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Freddie Smith On The Murder Of DAYS Will Horton & Sonny's Return: "It Was Just Extremely Sad"

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As we begin the week, fans of Days of our Lives are still grappling with the decision by the powers-that-be to kill off the character of Will Horton (Guy Wilson), and in such a brutal way as another victim of the necktie serial killer, Ben Weston (Rob Scott Wilson).  Will’s death brings back to the NBC daytime drama series both Alison Sweeney (Sami) and Freddie Smith (Sonny) as Will’s mother, and his husband to try to cope with the revelation of Will’s death.

On Sunday, Freddie Smith sat down with AfterBuzz TV’s Dishin DAYS crew for a special “Spotlight On” interview.  During the chat, Freddie was asked by a caller what he thought of the decision to murder his on-screen partner.  Smith related: “It was more shocking than anything, and it was the last thing that I thought would happen. So, I was really shocked, and all of a sudden I was coming back.  It was just extremely sad.  It’s going to be a very sad week on DAYS, but it’s very, very sad, because a lot of people were affected by it as people, as well.  So I think that overall, you guys are going to have a very dramatic week of DAYS.  Everyone was very sad about it.”

At the top of the show, Smith also clarifed an earlier statement that was out in the press about “good closure” to the story of WilSon, and explaining how he first found out Will was dying and he was coming back.   Smith recalled:  “As an actor, as Freddie, sometime in April or May I got a message from Guy Wilson and all it said was ‘Bro’.  I texted him back, ‘What is going on? What’s up?’  He says, ‘You’re never going to believe it.”  I go, ‘What?’  He goes, ‘I’m dying!’  I said, ‘You’re dying? How?’  He goes, ‘I get strangled!’  And then two days later I get a phone call (from DAYS) and then I knew why I was going to go back.   I was just blown away that is the route they went, or you would think for a character who has been there forever.  But then my comment was, I said, ‘There was good closure.’   The good closure not on the love story, but the closure in the sense that Sonny has to go back to see his husband.  If he didn’t go back – it’s terrible that he died – no one wants that – but as the character, you would obviously go back and see your husband.  It was just an interesting end to the whole thing. ”

Watch Freddie’s interview with AfterBuzz TV after the jump.  Then weigh-in on Freddie’s thoughts that the decision to kill 0ff Will was both shocking and sad.  Do you think DAYS mistepped and misjudged their story-line decision?  And, are you are ready to bring out the hankies  to watch this week’s somber series of episodes? Comment below!

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Freddie Smith is just a fine person, a good human being! Thank you for doing that, for bringing closure to the Will-Sonny story.

I have mixed feelings about this. The Will character has almost always been there and he was part of TWO core families. On the other hand, the character has been recast several times over the course of his 22-year existence.
Many people think that Will should have been kept alive and simply recast. At least half of the people in this same group continue to clamor for Chandler Massey to return. Apparently, Chandler M. has NO desire to return anytime soon, if ever. So who would be the next Will? Another Guy Wilson-type who has great potential and is doing his best to fill the role, only to be mercilessly compared to Chandler M. EVERY DAY for the entirety of his contract term?
Don’t get me wrong. I liked Chandler Massey, too. But Guy Wilson still deserved a chance.

You are so right, Montiralei. I am one of the guilty who kept whining about Guy, comparing him to Chandler. I regret everything I said. You just made me see the light. Thank you. And, you make so much sense.

We all had a hand in Will’s death in one way or another, CeeCee. However, you weren’t calling for the cancellation of DAYS for their casting choice(s).

If Ken Corday continues to have his way there will not be a next Will. You are forgetting that Corday publicly said that all those who were killed by the neck tie killer, aka Ben, will be permanently dead. They will not be brought back to life.

No, actually, I didn’t forget Ken Corday’s announcement that dead characters would stay dead permanently. In fact, I made reference to that very point earlier today, when someone else suggested that Will is going to come back to life in the future.

When I asked “Who would be the next Will?” it was a question for those who wanted Will to be recast AGAIN instead of being killed off. I was merely wondering who they thought would have been a better Will than Guy Wilson. Chandler M. is not coming back. So if they were going to replace Guy W., it would likely be another new person.

IMO the writing destroyed Will Horton, not Guy Wilson. Even if it was Chandler Massey, even he couldn’t have saved that horrific writing!!!

Simply put and spot-on, richard!

I was actually enjoying the character of Wil lately. With Sonny gone, he had some growing to do, and it was a nice change from the petulant child act. Terrible decision to kill off this character.

And IF it was because they no longer wanted to tell the gay storyline they could have taken a less cowardly way.

Kudos, ANOTHER voice of reason , richard. Thank you.

I’m with you. I warmed up very quickly to Guy Wilson, and I did enjoy CM in the role, too.
Guy is very talented. I was very sad to see him go. I have mixed feelings about the killing off of Will.
It will either be a hit or miss for DAYS!

I would have rather had a great recast than to kill the character off. Guy Wilson had two years to prove himself but he wasn’t the best actor.

Then I ask again: Who would be the next Will if he had been kept alive and recast?
How would you (and others) have decided that he was a great recast?
Apparently, Corday and team decided that 7-8 different versions of Will in 22 years was enough.

blake, your opinion is not a universal truth. I personally think Guy is a great actor. And more than that he’s a great person. He had to deal with such vile, disgusting comments and still remained a class act! Some of Chandler Massey’s fans have lost their mind and still harass Guy to this day, they seem to be obsessed with him. I never devoted that much time to things I hate. I get that you don’t like Guy , i never liked Chandler ( i used to FF through his scenes) but what’s up with the constant whining ?! Get a life!

Couldn’t agree more! Guy may be a good actor I have no idea but in this medium in this role he was not a good actor. Yes the writing was bad but when other good actors have been stuck with bad writing they still have managed to pull it off and not perform so badly that you are forced to fast forward through the scenes. I think with a good actor people would have stopped the Chandler comparisons. It worked with the Chad recast. Casy was great, loved him in the role, but the recast of Billy Flynn worked because Billy is a great actor, can portray different emotions, so very quickly after he arrived I no longer was comparing him to Casey. I really think Cordays ego was so big he still couldn’t admit he made a lousy decision with this recast of Will and rather than admit that and hire a good qualified actor he just decided to kill the character.

Montiralei, I would have recast him with a GOOD actor unlike the recast they did with Guy..

Jean, you need to calm down. Where did I say I spoke for everyone else? Don’t put words in my mouth. I stated my opinion and I am entitled to. God forbid someone states their opinion without having a rabid fan such as yourself to attack me.

Kjl, I totally agree with everything you said!

I understood your wording…”who would be the next Will”, perfectly. It is what one refers to as a rhetorical question. I completely got where you were going, Montiralei.

Thanks, CeeCee. I had hoped that a few people might figure out what I was trying to say there. Meanwhile, here I sit after having watched today’s episode. Such agony.

The character of Will being written out has NOTHING to do with Guy Wilson. I’m fed up with people saying that it has. Get your facts right! Will was written out because the writers want to create story space for old characters (Bo, Patch, Andre, Shawn D, Belle). Other characters are being written out as well. The writers want the ‘old’ Days back. They hope that by doing this they will get better ratings. Big mistake in my opinion.

Well, if they felt they had to kill off Will to make room for longtime favorites, I understand that. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I do understand.
But as you note, there are many who seem to believe that Guy Wilson is the reason Will was killed off. They are saying that he should have just been replaced and Will should have been kept alive. So I was simply wondering why they thought that a recast would improve the situation.

I am not a fan of the decision. Will is a legacy character and there are so few Hortons that carry the last name -it feels some of the legacy of the Hortons is going away too. Soon all the Hortons will be assimilated into other families legacies. DOOL needs more male Horton characters to keep pace with the Bradys, etc. Anyhow that’s a personal opinion.

I hope when the writers take someone this big away -they give back with something. And I’m not talking about bringing back fan favorites. Will was an important character in soap history with the LGBT community so I hope that the show gives back to that community by giving Paul a stronger connection to the show. If Freddie can’t return -then recast Sonny in the future and make them a new power couple.

They should have made Will and Sonny a power couple, had the writer not desecrated Will’s character on the show, the two of them could have been great together as a power couple. Sad, a huge writer error imo.

That has been my feelings since the character shifted in the effort to build “drama” for this awesome couple. It could have been SO good. Thanks to Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith for taking us on the four-year journey … amazing soap legacy.

I agree.People were so hateful to him.I guess they got what they wanted.

Not true, Mary. That’s not fair. As I said, I am one who bitched and complained. But, none of us wanted Will dead. There is a difference between accepting an actor who is not connecting, to wanting a legacy character killed off. I resent that. I have not read one comment where someone said he/she was happy to see Will gone. So, measure your words before posting, with all due respect.

CeeCee: Sorry, but Mary is not entirely wrong. Many people–and you admit that you are among them–loathed Guy Wilson as Will and wanted him gone. He was FIRED. So, in that sense, the Anti-Guy brigade did get what they wanted.
It is most unfortunate that Will was killed off. We agree on that. But Will has been recast about 6-7 times in 22 years. Probably more than any other character on the show. Apparently, Corday and team are tired of trying.

mary – i have seen posts on some message boards where viewers were saying really negative comments about the character of will – some have even said they need to kill him off and this started when he cheated on sonny – so you are correct there were a lot of will haters out there in cyber land………….

CeeCee She doesn’t have to measure her words, not her fault if you can’t handle the truth! People like you who have been mercilessly hating on Guy/Will should really keep quiet now. Your got what you wanted! You really thought TPTB didn’t pay attention to your hate ?! Smh..

I’m definitely feeling you, Laura. Will was for sure an important character in soap history. I’ve read that evidently, one of the writers has no use for the Paul character? I sure hope this is not the case.
I would welcome a recast Sonny for sure, I love Freddie, but feel Sonny is essential in story. He co-owns TBD with Chad and has Justin and Adrienne around. I’d love to see Robert Gorrie take over as new Sonny.

@Laura A Sonny & Paul pairing would be an insult to Will so no! Get Paul a new love interest be done with it!!
But Days seems to have no interest in a gay storyline anyway so i guess it doesn’t really matter.

Thank you, Sarah. That is the most true statement on this site. It wasn’t Guy who presented the issue, but what/who Will represented. For those who bandy blame around that the dislike for Guy was the cause of Will’s death is ridiculous. It was because Will was gay. We barely see Paul, Sonny is not on the scene….and so on and so forth. It was the gay storyline which bothered many posters. I have berated many a poster with bigoted views….that is the point. All the gay characters; one by one, are being pulverized. There is the issue, not the fact that we did not like Guy…it’s because of those complainers who directly stated they did not want gays on the show.
You deserve a medal for saying it like it is, Sarah.

This is the best example of horrible writing and terrible decision making in Days history,and that’s saying a lot.This is simply unforgivable.Corday and company have crossed a line with this one.I hope this doesn’t murder the show,but there’s a part of me that no longer cares.

I agree with everything you say.. Have watched for many many years but don’t care now.

I agree also, if they wanted to get rid of him why not simply let him move to Paris to be with Sonny! Huge mistake Days!

I also agree that this is extremely short sighted writing. Can gay couples not ever get a happy ending?? The writing of this character has been horrible for over a year and DAYS should really be ashamed of themselves. Ted Corday has said when you die now, you’re dead. So they kill Samantha Brady’s son?? For a no name character like Ben?? WTH!!!! They will regret this. They ran with Shawn/Belle/Phillip/Chloe for years and Shawn and Belle are just NOW returning. He could’ve been sent away IMO. Chloe has suffered from horrible writing but they didn’t kill her off. This just sucks alll the way around. This is how u celebrate the 50th anniversary?? And I have a feeling they will be killing off Bo Brady as well. The future is not bright for DAYS at all.

How come gays don’t get happy endings on soaps?? Same thing was done with Noah/Reid/Luke on ATWT. Reid died tragically and Noah and Luke did not reunite!! It’s like they trot out gay storylines for sensationalism and short term story. SAD!!

I agree with you Richard, Days made a huge mistake in killing Will Horton. They should have killed off Eve Donovan, not Will. Days is in trouble mark my words Days will be cancelled next year. I hope I am wrong. Sonny and Will should have left town together.

Yeah, richard….the same could be said about Brad and Lucas on GH. That storyline was left in mid-air. Everything is about either Sonny, stupid Dillon/Maxie movie or Lulu’s undying love for her cheating husband.

Too many people wanted too many different things. Too much infighting among DAYS fans led to the death of Will Horton.

You got it exactly, 4ever DAYS. That was most likely the mindset of the DAYS big bosses.
Too many complainers, moaners, and now we have NO WILL. No CM, no GW. No more. It is what it is. We’ll see if this is a good or bad move with ratings, and with the upcoming renewal or no renewal for the show.

Let’s be real though. Most of the moaning was coming from bitter CM fans. I hate that Will dies but i’m glad they’re not getting their precious CM back! Everybody lose.

Oh, Jeremy. I feel so guilty. I will fess up and say I was not happy with Guy. But, why go to the extreme? Couldn’t TPTB send him abroad to visit Sonny, or something? I don’t like thinking I am partially responsible….I have this terrible ache in my chest over losing Will. So sorry.

CeeCee, no need to feel guilty. really. this blog is great because it allows us all to offer our own viewpoints. I believe everything happens for a reason. Everything is as it should be. I think it all started when Freddie Smith got his DUI last fall, as a result of that unfortunate event, he possibly left the role of Sonny to get a handle on his personal issues and to also pursue other work opportunities. And, Guy got loads of continuous negative criticism and I think it was the result of Freddie’s exit and, all the Will fans wanting Chandler back. I do believe DAYS made a big-time mistake in killing off Will. I have yet to see Friday’s and Monday’s episode, however, we’ll all have to see how story plays out. Things happen for a reason, so perhaps six months from now, we’ll understand and hopefully see what Salem looks like post Sonny & our beloved Will.

Thank you, dear, Jeremy. I have not been part of this ‘chat’ board for long; possibly a year. Assuming Days tapes six months ahead of time, Will’s demise was already in the works. You are probably right on the mark when you say that ‘thing’ have been going downhill since Freddie’s DUI.
You have a way of putting everything in perspective… reasonable. I feel better. Thanks, again.

He didn’t even have the courage to speak out against the new head writers’ disgustingly homophobic agenda. They’re killing a legacy gay charater, the first married gay man on daytime TV that he has been working with – as Sonny – for years and that’s all he has to say, even calling it a “good closure” in the beginning? I guess he really doesn’t care about anything than his own “market value” and his cream business.

I agree Megan, the “good closure” comment irked me! I guess he didn’t care that much about the story, he got what he wanted ( an emmy) and left to do a horror movie & sell some cream! So disappointed.

I thought Freddie meant that it was good that there was closure.

Will called Sonny to tell him how sorry he was. He took responsibility. Sonny decided he could’nt stay away from Will any longer.

The storyline twist is Will and Sonny didn’t get to see each other again, but there was and will be closure…Will realizing how wrong he was and Sonny wanting to see him and now Sonny will see him for one last time.

It’s a sad reminder to all…Don’t delay acceptance, responsibility and forgiveness because time may run out.

What is done is done…either watch or quit watching…over the years i quit watching many soaps because of cast changes and when certain characters were killed off like Days Bob Anderson back in 1980 and AWs John Randolph in 1979 only to come back and watch theses shows again…Days improved but AW went downhill…in the late 1990s i stopped watching both along with GH…but now with so few soaps left thats a harder decision to make because when they are gone they are gone…be carfeul of what you wish for!

TELL EM jimh but they still won’t listen. .they’ll rant and rave the last four shows into cancelation and that will be that. em or hate em. .you’ll surely miss them when all the negativity and viewer tune out leads to all talk show’s all the time

Well all I know is that I was moved to tears by watching today’s show of Days, and I cannot remember the last time that happened on that show. Sometimes weather we like it or not, killing a main character, one that viewers cared about is the only way for a show to move out of predictable melodrama and into great drama. Yes, killing a beloved character or a child is a lazy way to create that drama, but soaps do it because it works. I haven’t been this riveted to Days in a long time– so hopefully, viewers will stay, because I do believe daytime dramas are still the best way to tell great stories that I can invest in–

Right now im not too happy with GH and i occasionally tune in…ill complain about this and that but i dont hate the show because once in awhile i still find it somewhat entertaining and far better than whats on my other 200 channels…soaps have long been my favorite genre and i hate to see the final 4 gone…i dont watch the cbs soaps often but im glad they are there just in case the two i normally watch are ever cancelled then maybe ill tune them in more..and like you i feel exactly the same about Days…Wills death was like loosing a family member…i felt bad for Lucas…i havent been that emotionally involved in a long time!

I agree with you 100%.

So true, Mary! I was so sad for Will and everyone else on today’s episode. I’m sure it “Will” be an epic week of episodes!!!!!

killing off Will does make a good story temporarily but it was short sighted and I think a BIG mistake… it will definitely turn off viewers and drive them away. Will is a legacy character. this is a character we have seen pre-birth to death…. it was a mistake

I am glad FS returned for Will’s funeral but I do not think a recast should happen. CM fans ripped apart GW and I would hate to see that happen to a Sonny recast ( whether he was talented or not). I think GW did a good job, handled his critics well and he deserved a better exit story.

This whole thing looks like days’ new writers are homophobic.

and lastly the last thing I want to see is Paulson — ick

This seems like mostly Dena Higley’s writing, she didn’t care to write for any gay story with Will when she was there and it’s interesting that she was let go a few months after. It could have been a higher up in the network that made the decision, sometimes they force producers and writers to do things. I don’t know if we’ll ever find out who is responsible for Will being killed off.

If I were to venture a guess…TPTB at Sony…Y&R doesn’t have gay characters/storylines.

Some fans of DAYS, GH and B&B have asked on many occasions why Y&R is gayfree.

You’ve said it all, Victoria! I totally agree.

I think was so wrong that they did this. They should of let him go off and be with Sonny, not kill him off if they wanted Guy Wilson out. I liked Guy Wilson and Will. He will be missed.

You are right that they should have just wrote him off to be with Sonny, but I guess they wanted to shock everyone killing him off. It is sad.

I like Guy Wilson too, I warmed up to him. Days of Our Lives made a big mistake in getting rid of Will and Paige. I also loved Paige.

I really liked both Will & Sonny as individual characters and as a couple. I think there was a lot more to explore with these 2 young characters and stories to tell. They should have just backburned them for a bit while they showcased the vets during the anniversary storylines. I get that this is an incredibly compelling storyline right now, I just hope they do it justice because killing off Will is almost as bad as killing Sami or Lucas IMO. Maybe moreso.

I do wish both Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith all the best and say thanks for sharing your talent with us.

i listened live yesterday to the special spotlight on interview – i called in & got a chance to speak to freddie – he is such a gracious & humble individual…………..

That’s awesome that you got to talk to him!

Me too. He was so nice and the interview was great.


Why are you yelling?

i liked guy also – he did the best he could do with the crap writing he was given – i fault the writers & tptb for this unnecessary debacle……………..

Ok so the writing of the last two years and a bit took Will in a different direction (even towards the end of Chandler’s contract), and Guy’s portrayal was quite, well, different and I’ll leave it at that. All of that can be fixable in due time, if you don’t kill the character. Send him away to research and write another article. Wouldn’t take much imagination or work. Leave an option, a glimmer of hope for some future redemption. Oops, too late.

Axing a character is in the end a business decision, and we can agree or disagree. What I find in poor taste (and as a 180 to how the early Will and Sonny story was done in a positive, respectful, sensitive manner) is the graphic portrayal of the violent death that was chosen as his exit from the canvas. Especially when you realize it’s within days of the anniversary of Mathew Shepard’s murder, and NCOD. Could be just a coincidence. Just like having a distraught Lucas show up at the murder scene wearing a red necktie…

Back to the original topic, i thought Freddie’s AfterBuzz interview was good, some funny moments, some touching moments, and what I expected from Freddie who in those interviews always comes across as an easy going down-to-earth nice guy. The plaid shirt was a nice touch ;).

I believe that the interview was great. The Dishin Days guys were awesome as usual and Freddie was great.

As for Days killing off the legacy character of Will, I think it’s a huge mistake! I know that there were many fans who never warmed up to Guy, I thought he did great with what he was given. The writing over the last year made Will a character you no longer wanted to root for….and then when it looks like he has finally stopped blaming everyone else for his mistake, he leaves that message for Sonny and then…boom! Gone

I just finished watching today’s episode. Hats off to Rafe and Hope and Lucas. They brought me to tears.

I am still very upset that Will was killed. If TPTB wanted to back away from the gay story line, Will and Sonny should have reconciled and gone off into the sunset together. Or keep them on the back burner until they recast the part of Sonny. I feel both characters are important to the show.

Killing will probably was a dumb move. Much like killing Maureen Bauer on GL and Frankie Frame on AW. On a side note, love having Gabby back!

This is not a question of personalities. This has absolutely nothing to do with CM or GW. It is the killing of a legacy character that we literally saw grow up, go through stages, struggles, pains, joys and dreams. It is about an endless search of oneself that a lot of us identify with. It is about being human and about living. To me personally it is like losing a son that I would have loved to see pick up the pieces again.

I am sorry Freddie, I do not accept your lame excuse. Even in your last interview right after you won your Emy, you said that as a person, you will always choose Paul. You found Guys character immature. As a woman whose been married 29 years and started much younger than Will Horton did, you do not focus on the bad, you work it out. You embrace everything about the person, flaws and all. Yes, I say you stick it out. The sins of Will are nothing close to unforgiveable, too lame in fact. They call him Sami2 or Sami-like, yikes I will be insulted if I am Sami. Sonny left his daughter not because he can’t stand Will, but because he was conflicted up to the very end. He used Wills shenanigans as a cop out. He made a promise to his interloper EX while making Will feel that it was all his fault. The writers ruined WilSon’s ground breaking love story and you as a person fully support it. Sad to see that you do not have the balls like Ali Sweeney did and speak out her true feelings about this. I guess you are securing a possible return, a PaulSon possibility. Can’t blame you, money changes everything….

I hope Guy even once, choose to be really candid and open about how he feels about the beyond stupid writing that methodically and deliberately destroyed WilSon, particularly Will and threw away all that it represents. Stick it to them Guy in your usual super smart way!!!

On top of everything else, they killed off poor Will when he had a cold… Now, that’s COLD!!

Yes, you could tell that Guy was battling a sore throat or some kind of sinus infection – he was a real trouper to do the difficult scenes anyway.
Although many compared his version of the character of Will to the previous actor’s performance and complained, I primarily knew Will through Guy’s portrayal and thought he did fine in the role.
The scene was certainly frightening and compelling and I was really hoping Will would somehow escape…which unfortunately he did not.

Thanks for your reply, Jim! With Guy Wilson being under the weather, it must have made his final scenes even more difficult. I’m in the minority in that I wasn’t as impressed by he previous actor in the role of Will; I thought that Chandler Massey was constantly smiling inappropriately in his scenes, and it was unnerving. What did Guy Wilson in was not his acting but the writing. The character went from being someone with rooting value to a conniving, whiny jerk.

Everybody whose is whining about a soap character, which I like by way and did wanted him kill off. But im gonna complain and whine over this and say I not gonna watch because Will, E.j and Jack were kill off. I just wanted to watch my favorite show. I was Sami fan and she just return. I didn’t stop watching after she left. I see as show, not real life. Because I have lost two people this year. That is what matters. This show has been changing the past 50 years.

Im not gonna whine over this.

Today’s episode of DAYS was brilliant!!!!! The hourglass has lava in it!!!!!

It was one of best episodes I’ve seen on Days. Soaps kill off beloved characters for one reason only– it works. It creates instant drama and viewers cannot help but empathizes with the characters on screen. I was watching when Lucas found out Will was his child, saw him play with Will as baby, so I cannot watch the character Lucas finding out that child is dead without being sweep right into that character’s pain. It is that emotional involvement one can only get when one watches a show, not just for a few weeks or months or years, but decades. When the characters of Serena and Paige were murdered who cared, but Will dying, now I’m involved– like I said soaps do this because it works

Absolutely, Mary!

Paige’s murder did upset me though, because she was crapped on by Eve and JJ. Her own mother and boyfriend slept together and Paige was murdered! That’s cold.

As for Serena…If I remember her name a few years from now, I probably won’t know how to spell it. LOL!

We all will definitely remember Will!

Totally agree! So much happening in one episode! This is the way DAYS used to be! Loved the voiceover of Will’s message to Sonny while the police were dealing with Will’s death. Brian Dattilo gave the performance of his career! So realistic and heartbreaking. Meanwhile, Patch, putting two-and-two together re: Bo. Sami showing up, looking like a fierce mother bear .. the ending, with Chad confronting Ben .. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for today!

Today’s episode is another brilliant episode!!!!! Can the hourglass stand the heat?!

Sorry they are ending the Wilson relationship. Over the last years, this was one of the best storylines and relationships. Seems they have a good relationship going, and then they destroy. I have seen this before. Sorry they are ‘killing’ off Will.

I guess this won’t be a popular post, but if Freddie hadn’t vacated the role of Sonny to begin with, this might not be happening – maybe that is far fetched but it’s how I feel. He certainly has a right to “move on” and pursue other avenues of the acting world, but I felt like it left the character of Will slightly adrift.
The Producers COULD have done a re-cast of Sonny and kept the couple together showing that they had the same up’s and down’s of every other couple. Instead, it seems like this “killing of Will” is a genuine COP OUT. It doesn’t seem to me that the current writing team ever had any intention of continuing on with Will and Sonny.

Jim, I totally agree with your analysis. What makes matters worse is that now the character of Paul is also adrift. His main connection is as John’s son. If the writers wanted to do so, they could tell a love story of Paul and Derrek. Sadly, I don’t see that happening.

I would have rather seen Sonny killed off than Will. 🙁

Some of you are pathetic. Any reason to be mad, angry. Such is the days of our real lives, the world we live in today. Looking for a reason to be a victim, always “offended”. Whatever, grow up! I’m a gay man, so don’t even start with the ideas/thought police b.s.

This is a freaking soap opera. At 50, they are honoring the show’s history and putting a modern spin on the most famous daytime serial killer of them all, the Salem Strangler. Did anyone see the original story? It’s scary, even today; and the modern version is pretty creepy itself, if I do say so.

Having a serial killer for the sake of a serial killer is bad writing. This is story driven, and this murder has huge impact that drives story beyond just this event. He’s a legacy character and beloved child from 2 of the show’s core families.

Gay/straight/orange/purple, it doesn’t matter. To define Will as just “gay” is what’s insulting. To treat him like a victim is insulting. Allowing this character to be part of the fabric and folklore of this iconic show, not defined just by orientation, is honorable.

By the way, where’s the righteous indignation at all the women who have been brutally murdered on this and other shows for the sake of entertainment?

On another note more pertinent to the show than someone’s sexuality, I have a hard time believing that the show did the reveal so quickly. However, if Ben is really the strangler, then the impact is different but still creepy, especially as he torments over each murder and shares his bed with the unsuspecting Abby.

People: please start to enjoy these shows and stop being so offended and mean and assuming what people’s motives are, that they are the worst. I don’t want my entertainment dictated by the thought police and demographic sensitivities. We already live in that ridiculous gone-wrong version of America. I won’t have my escape from that stupid madness be ruined as well because a bunch of weak-minded individuals decided to be a part of a demographic group so that they could be “offended”.

Exactly. Soaps should, number one, be entertaining. They have “offended” many a group, myself, as a Christian, included. They can’t please everybody!

Interestingly, the “thought police” published your disgusting homophobic bullsh** (and hey, doesn’t matter if you’re gay, there are many self-hating gays out there), but not my thorough critique of Griffith and Higley. So much for that.

using the word Pathetic is offly strong…

VISIONary… be it audience … or the behind the scenes… production team(s)

I never expect that the behind the scenes guys would actually listen to fan sensation

I”m with you 100% : your last para is stunning

1. “… People: please start to enjoy these shows ”

2. “…I won’t have my escape from that stupid madness be ruined as well because a bunch of weak-minded individuals decided to be a part of a demographic group ”

ummhhh… weak-minded individuals… In this forum… being what it is… naysayers and Nielson champion

from one spectrum to the other… layers of mind

mingling if we dare

this forum is replete with “GREAT” idealistic persons!

I gravitate to this blog… to mix… stir?

my one beef? the christian attitude… can i finagle and probe your first rite of passage?


just when I think i’ve got a fixation… on the platform ideals

zingers and firestorm… zap myself rendered

and bounce back

which in no way lessens my post

dullard mode: “rite of passage”

my intent…. “right of passage” as in… like it’s your way or the highway… as all sinners simply don’t stand a chance

“… Did anyone see the original story? It’s scary, even today “

First time I’ve Seen the show, and like it very.much..great seeing Freddie Smith!!

Such a waste of a wonderful character. Guy was a pretty terrible actor, but if they react they could have developed so much story. Days has never used aging actors well, and the influx of returning old timers us just not going to work. Patch and Bo were successful, Jin part, because of their youthful energy. As middle aged men, who have not been consistently on the canvas for ages, the Patch and Bo returns will not work.

I so agree that the writing sucked and ruined Will. After Sonny (Freddie”) current stint is over, I’m gone. What are they going to do with Paul? Surely, they won’t be low class enough to show him and Sonny getting together. This is what always happens to gay characters on show. Have any of them had a happy ending? Seems all the gay storylines are ruined and the characters are never happy.

I think the writers mad a hug bad mistake by killing of Will (GUY) none of fans expected to see this to happened It was a sad and emotional to watch today’s episode as it will be all week. They wanted to get rid of a wonderful great Gay Story line and move in another direction it might work it might not but by killing off a long time character is not the answer.over the last 4-5 years we enjoyed a great story line of two people going through life together there ups and downs,joys laughter,tears they had together by watching it,it has help a lot of people in there own personal way.And now it has come to an end. When they let Chandler go everything seem to change every cast member was not the same any more that was also a big mistake by letting Chandler go Freddie and Chandler made the show and history by bringing us a great love story,they won the Emmy in 2013 best day time soap that year,Chandler won 3 Emmy and Freddie won 1 for playing the part and gave all 100 percent to a great story with a lot of great memorable moments of them that will always be there and never be forgotten. all good things comes to an end Life goes on. My own personal thought I think Freddie wanted to leave because he didn’t like the way the story line was going even tho he wanted to do other things in his Life, to me after Chandler left he wasn’t acting the same any more you can tell there was a big change in him. Getting back to Guy (WILL) it will a sad and an emotional week on Day’s I will have tears in my eyes and tissues handy, I hated to see him go he is a go actor.

“…It looked like Lucas, wanted to collapse, in Marlena’ arms…. and , she… likeminded”

Gabs opening scenes, (plus) slayed me

“oh, God” please listen to the music…. as AS’ Sami enters

that violin music… is that not an ode to these irish eyes are smiling

as Marlena and John envelop their (group) hug with Sami

it may not have been these irish eyes are smiling

but AS stoic going through the motions eyes revealing nothing

what a scene

Tuesday ep:

“Sami’s ORBIT”

as she’s sitting with Hope… w/Lucas by her side

the first words out of Sami mind…. she returns

“RIGHT now… I don’t understand”

“I need you to explain…”

bravo and kudos to the nuWRITING TEAM (s)

simply lauding how real Alison Sweeney journey makes Sami

I cry

it’s an all out threshold of will

Sami to Will (in the morgue)

Sami : “how does he look”

Lucas: “he looks like our boy”

Sami: ” I wish we’d done better:
Lucas : “we got better, we did”


Sami to Lucas:

“our” son deserved…. “More”


Maybe Will’s death was a ruse, and he will end up being alive later on.

Hi I’m sad because killing off Will was a big mistake..Because Sonny and Will made a good team.I loved watching them both..They are both good looking guys to me.& them girls need them both.They make good dads.

The character f will is 19 or 20 yrs old he was born in 95 or 96

Since Sonny is gone from the canvas killing off Will leaves a hole in the age group which will be filled with the to be SORAsed younger set, ie. Chase, Cierra, Theo.

I was not pleased to see Sami make her robotic entrance at the end of yesterday’s episode. I can’t stand the character, and yes, I understand she is Will’s mother and must be present. I just hope she takes herself back to California as soon after the funeral as possible. The character’s drama queen theatrics and self-righteous indignation never appealed to me.

Justin and Adrienne have 3 other sons. If she show is hurting for stories, bring on some more Kiriakis boys.

I will be glad to see the end of Ben and his father. I really want someone to rub Kate’s face in it all.

It will be interesting to see if any of the new SORAS’ed kids are gay. If not, then that will confirm that DAYS has absolutely no interest in LGBT storylines. We never hear about the amount of hate mail that SONY and the networks get from certain Christian groups. and if that has any impact on the lack of LGBT storylines. Look at the English and European soaps, they have elaborate gay storylines well integrated into the overall story, often taking front burner. America’s hypocritic propriety keeps such interesting and dramatic stories from airing here. I have heard that there is one soap producer who has said, “there will never be a gay storyline on my show” and I just wonder who that is. I am sure the soap bloggers know all about that, but are too afraid to mention it, as they need to maintain good relationships with all of the producers.

which is why I earnestly post… damned the christian credence… this everlasting ideal holds

I purport a solid ground for me?

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

integrate souls

I haven’t seen the AfterBuzz TV video yet but in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Freddie said Days told a great story regarding the death of Will Horton. Wondering now if Freddie is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

In the Soap Opera Digest article, Freddie did not seem to be upset at all over the character of Will being killed off. Alison Sweeney was the one who was upset by it. She said so in very clear terms. Interesting to read what Freddie said as provided in the article above. Maybe the video will clarify.

I went back and re-read the article in Soap Opera Digest to see if my initial impression was accurate. Yes it was. I think Freddie was talking out of both sides of his mouth… However in fairness to Freddie, I do believe he was trying to be sensitive to the people who have been negatively affected by the death of Will Horton.

Yes, filming the scenes he had to play, those scenes were sad ones for Sonny and the other characters involved. So emotions were at the forefront for all the actors involved. Crew members were also affected by what was being acted out. All of that is quite understandable. But Freddie also said in SOD that they were telling a great story.

So it sounded like Freddie did not find the death of Will Horton as offensive as some would like to make it be. That is why I felt Freddie was talking out of both sides of his mouth.

If Sonny goes back to Paris, I hope he meets a woman there who turns him straight. Then if and when he returns to Salem, it would be as a heterosexual. Now that would be a great story!

I have never commented on any topic online in my 57 years and this may not be a very popular opinion but I am very sad to see the character of Will gone. Especially since it appears to be a way of bringing Sami back, I don’t miss her character at all even Allison Sweeney is an excellent actress. I also think to make the statement she was on her way back because of E.J. cheapens Will’s loss for me. I have no idea what the writer’s were thinking but I can’t wait to see the end of that whole Weston group!

Thank you for having Freddie on to set the closure on DOOL! We all wish freddie well!

Today’s episode (10-14-15) was another stellar episode! Sonny arrives tomorrow!!!!!

Side note:

Sami is ready to smother Chad with a pillow, believing he murdered Will!!!!!

RE: Sami, IKR? I hoped Sami would be the one to doubt Chad would actually murder Will. Why on earth would Chad murder Will of all people? C’mon people. Just because Chad is a DiMeara? Really!?

I have been watching DOOL since I have been old enough to watch tv lol. I’m not too upset that Will is gone. I was never impressed with Guy playing Will. I will admit he went out with a bang, he acted his death scene perfectly. It is too bad that was his best acting since day one with the show (my opinion). I’m not just picking on Guy. I was not impressed when the “new” Chad and Eve started either but they really owned their characters and totally made me change my mind about them. Guy just never did that for me. In my opinion he is an “over”-actor. He just tried too hard but came out too fake. These new writers are spot on with their story lines and I know there are better ones to come in the future.

Days Of Our Lives

INTERVIEW: Jackie Cox Talks On Latest Return to DAYS, An Offer for Dimitri, and Life as a Performer In and Out of Drag

On the Monday, December 4th episode of Peacock’s Days of our Lives, Jackie Cox is back and hell hath no fury like a drag queen scorned! With revenge the order of the day on Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart), Darius Rose (Cox out of drag) arrives in Salem with a plan.

As Dimitri (Peter Porte) is about to turn himself into the authorities to save Leo’s skin, Darius gives Von Leuschner a talking to; letting him know that Leo deserves to rot away in prison, and so, to help Dimitri out of town, Darius has a tempting, and yet outlandish way to do just that!

Cox first appeared on Days of our Lives during the limited-series Beyond Salem in 2021 and then on to the mothership in 2022. The drag artist and Rupaul Drag Race alum took time out from his busy touring schedule of his holiday show, Jackie and Jan’s Jingle Jam (coming to a town near you), to speak with Michael Fairman TV all about his recent return to the long-running soap opera, playing ‘soapy’ versions of Jackie/Darius, and if there’s more story to come.

In addition, Jackie talks on the often misperceptions of the art of drag and drag performers, working with his DAYS co-stars since first appearing on the series including: Rikaart, Porte, Billy Flynn (Chad AKA Belinda Chinashop), and much more. Check out our chat with the incomparable Jackie below.

Photo: JPI

You get asked back to DAYS, once again. Were you shocked that you got the call to return?

JACKIE: You know, what’s so funny is ever since my appearance on Beyond Salem a couple years ago, the fans kind of picked up on this little connection with me and Leo. Which then, Ron Carlivati (head writer, Days of our Lives) kind of expanded into my storyline last year where I came and broke up Leo’s wedding with Dr. Craig Wesley (Kevin Spirtas). What’s amazing is the DAYS fans now think they have seen me in places in the story that I’m not. Like, I was one of the prime suspects for the murder of Abigail DiMera, or I’m somehow helping Leo with other things. (Laughs) The fans have amazing imaginations of their own. I think Ron and the team picked up on that a little bit and have kind of found different ways to work me back into the storyline, which is so cool. I’m there, even when I’m not. That’s so fun for me.

Photo: JPI

As viewers saw on Monday’s episode, you are not in scenes with Greg Rikaart but Peter Porte. Was that a surprise for you coming back to tape a new episode?

JACKIE:  When they called me to come back, I thought I’d be working with Greg again as I have been very much a part of his storyline. However, it was really fun working with Peter, because we didn’t get to work together much on Beyond Salem, even though we were both there. It was fun to kind of like build a connection to Dimitri, because I think that’s such an interesting character.

Were you ever a fan of Days of our Lives before you were even on it?

JACKIE: I would pop in and out when I was a kid when I was homesick. My mom would let me watch a little bit. So, I remember the Stefano of it all, and Hope, and all of those storylines are still in my ether somewhere from when I was young.  Coming into it now, and to see where the storylines have expanded into even more is great. The world is bigger now than maybe it was in the nineties. So, the fact that you have a drag queen dealing with an immigration problem, and getting back at her ex, I think is so wild to me. I couldn’t imagine that kind of a storyline happening back then, but it’s so cool to see now.

DAYS, at times, had shown a lot of forward-thinking to its audience that I don’t think you’d necessarily see on the other current soaps. The way they’ve had you, and other gay, or sexually-fluid characters or romances, or introduced drag into the storylines – all these things they had implemented along the way to make the soap, in its current form, a little more progressive leaning. They are also not on network TV anymore, but on a streaming platform, which gives this most likely an assist, as well.

JACKIE:  What I love about it is, sometimes people just don’t think that we exist. You know what I mean? Maybe drag queens are something they just heard about and they don’t know what we are. I think what’s great is this character is me in my real life. I am Jackie Cox. I am a drag performer who goes around the country to different places and performs and stuff. So, for that to also be my character, it’s not like, “Why is she a drag queen?” It’s like, “Well, that’s just who she is.” I just happen to be there and I know that the daytime audience is so diverse. I love that they get to just see a little bit of my real life brought into Salem in this way. You can’t deny the fact I am Darius Rose and Jackie Cox.

Photo: JPI

It looks like Darius had a plan to ‘help’ Dimitri?

JACKIE: I don’t know if I’m as much helping Dimitri as if I have ulterior motives. I’m pretty frustrated with Leo. He is this charmer and he always gets what he wants. But I think at this point, I’ve had it with him and his schemes. He didn’t get that emerald. He didn’t give me the money from the Beyond Salem. He left me for Dr. Craig Wesley and I’m tired of it. I want to get back at him. Now that I find out he has this hot new little boyfriend, I know just how to do it because Dimitri better watch out, because he has not yet dealt with Jackie Cox yet. I have quite the persuasive offer you’ll see during the episode, and in the performances. I do think you see Dimitri really consider me and consider what I have to offer, which is to steal him a way, and help him escape to Canada with me.

We see you as Darius and Jackie in the episode, but there is a reason for that.

JACKIE: Yes! What’s fun for the audience is, I think, is there’s this tease during the episode, which is, “How are we going to get Dimitri out of here?” So, we take a page from the old drag book of tricks, which is walk right out the front door and let them look right at you, because drag is an amazing disguise. I think that Dimitri should have, could have chosen to be a fabulous drag queen and leave with me, and we could run across the Canadian border together and done cabarets in Montreal! (Laughs).

Photo: JPI

So, this is what Jackie/Darius wants to pull off in the episode?

JACKIE: Oh yeah, and also me, in my real life, (Laughs) I wouldn’t mind doing a cabaret in Montreal. That sounds like a good life to me. I think coming to Dimitri with this offer, which is: “Come with me across the border. Let’s get away from Leo. You haven’t been hurt by him the way I have, but I know you will be.” I think for the Darius side of me, you get to see a little bit of the softer side, in a sense. I really am hurt by Leo and the things that he’s done to me, and had been keeping me from – getting a green card in this fantasy version of my life. I really want to get back at him. What I love about Peter as an actor is, as we were working through this scene, we were able to find all these other levels. I kind of build this little connection through our episode of maybe I’m offering him something that he hasn’t even thought of before, a different kind of life where he’s not this Almanian crook, but maybe he can be a free gay man, maybe drag queen in Canada with me. That’s what’s on the table and the audience sees that. Unfortunately, he doesn’t choose me at the end, but that’s not going to stop me from putting on a fabulous look and walking outta there, anyway.

So then as he leaves, is Darius hurt by all of this?

JACKIE: I’m a little hurt. I don’t think my revenge cup is full at the end of this episode. There’s still a burning little desire for me to get back at Leo by the end of this and maybe a desire for me to just get back into Salem and see if I can find Dimitri again. Let me tell you honey, looking at Peter Porte is not very hard and maybe there’s more men in Salem for me … yet. (Laughs)

Photo: JPI

Ya never know! What was your takeaway from previously working with Greg Rikaart? Had you known Greg before taping Beyond Salem?

JACKIE: No. Greg and I met right then, and it was so much fun. Right away in those first couple of moments, we decided we needed to up this whole backstory, like just the two of us, and then it ended up on the show: that we were from New York, and we were in cahoots together, and then apparently we got married. and all this kind of subtext we worked in. For Greg and my character on DAYS, it was not about us being hot and heavy with each other. It was more about seeing each other as partners in crime very much from the beginning. So, that’s where the hurt for me comes in. I thought Leo was my main ride or die, but clearly he is not.

Photo: JPI

Ron Carlivati has a penchant for writing these types of campy stories. Did you speak with him at any point, and talk about the fact that you would like to do more appearances on DAYS?

JACKIE. Ron did just come to my Christmas show in New York a couple weeks ago. We had a little chat. I can’t say much, but I didn’t die at the end of this. So, there’s always room to come back!  There’s always room for more Jackie.

Photo: JingleJam

Do you find there’s lot of misconceptions about drag queens and people that perform in drag?  Do you think there’s an underlying misunderstanding of it within our culture?

JACKIE: There are a lot of misconceptions. A great example of it for me was last year when I came to Craig and Leo’s wedding. Once I got out of drag, Craig, wasn’t sure how to address me. I just was very clear with the pronouns I prefer out of drag. That was just something that was a matter-of-fact conversation that could happen between any two people. I think sometimes, everyone is scared of what they don’t know or they don’t understand, or are afraid of having a conversation that they think is going to be really horrible. I think the average person, no matter who you are, no matter what side of the political spectrum you are, no matter what gender or sexual orientation you are, everyone just wants to get along in general and have a decent experience walking around the world. I think if you see people like me and my character who’s a drag queen, who’s younger than for example, Dr. Craig Wesley’s character, having just a quick little conversation and then we move on … it’s not a big ‘falling on the sword’ moment. There’s nothing horrible happening. Drag can be a performance. It doesn’t actually matter who you are. Drag is just an expression, and if you love it, great. And if you don’t, you don’t have to come to my show. It’s okay.

Photo: JPI

What did you think about Belinda Chinashop (Billy Flynn), Sonny Delight (Zach Tinker) and Amanda Bottom (Chandler Massey) in the drag show scenes in Beyond Salem? Did you give the guys any pointers, or were you just stunned at how good they were?

JACKIE: We had just shot my drag stuff with them before, and they were like, “We’re doing this later this week.” I was like, “You guys will be fine. Don’t you worry.” They had amazing makeup artists come in and help them, which was great. I think that’s the biggest part. Billy Flynn told me, it was so fun for him to get to do it. I love that. Next time I come to Salem, I think there needs to be a reason for me to get Belinda Chinashop back out of the trunk.

Photo: JPI

You went to college at UCLA in their theatre department, didn’t you?

JACKIE: Sure did. I went to UCLA with Blake Berris (Everett). Blake and I were in the same theater program together and he booked DAYS I think right after college or while we were in college. It was amazing. He started so young. Now, we’re on this show together! How funny! We were like, “Oh my, God. This is amazing.” Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Blake when I was there this time this time. Hopefully, the timing works out next time. I don’t think Ron Carlivati even knows that we went to school together.

Were you determined once you left UCLA to become a successful performer? What trajectory were you on at that point?

JACKIE: I went to UCLA and I really focused in on theater because I love theater so much. I didn’t actually really do much film or TV, even though it’s the school of theater, film and television. I loved the theatre. Then, after school I moved to New York because that’s where theater is. I got to New York and I realized that the theater industry was not for me, at least at that time. This was 15 years ago or so. It wasn’t quite as progressive, even in the theater industry, as it is today. I mean, to be on Broadway, you kind of had to be this big strapping hunk back then. I didn’t really find a place for me there. I did find it in New York with drag, and that really unlocked something in me. I kind of started building this career as Jackie Cox. I’ve been doing drag now for 13 years. So, for me to come back around to what I maybe kind of started doing in the first place is very interesting. We will see what happens.

Photo: JPI

Now, would you want to take on more roles as yourself, as Darius?

JACKIE: That’s the thing. These days, writers are actually writing material that really connects to who I am. I really want to play more characters, bringing myself to the role is something that’s important to me. So, whether it’s drag, whether it’s a character, whether it’s incorporating some of my Middle Eastern heritage in there, those are all things that I want to bring to life, whether it’s in or out of drag. It’s all on the table. It’s definitely something where I still want it to have that authenticity, to have that reason where it’s me, the actor, not just someone who hasn’t lived it.

So, if you end up with an expanded role of Days of our Lives, would you take it?

JACKIE: Are you kidding? In a heartbeat! My only question to myself and to the writers out there is, am I still going to be me … or is it revealed that I’m not actually Jackie Cox, and that I’m just some delusional fan who thinks I am? (Laughs)

Photo: JPI

In closing, how is Jackie when she walks out the door after this episode?

JACKIE: Jackie walks out the door with a renewed sense of purpose, a burning desire to eventually get back at Leo, and maybe a new friend in Salem. Those are the things that I walk out that door with, for sure.

So, did you enjoy seeing Jackie Cox back on Days of our Lives? Should the soap opera continue to weave Jackie/Darius back into the storylines with Dimitri and Leo and company? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Peter Porte Stars in ‘Yuletide the Knot’ Holiday Movie on UPtv

Sunday, December 3rd, Peter Porte (Dimitri, Days of our Lives) stars in a holiday rom-com on UPtv, entitled Yuletide the Knot. Not only is Porte the romantic male lead, but he is also one of the producers of the movie.

Yuletide the Knot premieres tonight at 7 pm ET. Porte stars opposite Mary Antonini who take on the role of Rachel. Also appearing are Kelly Jakle, Kelsey Scott and Melissa Peterman.

In story, Rachel, a small-town wedding planner (Antonini), is tasked with planning a Christmas ceremony for an influencer couple. But her big plans hit a major snag when she is partnered with the bride’s manager, Logan (Porte), who is actually her first love and high school sweetheart. Will Logan and Rachel soon be kissing again under the mistletoe?

Photo: UPtv

Taking to his Instagram to share some background on the movie, Porte revealed: “I got the script in 2019 and was excited to come on board as an actor as well as producer. After months of planning, we were headed to Colorado with truckloads of Christmas decor and a start date of March 13… 2020.  Three years, countless pivots, pulled favors, and a pandemic later, my tenacious and wildly talented cast and crew made and sold a movie and I couldn’t be more proud. Let’s all get in the holiday spirit together!”

To locate UPtv stations in your area click here, or you can stream the holiday movie on UP Faith & Family here.

Watch the preview for Yuletide the Knot below.

Now let us know, will you be checking out this holiday rom-com featuring Peter Porte? Let us know via the comment section.


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Lifetime’s ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’ Brings Epic Food Fight and “Slapfest Coup de Grâce”

Get ready for the feuding soap opera divas, when five actresses known for their signature primetime and daytime roles are brought together in Lifetime’s new holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas.

Saturday night, December 2nd on Lifetime (8pm ET/7PM CT) marks the highly-anticipated holiday movie premiere featuring: Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing), Nicolette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing), Morgan Fairchild (ex-Falcon Crest et al), Linda Gray (ex-Dallas) and Loni Anderson (ex-WKRP in Cincinnati).

Here’s what we do know! In story, five alums from the long-running soap, The Great Lakes reunite for a live Christmas finale. Uh-oh!  Now take a look at the backstory of the colorful cast of characters (pay special attention to the clever twists on the actresses names!)

Photo: Lifetime

LAUREN EWING (Linda Gray) “Everyone thinks I’m so damn good all the time,” confesses the junk food-loving Lauren of her second act as a lifestyle guru. “I don’t know how Gwenyth Paltrow does it!”

DANA CUNNINGHAM (Donna Mills) Now a sitcom mom, she’s yet to make amends to ex-bestie Juliette after abruptly leaving the soap back in the day. Not that she hasn’t tried: “When I thought the world was going to end in Y2K,” Dana says, “I reached out to her, and she never called me back.”

LILY MARLOWE (Loni Anderson) After replacing Dana on ‘Great Lakes’, Lily never again found a role to win her acclaim. “What do I have to show for (my career)? An arc on  For the People – Shonda Rhimes’ only flop!”

JULIETTE MATHESON (Nicollette Sheridan) “She left me for L.A.,” the party girl turned fashion mogul recalls of Dana’s betrayal. Will their feud derail the entire event?

MARGEAUX ROBERTS (Morgan Fairchild) “Fasten your face-lifts, ladies, it’s gonna be a bumpy weekend!” The sassy grande dame of ‘Great Lakes’ sees the Juliette-Dana beef as the perfect escape from her own domestic drama.

Photo: Lifetime

Now, making this all the more hysterical is the director of The Great Lakes reunion special, which makes the five women live under the same roof, is its former child star Alex, who has gotten his ex-girlfriend, Nell to direct the finale. Meanwhile, in the subplot. the ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ come up with a plan to get Alex and Nell back together.

As with any good soap opera, there is a major food fight. Linda Gray shared with USA Today ,”The food fight was one take. And it was fabulous.” And of course, their is a bitch-fest slap-fest. Morgan Fairchild revealed, “Oh honey, we all got ours in. Mine was a simple, ‘How dare you?’ with a slap. But I was hoping for a punch.”

Photo: Lauren Dukoff/Lifetime

The movie’s EP, Larry Thompson, who is a Hollywood manager and has Donna Mills as a client, said that the entire scene peaks with the”slapfest coup de grâce.” What is that exactly? That is when Donna Mills pushes Nicollette Sheridan into a pool in a nod to Dynasty’s Lily bond battle between Dynasty’s Alexis (Joan Collins) and Krystle (Linda Evans).

In case you missed it previously, check out the trailer for Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas below, also starring Patrika Darbo, Alec Mapa, Mills real-life daughter, Chloe Mills, and Christopher Atkins with theme song by Tiffany.

Now let us know, will you be tuning in to the movie for a premise that should delight many a longtime soap fan? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023