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DAYS Chandler Massey and Deidre Hall & GH's Jason Thompson named Power Performances of the Week!

Photo Credit: MF SOAP Inc.

Photo Credit: MF SOAP Inc.

In our opinion, Days of our Lives is doing an excellent job with Will Horton’s coming out story.  And although, there have been the stops and the starts, and the putting on the brakes, and then going forward with it full steam ahead, the writers and the performers have been doing a subtle, compelling and beautiful job relating the struggles of young man trying to face and accept who he is, and the ramifications he fears it will have for him with his family and society.

Last week, we first heard Will say, “I think I might be gay”.  Later, he back-peddled on it, telling his beloved Grandma Marlena, he isn’t gay.  But wise Marlena knows better.  She sees the pain and anguish deep inside Will that is tearing him apart.  And while, April 4th is Will’s “official” coming out episode, (Don’t miss it! We could be naming Chandler and Deidre again next week) there were several scenes this week between Chandler Massey (Will) and Deidre Hall (Marlena) that resonated to us, and we hope many in the DAYS and NBC viewing audience.   We think this simple and yet complex discussion of Marlena telling Will she accepts him for who he is, and Will still questioning and still in denial, were very deserving of being names one of this week’s Power Performances of the Week.

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

And in addition, let us not forget, General Hospital’s Jason Thompson (Patrick) in the scene where Patrick takes Robin’s ashes to the land where the house they were going to build for their future was located,  and struggles with dispersing them over the ground.  This makes four weeks in a row that we have named Jason Thompson, one of the Power Performances of the Week!  It would be hard for anyone not to grab for the hankies, watching Patrick grieve for his wife! But the kicker! Robin is alive and so if there is a soap God, and true love wins out, Robin and Patrick will be reunited some day!

Now below watch some scenes from this week’s Power Performances of the Week, and let us know your thoughts, and if you agree with our picks!

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Once again, Jason was stellar in the scene where Patrick took “Robin” ‘s ashes to scatter them over the land where their dream home was supposed to be. And then for Scrubs fans to find out that Robin is ALIVE!!! Okay, I squeeeee’d a lot when I saw this! The scene where Patrick reached out his hand as Robin reached hers out as she lay in the hospital bed…there just are no words for that. Patrick feeling in his heart that Robin isn’t really gone, and that he can’t bring himself to believe it….if there is truly a soap god, as you say, Michael…they will reunite our beloved Robin and Patrick, and Jason Thompson will win the Emmy for the scenes he’s done since the week of February 20th!

I watched both of these incredible performances and I feel that they were Emmy quality. Jason Thompson has surpassed anything I would have expected from him! Who knew he could be this great!

GREAT choices Michael. All 3 deserve kudos.

DH and CM have blown me away. The writing has made me want to cry, I’ve been so moved. When Marlena told Will “it gets better”, my heart did a little dance inside. It was so profound. I am excited to see this storyline unfold further.

And JT, well, what can be said that hasn’t already been? All I will say however is that after 6 years, it’s about damn time Jason has received all this recognition for his stellar work. These weeks and performances haven’t been any different in terms of range and quality as about 2 dozen others of his over the years, except for the outpouring of love and good wishes he’s been receiving from it. His work is powerful. I am a proud fan.

3 Good picks I watched both ,but my heart is with Patrick all of his scenes since Robin died have been beautifully written and his acting was heartbreaking ,What is he going to do now that his robin is gone?I feel so bad for the guy I want to hold him and cry with him,so many tears since the explosion ,and watching him with the robins ashes was so sad,Yes once again Jason Thompson has proved he is a powerful actor emmy worthy .I will miss Robin and Patrick together as I have said so many times they were ,are, my favorite couple in Port Charles.

Love Jason Thompson…his performances as Patrick have been nothing short of fabulous – as he grieves the loss of his wife.
A process I hope the writers don’t accelerate to quickly (in an effort to pair him with someone else).
Let him grieve and go through the motions of being without Robin and show him coping with being a single dad to Emma.
Jason really deserves an Emmy !

I love the Marlena and Will scenes. The acting and dialogue has been excellent. Marlena has been compassionate and supportive as a grandmother should and would be with the added touch of a psychiatrist drawing Will out and helping him to accept and acknowledge who he is in his way. Will has been ambivalent, uncomfortable, but longing to come to terms with who he is. The scenes have been emotional, educational, and poignant. Both DH and CM have done an excellent job in portraying Marlena and Will. The story line has been well done. This is some the best work that has every been on Days. I am glad that they have chosen to write this important gay story line thoughtfully, sensitively, and compassionately. Kudos to Days, DH, and CM for the good work. More story lines of this quality, please! 🙂

He has been more than incredible since the “death” of Robin. I have never seen him like this before and I think he deserves the daytime emmy for best actor. Just the look of pain on his face is more than convincing. Love the show now.

I agree that Chandler and Deidre were power performers of the week. They are the best pair on Days!

i loved the secenes with will & marlena but patrick scenes were extraordinary………..

I agree Patricks heart is breaking and so is mine .

Chandler is amazing! I’ve enjoyed his take on this s/l very much!


Lifetime’s ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’ Brings Epic Food Fight and “Slapfest Coup de Grâce”

Get ready for the feuding soap opera divas, when five actresses known for their signature primetime and daytime roles are brought together in Lifetime’s new holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas.

Saturday night, December 2nd on Lifetime (8pm ET/7PM CT) marks the highly-anticipated holiday movie premiere featuring: Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing), Nicolette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing), Morgan Fairchild (ex-Falcon Crest et al), Linda Gray (ex-Dallas) and Loni Anderson (ex-WKRP in Cincinnati).

Here’s what we do know! In story, five alums from the long-running soap, The Great Lakes reunite for a live Christmas finale. Uh-oh!  Now take a look at the backstory of the colorful cast of characters (pay special attention to the clever twists on the actresses names!)

Photo: Lifetime

LAUREN EWING (Linda Gray) “Everyone thinks I’m so damn good all the time,” confesses the junk food-loving Lauren of her second act as a lifestyle guru. “I don’t know how Gwenyth Paltrow does it!”

DANA CUNNINGHAM (Donna Mills) Now a sitcom mom, she’s yet to make amends to ex-bestie Juliette after abruptly leaving the soap back in the day. Not that she hasn’t tried: “When I thought the world was going to end in Y2K,” Dana says, “I reached out to her, and she never called me back.”

LILY MARLOWE (Loni Anderson) After replacing Dana on ‘Great Lakes’, Lily never again found a role to win her acclaim. “What do I have to show for (my career)? An arc on  For the People – Shonda Rhimes’ only flop!”

JULIETTE MATHESON (Nicollette Sheridan) “She left me for L.A.,” the party girl turned fashion mogul recalls of Dana’s betrayal. Will their feud derail the entire event?

MARGEAUX ROBERTS (Morgan Fairchild) “Fasten your face-lifts, ladies, it’s gonna be a bumpy weekend!” The sassy grande dame of ‘Great Lakes’ sees the Juliette-Dana beef as the perfect escape from her own domestic drama.

Photo: Lifetime

Now, making this all the more hysterical is the director of The Great Lakes reunion special, which makes the five women live under the same roof, is its former child star Alex, who has gotten his ex-girlfriend, Nell to direct the finale. Meanwhile, in the subplot. the ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ come up with a plan to get Alex and Nell back together.

As with any good soap opera, there is a major food fight. Linda Gray shared with USA Today ,”The food fight was one take. And it was fabulous.” And of course, their is a bitch-fest slap-fest. Morgan Fairchild revealed, “Oh honey, we all got ours in. Mine was a simple, ‘How dare you?’ with a slap. But I was hoping for a punch.”

Photo: Lauren Dukoff/Lifetime

The movie’s EP, Larry Thompson, who is a Hollywood manager and has Donna Mills as a client, said that the entire scene peaks with the”slapfest coup de grâce.” What is that exactly? That is when Donna Mills pushes Nicollette Sheridan into a pool in a nod to Dynasty’s Lily bond battle between Dynasty’s Alexis (Joan Collins) and Krystle (Linda Evans).

In case you missed it previously, check out the trailer for Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas below, also starring Patrika Darbo, Alec Mapa, Mills real-life daughter, Chloe Mills, and Christopher Atkins with theme song by Tiffany.

Now let us know, will you be tuning in to the movie for a premise that should delight many a longtime soap fan? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Favorite Sal Stowers Debuts in New Role in Tyler Perry’s BET Series ‘Sistas’

On Wednesday night, November 29th, Sal Stowers (Lani Price Grant, Days of our Lives) joined the cast of Tyler Perry’s BET dramedy, Sistas.

In it, Sal debuted as Penelope , the sister to Jordan in the episode titled From the Blindside. Additionally, in story, Penelope finds herself romantically involved with the character of Gary played by Chido Nwokocha.

Sistas, which premiered back in October of 2019, tells the story of a group of single black women as they navigate the modern challenges of life, including careers, friendships, romances, and social media.

Photo: JPI

Stowers recently made a return to Days of our Lives back in July of this year, when Lani came to the rescue of her father Abe (James Reynolds) who was being held hostage by Nurse Whitley (Kim Coles).  Sal has always said she is more than open to make more recurring appearances on the show, if she is available and if there is story for her to play.

Soap fans first noticed Sal in 2013, when she played All My Children’s Cassandra during the 43 episode run of Prospect Park’s streaming version of the beloved soap opera.

So, looking forward to catching Sal on Sistas? Hoping Lani will return to Salem soon? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Win a Private Game Night with Soap Stars and Help Children in Need for the Holidays

Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa, DAYS) is back with her annual toy drive for children through the holidays through her fundraiser in her effort to raise 25,000 toys for children in need each fall through Christmas is Not Cancelled to benefit Toys for Tots.

This week, fans have the opportunity to win a private zoom game night with none other than: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, Y&R), Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH), Emme Rylan (Ex-Lulu, GH), Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS), Rob Scott Wilson (Alex, DAYS) Ali Sweeney (Sami, DAYS), and Lilley herself, by giving a toy to a child in need via website.

According to the site: “One Lucky Winner will be tuning in for a night of glamour, giggles, and game-winning moments, including: VIP Access to Your Soap Opera Faves: Join the virtual party with stars from your favorite daytime dramas! Prepare for drama on and off the screen as you chat, laugh, and bond over shared soap secrets.”

Photo: JPI

Lilley shares: “By participating in this prize drawing, you will directly contribute to providing joy and happiness to underserved children during a challenging time in their lives, creating positive holiday memories!”

For more info on how you can win, make sure to visit

So, would you like to have a special ‘game night’ with this bevy of soap stars? Check out the opportunity, and let us know via the comment section below

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