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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam Confesses Why She Can't Move On: "Maybe It's Because Deep Down I Believe Jason Is Alive!"



On Friday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital, Sam was hanging out at the Noodle Buddha reminiscing about Jason on their fourth wedding anniversary … in the very place they tied the knot.

But who should also be at the restaurant then Jake, who is getting some food for Sonny (Maurice Benard) and his family.  So, what do you know?  Jake and Sam spend some time together at the very place they wed, but either neither of them knows it!

Jake then has a vision, and a blast from the past of Sam coming towards him to get on his motorcycle, but he dismisses it as the more recent time she hitched a ride with him.

When the conversation turns more serious as to why Sam cannot move on and put Jason behind her, and why she turned down Patrick’s (Jason Thompson) marriage proposal, it is Jake who asks her a key question:  “Why are you holding on to a ghost?”  An emotional Sam struggles with admitting the truth, and even saying it out loud to herself, but she finally comes forward with the answer to his question.  Sam relates:  “I can’t believe I’m going to say this out loud.  OK, maybe it’s because deep down inside I still think Jason is alive.”  Next the episode fades to black!

So, what did you think of the scenes between Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller?  Are you glad to know that Sam has the hope that Jason is alive ?  Do you want Sam to say “yes” to Patrick’s proposal?  Do you want Jason AKA Jake and Sam back together?  Share your thoughts on the key moment as the story looks to be heading into some major moments come November sweeps, since Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Jake set the date and are supposed to say their, “I do’s” on none other than November 6th!

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I am so ready for JaSam to reunite and be a family with Danny. There are so many people that love Jason Morgan, his wife, his son, his friends, his family, and his mother who has lost so much family including all her kids. JaSam scenes have just been a joy to watch and I was so excited when I heard their song yesterday, Just You And Me. I can’t wait to see him remember who he is and destroy those that have kept them apart and to have him fight for Sam’s love. JaSam always.


Enough let Jason come out and decide for him self who he wants . i really think he belongs with Sam And Danny thats his family

Yes, move on with the story, make the truth come out!
Here some reasons for that:
1. the year of amnesia is almost done
2. Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco do their job very convincing on canvas
3. save the ratings!!!

Totally agree that the pace of this storyline needs to fast forward. Hoping it won’t be dragged out until Nov 6 and then at the alter Jason’s memory comes back. That would be a pretty tired and over-used storyline. Bring the truth out now; let he and Sam rightly reunite. Let Liz’s character have an interesting and unexpected storyline of her own- maybe she has a tough time with Jason/Jake breaking up with her and gets into alcoholism or ? However it evolves, bring out the truth fast. In the meantime, if someone starts a BLT channel run by Heather Webber, I’m with Darren below.

I agree, Kalle. I think we have been ready forever for Jason to emerge. Billy and Kelly have been convincing, yes, but, I wish Kelly would put a little more oomph in her speech, and put a little more effort in her acting. I suppose one may lead a horse to the river, but cannot make him drink….as the old cliche’ goes.No expression whatsoever, except for the constant touching of her hair and her eyes welling up here and there. Well, not even welling up…I would call it ‘wet eyes’. I have yet to see Sam have an honest-to-goodness cry.
I think the revelation is close. The fact that Sonny is having some kind of episode; a stroke?….( Who knows?)…is very telling. This is a contrived setback; a ploy, if you will, by the writers, so that Michael can continue to head the Corinthos’ ‘interests’ within the crime families. Thus, lo and behold, Jake remembers he’s Jason and partners with Michael by resuming his tough, rough exterior of stone cold.

This storyline has been dragging for over 1 year, enough already. I would rather watch Heather Webber making BLT sandwiches at Kellys LOL.

I do not want to see Billy/Jason with Sam..
I know in real life they are together but I do not want them as a couple on my screen..
I don’t like Sam with Jason or Patrick/awful couple..
I would love if Sam went off to be a high heel saleswoman in the deep Amazon..

what would be totally bad- if Kelly & Billy had a bad break up in real life and still had to play a love couple on GH ahaa!
now, that would be really forced. That could be a fun to watch..

I prefer; Having Billy/Jason as the handsome bachelor in Port Charles …
that would be awesome!

Although I want Patrick to be happy so much, I really don’t think Sam is a good enough match for him. On the other hand, I agree with you that Jakeson/ Jason being a bachelor would be very interesting.

What makes you enjoy misery so much, Su? We kind of get to know other posters on here, and develop relationships. I feel really bad that you just revel in and thrive on violence and misogyny. I am all for happy endings.

I rather have him with Sam..

Sam is fast becoming one of my favorite characters. I’ve always liked her…always…but even more so in these last few months. Some viewers complain that she’s rather flat, monotone in her delivery. I like her style. There’s no over acting…she’s just mellow, sincere…I find the dialogue given her for the most part very believable when it comes to love…romantic or family. Just like her!

I love her with Jake. They just fit. They’ve been given great scenes together, even if nothing happens. There’s an easy rapport between them. As it’s written, there’s not really a fair comparisonbetween the couple’s because they haven’t given Sam and Patrick much to work with other than attraction and their blended family. I think IF they had written more compelling scenes between the two Patrick and Sam would make a great couple as well.

So, I’m torn. I find myself loving Sam and Jake/Jason together, but at the same time hate to see Patrick hurt. He’s truly in love with her…yet he’s wise enough to acknowledge her love for Jason. I think a part of him, even if it’s way back in his.mind…suspects Jake might be Jason.

Looking forward to FINALLY seeing the reveal and the fallout as it effects so many characters. Elizabeth is going to be hard from so many…beware the wrath of Carly!


Correction…Elizabeth is going to be ‘hit’ hard…somehow that word went over in invisible ink and thus…well…lol….

Couples, not…couple’s

I agree with you Recbecca1! I love Kelly. I love her with either Jake or Patrick. I like her style too. No over acting.. I like her mellowness too.

Hi Abruzzfan…thanks! Glad you agree. Sam just emanates warmth in her cool, little way. Happy she’s been given so much airtime…

I love Kelly too! It is going to be so interesting to see how this all plays out.

I cannot believe this thread

ABC / Disney / GH

have expectations

that Kelly Monaco’ Sam… : can deliver ?

with Billy Miller.. that they are the next incarnation?

it’s hard to swallow.. that .. unbenownst… to the audience… that “Jason and Sam” are “reunited” after 4 years of bliss

at the very same restaurant.. they wed

that Billy Miller and the audience would distend believe.. and go their

i can’t even FF, this

heck.. i’d gather up muster for “jason” and Carly… her new BFF

if capturing and regathering… Sonny and his brood for feature is on the horizon


and wow

what a dismal end

Patrick, my dear friend….soooo well depicted with a twist of sarcasm. You slay me.

Can’t wait for the Jasam reveal. Love Jason and sam . They make the most loveable couple. Elizabeth needs to get what she deserves. How dare her keep such a secret. Jason has a wife and son. Always was a big fan of Jasam.

Liz is lying and unlike Sam, she did not watch Danny being kidnapped by a psycho or hire armed thugs to terrorize them in the park.

But Lizzy my dear been lying along..take it your a Liasonfan

No, But Liz lied to Jason about who Danny was and allowed him to be kept from both his parents, TWICE! So same difference! Now, she is deliberately allowing the Quartermaine’s, Corinthos and Morgan families grieve for Jason, while pretending to be a Saint. So she is actually worse than Sam ever was. Sam never lied to keep Jason, and let’s be honest, Saint Liz set the whole thing in motion with sleeping with Jason and lying about Jake’s parentage for months. She destroyed Lucky and Sam and Jason’s relationship for a good time.

I don’t know that reuniting JaSam is the point here. He DOES have a son with Liz from a while back and was starting to connect with him as well. The point is that he’s been haviing flashes and the restaurant is the PERFECT place for it ALL to start flooding back. I can see him not wanting to upset Liz, since she’s been on an emotional roller coaster. (Yeah, of course he doesn’t know it’s because of her knowledge of his true identity that is causing that issue.) But they can deal with the explosion of THAT reveal down the road. I’d like to see him get a BIG revelation about his past come Monday!

I want Jason to remember who he is and reunite with Sam and Danny. I always felt cheated that they never got the chance to be a family with Jason actually knowing that Danny is his biological child.
I have no words for what Liz and Nik have done. Good luck redeeming them. I just hope GH brings Monica back for the reveal. I want to see her confront Liz last!

Why should Sam and Jason be a family with Danny when Sam did every nasty trick in the book to keep Jason from being with Liz and baby Jake? Karma, baby, karma!

Because it’s what I wish for. That’s why I wrote it.

Still living in the year 2007..get over it

@kaffen, really? This is exactly why I don’t give a fig that Liz is keeping Sam away from Jason and the replacement kid, because karma is a b……!

Actually, it was Liz who prevented them from being a family, but wanting to ALWAYS change Jason. She couldn’t accept the person he was like Carly, Sam and Michael. Even now she freaks out if he does ANYTHING for anyone but her. She is a self righteous ninny who deserves the beat down I pray the writers let Carly and Sam give her. Danny was never a replacement, he was a very wanted child BTW, unlike the condom whoopsie for the womb!

@Angela, When one child has to die (Jake) in order for Sam’s swiss cheese uterus to magically work and the replacement is an EXACT replicate of the dead child, then yes, he IS a replacement kid!

Liz always wanted Jason to see he was more than just HIS J.O.B! Yes, Sam fit Jason’s lifestyle, because she is a con artist that becomes whatever it is her latest mark (Nico, the five men that she married and stole from, Jax, Sonny, Ric, Lucky, Jason, McBain, Silas and now Patrick) need for her to be at the time!

Carly, Sonny, Michael, Sam and the CarSon spawns sucked the life out of Jason to the point that he became a Manny cleaning up their lives and messes!

I am looking forward to Jasam reconnecting. I remember the times when Jason did not have his memory or was trying to leave the business and we saw his lighter side I think that is what Billy M can bring out in the character along with some of the action stuff. I will be nice to see Jasam and Danny connect as a family and see where it leads as I do not think Jason will be back in the mob the way he was.

I’m so ready for the truth to come out and for those who have deliberately lied to be called out. I don’t expect Jason to be the same as he used to be, I’m okay with that. Sam has changed over these past 4 years as well. I’m excited to see them rebuild their relationship and for Danny to finally have his daddy. I love watching Kelly Monaco and Billy Milller together, they have great chemistry. Give us JaSam scenes. Bring it on GH!

I am ready for Jake to find he’sJason and jasam refall inlove.Let it be a jasam story now

This show has become unwatchable what with Sam having to take weeks to “process” all of her emotions every time she thinks of Jason; Morgan acting like a complete buffoon for weeks, and then being the one to be the voice of reason to Carly when Ava arrived with her court papers to take Avery; and, of course, all things Sonny. This show used to be fun. Right now, Ava, Nina, Franco, and Spencer are the only reasons to watch. You can definitely tell Ron’s influence has left the show, even though his name is still on the credits.

Truly I am torn because I love both couples. I certainly don’t want to see Sam drop Patrick and run off to be with Jason, a man who has never put her first. I would need to see some change in this man. Some of the convo with Corinthos family give me cause to hesitate in wanting to see Sam with Jason, first of all no mention of Sam, it was all about poor Sonny. Patrick is the only one who understands the struggles she is going through

I just want the story to move on…

This is a perfectly normal reaction for Sam. The thing is, she has been in this holding pattern for 3 years. Such is the reaction when one loses a spouse (not that all reactions are exactly the same). She’s acted out in the manner that is allowing her to cope the best and it hasn’t always been the best choices she’s made. She lost Jason to ‘death’, then turned to John McBain to cope. Neither consummated their relationship when they ended their intimate relationship. She jumps into a relationship with Silas Clay after Silas and the staff at GH were able to place Danny’s cancer into remission, which comes to an end after Nina Clay drove enough wedges into their relationship (Sam even stayed with Silas upon learning that Nina was very much alive). Then the latest turn was her entering a relationship with another man who had to cope with the loss of a deceased spouse (and another spousal resurrection) in Patrick Drake. And again, the doubts show themselves again.

The best thing the writers at “GH” could have done would be for Sam to see (long-term) a grief councilor. Clearly with all that has happened to her from what happened before Jason’s ‘death’ (when she thought she’d been raped and impregnated by Franco) to present day, she’s dealt with so much stressful matters and even taking a few questionable actions as the ghost of Jason continued to loom over her. This would have been a perfect opportunity to utilize Kevin Collins as one to help Same come to complete terms with what has transpired and helped her to move forward with her life (and it would have been wonderful to see the pair who’d played father and daughter on “Port Charles” work together again in such a context).

Hi, Ryan.
What a concisely written synopsis of Sam’s life since being a widow, you have expounded.
I am not ‘into’ Sam at all. I can take her or leave her, un, deux, trois. But, that is beside the point. The point is that Sam has been struggling with herself in finding a place to rest her head. It is obvious she has not gotten over Jason’s death….we can see this because she appears very distant, at times.
I think her recent behavior; that is, all these memories that are suddenly flooding her mind and body is because Patrick’s proposal has given her pause. She was never in this position before since Jason’s death. She was just happy how her life was with Patrick ….just going on as they were. I think she has always been haunted by his death…and, realizes she cannot let go. She was just going through the motions of living….of life, but not truly happy….at least, not the same fulfilling and satisfying happiness she had with Jason.
Nonetheless, Patrick has a point…..the restaurant thing? So ridiculously coincidental and amateurishly written.

Poor Billy Miller has been kept in character limbo for over a year while this story has become more and more convoluted. The potential for a story-line more grounded in reality has been squandered. While I have no doubt that there will be some amazing scenes coming up, I think that in years to come the resurrection of Jason as played by Miller will be looked upon as one of the all-time great missed opportunities in soap history. My fantasy scenario would have had “Jake” regaining his memory as Jason Quartermaine, with the personality and sensibilities of the pre-Jason Morgan character. His journey would have been one of his disgust and horror at having become a cold-blooded enforcer and killer and his antipathy for his former circle of allies, especially Sonny. Then we might have seen him struggle with any Jason Morgan tendencies as he sought to establish a place in the Quartermaine family. It would have been great to see him display indifference toward Sam while embracing Elizabeth, who would be a much more suitable partner for a Quartermaine. Sam could have become the interloper as she tried to win Jason away from Elizabeth. A story like this would have played much better to Billy Miller’s strengths. As it is, Miller has done a heroic job of playing out the current story but this really could have been so much more deeply satisfying. General Hospital has the most talented cast in daytime and it’s time for the writing to match their skills. Long live GH!

You are preaching to the choir…the choir being me! What a well written , thoughtful post!! I have been writing the same thing for 15 years, in both print media and on the Internet. Back in 1996, when Jason became a cold blooded murderer, it was a story that could have MAYBE been sustained for a year. Sadly it went on for 16 years!! The constant reverence for Jason is both appalling and disgusting. Brain damaged or not…he chose to murder people for a living and thoroughly enjoyed that job. People talk of his unwavering loyalty…we in reality he was ONLY loyal to fellow murderers and mobsters. He was not loyal to ANY of the people who were his former family and loved ones. That includes the Quartermaine’s and even Robin whom he threw completely under the bus when she told AJ that HE was Michael’s father. ..not the kidnapping murderer who hung him on a meat hook!! Billy Miller is too talented and charismatic to be saddled playing a one-note, stone cold murderer.

Thanks for your kind words. I think the recent scenes with “Jake” and Monica bear out what we are saying. There is a rich vein of material to mined over there at the Quartermaine mansion!

Yes, Mister M…..perfectly said, “There is a rich vein of material to be mined…..”. No sooner had Jake’s visit with his mother come to an end, I, more or less, said the same thing. Their connection; the vibe; the splendid easiness of their interaction was palpable. I also think he felt something. Too bad the writers did not see fit for Jake to spend more time a’ la maison Q… would have been quite a revelation. As you say, “a rich vein” of knowledge.

Too bad NYC didn’t get to see it. ABC7NY cut off the last 2 minutes of GH for coverage of Pope Francis’ ride thru Central Park which didn’t happen till after 4pm. ABC7NY is always cutting off GH minutes before their 4p newscast starts!!

You’re so right, Linda. I hate when Channel 7 does that! So annoying. It seems like they’re always looking for reasons to interrupt GH. Like something is so important it can’t wait a few minutes until the 4:00 news comes on. It’s times like this that I really miss Soap Net.

Y&R was interrupted where I live because of John Boehner’s retirement plans! BULL SH! If you care, tune to CNN or Fox! These networks could care less about soap viewers!

I am looking forward to watching this story unfold… my GH in the afternoon!!

I have a toss up situation here, on the one hand I love Sam and Jake/Jason; because I love Billy Miller in the role and I HATE Elizabeth. I see chemistry there with Sam.
On the other hand, I really like the Sam/Patrick pairing because they have a nice calm loving connection and both have had it rough with their partners. I really want Patrick to find happiness; of course, karma is a b*tch and he did leave Sabrina to be with Robin again, so maybe this is payback for him when Sam goes back to Jason?
Anyway, I like the triangle — notice, I said triangle and not quadrangle because Elizabeth has no place in this mix. She needs to GO.

hmmmm this storyline is getting old( am so am i)………. I am starting to fast forward through many of the scenes… I really don’t care anymore… Days has switched to fast moving storylines and now GH is moving sloowwwwww… I am watching less of GH these days and more of Days…

Yes, Sam, Jason was alive when you were playing tonsil hockey with McBain, bedding Silas and Patrick! Give me a break. Sam was told that Jason was alive at the clinic over a year ago and she did NOT a darn thing and this from the show’s so-called PI!

San & Jason are 3 years past and should stay in the past..
It is way way over sappy campy to attempt to reunite Jason with Sam after all the years have past.
Sam is not good, never has been, She runs on one key=monotone.
There are a ton of great stories for Jason without Sam. Exciting stories.
Jason being tied to Sam will just bring a pile bore lol ..

A handsome charismatic bachelor in Pine Valley is desperately needed.

Many a pairing, couple humdrum has killed a vibrant exciting character..
Proof; Patrick.. he was once awesome, exciting, vibrant man before they tied him down. Look at him now/wallpaper.. 😉
being in a couple will suck the life out of an exciting character, every time.

Couples have an expiration date and then after they are separately worn and yawn..

Single characters end up on the backburner or worse, so Jason will need a love interest, but does not have to be Sam!

Pine Valley?



make him a Quartermaine

w/Liz, Jake, and her other son(s)

and they show up at the “Q” Manse

ready made family ; “home” to Monica and aunt Traci

some thing

different !

gawd… please don’t fill it all up with and for; Sonny

Isn’t it pathetic how Sonny is the center of everything. Eye of the storm, is what he is. He sees and hears all.!! I have been having nightmares lately…Sonny is always the main character in my nightmare…front and center, Patrick. LOL. What to do, what to do….

I hope you dont end up like Connie!

DOUBLE LOL, Timmm. Now, that is FUNNY.

i hope the new writers go the route your suggesting, already with RC writing still airing it looks bad, they have michael acting all gangster what a major disappointment .

Check that. Michael COULDNT run a security detail at K mart!

Truly is a major disappointment, aria. What in the name of Corleone are these writers doing? Are they christening Michael as head of the C family, as I have already mentioned? This is not drama….neither is Sonny’s epileptic attack!!
Michael? A mob boss? I am speechless. His eyes remind me of Goofy. Who believes this? Michael is in over his head. He acts tough to Ava, but he is not convincing . He’s in a little boat vacillating between two majestic oceans…life of crime….or……saving his legacy as a Q. His boat will capsize and he will drown…..while I hope Sonny’s ’empire’ will come tumbling down like the walls of Jericho.

I want this reveal as much as anyone else, but please don’t make Elizabeth the whipping boy!!! I’m so tired of that!

There is no doubt about it, SW. Elizabeth WILL be the ‘whipping boy’. I do not know these characters well, but I fell in-like with Liz as soon as I saw her. Everything about her reeled me in.
If the writers are aiming for a Jason-Sam reunion, then where else can the story go? TPTB need to pit the audience against Elizabeth. She needs to be the bad guy. The only way I, personally, could forgive Lizzie, at this point, would be if she comes clean; tell Jake the truth….face the music, come what may. This doesn’t mean I want him with Sam either.
The Billy Miller I knew is nowhere around. Where is that happy-go-lucky guy with the mischievously boyish smile? He is not Steve Burton, so, I hope ‘they’ will not try to fashion Jake/Billy in Steve/Jason mode. The same could be said about Michelle S and Roger H….not to mention Michael Easton. Ahhhh, the pain in my heart. It seems to me that all these fine thespians ‘gathered’ by the GH biggies are out to pasture, chewing their cud, waiting for another insipid scene or some sort of flashback. Are we to float in air for this new mob development to come to a head?…..or await the custody hearing; or Morgan’s bipolar disorder; or Ava’s flash-drive drama to see the culmination of the Jake reveal? Bah humbug!!

Correction…fashion into, not in.

I agree with Patrick and MissySnow. All of a sudden she thinks Jason’s alive. After being perfectly fine to have relationships where she wasn’t thinking about Jason, now all she does is constantly mourn him. I really liked Patrick & Sam. He respected he & treated her far more nicely than Jason ever did. But they’ve ruined that. Patrick deserves better than this version of Sam.

As for Jason, if he comes back as a Sonny-worshipping borg, I’m done. Bilyy Miller has too much talent to be stuck with that character. And I’m sorry I still see no chem with BM & KeMo–and, I think her delivery is often monotone & flat. I know it has to happen, but I am not looking forward to the reunion.

Sonny-worshipping borg


I can’t think they will return him to be the same ole mobster Jason. This version seems more connected with non-mobster people than Jason 2 (Jason 1 being before Jason was in the accident with AJ). That being said, I don’t think they’ll join Sam and Jason, at least not the same as before – kinda like what happened with Robin came back from the dead, or Nina.

Total disruption for sure, but not going back to be exactly the same.

Would someone wake me when its over? Thanks.

What is frustrating the hell of me is that Jake is acting so much like Jason, they know Jake is connected to Helena, Sam knows Jason was alive at the clinic but then takes Patrick’s word that he died there– why didn’t she try to track down Robin to confirm that news? Then, Jake shows up the day the clinic blows up, yet Sam can’t put two and two together and think maybe Jake is Jason– but NOW she has a feeling he is still alive—come on people it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck– it’s a DUCK– so if a mystery guy shows up acting like Jason, connected to the people who last had Jason– has memory flashes that are Jason’s —then it’s Jason yeesh. Maybe everyone needs to go on morphine like Sonny to see what is staring them right in the face.

That’s so funny, Mary. And, true. They’re all walking around with their eyes ‘wide shut’, while everything that was Jason is glaring at them so brightly. This is definitely definitely a DUH moment!!!!!
Even Monica, who has felt a connection with Jake, should have put two and two together. If Jake kisses Sam, they will both realize who he is… will be a wake-up call for both of them. Right?
Here’s a guy who comes out of nowhere, with visible Jason-like characteristics, albeit a bit rusty, but everyone ignores what’s staring them in the face.
I wish the morphine would permantly invade Sonny’s brain, making him somnambulantly sluggish forevermore.

Oh, Wow…lunar eclipse happening!!

IF they would have EVER had another scene with Billy and Leslie that worked so well last time, Monica could have looked into Jakes eyes and said “You remind me so much of my son Jason.” It would have meant everything without revealing his identity yet. A mother knows!

She couldnt track down Robin because GH is too short sided to realize that they need the character of Robin on the show! Kim wants to direct. Good for her. Follow your dreams. Move on GH, RECAST the freakin role!

You’re right, Timmm; about the eyes, I mean. How could anyone who knew Jason so well, not recognize his eyes? If I were to only see my loved ones’ eyes, or the eyes of friends I know really well; I would pick said people just by their eyes. To me, eyes are like a fingerprint.

Not sure, since it’s been a while, but aren’t there also medical charts/scars from Jason that match up with Jake’s? Patrick, Monica where are you?

Even after death, one never forgets the eyes. NEVER. My baby’s eyes are imprinted in my brain….never to be forgotten.

omg, why is the show trying to make sam and jason this heartbroken couple that has been kept apart by the forces of evil? they mostly been kept apart because not even combine can they solve a puzzle.
she spends more time heavy breathing then anyone i know, and jason prefers to solve other peoples problems, like save elq for michael, or impress his new bff carly and or go and save Sonny and kill 3 guys then to take the time to go see a doctor help him remember who he is. The show has taken to long and even though i wanted jake/jason with Elizabeth, he’s starting to act to much like his old self by being sony/carly go to bitch, that i honestly think elizabeth needs to let him go, he’s not worth it..

Yes I am glad to see Sam has hope that Jason is still alive no I do not want her to take that proposal of Patrick’s yes I want to see Sam and Jason back together his family and friends need need him and miss him it’s not fair to to Sam what elizabeth is doing elizabeth is being selfish and it will come out that she knew and she will lose that friendship forever even though she has one of his sons elizabeth is dead wrong Elizabeth needs to tell the truth all the truth and let Jason be back with his family he is already married to Sam

Unintentional comedy…Sam telling Julian what a great P.I. she is! LMAO!! To be fair, it is not only her who has been written as a complete moron for the last year. It is the entire cast who for some reason have been unable to pick up even ONE of the 738 clues that Jake is Jason…starting with his memory of and choice of the name Jake!! It will be SO nice once all vestiges of Carlivati’s writing are gone from this show forever!! I just pray that the Sonny/Jason adoration goes away!! 20 years of that crap is MORE than enough!! More comedy….Carly claiming she is a better mother than Ava and calling Ava a murderer. Carly is not only engaged to the biggest murderer in town….but around the same time as Ava killed Connie…Carly ordered a hit on Franco! Then she got engaged to him!! It would be nice if these characters had some recognizable self awareness…even for a moment!!

Absolutely. How a’ propos, Dylan. I have been chanting the same litany since I started watching this soap.

Rule and unusual punishment is the only way to describe and justify Elizabeth keeping the truth about Jason’s identity secret. Elizabeth knows the grief of losing a child, and the fact that Jake is now alive does not erase that searing sadness she experienced. Monica is now a frail woman in her 70’s who has lost ALL of her children, adopted and biological, in brutal and horrific ways!! Long ago her daughter Dawn was bludgeoned to death. Her son AJ was murdered not once but twice. (Only on a soap can you be murdered more than once.) Her daughter Emily was strangled to death. And she lost her son Jason first to amnesia, then to seeming death when he was shot and kicked off the pier into the water. I know soaps are fiction but even fiction has to have some element of truth to it. This storyline resonates with me so much because I was the youngest of 4 boys. In 2011, I lost my oldest brother to cancer. Exactly a month and a day later, I lost my second oldest brother to cancer. For the next year and a half, I watched my poor mother go numb with heart shattering grief at the unimaginable loss of her two first born sons within a month. After a year and a half she peacefully passed away in her sleep. I lost half my immediate family within a year and a half and I have had many dark times in the last 4 years. So to see Elizabeth being portrayed as a desperate weak willed moron is neither realistic nor entertaining. What would be a better storyline would be similar to what Monica did for AJ. She kept the truth of his death to protect him. Elizabeth should tell Monica the truth and together they could keep the truth about Jason so he wouldn’t return to Sonny’s orbit and keep being a murderer for hire. That would be the ultimate F U to Sonny who stole brain damaged Jason away almost 20 years ago. I have said it before…Altman and Passanante have one hell of a job to write their way out of the devastation that Carlivati left behind. As a writer, even though I think I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, I would actually love to be!!! Frank Valentini is often praised for his ability to bring the show in on budget. I do NOT see how, considering there at LEAST 15 superfluous, pointless characters roaming around town whom NO ONE would miss if they left. Ron Carlivati also received praise for bringing back vets. Not only did he trash most of them, decimating beloved characters and couples with reckless abandon, he seemed to enjoy doing it!! He told a story about Felicia running for mayor….without even using the character of Felicia in the story!!! That’s how much respect he had for the history of the show!! Hopefully brighter days are ahead for GH. The cast and the viewers deserve it!!

Cruel and unusual punishment I meant. Auto correct changed it to rule.

Ryan. My heartfelt condolences for your sorrow. Only I and other women in our plight can understand what your mother holds in her heart….the pain and anguish never lessens…it only gets numb….but, it remains a constant companion. Everything we see, feel, touch are reminders of what was and what could have been. Losing a child IS the most debilitating, the most cruel, the most devastating tragedy a parent can withstand.
Therefore, the writers should have tread carefully when dealing with all the losses thrown at Elizabeth. I would dare to go one point further and plead momentary insanity, in that, after so much torment in her life, Elizabeth wanted to hold on to Jake, a part of her lost past. The writers must think of something if they do not want her thrown under the bus.
I hope what you hope for the soap, Dylan. But, if the new team is presently writing, I am not too keen on what I am seeing….starting with Michael in such an exalted position overnight. What I see is not credible. It’s a joke !!!!

Dylan sorry for your losses. Your poor mother. I hope things are better for your family. I agree with you, soaps are an escape but why not have some relevance? You have an excellent idea, Liz should have told Monica the truth. Let the chips fall down the road but in the meantime let Monica get acquainted with Jake until his memory comes back.

Thank you Timmmm! Your words are kind and your posts are enjoyable!!

Dylan…so sorry for you and your family. Life can be unpredictable and short. All the more reason for Liz to tell the truth, and not deny Monica, Sam, Danny and even Carly the chance to see Jason again. It’s cruel and selfish.

This whole woe is me and Jason is the be all and end all for sam is disgusting. I have never been a Sam fan but i had more respect for her when she was a con and doing deplorable things. I have always maintained that sam is a basic kind of chick. A beginning and end no middle. No substance. She wouldn’t have a POV if it summer saluted and landed on her head. Lets face it jason has been sam claim to fame since she couldn’t get sonny or jax. To Say she has grown is laughable. Curious to know how she spent her last engagement post Jason “death” i went to YouTube and on 9/24/13 sam was trying to have sex with silas at the penthouse. Only reason she didn’t was because silas got a call from the hospital.

This whole J/s reunion is forced. I never liked her with Jason for obvious reasons but even more so she is to contrived. She has never been a believable character.

She was forced on the viewers and they tried to hard to make her likeable. Gave her a brother that explains away her resulting to being a con and marrying rich men in order to care for him. Attached her to the Cassadines so that she is deeply rooted to the canvas.

It is interesting to see fans say that Jason will not ever forgive Elizabeth. When he in fact married the woman who basically assisted in watching a deranged woman kidnap his son. I’m still livid over that one! I rewatch the scene in 2012 when Elizabeth confessed to Jason what she had done in regards to switching the paternity and i was so glad and appreciative that RC had her finally Express that she had never forgiven Sam for what she did.That was honestly the 1st time she got to say it in a way a Mother would feel about the woman who did that. But then she had to go and apologize to Sam for trying to keep her and Jason apart. But that is who Elizabeth is at her core she is selfless and incapable of inflicting hurt and undo pain on anyone. She isn’t perfect but always want to do the right thing and sometimes doing the right thing gets muddy in that it benefits someone else and not necessarily her or others who are a part of the scenario. She is feisty but she doesnt like conflict but isnt afraid to stand her ground and fight in support of those she loves.

I know i am rattling on here but I’m pissed at the way she has been written. I can appreciate that it doesn’t seem as bad a fallout as was originally anticipated as she is rightfully afraid for Jason and she does have a son just returned from the “dead” that she has to think about as well. I can understand how he should be traumatized. Not to mention Elizabeth. She is carrying so much right now. I couldn’t be her FF and not feel the pain she has to be in. I honestly cry with her and for her.

There are those who say her fans are wrong to support her. I’d give them the middle finger if there was an emoji for that. I support Elizabeth because i honestly love the character and the actress that portray her. I support my “ship” Liason because without support your ship sinks. I don’t like the s/l we are so deeply embedded in but I’m going to trust that the writer’s give us a better s/l after the reveal.

Liz told a lie, she did not kill someone like Jason, Sonny, Sam, Alexis, Ava, Michael et al.

Funny how November sweeps are around the corner and Sam suddenly has a gut feeling Jason is still alive! Thats okay, I really like how this is playing out. I imagine as a young man or woman who loses their spouse it would be tough if you really loved your loved one who suddenly were deceased. Your young, you can bounce back but in the back of your mind you have to wonder if he or she would ever return? What do you do if a body was never recovered. Especially in Port Chuck where “Dead” people show up ALL the time. Sam moved on and had two other relationships but even if its a soap, the character feels as if marrying someone is too much for the heart to accept. Having a relationship and intercourse are two things but sealing the deal with god as your witness might just be too much. I didnt mind Sam and McBain at all together and her and Patrick were cool for awhile but I love the pairing of her and Jake and obvious the actors do, as well. So much so that they have already consummated their relationship ahead of their characters! I think in the next month you’ll see Jake and Sam fall in like and then eventually fall in love after his memory comes back and he turns away from Liz once she is exposed. Sam will be there for him.

Consummated their relationship ahead of their characters? If this is about BM and KeMo being an actual couple there were news reports that this was all a publicity stunt and nothing else.

Hmm, if thats the case, what a waste, they are both hot! Publicity? I’m a big fan of both actors but who really knows Billy outside of the soap world? And Kelly, I bet she is more recognized because of DWTS than she is being on GH. Just saying.

Hi, Timmm.
Actually, Billy Miller has a few movies under his belt, with a sprinkle of several appearances on Prime Time shows, other than daytime.
Kelly Monaco would be better known from PLAYBOY, decades ago.
So, in my estimation, Billy is much more recognizable as an actor than she is. If you count her backside? Yeah, she is more recognizable in that respect….LOL. It wouldn’t be from her talent. She has none, except for dancing, of course. I know you love her, Timmm. Couldn’t resist.
Billy Miller was even more of a gorgeous hunk in his twenties. Later.

Well, well, well, what do we have here, Billy Miller’s publicist! [JK] Actually, you sound like su0000 rattling off all these tidbits! I’m impressed that you figured out I like Kelly! [Petite and sweet!]

LOL, Timmm. I wish I were as informed as Su. I did not do any research on Billy at all….or any celebrity. I care not. My husband cures all that which ails me. But I have a seventeen year-old sister who has a major crush on Billy Miller (a bit too old for her, but she loves him just the same), Nick Jonas, Justin Beaber etc. She knows everything there is to know about these guys.
So, Timmm….you like petite and sweet? Why, thank you!

And please free Patrick Drake! Sam doesn’t deserve him. If any man should be the glorified bachelor in PC its Patrick! Let him loose, Please! I want a Robin and Patrick reunion but let Patrick be free for a while. And by that i dont want to loose sight of him. After the reveal he deserves his own s/l.

And please have Elizabeth painting again. I would love for her to her paint all 3 (4 with Jason) of her boys. She is going to need a distraction and what better way then to give her studio back so that she can escape from time to time.

Thats i would love her to paint a portrait of all her boys together.

Billy Miller has charisma, he has that certain something.
Billy is a charmer.
Jason played by Billy will not be as SB stone cold…
and– Billy can hold the role of Jason very well without a woman to mess him up.
The best thing that could happen to Billy/Jason is keep him a charismatic batchlor, the guy who charmes women even loves them but does not get tied down with just one to suck the life outa him.


GH desperately needs a charming handsome bachelor !!!
The women will fight over him and vie for his affections.
that ^^^^ is good soap stuff ..

Its a soap so everyone needs romance so they can be miserable! Ha Ha Ha!

Good one Timmm! 🙂

Su….no offense meant here….but why do you watch soaps? You basically….Completely miss the point of soaps. Why don’t you just watch violent, slasher, horror flicks all the time? You don’t like watching romance, which is the very thing that soaps were built around and made for. You don’t like nice, good characters, who are the ones who provide a show with rooting value. You enjoy when all the characters are mired in misery, you have openly posted that you enjoy stories about grim topics like rape, murder, mafia violence, etc. You mock and belittle all the rest of us who want some entertaining, uplifting stories to grace our screens. You make up facts about behind the scenes goings on and type them on here as complete fact. You repeat the same post, in marginally different ways, over and over and over, as if your life depended on you defending General Hospital. Freedom of speech is a great luxury and I would never try to take that away from anyone. But your posts are redundant, often hostile, and argumentative as if it your sole responsibility to turn the tide of negative viewer feelings about GH. When I post on here, I present my opinions backed up by what GH is now and what it has been. I am not trying to change anyone’s opinion…..whereas you will go so far as telling all of us to “fug off” when we dare to express an opinion that differs from yours. You continually claim that the mob has been a major thrust of GH for decades and that has truth to it. However, before the Guza Glorification of all things Sonny…the mob was presented as what they are….the villains….the bad guys….the murderers. They are not misunderstood heroes with hearts of gold. They are violent, selfish, manipulative, misogynistic, disgusting, hypocritical murderers who don’t give a damp about anyone or anything other than power and ego. In a limited run series like the Sopranos or Dexter….which air once a week….that kind of storytelling is sustainable. Five days a week for 20 years is sickening, exhausting, and depressing. I just don’t understand through SO many regimes….and VOCAL viewer discontent (if NO ONE in power at these shows read these types of message boards they are NOT doing their job)….and recently record low ratings….why they will not make a drastic shift in the writing style at GH. Every time a new writer is hired, fans cry out and scream for the same thing…..LESS SONNY AND LESS MOB!!! And EVERY time, we get the exact opposite of that. The last two weeks have been literally painful to watch with all the Sonny worship and adoration. He’s brave he’s strong and wonderful and great and kind and good and loyal and a great father and the sun rises and sets around his brilliance. Um…I’ve been here the whole time…and I have never once seen Sonny exhibit ANY of those qualities. I have watched him physically and emotionally abuse women continually…I have watched him murder people and feel NO remorse other than for being caught…..I have watched him engage in extremely inappropriate sexual relationships (Emily, Ava et al)….I have watched him kidnap a child and claim him as his own….I have watched him do an endless list of reprehensible things, and have him be hailed as some kind of Saint. The original point was….with SO many choices of what to watch and where to watch….literally thousands of Channels plus the Internet. ..what would make you watch soaps regularly, when the only parts you enjoy are the things that soaps only do periodically and don’t do them that we’ll due to budget constraints? I can explain why I watch soaps. It has been a lifetime. Soaps are multi generational. I watched with my parents and grandparents. Soaps used to be water cooler talk. And it was never “Oh I can’t wait to see Emily get brutally raped next week!” Or “That gory murder was so cool with all the blood hey?” We talked about couples we wanted to finally unite or reunite. We talked about storyline. We all wanted Alice Horton as a gramma. As entertainment, soaps made people think and talk and feel and communicate. People have all kinds of theories and reasons about “Who Shot the Soap?” It was not OJ. It was not the Internet. It was not cable. It was when soaps started majorly straying from what they always were and were always intended to be….morality plays. We all want to see the bad guy get their comeuppance! When that doesn’t happen…when evil continually wins (Victor Y and R , Sonny GH ) there is no hero to root for. The storytelling becomes increasingly absurd and predictable finding ways to keep these people evil and out of jail. Edge of Night was a mystery crime series….but however long their story arcs ran, the villain always paid their dues…whether being brought to justice or by dying. There was always a satisfying climax and conclusion. Soaps don’t offer that anymore. THAT is the reason there are 4 soaps left. The only soap I get any actual entertainment value from is Days of our Lives. No show mixes characters better with surprising and unexpected results. No show currently airing does family better. Mixed in with the driving stories are wonderful character driven heartwarming moments. And the bitch fests!!! LOL. DAYS can create must see t.v. just by putting two characters in the same room on a Friday, whereas GH seemingly needs yet another shoot out on the docks (last count #237) to attempt to draw viewers. Young and the Restless is formulaic and always apparent it’s being scripted. Bold and Beautiful is just…weird and gross. Anyway, I hope I made some kind of a point here.

I think I love you Dylan. Very well said

su0000 can speak for herself but romance is dead! It died in the 80’s. In the old soap days [60’s and into the 70’s] where a live organist would play on set, they were limited to what they could show. It was romance or a sick patient. There was no sex or violence. After Luke and Laura, Bo and Hope and so on, OJ reared his ugly head onto our screens. His murders DID affect the soaps. I’m no expert but many who work for TV or write about TV have agreed, soap fans left in droves! THEN, the internet. THE END!

Thanks Lucy!! I think I love you too!! And Timm as much as I like your posts, I just don’t agree with the OJ thing. I can concede that the Internet has obviously altered ALL forms of the entertainment industry notably in the area of music. But right now television is making yet another huge resurgence mostly with scripted drama. It is the writing, plain and simple, that is mostly responsible for soaps’ decline. Granted it is a Herculean task to produce 5 hours a week and is basically unparalleled in the entertainment world. It is the same recycled writers with no new ideas. The last time I recall a new writer being hired was Hogan Sheffer at AT&T and his initial run transformed that show into a critical, ratings, and Emmy darling. Soaps are unique because they were aimed mainly at a specific audience…mainly women who were at home during the day. They would watch with young kids who became hooked and were then the next generation of viewers. More women are NOT home during the day now. Life is busier and following a show 5 days a week is time consuming. But if it was well written, people would make the time, especially with so many different viewing platforms. And the conventions and soap-ism’s that were new and even surprising in the 70′ and 80’s have completely worn out their welcome. Back from the dead plots. Doppelgangers. Interrupted weddings. Who’s the father? Soaps have become SO predictable that I can usually forecast where a story is going a year down the road based on one or two scenes. The last two pregnancies I can recall where a married couple gave birth that did not end up with a miscarriage, paternity questions, or a baby switch were 23 years ago on Days when Abigail and Brady were born!! If soaps want young viewers….hire young writers!! Most of these writers have NO idea how to write for teenagers. Teens are either portrayed as angry and hostile, or as mini adults who are obsessed with having kids and getting married. One of the most realistic teens I have ever seen on a soap is Rory on DAYS. He is chill, funny, a slacker, a stoner, talks like a real teen and acts like a real teen. And then there’s JJ. The actor playing him is good, but he has been saddled with pretty much every teen soap cliche except for getting someone pregnant. I have to go. Talk later. 🙂

Hi, Dylan.
I am not quite sure I understood what you said about Rory on Days; or teens, in general. Are you implying that this character represents the majority of teens? Not a very flattering notion.
If that is what you are imparting, with all due respect, I vehemently disagree. Rory is a waste of youth…a bum. He is not a realistic teen, Dylan. I would hope that most teens are not like him. My sister and brother are teens….far from whom Rory represents. Furthermore I have thirty-four first cousins….yes, no kidding; 34; half being teens. None of them is how you depict a typical teen.
Certainly, such teens exist, but it is not the realistic majority. Please forgive me, in advance, if I have misconstrued your intent.

I don’t see an instant reconnection for my fav pairing. I expect an uphill battle. You can’t have a couple and not expect angst. It is a soap staple after all. We all have different views an opinions obviously but turning Jason into a stud is taking him far from the core of who he was in any persona IMO. Who knows where this is going but it will circle back around.

Free Robin. Off screen. On screen. Just do it already.

The character of Robin would NEVER leave her daughter behind. AND, doesnt Nick have Helena on lock down on Cassadine Island? This is so stupid!

And Anna and Robert wouldn’t quit looking for Robin. Hope this will part of a new storyline for Anna. Better late than never. And a recast for Robin. Tired for Kim coming and going.

A glaring problem and one of many examples of Ron Carlivati’s writing….which was basically a 3+ year display of hostility, petulant childishness, vanity, arrogance, and character destruction . He told the same story over and over with Faison, Julian, Jason, Duke, Luke, Ava etc….all pretending to be someone else or not knowing who they were. The ONLY way to redeem Nikolas is to learn that Helena or Stavros ( not that I want to see either of them on screen EVER again) are holding Emily and/or Robin and threatening them and forcing Nik to do their evil bidding. The fact that Patrick or Anna…one time super spy…never mention Robin or inquire about her whereabouts or well being is beyond stupid!! It is a dangling plot point that needs to be addressed! Robin is day time’s only character living with HIV, and for almost 4 years she has been kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured, threatened and held against her will. It is a depressing discouraging aspect of the story and a complete FU to fans who watched Kimberly and Robin grow up.

GH is what it is and they won’t be changing it.
Robin is gone, the 80’s-90’s are gone, what GH once was is no longer; long gone.

The writers, producers, network have their plan for the direction for GH,
What a 100 people hate a 100 people love.
And that is why the writers do not care what some people want because others do not want it.

(( You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time.))

Long Live GH (and the mob)

The only couple I have ever “shipped” is Robert & Anna. And I still do to this day. (Though I admit to a soft spot in my heart for Scotty & Laura.) So I don’t really understand the JaSam forever fans who decided that Jason & Sam have forever kind of love (which wasn’t really ever indicated on screen–he threatened to kill her & wanted nothing to do with her for most of her pregnancy) without really experiencing the actors acting together.

I think whatever this story was supposed to be in the beginning was perhaps derailed by the obvious chemistry between Becky & Billy. (And again I emphasize–not a shipper). As I said before, I know we’re headed there, but I am holding out a bit of hope that Jake is kind of repulsed by his previous life, the horrible way he treated Monica and Alan–and how Sonny reinforced (Carly too) that behavior.

While I hope he embraces his son Danny, I really want them to write a character up to the acting ability of Billy Miller. If it’s the old cyborg Jason, Miller’s better off leaving.

Wonderful post!! I never “got” Jason and Sam. He was a murderer for hire and she was a seemingly brain dead bimbo. Between the way Jason was written as Stone Cold, and with Kelly Monaco’s mostly monotone expressionless acting style, there was never any rooting value for them that I saw. They usually looked bored or pissed off with very little going on between. I find it ironic and amusing that Nancy Lee Grahn is supposedly such a feminist and activist for women….and yet both her and her on-screen daughter play vapid, vacuous mob molls who defend and champion murderers who abuse and kill people, women included. Having been a Playboy bunny, I don’t suppose it would really bother Kelly. Lol. That’s all beside the point though. When Kelly really needs to deliver during crucial emotional moments…she does!! She can even excel at them. But this great epic love story of JaSam was never apparent on screen. It exists somewhere in the minds of Guza and Carlivati (and many other writers and execs). Billy Miller is such a charming and charismatic actor and has been completely wasted in this stupid pointless amnesiac role. Him and Herbst have the kind of breathtaking chemistry that he and Amelia Heinle had on Y and R. If written right, and not going back to being a murderer, Jason could become the doctor he planned to be before!! He could be day time’s answer to McDreamy and McSteamy (stupid words, but any fans of medical dramas will get the reference). Instead of being adored and revered and loved for murdering people (???), he could be respected for saving lives!! Some of the hugest television hits have been hospital based…WITHOUT a mafia as heroes component. ER, St. Elsewhere, Grey’s Anatomy etc etc. As if there is not enough drama in a hospital and among the staff without the mob!! In my dreams, I envision a show with young doctors (Jason, Patrick) interacting with nurses (Liz, Sabrina), while working alongside respected veterans…Monica. I envision an intelligently written show about family, and romance. I have nothing against flights of fancy or action/adventure stories!! Gloria Monty turned the show around and rightfully deserves all the accolades she got. It is a shame that Ron Carlivati, in tandem with Tony Geary’s wishes, dismantled her greatest creation (Luke and Laura) but I digress. Under several successive regimes, the show was able to balance those stories while still keeping the hospital component vital . It is sad that viewers in the last 20 years have no idea why the show is even called General Hospital!! Seriously….the show has an actor with the range and talent of Billy Miller and they have him playing a brain damaged amnesiac with no purpose or passion!!! People faulted and mocked Steve Burton for seemingly sleepwalking through his scenes when all he was doing was what was asked of him and written for him. He won an Emmy!! Billy Miller appears equally bored and dazed playing the same one note scene over and over and over. He could lead the charge of a revitalized General HOSPITAL focusing on the lives and loves of doctors and nurses. He could be a compassionate charismatic doctor and him and Liz could be the signature stable couple with enough drama and intrigue swirling around them. I am not holding my breath…because it has been almost 20 years of the same repetitive mob filth….but a bracing and delightful story would be if Jason finally remembered who he was!! He was a golden boy with a bright future in the medical field. I wish that he would just be disgusted and horrified at what he became under Sonny’s influence. I wish he would be able to completely turn on the murderers and mob molls and lunatics he was so chummy with (Sonny Sam Carly etc.) I wish he would have a scene where he completely goes off on them…screaming “What the hell is wrong with you people? What made you love and revere and respect me????? I killed people for money!!!!! There was nothing honorable or respectable about me or the life I chose!!!” As a side note….why is Jake and everyone in his orbit SO seemingly unconcerned with his real identity?!?! They tried to get his medical records exactly ONCE and Helena tampered with it somehow and they gave up! Even when Hayden claimed to be his wife and that they lived in a neighbouring suburb, no one even made a trip there to question anyone who may have known or associated with them! That is ludicrous, sophomoric writing at its absolute worst..designed only to prolong a meandering pointless story!! This is a hospital!! Jason has been shot and brain damaged about 74 times! His DNA or dental records or fingerprints or brain scans would be somewhere on record!!! To suggest otherwise completely compromises any semblance of reality or viewer investment. For the life of me I cannot fathom the continued glorification of this character as an unrepentant murderer….and the many regimes who keep that throughline alive despite ardent and vocal fan discontent!! Several soap writers have recently and historically stated outright that they don’t care what fans want…that they write what THEY want….and that they know better than the fans! That type of arrogance and near hostility to the people who pay their wages is just absurd!! And they wonder why there are only 4 soaps left and they all exist under a continual cloud and threat of cancellation.

Obviously, I agree with you. The deification of Sonny & Jason has always puzzled me (one of the periodic times I stopped watching GH was when Sonny & Jason put AJ on a meat hook–that was disgusting) and now it’s just getting worse.

I hope what you wrote is true, but I feel Jason is going to be attached to Sonny’s side again & everyone will be hating on Liz. To me, Sam has ONLY been palatable with Patrick & I agree, I hate they’ve made Alexis only attracted to bad guys.

There could be so much more to this show–and I hope we’re going to get there–but I’m worried the network is too attached to the Mob. I HATE what happened last week with Michael and I hope there are consequences to snap people out of it.

Oh, Lucy D. My sentiments exactly! I will say it again and again, I, too, see where this is going. And, you say it best……if Jason/Steve is to be replicated in Jake/Billy, Miller IS better off leaving…lots of discontented people.
Yes, this Sonny adoration gives me the dry-heaves. He, a mob boss, a murderous fiend with no respect for human life….a man without honor has been exalted to the level of Ra, the sun god. His evil light only radiates for Su, it seems. There is something fundamentally wrong with the words, “long live the mob”.

Thanks CeeCee–love the Ra reference. It’s so true though, Sonny worship is in full force. And it’s not like he learns lessons. After being shot, after almost dying, his first instinct is to have Ava killed for having the temerity to want to be with her daughter.

@Lucy D.
Hi, Lucy.
I am so glad there are a few of us who find the Sonny ‘worship’ almost as a sadistic joke.
Carly really has nerve. How is Ava any different from Sonny?… is Carly? Now, the writers are trying to raise Carly to the stars, as well. One of her sons called her a good mother? Since when? She keeps choosing the devil over them. A good mother would steer her children clear out of a murderer’s path. Go figure. Later.

Sam and Jason are married because he isn’t dead. I love that the writers had them do the thing at the restaurant. I’m looking forward to them getting on with their lives. They are so good together.

I really wanted Billy Miller to be Jason Quartermaine. It fits his personality better than Stone cold Steve Burton as Jason Morgan. I like Steve Burton. He is dull on Y&R but he is lighter and shows some sense of humor. He was probably glad in more ways than one to leave the character of Jason Morgan. But back to Billy Miller. He is better around people in the Q mansion that he would be in that gloomy mansion of Sonny’s . Billy as Jason Q would walk around the Q home and just bust on everyone. I would love to see him and Tracy go toe to toe! And back to Sonny. What did he ever do to revenge Jason’s “Death?” NOTHING! Faison was in PC and Sonny did NOTHING! Run Jason run!

Timmm…about “romance is dead” in the soaps. You have a point. But from what I see all around me at the bookstore it’s still alive and well. Couples of all ages hold hands, buy gifts for the guy/girl in their lives, meet for a latte at the adjacent Starbucks, and all kinds of girls/women still buy a lot of romance, probably the largest selling genre. Wouldn’t it be nice if the soaps could generate a little more of that again!

Rose, I am a romantic guy and I’m all for it but why I think its dead on daytime is because EVERYTHING we watch now has to be fast paced and there is no build up anymore because everyone wants everything NOW! Thats our cultural now to. We have so much information at are fingertips in record speeds! Soaps cannot afford to build a long romantic story anymore in fear of losing even more viewers. HOWEVER, they can drag a long Jake’s true identity for over a year!

Hi, Rose.
You are so right, Rose…and wise, as always. The first time my husband ever kissed me was on a Friday. I was sixteen. That was thirteen years ago, and, every Friday since then he has gifted me with a single red rose, red being my favorite color. That is very romantic, yes?
By the same token, Timmm does have a point. There doesn’t seem to be any build-up on soaps anymore, to a true love story. First, couples jump into bed; then, maybe or maybe not, they get to know each other. Then, again….that’s what’s done in reality.

I really hope when the truth comes out, that Sam smacks Elizabeth right in the face and Jason stands behind Sam! I am all for Jason and Sam to be together. General Hospital needs one stable relationship in that town. However, it is getting pretty old and the truth needs to come out soon.

Jason and Sam belong together, tired of waiting, get on with it. Elizabeth is a lying bit__ and deserves nothing. She has jumped from one man to another at the drop of a hat. This time it’s lie, lie, lie. Steve Burton was good with Sam but this Jason is a great match, move it along. Please let Carly and Sonny marry.

anyone absolutely BORED with today’s episode? the whole show was mob crap. BORING!

It is about the Corinthos family that is a family of a mobster, but so far not a big mob story 🙁
I am absolutely eager to have an actual mob story, a good one!..
GH is near gangsta free..
There hasn’t been a real mob story since Guzza, the good ol’ days! (long gone:(

The mob is mainly power business and seldom a shootout, and the mob needs to get upfront. Hope Paul will gives us a good ‘actual’ mob story, GH needs one badly!
It’s been a GH cornerstone for near 3 decades! I luvs it 🙂

Reall, you love it? The whole episode was about it. It isnt mob hospital* lol!! Also, if one more person mistakes jake for Jason I am going to scream!!

Seldom a shootout? Do you see what you want to see and not what’s on the screen. The MOB has dominated story for the last several weeks, ratings are down again and no one wants to see Sonny 24.7. Except maybe you. IF this keeps up you, MB and Nathan Varni will be the only onews watching.

Su…responding to your other comment “100 like, 100 don’t, you can please everyone all of the time, etc.”. To this I agree. But I think what many of us would settle for is somewhere in between where there is a little of this, and a little of that.

I know you love RC, but things are really out of wack. His influence has tipped the scales to the dark side, crime, bullets, crazies, betrayals, deceptions, no consequences for evil/bad deeds…all of these have crept into everything. Not that these elements weren’t always part of soaps, but there seems to be no let up, and the kind of dark has an evilness to it closer to Breaking Bad or Criminal Minds…not what many of us want to see in daytime. There is no balance anymore bringing in the lighter sides, fun, adventure, justice, romance, heroic, even “love in the afternoon” that were part of the traditional soap stories and GH.

So wouldn’t it be nice if there was more of a middle ground for all of us! You can like Sonny and the mob, and I can like…I just hopes it’s on the drawing board.

Rose, I agree with you 100 percent. Everything you said. In addition, am really sickened that they ruined the Sloane character and got rid of him today. Totally ridiculous. The character Sloane was a multi-dimensional treasure (e.g., lots of potential story material with one) and so was the actor, Robb Derringer, who was actually able to act, unlike some soap actors who only look good. He brought different levels to his portrayal. I’m fed up with the show and how they allow so many of the characters to suddenly act out of character and then get thrown into idiotic story lines. The Sloane character, for example, was far more intelligent than the stupid story line they gave him today — with the drunk scene, the calling about Anna scene, the meeting with Paul… All so ridiculous and not in character. And, by the way, Derringer was just awarded the Gold Star for acting by SoapsInDepth Magazine — and I hope another show picks him up. But, of course, this is just a soap. It’s possible that the character was wearing a bullet-proof vest and that he’ll be back…at least to get some better scripts by the new writers in October. I know this is “just a soap,” but darn it — they’re being paid good money to do their jobs excellently. And they have failed miserably.

Of course not, Su. No shootouts with the mob. They do that and much more…..What crime families do is cut off the head of a member of a rival family and deliver said head, wrapped in newspaper to the unfortunate soul’s family. Or, just throw the body in the East River.

I’ll scream with you Ces. One, two, three…..SCREAM!!!!!

Lol CeeCee !! I have no words for that ceremony in Chinese Garden. And those damn toys she carries around. Even this Jason/Jake thinks she’s cuckoo with the toys! Glad she left them behind …

btw: how lovely that Tracy’s new/old potential man is a killer now. Way to go GH!
And I’m sorry another note … the Ava/Julian scenes are just creepy. I don’t remember the last time my brother put his hand on my knee. Oh wait — NEVER!

Lol, Ces. There is nothing remotely romantic about those Chines thingamajigs….or reminiscent of something so remarkable. A few marbles would have had more meaning….at least they could have played a game of street marbles. LOL. …or put a few back missing from her brain. I will never understand writers of this ilk. They make ok actors, if not outstanding, look moronic.

Yeah, I really was thrown by Paul’s turnabout. I wonder if that was the writers’s intention when Richard came on board, or if this is a last minute decision. Poor Tracy!! You’re right, GH made the wrong call again.
HaHa….neither one of my brothers EVER touched me that way either!!! Gross!!

Ces, I feel I can ask you this without getting blasted….but, but, but….is it my imagination or does Valerie have huge (Uuuuuge) hands for a girl? I find this hysterical. I just finished watching and noticed her hands, standing there talking to Dante, at the hospital ….simpering over King Sonny; what never-ending sorrow, Ha! How out of place her hands looked; more so with that white nail polish. They stuck out like a sore thumb…accidental pun…LOL. Later, my friend.

So sick of Elizabeth, they always make her out to be such a good person but what she is dispicable. Jason would be totally disgusted with her if he knew what she was doing. Jason and Sam were each other’s true love, that’s why she’s scared to tell the truth because she knows Jason loved Sam.

I’m with you. She is not redeemable. Wish she’d go away.

First I think we need to concede the MOB we’re seeing on our screens right now is NOT from the pen (or computer) of Ron. When he took over he steered away from all Mob, all the time. This 2-week Sonny-worship- didn’t come from Ron–or he wouldn’t have been fired.

One of the problems with soaps is the industry, shockingly, doesn’t get how people watch these days. I grew up with a stay-at-home who watched her stories every day–or whenever she could. Soaps needed exposition and flashbacks to bring viewers up to date.

Today many (maybe most) people watch on DVRs. We don’t beed to be caught up. We don’t need to be explained to. Tell a story and move it along. Stop waiting for sweeps–make every month exciting.

The last few days Billy Miller looked so uncomfortable, like “what the hell am I doing here?” Sonny’s in danger again (yawn!)

As a long-time GH viewer I want to be surprised. I want to be delighted. And I’m not.

should have been Stay-at-home-mom

I have to agree with you on the Billy Miller scenes. He seemed very awkward in those scenes. The whole thing in the garden was lame so I have to feel for the guy to sit there and act out those scenes.

I just want Jasam back together

I want to see Julian reaction

And Monica reactiob

I wish the show would give the fans what they want. This story line is taking so long. The entire town like Michael morgan, and all Jason’s loved ones are all waiting for this to happen. Dying to see that he will return to sonny, and also have shawn to work with Jason.

As of friday Jason leaves port Charles, will he be coming back soon . All of the fans are dying to go on with Sam and jasons life. hit man for sonny , still be carlys best friends. Of course some things will change . But please not too mush all fans would like to see the Jason we all love and know.we all have been waiting for this. We are all suprisedthat he was brought back, we are all so greatful .I Know For Sure the ratings will go threw the roof, Love all of you’re fans .

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Maurice Benard Defends Sonny Going Postal, “It Could Definitely Happen”

Last Friday’s May 17th cliffhanger of General Hospital saw Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) beating up Dex (Evan Hofer) and threatening to shoot and kill both Dex and Jason (Steve Burton), who is restraining him outside the ballroom at the wedding reception of Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase (Josh Swickard).

For months, Sonny has been taking less than his prescribed dosage of medication to control his bipolar disorder.  The mobster has no idea that he has been duped by Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), who is the one that set this dangerous situation in motion, in an effort to eliminate Sonny and eventually Jason from interfering in Pikeman taking over the territory.

One fan questioned the validity of Sonny’s reaction to Dex and Jason after the pei, when he took to X and expressed, “People off their medications don’t necessarily go around hitting people and being out of control. This was the WRONG message to send. I don’t expect anything from Frank Valentini and General Hospital anymore, but you could’ve (and should’ve) stopped it cold.”

Photo: ABC

Maurice Benard replied back to that comment and defended the actions of Sonny given the circumstances. The three-time Daytime Emmy-winner shared, “This is true but when you have a character like Sonny who’s volatile and is drinking and is manic and his thoughts are taken him over it could definitely happen like I said, ‘bipolar ain’t pretty.”‘

GH has portrayed Sonny’s battle with mental illness and the importance of keeping on your meds, plus the issues surrounding it for years. However, some fans have not been pleased by this latest plot point.


The pick-up of the story begins tomorrow on Monday, May 20th where teasers for the episode share: Sonny is horrified. Blaze consoles Kristina (who walked in on her dad threatening Jason and Dex) and Jason summons Carly.

So, what did you think of the plot point of Sonny threatening to kill Dex and Jason, after beating up Dex, given his growing paranoia? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Giovanni Mazza On Contract at General Hospital: What Are Your First Impressions?

This week, General Hospital introduced newcomer Giovanni Mazza in the role of Giovanni Palmieri, who apparently is Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) second cousin, one removed or so the story goes.

The character of Gio showed up at Brook Lynn’s wedding to Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and played the violin at the ceremony. As has been previously reported, Mazza in real-life is a professional violinist and actor.

Upon making his first appearance on the ABC daytime drama series back on May 15th, fans wondered if Gio will be sticking around and that was confirmed by the closing credits of the May 17th episode where Mazza’s name is included along with other contract players.

Photo: ABC

When the news of Mazza’s casting was announced, the talent young man took to his Instagram and shared the good news, expressing, “I am so honored, grateful, and ecstatic to announce the big news! The biggest thank you to General Hospital for bringing me.” He closed his sentiments with “So much love and joy to my new fam! YAY!!! ”

Commenting on his post included new castmates Evan Hofer (Dex) saying, “Happy to have you brother,” plus Tabyana Ali (Trina), Eden McCoy (Joss) and ABC executive Nathan Varni who said, “Congratulations! Welcome to GH!

Photo: ABC

During the May 17th episode, Gio had an exchange with Dex, where he mentioned that his father was in the military back in early 2000’s.  Previously, Gio revealed to Chase that his father died in the military when he was young. So this begs the question, who is Gio’s dad?

What were you first impressions of Giovanni Mazza in the role of Gio? Who do you think he might be romantically involved with and might be also related to other than the Cerullos? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Giovannni Mazza (@giovanniviolin)

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General Hospital

Michael Easton Shares on the Loss of Kamar de los Reyes, “I Was Holding His Hand When He Passed”

For the first time publicly, General Hospital’s Michael Easton (Finn) opened up about losing his best friend, the late Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio, OLTL) to cancer.

The former One Life to Live and All American star lost his battle to cancer back on December 24, 2023 at the age of 56. De los Reyes leaves behind his wife, actress Sherri Saum (ex-Sunset Beach, OLTL) and their twin boys, Michael and John, and his eldest son, Caylen from a previous relationship.

Easton along with Y&R’s Trevor St. John (Tucker) were both castmates with Kamar during their time on One Life to Live. The two shared their remembrances this past Thursday night during’s live virtual event, Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have a Story.

Photo: Robin Platzer

In tribute, Michael expressed, “It was a 30-year friendship with Kamar. We did our first movie together in 1990. I was scared and I was quiet and I was instantly drawn to his bravado and his sense of himself. Kamar was larger than life. He was the best man at my wedding, and I am the godfather to his son, Michael. His loss was profound on all of us.”

He added, “There hasn’t been a day gone by that I haven’t thought of him, and his family and what he brought to this world, and the contributions he made, not only to this acting community. He loved being an actor and he was a great actor. I always like to say Kamar was such a good actor that they cast him as a priest, not just once, not twice, like seven times. I mean, he was often shirtless. But, if you needed a shirtless priest, Kamar was your guy.”

Photo: Facebook

When discussion turned to the end of Kamar’s life, Michael shared, “I was holding his hand when he passed, and he was surrounded by family and, and friends. There was so much love around him. I mean, he touched so many lives. I mean, Trevor knows that at his memorial, it was the biggest, at Forrest Lawn. They couldn’t even fit everybody in. There was people stretched out all the way to outside. People showed that hadn’t seen him in 20 years. That was the effect. So many of the One Life cast members came and cast from All American.”

Michael also spoke to Kamar’s determination till the end and his incredible work ethic, “Extraordinarily enough, he went to work two weeks before he passed at All American.  He was fierce to the end. He never talked about being sick. Even though the odds were stacked from the very beginning, and it’s still really hard for me to talk about, but I was in awe of his strength and his resolve. I would’ve shut down long before he did.”

If you haven’t done so watch below 46:47 mark for Michael and Trevor’s emotional appearances on Daytime Stands Up as they share their memories on Kamar.

Then let us know, what you thought of Michael’s candid tribute to his best friend via the comment section below.


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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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