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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Patrick Sees Robin!


On Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital, Jason Thompson (Patrick) delivered an extremely touching performance, in the highly anticipated reunion of one of soap operas legendary couples, when Dr. Patrick Drake in complete shock and at first disbelief, laid eyes on his “deceased” wife Robin (Kimberly McCullough)!  And who could forget that first kiss between the duo!   Only there was one problem, Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) was having her heartbroken as a overcome Patrick forgets for a time that he had just “married” another woman, who he is in love with too, apparently!

As far as performances, it was a big hankie-filled moment when Thompson’s Patrick, with tear upon tear streaming down his face, was reunited with the woman whom he grieved over for two years!  Our chief complaint with this episode, was that the show cutaway to other storylines in moments that many fans have been begging for and waiting for …  for months!

Kudos to Thompson and McCullough for finally bringing the long-awaited moment across the plate!   Elsewhere, Teresa Castillo as the devastated bride, also turned in a solid performance when alone with Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel), Sabrina was just destroyed and so much despair over how she and Patrick overcame everything and then … POW!…. in walk’s his “dead” wife.   At the end of the episode,  Patrick comes to see Sabrina!  And the story continues today!

In addition, Finola Hughes (Anna) and Ian Buchanan (Duke) shared some very emotionally charged scenes when Anna told Duke that Derek Wells is Julian Jerome (William deVry), and the pain and devastation the Jerome family caused the couple decades ago reared its ugly head!  Anna and Duke discuss the baby they lost at the hands of this crime clan!   Anna tells Duke she loves him and doesn’t want to lose anyone else she loves ever again!  Anna also admits, she has been where Robin is right now … walking back into people’s lives after much time away and everyone has moved on!  The question is, how do you reclaim your life?

So, what did you think of Jason Thompson’s performance yesterday?  Did the Patrick and Robin reunion meet your expectations?  Were you overwhelmed … or … underwhelmed?  Did you feel bad for Sabrina?  Comment below!

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Lovely scenes with Robin/Patrick/Emma. Even Sabrina’s scenes were stellar. When Patrick kissed Robin in front of Sabrina I cried my eyes out. That was the most powerful point in the whole storyline. I give Carlivati credit for writing in that moment; it meant everything to play that beat. The Jerome plot is not working for me. Maura West looks strange these days, almost anorexic…the Sonny scenes were laughable; he dialed in his performance. The Luke scenes were way over the top and not enjoyable. Jackie Zeman is painful to watch, sorry….but her face is just not an attractive thing to see on TV.

Sabrinas scenes were a lot better than usual…

That’s not saying much, jimh….and it was only because of the schadenfreude angle…..LOL.

Now Carlivati wants to throw Robin in the gas tank of the bus

Agree with all your points. Jackie was so beautiful but the over reliance on plastic surgery has made her not only wince inducing to watch, it has hindered her ability to act. Sad, because I have always loved Bobbie.
Sabrina is a terrible crier–her loud high pitch sobbing was so over-the-top I was laughing and had no pity for the insipid little twerp.
But Patrick, Robin, Emma, Anna and Robert have been knocking it out of the ball park these days and are making all the actors look just terrible by comparison.

agree on all points Harry! Used to love Bobbie but being so unrecognizable and spending more time staring at her botched plastic surgery than listening to her act doesn’t make me want to have her onscreen.

Now i dont think she looks too bad…its her cheeks…too puffy!!!

I think she is storing nuts for winter! Sounds like it, too!!!!! (“Chipmunk Christmas Song” anyone????)

that’s exactly what I thought…. god love her… we do…

I so wish she hadn’t of gone their… but… she did…..

honestly… if she could somehow… just make her cheeks not so swollen… or full bosomed… as it were….

otherwise… it’s Bobbi…..

I can’t help but want her on the show…

I think Jackie looks SO MUCH better this time than last visit in April at the Nurse’s Ball. But, thinking that there’s not much the actress can do about her face. She is still lovely.

Jacklyn Zemon… Ms. Bobbi

after watching all of yesturdays epi…. I thought…

what if… Jacklyn contoured… her face… and spray tanned some?

she has such pale skin.. and it’s too shiny … that she contour her face… and our… shades… I don’t know what i’m saying per se… but.. better make up…

thank you Kathy… I too think she’s more bearable… and it’s because its knowing it’s Bobbi!

ie: as for Ava… she needs to coif up her hair… bun it up Ava… you look more sophisticated… and a lil less of all that dark eye liner

She doesn’t look like Bobbie anymore. You want to look younger but her face lift is horrible. Her voice you can recognize.. If that were me I would want the facelift to be corrected by another doctor.. I wouldn’t be happy with those results.. Bobbie use to be so pretty.. Too much of a change and it doesn’t look natural.. Like Joan Rivers bad facelift they both don’t look like themselves no more… Ava too heavy on the black eyeliner!

I have not warmed up to the Jeromes either. Ava, in particular, was looking overly edgy, worse for wear and the height of vulgarity with that atrociously tight peek-a-boo dress…almost appeared she should have been trolling the Metro Court lobby for clients, and I don’t mean art aficionados, if you get my drift! As for poor Bobbie, I think it would be kinder if she just phoned in her dialogue from Seattle…bringing her back to the show in her current condition does neither her nor her fans any favors. Really quite sad…..

That dress in winter time WTH. We get it everybody thinks MW is hot I think she way over does it and comes off foolish and she needs to cool it around her own brother or are we going to go down the road of brother and sister sleeping together?

@k/kay..With some of the strange vibes I’ve detected in the past between so-called bro and sis, I’ve often wondered if they’d already gone there years ago…perhaps when she first discovered her heritage, and pursued him without his being aware of their blood ties? Something’s really off with them. Then again, I got the same feeling when Car-LOS! greeted Ava with such passionate fondness that one day in Derek/Julian’s office, as if they may have had some sort of history, as well. Perhaps he could be Kiki’s real father???? ( Would be far more interesting than Silas….me thinks Ava is lying about her daughter’s paternity simply to worm her way back into Dr. Clay’s universe!) That being said, I have felt on many occasions that Ms. Jerome comes off as not quite right, rather loopy and unbalanced….and it’s not just because of her often poor and inappropriate taste in fashion!

I can’t stand the Jeromes. Maura West’s eye make up makes her look ridiculous and I do not like her character at all. Julian is not as bad, but I can’t look at him, as he was Michael Cambias, the rapist, on AMC, and that’s all I see. I think it’s fillers that Jackie Zeman had, and if so, it only lasts so long. I wish she had not done it. But hopefully it will wear away.

@Lin…Reminds me of the long ago storyline on Bold and Beautiful when Ron Deacon brutally attacked Caroline Spencer, and after the actor who portrayed him left the show, he appeared in a Maxwell House coffee commercial that ran every Christmas for a number of years. Creepy…..

Patrick has been in lobe with Robin and even look for her before the wedding like 10 minutes before. He may love Sabrina but she was always second to Robin. Now he is confused. Not a good story line. If I was Robin I would kick him to the curb. They is no choice. Of course he will feel horrible hurting her nut he Could barley get through there vows without his doubt that robin may be alive. Really.

Sorry for the errors

No worries, Linda. You are RIGHT, though. We could sense how tense Patrick was standing at the altar so forlornly and with a heavy heart….as if he knew something momentous was about to happen. I always thought that Robin was in his blood, but lately there seems to be a disconnect between them. Only time will tell if this is intentionally sought by TPTB.

Very emotional, but I want Patrick to stay with Sabrina!
Robins return took too long, underwhelmed

Hold tight..
I have a strong feeling down the road Sabrina and Patrick will have their happiness.. After RC shows us why Patrick and Robin should move on with their lives so as not to make some people grab torches and pitchforks 🙂 all will move on to new beginnings.

I think that Robin will have her happy ending with Patrick she has to GH can not do what other soaps do and have the best couple move on with other people. that just cant happen. I am rooting for Robin and Patrick.

As if the Sabrina trolls will graciously accept defeat if/when Patrick makes the right decision to keep his family intact?????

I love Robin and Patrick, but Kimberly is not back permanently. I don’t know how this can end in a good way with her leaving. I don’t know what the answer is. I love the three of them together. We all know his love for Sabrina is not as strong as his love for Robin. But I want Sabrina to find love too. If or when Robin / Kimberly leaves the show, maybe they can get back together. If that happens, they need to make the Sabrina character stronger and more rounded.

@Lin actually Kimberly is back for the long term(Although nothing has been said about exactly how long that is). She signed a contract with the show. The only comment made was once this story wraps up you won’t see her as much but she will still be around.

I hope Patrick is with sabrina in the end. Robin is way too blah.

Robin is too blah? The most exciting thing to come out of Sparkle Pony is when she farts out fairy dust.

Enough with the attacks on the actress who plays Sabrina she would not have been my choice but it was RC’s he created the character therefore that is where his loyalty lies. Both actresses need to hit the gym and yes I am being honest not hateful they are packing the pounds for as young as they both are if you are going to be in the entertainment business then get in shape! If you need to come to my house I have a gym and I will welcome someone to work out with if you think I am being hateful I do not care the fact KM let herself go is very sad. She has put on the lbs if it is a medical issue then I apologize if not hit the gym.

I hope Patrick decides to be with Robin. Sabrina says she found her prince charming. Sabrina is living in a fairytale…

@k/kay….I totally agree with your assessment, have long felt the same way, but have been loath to comment on that particular subject, since I am already considered to be quite critical on such issues. As anyone who reads my posts knows, I am a very visually-oriented viewer, so the little things mean a lot to me…I do take notice and not simply in a superficial manner….but in terms of health. However, I can cut KM a bit of slack for two reasons…(1.) Robin was supposed to be in forced captivity for a good part of two years, so it’s reasonable and logical that she could have put on weight without constant access to proper diet and exercise, and (2.) The character has never been a sexpot, per se. Robin’s appeal has always been more down-to-earth as the smart, spunky spitfire heroine with the beloved superspy parents pedigree. Her appeal was based on much more than her appearance, particularly since she grew up on the program. (And I am saying this objectively, because to be completely honest, I was never a great fan of hers. I found her to often be annoying and self-righteous, but I just sort of overlooked it, because she was such a GH institution….) Having said that, I think it is far more egregious that “Sabrina Tequila” is not more fit and trim due to the fact that she is younger and “supposed” to be this attractive, post-makeover “princess.” (As we have been constantly reminded…..I never got it myself….) I especially thought that she looked rather hippy and thick-waisted in some of the outfits they put her into, like the Halloween costume and wedding gown. So long story short, k/kay, you are absolutely correct!!!!! And by concurring with you, I am probably setting myself up for more slings and arrows, but hey, whatever….LOL.

@shay. I love your wit! I love the interlude…. betwixt fact, and fantas’tycal…

your response to @k/kay… floored.

I find… LOL.. when I’m ranting and raving… and sometimes… will retreat… and later repose… an earlier post… that… LOL.. is just how it goes…

this is thee 5th soap… and dang it! long time fans… those year in and year out.. decades plus… we all have a voice… and a mind.. that is stimulated…

so… ALL fans…. posters… bloggers… SOAPBOX ON! whew! yikes..

i can take the slings and arrows… with:

have to echo a portion of … one of your best assessments:

“…have long felt the same way, but have been loath to comment on that particular subject, since I am already considered to be quite critical on such issues.”

Cheers! fellow soapies….

In earnest I leave room on our soapbox

I like Sabrina also she’s a good kind hearted person who help Pactrick when Robin stayed gone way to long. He and Robin looked good at the time but I think Sabrina is precious for him. He love her and she love him let them stay together.

No, let Patrick and Robin go back together and stay together with Emma. No fault of Robin’s that she was gone that long.

Cried my eyes out !! Heart wrenching performances by both Jason and Kimberly !!! Kudos to Fran k and Ron – the show has been classic soap opera…..Best Show Emmy Reel !!! And may I add another steller performance by Finola Hughes !!!

I agree …actors and writers knocked us out. So worth the wait.

Best show Emmy reel? Seriously? Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was very well done, but on a list of most used clichés the dead spouse returning on the wedding day would have to be in the top three plots. I think the best show would reflect a combination of creative story along with out-of-the-park acting.

Finally patrick and robin reunite. he better choose robin, sabrina can be with milo or carlos. Wow nice to see bobbie is back, jackie zeman l love her terrific actress, but to much plastic surgery. she looks old and can hardly talk or move her mouth. she is beginning to look, like joan rivers. maura west looks like she has lost too much weight’ she looks to skinny and anorexic.

I agree with you about Jackie zeman and overly done plastic surgery . The doctor that did her plastic surgery really messed up her face major.

There is no comparison with Scrubs and Patrick and Sabrina no comparison and to make him choose is just ridiculous. SCRUBS had history and went through hell all their years together and overcame it. Patrick just starting dating the nurse and 6 months is no comparison but laughable. trying to put both pairings on level fields doesn’t work. After all Robin has been through Patrick better choose his wife. I had to sit through the nurse antics of trying to cry while seeing a wonderful moment of Patrick seeing Robin for the first time with the interruptions of the camera going to the tears was vile. Lets get back to the REAL couple and that is Scrubs. Yesterday showed me there is no choice and Robin has his heart and soul. He couldn’t even marry and had to be pushed to say I do and sorry but Sabrina knew their was a chance Robin was alive and purposely rushed the wedding. Kimberly and JT performance was heartfelt and amazing. Kudos to Kimberly and JT but I felt that Sabrina and Felix showed immaturity on every level. a little respect for a woman who suffered and finally got home to her family would be mice from the immature nurses. Robin suffered with being tortured and kept from her family. that doesn’t top with the dating for only 6 months to a married life and couple of over 6 years is a joke. The only thing in common is the number 6

Cathy, you said it! I always felt Sabrina was force fed upon the viewers with no build up, no conflict, no climax in the story arc. Sabrina is so perfect that she comes off as a Disney cartoon come to life and that is boring! Robin was less than perfect which made her interesting. In the initial stages of their courtship, she found Patrick to be arrogant and he found her to be stuck up. Sabrina just immediately hero worshiped Patrick, there was no conflict and no chemistry between the two. I also agree with you that Sabrina and Felix were acting like a couple of immature school girls. And Sabrina’s sobs are high pitched and grating and don’t at all sound realistic. I don’t think the actress has the acting chops to pull this off.

Right on, Harry! I get tired of the pro-Sobby crowd acting as if we simply have this irrational dislike for their girl. Nearly every person who has expressed a sincere opposition to the character/actress/storyline at this site has listed myriad logical, well-explained reasons for their views. I have repeatedly stated many of your points, as well as numerous others over these past months. Hence, I just don’t get why our less than complimentary comments regarding this completely contrived coupling is so difficult to comprehend.

Sabrina comes across like Snow White!

Shay, I think they think we cannot accept Patrick moving on without Robin but for me, that’s not it. If he had to move on, could it be with someone with some spunk, some personality and some substance? Yeah, Sparkle Pony fans can be a overly defensive but what are they going to do? Put a Sparkle Pony head in my bed?

Precisely….those are the same sentiments I have repeatedly expressed….along with a list of suitable women for Patrick on at least a few separate occasions! Lol….Harry, both you and I, plus countless others, have more than adequately explained our rationales regarding our lack of acceptance of “Brand Sappy”…..quite extensively, in fact……and no matter how well we support our views, the “Sparkle Pony Brigade” just wants to keep on dwelling in their dismal, deluded Disney dreams. They’re hopeless…..and are not interested in reason.

Cathy you said it all Robin and Patrick have been through way to much and Sabrina plotted to get Patrick all along and pushed the weeding up because she had a feeling Robin was still alive. Robin and Patrick need to have their happy every after.

Cathy, Shay and Harry….my new best friends.

There was nothing in Patrick’s world when he saw Robin but her. Heck he was hardly paying attention to his own daughter- she called for him and tugged at his jacket and it seemed like he was just placating her.

And those kisses. Le sigh. I know some people thought they were insensitive to poor lil woe is me, but not I. I would have been royally pissed had they not taken place. Patrick and Robin were always very touchy-feely with each other. For two excruciating years they’ve longed for each other, smell, touch and taste. It played itself to me as if Patrick was putting the reality of Robin to the ultimate test, like a DNA test with a kiss. Well, I take that back…the precursor to the *ultimate* test ;). But that will happen in its own time. I guess after Christmas when no doubt, as the fates would have it, Patrick and Robin are together again under one roof, and any indecisiveness Patrick unintentionally feigned in the heat of the moment will be a distant memory. Perhaps a 5th anniversary celebration or NYE complete with live fireworks? But I’m getting ahead of myself and digressing.

What more can I say? Reunited and it felt so good. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all uphill from here. I believe Ron when he says this is the love story continuation of Robin and Patrick. Everything will work out the way I am anticipating in time. I just know it.

ok, clearly i’m in love with GH because they could do no wrong, well they did, love the reunion but come on, everyone else reaction was just to unrealistic, was everyone sedated? i know they were shocked but it would of been more real if Felicia had let Mac run to his niece for crying out loud, or if Liz would of gone running to her friend or Lucy kept on talking and acting crazy give me something not just people standing there all sedated and zombie like. otherwise again the show made me cry but this reunion scene should of played out differently, if carvilati had wanted us to only concentrate on Robin, emma and Patrick then why have everyone in the background in this very unrealistic way????

I kinda agree with you on their reactions ect. but i feel the scene was written to keep the main focus on Robin and Patrick alone…to put the spotlight only on them…i believe it had more of an impact that way and wouldve been too overwhelming a scene with all them othersrushing up to her…it simply had to be a Patrick and Robin shining moment, if you know what im trying to say

im terrible at editing my posts sometimes…

But really…..who in the world goes back to work the day after his wife comes back from the grave. And Emma off to school….The writers could have done a much better job with this one. Patrick should be banging down Robin’s door and Emma should have skipped school to be with her mother. Poorly written script.

Deb…i agree Patrick shouldve taken the day off of work, went to Robin, and asked where shes been and who was the person or persons who staged her death and why?

Ha ha! Aria, you make good points.

yes she do make a good point. Go to work the next day after a big shock?

Kimberly and Jason were MAGICAL. Their bond and chemistry is not only as strong as ever, but they also reminded viewers of what a TRUE LOVE story looks and feels like!!! This is their new beginning! Scrubs are meant to be together.

Soap couples never stay together, it is soap writing 101 to create breakups and start new lives..
Robin and Patrick are not immune to the ‘breakup’.. eventually, for high drama and new beginnings they will break..(hopefully by January lol ) ..

Glade you it turned out the way you dreamed for. Hope they stay together, for you.. 🙂
(it has just begun, this story will have bumps and turns)

Would agree with you but the man had to be compelled to answer his vows! And when he did, he could barely choke on them. I have never seen such trepidation on an “I do” in my life. Sabrina is no match for Scrubs. Someone else maybe, but her fairy tale just doesn’t cut it.

I disagree. I thought this reunion was very anticlimactic. I men really… Robin is going to her mothers for a “sleepover???” I can’t see her getting back together with Patrick now. Oh and could they have dressed Robin in any more of a dowdy outfit? I’ve never seen Robin as sexy and just don’t see her as Patrick’s mate. Sabrina is to goody goody for Patrick. That gets old real fast. Patrick needs a bad girl like Monica was Alan’s bad girl wife who cheated on him for the sparks to fly at GH.

Robin must have raided Laura’s closet.

well, she just got out of prison trying to stop a wedding. She did not have time to stop at home and go shower and dress up.

I cried and cried. Robin, Emma, Sabrina and my man Patrick did an exceptional job. I can understand how Patrick is feeling. He came to terms that Robin was gone and fell in love with Sabrina his future. And Robin was his past not by choice. He now has to access the situation on how much he loves both of them. I think a Robin agrees with his choice as a mother and wife to Patrick and Sabrina understands too however but now her dream may be shattered. I heard this is only a 6 month contract for Robin but that is here say. Personally I love them both but routing for a Robin and Patrick. Either way someone gets heart. My heart hearts for both of them.

My “heart hearts”?

How could you not mention Robin’s reunion with Mac? John J. York was pitch perfect yesterday.

I thought so too! the perfect subtle performance… considering.. he even had to wait… after Emma, and Patrick… it was big Mac’s response… that my heart lept for.

you know.. i’ll grandstand and pulpit… just how much I adore… knowing… caring, and watching… big Mac and Felicia…. such a lovely couple…

I completely adore them

JJY really nailed those scenes. It was the little moments that rocked.

I hate the fact that Robin has returned. It was dramatic, but Patrick had moved on and he and Sabrina were so happy. I would have preferred that Jason returned to Sam.

I agree with you. Since Robin’s first scenes I felt like she never left…crying, whining. It’s all so campy. I was hoping just before they brought them together they would kill her off. While I’m not a big Sabrina fan I feel like her and Robin could be one in the same. And it all equals boring! I mean really who waits for the whole ceremony to almost be over. That’s stupid! But this whole thing has been done so many times before. If they have Patrick take his time both Sabrina and Robin will spend all their time crying. Boring! Let me just say this Sabrina with Carlos= boring (And is it just me or is Carlos creepy and too old for Sabrina?), Patrick and Robin= boring. If after all this if they just wrap it in a bow, I’ll stop watching. I always wonder how long Kimberly will stick around. And if she’s not staying then Patrick should be with Sabrina.

PATRICK and ROBIN’S should have been alone like Patrick and Sabrina got. we didnt even get to hear him ask about what happened. SCRUBS IS THE LEGACY COUPLE and RC NEEDS TO REMEMBER THAT. This is their story,

with that said Kimberly McCullough is amazing and as Robin brought out the REAL Patrick, just like in the tie scene.She brought Patrick/JT to life again. The scenes with the KISS AMAZING AND REALISTIC. Then touching each other and Robin holding Emma’s hand showed me the family unit. No words ere needed just looks and touches. Kimberly also deserves accolades. Love how Robin was so protective of Emma compared to Sabrina and Felix making Emma seem bratty. Showed how immature Sabrina is with her fairy tale and Robin, who is Patrick’s equal

The reveal with Robin and Patrick was great but the crying in the background was too distracting, disruptive and laughable. It was over the top whaling. It didn’t fit at all. Scrubs should have had alone time like Patrick did yesterday with trying to explain to Sabrina. Don’t know why RC is afraid to give Scrub scenes alone since he is probably afraid it would be so obvious how Scrubs are realistic and natural compared to Sabrina.

I am glad Robin didn’t go home with Patrick. Robin is a Scorpio and not seconds to a joke of a comparison with Scrubs 6 years to a propped pairing of 6 months. Really disturbing to see the writer twist things to try and make both pairings on equal ground.

It was very obvious with the reveal and yesterday that ROBIN is his life. And has his heart and soul and always will. There is no other choice and the bride knew it. Did she really expect to be with Patrick if Robin had not been kidnapped. She is living in a fairytale and needs to grow up.

Robin thanked enough people and shouldn’t be over the top to thank anyone and sorry but what played out told me that Patrick was rushed and not ready to marry. Besides other things like everyone pushing him, even Liz admitted it and then he couldn’t say I Do! Carlos is and was right.

PS they need to work and keep Kimberly. She is an asset to GH and so needed. Also like the Carlos actor very much. He makes scenes work and you can tell he knows what he is doing compared to the newbies that were hired. I hope there is a twist and they keep Carlos and make him a good guy. He is so believable.

No, it’s not just you, Car-LOS! is creepy, and also swarthy and unkempt, which is a big turnoff. I really don’t understand why they don’t clean him up….particularly since he was supposed to be seen as a “business associate” of Derek’s….you would think a more polished appearance would be required as opposed to that of a degenerate!!!! He really does look too old for Sobby, but then what’s new? She never seems to want to play with own age group….That being said, at least the guy has some acting skills, which means now he’s going to have to be the one to “prop” you-know-who!!!! Quite frankly, I am beginning to think even he is too good for Sappy….she behaved like a real brat with him after he was nice enough to take her home, get her drunk on tequila, preserve her “magic wedding dress” so she didn’t puke all over it and yet, not take advantage of her inebriated state. Whatta guy!

Warrenita and Cara, If Patrick was so happy he would not have been pushed to marry. He also would not have had to watch Robin’s vids THREE times telling him to move one or stood there not being able to say I do. In case you missed the reveal episode Robin didn’t whine at all. Patrick started today when he saw her. The whining and crying was done by Sabrina in the background which was nonsense. Scrubs should have had ALONE time just like Sabrina got.

PS in case you don’t know the character Robin she was NEVER whiney or crying but the opposite a good person and strong (even when she found out she was HIV) which is some of the things that Patrick said attracted him to Robin. Just some info.

I agree!

Patrick doesnt have to choose…hasnt he heared of ‘Sister Wives’?

I want him back with robin he belong with his wife his little girl

ITA! Life went on but we saw Patrick up until his wedding day looking for Robin in the lab.

I do too!

I was annoyed
I wanted to slap Robin out the door.. I did not shed a tear I just ground my
I would have FF Robin but I wanted to see Patrick 🙂

It’s a soap and when the writing is great people will either love or hate, well done RC, FV and staff ; I wanted to slap Robin to the curb !!

Looking forward to early 2014 when Patrick and Sabrina get their happy ever after and Emma is settled down with two mommies..

Now I was cheering as if my team had scored the winning touchdown. And I was laughing uproarisly when Sparkle Pony was loudly and shrilly sobbing in the church trying to make sure everyone heard her.

You have issues, why on earth would you want to slap the mother of has been kidnapped, pronounced dead and tortured for 2 years. I swear anyone who did not see Robin’s pain but only saw Sparkle Pony’s with her horrible over acting and high pitched sobs are soulless.

Robin has class act… Sabrina is more like Snow White fairy tale!

That is not going to happen and yes, Robin does deserve to get her husband back. She could not help it if she was kidnapped for two long years. Sabrina needs to go on back to her ex and be happy she have someone to love her like he does. She will get over Patrick for he was not hers to keep, he belongs to Robin and Emma!!!!!

Jason Thompson was amazing! How this guy hasn’t won an Emmy is astonishing to me. And I feel bad saying this because I really do like Sabrina, but hearing her crying in the background during a reunion I’ve waited almost two years for really bugged me. It took too much from the moment, in my opinion. I can understand how Patrick loves both women, but he belongs with Robin and Emma. I just hate that this storyline might depend on the length of Robin’s contract more than anything else.

I KNOW!!! Sparkle Pony must have found a microphone to cry into to be sure everyone noticed her.

That’s because even when the show is NOT all about her, it ends up being all about her. Annoying….just plain annoying!


that’s the funniest thing I’ve read yet… for the fallout! uproariously hilarious…

“..found a microphone to cry into”

LOL… Nice!

2ndly… for you… Sparkle Pony… takes the cake…. as well.

I was disappointed with how little the scorpio family reunion got and how much no one was asking who had robin, is she ok, what they do to her. it was all about a fantasy relationship coming crashing down. it was awful.

I think the situation has played out as close to real as possible for an entirely unreal, soapy situation of having your wife come back from the dead at your wedding to a new woman. I DO think it only makes sense for Robin/Patrick to be the endgame, but Patrick’s feelings for Sabrina CAN’T just vanish like a puff of smoke by realizing Robin is alive. Patrick and Sabrina endured a lot of emotional, life-altering scenarios together, forging deep bonds out of tragedy (dealing with Robin’s “death” and its impact on Patrick AND Emma) and adversity (Britt’s manipulations and agenda). Robin’s death was VERY real to Patrick for two years, he just saw Robin was alive, what, an hour ago? Where do all the emotions go? They’re still there. Patrick, being a good man, can’t just up and discard Sabrina, after all she’s become to him in the last two years, and pick Robin up in his arms and carry her out of the church, never looking back. It would deteriorate Patrick’s integrity for it to be THAT easy, at least immediately.

Sabrina’s experience is being explored realistically and emotionally as well. She’s cheated, she’s angry, she’s relieved (for Emma and Patrick because of the grief she witnessed over the last two years), she’s heartbroken because in her HEAD she knows that Robin being gone is the main reason she got into Patrick’s life in the first place, and Robin’s return is the only reason she can be gone from his life now. The inevitability of what is to come is devastating to Sabrina. And she can’t even blame Patrick. It’s an IMPOSSIBLE situation.

I am dying for some one-on-one scenes with Sabrina/Robin because they need to go through the multiple arcs of emotions with each other. Robin being grateful for how Sabrina helped Patrick/Emma through the worst time in their lives, Sabrina feeling connected to Robin because of the love they EACH have for Patrick/Sabrina, the jealousy and anger Sabrina has for being that rock for them only to lose them now to Robin, Robin not being able to blame Sabrina for being angry. This can go so many ways because Sabrina and Robin could eventually become really strong friends, but they will need to go through months of hell and complicated emotions to get there. But they could also possibly become mortal enemies if Sabrina can’t get past her heartbreak and longing for the life she almost had, and could become a dark force for Robin/Patrick’s relationship by refusing to “go quietly”. But I really want to see the two “nice girls” Sabrina and Robin pitted against each other by this insane situation, and forced to interact daily because they all work at the hospital and all have the same friends and loved ones. Liz, Epiphany, Patrick, Emma, all of them caught in the middle. When Robin was gone, Sabrina found a place in all of their hearts, but with Robin back, does she have that place anymore? Even if she does have A place, it’s not the SAME place she had, and how does Sabrina deal with that? She will always come second to Robin now, bottom line.

Where does Britt land? I missed her gloating at Sabrina’s downfall, but I imagine they’ll get to that, with Britt ultimately realizing she’s being petty taking pleasure in Sabrina’s misfortune when she has the possibility of a new start with Nikolas (which Britt also fears embracing because of the secret surrounding her own baby that threatens that future with Nikolas). There’s MAJOR potential drama ahead for ALL characters at the hospital. What if Robin and Sabrina land in the Operating Room together and someone’s life is hanging in the balance?

It’s a really messy, layered, complicated situation and would take MONTHS to unravel and explore all the different dynamics. It’s really perfectly laid out. The journey should continue to be as fantastic as it’s been so far. Complete and utter fanboy at this moment. Carlivati knows how to play it out!

Wow! nice read… on all the possible scenarios… for both Sabrina and Robin…

for all those too excited for the re-union… of Patrick and Robin…. not to consider the fallout… journey… path of self-discovery… pull out all the stops girls… this is it!

your post… reads excellent drama… for these two “nice girls”… and I say that exponentially… these two actors… have layers, hidden agenda?, women plying off of each other… for their own differing.. yet the same ultimate goal… that husband, daughter, and family….

i’m repeating your read…

and yet.. I have to naysay… what many fans… have posted… is Theresa Castillo able to play all the above… judging by fan outcry… i’m not sure… I give her credit…these last three days… she seemed more in to her role… outside of her goody goody two shoes… holier than thou… adoration sugar coated syrupy idolization of her intended… and that’s got to stop… and that’s where Robin.. came in… she knew… what she was getting in to… and you better believe.. no matter what fans think of KM acting choice’s or how Robin is written… she put him in his place… and or let him believe he has the reigns… which is how a relationship should be… 50/50… but.. Robin… is so aware.. of her lot in life…

I don’t know.. I like… you… have a lot of hope for further development…

and it would seem… the one missing piece of the puzzle… for THEE greatest love story… of the 4 available… shows…. that this hinges on how long… KM is back.

I don’t know.. it’s all soap fodder… but.. FUN to press… and share ideals

I like your post…

since i’m on a tangent…

Mondays epi… I sobbed for the mother/daughter reunion… god love that Emma.
Tuesdays epi… I lost it… when… it came time for Dr. Patrick Drake’s world came crashing in … his mental – emotional – psychological – state of mind… reeled top notch acting force….

time stopped… this is what day time drama… is all about… this was: per your words…. “complete and utter fanboy at this moment”

this is thee pinnacle.. from which GH has opportunity to build… all that has come to pass….

all the character driven story… that is built around these two… Patrick and Robin… IS: Serial at it’s best.

fodder again…. If Teresa Castillo as Sabrina has a chance… she’s got to make better acting choices… had to google… her start – debut… Sept. 19, 2012… so… that makes her on the forefront… 14-15 months now…. I honestly… think the writing has to steer away from her immature antics… be more professional at work… and dig deep in to her and Carlos past… whomever this Carlos actor is… he has carried her… as well… since his introduction…. i’m giving this a chance.. because of all the characters that are involved… ie: family tree that connect the cast… to Patrick and Robin…

anyway… this part of GH… is what’s going to carry GH

WOW!!! excellent post!!

This has got to be the best well-thought out post ive ever read here…i enjoyed it so much ive read it over several times. Good job!

Sabrina hasn’t known Patrick for 2 years, she’s barely even been on the show for one year. They’ve never even gone out on a date. They’ve slept together and she’s babysat for Emma and that’s it. So to say that Sabrina has supported him for these past 2 years is ludicrious.

Exactly ludicrous. .and she hasn’t even been on the show for 2yrs..Sabrina barely knows Patrick, what they’ve been together 2mins vs yrs with Robin your wife and you can’t choose…uhhhh, give me a break..

Writing at its best….succinct but enlightening.

So I’ve probably seen yesterdays’ show about 100 times and it was steller, it was beyond what i thought would happen. Patrick walking slowly over to Robin, not knowing if it was a dream or not and then Robin reaching out to touch his chest and he let out a breath, like finally getting to breathe again. I loved it. Kimberly and Jason rocked their scenes and they were beyond perfections, granted I wanted more of them together and the other stories on yesterday took away from that. It needed to be about them than the other stories.

As for Sabrina, I don’t feel bad for her, she knew the moment she met Patrick that he was grieving for his wife, a woman that stole his heart the moment he met her. And everything that Patrick had gone through to be just happy with Robin until she ‘died’. She knew where Patrick’s heart was. As for her scenes, I didn’t like them, she’s was over the top emotional, and sorry to say that I didn’t enjoy her scenes yesterday.

Patrick and Robin made yesterday, Kimberly and Jason, pulled me back into watching and they have done that on many occasions but I will look forward to seeing Patrick dealing with this emotions and trying to see Robin on more than a few occasions.

Yes, yes and yes, Mallory. Britt’s mother had a point when she said that Sabrina manipulated the memory of Patrick’s dead wife to win favor with Patrick. She did.
Just because Dr. O is evil, doesn’t mean she isn’t right.

Touche’, Harry! One of the (many) reasons I enjoyed Dr. O. to the utmost extremity was that she totally nailed that situation when she described it to Robin. Say what you will, but Liesl is a brilliant, insightful woman, and she knows of what she speaks. And on that subject, is she still stuck in holding? Someone must extricate our beloved “Mad Mutta” from her incarcerated state, because we need her free to run amok and wreak more hilarious havoc….particularly with Christmas being right around the corner. Carol karaoke anyone?????

yeah they really played on that. yeck the whole nurses ball was proof of that

Patrick fell in love with Sabrina and asked her to marry him, Patrick did that..
Emma loves Sabrina, also..
Patrick is to blame, he asked Sabrina to marry him she did not ask him..
Many men have been in love with 2 women and there are women who love 2 men, and that is where Patrick is, he loves 2 women, the story will be into that very soon..

Robin and Patrick are not all that much, really they are not..
They are not saved from breaking up, either..

Robin worship and Sabrina hate goes to show dark mentalities 🙂

You sound as stupid as Felix.

Agree!! Sabrina was very reluctant to accept his proposal. He pushed it.

Amen, Mallory, amen!

I can’t thank you … and JimH… and so many others… how well you, and… have fully illuminated… the multi-faceted… Kathleen Gati!

she’s a gem!
She’s a fascinating… witty.. insightful… character actor.
she fully embodies… personifies… her profession.

I truly hope GH… finds a way… to keep her… on the canvas…

keeping Britt’a mother on the show… is a MUST! to further elevate character development… and we all know… how Britta has catapulted… GH as well… the burgeoning… romance… supercouple that Britta and Nicholas.. is laying a foundation… that is going to escalate how good GH is… with the other stratosphere.. couple… Patrick and Robin….

OK… i’m long winded…

I can’t thank you enuf!

as posted… this is like thee 5th soap…. isn’t it like…

@Patrick….Just like a soap opera….or high school! Make that both….kinda like “Gossip Girl!” (Or The OC…90210?) LOL….And Mr. Fairman is the principal!!!! ; )

@Patrick….Kathleen Gati, aka our beloved “Dr. O.” is such a rare and special talent….she deserves all the superlatives we can summon to salute her! In her prodigious portrayal as Liesl Obrecht, she has captured not just our fascination, but an awesome array of emotions….all with equal aplomb! Mysterious, maniacal, malevolent, mirthful, maudlin, mercurial, musical and maybe even a tad bit maternal are terms befitting her character, yet they cannot begin to adequately describe the Glorious Gati’s impressive acting repertoire!!!! With that colossal charisma and irrepressible presence, our “Madcap Mutta” absolutely must be retained on the PC map …. to further entertain, engage, and enchant us…. and to expertly evolve her crazy, crafty character into one of a long-standing, lofty legend! That being said, thank you, as well, Patrick! You and jimh, along with many others, including Jules and now Harry (to name but a few) have made me feel ever so welcome to contribute to your creative confabs. Not only has it been truly enjoyable, but it’s offered a unique prism into the GH experience that only sharing and comparing, debating and dissecting, and discussing and dissenting can provide. A Happy Holiday season to you all!!!!! (And of course, to Mr. Fairman, for providing this cool site and putting up with us…especially when we become “over-enthusiastic!!!!”)

No sympathy for Sabrina from me. In the last few months she’s forced Patrick to a place he obviously did not really want to go. He wasn’t ready to take off his wedding rings, he wasn’t ready to get married.

And today, while I get his shock, there’s no way he wouldn’t have said I love you Sabrina, but not as much as I love Robin, etc. I am a little disappointed, but know it’s a soap and there have to be soapy drawn out moments.

I can’t pin point what I feel for Sabrina. I’ve been trying to all day yesterday. I don’t feel sorry for her, I’m relieved the wedding was mercifully stopped and I’m uber excited her fiancee’s wife is back in the picture and they’re already getting back to being handsy with one another, but I’m not giddy or relishing in her sorrow either. I’m not going around on sites bashing her or arguing with those who think she was a poor casualty who was lied to and had her feelings manipulated by a man who was never ready to move on. She’s just kind of a non-entity to me and her feelings matter to me in no way or another. I am expending no energy on caring or not caring about her in any shape or form. It actually feels really good and freeing.

I do know though, that when Patrick took a Rob Ford-esque long pause on his “I do”, only to finally grit it through his teeth, and Sabrina let out some big sigh of joy, in my head, I was just thinking “Oh hooooney!”. That’s something I guess. Does that count as a feeling? Pity, maybe?

I should add that it’s freeing because I get to spend all my energy with the show on the 2 characters that make this show for me, rather than on a frivolous no-nothing one. She’s like Mount Everest- they may tease the audience and pretend like she’s an obstacle, but she is surmountable, and just kind of there. We all know it.

Great comments, Jules. I agree that Sparkle Pony is a non entity.

@Jules/Harry….A “Non entity,” indeed! Trouble is she’s one that the entire show has practically been built around for over a year now, which is something that has never been properly explained! What made “Sappy” so special that she was treated like this precious, indispensible princess??? It certainly wasn’t due to great talent, charisma, looks or paying one’s dues by working up to a full-time role….my God, even the legendary Luke and Laura began with baby steps….why was this person so fast-tracked and forced upon us? This is the main reason why so many of us simply could not accept the character/actress/storyline. It was just TOO much TOO soon with no logical justification!

“Rob Ford-esque long pause”….oh Jules, too funny!!!! God help him, he’s your country’s shame, yet we have no room to be scornful or mocking given the numerous idiots we currently have representating us south of your border!!! (Naming no names…but take that any way you want!!!!… ; ) ……)

YAY! Shay! You are the second person to make my night! I’m glad someone got my Rob Ford reference!! An American no less, but that’s just as fun to me ;).

So glad, Jules!!!!…Oh yeah, know all about Rob Ford! He’s an international soap opera unto himself!!!!

Yes, yes, yes. Those are exactly my sentiments. I could care less about Sabrina’s lost love. It is a soap opera. Whatever happens happens. I do not like reading about sparkle ponies, troll babies, Febrinas in a derogatory manner. You have expressed my feelings to a T. Thank you.

Well now, Jules, Sabrina cannot be that much of a nonentity if she is , so often, the topic of discussion. I do, however, appreciate how you graciously avoid plunging into a Sabrina bashing fest. I care not whether she ends up with Patrick or not. Now that Robin is back, I ‘d rather see him with his wife. But, as I understand it, her return is somewhat tenuous. It is baffling to me the amount of energy and effort a certain someone wastes on dragging the Sabrina character over the coals. Too much emphasis on one person, instead of discussing plots or storylines.
By this time , you realize that the curtain has risen and Sabrina is taking center stage. No longer the nonentity ……no longer the shy girl hiding in the shadows . It is too late now, her wings are timidly starting to spread . Her confession to Patrick about the baby’s paternity is a step forward. The baby may turn out to be Carlos’s but right now, Ms. Sabrina has made her debut as an important character……
Am I to understand you’re Canadian? If you are I must have missed something. I am from Toronto…attended Madonna High, Lakeshore Teachers’ College, and then off to UT and studied in France and Italy many moons ago.
I am looking forward to any storyline regarding Dr. O….waiting with bated breath. Someone mentioned an evil twin. I would love to see Ms Gati remain indefinitely as the good twin…one can only hope.

Unbelievable episode. The entire cast gave memorable performances — especially Kim, Patrick, and Finoa. I also think Teresa Castillo gave in a heartbreaking performance. GH fans waited a long time for the reunion of Robin and Patrick. When Patrick kissed Robin, I was overjoyed for them but my heart dropped for Sabrina. Powerful, classic daytime moment.

As a longtime OLTL, I always enjoyed the direction Frank V. and Ron C. took the show in. These climatic moments were always enjoyable and captivating to watch. Were they always perfect? No! But for me I lived for these times inter-locking storylines and characters with others.

Kudos to GH. Without question, best daytime drama this year if they submit these scenes, along with the nurses ball and maxie’s secret revealed. Can it get any better? I hope it does. Loving every single moment of it.

Omg i camt believe this! I even felt sympathy for Sabrina! Kinda hoping she goes Annie Duton-like crazy 😉 Loved Robin and her kiss with Patrick. The scorpio-Drakes are back! Amen! Again, thank you Ron

I’m among the few who have watched GH since the late 70s and have therefore seen Robin grow up— and don’t like her. I blame it mostly on the revolving writers who all had differing agendas, but I’ve never taken a liking to her. That said, I do believe that Robin and Patrick are meant to be. It would be a real hard sell to convince thousands of fans otherwise. Since Kimberly McCullough is only back for a short time, I see her and Patrick riding off into the sunset together and Jason Thompson leaving GH, which has been rumored for a while. I’d really like to see Sabrina in another circle of characters in the future.

I am still for Robin and Patrick. Sabrina went running to Carlos. on pins and needles to see what happens. Also waiting for Maxie, to see her cousin Robin alive so she will stop blaming herself for her death.

I love watching that show im glad robin back

kimberly only signed a 6 month contract, she will be leaving gh in april. rumor is jason thompson might be leaving gh in the spring of 2014, if that true emma robin and patrick will leave together.

yes her contract is only 6 months but its not april it is february claudio

Although I loved the scenes with Patrick, Robin, and Emma, I think that Robin not going home was ridiculous. She should have gone home if not for herself for Emma. I know they went to Anna’s, but really, for Emma it would have been better to be in her own home with her parents. As far as Patrick and his “decision” everything with Sabrina has felt rushed these past few weeks, and Patrick has clearly still been in love with Robin and not over her at all. I really hope the writers allow Patrick and Robin to have a real, complete reunion!

I love Robin. Robin’s reunions with Robert,Anna,Duke and Emma were the best. Patrick really came back to life when Robin was revealed. He became interesting. I’ve never bought him with Sabrina. No chemistry, they were rushed and just not Patrick. As much as I love the chemistry between Kimberly and Jason. Robin deserves better. I wish the show would give her options.

I think Kimberly and Brooklyn gave the best performances. The pacing on the show still stinks as our the follow ups after big reveals. No questions on who had Robin, what did they do to her, is she ok, did she get her meds. Nothing. I appreciated Robin acting as the adult and not saying certain things in front of Emma but how they heck are Mac and Patrick not asking/demanding. How was that less important than the propping of Sabrina once again.

Soaps are notorious for bringing cast members back from the dead but it defies reality when an explosion spares anyone’s life. Despite that, and the good acting of Robin and Patrick it was disappointing to see the wedding performed to the end and then spring the shocking surprise to all involved. I think Robin (McCullough) is wimpy and looks FRUMPY and disheveled and GH could have at least had a more flattering appearance for her re-entry to Port Charles making her somewhat more attractive as the comparison to poor startled and VERY Pretty bride Sabrina was drastic. She didn’t have to be dressed for a wedding, but, merely in more flattering clothes and looking better than she did. Also, very naïve of her to think she could reclaim her place with her husband and child by just showing up…but, that’s showbiz in the Soapsuds. I hate when soaps belittle our intelligence, but I guess we aren’t that intelligent to watch regularly. The whole scene was over the top and too dramatic. I rarely watch G.H. anymore with it’s letting key characters go and introducing the likes of Franco, Kiki, Lucy, Kin Shriner, Jerry Jax, Faison and Obrecht in again and again is a turn off. A.J. (Sean K) and Laura (Genie F) are a loss ….Heather’s re entry over and over is a re tread and boring. Without Sonny and Carly the whole show would fall in the ratings….Writers, wake up! I guarantee that many viewers agree….ratings have to have dropped ,,,50th anniversary or not, it’s lost it’s appeal.

What’s wrong with my post? Simply stated I never thought Robin and Patrick were star crossed lovers or that there was great chemistry so the long awaited reuniting this couple didn’t phase me except to feel sorry that a wedding was planned and being performed with the exception of pronouncing Patrick and Sabrina husband and wife. General Hospital has lost a lot of it’s zing and once and a while I catch up on Soapnet or read the spoilers rather than wasting time watching. Are negative comments censored here?

People please Patrick just got hit in the gut his reaction of not knowing what he feels would be nothing short of normal I know everyone hates the choice of him moving on with Sabrina but he did he does need time to sort his feelings. Robin standing there letting him recite vows to someone without stopping him is just typical Robin trying to control the situation. The person I feel the worst for is Patrick everyone is always telling that poor guy what to do and when to do it. Patrick take my advice dump them both and move on with Liz! Lol!

many of us want Patrick with Sabrina..
and love the thought of him moving on with Sabrina..
Patrick and Sabrina will be the end game, together 🙂

there is much to come in the upcoming months…

Oh really in what universe? Most people on this board rip that girl’s flesh off of her bones. Personally I do not care either way because I did not drink the Kool-Aid of Robin & Patrick. You really want to see a comeback then you tube when Laura came back to Luke in 1983 and then tell me what a super couple is. I find most of your posts sarcastic at best.

SuOO, you posted on another blog that you wanted Patrick to be all by himself and he should dump both Robin and Sabrina. It’s okay to change your mind but you do so intensely one would think you would give yourself whip lash.

There was no chemistry between Patrick and Sabrina..and she seemed so much younger than him! Actually, for a brief moment there, I almost wished he would make it with Brit, instead of whiny, holier than thou Sabrina. I love Robin, but for some reason could not warm up to Sabrina! It almost seemed forced on us.. I would have preferred that Patrick remain the stoic, mourning widower, not moving on with ANY woman for a long long time.


Thats what ive said for some time…Patrick shouldve been paired with Liz…they actually have the best chemistry together!

4got to add…but now that Robin is finally back in his life im going to wait and see…

Please you haven’t been with your wife in two years and she shows up and you let her sleep somewhere else that night!!

lol well, Patrick and Sabrina have been naked, making love, saying ”I love you” for sometime now and he was about to spend the rest of his life with Sabrina,,
Patrick , at this point in time is not ready to decide, but he does love Sabrina, so dont hold your breath for him and Robin .. 🙂

Sabrina has Milo or Carlos .. Carlos loves Sabrina… She should pick one of them and leave Patrick alone, so he can be with his Robin and their daughter Emma…Never really liked Sabrina w/ Patrick…

all I know is, you have to give it to Patrick and Robin ( the actors actually) for pulling off such a ‘rushed’ scene in my opinion. Over the past couples of months, or shall I say years, I have been so proud of Jason – he played his role, morning Robin so incredibly well. Such weak script at times and very hard to play off of ‘his perfect’ daughter….. He belongs on the big screen!!

Jason Thompson (Patrick) l his best story that brought his acting talents forward was when he was addicted to drugs and his journey back..
that story really showcased him..

Patrick and Robin are just a normal long running couple, and we all they never last .
JT is phantoms above KMc in the acting department ..

Performances were great. Love Patrick with both Sabrina and Robin. I am waiting for the best story yet which is when Dante and Lulu get their baby back from Brit.

I just can’t believe that after all
that grief (Patrick even went to
the hospital lab on his wedding
day), but NOW he doesn’t know
if he wants to be with Robin or
sabrina!? Robin is HIS TRUE LOVE
and he can’t decide!? We’ve
waited months for him and Robin
to get back together.

I don’t like Patrick with sabrina.
She’s okay, but she doesn’t
belong with Patrick and Emma,
they are Robin’s family. As
much as Robin has gone
through, being kidnapped and
held against her will for 2 years.
This was through no fault of her
own, then she FINALLY gets
home, and Patrick decides that
he doesn’t know WHO he wants
to be with? ARE YOU KIDDING
ME?! He had just told Elizabeth
and sabrina not long ago, that
he heard Robin’s voice in a
phone call. He was still grieving and crying. He told sabrina on
the day of their wedding, that he
had just gone to the hospital lab
looking to make sure that Robin
wasn’t there, but then he sees
Robin with his own eyes, he
kisses her, passionately, but
now he doesn’t know WHO he
wants to be with?!. PLEASE!!

Well said..

I dont feel sorry for Sabrina thats Robins husband and she should respect that robin and patrick is suppose to be together

Here I go again. Patrick should get a swift kick in the pants ,then go find Robin and bring her home First they can talk she can tell him what she went through. Patrick had to be talked into dating Sabrina, he gaged on the words I DO in the wedding ceremoney, he wanted to call Anna because Robin was on the phone,. Come on, I think deep down he knew Robin was out there, and he was afraid to believe. Patrick should be with Robin. She had NO say in staying away.. Sabrina did not make me feel for her at the wedding. She needs to learn how to cry on screen. I do not hate the girl, but if Ron has his way pushing her to the front I will. She has been on screen ten times more than anyone else. I have a mind of my own and I know who I like and dislike. Ron wants the glory he needs to listen to the fans .They will tell him what they want to watch. Look at the ratings from the reunion .It certainly wasn’t the wedding we ALL CAME TO SEE.

I love Robin! She is an amazing actress and the reason I tuned into General Hospital in the 90s when she was diagnosed with the aids virus. She also grew up on the soap, and is a very vital character, having strong relationships with many others who are lucky enough to share scenes with her. For eg. she is loved by Sonny the notorious mobster! And what about her relationships with Maxie, and Sam and Carly, Luke, Spinelli, etc etc etc!! When they killed her off, a lot of hearts were broken and fans were devastated! I know I was!! She is real and genuine, unlike the fake and forced Sabrina!! Her scenes with Emma last week made me cry, as did the kiss between her and Patrick. Of course Patrick is reeling with shock! He thought Robin was dead! He has been mourning her for two long years, possibly never really getting over her in his heart, but to me he has seemed like an empty shell since her “death”. He needed to move on of course, if not for his sake, but definitely for his daughter Emma. Robin is the love of his life, and this was shown to us in his scenes with her last week. He did seem to “come back to life”! Whether or not Robin and Patrick will stay together, their love will always be remembered as the beloved “scrubs” to many fans. I am rooting for them, and It was wonderful to see them back together last week!!!

yes , I felt sorry for Sabrina, but I also felt sorry for Robin.She didn’t choose to leave. I hope her and Patrick get back together. Please !

kinda weird too that Patrick went to work the next day… I’m just sayin…

I cried with Patrick and Robin. I was so happy to see them together again. They are my favorite couple. I like Sabrina but she is not for Patrick. She should have believed her ex-boyfriend cause he show told her Robin was alive. If Robin has to go away for 6 months, let Patrick and Emma go away for 6 months, just let Robin and Patrick stay together.

I’he just watched general
hospital today, 12/19/13,
and it’s still going on,
Patrick can’t seem to
make up his mind about
who he wants to be with,
Robin or sabrina. This is
really getting on my
nerves, and this may be
the last day that I watch
General Hospital. I mean,
there really is no decision,
Robin and Patrick belong
together. All of that crying
and whining that Patrick
had been doing, up to and
even ON his wedding day
to sabrina, BUT NOW, HE’S
better than they’ve been
portraying her, like she’s
desperate to get Patrick
back. If you don’t intend
to have Patrick come to
his senses and put his
and Robin’s family back
together, at least let her
keep her DIGNITY and let
her be with someone who
AND her LOYALTY. Don’t
keep dragging this
RIdiculous story line out.
Depending on HOW YOU
continue to HANDLE this
story line, WILL
I’m sure there are plenty
of fans who feel the exact
same way that I do. Not
to mention the other story
lines that are also testing
our staying tuned in, like
for instance, the actress
you have playing LULU.
I’ve been a LOYAL FAN

I agree completely. IF Robin and PAtrick don’t ge tback together, I may ahve to stop watching the show.

I hope Patrick & Robin get back together he is much better with her. Plus she should be wit her dauhter..what is going to happen??

The actual moment that Patrick first saw Robin and the kiss that they shared was extremeyl emotional. I cried my eys out. However, I have waited for them to be reunited since the day she was killed off. I expected Patrick to run to Robin and enver let her go. I didnt expect him to be unsure of who he wanted. This put a huge dmaper on the renunion and was a rea turnoff for me. I wanted them to be ecstatically in love. with no doubts.

Miriam, isn’t that something? I mean, all this
time whining, then all of a sudden, Robin is
there in front of him and he doesn’t know
what to do. Well, finally they’ve brought
Patrick to his senses (at least it looks that
way). We’ll see on the next episode. It gets
Exhausting sometimes, doesn’t it. (Smile).
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they
Finally get on the right track and stay on it.

yes I felt sorry for Sabrina. But I want Patrick and Robin to be together forever because its not fair for Robin because she loves her husband and little girl and later down the road they can always have another child.

@Shay: It is one of those sleepless nights, again, for me; giving me the opportunity to read and review these comments. Well, lo and behold, Shay, true to form, you do not disappoint. I am truly trying to delve into your brain….but, since I do not know you, I can only base my opinion upon your writing. My professional opinion? I think you’re nuts, plain and simple. Your attacks on Ms. Teresa (Sabrina) are getting old. Regardless of the topic, you somehow find a way to mention, in your words not mine, “Sappy”, “Disney Princess”, “chica”, “Sabrina Tequila” etc. What is your problem with this poor girl?
Also, you dare call others self-righteous???? Look who’s calling the kettle black!!! You are insolent and petty. You assumed that her thickening waistline was due to Ms. Teresa getting fat when in fact she was actually pregnant? Silly Wabbit!!!

There must be something about “Sabrina” that you subconsciously feel you lack and wish you had. It is the only explanation for your antagonistic and irreverent writing. Jealous anyone?
As for you Patrick…you think you are so smug with what you perceive as a semblance of witty writing, without insulting you much, but rather helping you…please note that the French word, “coif” is a noun….never, but never used as a verb. If you wish, I am willing to give you lessons in both English and French grammar……as if…Au revoir.

@Shay. Yes, you are right, Shay. There are many who oppose Patrina. I would like to see Patrick with Robin forevermore myself. However, I doubt that will come to fruition. There is, however, a vast difference between your posts and theirs.. I have not been on the site for a while…..cold, icy day in the Northeast….not much to do, so here I am. From where I am standing, as it were, everyone else’s posts discuss and make observations, and so they should, while your posts basically trash not only Teresa/Sabrina, but anything Hispanic. Even when you refer to her as “babysitter”, the vibe is very much alive with a derogatory connotation.
Now, I have very much enjoyed your witty banter in the past, but it was clean….the waters are now murky to downright dirty. I am sure you care not about my opinion, I am just an observer afterall, but I am in such a quandary as what to make of you. Are you okay? I am mortified and disappointed by your arrogant posts. You should wish Teresa good fortune and a healthy baby, not bash her . Yes, it appears that you are referring to the character. But, her baby is real and a blessing , not a spawn. I am in shock. You seem to be taking your frustrations on an innocent unborn child. I assume you have no children and I pray you never have any… would not a good parent make.
By the by? There is no comma after the word “hence”… Just as there is no comma before “etc.” I guess you must have forgotten the basics. Have a happy day…..

I always read your posts, Shay. I have always enjoyed them. You came across as very intelligent, witty and sensitive to other people’s feelings. But, when it comes to the character Sabrina, something detonates in your brain and boom!!!! You go into this tirade of insults that are quite merciless and hurtful. I cringe every time I read your posts. Now, you are trying to come away as the victim because you feel that other posters are attacking you. No, sweetie….we are attacking your writing. You put yourself en par with other posters, but they do not, with the exception of tag-along -Patrick and sometimes Harry( albeit he is not insulting), go off on her. I appreciate your criticism of someone’s acting etc. , but you just do not know when to stop. Believe it or not, I love Robin, always have. I am glad Kimberly is back. And, we as posters, are not necessarily pro Soppy, as you put it, but anti racist and ethnic name-calling. Can you not see the difference.? Ms. Castillo was hired to play a role. She must be doing something right if she ” lights your fire” so well. You are the only one who has made inferences to her unborn child, calling him/her a troll and other very horrific names that should not even be thoughts in your head, never mind uttering them ( well, typing). Ms. Castillo does not write her parts, she reads a script. GH has writers for that. You do u – n – d – e – r – s – t – a – n- d the concept, don’t you? You want to make fun of the character? Sobeit ! But please, do not insult the person or her culture. You do the same to Carlos. Yes, he does look like he needs a shower, but he is also playing a part. It does not mean that a whole culture needs to be bashed. I read one of your posts where you imply that you know how to separate fiction from reality and you need no psychoanalysis ….well, without hurting your feelings, your writing SPEAKS volumes. You cannot seem to make that distinction…it is very clear, dear. As an Italian-born woman, I would crucify anyone who made derogatory remarks about my children or my culture. You have become a ” persona non grata”.

Breaking News

WGA and AMPTP Reach Tentative Deal to End Writers Strike

Looks like we are close, very close, to the writing teams at your favorite soap operas returning to their jobs with news on Sunday that finally the WGA and AMPTP have reached a tentative deal. What remains is the fine print, and having the WGA vote to ratify their contracts.

This is welcome news to the television, streaming and motion picture industry that after five months of a strike has put the 2023-2024 TV season in deep water.

In a statement, the Writers Guild shared, “We have reached a tentative agreement on a new 2023 MBA (Minimum Basic Agreement), which is to say an agreement in principle on all deal points, subject to drafting final contract language. We can say, with great pride, that this deal is exceptional — with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership.”

As the deal goes through its final stages, the writers are still technically on strike, but picketing outside studios and shows has now been suspended.

Photo: ABC

Among the writers’ demands that they fought for are: higher residuals from streaming shows, minimum staff sizes to prevent the use of “mini rooms” and protections from the use of AI.  The hope within the entertainment industry is that the new deal for the WGA will move along a new contract for SAG-AFTRA (actors) with the AMPTP.  As of Monday, SAG-AFTRA is still on strike.

Photo: JPI

As for your favorite soap operas, during the strikes, the shows were written by non-union writers or “fi-core” writers who gave up their union benefits in order to continue working.

The next steps in process will see the WGA negotiating committee vote on “whether to recommend the agreement and send it on to the WGAW Board and WGAE Council for approval,” tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.  Another vote by the board and council could lift the strike “restraining order”and allow scribes to “return to work during the ratification vote”.

So, are you happy to know that the writing teams from your favorite soaps are about to return to work and helm the scripts and the vision of the shows? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Alum Richard Simmons ‘Not Interested’ In Biopic with Pauly Shore Portraying Him

Former General Hospital guest star and fitness guru, the reclusive Richard Simmons, has come forward and addressed actor and comedian, Pauly Shore’s wish to play the 70’s and 80’s pop culture icon in a biopic about his life.

Shore previously took to social media and on X shared a side-by-side of him and Simmons. Accompanying the post, Pauly expressed: I’ve noticed the reactions to me playing #RichardSimmons in a biopic. I heard he’s living in Big Bear. We’ve been playing phone tag (yes, he has a phone). I’m trying to make it happen, you guys. In the meantime, hit up all the big producers. I’ll see you at @TheAcademy 2025!”

However, TMZ’s sources are reporting on Saturday that Simmons is not in favor of Shore playing him in a film or anyone else, or any biopic on his life.

The outlet shared that Richard’s reaction was that he was aware of the effort behind a biopic, mostly spear-headed by Pauly. but that he just doesn’t want to be involved. Simmons also added that he likes Pauly a lot, but he’s not biting, despite the public’s urging on social media about the idea of a movie on his life.

Photo: ABC

Born Milton Teagle “Richard” Simmons, he became part of the public conscious back in the 70’s and 80’s with exercise studios and the ability to help his clients lose weight; many of them were celebrities. Simmons himself, admitted to at one time to being overweight, and getting into fitness helped him maintain a healthy living style and he wanted to help others.

Later, he began a four-year recurring run on General Hospital playing himself from 1979-1983.  Simmons returned to the show in 2013 for the Nurses’ Ball to taunt Lucy (Lynn Herring). He also was host of the Emmy-award winning, The Richard Simmons Show, which focused on personal health, fitness, exercise, and healthy cooking.  Over the last several years, Simmons has withdrawn from public life.

What would you think of a Richard Simmons biopic and if it included some moments in front of the camera and behind the scenes of what went down when he appeared on GH? Do you think it will ever happen given Simmons current position on the matter? Let us know in the comment section.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s John J. York Reveals Potential Transplant Donor: “I Believe They Found a Match”

Promising news for General Hospital’s John J. York (Mac Scorpio). The actor who went public with his health battle shared Friday on Good Morning America that a life-saving blood stem cell transplant donor may have been located.

An emotional York told GMA, “I believe they found a match, perfect match, which will make me cry.  So we’re going to start our testing and do all that kind of stuff coming up here in about a week, and then I believe the transplant will happen, fingers crossed, in November.”

Through his association with the Be The Match organization, York located the now potential donor to help in his fight against myelodysplastic syndrome and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders. “

Photo: JPI

York went on to explain the difficulties he faced in trying to find a match: “Many of my family members were tested and most of them were 6 out of 12; apparently there’s markers that have to be reached. So they were on standby.”

When asked just what the GH fan favorite would want to say if given the opportunity to speak to the donor that appears to be a match, in tears, John expressed: “Thank you for saving my life. For letting me spend more time with my wife and my daughter and my son-in-law and my grandchildren and seeing this beautiful blue sky.”

John has played Mac Scorpio for 32 years and until recently had kept his battle with these two blood cancers private, but came forward to clarify why he is taking time away from GH, and how he is been trying to find a life-saving donor match.

Watch York’s segment from GMA below.

Now, share your thoughts and well-wishes as John awaits the test results from his potential donor, to hopefully undergo this life-saving transplant in November via the comment section.

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