… “nothing” this is Gabs the actress time to cement her belong. and be her own person with her own man.

I can’t wait to tune back in.

All right Michael Fairman why you did not ask about Camilla Banus being bullied on social were really outraged about it for some other actors..althought it was overdramatic and totally out of proportion in THEIR cases..whereas here Camilla is really bullied..but you don’t give a about double standards..pitiful..

I like Billy’s explanations of the story better than the story. I am sorry to say, Chad’s been unwatchable for me. I’m not one of those people who just want their couple together regardless of character motivation. I want Chabby, but I want Chad’s last 6 months explained and him to deserve Abby back. He should have to work for it and I’m looking forward to the “sorry to the audience” stuff.

It does look like there’s a turn coming from what Billy says, so I think when Ron starts I will return as well.

As for what happens with Gabi? I could care less for all the Hernandez’s. She should still be in jail for killing Nick.

And Abby should be in a mental faculty for the criminally insane for setting a man on fire. That’s attempted murder. Her crazy ass wasn’t even arrested. Why because she’s Jack Deveraux daughter?

You must have missed Abby’s stay in the mental hospital, Lia. I’m guessing you also missed all the torture Ben put Abby through.

Are you freaking kidding me? Nick deserved to die… Gabi should’ve been awarded a gold freaking medal for killing that psycho


Lol right? Gabi is one of the few people in Salem that has actually paid for something.

Deserved to die based on what? He deserved to be shot 3 times, once in the back? A coward only shoots someone in the back.

Have him arrested, have him tried, have him convicted. She committed cold-blooded murder.

Let’s release all the murderers because the victim “deserved” it then.

No I didn’t miss any of that, but did you miss her leaving the hospital, after setting it on fire? She is a criminally insane woman who should be locked up with Ben. Gabi served her time. She didn’t stage a breakout, she did her time until Aiden had her released. When is Cray-Cray DiMera going to do her time? Chad is sick if he wants to spend is life with whacko Abby.

Ummm Gabby, the stalker, should still be in jail for cold blooded murder. Nick should have been in jail for attempting to rape Gabby ugh her dumb behind allowed her puppeteers Kate and Sammi to railroad her into pushing Nick into the river. That is what gave him ammunition to blackmail her. Gabby shot Nick because he was blackmailing her. If she had reported his attempted rape in the first place she would have been justified in hitting him in the head with the rock. The woman is again showing how freaking dumb she is. She could have reported Deimos for kidnapping her but she refused to. Instead the lunatic stowaway on a plane to supposedly go bring him down. Lmao What a moron.

Um Abby has her own disgusting past, starting with falsely accusing Austin of sexual harassment, and getting him fired from Salem U. That also almost cost him his marriage, and made Jack attack him when he listened to her lies. It’s too bad he fell down that elevator shaft instead of her. Don’t get me started on how she stalked Sami’s fiance EJ. She pretended to babysit his kids so she could get close to him for a screw in any room they were in, while also pretending to be Sami’s friend. Then had the nerve to slap Sami’s face when she had her fired from Salem hospital. Sami should have beat her sorry ass, and never looked back. And what she did to Ben should have definitely gotten her killed. Lying to him everyday while she screwed Chad behind his back, and getting knocked up with Thomas made her deserve what he gave her in the end. That bitch is the reason Will, Paige and Serena were killed. If she hadn’t played with that man’s head and his heart, he would have never killed those people. And how many times has she screwed over Chad? If he chooses to saddle up next to a complete psycho like Abby he deserves exactly what he’ll get. I bet the looney kills Deimos and tries to claim she had a breakdown.

Deimos murdered…looks like a ‘killer’ of a storyline….and a stunt Stephano would pull where you think he is dead but he isnt???

I really think Billy will leave his role one day…

Billy Flynn is the first one who comes to mind every time I read a blind about an actor who is planning to leave as soon as his contract expires. He strikes me as somebody who had gotten too big for his britches with his first dose of fame.


Flynn made his on-screen debut on September 12, 2014. ( from Wiki )

In this, near, 3 year span… he’s already gone thru three writing teams…. this includes Ron Carlivati.. WHICH DEBUTS in less than a month.

if their were any “re-writes” it seems like it was in scenes that only included Chad alone. at the manse… trashing up the place.

you could clearly tell he simply wanted continuity and credibility for his character. he’s only been in this biz for – near 3 years –

and yes.. I will stand with… that it was Chad and Abs who were clearly carrying this show… along with Ben.

anyway… I thought he deserved to WIN , this past emmy… major eye roll for Clifton Scott… bad taste

Billy Flynn is going places… not to say he’s Michael Muhney or Justin Hartley. he’s still .. one of the best

I think Chad and Abby should stay together. They have endured a lot together.

100% agree.

Chabby are endgame.

Chad does not deserve Abigail. I thought they were Salem True Love but I don’t see it. Chad did not show that at all while he was sniffing purple flowers and mooning over Gaby.
Love Marci Miller and Chad does not deserve Abby. Dario doesn’t either.


I think it is Abby that does not deserve Chad. You can only turn away from someone so many times before it becomes not worth the ride.

I agree – she does not deserve him. She’s treated him so poorly. I have never been a Chabby fan. I love Chad, but can’t stand Abby. Haven’t liked her since Ashley Benson stopped playing her.



“… the ride ”

which is true in every sense of the word… yet in serial land.

I truly hope Ron Carlivati has all his ducks lined up and ready for … his show

dang it

as I’ve posted before… I like RC writing… I have so much bad taste for GH right now… with Jean and Shelley and Frank that I cannot think of one bad thing RC every did for GH. OK OK… the respect of history of GH is one thing

I just don’t see a major overhaul of the cast… as it’s still thee best

dang it… let’s not forget peeps… Kassie DePaiva and Eileen Davidson, Chandler Massey, Alison Sweeney. just to start

I hope somehow this stupid story of Abs and Dario marrying for his green card… ugh! how lame time and time again. I posted above that I wanted for RC to find some thing anything… BETWEEN Abs and Chad… and not between Abs and Dario. was just wondering if Abs the actress has any sexual energy.

can I say Marci Miller again?

Hopefully DOOL will give the fine actress Camila Banus a professional actor to work opposite of instead of Flynn. It makes me sick to think that a actor would deliberately sabatoge a fellow actor’s scenes with subpar performances. If I was a DOOL actress I would refuse to do scenes with this guy.


To all the crybabies who love Chabi:

Get over it. They are a (couple?) based on lies…lies made up by Dena Higley, who ignored the true characters and their histories and forced rewrites on us.

I hope Ron Carlivati writes the truth and rights the wrongs!!

LOL right? Their couple was an absolute joke, built on a made-up history and contrived situations. So glad to be rid of them soon.

Free Gabi from this user.

Chabby aren’t a supercouple, IMO. I wasn’t even a fan of theirs with Kate in the role. I think Chabi are better suited for each other. I kind of think BF was being a little disrespectful of Camilla in this article.

BF has the right to speak his truth. You are projecting if you think he was disrespectful to Camila in this article.

Was Camila disrespectful to Billy when she said in an interview a few months ago that she thought Chad and Gabi shouldn’t be together?


Chad and Abigail should get back together their love is strong for each other and Gabby should move on to somebody else their relationship was out of lust. please put Chad and Abigail back together

So agree

Thank you so much for this article, Michael and Billy. I can’t wait to get back to our Chabby goodness. Billy and Marci are amazing actors. I am in love with their story. I’m so glad they will be treated like the super couple they truly are. I can’t wait for this to begin. Bring on our Chabby.

Love love love my Chabby. I just want them to be together.

I love chad and Gabi together they are so great and with the new Abby I did not like her with chad. for me Chad and gabi are hot and also Abby is good with Dario just my view

All I have to say is,… An actor , follows the script without ” tweaking it ” or ” judging it ” and puts his all into it (weather you like it or not). Period. Billy talked about feelings of Abby and kept saying , ” I think, I think ” , ” I should tweak” or ” checking out for a minute ” , ” Chad and Abby did not need a love triangle ” ect, ect, ect, ……News flash , YOU’RE NOT THE WRITER . YOU’RE THE ACTOR. PERIOD.
So now , my question is this….Are you Purposely checking out of your scenes with Gabi because you don’t agree with it ??? Are you ” tweaking ” the scenes with Gabi ??? again because you don’t agree with it???
Because if that’s the case , then we need ANOTHER actor who is NOT BIASED toward the the storyline.
BTW, they’re are MANY viewers/fans who love the Chad and Gabi relationship. And based on this interview , it came across like Billy’s gonna put his all into the Abby storyline and NOT the Gabi storyline. Not only is that Not fair or honest to the Chad and Gabi viewers/fans , but says a LOT about Billy as A TRUE, HONEST actor.

I love Chad and Abby togather, they have a special chemistry. Also I was hoping
they would have conceived another baby. Get rid of Gabby
, she is under his league. And Kate shold mind her business regarding chad


Interesting comments. In re Billy Flynn “tweaking” dialogue, I seem to remember others doing so, some who will ad lib some dialogue…heck, have read articles/interviews where Alison Sweeney has “changed” dialogue, even suggested story.

It does seem that Billy understands that, at time, as he was doing a scene, perhaps the editing did not reflect what he was trying to express. I like he admitted there are scenes where he just doesn’t seem to be putting forth the effort that should be there.
He is a very good actor, it does seem he hasn’t cared for some storylines, same goes for some of his co-workers. Am trusting that with the change in writing teams, what is coming up in the future will be better, not just for the actors, but the viewers as well.

Nah Alison never rewrote scenes or decided to check out when some scenes were not her cup of tea..not at all..She never did the things Billy Flynn is so proud to boast about in this interview..stop the lies, thank you very much.
Ali was a team player and she endured many MANY MANY worst storylines than Billy Flynn will ever had..Actually usually when an actor do the things Billy is so proud to do he would be fired asap..

Yea remember when James Scott made it clear he was not in favor of EJ having an affair with Abby; some of the same people calling Billy unprofessional was cheering James on. They had no problem with James preferring EJami.

Thankfully this Abby story was an insult ..a trashy insult to Ej’s character !!

And yet James was not as disrespecful as Flynn is..he was smart about it..his moto above all was : if i have nothing good to say about it i will say nothing..and he promoted Ejami..but said almost nothing about the trash/insulting story..and he was more say the least..and did not rewrite scenes even if they did not make sense, were totally our of character and insulting for him..although it would have been good if he had..

I’ve watched Days since the early 80’s and I loved BF’s Chad from his first appearance, with nothing to do with pairing. Over the years many actors/actresses have talked about their personal favorites, but if only from a supportive of the genre perspective, they shouldn’t alienate viewers in the process. I loved Chabby’s story and rooted for them but a lot seems to be mentioned about Chabi’s negative history. Chabby’s wasn’t always good either and includes Chad faking a fatal illness, blackmailing Abby’s boyfriend doctor to keep it secret, all to score with the virgin. And Chad’s (BF’s version) verbally berated her for her affair with his brother while he was gone. This interview for me went beyond simply expressing his feelings about his character and who he should be paired with. The idea that he is (and has for the past few months) mocked his story, the writing, and most especially dismissing the Chabi storyline as something no fan wants to see. That the Chad/Gabi story of the last eight months was just all just a waste of time, will be over, and rah rah favorite pairing. As an actor of a dying genre in need of viewers he basically said unless you are on board with this agenda there is no need for you to tune in because it will all end so don’t bother enjoying the story play out. Several times in the interview it seems MF was giving him opportunities to address those viewers who prefer Chad with Gabi or non Chabby fans. His responses could have included anything from ‘glad we gave you a story to enjoy’ or any vague stay tuned kind of tease. But instead he doubled down on the anti speak and his interactions with non-Chabby fans on twitter today have been extremely disappointing. Billy is one of the most talented actors on daytime but today has made me second guess his appreciation for all the viewers not just like minded ones. Its too bad because regardless of a triangle or Chabby reunion there was a lot of story to tell with Chabi’s relationships and decisions.

I love this interview! From the beginning Billy has consistently said he has played Chad as being all about Abby, this is nothing new. He isn’t going to all of the sudden want a pairing with Gabi which was horribly written. I totally agree with Billy. Gabi was not needed in this story. The story should have been about rebuilding Chad and Abby’s relationship. They already had so many issues that now have been ignored for the sake of this painful story. They are one of the few successful pairings Days has built recently and they deserved a better story with Abby’s return, not a story about Chad and Gabi. In regards to chemistry, I see none between Billy and Camila. I see it with him & Marci although it is not where Billy and Kate’s was but it can get there. The story of Chabby was beautifully built between Billy & Kate from 2014-2016, and Marci hasn’t even been given a chance to continue the magic with the horrible writing and dropping of her mental illness. It’s clear Dena didn’t give one hoot about Abby and wanted her out of the way for Gad (hence isolating her for the past month or so from Chad). I’m so excited about what Billy said about Ron & Chabby. I’m looking forward to them reuniting and I’m glad Ron gets they are an important part of the younger age group.

my friends and I don’t like marci miller please set sail marci miller from salem and bring fourth Rebecca Herbst from GH to play Abigil.marci miller has been nothing but trouble.chad needs a girl like Rebecca Herbst from GH to play Abigail jack is ahead back to salem to see Abigail and Thomas his grandson JJ and Jennifer.Rebeeca Herbst looks exactly like kate mansi

We want Billie Read come back and play chad and be with Abigail only get rid of that slut gabi she needs to get a man of her own

I love Billy’s portrayal of Chad. I’m sorry, I just don’t see Marci’s talent. I think the part was incredibly miscast.

You’re completely disingenuous if you can’t see her talent. Being miscast(in your eyes) doesn’t mean she can’t act.

So happy to read this and see that Chad and Abby are end game… I know its a new Abby but everyone needs to give her a chance, I loved Kate too but I am getting use to the new abby and I am a Huge Fan of Chabby they are the main reason I still watch and the past few months I havent wanted to with the Gabi storyline… They didnt have a history she was a stalker and to write her in as there was so much chemistry when they were in school is ridiculous… They need to find Gabi someone else and real soon cause its making me not like her Character…They are making her a rebound and making her look ok with it… They are making Chad look like a tramp going from Best friend to Best friend… Im over him and Gabi cant wait to see Chad and Abby finally have there happily ever after and be the POWER couple… End rant 🙂

Chad and Abby have a love story like Bo and Hope and a Patch and Kayla. Gabi is another Larry that tried to come between no and Hope or Ava between Patch and Kayla. Chad and Abby needs to be endgame. Everyone loves power couples and they have the history and love story for that. That’s what Billie knows and is trying to say here. Nothing personal about Gabi. Gabi needs her own super coupling with someone else.

Great interview! I want Chad and Abby back together! Someone mentioned Gabby bullying—maybe she shouldn’t whore around…I didn’t see any difference in those comments in comparison to those bashing Marci—just sayin’. Chad and Abby together! Gabby can take a hike–some “best friend “!

Chad and Abigail belong together they say what should happen to Gabo make her Deimos’s murderer so she can go away and leave Chad and Abigail alone oh and make Dario a accomplice. Also they should replace Nicole’s character with someone else to continue on with her and Brady’s life together.

A rapist kidnapping murderer had an affair and it was an insult to his character??? WTH? Please don’t make me fall out laughing. EJ was a freaking RAPIST. The Ejabby affair was child’s play and frankly an upgrade for his character. Oh and by the way James Scott had a lot to say about not caring for EJ cheating on his rape victim. Billy Flynn and James Scott are both entitled to state their opinions on their fictional characters. Some are just pissed Billy Flynn is smart enough to know Chabi was and is a joke of a story knowing the characters history. Higley screwed up and got fired for pushing crap.

Thanks for the great interview! It was very revealing. Watching the actor as “Chad” I did not fully appreciate all his thinking and analysis–and hard WORK. Before reading this interview I think I gave Billy’s acting ability short shrift. I do think that the two actresses, Kate and Marci, elevated his work. But he is so diligent and so focused and so candid about his acting ability and progress! I find that charming and disarming. And how about that humility? Very refreshing! Wanting other more-seasoned actors to have a final scene with Joe M. is just so very classy. The next time I watch him, I’ll remember this interview and think very differently about him, his abilities, and his quest to be a better actor. Thanks again for the interview. Revealing, absorbing, and illuminating.

I enjoyed every one above who made comments and replyed to all the statement.
No matter what, I feel that Chad and Abby story lines and all they both went through
they had true love between them. The majority of Days fans saw that love and feel
It should be kept no matter what, Chad and Abby together. With all the writers Days
have had the fans need to see true connections between what they feel is love!!!!!! Fans
are what causes Days to survive all these years!!!!!

Billy Flynn said nothing disrespectful. He’s being honest about what makes sense, and what doesn’t. As an actor, it must hard to understand why he’d suddenly want Gabi. Also, why carelessly throw away a super couple? If Abby had been gone for 8-9-12 months, and he and Gabi had developed for even 6 of them, it would be a logical triangle. But she was gone for 4 months, and he and Gabi really only didn’t time together for a month and a half before getting close. Why on earth would she have ever competed with a woman he had loved do truly got 4-5 years? Butthurt Chabi fans need to grow up.

We would like Rebecca Herbst to play Abigail marci miller is not professional to play abby she is only 16years old she is a bay get rid of her please kate mansi is pregnant she might cause a proble she said she does not likr biily fynn she said he is a jerk she said don’t bring billie back eighther he tried to offer sex

I really have little use for Gabi. However unlike the actor I just do NOT see Chad as the bee and end all of characters.

I really don’t care for chad either he should have Dario Arrested and save Abigail too.she needs to to Divorce Dario and leave town and meet a new man for get about chad he is so controlling telling her what to do chad leave Abigail alone she does not need you screaming at her TC D saying I want to hear what she says

Ron please don’t recast Abigail until kate mansi movies wraps up she wants to have another baby with chad and sibing for Thomas little sister or little brother to play with.she ask that you kill off Abigail for a while.

I always like Kate Mans. I was thrilled when she won the emmy. I don’t like Gabi with Chad. Maybe they can find someone else for her. Billy apparently hasn’t learned, KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF. Politics and who Chad should be with are no no’s You will always lose fans who think differently.I know people have a right to their opinions, but this is his job. Why tick off half his fans.?.

Ron please don’t kill off Our Abigail please keep her alive putting her in a plane let her be in mexico so chad can go and find her

Days Of Our Lives

Kristian Alfonso Returns to Days of our Lives for Tribute to The Late Bill Hayes

After a few weeks of Days of our Lives fans being upset that Kristian Alfonso (Hope Williams) was not on the first list of initial returns for Doug Williams’ funeral and episodes honoring his portrayer, the late Bill Hayes, comes word that the popular star is back and taping scenes.

Kristian reported to work on the Peacock streaming soap opera on Monday, April 22nd. She shared how important it is for her to be back for this particular return to the show that made her a household name.

“My return is very bittersweet,” Alfonso told TV Insider,  “because it is the end of an era with Bill gone. So to return to Days is very sad. I am appreciative that they came to me to include me in their series of shows honoring Doug and I’m very happy to see everyone, but I’m entering the studio with a heavy heart.”

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It was back in 1983 that Kristian first debuted as Doug’s daughter, and now 41 years later looking back at it, and her time with Bill Hayes is very emotional for her.

“I remember my first scenes with him/ He was very loving, very welcoming. That he was very talented and an incredible actor and an icon, that all goes without saying, but my personal relationship and my working relationship with Bill, it was home,” expressed Alfonso. “Doing the scenes with Bill, I felt like I was with my dad because there was so much warmth and reality.”

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Alfonso did express some deep regret, in that she had wanted to work with Bill Hayes during her last appearance on the soap back in 2023, but according to the iconic actress, there was something in the works but it never materialized.  “I’m sad that I did not get the opportunity to do the storyline that Ron (Carlivati, head writer) had planned/ It was great; we returned to Salem to reunite with our families and I would have had father/daughter scenes with Billy. What Ron had written was beautiful and emotional and it was a fantastic story. I was 100 percent for it and the fans would have loved it.”

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As for if Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope will be back on-screen together anytime soon, Kristian would only say, “What I will say is don’t give up hope.” Doug’s passing and memorial episodes will stream later this year come late November into December.

So, are you happy to learn that Kristian Alfonso is back taping episodes surrounding Doug’s memorial episodes? Comment below.

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Steve Kent Reportedly OUT as Sony Pictures Television VP in Charge of DAYS and Y&R

On Friday, reports surfaced that Steve Kent, Senior Executive Vice President of Programming at Sony Pictures Television, is no longer with the company and overseeing the Sony soap operas, Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless.

According to Soap Opera Digest, a set side source reported that Kent’s last day was last Friday, April 12th, which was one day after what would have been his final appearance in his Sony VP role at the Days of our Lives 15,000th episode on set celebration.

During that ceremony, Kent gave a brief speech giving kudos to DAYS for its incredible milestone. Days is a co-production of Sony Pictures Television and Corday Productions, while Y&R is produced by Bell Dramatic Serial Company in association with Sony Pictures Television.

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Kent started his soap opera career as a producer for CBS’ defunct Capitol and then as the supervising producer of NBC’s Santa Barbara from1984 to 1993.

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At Sony, before his role overseeing the soaps, Kent was Senior Executive Vice President of International Productions for Sony Pictures Television International department.

If reports are true, the question becomes who has taken over his position, and would oversee DAYS and Y&R from the Sony side? Share your thoughts on this developing story via the comment section below.

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(WATCH) 2024 Daytime Emmy Nominations Special Live!

After exciting morning for your favorite daytime stars when they were revealed to be nominees for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards comes tonight 10th annual Daytime Emmy Nominations Special.

Beginning at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT, several of the nominees will talk with Michael Fairman on their reactions to the news they have been nominated for a Daytime Emmy, share what scenes they submitted that landed in the top five or six in their respective performer acting categories and much more.

Scheduled to appear are: Days of our Lives nominees, Tamara Braun (Ava), Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Linsey Godfrey (Sarah), The Young and the Restless nominees: Allison Lanier (Summer), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis), Courtney Hope (Sally), Bryton James (Devon), The Bold and the Beautiful’s John McCook (Eric), General Hospital nominees, Finola Hughes (Anna) and Alley Mills (Heather), and The Bay’s Mike Manning (Caleb).

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The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live on CBS and streamed on Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th and emanating, once again this year from the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

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For a full list of this year’s nominations click here.

Now, watch below as the stars chat it up as we celebrate their Daytime Emmy Nominations. If you have a potential question you might want posed to any of our guests, drop it in the comment section below and we just might ask it on air.

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