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Freddie Smith Exits Days of our Lives!



In a bombshell to his many fans, Freddie Smith, the heart and soul of the same-sex storyline on Days of our Lives has exited the series.

The news comes as Smith just received a nomination in the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series category earlier this week for the upcoming 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Smith finished taping at the NBC soap opera just a few weeks ago and has wrapped his run as the beloved Sonny Kiriakis.  Freddie will however be seen in episodes through the next five months well into the late summer.

Our sources tell us that he has seemingly left the show on his own accord.  The news broke earlier today via

So, what does this mean for WilSon and PaulSon? Should the show recast Sonny? Are you upset to see Freddie go?  Share your thoughts on this breaking story below!

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Its a DAYSASTER of the worse kind…has it something to do with his drunk driving scandal…did he get fired…doesnt matter…i see Days ending in late 2016 if tptb dont get things turned around soon!!!

it’s the end of my ATWT serial junkette

September, 2016 may or may not be the finale

did they hire a new headwriting team and producers ???? to finish out till then… or are they reigning in their losses and going all gung ho… and surprises are in store

this scares me

yes it does… of the final 4 … living with Salem’ites has been my lot

I dont’ know… after ATWT
seeing the demise of DAYS , is close to my curtain call


Upon Freddie’s exit in late summer, maybe Sonny will return to Phoenix and, temporarily live with his brother, Alex. Then, a few months pass, and he returns for the 50th with a new actor in the role, along with Alex.

According to SOD, he chose to not renew his contract with the show. So ultimately, it’s his decision to walk away.

Maybe he feels the show’s days are numbered, and he’s young, he can jump over to Young and the Restless or another show or a night time prime show, who knows. Maybe he feels that Sonny’s storyline has gone where it was meant to go and from here on it it’s just repetitious.
If he leaves, I say, do a recast. Other fans will disagree with me, but I think it’s important to keep these characters going as part of the woven fabric of Salem. He’s fine on the show, but other dark haired actors would surely jump at the opportunity to play Sonny.

@ Tom Jenkins
I definitely agree with you – there could be many reasons/theories as to why Freddie chose to depart ways with DAYS. He’ll definitely be missed, but a recast is necessary and I’m sure, too, that the show will want to keep the journey of Sonny and Will moving forward. With Justin (Wally Kurth – now on-contract) returning, I really don’t see DAYS killing off Sonny, however, it could be a possibility, however, I hope the show continues with the character.

Why couldn’t Guy Wilson leave the show? Ugh..

dmr…U-G-H is right!!!!! I wish that DOOL would cut that Guy Wilson kid LOOSE…ASAP!!!!! To me, GW looks like he’s saying his lines/dialogue like a high school student reciting lines in a school play. W-A-Y TOO WEIRD!!!!!! Dumb as hell.

Yeah, dmr. I love Freddie. I hope he is leaving of his own volition, and not forced out due to his DUI. ….will miss him.

Couldn’t agree more. Freddie leaving is lousy news for Days.

Him and his facial expressions. I fast forward his scenes. Urg!

Woah! This is awful news! And, with Wally Kurth returning to contract.
I wonder if Freddie is leaving because of his personal situation (the accident last fall?)…or, if things are not all that good at DAYS.
@jimh – yeah, DAYS is not in good standing, and will unfortunately take a bow in 2016! Losing Freddie is a huge loss for DAYS! What a shocker. Major cliff-hanger for a Friday!

And… DAYS will recast the role. No doubt.

Sonny could go off to stay with his brother in Arizona to do some more thinking and then when he returns he could be played by a different young dark haired actor. It’s not impossible, soaps have done it before. No big deal, the role doesn’t require a Robert DiNero – just a competent young actor with a degree of sensitivity. I don’t think that the Sonny character is so pivitol that they can’t POSSIBLY recast him.

Word on the street is they are done Days after the 50th the biggest problem is they film way to far in advance . I have not personally watched in a decade but you have to have more then one story going that is holding people’s interest.

I have watched Days since it began in 65 and I was just 18. Well I am 68 and still love it!!!!

Daysaster?? LOL. This show has endured the losses of its MAJOR stars…some more than once. This is hardly a game changing or earth shattering loss. The show has the chance to tell one helluva tearjerker if they wrote a death for Sonny. It would rope in all the vets and families on the canvas and could be as meaningful and have as much of an impact as Megan’s death on OLTL. I would LOVE to see Judi Evans sink her teeth into that material. And not a fake soap death….a real old fashioned tearjerker.

Amen to that! Judi, along with many others would do the story justice!!!

I’m happy we have five more months of Freddie Smith as Sonny Kiriakis!

Aden: thanks

to see Judi Evans knock it out of the park… would rival anything DAYS has to offer, along with Wally Kurth

considering the advent of serial… Freddie Smith is right up their… with Major

if any deaths were to occur… I still hope.. and don’t mind repeating… it should be Daniel and Jennifer

hey jimh – is Christopher Sean’s contract 2 years? This announcement, changes everything. I believe DAYS will recast.

Smith was great in the role HOWEVER there is A LOT of talent available to recast the roll of Sonny. A LOT of talent since there are only 4 soaps left. So many great young actors to fill the role. Not worried at all. All the best to Freddie Smith.

Yes Days will recast the role, that’s the rumor out there. Hire van Hansis ex Luke Snyder As The World Turns, he is a wonderful actor. He came out of the closet a couple of years ago. He is so cute.

I believe they’ll recast or do a tearjerking deathbed scene that reunites Sonny and Will before Sonny passes away…their love for Sonny will eventually unite Paul and Will as a couple…those are the only two options i see!!!

Christopher Sean’s contract expires June 2016 and may be extended. If DAYS taping schedule stays the way it is and Christopher does not resign, he would be visible until November of next year.

I’m not a Y&R watcher, though I’ve heard that Matthew Atkinson exited the show recently, he resembles Freddie Smith, perhaps, he could be a possible contender as a Sonny recast?

Recast…have Sonny and Will in a car arguing over Paul and the car goes over a cliff into a river…both are missing and persumed drowned…Rafe gets custody of baby Arianna…Theresa babysits…she starts to feel maternal and believes she was pregnant but cant figure what happened to her own baby…Rafe and Theresa become close and start dating…Sami returns to the show for its 50th and to attend joint memorial for Sonny and Will…a recast Sonny and a recast Will show up at their own memorial!!!

Wow, but it ain’t gonna happen. Days has become a dull soap since Same and EJ left. Recast those two characters and the soap will come alive again as long as they put the right people in to play them.

He received a Daytime Emmy NOMINATION this week, not the award. Somebody needs to proof read these things before they go online. As for him getting fired, I say good riddance. I have no sympathy for drunk drivers. To me, they’re as pitiful as child molesters and the like.

I agree with you, I am glad Freddie is leaving Days of Of Our Lives. I have no regrets saying this. just recast the role now. Freddie has issues with booze and almost killed his girl friend and himself. Please Days hire call David Tom, he would be great as the new Sonny Kiriakis.

NO< NO< NO Not David Tom. OMG, find an actor that is a hunk and has some guts.

WOW…LEO…It was a DUI…sure he could have hurt others including his girlfriend..but thank GOD he didn’t…DUI’s who kill and maim others deserve their just rewards..but I would HARDLY compare this to child abuse and molestation..your anger may be justified…but your analogy is NOT…KNOCK IT OFF DUDE!!!

Just this WEEK in California a man took a TWO YEAR OLD CHILD and then dropped her off miles away from where he grabbed with unspecified injuries..measure your anger and your words to the incidents because this person needs to be found and PUT ON PUBLIC DISPLAY and get the WORST possible sentence handed to ANYBODY…there’s a difference…and a whole other level of anger.

I’m not sure who you are referring to, because the story clearly says:

The news comes as Smith just received a NOMINATION in the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series category earlier this week for the upcoming 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

I don’t like drunk drivers either, esp since my brother was killed in a drunk driving accident. However, seeing how close he was to being under the mark I can see he may not even known he was “drunk”. It’s no excuse but sometimes life is not so black and white. I refuse to do it at all but I think I’m not in the norm. Sadly many people do.

ok mr perfect so u never done something u regret……we all make mistakes thats what makes us human……and we learn……never judge anyone until u can say u have been there……and can show a litttle compassion and not judgement

jimh I agree with you on this one. It certainly has to do with his DUI and the injuries incurred. It may be they mutually decided to part ways in the same way MarcusPatrick did because of his dalliances. All that stripping…all those tiny speedo’s…i’m off track. I agree that this show has to change and soon but as it stands with only 4 left NBC may shoot themselves in the foot giving it up and over to another network which I have NO DOUBT would happen.

I hate to see him go, even tho i never did approve of the same sex marriage. Hes a nice looking guy : )

I was extremely disappointed when the original will and sonny team was broken. It has never been the same for me. And now with the new exit I am done.

Please dont go off the show ur one of my favorites xoxoxoxo

I wish Guy Wilson would leave the show. Horrible acting!!!

I say get rid of the actor playing Will. He’s the worst actor I’ve ever watched. Thank god for the PVR… forward whenever he is on.

This is a very sad piece of news as Freddie Smith developed a wonderful, complex, multidimensional character that many Days watchers, including myself, have enjoyed.

I hope, for the safe of keeping the story of Will/Sonny/Paul alive, as well as future stories for all of them (as a triangle and as individually) Days can find an actor who can take on this role with the same panache as Freddie.

I’m not upset that he’s going, but i will definitely miss him. He brought a lot of warmth and humanity to the roll of Sonny. I”m not sure if I would prefer to see the role recast or written off of the show.

I am so sad that he is leaving! He and his character are one of the reasons I started watching again after 20+ years. Even if they recast it won’t be the same. This tells me that Will and Sonny’s marriage does not survive Will’s affair. Will miss seeing Freddie’s face and acting. He is a terrific actor. Best of luck to him in whatever he chooses to do. People are saying he has left because of the accident. I don’t believe that . He just might want to do something different. Plus he does have the job with Nerium that seems to be doing very well for him. So when he leaves I will stop watching Days as well.

LeeAnn, he’ll be on for five more months. Maybe you’ll differently by then. There’s a lot of ways the storyline can go, plus he may come back!


We can always hope he’ll be back 🙂

I wonder if one of the reasons he chose to leave is because he didn’t like where the story was going? He was there from the beginning, so proud to play the first openly gay man on Days, through the wedding and then all of a sudden Will changes and all heck breaks lose. Too much change in personality. Why couldn’t they let them be happy?

So we are allowed to mention the cream/Nerium now?

Anyway, LeeAnn Nerium is NOT good for FS!! It’s not just another job. It’s all he is focusing on right now and it is ruinining his career. It’s a pyramid scheme and worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nerium people pressured him into not renewing his contract. I don’t understand why nobody is seeing how toxic this is. People in denial – I have never seen as many as among soap fans. Mind boggling!

wow didn’t expect to get yelled at over a simple statement.

Who is yelling LeeAnn?

I just wish people weren’t so painfully blind and gullible and in denial.

Freddie is ruining his career with this cream scheme and nobody cares. I’m told he said in an interview he doesn’t even audition anymore. So, he’s going to sell cream for the rest of his life? That’s not the dream this man once had.

casting call >>>> Kevin Schmidt : ex-Noah, Y&R

No no no , he is a bad actor. Just kill the character.

Ehh, no. That would be bad casting; he looks too much like Will to be cast as Sonny Kiriakis.

WOW! Disappointed to see him go as I liked him. Maybe he didn’t like nuWill either.

I hate this! Freddie has been such a great part of Days….I think the character should stay though. Sonny is such an important character.

This is a real shocker and blow to Days he was the one who broke ground for Days first gay story and now so say he left the role he created on his own is just a another blow to days, if they do recast I hope they find some one similar to his acting style because as far as I am concern Guy Wilson who Plays Will Horton is awful, I liked every single Will Horton recast but him but what has save Guy is the balance that Freedie had where it was kind of and sort of help Guy portray will but for Guy to maybe not have Freddie no longer and or no one similar to Freddie acting style I am not sure Guy will be able to go on as Will Horton on Days. I to think the end of days is around the corner unless they the writers and producers can bring the glory years they had back in the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s back with bringing in some past cast members the end will be come real soon.

Shocking, to say the least. I had a feeling when he was going through his personal troubles that there would be some kind of absence from the series, but I never dreamed he’d willingly walk away. I hope they don’t recast right away; give Sonny some time off-screen, and then recast the role and bring him back renewed and refreshed.

this is alarming

a stirring increase of the senses

where’s my show?

where is this going?

I can’t see NBC ridding itself of their only daytime serial

This could be leading to a very big storyline!

So they are bringing Justin back just in time for his son’s exit? I know Sonny is popular and this decision does surprise me a little bit but with some of the actors recent legal issues it’s not unexpected.

WOW!! Not good!

Days better watch it or it will be the next soap to get the ax! this makes me sad Will and Sonny were the best!

Freddie chose to leave, mark. He’s been on DAYS for four years. Enjoy the next five months with Freddie/Sonny!

Days is in trouble, I smell a cancellation very soon. I hope that I am wrong. They need to bring back Anna Dimera, Calliope Jones, Carrie and Vivian. I miss Vivian so much.

@ mark – I too, am a Sonny & Will fan. I hope DAYS will manage to pull itself together before it does get a notice of cancellation. It’s really starting to feel like that may be the case. It’s time that DAYS gets it’s act together, on a whole, bring back fan favorites for the 50th anniversary, write-out/kill-off characters who are not effectively moving story, focus especially on the writing and story, and get rid of this 5 month advancement filming who-ha. Major changes must take place for this soap favorite of mine to last another five years.

For starters they had better get on their hands and knees and beg Freddie to re-consider before any announcements are made. Give him more money, more time off, whatever he wants because he is driving the one storyline that is keeping Days in the news and viewers watching.

That sucks.

I wonder… if Brant Daugherty, ex-Brian, would come back and spark with Paul Narrita

Wow!!! I am rarely taking by surprise but this definitely knocked me off my chair. I wish him all the best, he is very talented and deserves to have continue success, despite his legal problems. I hate to say it but I am hoping they recast Sonny. His character is to important as one half of daytime’s first married couple who are gay.

“…Wow!!! I am rarely taking by surprise but this definitely knocked me off my chair.”

yeah, did not see this coming

Freddie Smith… is at the top of my favorite actors on DAYS

i’m sorry to see this happening… yeah, i’m selfish… as a DAYS fan

is the talent pool that great out their that they’d search for work elsewhere? and if his personal life takes precedence over his longevity at DAYS ???? I can’t believe that NBC/Sony/DOOL would let him go for the dui .. since Freddie Smith took full responsibility

the Paul/Sonny/Will story is the best thing going… and has been… even eclipsed Chandler Massey since Christopher Sean debut as Paul Narita

I don’t know… inasmuch as posters emphatically state that they will follow a said actors career… it’s few and far between that they find a steady career outside of

“Thank You” Freddie Smith… it’s shocking and jarring to fans alike

Their were rumors thar Freddie was drinking on the set, and he is going to rehab. Also rumors are flying that Days will fire Kassie Depaiva very soon.

when Days of OUR Lives #1 story is upended : THIS is crisis mode

they may as well recast Guy Wilson… sorry

So sad to hear this but as long as it was his decision to leave then I am OK with it. Hopefully we will see Freddie in films or primetime or behind the scenes as a writer/director/producer. He is a very talented man with a lot of potential. I wish him the best in his future endeavors.

totally agree Kay. Sad he is leaving but who knows what he might get to do now that he is free of the show 🙂 Hopefully we will see him soon.

He spends all his time with the cream scheme now. They have successfully managed to stop him from doing what was once his dream. I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see him in anything again.

Awwwww Pls PLs Bring in a Recast Immediately of Sonny since Freddie Smith is Departing I Love & Enjoyed the Storyline Of Sonny & Paul its just getting heated and the Will Dramatic Pls DAYS do something don’t Let the Fans down this is 1 of the Great stories going right now … Pls 2 Females Leaving to Serena – Melanie why is Days cleaning house getting rid of alott of Main Cast …. Writers are not Focusing and whats happening to DAYs I know Bo , Steve , Joey , Chloe , Kim are just for awhile why can’t they Built a strong Cast like EJ & Sami bring back Lexie back from the Dead and alongtime waiting for Returns of Shawn D , Belle , Phillip and even Mimi

What ever will happen to his cream empire? Since he will lose his soap fans, what will his draw be for people to be sucked into his pyramid scheme. Perhaps he can live off his fiance, oh wait that was a lie, they had no intention of getting married, they just did that for a lighter sentence in court. But they are so much in love, I am sure she will support him. But wait, he should be making millions on his cream deal. No he’ll be all set. Never mind.

PLS don’t get rid of Paul Narita and Tori Love them give them a Contract to a Long Storyline s there so much they can do with them Pls Recast Sonny pls

to know that Paul and Sonny are not in the long term plans for feature… BITES


knowing that Paul and Tori, LOL , rocketed, if you will… in Salem… is a dynamic that even I didn’t see coming

I have to know… that DAYS production will capitalize on this… and steer onward with

we still have … Paul, Tori, John, Marlena… dang ! that’s gangbusters… Adrienne, Justin, Victor, Maggie… Lucas

if DAYS plans on solidifying.. DAYS… they should clean slate and recast both Will and Sonny

Paul is worth the wait

DAYS has been in a slow death spiral as their cast is decimated month after month. Way to go Sony!

This is a catastrophe for DAYS…. Sonny and Paul had great chemistry together…. I lost any allegiance to Will after they replaced the actor…he’s awful.

Hope they write Will off or recast him again…. this actor does not make a good Will.

This is shocking and terrible news. Freddie is so good in this role. What a tremendous loss to the show. He will be missed. I wish him much success in his future.

with serena also gone, days can focus on core characters viewers really care about, hopefully with justin, bo , patch returning this can continue towards more comebacks… carrie, austin, belle ,shawn?
if sonnys out maybe a triangle for paul and will and the sexy bellman from the hotel, derrick?

Patch and Bo and Sami are only coming back for the 50th Anniversary gala in the fall.

I think that they will recast the part of Sonny and hopefully find someone else to play Will that will compliment Sonny. I really want to see them back together. If it all comes out that Paul is John’s son then he will be too busy with that to be hitting on Sonny.

If the actor left on his own accord then they will most likely recast.

No! Really? Disappointing news.

The show did such an awful job recasting the Will Horton character do not trust them to be able to cast another Sonny Kiriakis. The real WilSon ended last January when Chandler last aired, this version is just a poor copy and it should just be written off the show.

yes I’m upset. I watched the show because of Freddie Smith. He’s a talented gifted actor. Days made a mistake letting him go.

They can’t force him to stay, Connie. Maybe he’ll come back.

it’s not that we have a right to know… the fans of… Freddie Smith

that being said…

yes… I get that it seemed like Chandler Massey … albeit emmy worthy material to showcase his acting talent

Freddie Smith seemed so amiable and comfortable with his person in featuring a gay character

i’m just grasping… as to why he’d leave a place of employment that revered his worth

* his acting talent… Chandler Massey didn’t seem comfortable portraying a fictional character

Sorry to hear of you leaving Freddie. All the very best to you.

the article stated that the news came today, well the way things went between Sonny and Will back at the apt. Will seemed it necessary to call his job more important than to celebrate with his husband, that would make me feel like giving up to, maybe the show will end his part with him leaving with Paul. I hate to see sonny go, I really like him and hes very good with Ari, I think if anyone should go ,it should be Will going back to his momma. you will be missed Sonny, ( Freddie Smith)

Renee, I doubt Sonny will leave with Paul, especially since John is most likely Paul’s father. Christopher Sean’s contract is not up. Sonny could die…maybe at the hands of crazy Will!

Hope the person who did the Will recast does not get to pick the new Sonny.

So true.

Oh Michael, you just keep giving us bad news. You can stop now.

Freddie has made Sonny one of the few interesting and watchable characters on Days. I think he probably knows that Days won’t be around much longer. Very sad all around.

DAYS will be around until at least September of 2016.

This isn’t good at all. The gay story line is the only good thing about Days at the moment, everything else is very boring. I hope they recast him, I LOVE Freddie but him and Christopher Sean are really the only ones saving the sinking ship that is days. No one seems to like Guy who plays Will and if the Will character ends up with Paul after everything that has happen people may boycott. I also hope the new writers don’t get rid of the Paul, Sonny, and Will story line either because that will for sure kill he show.

Hell yes I so pissed! Why is he leaving when his story is really getting so good. This is very disappointing. Freddie whyyyyyy & don’t go!!!!!

I am sad that he is leaving and yes they need to recast then. Wil and Sonny need to stay together. I prefer Chandler Massey so it will be hard to see Will with someone else but yes, recast Sonny and keep them together.

I hope they do not try to recast the role of Sonny. Freddie IS Sonny and I don’t think the fans would accept someone else in the role.

agree Mary!

I don’t know… Sonny carried such an integral character.. that after Chandler Massey left… Sonny just bloomed evenmoreso… and Freddie Smith just jumped up to the plate and hit home run after home run

WHAT, and endearing character , to behold

so.. to see Sonny recast… would be easier… at this juncture.. than to see Chandler Massey replaced… as Freddie Smith just cemented how loved his character headlined

Ahhh… just stretching and grasping at the fallout in my mind.. and hoping for the best…

it stings to not know the long term… after , Sept. 2016… what NBC/Sony/DOOL have to offer… more than they realize a huge audience for NBC

Nielson audience be damned

I think there is a larger DOOL audience… be it word of mouth… than they realize

Sad to see him go. I hope they don’t recast. They need to let Guy Wilson go as it hasn’t been anywhere near the same since Chandler Massey left. The chemistry just wasn’t there between Freddie and Guy.


clean slate and recast this formidable pair… the writing is back for this storyline

i am very upset to hear sonny is leaving. he is an awesome actor.i hope some day they will let him come back.the show won’t be the same without him.i want to wish him onky good things in his new endevors.i have been a fan of days since day one and i love days very much.keep up the good work. GOOD LUCK FREDDIE SMITH IN ALL THAT YOU DO.GODS SPEED

I’m really sad to see him go. Sonny was my favorite part of “Days”. I do hope they recast the character though. I’m all aboard for PaulSon.

Really a shame!! I don’t care for the current Will so I see a problem with recasting Sonny. That beautiful face will be missed. Hope they recast both parts and continue the same sex marriage stoyline. Days is my favorite soap and I watch all but B &B.

Claire, I have faith that DAYS will continue being your favorite soap! The next five months with Freddie/Sonny may be the most beautiful!!!!!

“…That beautiful face will be missed ”


I feel the same way

It says here that he finished a few weeks ago but Christopher (Paul) posted pics on instagram just on April 2, live from the set of NBC / Days and Freddie was in those set pics. You can go on Days instagram page and see them.

Those pictures were posted that date but may have been taken last month. Sort of misleading when news like this hits.

Expecting this. Sad. Sonny wasn’t used as anything more than as a prop to Will yet Freddie Smith made the character endearing. He carried the WilSon “love story” on his shoulders alone. Chandler was good with coming out story but not convincing of his love for Sonny and GW is even worse. The only men he sparked with were Brian and now Paul. Unfortunately, it looks like Sonny and Paul won’t be explored for sure although even if FS was still there, I doubt the show would let Sonny get the focus with their love for Will so I say is better to see Sonny hopefully divorce Will and leave Salem to find himself and better man. Justine and Adrienne’s son deserved better treatment than he got.

I don’t think Paul is leaving so the poor character is stuck in the prop of Will role now. Good luck to him. I won’t be watching days to witness that travesty. Hopefully CS character on Hawaii 5 gets upped to regular and he leaves Days.

Good luck to Freddy Smith on his future.

it’s across the board… Guy Wilson does not have the acting chops to further intrigue and carry, “without” Freddie Smith

Christopher Sean , as Paul… certainly delivers

this “travesty” may very well… knock all the pieces of DAYS out of the picture ?

what’s amazing is how well received Paul has taken hold

capitalize DAYS…. it’s all their … re-invigorate with recast Will and Sonny

This breaks my heart. Sonny not being on the show……I dont have words. To recast him, dont make the mistake you made with Will. Freddie Smith, you will be genuinely missed.

If Sonny gets recast, DO NOT make the MISTAKE, you made when you recast Will. Freddie Smith you have been awesome. Wish you well, in whatever is next to play into your life.
I hope he isnt recast, those will be tough shoes to fill.

Debbie, should Sonny leave with Will, leave with Paul, leave on his own or die?

Let him leave on his own. The opportunity for him to die, has already been presented. He can never trust the two men, he has ever loved.

I want sonny to stay, get Paul and Will to leave.

so sorry that Sonny is leaving, same with Melanie.

So sad…love Freddie 🙁

I hate seeing him go he will be missed for sure so sad for all of us who watch the show Good Luck

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DAYS Alum Tanner Stine to Appear in ‘Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story’ Starring Nicholas Chavez

Another face familiar to daytime fans has already boarded Ryan Murphy’s limited series, Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story which stars General Hospital favorite, Nicholas Chavez (Spencer Cassadine) in the role of Lyle.

Tanner Stine who played Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve’s (Stephen Nichols) son, Joey Johnson on Days of our Lives will also appear in the series.

In ‘Monsters’, look for Stine to portray the role of Perry Berman, who was Lyle and Erik’s friend and former tennis coach. In the story, Perry found himself at the epicenter of the murder mystery when he had accepted a phone call from Lyle shortly before the brutal murders of Jose and Kitty Menendez.

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Other previously announced castings included: Cooper Koch (who plays Erik), Javier Bardem and Chloë Sevigny as parents Jose and Kitty Menendez, Nathan Lane as Dominick Dunne, Ari Graynor as Leslie Abramson, and Leslie Grossman as Judalon Smyth.

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In the series, the two wealthy brothers stand trial for shooting their parents in Beverly Hills, amid claims of self-defense after years of abuse, while prosecutors alleged that greed was the motives for the killing. Lyle and Erik Menendez have been behind bars in California for more than three decades for the 1989 killing of their parents.

Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story will debut later in 2024 on Netflix.

What do you think about Tanner Stine being part of the all-star cast for ‘Monsters’? Miss Joey on Days of our Lives? Comment below.

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