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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Oscar Dies Leaving His Family And His Girlfriend Grief-Stricken


In two emotional episodes of General Hospital, Oscar’s battle with brain cancer came to a devastating conclusion, when he passed away at the end of Wednesday’s episode and the aftermath played out on Thursday’s installment of the ABC daytime drama series.

The episodes provided heartbreaking material to play for Tamara Braun (Kim), Garren Stitt (Oscar), Billy Miller (Drew), Eden McCoy (Josslyn), William Lipton (Cameron), Leslie Charleson (Monica), Wally Kurth (Ned) and more.  When it comes to deep and moving moments that pull at the heartstrings and when directed by ace, William Ludel, it’s GH at its best.

On Wednesday’s episode, Oscar looks back at this life, and gets premonitions of what is ahead for his loved ones, as Lila Quartermaine comes to take him to heaven and to be with other members of the Quartermaine family.  In the final moments of the episode, Oscar looks out the window at Charlie’s, and has a vision of Sonny and Carly with their new baby. He sees Olivia promising to take Monica to the tropics.  He turns and sees Kim showing off her engagement ring between Julian (William deVty) and Drew, which means none of the viewers know which guy actually ends up her fiancé.  Sadly, Oscar sees Josslyn with a new young man hand and hand as they are graduating.  Oscar tells Josslyn he can’t leave everyone in limbo and needs to move on.  Lily and Edward pass by him.  Then, when Joss wakes up in Oscar’s room after she had fallen asleep reading him a book, she looks over and sees Oscar, and he has died.   We see his body leaving him, and going with Lila and Edward.


On Thursday, Joss calls out Oscar’s name and goes to the bed to touch him but he is cold.  Kim and Drew rush in and Kim rushes to be next to her son and cradles him knowing it is the end.  Joss runs down the stairs and sits at the stairwell, as Monica and Ned come in.  Ned consoles Joss, while Monica goes to be with Drew upstairs.  Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) learns  that Oscar has passed, and she wants to be the one to tell Cameron.  When she and Franco (Roger Howarth) tell Cam what happened, he says that he and Oscar weren’t close and that Oscar was more Josslyn’s friend.  Liz is worried by his reaction, but he insists he’s fine.  Cam heads to the hospital stairwell where he breaks down.

In a heartbreaking moment, Ned finds a devastated Drew at the bottom of the stairs and tells Drew that Oscar was lucky enough to have him as a father.  In another five-hankie moment, Ned hands over to Joss, a copy of Oscar’s finished song that she and Oscar had been working on for the Nurses’ Ball.  He tells her that Oscar asked him to help him finish it.  When Carly (Laura Wright) arrives she finds Joss who holds on dearly to her mother.  In another major moment, Drew sits by Oscar’s bedside and tells his son, that he is a better man now because of him.

Jason (Steve Burton) shows up to the Q’a when he learns of Oscar’s death. Drew announces to everybody that Oscar wanted to use part of his inheritance to start a fund to help teenagers apply for grants so they can go mountain climbing in Kilimanjaro.  Jason set it up at the request of Oscar.


When they come to take Oscar’s body, Joss wants to spend some time alone with him, where she tells him she wants him to go somewhere that doesn’t hurt. She says she heard him say she loved her before he died, and she loves him too, and will love him forever.  Joss texts Cameron about Oscar, but Cam is too upset to reply back to her.

Then, as the heartbreaking episode concluded, we watch a mother and father lay their son on a gurney to be wheeled out by the coroners.  Michael (Chad Duell) has shown up to be there for Joss and hug her.  Each section of the family holds each other tight and in despair as Oscar is gone.

There were wonderful performances throughout these episodes from:  Billy Miller, Tamara Braun, Eden McCoy, William Lipton and Garren Stitt who brought this difficult story to life.

So, what did you think of the episodes surrounding Oscar’s death? Did you need the tissues for this one?  Comment below.

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GH can be so incredibly moving and emotional, and this story proves that. Watching Oscar’s decline for the last several months has been difficult, and many viewers (myself included) thought there would be an eleventh hour miracle that would keep him alive. But these episodes were beautifully done, and the performances were amazing. Eden McCoy better win an Emmy for her work, because she is one of the best younger actors in Daytime.

And the individual scenes were stellar. The moments between Drew and Franco on Tuesday’s episode, where Franco says “we may not be blood, but you’re my brother,” were phenomenal, as were Ned’s scenes with Monica and Kim hugging Oscar after he had passed. I really hope the Q’s have more front-burner story going forward, and it would be great for Drew and Jason to bond as brothers like Oscar asked of them.

It will be interesting to see, going forward, which of Oscar’s premonitions become true, and how the aftermath of his death plays out.

I agree that it could be interesting to see which of Oscar’s premonitions come true or if they come true in a unexpected way.For example we don’t know who gave Kim that engagement ring since she was sitting between Drew and Julian.

I was crying through the episode!!!! They all did great-Billy Miller knocked it out of the ball park,just like he did with Delila’s death on Y&R!!!!!!

I cried for two days in a row. I wished that they replaced Oscar with another actor but I will miss the character. I guess his kidney goes to Jordon and that will be reason for Jax return.

Some stuff was sorta over the rainbow-

When you die you are extinct. One can not be in human form after death because the dead are no longer human (just a whiff of parting energy-
So, when grandma & pa Quartermain came dressed in their Sunday best to get Oliver, what was that, probably a comfort tool. Then again it’s a soap, fiction, nobody or thing is real.

Anyways, Oliver’s death was quite fun, it was a sunshine moment to watch a young man die in detail..
I was looking forward to the emotional pain of it; Kleenex parties are awesome fun !
And a two for the price of one, Oliver & Niel deaths – whoa good times indeed! (sarcasm)

I liked Oliver.. Hope Garren Stitt (Oscar), will be taken on by another soap or a TV series.
I watched him grow/become better with every episode.
He developed into an up and coming actor.
It must be hard for him to be let go 🙁 that whamed for sure.
Wish Garren a great future!

Not so. You are out there somewhere. My maternal grandmother saw my maternal grandfather right before she died. I firmly believe my dad was there for my mother when she died.


Too many life after death experiences. God is real.

Took too long especially since he was such a young character. Way too much to deal with.

A five hanky episode for sure, what great performances! I had to go to work right after and was trying not to cry, no such luck. Every time a loved one came in to say goodbye to Oscar I started to cry again,wow. I loved the contrast storyline with Shiloh. Truly shows how evil he is when Sam told him that Oscar died and he had a “whatever” attitude, more interested in what Sam had to “offer”. He too is giving a great performance. Loved it!

Killing off the next generations of Q’s-i have mixed feelings here…couldnt watch as we just dealt with a death of our cousin who was found dead in a store parking lot…they never let Oliver find out Kim wasnt his birth mom and thought he was suppose to die on stage at the nurses ball but now i see Joss and Cameron putting on a tribute at the ball for Oliver with music and images of Oliver(Seasons In The Sun-would had made a good song for the tribute)…when is the who killed Shiloh story happening…and Sam is no Nancy Drew-she is more like a Nancy Snooze!!!

Monotone Sam is SO boring.

Sam is boring and so is Jason. I also fast forward through Anna &!Brad. Oscar was my favorite character. They should have replaced him although I really like Garren Stitt a lot! I would get use to someone else.

I wonder if Josslyn is going to perform the song she and Oscar was writing at the Nurse’s Ball and maybe she gets some sort of closure by doing it.

whos oliver???

Why are people responding here having such a problem getting Oscar’s name right?? It’s OSCAR!!!! NOT OLIVER!!! Garren Stitt did a great job portraying the slow but steady decline in health. It breaks my heart to see another death so soon after Ryan’s reign of terror. Time for some happy times on GH to start after the services for OSCAR and the Nurses Ball.
Kudos to the cast for the sensative, heartbreaking portrayal of this tragic storyline.

Thank you Jinxi. I agree! GS was a bit stiff at first but the fifteen year old kid found his sea legs and he was totally believable playing a kid grappling with his imminent mortality. When the coroners carried his body out, all I could focus on were his sock clad feet which were positioned in such a way as if to suggest the boy were just taking a nap. That just about killed me. I need some comedy now! I’ve been watching the series “What We Do in the Shadows” and it’s utterly wild and brilliantly hilarious. I need more levity in my life!

So sad. But beautifully written and performed.

They all did very well.

Sorry, I felt nothing. Oscar is NOT Stone. This story was written so poorly, and executed so lazily. Why would Sam and Jason tell Scout? Not Sam and Scout’s father, Drew? Why is Jason the executor of Oscar’s will? It’s just another sad attempt at propping up Jason. I liked Jason Quartermaine, not Sonny’s lapdog. & I am so sick and tired of Laura Wright. She is so loud and obnoxious. The “hell yeah” and “hell no” and “ya know” after every sentence is annoying. The only good thing about this storyline was Billy Miller. I can see why he has a large following.

You are not alone there, DMRR (and I don’t mean that in the NB’s famously sing-songy way….Lol!) Not only was this storyline’s ending totally predictable and anti-climactic, but it was also dragged out far longer than necessary! The will he/ won’t he die? thing went on for an absolute age…especially since we pretty much suspected all along that cute little Oscar the incidental “Q” was indeed going to kick the bucket..and now just in time for an NB tribute! How convenient! In terms of suspense, this storyline rated a zero! Certainly cannot compare with this weekend’s much-anticipated “Line of Duty” finale where everyone and their brother is on tenterhooks trying to figure out who the “h” is “H????” Mother of God, please don’t let that “bent copper” be Ted Hastings….he’s always been one of the good fellas!

AGREED, Shay! Fell flat.

Sadly, most storylines on GH are like that, DMRR…they have all the fizzle of flat champagne!

Hello Shay! Glad to see your comments as well. Although I am a fan of NB, I agree with your other points, such as your term “incidental ‘Q.'” It blows my mind that, even after decades, even after the ranks of prominent Q’s have been decimated (in part because of actor deaths, in part because of misguided casting or writing decisions), the writers still find a way to create Quartermaines!

I know GH is a soap, and thus drama must be produced somehow. I just find the whole storyline with its endgame of killing off a vibrant teenager (ostensibly to gift the actors involved with meaty material) overtly heartless and distasteful. Naively, I just kept assuming they wouldn’t really kill off Oscar. As with many other things — GH-related and otherwise — I was wrong…

Shay, I tried to edit my other reply to you here, but I was too late. I misunderstood “NB” — and still do. Can you enlighten me?

Nurse’s Ball, I think.

You read my mind, Thank you, DMRR!

Thanks again, DMRR! And thanks for initiating this interesting discussion! Take care, Friend!

@James….As DMRR has already so graciously pointed out, my abbreviation of NB did indeed denote “The Nurses” Ball!” But aside from that, thank you for your reply! I totally concur with your amazement at how the GH showrunners continue to “invent” new Quartermaines seemingly out of thin air, albeit many of them of the ersatz variety! (Emily and Skye come to mind, although I really did like the latter, whilst the former, not so much….) It’s rather ironic that this soap is is now so desperate for new Q’s when they actually had a bumper crop of true blooded ones back in the ‘80’s, most notably, Jimmy Lee Holt, who was treated deplorably by Edward, et al, simply because of his illegitimate status. We’ve heard nary a word of him and any presumed heirs who may have sprung from his loins since that time, save for Ned’s single derogatory reference some months ago. (Yet, decades later, when the late Justus was revealed as another of Edward’s offspring from the wrong side of the blanket, he was assigned a precious burial spot in the family crypt! Go figure…) It’s no wonder that such shortsighted thinking on the part of previous writing regimes have left “Monica’s house” low on new Q’s! By now, it should have been chockfull of battling progeny from both AJ and Jason’s own burgeoning families, as well as perhaps a long-lost daughter from Tracey’s past? The fact that she never had a mini-me to repeat her own hurricane-force havoc like she imposed on her early days in Port Charles and at ELQ really missed an excellent opportunity for dynasty building. Lastly, the most egregious mistake ever made concerning the Quartermaines was killing off AJ…not just the once, but twice over! He was the Crown Prince of Q and therefore, should have been cherished and supported…in front of and behind the scenes, no matter the personal circumstances! Alan Jr. was THE pivotal character for the next generation of Quartermaines and his lead position in the family should have secured his future on the GH canvas…particularly when Jason decided to go rogue as a Morgan-surnamed hitman! The lack of his presence today has cursed the Q family bloodline into near extinction, with only the most convoluted kin offering any sign of carrying on the family’s legacy in Port Charles, let alone their name! The only real solution to this dilemma is to bring back AJ…and in the form of Sean Kanan!!!! (As for Oscar, he was a sweet, innocuous little fellow….why he had to bite the dust is beyond me…especially when there are so many deserving candidates who belong six feet under….Like maybe a certain “ex?” mob boss???? Hmmm…) Lastly, thanks for your response on the Smollett thread…the only reason I did not yet acknowledge it was that I am still taking in the ever-developing news on that real-life soap opera, which is actually far stranger than any fiction! Later, my friend!

So sorry for the delayed reply, Shay. I was out of town and dread the thought of writing anything of length on my tiny cell phone with my stubby fingers…

So, you have eloquently (as always) and masterfully explained the state of affairs of the Quartermaine clan, with a nice refresher in history thrown in. Thanks for mentioning that Ned made a Jimmy Lee reference, as I certainly missed that! But your idea of a Tracey daughter is truly a missed opportunity. The same goes for that wretched, small-minded, terrible decision to kill off AJ. That plot development was for me the shark-jumping, Rubicon-crossing moment for this show. It was arguably the worst sin for the cherished, vaulted Sonny and, frankly, an unforgivable moment. What bugs me is that, with characters coming back from the dead all the time and for soap histories being rewritten sometimes for sport, they could have found a way, some way, to bring back AJ again once they realized the error of their ways. But with the Sonny-centric regimes continuing to maintain power, maybe the writers and producers so no error or blowback for such a heinous decision.

Further, as you point out, it robbed the viewer of such a vital character, a next-generation Q patriarch. And I always enjoyed Sean Kanan. What an appealing actor! And character!

Best to you, Friend! And here’s hoping that, in your life, all your interactions involve appealing characters!

@James…Eureka! I have finally found you! I’ve been attempting to locate this thread to respond for quite some time….I even replied to your latest gracious “shoutout” about my views on current-day male grooming to explain the extreme delay, but, alas, it didn’t post! At any rate, you needn’t have apologized for your own less than speedy response…for all the advances in technology, it is also sometimes the cause of lack of communication! For instance, I always bookmark those MF threads with posts I wish to answer on my iPad, and this was one of them. Awhile back, I had to suddenly delete my cookies to correct a problem, and with them went all of my saved info. It has taken an absolute age to re-locate this page! Hence since it has been some time, I hope you are well and enjoying your summer.,,,it was a true delight to see you popping back up here again, which isn’t often enough! As I really haven’t watched much of GH—other than highlights—since Dr. O’s triumphant star-turn at the “NB,” I cannot comment much on the show’s most recent developments, although I suspect from recaps and others’ posts that the usual weariness we have with Sonny, Carly, et al, and our previously stated yearning for the good old characters of Port Charles yore remain the same. However, I have derived much pleasure from those all-too-fleeting recent Scorpio sightings…I hope they shall be a permanent Port Charles happening in the near future! (With an Anna-Robert reunion not far behind, as I don’t believe she and Finn have what it takes to go the distance—-despite my oft-stated fondness for both Finola Hughes and Michael Easton….) As for your own self-described “virtues” on the aforementioned “face fur” topic, I must add to those appealing attributes, well-written, a true gent and an all-around nice guy! Quite simply, you are one of those people who just makes everybody’s day! Take care, my friend….and once again, so sorry for the very slow reply! I shall try to do better next time!

Backatcha with the “Eureka,” Shay! I also replied to you (more briefly) in the other thread.

First, regarding soaps, we share our enjoyment of the “good old characters” of GH. I’m with you on Finola Hughes, Michael Easton, and Tristan Rogers! All great and appealing actors. And we have a shared dislike for certain overly promoted characters (Sonny, Carly…, or is that zzz?)/storylines.

I certainly relate to your comments about bookmarking certain threads for later reply and the issue with those cookies because I have my own issues on such things. I have also saved, in an e-mail to myself, links to quite a few MF threads from the last few years wherein I have enjoyed certain conversations with some kind people here, and you are certainly prominent among them! It is, in essence, a place to find affirming/positive-reinforcement discussions. On occasion, I update my list of links, and I will definitely include this one!

You are clearly intelligent and analytical and have excellent writing skills, and I regret my visits here have been infrequent because I know I’m missing out on some great commentary by you! But I do thank you on for your kind, respectful replies to me over the years. Your kindness to me is an abundance of riches for which I am most appreciative…

I have this sense that, for many of us here, the “soap talk” is simply the vessel through which we reach out to each other and, as best we can, establish rewarding friendships, to the point that the “soap talk” becomes secondary. I am not only smiling today because of your generous comments but I am also near tears, moved by knowing that someone has taken the time to respect me and make me feel good about myself. So, Shay, you are the one who has made my day, probably a regular habit of yours as well! Best to you and your loved ones, Shay. My humble and eternal thanks…

@“Gentleman James”….Thank you for both your gracious replies and ever-kind compliments…you always compose the most lovely and thoughtful ones!!!!! That is indeed a true art and you are the master! Furthermore, great minds think alike! I have had a voluminous “MF File” within my email storage for eons! It’s chock full of the pleasant exchanges I have shared here through the years and, needless to add, yours are amongst those most treasured! (In fact, that is how I finally found this thread….it took awhile, but after wading through the past few months of replies, I located it!) As for your assertion that the soap aspect of this website can sometimes become “secondary” to establishing and maintaining friendships here for some of us, I do believe that to be an accurate appraisal. Not to take anything away from Mr. Fairman’s intended purpose, but much to my initial and most welcome surprise, it has been extremely easy to develop a genuine fondness for many of the people who regularly visit here …perhaps even more so than for our favorite soap characters since the real-life ones answer back and are such an incredible mix of interesting individuals! I know that I certainly wonder and care about how those who post are getting along, and I like to check in to see if they are doing well, even if I don’t always have any spare moments to actually write a message or reply. It’s enough just knowing that everyone is still “here!’ Of course, when we do get down to the ‘nitty gritty” and discuss our often pointed views on soap characters and storylines, then the fun really begins! (Except it is far too tempting to go off topic…that’s “my bad,” particularly when it comes to my passion for foreign entertainment programming. I freely admit it’s almost impossible to curb my enthusiasm regarding that matter because I do so love to share!) But back to the actual subject of soaps! As a longtime GH viewer, I endlessly find myself more and more in wont of an emphasis upon legacy characters, because they were so well-defined and utilized during the show’s glory days! When you consider how those who’ve portrayed Laura, Anna, Robert, et al, have left such iconic impressions from their decades spent in Port Charles, it is really difficult to warm to the profusion of oft-unrelated characters that are so prevalent in GH’s present-day incarnation..the instant nature of such players simply does not appeal to me, nor do I find the current personalities to be as riveting as their soap opera precursors from the show’s much-celebrated past…I still recall the excitement surrounding the debuts of the aforementioned performers, not to mention, the thrilling introductions of instant fan hits like Frisco, Noah, and Duke, to name just a few. None of the present day newbies can equal their effect on the audience, which is why it is such a treat to compare notes (and yes, commiserate, too…) with others who were there way back when and feel the same frustrations about today’s soap scene. In other words, we get it! Lastly, I’m delighted that my candid assessment of your many fine qualities made your day…I think I’ve always been pretty perceptive and able to read between the lines when it comes to getting a fairly correct insight into a person’s heart and mind based upon their posted remarks, and, as time truly has revealed, I’m usually spot-on in my first impressions. Immediately, I had a very positive feeling about you, James…I was quite taken with your eloquence and elegance of expression, as well as, your sincerity and obvious all-around goodness, which are virtues I also highly value in my face-to-face relationships. They are what I aspire to when I get up each morning, and I hope that most of the time, I accomplish those simple human goals…You are also right in your surmisal that I do try to show respect and kindness to everyone I encounter because as my mother has always imparted upon me, it takes no more time or effort to do so, and it can make such a precious difference for someone who you may not even realize isn’t experiencing a great day. (What can I say? She’s always right….Mothers do know best!) Anyway, I apologize for the lengthy response…I wanted to touch upon all the points that you so capably addressed in your much appreciated reply. Thank you again for your generous thoughts and spirit and for being such a dear friend to me…one can never have enough of those in life, even if they sadly can only exist in online form. Just remember, the words and sentiments exchanged are still as uplifting and welcome as those uttered in person! Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool in this summer heat….it’s ferocious! Later!

While certainly trying to avoid the appearance of needing to get in the “last word,” I nevertheless feel compelled to respond to your thoughtfully composed post, Shay. I throw myself on the mercy of the court by pleading guilty for veering off topic! It’s in my DNA, Shay! But if you and I do that from time to time, so be it. And benevolence in treatment of others, as you and your mother suggest, is well worth the effort! It’s so nice of you to acknowledge your mother here; I suspect you take after her in many ways.

We see many things the same way! We share an allegiance to the “legacy characters” of GH. For decades, I maintained that allegiance to GH, even when my estimation of the GH heyday was in the rear-view mirror. Again, I very much appreciate the kind words directed toward me. Best to you always!

And likewise to you, James! I don’t personally believe that graciously acknowledging one’s acceptance of a response actually constitutes getting in “the last word,” as you so put it. To me, that notion has a much more negative connotation, as in carping to the bitter end of a argument which has clearly run its course….and that is indeed very different than what you do, my friend. In fact, you are probably like me, in that you often write a thank you reply for a thank you….politesse gets the best of us! I detect the same sense of formality in you to which I also tend to adhere….it’s just habit, again, down to my mother’s lifelong lessons in etiquette….and yes, I do revere and appreciate her influence, as she has always been a shining example to me of not just “The Golden Rule,” but so much more. Yet, enough of our quirky, old-fashioned ways in this modern world where letter-writing (a former pastime I once adored….) has largely gone by the wayside in favor of texts, emails and social media….(The latter of which I do not participate, by the way!!) Although it is quite late in the wee hours of the morning, I simply wanted to thank you again for your most thoughtful remarks, both past and present, and to wish you and yours a safe and happy 4th of July holiday weekend! Oh, and to promise I will get back to you on the other thread when opportunity permits….I’m looking forward to chilling out (literally) in the AC for the rest of the week as the searing heat is just too much for me, and that should definitely afford me some quality time to play catch up with my favorite people here at MFTV. Sooo….until we meet again!

First I have to agree with your leading statement. Oscar was not Stone, nor do I think he was meant to be, or Joss was not Robin either. They had their own love story, right from the beginning. I never felt that they were mimicking Robin and Stone.
I think that Jason was Oscar’s choice to be the executor, hoping to bring he and Drew closer. You are also right about Sam and Jason telling Scout. That should be done with Drew, not Jason. I have very mixed emotions about talking to children her age about a loved one’s death, but they seem to love doing it on the soaps, for some reason.

Hello DMRR! Thank you for your post. I am totally in agreement with your pointed questions and insightful commentary. I think that so many of us are at wit’s end with the whole Sonny/Carly/Jason debacle that drives this dark, soulless GH train.

Yes, agreed! Thanks, James!

These 2 shows were the heartbreaking best shows in such a long time. I kept hoping Oscar would have a miracle cure…sadly he did not.

There is never a miracle cure for brain cancer.

Except in soap opera land

Well, in soap land there is a always potential for a miracle cure.

They had the perfect opportunity to do so here though. They went out of their way to mention the medical research into using live virus treatments to kill cancerous tumors. And then a couple weeks later, you have this ridiculous virus popping up all over the place, striking all the twins with temporary blindness, and one set of those twins just happened to be Oscar’s father & uncle – or in other words, two likely compatible blood donors.

If they weren’t going to use the dumb virus to cure Oscar, then what was the point of it. Certainly not so Anna could spend a week beating herself up over whether not she was actually Robin’s mother.

the great actors on GH always bring their A game, and these two episodes were sad to say the least, overall, I didn’t like the storyline, and still can’t see the long term benefits of it. I was hoping for a uplifting miracle story. lately its been depressing watching the news, and its just been to heavy. Plus, why would GH wanna give up such a talented actor? I love the chemistry between Kim and Oscar, he was a Quatermaine. I just don’t see long term the benefits of this storyline.

I really dont think the writers think long term anymore. I agree GH has gotten very dark. It would be nice to have some balance.

Aria…I can’t agree with you more on all counts. GH has been nothing but a downer and dark since Fluke. Combine that with what’s happening everywhere in the world from weather to politics to measles and I really don’t care if I miss a day or so of GH.

Eden McCoy [Joss] was amazing! She has always been good but her performances these past couple days, with more to come, was out of the park!The actors, writers and director who had Edward and Lila escort their great grandson to heaven was phenomenal! It shows with good writing and legacy characters, the show can still be strong.

Now, on to Oscar. The kid who played him, I didnt care for him. I was tough on the kid. He got better. These past couple weeks, to me, he found his groove. He was good in all his scenes. He acted with quite a bit of the cast to. I want the kid to stay. Here is how. Kim has a secret OR Kim didnt know Oscar had an identical twin. [Drew is a twin] Oscar’s twin Orville surfaces. He is NOT the sweet kid that Oscar was. Joss freaks when she sees him and then despises him for being an ass and an embarrassment to everything good Oscar stood for! BUT, this is a soap and Joss eventually warms up to Orville Q and we get these two young characters back together with many years ahead of them on the show.

Lastly, good to have Jax back. Joss will need him. The funeral should be great! [Sad] I would think Oscar would want his ashes spread at Mount Kilimanjaro? THAT would be a great opportunity to go on a rare location shoot with maybe Drew, Jason, Joss and Cam?

Some great acting all around. Kudos especially to McCoy and Lipton for their performances.

Could this be the beginning of Miller’s exit story? I’d hate to see him go, but where do they take the character now? And, what is Kim’s purpose now?

AJ died for the final time 5 years ago, with Oscar’s death, let’s wait another 5 years before killing off another Q.

Kim’s only purpose has ever been to block the return of Alexis to Julian’s bed…a noble cause for sure, but hardly enough to keep a character relevant in the long term!

I would like to see Drew and Jason come together as brothers. Are you suggesting that a woman who loses her child has no purpose? Seriously!!!

The CHARACTER— not a real person.

On soaps, character longevity depends on links to core families. Let’s see how they develop Kim. A link to Julian doesn’t warrant keeping the character long-term.

Drew needs some one new to come on. Keep drew in port Charles. Give him a great woman.He needs to stay. The only reason I even watch. The day he leaves a lot will be gone.

Me too

it’s amazing how much “let” an actor character gets. All that Steve Burton’ acting has to “manage” or “deal” with; Carly – AND – Sam. Laughing OUT Loud

he talks to no one !!!! unless he’s suspect AND is waiting for his lawyer, Diane. HIS only “OFFERING” of endearment are directed at HIS BFF Carly. He manages to “detail” w/Sonny their double dealings.

thank god Spinelli isn’t in town , contract. watching Jason… dance with any one would be a head scratcher… OKAY when and if it happens… AND it’s because of leslie Charleson WITT presence AND charm… that Jason manages to eck out a semblance of familial.

it’s just thee oddest trio that Frank/Shelly/ Chris have to script. Franco, Jason, Drew.

it’s never going to happen… especially w/Jason and Drew. I do not like how it’s Drew who’s “responsible” for any attempts at bonding. dag! up to this point… Franco is at the quartermaine giving Drew a painting that Cameron mentioned that Oscar liked. and he’s still spouting out that no one cares for him. AND it’s Drew who is reaching out… as we listen to Franco trying to reach him with heart murmurs and such. daft ! and uncomfortable. scene fade hurry

this is all just in shambles. I don’t know what to think of Drew… who was for a time commiserating over his last 5 years of memory.. or his lifetime prior. ????? HUH ! Sam doesn’t want him.. even with Scout !!!! Oscar is dead

will Kim red carpet and enjoy her rendezvous with Julian !!! I HOPE SO.

as posts have shared.. is Billy Miller expressing himself IN or OUT. I truly appreciate this actor candor… he was so at the TOP OF THE HEAP … when he left Y&R. AT THE TOP OF HIS GAME. right alongside Michael Muhney.. untouchable

??? 5-6 years later ???? he has an income paycheck and is better served than all of us put together. I have always rallied for this man. LOVE HIS ACTING… its waning time

put the digs on Frank Valentini Shelly AND Chris… absoeffinlutely

you couldn’t give Michelle Stafford a raise ???? !!!! yet you have the dullard minding the store….. how long will this “store” mind you ????

Sonny / Carly / Jason / Sam / Michael / Finn / Franco / Peter

what a fiasco

yeah, point back… I am still “happy” that Billy Miller found his way OUT of this fiasco.

this show is only… riding on the Kevin / Ryan STORY. who knows… what will end up for copy of Drew AND Kim respectively

as fan’ have posted… is their a twin out their for Oscar… as I’ve read nothing in SOD or this site… that Oscar the actor is on his way out

as for fan share: yeah, I am so disappointed that another Quartermaine is dead on arrival. I thought it a bit cheesy that Jason was thrown in to the mix.. by Oscar asking him for a ride on his motorcycle.. would still be his executor of will; and that he wantedo change his last name to “Q” to please Drew

so.. up in arms… another waiting game for Shelly AND Chris to rally

i’m certainly hoping that two of @GH best actors Billy Miller AND Tamara Braun be given every consideration. I’ll miss Oscar… the only TWIN response, okay 2 responses I will quake in my boot

1. Alex shares that Finn is her son
2. for fan appreciation… could we go back and see Steve Burton lose his blue eyes BLINDLY.

DREW : “PLEASE” see more to life than the last 5 years… or at least imagine how you started OFF… smitten enchanted in love with love like no other… Liz Webber. oh god the romance was all their. ALL THEIR

you could have loved… and we’d love watching Rebecca Herbst as she always will blossom enrich our lives AND passion implode

get your memories back…

YOU are a quartermine
YOU are a doctor
YOU are passionate about medical field
YOU are spirited on fire DANCE … like Ned huh? MOVE the two of you
YOUR eyes are alluring YOU tell us what you want

@GH – Frank / Shelly / Chris – this is all very telling just how far down you have gone And/or a let to capitalize on Max Gail / Jon Lindstrom / Dominic Z / hear tell it Scotty and Lucy are afire .

get Bobbi Spencer / Ned Quartermaine / Mac and Felicia / propped ready and blazing

this can all happen… just give us a life line . do your dullard focus.. just keep this show alive with what works

Drew was never a doctor, or passionate about the medical field. Even the Jason memories taking up hard drive space are only the post-AJ’s drunken car crash Jason, so Drew can’t even fake-remember medical school training.

Whatever was mapped into his brain from Jason wouldn’t have included those “bad sectors” on the mental hard drive that Jason himself could never access after he came out of that coma in 1996.

As far as Drew & Liz though… well, he’s certainly a better option for her than Frodd. No question about that!

just grasping at any thing, about now, no? morsels of light , intrigue, drama. I thought that with Drew being a Navy Seal, could he have been a medic… and whatever he learned and lived like prior to MEEETING SAM. He had a full life. if Sam, even with Scout, is not interested in Drew… AND w/Oscar dead. why should Drew hang around ? what’s his lot in life ???? Get his memories back… AND create a new life ? otherwise, let’s use his salary to get back Robin Christopher Skye Quartermaine. YES YES YES. the one thing for certain that came out of this debacle. Wally Kurth and Billy Miller were comfortable with each other. WOW STUFF

I thought both episodes of GH on Wednesday and Thursday were exceptional and heartbreaking.I knew Oscar was going to die the scenes surrounding his death weren’t what i expected to happen.

Bravo to everyone involved in these episodes! Superb acting from top to bottom. This is General Hospital when it’s at its very best. It touches you right in your heart. Haven’t cried like this watching in I can’t even remember when. That’s when you know it’s just damn good soap opera. And a reminder that when it’s given quality material to play, GH has the best ensemble cast in daytime period.

I do have to say that on the surface, I don’t agree with the story. Didn’t think there was any need to kill off another Quartermaine. Oscar could have grown up on the show and become a real force with the Q’s in the years to come, and lord knows they need to be rebuilt as a family after being torn to shreds by previous regimes. There was so much potential there. But it wasn’t meant to be.

I can disagree with the story but love the performances at the same time. Garren Stitt, who I think really improved as an actor and delivered with some very tough material at the end, Eden McCoy who will be a future Emmy winner no doubt, Tamara Braun, Billy Miller, William Lipton, the scene with Cam breaking down in the stairwell was heart wrenching, even the touching scenes with Leslie Charleson and Wally Kurth, a nod to the Quartermaines of yesteryear. It was so well done.

Dan, you summed up how I felt about the story perfectly. I also disagreed with the story but yielded to the beauty of the writing merging with the beauty of the acting. When Drew whispered to Oscar that he wished that he had known Kilimanjaro was easier to climb than he realized. Because had he known he would have carried him to the top of the mountain himself. Billy Miller, with his husky low voice, delivered those lines as if they were naturally born out of his wealth of emotions.

The shows were very well done but I am upset that they killed off another Quartermaine.

Kudos to the cast. They all did well with Oscar’s last minutes. It was terribly sad, as it was meant to be, but as far as I’am concerned, Cam outshined everyone, when he broke down all alone in that little heap of loss and despair. I just wanted to put my arms around him and ease his pain.

Billy Miller needs to walk this is such crap ever since they brought back Burton their has been no story for Miller the story is back to the same four characters and who cares

Emmy-worthy episode. This was GH at its absolute finest. What a tremendous piece of work by all involved. Bravo to Frank Valentini and Company. Daytime drama doesn’t get any better.
❤️ Oscar ❤️

I didn’t want Oscar to die for so many reasons. This kid grew on me and yes, I know it’s fiction but life has been a bit bleak as of late so I was fully engaged in the year of magical thinking. To those of you who have claimed Billy Miller has been just phoning it in? I hope you can admit that you were wrong. Miller had me in tears with his reaction to Oscar’s death. He is an amazing and powerful actor. The kid who plays Oscar is also such a natural as far as acting is concerned. Listen, he was only fifteen when he had to play the scene in which he learned his character was dying. He put his whole heart and soul into this part and it could not have been easy. For this actor to see “Oscar has Died” parties as a hashtag had to have hurt him. I am so tired of hateful actions/comments coming from social media and this comes from the most cynical person on earth. Yes, I know this is fiction but how can anyone watch those scenes and not choke up?

Agree 100%, Harry! I couldn’t agree more. Some of the comments I read on social media with people happy that Oscar died, and bashing Garren Stitt as an actor, were absolutely classless and disgusting. But that’s the state of social media these days, unfortunately. People feel like they can say whatever they want, cause they know they’re hiding behind their screens.

@Harry…..Parties? Because poor little Oscar passed away? That’s truly inhumane….and one of the reasons I generally avoid social media like the plague! I cannot imagine what anyone could hold against that sweet young male character or the actor who portrayed him…”they” harmed no one with their presence on the GH canvas! Whist I must admit that there have been a few times when certain soap-town denizens who I found beyond annoying met their deaths that I got a bit of a kick out of them kicking the bucket, but to actually throw a bash to dance upon their fictional graves??? Ummm…no. (Well, there was ONE exception…when “Sparkle Pony” trotted off to the great beyond, I privately toasted her departure, but I think you can understand that one, Harry! Lol…)

Dear Shay, thank you for understanding and from refraining from pointing out the times where I danced an Irish jig on the grave of Sabrina. With Sparkle Pony, it was easy to distinguish between fiction and reality. When Sparkle Pony, with her rainbow mane and hooves, galloped up to the stairway of heaven, I was devoid of emotions aside from sardonic amusement. Why? Simply put, Sparkle Pony and her death never felt real–it was brush stroked with the colors of the rainbow. Oscar felt real to me–he was fleshed out with realism. This one hurt. And for folks to pick on a fifteen to sixteen year old actor who poured his heart and soul into this part is beyond the pale.

Absolutely, they did a awesome job telling this story

I was so into their performances, I wept as if Oscar were my own. I felt their pain, and I was literally very upset and saddened. Bravo to each actor, bravo!!!!

Why did they kill off Oscar? He was a good actor.

They killed Oscar off because he had other things he wants to do. He left the show of his own accord. Guess they thought that was the best SL for his exit. Hope he gets to do everything he wants to do. He will be missed on GH.

Absolutely heartbreaking. Beautiful performances by all especially Eden McCoy.

i think its messed up you guys could have found a cure or something cause joss was finally happy that child has been threw enough in her life on here than a real adult does. just do me a favor NO MORE YOU DIE AND THEY BRING YOU BACK from the dead that is so over rated

General Hospital

Steve Burton’s Ex-Wife Sheree Gustin Gives Birth to Her Fifth Child, Weeks After Their Divorce Was Finalized

Sheree Gustin, the ex-wife of General Hospital star, Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) welcomed her newborn daughter into the world on February 16th. The little one who’s name is Addy Jay weighed in at 5 lbs., 5 oz at the time of her birth. This is Gustin’s fifth child.

Gustin’s partner, who was in an Instagram story with her and their baby, remains unidentified. This is the second child of Gustin’s within a year or so of each other, that is not the biological child of Burton’s. She previously had daughter Isabella back in February of 2023.

The news of the arrival of Addy Jay comes on the heels of Burton finalizing his divorce from his former wife of 23 years back in December of 2023.  In the divorce settlement, Steve and Sheree have joint legal and physical custody of their minor children. Brooklyn, 8, and Jack, 17. The two also share a daughter McKenna who is 20.

Photo: ShereeLynnIG

Burton originally filed for divorce in July 0f 2022. In court documents, the two separated in March of that year as Burton cited “irreconcilable differences.” When Sheree announced the impending birth of her fourth child, Burton took to his Instagram and clarified, “She recently announced that she’s expecting her 4th child. The child is not mine. We are still co-parenting our three beautiful kids. We would appreciate privacy at this time. Much luv, Steve.”

Photo: SBurtonIG

Gustin, who is a fitness guru, now goes by Sherrie Lynn on her official Instagram account. Since her divorce from Burton, and the births of her most recent children, Sherrie has not addressed the situation publicly.

Meanwhile, General Hospital fans are anxiously awaiting Burton’s return as Jason Morgan on the ABC soap opera with his first episode back slated for March 4th. Just how Jason will be revealed to be alive after a cave collapsed on him, and he was believed to have died, is one of great mystery for soap fans.

So, share your thoughts on the news of the birth of Sheree’s fifth child Addy Jay via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH Alum Vinessa Antoine Returns For Season 2 of CBS Dramedy ‘So Help Me Todd’

Vinessa Antoine (ex-Jordan Ashford, General Hospital) has added quite an impressive lists of acting credits since announcing she was exiting the ABC soap opera back in July 0f 2018.

Since then Antoine has appeared in TV series north of the border in Canada and here in the U.S including her leading role in CBC’s Diggstown. Now comes word, that Vinessa is back for a second season in her role on the CBS comedy-drama, So Help Me Todd.

In the series, Vinessa plays the role of Alex Parker. Taking to her Instagram, the actress shared, “Alex Parker’s shenanigans from season 1 continue this season in episode 3 onward. Do check it out. Enjoy!!”

Photo: CBS

So Help Me Todd stars Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret and Skylar Astin as Todd. Margaret is a successful defense attorney, while Todd is a private investigator but known as the black sheep of the family. In the premise of the series, Todd has criminal charges dropped against him, in exchange for working at mom’s law firm as they crack cases and defend clients.

Photo: JPI

Antoine plays Alex, a forensic accountant who gets in the good graces of the character of Lyle (Tristen M. Winger), who is an investigator at the law firm. However, in a twist, it’s revealed that Alex is actually investigating him. The story picks up in season 2 from here.

Vinessa’s first episode of season 2 will air on Thursday February 29th  9 p.m. ET on CBS and it streams the next day on Paramount+

So, looking forward to catching Vinessa on So Help Me Todd? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Michael E. Knight Exits General Hospital For Now

Daytime favorite Michael E. Knight has left his role of Martin Grey on ABC’s General Hospital. However, it appears this move is a temporary one.

Knight, who has played the recurring role of Laura Collins’ (Genie Francis) brother and a love interest for Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring), began in the role on the ABC daytime drama series since 2019.

GH wrote off the legal eagle when on the February 12th episode, Martin left Port Charles to visit his mother who has been in failing health. On that episode, Lucy tries to let Martin know how she truly feels for him, but Martin isn’t willing to listen to any of it, since he can’t deal with her ongoing relationship with her ex Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and he breaks things off with her.

Photo: ABC

According to Soap Opera Digest, Knight will be off the canvas temporarily. No dates were cited as to when he would return. With the series undergoing  a writing regime shift with Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte taking over the head scribe duties from Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor, it will be interesting to see if they bring the character back sooner than later.

Photo: JPI

Viewers know Knight best for his Daytime Emmy-winning role as Tad Martin on All My Children; a role he played on and off from 1982-2011. Knight returned to the Prospect Park version of the series when AMC finally was rebooted online in 2013. Later In 2015, he joined The Young and the Restless as Dr. Simon Neville in a role that he played until 2016.

So, how do you feel about Michael E. Knight exiting General Hospital? Will the series bring him back? Were you rooting for Martin and Lucy to find happiness with one another? Comment below.


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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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