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DAYS Wally Kurth On The Exit Of Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey: “These Two Wonderful Actors & Terrific Young Men, Consistently Gave Their Best”

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If anyone is familiar with the scene-work done by Days of our Lives’ Daytime Emmy winners, Chandler Massey (Will) and Freddie Smith(Sonny), it’s Wally Kurth (Justin).

For DAYS fans, and as we discussed in our recent interview with Wally, they have watched this soap vet give the performances of his daytime career alongside of Massey and Smith in the storyline that found Adrienne (Judi Evans) killed in a car crash, and Will sent to prison for it.

Photo: JPI

With the news last week of the departure of Chandler and Freddie from DAYS (from the actors themselves), fan outcry has begun with a petition to keep Will and Sonny on the show, and now a very public support from Kurth, who thanked these two talented actors for all they have meant to Days of our Lives over the years.

In a post on social media, Wally tweeted over the weekend: These two wonderful actors and terrific young men, consistently gave their best and it made @nbcdays the best it’s ever been. I will truly miss working with them. And I look forward to their return. @ChandlerMassey @freddiemsmith”

What do you think of the sentiments Wally shared on Freddie and Chandler?  Do you think WilSon will be back on the canvas, eventually, after they exit on-air in the fall? Comment below.

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They are awesome actors and gave their very best to DOL. it’s real shame how they found out they were letting go by reading their scrips not by the ones in charge. Very disrespectful to not only them but others leaving too. And they won awards for their acting on DOL. A lot of us fans have been watching for many years and are disappointed in how things are now. I feel the time jump was just an excuse to let great actors go. I’m sure it is budget issues but at least be up front about it
Really need better storylines to keep us watching
That’s just my opinion


It is not the writers fault here. They are more than likely following orders from NBC daytime. NBC wants the budget cut which means actors on Days are going to be written out. So goodbye Rafe, Sonny, Will, Jennifer, Jack, A.J, Abby and hopefully that psychopath Gabi.

Who the heck is going to be left that we want to watch? I have watched since the very beginning and watched many changes. Unfortunately I feel the writers are trending toward another generation which is fine but remember we still enjoy the older actors too.

Yes I agree. Rafe definitely needs to stay too. Have the writers ever tried to bring Bo back. I realize he died but how many times have they brought back someone who has passed???

There is just one problem. Peter Reckell may not want to come back to DOOL

I totally agree!

I agree that Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey should have both been told before the script came out that they were both being let go. And it is because of financial issues.I think the first warning of that is when Thaao Penglish and Leann Hunley were told they would not be coming back.

I don’t know if they will return. But i truly hope they do

keep the good actors that’s why the fans watch!! You have already lost fans with the stupid time jump

How can the powers that be on the show think this is a good move?

This is what happens when the network tells the producers to cut operating costs.

I don’t get why we are losing three awsome actors? Whats wrong with Ron and Mr.C.
Please bring back rafe sonny and will. Soon

I was fully expecting both actors to be re-signed,and the characters to remain on the show until its end (which may happen sooner rather than later anyways). I was surprised and disappointed to learn they were cut from the cast. To many fans these particular 2 characters are not and will never be disposable dead weight on the canvas. They are special fixtures in the history of the show. Every actor and every character on a soap opera has their fans, but some rise above that basic reality. There are some characters who are just an integral part of the identity of the whole. These 2 qualify. Yes, many have come and gone and come back over the years, but when it comes to firing an actor and ending a character, some should never be. This includes Will and Sonny. It was a mistake for an executive in charge to think this cast change was a small matter. And the least NBC Days of Our Lives could have done to trim the budget, but keep integral cast members, was to place these 2 on recurring staus.

Sad how they found out, where is the sense of humanity anymore? As for Wally, he is a nice guy and ok actor, but to be honest they should ship Justin out of town and keep one of these two. He has a contract on GH full time and other than a forced pairing to create angst with Steve/Kayla (which is all the writer knows by the way) his character really isn’t needed. I’ve watched the show off and on for 30+ years with mom and he has never really been a character that has helped drive ratings. He isn’t going to now either. There are a few other veterans (with show 5+ years or more) that can be let go to keep one or two of these young men and prevent Camila from leaving. Could also, bring back either Stephanie or Joey.

Wally actually has a contract with DAYS that allows him to recur on GH. He’s been used frequently on GH during the DAYS shooting hiatus.

It’s totally a shame when actors are left out of a show. Time to rethink what soaps would be like without dedicated viewers.

The best be bringing them back or they will be losing some viewers. I have loved will since he was born on the show. I have loved Sonny since him and Will became a couple. They are great actors.

Sadly, I don’t think Sonny and Will are going to be brought back. My grandmother says that this a repeat of the mass firing of actors in 1980.

I’m sure it’s crossed Wally’s mind that with his wife & son gone, he’s likely to be the next one on ReRon’s chopping block. Fortunately for him, he’s already working at GH if that happens.

While I have plenty of issues with Ron’s writing, it’s Corday and the producing team that dictate contracts – not the writer.

Kudos to Wally for making the modern soap opera production model work for him.

I have one question.WHY. Love these guys for a long time. Please bring them enjoyed them. Your going to lose fans from this I think.

If they DO NOT RETURN, DAYS will lose many a viewer

I agree. I have been watching since Jan. 1968 when I quit work to have my first child. If Rafe, Will, Sonny go, I go!!! Get rid of HOPE……..get rid of Stef/Steve. I wish they would give me a year to run the show!!!! Give Julie and Doug a vacation!!!!!! Get rid of Kristin!!!!!!! Keep Ben and Ciara!!!!!

I thought the jump was a good move but now I am disappointed with loss of. So many people. When sonny and will are gone so am I

I agree with you Cyndi. Time jump was an appealing and intriguing idea. But I do not like to see my favorites written off the show. DAYS is looking a little too much like GH lately. And GH was looking a lot like OLTL. Where are the Bill Bells and Agnes Nixons of this generation? Good storytelling is not a lost art.

It’s ridiculous how new Producers come and change things up not for the good of the show but for their own egos and bottom lines. I mean how dumb is it to say to yourself, “ I need to rock the boat. I know! I’ll fire two of my award winning socially aware actors. “ as my Daddy used to say, If it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it!!!

My post should have said DOOL. Autocorrect ##

I truly hope the powers that be at Days realise what a huge mistake this has been to let Freddie and Chandler go. Not only do this pair have a huge fan base. But they shared such an important story of a same sex couple and I feel helped so many people through following their journey. They both are amazing actors and I feel they have so much more to give. I sincerely hope Days listens to its fans. I have been watching this show my entire life and ridden all the waves. But getting rid of these two iconic characters is crazy.

They take off the good ones and leave the worst one why not just leave things alone and let them still have a role its not fair you are losing a lot of followers for the cuts that have been made

Keep them! I’ve been watching Days for more than 40 years. I’m devastated.

These two are amazing actors and I think Days of Our Lives is making a huge mistake by taking them off of the show.

Hope so they are both good actors and should not leave

I love Wally’s work on both shows, but I kind of wish Justin would forget about Kayla. As Steve/Stefano said on today’s show, she is whiney, and I’m sick of hearing her go on and on. Oh, and please someone, chop off her ugly bangs!

Sally is awful with Evans Kayla no chemistry at all but also an insult to the entire history of the characters! Ron succeeded in destroying days and making Kayla quite the hypocrite

They are great on the show along with Rafe. So sad the decision was made to not renew the contracts of these 3 wonderful likeable chatacters.


‘Blue Mountain State’ Sequel Series Being Shopped, Darin Brooks Expected Back & ‘Reacher’s’ Alan Ritchson

The Bold and the Beautiful favorite and Daytime Emmy winner, Darin Brooks (ex-Wyatt) looks to be set to reprise his signature role in the upcoming sequel to the comedy series, Blue Mountain State that is currently being shopped.

According to Deadline, a couple likely destinations for the reboot would be Amazon, where another series star Alan Ritchson headlines the hit show Reacher, and Netflix, where Blue Mountain State found cult status following its initial three seasons on Spike TV. Ritchson is attached to this project.

In the original series premise back in 2010, Blue Mountain State told the tales of three incoming freshman played by Darin Brooks, Alan Ritchson and Chris Romano try to adapt to college life while juggling football, girls, classes and of course nonstop hazing.

Photo: SpikeTV

Darin Brooks played Alex Moran, the quarterback of the Mountain Goats, while Ritchson played Kevin “Thad” Castle the team captain and co-creator Chris Romano who played Sammy Cacciatore, the school’s mascot, and Alex’s roommate.

Photo: SpikeTV

In 2016, the movie Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland, continued the story and was funded by a kickstarter campaign with Brooks, Ritchson and Roman all reprising their roles.

During Darin Brooks recent livestream conversation with the Michael Fairman Channel not only did he address his exit from B&B, but his role on Blue Mountain State. You can check it out below.

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General Hospital

Eden McCoy Set to Return to General Hospital

Following her first Daytime Emmy win for Outstanding Younger Performer in a Drama Series back in December of 2023, General Hospital viewers learned that Eden McCoy (Josslyn Jacks) would go on a short hiatus from the series.

In her place, actress Courtney Fulk has taken on the role and continued Josslyn’s story while McCoy was away. Now comes word via TV Line that McCoy will return on-air on this week’s Thursday, February 1st episode of the ABC daytime drama series.

Although no official word was given as to why McCoy was taking time off, it all made perfect sense given that her beloved mother Natasha passed away from cancer in November of 2023.


The actress dedicated her Emmy statuette to her late mother, expressing on Instagram, “Words can’t describe the gratitude I feel…I just want to say thank you for the best 8 years to my General Hospital family….thank you for letting me be a tiny FRACTION of your incredible legacy . For you mommy!!! 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️”

In December, McCoy posted on X, “Wanted to hop on & wish everyone happy holidays. I think I’m gonna take some time off of Twitter, but first needed to give thanks for any of the support within the last few weeks. Been a strange year, but I still feel very lucky. Wishing everyone reading this love and health.”

Photo: ABC

In story, look for Josslyn to be helping her friend, Adam (Joshua Benard), continuing her romance with Dex (Evan Hofer) and probably there to help her friend Trina (Tabyana Ali) in her time of need.

Photo: JPI

McCoy’s temporary replacement, Courtney Fulk was playing the role during the emotional scenes of Josslyn’s grandmother’s (Bobbie) memorial service as tribute to Jackie Zeman.

So, glad to hear that Eden McCoy will be back on-air as Josslyn later this week on GH? Comment below.

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‘The Golden Bachelor’ Wedding: What Did You Think of the Live Nuptials?

It was an all-star ‘Bachelor Nation’ event on Thursday night’s The Golden Wedding, when The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner tied the knot with his final rose contestant and now wife, Theresa Nist.

Before the ceremony began, there was an hour red carpet, of sorts, wedding event, where various ‘Bachelor’, ‘Golden Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ favorites were milling about.

In addition, host Jesse Palmer revealed that his wife is at home expecting their child at any moment and it could happen while he is live at the nuptials!

Photo: ABC

ABC’s The Golden Bachelor was a rating success through its entire season, showing that you can find love a second time and in the latter years of life. It offered many heart-tugging moments between Gerry and the women vying for his heart.

The payoff all culminated with the live ‘Golden Wedding’.  Fan favorite, Susan served as the officiant while mouthy Kathy Swartz from the season worked the room as a correspondent. Even Leslie, who was most hurt by Gerry picking Theresa over her, showed up to wish all good things on the happy couple.

Gerry and Theresa’s children and grandchildren were in the wedding party, and the vows were emotional and touching and at times, a bit clumsy, but that’s what made it feel so real, against the backdrop of reality television.

Inside the two-hour wedding special, there were two other ‘Bachelor Nation’ bombshells … Brayden proposed to Christina, and Charity Lawson and her man, Dotun revealed they plan to get hitched in the fall of 2025.

Photo: ABC

After the “I do’s”, Theresa threw the bouquet, which came a part into multiple ladies hands, Gerry addressed the attendees, and then in the reception that followed, ‘Bachelor’ alum Ben Higgins took to the dance floor with a stunning array of ‘Bachelor Nation’ alums to get the party started.

Gerry and Theresa’s love story gave hope to millions at home that you can find love again, and that you’re never too old to find someone to share the rest of your life with.

What did you think about The Golden Wedding? Comment below.

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