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General Hospital Stars Past and Present Pay Tribute to Stuart Damon

Photos: ABC

Over the past 24 hours, so many stars of General Hospital have taken to social media to share their heartbreak and remembrances of the beloved Stuart Damon (Dr. Alan Quartermaine) who we learned on Tuesday had passed away at age 84.

What makes it all the more heart-tugging is that so many members of the original Quartermaine family have now passed on.  However, what a testament to Damon, by the touching words and tributes from his on-screen family and more.

Check out what several had to say via their social media accounts below:


Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) shared: “What a loss. The Angels are singing! One of the greatest guys ever. I was so blessed to have this guy play my tv dad. He was so kind, generous, giving, funny, selfless and just an awesome guy. He taught me so much.. I know everyone loved Stuart as Alan Quartermaine, who wouldn’t…he was amazing. But I just want people to know what a great husband and father this guy was. I’m sad beyond words. My prayers go out to his family. Love you Stuey D”

Leslie Charleson (Monica Quartermaine) shared with Soap Hub:  “Without a doubt, it was the longest relationship that I’d ever had with anyone. We kept in touch (after he left GH), seeing each other. Sadly, as for a lot of people, the pandemic and the isolation didn’t help because we couldn’t visit him. A few of us — Jacklyn Zeman Kin Shriner, Wally Kurth— would meet with him at a restaurant near the Motion Pictures Home where he was living. But we couldn’t do that over this past year and that was hard. I know Stuart. He was a very social person. He liked the camaraderie — well everyone does — and being stimulated intellectually. Not being able to have that was hard for Stuart.   Just this morning, I spoke with his son Christopher, who was extremely close to Stuart and his daughter Jennifer and his grandson Alexander. They’re all really sad. We’re all sad. We learned from each other. We worked with each other, and we had fun with each other. What else can you ask for?”

Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio Drake):  “I called him my “building” mainly because he was so tall and I was so short. But also because he stood so strong and I could rely on him as the steadiest of scene partners. He handled the AIDS story with such grace, when Alan told Robin she was HIV positive was one of my favorite scenes I experienced as an actor. His true essence as a compassionate, stand up gentlemen really came through in that story. And I wouldn’t be describing the whole person if I didn’t mention how damn funny he was as well. My heart goes out to his family. Thank you Stu-y for blessing us with your performances. RIP”

Sean Kanan (AJ Quartermaine): “I am saddened to have learned that Stuart Damon has passed. Although we had lost touch over the years I will never forget his kind soul, zany sense of humor and talent. RIP Stuey Damone.”

Amber Tamblyn (Emily Quartermaine): “Broken hearted to hear of the passing of Stuart Damon. He played my adopted dad on General Hospital for 7 years and he was the most kind, wonderful, loving, supportive person. He always made me laugh and made me feel safe on set. I love you, Stewy. Rest well now, my friend.”

Wally Kurth (Ned Quartermaine): “What a joy it was to work alongside the great Stuart Damon. A very talented actor and singer and a kind, generous soul. Our characters often butted heads but between takes, it was a lot of laughter. RIP Prince Charming.”

Stephen Nichols (Ex-Stefan Cassadine): “Rest In Peace, Stuart. I will always remember you fondly. You were so welcoming when I began my journey on #gh A great acting partner.Always greeting everyone with a smile. A true gentle- man. You will be missed. Love to your family and all who loved you.”

Tamara Braun (Ex-Carly Corinthos): “My heart is heavy. Stuart was such a kind man. He was genuine and warm. He was funny. He always had a smile and open arms. He gave the best hugs, called me Tubby and I was always happy when I saw him. I knew him as Alan Quartermaine before I worked with him. Then I knew him as someone I was ALWAYS happy to see because he made my day a bit brighter. I think he made everyone’s day brighter. He was so incredibly full of life. Full of good life. We lost a beautiful human being today. I was so lucky to know him. My heart is sad. Rest peacefully kind soul. You will be greatly missed by so many.”

Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie): “God Bless you #StuartDamon You are and always will be so very special to all of us who were lucky to work + play with you over the years. You will be missed but never forgotten. Your spirit will shine eternally in heaven.”

Maurice Benard (Sonny): “When I heard the news today it hurt,I always wanted Stewart to be Sonny’s long lost dad. He was so classy, real, and.always made me feel safe, Great Man”

Scott Clifton (Ex-Dillon): “In my early days at General Hospital, I had a scene with Stuart in which his character would learn that a beloved family member had died. He understood the gravity of the scene, how historic it would become, and yet during the countdown to “action,” he still turned to me with a wry smile and whispered, “Watch and learn, kid.” Then he winked. Within seconds, he was no longer Stuart, and he began to sob. The man was, and is, royalty. Rest In Peace, Uncle Alan.”

Genie Francis (Laura): “I am so grateful to have had this wonderful man in my life. I am very sad today. #StuartDamon #HG”

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis): What a lovely, funny, talented Prince of a man. He truly was Charming. What a pleasure it was to work with his iconic self. Condolences to his family. RIP Stuie.”

Finola Hughes (Anna): “#StuartDamon master of funny, as you can witness here w me and the sweet #ShellKepler. Stuart lived to make you laugh, but he was also a very caring individual who was happy to have long conversations about life, family and his wife whom he adored. His favorite thing was to say ‘stethoscope’ several times before a scene with as many sibilant ‘S’s’ as humanly possible. Needless to say, that scene would have entailed a couple of takes if I was involved! #ripstuartdamon Sending much love & condolences to his family ❤️ Stu-ey, a true gentleman.”

Michael Fairman TV will continue to update this story as the soap world mourns the loss of the one and only Stuart Damon.

Share your thoughts on what the actors shared as they paid tribute to Stuart in the comment section below.

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So sad to hear of his passing. Just enjoyed watching him so much as Alan on GH. And the history he made as Prince Charming on TV. What a guy! Condolences to his family and loved ones.

Such lovely tributes. It’s obvious his cast-mates loved him. I really hope GH can devote an episode to him this year. Bless him.

I don’t know who was responsible and made the bonehead decision to kill him off ? But this kinda of response from fans people he worked with tell you one thing they screwed up.

It was probably Brian Frons,. MURDERER of AMC & OLTL

He will be missed.

Condolences!! I’ve only been watching GH for seven years—-but, I have seen him in “Cinderella”–I still watch the movie with my little girl.

Amen! And what an enchanting film it is, CeeCeeGirl!!! Even though I have not recently partaken of its majesty, I fondly recall as a child being completely captivated by Stuart’s handsome, unforgettable “Prince Charming” and his beautiful, graceful “Cinderella!” How lovely that so many decades later this magical musical still brings such joy to viewers young and old alike! (Especially now when we need a true fairy tale to offer a temporary escape from the utterly horrid realities of today…) As for the fact you were not privileged to see Mr. Damon at Alan’s original best, well, simply take a gander at his GH beginnings on You Tube. Despite him now being mentioned as a dearly-departed and respected character, Alan was actually a superb, first-rate villain when he tried to obliterate Monica and her lover, Rick Webber, with explosives. After that plan was quite literally, “blown away,” “charming” was the last word one would have ascribed to the insanely jealous Dr. Q.—who was played to maniacal perfection by the “Dashing Damon.” (Albeit eventually, Alan certainly redeemed himself as the beloved husband, father, son, brother and doctor of which he remains so revered!!) At any rate, I hope you and yours are well. It’s been a great while since we’ve touched base..I did send a Christmas greeting—but never heard back from you. Other than posting a few responses to Violet on two fairly recent “Downton” threads, I’ve been absent by choice. (Although I have sorely missed both you and your witty, intelligent commentary…) I still occasionally look in, but most of the familiar remarks are not enticing enough for me to elicit a response..(Current company excluded, bien sur…) Your presence has also seemed to be more rare as of late, as there were numerous occasions when I would seek you out to say hello, but found your posts to be rather sparse and/or only germane to storylines or characters of an unfamiliar nature to me. Hence I’m delighted I finally found you here where I could share my sentiments on such a well-deserved and “non-controversial” subject!!! Have a wonderful summer and take care, mia amica!

OMG!!!!!!OMG!!!!!OMG!!!!!—-Shay!! Finally!!!!!!! I am soooo happy to hear from you.
It has been a frantic year—–virtual teaching; having the children at home 24/7 has been a challenge—yet, we survived; as have you.
Now that I see what a magnetic character Alan was, I shall seek him out on youtube.
We are all on the Vineyard—kids galore, plus friends of all shapes, sizes and ages.
The guys took them all to the beach—(gorgeous day), the older kids are off on their own—and, we girls are getting a little breather —-
GH is truly going to Mars—-Sam and Dante have nowhere to go, nothing to do except hurl childish banter/insults at each other. Is it supposed to create some kind of sexual tension? Well, it ain’t working.
Poor Britt had at last found tangible love/commitment with someone whose shoulders could carry her during her ordeal. But, Carly always wins in the long-run. I think that even after Sonny’s return she will be in such a quandary—–whom to choose? Oh, Gee!! Why not both?
Alexis is in solitaire—-that’s another messed up, not needed storyline, or character. TPTB had no compelling story for her, therefore she was propped in jail to clean up whatever mess? And, there’s always a judge, a warden or a higher-up who is as despicable as can be. And, they all hate Alexis. I only hope that Shawn gets out where he and Jordan will “reunite” romantically, unless Alexis has put her stamp on him.
Nina has reverted to her wayward ways because of not-so-hunky Mike—-Hmmmm—-over Jax? She’s so upset with Jax for being less than honest with her ( which I get), but she’s doing the same thing.
Nonetheless, I watch because I love my soaps, faults and all—let’s hope they remain forever.
Be safe, bellezza!! You actually made my day!!❤️

Right back at ya, CeeCeeGirl! Your reply made my day, too! So good to hear that all is well with you (and your vast Vineyard contingent….Watch out for those approaching storms!!!!) Yes, we survived….Thank God!!! I’m still not feeling like we’ve quite gotten completely “there” yet, so we continue to be careful. I think we’ve all had our little “escapes” from the real world this past year….but admittedly, GH was not one of mine. At this point, Port Charles feels like a far-away planet for me, so your little “refresher” on all things current was most welcome. Yet, on the other end of the spectrum, it was my great pleasure to salute/apprise you of Alan’s illustrious—-and sometimes NOT so illustrious—-history. He truly was a prized and highly consequential player almost from the moment Stuart Damon’s elegant presence first graced the GH canvas. Of course, it didn’t hurt that along with the debonair and devious Dr. Quartermaine came the excessive baggage of his long-ubiquitous clan of rogues, scoundrels and other assorted miscreants. To be honest, I cannot imagine my beloved Port Charles of the past sans such vital and indispensable characters. The “Q’s” certainly enjoyed an impressively remarkable run as one of GH’s most enduring legacy families….sadly, their like will most probably never again be seen!!! Candidly speaking, I yearn for those old-fashioned daytime antics of the Quartermaines…they always gave as good as they got…and then some—-in classic, dramatic soap fashion, no less! It is sobering to think that Edward, Lila, Alexandria, AJ, and now…even Alan…are forever gone….along with those kissing-cousins, Celia and Jimmy Lee, who are now nothing but long distant memories. (Hey, at least Monica still has THAT house that Alan “gave” her!!!!! A lasting tribute to the Q’s! And Tracey Angelica always remains at-large for a possible, menacing return…) Enough of looking back though…on to the here and now: You know I am always pro-Britt, so I was hoping she would eventually find true love—-not to mention some semblance of a seal of approval from her dear “Mutter,” aka, our much-adored Dr. O.! (Maybe next time…) As for that eternal (infernal???) Sonny/Carly conundrum? The less said the better….(Plus ca change, plus ca change…) Naturally, I have saved my more critical comments for last….So my “favorite” whipping post, Alexis, has finally been confined to a place where she is forced to cool her sexual jets…albeit not in the nunnery which I once suggested, but the slammer!!! Too, TOO funny…I must admit, I am imagining that image with a deep sense of schadenfreude!!! (Could now be the time for that dip in the ladypond via one of her fellow jail chickadees???? Hmmmm….Needs must…Just a thought.) At least the men of Port Charles are presently protected from her oversized libido for the duration of her dragged-out sentence…far too many already carry her “tramp stamp” of shame!!!! (Shawn included….and that last poor guy who didn’t make it out alive from their post-coital bed thanks to her lethal, um, “affections,” Lol!) In terms of Nina….I’ll just pass on that one….she matters none to me these days, although she still sounds extremely needy and neurotic. Not a good combo!!! Well, best be going. It was an absolute delight “chatting” with you! Take care and keep in touch, mia amica!!!!

P.S. Hope “Elsa” didn’t rain on your summer holiday parade!!!! Sounds like the stormy weather on MV was rather “active” there for awhile!!!!

Hey, Shay,
We just got in acouple of hours ago—-long ride—visited my in-laws on the way back—also, our old haunts. Plus, my niece (15 years old) is interested in attending Yale —-drove around New Haven ( not a most appealing neighborhood)—my brother is not too pleased!! Perhaps she’ll change her mind. She wants to study pathology—-I’m trying to convince her Harvard is the place to go.
Sorry for the late reply—internet reception on the Vineyard is a real pain—and, yes, we had pretty savage weather for a couple of days—high winds and all.
But, we have a game room, so everyone was kept active.
Yes, it will prove to be quite difficult getting back into the old routine—We still wear masks. I feel neked without it—can’t let go. LOL.
Eh, mais oui—plus ca change; plus c’est la meme chose……ain’t that the truth.
I should think TPTB would have calmed Alexis down by now—I have lost count how many bed-partners these characters go through/share. Who has not slept with whom? It’s soap fare.
My disappointment is watching Curtis “chase” Portia. I give up—the woman is sparkless ( is that a word?)
Austin is an enigma—-I’m actually very intrigued and interested in his story. Is he a Quartermaine? Drew?
I can’t help thinking of Billy Miller with a a healthy amount of rancor, Shay—-what a pity—No offense to Roger, who I truly like—-but, that gorgeous face to be traded in for Austin is deflating.
“See” you soon, amica cara…..

@Celia…Glad to hear of your “safe escape from the Vineyard!!!” (I was concerned about you and yours during that Elsa episode….) And boy, oh boy, do I hear you about the “masks,” CeeCeeGirl! I have yet to abandon mine, as well. (I consider wearing it as a courtesy to both myself and others, since transmission questions remain. In addition, I’m in a state that dropped the common sense mandates and had a very “hard opening,” meaning mass summer events galore—to which I expressed much skepticism at the time. And now they wonder WHY the latest variant is spreading like wildfire??? Hmmm….) As for Billy Miller, I heartily agree….his hasty departure from GH still casts a considerable pall….how can one NOT miss THAT face, not to mention, his dreamy presence??? Big mistake—huge mistake!!!—in letting him go….God Bless Our Billy! In terms of Alexis, I have lost count of her numerous “paramours” through the decades…mainly due to lack of interest!!! Her endless cycle of highly-inappropriate men and the tragic consequences they bring to her life has become all too familiar, stale and predictable. Perhaps being locked away truly is in her own best interest….hey, everything else has been tried to no great avail in order to break her negative carnal pattern!!! So, we are again at the place where yet another “newbie” is a possible Quartermaine??? (In the form of a reconstituted “Drew?” Ummmm…no thanks.) Although for those of us lucky enough to have enjoyed the “Q dynasty” from the very fore, there are plenty of tantalizing options for re-populating the clan…let’s face it, Edward was an absolute rogue nonpareil and Stuart Damon’s much more romantic—yet oft-roving—Alan both had copious coital entanglements which could have produced more heirs, albeit illegitimate ones. Ditto for the mostly absent AJ during his peak “physical years”….after all, he wasn’t exactly locked away in a monastic retreat!!! Plus, there remain long lost relatives to be had. I would love to know whatever became of Jimmy Lee and Celia!!! Either would most likely have offspring—even grand-offspring!—by now. Would be a fantastic blast from the past to see those two again…especially in an onscreen salute to the much beloved Alan and his dearly-departed family members. Yes, where the Quartermaines are concerned, the prospects for far-flung kin are a most distinct possibility that could supply Port Charles with more madcap legacy family hijinks for years to come. I’m hoping the deep affection extended to Stuart Damon (and his signature character) after the actor’s sad passing will herald a renaissance for one of GH’s most resilient and fondly-recalled “nucleo familiare” of yore. (Speaking of family traditions, it seems your niece is experiencing a rebellious stage when it comes to higher education..Aunt Celia to the rescue!!! Honestly, I feel bad for today’s youth when it comes to college…I dare say for most of us, those years were considerably carefree and extremely enjoyable…I simply do not see that as the current case. Too much social stress to conform to the zeitgeist—from both faculty and fellow students—must dampen the spirit of fun and frolic which once permeated that classic rite of passage. Just another deflating sign of our times…Later, mia amica!!!!

Elsa must have lost strength, Shay—-it wasn’t as bad as anticipated—-worse inland. We didn’t even lose power, which is a wonder in itself—-that’s the first thing to go, usually.
As far as Academia getting lost in today’s idiocy of screwed-up politics and what’s “woke”—please!! Imagine ….getting rid of Dr. Seuss, for one?
However, Harvard is not as “liberal” as it’s purported to be—-
Joss ( and gang)!is entering the portals of PC’s higher education—wouldn’t it be feasible to introduce a storyline ( kept on an even keel) about the degeneration of scholarly endevors? It’s going downhill, starting in grade school, as we speak. Indoctrination seems to be the thing—it’s wrong to be white, don’t you know?
Everyone, is afraid to speak—-soaps should advocate the right to choose and feel as one pleases.
I truly would be fascinated to see the subject breached, as tough as it may be—-even minimally; yet, rationally and fairly. Our history should be kept alive, not buried. It’s the only way youth learns —-by past mistakes. Yet, the elites’ mentality seems to be skewed —gratefully, not all schools follow that blind philosophy.
Pardon the rant—-I forget myself—LOL.
I haven’t had time to research this Holt person, but, I shall. Nonetheless, I did surmise Austin to be linked to the Quartermaines.
Silly, silly, silly—-hard to get a grip on a valid character, here. Roger has made so many transformations……
Let’s see—who else? –Spencer—as cute as he is, I don’t like him, albeit I like his tenacity to be rid of Ava—I only hope he does not succeed because I love her and Nikolas together.
Later, bella…
(Pardon the typos)

Hello again, CeeCeeGirl! You called it correctly….Austin is a “Q.!” (Well, maybe…one can never be sure when it comes to RoHo’s chameleon-like characters. Lol.) I still cannot believe GH actually went there with the idea….it’s been decades since Jimmy Lee Holt first appeared on the Port Charles scene as an unsophisticated country boy claiming to be Edward’s illegitimate son by his former mistress, which provided much fodder for both drama and hilarity amongst the highfalutin Quartermaine clan—-not to mention a healthy dose of beefcake for the ladies of the land. (Distant relation and beautiful debutante, Celia, in particular!!!! They had quite the steamy, mismatched romance whilst she was engaged to her seemingly appropriate, dashing doc, Grant Putnam, who was—in reality—an imposter of the real thing and a Soviet spy, to boot….not that she noticed for quite the duration…she was too taken playing secret “Kissin’ Cousins” with Jimmy Lee…But that’s entirely another crazy story from the ‘80’s…) Then there were the epic put downs ala Tracey for her half-bro from the wrong side of the blanket and utter exasperation from Alan at the thought someone of his low-status ilk could share the Q bloodline. Even Monica, no born to the manor socialite herself, was appalled by the notion….Such were the incomparable Quartermaine heydays!!!! It will be interesting to see how RoHo manifests himself as his “father’s son.” Will he be equally proven as much a “diamond in the rough” or far more canny, snarky and attuned to the ways of the world in the familiar manner that the actor’s other characters have been portrayed???? (And is Roger trying to outdo Michael Easton’s record for the most roles played on GH????) As for your other comments, you are preaching to the choir on the topic of education and its nearly total deterioration under the rules of the “wokerati.” There is so much to say on that subject, yet we both know this is not the proper venue….although I agree that there should be more productive discussion and respect for those with opposing views…Furthermore, the mass media should be promoting that ideal instead of the typically one-sided view it inevitably presents. Needless to add, you have my complete support and sympathy since you are one of those fighting the good fight on the front lines of this current info war for the soul of our country and its youth. Kudos to you, mia amica! Until next time….

So, I just noticed after I sent my last post to you only moments ago that RoHo’s “Austin” is indeed meant to be the physical issue of one “Jimmy Lee Holt!” Okay…let’s see where this leads. Wonder if his so-called “Pops” will be making a future appearance????

So Very Sad to hear of Stuart’s passing, he was an incredible actor & what everything I’ve ever heard he was a Very Special Man Praying for his family as well as his General Hospital family R.I.P. Stuart Damon R.I.P.

I’ll never forget as a young teenager watching him propose to Monica on screen. I dreamed about having a love like they had on screen. All through the years is was a pleasure to watch him. Sad lost for Stuart’s long time fans like me.

My heart is so sad with the loss of such an amazing actor. I have watched him on GH for over 40 years. Love all the performances he did on the nurses ball. RIP You Will Be Missed by so many.

I fell in love with him when he played the Prince in Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. He literally stole my heart as a little girl. Then I saw him on GH and have followed him ever since. Was very sad to see him leave GH. My heart is breaking and I never actually met him personally but he was an important part of my life growing up. I’m 64 years old.
My condolences to his family and friends.
Pamela Hartman

You said it best Pamela: “never met him but he was an important part of my life growing up.” So sweet.

I was a little girl when I first saw this handsome man who played Prince Charming & I was in love! I thought Leslie Ann Warren was one lucky girl!!! Later on I found out he was the same actor who was on GH. I was sad to hear of his passing & just reading all of the touching tributes from his co-workers says a lot about his character. Rest In Peace Prince Charming your in the true kingdom now. Sing a song to my sweet mother for me…

Wonder how Monica will take the news that she is to become Carly’s mother-in-law?

She took the news surprisingly well. But maybe that’s because Monica has lost so many children now, that she’s not going to question it, if Jason tells her that’s what will make him happy. Besides, Monica’s known Carly for decades, so at least she knows what she’s getting with Carly. As opposed to Britt, for example. And since Michael lives in the Q mansion, I’m sure Monica will ask his opinion. Mikey knows what this is all really about, but he’s probably not going to mention that part to Grandma!

Not like this marriage is really going to happen, of course….

I adored Stuart Damon as the Prince in 1965 Cinderella. He was dreamy, groovy, so handsome, and a true royal gentleman. He eased his way into the hearts of many women, mine included.

Stuart was/is a class act ! His memory eternal !

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nina Confronts Ava for Sabotaging Her Relationship With Sonny and Signs the Divorce Papers

Looks like Nina (Cynthia Watros) and Ava (Maura West) are back to be each other’s sworn enemy number one. By the end of the Monday, April 22nd episode of General Hospital, the women know where they stand with each other after Nina goes in on Ava accusing her of wanting Sonny (Maurice Benard) all to herself, while her marriage has been on the rocks.

In story, at Nina’s office, Ava shows up to see Nina and says she is sorry about what happened with Sonny and that he reacted the way he did, acknowledging that is was over the top, even for Sonny. Ava says she’ll smooth things over, but Nina says she now understands how manipulative and transparent Ava really is.

Given their horrible history, Nina goes in on Ava and how she should never have trusted her. Nina wants to know how long has Ava had this agenda dating all the way back to telling Nina to turn Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew (Cameron Mathison) into the SEC. Ava says she never told her do to that, but Nina wants to know how long Ava has been playing her for a fool.


Ava says she moved in with Sonny to keep Avery safe and she wants to be on good terms with Avery’s father, Sonny. Nina thinks she likes being in Sonny’s inner circle. Ava tells Nina if she goes to him about her advising Nina to call the SEC on Carly and Drew, it won’t work.  Sonny still considers Nina a traitor and he will think she’s lying because she’s so desperate to win him back. Ava says if Nina would stop blaming everyone else that maybe Sonny would respect her.  Nina says “like he does you?” Ava says Sonny not only respects her, but he also counts on her.

From there, Ava launches into why she and Sonny understand each other, after all, Sonny is a powerful, turbulent, and sometimes violent man. She goes so far to say if Nina wanted someone to just sit by the fire with and play with their grandchildren, she’s got the wrong guy.  Ava then talks about Mike from Nixon Falls (Sonny with amnesia) and how Sonny hid the darkest parts of himself from Nina back then, whereas with Ava they are the same similar creatures, so he doesn’t have to hide anything.


Nina wants to know just what Ava wants with Sonny? What is her end game? Ava responds that they understand each other, in ways she can’t with Sonny. Nina tells Ava she can go ahead and have it all and signs Sonny’s divorce papers. Ava walks out with the documents, while Nina in tears at her desk, takes off her wedding rings and has her assistant come in so she can messenger the rings back to Sonny’s address.

The episode and these scenes featured great performances by Cynthia Watros and Maura West. You can check some of the scenes below.

Now, let us know, what is Ava’s next move? Is she going to become Mrs. Sonny Corinthos? Do you like Ava and Nina as enemies? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Ellen Travolta Makes Another Return to General Hospital

If General Hospital’s Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) nuptials are on, you didn’t think Grandma Gloria Cerullo would miss out on the festivities, now did you?

Casting news from Soap Opera Digest reveals that Ellen Travolta is back taping scenes that will air the week of May 13th on the ABC daytime drama series.  When viewers learned that Carmine Cerullo, was also on his way back to Port Charles, now in the face and body of actor George Russo, it only made sense that Grandma Gloria would join Grandpa Cerullo. Look for them both mid-May.

As most people know, Ellen is the older sister to John Travolta. She first make appearances as Gloria back on GH in the mid-90s. Most recently, she returned to the Quartermaine mansion to meet up with daughter, Lois (Rena Sofer) and granddaughter Brook Lynn for Thanksgiving in Port Charles in 2023.  Michael Fairman TV interviewed Rena Sofer and Amanda Setton late last year where they shared what it had been liking working with Ellen, who remains very close to Sofer in real-life.

Photo: JPI

Amanda shared: “We fell in love immediately. What’s crazy is my maternal grandmother was Grandma Gloria. I had her till I was 30 and we were so close. She was really like a second mom to me. So, when I got this script and I’m reading “Grandma Gloria”, it was so bizarre. And then in meeting Ellen, she looks like my grandma – same haircut, same high cheekbones. It really did feel like I had a few days with my grandma. It was very, very special for me. Ellen is sweet, prepared, professional, talented and funny to boot. So, it was one of the best weeks I’ve had at work. I hope she comes back. My fingers are crossed.”

Photo: ABC

Now, we can’t imagine Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding day to be smooth sailing, in fact, expect just the opposite, but could it be Grandma Gloria who is ultimately the hero or the calming voice of reason for any pre-wedding jitters? Stay tuned.

So, glad to know that Ellen Travolta will be back for Brook Lynn and Chase’s big day? Comment below.

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Breaking News

The Young and the Restless and General Hospital Actress and Writer, Meg Bennett, Passes Away at 75

Meg Bennett, who had played Julia Newman and later became a writer for the top-rated daytime drama, The Young and the Restless has died at the age of 75.  The news comes from her family who shared that she lost her battle to cancer back on April 11th.

Daytime fans remember fondly, Meg’s portrayal of Victor’s (Eric Braeden)first wife. Bennett joined the show in 1980, after her first soap stint for two years in the role of Liza Walton on Search for Tomorrow.

Impressed by her story notes, the late Bill Bell, then head writer of Y&R, had Meg doing double duty acting and writing on the show from 1983-1987. When he decided to write off the character of Julia, he also wanted Meg to stick around as a writer.  Not only did this begin a whole other daytime career for Bennett, but she was not done playing Julia either. Throughout the decades, Julia would still come back to Genoa City for a visit. Most recently, Y&R fans saw Julia in 2018, and again in 2020.

Photo: JPI

Bennett also appeared on Santa Barbara and was a writer on that show as well from 1991-1993. She played the role of Megan Richardson. It was next that Meg had her longest writing stint coming to ABC’s General Hospital. Meg wrote for GH from 1993-2011.

In 1995, Bennett won her first Daytime Emmy for writing and her personal life changed after falling in love with nine-time Daytime Emmy winner, former GH head writer, Bob Guza Jr. In addition, GH also utilized Bennett for her acting skill when she was cast as the villainess Allegra Montenegro.  Meg and Bog Guza were officially married in 2004 and purchased a home once owned by Boris Karloff and Gregory Peck.

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Additionally, Meg wrote for The Bold and the Beautiful 1987-1989 and later served as a executive story consultant to Brad Bell from 2002-2004.  She also wrote for Sunset Beach, Generations and GH: Night Shift throughout her writing career. She went on to win five WGA Awards for GH and Santa Barbara.

Meg is survived by her husband of 19 years, Robert Guza Jr., two stepdaughters, four grandchildren, a brother and a sister.

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