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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura Wright and Billy Miller Share Scenes as Carly and "Jake" AKA Jason!



On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Laura Wright (Carly) and Billy Miller (Jason) shared their first scenes on-air as Carly and Jason (well, “Jake” for now).

The set-up had Carly running into “Jake” at the hospital in Franco’s Art Rehab classroom.

Once in each others gaze, Carly felt that “Jake” seemed very familiar to her, so much so, that once they got around to talking about her upcoming Halloween nuptials to Franco, Carly needed a sounding board … and guess who listened to her?

One of the key moments of the scenes came when Carly told “Jake” that today was the 2nd anniversary of her best friend Jason’s death.  And as Carly mentioned Jason, and later Sonny, it seemed that “Jake” may have had a slight recollection, but cannot connect the dots as of yet.  The scenes were written in very much the same way the old Carly/Jason scenes went down, where Carly needed some sound advice, and Jason offered it.  This time “Jake” offered it, basically saying if you want to marry the guy (Franco) you should, and if you don’t, you shouldn’t.   To which Carly responded, that is the way Jason would have given her advice.

What was exciting for fans of GH, and the soaps, was to see these two daytime heavyweights and Daytime Emmy winners, sharing scenes for the first time, where eventually, and somehow, Carly and “Jake” will realize just how much they mean to one another!  Plastic surgery and memory loss can confuse people, after all!

So, what did you think of Laura Wright and Billy Miller together as Carly and “Jake” AKA Jason? Share your initial impressions below!

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This is going to pop!!
”The scenes were written in very much the same way the old Carly/Jason”
so true, I could feel it, feel them!!
I see the writers have got this right on.. !!


I always like your posts. I agree the writers did indeed go old school! I’ve read some comments on social media saying the scene was forced, contrived & ridiculous because NOBODY sits down and starts telling a stranger about their private life & reservations about her upcoming wedding. To that I say: CARLY WOULD! AND DOES! First does everyone remember:

Carly met Jason at a bar named JAKE’S!! (eery). He was renting a room upstairs after recently being involved in a car wreck (JUST LIKE JAKE-carwreck) and he developed amnesia (JUST LIKE JAKE!). He knew who he was but turned his back on it and became a tough, guarded, brooding type. Hard to get to know. They started having sex together, but stopped when he fell for Robin. They kept hanging out as friends and he became her best friend. and Carly started spilling the beans to him ALL about her love life crisis (JUST LIKE TODAY!) She had NO filter and he sat and listened and didn’t judge and gave her common sense advice, short , simple and honest (JUST LIKE TODAY!) Back in the day Carly told him she didn’t want him dating Robin. He replied: “So what? What is in my heart for Robin has nothing to do with what other people think.” HELLO!! He said the similar to what he told her today about marrying Franco!!

Yep su000, they nailed it. It’s hard to understand if you don’t know the backstory. I think on a subconscious level she may have felt it was Jason. But she was thinking about him today, and she has nobody to turn to for advice because Sonny and Bobbi are pressuring her to not go through with it. She couldn’t have Jason so she used Jake. She may also be trying to sabotage her wedding. She seems to sabotage everything in her life.

I think she’s going to give him a job at Metro Court and the friendship will surely resume!! (Me and my long posts-yikes)

At first, I was thining how ridiculous it was that Carly would tell a complete stranger, who is newly close with Elizabeth, her life’s story-her qualms about marrying Franco, how Franco is “misunderstood,” her affair with Sonny, etc., but, then I remembered-Carly is a complete narcissist-of course she would do that! With all of the open dialogue in public places about Sonny shooting AJ and his affair with Carly, will it really surprise anyone when the truth comes out? HA! Great scenes with Carly and “Jake.” Growing old of how all of Sonny’s mistakes, sins, etc. are always justified…

You are right on the mark, Su. This scene was so well written and executed. Billy Miller is a natural. He fit into the Jason role like a glove…no newbie her. I also praise Laura….very believable as the wistful and nostalgic Carly…..kudos.

CeeCee, thats NOT Jason…its his unknown twin Mason the Cassidines programmed to think he is Jason…they even tricked Robin to believe it…The Cassidine want ELQ, the Quartimaine mansion and their money and it doesnt matter that the Cassidines are ten times richer than Bill Gates…lol…the writers are convincing us that this is Jason when he is really Jasons long lost unknown twin Mason the same way OLTL tricked us into believing Victor was really Todd…lol

it wasn’ as great as the scenes that billy miller shared with becky herbts. i really don’t see this great connection the show wants us to swallow between these two characters i just really don’t. carly is carly she thinks she does no wrong, she’s obnoxious and a winer, so i was bored during their scenes together, more becky and billy please….

I think the opposite..
Rebeca is a whiny lil dull thing and Carly is strong and slick/dynamic..
And- Jason/Billy Miller could never bore anyone lol 🙂

He won’t be with anyone for quite awhile, anyways..
He has to deal with Helena and the Cassadines, they want their million dollar project Jason back..
(we’re in for some great Billy Miller/Jason action!!

I trust your predictions, Su…and Jimh’s.

su0000, thank you! I agree with you regarding the character of Elizabeth. I find the character to be very boring. I didn’t really see the chemistry between her and Jason. No offense to the actress or her fan base. We all have our favorites. My favorites are Ava, Carly, and Nina-all of the narcisstics and maniacs of the show! HA!

thank you….

it can’t just be me…

but :

with the nuREGIME of : FV / RC

I honestly, have felt… they never know what to do with Carly…. because of Carly history on GH… and the actress herself…. she did deserve that emmy… but since then… ??? I draw blanks… on her character

it’s time for GH to split Carly and Franco

keep her with Sonny…. : for GH history and veteran know

but… to pair her up with Billy Miller… already…. to, what ?? test the waters…. I think he’s doing fine with Liz…. but that’s because that’s all we’ve seen

I think he would be svelte with Brit

C’mon fans… I can take it… is Carly still their ? still ON ?

I think she’s best relegated to filler with Sonny… ’nuff said… it’s better than her screaming about Michael, Morgan, and Franco

Patrick did you watch GH in the 1990’s? I’m sure you did but I can’t remember. Her and Jason are best friends. They really are. I asked because that’s when it started, in 1997 I believe, and the way the show was wrtten back then (sigh..I miss it so), the writers built their storylines up perfectly. Their friendship happened slow over several shows but they’ve been besties since. I didn’t even consider that GH was testing him as a possible romantic lead with her. I just thought that they were intentionally trying to get him around people he was closest with before. Maybe I misread the scene.

I agree with you on current Carly. They don’t seem to know what to do with her and it’s a shame. The previous 2 Carly’s were very well-defined I think. I think Carly is best with Jax. If not, then I vote for her to be alone and be in a relationship with herself..I mean, sometimes one doesn’t have to a significant other. She could use some reflection time!

I read a spoiler that said Carly gives Jason a job at the Metro Court. Could just be rumor.

Not to worry, Patrick. It’s happening…the split will be as colossal and as disastrous as the split of the Ancient Supercontinent…LOL.
But, hey, friend….my feelings for Carly and Sonny run right alongside yours.

and now it begins @aria..because he’s so good…LMAO

Liz and Jason have great chemistry in those scenes together…glad they didnt pair her with Nik who is so bland and boring but improves with Brit…wasnt much of a Liz fan until she was in those scenes with Jason…i agree Aria about Carly…you described her perfectly!!!

Yup, jimh. I, too, want to see those two together.

I agree. I don’t “get” Carly & Jason’s undying friendship. Maybe it worked with the other Carly, but Laura Wright isn’t tender enough and comes off a little bit too aggressive in most scenes to buy this relationship.

Nice description. Aggressive. Their relationship was strong with both earlier Carly’s. I recently re-watched when they met and became FWB for a few months. Then how their friendship grew. It was very appealing and they had amazing chemistry. Really you guys should check em out someday..Carly Benson 1997 on youtube. Great actress SJB. Carly annoyed the heck out of him back then too. Always blabbing and having a crisis, but it was tempered and he was patient with her. He was like her Xanax. He calmed her down by staying calm. Also I want to add that they were very playful together, cracking jokes, laughing, it really irks me when people keep saying he talks too much to be Stone Cold. He didn’t become that way til much later. I feel this Jason could be reverting back to the earlier Jason.

I can see where this Carly is rougher around the edges, but she CAN be soft & tender when she turns it on. I wish she’d do that more often.

I do not like Carly, period. I agree with you….I cannot picture the softer side of Carly. However, Laura’s acting was great…she delivered. I felt her….does that make sense?
Anyway, the reason why she came off so aggressively has simply and oh, so eloquently been ‘penned’ by Shay…”marauding mammoth”…. “Amazon….” LOL…sorry, couldn’t resist!

I liked Sarah Joy Brown in the role as Carly, not too much the other one who’s name I can’t seem to remember at that moment. I DO like Laura Wright as an actress; she knows how to turn on the tears that’s for sure but this Carly comes off too hard most the time and I think needs to soften up a little bit. She was sort of soft the other day with “Jake” but I guess it’s her defensiveness and yelling as she delivers her lines (much like Jane Elliot) that grates on my nerves a bit. And that whole “The world revolves around Michael Corinthos” schpeel has gotten super old.
I do think Laura is a good actress Ceecee and yes, she does delive most the time, I just would like to see a little bit of softness around the edges and less “in attack mode” which is how she always seems to be.
I do like Billy Miller though 🙂

I actually do get it. Jason is the only person, aside from Michael, who accepts her as she actually is without trying to change her or control her. Every other man in her life, on some level, has tried to do just that. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that? Jason gets the same from her. That is what a real bestie is.

@ces you are talking about Tamara Braun who replaced Sarah Brown she kept the edge of Carly but bought a softer side she in my opinion had the best chemistry with MB. When they did the Carly segment with the Carly’s you could tell MB was the most comfortable with TB it showed all over his face.

BillyMiller has quite proved why he has Emmy’s. I watched and you see the killer and the confused “real Jason” all at once. He’s struggling with who he was/became/is and could be all in a few scenes..he made you say…oh uhunh..this may have not been good..then..well..and…yeah..I want to watch this play out without a doubt…

I thought “Jake & Carly did o’kay for the short time together. We in NYC missed the last 10 mins because of Special News report by NY/NJ Govs. But I think so far so good. I think the new Jason is going to work out. Time will tell. Enjoy Weekend, Davlestev1

Thank you @Virginia you too..and find the scenes or watch the replay…All that needs to be in that character is in the actor…RC appreciates an actor who appreciates their gift..It WILL be great!!! And BTW people need to understand RC and FV are not old men who’ve wrote soaps for a myriad of decades…in a lot of ways they are so fresh and pushing so hard to advance the genre that not all things we see will be to our liking…BUT THE MAJORITY IS!!! And I also realize they’ve watched these shows as we have..and people they remember and love and people we older folks remember and love won’t always be the same..but I’m entertained and it’s can’t miss much more than miss sooo…

LOL…sorry FrankValentini…FV

We haven’t seen or know anything, not yet..
The Cassadines want Jason..

It was a multi million dollar project/experiment, to bring Jason back..
They did not spend a year and millions bringing Jason back out of love so he could go back to Port Charles and start a romance with Liz.. lol

The best is yet to come!!
I’m excited for the Cassadine and Jason story to develop..

I don’t even get why the Cassadines want Jason. Makes no sense and I think they need to get rid of Helena & Jerry JAX once and for all. They are both boring!


I was just so surprised at how much I loved the Carly & Jake scenes , they instantly had that vibe/connection that pulled me in , & up until I saw these scenes I hadn’t realized how much I had missed the friendship of Carly/Jason

What if he’s NOT the real Jason…i dont trust the Cassidines…maybe they programed him to think he is Jason…so much so others will think the same…maybe they cloned the real Jason who is still in a coma and gave nuJason a whole new face for whatever reason to help with their sinister plans! Or he IS Jason who is simply programmed to do whatever the Cassidine( like Fluke might be one) want him to do like KILL Sonny! and nuJasons escaping was really set up by the Cassidines!! BEWARE!!!…lol

I can never fully enjoy the show because I always wonder if what I am seeing is real. The writers are so TRICKY, they trip me up all the time! I’ve thought maybe he knows he’s Jason and he’s just digging to find out who he is to everyone. Then I thought what if he’s already programmed by Victor and he’s just asking all of these questions to Liz to gain her trust. My head spins thinking about it. I can’t even…

I feel the storyline is find w/o the Cassadines, but we can’t seem to get away from them. Sigh…

I know what you mean about seeing what is ‘real’ and that is why i thought: what if he isnt Jason and we are being tricked but i hope he really is Jason…i like his chemistry with Liz…the show has too many villians…i want a hero and i want it to be Jason!!!

Jim, he did light up when Carly said Sonny. If he’s not really Jason, then why does Helena have an orderly on her payroll watching him?

And is there any way Obrecht already knows who Jason is? Could Victor have told her. (Really I quit trying to keep the Cassadines straight decades ago. I’ts fun, but I tune it out unless it’s Victor)

When both Franco and Michael turn on Carly, and when SHE turns on Sonny after learning his assassination plans for Franco, will Carly turn to Jake? She doesn’t have female friends does she?

Those are good questions…i see a programmed Jason shooting Sonny and Franco getting the blame or shooting Franco and Sonny getting the blame…Dr.O might already know who Jason is…maybe Dr.O does the things she does because the Cassidines threaten to harm her family if she doesnt cooperate…would be a good way to redeem her if she was being blackmailed all this time…i seriously dont think anyone wants to be Carlys friend…imo, Carly is way overbearing and too controling…she seems she cant make up her mind who she wants…i think Carly has anxiety and mental health issues…she sure drives me crazy…lol…she needs to see Dr. Kevin Collins a.s.p.,…lol

I know. He might be a Jason clone and that they might be doing this in order to bring Steve Burton back in the canvas. However, if they do a storyline where they introduce a bad guy in the canvas during the OLTL crossover and had Jason do a face/off surgery in order to find out what he was hiding, only to have the bad guy take Jason’s face, died and blame on Jason, then everyone finds out that Jason is the guy the his face.

They are just repeating the Todd/Walker/Victor storyline from OLTL. Could they just not give Jason a new face and possibly wait for the character to return. Or at least do a funeral with a body. I mean, they way they “killed” him off was just some plot device saying that he’s still alive.

They are doing that: THE TALE OF TWO JASONS just like OLTL’s TALE OF TWO TODDS…Jason probably had a twin just like Todd and had the imposter Victor pose as Todd…now Jasons twin Mason has been programmed by the evil Cassidines to believe he is Jason to carry out their sinister plot to take over ELQ and the Quartimaine fortune!!!

Laurie and CeeCee, thats not Jason…its his twin Mason programmed by the Cassidines to carry out their sinister plans against their enemies in PC!!!

Only one word needed….OUTSTANDING.

I’ll top your ”’outstanding”’
… Spellbinding !!



I’ve got one–exaggeration

Loved it! Can’t wait for more!


I thought it was great! The actors and writers are doing a fantastic job with this. Loving it.

I didn’t watch the episode yet but whichever way it plays out I hope they don’t pair these two together as a new couple (what might have been). I’d definitely like to see him with Liz this time around…

As for old ways…Jake/Jason’s personality came out with Elizabeth too…he used to encourage her with her art…and did the same thing when he asked her to draw something when they were in Franco’s art therapy room.

Oh…did NO ONE notice that when his bandages were first removed he had a beard!!!! LOL. Facial reconstruction complete with facial hair!

I’m assuming after his face was reconstructed and he was bandaged his beard grew. My husband’s hair would grow that fast.

I don’t know…the way they’re playing it is he has a brand new face. Everything…which is why no one recognizes him. Which, LOL, obviously could never be done to that extent because it would be a face transplant! So…to me…if such extensive work was done that he’s unrecognizable I would think there’d be scar tissue, stitches, bruises, swelling…which would perhaps stunt hair growth in those areas. And…they’d have to shave him before the procedure…just seemed ridiculous to me. After all I just said…perhaps you’re right! 😉

I didn’t want the character of Jason to return because I really DID NOT like him nor did I like Steve Burton’s lackluster acting style —- however, I do like how GH is weaving “Jake” into the canvas and that guy with a glimmer in his eye has more personality and acting chops than Steve Burton had the entire time he was on the show. I may just like this Billy Miller fellow and I might add he is VERY easy on the eyes!!! 😀
okay, my only little beef would be that Jason’s Eyeballs wouldn’t change and his voice wouldn’t change either so they should kinda know who is in that body.

I think they explained the voice thing when Jason was escaping from the clinic he ripped out his breathing tube. Robin mentioned doing that damaged his vocal chords, which is why he could not speak. I have been assuming since they don’t recognize the voice that damage altered his voice enough that it is not same as his old voice.

As for the eyes, well I think that is why people are getting the feeling they know him, but eyeballs alone wouldn’t be enough to say he is Jason– when those eyeballs are encased in a whole new face.

Glad I don’t watch this mess anymore Didn’t have to sit through that !

Hey Janet you are missing screaming flinging hands over acting and everybody saying this is great soap opera!

It is a blatant disgrace to call this even remotely good story telling !

I never wanted Jason back either – the Sonny/Carly/Jason Mob Hour was just too boring for words, but I am loving Billy Miller! He’s chock full of charisma. I just hope NuJason is written to be much more than the character he was before. I don’t want him with Liz or Sam, either. Been there, done that, and the wars over those poor characters are just awful. But I am looking forward to all of this playing out and seeing where it goes.

I’ve got to repeat this question again!!!! LOL! Didn’t anyone notice he had a beard when the bandages were removed!!!!!!!!????????

I tried to answer…..but yes, I did notice.
What they can do with facial reconstruction surgery these days.

I worked for/with a reconstruction/plastic surgeon for 7 years..
I can tell the minute someone has had something done, especially the lips..
hint- their upper lip does not easily move its really funny when you try to have them say.. ‘work’ .. anyways that form an ‘o’ effect, the lip upper lip will not move..
looks really funny.. gives meaning to -stiff upper lip hahaaa..

Mens facial hair does not stop growing even after surgery and in bandages,,
I’m glad he shaved! Billy uh Jake/Jason he is so overly awesome!

@rebecca1….YES, I noticed! And it bothered me as well that there was no continuity to that particularly detail. I’ve often said that the current GH is an abridged version, and this is but one example….they take a leap without explanation or logic, and expect you to simply go with it, no questions asked!

Off topic, but it was great seeing Connie the ghost! That was a surprise given she starts on Y/R next week (recurring, but still I can’t imagine Jill was too excited about sharing her haha). Her new hair looks great. Love KeSu.

Wow, Connie got a great makeover in Heaven…with my luck ill probably end up in Hell and still look the same…lol

I think this scene was purposely contrived to show the viewer what an easy feat it is to be put at ease in Jason’s company and divulge one’s deepest secrets, per se. He seems to be able to draw out whatever is on one’s mind . Is it possible for this scene to also suggest that it is Jason Quartermaine’s re-introduction to Port Charles? I knew neither, so whose mien; whose behavior; whose characteristics does this Jason mostly recollect for the audience…JM or JQ?
It is so frustrating for me not to be acquainted with all these characters. I can only base my opinion on what’s in the present….what’s right in front of my nose.
Carly runs parallel with Sonny for me….I reserve a strong dislike for both characters; however, Carly brought it for me in this scene.

I do not think RC has the brain power for that in a storyline he is the James Reilly of soap operas he has made GH into Passions which is considered a joke in the soaps.

Hey CeeCee…I think this scene…and the scenes with Liz…and lil Danny holding his hand when he was in the coma…and probably Sam when she meets him…just means that he seems familiar to all of them…the core of who he is hasn’t changed. He’ll probably be a combination of Jason Q and Jason M…I think he may have his emotions back…time will tell. But the easy rapport just shows that he connects with everyone in his past…and they all seem to “sense” a familiarity…

But wait until they find out thats Mason…Jasons unknown twin brother…the real Jason is still in a coma…the Cassidines have fooled Robin and even us fans…lol

Exactly, rebecca. That’s what I meant…..there is something very familial about ‘Jake’ which gives him access to everyone’s innermost feelings and vice versa.
I think it is this quality which made Carly confide in a ‘complete stranger’.m

Billy Miller is AMAZING. I have never seen him act before, but I love his scenes. I DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT want to see the revival of Jason Morgan, Carly and Sonny. The old Jason was reprehensible. I was so excited when he “died”.

I think Billy Miller is far more talented an actor than SB and already you can see that Jason is not the essentially brain-dead Cyborg SB played him to be. So while I quite enjoy the talents of Laura Wright much of the time, I do not want her and Jason reconnecting.

I want this Jason to have a conscience. To care about Elizabeth. To remember and rescue Robin. To live a fulfilling life. To become a Quartermaine.

And I’ve about had enough of Sonny & Carly. Especially Sonny. I really need a Sonny break. I hope the baby is Morgan’s and he threatens his parents if anything happens to Ava he will spill it all.

I agree, I am loving Billy Miller! He brought me back to GH after a very long absence. I was never really a Stone Cold fan, but I am already enjoying this interpretation of Jason thanks to Billy. As far as Carly, the only pairing I ever really enjoyed her in was with Jax….

If Tamara would be back as Carly things could get hot !

Note that Carly had that ugly dang evil eye recorder wrapped around her neck when she spilled all of her life secrets to Jake in 60 seconds flat! Franco could’ve been watching the whole thing before he walked in. There could be 2 reasons that he doesn’t like Jake-this one and the fact that he hates Jason anyway.

Cee Cee,

Some people hated the scene and some people loved it. It didn’t bother me, because I at first thought they were going old school. It was shades of old Carly, life in a mess, her insecurities about her ability to make her own decisions and think for herself at the forefront. This has been a true and running them of this characters since she hit town in 1996. Wait, not true. When Sarah Jo Brown’s Carly hit town, she was a cold-hearted, manipulative young lady determined to ruin her bio mom’s life for payback of giving her up for adoption and seemngly not accepting and loving her. The friendships you see today between mom and Carly tooks years to achieve. This was back when the writer’s wrote strong stories that unfolded at a beautiful pace, and where the build-up and the aftermath were as or more important and beautifully handled as the reveal. I don’t see that a lot here. They do great reveals, but don’t follow anything up w/consequences. What’s the point then?

When Jason M met Carly in a bar named JAKE’S (eerie) he had just ditched his birth family and his real last name and turned to a life of crime to get as far away from their rich ways. His alcoholic black sheep brother AJ had just wrecked a car w/him in it causing HIM to get amnesia and brain damage never to remember his life before then again. AJ wasn’t hurt but was hated then-after by Sonny, Jason’s friends and AJ’s his family rejected him too. Carly was well into her scheme to hurt her birth mom Bobbi for payback. It was working. Basically they picked each other up that night & became mattress buddies for months. But she couldn’t con Jason or manipulate anymore info out of him & his personal life than he wanted her to know. She was super possessive of Jason, but he was in love with Robin. She was falling in love with Bobbi’s husband. They became great friends and finally quit the sex, but he liked that Carly accepted him and Robin couldn’t fully and she loved that he didn’t judge her or lie to her, ever.

I brushed up recently & rewatched on youtube. 2 videos- “Carly Benson 1996 9” shows when they met and “Carly Benson 1997 9” shows their friendship and where it had gone. She’s trying to be domestic at her new place with Tony, scared to death he was going to leave her for his ex-wife, and she was sharing all of her fears with a more relaxed, funny, charming Jason. They laughed , talked and teased. So all of you folks saying Stone-cold doesn’t talk or show emotions, WRONG!! Depends on who he’s with.

1 more thing: I almost choked when Carly told Jake that Liz has always carried a torch for Jason. More like the other way around. Also funny, because Carly has always carried a torch for Jason. She learned long ago she can’t have him, so she dropped any romantic ideas long ago.But that’s why she’s so possessive of him and why she doesn’t like Liz much. Jason has been in love with LIz since he started helping her get over Lucky’s “death” way back in ….1999 or around then. He’s proposed 1 or 2 times, and the last time Sam schemed and broke them up. But Liz never closed her eyes to Jason’s life of crime like Sam. I have ADD & not good at condensing my posts!! Lol…

Your posts are pretty condensed to me, Laurie. Thank you , I feel I have more of a grip on these characters and their past lives …..good and bad.
You said something very interesting…at least, my ears perked up (symbolically speaking)… You said Sam schemed? Really! …..well, ‘blow me down”…LOL. I thought she wore a halo ! Isn’t she trying to prove that Nina is concocting something? I suppose it takes one to know one.

I miss SB as Jason Morgan. It seems like Billy Miller might go the JQ route and that would ruin it for me.

JQ probably would have never dated Sam. So, I don’t think they will do that. But I’m with you. I want JM. I miss Steve. Jason had brain damage and that is why he acted the way he did. And SB nailed that.

You know, I love Billy, but he’s just not Jason Morgan. I really wish GH had left Jason off the canvas until Steve Burton was ready to return, because he is Jason Morgan. Sonny has Shawn, so it really isn’t necessary to have Jason back at this time. Y&R should have made it work with Billy Miller, because he is Billy Abbott. The current actor in that role is not doing it for me. I like Burgess, but he just isn’t Billy Abbott imo, so that role has been thrown off for me. It just sucks for those of us who can see the great chemistry between certain characters, and the actors and their characters. Michael Muhney is another. He is Adam Newman, so I full expect to see the new actor look out of place.

I really enjoyed the Carly and “Jake” reunion scene. I always liked Carly and Jason’s friendship and it will be really nice to have that aspect of the show back.

I’m so confused. Memories wouldn’t not affect his personality because of the brain damage. Did I miss something? Are we supposed to pretend there is no more brain damage? Cause, last time he had amnesia he still acted the same. The brain damage was the reason that he wasn’t wired the same as everyone etc.

And Jason Morgan would not be okay with Carly sleeping or marrying freaking Franco. Has everyone on this show lost their mind. I didn’t have much respect for Carly but I can tell you right now, I have none left at this point.

Jason would have told her why are you asking me because you’re just going to do what you’re going to do anyway.

Why would THIS Jason/Jake say anything “personal” to Carly other than give his instinctive advice. He’s not going to say what he thinks is a perfect stranger (even if he senses a familiarity) “why are you asking me because you’re just going to do what you’re going to do anyway.”

This is a new actor playing a character with a new face and no recollection of who he is or who he loves. And…it’s a soap…so as we say anything can happen. Maybe he won’t have the same brain damage. Maybe THIS brain damage unscrambled his prior brain damage…which would leave him open to a whole gamut of emotions that were stolen from him in his prior car accident. You’re talking about how Jason…the Jason we’ve all known would react…why would THIS version “not be okay with Carly sleeping or marrying Franco? He doesn’t know either one at this point…he’s giving friendly advice…

People have to wait and see where this “version” goes…he’s a remnant of his past…we don’t know what or who he’ll be when he fully recovers. Who he’ll love, will he lead a life of crime…become a doctor? And before all of that…the Cassadine’s will attempt to control him. Say goodbye to Steve Burton and his character for now….and watch this actor/this Jason unfold.

just get jason back an get rid of all the dumb plots fans waited long eoungh about to stop watching cuz of all the dumb plots

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Adam J. Harrington Weighs-in On John and Carly, and How it’s ‘Starting to Get Very Complicated”

On recent episodes of General Hospital, Carly (Laura Wright) came to John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) rescue as he was beaten down in an assault. Carly put on her “nurses cap,” sort of speak, and got John to his hotel room and watched over to him, to make sure he didn’t lose consciousness.

GH fans also got their first glimpse of what may be a new romance for Carly, if she and John continue to bond.  If John and Carly were to have a relationship, it would certainly have a ripple effect with Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny (Maurice Benard).

Adam J. Harrington shared his view on the scenes and what might be next between the two. Speaking to Soap Opera Digest, Harrington shared, “I thought it was written in a way where there’s an understanding and a respect between them both. I don’t think there was any moment where she was not aware that he’s an FBI agent, and there was no moment that he wasn’t aware of her history and relationship to other people in the town. I really liked it. I was really looking forward to shooting it with Laura and we had a really nice time shooting it.”

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When Carly and John part ways, it seems there were some romantic sparks, as Harrington puts it, “Isn’t that interesting that sometimes with people, the one moment they actually show how they feel is when they know there’s an escape hatch. They know they’re about to walk away. So, it’s almost safe in that moment to do it. I thought that was really special about how (the writers) handled John and Carly. Even the music in that scene was beautifully done.”

Where is this all heading? Conflict! Internally and professionally, and as Adam explains, “Who Carly was to John on paper as just a tool to be used as bait is starting to get very complicated.”

What would you think of a John and Carly pairing? Would you prefer him with Anna, or neither of them? Let us know via the comment section and take our poll below.

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General Hospital’s Steve Burton Reveals the Emotional Scene He Almost Could Not Get Through

On a recent episode of General Hospital, Jason received a message from his mother, Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) via a note. The effect it had on Jason’s portrayer, Steve Burton turned out to be quite visceral.

As GH fans know, although Jason’s bio-mom was Susan Moore, he was raised and adopted by Monica. Speaking on his Daily Drama podcast with his co-host and GH co-star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Steve shared some insight on the difficulties he had getting through that scene.

Burton shared that in the key moment, “Brooklyn (played by Amanda Setton) came in and that’s where she gave me (Jason) the letter from Monica. That was a very hard scene for me to do. That was a tough one. That was the one time I was almost going to call ‘cut!’  It read ‘Jason, I believe in you.’ I was literally going to walk off the set.”

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To clarify and in the story, Monica was saying “I believe in you” and that she knows Jason didn’t shoot Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). Steve added, “It was tough, man. Emotionally, it was a tough scene. It was overwhelming in the moment.”

Steve went on to detail to Anderson, “She (Brook Lynn) pushed it to me and I read it and she was walking out and I had to stop her, but I was so emotional I couldn’t even get it out.  And at that point, I’m like, ‘Do I just keep going … or do I just walk off the set right now?’ But, I knew just to stay, because it’s so hard to get back there, once you shut it down. I knew, the next take wasn’t going to be the same.”

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It’s clear that Leslie Charleson is so missed on-screen as Monica by all of her castmates, and that Jason and Monica had a very special mother/son relationship throughout the decades on GH.

What did you think of the moment when Jason got a note from Monica that said, “I believe in you?” Were you touched as well? Let us know in the comment section. You can check out the latest episode of Steve and Bradford’s podcast below.

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George Russo to Appear on General Hospital as Carmine Cerullo

Coming up, it looks like Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) grandfather, Carmine Cerullo is headed to Port Charles.

According to casting news from the ABC soap opera, George Russo will take on the role. Russo will tape his episode next week on April 15th and will appear on the May 15th episode of the long-running daytime drama series.

If George looks familiar he has been in numerous primetime television shows and motion pictures including: The Offer. Winning Time, Grand Crew and Shameless.

Photo: ABC

Longtime GH viewers will recall that Lois’ (Rena Sofer) dad, Carmine, was previously showed up in Port Charles on and off from 1994 to 1996 and was played by John Capudice.

Clearly, it seems that Carmine will be a part of Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s wedding.  Will it go off without a hitch? Are you looking forward to it? Stay tuned.

Who else would you like to see attend the nuptials? Gloria Cerullo (Ellen Travolta), any other blasts from the pasts who should be present? Let us know in the comment section.

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