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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Helena In Her Will Reading To Laura: "I'm Giving You The Key To What You Have Loved, And Lost!"



It’s the big meetup at Wyndemere for the reading of Helena’s (Constance Towers) will, and it turns out the executor and person delivering the goods to those in attendance is none other than Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner).

Gathered to find out what Helena left to them are: Nikolas (Tyler Christopher), Laura (Genie Francis), Lulu (Emme Rylan), Hayden (Rebecca Budig), Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Sam (Kelly Monaco), and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Scott begins the reading of Helena’s last will and testament with a video! Yup, Helena is delivering her “parting gifts” via a taped message spewing her venom one last time at those she has left in her will.

Helena begins by leaving Sam one cent, to be split equally with her sisters, because “that’s all any child of Alexis is worth.”  Next,  Scott hands Alexis a box that’s playing the last operartic song her mother ever sang, and in addition and for additional wallop, contains the knife Helena used to slit Alexis’ mother’s throat.   Then comes Elizabeth’s “gift”.  She is given by a Helena a parched-paper crayon drawing booklet entitled, “Jake’s Adventure”.   It is so appalling to Liz that she leaves to later read its contents while alone at the hosptial.


Nikolas is next and Helena tells him he is her biggest disappointment, and therefore she has left him nothing of the fortune, and that it is all going to the Cassadine Foundation. However, she does leave behind a life size portrait of herself for her grandson.

She informs Nikolas that the painting is symbolic that they will never be finished.  Next up is Lulu: she is given an empty envelope – which confuses everybody, especially after Helena tells Lulu she’s owes her a great debt. Finally, it’s Laura’s turn in the most important and anticipated moment in the episode.  Scott hands Laura a box that contains a single black key in it.  Helena spews: “You took from me the thing I loved most, my beloved Mikkos. But because I am the better person I’m giving you the key to what you have loved and lost.”  She then reiterates it one more time,  “Remember Laura, the key to what you have loved, and lost!”

So this begs the question, now that it seems that Genie Francis will have a story arc as Laura tries to figure out what the key is for, do you think that Helena is referring to Stefan Cassadine? Luke Spencer? A child?  Someone or something else? Share your theories in the comment section below, and let us know what you thought of all of Helena’s “parting gifts” to those in her will!  But firs,t watch the Helena and Laura moment from Monday’s episode below, and a preview pick-up for Tuesday’s episode featuring Genie Francis.

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I think Helena is alive and well and will be steering whatever’s to come next. Why? Her self-portrait has her drinking tea…as if she’s letting Nicolas know she knows he poisoned her. I think Lulu’s gift has something to do with her last remaining egg that she and Dante have yet to use…and perhaps in the end the knife that Alexis is holding on to will be used again…Finally, it seems.Laura is getting a story. And a fitting one.

Rebecca 1…Isn’t this fun!?! It’s almost like the portrait was “alive,” a little like Dorian Gray. Hope Helena is, too. I think the same about Lulu’s egg. Love what could be an adventure for Laura. And of course it’s operatic the knife could strike again. But I am worried about the storybook left for a Jake and Liz. I really don’t like it when the writers mess with kids. Question about the coin left for Sam. Didn’t she just leave it? Was it worth a zillion dollars?

Hi Rose. Yes! The reading itself, while rather innocuous, has the potential for an intriguing story. Ket’s hope they don’t disappoint. At least they have us guessing…

As long as they don’t hurt or kill Jake I’m interested to finally fibd out what happened to him all those years. I was thinking he might not be the real Jake, but that would be just too cruel to do to Elizabeth and family… But. Helena muwt have had SOME influence.

Maybe the penny was tails on both side…symbolizing Sam’s bad luck!

I hope Helena stays dead, the old bat is annoying. Lol

But she’s fun Erica. Lottsa great stories involved the crazy Cassadines…

I certainly got the feeling she’s alive

Could be a fun discovery Patrick!

Hmmmmmm ….

@rebecca1 – I hope you are correct in that Helena is alive and well? I also hope that Genie is getting a good story!

I do think so abruzzfan…with the story probably culminating with all clues leading to Helena…or a gathering. Seems like this could be a good old fashioned…throwback GH adventure…hope the writers are up for it.

when Laura was holding the key… the picture of spencer was panned… I thought that was telling…..?

I keep expecting the eyes on Helene’s portrait to move…lol

Lol jimh…ala the watchful eye of the Mona Lisa. I DO think Helena is watching…

And starring Roger Howarth as Shaggy!

Oh boy, a music box, an empty envelope and a mysterious key, Jean and Shelly are NOT good at writing mysterious! Dont believe me, Google “Music box Y&R!” HORRIBLE!

LOL– that is what I was thinking when I was watching– that and how poor suooo was probably screaming at the television NOOOOO not again. For those GH viewers who don’t watch Y&R they have no idea how horrendous the storyline around Katherine Chancellor’s will was—- the only mystery here is why they decided to try to write the same type of story again when it fell flat on another show?

Ugh. So lame. Are we going to hear UN BEL DI every day for the next six months. DROOL has the pancake murderer writer, so maybe we’re lucky?

hi Timmm..
ohhh no!!!
Helena’s curse was ; Jean and Shelly brought their music box story to GH !!!!

((Jean and had written a music box story on Y&R..
It is known as the worst soap story, ever.. it is infamous for being well over a year long and it was empty of mystery, drama am left to fade away never solved .. It was a total year long coma)

I had said when J&S came to GH.. they would bring their music box with them in hopes of finally writing an ending for it… LOL !

Whomever wrote the MB story, it sucked! I hated it. It moved slow, no drama AND no end!


could you please… tell me… I know Jean and Shelly were both at Y&R… recently….

was this during the time… Genie Francis was Genevieve ????

I actually hope this… as it would be a good indication… they at least KNEW how to write for … Genie Francis…. or Genevieve

gawd.. I don’t get sometimes… how writing is so bad.. that a character or ACTOR… just languishes… and goes nowhere

vice versa… they move to another show… and wallah… here comes the same writers

oy! it’s ALL muddled to me… just keeping up with who’s who… in the writing arena

Genie Francis’ Laura… is so worth much more than what she’s been

the supportive mother and character of reason

argh! having said that… NO I won’t relent

let’s see Genie Francis ACTING from A to Z every thing under the sun

what’s that key for : to release her virtue… damnation … stimuli… audience fester … wound me

it just goes to show… how much Anthony Geary commanded his own career… argh! she gave him a career by his side… and she .. OK left of her own accord ??? yes?

she still deserves something

wouldn’t it be a hoot if Denise Alexander returned

Genie Francis; as Genevieve on Y&R

quote from Wiki –

“I will tell you it made me feel immediately lighter in my person. I just felt like I don’t have to wring my hands and cry all the time, and worry and focus on the pain, you know. Now the focus of this new character was: how do I entertain myself, even if it’s at your expense? It’s kind of like the character in House. I just say what I want to say because it tickles me. That was a fun-freeing part of the character to play and I enjoyed it.”[16]

—Francis, on how it felt from portraying Laura Spencer to Genevieve Atkinson (2011)

she was nominated for best supporting Emmy in 2012

ie: she was let go…. by JFP for budgetary constraints

Oh hell no please no more boring music box for Y & R. It’s bad enough lately with Summer in every episode again.Although come to think about it “Music Box or Summer”? I think they rank together.

Nikki, I dont know what she has on someone over at CBS but there is only ONE season in Genoa City and its Summer! WHY?

Summer and the music box…the two most boring subjects.
Watch out, Nikki….something’s brewing between her and Luca. The writing’s on the wall. More Summer!.
But, Laura’s key is bound to open something much more ominous, Helena’s ‘sweet’ caress has touch it.

The music box storyline was introduced by Josh Griffith at the reading of Katherine’s will in the early September 2013. This would mean the script was probably written in late July. Jean and Shelly didn’t takeover as head writers till early October 2013 and JG’s storylines ran through early November. Jean and Shelly did very little with a storyline they inherited just like Pratt has done nothing with a storyline he inherited with Michael’s cancer. They are not to blame for creating that mess.

I didn’t care at all for their mysterious stories on Y&R but I think they’ve had some good ones on GH and at least I am intrigued by them.

Duly noted Jay. I have enjoyed Jean and Shelly but panicked when I saw Alexis open the box. I hope ONE of these stories works!

Just embarrassing! What a pitiful and piteous storyline! A build-up to THAT?
ANd the key to Laura? Please do NOT tell me that she is going to find Nickolas’ twin that waws taken away from her. And P-U-L-E-EZ-E do NOT let her “find’ Luke–his is “lost” forever–lol–as a result of his portrayer’s oversized ego and disgruntled personality.
Come on, writers, you can do better than that; give me and quill and I”LL write her a story!!.

I think Helena is alive and maybe Hayden knows, Helena might make it look like Luke is dead to Laura or Stephan is alive and may haunt Laura? I dont know, its a cluster already!

I did not know Nik had a twin……or that said twin was taken from Laura.
I bet that’s what it is, nancy.
I fervently agree about Luke.

I never thought Helena died. I said so from the get go. But, there is always the chance that is exactly what TPTB want us to think. So, her death is quite iffy, at this point. The answer is in the portrait.

That play/pause will reading was more like a Carlavati moment then an Altman/Passanante scenario. I found the whole thing utterly ridiculous.

Its way to early BUT it doesnt look good jonboy!


I think that key given to Laura will lead to a very good story line if handled properly. I’ll admit I’m interested.

Do the PTB even know what this ‘thing’ Laura has loved and lost is? Animal, vegetable or mineral?
I will just assume ‘they’ are treading the waters slowly until an answer is reached.
Laura will go on a search, to give her a storyline. I hope these bosses give the role justice and a modicum of order to whatever venture is set upon her. Genie/Laura is an intelligent woman. I hope ‘they’ make it work.
The statement is so obscure and ridiculous; it’s laughable. The obvious is Luke? Too easy…..we are, also, dealing with Helena and writers who, I believe, do not know where they’re going with this blatant announcement.
I pray for a substantial storyline…..Genie deserves it….get her out of the nursery!! She has knitted enough baby booties; listened to/witnessed enough melodramatic theatrics from her kids.
Please put this beautiful talent on the right path.

Please be Lucky, recast the role and bring him back

I bet we finally get to meet the real left handed boy LOL..

I know this …a long lost child will box her into another corner while the newbie gets the better story.. Please no.. They don’t have many options for this road they are going down

@CeeCee…Sweets, as obvious as it may sound…Luke could still
be involved in some way. Helena made it a point to mention, she spoke
to him last before he disappeared into the misty unknown. This will take
Laura on a journey thru her past so she can discover where her future leads.
Will there be pitfalls along the way, of course… Helena is heading the Trekk.
Helena has to be alive, she couldn’t possibly have known Nick would serve
her poison tea until after the fact. Talk about delusional…he must think he’s
invincible at this point, if he expected to be rewarded for trying to kill his
grandmother of all people. Lulu should discover Helena took her last viable
“Egg” and had “Britt” carry yet another child of hers….. Alexis’s ” Happily Ever
After” will be short lived because the dagger that Helena used to kill Alexis’s
mother with will be used to stab & kill Julian with…Murder Mystery May Sweeps.
Helena’s far from done with Sam, less than a penny is worthless… If she loses
her Father and her Mother ends up going on trial for said Murder… Jason her
“great love” being torn between his feelings for her & Elizabeth, plus the
escalating problems facing little Jake…she’s in for quite a year.
Just saying, this is one way to go writers. What do you think CeeCee???

Oh, my sweet lady; I bow to you, tenfold.
Your must be the most direct, sensible post on this site. Sooo illuminating!!
You make the process so easy and clear. Of, course, my first thought was Luke. But, do you think TPTB have a plan for Laura’s storyline, this time around?…Or, do you think they will make it up as they go along; just as they did either Luke? I do hope there is some direction.
Furthermore, as Laura goes on this “excursion” of finding what the key unlocks; she will also find herself….discover more about her life for which she had bargained. Will she encounter Luke! Is he there right in front of her nose?
I believe, now more than ever, that Helena is alive. And, your premise about Lulu’s egg being in Helena’s possession, is an eye-opener. Makes too much sense.
Perhaps, as you suggested, there is another Lulu/Dante child out there, via Britt.
WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! I love it, lovely Fanny.

Fanny….I forgot to add that your emphasis on symbolism; eg., the knife, is right on target.
I truly enjoyed this episode as ridiculous as it was. I appreciate any ploy or advantage taken, by writers, of any language to make words dance. This episode, especially the cryptic reading of the will, was riddled with impossible possibilities.

Fanny, such good theories! I think Duke will be alive to. Since Griff is his son, reuniting the two will be powerful.

Well, CeeCeeGirl, let’s pray that wasn’t a veiled reference to Luke!!!! (Oh, pleeeeze!) LOL. The only other things that have been truly precious in Laura’s past have been her children/grandchildren….could there be a hidden one somewhere out there? (Seems that Helena may have been running her own private nursery, what with Jake and ????) As for that elegant ice queen’s baffling “last words?” Sheer perfection, and oh so befitting! I loved every poisonous detail, although the Sam and Alexis “parting gifts” were, by far, the best!!!! Even though I do like Sam as a singular character, I have to admit that I do agree with Helena’s financial assessment of Alexis and her offspring….it was utterly priceless! All I know for certain is that I concur on Genie Francis deserving a strong and interesting storyline…she’s been knitting long enough…let her pass her yarn and needles on to some other more deserving granny (not that I shall mention any names….) and set forth upon what should be an unforgettable adventure! (Which would not surprise me were it to culminate with yet another Helena run-in….I still refuse to believe this formidable foe of a matriarch has really met her maker. At least, I sincerely hope not!)

Oh, Shay, my love!!
You have made my day! What a ‘fulfilling’ post….And oh, so subtly jeering!
I agree with every word; down to passing the knitting…..
Also, my witty one; it did not escape me that you did not capitalize ‘maker’. The inference is so apropos. Lucifer is probably still waiting on the sidelines.LOL.

At this point they might as well put Laura back in a rocking chair and have a “Hand” brush her hair!

If you or I or anyone else got a key at a reading, we would just go okay, does anyone know anything about this, could this unlock something in this mansion? Other than that, put it in a drawer and move on! Why wouldnt Laura ask Scott if he knows anything else? How the hell does she “Start” a treasure hunt when she doesnt know where to start? I suspect Cassadine Island may come into play. It doesnt look good Cee.

Too funny, my Timmy…..they could borrow “thing” from THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

But, Timmy, my love, Laura did start somewhere. In that dungeon serving as the ‘retiring’ room….was that a bookcase? It is silly, I know. But, as long as the story, any story, steers away from Sonny, Morgan and Julian, I’ll take it. Can’t get away from Julian, though….he’s married to Alexis and is Sam’s father….so, he’s smack in the middle of this travesty.

@CeeCee…..So glad you enjoyed my ruminations…..LOL…Ahhhh, yes, I agree that Helena’s preternatural relationship would be with the netherworld, aka, the one and only”Lucifer,” although I also thought of that dishy “Lucifer Morningstar!” Wouldn’t he make a perfect partner in crime for this exquisitely evil dark lady? As far as looking back upon what Laura has already loved and lost…Luke, Rick Webber, various members of her adoptive family, the Vinings, her birth mother, Lesley (again?)—- well, there is also the notion of the assumed dead Stephan Cassadine, or how about if Nik were actually a twin and Helena kept his brother’s existence a secret for all these years whilst she groomed him in her own image…..but she finally pulled the old switcheroo with the real Prince over this past year, which would explain so much of the very odd and uncharacteristic behavior displayed by said (disinherited) Cassadine ???? If the genuine Nicky is languishing somewhere in a prison….probably on that infamous island of ill-repute, then perhaps the key unlocks his cage. Just a thought….it could also simply be a metaphor…..perhaps regarding Laura’s very sanity? She certainly lost that on more than one occasion…..and the maddening puzzle of this key’s purpose could lead her back to one of those padded rooms! As far as Lulu’s empty envelope? Would seem to be an obvious nod to her barren state, and the nagging question of just how many of her embryos were out there in circulation after her stint in the deep freeze ala Stavros. Lastly, I would love to see that lovely dagger Helena gifted to Alexis put back into commission….wouldn’t it be just desserts if someone ended up with it through the heart, bearing no other evidence than the prints of Ms. Davis all over it???? (Watch out, Julian!!!! Ooooh….this could be good!!!!…..) A tea toast all around to whatever hell the formidable Queen of Cassadine has unleashed from beyond the grave….or otherwise!

As always, ma belle, your post enchanted me. I have a hard time expressing myself….you, on the other hand, have no problem.LOL… so many more on these boards. But you? You are you, my Shay!!
Oh, yeah!! How about that Lucifer Morningstar?? Yummy!! So bad, yet, so good! He is a walking oxymoron. I wish he were on GH, conspiring away with Helena, and then, having his good side take over, and sticking it to her. HaHa!
I have been learning bits and pieces about the Laura/Cassadine destructive relationship. So much I did not know. I have been devouring everything every fellow-poster has been posting.
I like the twin idea….for this to be Laura’s quest. But, would Helena be so kind? As you intimate, is this Helena’s last stand of deviltry to drive Laura crazy? Again?
Yup, my love. Your knife theory hits the spot…pun intended, lol.
Poor, poor Alexis ….she needed comforting, after her ’bout’ with “just the idea of that woman, the thorn in her side, Helena” prick her with this symbolic ( as per Fanny) knife.
So hurt, so inconsolable, there was only one way to assuage the pain.
Let me get this straight. Alexis is the illegitimate daughter of Helena’s husband? Is this why she hates Alexis so much? It wasn’t her fault she was created. I’m sure Helena was used to her husband’s peccadillos.
It’s so well-known how many men, and women…..especially, of a certain social standing, operate. Look at Charles, Prince of Wales, heir apparent to the British throne…
For that, I feel badly for Alexis to have grown with this huge stigma looming over her….and, probably still with her. Does that have anything to do with her bad choices of men, I wonder!?
Yes, who knows what Helena has unleashed! Just one thing….is it done from beyond the grave?

Oh, Shay…
I forgot to add…speaking of symbolism; your assimilation of Lulu’s ‘gift’, as the empty envelope is so good…so telling. Empty envelope, empty womb.
This is why I went on and on about this episode’s writing. Am I the only one to see how prophetic and prosaic it is? Bye…

Hey, Patrick…I’d like to know if these ladies wrote for Genevieve myself. So, su, tell us. We’re sure you know…LOL.
Y&R is when I fell in love with Genie Francis.
But, would it be to Genie’s/Laura’s advantage, if this were the case? I don’t know. I hope it goes in her favor.
As I said and you repeated ( thank you for quoting me, Patrick), enough of Laura’s being anyone’s handmaiden, Nanny or advisor to her children and their ‘melodramatic theatrics’.
I can see you are a Genie fan. I like that. And, I particularly appreciate the fact that it was she who bolstered Geary’s career and not the other way around.
I pray Genie is on her way to the pulpit once again where we can watch her do her thing, in awe.

Leave it to that always mysterious maven of malice, Helena, to be the “key” to what I trust shall be a true “Pandora’s Box” unlocked and unleashed with nothing less than a hellish fury. (And yes, Lucifer M. would be a perfect criminal counterpart for this devilish diva…..isn’t he just a campy delight???? I’ve been a fan of Tom Ellis for many a year, having previously seen him as the charming “Gary” in the Britcom “Miranda”…..very different from his current role as the “Prince of Darkness!”) Having said that, and after some considerable thought, I am now strongly leaning toward Laura’s brainteasing quest to end in a reunion with the assumed-dead Stephan….he’s really the only possible person—other than Luke—that truly fits the description of a love lost for Laura, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that most of us certainly don’t want to see her led back to her second husband for any sort of romantic interlude. That doesn’t mean that I would not also welcome my aforementioned suggested scenario with Nik….his character has been a disgusting, slimy son of a gun for this last year, and it would prove oh so wonderful if his metamorphosis could merely be explained away by the existence of an evil twin! Ditto for the Lulu speculation….something is definitely amiss in relation to those leftover embryos, although where they have been and more importantly, have landed (or been implanted?) is still a convoluted puzzle yet to be solved. As for Alexis, I have no feelings of sympathy for her…..let’s face it, most of the characters currently on the GH canvas, including two of her own daughters, were born of illegitimate circumstances, and most have managed to get on in life without becoming sanctimonious sex maniacs…..LOL. The fact that Helena could never get past her man’s infidelity just goes to show how seriously she took her marriage vows and place as Cassadine family matriarch… keep up her vendettas some 30 years after that snake of a spouse met his icy end bespeaks of her “undying” devotion….twisted as it may be! I rather like that she came up with such an exquisitely evil put down for Alexis, et al….getting in the “last word,” and perhaps setting in motion an even more diabolical punishment for Mikkos’ bastard child? (Well, at least, one of them…..hah!) You can be sure that lurking in the murky shadows is our beloved Helena….I totally refuse to believe that she has taken her last earthly breath….somewhere, somehow, she is still watching…and waiting…(proverbial teacup in hand) to exact her ongoing campaign of revenge! Viva, Helena!

Oh, my gosh, Shay. How i wish Tom Ellis would join the cast of GH. I would love for him to be a Cassadine . Fits and looks the part. Alas, i think he’s too young to be Stefan, no? Almost 30 years too young?
However, he could be Laura’s son. Tom is a few years younger than Tyler….sooooo
Pipe dreams…LOL.
I can’t picture Helena lurking in the shadows, though. Too proud for such menial subterfuge. LOL.
In my mind’s eye, i always see her on a barge, down the river Styx, trident in hand, arm extended, hair and robes blowing; dancing in the whistling, keening wind, to the tune of a dirge …..a spectre against the dark horizon, peppered with ominous, low-hanging clouds. Omnipotent!!
Then, she appears in PC, and the trident is replaced by the infamous teacup, sitting is her preferred poltrona, coiffed head proudly held up.
I would love to have her back. The only drawback would be what horrendous fate would be in store for Laura with Helena back. Not that she doesn’t already have so much power over her and the rest, but I would think seeing her imperiousness in person would be worse for Laura.
I feel badly for Alexis, too….Helena hates her through no fault of hers. This virago believes in the sanctity of marriage vows. Well, what about the sanctity of human life and decency? In that respect, I pity Alexis and her daughters for being on the receiving end of Helena’s demonic hatred.
However, Alexis’s worst pain will come from her husband. She thinks she knows him, but she does not….he will hurt her, one way or another. She should have given this guy’s ‘baggage’ a second thought. But, some other lascivious instinct snatched the better part of her senses.
Viva, Helena, indeed!!!! I miss the snickering hauteur.

Oh, what beautifully vivid imagery, CeeCee!!! Our Helena certainly is one epic, mythical-like creature deserving of such opulent description! She’s always been that singular GH entity that no matter the regime in question, she’s remained this mysterious, impregnable force of nature….even when seemingly vanquished, she’s ALWAYS returned with an (unexpected?) vengeance via sea, air or Spoon Island catacombs and secret passages! Yes, she has made some mighty stealthy re-emergences into Port Charles throughout the years, and as such, I fully count upon yet another from this impossibly elegant, yet wholly resilient, spirit, with the finest of porcelain teacups in hand! (She’ll probably materialize in the Wyndemere parlor as the teatime hour approaches, seated upon her imagined throne, awaiting her pawns in her latest game of chess….LOL.) At any rate, I do believe that Laura will fare just fine against her formidable foe of yore…..beneath that lovely, maternal façade is a spine of steel….this beloved heroine may have lost her emotional equilibrium in the past, but I don’t see that happening again….there is too much at stake this time, future generations to protect, and Laura is one fierce lioness when her cubs are imperiled. If anyone can stand up to Helena, it is Laura, particularly with God only knows what long-lost reinforcements she shall discover in her quest. I think it will be an inspiring and intriguing journey, especially if proper fealty is paid to her magnificent history by the writers. Having said that, I could easily picture Tom Ellis as a delicious Valentin….what a fantastic international presence he would provide, recalling GH’s once trademark flair for bringing in foreign sensations….alas, he would probably now never deign to do daytime, though he actually began on “Eastenders” along with his ex-wife, Tamzin Outhwaite, an excellent British actress in her own right! (Do read up on their story….interesting!) At any rate, it would seem impossible to run out of shining superlatives to capture the impressive essence of this lethal lady known simply as “Helena!” ……most mere mortals are sorely ill-equipped to handle the mighty power of her incurred wrath…..Alexis is a prime example…..she is so lacking in her own morals and self-discipline when it comes to her personal life, that it’s no wonder the Cassadine matriarch has made mincemeat of her on countless occasions. They are so mismatched in terms of cunning, wit and determination that Helena prevails in the end….with the foreboding promise of yet another round of mayhem always pervading the atmosphere. I am totally with you on the desire for this enchanting empress of evil to see another day on the GH canvas, CeeCeeGirl!…..To contemplate anything less than a triumphant sweep into town for her return engagement to Port Charles is truly an unthinkable notion for this indomitable ice queen.

Although I have a feeling the outcome of this is going to be really stupid, I am intrigued.

Hey, Jamie.
I agree. But, the only reason I am intrigued is because I have never believed Helena died. Shay and I discussed this when Helena ‘apparently’ died. She probably had tea laced with whatever drug which mimics death.
This is way out there, but is it possible that the key leads to Helena, herself? Kicking and scheming? Is that the Pandora’s box?

The key is for the door over at ABC studios. They gave it to her since they have no story for Genie!

The key wouldn’t be to a music box, would it? Or are the writers trying to convince us (and themselves) that they’re not recycling themselves?

At least they got far better cooler stuff than i ever inherited…lol

Too funny, Jimmy. What was in your EMPTY envelope?

You already know…it was empty-lol

Can’t possibly think what that key goes to. Anyone know Luke and Laura history well enough to guess?

The last time a similar question was given to Laura, the answer ended up being “a mother”. And Laura was reunited with her mother whom she thought was dead.

I have no idea what the answer would be now. A husband? She’s loved and lost a few of those.

An identity of her own outside of her kids? A job? She’s loved and lost many of those.

Maybe it’s her father. Didn’t she accidentally kill Rick and then was sent off to the sanitarium to languish forever? Although Rick appeared as a ghost to Monica so they really would have some explaining to do if they were bringing him back from the dead.

I think it’s for the …triple “L” diner….that was in Canada….during Luke,Laura and Lucky’s time on the road.
But that diner was really on Rt.31…Newark ,NY…30 mi. out of Rochester, NY.

hi Melissa ..
Jean & Shelly are writing for the vet fans of 3 decades past .. lol
The key most likely has to do with Luke and Laura.. there are a great many who were not watching GH 30 years ago to figure it out… sigh

Hey, Melissa,
I doubt very much the writers themselves know what the key will unlock yet. They put the teaser out there for flair. Helena style!!

Well Laura does/did have a sister; Amy Vining. What if they’ve decided to recast Amy and the key is the clue to her location?


It could very well be Amy Vining.

If they do that, which is fine by me, then -what was Amy’s character’s name I forget- but I haven’t forgotten her gossip and dirty tricks from the nurses station and Liesel and Epiphany- another character who is not delved into and a shame- well they will certainly give her a run for her money.

Luke would be the obvious answer, but I don’t see how that could be it. Laura spent years in captivity among the Cassidines; maybe something happened during her captivity that she doesn’t remember? Somebody suggested that Stefan is alive; that’s as good a guess as any. Laura (arguably) did love him.

Well it would be true to GH’s current writing style to bring someone back from the dead…only to kill them off again a few months later!

Something that she has loved and lost. It could be many things like a family member, a past romance, or deception cosmetics.

I don’t think it is Luke and Scotty if they are going the romantic road with this. The only other person that might fit the bill is a recasted Stefan Cassadine back from the dead.

@Jay Trotter…Your every word is right on point.

Bite your tongue!!

As I said, Jay…..animal, vegetable, or mineral.

I think that whatever the key unlocks is in the painting ( part of it) of Helena, which was ‘regaled’ to Nik.

I will always love GH but I was disappointed in the episode. If Helena is dead, I want the character to be dead and I want stories to stop being centered around her. I have never been a fan of the Helena character dating back to when Liz Taylor brought her to the canvas. Just to be clear, I’m not a fan of the character. I think all of the actresses who have portrayed Helena have been great. But I still don’t like the character. When GH took the turn in 1981 for Cassadine / Ice Princess / Science Fiction “cheese” I have always disliked it but I overlooked it. I was really hoping the new writing regime would finally let Helena be dead and would stop writing stories around her. For 35 years, Helena has been thrown into any/all storylines if they couldn’t otherwise find a way to explain something. By making it “Helena’s fault”, no explanation is ever needed. I’m so bored with that. I was really hoping Genie would have a story that wasn’t just a regurgitation of her past stories. It was totally a copycat moment too. In the 90’s, when Stefan was preparing to reunite Laura with her mom (Leslie), he asked a similar question: “What is the one thing you would love to have most.” I’m totally fine with Nikolas but for heaven’s sake, please stop it with the Sci Fi Helena stuff. Does anyone truly believe Helena is really dead at this point anyway? How else would she know to have a portrait made of herself drinking tea? Enough, please. Give some of these characters something else to do please? In the past six months, I was hoping they would shift gears and write Laura as an independent person who would say her peace to Nikolas but move out and run Kelly’s Diner or something….not sit around and watch and worry over Nikolas and Hayden. Let the lady have a story void of Cassadine matriarchs, etc. Let her worry about Nikolas from a healthy distance while getting back into the work force and making a name for herself.

Helena has hurt so many when she drank that tea others should have drove a stake in her to make sure the bitch was gone!

I – had – high hopes for the reading of the will.

that this was Helena time to salute a comrade ; her adversarial nemesis; Laura

at the minimum … bestowing on Laura… a job at The Cassadine Empire… to help HER son

something loved and lost

hummm… her favorite candy bar ? the skeletal remains of Luke ?

something had better come of this KEY

as Ceec stated above… we’ve bore witness to enough “… melodramatic Theatrics”


I was incensed by Alexis and Sam behavior… childish and immature. ONE can only … HOPE; their truly is a curse on Sam

Alexis will mull over and dramatize her past… SNORE ! her moral standards and virtue are nill … wouldn’t it be something to see either of them… CHANGE… Julian sure has taken a turn for the worst

I never know where you’re coming from Patrick. Helena murdered Alexis’s mother. Slit her throat. She then went on to threaten Alexis throughout the years. What exactly were you incensed about regarding Alexis and Sam? “Dramatize her past? I’d say having the woman who murdered your mother gloat while she bestowed the murder weapon upon you could cause a little drama.

And Helena is all about evil served on a platter of theatrics. That’s always been her M.O.

Oh, Patrick. I do hope Julian gets his just desserts. He is hurting so many people…Nina, Maxie, Dillon….they have worked so hard to achieve the ‘perfect’ issue which would represent the rights of women, universally, in a positive way. Breastfeeding, only one aspect of these rights.
I think that once Alexis finds out what a snake her new husband is, she will kick him in the arse, albeit, as a woman with more than a little experience with men, was so naive. Love is blind? Not in this case…Alexis is past that stage. Has been caught in the spider’s poisonous web one too many times. Wake up!!
Great post, Patrick!!

Oh Cee Cee, you had me until you mentioned Nina.

God, how I hate the Lizard Queen

I think Lulu is the one with the child from Stavros. Helena stole her eggs. The key will probably lead Laura to her dead mother. Remember, Helena kidnapped Leslie 30 years ago, made everyone think she was dead. Maybe Helena had her killed for good.

Helena is still alive, recast Helena with Louise Sorel ex Vivian Days. She will be terrific in the role.

I’ll give it a chance, but truthfully, this did not intrigue me. I just hope they already have a beginning, middle and end to this and it doesn’t just meander endlessly. I know there will be lots of cheap red herrings and wasted time along the way. I really hope that it does not end with Helena still being alive, although signs already point to that. Long live GH!

I agree with all the messages above..
The will reading/story is;


”the whole thing utterly ridiculous”

” Jean and Shelly are NOT good at writing mysterious! ”

” are the writers trying to convince us (and themselves) that they’re not recycling themselves?”

”The statement is so obscure and ridiculous; it’s laughable. The obvious is Luke? Too easy”

LOL- Good grief ! GH deserves so much better than this drivel..

Su, don’t get me wrong…I agree with you. The episode, in itself, was ridiculous. However, are we that surprised? The ladies are writing with Helena’s twisted way of thinking, in mind.
I would assume that was the theme and intention. But, as I said, the writing itself was so stubbornly prickly…I love that!! It was oxymoronic, puzzling, fascinating prose in its purest form.
The women know how to make words work for them…their storytelling.
This is the way I saw it; my opinion. LOL.

Wow! Stop the presses! Slap my face and butter my biscuits–For the FIRST TIME, I actually AGREE with Suoooo! (Take a breath, Nancy!) LOL!

So true, Nancy. So true.

“Butter my biscuits?” Well, I do declare, Ms. Dillingham, you sound like a more genteel, Southern version of Hayden! Love it…..

If Helena had died there would be no way she could have foretold of how she was going to die…so how come the hint of the dreaded tea shows up in the painting….she would have to be alive to insinuate how her demise was executed.

Did she love Nikolas’ father? Is there a possibility he is alive or there is another child we don’t know about? She only loved Scott Baldwin and Luke Spencer as far as I can remember. Definitely intrigued, hope this turns out to be good.

IDK! felt all over the place. But the impacts on the gifts concurred with current story, the one that left me stumped was Lulu’s, Sam’s gift was just worthless to watch, but it’s interesting that Scotty was the one to deliver the Will. Elizabeth’s reasoning for being there was kind of useless in the beginning (bad writing) but her gift explained every reason why she was there to receive that intriguing booklet. ONE! mystery that hasn’t been solved is the letter that Luke gave to Laura when he “finally” departed. This could be “many things” but the Will reading was a bit of a let down :-(. Hope the outcome of all the gifts received is up to Helena’s standards and not the writers.

I wonder if they ever will show the contents of Luke’s letter or if that is just too tall of an order. Even from Amsterdam and retirement, and even if isn’t legally possible: Tony Geary might try to somehow sue them if they do anything Luke-centric without his control.

I hope this sends Laura on an adventure and she has to ask Anna for help. I’d like to finally Laura and Anna work on something with both their expertise fully intact. Let the games Begin

Yes, if they must drag Laura into more Helena nonsense, at least let Laura remind everyone that she was the original undercover, on the run lady aka Lucy Johnson. Laura and Anna would be cool. …especially if they could call in Robert for help. It would be nice to see Laura and Robert reunited again. …especially since Robert was there from the beginning when the Cassadines first entered the scene. Robert and Laura were holding down the fort while Luke was in the next room fending off and killing Mikkos.

You’ve got that right, Shell!

I was just thinking that same thing today, Allen! Why DON’T these two grande dames of daytime have scenes together–it would sure step it up and be a throwback to the “good old days” of classic GH–what an acting team that could be—–forget Luke and Laura, Robert/Duke an Anna teaming/steaming up! The movies have their “bromance” films; why can’t daytime have their “womance”? LOL!!!

I watched today – first time in a long time! The Laura story has exciting potential and I must say it has me intrigued enough to watch again. Hopefully, not a dead end. I also enjoyed the scenes between Anna and the new Doctor who is apparently Duke’s son.

I will accept anything that puts Genie Francis front and center in a story about her, that is NOT about her kids

Whatever it is, it is Genie’s turn to shine and I am sooo there!!!!

You betcha!

genie francis will take whatever crazy storyline they handher and make u want more and more..its her talent…she will make you believe in whatever general hospital tries to sell,,thatswhy they pay her the big bucks,,,,i personally hope it takes her back to stefan,,the 2 actors together made tv screens smoke…and where is leslie,,,,laura needs her mom,,,bring her back while denise is willing to come back,,,its quite simple writers,,,and your ratings proved this a few years ago when you brought back the vets,,ratings rise…so why cant you understand this,,oh yes ego,,,your egos,,thinking you can right the next greatest character and weave in the next amazing storyline,,,,grow up keep it real stick to the hystory of character…and oh yah bring robin matison back pronto,,,,

Oh, Randy, gotta love you for this post.
Thank you

The key will lead her to a room where the Real Luke Spencer has been kept for the past few years… they will then be able to undo the entire Fluke storyline. Sure, it won’t really stand up to viewer examination (it was clearly really Luke) but who cares? If it undoes Fluke, I give it a handwave.

Hey, Andrew! That’s EXACTLY what my sister said yesterday!

I can’t think of anything that would bring Mr. Geary back to share screen time with Genie since he hates LnL so much. However, maybe you and Andrew are on to something about undoing the Fluke storyline. Could it be that Tony’s dislike for R.C. is greater than his dislike for the LnL legacy and us fans? hmmmm….

Great premise, Andrew…TRULY!! But, please, no more Fluke/Luke.

CeeCee…EXACTLY!!!!! I mean…now that Luke/Fluke (and Geary) are gone (YAY!!!!!!!!!!), I find myself yelling at my TV A LOT LESS…LOL!!!!! LOTS LESS!!!!!

Take care, my dear.

OK…I know that it’s a soap…b-u-t…as far as I’m concerned, Helena’s ‘will’ was BEYOND DUMB AS HELL!!!!! And…further proof that Helena is nothing but creepy, cruel, despicable, heartless and flat-out ridiculous. DUMB AND RIDICULOUS PERIOD!!!!!

It’s puzzling from first glance, but I’m choosing to believe that all the trinkets that were distributed hold meaning and contribute to the whole of Helena’s last grand plan of torture.

What she actually gave out:
-A penny.
-A Music Box
-An Opera Program (was it Madame Butterfly, or La Boheme?)
-A dagger used to kill Kristin Bergman (Alexis’s mother)
-A Storybook about “Jake’s Adventure”
-A portrait of herself (with a teacup)
-An empty envelope
-A black key

My belief is that Helena’s plan is to expose Nikolas as her murderer.

I don’t understand how all the pieces fit yet, but breaking it down individually and trying to determine how each plays a part of that plan…

The Dagger: The physical murder weapon Helena used against Alexis’s mother is the reminder of how lethal and remorseless Helena really was.

The Portrait of Helena and her teacup: The strongest clue that she died from ingesting poisoned tea, especially considering the interesting juxtaposition of the flame over the teacup, symbolizing how dangerous the tea was.

The Storybook of Jake’s Adventure: “Always remember, but never tell” this book could be considered the inciting motive for Nikolas to have finally killed Helena. After all her despicable acts, once Nikolas learned Helena had kept Jake alive and hidden from Elizabeth, leaving everyone to believe he’d been killed by a drunk driving Luke, Nikolas made up his mind to finally off his own grandmother.

The Empty Envelope: What is this, but a container for a message? Was it empty? Or did it contain Lulu’s DNA once she opened it and ran her fingers inside it seeking its content? Helena was grateful for what Lulu gave her, which, if Lulu decided to pursue it one day, when she feels empty in the future, she might find it fulfilling in the end. Helena said things to this effect. Wasn’t the original purpose of Lulu’s kidnapping to be impregnated by Stavros with a new heir? Could there have been an embryo still out there that DID create Stavros another child, but this time by Lulu? Of course that makes the child Nikolas’s sibling AND his nephew/niece, but stranger things have happened on soaps. This year. I could see Helena being grateful for Lulu making it possible for Stavros to further his lineage with a new grandchild who would never (even have the opportunity to) disappoint or betray Helena, as she said Nikolas did. And if Lulu wants to pursue it when she feels empty in the future, she might try to track down her lost Cassadine child, and find it fulfilling in the end. Lulu and Laura now have a strong parallel, as they both would have given birth to a Stavros heir, and had little involvement in raising the child from infancy.

The Music Box: Playing the last song Kristin sang before her murder, this would also be considered Helena’s swan song, wouldn’t it?

The Black Key: Laura is given the key to unlocking this mystery, possibly further evidence that would unmask Nikolas as Helena’s murderer. While Helena saying it is the key to something Laura loved and lost, the easy answer could be Luke, but what if Helena means Nikolas? Knowing Nikolas coldly and calculatingly murdered his own grandmother would confirm that Laura has lost the version of her son who had a soul, who had boundaries, who wouldn’t take a life, particularly of family, something a true, dark Cassadine would be capable of, as Helena murdered Kristin. Proving Nikolas to be Helena’s killer makes Nikolas the truest, worst Cassadine of all, since no Cassadine has murdered another as much as they’ve always threatened to. Laura will surely feel she has lost Nikolas to the dark side for good, and that he may be beyond salvation, given what she knows about his actions toward Hayden and then uncovering he murdered Helena?

The Penny: Perhaps if Private Investigator Sam used the penny to “pay attention”, then perhaps all of this might start to make some… sense (“cents”).

That’s my vote!!!

Damn, why aren’t you writing the show! Now, puff puff pass! Great post.

Good job my man. Reading this got me to thinking, seeing that Helena had a portrait of her drinking tea tells me she is NOT dead!

Oh, I agree, dav. It would go against Helena’s character to indiscriminately give meaningless ‘tokens of love’ without a hidden, devilish reason.
These ‘gifts’ will assume a life of their own and create a tsunami. My point exactly…..the writing, if not the story, is impeccable. Suspense, drama and mystery; whether we see it, or like it… is excellent writing, nonetheless.

Quite an analysis–let’s team up and write that sucker!!!

Excellent point that what Laura “loved, and lost” doesn’t have to be something/someone that is STILL lost to her, which is how I took it. So Nikolas fits the bill (she does love him, and she did lose him for a while), and your explanation of how he fits into all this is very plausible.

But, Michael…Laura HAS Nikolas….she HAS found him. Yet, anything is possible with temperamental Helena.
I am not a good candidate to speculate because I am not familiar with Laura’s history.
Reading several synopses and watching old scenes does not fill all the empty crevices.
I leave it to you guys who are well-versed with GH’s stories.
I can only opine on what’s recent.

I’ve long since given up any hope of Genie Francis being given a story worthy of her talents. Let’s face it: unless she hooks up with Sonny there’s no place for Laura in the current writing team’s version of Port Charles.

As for the parting gifts, each one seemed so vague all I could think was that the writers had no idea where they wanted to go so they left themselves plenty of room to change their minds if/when they get around to addressing non-Corinthos stories. Not a sign of confident storytelling to me.

I agree, Alan…and, I said as much. Do the writers know where they are going with this?
But, I will not challenge the writing, in this episode. Loved it.

It was weak as tea! Yes, I said “tea”! LOL!

Love the pun, nancy…….not Helena’s tea, though; that was as potent as laudanum. Lol.
I cede to you, nancy. You are the writer. What do I know. LOL.

Excellent setup (and hey, not a Corinthos in sight!). Now let’s see what they do with it. It’s one thing to have an intriguing launch and quite another to execute a mystery storyline that keeps us engrossed without (a) having big holes in it and/or (b) being utterly stupid. If this actually goes somewhere interesting and gives Genie Francis a real story, then I’m all for it (and hey, did I point out it doesn’t involve Corinthoses?).

Count me among those who thinks Helena isn’t really dead. She never is, after all. (Unless maybe Constance Towers has decided she’s ready to retire and told them she didn’t want to play Helena anymore. Because at this point it would be hard for me to see anybody else as Helena.)

the first thing that came to mind was Stefan Cassadine but I really am reaching. Another thought that came to mind is that the key leads to someone Laura was with when she first came on the show and that was Barbara Vining who she thought was her mother. This is all a wild guess though.

Good monday show for GH. Excellent performance by Constance Towers.

Helena’s will reading and the twisted mysterious gifts was fascinating to watch with great one liners. The stuff that she gave to Alexis was beyond morbid but it’s very true to Helena’s character. The penny that she gave to the Davis sisters was hysterical when she said that’s all any kid of Alexis is worth.

I am so happy that Jean and Shelly are righting a wrong by RC and that is giving us the needed details about what happened to Jake in his four years on Cassadine Island. Liz was very shaken when she received the pamphlet and even more so as she scanned through the pages about her son’s adventure. The words in that book lead me to beleive that Jake had a nanny who molested him. She may also slapped him when he broke something or spilled something. This would explain how freaked out he got at the Q’s thanksgiving when he dropped the vase and repeatedly apologized. He also got very upset and told Sam how sorry he was that day he knocked over a drink. This will be a heartbreaking storyline but it will be a very dramatic one too and provide the actors great material.

I am pretty sure what Helena was referring to in her words to Lulu is that she has a child out there somewhere cause in the summer of 2014 when they were all at that clinic Stavros was obsessed with the idea of having a child with Lulu. He was determined that they create a baby with her embryo and his sperm. That was the last time this storyline was even touched on when Helena walked out of the clinic before it exploded. She made her exit with a container in her hand and a satisfied look on her face. I see this being Lante’s next storyline in how they adjust to finding and raising the bio baby of Stavros and Lulu.

Hi Jay…

Thought provoking post but I highly doubt Jake was molested. Michael’a rape was devastating at the time…but to have Jake abused sould be crossing another line wsy too devastating. Plus, I don’t believe even the murderess hetself would be so cavalier as to write a little book to Elizabeth about something like that. Mind control, imposters, secrets….that’s much more Helena’s way…

I hope this story has a middle and end already planned out. Stories that take an unexpected twist because the writers haven’t taken the time to plan it our or change it because, God forbid, the audience has figured it out rarely make for good story.

I am trusting Shelly, Jan and Frank to not let me down; Genie certainly won’t.

Jean, not Jan. oops!

Exactly, Rodd. That is what has been missing in mostly all these stories. A writing ‘body’…..beginning, middle and end. Excellent observation.

Btw, I thought Helena blew the Cassadine fortune and that’s why Nicholas felt he had to go after ELQ. So how is it she had a load of money to pass onto her medical research lab?

And what was the point of Scotty being the lawyer? He indicated it was to protect Laura from whatever would occur, but he was basically just an MC. Wasted use of such a good actor and beloved character…again.

I agree. I distinctly remember Helena told Nik the Cassadine coffers were empty. Was that a ploy to incite him to get ELQ? I mean, wasn’t that one of Helena’s power games? I can certainly imagine the worst considering the lengths Helena went through to reach the forbidden apple.
Scotty’s presence and attitude were baffling to me. Why was he acting so arrogantly towards Laura? Angry almost! Too bad for him. He is being used as a puppet. Weird and ridiculous.

What if Nikolas is not really Nikolas? What if Helena replaced him some time back for her own purposes and the key leads to where he is?

This would redeem him of Hayden’s shooting and the impostor would be the one who poisoned (or thinks he did) Helena, so that he could stay Nikolas, and thought he would get all of her money.

I like it!

I think they’ll drop this. Sadly, this show has yet to realize anything for the very talented Genie Francis. They’ll either send Laura away for a long period on the “search” or ignore this story completely. I know this because the story has nothing to do with Sonny, so it will go absolutely nowhere.

That would be sad. But, you do have a point, Justin.

I am afraid of that too.

Here is what pisses me off. The last writer had Luke hand Laura a letter. THAT to me is a bigger mystery than a stupid key! Why not read the damn letter? MAYBE the letter is connected to the key? I dont know but lets not throw all these balls up in the air and see which one bounces the highest! We fans deserve better!

Timmm, “what I said”! (But do correct the spelling from “Angle” to “Angel” before letting Laura open that letter!).

Nathan must have written the name on the envelope!

OK, good point about that letter!!!!!

Timmmy, the letter will not re-surface until the writers invent its contents. As I had mentioned before, the letter was given to Laura as a remaining link to Luke… keep him present.
As soon as TPTB figure out what the letter’s message is, we will know. Unless, it will be buried with the ‘music box’. Lol.

hi CeeCee,,
Luke’s letter could go either way, depends on the writers..
If I were the writer it would say..
Hey! it was a great ride. I never want to be near you again. Good luck

ahaaa! that is how the ”John Dear letters go, somewhat 🙂
Most are assuming it was a love letter I prefer a John Dear letter it would be more true to life with a couple as them.

0ooh 000! CeeCee, you said the curse <– pun, words ''music box''!
You best wear a ring of garlic !

Hey there,
Yeah, Luke could be bidding Laura his last farewell. But, Dear John? They’re divorced, so it would not be THAT letter. It’s not a break-up letter.
I do agree that the letter could say anything. My point is, the writers themselves haven’t arrived to a decision yet.
Lol. SuzieQ…..I eat garlic on a daily basis with my salmon. I do not eat meat. So, I am safe.
However, I will make sure to be a little more diligent in the future.LOL.
HaHa, that music box seems to be haunting many of us. Will its memory every disappear from our minds?

Hope Luke’s NOT coming back!

While a fan of vets like Genie and I am looking forward to Laura having a story, I can’t wait to see Helena’s curse take effect on Sam. Don’t hate on me – it’s just my opinion.

I don’t think Helena is dead. Cassadine’s never die.

I think Helena is dead. In that portrait that she left Nickolas was that a reflection of ME the new character Finn in that vase?

Amy Vining, Laura’s sister could easily by the thing Laura loved and lost. Of course the original actress died but it makes sense. Year 1979 was the time Laura married Scott Baldwin and bought his law books and that is also the same year Amy Vining came onto #GH. Also Amy Vining is the only other person that HELENA hadn’t messed with that Laura loved. They never said anything about her except at the 2013 nurses ball she was mentioned. Her last appearance was in 2002 and it’s like she vanished.

The key is to the disco where she met Luke. She loved him and lost her mind and her job. Where is Leslie is what I would like to know.

Leslie is in Paris, alive and well!

Maybe the key to what is loved and lost is a key to a box that contains the codicil.

General Hospital

Bryan Craig Wishes General Hospital’s Maurice Benard ‘Happy Father’s Day’; Is He Trolling Us … or is This the Ultimate Return Tease?

Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s the time when many soap stars and celebrities take to social media to give love and shout outs to their dads.

In an another post that got General Hospital fans to take notice, two-time Daytime Emmy-winner Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan Corinthos) dropped a blast from the past photo of himself alongside Maurice Benard (Sonny). Accompanying the photo, Bryan wrote: ‘Happy Father’s Day” Maurice Benard.

The post on X comes on the heels of a previous response by Craig to a post on Frank Valentini’s (executive producer, General Hospital) comment to On the Red Carpet, where he revealed that this summer, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.” In response, Craig teased, “Who could it be…”

Photo: ABC

Now on Sunday responses to Craig’s post were met with varied responses from GH fans from “Stop playing with us” to “Now you’re just trolling us, lol. We really need you back right now.”  Still others took it as a potential confirmation that Craig is the mystery man on his way back to General Hospital stating, “I hope you’re going to back to GH!” to “Can’t wait!”

Craig last appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a brief return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared in numerous TV and film projects including: Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel.

So, is Bryan Craig yanking GH viewers chain, or is he slyly teasing us, because he knows he is the one returning to the ABC soap opera? Weigh-in on your theories below.

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GH’s Evan Hofer Talks Life for Dex After Sonny’s Beatdown, Giovanni Mazza, and If Josslyn is Love Endgame

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Now, Dex is licking his wounds, and trying to move on with his life after joining the PCPD; following attempting to move away from working for the mob and under Sonny’s thumb. Problem is, Dex has a soft spot for Sonny. Meanwhile, looks like there still may be a future for Dex and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) as the two are trying to mend their once-fractured relationship.

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Evan Hofer at the 51st annual Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmys (in which Hofer was a presenter during the ceremonies), to discuss the current life and times of his Port Charles alter-ego.

Photo: DHoferIG

Evan has now gotten to see and feel first-hand what is like working in soaps and television, when you have to wear prosthetics on your face after Sonny accosted Dex at Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding reception.

Hofer recalled the experience. “Our makeup team is incredible. Priscilla, my makeup artist is just so talented. She layered silicone every day so she could control the swelling, so that way, she would have control over how it looked as it progressed and, you know, decreased, increased,” Hofer revealed. “She was incredible and very, very detailed.”

Paying a nod to actors who have to take on TV or movie roles where they have to wear complete facial prosthetics, Evan shared, “I do not envy people who wear full face prosthetics. I think my longest tape day was probably seven hours in it. I got a little claustrophobic. It does cause you to have a lack of of depth perception, which is a rough one.”

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Hofer weighed-in on if he thinks Dex will ever turn in Sonny and press charges against him for his character’s recent beatdown. “I hope he doesn’t. It’s hard though, because he loves him (Sonny) and that’s the problem,” stated Evan. “That’s what we do with people we love. It’s almost an abusive parent relationship, isn’t it? I have this theory that Dex almost feels like he deserves these things.”

Now might be the time for the GH writers to explore more of Dex’s backstory which could include a backstory of abuse. “I really would love them to. I think it’d be incredible,” hoped Evan. However, he added, “I’m just grateful for whatever I get to do every day and excited for whatever story we get to tell.  Something like The Departed – undercover with the mob- would be cool (for a storyline), and then everybody’s wondering which side I’m on the whole time.”

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Is there hope for Dex and Josslyn fans that they will still may be each other’s love endgame? Hofer teased, “I think they start spending a little more time together, but who knows what’ll happen. You never know on a soap opera. Maybe Dex’s evil twin will show up and steal Josslyn away.”

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A few months back, Evan shared some major scenes with the one and only Finola Hughes (Anna). In story, Dex admits he was going to kill Cyrus on Sonny’s orders. Hofer shared it was a big moment for him since his time being on GH. “What an honor to get to do those scenes with Finola. I had only worked with her once before and that was when Dex broke her out of prison and he got shot the first time,” recalls Hofer. “She’s all about working the scenes ahead of time, which I am, too. We got to get a lot of reps in and when we get up there on stage, she’s incredibly affecting. I’ll kind of have an idea of maybe of how the scene will go, and then I’ll just look in her eyes and suddenly I am just so in a different space that she’s pulled me into. In those scenes, having Dex feel like someone cares about him was really beautiful.”

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Recently, Giovanni Mazza premiered as Gio. In Hofer’s first on-screen scenes with Mazza, the two talk about Gio’s dad having been in the military and Dex’s experience in the Army and serving in Afghanistan.

This raised some GH viewers eyebrows to what if the two characters could somehow be related? Perhaps, brothers? Evan responded to those inquiring minds, “Oh, I don’t know. We look pretty alike. There is the military connection. I think it’ll be interesting. Those first scenes we had together were incredible. I was so excited to work with Geo. He couldn’t be any nicer really. He’s an incredible person. He’s so easy to be around. We hang out outside of work all the time, already.”

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Does Evan think there will come a day where Jason (Steve Burton), Dex and Sonny will all be working together on the same side, and thus, Sonny will have both his former henchman at his disposal?  While Hofer doesn’t know what’s coming down the pike, he expressed, “It’s been incredible to have Steve around. He’s a really wonderful man. I’d only met him on Zoom previously to him coming back.  I hope we get to work together more. We got one batch of scenes together and I hope we get to do more soon.”

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As to what GH viewers should be on the lookout for in the weeks ahead, Evan teased, “We’ll see what Joss and Dex get into, and we’ll see what happens within the police department.”

So, are you rooting for Dex and Joss? Do you want Dex back working for Sonny, or hope he stays with the PCPD? Would you want to see more of Dex’s backstory explored? Comment below.

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