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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Morgan Messes Up The Arms Deal & Is About To Mess Up Julexis' Wedding!



On Monday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital, Julian (William deVry) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grhan) finally made it to the altar as the highly-anticipated nuptials for the duo got underway.

But not before, Julexis fans were treated to a montage of the history of the duo and some of their sexcapades, and how they found true love with one another along the way.   Alexis took a moment in the church before finishing her vows to Julian to read his heartfelt letter to his bride. Sonny (Maurice Benard) is already placed in his wheelchair at the wedding, saying he is there for his daughter, Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth).  However, Sonny had a little talk with God and said a prayer to protect his family, and also that he was sorry he has lied to them.  Will he finally get up and walk?

Meanwhile, all the action is on Pier 54 as the arms deal is going down between Dixon (Troy Ruptash) and Paul (Richard Burgi), with Anna (Finola Hughes) supposedly having back-up for Paul.  However, lurking in the shadows is a manic Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig), off his meds and wanting to prove to his father Sonny that he isn’t a screw up.  But that’s just the problem … his presence is interfering in the deal!  Kiki (Hayley Erin) finally listens to her phone message where Morgan reveals to her he is heading to Pier 54 at 6 o’clock.  Later, Kiki tells Michael (Chad Duell), just as Michael and Carly (Laura Wright) discover Morgan has taken Sonny’s gun.

And at the wedding ceremony, you may have blinked and missed this moment, but Brad (Parry Shen) informed Lucas (Ryan Carnes) he is finally divorced from Rosalie (Linda Elena Tovar).  Remember Rosalie?  As the nuptials get underway, two of the Davis girls, Sam  (Kelly Monaco) and Molly (Haley Pullos) read sonnets to Julexis.

Back at the pier, after Dixon is suspicious of a call Paul made to Anna, and Paul covered who he was really talking to on the other end, Morgan pops out from the shadows and confronts Dixon.  He lets him know this is Sonny’s territory, and he is Sonny’s s son, and he is there to represent the Corinthos family interests.  Dixon then wants to get rid of Morgan.  Paul conveys that would be a mistake.  Dixon calls Morgan crazy.  Morgan takes offense and pulls a gun on Dixon and his men.

From the looks of it, it’s Morgan and his hotheaded temper and his manic episode that will perpetuate everything coming undone at Julian and Alexis’ wedding.  Will the couple say their “I do’s”, before Dixon comes barreling into the ceremony as previewed on last week’s ABC promo?  What did you think of Morgan’s behavior?  The letter Julian wrote to Alexis?  Share your thoughts on the episode below as viewers are anticipating plenty of action to go down on Tuesday’s episode.

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Finally, Morgan has a purpose!

Yes, Shabelle. Morgan’s purpose is to get everybody killed. Latah, bambina.

Right on, again, Shay.
How long have these two been on screen together? Luke and Laura; Anna and Robert? A lifetime, in soap standard. Montage, cacage. Can’t even show anything else. No momentous memory….no significant happening…WHAT? That’s all they’ve got, Shay.
All ‘they’ could show was the saltimbanchi’s acrobatics fit for the young….not for them.
Everything was wrong with this wedding. You know how I feel about the Church, sooo…..
Then the dress. Either put the train starting at the waist; or below the ‘fanny’; not from there. It looked like an aquatic fin. Plus, how does a bride walk into the house of God and face a man of the cloth with so much on display?
To be honest, I liked the neckline on someone else and SOMEWHERE ELSE.
Is it just us? I have met Anna, Laura and Alexis basically at the same time. But, I felt so connected to Anna and Robert when I saw them together. The same holds for Luke and Laura, albeit there was past dissension, as I understand it, I still felt a vibe. I did not experience the same stirring feeling as all the fans did….yet, I was transported, just the same.
With Alexis and Julian, there’s nothing tangible to transport me except their carnal knowledge….I would think I should have taken a lot more than that from their illicit relationship….cheapens all sense of what true love is and should be. Nothing special.
Lust? Yes, bring it on….but, this goes beyond lust.
Ciao, cara.

Hey, Shay.
I don’t know about you, but, finally, Morgan did well, today. I believed him. You know how I feel about Sonny, but he sort of impressed me, as well. Both actors surprised me. Morgan’s tears got to me….but, the real twisting of the heart which got me was when mother and son came together. I CRIED!!!! That has to mean something, no?
I really and truly hope Craig continues in this vein. Bye, babes.

Did you take any ideas away for you and Jude after viewing Alexis and Julian’s montage?

Yes, My Timmmbo. Jude said, he hopes I will be as frisky as Alexis at 60. HaHa. Luv-ya.

Let’s see, no romantic flashbacks for Luke and Laura. None for Anna and Robert, either….yet when it comes to these two and their non-stop, nauseating sexcapades , we get a warm and fuzzy montage. Oh, spare me and pass the sick bag. A retrospective of Julian’s best fashion moments in turtlenecks would have been preferable to this feminist-fueled post-menopausal fantasy.

I am just going to say it–the whole Julian/Alexis montage was all about sex, sex and sex.
Alexis’s dress choice was most unfortunate as well as unflattering.
Look, I believe a bride should be allowed to wear white and do anything she wants regardless of age. However, I also believe women, all women of all ages, owe it to themselves and their guests to choose the most flattering wedding gown.
That dress did nothing but underscore a muffin top and a baggy back.
Sorry but it’s true.

Yes, Harry. The montage was all about sex..thus the title Fifty shades of Julexis.

And though you crack me up…should a woman with flapping arms sweat her guts out in the sweltering heat because that sleeveless blouse isn’ flattering? And did I read you correctly? A bride owes it to her guests to choose the most flattering wedding gown. Yikes!

Sigh…live and let live. Let’s all chant that together.

@CeeCeeGirl….If he just stops this wedding from H#!! I’ll be happy!

CeeCee, I’ve said this a million times, I DONT LIKE FRANCO! Roger is great, Franco was dead when James Franco died and should have stayed dead! Roger seems bored playing Franco. He is a stick in the mud with Nina. Not particularly found of Nina either but love Michelle. I dont know who Nina would hook up with, maybe Julian? Franco should be killed off and Roger should regroup. If not, clean him up and have him and Liz fall in love. IF Rebecca remains on the show. Thats another chit chat. Later luv!

Oh, my Timmmy. I do agree with you. Franco has lost that little pull he had on me.
Plus, albeit my love for Nina, I have said, repeatedly, that what TPTB did to the character is unforgivable. Now, they are trying to shine a benevolent light upon her. However, it will not work for those viewers who held antipathy from the onset. I will always have a special place just for Michelle.
And, yes, I wish things would happen just as you say. Except the part about Julian….not with Nina. He has been skankified by Alexis. Love, love me do, babes. LOL.

I think Jean and Shelley wrote for Michelle when she was on Y&R? Maybe this is the shift from their pen to our screens? I will wait and see how this pans out but her and Roger are a bust! He is bitching about kids, marriage, ect. Its over. I see what your saying about Julian. I was just thinking who could Nina hook up with? She is crazy enough to do a bi story! Why not? Maybe too late but she was in a coma for twenty years. What does she remember? Do I like boys or girls? I know thats a whole other can of hormones!!!

Lol. Never be surprised where soaps are concerned…actually by life, in general. Love.

@Harry 1.
Exactly my point, darling Harry. It is natural for a woman of that age to have no elasticity to her skin. I do everything in my power now to prepare myself. But, as my father-in-law says…it’s like trying to make a hole in water. LOL. …..some kind of Italian adage. It is part of aging. Sagging!!
However, a woman usually tries to hide these little flaws, not show them. There were little ‘pockets’ everywhere.
Somehow, Harry; when I say it, I seem to start a frenzy. Look how many cannot abide by Nina….there’s you, Shay, Jimh……but, my friend, I do not go into a rant over it, albeit I love Nina.
I understand you speak the truth. I understand you are questioning the writers for destroying an actor’s character the way they have Michelle and Roger.
Good day, Harry. I trust whatever you say.

It was soooooo very transparent that Morgan would mess it up, seen it coming a mile away..
GH has no surprises, mystery or anything exciting..
I’m quite sure what will happen at the wedding, also.. sigh

Bryan is doing an excellent job with his bipolar acting.. He is a powerful actor..
He will go far..

He’s already gone t-o-o far, as far as I am concerned–lol. Can you say “over the top”?

Ah, the vestigial Rosalie. And Felix and his vestigial sister. And Brads sometimes broadly hinted at parents….

Can’t help but root for Lucas and Brad. And getting the storyline sorted out.

Oh, yeah. Mobsters doing mobby things. Yeah.

Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care…..
about any of this.
I am back to not watching.

Okay, my darling, Harry. I understand. But, what did you think of Alexis’ dress? Did you like that semblance of a train that started way too high? It was pulling at it….And, what did you think of the priest ogling where his eyes should not roam? LOL?? Or not!!

Hey CeeCee…I think it’s safe to say that that “priest” is not a real priest. The guy was probably sent from Central Casting (or wherever)…LOL!!!!! But I get what-cha saying here.


Yes, yes, Harry 1, what a colossal, convoluted mess.

Same here Harry .. I quit after the Valentine’s Day episodes. It’s clear romance is not a priority on this show. Now there’s finally a wedding .. between two people I don’t care about .. but at least a wedding .. but it has to be “jazzed up” with mob stuff. That’s GH these days. I’ll still tune in occasionally (like if Robert Scorpio shows up) but every day? No thanks.

This was a really good episode. The business with Morgan on the pier was great. Kudos to all involved. Long live GH!

Well, Mister M. Sorry to burst your bubble. But someone innocent will be killed or seriously hurt….such as Kiki? Just sayin’.
All thanks to Ava, Julian a d Sonny…and all those who enable them. Later.

Haven’t seen the episode yet. Not a huge Julexis fan. And definitely NOT a Morgan fan. The writers dont’t know what to do with him except give the actor “manic” episodes to play. When Morgan’s not pouting or feeling sorry for himself he’s raging. He’s been reduced to a plot device that is deployed when they want to climax a story. Morgan gets manic, gets a gun, threatens violence, bad stuff happens. This like what? The third time Morgan’s been involved in an episode like this?

All I can say is whew! For a minute there I almost thought the wedding might be about Alexis and Julian and not Sonny but Jean and Shelley have come through once again, making what should have been Alexis’ episode(s) all about the crime kingpin of Port Charles.

Hopefully the remainder of the ceremony — or at the very least the reception — will be put on hold so everyone can get down to the very important business of worrying about doofus Morgan and how his actions will affect Saint Sonny.

(And I can’t believe the always entertaining Rosalie has been abandoned so that we can be subjected to cringeworthy material like Kiki catching Morgan getting busy with Darby in that self storage unit Sonny calls a coffee warehouse.)

When will we ever learn. I’s always about Sonny. Always. What I’m left thinking about (after Tuesday’s episode) is that all of these characters know that Sonny is the cause of all of the violence and danger in their lives, yet time and time again they prop him as “a good father”. Are the characters that dumb or are we the viewers that dumb?

Lol. Justin. It’s the writers who are dumb in think WE are that dumb.
Looky-here, now. va is upstaging Dixon, the baddie. Nah; there’s no way Zsonny will let that happen…steal his thunder? No way. He will get up snd prove what a hero he is.

Ava…not va
Sonny…not Zsonny.

The recap of Alexis and Julian’s relationship was nice, but the rest of the ep was a snooze. Pick it up, writers!

Question…can someone with bi-polar who is off their meds goes as unrealistic and extreme as Morgan in real life.?

Also want to add, while I like Alexis in most cases, I don’t know why it’s treated like a badge of honour when your daughter (Molly) is no longer a virgin. And it’s part of the pre-wedding, mom and daughter toast. Then Christine is acting like an immature brat about the whole thing. It’s not like she’s in a position to to be an expert to know what’s right for Molly or anybody else for that matter.

It was weird. So you find out your daughter had sex and oh, by the way, here is an alcoholic beverage, even though she is underage, Alexis is an attorney and knows it is illegal to provide minors with alcohol!

Weird, oh, so weird–a sickening mess!
Caricature of the once-funny, complex Alexis!

Good catch, Timmm. Another notch in Alexis’ ‘excellent ‘ parenting. Do as I do, Molly, child! Ha!

I actually thought Alexis and her daughters were in character and very real. Alexis has always had a communicative relationship with her daughters and encouraged Molly and Christina (Sam was already an adult) to come to her about anything…and discouraged them about being promiscuous. Not sure if you watched back then but she went to great lengths to keep Molly from having sex…even followed her and TJ to a hotel where they were planning their first time. She carted Molly out of there and became almost too protective. With that came her maternal speech about Molly not rushing into anything, not to feel pressured…make sure it’s right. At this point, Molly’s in college and finally made love with the same boyfriend, TJ. Rather than shame her or reprimand her… and since Christina decided to tell Alexis right before the wedding…I think it worked well. Alexis crying tears of joy regarding her wedding…and tears that her “baby” has grown up. I really love the mother-daughter bond Alexis has with her daughters…she’s their mom first but completely available and relatable.

It was totally silly and unbelievable to me!

Thank you for not blasting me so much this time around.
I do not think of myself as cooler, hipper or a know-it-all. Far from it. The only sexual experience I have is with my husband. Alexis is loose, in my opinion. You think otherwise….that is your prerogative.
I have never said Alexis has a disease ( if I did, I mis-wrote) . What I said was that when a woman, regardless of age, craves sex constantly , then it is a medical condition which needs medical attention before it does become a disease.
I may be 29, but, I come from a very large family from females my baby’s age to 97. I ask questions. I do not want to be explicit, Rebecca. But, even you must admit that it is a known fact that sex hurts after menopause. I do not know if you are in that group or not, but, as a woman you must know this will happen later in life. All women know this. I am not dissing the character or the actress….she needs to work…’s her job….her livelihood.
I have a problem with the writers for writing her this way. She act like a young girl. And, do not point fingers just at me. I am not the only one who feels this way, and, rightly so.
And, yes, I have a bro let with her wardrobe. Why cannot I say that? She dresses not as a woman her age should. Why do you attack me for that? It is not personal, Rebecca. But, you seem to take it personally. Why? No one else cares but you.
Perhaps you like that lifestyle….more power to you. But, do not tell me scientists have changed their ‘philosophy’? A woman’s body does not change. But, you continuously pick on me. Are you going to take everyone on?
Of course I get offended. When I am compared to a hooker for wearing certain boots. There is a line not to be crossed here. I am not one of the characters in a soap, Rebecca.
Furthermore, these writers should know better than to toy with people’s religion. Those of us who are devout Catholics do resent it.
Where Alexis is concerned, you are outnumbered.
Also, you are very derisive ….mocking me. Is it my age that gives you license to do so?
Just a question. Why are you so obsessed with Alexis? Are you, perchance Nancy Grahn? If you are, take it with a grain of salt.
Alexis just strikes me as a floozy. I don’t understand why my opinion bothers you much. Don’t worry about it. Look the other way. You should not allow my words to get to you.
Frankly, Rebecca, I don’t care what character you criticize or praise….it is your opinion. Never mind mine, since I am such a mindless chit…it holds no substance, anyway. Good night.

@Rose….Were it just about any other mother in question, I’d totally be on board with you, but this IS Alexis, you know, post-menopausal sex goddess extraordinaire, whose life revolves around satisfying the urgent, unabated needs of her nether regions. So, of course, proud mama Ms. Davis is pleased as punch her babygirl has finally turned in her V-Card! Time is a-wasting…..Molly has a LOT of men to get skanky with before she can even approach her maternal role model’s slapper status…and now she’s well on her way! Mazel tov! (Wouldn’t you drink to that?????)

Shay, you DO have a way with words–a very good way. Onward!

And don’t forget–Molly gave up her virginity only to prove to Kristina that she was not a lesbian.
What ever happened to romance?
Even this wedding manages to be about sex and violence–it’s dreadful for about a million different reasons.
Virginity and sex seem to be a huge deal with Alexis and her daughters. I guess that is why Alexis has been a born again virgin about a hundred times.

I wander if Molly and TJ did it in the back of a Camaro! Alexis’s daughters are all trucked up! You watch Shayster, we will soon see ANOTHER mobster roll into town AND “Good Golly Miss Molly” will bag his son! And the tradition continues!

I used to like Alexis. A lot. Once upon a time, she was a character who had multiple dimensions. Now she’s basically reduced to, as you aptly put it, Shay, “satisfying the . . . needs of her nether regions.” And to be clear, I think it’s great to portray a woman who has reached a certain age as still beautiful and sexually vital (especially in a medium that constantly tells us that people over 35 or 40, especially women, are no longer attractive or interesting). I just don’t much like the message that it’s either-or. Can’t she be a postmenopausal sex goddess and still have a brain?

Alexis is making a mockery out of making love. She has sex. Period.
It seems that you are the only one who gets my point. A woman of 60 who has sex on her mind constantly, is neither normal, natural or realistic…..the answer is as easy as 1,2,3.
TPTB take us for idiots. Without being too specific, there are a thousand and one problems/ issues with intercourse after menopause. Any woman who is post menopausal and naysays this fact should see an OBGYN.
It is nature taking its course. There are remedies….however, “The healthy sexual appetite” wanes at that age…..that’s life!!
Furthermore, for a mother to give her under-age daughter an alcoholic beverage while crying crocodile tears, ” My baby is not a baby anymore” makes me want to grit my teeth. Really?
She is not one of the girls.
…what happened in the bride’s ‘changing room’ between mother and daughter is not normal either…but, it seems that Alexis and company can do no wrong….no matter what it is.
I give up, Shay, Shay…love-ya.

As Rose said, Shay… all depends on our upbringing. Some things should be kept private. Perhaps, I have been too sheltered….I can now appreciate that. I have never known a mother to cry tears of joy that her baby had lost her virginity and was now a woman. Grrrrrr.
Why is it so hard for people to accept and respect others’ opinions?
Does Alexis ever think about VD or HIV? Night, cara.

@nancy dillingham….Thank you very much, Ms. Dillingham! Your words are high praise, indeed!

@Harry 1….Yes, that marital farce was dreadful in so many ways! “Where’s the romance?” Indeed!!!! The whole thing played out like a dark comedy, except it really wasn’t one whit amusing. It could have been quite hysterically funny had it been played purely for laughs. For example, your favorite, oft-mentioned Madonna tune most definitely should have been utilized for the bridal processional……would have been fitting on a number of levels!!!

I think every mother cringed at how bogus Alexis’s reaction was. I know it’s a soap, but still.

Yes, Anne…”but still” is right.

I know, Rose. I could never talk to my mother about my virginity or lack-thereof. Sure we discussed sex. Things like….don’t do it; but if you must, protect yourself. But, never ever discuss the deed whether it happened or not.
Great way of expressing it…” Badge of honor”.
Oh-oh!! Just as I predicted. Kiki got shot. I sensed this since Mogan send her that text.
But, I side with Shay here. The Apple does not fall far from the tree. Later.

I must add that my mother spoke a facsimile of those words because I started dating my husband at 16. I had never had a boyfriend before…just a friend here and there, going to the movies, a party etc. Our families were friends, yet, she gave me her SPEECH, as I am sure all mothers do…to both genders. Mainly to beware, be aware and be wary.
To me, Alexis is not the exemplary mother….she has children from 3 different men…but, so does Liz, Carly….anyone else? But, Alexis is the only one who thinks she is one of the kids herself.

You were right about Kiki! WHY? I actually am warming up to the actress. Morgan is just like Sonny, the people around him ALWAYS get hurt! WHY wasnt Morgan eating lead instead in his head and turning his shirt red while he is off his meds!

@Michaet ( not Fairman).
Whatever medium thinks that, should dispel that notion. It is unrealistic and ridiculous.
Women in their 40’s still gestate…. In their prime; gorgeous and full of life.
However, a woman of 60, while yet sexually (if not fecund) viable until death, ( not to speak of the exhaustion involved) sex becomes less and less pleasurable after menopause.
Exactly my point, Michael. Alexis and her constant craving is not credible….
I think it is because Julian is a decade younger, TPTB try to bring Alexis up to par…. I am not buying it. Later.

OH WOW CeeCee! I just read your response to Michael (not Fairman). The things you say and think…I’m sorry but I mean this sincerely…scare me. Those viewpoints regarding women scare me. And the detached, technical way you phrased it? Creepy. Wrong…but creepy!

CeeCee/Rebecca…I’ll start off by saying I think, for me, both of you have valid points of view, some more valid to me than others. But sometimes I do get tired I of this subject being belaboured to death every time Alexis and Julian are mentioned.

But I just want to add a, funny now, antidote about how my mom handled the “sex” situation with me growing up. In retrospect it’s almost humorous but at the time really embarrassing. I also come from an Italian, Catholic family. And Catholic or not you just didn’t “do it” until you were married. Well, my boyfriend’s mother at the time found a “safe” underneath her sons bed while cleaning his room and called my mother to let her know. That day when school was out my mother zoomed up in her car practically to the front door of the school, and told me to “get in,” lectured me, and said I couldn’t date the boy anymore. It was humiliating, especially since I hadn’t done anything. This also meant giving up the senior prom with him.

So for some of us, sex was serious business growing up, and as I said, some things stay with you. However as I’ve gotten older I have broadened my thinking on healthy sex and what an older woman should be like…more like what Rebecca is saying…except for Alexis celebration of Molly’s “growing up.”

So maybe we should dump on the writers instead of Alexis, Justin and each other. 🙂

CeeCee…first, I hope these responses are posted in order or otherwise my responses to you look like I’m just posting one after another.

I just sort yet another thing you addressed to me. I do not single you out. You and Shay just are the two that constantly bring up Alexis’ age. People have expressed that they’d like to see her back in the courtroom and it’s true, Alexis was always the go-to lawyer. She was, and is, great. Some posters feel the writers have traded showing the sexual side of her for the lawyer side of her. True too. They’ve focused more on her personal life than her professional. But I’ve never read comments, or not too many, the comments about her age related to sex. Ever. Not on any site. And what you just wrote to Michael (not Fairman) about women in their 40s still being fresh and vibrant but at 60 they’re just capable of sex til death….ugh!!!…as I said above VERY creepy viewpoint. Sad and creepy. Limited. Naive…there aren’t enough words. Believe me, if there were others posting the same, i’s react the same. I don’t feel the need to be loved here like you seem to. If I connect with people with similar mindset as you have…great. If not…no matter. I post for the soaps and I state my opinion. But the way you describe older women and sexuality reminds me of a very scary time in history…your “analysis” and description of older women vs younger is honestly outrageous.

So much for the notion of brevity, eh, CeeCeeGirl?

CeeCee, you know how much I love you! Mix in respect to. I respect that you faced your bully as best you could and reached out and asked questions and were the bigger person to put all these attacks out in the open and and discuss them like an adult! I work with a lady who reminds me of your bully. She acts like a three year old, jealous of what you have and what she doesnt have and constantly trolls you with her hate. I cannot get rid of it BUT I dont obsess over it either. Somedays it does bother me more than others but the witch will never change so I try to ignore her! I’ve tried to talk to her BUT unreasonable people ARE unreasonable! But anyway, I commend you for starting the conversation. Maybe your bully will see the light? To me, here, I cannot imagine why people get so offended over age, looks or style? Its part of LIFE! The Oscars are this weekend, you will see EVERYONE criticized, literally from head to toe! Luv you babe!

Hey Rose…(CeeCee…if this winds up in your inbox it was unavoidable as the reply to Rose was under your post.)

Thanks for your fair-minded reply. I think most of us were brought up similarly to what you experienced. I’m not sure if you and I are around the same age…Im in my 40s…but my parents certainly didn’t encourage sex…lol…my dad used to sit at the window until I came home from a date. And…he’d copy down the licence plate of my date’s car…and of course have his phone number, etc. And I was already around 20, but had stayed with my parents while in college. Point is they were very protective.

I dated a guy from Siciily for three years…and his parents and people in his family were so protective that his brother couldn’t even sit alone in the basement with his fiance unless someone was with them! Talk about old school…

But that was then…my views on Alexis which, lol, I know you and anyone else who has read my posts know…haven’t changed. This fictitious character is someone I’d love to know if she were a real person. As for her reaction to Molly, since none of us know what goes on in other famiilies and so much depends on background, different parenting skills, etc. none of us can say what the norm is. To me, a mature college aged young woman with a longtime boyfriend who made love for the first time IS something to be celebrated’ It’s a natural expression of love and she and TJ have that. As far as protection against pregnancy and std’s…again, Molly and TJ aren’t children and are well-versed I’m sure. But as my lol, “opponant” quipped about Alexis not worrying about such things…yes…she did. She gave Molly the speech many, many episodes ago. She was very concerned, took it very seriously and tried to ward off the event. When it finally happened…and I don’t think it was to prove anything to Chrstina as Harry suggested, but I think Christina egging her on did get her thinking which compelled her to take the plunge…so to speak I really don
t know what anyone here would have wanted Alexis to say once she found out it happened. Ground Molly? Yell at her? Shame her? Molly’s not a little girl and she’s anything but irresponsible. The funny thing is, I read a lot of Nancy’s posts…I wouldnot be surprised if she was one of the mom’s freaking out in real life i_when her actual daughter had sex for the first time! Don’t know but from what I know of her she’s a proud, supportive, loving mom.

Anyway, nice exchanging thoughts with you…your story was cute!

I do not read your looooog comments. But, the short ones, in my inbox are given a look-see, since I cannot tell who is writing. You are very insulting. You do not know me.
Furthermore, I know exactly what you are doing. You are trying to disparage and slander me, so to have a halo around your head. I can see right through you.
Also, it boggles the mind how your posts get through the moderators and some of ours do not.
I am technical when I speak? My aunt is an OBGYN in Smithtown, NY. Those are more or less her words. And, you are abusive.
I remember in one of my conversations with Shay when we were talking about Maxie’s stature….petite….I said I was 5’2″ and weighed 105 lbs. plus, I was a dancer. What a coincidence!!!
I did not even bother, but my sister read it and sarcastically said…”hey C, your friend, Rebecca is exactly your weight and height”. Hmmmmm. Wow! Imagine that, Rebecca. What are the odds.
Not that it matters, but, Jonboy specifically, in a roundabout way made a stupid insinuation towards me. Perhaps he was teasing…and, I apologized for taking the wrong way. But you are nuts. Who does this? Please cut it out. I will say whatever I feel is ok to say about Alexis.
Now, if Alexis was a real person and was married in a real RCC? All hell would have broken loose. Claps of thunder and huge streaks of lightening. Seriously. LOL. I guess you’re not Catholic.
It is not up to you to be the guardian of these gates. The moderators will do it, as they have been doing. You need to be more respectful. You seem to have an edge and some kind of advantage on these sites for your so offensive, lunatic posts to get through.
And, who do you think you are, that I must listen yo you? I have a mother who is a lady and has a lot more sense than you. She’s sane.
If there’s any fairness among the moderators, then this post should get through. I did not start this, Rebecca. You did. Aren’t you tired, yet?
You get away with waaaay too much. I wonder why? I truly feel sorry for you. You have somuch pent-up angst. Relax.

Lol Rose. You have a big decidion to make. You csn go with the wonderful history te Alexis and her daughters, or you can scoff, I mean agree, with the incessant opinion of the very few who have diagnosed Alexis’ heslthy sexual relationship as a “disease


I get what you’re saying here…yes, bipolar disorder can be inherited. But…at this point, Morgan annoys me W-A-Y TOO MUCH!!!!! Sorry.

Take care, Rebecca.


In parantheses…..HSDD–sex addiction. I forgot yo add that.
It is real. It is a disorder. It does exist.
Thing is, Rebecca, it strikes me odd that you are fixating on this. It does become a disease, if not treated. The opposite is also true; where women are turned off by sex. Why do you find this dysfunction humorous? I don’t understand.
I believe that the character ( not the actress) is manifesting all the signs. But, it is a character we are discussing. You seem to confuse reality with fiction.
State you disapproval, your disagreement without insults, please. You are still heck bound on taking this to celestial heights. Bury the hatchet, Rebecca…..good for the soul.

Rebecca…Easy! I like Alexis, but I preferred her storylines when she came on the scene and her friendships with Jax and Ned…not so much with her bad boys. Plus she was a great lawyer in the court room.

And I do like her with Julian and don’t mind their making up for lost time…but sometimes the writers overdo, so maybe a few less “encounters.” Same with Ava and Paul.

I’m all for healthy, loving sex, but didn’t like how the writers handled Alexis finding out about Molly, nor how she made a big deal about “her little girl being a woman now.” Or Christine’s challenge to Molly. I’m just more private about personal things. Could be because of the way I was brought up…some of those things you will never shake.

CeeCee. I WAS your age. 28? 29? I can talk about what a 29 year old character might do because as much as each generation thinks that they’re so different, so much cooler, hipper, blah, blah, blah…they’re really not. Just different time different people… You can talk about what a 50-something year old would or should do..but you haven’t been one yet. There lies the difference. For you to sit in judgment and constantly post about Alexis and what she shouldn
do or feel at her age… how she dresses inappropriately, acts inappropriatelty, is too girlish, too happy in love, too sexual, too much cleavage…what is too” anything is your constant judgment about something ytou know nothing about. You THINK you do…

I know. You’ve read how sexual a woman is at that “advanced” age. And her being sexual with her boyriend is completely abnormal to you. I cannot believe the things you say and actually believe!

First. Sexuality is individual. There are very sexual people of all ages…and others who can take it or leave it.

Second. The “experts” who write on human sexuality have changed their minds several times on when women…AND men…reach their peak. So if you want to be technical, both Julian and Alexis have passed theirs. But sex shouldn’t be technical, dissected or judged, You want to read on post-menopausal women and sexuality? Have you read the documented stories of countless women saying sex was better in their 40s, 50s and beyond. That without young kids, money problems, risk of pregnancy, they feel more free and MORE sexual?

Have you read that sexuality is more than just hormones…but depends on love, confidence, attraction?

Your repeated statement that Alexiis has a disease….that she suffers from sexual addiction is so beyond ludicrous that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read such a misunderstanding of woman and sexuality, Alexis the character, and what sex addiction is. It is a sickness where one harms either him or her self….many have multiple partners…it’s an actual addiction like alcohol or drugs. What show are you watching? Alexis has sex with one man…ONE…the man she loves. Whom she married. The camera pans to the couple when they’re romantic, sexual, playfully loving. In what universe is that a “sickness” or an “addiction” This is a soap, right? So we need to fill in the blanks for ourselves. We assume that when Julian and Alexis aren’t together they’re doing other things. Alexis is working, Julian’s at the paper. They’re talking, laughing…all the things that people do. Let’s use common sense…and talk about your favorite subject…age. It is quite obvious that the reason they’ve focused on Alexis and her love life is because for too long soaps ignored women over 50…and just like soaps are diversifying their cast…they’re attempting to show some aspect of the real life of women over 40, 45 and on. That includes…much to your disbelief…sex. It is not abnormal, sick, or anything else. LOL…I can’t even believe that this needs to be explained. I’ve never heard your repressed or misinformed point of view anywhere else, let alone constantly. You obviously won’t agree with me or believe me…you haven’t yet…so I guess you’ll find out in 20 years…

Two more things. You keep stating that I am focused on Alexis. First, she’s one of my favorite characters. I don’t care how many agree or disagree with me on this site.I do know in terms of followers on other sites Nancy has about three times more than Laura Wright or Lisa CiCero. {sp?}Don’t misunderstand. I like those actresses as well. But it goes to show that the Alexis character is still very popular and supported. But it’s you that is focused and unrelenting. Look back if you like…and oh jeez this is so redundant on my part…how many times you have referred to Alexis behavior related to her age. How many times did you talk about her “wrinkled” cleavage…you recently said she shouldn’t be so focused on Julian or getting married when she should be focusing on her girls and grandchildren. So,, according to you a woman ceases to be a woman, should give up on love and sex….if she finds either at “that age” she shouldn’t act all happy and “like a schoolgirl”, she should”t be incredibly into her man…and she shouldn’t want it…because well, it’s no longer natural or normal…at THAT age. Again, you know this because you read about hormones and some people told you so?

To repeat…thisis a soap. Soaps are intrinsically melodramatic, over the top…about human relationships good, bad and ugly. This is not the Hallmark channe. And to be honest, I think William DeVry actually pours it on more…almost like he thinks the more he-man he acts is what the viewers are craving. So you know what? I don’t think either character is acting inaccurately for their age…I could just do less with Julian ass grabbing and all the other affected touches (no pun intended) he adds. I’d like to see them as sexual but less corny. Less staged.That’s how it hits me at times…

Never watched the Gilmore Girls? Loved that show! Lorelai had Rory at 16…maybe 17…just like Alexis! Lorelai spoke to Rory about sex…and also knew when her daughter, around Molly’s age, had it for the first time. And they talked…just like Alexis and her girls. The Gilmore Girls were a great mother-daughter relationship about their love and friendshiip. Many moms talk to their daughters about sex and the first time. Particularly if that daughter is no longer a child…AND had sex with her longtime boyfriend.

Yoiu keep implying over and over again, once again absurdly, that I’m confusing reality with fiction. Sigh. You exhaust me. You post probably more than anyone out here…with an opinion on everything. Your’re upset with how the Church was depicted. Are you confusing reality with fiction? With ALL the films and TV shows set in churches…from mob movies to adulterous, lying, scheming, crime shows…where people commit rape, murder and then go to confess…is that okay? You’re all up in arms because GH didn’t follow the rules? How many criminals, murderous felons, follow the rules of organized religion and go to Church…that’s acceptable? The focus was on romance…or was supposed to be before it turned into another crime scene….Alexix explained to Julian why she wanted to marry him there. Neither character claims to be religious. My point is…if you were offended…that’s your right. Why? Because it effects your belief system. So in that same vein, I’m offended as a 40-something woman that you keep insulting an older woman’s body, what she should wear, do, how she should act, how sexual she should be and ultimately at her age she should be knitting booties. You’re not just insulting the fictional character…you’re making a statement…repeatedly…that older women should cover their bodies and simmer down their sexuality. I’ve told you this before. You get easily offended. When jonboy,I believe it was, called Sam’s boots “hooker boots” you jumped all over him and said you wore the same type and you’re not a hooker. LOL…and you say I confuse things? So again…to recap…if someone represents your religion in a way you feel wrong…you’re offended. If someone insults a fictional character’s boots…you’re offended. If someone wears something you feel inappropriate…you’re insulting. When a woman reaches a certain age, according to you…she shouldn’t wear a low cut blouse. Because, according to you…she’s wrinkled. I ask you for the umpteenth time…do you not realize YOU have crossed the line from fiction to reality…when you insult Alexis for her age and body…which in actuality IS Nancy’s age and her actual body??? And…by association you insult many of the women here who are closer to her age than yours. So…you get insulted by almost everything…but you don’t understand that Alexis is having a normal, healthy sexual relationship with ONE man…not multiple..who happens to be her boyfriend now husband. That, lol, is not sex addiction. You don’t get that calling her chest wrinkled is insulting…to all women of a certain age who might not pass your fairer than fair smoother than smooth skin test? You’re so concerned with “time honored traditions” but you’re not aware that you’re insultin Nancy and me and all women that are 40-something up? That’s my personal interest in this. You insult me by those comments, you insult my friends, you insult women on this site of that age though I won’t presume to speak for others who might not agree with me….and…once again I’m talking to a wall. You’re not going to absorb a word I say.

Lol…just as I thought….

You did say, so many times…and just again, that a woman HER AGE should not be so sexual and because she seems to want to have it “so much” {by the way, what IS “so much” ” too much”?} it’s not normal. But because she does, she has a sexual addiction or is heading there! I’m sorry, but to put it as nicely as possible…that’s just silly. lol…Beside that, exactly how do we know “how often” they’re having sex…because we’ve seen scenes where they are? And isn’ it natural for couples to be more sexual in their first months or years together…this is not a couple that has been together for thirty years. They fell fast for each other and their past connection came as a surprise. So they share a daughter, a grandson….and a renewed passion. I will agree, and i said this from the beginning…while I love Alexis and their portrayal of her as a vibrant, sexual woman, I personally would have liked to see their relationship develop more emotionally, I think the first scenes of them together were almost comical…for any age couple. They were throwing each other against the walls, frantically groping…I understand the intent that the writers had but it just, for me, came off almost embarassing. Again, not because of age or how often, where, etc…I just wanted to see them relating, joking, teasing, bondind, dating…and then get to their sexual relationship. I said this in my earlier post, I think it’s more DeVry’s interpretation. I just think he’s over acting in these scenes, he practically grabbed her butt during the wedding kiss. Just doesn’t work for me. It seemed awkward and I felt uncomfortable. But here is the difference. I don’t think…oh Alexis shouldn’t want him to “at her age”…or she shouldn’t get so into it “at her age” oh it”s so not normal “at her age.” No, I just thought let”s see them get emotionally close first, with more scenes where we care about them as a couple…and please DeVry…tone it down. But I digress.

i’ll point out again, even though you just told me that you’re not insulting Nancy…just Alexis…you say you’re not “dissing” the actress. I’m sorry, saying Alexis has “wrinkled” cleavage, chest…whichever words you used…IS dissing, insulting, hurtful to Nancy. It’s her actual body you keep insulting! And why should she not feel insulted if she were to read those comments…when you were insulted by jonboy’s hookerboot comments when A, he was referring to Sam, a fictional character, not you, CeeCee. Sam. Yet compared to what you say about Nancy’s REAL anatomy, you were offended over boots…and what you thought that implied about YOU. Again, this is an over reaction on your part. I’ve worn similar boots and shoes. I’m 5’2, 105 llbs…love to dance…yes, in my 40s…I didn’t get offended at his comment. And you say i’ve insulted you…but you don’t see where you’ve insulted me, right? Saying I must be “jealous of the ‘young’… trying to correct the Shakespeare quote I used, our first fight, lol, when you accused me of liking babies getting hurt because I thought the Ava/Nina scene was poweful. It’s a soap! For you and any others who are constantly so offended…why are you watching soaps? Seriously, if it offends your sensibilities on so many levels i honestly don’t get it. Soaps are full of murder, corruption, betrayal, sexuality implied or shown, however formatated for a non cable show.

So, you justify getting angry and insulted at a comment about boots NOT directed at you, but you cannot fathom why constantly criticizing an older woman’s body is NOT offfensive…it’s just a character. Your reasoning is not logical. Boots, insulting. To you. Wrinkled, too old, not insulting. Okay…

I wasn’t singling you out re people who are younger and think they’re cooler, etc…i meant it’s the human condition. Seems like every generation thinks that…whether it was the
Frank Sinatra era or the Elvis or the Woodstock era, the Studio 54 era. etc, etc…Mick Jagger singing about what a drag it is getting old…..Then there were people freaking out because Elvis dared move his hips on a TV show…Ed Sullivan. People freaking out because “kids” were doing the twist. Too sexual…for their age.

There’s a great show on called YOUNGER. Don’t know if you’ve heard of it…i hadn’t until recently and I love it. It’s about a 40-something woman passing herself off as 26 so she can return to magazine publishing. She “passes” and proceeds to make close friends in their 20’s as well as wind up in love and in a realtionship with a 26 year old tattoo artist. By the way, the woman is divorced with a17 year old I believe who’s traveling in India when the show starts. And they, Liza and Josh, have a LOT of sex. LOL. But the actress is more like a Nina than Alexis in body. She’s very thin and just has…that word I use a lot..a very youthful look or “vibe.” But my point is they are having sex constantly. Granted she’s about fifteen years younger than Alexis..or Nancy, but she’s still not the age which you think is more appropriate or real for so much sex. And her lesbian roommate, whi is 52 n real life, is having incredible sex with a 26 year old girl… LOL…I can just see not just yours but other posters cringing at such vile content! By the way, I didn’t read so much disapproval from the Ava..Morgan affair.

And once again you “informed” me of all the sexual “facts” and sexual, medical realities. There are clinical studies and then there’s real life. Do you know how many “scientists” have claimed animals have no feelings? Cats are detached? Most cat lovers will tell you how wrong that is. How adorable, affectionate, playful, precious cats are. They can do all the studies in the world…it’s like life in a test tube. The reality is cats are amazing, loving beings that we share this planet with. How about Hitler and his “scientific” proof that Jews and gays and anyone else that didn’t fit into his world were less than human. Bet people could back up their opinions from what the “expert” studied.

So I’m telling you, as a woman older than you. Yes, women in their 40s, 50s and beyond have and want sex. They are incredibly still, lol, still…very attracted to who they’re attracted to. i have no idea how many times ANY couple has sex, regardless of age…and in this fictional world of GH we have no idea how often Alexis and Julian do. The point is…why care? Why make such an issue of a woman in love having a sexual realtionship with the man she loves? And, lol, how the freak do any of us know…I cannot believe we’re dissecting this…how do we know if, lol, Alexis is or is not taking hormones, using something to enhance her pleasure…or the things you suggested. Do you want to see her take her supplements or buy certain “products?” I’m sorry, CeeCee, but this really is too funny.

One more thing. It’s great that you found your husband at a young age and married him. Nice that it’s just been him. But in life, as you know, things happen. Couples sometims drift apart, people pass away. Some haven’t ever been married. At some point people move on to new relationships…romantic, sexual relationships. It’s normal. i’m not saying that will happen to you…i’m saying that Alexis is representative of a woman who is alive, vibranat, intelligent, attractive. And divorced. So what. She found love again. And she’s acting as most people would in love, regardless of age. I get that you don’t understand that because it’s not your experience. But your refusal to believe this is real life is frustrating. And you saying that because Alexis is sexual, (even in a monogaamous relationship I might add)…she’s always been monogamous…that she’s not moral…is just waaay too judgemental about women in general. And if we’re talking strictly soaps, which we’re not because all of your “facts” are from what you’ve heard and read in real life…then Alexis is with Carly and Olivia and Tracy in the different baby daddy dept. But not one of them was promiscuous. Why Olivia and Julian didn’t use birth control is a whole other thing…I think the fact all these women have multiple children with multiple men is very exaggerated…THAT is much more unrealistic to me. But hey, it’s a soap. And I’m more in disbelief that Michael could get over, now that he knows the truth, that Sonny threatened AJ his whole life, kept them apart and ultimately murdered him…i find that much more upsetting and unbelievable than 50-something woman having sex. As for the dress…since she’s not as we all know a first bride or a child bride…the typical style would be a tad off “for her age”. I think she looked beautiful, I loved the straps…and while I agree it was a tad plunging, lol, again, I was concentrting more on their vows and wonderng why her best friend Diane wasn’there!!!! who was at the house but seemed to have somehow missed the date…those things bohered me more. I’m more interested in continuity, common sense and characterization.

And just like those of you who are Catholic resent her wedding and her dress at a church, your words, not mine…those of us over 40 resent your constant criticisms of Nancy’s body and restrictions of what she should, could or would do at “her age.” And just as not all Catholics would get as offended as you, not all older women would react like me. Because we’re all individuals. But when you target a group, in this case older women, it’s offensive. When you aid she should be home knitting booties, yes…that’s offensiive. When you said she’s wrinkled and should cover up, that’ offensive. When you say she shouldn’t be focused on getting married at her age…that’s offensive.

Here’s the thing. We’re posting on a soap site. Not in a church. Sometimes I feel I’ve walked into one here. Another thing? Yes, we all come from different backgrounds and age groups. So we’re going to have different points of view. But if i were to watch something that wasn’t my experience, I might ask the people who were from that group how it really is…is it true to life or realistic…as in the case with you and what an older woman might want, feel or be. The only time I bring up Alex’s age is when you and a few others do…in a negative way. Constantly. If I were to constantly judge what Kiki was wearing or doing…if I insulted her with comments about her age and what she shoudn’t do, feel etc…and in a judgmental, patronizing insulting manner, I’m thinking you would jump in.

And for anyone who is so appalled at Alexis and Molly’s conversation regarding sex, and states that “they weren’t brought up that way”. And? What “way” is that? A mom not freaking out because her emotionally mature, highly intelligent, college age daughter had sex with her long time boyfriend? Did any of you see Alexis’ first reaction where she looked worried, held her face in her hands, looked dismayed, confused…and then decided to lighten up, which was a good thing. As for the ounce of wine that she gave her daughter…not an actual baby or child…Molly, not Emma, her very mature, young but adult daughter so that they could all toast the marriage…who cares!!!!!! You’re acting like she passed around cocaine and told Molly to snort it! LOL… What I find more unbelievable than these soap characters actions are some of the posters REactions. Too funny….

That’s okay jaybird. Thanks for the response. You’re not alone in the way you feel about Morgan but I happen to love the character. I just feel for him. That may change…but it’s where I’m out with him now….

Best! 🙂

Timmm…you too need to grow up. It’s great that you’ve solidified your prized place with Shay and CeeCee, but unlike Harry or Rose…your input…other than winning you points with your two “loves” out here is obnoxious. I know you were referring to me…lol…not too obvious! I find your response to CeeCee regarding me so off-base….but that’s par for the course. You say to CeeCee she’ being “bullied?” I could go into why that’s laughable but I try to save my words for intelligent discourse…an exchange of ideas and thoughts.

I”m guessing you missed the post where Michael Fairman addressed you, CeeCee and Shay about your posts out here…saying similar things to what I’ve brought up. Did you miss that memo???

GH has a lot going on this week which is cool! I wonder if Morgan will get shot by someone? Anyone? I mean this character is one that dare I say it, I’d like to see take a bullet and go away for a bit. Great actor but the storyline has been done and it’s like a roller coaster here and not in a good way.

Oh come on! This manic Morgan stuff is getting so old and so is he. He’s an idiot who needs to get a job and quit whining. I’m so sick of his storyline.

And it would be REALLY nice if a wedding could go off as planned in Port Chuck. At least let them get married.

I agree a thousand percent. I’ve been saying this for a long time now. There is no hype, no suspense. You just know that a wedding will never go as planned, that a baby will always be switched, that someone is never really dead, etc.
I just wrote a similar comment regarding the useless Morgan character below.

I have to admit.. finally it was a good episode … I have missed action packed episodes… Just way too long of a build up for two or three of these episodes and then back to the boring stuff… These writers need to do a better job at getting more excitement and interest..

what else is new, morgan is one of the most annoying characters along with his mom, so him making a mess of anything is not surprising , if theres a bonus its that julixis wedding will be ruined. i’m fine with that.

That would be a “bonus,” indeed, Aria!

Thank you, very much, Aria. How fluently articulated are you??

Maybe the French would appreciate Morgan the way they’ve always appreciated Jerry Lewis.

I hear the wedding goes off and then guns go off at the reception?

Morgan needs to cool down-shove him into the river…so much criminal activities at the piers you’d think cops would patrol the area regularly but those airhead keystone cops probably don’t know what a pier is…if there is going to be a mass(pun) shooting at the church please knock off Franco, Nina, Ava, Julian/Alexis, and Sonny but then again when i wish upon a star my dreams never come true…lol

Franco’s outburst in church about marriage was immature and classless. I cannot stand that character!

I am starting to sing your tune, Timmm. I do not like how he is treating my Nina. I think the signs of a break-up are stacking up…. in the works. Enter Easton? No? Maybe?

Blast the ‘writers; not Roger/Franco.. They wrote that junk …

Okay, Timm and Cee Cee–that was when I was finally starting to warm up to Franco. When he sneered to Need-ya, “Who ever said anything about marriage?”
I laughed very hard. It didn’t help that Need-ya was wearing an amount of make-up one usually associates with Miss Baby Jane Hudson.
That was the highlight of yesterday’s abysmal show.
But I am sorry of Need-ya is sad–maybe she can write a “Letter to Daddy about it.”
Whatever happened to Phyllis?

Um, a resounding NOOOO!!!, CeeCee! I certainly do not desire our beloved Michael to be doomed to a rematch with Ms. Clay before he even has a chance to hit the ground running with a new character….let’s face it, there is simply a complete lack of chemistry between Easton and MS’s Nina….their pairing spelled the end of him the first time around. I’m hoping his new role will be a total departure from his last one…..other people, different orbits. However, I do believe that Franco needs to be cut loose from that existing partnership….he is not a happy camper in any way, shape or form……pining for Liz, perhaps?

@Harry 1….I’m with you, Harry! “Need-ya?” Absolute perfection, as was the “Miss Baby Jane Hudson” reference. I don’t blame Franco for obviously getting ready to bolt this overbearing nutjob….in fact, she’s the one who should be leaving…town. Perhaps she could go to Africa or China in search of that adoptive baby about whom she can’t quit yammering.

Timmm…Franco’s comments to Nina were indeed insensitive. But I figure the writers are trying to set up a possible breakup of the loving couple.

Awwww, Timmm. Someone feels left out!!!!!
Do not give in. That is exactly what some people want……ATTENTION. It is easy to cast stones to real people such as ourselves, and not characters…., behind a computer, is it not? These same people want to live vicariously through others….whether on sites such as these or elsewhere.
I never received any thing from Mr. Fairman…..not personally, albeit I did apologize for mentioning Alexis cleavage. I have not said anything about THAT again….not specifically her…..none of us has. Just how someone her age should dress.
However, if memory serves me right, Mr. Fairman also said something about brevity? ….meaning ; do not write a book. For one person to dedicate so much time, typing, energy on lil ole me is soooo ‘endearing’.
I am a happy ‘people’……must be so gloomy for some…what a life.
Listen, babes….ignore…I would advise anyone else to do the same. Ignore anyone who tries to drag a real person through the mud.
Sorry I did not answer so one. I was substituting most of the day….later. Peace out.

There you go–that’s the way the soaps USED to get rid of characters.

Jimh…so agree about the dock. Why would anyone go there with all of the killings, and who knows what else that goes on down there. Especially walking their babies in strollers as has happened in the past. Could be a great make-work, Reno project for PC.

GH knows how to do this type of story. It’s always leaving the viewer wanting more. Suspenseful and romantic and funny. I love GH for that reason alone. Each person in the invited guest list has a story. Nathan and Maxie, and the glove in the tux. Nina and Franco and his announcement of not liking weddings. Sam, Kristina and the other one whose name escapes me, hehe…great chemistry with Alexis. Nikolas and Hayden and their secrets and the back burn story of Sonny’s secret. Of course the main story is the gun running along with Morgan’s mental breakdown – the exploration of his bi-polar experience. I know many people think that they are overreaching on this story but what they are showing is true. I knew a young woman who was bi-polar who believed the Rapture was happening while driving and let her go on the freeway, it was awful. I am proud of GH for seeing this story through. Is there creative license with the story? Yes, umm this is a soap folks, crazy crap is gonna happen BUT overall it is a very real story. I am so happy to be a GH viewer and fan. Day after day they turn in great performances and the stories are fun. Only one other show on air is slaying in stories right now (and it isn’t DAYS or B&B). Just looking forward to what GH has in store.

Always wanting to leave the viewer more, Mateo?
Like what? A Groupon for Hemlock sent to the cast, writers, director and producers of GH?

OMG, Harry 1!!!! “Groupon for Hemlock?” Once again, your rapier sharp wit has not failed to amuse!

I was glad that Alexis’s daughters spent some mom time before her wedding. Dianne at the house the other day with them was odd and disturbing. It looked like they were just looking for a scene for her to jump in?

Nancy and Wil in an interview said they were pulling out all the stops for their wedding. Well, the music was piped in, the church looked cheesy and cheap and it was done in a studio. I know, budgets, budgets, budgets! But why tell us it is going to be spectacular and it ends up looking like a high school set!

I hope Moron is riddled with bullets and Crychael dies trying to save him! I know, thats brutal BUT I’m tired of these two idiots and ALL the other fat that needs trimmed on GH!

Hey, Timmm…I hear ya’…AGREED!!!!! I mean…at this point, Morgan is nothing but an annoying and out-of-control PSYCHO!!!!! Furthermore, having Morgan ‘inherit’ papa Sonny’s bipolar disorder is BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!!!! No, no and more no.


It’s not ridiculous jaybird. It can be inherited. I think Bryan is doing an incredible job!

Yes, I agree, Jay. Bipolar disorder may be inherited; however, as someone already mentioned, (as I and others also said when the story broke) Morgan’s actions bespeak of a spoiled brat who is not getting his way. Understood, my friend…peace out.

Right! That’s pulling out all the stops? My grandmother must have blessed herself a million times (we watched together), calling out , ” sacrilege…insult to the Church). I’m sorry…I still can’t get over it. The liberties taken by TPTB. This is not just a ‘Catholic’ thing….it is history.
It is the reason why Henry VIII detached himself from Rome and started The Anglican Church ( The Church of England)….to get his many divorces and marry seven times???? The RCC’s ‘laws’ have not changed . Archaic, yes! But, it is what it is, Timmm. It is an affront to me, as a Catholic.
Now regarding Morgan…..Is this the reason he stopped taking his meds? Is this what TPTB were reaching for? Morgan’s intractable behavior? So he could flip his lid at the very vortex of PIER 54? A means to an end?
I cannot bear much more of ‘ Moron’ ( perfect moniker, Timmm). The character is virulent; spawned by the seed Lucifer.
Kristina is not far off. That girl gives me the weebie jeebies. Something about her just rubs me the wrong way. Poor Avery…double dose!! Later.

And, of course, Nathan had to go against his better judgment and listen to the wiles of a flighty woman; MAXIE, by leaving his gun behind.

What TPTB have done to the once-interesting and complicated Kristina character is an unspeakable violation–and I am NOT talking about her being gay–I’m talking about the complete violation of her character–unrecognizable. The “real” Kristina would not have egged Mollie on like that. Sad–another character NOT to care about.

I hear you about Kristina, CeeCeeGirl. I was not happy to see this particular character once again portrayed as a nasty, immature, petulant, sullen little she-me. The previous Kristina was such an appealing sexpot….with the looks and wardrobe to match….it worked. To suddenly revise the character to this extent just isn’t very believable….I’m also tired of the over-emphasis upon Alexis and her daughters….they ain’t all that! Sam is quite one thing….she was an established character long before her unfortunate circumstance of birth was revealed….her story stands alone independent of her family, but the other two siblings and their ongoing sniping, plus this fallacious notion that Ms. Davis is such a great mother, are just plain annoying.

These are the same writers who wrote a lot of Sharon Cases bi-polar material also they do not know a thing about the disease nor do they care to research. Yes I am aware that MB has bi-polar his story was written much better as for the actor who plays Morgan I will not watch one scene he is in his off screen antics have done it for me the same with NLG.

CeeCee…HELL TO THE YEAH Morgan is acting like a spoiled brat!!!!! BEYOND ANNOYING!!!!! To me, this is FURTHER PROOF that Sonny and Carly are nothing but L-O-U-S-Y parents!!!!! Ridiculous.

Later, my friend.


I know, Kay. Poor Sharon. There’s no end to her perils….I am hoping she ends up with Nick, again. Later.

I’m not watching the show but from the recap, I assume Julian will be killed just after saying “I Do” and Alexis will inherit his business or at least Sonny will get revenge for her once he reveals that he can stand up.

Still on the barge.

I had need to FF through all the long talk talk talk..
A lot of talking saying nothing..
I stopped to see the pire scenes, then it was more sappy talk talk talk saying nothing much but lame go nowhere yackin …
And this is sweeps …. lol

su0000, about Franco, I’ve said in other posts, I lover Roger! He seems bored. I dont blame him. I DO blame the writers!

Hey, su.
What I don’t understand is why did Sonny have 2 million in the back seat of his car, ready for Dixon’s taking? Does he have mental telepathy? Bye.

OK. I’m a big-time arms gangster whose major deal just got busted by the feds. So what do I do? I high-tail it out of the area in the vehicle that brought me to the pier. Or, I steal a car and drive like mad to another state. No, no, no.

I barge into a nearby church where there is a wedding, and I take EVERYONE hostage! Yes I do. Why? I dunno. Maybe I think someone in the pews would offer me a vehicle and money? MaybeI know two mobsters are at the wedding? And think they might offer me a getaway car?

None of this makes sense, people, even for a soap. Why is Dixon there?

Also, dear writers, Julexis is not a fresh inspiring romance. And I say this as a mature woman myself, they’re too old for the sex stuff to be interesting for more brief bursts.

Also, the ceremony with the priest (minister) was just too much. He smiles while Alexis talks about making heir daughter decades ago in a car? I’ve been to many weddings, even a few tacky weddings, but really??

I like the actors and characters but this wedding was just absurd.

Yeah Anne exactly, what kind of cartel boss doesnt have an exit plan! All this was created for Sonny boy to stand and be a hero!

Too funny, Anne. PERFETTO!!

Wow…this feels great…UNANIMOUSLY GREAT, Rose.
Sonny should suffer the same pain AJ felt in not being part of his son’s life.
And, if I may add….Michael is a turncoat. He is old enough to know better. What was all that posturing about? Taking Avery? Then giving her back?

Perfect synopsis! And, exactly what is wrong with this show.

We all knew the Sonny would “save the day.” Pretending not be able to walk was a dead (no pun intended) give away !! Hopefully, he will have Avery back soon. Can’t wait to see the “who’s your daddy”, story line with Hayden come to fruition !! Finally, a doctor for Liz. Please don’t let the new Doctor Munro also be related to Sonny !!! Something tells me that he is Sonny and Lilly’s son. Looks like trouble ahead for Carly and Sonny. Love that Michael Easton is on his way back. I would love to see he and Anna together. Hopefully, the writers will takes us on a journey with Morgan’s bi-polar treatment and recovery. Not a magic recovery in a few days.

Hi Patty…

I and a few others think Dr. Munroe might be Stone’s younger brother.

As for Sonny getting Avery…why should he??? Now he’ll know…actually they ALL…Sonny, Carly and Michael…should know, have the revelation, that this is what they did to AJ…took his child away from him…permanently.

They claim they didn’t feel Michael would have been safe with AJ…Ha! And, not only that, but AJ wasn’t “allowed” to go near Michael. Michael was brought up to hate him. So in the end, Sonny’s safe environment put Michael in a coma, got Dane shot in the chest, Morgan and in the past Michael wanting to get into “the business” and Christina almost being kidnapped today. Oh, and TJ…TJ was kidnapped just by associating with him.

Michael should have stayed a Quartermaine, kept Avery and let that be justice. Tables turned…

Rebccca, you and I get along just fine despite the fact that we seem to disagree about all the GH charcters and their related stories.
However, on this subject of AJ and his son Michael? We are on the same page.

Rebecca…So agree about wishing they had kept Michael a Q. along with being AJ’s guardian. I really liked the energy he brought to ELQ. And the mansion just seemed a happier place with the baby there.

Hi Rose…You and I..we’re hitting our stride! lol…yep. Very disappointing that they FINALLY did right by AJ…and then undid it. I think Sean Kanan felt that way too…

By the way, I responded to your other message; in case you didn’t see it…

I have not posted in a couple of years. But I do read the comments once in a while. Rebecca. You amaze me. Your posts have not changed towards this girl. You have a problem. Leave her alone. Let her write what she wants. It is also amazing to me how other fans of the show kowtows to you. I think it is because they do not want to be victimized by you. You intimidate. Are you sure you are a woman? You are very controlling.

You say you are in your 40’s. Shut up and act yor age, then. I am 59 years old, and I agree that women my age and older should cover up. Not dress like a nun, but not wear clothes that are too revealing. You have a giant chip on your shoulder. It is a soap, my dear.

I work out. I look good for my age, I am told. But, I do not let it all hang out. It’s unseemly. You should learn from Cee Cee, not she from you. You do the same to this other girl Shay and anyone who criticizes Alexis. What is wrong with you? Your behaviour is appalling.

Never in my life have I seen anything like this. You actually put all these comments together , for what? All you have proven is that you’re off your rocker.

Pleased to make your acquaintance, Ma’am.
I would like to thank you, Fabia. You seem to be the voice of reason here. I am so glad that at least, someone else stepped up, without fear, see it, and tell it like it is. Later.

Hey Harry…
Yes we do get along…you’re one of ny favs out here…dating back to our Raina-NASHVILLE post! We can only hope Michael has some kind of conflict down the road to bring him back to his senses…sigh…wishful thinking I know…

I hope this gets posted…

Fabia. Who are you? Whether you’re an actual poster like you claim you are…or a pseudonym for the one of the two women you just defended…look to yourself. So let’s establish a few things. You’re rude. Whoever you are. If you think it’s classy to tell someone to “shut up” think again.

Second, you threw yourself into a heated debate that goes back a long time. Thus, you have no idea what you were even screeching about.

Third, I could care less what the character Alexis wears or how many times she has sex or if she’s having said sex as she’s jumping out of a helicopter. It’s not, and never has been, about “Alexis.” It’s about the backward thinking, insulting comments continually made about mid age women…which are expressed when talking about the character Alexis, that I find offensive. And just like people could or might react to negative comments toward their race, religion or sexual preference, I find disparaging remarks about actors real bodies…comments like wrinkled and too old…offensive.

If you don’t like my comments…don’t read them. However, if you feel so strongly tbat you simply can’t resist venting your hostility, which was by the way a personal attack…then perhaps you shouldn’t judge someone else for responding vehemently to what they feel strongly about.

I truly don’t believe you’re just some poster not connected in some way to the women you defended. Your wording is way too similar as is the over-thd-top reaction. Either way, what you think makes no difference to me. But considering your extremely out of line post, I made an exception to respond.

@Fabia….Hello, dear lady! I remember you well….we often discussed the declasse’ demeanor and alleycat ways of one Ms. Ava Jerome when she first hit Port Charles. As I recall, neither of us was enamored with her character, and we often stated so without any resulting fuss whatsoever….oh, those were the days!!!! At any rate, welcome back and don’t be such a stranger this time around….you’ve been missed!

My goodness, you do remember me, Shay. Of course, I remember you. It was a time where I was just learning to manipulate and maneuver my brand new iPad. Now, my fingers have become experts. What is it that I should write? Lol? Well, lol.
Yes, those were the days. And you have infused me with nostalgia by naming some of the vets. General Hospital was my soap back in the day.
But, life caught up with me. I watch my grandchildren, now that I have myself retired from teaching.
Thank you for the warm welcome, Shay. I will try to post now and again, time permitted.
Stay well, my dear.

Any ideas how they are going to write Paul’s way out of his past of blackmailing and hooking up with Ava?

Hi Vintage…that is a tricky one. LOL.

I started watching last year after a few decades of not watching. Why was Morgan begging Carly to help Kiki? Was/is Carly a nurse? Also, what is the story with the white glove in Nathan’s tux?

Carly was never a nurse. I felt bad for Kiki, no one really assisted her. ANY police officer would know CPR. Dumb!

Carly did go into nurses training when she moved to Port Charles. Don’t know if she ever completed it.

Oh, Shell. LOL. The white glove!!!! Just another introduction to a story that leads nowhere?
Funny you should mention the glove, Shell….when I heard that so much emphasis was being put on the glove by Maxie; I knew something might be developing from it.
The glove made me think that maybe a girl Nathan once dated or with whom he had had a serious relationship ( in NYC) will show up in PC. You know the type….a socialite. Considering, the Haute Classe life he led with MadMaddie, the idea is not so far-fetched. I know the ‘type’ very well, Shell. Many of them personally. Gag!!
Here comes another triangle and headache. I repeat…round and round and round we go-oh; Nathan, Maxie and Who? Later.

Plus Nathan put the glove back in his jacket instead of throwing it out.

Hopefully the white glove belongs to an acting coach!

Good catch, Rose. The fact that Nathan put the glove back is very telling. Something will definitely be brewing out of this.

Timmm, LOL!

Very clever, Timmmbo. Nathan is finally getting a storyline. However, I am still waiting for Laura’s. Michael Easton? Maybe? Later, gator.

Hey, Shell,
I was right? Maybe? Nathan was calling out for ‘Claudette’…..en francais?

Yes I laughed when I saw the Claudette scene today. You called it!

All of the Corinthos’ storylines are so boring. I’m about an inch away from another sabbatical from GH.

Is it time to read Helena ‘ s will yet?

It was suppose to happen last week but it was delayed. Now that this wedding disaster is over, we can move on!

That’s right!!!!! I forgot about the reading of the will, Allen. Lol. When??

I mean Laura is dropped in an episode for 15 minutes once every two weeks so I’m not sure I should expect anything great from this will story line. If Laura was Luke she’d be onscreen everyday already.

Someone above hit it on the head — GH has no surprises or suspense anymore. The mob stuff is old and boring. How many times can someone try to take over Sonny’s territory anyhow? The writers and producers need to get their shit together STAT.

I think that Morgan should be sent to a psychiatric facility because his character serves no legitimate purpose on the canvas. He is entitled, spoiled, and does not contribute anything to his family, friends, or society. He is the worst combination of his parents and he needs to be sent away, off-screen, to find a purpose-schooling, a job, perhaps? The acting makes me cringe. The only time that I began to like the character was when he wanted to care for Avery. I thought that Bryan had begun to learn more of the craft and that storyline gave Morgan a likeability.
I also had to laugh during the scenes with Anna and Michael and Michael, once again, defending Sonny and his legitimate business as a coffee importer. Ridiculous. As much as I like the Davis girls-as a trio, not separate, and I love Alexis, Kristina is like nails on a chalkboard to me this time around.

I cant stand that Morgan became bi-polar over night . I have bi-polar in my family and Morgans behavior is not a text book representation.
I don’t care about Julexis, but I will applaud Nancy Lee on her acting job while saying her vows.
How many times does a drowning person get to go down before it’s a done deal. I always thought three. Seems that Lulu will keep going down and coming back up for air until dumbed down Dante (good aliteration I mus say) finally realizes she isnt on the deck but in the drink.

lol Vet from the Get…the lulu down for the count…and counting…what was it…like ten times? It was like bobbing for apples. It would have been more realistic if she drifted too far…was holding on to a boat or something…dunno. Just silly. But while I give you credit for your good alliteration…I actually like Dante. Still.


Timmm, I did post a thank you note to you for your kind words; however, I do not see it posted.
Thank you, love.

Join the crowd, CeeCeeGirl….I also responded to Timmm’s awesome post, to no avail. I’ve been resisting comment for some time on the frequent direct attacks upon both of us, but finally had quite enough (once again.) When one’s name is constantly invoked and implied by another in a derogatory manner on this site, then we should at least be able to defend ourselves. Anyway, kudos, Timmster! You are a gem and a gentleman!

CeeCee, I live it, ugly hearted people who focus on what others have, what they lack and do NOTHING about it! I know this person who rides your back without even knowing her! Same goes with you and my little kitty kat Shay, never met you two BUT I can tell by the words you two wriye and the purity in your hearts you are supreme humans! Luv ya!

I’m streaming Tuesday’s GH now and Alexis and Julian are exchanging vows. It’s all I can do to keep down my lunch. The episode’s not over yet but I am putting all my wishes into Morgan getting dumped in the water and never found. This idiot manages to disarm three armed, professional criminals? I don’t think so. More stupid writing all to prop up who? An annoying, cloying, ridiculous character EVERYONE hates.

Not everyone Melissa. I’ve posted several times regarding Morgan…I like and feel for the character and I think Bryan’s acting is quite good. Morgan’s pathos breaks my heart…

Lol, Melissa. Yet, when he was disarmed, Morgan became the coward he truly is. He lay there on the ground; hands stretched outward, as if pleading, with fear in his eyes! What a man, what a man, what a man!!!!

Hi Rebecca.I love Dante don’t get me wrong. It seems typical of writers to dumb down cops,detectives,special agents et al. (Once upon a time starting in 1980 when Scorpio, Sean Donelly , Anna Devane were introduced they were written as undeniably brilliant and we could count on them to save the day ) And I adore Dominic Z ..For me, his Dante elicits a sexy ‘Amante Italiano’- I wish they would write him a chance to shine.

Hey ABC…changed your name so soon? Cool…it’s easier to abbreviate when responding to you! ;/

I agree. Dante’s got a very sexy look and he’s been a very steady character. And I hear you regarding the old vs the new supposed heroes. Nothing compares to the Anna, Scorpio, Sean Donnelly days. They were fantastic! Anna’s nowhere near what they portrayed her as back then. Still love her; she’s goreous, sharp, etc…but I don’t fee the confidence that she’ll save the day, as you said, like she and the others did back in the day.

i do think Dante shines, though. In the sense that, despite his current marital strife, he’s maintained his intrinisc goodness and desire to do right, even with his conflict regarding his love for Sonny and hating Sonny’s business. Another complex character that, in the limited scope of a soap, can only be taken so far. But I thiink you and I are in the minority here; others just hate him for sleeping with Valerie. I just see a guy who was hurt who thought he had lost his wife to another…It’s so obvious that he loves Lulu and always has….

Thanks for your reply!

Hi Rebecca1 ..My original name was ABC etc. I was on a different browser when I posted this and forgot exactly what I called myself. lol..
I agree with all you said about Dante. I love Dominic Zamprogna.
The only bone of contention that I have to pick regarding Dante doing Valerie, is with the writer of that story line who tried to totally degrade the character of Dante’s integrity. I hate it when writers destroy character integrity and ignore history. A story should have been written to play to and stay in line with Dante’s loyal, loving and honest character , which would have lead to a different basis or reason to cause a rift between Lulu and Dante. Although Lulu has had past history on the show with different men including Johnny Z, it’s always been Lulu for Dante.

General Hospital

Elizabeth MacRae, ‘General Hospital’s’ Meg Baldwin, Passes Away at 88

Veteran actress, Elizabeth MacRae best-known as the third Meg Baldwin on General Hospital and as Gomer Pyle’s girlfriend, Lou-An Ann Poovie, in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C has died at the age of 88. MacRae passed away in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where she grew up.

On General Hospital, Elizabeth played Meg Baldwin who had a young son, Scott (Kin Shriner) from a previous relationship and who married Lee Baldwin (Peter Hansen). The role was originated by Patricia Breslin from 1965-1969. Breslin was temporarily replaced by Jan Shepherd for three weeks in the summer of 1967. MacRae took over the part from Breslin full time from 1969-70 and again from 1972-73.

In story, the character of Meg suffered a nervous breakdown and Lee had her committed to an institution. In 1971, Meg was released and came home, but suffered from severe hypertension. In 1973, Dr Lesley Webber was assigned to her case. Meg became jealous of Lesley and began to think that she was trying to get to have sex with Lee. During an argument with Lee, Meg died of a stroke and soon after Lee adopted Scott.

Photo: ABC

MacRae also appeared on other notable soaps, having roles on Another WorldDays of Our LivesGuiding Light, and Search for Tomorrow.  Elizabeth’s career spanned over two and half decades having also appeared in classic TV shows and countless movies such as: Route 66Surfside 6RendezvousThe FugitiveJudd for the DefenseGunsmokeBonanzaI Dream of Jeannie, and The Andy Griffith Show.

Photo: CBS

She is survived by five stepchildren, Terry Halsey, Peter Halsey, Hugh Halsey, Cate Halsey, and Alex Halsey Topper.

Share your remembrances of GH’s Elizabeth MacRae via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

LAPD Continue to Seek Johnny Wactor’s Killers Who Remain At Large; Asks Public for Tips and Leads

The Los Angeles police department is ramping up its search for to the whereabouts of the three thieves, who got away after one fatally shot former General Hospital cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 26th in downtown Los Angeles.

Law enforcement sources told the LA Times that police are trying to pull fingerprints from Wactor’s vehicle and are looking for video from the area. They also are checking to see whether there are any connections to other nearby catalytic converter thefts.

The thieves were attempting to steal the catalytic converter from Wactor’s car at the time of his death. Sadly, the LAPD investigators shared they have seen an uptick in violence when these types of thieves are confronted.

Photo: ABC

Catalytic converters contain precious metals in which thieves can make hundreds of dollars selling them to auto parts suppliers or scrap yards, where they can be melted down and the valuable metals extracted.

In addition, on Tuesday May 28th, the LAPD shared more on the incident that took Wactor’s life, stating, “Without provocation, the victim was shot by one of the individuals. The three suspects involved were wearing all dark clothing and driving a dark-colored sedan. The suspects fled northbound on Hope Street. Central Bureau Homicide is investigating this case and is requesting the public’s help.”

Photo: ABC

If you have tip: y0u are urged to call LAPD Detectives Gonzales or Martinez at Central Bureau Homicide, at (213) 996-4142. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).

In addition, Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go to

Wactor played General Hospital’s Brando Corbin from 2020 to 2022. According to the LA Times, “Wactor recently had been exploring opportunities in screenwriting while working as a bartender.”

Share your thoughts on this developing story as the LAPD tries to seek justice for the death of Johnny Wactor via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez Speaks Out on the Death of Friend and Former GH Castmate Johnny Wactor: “I’m Beside Myself with Sadness”

It has been another rough go for the General Hospital family following the news surrounding the shooting that killed beloved former cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) over the weekend.

Since that time, there has been an outpouring of grief, shock and sadness, and remembrances for the actor who died at 37-years-old.  Many of Johnny’s castmates have spoken out about the loss and shared heartbreaking tributes.

Now, Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer Cassadine) who is soon-to-be-seen in Ryan Murphy’s limited series on Netflix, Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story, has also shared his sentiments. With heartfelt words, along with a photo of himself and Johnny, and another former GH co-star, Marcus Coloma (ex-Nikolas), Chavez explained the difficulty he is having processing Johnny’s death and the unbreakable bond they shared.

Photo: Facebook

Nick began, “Johnny — I’m beside myself with sadness. The last time I saw you, we ran into each other by accident in Los Angeles. When we recognized each other your face lit up and you ran essentially across the room to give me a big and tight hug. You were a strong and kind person”

He went on to say, these heartfelt words to Johnny, “You were a phenomenal friend and you always made me feel welcomed and loved. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been a part of your life and I’m praying for you and your family. I will miss you very much.”

Johnny Wactor run on GH lasted from 2020-2022, while Nicholas Chavez appeared from 2021 till early in 2024.

Share your thoughts on Nicholas’ remembrances of Johnny Wactor via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Michael Easton as Finn

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