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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Who Killed Abigail?

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It’s the end of Chabby! Friday’s episode of Days of our Lives brought with it the beginning of a murder mystery on the long-running NBC soap opera.

In story, with several people wanting Abigail Deveraux DiMera dead, it looks like someone stabbed her from the final moments of the episode, when Chad (Billy Flynn) comes upon his wife, when he returns home from a movie with their kids.  Chad finds Abby in their bed, bleeding and non-responsive. DAYS has teased the death of character for a few months now, and everyone learned it is Abigail, played by Lead Actress Daytime Emmy-nominee, Marci Miller, who has exited the series.

Now, the mystery begins … whodunit? Is it a vengefulLeo (Greg Rikaart), who was brandishing a knife after his call with Gwen (Emily O’Brien)? Could it be Gwen herself who called “someone” while the prison guard nodded off for a nap?  Somehow, made it out of prison and back in time and covered her tracks.  Could it be a drunken Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), who ruined his sobriety overcome with the knowledge that Chad told Abby, that he was the one who kidnapped Sami – a secret he doesn’t want to come out. Could it possibly be Kate (Lauren Koslow), who wanted to protect her son, Lucas’ secret, and went to shut Abby up … or could it be someone else?

DAYS head writer, Ron Carlivati spoke to Soap Opera Digest on their latest issue on newsstands now, about the decision to kill-off the character of Abigail, expressing: “It was mostly for a practical reason because Marci was not going to be available to us full-time on contract and it made it challenging to tell story for Chad and Abigail.  So we didn’t really have the option to have Abigail around, and then that always becomes a problem when one-half of a couple is not going to be available to you. What’s the solution at that point?”

In addition, it appears that bringing back Kate Mansi to the role, was not going to solve the issue the show was faced with.  Carlivati explained: “Kate has been willing to come back, but may not necessarily want to come back on contract, so you risk being in the exact same position that then Kate leaves and what do we do? Then the option would be to recast yet again with someone who maybe is willing to be here on a more permanent basis, but then you’re dealing with a new face. We’ve been very lucky in recasting Abigail, but you don’t always know if that’s going to work. So ultimately, we decided to kill the character.”

But as Days of our Lives fans know, does anyone really stay “dead” dead in Salem?  The head scribe shared on that point: “We decided to do it (kill Abigail) knowing that we’re not saying it’s not a permanent death, but there is always that possibility that death is not permanent, especially on a soap opera and especially in Salem, so you feel that maybe you’re not closing off the future of that character forever. That said, this is not going to be an instance of the car going off the cliff and you don’t see the person again. This is going to feel permanent and we wrote it as permanent.”

So, who do you think will wind up being the culprit who murdered Abigail? What do you think about the decision to take the character off the canvas, with what looks like for good? Share your thoughts and theories via the comment section below. But first, check out the promo for next week’s episodes of DAYS and the returns of Cady McClain and Matthew Ashford as Jennifer and Jack who will grieve the loss of their daughter.

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Bring jj back!

Or… could it be Sarah Horton who killed Abigail, while suffering deleterious effects of the memory-altering drug, which happened previously when Sarah almost attacked Victor (apparently off-screen), thinking he was Kristen?


To those who are offended by the airing of “boring hearings” instead of new episodes of DOOL, I am offended by people who downplay the events of January 6, 2021, when the ex-US president incited an insurrection (an attempted coup), and left our democracy hanging in the balance. Sadly, there are still those who do his bidding, plan to assist in disrupting future elections, and follow this cultist, criminal, immoral, corrupt, power-thirsty ex-president. The January 6th Commission is providing mountains of evidence of criminality to those treasonous ends by the ex-president, much of which was out in the open: in speeches and tweets (to say nothing of the paper trail and testimony of Republican insiders).

Every American should be appalled and disgusted by the events of January 6, 2021, hold the guilty parties accountable, and eager to prevent such further attempts. A soap opera is much farther down the list of importance…

Jamesj75, BRAVO! As someone who is old enough to have watched the Watergate hearings in 1974, I’m constantly shocked at the difference in attitudes today. I guess people are so jaded and mistrustful of political people already, they just don’t seem to care. But that’s exactly the malaise that the disgraced ex-Pres is counting on. If we don’t care enough and just slough it off as typical Washington hijinks, it’s like giving permission for it to keep happening, and with even higher stakes. This investigation is vital to American history. I keep remembering another great line from THE GODFATHER, when Clemenza tells Michael that Hitler should have been stopped (in Munich in 1935) because “that never should have been allowed to happen.” Words to remember.

Soaphound, thanks so much for your thoughtful reply, including the quote from the Godfather and your own insightful words to remember! I also watched the Watergate hearings, BTW. It’s truly a sad state of affairs that the Con Artist in Chief continues his con and his followers still fall for his BS. But the January 6th Commission has the receipts! Now, if only further harm by this disgraceful, despicable man can be stopped…

Jamesj75…Beautifully said!!!

Thank you, Rose. 🙂


Agree! Well said.

Thank you, Dave A. 🙂

I agree with you absolutely . The hearings are more important. We don’t want or need dictatorship in our country. This is the land of the free. We don’t need Trump and his numskulls trying to change our country. Get the hearings over and LOCK THEM UP! We can stream the soaps anytime.

Well said, Annie Dee! Thank you so much for your reply and your perspective! Let’s hope so, Friend!

LOL…you lefties kill me!…LOL


Laugh all you want. “Ignorance is bliss.” And don’t reply to me again.

I’d like to think it was that twit Sarah, can’t stand her! I still think it’s that evil Gwen as she was proven missing at bed time. So where did she go if not to kill Abigail and did Leo see her, though he would have to have stole them ATER she was killed. I think he would squeal on anyone else but it would incriminate him also.

Violet, with this show, anything is possible! Logic and foreshadowing struggle against red herrings and the bizarre. But all the sadness lately, though expected, is rough.

I think Lucus and Leo both saw the killer. It will be up to Marlena to hypnotize Lucus to reveal what happened when he blanked out. Leo just helped himself to the money and jewelry after the murder.

Wow. They really killed Abigail. Destroying lives again. I believe Clyde Weston will do anything for money. He probably was paid off by the person who was hired to kidnap Sami to begin with to keep Lucas secret. But then again that is my theory. Hope I am right but it is awful. Come on Days think of other scenarios before you get rid of a character. Like Abbey got a job somewhere and took the kids with her for awhile and then met someone whom she loved better.

Abby will be back, in the future. Mark my words. No one stays dead in Salem. Calling Dr Rolf LOL. They should have recasted Abby with Emme Rylan ex Lulu GH.

Sorry to disagree but Iam liking Lulu right where she is!

My two choices. First, Kate. After Chad told her that he had told Lucas the truth about Sami’s kidnapping, Kate went to talk to Abby. She found Lucas there, drunk and threatening Abigail and either some accident happened between the three of them that resulted in Abigail’s getting stabbed, or Kate sent Lucas home and had a confrontation with Abigal that resulted in her stabbing.

Or, it was Andre. The devil brought Andre back but I don’t remember him ever being sent back (granted, I might have missed something – I did fast forward through some parts of the devil story). Last I know, he waltzed off into the night and that … was it. Just because the devil left, doesn’t mean he autmatically left too. So, I think he’s still out there, and decided to get revenge on Abigail for killing him and sending him to hell.

I only brought Andre up from Hell so he could babysit his nephew Johnny while he was chained up in the DiMera crypt. Andre’s “day pass” out of Hell was pretty much limited to the crypt, and then Susan stabbed him & turned him into a pile of ashes, so that pretty much ended his visitation to Earth.

As for Kate as a suspect…. I doubt it. Not because she isn’t capable of murder, but because she’s always thought of Chad as a “son”, and she wouldn’t do that to him. She might resort to blackmailing him to protect Lucas, if she absolutely had to, but murdering Chad’s wife is a line I don’t think she would ever cross.

Although it is so obvious I think it’s Gwen, Leo or possibly Kristen whom I think has been hiding somewhere in the mansion.

Hello, I think Gwen killed her, she had motte, time, hate, and most of all jealousy.

Hopefully it’s Dr Snyders evil twin and partner in the drug business. He hates Gwen, Kayla, Jack and Tripp. He is hell bent on destroying the Johnson and Devereaux families for killing his brother, exposing his drug ring and destroying his brothers reputation. He is partners with Clyde and the Viali family. It involves all these families in town and give Steve another adventure.

The other Lis
Good scenario, but a little far fetched.

Days may craft interesting stories but implausible resurrections are so expected. And they negate history and make the proceedings seem stupid. Why not recast? The character is key to stories. Wish that would be remembered. Rarely do actors own a role. Audiences need to accept recasting for soaps to go on.

It is always so STUPID when TPTB kill of legacy characters. And even more stupid when they miraculously raise them from the dead. All it proves is a lack of imagination.

Oh, come on!! Abigail is killed off?? Why are you guys doing this?? It’s ridiculous– I vehemently protest!!
Yet, we have to suffer through Jen and other unsavory creeps?
What is the point of guessing who? Who cares?? Probably not even the obvious Leo did it. The point is–Abigail is dead?? No way—do something to resurrect her!!

I SO agree. Here you have 1/2 of a Legacy couple and you KILL her off. That’s a terrible move.

Yeah—what a shame!! Now, all this useless time will be spent on finding “whodunit”? I really don’t care—
There’s a possibility Marci left of her own will. But, the blarney hich has been going on with all the remaining soaps is dizzying. I don’t even bother watching, many a time, anymore.

We will miss you, Marci Miller! You added depth and intelligence to Abigail. Much success to you.

I think that it is a possibility that Qwen had her killed.SHe made a phone call to Leo and after that Abby was dead.I cant say for sure.It is a shame to.I like Marci Millar.I like the who done it story.I knew that Jake was the Salem Slasher.Ben the necktie killer so on and so one.I just hope that they dont go and drag it on for a year.I had this feeling that Abby was going to die.It is just a feeling I had.

Carol Green
Maybe you missed it but Gwen made TWO phone calls. One where she told Leo to find the sharpest thing he could and kill Abigail. They didn’t finish talking because his Cell was dying. That’s when he stuck his Steak knife in his bag. The second phone call she made was when her guard fell asleep and she said ” this is Gwen and I need your help” that’s when she went missing and her guard questioned her about her being missing at bed check. This is a lot but maybe some others missed some of this.

I just read on a couple of sites that Sarah might have killed Abby.The drugs she had in her may have reacted in a bad way.

You may have a point, Carol. As I said, the obvious people will be suspect. I actually like that idea because I can’t stand Sarah. She can’t leave fast enough for me.

It could be the Salem stalker as Andre that murdered Abigail only it is not Andre it is tony

Andre is back here in Hell where he belongs. I only let him come up for a visit so he could babysit Johnny in the crypt. And his “day pass” was confined to the crypt itself. Then Susan stabbed him and turned him into a pile of ashes, so that was the end of that.

That damn NBC I never got to see Days today the one show i really wanted and needed to watch.They interrupted it again.i am so sick and tired of NBC interrupting Days the entire show.They do this at least once a week,My husband use to call them Nothing But Crap.I was so excited to watch that show .Now I will never know what happened.This really angers me.

Carol Green
I missed Y&R today, they showed an old episode. I don’t know if what you view on but you can see any previous shows on Google or Utube by just putting in the date and episode. You didn’t miss much, it was mostly about Abigail’s death, none of the suspects were even shown.

Thank you.Yesterdays show made me cry.

I totally agree Carol! I’m pissed off that they interrupt Days again. Either it’s sports (golf, tennis, Olympics, etc.), court hearings, or hours of breaking news, why is it always at 1pm and for me channel 10. I’ll switch to another channel and nobody else is airing the “crap”. I look forward to watching Days n set my alarm at 12:59pm to stop what I’m doing to watch Days. Not happy with Abigail getting kicked off from the story ! Wish it was Leo or Jan or Kristin! And furthermore, this devil inspired episodes are really making me sick. Why? They could write in a murderer n not use Satan as their main character. We need more happy endings like Nicole n Raif getting married, Chloe n Brady the same and having a baby and Ben n Ciera building a beautiful life together bcuz they’ve been thru enough!

Well there is no Days today or tomorrow because of those boring hearings.I read that Marci was not very happy that they killed off Abby in fact she was furious.Whihch makes me think that should would have come back if she had the choice.One fo the most popular characters on the show and they kill her off.Qwen should die off not Abby.Makes me wonder if Qwen did it.I was so pis–ed off.They need to stop interrupting our show,This is the third tiee this week now.Who care about the hearings> I dont.I just think they do it for ratings.well interrupting Days doesn’t help matters especially now

Actually, there’s no Days today or tomorrow because of a boring golf tournament. The hearings had nothing to do with that. Unfortunately they DID cancel GH today, which really sucks, because that’s going to throw the whole calendar off again, including the “Very Special Laura Episode” which was supposed to air on Monday.

The CBS soaps don’t air in Hell, so I don’t know what their status is.

But if Days is interrupted because of “news” (as opposed to pre-empted by sports) you can always watch it later that day on Peacock.

If your network is configured correctly, you can even see it without ads, which is a 666% improvement in any case.

We didnt have golf it was the hearings.again.So they interrupted Days but yet put a talk show on in its place,What a thrill.I dont have peacock.I did watch part of it Monday online.NBC is always interrupting Days.

Who cares about the hearings? Most Americans who are interested in our democratic process. The ratings show far more people have watched the hearings than regularly tune into the soaps so if that’s your criteria, the soaps would already be off the air!

Hollyoaksboi…I’m one of those Americans who has been watching the hearings. Riveting testimony. I also happened to watch the attack to the Capital on tv live as it was happening. I know what I saw and heard. Thank goodness some brave Americans intervened, did their jobs and stopped January 6 or we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
Also Interesting…50 years ago was Watergate. As the song goes “When will we learn, when will we ever learn?”

Excellent commentary, Rose! You mentioned, “I know what I saw and heard.” A lot of people know what they saw and heard but still lie about it. And that’s pathetic…

Jamesj75…I watched the hearings today. Lady Ruby, Daughter Shaye, Rusty Bower. And sadness for what they have endured. . All Incredible for the truth and strength they showed.

So glad you mentioned these people, Rose. So inspirational and brave. It’s unforgivable what they endured thanks to the mountain of lies and criminal activities, orchestrated by the former president. And the two Georgia officials, who also testified, were simply doing their jobs, tabulating the votes, and refusing to be swayed to cheat by an out-of-control president intent on staying in power. The powerful stories are accumulating. More details of the truth are being illuminated at each hearing. Take care, Friend.

I think they should have stuck to their original plan and kept the hearings in prime time though. Now that the NBA finals are done, there’s literally nothing on network prime time television that’s worth watching. So preempt reruns & reality dragonshit for the hearings (and lame so-called “sports” like golf, for that matter) instead of the one genre of scripted TV that actually produces original content in the summer months.

Satan…I’m more of a daytime girl for serious matters, and think those questioning and those giving testimony are more alert during the day than night (including me). And I’ve still been able to see most soaps. As for prime time night I agree there’s hardly anything worth watching anymore. And I won’t invest in streaming for one or two good shows.

I don’t know if this is true or not but I read that Ben and Ciera are leaving Days.Gosh I hope not .I really like Ben,It seems like everyone is leaving lately.

Carol Green
Yes, I read that also that they take the baby on a boat that Hope gives them for an around the world trip and meet up with Hope on Peacock, a lot of us will not get to see.

That is awful .Everybody is leaving the show.They will be missed.Who will be left.I did see where Hope is coming back.

With this show it is most likely none of the most likely suspects! After all JAN killed Charlie while she was supposed to be in a coma and apparently could waltz out of the hospital without anyone knowing about it or any nurses checking in on her! (and slip back in again too!)…

I just hope Ron doesn’t throw Lucas under the bus yet again! Grrr!

I would have preferred for Kate Mansi to return but I get it about contract issues…

Haven’t seen but a day or two of DOOL since late March, so this is just a wild-hare idea. I say Nancy or Craig did it by accident. Leo saw one of them go into the mansion and after seeing them flee, went in and found Abby dead; saw the knife and picked it up to hide it and save Nancy or Craig. Just a guess.

You have really missed a lot.Leo would probably die himself than save those two, he really hates now since he lost Craig.

What would their motive be? Craig wouldn’t blame anybody other than Leo for lying to him about already being married (and out for Craig’s money) and Nancy would actually be grateful to anybody involved in exposing Leo, because it helped Craig in the long run, since she obviously still loves the guy, despite their marriage being over.

I also couldn’t see Leo covering for Nancy. He’d probably be the first one to call the cops if he actually witnessed her shoplifting, let alone murdering someone.

I did manage to see 35 minutes of the show,I cried as Chad stood over Abby’s body and holding her.Very sad show.I had an awful thought what if the devil never really left.Well after the devil looked to be gone after Trip jumped out the room.I did see something what looked to be Marlana with those devils eyes.Maybe it was her twin who did this.I will miss you Marci.Cannot believe she is gone.Maybe the good doctor would bring her back.Marci did an outstanding job.She will be missed.

This is just DAYS further dismantling the Horton family … thee legacy family of the show. Hope is gone, Laura died, Jen is rarely on. Carlivati gutted GH and left it an empty, hollow mess with no one to root for. It has only recently recovered from his disastrous destruction.

Corday should have more care about his viewers. But he always has let his writers do exactly what they want … regardless of history, importance, or believability.

Actually GH *was* recovering from Carlivati’s disastrous destruction….

Right up until they blew up “The Floating Rib”. Immediate results of that was that they turned another Spencer into a vegetable. Long term results was the ridiculous Tricky Dick Nixon Falls story… and then they made the same mistake Carlivati made in 2012… they threw Jason under the bus. Or more specifically under a tunnel…. and it’s all been rolling down hill since then. Now it’s all Nina, newbies, and so many temp-hires that you can’t recognize half of the people on screen on any given day.

I really think Frank & Ron made some kind of bet with each other to see who could alienate an entire fan base and get their show cancelled first. Don’t know who’s winning, but it ain’t the viewers of Days or GH.

Well, Satan, other than the Nina mention, I agree, sadly. Things weren’t bad enough before…now we have Dante’s obnoxious buddy Cole in the mix. Why? He’s creepy, unconvincing, and not necessary. And the actor is no Anthony Hopkins either. Rory is cute and pleasant but we have enough young characters, don’t we? Drew is now mooning over Carly, presumably setting the stage for her big exposure scene regarding Willow and Nina. So predictable! So uninteresting. And, worst of all, so typical lately.

Soaphound…I agree about the balloon-pool crasher…why? And am okay with Nina. Why not. If I can grow to like Ava, even with her past transgressions, why not Nina. And especially easier to root for her because of the drastic changes writers have made to Michael & Willow. The only newbie I’ve seen and liked is Ally on Y&R.

It’s Thursday. More hearings. Guess no soaps today. But they are interesting and major soap drama in real life.

Between all the newbies, temp-hires, and damn near everybody being written so horribly out of character lately (i.e. Sonny & Spinelli) I’m beginning to think the only way they can fix this is to pull the “Bobby Ewing” card….

Only instead of the shower scene, you have Jason waking up from a 6 month coma, and saying….. “Dude, you wouldn’t believe the nightmare I just had!!”

Alternatively, it could be Lulu Spencer waking up from a coma, because that would also wipe out the entire Tricky Dick Nixon Falls storyline. Only downside there is that Whiny Heiny wouldn’t be dead, and neither would Frodd.

There’s another “Kate’s son” than Lucas that may have something to hide & that’s Philip. He may have been called upon to “take care of some business” in Salem & there are plenty of possibilities for who could be helping. Such as Kristen. Would it be so strange for her to get help from other outliers? Yeah, so it’s possible the “real” Abigail could end up on DiMera Island again …

I’ve said before that I think it was Leo or Gwen. Leo seemed truthful when talking to Gwen. So that leaves Gwen and who the mysterious second caller was to that she asked for help, and where was she when she disappeared before bed check. I will really be passed if after all guilt they are putting on her that it turns out to be some random person like Tony or Kristen.

I was thinking the second call she made was to Ava…. but then Ava showed up to visit her in prison, and it didn’t seem like she was colluding with Gwen, and seemed to think Gwen was guilty of killing Abigail.

So it must have been Kristen she called. Now of course Susan is back in town, and when she is, Kristen is usually not far behind. Seems a little far fetched that she & Leo would be hiding out in the not-so-secret DiMera tunnels at the same time without running into each other. Not to mention Chad & Abby’s kids apparently playing “hide & seek” down there. I’m assuming they would know what “Auntie Kristen” looks like and wouldn’t mistake her for the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny, or whatever.

Well thanks Satan, Im so glad someone is thinking along the same wavelengths Iam.

Guess we are both right but did you notice that after all Ava’s questions and accusations, she still wouldn’t admit to anything, just kept asking ” do I look worried?” Iam not giving up on Kristen yet and spooky Sarah is looking is looking more guilty and her mother did tell her to go see Abby about the drugs given them.

Gwen is such a compulsive liar that it’s like nature to her to either outright lie, or else give a cryptic ambiguous answer that can be interpreted either way. Like her whole back & forth on whether she killed Laura Horton on purpose or not.

If Gwen did somehow get out of prison long enough to kill Abigail, she’s not going to admit that to Ava, especially not after Ava pointed out the fact that she would then be an accessory to the murder, and of course Gwen knows as well as anybody that Ava would throw her under the proverbial bus in a heartbeat, to save her own skin. Or… if she was desperate enough, call in some mob favors and have Gwen taken out in prison.

I really hope it isn’t Sarah… or Lucas, for that matter, because even if they were legally able to get out of it by being under the influence of one drug or another, it would still amount to a Horton taking out one of their own relatives, and Hell knows there aren’t a lot of Hortons to spare these days, so one dead & one in prison is not the best outcome for this story.

Ha, I think the DOOL set designers killed Abigail! It is suspicious when doors do not open the right way per real-life building codes, the same bedroom door is used in the DiMera bedrooms and the decor is just ugly. Their sets used to be so cool with the full-size Brady Pub, the pier, Doug’s Place, the tunnels, Marlena’s penthouse, Bo & Hope’s/Jack & Jennifer’s house and the full-size St. Luke’s church (not just a wall like it is now) – but no longer. I can even see the the nail holes on the same bedroom door where a door number plate was once located. Wood color does not even match outside the Dimera bedrooms. And, the portable hospital room counter does not even attach to the wall – the counter is in the way of the room door with the door swinging the wrong way and they removed one of the elevators in the hospital lobby. Let’s hope there is never an emergency for the staff and patients who need to escape to safety. I know budgets are tight but now about every set looks like a box about 10 feet by 10 feet with the same layouts, with different “skins” for the walls. And, Paulina’s house it just crammed full of stuff. It was funny how Paulina side-stepped around a table and looked like she was going to trip due to no “air” space in a scene. Just so many, many low-budget set distractions, right? They never mention the riverfront or lake or even Green Mountain Lodge – so sad.

David A.
You sure have a keen eye, but doesn’t all that keep you from all the other stuff, like people getting stabbed in their own home, others getting attacked in the street by people who hardly know who they are themselves, others locked up in jail for weeks on end without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom or an attorney, young children playing in old tunnels with nothing but rats, old wine and anyone else needing a place to hide, and so much more but I kind of like you’re thing of checking out the sets, probably more interesting, how about Paulina’s purple apartment, suits her well. Anyone wonder what happened to Rafe, or if the M.E has made a report on Abigail, what kind of knife killed her and all the other gory details?

I don’t know if rats had ever been seen in the DiMera tunnels – though it’s likely they would be, especially since the other end of the tunnel is in a public park…. but the one thing ReRon obviously is not aware of, is the fact that the tunnels historically had some sort of toxic gas in them.

The toxic gas didn’t kill anybody instantly, but prolonged exposure would somehow give you an inoperable brain tumor. That’s how Lexi Carver died, after being held prisoner for a while by her own father, Stefano. I forget exactly what Stefano’s grievances were that caused him to lock her up down there in the first place…. but obviously he felt guilty after the fact when he realized he ultimately killed her in the process.

I thought as you that Stefano was the one who kept Lexi prisoner,but we were both wrong. I just looked up the history and it says that Andre was the one but Stefano knew of it and left her there not knowing of the gasses.Boy, a lot of history there which I never saw.

Ahh…. so my aging Devil memory let me down again. Guess that’s why I couldn’t remember why Stefano would have done such a thing to Lexie…. because he didn’t!

Aging? Satan does not age—in my mind’s eye, I see this tall, broad-shouldered , gorgeous “devil” who sets women’s (or men’s) hearts afire!!
Age has nothing to do with anything–if you got it, you got it–yeah!! Ain’t no age gonna stop you.

One can hope… but until the caffeine hits me right between the horns in the morning, I’m pretty much incoherent.

Aren’t we all??❤️

Yeah. Details we might never get answers to but we keep watching. ⏳

LOL—great synopsis. I have one more detail for you, David. The beds in those rooms are unbelievably tiny. One would think that a mansion such as this would house king sized beds—holy cow!! I haven’t seen a double bed in a long time.
My heart aches because I have this sinking feeling we are on the verge of losing these few remaining soaps.

Ha! Good eye! There are sooooo many details that are too many to mention. But we love DOOL!

Just a few morbid questions. Julie called it a Wake and others said Funeral. Which was it? They are two different things as far as I know. Also, Jennifer was speaking in regards to the dress Abigail would be wearing for burial Two dresses were on the bed that Chad was holding and touching and they were there two days later. Nothing was ever mentioned about that. Things were mentioned about the kids and thankfully we didn’t have to see Chad give news like that to the kids. In fact I was surprised at how many things happened off screen, or did we miss a lot due to the hearings?

I’m really going to miss Marci Miller she took on the roll of Abigail Devereaux like a pro. I wish she would return. If not just bring her back as a different actress. Don’t kill her off DOOL. She and Chad has such chemistry together. Where is Rolf when we need him. Please let Abigail and Chad be happy.

Their kids did it.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Jada Reveals Everett Is Her Ex-Husband Bobby Stein

On Monday’s February 19th episode of Days of our Lives, viewers are getting closer to the root of the story of Everett Lynch (Blake Berris).  There has been speculation for months as to just how the talented Blake Berris’ new character would be … a good guy, or a bad guy. But, what if he is actually both?

In story, Jada (Elia Cantu) and Rafe (Galen Gering) are at the Brady Pub and she comes upon on Everett with Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and freaks out. She reveals that Everett is her ex-husband Bobby Stein! Everett denies even knowing Jada and thinks she is mentally unstable or something. Jada even shows him a photo of her with him (sans his beard) from her phone. Everett throws it off as everyone in the world has a doppelgänger.

Jada accuses Everett of gaslighting her. She goes into the back-story of when she discovered he cheated on her, and she served him with divorce papers, but he turned into a “ghost.” Everett stands by his claim that the two of them were never married.


Stephanie flashes back to Everett revealing he had retrograde amnesia when he initially came out of his coma citing maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t remember Jada.  Next, Jada goes off on him saying she can tell by the look in his eyes, he knows exactly who she is.  Jada warns Stephanie to not get ‘sandbagged’ by this guy any longer. She then threatens Everett that he will be found out and get what he deserves. Next, she torms out of the pub as Rafe follows her.

Alone with Everett, Stephanie becomes upset having a few more startling realizations. First she asks Everett, “Are you really not Bobby Stein?” He admits to having gaps in his memory, but not years of relationships or marrying someone.


Then, in another flashback, Stephanie remembers Everett telling her he bought an engagement ring before his accident. Then, Stephanie recalls a conversation with Jada how she found a large credit card charge from a jewelry store and that Bobby hadn’t bought anything for her in several months.


Stephanie is shocked, and tells Everett if Jada is telling the truth, and he’s really Bobby Stein, than she’s actually the other woman!  Next, Stephanie decides to leave, while Everett says this makes no sense, and they should talk about.

So, what do you think of this story … that it appears Bobby Stein is also Everett Lynch? What do you think will eventually be revealed? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Lamon Archey and Sal Stowers Back to DAYS

Look who’s coming back to Salem for another return! Next week, fan favorites Lamon Archey (Eli Grant) and Sal Stowers (Lani Price Grant) return to Days of our Lives.

Circle the Monday, February 26th episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera, when Elani arrives in town to check on the health status of Paulina (Jackée Harry).

Previously, the actors left the show when they went off-contract in 2022. However, last year, in 2023, each made a return for a guest arc.

Photo: JPI

Now, on their latest visit, Lamon Archey told Soap Opera Digest,“It was definitely good to get back in the mix of things with Sal and have some scenes with her, and I’m sure it will be really exciting for the fans to be able to see Eli and Lani together again.”

Photo: JPI

It will be also nice to see Eli interact with Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), now that his grandmother is trying to cope with the loss of the Horton house.

Looking forward to seeing Sal and Lamon back in Salem? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Zach Chyz and Sydney K. Smith to Play a Young Tom and Alice Horton on Days of our Lives

Next week on Days of our Lives, viewers will get to see the back-story of the romance of Tom and Alice Horton through the lens of a trip down memory lane.

With the Horton home burned to the ground after it was purposely set on fire, there will be plenty of memories for Doug (the late Bill Hayes), Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) et all to speak of as they mourn the loss of the beloved staple of Salem.

For part of the story, DAYS has hired actors Zach Chyz to play a young Tom Horton and Sydney K. Smith to play a young Alice Horton as viewers will get a glimpse of what it was like when Tom and Alice first moved into their beloved home.

Photo: JPI

In real life, following the death of Macdonald Carey in 1994, the series killed-off the character of Tom, and Alice’s passing was written in the show after Frances Reid passed away back in 2010.

Smith has appeared on The Goes Wrong Show, while Chyz previously had a role on The Rookie.

So, looking forward to how Days of our Lives will tell the story of young Tom and Alice? Comment below. But first, check out next week’s promo where the young Tom and Alice are featured.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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