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General Hospital


GENERAL HOSPITAL: Lives Hang In The Balance Following Faison’s Rampage!


Friday’s episode of General Hospital moved Faison’s (Anders Hove) return into full-action mode with bullets being fired, lives on the line, being one step closer to the reveal of Faison’s other son, Henrik, and more.

First off, we have got to give kudos to Anders Hove, who makes this story work because of his sheer genius portrayal of the ultimate psycho-villain.  And, we have to give major props to Finola Hughes (Anna) for being the glue of this story with her layered performances of a woman tortured by this madman for decades.

Now on to the action: as fans had predicted, it was Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) who was in harm’s way trying to protect Maxie (Kirsten Storms), and his unborn child from Faison.  But unfortunately, when he goes to Crimson, his father already had Maxie in his clutches.  Shots ring out, and it looks like Nathan is shot near the heart.  Faison escapes, while Peter (Wes Ramsey) who was already shot by Faison earlier, attempted to shoot him.  Peter calls 911.  He helps Maxie put pressure on Nathan’s wound, as Maxie begs her husband to stay with her.  Lucas (Ryan Carnes), who earlier announced to Carly (Laura Wright) and Bobbie (Jackie Zeman), that he and Brad (Parry Shen) are adopting a child, was at the Metro Court and arrives to look after Nathan while the paramedics make their way to the hotel.

In the lobby of the Metro Court, Carly tells her staff to get out of the hotel ASAP, but next she has a gun shoved in her back by Faison!  It’s Jason (Steve Burton) to the rescue, who shoots Faison point blank, and Faison falls to the floor! Now that Faison is seriously wounded, and as he is being carried out by the paramedics, he inflames Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) by telling him he has Lulu (Emme Rylan)!


Peter, who has made it downstairs, tells the officers, and more, that Nathan has been shot.  Peter says he heard Lulu mention she would be at Wyndemere.  Dante and Sonny (Maurice Benard) are now on their way there!  Alone with Jason, an emotional  Carly asks Jason if he can live with the fact that if Faison dies, he may never get his answers as to what Faison did to him and Drew (Billy Miller). Jason says he knows that may be the case.

Anna is waiting for Henrik to show up at the park, since Sonny and Jason went to the Metro Court.  As she does, she flashes back to years ago, and we get to see two vintage clips of Anna and Faison.  One clip could be a big foreshadowing moment.  Why did Anna look so out of it after taking that drink, while Faison moved in close to her?   Is it possible that Henrik could be Anna and Faison’s son, which is why she has been on the edge of an emotional meltdown?  Later, we see Peter watching Anna in the park from behind the bushes.

At “General Hospital”, both Nathan and Faison are wheeled in and need emergency care and treatment. Bobbie stays with an emotional Maxie, who is trying to process what happened, and that Nathan saved her and their unborn baby  when he took the bullet from Faison.  Dante and Sonny show up at Wyndemere and kick down the door as the gas fumes are slowly killing Lulu and Obrecht (Kathleen Gati).

So, what did you think of Friday’s GH?  Is this the end of Faison and Nathan?  Is Anna the mother of Henrik?  Will Jason get the answers he has wanted for the last five years?  Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below.

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Is Wes Ramsey on contract?

Yes, Frank offered it to him in a parking lot.


HAHAHAHAHAHA, Steve and JK. SO TRUE. I find his acting to be very flat; although, I haven’t watched all of Friday’s yet..

Oh Steve, you are quick on your feet!

Lots of drama, for sure. On screen and off. I don’t care for Peter and hope he is not going to end up related to Anna. I would like to see Aiden Turner, who played her cousin or nephew on AMC-Aiden Devane pop into Port Charles

I agree. I find Peter (and the acting) to be very flat. & any storyline involving Lulu, I tend to ignore. Of course, the storyline had to somehow revolve around Sonny.

Peter seems a tad Smarmy to me. Remember cousin Itt from the Adams Family? If you Google Itt and see the picture of Itt with the hat and sunglasses-that is who Lulu reminds me of-always bobbling around stirring up a mess while acting like mother of the year.

This is General Hospital!

Anna was on AMC too, so should she go-wait, Sonny was too-most of the actors on General Hospital were on another show at one time or another. The cast is bloated, but that does not seem to stop the train from Hooterville pulling up with new characters on a regular basis. Aiden Devane is an established character, and related to Anna-plus he is way hot so I say yes to him. Or to Skye Chandler/Quartermaine.

I had also pointed out that Lulu, with her tiny stature and long blond hair, would look like Cousin Itt from The Adam’s Family if she put on sunglasses over her hair.
I am not a fan of Lulu’s but I did love Cousin Itt.

One of my soap-loving friends has always maintained that Lulu reminds her of a grown-up version of “Cindy Lou Who” from Whoville…….

Would also love to see Fiona Hutchison. She is excellent and have not seen her in years.


Thank You for the wonderful laugh out loud… “cousin IT” Lulu and Peter.

I’ve christened her : Mamma Smurph… love your bobblehead bettah

Maxie in the blood-stained pink boucle jacket was a step too far. All that was missing was the pill box hat. Not very subtle, GH. That may have been a major clue as to Nathan’s fate. Hope he simply goes into hiding, as he is presumed dead, away from Faison and recuperates and brings his pretty face back to Maxie and the PCPD.

Robin will be the one who determines whether or not Peter is her half-brother. Ande will be involved in finding the answers for Drew and Jason IMHO.

What say ye?

Ryan Paevey’s acting has improved greatly in his time on the show. Career-wise, it’s time for him to see what else is out there. Nathan in hiding could be interesting, but I think this is the beginning of the end of the West(bourne)/Obrecht family. If Kathleen Gati and Michelle Stafford are still on the show at the end of this year, I’d be surprised.

They better not retcon Parking Lot Peter to be Anna’s son. Where would that fit in the historic timeline of the show?

I’ve already posted as such… Wes Ramsey ie: Peter , Heinrik.

dear god in heaven. Finn is bad enough… now a son… WHICH , is not lost on the audience… WHO DIDN”T want Anna to have something any thing… after Duke died… we were teased with Griffin. NOW… that laura Wrights boyfriend is hired and contracted…


he doesn’t have any presence or meaning that jumps out at

??? I don’t get it

we’ve already seen Anna with Griffin. that seemed to be enough

now that Frank Valentini tenure and agenda are OUT IN THE OPEN ????

why not beef up his pets … for however long this genre – LASTS –

we know that they know that… let’s squeal for a nielson number… and FV and his favorite and pets can laud de la to spite and run this show in to the ground all the while collecting a substantial – wasted – paycheck

i’m not going to see this…. Wes Ramsey and Finola Hughes… FORGET THIS
at least this would be better than with Finn ?

This Faison is definitely a living breathing psychopath. He wakes up every day wondering how many lives he can destroy.

Yes, Mary–Faison is an over-achiever for sure

At least by GH standards, Harry! Although he’s still a piker compared to “Helena the Great!”

I do not want Faison dead..
I Love Anders Hove/ Faison..
GH needs Faison, desperately

I was hoping Faison would have shot and killed Jason..
Anders Hove’s acting is superior over Steves.

I hope Faison lives to bring his excitement, intrigue, suspense and thrills to GH..

Great 5 star acting by ALL (APPLAUSE !!)


Cesar Faison and Anna had sex..
Welcomed or not welcomed, they had sex.
Peter is her son ..
Back in time, they had something going on between them.

Anna hates Cesar Faison for forcing himself on her, perhaps and Anna is desperate to keep her secret hidden.

point of interest : Cesar Faison as played by the theatrical Artiste , Anders Hove

i’m enamored by him… ANY TIME – any of us – are given a dole out of “REAL” actors… acting.

he may be a caricature … ( unfortunately, the GH writers will do this to any actor who is propped and supporting… the Corinthos’ Clan. ) so… is he dead ? will his heart soften ?

can we imagine a newfound family with Cesar, Leisl, Britta, Nathan, Heinrick?
i’d love that Wes Ramsey is killed off

know that ^ won’t happen.

any way : SOD snippet : SOD asked Anders when was the last time he saw Anthony Geary : ” maybe about 18 months ago, I went to Amstdam and had breakfast with him. we went on a little ride on his boat. it seems like he’s having a wonderful time there and enjoying life and his wonderful apartment by the canal.

hoo ha ha – Thanks to: Gloria Monty , GH – AND – Genie Francis. he just hates the reference… GH caved in… gave HIM … all the bookoo buck.

points of interest : did you know he was roomates for 2 years.. with Kin Shriner. ? who would have thought .

DOES it seem to you… LOL with this big splash with Fridays cliffhanger… this was the ceremony for MOB feature . back in full swing

ps: I can only assume you like Nelle , because of the undercurrent, cutting, and in your face scenes between her and Carly.

I prefer scenes with Nelle and Bobby… now that’s noggin bashing at it’s finest

..Griffin Faison …. perfect !
I’m waiting for it, how sweet it will be ..

I just hate the idea of nepotism .. at the expense of : all the rest , of the cast and audience.

so therefor… I do not want Wes Ramsey to take… thus far he’s not triggered. ugh! well if you have to find something… he can have Lulu. stir on that.

any way : I like your last few lines about Anna . which would be a dynamic trek for Our Anna to traverse. every fiber of her being and brain waves pitting all her person up to now.

“…Anna hates Cesar Faison for forcing himself on her, perhaps and Anna is desperate to keep her secret hidden ”

well this is making me well up . rape and the birth of a child she never knew.. and wants to not know.. because of her long history with Faison and all the people he has hurt .

although, she knew about Kimberly but never reunited with her until well in to adulthood. which in itself is a miracle . because yeah its saccharin… but these two WORK it with Emma.

so .. WHATEVER THE “HECK” Frank Valentini is canvasing… it’s nothing more than the fab 4 plus Drew plus Finn plus Peter August. plus Franco. like I said.. that’s 9 actors he pedestals and features.

it would be so easy to clean house and FIND and HIRE WRITERS who are willing and eager to flesh out the whole cast

Well, Micheal. it was sad, especially with the rumors about Ryan leaving. We sill have more aftermath to see. Very much LOVE #naxie. This affects a decent amount of the cast. And of course Anders Hove is great at being creepy!!

I thought Ryan Peavy was taking time off to make a movie ? NO MATTER HOW any one cuts and dices…

Ryan Peavy… of course has improved past wooden.

Ryan Peavy… is so near perfection … like Maxie shared with him… “I liked looking at you @Crimson.. even tho I was making it seem like I was mad at you”

YOU cant’ take your eyes off of. HE”S HOT . ‘bam ’nuff said… I love and appreciate what few women will say as much.

as I’ve always said : I make the time for Ryan Paevy. Nathan has been @GH.

Contract role; December 30, 2013 to present.

OK I had to step up just in case ANOTHER BLINDSIT by the dullard hit

He’s probably branching out. I have seen him recently as Mr Darcy in an okay, soapy movie where he is a rich, dog trainer/judge who falls in love with another dog person. He only had to take his shirt off once when he came out of a swimming pool. Just hope he is not written off GH. I’ve grown to like him, and I think he has grown as an actor. Nice to see.

Ryan Peavy would make an excellent Superman.

no point in watching anymore with genie francis having once again been fired from the show !! and another mass shooting ! please give us the fans both a break and some much needed respect ! enough with the mob and guns ! in happier news Days of our lives ( the soap opera on nbc ) has Tyler Christopher ( nikolas cassadine ) in it from now on ! I only watch Days of our lives from now on : Days of our lives is the best soap on the air at present . Bold and beautiful is so boring with the silly repeated triangles and yet another ridge brooke reunion ! massive yawn ! and Young and restless is now a miserable and sad shadow of its former self ! trust me : Days of our lives is the soap to watch !

ABSOLUTELY – Here ye, Here ye,

“… trust me : Days of our lives is the soap to watch ! ”

Sony / NBC / Days of OUR Lives

Genie was hardly used..
She was mostly backburned..
Until Kevin/marraige Laura had no stories ..
Past year Genie has been wallpaper not seen unless ”talking” someone.

First of all, there is absolutely no suspense to this stupid story because we all know what’s going to happen 4 days before it will happen. Second, I’m so sick of soap opera writers who are stuck in the 70s: the completely helpless “wimmens” need the big strong men to come and save them after they’ve been kidnapped, or held hostage, or blah blah blah. THIS is why nobody under the age of 50 watches soaps anymore. It’s ridiculous. (And don’t even get me started on Anna working with Saint Sonny, of all people, to bring down the bad guys – naturally she can’t do it without him – GMAFB).

I WAS PISSED ‘ Sonny and Anna , in the car…??? heading to Windemeare or even the metro court

as he spouts to her : ” We’re playing by my rules ”
LIVID ! that’s what this show is?

this is just so out of character for Finola Hughes… isn’t she bombarded with propping and carrying this show.

stuck- STUCK – w/Sonny , Finn, is it Peter/Heinrik. Our Anna …


Patrick, that unfuriated me as well.
Anna has been fighting her own fights with command, control and style thank you very much. She doesn’t need Cheer’s Nick Tortelli to come in and show her how it’s done because she can show him.
Watching Sonny try and dominate his superior (Anna) gave me a whole new appreciation for Robert. Robert treated Anna with respect and as an equal.
Please keep Sonny out of Anna’s story. Give him his own story he can dominate or bettter yet, give him a long vacation.

Amen, Patrick and Harry! Our Anna is a big girl who can take care of herself…we don’t need MobBossSonny calling the shots where she is concerned! As for “Dimples,” an extended vacation would be a grand idea…preferably with a one-way ticket out of Port Charles attached to it!

Peter was shot yet needed zero medical attention and is walking around normal at the end. If that’s an error its huge. But, otherwise, bullet-proof vest and that means Peter was expecting trouble. I don’t get why Nathan wouldn’t be wearing a vest.

Terry, I wondered about that, too. They didn’t answer how he could have been shot, yet roam all over PC without a care. I’m assuming it will be addressed and that he was wearing a bullet-proof vest because he was anticipating trouble. And lurking behind the bushes, spying on Anna, makes it look like he’s son number one for Faison. I guess we’ll find out next week.

I was looking forward to a Faison story, but didn’t like the one delivered. No matter how good the acting. Cassadines have always been evil, but more subtle. Made them more interesting.

Not a great way to end the week and start a weekend with. Just too much violence, guns and shootings for my taste, especially for a daytime soap. I can listen to the news anytime for stuff like this. Which is becoming too common in the US everyday with seemingly no remedy in sight.

And if this was supposed to be a trade-off for losing Genie and her storyline potentials, which are more in line with what i like on GH, ugh!

I dont believe the actor is to interested in a long term stay in the states.

As far as the violence, Rose, these soaps have to compete with so many other forms of entertainment. Its just what they have to do today. Maybe switch over to the Food Channel?

Hi Timmm…I know what you mean about violence and competing with other forms of entertainment for an audience. Especially if you are trying to attract those whose have become used to it growing up with video games for instance. Or anyone watching the amount of violence and discourse everyday in the news which can now come with disclaimers.

But why stoop to the lower violence level? Let soaps still set a certain standard for daytime. If this causes the soap genre to end, so be it.

Personally i like action, adventure, laced with a little violence…sometimes. if there is a good story attached to it. Even during “nighttime” tv these shows are harder to find. Right now my major complaints about the current crop of “action” in both tv/movies is the degree of violence, the % of screen time devoted to it, and the lack of really good stories. Some of this even happened in “Wonderwoman.” I have loved the character since i was a girl, and would have wanted more of the Amazon women story.

And I really have no time for cooking shows. Does the “Chew” ring a bell.? 🙂

Pissed that they are killing Nathan, if Ryan wanted to leave there had to be another way for him to exit the canvas.

After that horrible Ask Man Landers story, Ryan probably begged the writers for Nathan to have the most violent demise possible. ..never to return.


The “Man Landers” story had ME begging for death! Unfortunately, I’m immortal so there would have been no escape.

I like Nathan’s character-the one male character who actually has, well, character. He is so genuine and kind, and takes an interest in his marriage, his job, his friends. I’ve always liked Ryan Paevey. I just didn’t care for the Nathan and Maxie pairing, because I don’t care for the character of Maxie. I find her to be extremely annoying and immature. I think after the “Ask Man Landers” debacle, he was probably begging to be let go!

He wont die. Somehow I think Nina does.

How I wish you had been correct on that assertion, Timmmbo!

This episode left me with so many questions…

~ If Faison has always been Anna’s nemesis why has Sonny suddenly been awkwardly shoe-horned into things? (Oh, yeah — everything is about Sonny. I forgot, my bad.)

~ Why did it take lil bad-ass henchman Jason two seconds to take down Faison when Anna and Robert couldn’t get the job done in over two decades? (Oh, yeah…everything not about Sonny — which is nothing — is also about Jason. Again, my bad.)

~ Did the writers really think having Faison take Carly hostage for the space of a commercial break was going to make us like her? (Hint: NOTHING will make us like her.)

~ Did I miss the episode that explained why two detectives like Nathan and Dante are suddenly running around dressed like a couple of Paul Williams’ background cops on Y&R?

~ Despite the “big” news that Lucas and Brad have suddenly decided to adopt a baby why is it that all I could focus on was that throw-away line that Brad is adopted too?

~ Does this random gay adoption story involving two characters who have a combined airtime less than Background Nurse # 4 have anyone else anyone suspecting that Carly will steal Nelle’s baby and give it to her lil bro so that Michael won’t be chained to Nelle forever?

~ Are the writers about to write a retcon plot where Peter August is the child of Faison and Anna? Because writing a retcon plot where Peter August is the child of Faison and Anna is one of the worst ideas for so many reasons…

~ Speaking of Peter August, how did he get shot and just get back up? I know Maxie was all about Nathan being shot but why didn’t she wonder why Peter was up moving around after she witnessed him being shot? Why did the police just allow Peter to leave the Metro Court without questioning when the shooting of an officer occurred in the offices where he worked?

~ Why was Laura written out and yet we are still stuck with recast Lulu? (Clearly there is no explanation for this last question…)

i was enthralled with : OK Carly looks good. WITH her mom Bobbie and brother Lucas.

GOD it was a dream sequence…. SOMETHING NEW GOES ON.

IE: POSTERS – take another look at that eppi… where Lucas and Bobbie are so in psynch about the baby… that these two actors HAD to – HAD to – share the scene with laura Wright… WHO , check it , could do nothing to add but prop these two alimighty connection. I LOVE Jacklyn and Ryan Carnes . he smolders. Carly is nothing more than window dressing… at least outside of her full on trample with Sonny and Jason and Michael and Josslyn. She couldn’t cut it with Lucas and Bobbie. LOVE LOVE LOVED this full on honest scene.

it’s a beautiful story in the making… SHOULD GH WRITERS attempt how GOOD this could be. hey… just watching Jacklyn and Ryan tear this up. proof about the cast.

of course… I’ve been thinking about Felicia and Mac… I was thinking about the movie : Grand Canyon… which starred Mary McDonell and Kevn Kline… as the married couple who’s only child is off to college… and they are left discovering each other again ? she goes out jogging… and finds an abandoned baby. of course they keep it… so well done. i’d like to see this happen to Felicia… and she and Mac grapple with all the life changes and consequences…

PLUS : I read about these two any way in a past post.. that they would somehow have a child with a disability. no matter the details… it’d be a blast to see MORE OF THE CAST FEATURED.

Grand Canyon also featured Danny Glover and Alfre Woodard… LOL… yes this is 1993. TALK ABOUT HOT ! dag! these two meet in the movie and their contrast is meeting up – dating – these two and KK and MM, above, become fast friends. Alfre is always mesmerizing… but her character is so cute and sexy with Danny Glover… you could tell he is so taken with. GREAT MOVIE

The reason given as to why Dante and Nathan were in uniform was there was a protest on Charles Street earlier in the day and they were require to wear their uniform in order to beef up police presence at the rally– not sure why they put this into the story, but that was the explanation given.

You are on spot with everything that was said

ALAN, you speak my language on so many different levels! I am in total agreement with you! Port Charles revolves around The Dimpled Don, and apparently, nepotism is running amok at the ABC studios! Sonny and Jason once again are labeled as heroic, the PCPD and WSB-inept, and Laura Wright’s boyfriend has an integral part to play with ties to legacy characters. Don’t get me started on the insipid Lulu! I used to like Lulu. Now, I find her to be extremely irritating! If Laura has to leave Port Charles, can she take her annoying daughter with her, please?

Alan, love your comment and agree with your every point. You too, Patrick.
And yes, we lose the grounded, but ethereal Laura, whose history is fascinating, mysterious and certainly worth investigating, but we’re left with Little Lu.
This Lulu seems unworthy to be the result of the Luke and Laura super soap romance. She’s petulant, perky and well, ordinary.
Laura’s out and Lulu stays and we never got to see what was in that letter Luke left her.

Peter as Anna son? I’m not sure how I feel bout that, I’m mean yikes, but those flashbacks were awesome, Finola looked amazing, and no no no on killing off Nathan, that would be very sad, ok back to peter being Anna possible offspring with faison , it would surely be more dramatic and shocking but I wish Anna son was still griffin. What do they have in store for February sweeps? Faison is already shot before we are even there, unless feb sweeps starts before that, regardless I’m anxious for the outcome.

the more i think about this theres no way peter can be anna and faison son, first because faison is not obsessed w/ peter, if peter was his son w/ Anna, then Faison would be so in love w/ this son, and would care less about ryan. And to think the show would go the rape route would be disturbing. I’m all for Anna having an offspring,, considering that Anna, and Robert went on the run in 92 i think? theres no reason why anna couldn’t of been pregnant but w/ Robert child, not Faison, and offspring somebody other then peter, he just does’t cut it as anna son regardless.

Perhaps Faison had a child with Alex Devane and Peter (Heinrik) will be Anna’s nephew and Robin’s cousin. Don’t retconn the Anna-Fasion story into a drug rape. That’s just so wrong.

Sigh. It’s like Frank and the execs at ABC live in a bubble. They are frustrated execs who seem to prefer a different genre. The more I think about it, it seem like Carlivati was actually the one soap fan. He probably was frustrated having to deal with all these boneheads. I never watched Days of our Lives before, but now that he has taken over there, I have started. You can see, this guy really knows and loves the genre. The people at ABC are trying to change the genre, but you can only change it so much before you’ve killed it.

So Peter is Anna’s ans Faison’s son?????????????

I don’t know who else remembers but being a cop and being with Maxine is like the kids

of death. This will be the 3rd police officer she will bury. Didn’t anyone else think it would end up this way?

Kiss of death not kids, stupid auto correct.

Maxie should have stayed with Spinelli. Not a cop, so he’s not likely to end up dead…. unless the fascists at the NSA come after him for hacking.

I can’t say with certainty but I mentioned quite a while ago on another thread that it looks like Peter/Heinrich is Anna’s child. If that IS the case, for some reason she doesn’t seem to recognize him. It’s one thing to believe he’s her son; another to think she didn’t keep tabs on him all these years…unless…she didn’t realize she gave birth. Perhaps she was told she miscarried and Faison stole him which would make the most sense. And, now, Anna realized the other son must her hers….

I also enjoy Faison’s appearance. This one, though, was quite short. Budget? Scheduling? Unless he survives and we see him moving forward in snippets…what we DO know is he isn’t going to be running around causing havoc or kidnapping anyone else. So; a bit disappointed that it was a on-two punch and done.

As usual, Carly had to be a target and Jason had to save her. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???!!!! Can we get a story without Carly somewhere juxtaposed into the story? Would have been more interesting if Sam was being held…or even Drew! What if Drew had come back unexpectedly from his honeymoon and didn’t know Faison was in the hotel. What if Faison just walked up behind him, held the gun to his head, have Drew and Jason exchange glances before Jason makes the shot that saves his brother…

Nathan? I truly hope they’re not killing him off. I heard that Ryan was taking time off for a film; didn’t think it was confirmed that he was leaving permanently. I hope they do the endless coma thing with a window to return….

“always” enjoy…not also

Rebecca1…Sometimes there is a beauty in what I call the “lost years” in some character’s history…like Anna, Robert, Luke, Robin, Jasons, even Faison. And when it comes to the Cassadines, always seem to take place in some clinic in Europe, and recently Russia. So writers can keep re-inventing a history. So maybe Anna was impregnated without her knowledge at one time, maybe not. I would rather one long lost son be Griffin though. And another reason not to kill off characters like AJ for future years. You might want to put them into current stories again.

As I have noted in one of my comments on this thread, didn’t like the Friday Faison story at all. Won’t repeat my thoughts here.

And like you…why Carly yet again at the end of a very disturbed muzzle? Or Sonny being a major player in this story?

Mentioned under Partick comment I recently saw Ryan playing a rich, Mr. Darcy dog person in a soapy movie. Not an award winner, but time-out charming. I hope he stays with GH. But only if they give him more meaty stories. Otherwise you can’t blame him to see if there is anything else out there. I’ve grew to like him more during the ManLanders story, as well as Amy. For me it was a fun diversion to Sonny/Carly and Cassandra drugs stories.

Hey, Rose…

Yes. I think you know I liked the Man Landers story, too. I thought it was cute and a great way to showcase Amy as well as Nathan. Prior to that little “diversion” Amy was an attempt to resurrect the Amy Vining character from years ago. Didn’t work. It was too obvious for long-time viewers and didn’t work since there was no history; to newer viewers she was just annoying. The story showed her personality beyond the busybody; a young woman who is compassionate, passionate, loving, loyal…and has a great, sharp mind! I loved her advice/marketing skills as well as her ability to write. I STILL think she should do a column at Crimson!

As for Nathan, he too was shown to have a compassionate nature; his empathy for Amy’s plight to help her brother was so endearing. He is the epitome of gorgeous inside and out. So, yes, a sweet, fun side story away from the maddeing crowd.

As for Nathan Paevy, it was just a matter of time before such a stunning guy with modeling experience and now acting experience would be getting more and more offers. He has really come a long way with his acting; still a way to go but he’s a natural considering he’d had no experience. Perhaps it’s his soulful eyes but I always found his acting very genuine; no pretense. So while I think he’ll take whatever opportunities come his way (he”s also a jewelry designer…has his own line that he crafts from natural elements…very earthy, non pretentious) I do hope that he finds the time and the GH “powers” find a way for him to stay with the show. I guess we’ll find out shortly based on whether his character lives or dies.

I also like the window they leave open to tamper with history. I’m not talking about things like, LOL, Luke and Laura were never married or Lucky was never born! 😉 But, the ability to add stories like the one with Jason and Drew, a history we didn’t know existed that can be woven into the present. So, with Anna, I do believe Peter is her son. Whether it’s with Faison, Robert or Duke remains to be seen. But, really, when a show’s been on for fifty years (?) I think it’s great that they have a creative path to new stories. Otherwise we’d be watching the same thing every day! Familiarity and continuity is one thing; boring and stale is another.

By the way, I accidentally stumbled upon one of Ryan’s lifetime movies, or was it Hallmark…don’t recall. Yes; nice departure. On another note, I FINALLY watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Don’t have netflix but got the DVD from the library. After about 30 minutes of disappointment at the beginning I wound up loving the entire “four” seasons. I hope there’s more to come. Not sure if you saw it but I was surprised to see Carolyn Hennesey and Julie Berman in the last episode! Julie has certainly grown up and she looked gorgeous! As for Carolyn, I think she’s one of the busiest soap actresses around. I’ve now seen her in Weeds, Once Upon A Time, True Blood, Cougar Twon and the aforementioned. She’s been in a host of others. Lucky lady; recurring on GH and free to diversify.

I read your comments on Faison. I like his “zany” and I expect his appearances to always be frought with threats, soapy “violence” (there’s never really any violence on GH…lots of talk and threats, a one-shot gun) nothing gory and in-your-face. So, I don’t mind it as you do. Although Sonny is in the mob, as Su says, we really don’t see the mob. Lottsa talk and positioning of Sonny being the big-man-in town. And you can’t miss the fact that I cannot stand Carly…I’ve mentioned that quite a few times. I’d rather see her get payback for her malicious, smug, scheming ways, her hypocrosy and torture of AJ…than any other character on GH.

Wondering if you ever caught the show I told you about…Younger…on TV Land. If it’s not on your cable perhaps you can rent it from the library. Love it!

Hey Rebecca1 … I always enjoy your posts! I sure hope they don’t kill off Nathan?? 🙁

Abruzzfan!!!! Welcome back!!! 😉 I missed YOU!

Not sure if you received my recent message to you on one of your old posts? Hope so…

As for Nathan, I guess we’ll find out today (Monday) or in the next few days. I hope not, too.

i’m kinda “worried” and /or just wow… on Finola Hughes doing all the work and all Peter / Heinrick has to do is show a little puppy dog eye and wallah he’s taken in

PER @suOOOO. we are “thinking” by having Anna… not knowing… was she raped, micky’ed, her eggs taken… the denial or not acknowledging… watching Anna realize… which is without doubt a tour de force actors dream ? and wallah it’s a reunion that fans have wanted… per my post… because of her lover DUke .. we’d swallow anything. WHY NOT ? Frank Valentini agenda , cards full, has an easy ride at said character actors (wink wink )

Wes Ramsey .. has been featured enough to know there is still an empty screen

’nuff said. will familial turn take ?

PS: oy

this Faison expenditure … just wow

I was already a littled miffed at how quickly it all went down . theres our mighty little Lulu… straight on headstrong… isn’t she ? with Leisl. who’s so theatrical … was just going to lay down and rest her head as the toxic gasses get her to sleep


any way…. wham bam… will Faison seeing his sons… take any away from GH top villain? with two sons… and disregard for Britta ?

Hey Patrick … I like your thoughts on Anna and Peter as her son?? Very intriguing …. indeed!

Wes Ramsey’s performance is definitely empty, and does not warrant a front burner storyline with integral characters. Many on Twitter agree that he got the job because of who is girlfriend is, and that he doesn’t have the acting chops to carry out the role. Meanwhile, our veterans are sidelined and on recurring status.

Not watching until this is rectified.

Finola is giving another amazing performance. I’m on the edge of my seat watching, waiting for the story to unfold. Longtime fans know she never had sex with Faison. Did he steal her eggs at some point? Could have happened, he’s a madman for sure. Is Peter the child Anna was pregnant with when the tanker blew up? Robert’s child? Faison would never push away any child that was his and Anna’s….


Tristan Rogers told them where to shove it he won’t be back ! bravo TR

good points, sylvia! I have been thinking that he was Anna’s with Faison… (see above) but I do see your point, as well. Another theory, maybe it’s the child that she was told she miscarried…hers and Duke’s? Somehow Faison got involved and stole the baby?

RP has improved get out while the getting is good all he was ever used for was eye candy without a shirt ow he has a chance to show he has more to offer I did see him in two other movies and I did see he has a chance my sweetheart run do not walk to the exit door

So, anyone who walked away from the show because of Genie missed a whopper! Anders is just magic! Finola is already so good BUT he and her are on another planet when they are together. His obsession and her inability to write him off comes across genuine!

I have no compassion for Lulu and Muddah’s rescue. Emme is wrong as Lulu and Kathrine, a very good actress BUT should have been one and done!

Also, Nathan, the actor has improved but I just dont have many feeling towards him BUT Maxie does love him and they both did a good job as he lie waiting for paramedics.

Same with Michael Easton, never a fan, wouldnt have minded if FINN had died in Anna’s house. It would be another reason then for Anna to hate Faison.

Funny that Sonny is walking through a crime scene in the Metro where two people had just been shoot. Then he goes with Dante to Windemere? Sergeant Sonny?

AND, Peter was shot and then he pops up and pulls a gun on Faison? Then he shows up where Anna is waiting for Henrik? Boy, I’m not so afraid to get shot anymore!

All in all, great show, good job GH!

Well, consider Dante’s situation….

He just found out a psychopathic terrorist abducted his wife. His police partner just got shot by the same psychopathic terrorist, and there’s not time for the police commissioner (busy at that crime scene) to assign him a new partner. Dante needs some backup, not knowing what he might run into at Windemere. Jason might be a better shot than Sonny, but he just handed his weapon over to the cops after shooting Faison.

So why not let dear old dad come along for the ride? He knows what he’s doing with a gun. Dante knows that from his own personal experience (insert demonic laughter here).

Good point Satan!

& Dante is a keystone cop who I’m not sure has ever cracked a case or caught a wanted criminal.

But why did they have to put Dante and Nathan in uniform to have Nathan shot? I know–Charles street demonstration, but the blood on the blue and again on Maxie’s Jackie Kennedy colored coat was over-soaping. And has anyone asked about poor Officer Roger’s? I guess he’s okay, since Finn was also knocked out, but jumped up and performed surgery and the guy who conked him. Aaand now my head hurts.

With all the actor’s comings and goings of late, I think the writers are as lost as last year’s Easter egg.

Dante & Nathan in uniform was a silly plot point, but I doubt it would have made a difference in Nathan getting shot. Faison probably would have shot anybody walking off the elevator at that moment.

Ironically, the only thing that might have prevented the shooting would be if Maxie had managed to blurt out “this is your son!!” before Faison could pull the trigger. As much of a bastard as Faison is, he most likely wouldn’t have knowingly shot his son.

Oh sure, Petey is probably his other son, and he shot him… but Faison has been doing this psycho terrorist thing for decades now, and he can probably tell when somebody’s wearing a Kevlar vest under their shirt. Those things are a little bulky.

The writers might have been conked on the head!

The episode had high-charged drama. Can’t wait to see it pick up today after being off all weekend.

Can’t offer Genie Francis air time but Laura Wrights
Bf goes on contract. No Genie, barely any Nwd
Or Monica, Dillion is gone but it’s all good b/c
Steve Burton is back eating up payroll and Laura Wrights
Got her her man close so she can keep
An eye on him. Way to go GH

I think Anna’s sister is Peter’s mom. GH is starting to run low on villains – perhaps Helena is on ice on Cassadine Island. Tune in tomorrow . . .

Under Frank V term at GH there have been some good characters created but are filled with lacklustre talent. Faison’s other son could carry on his legacy of diabolical madness and fixate on Anna.But no the role goes to a talentless former Guiding Light castoff.

The writers are missing so many beats that relate to Faison in GH history…

Faison has terrorized Felicia on multiple occasions. Maxie (or Felicia) should have mentioned this.

Faison held Lucky captive for over a year, making everyone think Lucky died in a fire. This should be Lulu’s motivation in bringing him to justice. A missed opportunity to see Genie Francis do another Angry Laura scene.

And yes, Tristan Rogers and Jack Wagner won’t appear, but having Robert and Frisco send cautionary warnings to current PC residents could be included.

Kirsten Storms : GO … & watch this past Friday and Mondays eppis’

Maxie has graduated to a maturity level

I am so impressed with your screen time… the whole shebang save for the trying dialogue … and production value, from Frank and Shelley

I don’t know.. yeah, per Steve .. it was a little short of pill box hat… your not in Dallas girl.

any way. was it the lighting… KEEP the weight on…. your hair and make up. it all came together… it was riveting to watch “you” outside of the ditz airhead. that’s tiring. where you can keep that … because it has it’s cute. is when you are working @Crimson … or when you are hosting or not @ any festivities….

hey : no matter how many times Nathan has been shot… I cried. and “You” Kirsten thee SURPISE OF the show. riveted me

heck if the writing holds … we can now look forward to … another family to show. Nathan / Maxie / bundle of


General Hospital

Daytime Emmy Lead Actress Nominee Luncheon; The Tradition Continues

On Sunday, it was Mishael Morgan’s (Amanda Sinclair, The Young and the Restless) turn to host the annual Lead Actress nominee luncheon, for this year’s talented woman who are going for gold at the upcoming 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday night, December 15th on CBS.

Morgan took home the Daytime Emmy in this category in 2022 becoming the first Black actress in the now 50-year history to ever win it. In a tradition that was started by four-time Daytime Emmy winner Susan Flannery (Ex-Stephanie, The Bold and the Beautiful), the winning actress from the previous year has to pick up the tab, choose a restaurant and host a fun afternoon gathering for this year’s crop of nominees.

Attending the festivities were 2023 Lead Actress nominees: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, The Young and the Restless), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless), Sharon Case (Sharon, The Young and the Restless) Finola Hughes (Anna, General Hospital), and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, The Bold and the Beautiful).

Photo: SCaseIG

Taking to her Instagram, Melissa Claire Egan shared: “To be nominated alongside this incredibly talented group of women is a TRUE HONOR!!! Thank you to last years winner, the fabulous Mishael Morgan for hosting an epic Lead Actress Nominee Luncheon today. It’s so nice that they all offered to give me their Emmy if they win!!”

Michelle Stafford took to her Instagram and expressed: “Lead Actress Brunch. This is a real honor. I’m truly honored to be in a group with all of these incredible women. I’ve loved them all for a very long time. We are all so grateful to be working on our shows… to be working in general, as actors. What a spectacular group of women. Mishael (Last years winner) put together a brunch that was BEYOND spectacular with gift bags even!! I mean Mishael, you are an absolute class act. Thank you for the beautiful day 🧡”

Finola Hughes posted her sentiments as well, “Yesterday was the leading ladies lunch for the Emmy’s. It’s a tradition started by the inimitable Susan Flannery. (The previous years winner throws a luncheon for the nominees). Yesterday was a very special lunch. Mishael Morgan raised the bar! The conversation was at once light hearted and deep. This was an amazing group of women, supportive, funny and caring. Thank you all for a brilliant few hours 💕 🌸 ✨”

Posting on their Instagram Stories were Michelle Stafford who gave us a little more behind the scenes of the luncheon, where Mishael also handed out a gift bag to each of the ladies, and Sharon Case who accompanied her photos with the tune “This One’s For the Girls” by Martina McBride.

So, looking forward to seeing which of these talented actresses takes home the Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy on December 15th? What do you think about how the tradition has been handed down for many years that the luncheon carries on? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom Shares Heartfelt Message to Mark His 30-Year Anniversary as Dr. Kevin Collins

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since back on December 3rd, 1993, when General Hospital viewers got the shock of their lives as the ABC soap opera introduced the psychiatrist twin brother of serial killer, Ryan Chamberlain, in the form of Dr. Kevin Collins.

For soap fans that meant we got to see even more of one of the finest actors ever to appear in the genre in Jon Lindstrom. The talented actor started on GH a year and half earlier in June of 1992 as Ryan.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Lindstrom is in the running for this year’s Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series when the 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards are given out in less than two weeks on Friday night, December 15th on CBS. Could an Emmy on his 30th year playing Kevin and Ryan be in the cards? Stay tuned.

Photo: JPI

It has been well-documented that former GH creatives Wendy Riche (ex-EP), Claire Labine (ex-head writer) and Michelle Val Jean (ex-writer) were all instrumental in keeping Jon in Port Charles with a second role as Kevin, when he could have headed to As the World Turns at the time to play the role of Damian Grimaldi, that eventually went to Paolo Seganti.

Taking to his Instagram on Sunday to acknowledge this special milestone, Jon shared via video message, “I woke up this morning to see that today December 3rd, marks 30 years since I debuted as Dr. Kevin Collins on General Hospital. I knew that it had been a long time, but 30 years since the doppelgänger to Dr. Ryan Chamberlain was introduced. It really is remarkable. It’s been a great ride, a great run. it’s like an entire career right there. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s just been great.”

Photo: JPI

Lindstrom paid tribute to those who helped create Kevin, expressing, “I have a lot of people to thank about that, let alone people like Wendy Riche and the brass at ABC at the time … Claire Labine who was writing the show back, but Michelle Val Jean was really was the one who I had the pleasure of working with to develop and bring to life Kevin Collins. She’s still a great friend today. So, there’s been a lot of blessings around this for me, and don’t think, I don’t know it. I pretty much drop to my knees every day in gratitude. Thank you world for supporting Dr. Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain, for that matter. I’ll do it as long as they’ll have me.”

Accompanying his video, Jon wrote: “So grateful today for my 30 years of ‘Kevin Collins’ (and ‘Ryan Chamberlain’) on General Hospital, and for the wonderful journey my life has been, for my friends, my the family and incredible opportunities I’ve had. Hope you all have much to be grateful for.”

Share your congrats and well-wishes to Jon for 30 years as GH’s Dr. Kevin Collins via the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jon Lindstrom (@jonlindstrom)

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Are You For or Against Kristina Being the Surrogate for TJ & Molly’s Baby Knowing the Storyline Implications Down the Road?

As many GH viewers have predicted, things have swung back around to Kristina (Kate Mansi) seemingly being the most viable option in Molly’s (Kristen Vaganos) mind to carry her and TJ’s (Tajh Bellow) baby as their surrogate.

If you recall, Kristina offered a few months back and was shut down by Molly, and then TJ, as the couple then went looking through agencies to find a surrogate to carry their baby to term. The surrogate they found, Andrea, told TJ she lost the baby in a miscarriage, which was confirmed by a doctor at Mercy Hospital, and she won’t go through trying to have a baby again. Leaving the couple devastated. But, is her story suspicious?

Last week on General Hospital, Molly was overwhelmed when having to look through a file to start the process of finding a surrogate and identifying the right candidate all over again and it brought her to tears. Kristina found her in the park, and that led the two to have a heart-to-heart conversation. While the two sisters have come to an agreement, now it comes to convincing TJ that this is the right move.


However, fans of the show can see how complex this will be for everyone down the line. If Kristina’s relationship with Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) moves further down the line, will she be so willing to give her sister the baby? Could there be an ugly court battle for the little one between two moms vs. TJ and Molly?  Will Kristina having their child, bring TJ and Kristina actually closer together, and cause rifts in Molly’s relationship with her man and her sister? What does the long-running soap opera have in store in the storyline by making Kristina the ultimate surrogate? Or, could Kristina lose the baby, only to find out that Andrea, the original surrogate has TJ and Molly’s child? So many possibilities.

Photo: ABC

Soap Opera Digest spoke to Kristen Vaganos on where Molly’s head is at with the situation. Vaganos shared, “I think there’s a little bit of desperation there, wanting to take a route that might be more trustworthy. (Surrogacy is) such a hard process to put trust and hope into because anything can happen. And Molly is a control freak! She wants to control as much as she can, so having a relative involved is, I think, comforting in a way.”

In terms of how Molly will re-approach TJ with Kristina being the prospective surrogate, Vaganos added, “Molly knows that it’s going to be an uphill battle, convincing him. Kristina’s track record with TJ is what it is. But it’s another leap of faith that Molly wants to take, and she just wants TJ to be on board with her. Plus, I think that TJ will really trust Molly’s opinion because Molly knows her better than anybody, and Molly would be the first person to doubt Kristina, to make sure to double-check her work. So if Molly says that she really feels strongly about this and thinks it’s the right decision, I think that’ll go a long way. I think TJ will take that to heart. But unless he’s on board with it, too, it’s a nonstarter.”

So, how do you see this playing out and what do you want to see? Are you in favor of Kristina being the surrogate for Molly and TJ’s baby? Are you for or against it, and what it could mean for long-term story implications? Share your thoughts and theories via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023