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Elizabeth Hendrickson To General Hospital In New Role!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Breaking casting news this morning out of Soap Opera Digest, has that none other than Elizabeth Hendrickson, coming off her nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Chloe on Y&R has been signed on over at General Hospital!

Liz, who left Y&R last year, is set to begin taping her new role in Port Charles this week! As viewers know, we first saw Liz as Frankie then Maggie on All My Children, and have followed her career on the soaps as one of the most intriguing actresses who embodies her roles full-on.

When Michael Fairman caught up with Liz on the red carpet at the 45th Annual Daytime Emmys, she never let on that she has landed in Port Charles!

Watch the red carpet interview with Liz after the jump, where she talks about her nomination, if she would ever go back to Y&R and her thoughts on her former co-stars, Justin Hartley and Greg Rikaart.

Then let us know, what do you thin of Liz coming to GH! Who do you think she will become involved in story on the show? Comment below!

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I can’t wait to see her on my screen again.. however, the words “new role” make me cringe a little. Love her, nonetheless!

Finn’s thought dead wife…

Good one, Jimmy……you cannot imagine how happy this new role makes me. I love Elizabeth.
Does this mean Chloe is gone for good? Will she ever return to GC?

Because it better NOT be a Hayden/Budding recast. But why does it seem it may be?

I like her too…just hope her role is interesting and tied to someone already on the show!!!

I love her too! Y&R kind of literally wrote off her and Kevin so I’m okay with her being on GH. New role? Maybe Nina’s daughter or maybe Valentin was correct in telling Anna that she did indeed have a daughter and its Liz’s new character? I hate Henrick!

Once again, our opinions are diametrically opposed, my dear CeeCee! Geez Louise, this is supposed to be GH, not a show which attempts to be all soaps to all people! I am so tired of these “gets” from other daytime dramas usurping the spotlight from Port Charles’ vets…we’ve already had more than enough of that with Ava, Nina, and too many AMC/OLTL alums to count…all with very mixed results! We’re now down to a skeleton crew of legacy characters as it is…please spare us any more of these stunt castings and instead put Genie Francis back where she belongs! By the way, I finally answered both of your previous posts to me on the other threads…do check since the Emmy one didn’t have a direct link to you. Later!

@Jimh, Timmm and Shay.
Hey, guys,
J & T,
As you can see some are not too happy introducing a new character. I guess it depends on the viewer and how much said viewer ( such as ouselves) likes the protagonist.
She could be all of the above—-someone’s daughter, sister, long-lost love….yet, I think she will be Drew’s lawyer….and, who knows; she may be all of the above, as well…obviously Elizabeth’s character will be linked to someone.
Shay, my love….we do differ here. I am all for new characters on a soap….it is a living, breathing revolving and ‘evolving’ door.
Vets retire, characters become stale….every vet started out as ‘new’……And, what of young actors/actresses who are just starting out? They, too, deserve a chance……I would love to see characters who are in their twenties and thirties….not enough of them. None of us would have a job if new blood was cast out, LOL.
Legacy characters may not want to stick around any longer. However, I will grant you Genie…..I do agree, unless the actors/actresses choose to leave, then they should stay put.
The way I see it? One has nothing to do with the other. Old and new can co-exist. LOL.
Bye, you guys….

Hi, dav,
You think she will be recast as Hayden? I’m with you….I hope not. I simply cannot see Elizabeth with Finn/Michael.

@CeeCee….My objection has nothing to do with the youth of this newbie character or actress! It’s due to Frank’s habitual castings of his “gets”—-and often “buddies”—-(of all age ranges) from other soaps at the expense of the history of GH, which he neither respects nor reflects with such additions. It’s a constant thing and wholly predictible….the only way he can accomplish expanding his ongoing collection of his chosen ones is to fire/demote vets and put the kibosh on their storylines, hence there really is no “coexisting” to be had! This show is still called “GH,” though quite frankly, I often wonder why, since it’s totally lost its longtime identity. We are now down to a handful of characters with whom I grew up, and most are not even the best and the brightest of that bunch, save for the currently featured Anna and Scorpio—-who shall not be a long-running act——and Monica with her more recent, resurgent presence. As you have stated, you’ve only been with this show for four years, so you never experienced the full flavor of what the soap was all about “BF” (Before Frank….) Of course, you cannot understand why so many of us are absolutely up in arms over yet another favorite soap actress of yours being thrown into this God awful mix….but let me ask you, you have stated that Y&R is your “touchstone” in terms of childhood soap memories, so how would you feel if someone like FV suddenly took over the Genoa City canvas and decided that there was no longer a need for Victor, Nikki, Ashley, Jack, Dina, Lauren and Paul, and instead replaced them with a load of strangers from, say B&B, which you do not watch. Would you happy with that decision? I think not….Or rather, how about if the Horton, Brady and DiMera clans were unceremoniously deemed unnecessary on DOOL? Would that soap still entertain you like it now does? I very much doubt it…..When I tune into GH, I do so to see Port Charles characters…not an influx of new inhabitants portrayed by those who have fled from Llanview, Pine Valley or Genoa City ”en force” to impose themselves upon an audience who expects to see some semblance of the soap they have always known and loved. Why we are supposed to be delighted with the total destruction of our traditional daytime institution when other soap fans wouldn’t dream of it with their own programs is truly beyond me.

Hi, Shaybelle,
Once again, your ‘full-of-heart’ and impassioned writing floored me.
I could sense though and between the lines how much the disruption of your beloved soap, GH, affects you.
I suppose, sometimes, I write without thinking because I do become very exuberant over seeing a favorite player again. It, sort of, makes me appear as an hypocrite since I do remark on the useless intro of characters on both Y&R and DOOL…..such as Stefan ( Tyler Christopher/DOOL and Tessa ( Cait Fairbanks/Y&R)…..I do, emphatically, resent their intrusion.
Thus, I get it…..absolutely—-I see the light, Shay, LOL.
It’s as if the new roles take a piece of history away. It is happening on Y&R as we speak…..where Jack may, suddenly, not be John’s son……we, the fans, are all devasteted over this supposed new revelation ( I believe it’s to prove the pull Kyle has towsrds Victor) ….we shall see.
Thanks for straightening out the difference between newbies and preserving what is/was ‘what’, albeit I did say that I don’t like to see the elimination of vets, at all ( well, except Sonny), LOL.
Losing Genie, also one of my faves since DOOL and Y&R, left me wanting.
Soon, cara.

Hi, again, Shay,
Oopsies….I miswrote…I confused Genie with Leann Hunley (sp.) (Anna) on DOOL)….. I completely adored Genie, in a second, when she appeared as Genevieve on Y&R.
Although her tenure was short, I felt her heart and witnessed her superlative acting skills.
I think that my grandmother’s adoration of her from DOOL, rubbed off on me.
Actually, she started watching GH when Genie returned.

Just so she isnt Robin’s faternal twin who claims to be the real Robin like they done at OLTL with Natalie and Jessica…

@CeeCee….Thank you for understanding my point-of-view and realizing that I wasn’t personally taking you to task for your own perspective on this latest GH casting “coup,” since that was certainly not my intention! All of my disdain was squarely aimed at Frank, et al, and their nearly total destruction of this once-grand soap! Despite the complaints many have about the other remaining three daytime dramas, I don’t believe that their favorite shows have been so torn asunder as has GH….it’s become a virtual lab experiment for creating some hybrid mega-soap that incorporates all of the mad scientist showrunner’s pets from his network’s previous show and then some. It hasn’t worked in the past and it’s not going to work in the future either….no matter how many failed newbie characters he forcefeeds us, too much is never enough! Will he ever get a clue? (The Emmys certainly should have provided some sort of hint….)

Is she too young?.. I’d buy it anyway because I like her so much. I’m hoping she’s tied to Drew or that they end up together.

Well, Timoteo ( italiano?)—you may be right. Jimh has the most interesting ideas, yes….but, you point out a great fact, as well. Elizabeth may be too young to be Finn’s ‘dead’ wife….
So many possibilities….I was actually thinking Drew, as well. That phone number Curtis gave him ( as a divorce attorney?), could very well be Elizabeth in the ‘new role’.
Wouldn’t that be something? Billy ( Billy Abbott) and Elizabeth ( Chloe) back together again!!

Not really…the actress is near 40

I like Drew and Kim rekindling their relationship.

Hi, Timoteo,
I would love a mother-daughter thing going on, as well. I am really not into Kimberly/Robin because I don’t know her. I haven’t been watching long enough…I didn’t get a chance to ‘acquire a relationship’ with her.
Therefore, if Elizabeth takes Kim’s place will not be a drastic change for me. But, Timoteo, I’m sure the Robin/Kimberly lovers will display a few ruffled feathers, LOL….most fans have watched Kim grow up on GH.
Also, I don’t like Peter August—not yet, anyway….I may change my mind as the character evolves.
I do like your idea, though….Valentin’s son. Oh, Lordy Lord, Timoteo…..imagine Nina’s reaction??
Considering her distaste and distrust for Peter, it would not be a good day in her world. LOL.

Another thought, her, Jimmy….
What if Anna did, indeed, have a daughter?…,. What if Peter August is the isdue of another woman?
Elizabeth does have sort of an ‘Anna look’…..

Celia – I’d love for her to be Anna’s child! I always wanted Elizabeth to be reCast Robin, should Kimberly ever opt to not return full time if the show needed/wanted Robin full time. I like Peter August, but don’t want him to be Anna’s. He’d be better off as Valentin’s.

soap heaven

open up and take this – i’m not sorry; Wes Ramsey is not bringing it.

@soaphound… FUN’ny. Peter August is seriously on… more than Sonny.

All the gushing Maxie is going on about. over kill.

Elizabeth Hendrickson as Anna daughter !!!! absolutely I can believe this.

Finola Hughes – is – GOLD. to stick her with Michael Easton AND Wes Ramsey. poo poo poor.

when their is little to uphold as far as stories go ?

I wonder what – the “writers” – plan on doing with Drew ? seeing as how their is so much chemistry w/Kim and Julian.

Drew and Liz
Drew and Kim
Drew and EH’ character

what a bonanza is this

as long as Julian is not left out.

it’s the oddest thing… do the writers and Frank Valentini watch the dailies ? it’s so clear Peter August is NOT even generating with lulu AND Maxie. they certainly are not my go to ditzichicks.

I ALSO really like the idea of someone for Chase. this guy acts. PLUS doosy. yikes he’s a lot

Peter is dull…so hopefully you are right and its a girl for Anna!!!


Thank god you posted, Celia. I need your opinion: Is it just me or is this ridiculous Peter August/Anna mystery dragging on longer than the Iraq war? And those Switzerland scenes with Sam “Spadeless” and a catatonic Jason uncovering (?) more red herrings than an Agatha Christie film festival? I was trying so hard to suppress laughter I nearly broke a blood vessel! Anna deserves better and, frankly, having Nina being the suspicious voice of reason is the only aspect of this that I like. Maxie is vulnerable, granted, but she’s never been clueless as she is now. I want this twisted tale brought to a head NOW, preferably without Sam, Jason, or Spinelli getting any credit.

Hiyah, my friend,
Too funny, Soaphound…..The notion of Sam and Jason, as the great savants of ‘sleuthdom’, is almost profane. Such an injustice to Dick Tracey and Peter Gunn ( my grandfather loved that show—so much so, he has a collection)…..Jason is more like klutzy Inspector Clouseau’s Peter Sellers ( Pink-pant-her, LOL).
I wonder if Sam, since she’s such a refined PI, “and a good one, at that”, speaks the four official languages of Switzerland?— Romansh, French, Italian and German. ‘Tis a joke!!
Speaking of Maxie…..what happened to her spunk? She had lost most of it before Nathan died. She’s almost unrecognizable. I miss the ‘real’ Maxie.
More importantly, I think Heinrich has the hots for her—how gross!! I like Amy’s brother ( forgot his name)…..maybe? Given time? He and Maxie?
Nina—-my fave of all time—right-on!! You said it, Soaphound. The voice of reason. More, please!!
I am just as sick as you are of this story and the marionettes dancing madly from their strings..let’s just hope the curmudgeon box explodes in their faces. Ha!!

Hope so…i find Peter boooooring…

Because no is ever dead. Sigh.

Especially on Dark Shadows!!!!-lol

That would be great!

Oh, Jimh, I’m fed up with Finn. Especially his wimpy relinquishing of Anna and his heartless treatment of that sweet Chase. I mean it takes a really hard, selfish person to treat a kid brother that way, particularly such a sweet and sincere (also off-the-charts gorgeous) one.

My thought is that Finn is Chase’s father not his brother.

Oh, I get you, Soaphound….the distance between Finn and me is widening. LOL…like he cares?!?!
It’s not Chase’s fault things are the way they are between them….no child is ever to blame for his/her parents’ misdeeds. I really like Chase, myself… there must be a story to tell there, I’d say.
But, you know it, Soaphound, Port Charles is as Orwellian as it gets….everything is centered around Sonny’s totalitarian power, it seems….how dystopian!!

I am tired of Finn but im sticking with my guess!!!!

Finn is an asshole!

Say it ain’t so, Soaphound. Love my Finn! And, it’s Anna that gave Finn the runaround. She was into it/out/into/out. Each time he tried to speak with her and told her he was willing to take the risk, she bowed out. Stammered. Chickened out. Tried to protect him/protect herself. Doesn’t even matter. He tried numerous times.

I also don’t like what’s going to happen if he and Anna decide to make a go of it. I know Alexis will bow out gracefully but she told him not once, but like four times, to make an attempt to speak with Anna; to tell Anna how he felt. She then told him, not once but I think three times, they should just stay friends. She then told him that she told Julian that the two of them were seeing each other but then followed up by saying I’m going to tell him the truth. And then, Finn told her not to. He said, “what if we turn the lie into something real?” (Okay; not verbatim) But he told her he like for them to start actually seeing each other and give it a try.

What did Alexis then do? She went and checked with Anna to see if that would be okay with her. Told her if she still had feelings for Finn or if it would be uncomfortable she’d step back. Anna assured her to “go for it.”

So now that Alexis and Finn are getting comfortable with each other, now that Anna came to Alexis’s house to ask for legal advice and SAW Finn there and KNEW that they’d just slept together, what does Anna do? She asks Finn to meet her the exact same day to finally tell him how she feels. I was so disappointed in Anna. She had so many opportunities and now that Alexis is in a new relationship with him she decides to have a heart-to-heart? Goes from telling Alexis she “trusts her” and wants her to be her lawyer and goes behind Alexis’s back to try to get back with the man Alexis is now seeing?

It doesn’t matter to me if Alexis still has feelings for Julian and Finn for Anna. It’s about honesty and friendship. Finn could have kept it casual with Alexis and not told her he wanted to try an actual relationship; Anna should have spoken up sooner. When she decided, as ill-timed as it was to reach out to Finn, she went to Alexis about legal advice and she had every opportunity to give Alexis the same respect Alexis gave her and ask Alexis is she had actual feeling for Finn; would it hurt her if she attempted to reconnect, etc.

As for Chase, gorgeous, gorgeous Chase (model in real life) there’s more to the story, obviously. Finn is harboring some anger or hurt from his father and somehow seeing Chase drags it up for him. It’s not Chase he’s angry with; he seems to be putting up a wall to protect himself from some kind of hurt he’s experienced. Could Finn really be his father? (He is that much older so it’s possible; though if that is the case I doubt Finn knows he is.)

Either way, interested in seeing where it goes. Oh. Hi Soaphound!

She has no ideal what she is in for at GH!

Wasn’t his wife Asian? He referred to her as Reiko on numerous occasions.

Blair on OLTL started out as asian but then her recast wasnt s anything is possible!!!

Peter is not just boring, my Jimmy….he’s a blockhead–literally!!

they should had named the blockhead Charlie Brown-lol

@Jimh…..Wasn’t Zeman a trashy nurse on OLTL, too? Seems to me that I vaguely recall her as a tart with the hots for Brad Vernon….talk about being typecast!

Its great news! She is talented and likable. Y&R was done with her so I have no hard feelings about Liz not being on Y&R and being on GH. Now, I love Kimberly McCullough BUT she has other plans in her life now SO Elizabeth should be a Robin recast. Her and Finola would be great together. BUT, they say she will get a new role. So, I think she will be connected somehow to Nelle. Or maybe she will be Chase’s ex? She could also be a sister to Sam, another child Alexis didnt tell Julian about? A lost Q? Whatever, just hope she isnt attached to Sonny or Jason. She is a Valenti creation so I bet she will be attached to one of his original non-GH attached to history characters! Who will she shack up with? Chase or Griffin? Maybe she is an ex-victim of Bench’s? Good to have Miss Hendrickson, regardless.

Wow, T….another great idea!! Robin. Yes, that works….
As I said above, so many possibilities. Where will Elizabeth fit best? I hope and pray with you, she is not linked to Sonny, Timmmy. All roads lead to Sonny…even Griffin is getting on my nerves. Maybe he may have had another ‘stepping-out’, with whatever role Elizabeth is playing?….not just Claudette?
Imagine this sanctimonious, albeit gorgeous ex-priest, who looks down his religious nose ‘pon Ava, yet acclaims Sonny in front of her….he is appalled by her lies? Oh, please!! Griffin, Sonny and Carly are in no position to pass judgment on anyone….even Ava.
Soon, the residents of the Sonny caliphate regime (PC) will need to genuflect each time they pass by him. LOL. I’m on a roll, my T….

I liked the character of Chloe Mitchell/Kate Valentine, but Jill Farren Phelps & Chuck Pratt ruined the character – where else was there for her to go??

I know, Tucker….I wanted Chloe back so badly. One never knows on soaps, though…..wide-open field…

If any new characters are needed, GH has a gaping hole in the 20something range.

Since it’s a new character, I’ll rule out Sarah Webber, who Hendrickson would be ideal for.

Perhaps Frank ran into her in the parking lot after the show?

I was thinking Sarah Webber as well! Wishful thinking! Ugh.

Guess that means she is signed to a contract.
The “gaping hole” is the absence of Genie Francis!

It’s gaping with more than Laura; Mac, Felicia, Scorpio, Scott. It’s just ridiculous. They’r pushing out all the vets and just interweaving new characters on a constant basis.

As for a recast Robin? No way. I’d rather Robin off the show than recast her.

I was thinking the same thing, Steve!..God only knows what newbie GH characters could be coming down the pike given all the soap refugees with whom Frank must have mixed and mingled at the recent Emmys and its afterparty! At this rate, we’ll be lucky to have any vets left by the end of the year….

I have mixed feelings…did you know Jackie Z-Bobbi was also on OLTL in the 70s-lol…i do wish they would use the vets more and bring Genie back full time…I remember how Another World dropped vets and constantly hired newbie after newbie until the show became unrecognizable to the point it became a whole new show…but if they are going to hire a newbie i rather see a soap jumper with soap experience than those who can hardly act!!!

Great news!!! As to what she might be doing on GH, I thought she might be a wrench in Nelle trying to land Michael. Of course there are other possibilities for her character but so far, this is what I came up with.

Liz is way too talented to be weighed down by vanilla Michael!

You go, T…agreed. Michael needs some laugh lines….Michael needs a life….Michael needs to learn how ro have fun…..Michael needs to shed the apron strings ( can you see them peeking out of his pockets?).

I’m tired of recycled actors. Either hire new actors or use the ones you currently have. GH is getting way out of hand with the hiring and firing thing. Stop already. No structure or direction over there.

“Use the ones you currently have.” Good advise, Joe.
And TPTB could “currently have” their gem: Genie Francis!
A reveille for her return!

I’m predicting another Rebecca Budig/Bree Williamson/Jessica Tuck situation: bringing on a big name in the industry like a new toy, only to toss it away in a few months.

I’m sure Elizabeth was hoping to book a pilot when she left YR. Unfortunately I just don’t see an ever lasting future with GH.

My thoughts exactly.

YUP. What’s the point?

I concur, Jules….and actually hope you are right! The never-ending stunt casting spree for which GH has become known is not a recipe for success…it only breeds contempt from longtime viewers who want to see less newbies/more vet-centric storylines and disappointment on the part of those more recent fans who follow their favorites from other soaps to Port Charles…both are left feeling used and abused! (For the record, I liked Jessica Tuck’s Cassandra…she was the rare exception to my rule of enough already with the mass infusion of ex-OLTL-ers….)


how hotted OUT is Matthew Ashford !!!!

that is him isn’t it? LOL. just missing him. who’s that HOT guy

Liz Hendrickson: my gal

YOUR Line : “…one of the most intriguing actresses who embodies her roles full-on”


She is so much fun. Truly nuts. Good catch, GH.

I agree, Robert….just as Jenn Lilley on DOOL. so happy to see her….I guess this Matteo guy must have a harem goingnon, LOL.
I know Elizabeth will do any role justice.

Rebecca Herbst – Tamara Braun – Elizabeth Hendrickson

BE STILL my Heart

at this point – whatever it takes to distract from Kelly Monaco and Laura Wright

has to be done

Genie could do it–and DOES–when/if she is onscreen.

True. I had the show on during lunch, and Kelly Monaco almost put me to sleep. She just bores me to tears-with her monotone! #MonotoneMonaco

Maybe Sonny has another long lost daughter…HAHAAH….*sigh*..let me guess Jason had a girlfriend in the clinic and she has his child. Cause God knows if it isn’t Sonny it’s gotta be Jason……I love me some Hendrickson but how can I get excited about this “new” character? It’s bad enough I am two episodes of GH. I will try to get excited and be supportive. GH does have an amazing cast made up of a lot of dearly departed actors from Y&R. I will try. Congrats to Elizabeth Hendrickson for her new role and return to our screens.

Oh, Mateo, if this terrific actress is bogged down with Sonny/Carly/Michael or the catatonia twins Sam & Jason, I’ll be really disappointed. Let it be Drew or Anna or that gorgeous Chase that she lands with, please! Elizabeth & Billy were so great together on Y&R. Their daughter Delia’s death was a triumph of great acting for them both…that kind of emotionally involving story is what they deserve.

“Catatonia twins” hahahahaha!

Could Elizabeth H. be a love interest for Chase?

Why couldn’t she and Kevin come back to Y&R????!!!!

Because, Mo, Y&R is TOO busy wasting time with this new, repulsive Kyle and week after week of the Devon & Hillary Hour. I almost wept when they let beautiful, talented, funny Greg Rikaart go; I hope he’s happy on DAYS. Of course, who wouldn’t be happy romancing Freddie Smith? Still, I want him back ASAP, even without Chloe. His raising Bella as a single dad would have been a terrific story for Kevin…and for us. Another bad move.

I’m sure Greg would like to return to Y&R. I’m sure he’s having fun on Days. He’s working with Louise Sorel!!!!

I know, Soaphound….I miss Kevin so much…..’even without Chloe’… said it !!
Greg/Leo, on DOOL has started out as dubious ( for lack of a more suitable description) as Kevin did…..
…, I hope Leo does straighten out and extricates himself from Vivian’s claws, albeit she may not survive ( and off the show she goes—too bad, love my Vivian).
I think Sonny has more chemistry with Leo than he had with either Will or Paul.
Needless to say, I still wish for his return on Y&R.

Another Y &R cast member?!! Why doesn’t GH give better stories to the huge cast they already have? So sick of this long drawn out Hendrick story. Peter August is on more then Sonny now.

“Peter August is on more than Sonny now.” That sounds like a reason for me to start watching again! 🙂

Yes, why DOESN’T GH give better storoies to the hugh cast they already have????
My question, also.

Gotta prop-up Laura Wright’s boyfriend. UGH. #fastforward

I like him, dmr! 😉

Elizabeth Hendrickson is a wonderful actress and I’ve no doubt she’ll infuse some needed spark to the show. How about rekindling her great chemistry with Billy Miller? Their scenes on Y&R were electric and they’d blow the beautiful couple meter off its hinges. If Kim and Drew don’t click, that’s my wish. ANYTHING to stick it to that bubbleheaded Sam, running around playing Sam Spadeless instead of appreciating how great she had it with Drew. Can’t wait for Elizabeth to start!

“Sam Spadeless”? Like that! 🙂

I do like Drew and Kim but you make a good point, Liz and Billy were super hot on Y&R!

She could possibly be playing Drew’ s divorce attorney.
Curtis just gave Drew the phone number of a woman
Drew asked if Curtis was trying to fix him up. Curtis daid, “yea, with a really good lawyer.”

Yes…that’s what I said, as well, Sparker50. I guess we’re the only two who noticed that exchange. Hmmm.

Oh good, just what this show needs, a new character. Let me guess, no ties to the shows history or any veterans. Yet another smack in the face to longtime viewers that want respect.

Frank got put in his place at the Emmy show just keep on sooner or later you will indeed implode but my dear Genie Kin etc etc had a good run we live all of you ! Life goes on

I saw Tristan can you say Wow he will always be lived no one can take that way from him

We are on the same wave link, Justin!


Exactly, Justin! Less vets, more newbies….thanks, but no thanks!

I’d rather have Laura Weber Collins back. Loved her and Kevin and their relationship. We don’t need additional characters, let’s get back the ones that were used and tossed to the curb!

No one is groaning that no more characters are needed- the cast is too large now– no new anyone use the vets! etc etc.. we all know the (no new characters the cast is too big use the vets ) routine LOL

I like new characters, I like new everything, it helps kill the same old boring stuff..

I love her – she was great on Y&R as crazy Chloe. I was hoping that either she (or Melissa Clair Egan – another great actress ) would end up on another show.

If i was casting directer for the show i would cast her as sarah webber, get Rebecca Budig back and have a storyline revolving around the webber sister, or i would cast her as Anna daughter, and drop Peter August being her offspring. although i hear she worked w/ billy miller on y&r it would be pointless to have them be connected especially since Tamara was cast already in the role of someone from drews past. either way, i think she will fit in, GH does have a great cast, and as long as they spread the love and not let the show become just about Jason and sam or sonny and carly show, then i’m all for a newbie,. since i’m here writing about this new newbie, i want to give a shout out to the actor playing finns, brother and the new cop in town, he’s really hot, a great replacement for nathan whom i miss, i think he’s fitting in nicely.

Agree; he’s gorgeous. And can act.

The Weber sisters, great idea!

Maybe she’ll be a SORAS-ed Avery who turns her back on Ava in total support of her wicked awesome daddy Sonny and super amazing “mother” Carly…

Do I detect a tinge of sarcasm there, Alan? LOL.

Fantastic! More actors from other soaps! Pretty soon there will be no GH Vets left. But who needs them, these actors bring ratings right? Just look at all that Howarth, Easton, Stafford, Miller, all of them have done for GH! Lol! Frank is a joke and ABC, Sherwood, Dummer(appropriate) Varni, all of them are a bunch of clowns.

Amen, MB! You’ve hit the nail on the head!!!! Even though I personally don’t mind either original “Port Charles” resident, Michael Easton, or Billy Miller, despite their hideously inadequate storylines, it’s the rest of “Frank’s (Ever-Expanding) Gang” who’ve really done nothing positive for this once-top-notch soap! The never-ending stunt casting and hires from (mainly, but not exclusively…) defunct ABC daytime dramas have totally drained the heart and soul from GH to the extent it’s no longer recognizable…or desirable to watch.

Shay, I get your vibe but Liz is a great casting scoop. She can act and will add to the show IF they cast her correctly! Now, to side with you, I get it, another new character and no Jimmy Lee or Grant Putnam. I’m with you. BUT, its Valenti and he wants to write new characters and get paid so we have to live with it. BUT, lets at least drain the GH swamp and get rid of Peter, Finn and Nina! All his characters who suck!

Maybe she will be Sarah Webber? Good news!!

She will be the lawyer Curtis referred to Drew.

i like her,but the last thing they need is more people

She will be for Drew ..
somehow someway she and Drew will be !! 🙂 ((perhaps his wife perhaps not)

and I hope Sam has her heart ripped out, heh..
I’ll be over overjoyed to have Sam out of Drews life ..


I just don’t get the writers

Sam and Jason are “having” a conversation

she tells him she’s divorcing Drew

yet in the same breath… tells him she’ll sit behind the desk for now… @Aurora

and in the next breath…. how she felt like a school girl all senses heightened as she tells Jason… “any time” you need help in breaking another bank , don’t hesitate to call..

bwaa bwaa bwaa

hit the road sweetie … pull up your britches

Thank you, su0000! Sam practically JUMPED on RobotMan Jason in Switzerland and couldn’t wait to don her faux-chic white outfit (Grace Kelly she ain’t) and start throwing threats around. I mean, she and Spinelli were practically high just to be clowning around with J-man again. Meanwhile, Drew is moving on AND up with his life, mending fences with Elizabeth and Franco, spending quality time with adorable Oscar, and bonding with Curtis and Kim. Miss “Find Myself”, meanwhile, goes back to the same old tired dullard. Talk about missing the boat…and the plane, too.

Yup!!!!!! His attorney, su.

Sam may not possess the elegance and bearing of the late Princess Grace of Monaco, but she’s still head and shoulders above the sorry Markle-sque spectacle being foisted upon the British people!

If bitching about everything that happens on GH were directly tied to the ratings for the show, GH’s rating would be through the roof. Enough said.

great actress wrong show look at our poor michelle stafford our great phyliss being wasted with sub par stories

UGH. No thanks. & please, do not allow this character to become involved with “Parking Lot Pete.” The entire cast has been pimped out to prop up this useless character. Have his girlfriend bring him back to the parking lot and wave “Adios to Port Charles.” BTW, Port Charles does not need another new face. We barely see the faces that we actually want to see.

Hurraaahhh!!!!!!! I’m with you, dmr. …..Cannot even look at Peter August. If only the name matched the persona….but, it does not, thus far.
Well, I guess ‘Peter’ fits him, but ‘August’? Naaah!
Why was he brought on board? I don’t think he’s Anna’s. I still think Griffin is her son. Ahhh, well…..I am most likely well-off the mark!?
What I don’t understand is how any issue of Faison could turn out to be a good guy?
What’s even more bewildering is how an offspring of BOTH Faison and Liesl, such as Nathan, could ever have been had!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me about it, CeeCeeGirl! Our Liesl is one smart cookie! How her birth son could have not a scintilla of the Westborne guile and cunning is beyond me…even by osmosis, he should have learned it from his presumed Momma Magda! Speaking of, will we ever see the abominable Dr. O. again? Miss her much! As for Peter, I am so on the same page with you on how I hope he. is not Anna’s actual son…Griffin would be a far preferable choice in terms of looks and demeanor, although if the truth be told, he has lost a lot of his luster since his dalliance with Ava.

Another newbie?

For Hell’s sake… enough with this dragonshit.

Would much rather have them spend their budget on Mac, Scorpio, Felicia; actual GH characters.

I wonder if Jordan has any sisters or cousins that could enter her life, it’s must be lonely for her.

Didn’t she play Maggie on All my Children who was always fighting with her deranged brother…and wasn’t he played by Billy Miller? Can’t remember the brother’s name on the show – so, in a way, wouldn’t this be a re-matching of two actors from ALL MY CHILDREN?
I like these two actors, so…I may have to start watching General Hospital.
Haven’t watched General Hospital since…..oh I don’t know….since Dr. Joe Hardy would give advice to Nurse Jessy….LOL….so yes it has been a while.

No, Alan….Richie ( Billy Miller) played Annie’s brother ( Melissa Claire Egan, who, also, played Chelsea, Y&R).
Maggie ( Elizabeth Hendrickson) was Bianca’s girlfriend —she and Bianca ……one of AMC’s supercouples.
Glad you like…..welcome back. I’ve only been watching GH for four years.

Thank you for clearing that up – I wonder if ‘soap actors’ ever get a little tired of going from one daytime show to another – often playing the same “type” of character – the slightly demented brother, the good girl, the bad girl, the evil doctor, the cad, the Long-suffering mom, etc. It seems they get locked into usually the same kind of role on a different show.

Hi, Sandy….
…..nice to meet you. I was an avid fan of Elizabeth during her tenure at AMC…..Other than Ryan Lavery/Cameron Mathison, I loved everyone on that show.
You are right, Sandy, most soap actors/actresses get stuck playing the same one-trick-pony-kind- of role. Billy Miller is one of the exceptions…..he played the devil-may-care Billy Abbott on Y&R, but he was generally a good guy…not a fiend. The same may be said for Drew ( GH)……
….not so Richie….he was the ‘baddest’ of the bad, LOL.
There is something to be said about money, Sandy. Acting is the actors’ bread and butter. Most do accept where there is a job to be had, albeit there have been some actors/actresses who have bowed-out of a role due to their beliefs. One such actor was the original Adam on Y&R; Chris Engen.
Personally, as yourself, versatility is a gift…, I like seeing actors in different roles.

Yes, acting becomes easy for them especially soap opera actors and actresses, I can imagine… because a lot of them have been doing this “acting” for so long, that it just becomes natural to them.

As I said above–
It’s all good..
She will be tagged with Drew ,,
Whomever she will be, she will be with Drew…
And that is a very good thing..
Drew is too great to be with Sam she is a Zero.
Throw Jason and Sam in the Same Old Been There Done that for Decade’s Yawn Pile ..

Soap writers have a couples fetish ..
They need everyone to be to a couple.
(( couples are boring- watching them is as tiresome as watching hair grow on a statute.

Single, active, Dating people are intriguing because they actually have a life outside of their mate.

knowing the writers and their fetish of coupling everyone that breaths will, without a doubt, tag Drew with her YAWN,,’
Men need to be freelance, have interesting lives, date search for the one and that takes time.

This is the 21st century and people Do Not put themselves in relationships with everyone they meet and date… Marriage is less popular than it was in the 50-70’s..

((my neighbour, while we were talking of mating everyone up, told me of a Tad the Cad, and he dated even their mothers! That guy rocked!!
I’d bet he never ever bored anyone.

Speaking of “Tad The Cad”, I really think that TPTB at “GENERAL HOSPITAL” should “snatch up” Michael E. Knight and have him play / portray a recasted Jeff Webber! And then pair him with either Monica or Bobbie!

General Hospital

GH’s Dominic Zamprogna Opens Up on Concerns that Dante Was A-Goner: “There’s Any Number of Ways Comas Can Go”

When Detective Dante Falconeri was shot by a Pikeman henchman, and Jason (Steve Burton) was revealed alive and well, it put actor Dominic Zamprogna in a coma, and a bad one in soap terms, at that. For awhile there, it was touch and go for Dante.

The good news is Dante pulled through and is now back to his old self, and just in time for Dominic Zamprogna’s 15th anniversary with the ABC daytime drama series, which is June 22nd.

Dominic spoke to Soap Opera Digest on his milestone, and reflected back on the fan response from earlier this year when it may have appeared he was exiting the show for a second time.


Zamprogna shared, “It’s nice to hear you say that people were worried about me – when I went into Frank’s (Valentini, EP, GH) office and he told me I was going into a coma, I started to worry about me (laughs)!”

From working on GH for a decade and a half now, Zamprogna has seen his fair share of comas, and in fact, his then on-screen wife, Lulu Spencer Falconeri was written off the show having never awakened from her coma.

Photo: ABC

“There’s any number of ways comas can go,” said the popular GH star. “People joke, ‘Oh, you’ve got easy work.’ And it’s like, ‘Yeah, as long as it’s an on-screen coma! I don’t want to be in an off-screen coma, because then I’m not on the show!” But honestly, that means the world because we all care what people think about us, you know? And if people are happy to have me around, it feels good, obviously. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t.”

So, are you glad that Dante is still alive and kicking? Did you think the show might write-off Dante after he was shot a few months back? Is it time, as Dominic head towards his 20th anniversary with the soap opera, for the powers-that-be to bring Lulu out of her coma? Should Dante and Sam (Kelly Monaco) eventually tie the knot? Comment below.

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General Hospital


You probably needed the hankies during today’s Wednesday, June 19th episode of General Hospital, for it marked the return of fan favorite John J. York to his role as Mac Scorpio.

This was to be York’s first episode back on-screen since he underwent treatment for two blood cancers and revealed his health diagnosis and battle publicly back in September of 2023.

The scenes involving Mac gave viewers all the feels, and it looked as if reality and the soap blurred, especially in York’s scenes with his on-screen children, Maxie (who Max raised) and grandchildren, Georgie, James, and Bailey Louise, and wife, Felicia (Kristina Wagner).


Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


Meanwhile, Felicia keeps getting calls from Maxie while she is work at General Hospital and does not pick up. So, Felicia is unaware that her husband is back. Eventually, Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and is in for a big surprise when Mac appears and the two hug and share a kiss.

After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

So, what did you think about Mac’s homecoming on GH? Were you touched just seeing John J. York back in action on the ABC soap opera? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Jophielle Love Talks On Violet’s Emotional Scenes with Finn, the Loss of Gregory, and Taylor Swift

During General Hospital’s recent episodes surrounding the death of Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison), who succumbed to complications from ALS, many in the cast delivered touching performances; including Jophielle Love (Violet).

In story, Violet learns of her grandfather’s passing when she comes home from school and her father, Finn (Michael Easton) sits her down to explain that Gregory passed away in the middle of the night. Violet’s reaction was one of devastation and tears.

Michael Fairman TV caught with Jophielle on the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmy Award ceremonies, where she was a nominee for Best Original Song for the song she co-wrote, “Shine.” The track was first heard back on a December 2023 episode of the ABC daytime drama series and is currently available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

Photo: ABC

When talking about the departure of Gregory Harrison, and Violet’s reaction to her grandpa’s passing, Love shared, “Well, I was very tired from the taping of the three-day wedding, so I already had the tears in me. I knew that I was always going to see him (Gregory Harrison) in real life, but I was also very, very sad he was leaving the show. He was such a delight to work with.”

When Violet saw how difficult it was for her on-screen dad, Finn, to cope with with the death of Gregory, Love shared, “It’s hard for Violet, but Michael and I, we still see each other and he’s always happy (in real life). But, those scenes were hard. I was comforting him.”

Photo: ABC

Receiving her first Daytime Emmy nomination as songwriter was a thrill for Jophielle: “Well first of all, I was jumping up and down and Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) came and told me while I was on set. I was just so excited.”

Photo: JPI

Since pop superstar, Taylor Swift, started at a very young age as a singer and a songwriter, does Love see herself as a mini-Taylor? Jophielle emphatically stated, “I’m a mini Me“.  As to what she thinks of the record-setting Swift’s music, and if she likes her work. Love shared, “Yeah, yeah … so, so…”

What did you think of Jophielle’s performance during the passing of Gregory? And her comments here on Gregory Harrison, Michael Easton and Taylor Swift? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

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