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GENERAL HOSPITAL: When The Kingpin Goes Down … How Many Will He Take With Him?



ABC  has released a promo for one of its big November Sweeps storylines: the fall of mobster Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)!  Now that Sonny is locked up in the slammer for murdering AJ Quartermaine, how will he manage to go free? Will he even receive a get out of jail card? And, who might go down with him?

As the promo relates with the voice-over:  “When the kingpin goes down  … how many will he take with him?” From Duke (Ian Buchanan), to Carly (Laura Wright), to Michael (Chad Duell), to Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), and Morgan (Bryan Craig), it appears that Sonny’s friends, children, and the woman he loves, are all in perils thanks to his crime!

Watch the promo after the jump, and then let us know who do you think is going down?  Will Sonny, Carly, and Duke all get major prison time?

Will Michael make his entire family pay for their deception? Will Duke finally rat out Sonny?  Share your thoughts on what you think will happen next to the dysfunctional Corinthos clan!

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lol get real–

The ”Kingpin” will not down, he is immortal and immuned to harm!
He is ‘thee’ Sonny ! …………luvyah Maurice/Sonny !!


(have a good time on vacation, see ya when you return!)

ohhh and-
I hope they dont foolishly attempt to redeem Sonny and turn him into pansy guy..

Don’t mess with perfection= Sonny !!

And that over dramatic CATCH and HICCUP in his delivery because suddenly his two actor sons are dancing circles around him…80’s acting went out with the FV/RC regime…you either show you got it…OR GET LOCKED UP AND LOST IN PENTONVILLE…please..please…LOSE HIM IN PENTONVILLE!!!

LOL! Going after Maurice Benard’s acting, and talking about showing you got it under FV/RC. What is running around GH these days? How many scenery chewers? Howarth, Stafford, Gati, West. And then there are the magnificent talents of Paevey and Alderson. Yeah, FV/RC have such high acting standards and have greatly elevated the craft.

LMAO leave Nathan alone. He’s a model turned actor and doing admirably. MS is riveting… And Gati.. who else could make you wait on pins and needles just to hear her call Jake.. Herr Doe.. every time that came out of her mouth. ..ROFLMAO … MW NEVER chews set pieces. . Just those around her who can’t keep up! And she’s QUITE gracious about it. As for Kiki. .. one word. ..PENTONVILLE!! ASAP!! RD in prime time demand. Maybe you should invest in the miracle ear and a pair of clique glasses so you don’t truly miss out on all that GREAT acting. ..LOL..IJS GH50

Meant to say RH in demand for primetime

su0000, I remember some years ago Maurice Benard gave an interview where he’d been interested in the story of Sonny trying to go straight. They did it really really briefly (when he was involved with *gasp* Emily?) a while ago, but they could drag it out for a while this time. Lose everything, deal with prison, maybe Johnny Z’s running things in there and Sonny gets beat up sometimes by someone who’s a better boxer than him.
Or maybe they’re doing this in case Benard doesn’t re-sign his contract next month. Like when Steve Burton filmed that Redford movie, didn’t Jason go to jail for a few months?

Let’s see if Sonny remains public enemy number one or will the show take the easy way out and show that AJ is alive and well? Sonny ruins everything, so I hope he stays in the slammer for longer than two weeks!

While I would love Sonny to pay for EVERYTHING he’s ever done to AJ…I must admit I’d love to see the return…yet again…of AJ! (In the form of Sean Kanan which I know is not going to happen.) Still…maybe down the road, if GH is still on the air, fences will mend, AJ will walk the earth once again, and Sean too will resurface in Port Chuck.

I hated to see SK leave the show, since the actor had great chemistry father/son chemistry with Michael/CD. However, if AJ returns alive and well, it pains me to say that it will probably end up being scenes already shot before SK left the show or a recast actor in the role. Boo!

well, aside from the fact he may indeed be dead/dead…SK didn’t leave on the best of terms with the current regime…or so the rumor goes. so, not only do we need him to be alive…and finished with his current gig…we’d need a whole new regime to welcome him back! BUT! it’s the world of soaps…never say never….


H-o-n-e-y…if Sonny does go to prison (Y-A-Y!!!!!), then he needs to take that STUPID SLUT Carly with him!!!!! Carly (also!!!!!) needs to pay for EVERYTHING she did to AJ when he was alive!!!!! I’m just saying…


LOL jaybird…agree! Long live AJ (errrr…rather too late for that but you know what I mean!)

I agree that the only reason Sonny shouldn’t be locked up forever would be if AJ in the form of Sean Kanan is still miraculously alive. I hope Carly rots too.

I agree Jaybird!!

Something tells me an overzealous prosecuting DA (Baldwin) will be the cause of Sonny going free.

You’re right, Mike. Scotty ‘Fumbleman’ will do something injurious to the case , which will be thrown out of court……Sonny is, and always will be, The Untouchable. …too bad. My stomach lurches and rebels every time I see his swarthy, miniature being.
I do not ken how his acting is considered nonpareil. Sonny stumbles, falls and does not get up in his delivery…..I saw nothing remarkable in his scene with Michael or Morgan. Someone mentioned in one of the posts that the entire scene with Michael pointing a gun at Sonny was unnecessary, as we already knew the outcome….so, where’s the suspense? That poster is right….waste of our time. What I saw was a semblance of emotion from Michael….somewhat believable….but not convincing. Sonny brought absolutely nothing to the table….he raised his voice to be let out of jail because his flesh and blood needed to be found? Did he give that child a second thought when he caused so much stress upon its mother during her pregnancy? I hope he rots in jail….Dante’s INFERNO awaits !!!!….and, I don’t mean his son…lol
Someone also praised the supposed turnabout of Bryan Craig’s acting. All I took from that scene are images of Morgan making facial expressions ……how could he have confided in Sonny as to Ava’s location, knowing what he knew about his turncoat, untrustworthy, backstabbing father?
I am a novice when it comes to GH. But, even characters in soaps need to pay the piper , no?

CeeCee, your right, everyone seems to hand out Emmys to actors who come to life and do their job. I wasnt overly impressed by anyones scenes except for Roger Howarth. When they give him good material he will shine. Secondly, with Scotty, he has always has been a bumbling fool next to Luke and his obsession with Laura. However, I dont think Scott will bumble this time I think Sonny and company will blackmail Scotty because he won his election because of corruption.

Timmm. I’ve always liked Scott…I think underneath it all he’s quite a good guy. I love him with Franco. As for Laura, I don’t think he was obsessed. He truly loved her, and Luke did steal her heart from him. Scott did find love again with Dominique (name? think so) but through it all his love for Laura either remained or rekindled. In the end he did walk away from her, sensing her heart wasn’t totally with him. That’s not obsession…just a guy in love who ultimately had to realize his love just wasn’t ever going to be what he hoped for…

As for Sonny, I think they’re going to put him in jail. I don’t think Scott’s going to screw up and I think he deserves the win!

Retread of already aired scenes. Yawn.

I hope they actually have Sonny go to prison for once. And it seems like that might be exactly what happens, with the news that Brandon Barash would be reprising his role of Johnny Zacchara, who is currently in prison. We all know he’s one of the leading men on the show, so he’s not going anywhere permanently. But I think for story sake, they should have him go away for a while.

They can’t let this be like all the other times Sonny has been arrested over the past 20 years, where he always walks away in the end. How many Port Charles DA’s and Police Commissioners have they made look incompetent because of always letting Sonny get away. Every GH head writer since I’ve been watching has been guilty of this.

I love Maurice Benard as an actor, but they gotta let this be the one time where Sonny actually pays for his crimes. Even if we know he’ll get out somewhere down the road on a technicality, lol.

I wish just once Sonny would get what he deserves. There are way to many people in Port Charles that get away with their crimes. And if people like Paul on Y&R can rot in a prison cell for months for not even committing a crime, Sonny deserves to do time for murdering A.J. GH needs to stop letting its criminals get away with everything.

Hope Diane gets Sonny off! Should be fun to see where this goes.

Duke is an ingrate, he deserves to rot in jail even after Sonny goes free as we all know he will

Duke is an ingrate? Duke…who was loving to Robin when she was growing up…the same with Emma now…loves Anna to the ends of the earth…and doesn’t want to betray Sonny even at the cost of his own freedom? (which I hope he does…unless that’s the way they’ll get rid of Duke who hasn’t, unfortunately, been seen that much since they brought him back.) THAT Duke?

Yes, it pains me that Duke the “douche” forgot all about how kind AJ was in giving him a second chance and a job at ELQ.

Actually, never thought of that! You’re right! But that’s the powers-that-be…there is virtually no one that ever went to bat for AJ…which is what makes it all beyond infuriating.

Agreed. Duke was quite loyal to AJ when alive. But, his whiplash-turn to protecting Sonny, AJ’s #1 enemy when alive, could only be explained by Duke’s blinding hatred of Julian. Duke is good-hearted. But, he clearly made lousy decisions when it came to choosing the mob life (once again) over Anna & AJ. I guess he figured AJ was dead. So there was no reason to be loyal to his memory. He might have considered being loyal to the Quartermaines. But, Jerome hate trumped Q loyalty.

Who cares? We all know that Sonny is not going to prison,at least not long term.

Maurice is not leaving so of course they will not have him rotting in prison..
It is a story..
We watch to see the twists and turns and all the involved drama, that will eventually set him free..
I enjoy the stories.. soaps are stories.. and this one will be a good one !!
It’s the 1st time Sonny has come this close to actually going to prison for life, and I see a change coming for Sonny and that will be very interesting to watch that develop..
It’s all about the journey 🙂 .. And this one will be intriguing..

I’ve watched GH for over 45 years and Sonny has been a favorite of mine (even with the bad hair color job). His character is tried and true and kept me glued even after the lose of Luke and Laura. I love him and his bad ways. There has been talk of contract negations and his lose would be unbearable. True, he needs to be accountable for his over the top crimes but a pentonville story would work. Please keep him. Love me some a Sonny!

This is the best thing that ever happened to Michael. He now has his eyes opened for the first time to see things without his rose colored mob glasses.

AJ will come back to life and the charges will be dropped

Are you thinking an AJ recast?

they bring back a lot of people why not AJ we will wait and see

I think it would be amazing to see Sonny, Carly, Shawn, and Duke go to prison. And what would happen is Franco and Nina get caught, too? Could you imagine Nina and Heather in the looney bun together? Franco and Sonny in the dame cell block? OMG! Throw in Johnny and it’s be like a WWF death match; not that I’d want to see any of them die. What wild scenes there could be. And what would be the result of Sonny’s time in prison? Maybe Michael turns the corner because of his “family’s” betrayal and does everything he can to wipe out Sonny’s power base while Morgan fights to save it. In the end, I’d like to see Michael turn to the Q’s for support. Sonny should gather allies while he’s in prison; those who come to work for him and rebuild his organization when he gets out.

GH: PRISON YARD! I like it! Imagine Nina, Carly, Madeline, Ava & Heather in the GH’s version of “Orange is the New Black.” LOL! Plus, GH would save a ton of money on sets. Gray walls & bars would be pretty cheap to maintain.

I thought this was called General Hospital, not Prison Yard or Crime USA.

I sincerely hope this is an exit storyline for Sonny; the character is beyond boring, and continues to not pay for the string of crimes he continues to commit in Port Charles.

MB probably is not going anywhere and will ride Sonny until the show goes off the air! I want Sonny to end up in prison for months and months and months!

From MB’s own statements, it sounds like he’s sitting and waiting for the show to make the offer; I don’t think he’ll be re-signing with the series.

I thought while watching the scene of the shooting that the real culprit in all this (barring AJ is a slug anyway) is Ava. She was going to kill AJ just like she did Sonny’s lady love because he was remembering that he didn’t kill Connie and Ava couldn’t let him remember and rat her out. Ava knows Sonny is hot headed and has never liked AJ and gets a little wacky when he’s off his meds. Sonny came in on AJ choking Ava and he relives Connie’s death and thinks he is saving her because he thinks AJ killed her and Ava keeps taunting Sonny to kill him, kill him because he killed Connie and was trying to kill her and so Sonny shot him (maybe?). Someone shot AJ but it might not have been Sonny???

Sonny IS responsible for his actions and no one else. Sonny hated AJ, period, so he was just looking for any excuse to kill Michael’s father once and for all.

I agree with you, Ava is not being blamed for anything..She set this whole thing motion. She played everybody, she knew Sonny was off Meds and still mourning Connie’s death. Ava’s Good. This all makes for good TV.. Talk to you soon, dawnhaze !!!!!

That shoe will drop eventually – about Ava murdering Connie. The tape is out there. All Sonny has to do is give it to the police. I think he’ll try and cut a deal. But, Connie’s murder isn’t as important to PC or Baldwin as catching the murderer of a Quartermaine, who happens to be a mob boss. They won’t bite. Also, if Ava is charged, who will take care of the baby? Julian? Morgan? Kiki? DELIA? Good Lord, that poor child…

Since Maurice’s contract is up in December jail would be a good exit storyline for Sonny because his past mistakes finally caught up to him! Or, the camera necklace video will be inadmissible in a court of law and he can return to the coffee business and his loving family LOL

Patty…then I HOPE AND PRAY TO GOD that MB DOES N-O-T sign that new contract (or whatever) in December (aka next month)!!!!! I have N-E-V-E-R liked Maurice’s character of Sonny Corinthos and I never will!!!!! To me, Sonny is nothing but a REPULSIVE AND SICKENING LOWLIFE who has N-E-V-E-R paid for any of his past crimes!!!!! Bottom Line Here: Sonny needs to go to jail and/or prison…FOR GOOD!!!!!!!

Oh, jaybird…how I agree with that !!! But, we shouldn’t hold our breath. The only way that will happen is if Maurice takes a vacay, or retires from GH……he is just too much of a valuable character to permanently take up residence in prison….which makes me ask? Why is he so revered as an actor?…..he s@@ks…..later, friend.

This includes years ago when he used to run the strip clubs with young girls. And he’s not aged well as far as morals.

I’d like to see Johnny be king of the hill in prison, having amassed a power base of fellow felons with a grudge – and watch the consequences as Sonny steps behind those bars – groveling to Johnny for a time & (of course) planning his own revenge as he turns the tables

When they wrote this story they also wrote/knew how it would turn to get Sonny free and Carly and Duke, also
They have a plan and I can’t wait to see how they will set all of them free.
I wonder how long it will take ..
The twists and turns in this story will be good!!
Just how will all be set free … I can’t wait to see!!

I think he will do jail time, and there will be a prison story line, but eventually he will either be let out to help the cops bring down a bigger threat– like Fluke; or he will escape and go the the lamb, until AJ is found to be alive and well after all– because I’m not convince he is dead– I’m certain the actor who played AJ will not be back, but I still think AJ might be alive out there still. And if AJ is still alive, then the rest of them, Carly, Duke, Sean, Kiki and Morgan, all get off the hook for helping Sonny directly or indirectly. Problem solved.

I think Sonny should pay for once, and I think MB might even enjoy the acting opportunity to do so. I hated the way that Guza and team would just continue to put Sonny and Jason on a continuous pedestal, always winning, always in everyone’s storyline, never paying or seeing very little consequences to their actions. Others were sick of it too, as the ratings really sank. Super Sonny and the almighty Stone Cold just weren’t doing the trick anymore. Now is the time to really show Sonny as human, to have him stumble and fail as well as succeed in his life. Yes, I know he has lost people, but rarely has the man actually lost his freedom by going to prison or jail for an extended period of time. Sure, he can’t stay there for ever, but at least long enough to show there really are consequences to his actions. And, as I mentioned, I think Maurice would probably enjoy the acting opportunity. As far as Jason, I am already loving Billy Miller and the character of Jason, something I never did before. I love the differences in his personality. So yes, I would love to see Sonny and Jason evolve in their characters for sure!

MB /Sonny gives a whole new meaning to abuse of women this is why I have nor will ever have any use for the character . The women he has verbally talked down is too many to count I have no respect for this character and a shot to his head would be too kind. By the way Monica know yet what he did oh geeze RC at his finest!

When Sonny loves a woman he treats her very well ..
Sonny is suffering inside, he is regretting many thing, he is near dead inside for what he did and the loss of Michael’s love..
Sonny’s biggest punishment will come from Sonny himself, his regrets/remorse..
And- that is how seems to be written.. Sonny already has remorse for what he did and admitted he did terribly wrong and took responsibility for the outcome of his deed, and that is rare for Sonny..

A person like Sonny does not know the meaning of love! Gosh you really are young and naive!

If Sonny goes to prison Franco should be in the cell next to him. If MB leaves it will be a big loss for the show IMO.

I hope Maurice stays but I think he needs a vacation and he may have other projects in the pipeline for now. With him in prison there are a whole bunch of stories that can be told until Sonny returns. Could Morgan run Sonny’s empire? Would Julian take over? How about a Zacarro? Who knows. How do you get so many main characters that are painted in a corner out? Ava, Madeline, Duke, Sonny, Carly, Franco, and Nina?

Maurice was recently off making a movie..
His story will be in prison..
Much will happen while he is with Johnny Z , there is much to come from prison..
Sonny will be on screen through the story, he will be let go on a technicality or do job for the WSB undercover agent or some such thing to be set free..

I look forward to Sonny’s fall from “grace”. It’s about time he got caught… Shaun needs to get it too! Everyone else gets in trouble, they should too, and more often, because their crimes are much worse than what the others do.

I am looking forward to watching Sonny loose it too… haven’t seen anyone delivering his daily dose of ‘keep me from losing it” bi-polar drug.

Absolutely, Christy. All of them should pay…’it’s the law of the land, and the universe, albeit in my eyes, Sonny has fallen from grace eons ago. … Lucifer has. We never see a redeemed Lucifer, do we? Sonny’s souls is tainted to the max….no room for any kind of absolution.
I can’t stand Shawn either…he is but a jackal; Sonny’s minion. He gives himself airs that do not impress….delusional…..I hope the writers will be good kids and do the right thing by setting an example. As fictitious as the storyline is, these ne’er-do-well characters will all get their comeuppance.
There is a strong chance that Sonny will get off due to his bipolarism. The fact that he was off his meds strengthens his defense.
It is ironic that Maurice suffers, I believe, from the same malady in reality. For that, I feel badly!

Sonny’s gotten off the hook in more ways than just staying out of jail all of these years. He’s had his “enablers” who know the difference between right and wrong. I know Sonny’s their father, but he’s had a mostly free ride with his sons, who know what he is and does. But they are still young…and hopefully Michael’s done with him. There’s all the mostly nice ladies, and Carly, who have loved him over the years knowing what he is about. Look where they are now…gone, dead, or in jail. And don’t forget the fans who “care” about him and Brenda,or Connie, or Olivia, etc. But as many have said, these are the soaps, and you have to have a bad boy, I guess.

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