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GENERAL HOSPITAL: What Do You Think Of A Revenge-Filled Sabrina?



Since Nurse Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo) has re-emerged on the canvas of General Hospital she definitely has, shall we say, a bit of an edge! And rightfully so … she lost her baby, she lost the man she loves, and she is on a mission to uncover who ran the car driven by Patrick (Jason Thompson) with her in the passenger seat off the road that caused the premature birth and ultimate death of her son, Gabriel!

When Sabrina found out from Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) that Ava (Maura West) must be the one who ran her off the road, she seemingly has been overcome with her need for revenge, and it was no more apparent than on yesterday’s episode of the ABC soap opera!

As a pregnant Ava went into seemingly early contractions, she was rushed to General Hospital where Nurse Santiago “tended” to her while Ava was awaiting the doctor.  Sabrina didn’t really do anything to make Ava more “comfortable” while she was awaiting some medical attention.  Later when Ava was faring better and released from the hospital, Sabrina, while at the Nurses Station, vowed revenge on Ava! Ava says to her entourage as she steps into the hospital elevator: “You can all relax. Baby and I are just fine.”  To which Sabrina overheard and then muttered under her breath, “Only for now, Ava!”

Watch the two scenes with Sabrina and Ava from yesterday’s GH after the jump! Then weigh-in: Do you like the new revenge-filled Sabrina?  Who do you think will ultimately cause harm to Ava and her baby?  Sabrina, Nina (Michelle Stafford) or someone else?

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I have made my feelings known on another post. Nonetheless….I believe Sabrina will entertain the idea of revenge, but , carrying it through is iffy….not her style…unless she temporarily loses her mind, again.

I agree with , looks like the show is setting it so she’s the most obvious choice when something happens but I doubt it unless they want to turn her crazy on purpose…

I think she never regained her mind. I hope this is the character’s exit story. She serves no purpose.

ITA beyond time for her to be gone.


I also think this is TC’s exit story. Sabrina was an ill-conceived character from the start. She was boring as the overly sugary Ugly Betty/Disney Cinderella princess. She’s certainly more interesting with an edge but still doesn’t really fit in anywhere. The cast is already bloated beyond belief. Sabrina is one character who can easily be written off.

I am SO glad I’m not the only person who feels this way! And, I agree she is definitely more interesting in the mean time with her vengeful edge. Better luck to Teresa in her next gig.

Aww, I hope not, Lucy. I think Sabrina still has a story to tell….and, it will be very shocking and relevant. I really like her, which doesn’t count for much, but I hope she’s given a chance to grow on people.
BTW? There are about 6 Lucys in my family. Lol.

Wow! There’s only one in mine CeeCee.

My husband is Italian which means that nieces, granddaughters etc. are named after the elders…..that’s why there is hardly any variation….gets

Well, I think a few things…

It shows that even the sweetest, most pure of heart people can turn to the dark side…LOL…under certain circumstances…ala Sabrina. Then shows that even the most evil, coldblooded killer (Ava) can show vulnerability, fear and pain. Both cases deal with maternal love.

Ironically, I like Sabrina and all her goodness and Iove to hate Ava for being involved in AJs murder…but in this case I actually felt bad for Ava!!!! Knowing she was not the one who caused Sabrina’s loss I just wanted Ava to scream…”I didn’t do it!!!!! So back off!”

i’m always behind in catching up with eps

I love it when said posters agree with me

“… I just wanted Ava to scream…”I didn’t do it!!!! ”

I have never started loving Ava more… then when she acknowledged her pregnancy, and with Kiki, no less, felt the baby move

so… this is a huge turnaround for me..

I’ve always liked Maura West

never more than now

she…along with Eileen Davidson and Kelly Sullivan are tops

LOL… relief in that I can celebrate these women

Thanks, Patrick! As I said, I DO like Ava…and I did feel empathy. I just can’t get over what she did to AJ so it’s a conundrum! Fantastic actress; facial expressions: evil, compassionate, suspicious, fear…priceless!

To rebecca1 ( and CeeCee, et al)…..To add a bit of levity to this post, I have to share a fun little real-life tidbit with you. Yesterday, I was doing my usual marketing, and as I frequent the same shops all the time, I know most of the help and chat with them whenever we encounter one another. I normally greet everybody on a first-name basis, but it occurred to me that I wasn’t aware of what to call one very nice girl with whom I have repeatedly conversed in the past, as she never seemed to have her nametag on display. (We had already bonded long ago over our love of “Sherlock” and particularly, Benedict Cumberbatch, but I digress…..) Long story short, after speaking for what seemed the umpteenth time with this engaging individual, I finally asked her what her name was….needless to say, I was utterly floored when she replied….(drumroll, please……..)……SABRINA!!!!! After a stunned moment, I chuckled and told her I was apt to NEVER forget her name in the future because there is a soap opera character I absolutely cannot abide that goes by that same moniker…I asked if she watched GH and she said no, but she thought it was just as funny as I did! (Like I said, it was not as if she were a complete stranger , we have discussed British television for a few years now, so I was comfortable “sharing” my thoughts with her…..) At any rate, I now know a “Sabrina” that I do actually like quite a bit, so needless to say, that will be a VERY new experience for me!!!! LOL….. ; )

Seems like we cannot escape “Sabrina” no matter where we go!!!…LOL. To have us both encounter two different ladies with that not-so-common name in such a short span of time was some sort of cosmic serendipity to say the least!!!!. Rather spooky, eh???? By the way, I sent a joint reply to Jules and you later down the page…..if it doesn’t get posted, I will try to forward it to you separately.

Both of us “running” into a Sabrina is beyond uncanny! And yes, read your post about the “discussion.” I’d rather you had posted that originally…I held back on my reaction to your first post to me regarding that. But…as always…let’s keep on dancing…or trucking…or agreeing/disagreeing…and agreeing again…it’s too much fun to give up! 😉

Isn’t it just? I actually expected that we would be joined in our cosmic “Sabrina” club by at least a few others, so the fact it featured the two of us exclusively is quite bizarre. I guess it’s the universe telling us that our “dances of disagreement” are meant to be….and definitely should continue! ; ) As for the “discussion,” it only came about as a result of the notion that I have always found you to be profoundly decent, diplomatic and delightful in our dealings—even (especially?) when we posit different views—-hence, my being so very taken aback by your unfamiliar attitude was, in reality, the highest of compliments!!! (Albeit it one accompanied by a slightly chiding tone, however, it was sent with the best of intentions….no offense was meant! As I said, both Jules and you are great favorites of mine….even if I did think for over a year that “she” was a “he”…duh!) Ultimately, your replies provided me with a better sense of your personal perspective, so I cannot consider that to be anything but positive….yet, I hope this incident is now all water under the bridge! Incidentally, a bit off-piste, but did you by chance catch the past two evenings’ presentations of “Forever” with Ioan Gruffudd? I’ve been a fan of this winsome Welshman since his days of “Horatio Hornblower” and “The Forsyte Saga,” not to mention “Ringer,” so I really enjoyed this latest effort of his. It’s a nice blend of genres……making it truly original in nature. I fully expect it to be on my regular list of don’t miss shows….thought it possibly could have appealed to you, as well!

Funny you should mention that show! I just posted a reply about it to an online newspaper review. Don’t believe I was familiar with the actor; he looks vaguely familiar but haven’t seen either work that you mentioned. I like the show…he’s again a really good-looking, charming guy with a sexy accent! So I’m intrigued. However, I’m starting to think it’s The Mentalist v.2…Lots of similarities. (And I love Simon Baker.) But they need to use the “hook” that he lives forever in some way other than to have him die for a second and pop back out of the water. I’d find it interesting if we could revisit his past lives (since he’s not a time traveler he can’t actually go there but at least through his memories). If they don’t evolve his “foreverness”, then it’s just a gimmick and I’d rebel on that manipulation alone. I’m going to watch it for a bit more and see if they can get past the Sherlock Holmes/Mentalist similarities and go forward with a bit more originality.

By the way, I missed all of last season’s Downton…hoping to catch up online somewhere. And, really looking forward to Nashville and Revenge!

Well, rebecca1, I do believe some of the same creative minds behind “The Mentalist” are producing this new effort, so the resemblance may be purely intentional! I don’t mind that aspect, because I’m already intrigued with the 2000-year old stalker called “Adam” and I also enjoy the nod to “Sherlock,” even though nobody else could possibly capture the same sort of brilliance that is Benedict Cumberbatch as the eponymous lead of that particular blockbuster program. As long as this show doesn’t become a boring cliche’ of procedural crime dramas, then I’m on board, but I do agree with you that I desire much more emphasis on Dr. Morgan’s historical background, since I adore period pieces. (As for last season’s “Downton” episodes…they were up and down….some really good moments and a lot of so-so stuff…I’m already reading the spoilers for Season 5 in the Brit press, as it just kicked off this past weekend across the pond. I’m already aware of some developments that won’t thrill me, but as long as Dame Maggie is there to snidely comment upon it all, then I’m good! I just watched the repeats of Season 4 on my local PBS station, and they usually rerun the previous season over the holidays right before the January premieres, too. I can’t help myself…..I view the same episodes over and over again….LOL. ) Quite frankly, for me, Ioan Gruffudd is the drawing card for “Forever”…he’s charming, erudite and utterly believable as a two centuries+ immortal, yet I honestly have liked him better in other works….I still plan to give this show a chance because I do find the the combination of genres appealing. I’ve already given up on “Nashville,” ….in truth, I never was that enchanted by it from the start, but I’ll stick with “Revenge” out of habit and my love for Nolan….other than that, I’m not sure that there is anybody for which to really root at this point…they are all pretty reprehensible!

I didn’t know the same people were behind the show. That’s good and bad. I loved The Mentalist but dropped the ball somewhere along the line; have to find the shows I missed on that one, as well. And as mentioned I love Simon Baker. But it’s rather a ripoff to take the same formula (sort of like renaming Todd, Starr and John but barely changing their personas) and just tweak it. I do agree with you though regarding Ioan for the reasons I mentioned in my previous post. I also like Judd Hirsch. He adds such authenticity to any role he plays (and I cannot believe he’s almost 80! That shocked me.) So yes, I’ll stick with it. Cute, fun leading man…older, wiser, comforting presence of Judd Hirsch…fingers crossed it lives up to its cast!

I can’t seem to get the past season of Downton on PBS. I’ll look again or call the local station.

No on Nashville? Surprised. I am crazy about the show. Great music (never liked retro country…but I like “new” country. Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Blake, Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry, Lady Antelbellum…etc…..I can also appreciate Willie Nelson and a few of the throwbacks…) The show itself is so well centered on family, romance, betrayal, makeups and break-ups…it’s good country, soapy fun!

I think Revenge will be great this season, but I’ll be missing “Aidan.”

Still don’t get why they don’t move daytime soaps to primetime. With a built-in audience…there must be some time slots that would fare well with AMC and OLTL. The powers-that-be know how to crunch their numbers so I guess they know best…but it just seems like there should be early evenings or weekend slots that would be profitable…

Sorry I took so long to reply, rebecca1….It’s been a combination of the crazybusy with wanting to wait until this week’s installment of “Forever” before I commented. I continue to be intrigued……Ioan Gruffudd is making the show….he is just so charming and appealing! And Judd Hirsch—of whom I’ve never really been a fan, despite the fact he is equally adept at comedy and drama—is also quite wonderful as Henry’s adoptive “son,” Abe!….They work quite well together. So, I am still enjoying this program, and the preview for next week looks even better…..more historically-based, which is just right for my taste! Anyway, before I move on to other subjects, I do need to tell you I was wrong about “The Mentalist” link to this new effort….it’s actually “Gotham” that has the same production team…I watched that show last week right before the special Monday night premiere of “Forever,” and the producers’ unique logotype tag stuck in my mind, which is why I made that error. (By the way, “Gotham” didn’t grab me…it was well done, but simply not my thing…..) At any rate, I also agree with you about “The Mentalist.” I felt very let down after the “Red John” reveal….and the reboot, though not necessarily bad, was less than scintillating for me, particularly with the new female agent who was too abrasive for my druthers….I missed a few of the episodes, too…. although I caught the last one in the spring….I will give the show another chance when it returns mid-season, but I hope it moves from the Sunday night timeslot….with “Revenge” and “Masterpiece Theatre,” I’m just not in the proper mood for that genre then, even with Simon Baker as the star!!! I prefer it on a weeknight. As for the newest “Revenge,” I was truly underwhelmed….other than the always fabulous Nolan and the magnificent Victoria triumphantly strutting out of the asylum near the end, it didn’t offer much excitement for me. Still cannot stand Margaux and her bizarre fashions and hairdos nor her Neanderthal half-brother….ick, ick, ick!!!! Yes, “Nashville” is a no….I realize it does the soapy stuff superbly, but I can’t get past the location, style and music….it’s just not “me.” (And I don’t like Connie Britton….) Having said that, I do hope you will be able to locate “Downton4” sooner rather than later….it was definitely a pivotal season, and there were some very dramatic moments that will be recalled in Season 5 this upcoming January….I think it is pretty much traditional that most PBS stations re-run the previous episodes during December, since they rarely present much new material due to the holidays. Oh, while you’re looking for the “Abbey” online, hunt down “Mr. Selfridge,” too. There are now two seasons to review, but they are definitely worth the trouble….excellent program…..Season3 will be on PBS next spring. (You MUST check out the French guy, Gregory Fitoussi as “Henri LeClair.” He is “tres magnifique!” Dark and debonair….he is also on PBS’s MHZ International channel starting again next week (Wednesdays) in reruns of “Spiral.” It’s a French language crime drama with English subtitles….also quite good. He is “Atty. Pierre Clement”…..) Whew! Did I cover all the ground you mentioned???? It was a lot, I know. Oh…..I have always felt that the daytime dramas should be rerun in late night. Occasionally, one of my ABC affiliates will have a GH do-over if they cut in for local news at the original time, and I enjoy watching so much more in the evening….I guess it’s just because I’m such a nightowl!!!!! (And, no, I don’t DVD that much, because it makes me procrastinate, then I never get totally up to speed. I don’t watch that much television, so what I do view I try to see as it is broadcast….old-fashioned, I know, but it works for me!!!) ; )

Sabrina drives me crazy…and she doesnt have far to go…lol

I still think Nina will have Rosallee kindnap Ava’s baby once born and Sabrina will get the blame…even Felix will believe Sabrina took it…as for some silly writing GH is known for, Nina will keep the baby hidden in Silas’s apartment and dumb Silas wont even know it…lol

That is soooo funny and UR right on both counts. Silas is completely oblivious
to Nina’s antics, she could be holding Ava’s baby right under his nose and make
him believe any sort of nonsense,poor fool. As far as Sabrina is concerned, I
feel her light went dim long ago.

Funny! But…Silas isn’t as clueless as you think. He’ll be doing some sleuthing and realize what’s going on.

If that baby does get kidnapped…whoever steals it will pay a heavy price stealing a child of Ava’s and either a grandchild or child of Sonny’s. Though it would make for a good story can Ron et al really not see that we’d be on our 4,322n baby snatching story???

For you OLTL people, remember the who’s the daddy story with Natalie, John and Brody? The revelation that Natalie was taken at birth? And then there’s Jessica’s baby who was being raised by Marcy and Michael…then Marcy freaked out and ran off with the baby? Lottsa baby happening…


I love this stuff

you bring relief to this 5th serial…. “Thank You”

I’ve accepted that Sabrina, is featured… so… if this brings us Carlos… with

then so be it….

he’s a character that belongs on and forefront his character… for all that GH is worth

whether Carlos ends up with Sabrina… or Ava.. or any one else on the canvas

the character and actor.. who portrays Carlos… is stellar and beyond look forward

I love his take

Carlos should work for Lorenzo if he would return?

I think that’d be a great idea Timmm! And I love Ted King. But I read he and the character are tied up with the OLTL/ABC lawsuit since Alcazar and Lorenzo were said to be the same person…

I meant Lorenzo and Tomas Delgado!

She’s more annoying than ever.

It might be fun to see boring Sabrina become more edgy, but this actress really doesn’t have the acting chops to make even ‘bad’ Sabrina compelling – plus having her go after the wrong person adds to the “who cares” element. The poor girl is dull as toast – as bland as white bread – and about as interesting as a box of rocks. IMO, of course

I thought the same thing, its not that I think Teresa Castillo is a bad actress, but playing and “bad-girl” role just doesn’t work for her. She’s no match for Ava or Nina or Carly, who are all phenomenal at playing badass. TC is mediocre at best.

To tell you the truth, I just want all kinds of harm to happen to Ava and her ‘demon seed’ as penance to what she did to poor A.J.- he’d still be alive if it wasn’t for her. Sabrina has lost whatever usefulness she had. Paring her with Patrick was a BIG mistake, as we all knew that Robin was still alive. She should have been A.J.’s girl- talk about a missed opportunity! Right now I want either Sabrina or Nina to ‘get’ Ava and destroy her brat!

I think that the writers did a terrible job with Sean Kanan’s return as AJ Quartermaine. It’s a shame. A veteran character from a legacy family-such a shame.

Ouch !!!

No child is a brat, real or otherwise.

No child is a brat…um, you obviously havent met the spoiled one i’ve raised for almost 18 years…lol

Deep breaths everbody. Speaking of brats I’m so ready for spencer to be gone.

Maybe not, jimh. But, growing up being called a brat by your siblings, kinda makes you hate the word…lol. I promised myself I would never call my kids that word, even though I feel like it, sometimes.
And, I love little Spencer, Karmadragon….what you say is bad Karma….sorry, couldn’t resist…..double LOL. Spencer has my heart.

It’s fiction Cee Cee, and it is allowable to call a fictional child a “brat.”
And JimH? Very funny.


karmadragon…I LOVE Spencer! Think he’s one of the cutest lil guy actors to come along in a long time. He plays the pompous little prince to perfection…knows his way around a manipulation…keeps par quite well with the adult actors…and conveys a lot with faux innocent eyes when he’s really scheming. Yet through it all he’s quite the lovable and loving lil chap…great new addition to the Cassadine clan!

As an aside…does anybody watch Steven Spielberg’s Extant? Now that too has one of the cutest, best child actors I have EVER seen! Completely irresistible!

As if pickle relish wars and panic attacks weren’t immense enough indignities to foist upon our dearly departed AJ! (And by extension, Sean Kanan….) To even suggest that the Quartermaine Crown Prince should have been shackled to this simpering ball and chain is beyond the pale…he was just lovely with Liz although they definitely deserved a longer, more satisfying romance and even his hate hook-up with Carly generated a lot of heat. I also thought at the beginning of AJ’s triumphant return to Port Charles that there should have been sparks with a grieving Sam….just imagine Jason’s nemesis bro taking on his widow and son in a happy family scenario…could have made for excellent dramatic possibilities. But shouldering the hapless heir of one of GH’s finest families with Sappy as a supposedly suitable shagmate? NEVAAAAAH!

oh Shay…even now??? even now after the cosmos has spoken to you via your newfound real life Sabrina? okay.

I must say I agree with you on several points. first and foremost you know I loved AJ and Sean kanan! beyond disappointed with how he was written this time and that he left…was given an out…shown the door…encourage to leave…however one wishes to interpret the real story.

I also agree a relationship between AJ and Sam…though quite a big stretch considering Sam’s love for Jason and how long the two were at odds…but I think they could have been great together and he’d have a ready-made family…Danny is his nephew. And what justice…he’d be raising Jason’s son…as Jason raised his before handing him over to Sonny.

As for Elizabeth…I had hope for that relationship too. She seemed so excited when he called…the ptb wrote it as if this was a blossoming relationship born out of friendship…she stood by him through the panic attacks and pickle pandemonium…and then left him when he needed her most. Nary a tear when he died.

Carly? That also would have been fun to explore. They obviously had an attraction and were the epitome of a love/hate relationship. After Carly seemed to have softened toward him…though on the surface held up her antagonistic ways toward him…I thought she too would be a bit more upset when he died. Again. Nothing.

AHHHHHHH!!!! As for Sabrina…

Hmmmmm….not sure. AJ, for all his goodness and earnest ways…with all his capacity to love and give…I think he needed someone that challenged him. However I disagree about Sabrina fitting into the Quartermaine’s…they need a new Emily/Lila…a gentle, genuinely good woman in their midst. She would fit that bill. And don’t blast me about how dare I compare Sabrina to the revered Lila…we went that route already. Sabrina’s in that league. She’s a good person. Which is what Lila was…loving, garden aficionado Lila!

Shay, your writing sends me. I may not always agree with what you say, but your anecdotes and innuendos slay me. Love it!
Rebecca? Uhm…Carly is an alley cat. I don’t think a man, on this stage, exists to whom she is not attracted.
She’ll do it with anybody….the character, that is.

@rebecca. Really? You think nuJason/ gorgeous Billy is suited for Carly? She squash him. He needs someone pretty, petite and delicate…such as Liz.

CeeCee…not that they’re suited physically…I can definitely see him with Liz from a looks standpoint. But I think it would be ironic since Carly has always loved Jason…and there was a time when there was a strong attraction. Ultimately, Jason chose Robin over Carly. Since then, he’s been her best friend and confidante…and she’d sell anyone out for Jason…Her love for him was a problem for Jax…she always resented any woman in Jason’s life…she never considered anyone good enough for him. To say she was territorial is an understatement.

Because of that history, I think it would be interesting if they put these two together in some way…

@CeeCee….Since you find that my posted material slays you, I so wish you could see the stuff that gets moderated out of existence….oh my! (Thankfully, I’ve begun saving my comments before I submit them….perhaps I should compile them under the title of “Rejected By Mr. Fairman?” LOL….) But once again, thank you for your gracious compliments. As for disagreement, I adore the notion… stimulates my intellect and creativity….plus, I think it’s good for the soul to realize that not everyone is in lockstep with your personal thoughts.,,,,certainly makes life more challenging and exciting! ; )

Hey, rebecca1….I totally forget the kicker about my “real-life” Sabrina….she just graduated from nursing school!!!! Too funny, huh? But beyond that, there is literally no resemblance to the fictional one in question, physically or in personality….so, of course, I actually find her to be quite delightful!!!! Having said that, I do agree that a Sam and AJ pairing would have provided a poignant, perfect symmetry to Jason’s previous role in the rearing of his brother’s son. In retrospect, there were so many positive directions that our favorite Quartermaine could have taken, and it still hurts and disgusts me to recall his ultimate fate. He was terrific with Liz and her boys and although I certainly would not have wanted to see him in a so-called relationship with Carly the Man Eater, I do admit that they did create some real heat in their brief assignation. (And yes, both of these ladies should have expressed more grief at his untimely loss….) Yet when AJ visited Sam—and Danny!—I also felt that there was a real possibility for a great story between them…then again, I pretty much like Sam with any man due to her facile chemistry with the male species….what can I say? It just works! As for Sappy, well, we shall never view her in the same vein….to me, she is just a simple, unrefined, unsophisticated plebe, despite all of her touted niceness and goodness. Perhaps if she had only been given a minor background role where she could have bided her time and been less of an annoyance, then maybe I could have abided her, but to suggest that she could have been welcomed into the Quartermaine fold is a bit much for me. However, I would like nothing better than to see this family revitalized and expanded, but the recent efforts to do so have seemed like nothing more than social engineering, trying every which way to add an endless variety of new faces to the clan, and none of them have stuck….as we previously discussed, even Emily (the adult version…) didn’t necessarily add that much excitement toward that end. What I would like to see is for the showrunners to usher in a new generation courtesy of Jimmy Lee Holt, Celia and Grant, or even the late AJ. to offer a fresh new crop of Quartermaines that has sprung forth from these legacy characters….there is a rich assortment of personalities which could be echoed in their offspring, and there is certainly nothing to say that at least one of these “children” could not take after Lila in spirit and deed.

WOW, the kid hasnt even seen Sonny’s dimples yet and you conclude that he or she is a brat?

Baby switching. Dubious parentage. Really? Please do not go there. Why? Been there, done that. OVER IT! And then we don’t know what to do with the children. I like the idea of Sabrina losing it after the fates dissed her dreams on all fronts. It seems real, moreso than being frozen and thawed in a carnival freak show clinic. If only once, I could see the difficulties of assimilating into one’s life after being dead for years. Now that’s drama.

I’m SO sick of baby switching and babies in general on this show. Babies do not make for compelling drama and it’s been done to death! BORING

Absolutely, Iakovos. Sabrina has every good reason to ‘lose’ it. It is, as you say, very realistic. She had the biggest loss a mother could ever possibly experience. And, she could also be going through post partum depression, which is also very real. Combine the two and you have pandemonium, bedlam and chaos all rolled into one. Anyone would combust.

I don’t like Mean Sabrina at all. It just doesn’t fit her personality at all. Her being mean to a patient, no matter who that patient is and going against her nurses oath to help the patients just seemed unreal to me.
I can understand her hatred for Ava but still think she would have done her nurses duty.

are you kidding?
If I was within 3 feet of the woman who I believed killed my baby, her azz would be bouncing off the walls..
mama bear .. 🙂

Agree..I am surprised she has not jump her yet and beat her to a bloody pulp…I like this storyline..Scenes with Teresa and Maura are really good..I am sure there is more exciting twist coming.

I also agree, If I believe someone killed my baby and almost killed Emma and Patrick and her too, and someone told me that is the one that put a hit out on the Drake family she would be toast! I cannot believe some fans actually believe she should not be acting this way(I am not talking about this board)

Im agreeing with you…i guess miracles do happen…lol


I did say-
when Sabrina returned she would be different with a hidden dark side.
I also think her family in Puerto Rico is a crime family and her father is a bad one.
He will save his daughter / bullets will fly ..

More interesting had she returned with a goth look…lol

Yeah, jimh. I can actually see Sabrina in Elvira mode…you never fail to make me chuckle.

Sabrina should communicate w/Patrick, their both going down the wrong path. Sabrina should be very careful because she’s not ready for the BIG league, playing w/the Big Girls !! Ava is no joke!!! Carlos is locked up and cannot help her.

Sabrina has as much edge as a puppy.



I know, right

Sabrina can’t win for trying

I get that

it’s a crying shame

I don’t mind that she’s not working… like Carly

if they’d just bring on Carlos to feature with… and bring that latino flavor… and realism… sexy pull out all the stops…

Carlos and Sabrina enlighten… share.. deliver… realtiy

I’d care

I know, Mary. I would like Ava to look at her and with a shudder say,’Brrrrrr.”

Sabrina is messing with the wrong Jerome,because behind
Ava’s ‘Brrrr” is a Big Bite!!!

I think that the actress is doing a good job with the material so far. Sabrina has never been my favorite character; but, I’ve always thought that the actress has done a fine job with the material. I know that a lot of bloggers are not fans of Sabrina. My biggest gripe-Kristen Alderson as Starr/Lauren/Kiki Jerome. I am tired of the writers adding her in scenes just to add her. She can barely carry a scene nevermind an interesting storyline. There are talented veterans, returning veterans, and talented recurring actors that deserve whatever air-time is given to her.

Kristen Alderson is a star..
She was with OLTL from near birth to the end. and she ”carried” many a scene ..
she is a seasoned actress 🙂
Kristen deserves as much air time as the others, after all she has a contract and many others do not 🙂

I agree with su0000. Love Kristen. She’s a seasoned soap actress…she started with OLTL when she was six years old…I believe she was the youngest daytime actor with a contract role. She’s won the favorite teen Soap Opera Digest award as well as some other honors. I find her genuine…non “Hollywood” real…meaning a pretty girl next door type with an earnestness about her. Was soooo glad when they moved her over to GH and so hope she remains!

Absolutely. I watched her almost on a daily basis. She was great on OLTL. And, her interaction with her co-stars was effortless.
As far as Sabrina is concerned, I commend her 100%. She was indeed pregnant and did have a baby in real life, afterall. She is human, and as such, I am sure she must have identified with the situation somewhat. I know I did. And when she is bashed, it really breaks my heart. I feel so badly for her.

I agree that Kristin Alderson is a gifted young actress but Kiki is just a buzz kill.

Agree..Kristen is a seasoned veteran plus an Emmy winning actress and she is a huge fan favorite..People just assume that she is so young, but this actress has paid her dues just like any other long term contract player..Kiki is not the best character, but Kristen makes the character interesting to watch.

“…She was with OLTL from near birth to the end. and she ”carried” many a scene ”

this is what I dont’ get… and i’ll, for the sake of: justifying

she’s just not good… with Michael, or any one else

she’s the most obvious filler with Michael…. and it’s lame… justifiably unnecessary

throw in Daniel and Jenn of DAYS of our lives.. and you’ve got a two pair that dull

I knew when the character got the name “Kiki” it was a kiss of death. Who the hell is going to take her seriously! She is a good actress who needs a good story. She should be away from both of the Corinthos boys.

I don’t know; as said above I love Kristen and I KNOW I’m in the minority here but I LIKE Kiki! Wasn’t thrilled when they first introduced her as the lil con girl…but she’s so genuine as Kiki…and I love her loyalty to Franco even after finding out he was not her real father! That won me over (character-wise). I like people who aren’t influenced by others, I like people who root for the underdog…Kiki has shown strength of character, conscience, loyalty… a reliable friend. She’s been wary of her mother when she should be, yet open enough to want a relationship with her again…she reached out to Rafe…nothing not to like about Kiki.

Since several of us have mentioned she is a solid actress, I’m hoping down the road they give her a story instead of supporting. Maybe Fluke should have kidnapped her…sorta Stavros/Laura/Lulu…though not gone as far as consummated his lust because that would be way toooo creepy! LOL (one of the things being though Krsten is 23 she looks 16!)

But I think since she’s surrounded by the mob on all sides….Michael and Morgan sons of Sonny….the Jeromes…Fluke…they should have gone with the idea of making her a target. Ron knows what she’s capable of….he should make it happen!

–rebecca, I appreciate how you eloquently and positively enumerate KA’s qualities. I have been
Saying the same thing for many moons now. It baffles me how much negativity is hurled
her way. I think she’s very talented…she can sing too !!!
Once Kiki is given an engaging and compelling storyline, I am confident that she will strut her stuff superbly. There are many possibilities and venues–so much potential if the right storyline is created to fit her and only her. I think that the one storyline which will propel KA as an actress worthy of her craft will be the revelation that Kiki is Nina’s bio daughter. A new Kiki will emerge. The audience will not see a passive, no-purpose-character on stage any longer, but will be treated to a Kiki with bared teeth and sharp claws….the feeling of betrayal/hurt/disbelief/retribution will all be directed toward Ava and Madeline. I am almost salivating at the prospect of a confrontation with her grandmother….a stranger with shared DNA who turned. her world upside down. And, Ava? She will explain it away by saying how much she loves her, but Kiki is beyond listening to any explanation.
I can hope, LOL….if only TPTB would let it happen, as you intimated, rebecca!……I know Kiki will kick some butt.
Then, lo and behold, the cherry on the cake will be the mother and daughter reunion…With tears abounding—-Ahhhh—sigh.

I’m sorry; I just don’t see the talent. I only watched OLTL as filler in-between AMC and GH. I thought Kristen was a cute child actress; but, I just don’t see the need for Kiki to be in Port Charles. Her scenes come across as very awkward to me. I agree with Patrick; she seems to be “filler” and her and Michael are very boring. IMO, I’d like to see a reduced cast, and for the show to focus on its foundation-the hospital, hospital based stories, real medical stories-diseases that are not rushed through, friendships, romances, etc. I just don’t find the show has much balance these days. It’s really very sad, being a loyal viewer since the early ’80’s. Oh well, can we do?!?

dmr…if you don’t see Kristen’s talent…that’s your right…your opinion…and no one can argue with that. we all like or don’t like different actors in all genres; it’s subjective.

but what I REALLY, LOL, can’t agree with is wanting to watch a show about disease!!!! I wouldn’t watch GH at all if it centered around sickness/medical stories. I watch TV as a fun/fantasy escapes from any of the real tragedies that can befall any of us. Give me vampires, crazy Cassadines and lovable kikis any day over medical stories!

Personally my gripe is with the character, I never really got into Kiki or Franco for that matter, even though Kristen Alderson and Roger Howarth are great actors. I’m just not fans of their new characters at all, especially Franco. But I do think KA is a good actress, she was great on OLTL as Starr, especially with Blair, Todd and Victor

Luv the storyline and she is doing great! Keep up the good work!!!

“Revenge Sabrina” works as little for me as before she went back to Puerto Rico. As she hasn’t worked for me since she arrived. With only Juan as a family tie, there’s little to anchor her to the canvas. If she does go full bore crazy, I could see her taking a trip to Shadybrook or Ferncliff…..

Yes, hopefully this is her exit story but personally, I don’t want her to go full blown crazy… GH is great but at the moment there are way too many lunatics running around: Stavros, Victor, Leisl, Levi, Peter Sr., Heather (returning)… soon Helena will be back, same with Fluke… so I don’t want to see another full blown crazy person

Well, yeah, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so she should be “Sabrina on Steroids” now but I really never liked her character. She looks too much like Liz and after she took her glasses off at the Nurses ball it was like she lost her purpose.

She should be on steroids– but she’s not— what has she done but give Ava a lot of dirty looks and talked rudely to her? A bad case of PMS could explain that— I’ve seen people show more rage stuck in traffic than Sabrina. I get she can’t tip her hand, but at least in private they should have her let loose. I mean, Nina at least has a list– ( all hail the list) obviously a list is what all revenge seeking woman need — when I see Sabrina making a list then I might believe she has gone over to the dark side– LOL.

Unless one has suffered the loss of a child, such concept is hard to grasp. Mourning does not mean going to the dark side. Whatever action Sabrina takes is due to her sorrow, and within that sorrow comes confusion; mental instability. It does not happen for everyone, but it does happen. Then what happens? Sabrina comes face to face with Ava…the devil incarnate. This is the woman whom Sabrina thinks has killed her baby and in doing so, Ava has destroyed her life.
Ava has gotten away with so much. AJ, for one is no more because of her. Ava may not have done the deed, but she certainly was a catalyst. So, for some to praise Ava’s attitude towards Sabrina is distorted…what is wrong with this picture?
I have praised Maura as an actress…she’s one of the finest, next to MS. But, the character is pure evil. Yes, there is a softer side to Ava, but only toward her baby and Kiki, at this point. But, even that show of motherly love cannot absolve her cold-hearted past actions.

Mary, you make perfect sense.
I agree with your every word. You’re correct when you assert that Sabrina is not at all believable as a grieving mother. It’s a combination of the writing and the acting which is producing this sense of unreality.

Sabrina has not gone over to the dark side. As I stated, I doubt she ever will. What I said was that it is very possible to flip out after losing a child, especially under those circumstances. It is all speculation. If she does, she has good reason. In the end, Sabrina’s ‘good’ side will prevail.
At the risk of sounding repetitious, Sabrina may harm or attempt to harm Ava. Thus, TPTB may be staging both their exits (I hope not) by killing two birds with one stone. That is, the demise of Ava, while Sabrina is headed to a psychiatric facility.
As far as Sabrina not acting realistically, Addison? I know the difference between reality and fiction…I know this is fiction. But, most fiction is based on reality, so……..What I tried to impart is that when you lose a child, your world and everything in it becomes unreal. Every thought, every word you speak, every movement you make becomes robotic…it is like floating in air and looking down….removed from the rest of your surroundings. One does snap out of it. But, even then, there will always be something missing from one’s life. So Sabrina is executing these scenes realistically, as her heart and mind see it….all she wants ; all she needs is an answer….one simple answer, and not necessarily vengeance.

Agreed Timmm and that’s where they lost the entire thrust of the character. I could stomach her with Patrick because she was so vulnerable and nice and it was what he needed at that time…Now she’s nothing more than a hair model who looks so bad up against Maura West powerhouse talent that they shouldn’t even go there..for real.

Sabrina has not been scorned, Timmm. Her pain and wrath do not stem from losing a man……Someone killed her baby, for goodness sake. Such a loss is not a walk in the park. The pain never goes away…it is always there in the recesses of your mind and heart.
I think Sabrina is doing a great job acting and verbalizing the part of a grieving mother. We shall see if she goes down the deep end and flips out. Perhaps this mission she is on is a way to help ease the pain….everyone grieves differently.

CeeCee– Mary SF replying here to your reply to my above post. This article was asking our thoughts about Sabrina developing an edge, being darker because she is seeking revenge, so that is what I was addressing not Sabrina’s grief, but the portrayal of her anger.

My point was if this character’s rage has gotten to the point of planning to do harm to Ava, I personally do not see it in the way that anger is being shown on screen. I disagree with your assessment that the actress is playing all the complexity and layers of grief that comes with losing a child, which is more the writers fault than the actress.
Over the years of soap watching I have seen a number of actresses playing the same type of grief and I am sorry this actress is not capturing, the deep hurt, anger and emptiness that losing a child in such a manner, because the writers aren’t putting in in there. This is the type of story that should be getting the actress an Emmy not, but with this revenge twist, it will not happen.

If you think I was trivializing the character’s pain I was not, but I am mocking the writers need to turn this into another GH revenge plot. It is the writers who are making light of the situation by making this about getting Ava, instead of Sabrina’s loss.

They are trying to make Sabrina something she is not, which is why I sarcastically compared her to Nina. It they wanted to make the character darker, the way they are going about the transformation in my opinion is the wrong way.

Sabrina shouldn’t have it in her to do harm, even if she is grieving. She might think it, like Patrick did, and that is realistic, but to have Sabrina plan to harm Ava, to think out a plan, like Nina is doing, is laughable. Not Sabrina’s pain, but the way the writers are having her express it, because they are more interested in action plots, than exploring the human heart.

I thank you for your insights, we won’t this Sabrina story in the same way, because I am not seeing what you are seeing on screen, and I should, and I wish I did, but appreciate your comment and others you have written on this site.

I think Sabrina is displaying her vengeance true to character. She’s relatively mellow…she’s a genuinely good soul…so the slow destruction of her world from losing Patrick to losing the baby to temporarily losing her mind…has ramifications. Instead of being loud and all out ballistic….she watches, she waits, she throws innuendos….and then she’ll pounce. I’m hoping they finally release Carlos from jail at which case I can’t decide if he’ll try to wreak vengeance for her or if they’ll team up. It’s not that I don’t like this side of Sabrina…I just find it frustrating that her revenge is directed at the wrong person. Though I’d like to see Ava pay for her crimes…particularly against AJ…could care less about Connie…talented actress but more preferred Megan Ward’s softer less gangsta attitude…I find it frustrating that Ava just doesn’t come out and say she didn’t do it…since she already suspects that what Sabrina thinks.

And, Tim? Sabrina looks like Liz?? Yes, if you thinks snow white skin and olive skin, skinny/petite and fuller/curvy, hazel eyes and brown eyes, square shaped face and oblong are similar…I guess they do! 😉

Thank you, Mary. It is all about how one perceives a situation…each of us has a different perspective…. In my case, I speak from personal experience. Therefore, the landscape takes a different form…almost ominous….not so green for me.
I completely understand what you are saying, Mary…thank you for taking the time.

@rebecca…do you really think Sabrina is lying in wait? I am on the fence about that. On one hand she does want to avenge her son’s death, but on the other, will she have the wherewithal? To me, her revenge is not spontaneous if she waits for the right moment to pounce. Her actions become premeditated. In that case, she is no different from Ava.
However, as I stated earlier, pain and anger make us do things we would never have thought of doing before .

@ Mary SF and Ceecee

both… perspectives : varied

and that’s what enlivens character

I would lose my cookies character and livelihood without child

perhaps once she’s steered away from all the hurt… hopefully, via Carlos.. that life moves on… that she’ll see the light and accept

and accept that Patrick is not a part of

I think this is all just story to propel

if Sabrina is choice fodder to screen… then so be it

just give us Carlos to feature…

and a semblance of normal for Sabrina to forward… even tho it’s a big loss to carry

Yes CeeCee…I think she’s waiting for her revenge. I think it would be silly of the writers to insinuate that’s the direction she’s going and then drop it. Somehow I think it will involve Carlos…he was unjustly jailed because of Ava…she threatened to harm Sabrina and the baby. In Carlos’s mind…Ava did just that. So now, both Sabrina and Carlos want revenge; in their minds Ava ruined both of their lives and killed Gabriel.

I think someone’s going to die on GH in the next few weeks…wonder if it’ll be Sabrina and Carlos which will only magnify the tragedy…though I’m hoping not. I’d like to see what else they can do with Sabrina…and I’m really hoping Carlos stays on the canvas because I think he’s a very good actor…just don’t know where I see these two on the canvas..

Why is there such negative talk about Sabrina? I like the character and with Patrick. It isn’t her fault that Kimberly McCullough doesn’t want to be a full-time regular. I hope that do have great plans for her. Don’t liking Patrick and Sam.

Oh, thank you, Lew. Finally, someone who feels the same way as I do about Patrick and Sam. You may not like them as a couple…I just don’t like them, period…the characters, that is.

You don’t like Patrick or Sam, CeeCee? Didn’t know that! Hmmmmmm…we’ll have to change that. 😉 They’re both great!

I honestly had hoped that GH production would steer toward… Sam and Patrick

but…after alluding to…and delivering… I, too… don’t see it

it’s the character of Sam…. Kelly Monaco..character is emptied

I’m so thankful… that GH production is steering Nina.. away from.. Sam and Silas… she’s become that much more interesting.. with all the other characters that shes featured…

Dr. O… : Britt : even Franco :

and then

just steer away from Sam and Silas and you’ve got a hit machine in the makig


it’s a downright shame… that the three amigos.. aren’t working for GH…. Silas, Franco, and Kiki

let’s mend that fence and move forward

but, hey.. it’s still better than Sonny and Carly

@Patrick…I like Silas, Kiki and Franco…but at the same time I think it’s because they came over together as John, Starr and Todd…their original OLTL characters and that they all came from the same soap…made suspending our disbelief more difficult. We remember the dynamics all three had on OLTL…and to my mind Ron kept it but changed their names. Franco and Kiki still have that father/daughter (not literally but her loyalty to him is the same dynamic) relationship …Silas and Franco still have John and Todd’s animosity….Silas is quiet and reserved like John; Franco is lost, insecure and potentially dangerous like Todd…Kiki is warm, smart and old-souled like Starr. Occasionally my mind wanders back to their “former selves” but I’m slowly getting into their new identities…

I like Sam and Patrick. I would be rooting for them, but I’d actually like to see her get back together with Silas. I still think the new Jason will be unrecognizable to the people in Port Charles, thus Sam won’t know it’s him. Thus, he’ll be taken (at least temporarily) out of the equation. I also think it would be interesting if the new Jason and Carly get together….finally.
The irony of Carly falling for her best friend that she’s always had a thing for would be perfect…and I think an interesting story when the truth comes out.

What does Kimberly McCullough’s Robin character have to do with Sabrina and whether you like her or not?

That is the main problem with the Sabrina character. She can not stand on her own and is a very weak character. I’m hoping that we get to see her actually let go and get crazy revenge on the woman who she believes killed her baby.

I say that Ang, because quite a few people had a problem with the pairing of Patrick and Sabrina and somehow blamed Sabrina for the split between Patrick and Robin. Kimberly McCullough had/has other aspirations and they couldn’t keep Patrick in limbo forever. Patrick and Sam I don’t see the chemistry as a couple. Sam likes living dangerously and I am sure Patrick will have an issue with that. He did with Robin. And as soon as Jason returns, will it be a Patrick/Robin/Sam/Jason/ Silas/Nina situation? Please enough!!!! And one more rant; soaps please stop with the stories of the sleeping beauties. Days has John Black; GH had Nina, the Cassadines and Jason and Y&R has/had Phyllis! Enough already!!!

I don’t like her because she’s dangerous. Opps, I have been watching Top Gun again so forgive the gun snap.
Lew, I dislike Sabrina because she has been a badly written character since day one, and the actress is just not very good. She was force fed upon us viewers upon day one and without a proper introduction. I like Robin okay, but I don’t love her, and I can certainly see Patrick with other women. My dislike of this character has nothing to do with any love I may or may not have for Robin and Patrick as a couple anymore than my hatred of Yoko has anything to do with a misguided belief that she broke up The Beatles. Sabrina did not break up Robin and Patrick anymore than Yoko broke up the Beatles.
I detest both women for who they are, not whom they may or may not have broken up.
And now, just for you, Lew….

“That’s right, Iceman. I am dangerous!”
Iceman responds by chomping down furiously upon his Wrigley Spearmint gum.

Harry. – OK!

Harry, I truly like your explanation.

Lew, I am impressed you could even remotely follow my jumbled stream of consciousness.

She plays off understated which is always good when you have an aggressive actress like MW or MS . I have no problems with her I always go by less is more. Give her a break you do need actress’s out there who play a little low key it keeps the storyline flowing less camp. In other words give her a break! I can handle her acting any day versus over the top screaming!!!

you hit it on the nail

“…versus over the top screaming!!! ”

it should be clear by now she’s not top drawer

she supports and if you let go… it’s Sabrina and just even Felix

an extension of GH canvas

“Verses over the top screaming”? Or crying or whimpering or shrieking? Like Sabrina was doing during her wedding interrupted? She is possibly the worst actress in daytime which is saying a lot.

This is another example of a feature piece on this site that IMO deserves no mention whatsoever but gets one simply because it’s GH.

OOOooooh….Sabrina is getting tough with the big bad Carly. I mean Diane. Ooof, I mean Carly. Again I ask, WHO CARES!?!?

I feel as though so much gets covered from this show, mostly benign, throwaway moments (not even entire plots or key episodes) that are so undeserving and yet, week after week, here they are. Getting coverage. Are all these days slow news days, or is there just significantly more junk happening on GH worth highlighting?? I want to see more balance.

Ha! That last time I really did mean Ava. God I miss MW as Carly.

Love this post, Jules.

@Jules….Mercifully, I foresee no “Kartrashian” project in my future, but just the same, many thanks for that sweet sentiment! As for my preconceived notion that you were male, please accept my deepest apologies….I knew a very cool guy in college with the same name, so I simply projected my fond memories of him onto you whenever I read your posts!!!! My bad!…..At any rate, please don’t be a stranger here at the GH threads….we may get occasionally fractious and rambunctious, but it’s usually all in good fun…the more the merrier!!!!

Jules, yes, the latter–there is just significantly more junk happening on GH. But it is good to see you round these parts.

Likewise. Always a pleasure reading your posts.

But Jules, dearest, you must understand that Sappy is one of the MOST important and integral characters of all time to trod the Port Charles canvas….when she shows up, it’s news! When she sneezes, it’s news! And when she whinges, whines or weeps, then it’s BREAKING news with a production number on top!!!! You really do need to get your viewing priorities in order….LOL! (Of course, I realize this post is only the latest example in your ongoing commentary about the sometimes less-than-scintillating variety of GH highlights….and it’s certainly not an invalid one in respect to all the insignificant filler moments of which we are frequently treated, but hey, I couldn’t resist replying to this particular one!!!! It was just begging for my response!) ; )

LOVE that you did, and more importantly, that you found a sarcastic, witty, biting and very “Shay” way to do it. I got my usual chuckle out of it!

I, for one, don’t like this post. I think if I ran this site…I’d ask you why you came to it if you find it so annoying. The Sabrina character is highly controversial; that alone makes it a subject for a soap site. People either love her or hate her, and I think it’s for that very reason that this particular question came up. GH has taken a character who is known for her goodness…and given her a path to express wrath, revenge, hate…possibly violence…who knows? Now, if you don’t care…that’s fine. Then skip to the next post. If GH is your problem…well then…why watch??? I’m not telling you not to, just wondering why you do.

Sounds like you’re more of a fan of one or more of the remaining soaps and feel resentment that GH gets a lot of “air time” on this site. I’m not sure if it’s disproportionate because I don’t watch the others…and other than one or two times when an actor’s name comes up on another soap will I even go to a post on another soap.

And Shay? Yes, you couldn’t resist…neither could I! 😉

@rebecca1….Sadly, I also cannot resist posting a (very) mild rebuke to you in reference to my buddy, Jules. That was um, kinda harsh and unkind! He was one of the first posters to welcome me to MFSoaps, and I have always found his comments to be topical, pertinent and amusing….he used to make more regular appearances here until the height of “Sappy-mania” became too much to bear and now his sightings are few and far between….I have truly missed him! More specifically, as he now is not a self-confirmed daily GH viewer/poster, perhaps his point-of-view is even more valid when it comes to critiquing the selected program highlights….to the casual observer, do these often “filler” scenes really best portray what is important to the Port Charles canvas and do they entice more new/former viewers to check in to see what’s now happening so they can later visit here and voice their thoughts???? Obviously….not always!!!! (Conversely, I occasionally peruse other soaps previews and some are quite good…most recently, the one with Sean Kanan and Rena Sofer as B&B’s Deacon and Quinn….were I inclined toward taking a peek at another program, THAT would have grabbed me!!!!) But I digress….I’m simply saying that just because Jules didn’t find something pleasing about this (or any other) particular soap highlight or thread doesn’t mean that he (or anyone else, for that matter…) should not feel entitled to make less than glowing comments about it. As you stated, we don’t watch other soaps, and yet, I know we both occasionally “travel” to their pages to post our opinions….and quite frankly, I’ve never been made to feel unwelcome there even if I’m not as (shall we say) “well-known” to fans of other shows. While I do understand your contention that the subject of this particular thread is a true lightning rod for debate—Lord knows, nobody can attest to that notion better than this rabidly anti- Sappy advocate!—and as such, perhaps does warrant the oft-repeated attention from a website perspective, it also doesn’t mean that some people don’t get really sick of seeing this relatively minor, annoying character (or some of the others of which we have been treated….) being put in the spotlight so often! (Especially in light of the current emphasis on the Cassadines, Scorpios, etc. and the goings-on at C-C, maybe more of this exciting subject or another fresher one would be preferable?) All I am trying to express is that you strike me as one of the most tolerant and open-minded of our perennial posters, and so to say that I found your dismissive attitude toward Jules to be just a tad mean and unexpected is an bit of an understatement. It seemed beneath your normally generous and open spirit. That’s all……

Rebecca, many points to address:

1) I come to this site because I very much enjoy this site. I find Michael to be a genuine reporter with a deep and sincere love of the genre.

2) You are coming up with your own reason to justify something. You can say whatever you want and come up with any reason, but in the end, that’s your guess. To me, I’ve seen stories like this and then some from GH, where you could come up with explanations until the cows come home on why it deserves mention. In the end, it’s there…they’re ALL there….and wildly undeserving.

3) The justification you came up with still would not merit a highlight. A lame character has now been written to have developed a spine. Big deal. Character transformations happen regularly. Is that any more important than JJ’s transformation on DAYS from a hoodlum to a nice chap? Or Hilary’s on YR from revenge seeking chick to miss nice? Quinn from seemingly normal to crazy pants on B&B? No, and they didn’t get their own headline either. Count them yourself. Do the math over the last three months. You’ll see the unbalance.

4) That argument of “don’t read it” and “don’t watch it” is such a cop out but I won’t fault you for that because you probably read that argument elsewhere and decided to use it on me. But I will have you know, I DIDN’T read it. I read the headline and that’s enough for me to comment on the point alone that it is another article on GH’s stories. And also, I DIDN’T watch it. Who said I did? I haven’t watched GH in just under a year with absolutely no plans to ever again. But of course you’re not telling me to. That would just be rude.

5) It sounds that I’m resentful of all the ink that gets spilled on GH compared to other shows, huh? Where did you get that idea? Oh, might it be from me actually saying the words?!?

6) If you don’t know if it’s disproportionate, why are you commenting on my post stating just that telling me you don’t like it. Might that be because you are a fan of GH and just enjoy all the nonsense stories it generates? Or more appropriately, why are you reading my comment at all. I think you said it best, “skip to the next post”. Hmmm….

7) Next time, please resist. Thank you.

Shay, you are the bees’ knees. And I thank you sincerely.

(****whispers in Shay’s ear*……..*psssst*……*I’m a she!*…..****)


I read your post because when I’m interested in a topic that is posted here I read all the replies. Thus, ti wasn’t something I sought out. You on the other hand saw the topic and commented on it. There lies the difference.

I didn’t tell you not to watch the show…and I didn’t tell you not to post. What I did say was that if this were my site…I’d be slightly annoyed at someone telling me what I should or shouldn’t post and put out there.

Your words: “This is another example of a feature piece on this site that IMO deserves no mention whatsoever but gets one simply because it’s GH. OOOooooh….Sabrina is getting tough with the big bad Carly. I mean Diane. Ooof, I mean Carly. Again I ask, WHO CARES!?!?”

I find it ironic that you seem pissed at my post to you and took offense, but you see nothing wrong in criticizing a site which you don’t run…you’re questioning the judgment of the person running it. It would have been different if you said…that YOU didn’t care…not WHO cares. Again, if I were running this site…or even as a fan who does find interest in this character, it is YOU who is rather abrasive. You can state what YOU don’t like without speaking for other fans…or criticize the way someone runs his site. I think it’s your perogative to not like a soap, to not like a character and express it. I think it’s a bit much when you don’t like what Michael’s posting on his site…and then insinuating that it’s not worthy of mention and that NO ONE is interested. Again, not true. That’s YOUR feeling. It’s all in the way we express ourselves…

As for reading something somewhere else and throwing it back to you; not my style. I have my own thoughts, thanks.

Shay…I appreciate your thoughts and you can find the answer to what you wrote to me in this explanation.

@Shay…Speaking of Sabrina…I thought this was beyond coincidental. After hearing about your Sabrina meeting…I was sitting in a travel agent’s office today and overheard a conversation. The customer asked to speak to an agent and guess what her name was??? Yep. Sabrina!

I feel badly replying to Shay and she’s getting all these ridiculous notifications in her inbox. While I’m tempted to scrutinize this latest comment once again, I will refrain. This will be my last reply because I don’t want her dragged in anymore, I’ve said all I ever wanted to say on the topic, and because I don’t care to add any more fuel to a petty fire.

Please don’t semantics me with the “you” VS “who” nonsense. I know what I wrote and I stand by every word. That’s not why you called me out. You don’t like that from my perspective I see things in a way that sheds a less flattering light on GH. Well, I call them like I see them and I WILL say it again the next time I see an innocuous article about Milo finding the elevator button or Kiki tying her shoelaces. Get over it.

Rebecca, in the future, be mindful of how you put things, especially in writing. What you wrote in response to me was just waiting for a fight, and if I cared half an inch more than I do, I would do this indefinitely many rounds over.

PS- that is not an example of irony.


If you read Shay’s response you would see the kind of poster I am. I don’t argue with anyone on this site; if anything I defend people who are either slammed or I point out where I think someone was insulting en masse.

Your “wrath” at my not agreeing with you…really…what got you so defensive? The words, “I, for one, don’t like this post?” Methinks you’re a tad too sensitive for someone who insinuates that the person who owns this site doesn’t have the insight you apparently have to know enough that some of his posts are not to your liking and are therefore inane.

I don’t really care what light you shed on GH, nor do I care which soaps you watch. Soaps aren’t that crucial to my life; LOL…this is a soap “book” club if you will…a place where we all watch the same show and exchange ideas.

What I did react to was what struck me as your attitude that this question posed by Michael shouldn’t have been asked. I’ve only read a few of your posts…because as you said you don’t watch GH so you and I don’t interact…but this is not the first time you’ve implied you’re not happy with the way Michael runs his site (though you did then add in your response to me how much you did…) Again, your words: “This is another example of a feature piece on this site that IMO deserves no mention whatsoever but gets one simply because it’s GH.” You go on, “throwaway moments (not even entire plots or key episodes) that are so undeserving and yet, week after week, here they are. Getting coverage.

You’re not voicing an opinion about the question…you’re stating that you don’t like questions Michael’s asking.

THAT’s why I didn’t like the post. Sounded like a critique of Michael’s site…and as I’m a person who works in publishing…I’d find it rather offensive if someone visited my site and complained about my choice of subject. If you notice my response to you I didn’t defend the character or GH…I defended why I thought it was a good topic for debate. Which obviously it was/is since it generated over 150 responses.

Your response to me was way more biting and personal than my initial response to you. If you get so defensive when someone doesn’t give accolades to your thoughts…then maybe it would behoove you to ponder why you can feel perfectly fine about bashing Michael’s question, and thus his belief that the subject does deserve mention… and then get so angry when a poster doesn’t agree with your sentiment…

Hah! Thank you….glad it made you laugh…. “The Shay Way” I LOVE it, Jules! Perhaps I should file that one away in the event that I ever create my own blog???? ; )

I would read a copy of a Kardashian’s autobiography is you were their ghost writer. I don’t think I can pay you a higher compliment! Ha!

To Jules and rebecca1…..Ladies!!!! (See, I got it right this time, Jules!) Just wanted to say that I have read both of your perspectives on this subject, and although I don’t want to sound wishy-washy—-because I think you know me well enough to recognize I’m anything but….—-I have to say that I can understand and appreciate each side of your “discussion.” Like you mentioned rebecca1, I also truly respect Mr. Fairman’s work here, and accordingly, yes, it is his website, and thus, his decisions and rules….I completely accept that notion. There is an immense effort put into this enterprise…..given your similar professional background, I can see how you would be more sensitive not only to the responsibilities and challenges of doing this job on a daily basis, but also the feedback, particularly if and when it is of a negative nature. (Thank you for sharing that info, by the way….I’m not at all surprised you are in publishing, given your excellent writing skills.) As for Jules, I still get what you are saying, too. There is a lot of dissatisfaction with GH on a number of levels…(we needn’t get into specifics at this time) hence, highlighting some of its seemingly less scintillating aspects may prove perplexing, especially to current non-viewers ….actually prior to this past week (over what I considered to be a predominantly boring summer) there frequently was precious little to positively tout (in my personal opinion)—which, of course, is not the fault of this website or its master…something still needs to be promoted to elicit responses, and quite frankly, because we GHers are such a passionate (read also crazy…..) fanbase, it often requires next to nothing to get us all going….as rebecca1 pointed out, just look at how many replies THIS thread attracted!!!! While our soap may not have the ratings of the others, it generally seems to get the most attention and commentary when its subject matter is posted here, so giving it more space makes perfect “business” sense, even if we don’t always feel the show itself necessarily deserves (or warrants) it!!!! Having said that, I certainly didn’t mean to pry open this Pandora’s Box of controversy… two are amongst my most favorite posters….I truly enjoy both of you, so I don’t want to see either one offended or uncomfortable because of my part in this situation. Your contributions are a great part of what makes visiting here such a pleasure! Best wishes and a good evening to you both, as well as Mr. Fairman, too!!!!

I am looking forward to the new and improved Sabrina..
It will be fun to have her have a dark side ..
She is a good actress and she will give a good bad girl preference..

one never changing thing with soaps; the bad turn good the good turn bad, and the ones that stay always the same are stagnate boring !!

And as is said; beware of the meek and silent ones .. LOL 😉

I get Sabrina may be losing it,, but,, honestly,, do we really need another insane crazy a__ on GH??? Right now ,, GH is loaded to the gills with insanity!!!! I may be one of the minority,, but I like Sabrina,, she is going through real emotions but to harm a baby is not in any way her character, ,, losing a child is unbelievably hard,, but dont go that route!!!
Im begining to think if all this crazy keeps on,, ill have to wear a straight jacket just to watch GH!!!

Sabrina will not be an insane kook..
she wants justice for the death of her son and she will get it via an act of revenge ..
very cool !!

You may be right, Su. If Sabrina decides to do Ava or her baby harm, this would be the perfect setting for Sabrina’s exit….if that is TPTB’s intention.

it’s not working.. for the character of Sabrina… or to the delight of the audience who’ve never perceived

she needs Carlos or Patrick to fester… : Move… : tango


I so want that Carlos delves further his make… and GH is wary of and cares his presence


You are right. Sabrina is a medical professional and as such, her job is to aid and protect the patient…especially a baby….I get the shivers each time I think of a child in danger…But, we must also think of her state of mind. Under normal circumstance, Sabrina would give her life to save another…but she has been through the wringer, and we are not quite sure if she is truly back yet.
Her mental state deserves consideration. Believe me, I want no harm to come to Ava’s baby. But soaps always go that way. When little Delia (Y&R) was killed off, I cried like a lunatic.

@Fanny. I agree that Sabrina is out of Ava’s league. This woman is a criminal pro…..methodical. Whereas Sabrina is in pre school, Ava has graduated from hell a thousand times over. So, I don’t know if pitting these two against each other is a good idea. Ava has the artillery to squash Sabrina in a single swoop. But, I wouldn’t underestimate Mama Bear……her pain is her strength.
However, as everyone else, I’ve had my fill of embyos and babies on this show. We now have another potential embryo storyline with Lulu and Stavros to digest. I really hope the men in white come soon to take Stravos away and lock him in an overly heated room……maybe he’ll melt.

“…take Stavros away and lock him in an overly heated room……maybe he’ll melt. ”

RKK Stavros , over 150 plus hits… means something…


evenso… I applaud RKK acting choices…

it was in a nutshell… “RKK”

Great … even nice… to see him.. sans Days, where he smoldered

Wow… how can one forget him

Ava would crush Saaaabrina like a bug. Remember when Liz tried to threaten Helena and Helena brushed her off and called her “Meek.” She was no threat to Helena and Sabrina is no threat to Ava.

At the rate they are going I think Lulu’s uterus is soon going to be a separate character…. “The part of Lulu’s uterus will now be played by …….”

Tha’s too funny

She shoots, she scores! Good shot, Chaz.

Chaz…allow me…

“The part of Lulu’s uterus will now be played by…A-N-Y-O-N-E with an IMPRESSIVE acting resume’.”

Chaz…forgive me, but I couldn’t resist…LOL!!!!!

I don’t think I like a vengeful Sabrina especially since this time around Ava had nothing to do with what happened. Carry through as others have said is iffy, but I’d hope she’d wait until after the baby is born to go after her. Then again that list of people gunning for Ava is just getting longer and longer.

We know Carlos isd returning..
That means he will be free by whatever means..
And Carlos and Sabrina will be Bonnie & Clyde of Port Charles!! lov it!!! lol

This is true, Ava isn’t to blame, it’s Victor. So if anything happens to Ava because of Sabrina, even though Ava deserves it for killing Connie, it won’t be right.

Sabrina has every right to go after her baby’s killer. Even though it’s a side of her we haven’t seen before, it is completely understandable and believable.

What continues to ruin GH is the lack of retribution for a character who commits something terrible. Exhibit A: Sonny Corinthos—can’t stand him!

Amen, james….thank you.

Thanks, CeeCee! Love your posts!

Yes, she has a right, but in fiction, and I am talking fiction here, characters are either heroes of the story, or the bad guy. Sabrina is a heroine– all her character development up to this point has put her into the heroine role. Heroines, do not seek revenge, they seek justice. It is okay for Sabrina to find a way to bring Ava to justice, but for the heroine to employ the same tactics as say a character like Nina would with her list– I find unrealistic.
Heroines can have strength and a warrior spirit, fighting for right– but this article is stating the character is developing an edge, because she wants revenge– and I just don’t see that in her performance or in the writing, nor am I seeing the warrior fighting for right in her either. Perhaps it is the works, but just because she a bit rude to Ava in the hospital room doesn’t make her edgy or the warrior fighter for right, not yet anyway– yet I will reserve final judgement and wait to see where they take this character.

Excellent points, Mary SF! It is indeed weird to see Sabrina behaving off-kilter, though…

Mary, as par for the course, you’re spot on right, here.
She’s acting like the Michael Crafts Store sales clerk who is irritated because someone dismantled her dry floral arrangement wreath which she worked so hard on.

I definitely concur with you, Mary. I have said her goodness will prevail. Sabrina doesn’t even know what to do with this newfound feeling of helplessness and despair….she feels alone…Patrick is off doing his thing, Carlos is in jail etc……regardless how docile and easy going someone may be, we all have our boiling point. I know it’s fiction, but I find that many posters are very callous, almost angry at the characters…not you, Mary, never you. I appreciate your calm demeanor in explaining your thoughts. I say plenty about characters I dislike, but I do not hate or despise or attack…It becomes personal for some, it seems….unless I’m reading too much into it. I also get the feeling that we are not allowed to express our opinion because if said opinion is not en par with other posters’, we are castigated. I will not hide the fact that I like both Teresa, the actress and Sabrina, the character. It just seems that I should be intimidated for it. I believe Michael Fairman politely admonished us about this very thing. So, I find some of the sarcasm employed by a few posters hitting below the belt. I am an adult, with a PhD….not some child to be reprimanded by posters who think themselves intellectually superior because of age?

But, I ask you, Mary….fiction or not, are you saying that a heroine or hero is one-dimentional?Black or white and nothing in between?
And, Harry? I do not follow your analogy……comparing irritation for a disarrayed floral arrangement to the loss of a baby? That’s a stretch.
Mary, I bid you adieu !

@CeeCee– no heroines and heroes aren’t one dimensional, but their motivations and methods are different than the villains and bad guys. A hero may have to kill someone, but it is usually for a greater purpose, like saving someone, while villains kill for their own self interest. A heroine may lie, but it usually to protect someone– while villains lie to deceive.

So it is okay for Sabrina to struggle with moral issues as the heroine, to be tempted to chuck aside her moral compass in favor of satisfying her need for revenge, but as the heroine that struggle should end with her choosing to stay true to her moral center.

But sometimes writers do have heroes turned bad, and bad guys turn into heroes, so the show might go that route with Sabrina, or she might like Patrick in the OR choose to stay true to herself and do the right thing rather the thing

However, if that hospital scene was supposed to convince me that this character was driven to the edge by grief , anger and despair, to the point she is willing to disregard her belief system and embrace a whole new way of being, then it didn’t go far enough. Yet, if that is the direction they are taking this character her rudeness might have been the first stage in her transformation, and each stage will take her further and further away from who she was to who she will be. But I am hoping the writers will keep her a heroine, and her struggle will end with her finding her inner warrior, but not turn into a villain.

Hi, Mary…thank you for answering.
Your last paragraph sums is all up. Sabrina has no clue as to the ways of deceipt or ways of plotting and scheming. She is just following the dictates of her heart.
Actually, Mary your account of Sabrina’s persona sounds very much like that of Jane Eyre.; who
even after all her life struggles, she never crossed to the dark side. Sabrina finds herself in a quandary….what to do? We shall see.
I have written many an essay for my Humanities 101 class, as I’m sure you must have also, by the style of your writing. So, this site reminds me of that class. Analyzing and fragmenting characters….enjoying your input immensely. Thank you.

Thank you! Sonny NEVER pays for his crimes! And at this rate, neither he nor Ava will be punished for killing A.J. and Connie.

And yes, I agree that Sabrina has the right to avenge her child’s death, but if she goes and tries to kill Ava or Ava’s baby, it will be completely out of character because Sabrina isn’t a killer.

James…yes…THANK YOU!!!!! And…more and more, I’m actually surprised that the Port Charles PD are EVEN ABLE to find their way to and from work PERIOD…LOL!!!!!

I’m wondering if everyone has forgotten the fact that Ava killed ME. Sure she facilitated the murder of A.J. , but she killed me before all that. Actually murdered me, in cold blood, with a gun! BANG! You are dead! Please don’t forget that Ava MURDERED ME!

You confused me with your all cap delivery of “me.” I thought you meant Michael Easton. Then I looked upward and saw you used the character of Connie as your user name!
Good show–I get it.

sorry connie, but your murder will never be solved why you ask? well, the show is written by RC, and in his port charles, murder don’t get solved, even if the police commissioner is pretty smart, he will dumb her down to serve his plot point wish i’m afraid i have no freaking idea what it is. appearantly your kind of crazy wasn’t as interesting as the current crazy people running around town i.e.. Nina, Sabrina, Starvos, ect.. for the record, i love “you” you were interesting, your craziness was justified, and damn it you were a hoot to watch, but like i said, theres no accounting for taste, and right now we have to swallow the crapy shit, RC seems determine to feed us.. Starvos really? omg i’ll weather through this but i hate it . but back to ava killing you, like i said, you wont get justice because come on when has a major crime been solved in Port Charles? but karma is a bitch, and Ava will get hers, wish in RC world of bad karma, Ava will probably have early labor, someting silly like that, and RC can then say she paid for your crime. I’m sorry she’s going to get away with your murder but thats life in port charles right now. The bad rule this town.

So sorry that you were killed off Connie– but don’t fret for you will be reincarnated soon as someone called Sage and you will be living in Genoa City. As for Ava murdering you, she only did that because the writers were too lazy to come up with a compelling murder mystery– you deserved better than to die for such a lame reason. But Connie I never understood if Ava killed you instead writing the intitals AJ why didn’t you just spell out AVA, it wasn’t that much longer and you could have have save us of months of unnecessary scenes like A. J. being drunk and talking to your ghost.

@Mary. LOL! Excellent point…why COULDN’T Connie eek out one more letter to spell Ava…instead of the two to spell AJ? And then my beloved AJ would still be alive and kicking….relishing…ahem…in his newfound bond with his son! What a waste…

I love Sabrina & I loved her with Patrick. She was also great with Emma. I think I like her a little edgier but I hope in the end they keep her true to her character & not allow her to harm anyone!

I think Teresa Castillo has a lot more range than she’s been allowed to play so far and her turn to the dark side (“Sabrevil”, anyone?) may be just the opportunity she needs. I could see a plot involving Nina, Britt (as Nina’s loyal cousin), Dr. Obrecht (because who’s more enjoyable than a scheming Liesl?) and ‘Sabrevil’ to take Ava’s baby. Ava won’t die because Maura West is so much fun to have on the canvas, but she will receive payback. Oh, yes. She will receive payback.

Sabrina is not evil..
She is on a mission to get justice for the death of her son .
She is not much different than any mother , and she is soap mother so its jazzed up..
Sabrina could not be evil even if she swallowed the devil..
evil is a very strong word and a very very dark character , she is not in that league.

She is not going to be nice about her son’s death, she is gonna be conniving and revengeful.. Good for her !! Go get ’em Sabrina!!

True, Shrona. But, I would hope the payback will come
from the right source, that is; Sonny, Olivia , Dante etc.
And, I most certainly hope no harm comes to Ava’s baby.

Does RC have a baby fetish? I ask this because seems like almost everyone of his current storylines seem to be baby driven.

1. AVA- apparently your alive because your having a baby..
2. Sonny- your either going to be a daddy or a grandaddy.
3. Nina- you want revenge for being in a coma for 20years(i hear you girl) but you also want a baby!
4. Morgan- your messed up right now, and carly and sonny being your parents have nothing to do with it currently, but instead, its because your girl, screwed your dad and your either getting a baby sibling or your the baby daddy!
5. Sabrina is now out for revenge because her baby got killed.
6. Patrick did the revenge thing for like 2 minutes and now is acting like a teenager with sam all because he claims he wants to find out who killed his baby.
7. frozen popsicle Starvos is defrosted and now want to knock up Lulu( this one is really gross) so she can have his baby.
8. lulu and dante- your both in this current mess because you weren’t satisfied with the baby you got back but you wanted another , oh well, looks like your getting one thanks to cray cray Starvos.
9, maxie- you lost yourself, got involve with a looser all because you wanted to keep your baby and loss custody, and then messed up and now can’t see your baby, omg girl, you got yourself in some mess, wheres spinneli when you need him.
10. britt – girllll you know what you did, and because of that lost Nikolas and do i really need to tell your story….
11. Victor- you just found out you had a baby albeit 30years ago. lol….
12. Silas – just about everything about you revolves around a baby, you saved sams baby, then found out you had a baby albeit 20 year ago in your case, and you loss a baby with your wife you cheated on, who now wants a baby..what a mess…
13. Duke- he wants revenge against the jeromes and its not for spending 20years locked up in a turkish prison, you don’t even want revenge against Dr.O or Faison for holding you prisoner, oh no, you want revenge on the Jeromes for the death of your unborn child with Anna.
Jason- guess what? your a daddy, yes, you had a baby with that girl everyone thinks is a babe sam, will you be happy or pissed because you were kept from your baby for 2 years, i smell revenge in your future.
am i missing anyone with baby issues? for crying out loud!

And in Nina’s plot against Kiki, she has Rosalee making a play for Micheal so she’ll bed Micheal and get pregnant…then to keep Morgan Rosalee will claim Morgan is the baby’s daddy but he slept with Kiki who was upset with Micheal for cheating on her and now Kiki is pregnant with Morgans baby…lol

Aria, that’s rich. Can you be any funnier?… it!

Yes, rebecca….I agree. I did say, a few posts ago, that Sabrina’s transformation may be leading to her exit….among others. I obviously do not want her gone, her character is yet to be explored. But, it is what it is….if the fates want to go that route, then it shall be !

It seems like they’re writing Sabrina to be out of character, compared to how she was before Gabriel’s death and her trip to Puerto Rico. And if they explain it as her having gone crazy after Gabriel’s death, then I get it completely – grief can affect people in profound ways. But to be honest, I don’t care for the character. Sabrina’s absence from Port Charles made me forget about her completely and I didn’t want her to return. They could have said she decided to stay in Puerto Rico because coming back to PC would be too difficult, and everyone could move on. Hopefully this is her permanent exit story because I could really care less for the character and since GH has so many to write for, Sabrina is easily one of the most needless and least important ones.

@Jimmy….Could not agree with you more!!!! Just read a most promising spoiler that contends this insipid character is indeed on her way out….bad news is that it’s going to be a slow, agonizing exit, but just knowing that the end is at least down the road leaves me over the moon!!!!

Ron, please say it isn’t so! I love her!!!!!!! She is the reason I continue to watch!!!!!!! She is the spitting image of me (inside, that is) my favorite soap character of ALL TIMES!!!!!!! ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION, I LOVE HER!!!!!!!

I was hoping Sabrina would develop into a stronger character Now that she’s not an ugly ducking and had some strength, she needed to be explored. We know very little about her personality. I was hopeig she would develop ito a stronger character and maybe be with patrick eventually. But now it seems she’s either going to prison eventually, Cavisham or whatever it’s called (the place where the crazies go) or out of town. Too bad. Why bring her back. Like so many (Frisco, and many who were killed when they come back- why do it.? ) poor wiring.

I adore the character of Sabrina and I am enjoying her bad side. And, this actress
is beautiful beyond words, so I get all the haters !! LOLOLOL

I love your comments: rebecca 1, CeeCee, su0000, Mary SF…obviously, really love Sabrina and hope Teresa is not leaving GH!!!!!!! I prefer the Sabrina I fell in-love with, but totally understand the edgy Sabrina!!!!!!!

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Adam J. Harrington Weighs-in On John and Carly, and How it’s ‘Starting to Get Very Complicated”

On recent episodes of General Hospital, Carly (Laura Wright) came to John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) rescue as he was beaten down in an assault. Carly put on her “nurses cap,” sort of speak, and got John to his hotel room and watched over to him, to make sure he didn’t lose consciousness.

GH fans also got their first glimpse of what may be a new romance for Carly, if she and John continue to bond.  If John and Carly were to have a relationship, it would certainly have a ripple effect with Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny (Maurice Benard).

Adam J. Harrington shared his view on the scenes and what might be next between the two. Speaking to Soap Opera Digest, Harrington shared, “I thought it was written in a way where there’s an understanding and a respect between them both. I don’t think there was any moment where she was not aware that he’s an FBI agent, and there was no moment that he wasn’t aware of her history and relationship to other people in the town. I really liked it. I was really looking forward to shooting it with Laura and we had a really nice time shooting it.”

Photo: ABC

When Carly and John part ways, it seems there were some romantic sparks, as Harrington puts it, “Isn’t that interesting that sometimes with people, the one moment they actually show how they feel is when they know there’s an escape hatch. They know they’re about to walk away. So, it’s almost safe in that moment to do it. I thought that was really special about how (the writers) handled John and Carly. Even the music in that scene was beautifully done.”

Where is this all heading? Conflict! Internally and professionally, and as Adam explains, “Who Carly was to John on paper as just a tool to be used as bait is starting to get very complicated.”

What would you think of a John and Carly pairing? Would you prefer him with Anna, or neither of them? Let us know via the comment section and take our poll below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Steve Burton Reveals the Emotional Scene He Almost Could Not Get Through

On a recent episode of General Hospital, Jason received a message from his mother, Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) via a note. The effect it had on Jason’s portrayer, Steve Burton turned out to be quite visceral.

As GH fans know, although Jason’s bio-mom was Susan Moore, he was raised and adopted by Monica. Speaking on his Daily Drama podcast with his co-host and GH co-star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Steve shared some insight on the difficulties he had getting through that scene.

Burton shared that in the key moment, “Brooklyn (played by Amanda Setton) came in and that’s where she gave me (Jason) the letter from Monica. That was a very hard scene for me to do. That was a tough one. That was the one time I was almost going to call ‘cut!’  It read ‘Jason, I believe in you.’ I was literally going to walk off the set.”

Photo: JPI

To clarify and in the story, Monica was saying “I believe in you” and that she knows Jason didn’t shoot Dante (Dominic Zamprogna). Steve added, “It was tough, man. Emotionally, it was a tough scene. It was overwhelming in the moment.”

Steve went on to detail to Anderson, “She (Brook Lynn) pushed it to me and I read it and she was walking out and I had to stop her, but I was so emotional I couldn’t even get it out.  And at that point, I’m like, ‘Do I just keep going … or do I just walk off the set right now?’ But, I knew just to stay, because it’s so hard to get back there, once you shut it down. I knew, the next take wasn’t going to be the same.”

Photo: JPI

It’s clear that Leslie Charleson is so missed on-screen as Monica by all of her castmates, and that Jason and Monica had a very special mother/son relationship throughout the decades on GH.

What did you think of the moment when Jason got a note from Monica that said, “I believe in you?” Were you touched as well? Let us know in the comment section. You can check out the latest episode of Steve and Bradford’s podcast below.

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General Hospital

George Russo to Appear on General Hospital as Carmine Cerullo

Coming up, it looks like Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) grandfather, Carmine Cerullo is headed to Port Charles.

According to casting news from the ABC soap opera, George Russo will take on the role. Russo will tape his episode next week on April 15th and will appear on the May 15th episode of the long-running daytime drama series.

If George looks familiar he has been in numerous primetime television shows and motion pictures including: The Offer. Winning Time, Grand Crew and Shameless.

Photo: ABC

Longtime GH viewers will recall that Lois’ (Rena Sofer) dad, Carmine, was previously showed up in Port Charles on and off from 1994 to 1996 and was played by John Capudice.

Clearly, it seems that Carmine will be a part of Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s wedding.  Will it go off without a hitch? Are you looking forward to it? Stay tuned.

Who else would you like to see attend the nuptials? Gloria Cerullo (Ellen Travolta), any other blasts from the pasts who should be present? Let us know in the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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