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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Patrick, Robin, and Emma Come Together As A Family At Christmas!



On the Christmas episode of General Hospital, the reunion of Scrubs moved a big leap forward (and at lightning speed) due to the upcoming depature of Jason Thompson (Patrick), as Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) was finally reunited with her mother Robin (Kimberly McCullough) in Paris.

After a touching moment where Robin tells Emma she will never leaver her again and Emma wants her to promise that, she also wants to know if Robin will get back together with Patrick.

After Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Anna (Finola Hughes), dressed in their Santa garb, whisk Emma away to get a Christmas tree for their hotel room in Paris, it gives Patrick and Robin some alone time.  At that point,  Patrick tells Robin he loved Sam (Kelly Monaco), but Sam loves Jason (Billy Miller) …  and that he never stopped loving Robin.  The two kiss.  Emma returns with Robert and Anna and a tree in tow, and we now get the sense that Scorpio-Drake family is back together as one big family unit.

And next week on General Hospital, look for Robin to meet up with Jason for the first time since they were trying to get out of Crichton-Clark together,  and the accident that caused him to have reconstructive facial surgery and his memory to become more scrambled with amnesia.

So, will Patrick and Robin truly start their lives together? Whart did you think about the key Scrubs scenes today and having the Scorpio-Drake family all in one room?  Did you enjoy the performnces?  Are you upset that we are about to head into the final stretch  of the love story of Patrick and Robin? Comment below!

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LOVED seeing Scrubs back together where they belong. They deserve a HEA with Emma. NO ONE has the chemistry that Kimberly and JT have. It was as if she never left. They pick up where they left off. I wish the writers gave them more time. The scenes were too short but I will take it. NO DOUBT there is NO other woman for Patrick then his Robin. So many memories. I can’t wait for the THREE of them to leave together as it should be.

Love it…dont care if it is Kimson..started watching Gh again when i caught a glimpse of these two during the baby reveal (thanks SOapNEt) and became hooked…they are magic together…

Hi, Karina.
I am so pleased to hear something positive about this couple. I do not know Patrick and Robin ‘together’, as a couple/husband and wife/lovers or parenting together. I started watching at the onset of the continued maelstrom of who died a violent , fake death, or the kidnapping of this character and that. I fell right in the middle of new loves being explored, lost loves through death or otherwise, intrigue, lies, whatnot, the unconquerable Sonny and his debauchery ( until now, lol), and of course, the Cassadine, satanic family.
I suppose Robin, albeit only an image in my head, but so real to her following of fans, needed to be kept alive. The PTB always held that swinging door open; knowing not the time to close it for the last and final time. That time is here….too bad! I would have loved to have had the opportunity to see this duo in action….together. Unfortunately I will not be afforded this luxury, as JT is skipping over to Y&R.
Robin? I can take her or leave her….but she grew up on set; so, I can understand the nostalgia…..the forlorn feelings which steadfast and loyal fans feel for the character/actress. I am almost positive that many expected or wished for the outcome of her return to have been a permanent one. I only hope little Emma stays, but, as she is….no SORAS. This little girl is one in a million. Happy New Year!!

It’s not too late CeeCee! That’s why G-d made Youtube ;). I’d be more than happy to recommend some amazing arcs, episodes and work by these two in the 6+ years they worked alongside one another. There was nothing like their chemistry!

Hi CeeCee, hope you and your family had a great Christmas and I wish you a Happy New year! Robin grew up on GH and was a remarkable little actress just like Emma is now. Robin was front burner all the time as she grew up and had a great stories with Stone, Jason, Sonny, ect. These past couple years its been frustrating because she has been in and out and her stories are always rushed. Like you stated, you have not had anytime to settle in with her and follow the love quest of her and Patrick. He was a wild man who she tamed AND he matured in his later years to see what he and Robin had. Emma was and is their glue through thick and thin. I never cared for Patrick and Sam. She was his best option because Patrick’s other choices were horrendous! I hope they ride off into the sunset and let Emma visit a whole lot since I would like that little nugget to grow up on GH like her mommy! Luv ya!

Thank you, Timmm. You sweet man, you!
I regret not knowing the early Robin….child, teen, woman, doctor etc. I would have mostly liked to have witnessed the dinamics between her and Patrick. Sam brought nothing out of him….Patrick looked to be so one-sided with both Sam and Sabrina. When Robin returned for an entire minute as Patrick and Sabrina were about to tie the knot, I had a glimpse of Patrick’s immediate change……almost a physiological phenomenon. Did I imagine that? He came alive. It was either incredibly good acting, or very happy to have seen each other again, or both.
I suppose it would be too much of a let down to recast either, at this time. But, I do reserve a special place in my heart for Emma.
Thank you for your goodwill, Timmm. I love you too…..I reciprocate, my friend. Happy and healthy New a Year to you and yours. A million more to come.

@Jules….I’d love that, thank you. Happy New Year.

Yes, CeeCee, “underwhelmed” is a perfect description for what I felt regarding this episode, too. Let’s just say the scenarios were more a case of “symbolism over substance.” There were subtle payoffs in terms of Robin and Patrick, the Scorpio family, in general, and the same for the ongoing “Jason” saga….but they were all way too short on depth and details. (Yet didn’t Anna look absolutely smashing in her “Mrs. Santa” suit?) And it’s always a joy to see Maxie and her munchkin reunited However, as for your desire to see the bad ones gets theirs, well, of course that didn’t happen…does it ever in Port Charles??? (C’mon, not so much as a lump of coal for these miscreants???) Especially Sonny Boy….his segment should have been entitled “All My D@#n Kids,” what with the gathering of his many illegitimate offspring….each to a different mother, no less! (Including Sam and their late daughter, he amounts to a 5X5 father!!!! Mercy!….) Whilst some may have found that Corinthos clan sight heartwarming, I simply wanted to gag….yeah, that’s the “Father of the Year” for ya! Having said that, I’m glad for the Scrubs fans…they have finally gotten their happy ending, so cheers to them!!!!

Thank you, Shay, for the lovely words. Sticks and stones, my love…..I will not belittle myself, nor bring myself to such level. I am young, beautiful, and happy. LOL.
As usual my Christmas was chaotic, but wonderful….you know? Noisy kids. Jude and I did catch a day and overnight in the city by ourselves. Hope you had just as much fun and love with family/friends.
Christmas is always a little bittersweet for me. My boy died just a couple of weeks before the Blessed event. But, I have two other kids and the tree, the decorations, the celebration are just as much for my angel in heaven as they are for Nico and Rosie. That indescribable weight is always there….in the depths of my heart and soul. At the end of the day, I must be thankful for what I do have. My Gran always says, “God closes a door, but always opens a window in return, but you must find it”…..or something to that effect. I have so much more than I need and I am happy to share….does the body good!!
More than most on these boards have spread cheer galore and then some. So heartwarming. I can handpick those at peace with themselves, the world and our Maker.

On a more ‘soapy’ note, I have a feeling that Robin will be the key to opening Jason’s memory. If just the sound of her voice jarred something in him, imagine what a conversation will do? Am I expecting too much? Wanting something that isn’t there?
Nonetheless, I am so disappointed in Hayden. I expected so much more from Rebecca B. I don’t get this character. I find myself in a quandary. Is she aware that Nik tried to have her pulverized? I am not being either facetious or sarcastic here, Shay. Does she know?? What’s her game? I thought there was a vendetta against Nik in the works. Did I assume wrongly? And, Nik!!!…..what a cad. I can’t bear to look at this guy anymore….or her, for that matter. I hope the feeling will pass because I love this actress.
Well, ShayGirl! Do you know that I can see your ear-to-ear beautiful smile watching the door close behind Sabrina with a decided bang!!!!!?????? Lol. Am I right? If truth be known, I was just about done with this silliness. For once, I would love to see honesty and accord on a soap to last got more than a New York minute.
I do agree with you and Timmm about Kiki removing the vestiges of the resentful, belligerent drunk. As I mentioned weeks ago….little by little, her transformation, for the better, is so refreshing. Her entire persona is changing. She is sooo very pretty and I love the challenging part of herself she is demonstrating. I am not sure about her ‘renovating’ any lovefest with Michael. I wouldn’t mind seeing them interacting; just to get a feel for them….then, I can judge. But, Morgan? An emphatic NO!!!! Once a dufus always a dufus. I still do not see any sign of bipolar disorder….not in the clinical sense. Just brattiness. TPTB have to show me some hard, tangible stuff for me to say, “Hmmmmm, okay. I get it!”
Unfortunately I cannot comment on a couple of episodes….I missed them and haven’t caught up. But, it seems that all of he characters you mentioned were right on cue.
… good to ‘chat’ with you, bella mia. Soon…love you.

Dearest CeeCee….I’m so sorry to hear of the bittersweet feelings that these holidays bring to you, although you are most certainly not alone in that emotion….all it takes is a bit of life behind you before you encounter that more poignant aspect of Christmas, and that is remembering those loved ones lost, but never forgotten. Eventually, it happens to us all, yet you sadly experienced it far before your time. I cannot imagine the grief of saying farewell to such a precious little being during this most festive of seasons… even the word “heartbreaking” is an inadequate description when it comes to suffering what must be an unspeakable void in a mother’s life. I can only add that I am so glad that you have the comfort and joy of your other two angels (on earth)—Nico and Rosie—-to help you heal and find some semblance of peace and happiness in Christmas during what would otherwise be these dark and difficult days of December. What an immense gift they are for you and Jude….a wonderful daily reminder of how beautiful life can still be, despite the often cruel vicissitudes we all endure in one form or another. You know my heart goes out to you, always, on the tragic loss of your baby boy. (What was this sweet child’s name? You’ve never said, and I’ve meant to ask you on a number of occasions….. but if you prefer not to comment, I truly do understand.) At any rate, I so admire your strength and resolve in dealing with this massive and undeserved life challenge, especially given it initially occurred during what should have been the most celebrated and glorious time of the year….it’s obvious that although the pain of your monumental loss shall never completely subside, you have concerted considerable efforts to helping others less fortunate, and that in itself is a most touching tribute to your son….I am certain he is proudly watching over his lovely mama and family and knows how deeply he is adored and missed. May God bless you all in this holiest of seasons and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016.

Wow, Shay. I needed that more than you can imagine. Our baby’s name is Santo Benedetto, which means, Saint Benedict. Yes, just like Kanye’s and Kim’s new baby. So, that name is not so unusual….actually, a pretty common Italian name. There is a thorn in my heart, my friend. It does bleed often….ebb and flow! Call me crazy, but I still hang his stocking on the mantel at Christmas. The nursery suite still intact. I can’t bring myself to even dismantle his crib. We just turned one of the extra bedrooms into a nursery for Rosalba.
Yes, I do dedicate time to charities….especially Children Hospital. This is why I was so ecstatic when GH did that run on Toys for Tots.
I am really enjoying Robin on GH. She has such a calming personality. I can see how fans love her easy-going attitude. And, Kimberly and Billy seem to be so at ease with each other, as well, albeit they never really worked together? I’m impressed. I really like her. Too bad, this little family is leaving. Well, one never knows…..
Thank you again for being there, Shay. Amazing how we can form friendships without ever meeting. I feel as though I know you. Thanks for that, Mr. Fairman.
Happy New Year, sweet Shay, prosperous and healthy….many more to come.
Happy New Year Mr. Fairman and staff. Give us many more threads in 2016..,, BLESSINGS TO ALL.

What a beautiful name for your own genuine angel, CeeCee…..”Santo Benedetto”…so holy and befitting! I think hanging his sweet stocking alongside the rest of your family’s is a truly lovely way of honoring his precious memory during this season of love and light…many people include Christmas tree ornaments inscribed with the names of those cherished ones lost as part of their holiday observances….whatever provides comfort during what can be a most trying time of the year for those in bereaved circumstances should be respected and celebrated…there is no right or wrong, just what feels proper to each specific person. As for the nursery….I’m sure it’s a very special, sacred space—a quiet place you know is always right there for you, only a heartbeat away. How touching that you have left everything just so, no doubt carefully and lovingly decorated especially for your adored baby boy….again, not an unheard of situation. I’ve read that doing exactly that can lend a sense of sanctuary and continued connection necessary to the healing process…I certainly hope that holds true for you, dear CeeCee, although I realize that you must deal with such matters one day at a time! As for Robin, yes, she’s always had a really natural presence in Port Charles, never forced or contrived….I’ve generally been pretty neutral about her, but I can certainly understand those fans who are vehemently pro-Scrubs. It is a true shame that her return and reunion with Patrick had to be such an abridged one…same with Robert Scorpio’s part in her rescue. I suppose we must be thankful for whatever small gestures of goodwill we get at this point when it comes to these legacy players….and their long-awaited happy ending. You are also quite right about KMcC’s flawless ease with Billy Miller. They were so believable as old friends Robin and Jason….true professionals both! I guess it’s the same onscreen as online….some individuals just immediately click and resonate with each other, no effort required…it simply “is!” When that happens, it’s one of life’s sweetest surprises and purest delights….like our correspondence here, CeeCeeGirl!!! May it continue and flourish into 2016 and beyond, as I’m likewise sending you the best of wishes for a happy and healthy year ahead. Later, mia amica!

Okay, CeeCeeGirl… on to the “soapy stuff!” You know me toooooo well! Yes, I was whooping and cheering in sheer, unadulterated elation as Mikey gave Sappy her walking papers….along with that lovely parting gift, no less! (Nice touch…..I guess the “Q” side kicked in and he remembered his etiquette!) All I can add is that I certainly hope that we’re about to see the last of this exasperating miss and her tawdry tot-to-be….may she be sent away in shame once and for all!!! For that reason alone, I’ve been championing a revitalized relationship for Kiki and Michael….his character has run the gamut from gormless to ruthless over this past year, and I simply would like to see him revert to his more genial, well-mannered self….still far more Q than Corinthos, for sure, but in a less driven, easy-going way like he was when these two had their previous coupling. Their reunion needn’t be anything formal or serious, just a safe haven for both characters in the interim, since Kiki has finally given that loser Morgan the heave-ho, too. I’m also anticipating—and desiring—-some sort of reconciliation for Sam and Jason….I detected a hint of recognition in his reaction to Robin’s voice, so if anyone can bring him up to speed, it is Dr. Scorpio-Drake. (At least I hope so….even if the expected tryst doesn’t yield a permanent situation. It’s simply too heartbreaking for Jason to have no recollection of Sam whatsoever…..they spent so many years together. Allow him to regain his memories and make a decision for his future accordingly.) As for Nik….I totally get from whence you are coming….he is such a sleazy creep that I can no longer bear the sight of him either. (Were it not for the unacceptable proposition of Laura losing her son, I should not have minded seeing him go splat following his somersault off the roof of the Metro Court). It would still be my druthers to have this Nik 2.0 be an imposter or at least a Helena-brainwashed puppet, rather than a ready-and-willing partner in all nefarious things Cassadine….oh, and speaking of the lady herself, am I the only one who thinks her tea was most definitely laced with that same concoction Robin took to feign her faux death? It seems quite apparent to me, with the only remaining mystery was this done at the hands of Nik or self-induced by the formidable matriarch? All I can safely surmise is the notion that Helena will be back to her exquisite form of evil-doing in 2016! Yes! On the subject of Hayden? You know she has never been a welcome character in my book, CeeCee. Her role has been so ill-defined and most of the nagging gaps regarding her background have yet to be explained…I simply find her to be superfluous…. it’s obvious her presence is only predicated on the wish to have RB be there, not due to any compelling reasons for Hayden’s continued place on the Port Charles canvas, Lastly, in reference to your previous thread comments about Jen Lilley….although I haven’t seen her on DOOL, I am familiar with her through her GH stint as a substitute during the medical leave of Kirsten Storms, and I must say she did a most admirable job stepping into Maxie’s stilettos. That was no easy feat (no pun intended….) and JL did just fine filling in for that beloved actress. Of course I was thrilled when “Real Maxie” returned, but what could have been a completely disastrous situation was not so much. Thus, I can easily see that Ms. Lilley is deserving of your praise. Anyway, I’m also playing catch-up after Christmas and have only now gone back to re-read some older posts, but I very much like your take on the many wonderful people with whom we trade thoughts on this website…it was extremely well-put and spot-on! Good for you, CeeCeeGirl!!! Must be going now….’Twas fabulous to “chat” with you, too!!!!!! Later!!!

Thank you from the depths of my heart, my love. Your words are poetry. So thoughtful and true. We chose those names because our angel was born with a rare heart disease; DORV. Therefor, it was appropriate. One is never prepared, albeit all the odds were against him. I never lost hope….my boy is pain free. I take comfort in that. No more needles, no more surgeries, no more ventilators, no more trial and error drugs, no more transfusions…..he is resting peacefully….happy in heaven.

Yes, Hayden. I do love Rebecca B. She is one sexy, come-get-me-I’m-yours woman. The character? Well, Hayden leaves a lot to be desired. I am still kind of confused; does she know Nik’s henchman put her in a coma? Will she sway the other way when the wind blows toward Nik when she finds out? Perhaps it will happen just before Jason’s sentencing, if a trial is to be had?
I have professed all along that Nik is under Helena’s spell, or his brain has been injected with evil dust by a nasty pixie fairy. And, oh, yeeeessss!! Helena is as alive and scheming as much as her grandson. Well, I hope so, anyway…LOL.
Jen Lilley as Theresa Donovan , started out as a bad, little minx. Yet I fell for her. She is now being redeemed as we speak.

You are always most welcome for those sincerely heartfelt sentiments, CeeCee. I just wish the well-meant words could do more to alleviate your sadness. Whilst I never suffered the same sort of unimaginable loss as yours, I’m sure you understand that we all inevitably face some earth-shattering experience in our lifetime which truly tries our soul and takes the wind out of our sails. Perhaps that’s why your grief resonates with me, because at the very core, I believe we’re much alike….growing up with charmed existences and being the quintessential good girls…..which I certainly thought would somehow inoculate me against those harsh realities that eventually befall every person in some manner or other. When one views the world through such rose-colored glasses and then something goes horribly awry, well, it just strikes you all the more swiftly. At least that’s how certain life challenges have affected me…..they were nearly impossible to comprehend and accept, especially since they concerned something over which one ultimately had absolutely no control. In that respect, I can quite relate to how overwhelming this unbearable tragedy has been for you. Having said that, you possess an extremely admirable philosophy, faith and personal strength when you speak of your precious little angel, Santo, and I dearly hope your obviously hard-earned sense of peace only becomes deeper with that great healer, the passage of time. But for now, enough of this serious business…..I wanted to be sure that my initial post of the shiny new year was directed to you, CeeCeeGirl!!!! (May it be only the first of many….) Quite frankly, I cannot fathom the direction that GH shall be taking in 2016. It’s been such a terribly mixed-bag for so long, that I’m not really waiting with bated breath for what comes next. One always tries to remain optimistic, yet, at this point, the thought of Helena making a return from the great abyss is about all that excites me!!!! Thus, may we be in for some wonderful and unexpected surprises….they are most sorely needed, and SOON! Later, mia amica vera! (Oh, and yes, Happy New Year!)

Hey, there, my friend.
How right you are, Shay. Being born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth or growing up in the lap of luxury does shelter a person to a certain degree….until said person grows up and does face the world with all its evils and challenges. Yet, I truly try to find good in everything and everyone.
As Kimberly (Robin) states, she does not believe these things happen for a reason. I never believed that either. People still tell me that. The Monseigneur tells me that. How does one argue with a man of the cloth? But, His Holiness loves me…..has known the family for years. He gave my son the most beautiful High Mass as his last gift. I am happy and grateful for my children and they will grow up knowing their brother.

I do hope you’re right about Helena. I suppose she will make an appearance when the time is right. When would that be? When her grandson will be sent to the Bastille? I can’t wait for that to happen. Some fans like this new Nikolas. The character was stagnating, I have heard…..but, ShayGirl, I don’t think this precarious walk which he is taking, along the edge of the precipice where Helena beckons, will last. He will tumble. Is this transformation permanent? I never did like Nik, now I like him not at all. I see no purpose for him except for the fact that he is a Cassadine and as such, he needs to be in the picture. I suppose the world, as Port Charles knows it, cannot exist without a ‘bad’ Cassadine.
Also, is it my imagination, or is he becoming a recluse. This thing with Hayden will soon end, and it surely seems Nik has lost whatever friends he had. Too bad….I think this couple sizzles. I know Hayden is not your favorite person ( lol, is that an understatement, or what?), but other than Britt, who else lit his desires? I think they will naturally combust one way or another.
Buonanotte, bella.

So sad, but true, CeeCeeGirl! No matter how loved and protected we are from the moment of our birth, at some stage in life, as that very inelegant saying reminds us all, “stuff happens!” (I paraphrase for the sake of being genteel….) Nobody is forever immune, nor is there usually an acceptable, logical reason for bad things happening to good people when they do occur. I’ve had this exact conversation on that subject with a dear friend of mine, someone who’s much more devout than I shall ever be, and she is also totally on board with The Church’s notion regarding that…Me? I tend to question everything,….. just my nature. However, sometimes one does simply have to go on faith and leave it at that, and you know what? There honestly have been the rare occasions when literally years later, I did realize that there was an actual purpose to something that did not go my way, and that there was undoubtedly someone watching over me to change the tide when I’d been certain that I knew better at the time. Of course, I could never imagine that sort of explanation applying to your personal situation, but I do recognize there are certain mysteries in life that we simply cannot fathom, and most likely, never will. (And in such circumstances, I simply adhere to the old chestnut of an adage, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Hey, Nietzsche may have been a Godless madman, but he did make a pretty profound point there….) Okay, that’s it for my deep philosophical ponderings…I’m done! (By the way, I hope that my last post wasn’t too awfully rambling or inane ….I’ve had precious little sleep since New Year’s Eve….nothing shambolic involved, mind you, I’ve just been quite busy and haven’t had my normally proper amount of zzz’s in far too long. Thankfully, I’ve no obligations for the beginning of this week, so I’m planning to finally catch up!) At any rate, on to Helena…and not a moment too soon!!! I do so hope she shall be resurfacing in the very near future! This immense nonsense of Nik’s sudden, bizarre transformation from relative milquetoast to raging maniac is quite off-putting. Like yourself, he has never been my cup of tea….he generally has been utterly boring and displayed lousy taste in women (i.e., Emily, Courtney….) save for Liz and my favorite, Britt, and I particularly have no sympathy for his current state of impairment, mental or physical. Perhaps as you have suggested, he has been used by someone as the familial placeholder of dubious doings until another “bad Cassadine” can materialize to keep all things nefarious moving along in Port Charles….I’ve read a spoiler that indicates the previously-alluded to Valentin may finally be coming to town, and that he could be revealed as your beloved Nathan’s bio-daddy. (No casting news, thus far, but I would love to see the still-missed Michael Easton snag that plum role since he shares Det. West’s coloring….it would lend an air of authenticity to that scenario, plus this actor has the ability to do the dark side of humanity really well.) As for the rather absurd proposition that would require he’d shared a romantic history with the dynamic Dr. O.? Well, I’ve decided that although it is a totally disgusting premise, I do believe Liesl was forcibly raped and impregnated by this fabled monster, and that is why she fought so long and hard to protect both the reality of Nathan’s existence and his father’s genuine identity, using her relationship with Victor as a convenient cover for the truth. Just speculation on my part, but it would definitely explain so much! Furthermore, in terms of Hayden, I think she would gladly accept nearly all and sundry to “butter her muffin,” as she so quaintly put it, at least as long as it were to further her game, whatever that turns out to be, and that may soon include Curtis or God knows what other available male specimen…she certainly won’t “stick with Nik” if she sees a more advantageous hook-up come her way. Just stating my take on her seemingly easygoing sexuality. LOL. But basta, basta!!!!! I really need to be signing off for now….buona giornata, carina!

Not that I am not happy to see a reunion for these two cause of anyone deserves happiness it is Emma, but Jason and Sam is where it is at for me. I have never really been a fan of them as a couple. I rooted for them simply because I like Kelly Monaco and love her character. I was NOT a fan of Steve Burton as Jason though. Now I prefer DAYS to GH right now, but for me anything involving Jason and Sam right now even outshines that for me. The chemistry between Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller is so strong and unmatched by anyone on daytime IMO. Sorry Liason fans, I was rooting for them too until they started exploring the past with Jason and Sam, the pull their is just so strong for me. I find myself loving Kelly Monaco again and Billy Miller is doing awesome as Jason. Lover the star necklace memory that Jason had ato the end of the episode. My wife and i both cheered as we watched that moment. The only couple I enjoy almost, and I stress the word almost, as much is Sonny and Carly! Don’t get me wrong I love Scrubs and live that this family is reunited, but GH has struck couples gold with Jason and Sam. I hope they don’t blow it!

Phil, I don’t feel any chemistry is transpiring between Jason and Sam. Kelly has a bad habit of mumbling and it kind of dulls the moment for me. I have been underwhelmed with the great Jason reveal but maybe it will get better with time. I also wonder if Jason will ever learn that his BFF Sonny murdered his brother in cold blood and got away with it? Will this news hurt their bromance?
However, we digress, this blog is about Patrick and Robin, and I thought their reunion was sweet and one could see and feel that these two are truly kindred spirits. Also, the little girl who plays Emma is so good and convincing that one forgets she is acting.
Loved Anna and Robert dressed up in Christmas garg–love the Scorpio family! More please!

Its funny to hear you say Sam mumbles because that was always the knock with Billy Miller while he was on Y&R and he owns that. Even when his memory returns he might mumble things to Sam and she will mumble things back to him and not understanding each other, call of their relationship because it isnt going anywhere! WONDER WHY?

Harry, I agree with you!

You and I, both, Harry. ‘Underwhelmed’ is exactly the word that was not coming to me….but you hit it!! I expected more ‘fulfilling’ satisfaction. Oh, I don’t know; have Liz, Hayden and Nik eat $h1t. Being in a coma, is no retribution for Nik. He is in repose…..feels not the sting. Laura, I can forgive because she believes she kept the secret to herself for noble reasons? Well, even my own words sound weak as I write them.
I agree that Jason should seek answers from Sonny about AJ’s murder. I wonder, were the brothers close? Jason may not care? Happy New a Year!

Phil – I also love seeing Jason and Sam together. I love their chemistry too. I don’t have any history with scrubs, but I always love to see the Scorpio family.

Wow, a Sonny and Carly fan, I’m impressed! I’m with you!

I thought the episode had something for everybody and was filled with romance and love. The show found a way for Jason to be with Jake and the other boys, as well as with Sam and Danny. Patrick and Robin were reunited, and while I do feel it is a very quick reunion, I understand that the show felt they needed to wrap this up in order for Jason Thompson to leave the show. Sunday was reunited with all of his children in one room and Maxie was reunited with her daughter. I thought that the show was very well done, very upbeat and very hopeful, and IMO, it was a very different tone than GH episodes in the past and much different from Days’ downer of a show. Well done.

Sorry, that’s Sonny, not Sunday. Silly auto-correct.

Amazing Christmas episode for GH.

So happy for Emma. The four years of constant letdowns is finally over for her. This is probably the last time we will see Patrick, Robin, Emma, Anna, and Robert all onscreen together at the same time. Very special moment. I do hope Emma still visits Anna over spring break, summer, and holidays so Brooklyn can remain on GH.

We need Spin and Ellie back in Port Chuck on a full-time basis. This will allow Maxie to actually be a mother to little Georgie instead of just a holiday mom. Georgie is so cute and Maxie was thrilled to see her. Spin is always needed for his hacking skills but he’s also Jason and Sam’s best friend and just his funny likeable presence in town makes the show better. Ellie can return to the hospital as lab manager cause we need more characters on that set but Spin and Ellie were my second favorite RC couple (Olivia/Ned) and it’d be great to see them more.

The Corinthos Christmas was just great. I can’t even remember the last time all of Sonny’s kids were in the same room at the same time let alone on Christmas. Love the fact that the brothers are all interacting and bonding again. I mean there was a gap of about two years when Dante hardly ever shared scenes with Michael and Morgan but JP/SA have put him back into their orbits. I really have come like the Kiki character ever since HE took over the role and what a nice thing Kiki did in bringing Avery by to see Sonny. Cool final shot of all of them posing for a picture.

The ending with Jason, Sam, and Danny was fantastic. I am happy that he remembered the necklace and had a flashback to putting it on her. The strong chemistry between BM and KM was on full display this week. The love scenes are gonna be blazing hot when they actually happen. I have to add another Jason moment and that was when Sonny visited him in jail and brought him some cookies. Sonny and Jason have always been my favorite male friendship other than Luke and Robert.

Patrick, Robin , Emma, Anna and Roberts were the stars of the show.
I also love that Lizzy told her boys about the tradition of reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and it was her Grandpa Tom Hardy who started the tradition and that tradition was carried on by Alan and Edward Q respectively.
I am really not gratified watching a career criminal, low life murdered like Sonny and Jullian get everything they want without ever having to pay for their crimes.
Love Maurice Benard, but Sonny is pond sucking scum.

Dont you mean Steve Hardy

hi Harry..
Sonny is a crime lord, and he is what is and what he supposed to be..
There are many layers to Sonny, love of family, love of crime.
Sonny is both sides of the coin; he is bad and good.
I luv both sides of Sonny!

PS.. Sonny is not the murder, Jason is 🙂 Sonny has killed but a couple/few of his enemies, Jason Stone Cold , BANG BANG many many many..
and you luvs Jason, yes… LOL 🙂
now- be nice to Sonny!

Yes, Steve Hardy! Thank you, Jim.

Your right, the “Scorpio Five” will be no more! Sad. The only positive thing is Jason and Tristan should have some scenes on Y&R since he is his stepdad.

We better see a happy ending for Robin and Patrick—I have been waiting years for this and if the writers go in any other direction, I am going to feel so cheated.

It was amazing!! I clapped and cheered!!! Now more scrub scenes please!!

Not enough dialogue; not enough airtime. So much is being left unsaid between the two of them. You can feel how rushed everything is, how surface their talks are. There needs to be more explanation that leads to a resolution between them, because it just comes off like instant pudding. I’m happy my all-time favourite couple is back together and for good, I just wish more interest was being shown to them.

I don’t disagree, Jules, but I am the point where I will happily take what I can get.
It’s good to see good people (as opposed to Sonny and Jullian) finally have their happy ending.

Amen, Harry!

What if there is no happy ending…what if Patrick and Robin end up missing in a plane crash and only Emma is found alive and returns to live with Anna?

If I were writing it;
The aliens would have returned and beamed them up!
And the Drakes would be lost in space..
Then when their fans looked to the stars they would forever look for the Drakes… heh!

Love your sci-fi/fantasy hat! And it’s not toooooo far fetched on GH. Maybe Casey Rogers will swing by Earth again and take Robin, Patrick and Emma to Lumina for a vacation until the writers figure out what to do with them.

lol…Ron wouldve written exactly just that!!!

JIM, that poor girl has been through enough!

No one cries like Jason Thompson

hey John..
well, Sam is the queen of sobers, she is running nose to nose with Summer.
All of Sam’s noted scenes have been of her crying, a lot of sniveling nose running crying.
So, Patrick comes in second, I’d say..
No wait!
he would run in the male category, yes! Patik is King of male criers.

HaHa, su…Love your play-on-words (pun);….”running nose to nose with Summer”. Too funny.
The difference between Sam and Summer is, though…..while Sam has no expression on her face except for wet eyes; Summer makes these soooo unattractive, annoying faces when she snivels, yes?

Thas was gloomiest Christmas episode, ever..
Looong Dr, Phil conversation of regrets, atonement, forgiveness.
It was a melancholy Christmas ..

As for Patrick and Robin;
Their energy levels were low, next to none.
I think they all were on tranquilizers, going through the motions.
It was like Robin was lost in Walmart and she finally made it home.

No enthusiasm from Patrick. It was weak tears.
He should have taken Robin in his arms, held her so tight she couldn’t take a breath while he twirled her in circles of joy, to have found his love, and given her a kiss as no other, a 100 kisses while tears of happiness flowed and instead it was quite somber, emotions missing.
It lacked zest, excitement of reuniting, it was rather drab for the occasion.

I FF from one loooong conversation to the other.. I had need to do that so not to bring my cheer down from their gloominess. (Christmas is cheer and joy)

The Corinthos were great!! the all the GH kids were great.. Loved seeing Spin and Georgie..

OK– happy all the scrub fans got the Drake family back together, the long awaited reuniting was a great Christmas gift to all their fans!

((0ooh yah… the funny part-
Sonny’s goofy smile while waving like a senile duffer at Avery, that was precious! ahha!! )

Funny how to people see things so differently. It is obvious you don’t care for scrubs. I on the other hand do and see Patrick come to life for the first time in two years showing real emotion. No doubt they are playing it a rushed exit. But Kimson still play it with real caring and emotion. Blame TIIC for the crappy writing.

Sappy sucked the life out of Patrick…that was the problem!!!

Hi, su.
I look at murder from a completely different perspective…..sometimes our thoughts and ideals do clash, su…..albeit I still love you. LOL. Whether someone pulls the trigger himself, or orders someone else to do it for him, he is still the murderer. Sonny and Jason worked in concert. From what I have gleaned, Jason had a mental block/unfeeling (thus, STONE COLD, I presume?) from an accident. Sonny took advantage of that fact and used Jason to suit his needs.
I do agree with you in the fact that this wheelchair stuff is being ‘milked’ by TPTB. Sonny is being ‘monkified’, as in ‘Abbey Brethren’……you know, a Monk? Obviously, this is done for the viewers’ benefit. Ain’t workin’ for me, though. A rat is a rat is a rat…..never changes his habitat. A wolf is a wolf is a wolf…..never changes his habit ( I hope you get the pun? YOu know, sheep’s clothing?) joshin’ with you, su.
Nonetheless, no matter how many times I may bang my head against the wall, you idolize Sonny. In your eyes (I think?) he epitomizes all that a man should be. Sobeit. I admire your loyalty.
Hope Santa brought you the best gift you could have ever wanted……and, may the New Year be the bearer of health and happiness.

su0000 probably has pictures of John Gotti hanging in her bedroom! Ha ha ha!

Nah….not Gotti–yuck.
I’m pretty sure su loves them young and hunky….Ummmm, like Nathan? Your favorite, Timmm. Ha! You’re the best, my friend.

hey CeeCee.
I don’t idolize Sonny, he is very entertaining, many lawyers..
He goes every which way, and he’s handsome aha!
He is a cornerstone character and through the years he has knocked many a scene outta the park..
And, CeeCee,, you have the best 2016, the upcoming year, ever!!! lots of blessing coming your way!

hey Timmm..
heh you kidding me!
I have John Gotti sheets and Trump toilet paper, I rock!
Just oiled my machine gun, it’s big and scary! keep it in my undie drawer!

Timmm, you have a great 2016 full of love and good health, and FUN!

Right back atcha, Suzie Q. That was a crackerjack answer to Timmm, you gave. Best one yet. Gotta love you, babes. Timmm is right up there with the jokesters. Ain’t he cool!?

“Weak Tears”? Now that has to be some kind of oxymoron.

I get what su is saying, Harry. I think she means that Patrick should have shown more emotion instead of the flood of tears. I agree with her. If crying is all that Patrick has to offer in this tumultuous, epic affirmation of love, then, the scene becomes weak.
I do appreciate the happy ending, though.

Glad you mentioned Spin and Georgie and not Ellie. She adds NOTHING to the show!

I so enjoyed the long overdue reunion and I am so so sad about Patrick leaving… not fair… he is a great asset to GH, and can he at least be replaced? I hate to have Emma’s suffering again 🙁

Not now but they may want to recast him down the road. I would think if Kim wanted to come back full time that would be the green light for the recast.

EVERYBODY gather around for a big Christmas
GROUP {{{{{{{{{{{ HUG }}}}}}}}}}}}}

Michael Fairman .. lots of luv, thanks for having us as your guests!!
(sometimes we ain’t easy on the nerves lol)


Loved it. Loved seeing Patrick, Robin and Emma finally reunited as a family, loved seeing Tristan Rogers back home where he belongs as Robert Scorpio, even if it is only a short visit, loved seeing the great Sebastian Roche back as Jerry Jacks again. I thought everything was very well done, considering the time constraints they had with Jason Thompson’s impeding exit, how long they had Tristan Rogers etc.

It was a nice and neat little storyline with a happy ending, nothing dragged out forever and ever. If Ron Carlivati were still writing the show, Patrick would have found Robin, but it would have really been Heather Webber wearing a mask, and we might have seen Patrick and Robin back together by November sweeps 2020.

I was pleased with the show it actually felt like Christmas…
Everyone being together, bonding… Mazol

As much as I’m not a big Robin and Scrubs fan, surprisingly I liked the reunion. Especially Anna and Robert dressed up like Santa…in Paris of all places! One question I have is why Patrick didn’t try for a pulse when he first found Robin. Or did mouth-to-mouth and other heart recessatation (sp?) methods. He is a doctor after all.

Have been enjoying the relative peace in Port Charles the last few days. Probably not for long, and certainly not in the Quartermaine house with Tracey and Paul. He’ll have to find somewhere else to bunk. Glad he got caught out …he’s such a cad, amongst other things. I’m not minding how the different stories are unfolding, even though the hospital terrace can be as lethal as the dark curve in the road where “accidents” happen over and over. Am so lukewarm about Lulu, Dante, Val and Johnny story. But in homage to Su0000, would like writers to pick it up a notch…just not as many killings. But the gunrunning story may do it. Just the kind of crime stuff for Anna and Robert, if he gets to stay

I really believe gh is going to age the characters of emma,spencer and the other boy spencer fights with.Nicholas betchel has only been in 6 episodes since june.In july these characters will be teenagers and the boys will be fighting over emma.Every show does this!

Aging these kids would be a real shame. If Emma is to remain, then, it probably makes more sense to age her and the rest. Sad!

Y&R does this more than anyone and it backfires most times. Look no further than Summer, Kyle and Noah. Noah working at Newman in a story with Victor, Marissa and Luca is laughable. He looks so out of place. Its like he is there at Newman for “Bring your kid to word Day!” Dont age the GH kids! There are plenty of characters underused !

gave me my laugh of the day, thanks!!
” Its like he is there at Newman for “Bring your kid to word Day!””

ahaaa!bwahaa!!! ahaa!

The Scorpios have always been my favorite family on GH and the story lines through the years have been the best! I know I’m dating myself but those story lines years were, to me, better than anything on the show now. Loved seeing Tristan back where he belongs, even for a short time. I am one of those GH fans tired of the Sonny story lines monopolizing the show through the years. Hope that get Sam and Jason back together soon!
Happy New Year!

This was one of the best Christmas episodes ever! SO much love, romance, the Scorpio family of course the highlight! Christmas miracles, Baby Jesus, Santa, WOW, this episode had everything you could possibly want in a Christmas show. I’m glad Jason got to be with ALL his boys for Christmas. I’m glad Maxie was reunited with Georgie, and NATHAN did it for her – but best of all, Robin&Patrick confessing they never stopped loving each other, Robin reunited with Emma (after two years! Wow!) and, best of all, Robert & Anna as Pere Noel and Mrs. Claus, they are and always have been fabulous together and as a family with Robin. Bravo, new writers, you have recaptured the heart and soul of GH. Now keep it up!

How sweet it is–best thing GH PTB has done in YEARS!
A send-off Jason and Kimberly deserve who have labored–and lobbied– so hard for their fans over the years.

Finally! Get them together and get them off the show already!!!

Your post may not be popular but I understand it. Robin is never on and Patrick has had very little to do in 2015. Little Emma loses for now but yeas I agree, time to go, for now.


LOW POINT- Revisited same EXACT storyline for umpteenth time.


I have mixed feelings. I LOVE Tristsn Rogers and Scorpio. I liked that the episode focused on love, friendship and family.

On the other hand reactions at both Robin being thought dead, then found alive, were blase. Patrick wept tears of grief then joy, Anna looked at her daughter and gave her a hug, Scorpio gave her a kuss on the cheek…and then they went shopping.

Scorpio hasn’t yet displayed his rapier wit…Anna and he also act as if they saw each other yesterday. I like the “feel good” vibe, but the acting and dialog was too subdued for the occasion.

Its like the “Goodbye Luke” send off, too rushed but not anyones fault really. I would have loved to have seen a whole episode with the Scorpios and Drakes hugging and kissing and having Robin explain her absence and all but Jason is leaving and Tristan is only on GH for a short while so the writing is choppy but I point no fingers but I do share your feelings rebecca.

Hi Timmm. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas. I understand your point about Jason and Tristan leaving, (which is a loss to the show on both accounts) but I still feel they could have traded Anna’s quick hug for disbelief, tears of joy, rushing up to Robin…sputtering, lol, SOMETHING, that would resemble seeing her daughter alive, moments after seeing a picture of her dead. Robert could have crushed her to his body in a joyous fatherly embrace. Wouldnt have taken anymore airtime or money to film. Just, for me, not enough emotion. Robert literally gave her a kiss on the cheek.

I accept and enjoy the crazy part of GH. I actually like the “out there” stuff…aliens, vampires, Cassadines. The difference is they’re supposed to be far fetched, fantastical, not based in reality. But when it comes to the real stuff…families, love, death…I want to “feel.” So with those stories I’d rather they play out human emotions more…

Christmas GH was good. Not great but good. I really wish Jason would have showed up to wish his mother a Merry Christmas! I do understand that there was only an hour to make bail and see his sons. I know some of you dont like Sonny but it was nice to see everyone together and Avery stopped in at the end. Kiki is really stacking up the brownie points with Sonny! And speaking of Kiki, this actress is growing and developing into a nice character. She is pretty, has a heart but needs to steer clear of Morgan. He is a loser and will bring her way down! We need some new blood on GH for Kiki and Kristina!

@Timmm…..Since Kiki has finally matured and put moody maniac Morgan into the “friend zone,” I’m all for a rekindled romance with Michael. They simply make the most sense as a couple, especially now that Sappy and her Carrrrr-LOS!-issued saplet have hopefully been dispensed with in terms of Mikey’s responsibility to the deceptive dingbat and her progeny…..time to cut her loose from the cushy Q cocoon once and for all! As for Kristina, I’m not at all pleased to see her return to Port Charles….the LA version is so very annoying….willful and nothing but trouble. I cannot even imagine any guy upon whom I would wish her presence! (Well, maybe “Der Dunkledude,” but thankfully I doubt we’ll ever see him resurface from the rubble of Crichton-Clark!)

Shayster, I love your way with words! Michael to me is a snooze! I agree, Kiki is vibing, she needs a wild man in her life! A musician would be great! We have enough unused characters BUT perhaps a new dude who works at the rib joint could fancy her OR how about a bartender at the Metro. Bartenders are slippery, yet cool! As far as Kristina, I like the second version of her. I think the actress was Latino? She was sexier, older and looked to have Sonny’s blood running through her. This Kristina is cute and she can act BUT she looks to be more like Joss’s age! If your going to shift gears with characters and age them like Kristina who is in college, you cannot look like a kid anymore. Good example, Hayden, she is petite and attractive BUT she looks like a women who may have worked on Wall Street. Kristina looks like she just got off her shift at the Orange Julius!

I agree about Kiki. Though I think Kristen Alderson is adorable, Haley just brings Kiki to life. As you said, she’s pretty…very…and I also think shs just has a cool, very city-like vibe. Her face is incredibly expressive and I love her style. Also want to see her relationship with Franco, in a dad-daughter sort of way, deepen.

Although it would be intersting to see her with a new boyfriend…again, I just think she’s so funky, cool I could see her with a musician right now…personally I like the friendship she has with Morgan. He’s sort of a lost soul…

Hey again Timmm…I guess you were respondung to my musician suggestion. These posts are sometimes out of order…Now we have to find some cool, hot musician. Too bad Ned and Frisco didnf have singer sons. Rick Springfield-Noah did, but we know the route Patrick took… We need someone edgy…

fun, fun, fun; posts! especially because of how far… Hayley Erin has progressed!

!… Please, please, please… do not… pair her back up with Michael… this would be a step down… in character assasination… haven’t they done that enough with Morgan!?!? LOL… and I love Morgan

love the idea… that GH brings on a new MAN for the lovely Kiki… she deserves some titilation; coursing palpitations; and an erergy; she can foray in to her own young womanhood!

of the GH Christmas ep’

2 things…

I’m so glad that Ava and Kiki are once again patching things up… with Avery; these three; are always, interesting

Ellie ! bring her back… she is so refreshingly the cutest and can ACT! she has an air of intrigue and we can only imagine what she could do… if given the chance… let’s see her wreak havoc @Maxie…because she wants Nathan for her own, she’s Tracy long lost daughter… like mother like daughter… a Q vixen, heroine, go getter… something… anything… love Ellie Trout

I really…. (LOL) should add

that Hayley Erin… should be afforded all opportunity to flesh out her character and see her rise above; both, MIchael and Morgan… and be her own person… like she’s doing now… at the Metro Court

give her a new mystery man

I’ve really been enjoying watching HE’ acting… so much so… that she really doesnt need Ava and Franco… and I miss that Silas is no longer with… but she’s a joy to watch with her younger sister Avery

so… there’s no stopping GH production from featuring more of this lovely lady… SHE CAN ACT

Patrick, glad you are part of the Haley fan club. She has grown tremendously! She needs a man not Crychael! Lover her!

Secondly, not a fan of Ellie BUT your right, she can act and YOU have a great idea making her Tracy’s daughter. Those two have had minor scenes where Tracy would belittle her and call her a fish! [Ellie Trout!] So okay, maybe if they give her a story line I will gravitate towards her. Good stuff.

Agreed, Patrick. You said it better than I. I like how Kiki is evolving into her own, on her own, without fetters and shackles. The swan is emerging. Not need for Morgan or Michael. However, I am willing yo hive Michael a chance. Makes more sense than Sabrina. I do wonder who will be hooked to Sabrina once she returns….then leaves again, after yet another pregnancy? Lol. Later.

Thank you, Timmm!!!! (And Happy New Year to you, as well! Saw your greeting on the previous GH thread, so I hope that means you read my Christmas “Valentine” to all the wonderful and distinct personalities here at MFSoaps, since you were obviously one of those on my “shout out list!!!”) At any rate, I agree that the previous Kristina (aka, Lindsay Morgan….) was an absolute knockout, and more than just a bit of a chip off the old Sonny. She also was much more believable as Sam’s sis, since they shared that sexy vibe you so obviously noticed. (Of course, Sammy’s another one to take after her “daddy,” having inherited Julian’s fine-boned-and-honed physique and dark eyes! Let’s face it, about the only thing she seems to have derived from Alexis is her penchant for providing embonpoint peep-shows to the public! LOL….) Having said that, this current Kristina is just so sullen, unpleasant and immature…but she does resemble her mother in terms of both frame and face, not to mention, lack of fashion sense…..maybe that’s why I have not taken to her. (Or else it’s that “Orange Julius” look….excellent call, Timmm!!!!) Then there’s Molly….who’s just tooo perfect and perky! A bit mystified as to from whom she attained those qualities…surely not either Ric or Ms. Davis? Maybe she was switched at birth? Enough said. As for Kiki??? I get your drift about her. Yes, she is revealing a cooler, more seasoned side, and I could actually envision her with someone a bit older….musician, bartender, whatever! (Perhaps a filmmaker like Dillon?—-if the thing with Lulu doesn’t come to fruition—or how about Nathan should Maxie’s recognizable spark with the aforementioned Q ignite, leaving Detective West available? He’d make a pretty pair coupled with Ms. Jerome! ) The only reason I suggested a reunion with Mikey was because I so want him out of the Sapster’s orbit, and after today, that shall hopefully be the case….permanently!!!! Finally, whilst I certainly don’t share your enthusiasm for the character of Hayden, I do concur that I can easily picture her working on the street….just not one of the NYC financial district variety! (Sorry about that, Timmm, but I simply had to utilize the great opportunity your wordplay presented to me….couldn’t resist the temptation!)

I did get your message, thank you. Lindsay, yes, thats who I liked! WOW! Sam and Alexis do like to expose their boobsets! Assets boobsets? Uggg! Anyway, Oh, when I go to the mall, the food court drives me freakin crazy! I’m a guy and I LIKE to shop! Rare, I know, but I cannot stand the food court! What do you think about Dillon? Maybe him and the Kikster but something seems off about Robert Palmer Watkins? I dont dislike him but? Sappy makes my day suck! Crychael needs a new love, someone to light his fire and make him interesting. I like Lulu and Maxie’s friendship. You dont see this a lot on GH. Its refreshing. I hope Mr. Abs doesnt come between them! Hayden, now thats my girl. Your “Street” comment was hilarious! See ya!

@Timmm….I was actually referring to my greeting to one and all of my faves here at MFSoaps….it was near the bottom of the thread under CeeCee’s post on the GH Christmas theme page….each of you received a suitably descriptive label with the same letter as your first name. You are “Teasin’-Pleasin’ Timmm!” LOL….I thought it quite befitting! At any rate, you say you’re a shopping man? What a rarity, and in such a good way! I’ve spent many of my happiest moments shopping ’til I dropped…malls were the playgrounds of my youth! Of course, that was before they primarily became places for yobs to loiter in those dreaded food courts and oldsters to walk laps and drink coffee all morning long well into the afternoon….even the most upscale venues have pretty much lost their luster and cache’ for me….too much nonsense going on, particularly at the holidays. I mostly stick to online now….cannot beat the bargains and variety of the most sumptuous of offerings, plus, I can enjoy myself browsing into the wee hours, much like I do when posting here! (And yes, I am ashamed to admit that I have even succumbed to the temptations of actually trolling for treasures on the holidays themselves….awful, I know, but hey, I’ve snagged some supreme stuff that way…as a matter of fact, I did so well before Christmas that I’ve barely bitten since, save for some Sephora sale items….yep, I’m a beauty junkie.—So, do tell, Timmster, do you like all the lotions and potions for men???? I gift my male friends such products all the time, so I have a very healthy respect for “guys who love to groom!”) But on to GH…..I think Dillon is all sort of adorbs, but I cannot see him with Lulu…but most definitely Maxie…he has that cool, metrosexual vibe so they seem to connect well in their Crimson-fueled antics. Johnny and Lulu are the bomb…yes, he is a gangster, but there is still such heart and soul to him….I loved his relationship with the former Lulu….they were a great couple, and I would just love to have Brandon B stick around Port Charles, hence even though I totally frown upon cheating and breaking up marriages, I just feel that Dante totally blew his chance with his wife when he strayed with that revolting Val-Chops and doesn’t deserve a second chance….he’s a loser now, just like his half-bro, Morgan!!! Time for Lulu to move on. Which leaves either your beloved Nathan or “Crychael” for Kiki….you call it, I’m good either way, but I really cannot see Maxie and Studly DoRight making it for the long haul. Just saying. She is either going to be paired with Dillon or there will once again be stirrings with Spinelli if he returns for a more regular stint, which will probably be sans Ellie. Oh, and I also like those girly gals gabfests between Maxie and Lulu….they used to have them all the time and it’s oh so satisfying that they’ve finally gotten them back! As for Hayden? You are welcome to her…I just cannot warm to her, but then I wasn’t an AMC viewer who followed Greenlee’s escapades, and that seems to make all the difference…for me, “Brazen Hayden” is simply a golddigging guttersnipe who is biding her time in hopes of bagging the big bucks with Nasty Nik. (Ick! Maybe they truly do deserve each other!) Later!!!

Its funny how we talk on this site and feel for each other and have ideas of who the hell were talking to! Your nickname for me is EXACTLY who I am! I love to flirt. Whether you are my GIRLfriend or girlfriend, I will please you. Anything from rated G to well, you get the point! I’m loyal. I do most of my shopping online as well. Something I ordered for my Godson was screwed up so I was at the mall one day before Christmas Eve and I loved it! I knew what I wanted and was done in fifteen minutes. HOWEVER, what I did enjoy is watching people, panic stricken, running from store to store, desperate! It was funny! Lotions and potions for sure. I am not an expert. The girl that cuts my hair helps me! Men have high expectations for women and women should be no different. Body types are subjective, I’m talking about grooming. Women are so sweet. Everything they do is well orchestrated and men should TRY and do the same. Smell is my number one obsession! Oh, I better start talking about GH or I’m going to think I’m on Tinder or something like that! HA ha ha! Dillon and Maxie connect way more easier than him and Lulu. Johnny said it best the other day, Lulu went for the straight and narrow in DOGnte and look what happened! Its time for Lulu to get nasty with Johnny boy! I didnt watch AMC and wasnt familiar with Greenlee. Hayden is a firecracker! I like girls who have life to them. I could never date Sappy! One, not attracted and two, she looks to be as exciting as a bag of potato chips left out in the rain! Bye Shay.

Tell me about it, “Timmmbo!” (Hope you don’t mind my borrowing “Double C’s” nickname for you…..) You are so right when you observe that how we address each other—along with those words we choose to do so—is immensely revealing! There are a number of individuals here that seem so much more than user-named, one-dimensional posters on a website to me…CeeCee, most certainly, and yourself, not to mention, plenty of others. It’s really quite cool! You’ve always demonstrated such an outgoing, gentlemanly tendency with us ladies, so it’s most apparent that you have a great affection and respect for the “fairer sex!” (Plus, the most delicious sense of fun….) Having said that, I’ve always been a huge flirt, too, so I can more than appreciate that you are, as well! (I also like your philosophies on the gamut of subjects we’ve discussed….) As for the “shopping show” you encountered near Christmas Eve? Oh yes, I do understand…I grew up in an area of many malls—each with their own regional personalities and unique types of clientele–and they provided an endless opportunity for people-watching during all seasons….I guess I’m just not as into that anymore, since today’s realities promote a less carefree atmosphere than that to which I was always accustomed…, I just want to get in to a store to make my purchases, and get out….in one piece! Sad but true. (Oh well….life goes on, but thank God for the internet!) Enough of this chitchat, though….and on to the soapy stuff at hand!!!! I’m all for a Johnny/Lulu coupling! To me, they would be the 21st century version of Luke and Laura….complete with adventures, if we were to be so lucky. Mr. Z. is much, much more than a mere mafioso…he’s that rare reluctant mob prince with a sensitive side, and one always hoped against hope that he would escape the violent world into which he was born. Alas, such was not to be the case, but he’s repeatedly shown a heart and soul that goes far beyond the usual stereotypical wiseguy, and his relationships with both Lulu and Olivia have brought them to fore. I would love to see him go “legit” this time around….if we are to believe that Julian can do so, then why not our JohnnyBoy??? (But only after he “takes care” of Val-Chops for his object of desire, Lulu….whatever that may entail….LOL.) Let’s face it, if there were to be any impetus for him to do so, it would be his unresolved feelings for Luke’s “Cupcake!” (I’m particularly more inclined to see this pairing than say, a Dillon/Lulu one. I’m still on record that this version of “young Spielberg” belongs with Maxie….they are both so media-savvy and on-trend, I see a chemistry between them that doesn’t exist with others already in their orbit….certainly not the Val-debeast, or even Nathan.) I suppose only time will tell…..At any rate, I get that you like chicks with spirit, spark and spunk….and Hayden does appear to have those qualities.. I only wish she were a bit more likeable….for me, she’s simply too smug and smarmy. I would have preferred she employed an approach with more mystery, class and finesse instead of those smutty, salacious come-ons! But, hey, at least we totally agree on the subject of Sappy!!!! You’ve completely captured the essence of her less than scintillating aura…wet, soggy potato chips, indeed!!!! Excellent imagery there, Timmm!!! (By the way, do you think we shall finally be relieved of the Sapster’s presence in 2016? Needless to say, that would be my druthers!) And speaking of the shortly forthcoming “new year,” I think it is time for me to depart for the last minute business of 2015! Have a wonderful evening ushering in “tomorrow,” Timmm! Later!!!!

Yes, I love women and not in a “Notch in my Belt” kind of way! I enjoy their warmth and kindness. I respect women. GH, well Shay, great point about Johnny and Lulu, the 21st century L&L. We just need Brandon to sign a full time contract! The easiest way to eliminate Val is to kill her dentist! Ha ha ha! Sadly, you may have to give El Choppo credit IF Johnny and Lulu end up together because if Val didnt F Dante, him and Lulu would still be together. Hmmm? I PRAY that Michael sticks to his guns and doesnt pawn off Carrrrrlos’s baby as his. First it would kill Sonny and secondly Sabrrrrrina stays on canvas. If Michael walks away from her there is no reason for her to be on the show! YAY SHAY! Happy New Year.

Yes, Timmm, that attitude definitely shines through the words and manners in which you address the females on this website…you are a supreme gentleman! And on behalf of us, I say, “thank you!” Whilst I totally get what you mean about the Val-debeast’s necessary part in breaking up Dante and Lulu’s marriage, I would still have preferred to have skipped the whole tawdry affair. Det. Falconeri has been forever ruined in my eyes….I can no longer stand the sight of him, and as for “Val-Chops,” well, as it was, I never could abide her from the start!!!! They should be the newest set of town pariahs and perhaps they could join the equally-repugnant Franco and Nina and make it a foursome? (Oh, not like THAT! Just as birds of a feather sticking together….double dates, so to speak!) So, if the sizzling Lulu and JohnnyZ become the next GH supercouple in the meantime??? That would simply be a happy outcome to an otherwise deplorable situation….for me, it couldn’t possibly excuse the notion of splitting up the last nuclear family standing in Port Charles! (Although Patrick and Robin have reunited, so there’s one “unbroken” traditional mom and pop set-up about to be put right….albeit, ever so briefly—-onscreen, at least!) As for Sappy, I have the sneaking suspicion our greatest wish for 2016 shall not be granted….she’s like a bad penny, she just keeps turning up, regardless that no suitable reason exists….or ever could! Someone in charge simply will not “cut the cord” (no pun intended) when it comes to this truly useless character, hence the repeated pregnancy of convenience storylines fashioned to accommodate her portrayer. Having said that, it would be wrong on so many levels if Mikey were to suddenly relent and play papa to the Carrrrrrrr-LOS!-issued progeny……especially since there is no palpable love to speak of between the Q heir and aimless nurse….it was always such a forced and contrived proposition that these two were a real couple, and the subsequent developments with the Sapster’s duplicity make this pairing even more dubious and doubtful. Therefore, I join you in the hope that we shall soon see the end of this foolish miss, her mad dog hitman and their soon-to-be bouncing bandito’s bambino. If ever there were a huge and logical opportunity to send them all together off the GH canvas, this is it! Later, Timmm!

Thanks Shay.

I see Dante going to the dark side and eventually joining daddy dearest in the mob. Either that or he goes under cover to save Moron from whatever he is getting himself into! Why the hell doesnt Kiki run for the hills!

Foursome? Maybe a threesome? Nina Belle doesnt seem to one to ride the “Freaky Franco” yet!

If Lulu and Z Man hook up who gets to do their laundry on Nathan’s wash board abs? CeeCee ,your married! See ya Shay!

Yes, Timmm, I could definitely picture Dante going dirty with Daddy Dimples. His boy scout image has already been shot for good…..nowhere to go but down now. “Moron,” as you so appropriately term him, could be the one to lead him into the criminal abyss….I really cannot stand that dude anymore….he’s such an absolute waste of space, and yes, Kiki should stay away from him at all cost! As for LaNina? Well, she finally hopped upon the “Franco Express,” although I thankfully didn’t witness the dastardly deed…. only read about it in the recaps, which more than sufficed….the less I see of these two middling misfits, the better! On the same subject, it would seem that, Lulu has, thus far, resisted JohnnyZ’s charms….I admire her fortitude! Just because her pig of a husband cheated on their marital vows doesn’t mean that she has to follow suit! I’d much rather see her get a divorce from that loser before “going Zaccara”….if BB takes a long-term offer to stay on GH, then perhaps such will be the case. I hope so! Now then, what’s this about Nathan’s abs??? You know, I’m not one bit as enamored as most of the ladies here are with Studly Do-Right, so you’ve correctly aimed that query at CeeCeeGirl!!!! LOL.

I was a day behind when I posted about Nina and Franco. I’m caught up on the shows and Yes, I saw her virginity being retook by Freako. It was lame. NOTHING to write home about. They could have shown the clip on the 700 Club! One thing I noticed as they kissed, Franco has this scraggly beard/goat tee. She was kissing him and I felt uncomfortable. Does this bother women? I like goat tees and five o’clock shadow looks on men but does it ruin make-out sessions? Your right about Lulu or any man or women. If your in a marriage, revenge sex is stupid! Get out of the relationship and then go have fun. Why? Well, first of all the scum bag who cheated on you wont be hurt if you then cheat on him. He will use it as a leverage to get back into your life. Secondly, because your husband is a dog and you especially have kids, dont lower yourself to his level, show your kids and yourself you are the better person! Alright, I’m getting off my SOAPbox! Later Shayter!

Really, Timmm…this whole notion of easing Nina into “normalcy” simply doesn’t work for me…particularly with Franco. The mere sight of her still screams “crazy cakes” to me, no matter the gargantuan efforts to mainstream her. The sooner they split these two up, the better….particularly since, despite her protestations, I predict the lovely Liz will be the next notch on Franco’s paint-splattered bedpost….they have that certain combustible something when they are in a scene together, even though it would seem that RoHo shall forever be consigned to the inescapable role of the aimless, motley fool of Port Charles. (Perhaps they will bond over their artistic endeavors….) As for your query on the subject of facial hair, I can only note that in my experience, I go for the groomed-to-the-max, clean-shaven look…always have, always will! Even the tiniest remnant of stubble is quite painful for my sensitive, pale skin, so there’s no debate to be had. Besides, I tend to think it’s a shame when a handsome man hides his looks behind a face of whiskers, no matter how artfully done….it makes me wonder what he is trying to conceal??? Just my take on things….LOL. Having said that, I totally concur with your thoughts on tit-for-tat cheating….one should simply address that situation with the utmost dignity and take the high road, then get the heck outta there as quickly as possible!!

Shay, I dont like the word HATE. BUT, ever since James Franco “Died” and exited his little hobby role as FRANCO, I never wanted to see that character again OR James Franco! Roger Howarth rolls into town and he blows me away as Todd. THEN Prospect Park happens and Roger is handed Freako. TERRIBLE! How do you make a murderous rapist charming? YOU DONT! Why cant they just reboot him? I love the actor. Now Michelle Stafford. Plenty of talent. I waited and waited for her to turn Nina into a “Must See” character. Didnt happen! I like her and Maxie together and the Crimson thing has possibilities but she is a forty some year old women who has not developed over this past year enough to be taken seriously. Let her breath fire, be sexy, funny and mysterious!

So, off subject, whose skin is paler, yours or Elizabeth’s? BTW, my best friend has milky white skin and she longs to be tan and I’ve tried to tell her that that is just ONE look! Having pasty white skin works on many different levels. The biggest benefit and you can add to this, when you are in your forties and fifties, it will not appear to be so! Later Shayter!

Jerry pulled out a Polaroid picture ahaaa!
a ”Polaroid’ who in Hades has a Polaroid lol ..
he would have snapped via phone LAME
the writers are writing from the 80’s scripts, looking stupid.

Jerry <– explains himself, his actions to Anna, blaming it on Helena, while Patrick and Anna are looking at a picture of their murdered daughter/wife, nonchalantly listening to Jerry's story, excuses for killing Robin, their daughter, and they do next to nothing..
(horrible writing, just horrible)

And- Anna faked a pain in her stomach
while the great hero Scorpio did next to nothing to Jerry who had killed his daughter, nothing.. it was void of the intense moment..
There was no drama, no climax..
It was weak, very weak..

Scorpio is next to Jerry who just killed his daughter, and nothing much, no emotions to speak of, just calmly bland holding a gun on Jerry.
How totally embarrassing for Trisection.. His Scorpio character took a fall into the neutered pool.
He might as well have had tea with Jerry.

And for crying out loud! Patrick pours out his heart to Jerry, Anna, Scorpio, Jerry who just killed his wife and
Patrick is talking about how he failed Robin all soby weak with his wife's killer 3 feet from him and he snivels how he failed Robin, for crapsakes!
Patrick finds Robin assumed dead, he pats her forehead ahaaa she wakes up and he wasn't even shocked, nope he did nothing, he had no surprise.
He didn't even hold Robin like he would never ever let her go again, nope nothing.

0ooh this;
two guards entered with guns drawn, and Anna and Robert dropped their guns. yup, they dropped their guns..
The Scorpio I knew, loved and respected would have taken them out, or tried to and not hesitated to do so…
Scorpio and Anna would not calmly lay down their guns and play pussyfoot with guards or Jerry the kidnapper and murder of their daughter, no way would that happen..
'HE JUST KILLED THEIR DAUGHTER and they politely comply.(WTH)

The whole scene was anti-climatic, pathetically empty of intense drama, total loss of climatic emotions, an embarrassment to GH.

The lamest line;
Anna- asking Jerry where Robins body was;
"Tell me where, or I will kill you. Slowly,"
(baawhaaa haaa!)

Totally agree with you on this one Su. Declared my disappointment above, on the 26th, at the whole lackluster, devoid of any real emotion, chain of events. It was so bad it was campy. Lol, I liked your play by play description!

Today’s episode had a much better emotional payoff for me. Probably not for u because there was no action, but I loved the scenes between Sam and Patrick, Robin and Elizabeth and Jason and Spinelli. All heartfelt…

hi rebecca1 ..
What was so wrong, they didn’t make love..
If kidnapped and just dead love came back to me,
It would be shower, good meal, and hit the bed..
Be rolling on the bed on the floor under the bed til dawn..
They haven’t even got the hormones going, just so not loving as a man and woman would be .. lol

I liked Jason & Spin too!!!
Liz and Hayden, too!
they was emotions bursting! much more real than Patrick and Robin.
They all outshined Patrick & Robin..

Hi, su.
I read your post about Patrick and Robin not having made love yet. I missed two or three episodes. I still haven’t caught up. So, after all this time they didn’t tear the clothes off each other? They had sex the last time she came back soon after her arrival. Was Emma around? Maybe, that’s why? If it’s as boring as you say, should I still watch? Lol.
Seriously, though. It does sound kind of strange they didn’t do it?

I’m just,waiting for
Jasam or Sam and Curtis

But I would love to see Jasam and their child Daniel Edward Morgan together. ..

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Kate Mansi on Her First Scenes with Eva LaRue: “It Was So Tense and Uncomfortable, Which Was So Fun For Us.”

This week, General Hospital viewers have witnessed the arrival of Eva LaRue as Blaze’s (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) mother, Natalia. When Natalia blew into her daughter’s life, she also caught Kristina (Kate Mansi) in bed. The next moment, Mansi and LaRue played the awkwardness of the scene.

In the story, and at that point, Natalia apparently didn’t have a clue that her daughter is gay, so finding Kristina is her daughter’s room was puzzling to her.

Kate Mansi spoke to Soap Opera Digest on her introduction to soap veteran LaRue, who has appeared on All My Children as Maria Santos and won a Daytime Emmy for her role as Celeste Rosales on The Young and the Restless.

Photo: JPI

“She just came in like such a freaking pro,” shared Kate on LaRue. “She was so good. It was such a funny first introduction for our characters – it was written so well and it was so tense and uncomfortable, which was so fun for us.”

The two actresses instantly created a bond. As Mansi explained, “Right away, we were doing these funny one-liners back and forth (between scenes). Blaze said something like, ‘Kristina is more than my friend, she’s my partner,’ and then they’d call, ‘Cut!’ and Eva and I would look and each other and we’d be like, ‘She means writing partner,’ or she’d be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, she means producing partner, right?’ We were just dying laughing.”

Photo: ABC

On Wednesday’s episode of GH, Natalia learned Blaze was gay, but isn’t quite believing her, thinking she had been somehow influenced by Kristina.  In the key scenes, Blaze tells Natalia that Kristina is more than her friend. She’s her girlfriend. Blaze asks if her mother heard what she truly said, and Natalia claims she did, but then starts cleaning up the place as a method of trying to cope with what she just heard.

Things get testy when Blaze says, “Kristina and I…” Next, Natalia cuts her daughter off, firmly saying, “There is no Kristina and you!”

So, did you enjoy the tension-filled scenes between Kate Mansi and Eva LaRue? Are you liking where GH is heading with the story of a disapproving and religious mother, trying to come to terms with her daughter and her girlfriend’s sexuality? Comment below.

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All My Children

Maurice Benard Reveals All My Children’s Lee Meriweather and Daughter’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

At the beginning of the latest episode of General Hospital star, Maurice Benard’s (Sonny Corinthos) State of Mind series, he delivered some heartbreaking news with a purpose.

Kyle Oldham, the daughter of former All My Children star, Lee Meriwether (ex-Ruth Martin), who previously made a guest appearance on Benard’s show, returned for a new interview which will be coming soon.

During their conversation, Oldham shared that her beloved mother has Alzheimer’s. Sadly, according to Benard, Kyle also revealed she has been diagnosed with the disease as well.

Photo: JPI

Maurice expressed, “We talked about her mother and having Alzheimer’s and it was an amazing interview. And then Kyle said, ‘I gotta tell you something. I have Alzheimer’s.’”

Apparently, Kyle has agreed to come on State of Mind, periodically as the effects of Alzheimer’s take a hold of her to help educate others. “We decided that she was gonna come in … she was gonna call me and tell me as she progresses,” Benard shared. “She was going to come in again so the audience could see with their eyes what Alzheimer’s does to someone.”

Benard’s guest for this current episode of State of Mind was Vernee Watson (Stella, GH), who along with Maurice, was part of the Alzheimer’s storyline on the ABC daytime drama series that saw Mike Corbin (Max Gail) eventually pass away.

Photo: JPI

As for Lee Meriwether, not only is she known for her role on AMC, but also for her roles as Catwoman in Batman: The Movie, and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and for the television series, Barnaby Jones, the New Andy Griffith Show and The Munsters to name only a few.

In soap operas, Meriwether was cast in The Young Marrieds years prior to her time on All My Children where she replaced Mary Fickett in the matriarchal role in the Martin family. She played the role from 1996-99, 2002-03, and 2007-11.

Meriwether’s daughter, Kyle Oldham, has been an actress and spokesperson herself through the years. She appeared on The Price is Right for over 14 years until she couldn’t anymore after going through multiple surgeries in her adult life.

You can check out the full episode of State of Mind with Maurice an Vernee below.

Share your thoughts on the sad news of both Lee Meriwether and her daughter Kyle Oldham, battling the effects of Alzheimer’s disease in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Eva LaRue Makes Her ‘General Hospital’ Debut: What Were Your First Impressions of Natalia Rogers-Ramirez?

On the Monday, February 26th episode of General Hospital, former All My Children favorite, Eva LaRue (ex-Maria Santos), made her first appearance in her new recurring role of Blaze’s (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) mother, Natalia Rogers-Ramirez.

In key scenes, as Kristina (Kate Mansi) and Blaze are happy after spending the night together, Kristina is in for a shock when she is still in bed and the door opens and Blaze’s mother, Natalia strolls in seemingly oblivious to walked she just walked in.

Natalia announces, “Alison, Mommy’s here!” Then, Natalia looks over and sees Kristina in bed and both women are a bit startled. Kristina introduces herself to “Mrs. Rogers-Ramirez.” However, Natalia corrects her and says it’s “Miss.”

Photo: ABC

Next, Blaze walks into the room still in her robe. She is very shocked that her mother arrived in Port Charles much earlier than expected. Natalia wants an explanation of just what she walked in on. It is then, Kristina concocts a story and explains they had a girls’ night, and it got late so Alison let her crash.

Natalia seems to buy into Kristina’s lies. Blaze starts to argue with her mother over the non-vegan sandals her mother brought her from Puerto Rico and her grandmother’s pudding, which she has told her in the past she dislikes. Kristina pipes in that the reason Alison doesn’t like it, is because of the texture and the same goes for avocado and flan. Natalia says she thinks she knows her own daughter.

Photo: ABC

Then, Blaze gets more upset and asks Kristina to stay and be by her side. Blaze announces that she and Kristina are more than just friends. We already know that Natalia is from a very conservative background, so we anticipate on tomorrow’s episode of GH, she won’t approve finding out her daughter is gay. Stay-tuned.

So, were you happy to see Eva LaRue back on daytime and now on General Hospital? What were you first impressions of her new character Natalia Rogers-Ramirez? Share your thoughts in the comment section, but first, check out the scenes from her arrival below,

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023