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EJami Alert! DAYS Sami Makes Her Choice & It Isn't Rafe! – Watch The Preview!



After years of on and off again liaisons under shall we say, not the best circumstances, Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) has chosen her man and this time it’s EJ DiMera (James Scott) who gets the nod!  Looks like the Nick and Gabi wedding was the device for the writers to make Sami and Rafe (Galen Gering) come apart at the seams!

On this week’s NBC promo, after Sami decides that EJ is her man, she runs-in to Rafe.  So just how does she tell him of her decision? And what is his response?   It’s a classic soap “snot-off”!

So soapers, what do you think of the way the writers finally have split up Rafe and Sami? Are you thrilled that the EJ and Sami can have a chance at building a family and a life together?  Or, do you think this is will only end up being temporary?

Watch this week’s promo of Days of our Lives after the jump and weigh-in!


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This better stick…..for a few months anyway. The show has to start giving people what they want if they want the show to continue to prosper. They can’t keep dangling the bait. EJami fans are RABID and will come in droves to watch…..and I am not one to think that any one couple or character can boost ratings. It made no sense to go the Safe route, with considerably less fans (IMO), less media and interest buzz and general interest, in such a precarious time. They NEEDED to go for this once and for all, now more than ever!

I can’t wait to see what happens with EJami now that they’re together. Their scenes last week were so swoon worthy! “In hopes of you”…..I mean, that’s the stuff good soaps are made of. Super excited for DAYS these days!!!

I agree 100%. I am the happiest person alive. EJAMI just sparkle together and I cant wait to see how they will flourish together and take on the Brady and Dimera clans.
EJ and Sami were very honest with one another and Im so happy that there is no lying and manipulation from both sides this time. GO EJAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!

it wont last long

I was waiting all weekend for this topic to come up. So ready to read all the comments on this one. Fans reaction to the choice will almost be as entertaining as the show. Now that she has made a choice I hope it sticks for a while- I find triangles that constantly go back and forth almost daily to be tedious- just like on B&B. So if the writers can write a good story line with Ejami- then I’m in. But just let me get out the way- because the fur is going fly when Ejami and Safe fans face off on this turn of events.

It’s about friggin’ time she makes a decision! Hopefully Days will let them play for awhile before bringing in some 3rd party or putting Rafe back in the picture again. At least all three are enjoyable to watch though unlike the hot mess of Daniel/Jen/Chloe FFWD boredom.

I don’t mind the Chloe/Jen/Dan triangle but I have the perfect idea for it to get better. Chloe should work with Kristen as she can help her with Brady and Kristen could have her brother Peter Blake come back to try and break up Jen and Dan so Chloe can have him all to herself.

Ooooh, I’d love to see Jason Brooks back on the show but I don’t think Scott Reeves would allow that 😉 Chloe can have Daniel for all I care.

Thank you. Now the EJAMI fans can be quiet for awhile. I don’t care either way but I just want Sami to be with one person for a change. Let Rafe find a new love interest. Bring Stephanie back a few years older or maybe Sarah Horton and put them with Rafe.

DAYS! Sony/DOOL…. etc….. What an Opportune time to RE-HIRE CHRISTIE CLARK…

for RAFE, Marlena, and Sammi…. Lucas…Roman. if she’s with child… for Kate…

such potential.

Would love to see Christie Clark back on the show. How awesome would it be just as Ejami get together, Carrie returns and starts batting her eyes at Rafe again? Let the claws come out!

I agree, I loved CAFE!

me too!! That was cut short and needs to be revisited. Maybe Austin got lost somewhere in an avalanche. lol..

I loved CAFE as well. They had a sparkle to them and had great chemistry

you know… without “all the baggage”… of Sammi and EJ or Rafe….

Rafe and Carrie….were chemistry…. were cute…. were shy playful…. had that understood inherent “Love”…. oh “damm”….

they made you happy.

I agree Patrick! Playful and no heaviness that he had with Sami. I like Rafe when he’s happy and Carrie made him happy 🙂 Now, if only TPTB would listen!

ABOUT TIME!!!!! I’ve wanted EJ and Sami to get together forever. They’ve never really been together. I hope we have some happy time before soap opera intrudes.

Please let Sami and EJ stay together for a good while. Find stories that they can go through together and, even if it tests their union, let them try to work in out before jumping into bed with someone else or running back to a lost love. There is much mischief and adventure, not to mention the mundane challenges of parenting, these two can do. I never found Sami and Rafe particularly appealing for the long term. Let me see some romance and a solid marriage, and some sexiness, misunderstandings, a little comedy, some intrigue… all that is befitting a soap super couple. And let it ride!

Sami shouldnt be with E.J.(even if they had kids), and luv each other. Brady is an idiot for bein with Kristen and so is Sami for being with E.J. E.J. and Kristen are evil and of a history in Salem for the notorius things they’ve done, and it doesnt look like theyll ever change for the better: they’ll always be Dimeras. As soon as Rafe and Hope become a couple, i predict, then Sami will probably want him back. She changes men faster than i can change my shorts(kidding,lol)!

i meant have a history…’,sorry for typo

maybe im wrong. sami and e.j. do deserve each other knowing neither one is a saint for all the wrong things they have done in the past. rafe is at least a good guy who hasnt done anything evil like E.J. but sometimes he’s seems a little wimpy because if he truly had loved Sami, he wouldnt have so easily let her go without a fight.

I was getting that vibe too- that they might want to pair Hope with Rafe. Now if that happened would their mashed up name be Rope or Hafe? I never could figure out how that works.

Hate EJami. Sami belongs with Lucas. I hope Rafe is with Nicole, not Hope. But he has sex with Kate next week. Yuck!

Omg- missed that spoiler. Thanks for the heads up- I will remember to have my blindfold ready for those scenes- Rafe and Kate???? Did not see that one coming. Yuck is right- and ewwwww. But if he wanted to stick it to Sami for choosing EJ I guess that is the best way to do it, I just don’t want that mental image stuck in my brain.

I agree with dmitri about not putting rafe with hope or him having sex with kate. Putting him in love triangle with nicole and eric would be interesting.

Mary, the spoiler was just released today by someone who works at TVguidemagazine. It is horrible! But at least it will make Sami go nuts!

Cr, I agree, Nicole and Eric can work for a while, but I think her and Rafe would be a better couple

Are you sure its Kate? I thought that the spoiler just said woman and didnt actually specify who? Can you imagine Sami? She will go nuts. Her and Kate are enemies and this is classic soap stories which I like.

Avelina, I just read the spoilers today and it is indeed Kate. Her and Rafe both get upset and commiserate in the bar, leading to grief sex between the two.

Thanks Dmitri. I just read the spoiler. That is disgusting. Kate is too old for Rafe and when Sami finds out she will go nuts LOL. Another grief sex episode but Im interested to see the fall out.

It better STICK!!!Others got 4 years.I want no less.EJAMI trended on twitter today,,people know whats hot..and whats special,,and AS and JS have that rare chemistry.Days should have embraced it YEARS ago…GO EJAMI

Right own

Yes they better stick with Ejami for a long time couples like Safe are really boring and they make Fans tune highest ratings in the last two years was Ejami grief sex they need to write for this couple and give them a great story don’t back to the past which is Safe because it will kill the show because most of us want Ejami.

Actually, the highest ratings in two years were the Gabi wedding.

EJAMI is the only tool can save the show DAYS. Cannot believe took 6 years the producers and writers to figured that out. I have always wondered the real reason or logic behind. Why they try so hard to keep them apart and against the majority of viewers?? They just cannot be that dumb!!!

EJami!! Who cares what Rafe thinks? Ex means crossed off… Rafe needs to move on and taint someone else’s world. I want to see EJami bliss today , tomorrow…4ever!!

Finally Ejami. I love that Sami is the one initiating and propelling this romance forward. I love that Ej is struggling to trust in it and yet he gives in to it. It is about time. Good for Days’ writers.

I never understood that Rafe commanded as much affection as he did from Sami even when Lucas and Ej were in the picture.

What I want Days to do is figure out a way to bring Brant Daugherty back once he wraps shooting Army Wives and actually develop his character to be a real love interest for Sonny. I’m so disappointed they immediately make him the bad guy just to eventually reunite Will and Sonny. So typical. Brant and Freddie have undeniable chemistry and are gorgeous together. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Days will bring him back later this year and have him stick around for awhile.

I thought Rafe was a little older than 4 or 5. He’s acting like a spoiled little brat! Good choice, Sami!

Sami didn’t “choose” anyone! She settled for EJ because Rafe was done with Sami. This is disgusting, most people are repulsed by EJami, as evidenced on Daytime Royalty, Salem Spectator and other sites. Just because the fanbase is vocal doesn’t mean that it’s big, and this is the case. The ratings have gone back down after the wedding, and this is why. So tired of the Sami show.

Excuse me as your head been stuck in sand; we see brady , jen, daniel , kristien, and nicole just as much as we see sami. I watch the show all week and played jen a whole lot and they only lost forty thousand and rating was still 2.1.

Yes, and I am tired of seeing those characters as well! Bring back the vets! And the ratings were 2.1 for the wedding, since then they dropped!

I cant stand Jennifer at all these days. I also want the VETS to come back.

They had 2.1 rating for january 21-25

Also, there’s been a spoiler for the spring saying that Sami and Rafe aren’t over. Safe will be back together.

Were can we find this spoiler

It was on SoapsSheKnows, saying: Sami makes love with one of her exes (we now know it’s EJ), but is the other one (most likely Rafe) truly out of the picture?

I am thrilled they are going to let Sweeney and Scott explore the sides of their characters that work as a romantic couple and team. So we go back to Safe and we find ourselves back to Ejami or maybe Lumi. Writers have not ever let Ej and Sami be in the same moment at the same time. As a fan I am ready for it- even though it looks at moments that Ej wants to run as fast as he can from Sami. Fidelity is not Ej’s strong point.

Are you serious this is the most discusting couple EVER I’ve watched soap for a very long time & EJAMI is simple THE MOST discusting ONE THAT I EVER SEEN has hot has the antartic VIVE GH & LANTE & GOODBYE DAYS

I agree. I will read the recaps just to keep up with the soap, but refuse to watch the disgusting couple and boring show.

Turned off Days the minute they fired crystal Chappell. They let Sweeney and Alfonso run the show and both are awful actors. Scott’s talents are being wasted. Hopefully he will follow reckell and get out while he can.

Get real, I love crystal chappell, but alison sweeney is not awful actress

I like Ali and Kristian, both can act, but Days is terrible right now. Even EJaylor and FakeRafe were better than this garbage!

E.j and taylor was not better than this and fake rafe started off good but hit the pits

I disagree, I HATED EJaylor and FakeRafe, but the show is horrible now!

Glad they finally are giving EJ and Sami a chance. I know they have a terrible history, but they are entertaining, lively, and fun to watch, so I hope they let the relationship play out (for a while any way) without breaking them up. They make you want to tune in, and see what is going to happen in their relationship. AS/JS have good chemistry and are good together, so I hope they do not break this relationship up too fast, but let it keep sizzling…. Will be interesting to see how the ratings are as I suppose that will determine how long they will keep them a couple. As for me, I will be tuning in to watch them to see how their relationship develops, they can have lots of entertaining storylines together, and please no more triangles with EJ/Sami/Rafe, etc…… They can pair Rafe with someone else who will add spark and pizazz to his life as well. This could be a good turning point for the show to move in a new direction, and add some spice to it!

The writers need to leave Sami with E.J and do not put back with rafe in spring, days writers listen loud in clear we are tired of sami hopping between 2 or 3 men. Leave her with one, I like her with rafe , but I wrote her has single mother and business woman.

I am so happy that EJ and Sami aré to together hope they get a real chance this time and they can fight there family for there love of each other.

Sami does not need to be with EJ or Rafe. Rafe deserves better than her, and EJami have horrible history together. No chemistry either, just loud breathing. Lucas is the one for her! EJami are boring!

I hope EJ/Sami stay together for along time..they could be the next grey couple in Salem

why does sami really need to be paired with anyone at the moment. it would have been far more interesting showing a single mother raising four children alone and then maybe six months later have her fall in love again with e.j., rafe, and lucas.

Loved Sami & EJ yesterday!!! Sexy and fun and a whole episode worth of lovemaking as daytime used to be 🙂

I’m no fan of EJami, but if they bring in viewers & ratings, so much the better. I just wish Corday & Sony would find writers OTHER than TomSell. Then give us some good character-driven, umbrella type storylines that take YEARS to tell. They also need to utilize the veterans of the cast more than they do – bringing on newbies or characters that haven’t been on the canvas in years is fine, but for newer viewers, there needs to be a get-to-know-the-character period of time before they’re on the front-burner. I get that the actors & actresses are doing their jobs, but unless the writing team changes to people who know the history of the show, know the characters and most importantly, respect those two elements as well as the viewers, the ratings boost that EJami brought will be short-lived at best.

I wonder what the status is with Stefano….? coming back to Salem full-time?

Let’s get the DiMera’s back in the Manse. and get Kate home….

it’s such high brow cast and talent….


EJ and Sammi

Therein Lies the mystery and intrigue…. w/Sammi living at the DiMera’s….

The first family of Salem….. what can any one say? The Hortons and Bradys’ are limited… and that’s a shame.

I’ll be saying this umpteenth times…. but… the only way to get Hope and Jenn out of the supercouple mode… and move them forward… upwards and onward…. is Peter Blake…. “Jason Brooks”…. simmering sensuality….. Sparks….


Sammi…… (?) she’s carried DAYS… I applaud that…. Finally, ( i agree with Mary SF)… SO MUCH, TOO MUCH, FLIP FLOPPING…. TRIANGLE…. with steadfast fans… wanting either EJ or Rafe…. and Rafe’s (your opinion) bland acting…. has made this triage too long…..

Watching Sammi… w/Rafe… she IMO seems more in love… like a woman…. more confident.

EJ’s power and machinations makes his pairing w/Sammi…. Ms. DAYS…. more intriguing…. alluring…. and yeah they do have STEAM…


sometimes these post seems repetitive… but… what’s a fan to do, but cheer on one’s favs.

I hope Rafe finds some one….OYE! Dmitri…. w/Kate? Please!!!! No! i’ve been kinda watching if Rafe and Hope have any thing? I think they should go back to Rafe and Nicole…. till Eric comes too….. LOL…. by then Chloe will be over Daniel….

by then…. Rafe, Nicole, Eric, Chloe will be the 4-some…. heck… throw in Lucas.


Blake Berris’ chilling performance is knocking me out! he’s more than a supporting act to Will and Sonny… this is his story.

There are plenty of Bradys and Hortons MIA that if the writers were willing could bring back to town and write story line for. Where is Roman- he hasn’t had a story line in years? What happened to Kayla’s romance with Abe? Where’s Jack Jr. Didn’t Kim and Shane have children- did they ever come back to Salem? Wasn’t Max supposed to be coming back?

Roots keep a plant strong and healthy- on a soap their root system is their history. There is so much history to this show- if writers would only mined it for the treasures buried there.

1. I so WISH Fay (Nicole’s Mother) was still alive…. she would be perfect for a triangle with Roman and Abe…. and throw in Kayla….. PERFECTION. and if Stefano isn’t coming back… add in Kate…

2. Kimberly has always struck an emotional cord with me…. let’s have her and Shane in trouble…. Shane could get mixed up with Hope! that would rock Salem and the Bradys to no end… or Shane with Kristen… some one closer to Kristens age.

3. i recall the rumour mill about Kayla and Abe… I really think these two have potential…. Kayla is such a delight.


ie: it seems like GH’s budget is loaded with cashola…. DAYS team needs to revitalize and re-organize….. get with it DOOL…. if Sammi and EJ work…. then so be it… I swear… hiring Christie Clark would solve all the drama with Rafe… and give Marlena and Sammi some family drama as well….. Carrie Brady needs to come home.

I agree. While I’d be fine with a Safe reunion, and I LOATHE EJami, I really want Rafe paired with Nicole. Her and Eric don’t seem like they’d be an interesting couple.

if Carrie isn’t on DAYS….. Nicole is the one that completes Rafe…. He responds and acts more naturally with Nicole then Sammi. So, it’s not farfetched to see how easily Rafe and Nicole could be paired up.

Geez! OOH LA LA… these DAYS….

it’s a lil sinful peering in to DrOOL… EJ and Sami
Brady and Kristen

Heck…. let’s go Rafe and Nicole…


Sammy belongs with rafe

Sammy belongs with Race and that’s that. Go back to that fight for her and break Sammy and ej up

I agree! I hope they’ll reunite SAFE before Sweeney leaves the show!!!

Today showed Sami with Ej is just a better story than Sami with Rafe will ever be or has ever been.

I think James Scott is doing a great job happy one minute and worried the next.

I will never say no to Lucas and Sami- they will always work but right now Ejami makes it more interesting. Rafe needs to find his soulmate and it is not Sami.

the ratings were January 21-25 for days were 2.7 million viewers ( -40,000) tied with gh with 2.1 rating

Awww, so Sami finally chooses her rapist. So sweet I could vomit.

The world has come to an end. The last sands have trickled thru my hourglass – they have lost so many viewers be/c of this vile pairing the show will be done by Summer.

Sami should be single for a while, then have a triangle with Lucas and Rafe…EJ is always her second choice! Sami just settled for him because she and Rafe got in an argument. EJ deserves better than being someone’s second fiddle!

Writers please remember EJ has raped Samie.kipnapped her child. Not exactly what viewers like to see. where is the romance Days once was known for. Not saying she should be with Rafe but really..makes me want to stop watching..for the first time in thirty years.


I love the sami ej match up! He is the hottest man on daytime television any woman would love to be allison sweeny right now! He is dreamy! I hope they let them be a happy couple!



Sami belongs SHOULD have been with the Military Brat that to the Trouble Maker that went to her first dance together … the SPRING FLING! The last really decent Marriage that happened for good. LUMI’s Green Wedding in 2007!

All My Children

EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Young, Joan Collins and Nadia Bjorlin to Prague to Film ‘Murder Between Friends’

On Thursday night during the Michael Fairman Channel’s livestream interview centering around Jason Cook’s (ex-Shawn, DAYS and ex-Matt, GH) latest movie Four For Fun which stars Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-JR, AMC, ex-Rick, B&B and ex-Lucky, GH), revealed another upcoming film project with some very familiar faces.

Jacob Young shared an exclusive that he is set to direct, produce and star in a Agatha Christie-like murder mystery feature film aptly tiled Murder Between Friends.

Speaking on the upcoming project, Jacob said, “I’m flying at the end of the March to Prague to direct, produce and star in a film with Joan Collins (ex-Dynasty). Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe, Days of our Lives) is in it, and Toby Alexander Smith from Eastenders (ex-Gray Atkins). Plus, a couple of my Broadway friends and a very well known Czech actress (Hana Vagnerova).”

Photo: BBC

According to Jacob, the production start date is April 1st. He added on the premise of the film, “It’s very Agatha Christie sort of ‘Knives Out’ without having a hundred million dollars to shoot it, but still will be a lovely film nonetheless.” Young said the plan is to finish all principal photography by April 17th.

Photo: JPI

IMDb has more on the film. It shared that former All My Children star Trent Garrett (ex-Asher Pike) is listed as co-directing the feature. Mark Rozzano is listed as writer of Murder Between Friends.

So, what do you think about this upcoming feature from Jacob that will feature Joan Collins, Nadia Bjorlin et al? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

Then below, check out the full livestream conversation with Jason Cook, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young on ‘Four For Fun’ and their notable soap roles.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Star Blake Berris Chats On the Everett Lynch/Bobby Stein Mystery, Working with His New Co-Stars, and the Last Christmas Episode with Bill Hayes

On Days of our Lives, the return of Blake Berris is making for some very intriguing drama, with the audience guessing just which way the story will go.

When Berris arrived back on Days of our Lives, after previously playing Nick Fallon, he was taking on the new role of Everett Lynch, who has a past with Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) and Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu). Only, as it has been revealed, the past he had with Jada was under the name “Bobby Stein,” who from what we can tell was far from a nice guy.

Blake visited the Michael Fairman Channel for a livestream interview this week, where fans in the live chat were weighing-on what could be the truth about the guy – is he a split personality suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder? Did the accident that cost him a year of his life in a coma, never happen? Recently, someone set fire to the beloved Horton house. Fans are suspecting it would have been “Bobby” who is working for Clyde Weston (James Read). Others believe that Everett/Bobby could actually be Clyde’s son. With upcoming therapy sessions with Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) about to start, things are about to get more juicy in Salem.

Photo: JPI

Here are just a few excerpts from our conversation with Blake on a myriad of Everett/Bobby subjects. Make sure to check out the full interview for more.

Did you know that they were going to make Everett Lynch a Jewish character? This is only the second time in the history of the show that they have even had a Jewish character on the canvas. Didn’t they reveal this at the Horton family Christmas episode?

BLAKE: No, they never asked me. I am half-Jewish on my dad’s side. There was never like, ‘You’re Jewish, right? We can call you Jewish on the show?’ At the Horton Christmas, “They made a real point of it, yeah.”

And now the new ‘character’ is “Bobby Stein” …

BLAKE: “Right, and that suggests more Jewish, and then Lynch must be coming from somewhere else, maybe the mother. I was so curious because I think the show has been historically, I’m gonna say, Catholic more than like Wasps. With the Bradys there’s this sort of Irish influence, and then the DiMeras, that’s Italian. So, we’ve got Catholics sort of on both sides that are dominant. Now I, “represent”.

Photo: JPI

What has it been like working with Abigail Klein?

BLAKE: I think she is extraordinary. We start off sort of frosty, or she’s frosty with me, like she doesn’t want to let me in. And then, for a while things are going really well. I just could not adore Abigail more. She’s such a good actor. I could always rely on her to bring me back into a scene and be there in this emotionally, supportive way.

Photo: JPI

Everett and Chad seemed to be becoming friend-ish, when all went awry when at the PCPD interrogation room, Everett let him know about Elia and Bobby Stein, and Chad let him have it for worming his way back in to Stephanie’s life.

BLAKE: Billy would call us the ‘disgusting brothers’ and that’s a reference from Succession, because all of a sudden they’re just so chummy with each other. It’s like all of a sudden we just had this like ‘Bernstein and Woodward’, sort of dynamic duo. I think that Everett really started to think of Chad as a friend and feels sort of disappointed, and he feels, “Oh, it’s that easy? I just needed to have some other identity and now you’re a fair-weather friend?”‘

Photo: JPI

In recent scenes, Jada sees Bobby Stein for the first time, and we see you and Elia Cantu share scenes with each other for the first time. What is it like working with Elia?

BLAKE: She’s fire, man. She comes in hot and she tells you the way it’s going to be. I think early on, we were trying to suss each other out and the more we worked together, the more comfortable you get with somebody. I think actors do this sometimes with each other; if there’s spice on screen, you like to keep some of what you have on-screen in your (real-life) interactions because it helps … it helps the work.  Eventually, we just sort of wore each other down and we’re like, ‘I actually totally get you, and you’re great.'”

Did you know that they were going to make Everett Lynch a Jewish character? This is only the second time in the history of the show that they have even had a Jewish character and didn’t they reveal this at the Horton family Christmas episode?

BLAKE: No, they never asked me. I am half-Jewish on my dad’s side. There was never like, ‘You’re Jewish, right? We can call you Jewish on the show?’ At the Horton Christmas, “They made a real point of it, yeah.”

And now the new ‘character’ is “Bobby Stein” …

BLAKE: “Right, and that suggests more Jewish, and then Lynch must be coming from somewhere else, maybe the mother. I was so curious because I think the show has been historically, I’m gonna say, Catholic more than like Wasps. With the Bradys there’s this sort of Irish influence, and then the DiMeras, that’s Italian. So we’ve got Catholics sort of on both sides that are dominant. Now I, “represent”.

Photo: JPI

You were on set and in the annual Horton Christmas episode which sadly marked the last for Days of our Lives legendary Bill Hayes, who passed away in January of this year.  What do you recall of that tape day?

BLAKE: It was the Christmas episode when we were watching Susan (Julie) and Bill, say ‘Merry Christmas.’  And there was something about it that just felt like it could be the last time. I mean, it wrecked us all on set. Bill gets so choked up and there was something really profound about the moment. They kiss each other as they have so many times before on the show. It was just beautiful. It felt beautiful to be there for that last Christmas. He’s just such an icon. Every time I’d see him, he was so with it … he knew my name, he knew his lines. What an incredible, incredible man.

Photo: JPI

Fans will get to see Everett in therapy sessions with Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall)? Would you say she is helping the guy?

BLAKE: Deidre’s always making jokes about Marlena, ‘She’s the worst therapist in the world’ (Laughs) I remember in the first therapy session, we almost couldn’t get through the scenes because it’s just so clear that Everett has a litany of very profound psychological issues that he is going to have to work through. He’ll keep coming back. This guy’s gonna pay the bills!

Photo: JPI

Viewers are waiting to see how they mystery of Everett Lynch/Bobby Stein plays out. What can you say as a tease for what’s to come?

BLAKE: As far as a tease, I would say, you have all these characters sort of, trying to wake up the ‘sleeping giant’ in a way. I think it’s safe to say that like if you poke a bear, the bear might wake up.

Watch the livestream chat with Blake in full below.

Now let us know, what do you think is going with Everett/Bobby? What has happened to him in his past? Share your theories in the comment section below, and make sure to catch Days of our Lives next week on Peacock for more to his story.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Sloan Recast: Natasha Hall Temporarily Fills-In For Jessica Serfaty

Sloan will have a new look for several upcoming episodes on Days of our Lives. Natasha Hall will step in for Jessica Serfaty the week of March 4-8

A spokesperson for DAYS confirmed to Soap Opera Digest, that Hall will take on the role of Sloan Petersen for three episodes.

If Natasha looks familiar she was seen on Netflicx’s The Kominsky Method and has appeared on The Rookie, S.W.A.T., Mom, HBO’s Entourage and the movie Game Night.

Photo: JPI

Serfaty began in her run as Sloan back in August of 2022, and has been heavily featured in the Nicole baby switch storyline where along with Melinda Trask (Tina Huang), Sloan is passing of Nicole and Eric’s baby, as her adopted chid, while Nicole continues to mourn the loss of the little bundle of joy.

Since Days had been taking 6 to 7 months ahead of streaming its episodes on Peacock, Hall taped her scenes filling in for Serfaty months ago.

So, interested to see what Natasha Hall brings to the role of Sloan, while Jessica is temporarily off the show? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023