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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Liesl Obrecht and Madeline Reeves Are Sisters … And There's More!



As Donna Mills (Madeline) teased to us on last month’s episode and broadcast of Soap Nation Live!, Madeline would be connected to someone else in Port Charles!

And on yesterday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital that was confirmed!  As it revealed itself, Dr. Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) who was now in jail at the PCPD, and Madeline, who was in a separate cell across from her (thanks to her arrest by her “son” Detective Nathan West AKA James) saw each other for what seemed like the first time in a very long time, and the ladies had a moment of shock and then disdain for one another!

As viewers learned, Liesl and Madeline are sisters! And while Madeline, who is also known as “Magda” by Obrecht, apparently left Europe to head to the US to make a “better life” for herself.  Clearly, Obrecht is upset and there looks to be no love lost between the siblings! 

But there’s more to the story!  At the end of the episode, when Nathan (Ryan Paevey) comes to tell his mother some choice words in her jail cell for the fact that he had to arrest her, and that it was dear mom who killed his sister Nina.  Nathan calls Madeline, “mother” and then it all clicks with Liesl, that in fact that is HER son … James!

And that sets-up the scene where Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) who is torn apart after saying goodbye to baby Ben is getting drunk, and Nathan comes to the bar to drown his sorrows as well!  As teased earlier in the week, this duo will leave the bar together!

So, are Nathan and Britta, half-brother and sister?  Or, is Faison both their father?  What did you think about linking Obrecht to Madeline, and Obrecht to Nathan?  Let us know!

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I thought those scenes between Liesl & Madeline in the Jail were great. So loving this!

I know, right?

Spinoff, please!

I loved it! Kathleen Gati is marvelous!!! Great writing for this story and introducing a new arc.

Love this idea! So tangled and crazy along w/ fantastic actors, these two ladies are bringing another wave of fun and entertainment to an already great show. I think Nathan will be Victor Cassadine’s son, making him Britt’s 1/2 brother. We shall see. 🙂

I have to agree..I think the father of Nathan will be a Cassidine and she HAD to give him up, we will see.. great shows and it is not even SWEEPS yet..I can only imagine what they have in store for us.

Victor as Nathan’s father, no way!!! That would be a super plot twist! GH has been on it with the plot twist recently thought, I can’t wait to sees what happens,go Gh 50 yrs whooop

And for this they had to decimate the Quartermaines? Couldn’t Madeline be related to them?

I wanted Maddie and Monica to be sisters…since Monica grew up in an orphanage maybe she is their 3rd sister and was given away for unknown reasons!!!

That would have been great. We need more q screen time

Jimh…you are relentless…I hope, for your sake, Monica is the 3rd sister…lol

It’s fun that Dr. O and Madeline are sister. Even, better that Nathan is Dr. O’s son. But, a potential hookup between Britt and Nathan is kinda icky if they are siblings. I’m guessing, but I don’t think Britt is Dr. O’s biological daughter.

Victor Cassidine is Nathans father…was hoping for a Maddie and Monica pairing as sisters to give a long time vet Leslie C. a little more story…i still hope Monica turns out to be a third sister!!!

Are you kidding??? GH GIVE Monica a family member???? It is their mission to make sure she has none. It would be nice, alas, not to be. I suspect there was some sort of network mandate to get rid of ALL the highly paid Quartermaines to keep the budget in check. I cannot think of any other reason why this show has systematically, under different regimes, dismantled this core family who has been, and always could be, storyline and ratings gold. If I was Leslie Charleson, I would just quit. It must be so hard for her to play a character who has been trashed by inhumane and cruel writing. How do you play a character whose children have ALL been brutally murdered, when the writing expects the character to be flouncing around HER house, bitching and snarking with Tracy, and just being witty and funny? a real person who lost ALL her children to murder would be a basket case, not able to cope or function, and it is just sickening what they have done to her and this family.

I agree with what you’re sayin, especially about the Q’s…i hated when AW dismantled the Mathews family by the early 1980s…but getting back to Monica…she grew up in an orphanage leaving her with a mysterious past and i feel there is a lot of potential there but i doubt it’ll ever be written…Monica should be a basket case…i lost over a dozen family members and over a dozen friends and acquaintices since 1997 and it’s still difficult to adjust to loosing so many people i loved and cared about!!!

You are so right. GH is supposed to be all about the Quartermaines! They better pay my Jason double what Y&R is paying him to bring him back or Im leaving..I started watching Y&R to follow Jason but it’s just not the same! Booh

Totally agree that the character of Monica has been reduced to nothing…even in times if crisis. Leslie C. is a first-rate actree who deserves more than an occasional appearance…but there are so many characters on the canvas, you often don’t see several for weeks at a time. Where are Patrick and Emma?????

I totally agree . We need more family for Monica. Not an AJ fan, but killing him was wrong in every way. Kill Ava instead. Hate this sonny killing hum, and hate Monica and Michael having more grief

GH use to be about the Q’s..
Those days are gone life and time moves on..
A new Q family can not be created out of thin air, they are near distinct..
ALL the Q’s of importance are gone..
and a ‘new’ Q family would be silly ..

Have to move on … 🙂 Still have Michael as a Q ..

SB/Jason dose not want to come, not even for you ..LOL
he is happy with Y&R, he has moved on too .. 🙁

Hi Jim. I always like reading your posts and comments. 🙂 the difference with the Matthews’ back then…is that they were not systematically and brutally murdered. They were gradually phased out. that happened a lot back in the 70’s and early 80’s to many soaps. young and the Restless did a wholesale shift from the Brooks to the Abbotts, As the World Turns kind of went from the Hughes to the Snyders…those things were gradual, and the newer families were carefully integrated. The murder of the Quartermaines has been intentional, and deliberate, throughout two separate regimes…..Justus, Alan, Jake, Emily, AJ (twice), Jason….I do want to offer my sympathies on your losses. In the last two years, I have lost half of my family, so when I watch a soap for romance and escapism, to find a violent, misogynistic show that glorifies and even humorizes murder, it disgusts me to my core. In august 2011, I lost my oldest brother to cancer. Exactly a month and a day later, I lost my second oldest brother to cancer. then a year and a half later, my mom (unable to cope with the deaths of her two first born sons), she passed away in her sleep. To watch Monica crying about not wanting to live anymore, and having ghostly apparitions of her murdered children laughing at her and tell her to live and go on….it was just disgusting. To write a feature film about a mother who has had four children brutally murdered….that’s one thing…that is an hour and a half out of our lives. Monica is a character we haved loved for decades….and the cavalier attitude about murdering all four of her children…well…I am a writer myself…I could NEVER even dream up something that cruel to write. And to present it on the day of the show’s 51st Anniversary, a day supposed to be about celebration and new beginnings? It just doesn’t get wlorse than that.

U said it I’m glad u did

Monica was adopted… (fostered by Gail Baldwin) so who knows where she came from. But Maddie knows she was a sister, remembering all the past… not sure where Monica would fit in seeing how she has never remembered living in Switzerland with other siblings.

But if anyone could make.Monica & Madeline be sisters for the sake.of soap history it would be Ron & Frank

There is a lost Quartermaine heir. Maybe it’s Britt…maybe Monica is related…or, who knows…maybe Alan fathered another child with Dr. O way back when…

As for Brit not being Dr. O’s daughter…I can’t think of a reason she’d take her if she wasn’t hers. She was trying to please Faison with a son so she didn’t get any points for having a girl. And if Det. West was Faison’s, she would have proudly given Faison the son he wanted, which is why she was so eager to present Ben as his new male heir.

Dante and Lulu have a 2nd child…one i didnt see coming!!!

Theirs was the only scene I didn’t fast forward thru!

LOVE IT! Frank and Ron are MASTERS of weaving in people from totally unrelated connections! It’s brilliant!

I don’t think that Faison is Nathan’s father. Obrecht would have loved giving him a son, so it wouldn’t make sense that she would give him away to her sister to raise. I suspect that Victor is Nathan’s dad, making him a Cassadine, which I think would be great.

Ive long said that…Victor is Nathans father!!!

Makes sense to me

I agree, that would make things very interesting. But who is Nina’s father? Some guy we don’t know who’s dead? I think making her Victor’s daughter would be a good move too, or maybe even Faison’s daughter. Imagine is both Liesl and Madeline (Magda) had a romantic relationship with Faison, and Obrecht felt like Madeline was trying to steal him away. That would fuel her hatred for Madeline, and would give Britt a half-sister.

Maybe Nina is the lost Q heir…

I think Rebecca1 makes an excellent observation. Nina could very well be the lost Q heir…not Monica’s child , but rather Alan’s. Maddie could very well have had Nina with Alan. He was afterall a doctor who traveled internationally…and, Switzerland is known to be one of the more notorious medical centers in the world.

Read between the lines. Nina was the sole heir to the Reeves fortune because she was the only biological child of Madeleine’s husband, Mr. Reeves. He knew James wasn’t his child. That’s why James got nothing. Pretty short-sighted of Madeleine to want to murder her own grandchild just because of Silas. In the end, she would have stayed in the loop moneywise if her grandchild had been born. Now, the money will just spend years tied up in probate. She can’t legally profit from her crime even if Silas signed away his right to the money. So, it will go to NY state.

Oh my word….just having one Westbourne going off the deep end for that “maniacal Dane” beggars belief. I certainly cannot envision the ravishing “Magda” also following Faison down that proverbial primrose path! (Even if she was plump in her youth…as Liesl so delightedly observed…) The suave Mr. Cassadine would make far more sense as a shared love interest for the “Swiss Sisses!” Anyone who has seen footage of him from his “Ice Princess” days knows that he was real chick magnet material back then! (Speaking of, wish they would show some flashbacks of “Uncle Victor!)

I think Victor Cassadine is Nathan’s (James) father. That would mean he’s Britt’s half-brother.

Yesterday’s GH episode BLEW my mind. Although I wish for more happy endings, the writing on GH keeps me on the edge of my seat…phenomenal writing! I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds….

I don’t like the fact that they keep changing parentage of characters. If they were going to make Nathan (James) anyone else, he should be Silas and Nina’s son.

thought would be good, except they’ve already talked about times he spent with his big sister and then the fact that Maddie was trying to get rid of a pregnancy, so doesn’t work that way. I wondered if the Britch was Nina’s baby too… guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

Nathan is too old to be Silas’ son. The kid Nina was carrying would have to be around Kiki’s age.

I have been saying that very thing for days now.

Thanks rod for saying that Britt and Nathan would be to old to silas and nina

LOVE IT! Kathleen Gatti is superb and hopefully this will keep Donna Mills on the show. If James is Faison’s son, why wouldn’t she tell him when the madman so obviously wanted a male heir? I have a feeling that Britt is not Faison’s daughter, that this was the original love me/love my baby scam.

I thought from Nathan’s first appearance there would be a connection to Britt. The West/Westbourne thing was too obvious to miss and they look a lot alike. Great casting!

Didn’t see this one coming! Big ” tip of the hat” to the writers! Wanted Nathan/James to be Silas’s son . . . oh well there still could be some other way to connect them! Now waiting for the next big reveal . . . who is under the Luke mask? And will Sonny be the one who realizes it is not Luke & who it is who really wants to come after him? Great storytelling! Welcome back Kirsten!

Fantastic plot twist!! I didn’t see that coming! That’s what RC and FV bring to GH, great storylines, cliffhangers and great surprises.

Liesl had James with Victor Cassadine, and gave her to Magda to raise to protect him from the Cassadines. Watching these two act as “sisters” would have been about as believable as Joan Collins and Linda Evans discovering they were sisters on Dynasty. I also think that Kiki is the baby that Nina delivered while in her coma, and is not really Ava’s daughter. that will free Kiki from having to try to justify that her mother Ava is a cold-blooded sociopathic murderer. but again, I would like to say “WHO???” about ALL these people. Whole episodes are devoted to these villains and psychos, and the show is getting further and further away from the GH we know and love.

that kiki deal is a good idea. they did DNA for silas/kiki… did they mention one for ava/kiki?

Silas did run a DNA test on him and Kiki but we never saw the results because Ava got to them.So the only proof that Silas or even Ava is Kiki’s biological parent is that birth certificate.Plus given Ava’s connections i’m sure it would be easy for her to fabricate a fake birth certificate.So after Nina gave birth Madeline probably didn’t want Silas’s baby around because he or she would be Nina’s heir.So Madeline could have given the baby to Ava for some reason.So Ava got Silas’s baby.Plus maybe Ava was indeed pregnant for real by Silas or Franco but lost that baby.

I said that Kiki is probably Nina’s baby a few days ago. I still believe that. The age fits.

Sorry, but I must be the only one that doesn’t like Donna Mills performance on the show. It’s like having Joan Collins on daytime. I also hate the way she pronounces things so stiffly.
Not that impressed with this story and changing history.
Let me guess Britt & Nathan will sleep together and find out they’re siblings? ICK.

Donna Mills has always acted that way and I happen to love it. She is able to portray despair and get the viewers to sympathize. Hope she stays around..and please give her some scenes with Leslie Charlesonsoon!!!!

I agree with you Ces…I really never watched her…what was she on? Dynasty? Dunno…never watched, but of course I know who she is and have seen her in other things. But, no…she doesn’t impress me. I think mutta is mutt betta! 😉

Babsy, she was fine for over-the-top 80’s nighttime TV but for daytime with glossy lips and scenery chewing, not so much.
Rebecca1 — Knots Landing. Glad you’re with me on this. Hope her stay is a short one!

“Glossy lips and scenery chewing”….you mean like what we are subjected to with Ava on a nearly non-stop basis???? I am finding Donna Mills a welcome and refreshing addition to the GH canvas….it was sorely in need of some glitz and glamour, and she has provided that in spades! I get really tired of the prevailing “Casual Friday” atmosphere on the show…too many of the men look like unshaven slobs and there are so few truly classy women who dress to the nines anymore….soaps should be both a verbal and visual feast. Now that the Sisters Westbourne have been moved to the forefront, we are at least treated to some witty, intelligent dialogue, and haute couture apparel. (By the way, I love when they let Dr. O. strut her stuff in fine fashion, too….she looks really lovely all “gussied up!” But just one question, why was Ava wearing Liesl’s ravishing red silk blouse a few weeks back? (Rhetorical question….I know wardrobe sharing is just one usual cost-cutting measure for tv programs….) The diva doc sported that sexy scarlet number during her initial encounter with Victor Cassadine at Wyndemere, and I remember thinking that it really suited her both in color and style….very tasteful and alluring. Then Ava donned it during one of her many attempts to kill AJ in his hospital bed, and it looked just plain trashy on her…LOL.

Ha, didn’t noticed the reusable blouse. Good catch!
I don’t like Ava either BTW. Never liked her on ATWT and haven’t care for her on GH. I do like Dr. O but in little bits, not a full fledged storyline or she becomes like Kramer from Seinfeld — grating 😉

I can understand that Dr. O. and her fantastical feats are not everyone’s cup of tea….ardent appreciation for her vitriolic verve (such as is mine…) is perhaps more of an acquired taste. But for those of us who are already there, she is just “the bomb!” After the pitiful plot developments of the past few weeks, catching up on Liesl’s continuing antics (and growing familial sphere…) are about the only aspects keeping me interested in this show. But I feel the same way as you do in reference to Ava….a little bit of her goes quite a long way, and turning her into a lead character is a huge mistake. She is becoming more and more repellent as she revels in her own arrogant hubris and revolting imperiousness.

I thought that GH was going to at least have Ava and Sonny fall for each other and then have Sonny realize that she killed Connie but that hasn’t happened either. Instead, we’re forced to watch another over-the-top character Olivia mumble/shout her lines with Sonny and Ava walks around twirling her mustache. Boring.

Poor Nathan. He’s stuck with 2 psychopaths as his mothers.


It makes his stiff, sometimes wooden delivery kind of acceptable because they are so dramatic in comparison. Also underscores the fact that his character is more solid & dependable than the women in his family. The actor is growing on me, and he seems to be more relaxed & comfortable lately in his scenes with the ladies (Britt, Maxie, Lulu, Madeleine, Sam).

Here’s the link to the video of Dr. Obrecht and Madeline’s scenes from yesterday on GH, Michael!

I’m hoping Nathan will turn out to be Victor Cassadine’s son, but seriously, he’s a terrible actor. If they’re considering keeping him around long-term, they should look into finding a suitable recast, because I can’t stand Ryan Paevey.

I love the idea of Obrecht and Madeline being sisters after seeing their scenes, but I was kind of hoping Madeline would turn out to be Monica’s biological sister.

I agree with you totally. He does not seem to be a good actor, I agree with everything else as well. I hope Ava is not related to Monica.

Why, oh, why, Jimmy? My boyfriend agrees with you. I think you guys are jealous…lol .. Maybe just a little bit? Just wait and see…he has so much potential (not because of his good look) as an actor. ….give him a chance, Jimmy, pleeeease!

I love Donna Mills as Madeline, I hope gh signs Donna to a contract. Dr. O, I love this lady. She kidnaps babies people and at gun point, to poor liz. Dr. O loves to sing as well LOL. I want dr. O TO SING AGAIN. LOL. She has a sexy voice.

I’m very confused here.

Madeline’s real name is Magda Westbourne. So, does that mean Liesl’s maiden name is Liesl Westbourne? Or, are they only half sisters, and Liesl’s mother remarried to someone with the last name Obrecht?

This also brings up the point as to why Liesl decided to give Britt the last name Westbourne instead of Obrecht, after her, or Fasion, after her father.

Also, Nathan West is really James Reeves, but now he’s Liesl’s son, making him James …… what’s his last name? Then, there’s Nina, whose last name is Clay through marriage, but maiden name is Reeves? Or West?

I like this story and the plot twists being thrown at us, but it’s really starting to confuse me because now I feel like I don’t know who anyone is!

“Oh, what a tangled we we weave. When we first practice to deceive”

love the ”mystery” of it all..
stay tuned, Jimmy .. for their back-story to come to life..

As Betty said ” buckle your seat belt it’s going to be a bumpy ride” ..

Obrecht’s history was laid out last year by Spinelli during Lulu’s abduction. He described it all to Anna. Yes, her maiden name is Liesel Westbourne. She had her medical license revoked in Europe for questionable experiments on human patients. So, she changed her name to Obrecht, left Europe, & attempted to practice in other places. She was never married to Faison which is why Britt has her last name.

Right, I forgot about that, thank you for clarifying.

Between Obrecht, Madeline, Heather and Ava, I’m beginning to suspect GH head writer Ron Carlivati has some serious “mommy issues.”

LOL, Andy G!!!!….The show really has become quite the psychological puzzle, hasn’t it? Not quite certain what issues are lurking beneath all the dysfunction being presented for our daily consumption….but there’s definitely much open to interpretation there!

I think Ryan Peavey’s acting is improving, maybe acting with Donna Mills is making him better.

I still can’t stand him, especially when he’s acting angry. They should look into recasting the role if they plan to keep Nathan around.


Perhaps that’s just wishful thinking by a lot of fans……I really haven’t seen an improvement. But I am resigned to the fact that the “Cardboard Cop” will probably remain just that….he is what he is. So, he won’t be doing Chekhov…. I can live with that….quite honestly he still isn’t the worst performer on the show… far. That dubious honor belongs to the sobby pregnant nurse….she whines, she squeaks, she wimpers, but she certainly doesn’t act! So much for on-the-job training…we’ve been suffering through a year+ of her useless, affected appearances, and yet she stubbornly stays in “Intro to Acting” gear….

I think Britt is the stolen child from 30 years ago. When Duke and Anna lost their unborn but close to delivery girl. So Anna and Duke may have found their long lost daughter. Hopefully Britt and Nathan aren’t related as they get drunk and go home together. Their bond is having such similar mothers.

The child Anna miscarried was never “close to delivery.” She was only in the first trimester when it happened.

RC did a great job!!
He shocked me.. luv that!
and Donna Mills (Madeline) will now have a place in GH and will continue on in a great story..
Dr. O , and Madeline and their back story that will come to scree will rock !!!!!

More Dr. O and Britt…less Sonny, Carly, Kiki, and Franco, please!!!

You have to hand it to whoever is writing Obrecht’s lines. They know her SO well. “Such a handsome boy. That dark hair & smouldering blue eyes. He’s the spitting image of ME!”

Amen to that notion! Whoever is responsible for penning “Mutta’s” majestic mutterings is a writer par excellence….sadly that brilliance for creating cogent, intelligent dialogue is not extended to the rest of the show!!!!

I agree with some of the previous comments; I would love for Madeline and Monica to be sisters.
Also, Johnny stated that GH is getting further and further from the show he loved; what does that mean? Are you saying, Johnny, that you love the mob and Sonny show ?
I truly remember General Hospital as a show worth watching because I watched from day one on April 1, 1963; so, believe me , when I say that it has truly strayed from being a show worth watching. However, I must confess that by the time Luke , Laura, and other characters appeared, I didn’t watch as much or stopped completely.
I’ve been in and out; now , I’m back ,and will try to remain faithful as long as the surprises and excitement continue. Perhaps, beyond that because I’m trying to keep the four remaining Daytime Soaps alive and thriving even though , I’m not the age group desired.

britt and nathan are twins and madeline took nathan with her.

Good one aria

Great storyline twist! Loved it. It opens up the door to so many possibilities, and different directions they can go in. Donna Mills and Kathleen Gati sniping back and forth was a riot.

Agreed, their scenes were the most interesting in the episode, and the story surrounding Nina’s “death” is currently the most interesting IMO.

I had a silly thought. What if (not so silly) Nathan is Victor’s kid with Dr. O and what if Britt (Here comes the silly) is Faison’s kid with Anna from all those years Anna was missing. haha Dr. O raised her because she is Faison’s. Dr. O kind of treats her poorly because she is Anna’s. Robin and Britt are now sisters.

There is no such thing as a silly thought on soaps, Danny. Anything is possible. However, as I have previously mentioned,……. If Britt and Nathan were not siblings, then Dr. O would not be so worried about any sexual encounters between the two.

I’m thinking Nathan’s father is Victor Cassadine but Dr.Obrecht wanted Faison.So maybe to protect her son from the Cassadines and even Faison the doctor gave him to her sister to raise.Plus giving her son away and any regrets about that could explain her behavior with Britt a little.

This makes a lot of sense. But where does Britt’s last name come into play? As far as we know, Liesl’s last name is Obrecht, unless she changed it or was previously married to a man with the same last name. Madeline’s maiden name is Magda Westbourne, so does that mean Liesl’s is Westbourne, too? I don’t get why Britt’s last name isn’t Obrecht or Faison.

Maybe Obrecht is Leisl and Madeline’s mother’s maiden name and Leisl took it as her last name for professional reasons.As for Britt maybe she took the last name Westbourne because she didn’t want to be linked to her parents in anyway.

When Spinelli was investigating Dr. O., his background search revealed that her true (birth) surname was Westbourne, but due to legal troubles in her native Europe, she took her mother’s maiden name of Obrecht to re-launch her career after losing her original medical license….hence, her current moniker as Liesl Obrecht.

This was great story telling. Frank and Ron can do this well with THEIR characters. They love Lisel and find any way to keep her relevant. I would love it if James is Victor’s son. The only problem is the actor who plays James is weak and he could not hold a candle acting up against the other Cassidines.

Exactly, look at Ryan Paevey and Tyler Christopher, for example. TC would eat him alive in scenes together, so what would happen when paired up with Thaao Penghlis? I feel bad for Donna Mills who has had to act opposite Nathan for the majority of her time in Port Charles. I mentioned this previously: they should really consider recasting Nathan with a better actor if they plan to keep him around long-term.

However, I love how Ron tied Obrecht and Madeline together. After a while of her schemes and machinations, Obrecht can get very tiring, but this is a new, fresh dynamic RC intertwined, and I’m excited to see it play out.

Ahh, jimmy! C’mon now. Is that fair? Tyler is an old pro(operative word here, pro)…. How can we compare the two? Besides, Tyler has never looked this good. Shallow, you say? In this case, yes…I am head over heels in-like with Ryan.

I said this before…give him a chance…I will repeat myself…Ryan is a tyro who will eventually bloom into a seasoned warrior. He will surprise us all.
@Timmm…TPTB are right to like Ms. Gati….she is an actress “par excellance”. Her performance is spectacular. She never fails to entertain. Can you say differently? I am no critic, however, I know perfect acting when I see it.

Perhaps some of “Mutta’s” acting brilliance will magically rub off on “der sohn” when they finally have a chance to mutually admire their “dark hair and smouldering blue eyes!” Seriously, Kathleen Gati is such a generous and talented professional that I should think that simply working a scene with her would provide some transfer of abilities through osmosis alone! That woman is a phenomenal, amazing performer!

Cozynblue…catchy moniker!…. Not everyone wants Steve Burton back on GH. I am not so “full of myself” to think that what I like matters to anyone, and at the risk of sounding arrogant, I like “Jason” even less on Y&R. I am , personally, up to my eyeballs with mobster storylines.
But, oh, this new twist with the Obrecht/Reese sisters has me glued to the screen, asking for more. What a pair…Dr. O’s performance is magnificently breathtaking. She is my new heroine… Devilment and all. I know she exemplifies the sociopath in her purest form, but she has shown human(at least maternal) qualities . Perhaps not showing empathy, which I think is due to a harsh past, but there are human sparks in her character. I applaud GH for giving her to us. She is spectacular and a fellow-Canadian.

We are totally on the same page, FAS!!!! I don’t miss Jason one whit……. old “Stonecold” can remain in his permafrost state for all eternity….I care not about his rigid character nor mobbed-soaked legacy! On the other hand, Dr. O. is just beyond exquisite! Kathleen Gati is absolutely riveting as Liesl in all her sociopathic glory, and to finally have her backstory fleshed out in such demented detail is deliriously delightful!!! Her puzzling persona is becoming more interesting and intriguing with each reveal and giving her the beautiful Madeline as her big sis “Magda” was brilliant….can you say “sibling rivalry???”” Those two crazy Swiss chicks just standing around talking in their jail cells was a stroke of sheer symmetry….blond and brunette, healer and killer, okay healer/killer and killer, not to mention good and evil, as in one saves/creates babies while the other extinguishes their lives. Such soapy nirvana….THIS is what daytime drama is supposed to be! Loved, loved, LOVED it! I could actually envision a stand alone episode for Dr. O. relating her personal history….not exactly in total soliloquy, but with clips featuring various landmark moments in her life, and how they connect to the GH characters we already know…..with some tasteful tunes thrown in for good measure! (Gati must regale us with her vibrant vocals once again!) Quite simply, the possibilities are endless with this dynamic diva of darkness!!! Certainly hope the rumors of Donna Mills’ departure are not accurate….now that they have linked her to the devious doc, there must be more twisted turns to come for these two shady ladies!

Again, Shay…your writing leaves me speechless and breathless….your words dance before my eyes. I have a pretty vast vocabulary(or so I thought) , but your brain must possess tiny filing cabinets overflowing with words. Putting these words together , depicting a protagonist with such splendor and embellishment is a feat….you make Dr. O and all other characters come to life. I wish I could express myself in a more descriptive manner……sadly, that’s the best I am able to do….I simply am enthralled….

Once again, thank you for your most gracious comments, FAS, but you also do far more than fine in the expression department….it’s obvious that we share a great love and respect for the English language!!!! I have always considered words to be the equivalent of the many shades of paint one uses to create portraits, but instead of conjuring images by brushstroke, it is with pen in hand. As for storing that “multi-hued” vocabulary, it simply resides in my “mind palace” hopefully ready to be snatched at a moment’s notice as the need arises!!! (If you enjoy the BBC’s “Sherlock”—-with Benedict Cumberbatch as the eponymous main character—— then you are very familiar with that memory-saving concept!)

I certainly am, albeit I must confess I do not watch as often as I’d like. When I do have time ( school is a full time job…lol) I find myself watching mostly “Bones” and CSI shows. But, I am an avid reader of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sometimes, I think I was born in the wrong century. The irony is everyone tells me I do not “fit” the image of the typical “book worm” with which my boyfriend loves to tease me……that is an insult to all blondes…lol

Sometimes I KNOW I was born in the wrong century, FAS! LOL….That must be why I watch so much “Masterpiece Theatre!” I barely view any American television programs these days, except for GH, “Revenge” and soon-to-be-gone “The Mentalist.” But I can understand why those shows you mentioned grab your attention…they are basically chock full of medical procedurals and nomenclature!! (I once was a “Bones” aficionado, until they made dear, sweet little Zack into one of “Gormogon’s” murdering disciples!) As for “Sherlock” I can watch the same episodes numerous times….they’re that good!!!! Inventive plots, killer dialogue and…..Benedict Cumberbatch!!!! Oh yeah…. ; ) P.S. It’s always fun to disguise the brains behind the femme façade……just when unsuspecting people have you coined as some fluffy fille, you unleash the intellect. Jaws drop….so disarming….haha!

We do seem to think alike…oh, these great minds !!! Lol.
Things have not been the same since Zack left the “Jeffersonian”…no one measures up to said character.

True that!!!!…..As for Zack, losing him was a HUGE mistake! However, I do believe the actor who portrayed him chose to leave the show, as he had a Broadway background and wanted to return to the stage???? : (

Well, they could really rewrite history and Britt could actually be Monica’s daughter, Dawn. At least that would give her a child that is alive. Then, she could be the third sister and tied to Dr. O – who secretly adopted Britt knowing she was Monica’s child.

Yes, but if that were the case, why would Dr. O be so concerned about Nathan and Britt having sex?…..unless, as I said before, they are twins and Alan is the father, and Liesl the mother, not Monica. Another scenario would be that Britt and Nathan are half brother and sister…same mother, different fathers. But Alan could still be Britt’s father.
What about cryogenics…popular subject on GH. Dr. O, the mad scientist ( but so endearing…lol) could have had a hand in that. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds…but, they take so long…..!!!!

Kathleen Gati… continues : to STEAL the show

not far behind… is Britt : her stoic, pleading, how do I do this, go about all these feelings… is carrying, as well

I love Dante’ take on his being a father… that would make me love him

one mis”hit” : and it’s Nicholas… I can’t believe I’m saying this :
he’s overdoing ; over dramatizing; “what you did to my sister” with Britt… and I didn’t for one second really believe his feelings for Liz after she was shot at the hospital

doesn’t it stand to reason… Liz will end up with Ric.. and it’s going to be about Nicholas and Britt finding their way back….. when he simply realizes… Britt… matter of fact… carried to term… a baby, she gave up, albeit… circumstance… for Dante and Lulu.

oye! the writing.. SUSPECT! I also… didn’t like the acting… with ER’ Lulu.. when Dante brought Ben back to the police station… as the three of them sat their… she’s so hit and miss… that i’m really resigned… with Lulu.

I’ll stand by the actors… as it’s all in the writing

Here I go again…OMG. The dialogue between the Westmore sisters is hilarious. I can’t get enough of what comes out of Dr. O’s mouth……if Britt and Natan had sex, the baby might come out with fur? Is that what she said. How funny, is that? Please GH, keep it coming.

I love it!

Victor Cassadine is Nate’s father, that is why he tried to get Olbrecht to leave with him. The two of them have a past and she gave her son to Madeline so that he would never know she had a child with him. I am loving this story line. A

Also regarding earlier comments about Monica…you guys are right, they have killed the entire Quartermaine family over the years and it is sad she and Tracy are all alone!

Seem’S the Q’s were dead-off well before RC’s time..
When he come on they were near extinct ..

It would be too weird to build the Q’s back up with new actors, that just would not be right..
Let their legacy hold and RIP ..

(The great Chandler’s of AMC became near extinct, too. As have other cornerstone families 🙁

The entire time we watched the jail to bar scenes my husband would point to the tv and yell to Detective Nathan West ” Please DON’T sleep with your sister man! Don’t do it!!!” . It was hilarious, the closer they got to each other in each episode this week was great! gross, but great!

@KansasGuest. Good point. Well, then, could Nathan be Alan and Dr. O’s kid?… although as many have suggested, James is Victor’s son…..which is more feasible. What a dilemma !!!!! Lol

I’m pretty sure that Britt and Nathan will find out rather quickly that they are related. Nathan is probably Victor’s son which is why O gave him up to follow Faison (“that maniacal Dane”). Britt is O’s daughter by Faison. O spelled it out pretty clearly that one reason Nate needs to know his real mother is so he and Britt don’t accidentally meet and mingle.

There is no way on earth that Britt is Anna’s child by anyone. As was pointed out, Anna lost her baby in the first trimester . If Faison had fathered Britt by Anna, he would be a lot nicer to Britt. And if you’re listening to the dialogue, Silas clearly said that he remembered meeting Nathan as a young boy when Nina took him to the zoo. So, not related to Silas.

Kiki as Nina’s child…there is a birth certificate that says Ava gave birth to Kiki. So, who knows who Nina’s child might turn out to be.

You are correct …Nathan and Britt must find out they are siblings ASAP, lest they end up in bed together…Gross !!!!
As far as Ava’s name appearing on Kiki’s birth certificate? C’mon, now…. Ava is a murderer…, you really think her forging a birth certificate is beyond the realm of possibilities? Unless a new character is introduced ( and, I doubt it’s …OHMMMM-FAROUT-LEVI), Kiki is the only one whose age is close to the time all this went down. We shall see. I have never been more into GH as I presently am. It’s Saturday…”gotta”go !!!!

I love the story line. The writers are doing a fantastic job of connecting people and adding to the plot. We love to hate O’brect and her dear sister!” Keep up the good work and its great to see the ratings so high! WTG GH!

Cancel gh please, very painful to watch. LOL. GH will not be around in 2 years, replace it with a new talk show.

Pretty sure that’s not happening.

I never laughed so much in my life!!! Funny funny stuff!!! The children can be born with FUUUURR!!!!, OR A. Prehencile tail!!!!! Lololol solo funny Ron and frank!!! Funny stuff!! Still laughing!!

Well, I guess I’m in the minority here because I feel that Dr. O’s character is more cartoonish and over the top than anything else. And Kathleen Gati might have a great singing voice, but that’s where it ends with me. The woman overacts just about every frickin’ line that comes out of her mouth. I took some acting lessons back in the day and was quite involved in the drama department at both my high school and college, and I am quite certain my acting coach would have laughed her right off the stage. I realize that some of the “over-the-topness” is part of Dr.O’s character, but really, it is painful to watch her on my screen. Moreover, I am so sick of sociopath criminals running the show now. I am all for soaps having their fair share and healthy dose of villains, but oh my goodness, this woman takes the cake. When is she going to pay for all the unspeakable crimes she has committed?

Hey, MegB. The idea of making both Dr. O and Faison appear buffoonish, I believe, is part of the package that makes them so appealing…not so much Faison …he’s gross. You must admit she’s a piece of work. We all know about her despicable deeds, but her outrageously comic stunts make us “sort of” forget?
Sadly, for those who want her to pay for her tainted and criminal past and misdeeds, I would not hold my breath. I just want her around…she “sends” me. So in true GH-esque form, the writers will come up with something to exhonourate her…

I guess I would be able to tolerate her absurd antics in small doses, but she just doesn’t do anything for me. However, I must admit I enjoyed her throwing Brad off the balcony at Wyndermere…:)

Dr O is hilarious. It still makes me laugh when I think of her “singing” at the nurse’s ball. Is that all there is? Almost as funny as when Faison offered to give her some if she wore the Anna mask. LMAO.

Who, in God’s green earth, died and made Levi a savant and guru all rolled into one?

OMG! Levi has to be the most irritating character ever! I sooooo wanted Nathan to knock Levi out cold just to shut him up.

In a word…..”Cartini!” Thanks a lot, guys!

OMG….here comes Carlos!!!

I don’t think Faison is the father becuz Obrecht would hv loved to gv him a son. I think Victor Cassadine is the father. I am just wondering who is older.

I think it was Aria that said they were twins. Makes sense to me.

@MissFixit…I am still laughing ….HARD

General Hospital

GH’s Mark Teschner Tells Casting Stories of Johnny Wactor, Giovanni Mazza, Rebecca Herbst & Nicholas Chavez

This week during a very informative and insightful conversation, General Hospital’s 11-time Emmy-winning casting director and now a Daytime Emmy Silver Circle honoree, Mark Teschner spoke on finding the talent for specific roles on the ABC daytime drama series throughout his near three and half decades with the show.

During a livestream chat on the Michael Fairman Channel, Teschner recalled some of the behind the scenes casting stories that brought many beloved favorites to the GH family including the late Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando), the newly-arrived, Giovanni Mazza (Gio), longtime fan favorite, Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), and rising star, Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer) to name but a few.

When speaking with sadness over the loss of Wactor, who was shot and killed back on May 25th, and what he brought to the character of Brando, Teschner recalled, “With Johnny, what you see is what you get. You see the most kind decent, standup guy, and that’s innately who he is. So, that quality comes through in his work and with the character.”

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Mark explained, “Brando was a raw kind of hothead, troubled kind of character, and Johnny was able to go there. He had a real intensity that he was able to bring to the role, but at the same time, the character of Brando had to have this depth and this giant heart that he doesn’t necessarily reveal when you first see him. Well, Johnny had the biggest heart of anyone you’ll ever meet. So that essence was already there, and then his acting and his skill played the character. Johnny brought so much of who he was to the character, and there was something so authentic about him.”

Photo: ABC

Giovanni Mazza recently debuted on GH as “Gio”, so what was his road to landing in Port Charles? Teschner shared, “I was casting a recurring role for a 15-year-old on the show, but when I’m doing the audition, sometimes I’ll open it up because we try to cast true to age, really within a year or so.  If you think about it, all the kids in our show are the exact age of the characters that they’re playing. Because if you have somebody that’s older playing younger, it sticks out because they’re not going to blend age-wise. But I did read a number of actors that were older just because they looked interesting. Gio’s audition came in. I was viewing this through self tapes, and there was just something about him. It wasn’t just that he was a great-looking kid, it was just there’s something very soulful about him and something very compelling, and he draws you in. ”

Photo: ABC

Mark continued, “So with the group of the 15-year-olds that I sent to Frank Valeintini (EP, GH), I said, ‘Hey, I’m including this kid, Giovanni Mazza. I’m well aware he’s too old, but I just want you to see him.’

After having him come into audition, two weeks later, Frank called Mark and told him they were putting Gio under contract. Teschner added, “So, that was an example where it was his first week in LA, it was his first and ever audition. So we got  before anybody else.  I think he’s really gonna develop into, you know, quite a young actor.”

Becky Herbst has been beloved as Elizabeth for decades, and Teschner recounted her audition process and how she came to the role of Elizabeth. “She (originally) auditioned for the role of Sarah Webber. But the role of Elizabeth was created for Becky. While the character of Sarah did not last long, here we are with Becky 30 years later.”

Teschner cited Becky’s casting as a great example. “I always tell actors when they come into audition, you lay it out, you put it all out there, you bring everything you have to that role. You may not get the role, but if you do good work, you get remembered. And it’s so true.”

Photo: ABC

Nicholas Chavez popped in the role of Spencer Cassadine before exiting the series. Teschner tells how Chavez came onto the GH casting radar. “Nicholas sent his self tape in from Florida and the rest is history. He had a meteoric impact on the show.” Mark added, “You always have an expectation and the hope that they’re (the actor) going to nail it and run with it. But sure, there are actors, you think, ‘They’re gonna be awesome,’ and then all of a sudden it goes to another level. With Nicholas Chavez, we knew he’d be amazing, but you know, who knew? Well, we did.”

Watch the full conversation with Mark Teschner below where he talks about even more of the casting stories behind some of your GH favorites, then and now.

What you think of the Teschner’s eye for talent casting the characters of General Hospital? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

(WATCH) 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Winners Interviews

Last Friday night at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of the daytime drama series and performer winners took to the ‘Winners Walk’ to share their reactions on taking home the gold in their respective categories.

Speaking with Michael Fairman TV were: Outstanding Lead Actress winner, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless), Outstanding Lead Actor, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, The Bold and the Beautiful) along with friend and former B&B co-star, Alley Mills (ex-Pam, now Heather, GH), and his daughter McKenna, who attended the ceremonies with her dad.

In addition, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama Series, Robert Gossett (Marshall, General Hospital) stopped by to celebrate his win, as did Outstanding Supporting Actress, Courtney Hope (Sally, The Young and the Restless).

Photo: NATAS

General Hospital won both Outstanding Directing Team in a Daytime Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Daytime Drama Series, and both former co-head writers, Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten, spoke to us following their victories, as did the Directing team led by Robert Markham, Tina Keller and Allison Reames.

The Young and the Restless icon star, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) along with her husband, The Bold and the Beautiful’s producer Edward J. Scott were the recipients of the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award honors, and spoke on what it was like to take the stage and deliver their acceptance speeches after the moving tribute from many of their colleagues.

Photo: NATAS

Make sure to check out our red carpet interviews from soap’s biggest night and all the winners conversations via You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Now, watch our 2024 Daytime Emmy winners interviews below.  Then, let us know who you were most happy to see taking home an Emmy for their work via the comment section.

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General Hospital

Bryan Craig Teases ‘Who Could It Be’ in Response to General Hospital’s Returning Mystery Man

Since General Hospital’s executive producer, Frank Valentini dropped a major bombshell of what’s to come on the long-running daytime drama at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, the guessing games have begun of just what former GH actor is returning to the cast this summer.

Speaking with ABC’s On The Red Carpet, as previously reported, Valentini shared, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.”

That has led to major online speculation that it could be anyone from: Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky), Greg Vaughn (ex-Lucky), Ted King (ex-Lorenzo Alcazar), Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer), and Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan) among others, that might be the gentlemen being referenced.

Photo: JPI

On Wednesday, responding to a post on the subject from Soap Opera Digest, Bryan Craig commented, “Who could it be ….”  Now, clearly he can just be having some fun with the situation to throw fans off-track, or he might be giving us a tease of what’s to come.

Before exiting GH, the actor won two Daytime Emmys for his performances as Morgan Corinthos in 2016 and 2017.  Craig appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared most recently in Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel, plus several independent films.

The character of Morgan was killed-off the show when Olivia Jerome set a bomb that exploded in the car that Morgan got into, but was meant to kill Olivia’s brother Julian Jerome. Morgan’s death caused a huge split in the relationship of Carly and Sonny.

So, do you think Bryan Craig is just having fun with the audience, or do you think it’s possible he is the big return Frank Valentini is talking about? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

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