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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Anna Returns & Tracy Overhears Paul's Horrifying Admission To Susan!



On Wednesay’s episode of General Hospital, it was a a welcome sight for fans of the series when Anna Devane showed up back at Kelly’s Diner and in Port Charles, thus welcoming the return of Finola Hughes.

After Anna catches-up with Griffin (Matt Cohen) and then Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) about how horrified she is that Julian Jerome (William deVry) was found not guilty of all charges in the murders of Duke Lavery and Carlos Rivera, she is more determined than ever to get justice.  When speaking with Jordan, Anna learns how Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn seemed “drunk” on the witness stand that helped throw the trial.  Anna decides she wants to meet up with Paul (Richard Burgi) and discuss the case, but she looks suspicious.

Anna heads to the Metro Court Hotel to see Paul, but when he is not there.  So, Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) lets her into his room. She finds a file on the hospital murders, and then lo and behold … finds the cufflink that matches that of the killer!

Meanwhile, Paul is visiting his catatonic daughter Susan (Alina Pattra) on her birthday at the Celestial Height, the mental institution she is housed in.  Tracy (Jane Elliot) has followed him there, and has no idea what she is walking in on!  She overhears Paul tell Susan that he murdered Sloane and everyone else at General Hospital because of her … he did it all for her.  When Susan hears Tracy outside her room, she is rattled, and that is when Paul finds Tracy who is trying to get away. 


A cat and mouse game ensues between a unglued and paranoid Paul, and Tracy who he has asked to dinner to help him cope with what has befallen Susan and how deeply affected he has been by Sabrina’s murder, which Tracy originally thought was because Sabrina was around the same age as Susan.

Tracy, who is feeling very threatened and hides it well, agrees to dinner, but first Paul takes her to his hotel room so he can finds his wallet.  Then, he says they aren’t going anywhere for dinner, and lock the door to his room!

So, are you glad Anna is back on the canvas? Will Anna save Tracy?  Will Paul confess all right to Tracy?  What do you think about what you know so far of the rationale for Paul killing so many patients at GH, having to do with his daugther, Susan? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below!

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I thought that was a really good episode…but like some dumb teen horror flick…the victim(Tracy) allows herself to be alone with the killer and she knows it…hopefully during the struggle Paul falls on that syringe he used on all his victims-thats justice!!!

When I first saw Susan on-air, it was a side view, and I thought the person was a young man in a blonde wig. I’m not kidding and I’m not trying to be cruel. I really did and the first thing I thought of was that it was a transgender storyline.
Besides that, this storyline makes absolutely no sense. It’s an attempt at a quick rewrite-it seems. When the writers rewrote/recast Kyle Sloan, I didn’t like it. The Sloan character, before, showed no real signs of being an abuser. Then, all of the sudden, overnight, he was written as an evil character who hurt Paul’s daughter, who the viewers have no emotional ties to. Who cares? It just makes zero sense to me.
Who will solve this case? Because we know it won’t be The PCPD. The idiot keystone cop, AKA Dante, blurted out facts of the case at Sabrina’s funeral, in front of her killer. The PCPD are just plain dumb and inept.

mr…I kid you not. I thought the same thing…transgender. I actually was so convinced that I googled the actress to see if that was the case! I was hesitant to mention it…but seeing your post I had to respond. I agree with your thoughts on Sloane too. He was a by-the-book guy who wanted to one-up Anna at the beginning, then we discovered he was her protege, then they had an attraction, he helped cover up Carlos’/s shooting, seemed to have fallen in love with her, but then turned vengeful when she discarded him. I saw him as more of a rejected, vengeful brat at that point, not a rapist!

I know I was in the minority, Rebecca, but, I loved Anna and Sloane ( the second one) together. They had me believing. They were hot!!!! To each his/her own, I guess.

Hi CeeCee…you misunderstood me. I was saying it’s ridiculous how they demonized Sloane. Yeah, he was a combative guy when he first appeared…wanted to get Anna for some resentment he had when he worked as an underling for her in the WSB…but once they cut through that and started flirting there was definitely romantic potential. Rob Derringer is cute, but I thought the second actor was a better actor and though totally different type, good looking. Ridiculous to make him a rapist, but they had to give Paul a reason for his insanity. So, we’re all in agreement, we liked Sloane.

I know, Rebecca. I loved Sloane II. I would have loved to have seen him and Anna, not only as lovers, but also, as a kick-arse team. Ohhh, the possibilities!!!! Wonder Cop-Woman and Super Cop-Man. LOL. Well, why not?
I was agreeing with you…perhaps I did not make that clear; so typical of moi. I didn’t misunderstand. LOL.
As I said, my hand is faster than my brain. HaHa!!!! I hope I am coherent sometimes???? A little?
Ultimately, we say the same thing. Later.

I’m with you on this. This storyline makes no sense whatsoever and has obviously and blatantly been a write-as-you-go story. Richard Burgi & Jane Elliot have done some good work but the story stinks. Figures one day back in PC and Anna unravels what the stupid PCPD couldn’t figure out.

Yeah, I agree–“story stinks.” And, yes, just how convenient was it for Anna to figure it our in a nano second, BUT so very glad she is back; she adds much needed heft to the “drama,” doesn’t she?

Yep, one day of Anna sure make a huge difference Nancy. Finola lights up the screen!

You and Nancy got that right, Ces. So, why is Jordan still around? Befuddled, is what I am.

Idk Celia — I think Anna needs her job back and Jordan needs to take her bad attitude jealous ass out of town for good. How can Andre even like her? lol …

LOL, Ces….maybe Jordan can’t take her jealous ass out of PC….she doesn’t have one to speak of. LOL.

I thought it was a mannequin!

Lmao, I hadn’t noticed Celia! I bet Andre will be thrilled to see Anna back in town though.

It was great to see Anna. She and Tracy are royalty!

Anna should just bypass JorDUMB and do her own investigation.

Speaking of dumb, that is NOT a word I would use in a sentence in regard to Tracy but how DUMB could you be to go ANYWHERE with Paul after she overheard that he committed all those murder!

Claudette is just ONE major bust! GH is still trying to get Hayden and Nina attached to the show. We dont have any room for Claudette and her lies. She is here to stir the pot with Nathan and Maxie and it is nothing but FF material!

Hey Tim…’JorDUMB’…LOVE IT…LOL!!!!! Oh…and as for that Claudette chick, I have DISLIKED HER since Day 1!!!!! I find Claudette to be BEYOND ANNOYING!!!!! Oh…and BTW, an idea: If Paul The Psycho isn’t done ‘killing’ yet, I think that BOTH JorDUMB and Claudette should be his next two victims. Just an idea……….

Later, dude.


HA! Timm, I know, right?
Anna basically solved the case FOR JorDumb and spelled it all out for her as if she were a two year old. I would hate to see JorDumb participate on the game show,”Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”? Please, put JorDumb (copyright, Timm, 2016) back on the sales floor of Forever Twenty-One.” I am sure she can merchandise the fall inventory with adeptness while snapping at her underlings that they need to push the scarves.
Yes, Claudette is not fitting–Just like Nina. And if they don’t fit, they must quit!!

Completely agree with all that you said, And GH has more than its share or royalty, and really doesn’t need such a bloated cast, no matter how talented these actresses from other shows truly are. They just haven’t truly become part of GH yet for me.

agree Timmm —- Claudette storyline has a been a HUGE bust since day 1. The only reason I haven’t fast forwarded the last few days is because my ABC app screws up every time I do that.

agree, Anna & Tracy are just so damn awesome! or should I say Finola & Jane 🙂

Jordumb can leave with ClauDullette..

Bree Williamson’s role of Claudette is pitiful. I really liked her as Jess on OLTL, but this role is useless and a waste of time. If someone wants to pull a former OLTL star over to GH, get out the big bucks and hire Erika Slezak. GH could use another big family in town. The Quartermains have turned into an illusion, except for Tracy, ever since the days of Edward, Lilah and Allan ended.

Bingo Max! Frank tries like hell to get his buddies from OLTL to stick on GH but really they haven’t. Roger is okay. I hate the role of Franco but it isnt Roger’s fault. Kiki is okay. When they recasted the role they should have just called her Lauren. More mature. Bree is very pretty and can act but there was no need for her or that god awful character! Same with Finn. It started off okay but now they dont know where to go with him. IF Nicholas comes back I want to see Hayden and Ava claw it out for the Prince!

The show noticeably improves and brightens up when Finola has scenes on an episode!

I think Richard Burgi knocked it out of the park with his acting during the last few episodes! And of course Jane Elliott too! I for one enjoy being able to still have GH on to watch so I roll with the good and the bad. Glad Anna is back of course…she will be kicking butt and getting to bottom of things!! Overall enjoyed the whole show and was glad to be home to watch…usually have to watch on demand…but that’s OK as long as I can watch it. 🙂

I completely agree Kimmy! As long as I can watch GH – I am happy. Some of the commentators here need to relax! Take a chill pill! The ratings are up.

Does Paul actually think that what he is disclosing to Susan makes her happy? Does she even focus/understand what he is telling her?
What could the staff of GH have possibly done to elicit such drastic behavior from Paul? Is the hospital responsible for Susan’s ‘state’ of mind? Will Paul catch on to Tracy? Will he hurt her? Please, NO!!
She is one tough cookie…..hiding her fear well….I would have fallen to pieces. LOL.

What will Tracy do with this information? I did not expect it to happen this way. I had just assumed Tracy would figure it out, somehow….not be privy to a ’round-about’ confession.
As far as Alexis drunkeness,;will the truth ever come out? If it does, will it influence the virdict?
I am so very happy to see Anna. But, unless Paul is playing Tracy’s game, she’s safe, is she not? Why would she need to be saved by Anna otherwise?!
I await such an incredibly juicy twist after months of torture……one with punch!!

Okay….so, is this a faux pas, or not? Anna put her little rubber gloves on AFTER handling the cuff-links. …kind of a little too late? Wasn’t she supposed to have put those things on before walking into the room? Hmmmm….head scratcher.

@Jimh(leave it ti beaver).
Hi, Jimmy,
Remember when you said that Valentin was involved with Claudette? I don’t know if you were joking, but we had a good laugh. Now, it seems you were right…so, I will give you credit.
You also suggested Charlotte may be Valentin’s, as well.
I think she is, regardless of the paternity test.
Now, way back when’Dr. O said Nathan’s father was much, much worse than Victor Cassadine? I knew not who this guy was until Shay said his name. So, both Shay and I surmised it was Valentin.
Full circle, Jimmy. Furthermore, the reason why the blood test proved Nathan as the father is because his DNA is the same as Valentin’s. The test proves only a certain percent, anyway.
So, kidding or not, Charlotte IS Valentin’s daughter and Nathan’s sister.
What say you??,

Yep…Claudette had Nathan’s sister….Valetin is Nathan’s poppa…would love some juicy scenes between Dr.O and Valetin…Claudette and Nathan brother and sister after sleeping together-EW!-lol

Hey, Jimmy,
Claudette and Nathan are not siblings….that really would be gross. But, I have this strong feeling Claudette’s daughter, Charlotte is Nathan’s sister.m

lol – Celia, I noticed that.
I’m surprised she just made herself at home in his hotel room; is there no possibility he may show up? I mean, we know where he’s at but did she? no.

Too funny, yes, Ces??
Such sloppy writing! And Anna being a professional; …. Spy and all!!!!
But, I like watching her on stage so much; I do make allowances, LOL.
we know Paul did it; so, the thrill is gone. But, Mr. Fairman’s question still remains: will Anna save Tracy? YES, PLEASE!!

Sorry C…i misread Charlotte as Claudette…i lost my glasses and have been using a pair from 25 years ago-i kept them-they were my first pair!…we knew Claudette would somehow be tied to Valentin…he probably will get free…kidnap ‘Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte’…Claudette and Nathan will go looking for her…they end up in some bug infested bedroom of some seedy hotel belonging to the Cassidine…Maxi shows up seeing them in bed together and get the wrong idea-she gets kidnapped too…you know the story-lol

@Jimh (leave it to beaver).
Awwww, that’s ok, Jimmy. You’re fine. I lose my glasses and my cell many times a day. I can ‘call’ my cell, but I can’t call my glasses. So, I have two more pair. But, guess what???? I lose those too. So, I wear my contacts until I locate, at least, one pair.
Yes, I know the story, along with everyone else.
“Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte” Hmmmm. I know I heard that before. Can’t place it. Need to look it up or ask my Gran. She’s my reference book. LOL

Im still hoping Paul gets stuck with that syringe but what if Dillon gets it instead?…

I hear Jane is retiring. Would they kill her off? I hope not BUT it would cause lots of drama! I still think Dillon saves the day.

What if Dillon got hit by the syringe?…i hope Paul does-nice karma but i think it would be great if its Dillion…

Oh, my gosh, Timmmy. Can you imagine if Valentini rid himself of “Sonny”? Maurice’s fans would have his head on a platter. Ouch!!

Paul’s explanation for why he committed all those murders defied logic–even the actor looked confused as he delivered those lines. It seems to me that the writers were making it up as they went along.
Paul: “I killed this one because she didn’t help my Susie Q when she was at the half way house and I killed this one because he put onions on her In N Out Burger when she specifically requested that there be no onions. Then I killed this one because she took cuts in front of my Susie Q at the dollar store.
Nobody hurts my Susie Q and gets away with it!”

They’re all nuts, Harry! Good actors; sloppy, nonsensical writing. It’s okay…..I still watch. LOL.

Agree. These have been pointless murders about people we don’t know involving no discernible motive. It feels false from the start. So they slap together the worst summation since the dreaded KILLING CLUB KILLER. (I expected Cady McClain to wander the hospital corridors holding a plate of pancakes.)

Paul’s explanation, his denouement, fell flat in the writing. Worse still was the Big Case of Stoopid Tracy drank before she met up with Paul.

Such a good actor. Absolutely pointless story. Oh well.

Anyone else enjoying Morgan going crazy for the fifteenth straight month? Because I’m sure that will be an equally spectacular non-event that will make this look like the Golden Era.

Hi Sweetie, on to another subject. Replying to OLTLivers wanting their ex-stars on GH. Putting the shoe on the other foot and having GH cancelled and not One Life. Yes, I would LOVE to have ex-GHers on OLTL. I get it. I feel the reason I reacted and criticized OLTL fans is because Frank brings these actors on and they dont mesh with other characters. They are starting to settle Hayden in with the Webbers but it has taken forever! Nina, I love Michele but Nina is a square peg. Maybe if Valentin comes back, she and he will click. I liked their hot hot start but then he was arrested. Hope you understand what I mean. PS: I never watched OLTL but I do recall Erica winning lots of awards and being popular!

Timmmy!!!! Hiya!!,
Believe it or not, I agree with everything you so strongly express. I know, ….that’s exactly what I was trying to point out.
Just because I looove certsin actors/actresses, does not mean I agree with the role. As you so, specifically pointed out: Michelle Stafford.
I could say the same about Billy Miller as Jason; and, ironically, about Jason Thompson as Billy. Then, there’s Gina Tognoni. This is a completely different Phyllis. Now, if TPTB wanted to change Phyllis’s aura, her persona, or I-dare-you-challenge-me kind of personality; then, they have succeded. But, if ‘they’ think this interpretation of Phyllis is all about silliness and stupidity, then ‘they’ fail miserably. Why? …..because to me, Phyllis has fallen through the cracks. JMO.
I truly feel that these nu-characters are being shoved down our throats.
LOL, my love….I understand perfectly: our sentiments are basically the same. Happy watching!!

I’m ecstatic to see her and have her follow up on this nutso trial and why Julian Jerome is not paying any consequences for his actions whatsoever. But she is wrong that they cannot try him again for his crimes against Duke. Julian is the one who put Duke in Turkish prison for so many years and was in cahoots with Faison who wanted Duke’s memories to ensnare Anna. So let’s try him again, Anna!

All I know is that this is tense and I am loving it.

This is a show that has a severely bloated cast!! There could bave been several victims that would have had some impact on the overall fabric of the show. The show had a built in surefire tearjerker as Bryan Craig is leaving. He could have been a victim that would have cut to the core of the show. Beyond that…there are at least 10 other characters of lesser importance that could have been eliminated. I hate when soaps craft a murder mystery not having a clue who the killer is, or the motivation, or who the victims will be. It feels made up as it goes because they are making it up as they go!! I am willing to go along if some dead weight can be dropped along the way (COUGH Valerie COUGH COUGH Nina etc)…but thats not happening here. How many times can the writers make Tracy look like a fool? The problem with today’s GH is that Ron Carlivati gutted the show from the inside out and removed the heart and soul. He left a crowded cast of assorted psychos, serial killers, mobsters, murderers, mob whores, and useless newbies. ANY writer coming into that mess would have two options. 1) Completely overhaul the show with MASSIVE cast cuts and start fresh with a non mob perspective. Or 2) Stay the course and try to write and make some sort of narrative sense out of what they were left with.

While I would have voted heartily for #1 via a plane crash, earthquake, landslide, an asteroid hitting Port Charles…ANYTHING!! But due to the network dictated mandate that Sonny has to be the hero of the show, and Valentinis insistence they write for his pets, Jean and Shelly were hamstrung right from the get go with no option of bringing a new vision to the show. They are valiantly trying to do what is being asked of them….which is to keep writing for a cast of characters that largely hold no special place in viewer’s hearts. None of these stories have any emotional connection. I even have no sympathy for Alexis because well…when you spend yoyr entire life banging, bedding, and briefing mobsters….what the hell do you expect? Sunshine and rainbows??

I have been watching a lot of old GH on youtube and man……what a difference! I miss GH!! Through many regime changes, different storytelling styles, producers etc…at least the stalwart characters we knew and loved were there leading story. Now, with this edict from above that “This show is led by Maurice Benard and Laura Wright” there is little hope of any significant sea change unless one of those actors chooses to leave. When a producer declares that the Lead couple of the show are two of the most violent, narcissistic, misogynistic, hypocritical mobsters around….that indicates being seriously out of touch with what the audience wants. You dont build your brand around the most unflattering, unappealing characters you have! You write for the characters that viewers love and relate to, and then toss antagonists into the mix to create drama. Thats what Sonny and Carly are….they are antagonists to every other chara character’s happiness and well being on the show.

It has been disgusting and exhausting to watch. I say if Jean and Shelly were allowed to write what THEY wanted….it could be enjoyable and fun. Theres too many hands stirring the pot…and too many agendas trying to be fulfilled! Keep Sonny as hero…..write ANYTHING for Valentinis pets…..Stay under budget…..Make sure Varni has his say….etc etc. Committees cant write shows…that has been proven time and again. Writers write shows. Given the constraints andthe mandates these women have been handed, I feel they have done as good a job as any other current soap writer could.

Did you happen to watch Y&R when Jean and Shelly were writing it? Enjoyable and fun are not the words that spring to mind…

Yeah, that music box mystery was one of the worst stories EVER!

Great post, Dylan. It’s rather irksome to realize that GH lost Tyler Christopher (he said he wanted to come back) after playing Nikolas Cassadine for twenty years. And yet, TPTB were aggressively recruiting new pets like Michelle Stafford and Brie Williamson and then later trying to make these puzzle pieces fit in the wrong puzzle through some awful and forced writing.

You said it again, Harry!

Many people despise Sonny. He is not a Frank Valintini character. I am surprised he is still on.

I’m enjoying Paul being the murderer, but given the recent past on GH, he’s probably going to get off “Scott-Free” and continue to be our D.A. There are a few things that I am hoping for with GH and ABC.
1. Give Anna a kick butt story…if you’re still interested in bringing back old themes, let’s get an Asian Quarter mystery/ adventure plot going.
2. If live shots are now a possibility, please please move away from the park that looks like a deserted brown field. The stucco homes of LA really aren’t Port Charles.
3. Roger H, the man can act….probably a lot better than painting stick figures and making waffles for Liz. How about getting him some action.
4. Molly, she’s all grown up…how about giving her a story that would pair her with an older guy, maybe Dillon? This girl has acting chops, let her use them more often.
5. Cristina, another awesome actress…what’s wrong with having her professor move from Middletown, CT to Port Charles…it’s only a few hours away. Have a lesbian couple, involved with the Mob sounds pretty good to me.
6. Love seeing Alexis…Nancy G is amazing. Just let her rip, she’s a firestorm.
7. Morgan needs to go back to someplace off screen. He plays tormented very well….but too often.
8. Michael….he needs some happiness…and he needs some adventure. How about a Jason/ Michael/ Sam/ Nell story, possibly with Anna and the above mention Asian quarter? ..maybe?
Finally, ABC, if you can’t get the Prospect park thing settled, can you bring in Erica Slezak in some role??? please.
Thanks for letting me rant. You’re all incredible. Have a great day.

I love your ideas….and so glad to hear constructive criticisms instead of five paragraph blatant hatred of the show!! I was totally surprised about the Paul angle too but am enjoying the acting out of all involved. Totally enjoying the show….

Good stuff. I thought when Brad appeared they were going the Asian Quarter route. They dropped Brad and Lucas like a hot potato! Sad.

LOL. Yeah, Timmmy. Chloe is another nut. How does she usurp Chelsea’s kindness without a blink of the eye? How does she look at her in the face every day?

Richard Burgi’s performance has been amazing, he is a talented actor, but the story is absurd.

OK, today we heard the full explanation of why Paul killed each victim–except for Bobbi and Lucas, who survived.

But several of his victims were already patients at GH when killed. Did he poison or inflict them somehow to get them to the hospital, then kill them after they were admitted? So his goal was not only to kill people who hurt Susan but also to ruin GH ?

I expect Anna and Dillon and Jordan to rush in with guns ablaze before Paul strangles Tracy tomorrow. I predict they shoot Paul dead. But this may keep us from ever learning why he targeted Bobbi and Lucas.

LOL. Guns ablaze, indeed, Anne.
Absurd is the perfect word describing this ridiculous story.
So, did I understand it correctly? Paul, who seems compos mentis, experiences a short circuited brain at will? …..because of his delusional and fallacious thought processes.
I think he made his daughter this way. LOL. To think that by killing those, whom are supposedly responsible for he ‘condition’, will heal Susan is insanely bizarre.
This writing just doesn’t make sense, albeit Paul is hitting every mark of exemplar acting. I love watching Richard at work.

He probably has a brain tumor like Franco had or some other illness and be set free…next week Anna, who will arrest Paul today ‘Charlie’s Angels Style’, will be at his hospital bedside after he is instantly cured, realizes she loves Paul who asks her to marry him, and they will marry right there in GH in the same room where he murdered Sabrina!!!-lol

Looks like Chloe over at Y&R read Paul’s book!

@Jimh( leave it to beaver).
Ah-ha, Jimmy. It must be something in the air. Brain tumors for everyone who’s been naughty. All will be absolved, live a Utopian-like life, and sing kumbaya around their hearths.

Jordan will shoot herself in the foot!

Let me guess, she was aiming for Paul and missed.

Why did they have to make her so stupid? Being stupid is Dante’s job!

I knew it !!
I said she would come back with ‘work done’..
I can name 3 things she had done.. looking great 😉
But hey.. most all do it.. it’s the TV norm, no big deal..

((I never miss– I worked with a plastic surgeon for 8 years, hard to fool me LOL ..))

great to have Anna back!! looking forward to Anna and Scorpo !!
that will be good!!

As, always, Anna is a star! luvs her!

The ”serial murder case” is the worst ever in soap history, next to the Music Box..
Nothing makes sense even when they try lol … ((ever notice; J&S can Not write drama? and Soaps are Drama LOL )
Anna should be able to solve it in 24 hours..can’t wait for it to be over, it takes up my watching time ahaa!

What did she have done, Suoo? I really did not notice but I am curious.

So am I, Harry. She looks the same to me….I see no evidence of botox ( normally, people who have had botox injections look like they were stung by bees), or any ‘plastic’ work done—-where the face looks stretched. No, Anna looks as authentically and naturally beautiful as ever.
However, if su is an expert, her eye sees a different story.

I want Erika Slezak, ex Viki OLTL to come to Y&R or GH. Erika can play Dina Mergeron Abbott. Ashley and Jack need there mom back. I loved the original actress’s Marla Adams she is a terrific actress, but Erika Slezak is a better actress. Imagine Erika and Jess Walton together, wow that would be cool to see. Also Erika can play a new role on Gh or recast Audrey Hardy with Erika Slezak. I want to see Erika back on Daytime, she is missed.

I agree. I would love all the OLTL cast coming on the GH stage, Claudio. But, you’re right, Erika is special…love her so much.
But, we will be chased off these boards, LOL.
Some fans are not too welcoming of more OLTL actors.
I think Erika would surpass everyone’s expectations…, actors, writers, and producers alike.

Erika could go to Y&R as Katherine’s unknown daughter-or is she a con…who challenges Jill over the Chancelor Estate and makes a play for Colin-sort of a reverse when Jill made a play for Katherine’s husband Philip many years ago…both women end up sharing the mansion-let the fireworks begin!!!!

Yes Cee Cee, I was one of the posters who said no more OLTL people. My reason is two fold. And please, I have nothing against that show or AMC. Number one, use GH vets first! All our beloved characters get pushed into a closet! Number two, bring in OLTL people BUT have a freaking story for them! This Claudette lady, VERY pretty BUT she adds nothing to the show. Finn, I like him but he is at a stand still now. I just want the show to flow evenly. No hard feelings Luv!

I hear you, my dearest friend. But, we are talking about apples and oranges. I do agree that vets should be used, and be in their rightful place. However, some may not want to come back.
From what I understand, for example, Erika is done…..she is well ensconced in New York.
I also agree that TPTB engage ‘new’ actors to see how said actors are received…..I suspect they go about this without a specific storyline in mind. Ergo, Claudette.
Now, considering how many of us have complained about the character and the futility ( as you pointed out) of her story, one would think Claudette should just go away.
But, perhaps, the biggies think that the introduction of Valentin in Claudette’s life makes for a titillating ‘adventure’…..wreaking havoc in Nathan’s, Leisl’s, Maxie’s, and to a certain degree Nina’s life. She did ‘sleep’ with Valentin, afterall……You know, her brother’s ( or NOT) daddy?
I do believe it has finally dawned on the writers HOW they can utilize Claudette. I may be way off, here. But, where else can this story go? What is the climax? Charlotte, Nathan and Valentin are linked. If I am wrong, Timmmbo, you can ridicule me from here to GH’s door. LOL.

When I saw those ‘fateful’, tiny, white gloves, I said ‘this’ past love of Nathan’s would materialize. I wasn’t even serious….never did I expect she would arrive with so much baggage and with a child to boot.
So, yes, you are right. I am not liking Claudette or this useless story. It is child’s play.
Nonetheless, it’s ok to not put that much effort into figuring things out. I feel like a first-grader, LOL. No sweat!!
I love discussing wishful thinking with those fans who share the same feelings. Pipe dreams? Yeah. Sure. Some actors/characters stick with us….we cherish certain memories.
And, in no way do I resent your feelings, Timmmy. You tell it like it is without constant put-downs for the soap. I do too. What I do not like much is the never-ending bashing of the show without EVER saying anything nice or positive. So, no worries, my love. Later.

Hey, Rebecca,
LOL….it dawned on me, after I pressed ‘submit’ what AJQ represents.
Too bad we can’t ” UNSUBMIT”. Ha! No such word? Later.

Claudio, love your idea. Yes, Erika would be fabulous on Y&R and yes, it would be great to see her go toe to toe with Jill which might strike an affinity with how she used to combat her old nemesis Dorian on OLTL.
Y&R’s production, writing, set design and acting is so good now that it’s worthy of Erika’s talent.
I would not want her on GH–GH has been pretty much of a trainwreck for these last few years.

Yeah, she could go there and butt heads with Jill…Erika could be Katherine’s unknown daughter after the Chancelor estate and seduces Colin as kind of a nod to the shows past when Jill had an affair with Katherine’s husband Philip!!!

GH doesnt treat veterans right! She would end up working at PERKS!

@Jimh(leave it ti beaver).
Well, Jimmy, even if it wouldn’t be Erika playing Catherine’s daughter; the storyline still stands. I think that’s a great idea/plot–stick it to Jill? Get Colin? I have come to appreciate Jill–but she needs a dose of her own medicine. She was a harridan in her past life….and, some of that behavior still rises its ugly head. LOL. ” You can take the boy/girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy/girl…”.
Also, anything to take all those billions from interloping Devon, whose name sounds like divan, LOL. I care not that he turned out to be Catherine’s grandson. In my mind; there’s still a big ‘IF’ about his legitimacy.

NOT GH. I don’t care if she is the acting equivalent of the Queen of Sheba! We DON’T need her, or want her! Give it up, OLTL is gone!

We’re talking about soap actors in a soap genre. No one has to give up anything. If a viewer likes and misses an actor, he/she has every right to express an opinion about it and the actor has every right to find work on another soap. As a recast or a new character.

I agree…would love to see Erica Slezak on either show. Not sure about as Audrey…Isn’t the actress still alive? As for GH, I think, which I mentioned on another post, Mark Lawson ( ex Brody from OLTL) would be a great recast for Lucky should they bring that character back.

Wow!!!! Why are you such a dasher of hopes dreams?? Can you ever say anything uplifting….or make a joke? You know, LOL.
We all criticize, but you sound just like AJQ ( or is it AQJ)…. LOL. Can’t remember.

CeeCee. AJQ…AJ Quartermaine (that’s what I assume)

A recast of AUDREY? Are you kidding me? No, no, no! As good as Erika Slezak is, that would just be all types of wrong!


I never watched OLTL. People here lover Erica.

I don’t know Audrey, Timmmy. So, I will keep my peace about her.
But, Erika? All I can say is that she can jump through hoops with her acting….play any role. And, if you had ever watched this one-of-a-kind thespian, you, too, would kiss her feet. LOL.
There is something so magnetic about Erika’s personality…..” Je ne sais quoi” truly fits here. I started watching when I was about 10…. So, she was part of my childhood into adulthood. I looked up to her. The same goes for Kristin Alderson. I am only a couple of years older, so we grew up together, per se. LOL.
I am not pushing for any OLTL actor, but I wouldn’t mind, if the situation called for a role.
What’s wrong with that?
I cannot be certain, but, I think Erika has the record for winning the most Emmys in the category of ‘LEAD ACTRESS”. That is an Herculian feat, in my book.
Not you, LOL, but, the moaning and groaning is old now. It’s a soap, and as such, soap actors from other soaps, defunct or not are hired and fired.
I loved Bree on OLTL (Jessica)…. Untouchable, as far as her multi-personalities. WOW!! Erika played her mother ( who also suffered from a dual personality), and together? Well, I always found myself clenching my fists in the anticipation of their next move. Now, I can’t wait until Claudette goes back to NYC or Toronto. Ha!!
None of the nonsense we see now. That was true, raw drama.
All storylines were a moment in time, and in my day, to behold. I absolutely loved every single character on OLTL.
Sorry for the winded comment. Perhaps, I helped you walk for a second into something pure to behold, ( drama, acting, storylines), my Timmmy.
OLTL , for me, was IT. Yeah, I sound obsessessive, LOL. What can I say…I am very passionate about those I love. Real or fictitious.

Anna and Tracy! Add Laura to the mix and you have three of the greatest soap characters ever! I love that Tracy has gotten so much story sans Luke. She has shined and really become a great character woven into many stories and character’s lives. I think there is a lot of potential for Laura with Kevin too. Now lets get Anna a great story, let Julian get what’s coming to him and let Anna move on to a new adventure and love interest. The three of these ladies have never phoned it in and they should own the show!

Great point Dan. The problem is, these three legendary actors have one of the worst writing teams on daytime writing for them!

Yes, Dan…these women are gold; ……tomorrow is another day?
I am soo hoping that Kevin and Laura’s relationship is not dead. They fit so well.
I know as a guy, you probably don’t care? Lol. But, Genie’s hair looked spectacular. Lots of body in the do, versus the usual ( pretty, but not oomphy) ‘fare’.
Anna and Tracy are both forces with which to reckon….so, let’s see some of that intrepid ‘ maneuvers’!!

Welcome back Finola! You’ve truly been missed. 🙂

Ms Hughes’ presence alone gives this dreadful storyline a much needed lift. Indeed, I’d be content watching this terrific actor bake cookies, knit, clip coupons, whatever. GH is stronger with her onscreen. More Anna please!

Long live General Hospital!

And I think we get Robert back next month! What class these two are to daytime TV!

What. A. Mess.

A “mystery” predicated on an off-camera assault involving a bunch of characters we’ve never seen or care about.

Why would Paul just blurt out a murder confession with the door to Susan’s room wide open?

Paul killed Dr. Mayes (a neurologist) for botching Susan’s rape kit. Why was a neurologist performing an exam on a rape victim? Do the writers know what a neurologist does?

Why is Tracy being written as an imbecile who would get in a car with a killer and allow herself to be driven to an isolated location?

As for Paul not being able to give Monica a pass on being his next victim because she smelled his cologne — hey Paul, here’s an idea: stop wearing that cologne.

The real mystery here is why GH is keeping these writers.

I hear Paul and Tracy are going to be in “Friday the 13th Part 50!”

Oh, Alan, if the subject weren’t so serious, I would laugh.
Dr. Mayes was so insignificant to me, I never truly paid attention to his ‘specialty’. Great point, and thank you for bringing it up.
I must say, what would a neurologist be doing during a pelvic exam? Assist?
I don’t understand these illustrious writers, sometimes.

Alan…as usual, you make LOADS AND LOADS OF SENSE!!!!! Thank You. It makes me wonder as to what’s next…a podiatrist performing brain surgery?!?!? BEYOND INSULTING!!!!!

Have a good one, Alan.

Amen to you Claudio, yes yes Erika Slezak would be perfect for the role of Dina Abbott. Erika deserves to be back on our screens again. Man the lady can act, she has won 6 Daytime Emmys. Also Claudio we also need Robin Strasser ex Dorian Lord back on tv too. Robin can go to Days as the new Vivian Alamain. I love Louise Sorel, but I would be fine with a recast.

I could be mistaken, but didn’t Louise Sorel once play Dorian Lord on OLTL also?

hey, isn’t that the cabin where Morgan dragged Kiki too? Way to reuse sets GH!

Remember the shed where Heather swapped Sam’s baby? Didn’t that become the Morgan/Kimi boathouse? Recycling is GREEN!

lol! They can at least “try” to make it look different. Isn’t that stairway in Liz’s new apt Rick Webber’s old house? Yes, it looks very familiar to me.

BAD, BAD, BAD… .what bad writing today on why Paul killed all of those people.. BAD writing.. .to watch this or 4 months … the killings… really????

what an insult to me as a viewer of the show to come up with those reasons on why he killed each victim??????!!!!

I want the old writers back NOW!!!

While I applaud their attempt to wrap up this lame serial killer story– they are not doing a very good job of it— First off isn’t it extremely fortunate that all the people on Paul’s list just happened to end up being in the hospital at or close to the same time— lucky break for him— Also, how does Bobbie figured into it? They explained how everyone had a connection to Susan except Bobbi— Also Anna is obtaining all this evidence against Paul illegally– and tell me what hotel gives anyone access to someone else’s room to leave a note– honestly— And what human being in their right mind thinks murdering people will help a broken spirit to mend– perhaps Susan isn’t curl up in a ball because she was raped but because her father is a psychopath — my idea of having Paul murder people to cover up his daughter killing someone in the first place made more sense, then rewriting history and making this Paul’s plan along–when didn’t he come to town supposedly to capture gun runners? Duh– and he didn’t even know Sloane was in town, based on what he told Anna a while back– so great they are wrapping up this story, but why do they have to insult our intelligence in the process?

They search the room and THEN JorDUMB says she is going for the warrant!

Does she even know what a warrant is…

Tim…Y-E-P…further proof that JorDUMB is nothing but a TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT!!!!! Gimme a break already!!!!! Truly lame.

Have a good one, dude.

Hey Mary…EXCELLENT POINTS!!!!! You should write (or whatever) for GH. To me, you make W-A-Y MORE SENSE than those idiot GH writers!!!!! Hey…just an idea……….

Have a good one, Mary.

Thanks but at this point anyone probably could write better stories than this– the trouble is they are making it as they go— a writer should have a destination in mind and write to get there– unfortunately they did what Ron C did with Fluke they change course halfway through the story and no matter how much they tried to connect all the previous plot points to the change in direction, it never works– it didn’t work with Fluke and it didn’t work with this serial killer story, which I believe was supposed to be about harvesting organs on the black market– but their biggest mistake was writing another character into a corner— Paul could have been either a great leading man or great non-crazy villain but now he can’t be either– what an utter waste of a character for one the dumbest stories ever conceived of on daytime

Ok…I barely EVER criticize the story with a few exceptions. This is one if those exceptions.

As a few have pointed out, WHY would Tracy go ANYWHERE with Paul after she overheard his confession to Susan.

So, she winds up in the room with him and he’s rambling on and on… I’m thinking, okay, she’s playing him. She’s going to wait to make her move and get out of there. But no, she listens with a sympathetic ear and still I’m thinking…part of her plan. But lo andy behold, after hearing him talk like a psychomkiller both at the facility and in the room….it doesn’t dawn on her that he’s gone out of his mind…no….she thinks he’s just like one of the “regular” GH killers…(take your pick) ..and he was just angry, a protective dad getting justice for his little girl. She won’t tell…because of Dillon. But then, when he threatens her life for the third time and explains that after it’s done…when all loose ends are tied up AFTER he kills Monica too…she has a revelation!!!! “ think Susan will snap out of it and come back to reality,” she asks????? “Oh my gawddddddd….you’re ( ding, ding ding!!!!!) crazy! I didn’t realize that until now!!!” Errrr..really? What gave it away?

And Jordan? She had to be spoon fed The evidence…twice. See Jordan??? Same RARE cuff links. Wealthy man, similar shoes, easy access to the hospital. ” Right under your nose”? remember your words? Killed Sloane? In cold blood? Hmmmmmm…”nope, still don’t see it.”

Back to Tracy. Yep, she’s cool under pressure. But clueless? At least Alexis was smart enough to see Julian’s unraveling once her suspicions started to grow and we saw her nerves, her determination to not let him see her freak out…and then her very normal fight or flight reaction. Tracy’s just…”c’mon man…you’re understandably upset…but why Monica. Oh c’mon…that wasn’t her fault…”

Really Tracy? Really writers? It took her HOW long to realize he’d gone over the crazy rainbow?

Franco, pass me the popcorn.

Beautifully expressed post, Rebecca, as always.
However, this time I agree with your every word.

Thanks Harrr…shall we mark this day (post) down on our calendar? 🙂

BEEEE-utiful. Absolutely agree about Tracy. She’s not an idiot. WTF were they thinking?!

It’s too far from her center, her core. Stupid and willowy is not how you’d describe Tracy Q.

LOL, thanks Tomas. Well, at least Friday , after her brain cells came back, she expressed fear which was head and shoulders above casual.

I try to be positive about GH but I’m increasing disappointed many of the storylines…serial hospital killings and Paul; Claudette anything; Morgan “relapsing” through no fault of his own; Ava and Julian getting away with murder…again; Sabrina killing; Michael giving up yet another baby to questionable people; Sonny popping up as Godfather to everything Port Charles with no actual story anymore; GH shut down with seemingly no sense of urgency in the community, and it is after all the name of the show; and sorry, not a Liz/Franco fan.

But not all downers…thank goodness for Laura and Kevin, and Anna being back.

You forgot the nightmare that is Hamilton Finn– who has been dying from this mystery disease for so long that I no longer care– if I have to watch him shoot up one more time I will scream– either cure him or let the character die already– lets move on. I am sure tptb on GH can find yet another role for Michael Easton– LOL

He could come back as Sabrina’s twin. Too much? Lol……

Jane Elliott did her usual great job, but this storyline makes no sense. So much of “GH” is a mess right now.

If Paul has been avenging Susan’s rape and mistreatment since he returned to Port Charles: What was his reason for shooting Sonny last year? What role did Bobbie and Lucas play in Susan’s mistreatment?

General Hospital


You probably needed the hankies during today’s Wednesday, June 19th episode of General Hospital, for it marked the return of fan favorite John J. York to his role as Mac Scorpio.

This was to be York’s first episode back on-screen since he underwent treatment for two blood cancers and revealed his health diagnosis and battle publicly back in September of 2023.

The scenes involving Mac gave viewers all the feels, and it looked as if reality and the soap blurred, especially in York’s scenes with his on-screen children, Maxie (who Max raised) and grandchildren, Georgie, James, and Bailey Louise, and wife, Felicia (Kristina Wagner).


Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


Meanwhile, Felicia keeps getting calls from Maxie while she is work at General Hospital and does not pick up. So, Felicia is unaware that her husband is back. Eventually, Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and is in for a big surprise when Mac appears and the two hug and share a kiss.

After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

So, what did you think about Mac’s homecoming on GH? Were you touched just seeing John J. York back in action on the ABC soap opera? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Jophielle Love Talks On Violet’s Emotional Scenes with Finn, the Loss of Gregory, and Taylor Swift

During General Hospital’s recent episodes surrounding the death of Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison), who succumbed to complications from ALS, many in the cast delivered touching performances; including Jophielle Love (Violet).

In story, Violet learns of her grandfather’s passing when she comes home from school and her father, Finn (Michael Easton) sits her down to explain that Gregory passed away in the middle of the night. Violet’s reaction was one of devastation and tears.

Michael Fairman TV caught with Jophielle on the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmy Award ceremonies, where she was a nominee for Best Original Song for the song she co-wrote, “Shine.” The track was first heard back on a December 2023 episode of the ABC daytime drama series and is currently available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

Photo: ABC

When talking about the departure of Gregory Harrison, and Violet’s reaction to her grandpa’s passing, Love shared, “Well, I was very tired from the taping of the three-day wedding, so I already had the tears in me. I knew that I was always going to see him (Gregory Harrison) in real life, but I was also very, very sad he was leaving the show. He was such a delight to work with.”

When Violet saw how difficult it was for her on-screen dad, Finn, to cope with with the death of Gregory, Love shared, “It’s hard for Violet, but Michael and I, we still see each other and he’s always happy (in real life). But, those scenes were hard. I was comforting him.”

Photo: ABC

Receiving her first Daytime Emmy nomination as songwriter was a thrill for Jophielle: “Well first of all, I was jumping up and down and Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) came and told me while I was on set. I was just so excited.”

Photo: JPI

Since pop superstar, Taylor Swift, started at a very young age as a singer and a songwriter, does Love see herself as a mini-Taylor? Jophielle emphatically stated, “I’m a mini Me“.  As to what she thinks of the record-setting Swift’s music, and if she likes her work. Love shared, “Yeah, yeah … so, so…”

What did you think of Jophielle’s performance during the passing of Gregory? And her comments here on Gregory Harrison, Michael Easton and Taylor Swift? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Issues Statement Condemning Racist Attacks Directed at Tabyana Ali

After continued online racist comments directed at General Hospital cast member, Tabyana Ali (Trina), the series has issued its own statement on the situation across all of its social media platforms on Tuesday.

Ali, who back on June 9th took to X to stand up to the racist remarks sent her way, has been facing the same situation since joining the soap opera back in 2022 as a recast in the role of Trina Robinson.

Throughout her time on the ABC soap opera, Tabyana had been one-half of the popular young love story of “Sprina” along with Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer).

Photo: ABC

Now General Hospital is standing up and alongside Ali, with its statement which read: “General Hospital does not tolerate hatred or bigotry of any kind. Racism has no place in Port Charles. GH is for everyone.”  Since its posting, the ability to comment has been turned off on the GH Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

While the statement does not specifically name Ali, according to Soap Opera Digest, ABC has been communicating with Ali and her representatives about how best to navigate the situation. Once the statement was issued, Ali took to X and said, “I appreciate you so much ABC/GH.”

Photo: ABC

Back on June 9th, Ali opened up about the “hate” directed at her and then added, “To anyone that hates me, that’s absolutely fine. I don’t know you and you don’t me, but regardless I’m sending you peace, safety and prosperity.”

Several of Ali’s GH co-stars have posted the statement on their Instagram accounts including: Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Jacqueline Grace Lopez (Blaze) and Kate Mansi (Kristina).

What do you think of General Hospital’s statement that racism has no place in Port Charles? Are you glad they stood up for Tabyana, and moving forward for any form of racism related to the show and its cast? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Michael Easton as Finn

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