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Ex-OLTL's Tuc Watkins Shares: "On Behalf Of Former Soap Stars Nationwide, I'd Like To Thank Antonio Sabato, Jr., For Further Cementing Our Collective Reputation As A bunch Of 'Dunderheads."'

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

The daytime soap opera and soap opera actors have for many years been often treated in Hollywood as second-class citizens, or the stepchild of primetime TV series, and actors primarily known for it.

After Antonio Sabato Jr.’s  (Ex-Jagger, GH, Ex-Dante, B&B) remarks during his post-interview speech with ABC News last night, as well as his speech at the Republican National Convention where Sabato was known as a “soap/reality star” speaking on behalf of the parties presumptive nominee Donald Trump, many soap stars and others have taken to social media in strong disagreement and distaste for Sabato’s politcal stance and inflamed comments.

Former One Life to Live star, Tuc Watkins (Ex-David Vickers) posted a rather humorous, yet dead-on for many in the soap industry remark on Sabato Jr’s RNC appearace via his facebook page.

Tuc remarked: “On behalf of former soap stars nationwide, I’d like to thank Antonio Sabato, Jr., for further cementing our collective reputation as a bunch of “dunderheads.” #VoteHillary

Elsewhere, Watkins starring role in the film Retake was just shown last week at this year’s Outfest 2016 film festival in Los Angeles where he received rave reviews for his performance. The film is a story about love, loss, and identity, centering on the character of Jonathan (Watkins), who hires a young male hustler (Devon Graye) to accompany him on a road trip from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon. Eager to leave his own life behind, the prostitute soon comes to realize that he’s playing a crucial role in recreating Jonathan’s heartbroken road trip from his past.

So, share your thoughts on Watkins rather witty commentary on soap stars and Sabato Jr at the RNC in the comment section below!

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Tuc thank you!
The speech was an affront

Good forbid he doesn’t tow the left coast line.

Exactly Angie. I for one am proud he loves Jesus Christ.

Neither Antonio or Jesus has business on the stage that night. Separation of Church and State!

May God Bless and watch over whoever wins this very important election.

Just another reason to love Tuc Watkins!

Oh so true!

any republican speeches over this pig trump should be laughed at, seriously did trheyu not learn from bush ,,of course no americans ever admit they voted bush just as they wont when there country is near bankrupt again no jobs ,,all the auto companies closing,, highest unemployment rate ever ,,invading countries under false pretences,,oh yah i forgot it s all barack obamas fault,,,not



Bravo Tuc!

Tuc Watkins tells it like it is! We love you Tuc!!!

Love it and love Tuc. Thanks Tuc.

Short and sweet, I won’t be watching anything Sabato may possibly be in, in the future. BTW Tuc he did make soap stars look as per their reputation:(

Lol. I loved this guy as David on OLTL and it’s nice to know “the man behind the mask” (no reference to GH) was as taken aback at Sabato’s comments as I was. And just like his alter ego David, he expressed his opinion with dry wit. Kudos!

Thank you Tuc!

Tuc, you are on point. I figure these actors supporting Trump are on his payroll. I’m very disappointed with all of them.

What Jaime said.

Thank you Tuc. His speech was awful but the interview with Tamron reeked of hatred and stupidity.

Speaking of hot men…and this fella has brains, too! Right on, dude!

Can we get Tuc to speak at the DNC to prove Soap Stars do have a brain.

Best idea ever!!

I am not a Trump supporter but I am tired of people belittling other people who have a different viewpoint. You may not agree with someone but they have the right to their opinion and Mr. Watkins should have the class to respect the opinion without ridiculing it. Seems like the freedom of speech in this country only goes as far and is acceptable only when you hear something you like. As for Hilary Clinton she came dangerously close to being indicted for things other people have gone to prison for. She only evolved on LGBT issues when like Presidential Obama when it was close to re-election time. Perhaps Tuc should start speaking out against the regimes who throw gay men off roofs to men slaughtered in Iran instead of taking cute pot shots at someone he doesn’t agree with.

I agree 100%. This is still America and a Democracy. Everyone has the right to vote for the candidate of their choice, if this happens to be different than anyone else’s opinion then agree to disagree. TIRED of the Disrespect. People need to respect everyone’s right to choose and stop pushing their opinions on everyone else. Not impressed with Tuc’s insults and he does not speak for all Soap Stars Nationwide or all LGBT people! Believe me on this one.

All are entitled to their opinion. I strongly disagree with yours and won’t be silenced into saying so.

Yeah, it is America and still a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just like everyone is entitled to rebut that opinion with ANOTHER opinion. Isn’t that the American way? Sabato Jr. still delivering that same, old tired, disproven LIE about Obama being a Muslim really speaks to his ignorance and refusal to accept facts even when they’re staring him in the face. So, don’t be silent; strongly disagree with him. You’re entitled to think as you wish just like Tuc Watkins is.

yes – we just have to keep reminding people that this is America and our free speech hs not been evoked, yet…

Some comments say Tuc Watkins is brave for standing up to Sabato..

More like Sabato is brave for stating his opinion and taking a stance against THE SUPREME ONE, who we dare not mention, because if we do we will be called racist, sexist, bigoted, or even neanderthal.

“Free Speech Matters” = #FSM

Just to clarify Melissa… you strongly disagree with the opinion that all Americans have a right to be heard? I guess that does indeed make you an intelligent liberal doesn’t it. Are you residing on a college campus these days? In your safe space?

To Elizabeth who asked for clarification, I do believe all viewpoints should be heard. If I disagree with a viewpoint I think I have the right to say so. Tuc disagrees with Antonio’s point of view and should not be attacked for voicing that disagreement. Disagreeing with someone does not mean you are trying to silence them.

Jeff, it’s not that Sabato has a “different viewpoint”—it’s that he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) articulate a single fact to back it up and copped out with “it’s just what I believe in my heart”. Well that is exactly like saying “The moon is made of green cheese; I believe that in my heart.”

Exactly. It’s the fact he’s making statements about President Obama — which really should have nothing to do with his support for Donald Trump, who is running against Hillary Clinton, not Obama — but more to the point, Antonio Sabato’s statements are without facts, without proof, without anything of substance except that he believes them in his heart or whatever. That’s what makes him look ridiculous. Having an opinion on political strategy and policy is completely different from just making stuff up and making unsubstantiated claims.


The voice of reason. Thank you for saying this. It’s all too true.

Good for you Tuc. Consider yourself one of the NON- Dunderheads.

Very well said Tuc. Short, sweet and to the point.

How I miss our beloved “Vicker Man.”

good actor, but not so good at understanding the millions of Americans who want this country to be law abiding, safe and bring up our children in a world where we dont have to cower against the terror. (try making that comment -Mr Watkins in Iran).

A bunch of democrats on here obviously including Mr. Fairman. We have been through 8 terrible years of Obama. Most actors side with democrats. It’s common knowledge. Here’s what Obama has done for me. Obama care has increased my insurance costs by triple the amount. They have gone from $5,000 to $15,000 a year. My dream of being a teacher got shut down because the economy was bad and school districts wouldn’t hire me because I was overqualified with a Masters degree. On top of that, I’m tired of of being my hard earned dollars to lazy people that don’t want to work. It’s not right for somebody who doesn’t work at all to get $5,000-$10,000 back from the government while I pay $5,000 to the government. Entitlements are bad for the country.

Also, what really makes Trump so much worse than Hillary. He’s a jerk and she was involved in an e-mail scandal. Michael Fairman, you are supposed to be an objective writer, but it certainty appears like you took Tuc’s side and threw Sabato Jr under the bus. It must be a real slow news day.

Well, since you’re making it all about you, let me make it all about me. I lost my job when the economy tanked in 2008 and had to depend on unemployment while I looked for a job which weren’t forthcoming in my field. Unemployment ran out almost a year later, and I applied for an extension, which the republicans were totally against and killed the bill for an extension. But Obama stepped in a few months later with an emergency extension and I was able to collect not only my past funds for was able to keep my unemployment for another 99 weeks. In the meantime, I moved to Los Angeles where the economy was getting better and found a job in my field just as my unemployment was running out. Thanks, President Obama!

Why should you get unemployment for 99 weeks? Are you sick? Disabled? And why was there no job for you to find? I don’t need an answer. It’s obvious you want more of Obama because of what you got that others bust their asses for.

Well here is my story…
I am a programmer and lived through many business cycles…
I signed up for partial un-employment for about two months in 2003.
It was a mistake, because I was limited by what I could earn, and got little from the government.

IN 2004 I became a self-employed contract programmer. Every day of my life is spent working for my customers and putting them first. I have seen how the ObamaCare had devastated my custoemers by making them drastically increase what they are paying for healthcare. Most of them have had to reduce their other benifits to emplyees and or lay off hard workiers, just to pay for their healthcare insurance.

As for me – I am happy to be working and proving myself daily to my customers.
The government is never the answer for a sustainable job, and I regret taking even two months worth of miniscule benefits back in 2003.

The key to getting this ecomony working is to remove the constraints of ObamaCare on businesses. And allow every ‘citizen’ who pays taxes to choose where they want to get their health care insurance. Remember this is only about insurance.. It has nothing to do with actual health care.

BTW – in case ou can’t tell, I am a proud TRMP supporter and will be glad to call him my president.


I’m glad that everything worked out for you and ultimately everything worked out for me. I had to change careers. I guess that I am a bit angry still over there still not being teaching jobs available. I went into that profession because I loved kids and always thought there would be jobs available. I have watched as education funding has been cut every year and it still hasn’t come back.

Just curious, what kind of career were you in?

Amen Jennifer. Free, free, free. I am so sick of everything being FREE on our shoulders. Around here we have in Dec. Coats for Kids, in Sept. Pack the Bus with Free School Supplies, Free Shoes for back to school, free hot school breakfasts, free hot school lunches, Thanksgiving gift baskets, Christmas shopping, Easter egg hunts, free cell phones, free internet, not to mention health care, prescriptions, vision care, dental clinics-it just goes on & on. Mothers with MANY kids, multiple fathers-none in sight though-so sick of supporting all of them. But gee, why should anyone finish school & go to work when everything can just be FREE?

well at least there is one thread on here that common sense prevails.

America to me will always be the land of those who will take care of themselves, because no one else cares more for your family than you do…

Go Tuc!

“Dunderheads”??? This dude is younger than I and he uses the word “dunderheads”???

Why not toss in the phrases “dag nab it”, “by cracky” and/or ‘Jumpin’ Jehosofat” while you’re at it?

Such language…and by an “adult”, no less……my ears are burning!!!

Love you <3 Tuc Watkins. Thank you! Glad our views coincide.

Aw, man…I just gained a whole new RESPECT for Tuc Watkins!!!!! RIGHT ON, TUC…YOU SERIOUSLY R-O-C-K, DUDE!!!!!


Toure…your post TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!! Also…it’s further proof that Antonio Sabato, Jr. is nothing but a TWO-FACED HYPOCRITE…PERIOD!!!!!

Take care.

Love you, Tuc. Why don’t you mosey on to a network…… love to see you.


I was surprised at Sabato’s stance. I’ll never watch anything he’s on.

You won’t watch anything that an actor is on because his political view differ from yours. Wow. Imagine all the actors you do watch and enjoy but they keep their political views secret because those views may be unpopular..

He has been trying…begging and pleading to get on General Hospital. Trump must have put him on his payroll. I will never watch him on anything else!

Thanks, Tuc! So disappointed with Sabato….

I really don’t know what Antonio Sabato was thinking when he decided to speak on behalf of Trump. All I can say is I lost all respect for him.

Thank you Tuc, what a gentleman.

Antonio Sabato has a right to his opinion, and I have a right to mine, which is that Antonio is someone speaking without knowing what he’s talking about and saying hateful things, and while I wasn’t much of a fan before, I’m less of a fan now. I’m glad Tuc said what he said.

Perfectly said, short and sweet, Beth

Tuc nailed it!

Tuc, its a free country and he is entitled to exercise his opinion via free speech. Sounds like you are just sour because you are forgotten in and out of the soap world!

No, Timmmm, just as Sabato has the right to his (ignorant) verbalizing, so does Watkins, just as you prove constantly, incessantly on this board, even when you have little of value to offer. See? “Free Speech” is for all in America.

well – it seems that manners are not your specialty…

and excuse me, but we do live in America and everyone has the right to express their opinion – right?

So you guys who are supporting Tuc Watkins because he is so brave.

have you protested against the Iranian deal, or Turkeys’ President’ -dictator cracking down on dissidents, or ISIS terror incidents or any of the fanatical islamist clerics in this country or the world>

I didn’t think so.

You know in Iran they execute gays, and publically throw them off buildings.
At the Bataclan in Paris they cut off the genitals of the gays in the crowd and stuffed them in their mouths. And how about the ‘Pulse’ massacre.

Does any of this ring a bell? (Am I going to be labled a hater because I am posting the truth?)

Again, where is the outrage over truely heinous anti-human behavior/


I’m not going to label you a hater but what does any of that have to do with Tuc Watkins expressing his personal opinion on Facebook?

I think what mgb357 is trying to say is that Tuc Watkins supports democrats because they gave homesexuals the right to marry. I’m sure that is part of it. Tuc is gay, but accoring to the bible marriage was mean for Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Some people are still opposed to that including myself.

Actually, the constitution gave gay Americans the right to marry under the equal protection clause. And that was decided by the Supreme Court, not “the Democrats.” As a side note, you are free to live your beliefs according to the Bible as you choose but a foundation of our country is that laws are not made based on the beliefs of any one religion.

No missy it was the Supreme Court not a dam thing to do with the constitution ! Our founding fathers right now would be taking both parties behind the wood shed for shredding everything that they wrote! Educate yourselves and I don’t give a flying leap who marries who if you wan to marry your dog go for it! Just let us make every American have a chance at making a successful life for themselves

I think he’s angry

I think everyone has a right to their opinions & should not be called names just because they said something you don’t agree with. I support Antonio & was glad he spoke. Even Kimberlin did a great job with her speech as well. I never vote for Crooked Hillary. I rather take my chances with Trump. At least it won’t be worst than if Hillary becomes President.
Hillary in Office with just be more scandals with her Husband Bill doing more interns. He be called the 1st man LOL!

..but, please, B&B Fan, let’s not call names…

Obviously you are willing to “take your chances” with Trump because you aren’t a Muslim American or gay or handicapped or part if any other group that Trump routinely mocks or attacks. But those of us in one or more of those categories can’t afford to be so blase and just “take our chances.:

I love you more than ever, Tuc Watkins! You have always been a shining example and loving representation of a real man!

Antonio is entitled to his opinion.

So is Tuc. That’s what’s great about the US!

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On Wednesday, responding to a post on the subject from Soap Opera Digest, Bryan Craig commented, “Who could it be ….”  Now, clearly he can just be having some fun with the situation to throw fans off-track, or he might be giving us a tease of what’s to come.

Before exiting GH, the actor won two Daytime Emmys for his performances as Morgan Corinthos in 2016 and 2017.  Craig appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared most recently in Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel, plus several independent films.

The character of Morgan was killed-off the show when Olivia Jerome set a bomb that exploded in the car that Morgan got into, but was meant to kill Olivia’s brother Julian Jerome. Morgan’s death caused a huge split in the relationship of Carly and Sonny.

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