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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Is Danny Becoming a Mini-Jason?


Which one of Jason’s (Steve Burton) sons would wind up being closest to their dad in personality traits when they are all grown-up? While many thought it would be Jake (Hudson West). However from Tuesday’s, March 19th episode of General Hospital, it looks to be Danny (Asher Antonyyzn).

One of the best things about Jason’s return, and that of Steve Burton, is that we will now get to see father/son scenes, their relationships and how they have been affected by Jason’s life and his absences now that the actors have aged-up.

With Hudson West as Jake (whom we have seen grown up before our eyes), and now Asher Antonyzyn as Danny, it looks like GH fans are in for some heartfelt and dramatic scenes in the months ahead.


However, a major clue dropped in key scenes between Jason and Danny on yesterday’s GH. Danny stops by the Quartermaine boathouse to see his dad where he has been hiding out, just as Jason tried to stand up and is unsteady on his feet recovering from his gun shoot wound. Danny rushes to his dad’s side, so he does not fall.

The father and son get into a conversation where Jason wants to know more about what Danny likes, after Danny admits he doesn’t like school. He tells Jason he doesn’t have a phone. But that he likes skiing, dirt biking, mountain biking, etc. Danny even says he wants to take auto shop, too!

He tells his dad, he would like to play football, but his mom (Sam) wouldn’t sign the waiver for him to play because she was worried about brain damage. That is when Danny questioned Jason, “You had brain damage, right?” Jason says, “yes,” but it was from a car accident, not playing football. The two have their talk interrupted by Willow (Katelyn MacMullen), who tells Danny he needs to get back to the house.

Photo: IMDb

Meanwhile at GH, when Aiden (Enzo De Angelis) stops by to talk to his mom, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), he tells her he is worried about Jake. Apparently, Jake believes Jason is guilty and is the person who shot Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). Aiden tells his mom that Jake will not discuss his feelings with her, because Jake believes no matter what she will defend Jason.

So, it appears that Danny is becoming the mini-Jason of GH.  Do you like the way GH is seemingly writing the story? Do you think Jake and Danny will ultimately be on opposite sides of their opinions of their dad, long term? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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So far, I’m not impressed with the new writing. There seems to be an agenda here of being completely anti-Sonny and anti-Jason, while at the same time redeeming another literal serial killer (Heather) by means of a ridiculous medical explanation.

Steven Lars Webber is the LEAST criminal person in his family tree, and yet he’s still in prison for selling the body parts of dead people who no longer needed them, while the serial killings of his mother and so-called retconned “brother” are completely dismissed for the most ridiculous of reasons, while his so-called retconned “sister” also had her criminal past dismissed due to amnesia.. at least until she woke up, faked her own death, and took Spencer Cassadine out with her.

Redeeming serial killers for fake medical reasons, while at the same time telling us the last 30 years of GH doesn’t matter at all. Does this sound like a logical way to save GH from cancellation??

I agree with you. Redeeming villains with medical miracles or lazy legal maneuvers seems a popular trope. I do not think it addreses justice or mental health concerns in a meaningful honest way at a time when our world needs truth in its storytelling. I don’t like it. It is been overdone as much as not letting characters die and baby swaps. And recasting is allowed. Rather have that than insane plot twists to accommodate actors’ departures.

Not me; I’d rather have “insane plot twists” that leave the door open for departing actors than “realistic” stories with people dying tragic deaths from fatal disease ie Mike, Britt (had she not been poisoned), Franco, Gregory, and let’s not forget Sasha and Brando’s brain-dead baby. I also don’t need or want “truth in storytelling” if that means more medical stories and social justice stories. I want good ol’ cray-cray, soaps. And yes, I know GH has always done social stories; way too many now as well as too many medical.

It is general Hospital

I’m aware. And the show never focused on one fatal illness after another. The hospital was used more as a hub for gossip and main characters to meet, date, etc Many great stories took place there. But there was never this barrage of one fatal illness after another; it was more about adventure, the WSB, romance, legacy families, etc. We don’t need to watch shows to see characters get fatal diseases and die. That’s not my idea of escapism. I can’t stand it. Giving a great character like Gregory this horrible disease, instead of keeping this charming, warm, intelligent character on is thoroughly depressing to me, and they felt a need to do that right after Britt died who was going to die anyway from Huntingtons which was after Sasha and Brando’s brain dead baby, Willow’s leukemia, Mike’s Alzheimer’s, Donna’s spina bifida…I mean, really? Is THAT what you watch soaps for? Total downer, depressing, stories that can become all too real for many in real life or have already been? To me, soaps should be an escape into a fictional world with soap problems…

Gh has always been about medical issues for almost sixty one years if you want fairytales read one the only story they shouldn’t have done is Spina bifida they didn’t get that right

There you go again… GH is not facing cancellation. Did it need a reboot in the writing department – absolutely.

Steven Lars – despite his dynamic birth parents is a boring character. The prison changed him storyline they just ran with Drew would’ve been better suited to SL. That said, despite his connections to Elizabeth and Heather, he can stay off screen.

Sonny winning all the time is so 2007. I’m giving them time to see where this is going. Dex going to Anna was so unpredictable. The writing has been sharper.

I didn’t mean t iimply that Steven Lars was needed. I’m just saying he really got a raw deal if you compare his crimes with those of his “relatives” Heather, Frodd,, and Esme.

If GH gets cancelled then Satan will be busy torturing Trump when he finally drops dead.

Oh, I already have detailed plans for that orange bastard whenever he happens to show up. No need to worry about that!

Oh boy! A lot of us will be holding you to that, just so afraid he might get the chance to drag a lot of us with him, if he’s re-elected.

Why are u bringing politics into this? It doesn’t belong here. !!!

Tell that to the Sabato/Rademacher MAGAtt fanclub who like to spew their hate rants all over thiis board anytiime either of those two hatemongers names come up.

I totally 100% agree

it sounds like satan loves saying GH is gonna get cancelled only so that he can be right in 10 or 20 years from now, I mean every post “satan” makes is about GH getting cancelled. Does satan want validation? one of these days you’ll be right Satan but I bet it won’t be anytime soon. I’m also not impress with the new writing regime, I really haven’t seen a difference yet, ok that’s a lie, on thing I do notice is how it feels like their gonna make it all about Jason, sonny, Carly and sam and everyone else will just be second fiddle. but I’m hoping I’m wrong.

Bottom line is, this show started taking turns for the worst in February 2012, and a MAJOR dive into a toilet spiral in Novemeber 2021.

When the announcement was made that a new head writing team was taking over and that Jason was returning at the same time, it looked like a positive sign for GH surviving a while longer. Sadly, the direction of the “new” writers, so far, doesn’t seem to support that theory. Instead you have serial killers being redeemed while long time anchor characters are being trashed, and a minor character who was long forgotten suddenly returns to settle 30 year old personal grudges while hiding behind a FBI badge. And he appears to be involved in controlling Jason, as well. Oh… and this character looks nothing at all like he did in the 90s, but looks an awful lot like another cartoonish psycho villain who seems to be on a path to undeserved redemption.

Tell me how this adds up to anything other than continuing the wrong headed destruction that’s been taking place at GH since 2012. I seriously would love to hear an interpretation that comes to any other conclusion.

Like him or not, GH would’ve been cancelled in 2012 had Valentini not taken the reins. Complain all you want about the original OLTL influence, but that’s what helped stabilize the ratings. Seriously, in 2012, did you really think GH would make to celebrate their 60th anniversary with a primetime special?

Viewers want balance – not all mob all the time. Sonny and Carly can’t always win. The new writers have only been credited with 5 episodes so far – let’s give it a little time to see what direction they land in.

Frank himself isn’t so much the problem as the hack writers he’s employed so far. ReRon being the worst of them, but the recent Chris & Dan team making many serious mistakes, definitely in the last two years. The new regime? It remains to be seen, but all appearances over the last two weeks.

As far as ABC’s claims of being “committed” to GH… well we already saw how strong that commitment was today. They interrupted the show for a “breaking news” story that wasn’t at all worthy of breaking news. Even in the UK, it wouldn’t have been worthy of an interruption, let alone in the US where a figurehead “monarchy” is irrelevant at all. Sincerely hope that Katie pulls through, but really? That couldn’t wait for the 6:00 news?

I don’t mind the breaking news. Just not 15 minutes of their “giving viewers perspective” talking to 7 different experts on the planet about it. That part can wait. That’s the annoyance of any ABC breaking news is the endless commentary. It’s just not necessary. If someone dies – Okay they died but you don’t have to wait for a press conference and get the perspective of the ABC News talking heads for 20-30 minutes.

I still don’t know why they brought Jagger back for this Jason story arc. We assume Jagger is the bad guy and forced Jason to work for him to take down Sonny? Mob bosses? The person behind the hits? Maybe there is a twist coming that involves Pikeman. That said, I would have preferred a recast Lucky and Jason working together to find the person responsible for the mob hits, assuming that is the assignment. That would have been more interesting than a long forgotten character returning for this storyline.

I think you’re correct. Everything is about Carly getting her way. They did Jason coming back want going to be what you think but it’s exactly how I thought. Him running to Carly and Elizabeth not having any party of it

I like the way they’re building up the next generation on GH, with so many characters with kids around the same age now. You have Danny and Jake, who could be the next Jason/AJ types. You have Aiden, I really hope they follow up on the story of him revealing to Elizabeth that he liked a boy . There has been zero follow up since before Christmas. Those scenes between Becky Herbst and Enzo DeAngelis were so lovely and touching, I was hoping for more. You have Scout, Charlotte, Rocco. They have the makings of a strong next generation.

The young man Asher that plays Danny now, he’s doing a nice job. I’ve liked the scenes with him and Steve Burton so far. Definitely see a lot of Jason in him. The way he showed up at the hospital to see Dante twice, even though his mother told him to stay at The Quartermaines.Interested to see where the story goes.

I hate to say it but I don’t think GH will be on that much longer for the “next generation.” I do think they should incorporate them into stories as much as possible; soaps were always about the various generations of core families. But I really don’t see younger people today who have been watching soaps for ten years or less having 10, 20, 30, 40-60 years of soaps on network TV ahead of them. GH is focusing on younger characters now in the hope of getting younger viewers; the demo is slacking off.

The show is great last two weeks and they have dealt with adien being gay Finn told Liz Aiden told him Aiden told Liz he was worried about bei ng upset about Jason Liz realizing she needed to talk to him.charlott actress recovering from brain surgery,I love Jake and Danny disagreements yes but no aj/jason

I know Jason had a TBI but he has a smile when he was with Robin even when he returned last time. Why can’t he smile at Danny and act like he loves his own son? Give Stone Cold a little bit of emotion

I know, right? I don’t think he even hugged his son, did he?

He couldn’t hug Danny he was Injured couldn’t even hug Michael or willow he was happy to see Danny but wasn’t time to get excited

The Jason/Danny scenes were odd. I don’t think Danny reached out to hug his dad either. Also, did Danny ask Jason where has he been the last two years? Why did he let them all think he was dead? I guess he’s too young and naive to ask him the hard questions. Danny acted like his dad was gone two weeks ago, not two years ago.

He had more emotion when he saw Carly then when he saw his own flesh and blood his own son

It’s not really Jason’s fault he barely knows his own son. Thanks to the OLTL castaways being forced into front burner storylines the minute they walked in the door in February 2012, you had Todd stealing baby Danny away from his parents, while Vampire Cop forced himself between Jason & Sam. By the time all of this was resolved, Jason had literally one day with his son before he was shot in the back and presumed dead for the next 5 years. Or technically, had his life stolen (uwittingly) by his twin brother for 2 of those years, which only confused Danny and his brother Jake even more.

And even after Jason returned in 2017, for some reason, the Valentini regime never gave him a real shot at a reunion with Sam, which means he didn’t see much of Danny. And of course he just returned after another 2 year absence, with Danny now SORASed to be a teenager (should be 12 years old, really) . So that alone makes things a little awkward…. and that’s before you factor in the current legal complications of Jason’s life, and whatever he’s unwillingly involved in to protect somebody else who hasn’t been named yet (but in all probability is Morgan Corinthos, being held as a brainwashed hostage of Pikeman/Alcazar/NuJagger/whomever)

It seems like Jake is going to be more like Jason Quartermaine and Danny is a cross between Sam and Jason M. Unfortunately it seems the writers are favoring one son over the other. I hope this changes. I remember how wonderful Hudson West was in the scene where he learns Drew is not his dad, Jason is. He also had some great scenes with Franco and Liz, and later Jason. I think at one point he was nominated for a daytime emmy. I just hope we see more of him soon.

Jake is like his father when he was Jason Quartermaine and those memories have returned merged with the JM memories Jake wants to be an artist that’s a talent he inherited from his mother and he can be an intern at the Jerome Art Gallery.

Too much change to fast. Anna wanting to take down Sonny, Carly/Drew breakup, new sweet Tracy, Joss’s sudden break-up, Alexis return to the law .Sonny And Ava-NEVER. Y&R uses this fast paced unbelievable storytelling not GH. On the other hand GH is using the kids well. New Danny is a find and Hudson West is always gold.

I agree with all of these posts in one way or another. I also would like to see Jason have more loving emotions towards Danny and Jake also.So far I’m not liking the new writing, while change is good, too much is not. What’s with Anna canoodling with Jagger, hopefully only pretending to agree with his take on Sonny. So far, I’m not impressed or entertained by new writing, time will tell I guess.

They need to be on the same side they are brothers and should always have each other back no matter what Jason is and always will be about family first so don’t you’ll Der do it leave them alone as brothers and one team family first and always

Let sonny hurryup and find out the truth also let Dante hurry up wake up the only question is who will play his part and do it well .and stop with the turning Anna against SONNY they need each other she has to be the insider for him to keep him and zjason safe Dex needs to stop acting like a child if he’s in he’s in if he’s out then say out PERIOD either he with SONNY and Jason PERIOD they would make a GREAT TEAM Joss need to grow up and STOP ACTING LIKE A BABY SHE’S A FULL WOMAN NOW TRINA NEED TO BE PREGNANT FOR SPANCER HEAT AND TWIST IT UP LET HER AND JOSS BE PREGNANT LET TRINA HAVE HOPE KNOWING SPANCER WILL RETURN LETTHING EVERYONE HAVE HOPE
.nina just need to go away and let sonny be free and don’t put Ava and sonny back together they could sleep together but not be together when Morgan returning back. To MAKE THE TEAM ONE LET HIM COME BSCK TO PROTECT HIS FAMILIES THAT WOULD BE GREAT

Hudson West needs to return as Jake Webber so that Jake can be reunited with his dad.

He is still playing the part, have you missed the scenes he’s been in?

Return from where? He’s been on for a while. He just had a scene last week with Finn, who saw the vape pen Jake took from Danny.

For a real shocker why not bring Julian Jerome back. Julian is working behind the scenes with Selena Wu.

Nope. I just saw Julian yesterday. he’s still down here in Hell. Though now that his sister Olivia has joined us, he really wishes he could leave!

Jake is wishy washy just like his Mom

I am always amazed at all the “In sights” and “inside information” people think they have on the soaps. I have decided to avoid reading the comments and just enjoy the show for what it is… an hour break from the reality of the day.

Nothing more.

That’s you. Some people like to discuss what they watch or read which is why there are film clubs, and people watch shows together, or join FB groups on the soaps or other shows and why there are book clubs, etc. If you don’t like discussing them or exchanging views, don’t.

Ha ! I knew you’d respond ! Too funny


I like the storyline however, I don’t want it to be drawn out too long as we know this often happens

his coach knows for sure

Is Jennifer Smith really commenting on these boards?

When are you goi g to shave Drew!!!!
The grunge is old and gross looking.

I think it’s part of his emotional/mental decline; he’s been losing it lately. Couple that with the breakup of Carly and he’s just in a disheveled state literally and figuratively. If you remember he came back from captivity with a beard, but shaved it and was clean-shaven for a while.


Love it

I don’t think it’s logical for Jake to react like that due to him always defending his dad, so I hope they give a better explanation, like the real reason he is acting like this is because his dad is alive and he feels unwanted/abandoned by Jason. Sure, Danny seems to be like his dad for the moment but he got to accidentally find him, please don’t make Jake out to be resentful, etc.

Jake’s probably got every right to be confused. He’s had three different guys legitimately calling themselves his “dad” (Jason, Lucky, and Drew, when he thought he was Jason) and on top of that, his mom fell in love with a serial killer, and tried to tell her kids that he was their “new daddy”, despite the fact that he literally kidnapped Jake’s little brother Aiden when he was a baby.

Not to mention he spent half his childhood on Cassadine Island not knowing who he was. And then after that, all three of those guys he called “dad” disappeared again, though two of them came back eventually. (The serial killer disappeared too, but no great loss there)

Who wouldn’t be confused after all of that? I don’t blame Jake. But I definitely would blame Elizabeth if she told him things about Jason that contradicted what she’s believed about Jason for decades. Which seems to be the mind virus going around Port Charles lately. (Sam, Sonny, Liz, Jake, Drew, etc.)

As nice an actor Hudson West is, Jake is one character that shouldn’t have been brought back from the dead. That said, if any of the next generation is going to be unstable – it should be Jake. He is a distant relative of Heather’s after all.

Heather’s mental issues aren’t genetic though. They were originally caused by an LSD overdose (meant for somebody else) and more recently this ridiculous claim of cobalt poisoning.

I actually did support the idea of bringing Jake back, mostly because I despised the hatchet job Garin Wolf attempted against the entire Spencer family, and Luke supposedly running over his own grandson with a car was definitely the worst part of that writing. Unfortunately they never undid the damage that Wolf did to Lucky Spencer, and that’s a big part of the “revolving door dads” that has been a big part of Jake’s life.

Agree with your assessment of Wolf. One of the only good things he did was bring Monica back from the continuous medical conference exile that Guza & JFP sent her to.

As for Heather, she was “off” before the LSD. She sold Steven Lars on the black market then realized that the Taylors adopted him so she became their nanny. She set the LSD laced iced tea for Diana to consume only to be done on by her own son playing with the lazy susan (best use of prop ever!).

If the show can say Danny has similar instincts as his brain damaged gangster father, connecting Jake to Heather may not be too far fetched.

Since Heather and Jason’s mom, (Susan Moore) were cousins, both Danny and Jake are distant relatives of Heather. I don’t think even the writers realized Jason and Franco were related through their mothers.

No Danny like sam

Danny is nothing like Jason was at that age. Jason is the way he is from brain damage. You don’t inherit that. If anything, Jake is the one like Jason. Danny will be the one that somehow hurts Jake. Jake being upset right now has much more to do with Jason abandoning him again than believing he is guilty. Danny if anything, is like his danger loving mom. If they are trying to pit brother against brother, I feel like Danny is the one that is going down the bad path. Hitting people, drinking, vaping. That was NOT Jason Q and Jason morgan only exists because of his brain damage. So the whole Danny takes after his dad, is BS. Sorry but get better at writing.

Agree 100%. They can’t even defend that type of writing by saying Danny “learned” that kind of behavior from Jason because Jason was barely in his life. Jason Quartermaine was a loving, intelligent, young guy going to school to become a doctor. So if Danny did inherit let’s say the propensity to drink, it would be more likely from Alan and AJ; both of whom I loved by the way. But the reality is they had the addiction problem; not Jason. And Alexis, too, wound up with an addiction which would be on Sam’s side. As for being attracted to “danger?” It doesn’t look that way to me; looks more like Danny was “acting out” because he missed Jason in his life. Same as Jake does, but they express it in different ways. I’d say Jake is the Jason to Danny’s AJ.

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More of the Story on ‘General Hospital’ Star Josh Kelly’s Latest Film Role in ‘The Workout’

We had previously shared that General Hospital’s Josh Kelly was taking three weeks away from his role of Cody Bell to a shoot a role in an upcoming movie entitled The Workout.

Josh originally revealed his role in the film during an episode of GH castmates, Steve Burton (Jason) and Bradford Anderson’s (Spinelli) podcast.

Now Deadline has filled in some of the blanks, and shared some intriguing intel on the premise of the film and its back-story.  The film stars Kelly along with Peter Jae, and UFC Fighter, Ashlee Evans-Smith. Other cast members include The Bay’s Kristos Andrews.

Photo: ABC

In The Workout, two army rangers set out to create a workout video, but their plans are abruptly halted when a mob hit interrupts their filming. Tragically, one of the rangers loses his wife in the attack, sending him on a relentless mission to take down the mob and anyone who stands in his way.

The film from James Cullen Bressack, almost did not get financed.  Apparently, ten days before his birthday, Bressack made a post on Instagram about the feature and production, casting, and financing came from the post … illustrating the power of social media. After the post gained traction, a producer provided financing and actors expressed interest in joining the project, leading to a quick production.

Photo: ABC

In a statement, Bressack shared, “As artists a painter paints, a musician makes music, a writer writes, but as filmmakers we have to ask permission to create. It’s time to change that narrative. This film spawned from a necessity to create. We create. We tell stories. We play pretend. I’m excited to take this journey. This is the truest form of collaboration and a community of friends coming together to make something fun. While our industry has had a rough time recently with strikes and a possible strike looming in the future, it’s nice to remind ourselves why we got into film to begin with. To have fun telling stories.”

No word yet on when The Workout will be released.

So, looking forward to seeing this collaborative effort featuring GH’s Josh Kelly? Comment below.

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51st Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations Set to Be Announced

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences revealed on Wednesday via X, that this year’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Nominations are set to be announced in full on Friday, April 19th at 12 pm ET/9 am PT.

However, four of the top award category nominations will be revealed on Thursday, April 18th across four entertainment news programs to kick things off.

Those include this Thursday episodes of Access Hollywood, E! News, Entertainment Tonight and Extra. Over the past few years, NATAS has often let the syndicated entertainment news program handle the duties of revealing the top actor and actress in a daytime drama series, but we shall see which categories the shows unveil this year.


As previously announced, the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be presented in ceremonies on Friday night, June 7th on CBS (8 – 10 PM, ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+*.

The awards will be back at The Bonaventure hotel in downtown Los Angeles, where (the delayed due to the actors and writers strike) 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were held back in December of 2023.

Look for the full nominations to be posted right here at Michael Fairman TV and you can follow along on Friday on the Daytime Emmys social platforms as well.

Photo: AP

The Daytime Emmy Awards have recognized outstanding achievement in television programming and crafts since 1974, honoring work in a variety of categories, including daytime dramas, talk shows, instructional programming, hosting, culinary, and legal/courtroom programs. In 2021, NATAS and the Television Academy jointly announced plans to realign the Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards to be organized by content genre, as opposed to program airtime.

The 51st Daytime Emmy Nominations will honor the work and achievement from the calendar year of 2023.

So, who would you like to see in the running for gold when the Daytime Emmy nominations in the key acting and show categories are revealed? Share your thoughts below.

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General Hospital’s Adam J. Harrington Weighs-in On John and Carly, and How it’s ‘Starting to Get Very Complicated”

On recent episodes of General Hospital, Carly (Laura Wright) came to John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) rescue as he was beaten down in an assault. Carly put on her “nurses cap,” sort of speak, and got John to his hotel room and watched over to him, to make sure he didn’t lose consciousness.

GH fans also got their first glimpse of what may be a new romance for Carly, if she and John continue to bond.  If John and Carly were to have a relationship, it would certainly have a ripple effect with Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny (Maurice Benard).

Adam J. Harrington shared his view on the scenes and what might be next between the two. Speaking to Soap Opera Digest, Harrington shared, “I thought it was written in a way where there’s an understanding and a respect between them both. I don’t think there was any moment where she was not aware that he’s an FBI agent, and there was no moment that he wasn’t aware of her history and relationship to other people in the town. I really liked it. I was really looking forward to shooting it with Laura and we had a really nice time shooting it.”

Photo: ABC

When Carly and John part ways, it seems there were some romantic sparks, as Harrington puts it, “Isn’t that interesting that sometimes with people, the one moment they actually show how they feel is when they know there’s an escape hatch. They know they’re about to walk away. So, it’s almost safe in that moment to do it. I thought that was really special about how (the writers) handled John and Carly. Even the music in that scene was beautifully done.”

Where is this all heading? Conflict! Internally and professionally, and as Adam explains, “Who Carly was to John on paper as just a tool to be used as bait is starting to get very complicated.”

What would you think of a John and Carly pairing? Would you prefer him with Anna, or neither of them? Let us know via the comment section and take our poll below.

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