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DAYS Melissa Reeves Shuts Down Twitter Account And Makes A Statement!



Days of our Lives Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) made the decision a few hours ago to shut down her Twitter account due to the public outcry and controversy over her recent tweet on the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.   Reeves, who had been at the eye of the storm over the last few weeks, posted her final tweet with these remarks below to her followers!

Melissa Reeves:  “Due to all of the inappropriate comments and threats to me and my family, I regret to say that I will be shutting down this Twitter account. I don’t feel that it is God-honoring to spend this much time fighting over things that we disagree on. The internet can be a great thing, but it can also be very destructive in the sense that you cannot truly learn the heart of a person in just a few words. I appreciate and love you all and thank you for your support over the years and will be praying for you. “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”  Mark 12:30

So this brings up a whole set of issues with social networking, how we treat one another, making a tweet that could be interpreted or misinterpreted any numbers of ways, and then of course, there is the entire issues that has been debate that has been ongoing at On-Air On-Soaps as to whether this is at it’s core a freedom of speech issue or not, due to information that has come to light on how Chick-fil-A funnels money to help Anti-gay groups.   Let us know your thoughts at this juncture!

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I feel terrible for Melissa Reeves! People can debate whether or not they agree with what she said, but how she was treated is disgusting. No actor should be forced to leave twitter because they are getting threats. At the end of the day, the actors are just people and shouldn’t have endure such utterly disgusting behavior.

I agree! This is a form of bullying. I seriously doubt that Melissa Reeves is anti-gay but I don’t know her so I can’t say for sure. But to attack someone just because they say something you don’t like is unjustified and doesn’t help to make society a better place at all. Believe it or not, we can disagree in a civil and respectful manner. However, it seems that instead of evolving as a society we have regressed significantly. Its sad that society has come to this, petty attacks and name calling rather than have an intelligent debate and/or dialogue about how to create society that validates the worth of every person.

It’s a shame that gays want respect but they don’t feel they should give anyone who doesn’t agree with them the same respect back!

It makes me,vomit to see 2
Men kissing not good for children either iI a fan of Dayssinsince the 89s

She used the response…. Innapropriate comments and “regretfully” is shutting down… her twitter. and in the same breath and/or sentence… threats, to her and her family. I don’t think she feels responsible. Overwhelmed… by lack of thought?

the easy way out? I don’t think it is God-honoring…

This debate has been going on since the shared traditional values see tolerance is non-conforming.

It is VERY God honoring for Melissa to bow out gracefully and not continue a senseless fight over a tweet she made that was quite frankly not intended to hurt anyone!! Her tweet was blown completely out of proportion! She was not hating ir bashing in any sense of the word. Christians get slammed for our beliefs, but we are supposed to support others beliefs without hesitation? Sounds a little like the pot calling the kettle black! I applaud Melissa for putting an end to this and turning the other cheek.

I just want to point out the hypocrisy I’m really struggling with since this whole thing blew up. Some of Nancy Lee Grahn’s (GH) tweets about Republicans and those who support them are often OUTRIGHT insulting and vile. And she writes them ALL in the name of free speech! I have never ever seen or heard as much noise about her many tweets as I have about the particular one from Melissa.

I just needed to get that off my chest.

I consider myself an independent and have no allegiance to the left or the right. In fact I just feel blessed I’m Canadian where everyone has equal rights and no one has fought it or complains. I was saddened by Missy’s initial tweet but the fallout is like anything I’ve seen and has frankly left me feeling disappointed by the ENTIRE soap community – stars, journalists and fans alike. There’s enough blame to go around. As a community, this was handled miserably by everyone and I find it all enormously disheartening.

Just my opinion.

Well, that’s because Republicans are nicer than Democrats. lol, j/k, but honestly, how elae do you explain the fact that people like NLG can spout off like that, CONSTANTLY, with little or no backlash from conservatives, but Melissa makes one little tweet about Chick-fil-A and free speech, and the liberals jump all over her?! With nasty, hateful tweets, calling her the “c” word and worse. That is the only comment I’ve ever seen from Melissa that was in ANY way political. Her tweets were all about the glory of God, or her loving family.

LOL Maddie, I cannot take some of the things you say seriously. Really nice lumping all people in a group together, which is NOT nice — many of the posters here do that and they ARE NOT the liberals. Live and let live, God will forgive you and your BP will thank you.

sorry MattsPlace, I know not ALL liberals are nasty, I’ve just seen more nasty comments from liberals than conservatives .. I saw the tweets to Melissa, and I saw the tweets to Gregg. Far more nasty tweets to Melissa. Ah well, I’m about to call it a day on this subject, LOL, nice chatting with you, I’ve enjoyed your posts. Maybe I’ll see you in a less contentious forum, re: GH or DAYS. 🙂

I’m not at all impressed with her statement, but she’s right to take herself out of the fray.

I agree!

I appreciate and love you all and thank you for your support over the years and will be praying for you.

This obvious Shield of Morality… that is propogated about. is supposed to bend my will. Steer the Sin.

I believe in you and Me.

I will admit,I was a bit angry with her.I do believe Melissa made an uninformed statement,and is not a bigot or a hateful person.It’s a shame people involved her family in such a mean way.She did,however inadvertently,offend a lot of people.Perhaps she should explain and apologize instead of running away?I wish her the best,and am very sorry that people felt the need to threaten or bully her.Isn’t bullying at the heart of this issue?Way to show the world that some are no better than the group they are protesting.

Yes, MR should have explained and/or apologized. She did neither. No, Mary, bullying is NOT at the heart of the matter, so your final statement is not appropriate. The “right” is claiming Free Speech (as suggested by Huckabee), but that a smoke-screen: No one cares what Cathy/CFA think, but they DO care that Cathy provides money to anti-gay groups that seek to limit, diminish and deny rights to gays/lesbians.

And howcome now ALL of a sudden you’re all up-in-arms about Chick-fil-A? You’ve known for YEARS what groups they supported, and yet what brought this to everybody’s attention was Dan Cathy’s WORDS a month ago. Didn’t hear a whimper until Dan Cathy said he was for traditional marriage. That’s what this is REALLY all about. And I’ll bet if President Obama hadn’t expressed his support for gay marriage, we wouldn’t have heard about Mr. Cathy’s stand, either. The left has become emboldened by the President’s stand and is seeking to browbeat everybody else into submission.

Maddie, Maddie, Maddie, this is about FREE SPPECH, right? 😉

Given the situation, she probably made the best decision. Some people just get into trouble with Twitter. It is a lot like email. You can’t get the whole picture from just a few characters. I remember when Ashton Kutcher shut his down because of his remarks about Penn State. I think Twitter is a fun thing, but sometimes I get turned off by just how much I learn about those in the public eye.

Honestly I do not know how some of the actors manage to correspond on Twitter. Just two actresses that I see get so much vile garbage slung their way (Rebecca Herbst & Michelle Stafford) just because some fanatics (aka NUT jobs) cannot distinguish the actor from the role they play.

With all that being said, maybe now this whole firestorm will die down and attention can be focused on more positive things in more of a constructive manner.

We’re never going to come to understand her initial intent because she has now chosen to utilize her victimization as a scapegoat.

I do believe some individuals took her to task in an extremely disrespectful and immature manner. However, all this could have been avoided, had Melissa been courageous enough to explain herself, in her own words, immediately after her initial post. Land of the free home of the brave, right Melissa?

Melissa should also take a moment to consider the ramifications of her words and actions. As I said before, there will always be consequences to everything we say or do.

If we have the freedom to speak, we need to do it in more than 140 characters, so that we can truly come to learn the heart of a person. Freedom of speech, right Melissa?

I will take the time to reflect and pray that Melissa has truly come to understand and learn something from this whole fiasco.

Totally agree with this! I hate when people play the victim. Own up!

I too agree. Now she plays the victim after keeping quiet and ignoring it all for days? She HAS to play the victim now. She has no choice because it is obvious she refuses to address her comments and deal with it head on.She hides behind the constitution, says she practiced free speech. Well so are we. I might add I do not condone threats of any kind. But the verbal backlash? When you make a statement like that you had better be sure you can take what will come your way as a result. I will say I don’t think much of her anymore. God honoring? Dam Missy you could have done better than that.

Spot on!

Agree with everything said! 🙂

MR is NOT a victim but a homophobic bigot who stuck her tail between her legs & ran for the hills without explaining what she meant by her thoughtless & foolish tweet she sent out that hurt many people.

Typical left-wing douchebags. The woman NEVER said anything about gay people, she merely said she supported free speech. But of course the liberal gay-rights idiots will blow (no pun intended) anything conservatives say out of proportion and outright FABRICATE stuff and resort to name-calling.

I have officially lost my faith in humanity. This is why I have absolutley NO respect for liberals. They are like a cancer on society.

I’m sad to see her go. She’s entitled to her opinions and we have a choice not to follow her, but fans shouldn’t be bullying her because they disagree with her beliefs. I still don’t believe that she knew everything about what Chick-Fil-A stood for, heck, I sure had no idea what all the hoopla was about. Still, we can believe in what we believe in. Period.


MR knew all right. Her tweet was snidely to the point and quite condescending. The Reeves are holier than thou Christians too. They choose the day that Huckabee picked as appreciation day. They continued the rights chosen mantra of FREE SPEECH to hide the real reason why they love CFA. This is what twitter is all about. You put stuff out there and it’s NOW out there. You can’t be that strongly sending out the message of your tweet then when your called to explain it, she basically wimped out. She’s an actress and people care about what she thinks about…hence having a twitter feed or even a fan club. She can say stuff I don’t agree with but just like the CEO of CFA, she was arrogant about it. Freedom of speech is a basic right but so is letting me marry a man. Just because you don’t like that, I have to change my life and suffer for it? Sorry, no dice….anymore. What if the CEO was against interracial marriage or black people in general??? Would Huckabee have been so quick to appreciate THAT? Would Reeves have been so quick to give a snide ; to that? I guess to people who don’t fully understand its considered ‘hoopla’….to me, it’s life.

she’s still entitled to her opinions. She’s ONE person who said somthing, big deal. She’s not there to make everyone happy. Problem with “groups/organizations” is that if someone else has an opinion different than their own, then they are horrible people. I’m not Christian or Religious so when she tweets quotes, I ignore them. When she tweets about things that aren’t relevent to me, then I ignore them. No one is forcing anyone to follow her, right?? If you don’t like what they say, don’t follow but why bash her??? What gives you or anyone the right to bash? All actors have opinions and a lot of them say some seriously stupid shit then they give one of those “Fake” apologies —– does that make everyone feel better??? Not really because we know they are fake. I have more respect for Missy standing by her beliefs than throwing out some BS apology.
She’s not playing victim, she doesn’t want to open up her inbox and find people writing nasty crap about her. Who on earth would want to read that stuff???? That’s called bullying folks!!! What gives anyone the right to do that to her? She didn’t personally harm anyone.


“She didn’t personally harm anyone.”

Our position… is a movement… to prevent harm. Harming a people because it’s a moral obligation? We’re all justified. RIGHT’eous Follow’ers… are steadfast. and it’s like stopping to smell the flowers… step outside yourself and see what we have to celebrate.


I just KNEW before it was ALL over she’d be playing the victim! Is it really that hard for Christians to apologize? That’s ALL she had to do, really, all she HAD to do to make this all right was to explain (and NOT use CC or anyone else to do it for her!)

Her words and actions speak volumes, Matt. And no, speaking as a “christian,” it is NOT that hard to apologize. I do it every day. I have even been known to apologize for things I did NOT do just to make the peace. 🙂

But we’re not talking about you, Christine. MR should have spoken up for herself.

I know, played the victim, says she’ll pray for all of us. Because, you know, we are the ones needing the prayers lol. And she is just the one to do it for us lol.

Cc stood up for her friend.

Who basically lied to her face…based on MR twitter shutdown swan song.

CC made a bad judgement call.

I agree, thats how it feels like to me as well! (well minus the comment on Christians 😉 )

So I guess the bullies won; these hypocrites who cry all day long for tolerance can’t seem to accept others don’t have to agree with them. I hope Melissa keep her head held high and move on with her life. She owes none of these people another moment of her life. Let them keep hating and pretending they are so open minded. For them open minded means agree with what I stand for. RME

that’s like saying… you leave no room for error…. if you don’t agree with me… I respect you. and know you have the same quality.

I’m one person… not the law. there’s no in between here… religious “FREEDOM”.

Deb, get a clue. You never agree with someone who wants to do you harm. That is NOT tolerance. That is suicide! Chick-fil-a wasn’t handing out Girl Scout cookies to gays, they ARE funding groups that seek to diminish gays — and that’s putting it nicely. Tolerance is the beverage of the day, but Christians cannot use it as a shield to harm another group. Tolerance is something we all have to practice every day towards everyone — even towards Christians. Christians can do whatever they chose and be “tolerated” as you say, but when they start funding monies for groups to harm another group, then THAT behavior CANNOT be tolerated anymore than Hitler attacking Jews or the oppression of Blacks. The KKK may exist and we “tolerate” their existence, but the minute they start actually funding groups to go after Blacks, we WILL NOT tolerate THAT behavior just as we would NOT tolerate anyone “targeting” Christians BECAUSE of who they are. This is the true essence of tolerance, and I wish people would STOP misusing it.

Ever heard of Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi? I don’t think that Deb is saying don’t stand up for your rights but advocating that it is done in a more civil manner. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi stood up for the rights of their people without embracing an aggressive stance or aggressive tactics and they were very successful. Martin Luther King Jr. nor Gandhi would support attacking Melissa Reeves or suggest that it was a justified means of advocating for one’s rights.

Well said Patrick and Matt!

@TNT, Deb is lumping “everyone” together as BULLIES, so this makes her comment ineffective. Not everyone in any group is a bully.

Wait a sec, MR’s statement kind of makes CC look like a fool. CC, please pick your friends more carefully and let them speak for themselves! MR actually said “Things we disagree on . . .?” That kind of puts the ole foot in the mouth. I was willing to believe she was being sincere about Free Speech, but this just says the opposite. Greg Rikaart was right, after all. I am floored by her statement. It says everything I was hoping she DID not believe … CC is so wrong. What a shame.

Yeah it does make CC’s statement look silly.

This is my most recent status post on Facebook – mainly concerning President Obama, but the same goes for the CFA issue too:

“I guess I’ll start hiding all the anti-Obama posts like I did the CFA posts. BUT FOR THIS REASON… does not matter to me whether you like him, dislike him, voted for him or voted against him….he IS our President and currently holds the office. If you don’t like him then don’t vote for him – simple. But still be kind with your words. They are powerful and they sure give people that read them a lasting impression of you personally more than a lasting impression of your political beliefs. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to be hurtful on purpose – come on people!”

Regarding the CFA issue specifically – Mr. Cathy has the right to his own beliefs, even though I personally disagree with them. He has the right to voice those beliefs, just as I do. He has the right to donate money to charities, just as I do. And I have the right to spend my money where I see fit, just like he does. For me personally – no more CFA for me and my family. That was an easy choice for us and for what my family stands for.

Mr. Cathy’s beliefs are not the problem, he is entitled to those, it’s the funding he provides for groups that seek to diminish the rights of gays/lesbians. That’s the problem. But that’s not really why I am posting. I hope you can always feel the way you do if this really works for you. It’s just not as easy when you are gay or know someone who is gay and want nothing more than to see this person have a chance to live a happy, productive life without being continually reminded that he or she does not have the same rights as everyone else. Seeing your kid grow into a wonderful person while knowing that he or she will never be able to marry like your other kids, just really drives the message home: It’s NOT about free speech … if it were, the funding would never be called into question. If they were funding the KKK to harm Blacks or anti-Christian groups to harm Christians, I’d feel the SAME way I do now. I hope you can always feel the way you do if it works for you . . .

I am a lesbian and have been with my partner for almost 15 years now. We have a set of 8 year old twins. I cannot change others, their point of view and their beliefs. I wish it were that simple as I would end all discrimination against me and my family. My children feel the discrimination against our family from Mr. Cathy and the others at CFA – my son is extremely upset.

I guess my point was that they can continue to say what they believe and donate to who they choose – and I have those same rights to disagree with him/them and choose to donate money to other, more positive, organizations such as PFLAG, Mega Family Project, HRC, Marriage Equality, etc.

CHARITIES??????? The FRC is a certified hate group. Anything that mentions the word gay, they immediately start the boycotts going. They funnel money to groups that believe they can basically brainwash a gay person to become straight. They funnel money to other evangelical groups that travel to Africa to spread their brand of hate and fear… up on what’s happening in Uganda. It’s true, do what you want with your money but I certainly have the right to stand behind various boycotts. The 40,000 One Million Moms boycott something gay practically every day. The majority of gays people are sick and tired of being beaten up all the time, made fun of, and demonized to the point of people killing themselves. I don’t take any of this lightly.

This is not a light-hearted subject by any means and I hope you didn’t think that’s where I was coming from. I have been in a relationship with my partner for almost 15 years now and we have children together. These issues are extremely important to me and my family.

She opened the door by proclaiming how happy she was to eat at, and support, Chick-fil-a. She took a stance on an issue that polarizes people – and she stood on the side of bigotry. For me this is a clear cut case of bigotry, not free speech. Nobody’s freedom of speech has been denied, we all have simply formed an opinion of what he was free to say. I don’t’ feel bad for her at all. I feel like she showed she is a bigot and opened herself to debate and recrimination. Nobody should be threatening her or her family, that’s a given. However, besides the threats, what did she THINK would happen when she publicly supported a bigot?

polarize.1.Restrict the vibrations of (a transverse wave, esp. light) wholly or partially to one direction

the act of recriminating, or countercharging: Hope gave way to recrimination with both sides claiming the moral high ground

it’s like saying tolerance is enuf for those outside shared traditional beliefs, as long as we keep it in the bedroom…. as lons as we mind.

empowering the religious zealots.

I will not apoligize for who i am. This is all done because of gross negligence of power and money. Capital’izing, lording over those who don’t agree.

it’s not like being gay is a temptation… LOL. you either are or not.

@elizabeth… this is not in direct opposition to your shared post… i liked the words polarize and recrimination.

as lons = As Long As We Mind.

You go girl stand up for what you believe

I agree. I guess II’m going to be bashed too because I believe the same as she does. I don’t hate gay people, but I don’t agree with their lifestyle. I went to Chick-Fil-a that day too. I am with Missy and I’m not ashamed too say so.

Sorry Jill, who do you think you are? I pay taxes to this country too. How sanctimonious of YOU not to agree with my lifestyle. How do you know what goes on in my bedroom? That’s what it’s all about right? Heck, what goes on in your bedroom might even scandalize the author of 50 Shades of Grey herself! Saying you don’t agree with someone else’s lifestyle is just moralizing to the worst degree. I guess I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that even though you’d deny me basic human rights, you DON’T hate me…..whew! Thanks Jill, your a peach.


So you too, straight woman, have a LIFESTYLE?

Tell us something about your LIFESTYLE, please.


No, don’t do this. Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool – than to open it and remove all doubt.

@Jill, Have you ever been discriminated against? Told you aren’t allowed to eat in a restaurant or bar, can’t hold your loved ones hand, can’t go to certain places because you are unwanted, can’t go to certain countries unless you want to chance being killed for who you are? Have you ever been told that simply because of how you are born you are doomed to a life not equal to others? Have you ever had to live in fear of being hurt or disliked simply for EXISTING. It’s pretty easy for those who don’t struggle to say they don’t’ agree with a “lifestyle”, it’s a whole other thing to be a person living with discrimination, hate and fear.

Good luck with your easy life, I hope none of your loved ones end up being gay and get to feel your hate and disgust. I hope your family members don’t kill themselves out of self loathing because society is telling them they are wrong for their “lifestyle”. I hope you never feel than anguish and agony of losing a child because they are gay either killed themselves or were killed for being gay. Good luck with your perfect life, let us hope your illusions are never shattered.

You people toss that word “lifestyle” around as if it *actually* has anything at all to do with sexual orientation. I guess since you think someone “chooses” a “lifestyle”, that you also think they “choose” to be harassed, bullied, bashed, & yes, sometimes even killed, just for simply being who they are? I’m sorry that you’re so uncomfortable with yourselves that it prevents you from accepting people for who they are.

This made me sad. She obviously has so much fun tweeting. I, for one, love checking my phone at my miserable job during the day and seeing one of her tweets pop up in my timeline…brings a little ray of sunshine into my cubicle:) I even enjoy all the bible-talk and I’m an agnostic that leans in the atheist direction. I understand her friends and peers calling her tweet into question, but fans?…not so much. ‘Follow’ her if your a fan, ‘unfollow’ if you are not…it’s that simple.

I read Crystal Chappell’s blog, and it is as I thought, Melissa was in Chick-Fil-A to support “free speech”, as she said. Crystal said she read “half a tweet” and decided to take part? Not sure I believe this, lol, but I do believe her motives were NOT to hurt anybody. Why can’t people take her at her word? I truly believe she did not anticipate this firestorm and it took her by surprise. But it was too late to say anything after that. She was already anathema to the gay community and a hero to the Christian community. No matter what she says now, she is going to offend somebody. I’m sure she wishes she’d never made such a “political” tweet. But the damage is done. And btw, I’ve seen some of the hateful tweets people have made to her, and I find it ironic that these are the same people who say they are against “hate speech”. Ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Oh, Maddie, if YOU have doubts … Oh well.

Maddie, her motives may have been NOT to hurt anyone — BUT people are/were hurt. If Chick-fil-a were saying Christians should be deported, do you really think Melissa would have gone there “to support free speech”? It really is that simple and you almost realized it BEFORE in your post above.

LOL, just calling it like I see it 😉

Maddie, those people don’t represent all of us so get that straight. And don’t you remember “two wrongs don’t make a right?”

“Take her for her word?” She hasn’t clairified that she was misinterpreted. She has tucked her tail and run.

Well, I meant take her for her word that she was supporting Chick-fil-A’s right to “free speech”. That IS what she said in her tweet.

and yes, as a Christian, she may have been aligning herself with a Christian company that she saw as being persecuted. So maybe it was personal. I know it was for me and, judging by the crowds on “Chick-fil-A” day, it was for a lot of people. I guess it comes down to, what do you care more about? Gays right to marry or religious freedom?

I guess it comes down to, what do you care more about? Gays right to marry or religious freedom?

Go with me. Gay Right to Marry. Gays are in my concsciousness. My religion, tells me… Pray for the Sinner, but don’t agree with the lifestyle. We are bullying, when Gay issues are media spotlighted… and tolerance isn’t adhered to, when it was understood, that we deign to question.. a higher power? when there are more religions and versions of christianity at our disposal? A person, is gay… I believe, i can honestly, not argue, is not a choice. so, that leaves a lot of people leading themselves to believe what was preached, and interpreted by man.

A person’s consciousness is every present… emanating.. and resonating your innate being. Verbalizing your true self… is obvious. A person isn’t going to submit to or be coerced into thinking less of themselves because it’s a sin. hence… it’s never going to fly.. ie: Pray for Me.. but, don’t like my lifestyle. so, to constantly align yourself, with propaganda… and groups formed to tell you, it’s not following the original plan… it’s that more and more people, are thinking for themselves. it’s knowing, that, the more people who share, what we don’t even question… being gay… equal rights…. is enlightening… for all of us.

Steadfast with your convictions. No reason to be divided. Your home, is not where i am. Your home is yours, and my home is mine. Welcome. Sharing, our individual being… and got your back knowledge… is peaceful.

I still did not see an apology to any fans who may have been hurt. How does if feel to live in a glass house??

She was too busy blocking those people that went against her beliefs, even the ones that were not being disrespectful. I’ve lost so much respect for her and her husband.

Stop. Juding folks, really and opinion of people do not define who you are and futhermore she spoke the truth from her heart.

So now everything she said was the truth. Hmmm, that puts a whole new spin on it! I guess every else is wrong and MR is right? Can she walk on water too? Get a clue. She’s holier than thou but that’s delusional.



Love it.

made me laugh….

that one comment deserves to be on a placard.

This is not a Gay anathema. it’s saying, not to take ourselves so seriously… People are creative, funny, endearing, loving, supportive, got your back.

Translation: I said some stupid stuff and can’t handle the backlash.

This isn’t about disagreeing and it’s not about freedom of speech. It’s about civil rights that are denied to gay people thanks to companies like Chick-fil-a donating money to hate groups with influence with politicians. Melissa Reeves is either wilfully or woefully stupid if she can’t see that. Maybe her character Jennifer Horton will be revealed to be a secret homophobe in the Will story. At least she’ll be able to play that convincingly.

And this is all just YOUR opinion, it is NOT fact. No matter how much you may wish it so, everybody isn’t going to agree with you that Chick-fil-A supports “hate groups”.

It is a fact. Chick-fil-a donated over $5 million to groups like the Family Research Council and Exodus International which in turn use the money to promote false ideas that the LGBT community are perverts and social outcasts, which in turn leads to horrible acts like the woman who was recently attacked and had her house burned down by her neighbor’s children because she is a lesbian. That doesn’t qualify as a hate group to you? You don’t see the connection?

But Matt is right, they do. If Chick-fil-a supported groups that wanted to oppress Christians, I bet you’d have a different take!

@MattsPlace – you hit the nail right on the head! The christians would be free speeching all over the place if a business that disagreed with the christian lifestyle financially supported groups that wanted to criminalize and hang christians!

Am I really about to comment on this? Here is how I — emphasize I– see it.

I don’t think either side has handled this situation well. There are good people on both sides of the issue, and there are people on both sides of the issue that have shown hatred and intolerance.

Regarding Melissa, this whole thing is sad. It is true that when you make a statement you have to live with the consequences. I do think that it is an absolute shame that the very first thing people did was start attacking Melissa, Scott, (and by doing so, their family) by pulling up mistakes from the past. I do not know Melissa personally, but it is my understanding that she has grown and perhaps even become a devout Christian AFTER the alleged Jason Brooks incident. Seriously– the Nelson Branco’s out there only made themselves look petty and childish by retaliating with such measures. People on twitter can be viscous and I can only imagine the things that have been said to and about Melissa. Seriously– what good does it do??

Again, I do not know Melissa but speaking from what I do know about her, she has friends, family, and loved ones on BOTH sides of the issue. Melissa not speaking out in my opinion is possibly the best decision she can make in her situation. It sounds like she has made an attempt (from Crystal’s blog post) to speak with some of her friends personally. I am of the mindset that twitter is not the place to handle personal matters and that speaking with these people one on one is better. Unless Melissa denounces her faith and promises to never eat at Chick Fil A again, no one is really going to be happy– and chances are many will still not let it go. (Or think that she is lying) In doing so, she will probably offend and hurt loved ones on the other side of the issue.

Greg made some good points, but it sickens me that he is being called a hero. A hero?? Do we as a society even really remember what a hero is? While we are patting Greg on the back, let’s not forget that he did initially call Melissa out ON TWITTER. If you have a problem with someone, go to that person. If he did not know Melissa, I am sure that he could have found a way to speak with her. Surely someone he knows or works with could have put him in touch with Melissa. Have your manager call her manager– something a little more personal and one on one than twitter.

Yes, I’m sure that Melissa could make the situation look better if she makes an attempt to address the issue. Perhaps a time will come when she will. But to those who are dancing because she is taking her twitter down– guess what, her life will still go on. Twitter/social media is not life or death.

That security guard at the Family Research Council who confronted a crazed, leftist gunman is a HERO. I think Greg Rikaart needs to look in the mirror, because he is an intolerant bully.

Right wingers have been known to bomb abortion clinics. Right wingers have been known to preach hatred all because of their interpretation of the bible. It’s our fault if anyone comfronts them on what they say. We pay taxes too and our rights are being infringed on a daily basis….all in the name of Jesus…who’d thunk it?

You right wingers don’t believe in hate crimes but NOW you do. A crime is a crime you say to justify not supporting hate crimes legislation. Now, look who’s calling this gunman a leftist. A gunman is a gunman, right?

Greg Rikaart spoke from his heart and that’s more than Melissa Reeves ever did. Quoting from the bible does not make one a deity. She’s an actress that put out a rather strong tweet that was very provocative. How she didn’t expect the pushback or understanding what she tweeted is beyond comprehension. She’s not 12.

Sorry, but the true bullies are the cowards hiding behind their bibles. If your that into religion, get ordained already or feed some starving children in Africa. Melissa Reeves is an actress on a soap who knows full well the positive and negative aspects of Twitter. Just like she can comment on Appreciation Day Maddie Hayes, I MORE THAN ANTHING CAN RESPOND IN KIND. Go back to reading the bible….maybe some of your pages got stuck together.

I don’t recall anyone calling Greg a “hero”. Guess I missed that tweet! Greg is certainly NOT a bully, though, he is standing up for a minority whose rights are being suppressed. Heck, he is a HERO!!! Yep, HERO!!! I cannot help it, that is my definition of a hero. I have other definitions as well, but this is certainly acceptable and it should be. BTW Jessica, haven’t you been following this story? Greg DID go to Melissa — and she BLOCKED him! So much for free speech.

You mean he was left handed? 😉

The only crazed people are the ones inside the FRC.

Whine, whine, whine, that’s all the loudmouths on the crunchy side of the religious right and extremist Republicans know how to do anymore. MR KNEW when she tweeted that as a semi-celeb her comments would generate a response. She’s no innocent, and she’s not deserving of sympathy. She got exactly what she wanted, which was some attention. And now she gets to wallow in her victimhood.

Poor God. Having folks like her on “his” side must make him squirm with embrarrassment.

I would call you out… if you were dancing, because it would seem she was losing her voice. This isn’t what should have happened.

pulling up mistakes from the past. onward, upwards, forward… head held high… integrity for what I am. Period. I forum, debate… for Peace.

Greg is not a hero…. he’s advocating… that we see eye to eye. so, that the younger generations have all the chances, and same opportunites.

Well said Patrick.

HOGWASH!!! Missy took the easy way out just like a coward does!! I will always be a fan of hers but she dug her grave and decided to run instead of face it and explain!! I’m not sure I believe fully what Crystal reported or she’s just back peddling!! Again she can feel & say what she wants it is a free country. It’s just disgusting that you support groups that continue hatred!!

I just want to add, I don’t think attacking her is the way to go. This was my tweet to her informing her why I am unfollowing:

@melissa_reeves I’ve had to unfollow, u encourage bigotry re:Chick-fil-a. CEO’s freedoms r’nt in question, those of my gay family&friends r

That’s good Elizabeth. I agree no attacking, just letting them know why we won’t follow and support them anymore.

Very nicely put.

And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” Mark 12:30

With all your mind. ? and for all the naysayers? they’re not wrong.
and with all your strength. ? We need to live accordingly…. and that’s with our constitution… and our freedom of religion… hopefully… enhances our spiritual being.

Greg Rikkart is the one who caused this with his story. He did not need to bring Melissa Reeves name into it. He is a punk and a bully himself. He accuses others of being a bully, look in the mirror. Even the arrogant line Everyone Read This and I Mean Everyone. Who the freak are you Greg, Emperor, Dictator? No one has to read or listen to a thing you say. I know I won’t be. Any Y&R scenes with you in them will be muted. Your character has never mattered to me at all anyway, so no hardship. What a self-centered jerk. You didn’t just want to talk to Melissa you wanted her to agree with you. It seems you do have an emperor complex. This all happened when the “left” decided to boycott Chik-fil-A so the “right” decided to eat there on a certain day. Oh the horror! Now people have been shot because of this. Feel important Greg? Feel like a big man?


Love how your almost accusing Greg of setting off the gunman. How is he a bully? Just because you don’t agree with what he’s saying. He has every right to respond to Melissa Reeves tweet…as you…me…anyone else who has a twitter feed. Are you that dense that you can’t comprehend that? Greg spoke from his heart and he called Reeves out on what she said…he certainly wasn’t the only one.

Melissa Reeves brought herself into it. Her tweet was to the point and snidely so. Just because you agree with her viewpoint means that Greg is the worst person in America? You act like the ‘left’ is alone is having outrage. What about the 40,000 One Millions Moms that wanted JC Penney to fire Ellen Degeneres just BECAUSE she is gay? Or, the same group wanting to boycott Archie comics over the fact that they introduced a gay character. Does this behavior sound inclusive or does it sprout the love you religious people say you have. Didn’t think so. Or how about US evangelicals sending money and preaching to African countries to criminalize homosexuality…and if some are killed…we won’t object to that. Read about it. By the way, did you know Katrina hit New Orleans because Ellen is from there? Yep, Pat Robertson swears its true. Florida had Hurricane Andrew because of Disney Worlds Gay day. Yep!

Talk about self-centered yourself. Your juvenile response to Greg’s post is asinine to say the least. Muting him! Off with his head you say! Name calling! You want to talk arrogant???? Not expecting any response and when you do, you bring up the bully talk. Didn’t the Christian groups want the documentary BULLY to have an R so schools wouldn’t show it? Aww…kids are kids you say. Until it’s you, then its true.

Love how you throw in every issue you can think of to defend Greg, when I was addressing one. He had a right to respond to her tweet. He didn’t have the right to expect or demand an answer. Also putting her name in the story was the bullying part. He wanted to have people attack her for the tweet. Well it worked and she and her family are getting threats. You don’t do what Greg wants he’ll show you. Now your name is in a newspaper. Many other people tweeted about eating there that day. He just chose to write her name because he knew he would get publicity. I love how no one can see the bullying on Greg’s part.

Oh and as for muting him, I have never liked his acting or his character who is boring, so not listening isn’t really childish it is a relief. Others fast forward, but if I use mute I’m somehow juvenile or worse than them.


How on the planet Earth is this whole brouhaha with MR getting threats Greg’s fault? That’s some pointed language you use…basically blaming him for her fear. Well I’ve got news for your Lisa, I found out about MR tweet from another soap related web site….as I’m sure hundreds of others did to. Michael Fairmans own site didn’t immediately report on MR tweet as I remember tweeting him myself wondering why there wasn’t even a report about it. It was already blowing up over twitter. Just like almost every other news story out there. This is NO different. Greg felt compelled enough about the issue to do his response and Huffington Post was a great outlet. They do that for people you know. Melissa Reeves was no more called out by Greg then by having MR own name on her Twitter account!!!!!!!! Greg was certainly not alone in his anger…hence why this story has legs. Just because you don’t see it, then it should disappear? I’m not advocating the wackos out there but most of us are sane people. Even CC thought MR should have issued some public statement in regards to this but she didn’t. Her choice but this is a passionate issue and it grew…like CC said it would. Your right, many other people proudly tweeted about eating there that DAY….and in response many other people proudly tweeted their dismay at such blatant intolerance…a slap in the face to the gay community. Even Shepherd Smith at Fox thought this. The symbolism to us was basically a slap in the face. Until your on this side of the coin, you won’t ever know how it feels. This isn’t trivial or something we take lightly. I never meant MR harm in any way but I think I deserved some clarity over what she PUBLICLY stated…just like anyone else who gets into hot water on Twitter…it happens every day. Greg did not encourage any extra ruffling of the flames that weren’t there to BEGIN with. He did not encourage violence. He did not encourage threats. He wanted a dialogue. I highly doubt if MR got threats they quoted Greg. Millions use Twitter and the internet. MR name was already out…it wasn’t some big secret that Greg exploded. Get your facts straight before you go off half-cocked.

Passionate… A rise to anger… is not what the general consensus agrees to. and that’s for both sides… for and against… to ponder.. and take responsibility? for that lone individual… NO.

My gut instinct… with regard and respect to MR? I don’t think it’s in her to be evil, an advocate of desensitizing. Christian fundamentalist? taking it upon themselves to lord over the wrong’ed.

“Your character has never mattered to me at all anyway, so no hardship.” whether it’s his acting, as Kevin… or Greg as a human being… it’s still a question of ethics.

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone be found boasting. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:8-10

I like this Bible verse… as it speaks to unfettered. before man”kind”. took it upon themselves to seperate from Spirituality.

OY VEY!!!!!!


The man spoke eloquently and from the heart. You dont have to agree with what he says and if you dont like it, DONT READ IT.

Just like I dont have to read or watch anything to do with Melissa Reeves, you can turn the channel when you see Greg Rikaart.


Greg Rikkart is the one who caused this with his story. He did not need to bring Melissa Reeves name into it.

Melissa Reeves Tweeted…. however misguided, this affects her… she’s not dumbfounded.

Greg, like every other “tweeter”… channelled their energy in bringing to light. A truth.

Does having an excuse to bash the left make you feel important LisaZee?

I had to change my handle because we have TWO Matt’s posting! Just didn’t want to confuse anyone. I am SO disappointed in Melissa Reeves; it’s just heart-sickening. Why couldn’t she just do the Christian thing and apologize (if her words were misinterpreted)? BTW Chick-fil-a funding anti-gay groups is NOT being tolerant; we wouldn’t think it was acceptable if they were funding the KKK, would we? At least CC doesn’t support Chick-fil-a and these kinds of “hate-filled” groups/businesses. I can still support her, but her attempt to help MR was ill-conceived.

The real issue here is free speech, I am sorry, but gay groups have known for YEARS that Chick-fil-A supported so-called “hate groups” (per the SPLC, anybody who’s “anti-gay” is a “hate group”, but they don’t include the Catholic Church, or any church that stands on God’s word, the Bible, why not? Or how about the Bible itself? Why aren’t they attacking everybody who carries a Bible?) .. and yet, it is only NOW they’re making such a stink about it, and it is because of what Ted Cathy SAID to a Christian group. The left is so hypocritical. Rahm Emmanuel said Chick-fil-A is not welcome in Chicago because their values are not “Chicago’s values”. The very next day he was making public appearances with Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam (another “hate group”, as per SPLC), working together for “better neighborhoods”. Oh, but they share his leftist ideology, you see. If the left is so all-fired set on boycotting a company that supports “hate” against gays, why aren’t they boycotting gasoline and oil from Muslim countries that support DEATH for gays? Hypocrites, all!

Please don’t parrot Huckabee. Free speech ISN’T an issue because NO ONE is denying anyone the right to speak. Period.

Maddie, you do realize that you’re in a sense asking for a free pass for Cathy/CFA because OTHERS DO IT TOO? None of it makes it right, but CFA is an American company and is targeting gays through FRC and others in the birthplace of the groups they target. There is NO excuse for any of these groups targeting gays, but just because gays cannot boycott the entire world does NOT make gays hypocrites at all. Besides, if gays boycotted the oil companies and Romney’s wife couldn’t get gas for her caddy, you know the conservatives would FREAK OUT!!!

BTW This is STILL about Free Speech, right? Either it is or it isn’t? I keep asking because you posted that several times BUT then you went all systematic — like you have a check list or something. Suddenly it’s about gays NOT boycotting other countries, oil companies, etc. so that makes them hypocrites for boycotting CFA! Really? I mean really, I just don’t see that at all. If it were really about Free Speech, then I don’t understand where you got all this other nonsense. Could it be because NO ONE denied Cathy (or even MR) their “freedom” to speak?

Mattsplace, I do love your posts, you have a great sense of humor mixed in with your heartfelt expressions, I do understand that you are upset that most others don’t share your outrage at Chick-fil-A and see this as a “free speech” issue. For me, it’s more a “religious freedom” issue. The groups Chick-fil-A supports take the stands they do because of what it says in the Bible. They’re not just a bunch of gay haters, they believe God is against homosexuality. They’d rather believe God than the American Psychiatric Association, and that’s their prerogative, as long as they don’t resort to violence. I know it’s frustrating for you that so many have the Bible as their standard. I would hate to live in a world where the Bible WASN’T revered. Instead of attacking Chick-fil-A, you should be attacking the Bible, the Talmud and the Koran. Go to the source. And good luck with that, btw 😉

This issue has NOTHING to do with free speech. This has to do with a company donating money to orgs. that lobby the gov’t against passing equality laws, not to mention the fact that they also used those funds to try & keep the gov’t from condemning the genocide of gay people all over Africa. Where is the “christianity” in that?? You & people like you, including Melissa Reeves, need to do some research.

I don’t condone anyone harassing anyone about anything, but she’s being a huge cry baby. What she said was a slap in the face to gay fans. I’m not personally a fan, but I know that if I liked her enough to follow her on twitter seeing that tweet would have been very hurtful. She doesn’t seem to see the irony in the fact that she spoke out in favor of hateful free speech, but then she couldn’t handle it when she had that same kind of speech directed back at her.

Sorry, but she looks like a coward in my book by shutting it down. Yes, death threats are wrong but at the same time, the way she’s handled everything is WRONG.

So, you would have rather her keep her Twitter account up and be threatened?

It seems many would. Hating is only okay if the LGBT group is doing it. Her family has also been threatened. She spoke on the subject, yes on Twitter, not in a newspaper. Greg chose to go with a story in a newspaper and the only reason to mention Melissa was to get publicity. Because I saw many posts from people who ate at CFA that day, but if Greg had quoted any of them it wouldn’t have caused the trouble this has. He has shown what kind of person he is and I don’t mean that in anyway about sexuality.

Where did it was OK to receive death threats. I would rather her not act like a damn coward and speak out. Simple.

Exactly! She has lost so many fans over this, me included.

Actually, she GAINED twitter followers

As a gay male myself, I saw her tweet and found it offensive in the way she wrote it and as a fan, I want her to explain herself, not hide in a cowardly way. It paints her horribly.

She has a god given right to to thhink however shhe choose, simplety just get over it.

She does have a right to think however she choose, the thing is EVERYONE has a RIGHT to think however they choose.

Sorry, but can we not be God into everything? You get over it. I’m done defending people who can’t even defend themselves.

I’ve seen many people say that Melissa needs to “explain herself” – what does she need to explain? I think her views are very clear. She believes that the Bible is God’s word, and she believes God’s plan for marriage is between a man and a woman. I always find it interesting that the media gives the impression that everyone in this country is pro-gay marriage, and yet 30 states prohibit it. 30 states. The reality is, a lot of people agree with her.

I do agree with her. You should see how I got blasted on this page. People who don’t agree with gay marriage should be able to state their opinion without being backlashed. But, I guess that isn’t the case.

I agree with her, too. “Tolerance” is probably the most mis-used political buzz word in this country. Those screaming for tolerance are, themselves, only tolerant of like-minded viewpoints. Another incorrect assumption is that people who are against gay marriage hate gay people. I do not hate gay people. I think if you hate gay people, then you must hate anyone who does something that goes against God’s word (which, of course, is all of us).

I’d be willing to bet that all you anti gay people don’t actually know any, & furthermore get all your info on them from the media.

This creature started this whole debacle and she was forced to suffer the consequences. When homophobes learn that their ingnorance will no longer be tolerated by us in the gay community and the ones that support us they will finally learn a true lesson. Melissa has no business judging us…look at thyself as the Bible states and judge yourself.

I posted on another thread about how I believe in the right to free speech, even if may be ugly to some people. I stand by that post. That’s the beauty of America.

However, I’d be lying if I said I’m not turned off by Melissa Reeves. I don’t think she is someone I’d personally choose to break bread with; and frankly, I’m not sure if I’ll even continue watching DAYS.

See? Freedom of speech, freedom of choice. It goes both ways, and that’s a good thing. Therefore, Melissa and DAYS should not be shocked when people like me exercise our freedom to not watch. Maybe sometimes it is best not to say anything at all. That’s a freedom and a choice, too.

There is no room for death threats or foul language, etc. when debating ANY issue.

I’m sorry Melissa chose not to take Crystal Chappell’s advice and explain herself BEFORE she (and Steve) blocked anyone who simply explained (without vitriol) that the issue was not freedom of speech but acceptance if hate.

Many of her bible quotes were selective to her “cause”. There are many more she could have chosen regarding loving ALL your fellow man.

She very simply could have cut off anyone who was being irrational/threathening, etc.

She should have been honest and just said that she did not support gay marriage.

This idea about supporting “free speech” is also false.

If the founder of the restaurant has said that all woman should be virgins before they are married, and if not should be stoned to death, would all of those people have shown up? Would Melissa Reeves have written her tweet? It comes from Old Testament law also.

No this was about gay people, not free speech. I will never understand how we can pick and choose which laws and requirements still apply and which do not. Why wouldn’t it be all?

And if ever confused remember what Jesus said about homosexuality. ” ” Nothing

You need to read your Bible again:he said it was wrong.

First, it still does not relate to my point that she should have just come out 🙂 and said she was against gay marriage. Second, if you disagree with me on the teachings of Jesus please show me in the Bible where Jesus commented on homosexuality.

In The Bible, God also said , you shall not commit adultery and you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife. Said very strongly, in the 10 Commandments. Yet, straight people end up in divorce over 50% – 60%, cheat and swap partners at the drop of a hat, or even worse have multiple partners at the same time.

No, but the Apostle Paul said PLENTY.

Just like I commented earlier it still does not address the point that she should have just been honest and ,again, come out 🙂 against gay marriage if she was going to tweet.

I agree with Paul, that male prostitution is wrong, but I hope you are not a female if you are living by all the teachings of Paul. According to Paul you have no rights at all, and should therefore not be on the internet to express your views. I am glad you are though. Just wish you hadn’t screamed at me. 🙁

sorry Brad, I was just trying to emphasize the “plenty” part, he had some very nasty things to say about “unnatural” sexual relationships, read 1Corinthians 6:9, and Romans 1:26-28. Not just prostitution,and he lumped homosexuallity in with all kinds of other sins. Now that can be open to interpretation, just as all the teaching on women’s “place” in the world. But you can’t deny the Bible has not one good thing to say about homosexuality. For people like the FRC, who are fundamentalists, what do you expect them to think? Let them think what they want, it IS in the Bible. Religious freedom. Me, I’m not beholden to their opinion on whether I should be on the internet or not. 😉

Melissa Reeves again is failing to take responsibility for what she wrote. She is a detriment to the Days brand. Please write her out of the show. And Crystal C has lost me as a fan because she did not do her homework on Missy’s other Twitter comments.

Crystal C has always been a C U Next Tuesday

Yeah, no wonder she shut down her twitter- she blocked every single person who said anything to the contrary of HER opinion, whether it was eloquently put or not (look at Greg Rikkart!). She spews this bullshit about it’s not the God-loving thing to do to fight with people you disagree with, how can she know that when she NEVER fought with anyone or had a conversation with anyone on Twitter? All we know is that she has “gay” friends, from Crystal Chappel, but that means nothing. I don’t believe she was misinformed or mistweeted, if she had she would have spoken up sooner. I believe her “good Christian values” are just once again a sign of her hypocrisy and she is trying to cover her own ass from the controversay and losing more fans.

I would have closed my Twitter account too. In fact, this is why I don’t do Twitter.
Too often things are said off the cuff, without thinking them through, and then a thoughtless comment is out there forever.

I think it’s time to give this a rest.

She knew exactly what she was tweeting. Im all for freedom of speech and Id respect her more if it was misinterpreted and she explained that. If not, at least stand up for your bigoted belief and dont run away with your tail between your legs. Just like she has the right to eat that crappy chicken, I can turn the channel when I see her face on my TV screen.

Also, a woman who cheated on her husband with a costar has no business judging anyone else. She’s the worst kind of hypocrite, hiding behind bible passages.

She cheated on Scott? Really?

There has been talk for years that her husband Scott caught her in her dressing room at NBC back in the 90’s with her co-star Jason Brooks, who played Peter Blake. Scott made her leave the show, & that’s when Jennifer was re-cast.

What a sanctimonious, hypocritical twit! So often, people of this ilk evoke “the welfare of children” to shield their own bigotry and to defend their own thoughtless actions. I will NEVER watch DAYS again as long as this idiot is still on board!

Wow, I’m going to miss Missy’s tweets. She has been nothing but nice to me on twitter. I respect her decision, but want a shame that some people can’t let things go. She’s entitled to her opinions as is the rest of us.
Going to miss you, Missy!! Hopefully, she will be back on soon

There is only one race or peolple on earth, Humans. It does not matter black, white, brown, or any other skin color; OR straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual or any other; Or rich, poor, fortunate, unfortunate, popular, or unknown; Or of any religion, ethnic origin; all are God’s creation. God does not judge people; unfortunately people do judge people. People of a particular orienton are in no way better or superior than another. Let there be peace and harmony on earth; everyone has a right to live the way they wish to. Living a life is not a privillege but the most fundamental right.

The idea that somehow MR should be treated with kid gloves for her comments because of her religious beliefs is, at best, disingenuous. She can believe whatever she wants, but it is more than fair game to point out to her what evils those beliefs can and have led to. And no, that statement of hers that she “loves” us all and is praying for us doesn’t help.

The bible has been used at various times in history to justify slavery, the oppression of women, the murder of people who believed differently, and so many shameful things more. Either she’s unaware of that or just doesn’t care. Religion can be a force for good but it’s also been a strong force at times for the exact opposite.

Hate the sin, love the sinner is such a piece of bull.

She’s unbelievable! Wrong Melissa, in your case we learned all about the darkness in your heart in 140 characters or less. I’d say apology not accepted; but you don’t have the sense or the decency to apologize. So I’ll just say this: I’ve been in a monogamous same-sex relationship for 12 years. Your boastful support of hate groups that seek to make people like my partner and I second class citizens simply because we’re both men is insulting, hateful and dangerous..

You do have freedom of speech, and freedom of religion and freedom to conduct commerce in such a way that your dollars attack members of my minority group. But, this is 2012 so you shouldn’t have been surprised when good, decent people spoke out against your foray into the dark world of social hate. I don’t care if you’re a soap star, a Presidential candidate or a gay bashing street thug-I Will Not Sit In The Back Of The Bus!

If you believe so strongly in the “Christian God,” I’m surprised you aren’t troubled by the fact that profits from your Chick-Fil-A lunches also directly finance the murder of gay people in Uganda.

And wasn’t there something in the bible about “let he who is without sin cast the first stone?” The hypocrisy is sadly ironic since that’s exactly the way they kill gay people in some of the countries where Chick-Fil-A sends it’s corporate profits.

Twitter sucks, good for her, wished they shut the whole thing down, it only causes issues for everyone, these days no one knows how to be kind and all, its become trashy and the mind set of “I’ll get you” attitude and all.
It’s all crazy!

@Elizabeth, you know nothing about me or my life. It is far from perfect. I have Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, I am subject to have seizures. If I life were perfect, I would have any of those things wrong with me. I wouldn’t have to take medicine just to keep from having seizures. So, before you speak about someone’s life, know something about it. But, I do feel that everybody should be able to state their opinions on topics without being blasted. Think about this before you tell me how perfect my life is/

I really didn’t have a problem with gay people, but after the whole Chick-Fil-A / to Hell with freedom of speech thing, they’re really starting to get on my nerves. So some people don’t support gay marriage. So what? Shut the heck up about it already. You’re not going to make everyone support your lifestyle. Get over it.

Sure sounds to me like you have a problem with gay people. Try to soothe it by eating as many fat-filled, deep-fried chicken parts as possible.

Just shut the heck up about it already.

And it’s people like you that really put us to the test. We don’t tell YOU who you can and cannot marry. We’re fighting for our RIGHTS as Americans to marry those we love. It’s not about making everyone support the cause, but bigotry is something we won’t respect. I won’t even get started on the word “lifestyle”.

I know people do not care to support My LIFEstyle. Its disheartening to know this will continue to happen to our future generations of abled young persons. our future generations need all of us to love them and support them. Give them all the advantages equally. This is so much more than being able to marry, which is what GR is shedding some light on. this is a campaign that no one be ostracized.

This is all very repetitive.. ie: reading all the posts. be that as it may…. opinions are shared ideals.

I really didn’t have a problem with Courtney people, but after the whole Chick-Fil-A / to Hell with freedom of speech thing, they’re really starting to get on my nerves. So some people don’t support Courtney marriage. So what? Shut the heck up about it already. You’re not going to make everyone support your Courtney lifestyle. Get over it.

wow. if that statement doesn’t smack of bigotry…

OWW!!! SMACK!!! Yup, I admit I’ve got a real problem with being bigoted against bigots.

But you have to ask, why do these straight people keep FLAUNTING their lifestyle in our faces? And then they top it off by GETTING MARRIED? Really now, how far is our tolerance supposed to extend?

What is this world coming to?

The meaning of Irony – the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning

The meaning of bigot – a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

The meaning of smack – to have a trace, vestige, or suggestion

Unless you meant “smack” as the slang term for heroin.

I just don’t like people hiding behind “free speech” when that simply isn’t the issue. No one has had his/her free speech impeded—not Dan Cathy not Melissa Reeves, not those who reacted to Melissa Reeves. So, if a person doesn’t support gay marriage, okay, but don’t pretend this is about free speech; face the issue for what it is.

We all have live together but Republicans are brats who dont like to pay taxes…..
Dems are the nicest….I know I am..

I just have to comment on this .. how much money do you, personally, give to charity? Because we give 10-15%. I saw a map awhile back that showed which states were the most generous with their charitable giving. The top 25 were ALL RED STATES! Tell me again who’s the nicest.

That proves nothing. There are republican’s & democrats in all 50 states. You would literally have to poll everyone in all 25 of those states you mention to get an accurate account of who gave what.

You’d also have to define “charity” and that would be practically impossible. Not every non-profit that calls itself a charity is exactly a font of human kindness. That survey you quote from was based on tax status.

Plus, it’s only based on donations that were large enough to be entered into tax returns. Think of how many people put money each week into a church envelope, or drop off stuff at a food bank, or to Goodwill, etc., that never amount to enough to matter come tax time.

It’s too broad of a paint stroke to give any meaninful interpretation.

Here’s a recent article from the Huffington post showing that the “more religious states” give more to charity. Interesting discussions, both pro-and-con, in the comments:

Religious people also volunteer more and make better neighbors:

Jan i beleave some Republicans would pay more in taxes if the money was spent wisely and not wasted.Some of the highest state and sales taxes are in states that are run by Democrats and also have some of the highest unemployment rate and i live in one of those states as i live in California.

All I see in this comment section is “ignorant leftist” or “Ignorant right winger”. All I can do is roll my eyes. Politics, geesh! It will give you an ulcer.

Here’s my take. I don’t know this Melissa nor do I know everything she wrote on her twitter, but from what I gather, she expressed her view on a hot and controversial topic, received backlash, and couldn’t handle it. I understand that she didn’t want to get into a huge debate, and quite honestly she is probably better off just leaving well enough alone, but she did initiate the topic of discussion and she most assuredly looks like a coward by refusing to backup her stance. I think people would have more respect for her if she had calmly and kindly explained her view and left it at that.

Now, I live in Boston, where our mayor spoke out against CFA opening a branch here. I completely understand where he is coming from, and in some ways I agree, especially as someone that fights for gay rights.
But if we are going to preach tolerance and acceptance, we need to grant that even to people we don’t necessarily like. I think it’s a dangerous road to go down, banning someone from your city because they don’t share your beliefs. Yes, CFA’s anti-gay stance is ignorant and hurtful but in banning them you are essentially no better. I’m all for speaking out against them, expressing your disdain for them but I disagree with the ban. Call me naive (would be a first lol) but I think if you are going to preach tolerance then you need to practice it. Not everyone is going to agree with you in this life, the best you can do is accept our flawed humanity and do your best to live with your mistakes and shortcomings, and to lay your head down at night with as little weight as possible.

I see that this discussion is now becoming political. Red states, blue states, please… This whole thing is ridiculous! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. It just goes to show you how judgmental and selfish people are in this world. I love Scott and Melissa Reeves. They are a wonderful God-fearing family, who are not afraid to share their beliefs with others. What every person in this nation should do, which is believe in something and not be afraid to stand up and share that belief with others. Whether I do or don’t agree with them and their beliefs, they are absolutely entitled to do and say whatever they choose to. I see absolutely no reason what so ever, to ever make threats against someone just because they don’t feel the same way that you do. I understand this is a touchy, controversial issue, but at the end of the day we are all human beings, and just because someone feels strongly about something, does not mean they are an evil person. I just think that people need to be a little nicer to others. If more people would show some kindness and acceptance, it could really help transform this nation in the direction it desperately needs to go.

maddiehayes replied August 21st, 2012 at 2:40 pm

Religious people also volunteer more and make better neighbors:

I don’ think you understand the difference between subjective and objective thinking. Otherwise you wouldn’t be quoting any article that claims to have data on something as subjective as “better neighbors”. What might be a good neighbor to you could be a nightmare to someone else.

Go back to the Huffington Post article and you’ll see that they said EXACTLY what I did, about how data on charity donating is collected, vis a vis from tax returns and declared deductions. The other data – what people claim, and dispersion from religious institutions either can not be substanciated or is actually part of a yearly dispersal budget.

But it’s probably not worth it. When somebody decides the sky is green despite all the facts stating otherwise, logic never wins out. Too bad, too, since without logic there is no rational thought.

Amazing how gays are preaching tolerance but very intolerant themselves. The intolerant tolerant left needs their feet held to the fire and called out for hypocritical behavior. They are angry about a Christian expresses views and supporting a restaurant. They accuse the restaurant of donating their money to their beliefs, but never call out left leaning groups that are opposed to Christian beliefs for their donations. You know people like George Soros who is for whatever opposes conservative values. I get it you left wing people believe your views are the only ones that matter. I guess in your small world that may be true, but the country showed you otherwise by supporting ChickFili.

After the Chick-fil-A controversy, I looked up the so-called “hate groups” that Chick-fil-A allegedly supports. What I found was that they are all Christian organizations that believe and promote what the Bible teaches about marriage and family. The notion that these organizations are “hate groups” seemed to be one of the most ridiculous notions I had ever heard of. Rather than call such organizations “hate groups”, why not “come out” and say what is really meant, “We hate what the Bible says about marriage and family.” That would be more honest.

I am a Christian and I beleive in the Bible. I also understand not everyone is a Christian and all persons do not believe in the Bible. I am not offended by that because each person has to make his own choice about that. But to label all persons who do believe what the Bible says as haters is out there. That would make every Christian a hater by default. How ridiculous is that?

For a group of people who say they are for equality and against intolerance, this whole anti-Chick-fil-A issue seems grounded in hypocrisy. If you want others to be tolerant of you, why can’t you be tolerant of others who do not share your views?

The Bible says what it says. There will always be Christians expecially ministers who preach and teach what the Bible says. That will never change. (God always makes a way for and supports His own program. You can’t stop Him. You can’t defeat Him.) So why not accept the fact that there will always be persons who do not share your views and go on?

No, I am sorry, but your words betray a woeful ignorance of wht the Bible is and how it came together. It was not God or the church that gathered and chose the books to be included but Emperor Constantine, who wanted the church to be run like an army, with everyone on the same page. What was included, what was not, was NOT a group of men praying and seeking divine guidance, it was a bunch of editors, basically.

Christians get into trouble when they take only the parts of the bible that support their biases, that is, their chosen beliefs. The bible verses against men with men, and there are very few, condemn other things we readily dismiss as ‘a product of the time,’ like stoning or planting directives. But the people who say they take the bible literally….well, very few of them do, and those who do are in tiny sects removed from the world, not fundy Christians in subdivisions. So those Christians are fooling themselves: they are NOT believing and following the whole bible, and so they delude themselves or, as I would say, lie.

All that aside, though. The issue of tolerance…this I support your right to say what you like business. Well, fine. Nobody is saying fundy Christians cannot teach their mistaken prejudice in their churches and homes. That’s tolerance.

What Cathay says is, “Ignorant people who buy my pink slime help me to finance organizations that work to keep gay citizens from having equal rights. And I am committed to keeping gay people from equality and I am working hard to ensure they never have it.”

Can you see the difference between that and “I read that thousands of years ago a man wrote something that editors interpreted hundreds of years later to mean that homosexuality is wrong so I am against it” or “I don’t believe homosexuality is an orientation despite mounting evidence that shows homosexuality is a part of the normal range of sexual expression in humans and animals” ???

Not one Christian has been beaten and left strung on a fence to die, so please don’t play the ‘poor downtrodden Christians’ card. Those of us with eyes see that the bullying is not being done by the gay community.

And yes, my nephew is gay, and I love him.

I already acknowledged that not everyone believes in the Bible. So your unbelief is of no consequence to me whatsoever. Nor did/do I suggest you not love your nephew or any other person who is gay. As a matter of fact, the mention of that, implying my comments mean you should not love your nephew is a part of the hyprocrisy I mentioned. Your perception of that is strictly in your own heart and imagination. So is the reference to “poor downtrodden Christians”, because I don’t even know what you are referring to with that!

People do have a right to disagree with someone else’s point of view. But it does seem many supporters of the gay community superimpose their own “issues” and erroneous beliefs upon those who disagree with the gay point of view. Sad.

I pray for the bigot Melissa. I agree you can have an opinion, but what if it is fundamentally WRONG? What if my opinion was no woman should have the right to vote? Or that people of a certain race or religion need to have separate bathrooms and water fountains, and ride in a separate bus than the rest of society? Would you call the people that disagreed with be bigots?

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On Wednesday night, November 29th, Sal Stowers (Lani Price Grant, Days of our Lives) joined the cast of Tyler Perry’s BET dramedy, Sistas.

In it, Sal debuted as Penelope , the sister to Jordan in the episode titled From the Blindside. Additionally, in story, Penelope finds herself romantically involved with the character of Gary played by Chido Nwokocha.

Sistas, which premiered back in October of 2019, tells the story of a group of single black women as they navigate the modern challenges of life, including careers, friendships, romances, and social media.

Photo: JPI

Stowers recently made a return to Days of our Lives back in July of this year, when Lani came to the rescue of her father Abe (James Reynolds) who was being held hostage by Nurse Whitley (Kim Coles).  Sal has always said she is more than open to make more recurring appearances on the show, if she is available and if there is story for her to play.

Soap fans first noticed Sal in 2013, when she played All My Children’s Cassandra during the 43 episode run of Prospect Park’s streaming version of the beloved soap opera.

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As previously reported, Ladies of the 80’s: A Divas Christmas also stars Linda Gray (Dallas) and Loni Anderson (WKRP in Cincinnati) and in story, five glamorous ‘80s soap opera stars reunite to share the spotlight to shoot the final Christmas episode of their long-running soap opera.

The producer, Alex (Travis Burns) and director Nell (Taylor Ann Thompson), old college friends, do their best to keep things on the rails but as the ladies come together, old rivalries resurface that threaten to tear the whole production apart. With the show nearly canceled before it even begins due to the ladies’ famous diva behavior, they reluctantly agree to set aside their differences and past secrets to “act” as if they all still love each other.  When old sparks reignite between Alex and Nell, the ladies become eager to play cupid and conspire to bring the couple together. Along the way, the divas also discover that the love between them all is still very strong too.

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Ladies of the ‘80s: A Divas Christmas also stars Christopher Atkins, Patrika Darbo (ex-DAYS, B&B, The Bay), Alec Mapa, and Mills’s daughter, Chloe Mills. In addition, the holiday film features a theme song performed by none other than ’80s pop star Tiffany.

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