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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Women On The Edge: Laura, Ava, and Sam!


Friday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital had some intriguing dark undertones to it, as three central women characters each were pushed to their brink in different situations, but yet all inter-connected.

First, once again, Maura West illustrated why she is in a league of her own as Ava tries to dull her physical and emotional pain of being home from the hospital with severe burns to her face.  Ava drinks vodka and then orders a whole case, as she tries to come to terms with her fate and putting on her burn mask.

Elsewhere, Nina (Michelle Stafford) get the big bucks to get Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) bail posted to get him out of jail as the suspect being behind Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicolas Bechtel) kidnapping.  After she is able to have him set free, Nina still refuses to go back with him, but you can still see she is carrying quite the torch for him.   They are interuppted by a desperate Laura (Genie Frncia) who is losing her grip, searching for Spencer, and even more after she learns Valentin has gone free.


Laura screams at Valentin for killing her son, Nikolas and now going after her grandson.  Laura storms out after Valentin as he leaves the PCPD, while Nina gets an earful from her brother Nathan (Ryan Paevey), in a tender scene telling his sis that he won’t support, or stand by her if she chooses to let Valentin back in her life.

On the docks, Laura finds Valentin and promises to get Spencer to drop the lawsuit and leave Port Charles if he’ll just give him back to her.  Valentin tells Laura he did not abduct Spencer. Laura doesn’t believe him, and rails that he is the worst Cassadine of all, because he doesn’t care about anyone and is smarter than the rest of the evil clan.  When Valentin tries to walk away, Laura grabs a board from the dock and knocks him out,  but not quite hard enough, because he fires back he will see her in jail for that manuever.  Enter Jason (Billy Miller) who puts Valentin in a choke hold and saves the day.  Jason tells Laura he is going to help fins Spencer and for her to stay away, because she isn’t any good to anyone behind bars, especially Spencer.


Sam (Kelly Monco) is still having creepy hallucinations of Sonny (Maurice Benard). When Sonny shows up to talk to Jason, she leaves and listens outside the front door.  She hears that Jason wants to help Sonny with his dirty work, when he is actually trying to find Spencer. Later, Sam heads to Ava’s place to see Julian.  But instead of finding her father there, she finds a passed out Ava!  Sam tries to get Ava to pull it together for Avery’s sake and get some coffee in her.   Ava thinks her baby girl is better off with Sonny, which causes Sam to start to act more psychotic.  Ava is shocked when Sam speaks against Sonny. Sam goes on about about karma, and  how Ava has paid for her sins while Sonny hasn’t.  Sam suggests Ava take care of herself so she’s around to see Sonny get his comeuppance.  Sam then straps Ava’s burn mask on her Aunt to help Ava get the will to fight back, while Sam is teetering on the emotional edge.

Next, Sam returns home and grabs the gun she stored away and makes a quick exit. Meanwhile, Sonny gets a text message of Spencer who apparently is held hostage in a basement.  We fade to black.

So, what did you think of the performances of Maura West, Genie Francis and Kelly Monaco? What do you think will happen with Spencer and who abducted him?  Now that it looks like Sam may be shooting Sonny, how do you think it will play out?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below

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I thought that Kelly Monaco may have given her best performance ever in the scenes with Maura West. She knocked it out of the park! Genie Francis was equally impressive, particularly in the scenes at the police station when she yelled at Nina to shut up. Of course Maura West was profoundly affecting as always. She fully and completely inhabits her character and plays many levels simultaneously. It was a good episode. Long live GH!

This is full-on Genie; TPTP FINALLY gave her something to do.

Genie was excellent. Now if they don’t send her to Shadybook or Paris for her I’ve-had-it-breakdown. Hope Kevin can handle it in Port Charles.

have to gavel : “…She fully and completely inhabits her character and plays many levels simultaneously. ”

Maura West… riveting stuff.

it’s not so much that Kelly Monaco did any thing… it was just a nice surprise it happened.. if only to give Sam some opportunities

GET OUT ! of the Sonny and Carly orbit. OK ?

Maura West owns GH when she’s out of the Sonny and Carly show.

I just could not stand the last brouhaha go round with Sonny and Carly laying waste of our time @Morgans grave stone. there was Ava … once again… taking it like a pro…. GOD no one can tell me she’s sick of this . albeit . i’d have an affair with Morgan.

the immaturity and all the wasted time spent on … think of the whole show and whole cast… the writers cannot write for any one else ? no wonder they don’t know how to act. I’m giving them a bone.

WE ARE SICK OF YOU Sonny and Carly . bam!

the end !

for this show to survive it should not revolve around two “celebrated” enough of just this couple.

God! it’s no wonder I just LOVE Bobbi. she’s the saving grace of Carly. know matter how they spin this… adding Josslyn to the orbit of … LOL. she has a lot of leg … i’ll put that out their. I think it’s rather cute her relationship with Oscar. he has a sensitive side and truly stood up to Sonny .. not knowing he was Joss step-father.

Carly and Sonny are SO ONE NOTE. neither of their characters KNOW HOW TO be sensitive or show real emotion… it’s just not in their character. it staggers me .. as I roar @Shelley and Frank gesturing lame dialogue at the affectionless couple who lead this show. STINKS. all Carly does is bellow and mow down any and all… whilst Sonny … LOL.. he really does need to stay in the foreground as he hires his cronies to do the “dirty” work… lest his hand get out of control.

so… I continue to cheer on any and all characters outside of the Corinthos’ pie.

you know.. Maura West has to be sick of this… I truly wish she never had Avery. that is the ploy and Shelley and Frank think that this is all worth it to waste the talent of Maura West.

KIKI IS OUT OF the Corinthos orbit…. it’s time for Ava to move on. that will be her sacrifice… and she will do the honorable thing and just move on.

I realize Avery knows of Ava. that being said… for this show to MOVE forward. lets do the Barbara Stanwyck Stella Dallas

would Sonny and Carly accept this… Avery for Morgan ????


let her adopt Lauren Boles ( ex-Cierra Alice from DOOL )

it’s simply time for Maura West to MOVE THIS SHOW forward

Sonny and Carly .

the most exasperating thing… about how emotionless these two are.

it makes me sick to watch them , make love to each other. sick

seriously, folks… ALL of Port Charles is not even interested in either of them

swallow that. no matter how they spin these two for YEARS ON END. their characters have nill in their arsenal to be so affecting for a serial.

so please TPTB spare me their love scenes.

Genie Francis for the win. Her facial expressions and pure rage shined through. One would have thought that Kevin would have been with her, unless he was out searching for Spencer.

The bonding scene with Ava and Sam was riveting. West brought out some of the best work we’ve ever seen from Monaco. Two women who’ve never liked each other, suddenly sharing empathy. Totally unexpected.

Kudos also to Ryan Paevey who tends to do his best in scenes with Stafford and Gati. I look forward to seeing what the chemistry is like with him and KSt when she returns on Tuesday. Was it just me, or in the preview was Mac hinting that Felicia could be pregnant? A while back, there were rumors they were going to do a special needs child storyline with the two of them. Maybe I’m just reading too much into one line.

Finally, does Sonny have to be involved in every darn storyline? If Sam does shoot him, let’s hope a good long coma so we can all enjoy a break. If not, we’ll probably see Sonny write to Man Landers, interact with Aunt Stella and comfort Hayden after a miscarriage.

Genie is so great! Just seeing her in those scenes makes me miss her acting so very much. WHY don’t they give her more emotional scenes to play?

I agree, Genie for the win! Laura is so gut wrenching and moving in those scenes you can feel her mourning her son Nikolas while she freaks out about Spencer.
Plus, she looks more beautiful than ever!
Nina? Bleh! She tries too hard to be sexy and if you have to try that hard you just don’t have it.
Krazy Kelly bores me but she’s interesting with Ava.

OMG @Steve. “…A special needs child storyline with the two of them”

What is it about Kristina Wagner that gets me. She’s beautiful. Lady love

And john jay York Mr. Big Mac. This couple tear me up. The warmth care and longing in their eyes for each other. I LOVE FELICIA.

This is a very relevant topical story, that needs to be shared. Mac and Felicia are so sensitive and mindful of each other. All the challenges ramifications of this played out by two of our best.



That’ll teach me to follow rumors. I’m glad JY got airtime, but bringing Mac into the Man Landers dribble? Anyway, it’s great to have Maxie back.

Steve…Totally agree with you re: Genie’s performance. Just hope the writers don’t use this as an excuse to put her back into Shadybrook or Paris now that Laura has been given a meaningful place on GH again…and Kevin. And I too liked the interaction of Sam and Ava. Besides Julian they sure have the same nemesis in common, whether Sam is under a “curse,” or whatever…and he’s Sonny. And speaking of Sam and Sonny…what is it that Sonny doesn’t get about Sam not wanting him to bring Jason back into his fold, legal or not? And he just goes and knocks at their door. Total disrespect.

And why is Sonny involved everyones story’ including Nina’s??? Can’t he go on vacation for at least this summer? Amsterdam is a thought.

But I was really disappointed with Nina bailing out Valantin. Boy is she mixed up when it comes to him, love. and relationships. And just when I thought she was getting stronger. This is the second time she has ignored Laura’s feelings, from Lulu’s attempt to get custody of Charlotte (not that I think Lulu isn’t also being self centered…why not joint custody with Valantin for Charlotte’s sake since she loves them both?), to Spencer’s disappearance. For a woman who seems to be fixated with children she can be very insensitive to other parents and family who are looking out for the best interests of their kids. Plus, I don’t know how much the bail was, but that kind of money could be put to better use.

Steve…P.S. I’m also liking more from Ryan Paevey/Nathan. Just recently I saw him starring in a made for tv movie “Unleasing Mr. Darcey.” It’s Nathan/Mr. Darcey the dog lover. Certainly not up for any awards, but a nice, fun departure from Nathan the cop.

I think Nathan has improved. if anything… he’s at least more comfortable with himself and the whole canvas. he has a relaxed ease about him. WHICH , for ALL the Nathan fans… makes watching him that more appealing. as I’ve always said… whatever angle that camera catches… so do we.

I am not looking forward to a Maxie reunion. Nathan is a stand alone character.. he’s fine with Dante and Nina. BRING ELLIE TROUT back.

ps: that time away did Ryan Paevey wonders… when he took time off to do that movie. all that much more skill set learned. good for you Ryan.

I’ll say it again.. the writers no longer know how to write for Maxie.


Your last paragraph…

“Finally, does Sonny have to be involved in every darn storyline? If Sam does shoot him, let’s hope a good long coma so we can all enjoy a break. If not, we’ll probably see Sonny write to Man Landers, interact with Aunt Stella and comfort Hayden after a miscarriage.”

LOL…Love it!

Patirick… i think they have always had a hard time writing for Maxie and Lulu. I thought the writers had finally found a good fit for Maxie at Crimson when Connie was running it. And certainly not without incidents. Then again when Julian hired Nina to “resurrect” it.

But Lulu…she’s a good mother, but she always seems to be impulsive, stirs the pot, and it gets her into trouble. I would have wished more for each character.

I agree, Rose.
I still cannot stand Nina. Part of it is due to the writing of this character but mostly, I think it’s due to her scene-chewing, hair-chewing, adolescent posturing.
In fact, my physical reaction is such that I do think I am allergic to the sight and sound of Nina.

LOLOLOLOL!!!! I did it again! Forgot to change it back. IF it’s get posted…it’s from me, Rebecca1. Too funny!

Laura is total psychotic.. I would shoot her with a tranquilizing gun and put her in straight jacket, crazy she is.
I have zero sympathy for her she has always been a selfrightous banshee..

She will have to kiss Valentines fine arse and beg him to keep her out of jail for assault and battery a good 10 years in prison. (25 yrs with intent to kill.

Lulu is as crazy as her mother and now Dante has caught their insanity..
ahaaa! the whole family should be a ward of the state.
The 3 Stooges of revenge, psychopaths, they are ..

As for Sam, boring, she needs to go..

Ava, is a true awesome character! ..
she needs to get her rally up and bring down Carly (who has become an irritant ..
constantly bitching about everything )

Save my Valentin !!
Poor Valentin has the crazies after him; Revenge of the Psycho’s ..

Huh, su? “Shoot [Laura] with a tranquilizing gun and put her in a strait jacket”? But TPTB already did those things to Laura [Genie]! LOL! “And still she rises”! Genie forever. 🙂

hi Nancy,
for the 1st time I am having some fun watching GH..

Genie is doing a great job/acting.
Having a good laugh over her googly eyes and pulsating nostrils..

They could make a horror movie-
starring; Laura in the chilling and thrilling movie:
‘Laura the Psycho Grandma’ – ahaa just give her an ax.

She will soon be committed..
Laura is truly a deranged maniac! a Seven Thirty, for sure!

all in all , I’m having a fun time watching the psycho Spencers.. LOL!

@Nancy…Tell me about it!…Being ensconced in that ratty old bathrobe and rocking chair at Shadybrook more than adequately imprisoned our angelic Laura for far too many unproductive years on GH…Now finally—at long last— Genie Francis and her exquisite creation have been unleashed in spectacular fashion! And “they” were most definitely worth the wait!

But please, how do you really feel? Don’t hold back. I wish Laura was psychotic and went on a rampage with her board to the head- I have a list of characters for her to take down. I really love her and find her to be an exceptional actress who is now relegated to grandma babysitter status and filler. I would so love for her to have a rich and dramatic storyline where she is strong and powerful.
I am sick of Lulu and could do without her entirely-and unless Dante turns bad and soon- he can go as well as all he does is not solve crimes and kowtow to every single endless demand Lulu comes up with and there seems to be no passion or spark between the two and her actions lead to his infidelity.
Sam, yes ok out. Ava, yes yes yes and Carly- out too, please.
Valentin is easy on the eyes yes but not thrilled with his behaviors.

As far as I’m concerned , Barb, Dante is already bad. He does nothing when Sonny commits any crime; as a matter of fact, the entire police dept. does nothing. I love Valentin , Julian and Ava!

I agree, su0000.

Like to see Dante with a lot less clothing and taking over the mob and dumping Lulu.

Maybe you think Lulu is crazy because she was walking around looking 10 months pregnant while pretending she wasn’t pregnant. WHY did the director allow that to happen? It was distracting and ridiculous.
But I hope the actress takes a HUGELY long maternity leave because when she’s gone, Laura gets more air time.
I will take Laura over Lulu any day

It was distracting-especially the NB pumpkin gown. But her right to work while pregnant and all for that- it is a job and I respect them for letting her work-they used to fire or lay-off actresses when they got pregnant. Perhaps they could create a fake soap illness that would account for the increase in size- maybe a hysterical pregnancy or something so that we could all get into it and enjoy the ride. Would like to see that as well when they SORAS- have the kid go to the pediatrician who diagnoses Sudden Onset Rapid Aging- and we see the kid crying and his clothes way to small and parents all upset- then next week we see new big kid off to college.

su…EXACTLY!!!!! I mean…I cannot believe that the character of Sam is STILL ON GH!!!!! BEYOND BLAH!!!!! And the FAST-FORWARDING continues……….

Take care.

I don’t get it either. She is very popular. I just don’t understand. Her acting does nothing for her.

Val has to deal with FAKESON, Laura is off the hook.

I love the material Genie has been given lately. Any time Genie gets to play more than the angelic mom and grandmother I love it. As an actor, she has a lot of range but doesn’t get to demonstrate it often. I am enjoying this.

So am I! Agree with your post 100%. Enjoying Genie also! 🙂

Agree completely- more Genie and not as granny.

laura did hit valentin but it wasn’t a board it was a crowbar…………………

Even better!

It has never made sense that Sam, mob moll extraordinaire, would love Jason and Sonny so much…yet reject her own blood family who also happen to be mobsters. The hypocrisy there is just staggering!! In order to keep Ava around and viable…she needs friends and family. Ava and Sam as friends and family is an awesome move!! I don’t know what’s wrong with Sam, but anyone who hates Sonny is okay in my books! I saw chemistry with Ava and Doctor Griff. That character is going to need a purpose soon after wandering around town for nearly 2 years without one. Also, why not write a real love story for Scotty and Ava?? Stop making Scott a loud buffoon! 25 years ago, in the bracing and emotional storyline with Dominique, Scott earned his place as a leading man. As with many characters, he was ruined during the Gulps Regime. Gulps = Guza Phelps. Aunt Stella…go away! I am not a fan of Nina…but why not make Nelle her daughter she would have given birth to while in a coma? They are similar physically, it would give both characters an anchor. It was always rumoured Kiki would be Nina’s, if that ship has sailed! To do that now, after the powerful mother daughter connection with Kiki and Ava, would just be stupid and a cheat to us fans. Random question…is Carly the stupidest woman ever? A couple months ago Sonny was calling her a worthless whore. Now she is happily back canoodling with him. He is an emotionally abusive, greasy, disgusting, misogynistic murderer with not one trace of human compassion or kindness. I mean come on…if you looked like Laura Wright…would you put up with that??? You could have ANY man you wanted! Preferably one who doesn’t hang people on meat hooks and murder them in cold blood. Bobbie’s face is not looking so botched these days! That’s a plus! Where did Lynn Herring find the fountain of youth? She has not aged and shows no signs of plastic surgery! Probably because she lives on a ranch. Could this show please dump Frank V and bring back Wendy Riche??

Jovin…love your observations.

I’ve said this before, the ONLY way to make Franco tolerable is have him and Scott move in. They are so great together. Bonus: Heather gets released to her son and has to wear an ankle monitor and the THREE of them live together. It would be gold!

I’m all for springing Heather out into the wilds of Port Charles, Timmmbo! Hilarity would most definitely ensue regardless of the circumstances…it always does! Besides, it’s painfully obvious our favorite GH nutter needs a new distraction because she’s apparently spending waaaaay tooooo much time on the computer in that loony bin for the criminally-insane…she’s taken up residence here at MFSoaps to cause her patented form of demented mischief that’s eating up this website in the same manner that Ms. Webber devours her beloved Kelly’s BLT sandwiches…with ruthless and unabated abandon!

Scott and Franco could have some funny Odd Couple moments

Once Sam gets diagnosed, let’s have Jason and Alexis commit her to a sanitarium. Heather and Aunt Olivia can join her in the game room.

@Steve…I don’t think it would go amiss for Alexis to book a guest room in “LeNuthouse” either….This is a woman with multiple issues that truly need to be addressed….not the least being her compulsive sexual desires for criminal consorts which lead her into all kinds of trouble time and time again!!!

I thought it was the best episode in a long long time. All performances with great . Loved that Genie was front and center. Seems as if she is starting to loose it. They should have had Kevin with her. Put Jon Lindstrom on contract. I do feel Laura is the moral center of the show, I wish she would not have used violence.

KM has been great as Sam. I have never noticed her until the last several weeks as she plays these psychotic episodes. She is doing a great job

MW as the burn victim, bravo

“Loved that Laura was front and center.” Always!
Yes, please put Jon Lindstrom on contract.

Considering the absolute abundance of material just begging for his analytical expertise, Dr. Kevin Collins should be put on contract to monitor these threads—STAT!!

They seem to not be interested in signing Ryan to a contract. I guess they feel if he pops in and out its enough to keep him and Laura’s love life acceptable. Val is so smug. Laura was at her wits end and literally had to hit him over the head so to speak to get his attention! I’m okay with that. First it was her son and no her grandson, she is pissed!

Hardship and life challenges aren’t strangers to any humsn being. We, as women, are a strong lot….. stronger than we are given credit.
I know Laura and Ava will come out as victors, shields ablaze.
Sam? I think this is the perfect opportunity for the writers to give Sam the courage and resolve needed to combat the demons in her head and the parasite in her blood, albeit I do not think it’s a psychological issue. For once, I am cheering for her. Go Sam!!

You don’t think Sam’s demons are related to the new vitamins her new doctor (played by James DePaiva) prescribed? Or that the doc looks like he could pass as Garvey’s (insert random mobster after Sonny and Carly in Puerto Rico and is now holding Spencer in the basement) brother? Or that this whole contrived plotline is related to Olivia Jerome bringing Marcus, Morgan, Jason, Claudette and Nikolas back from the ‘we-never-found-a-body’ dead?

My bet is Sam’s current situation is related to Olivia Jerome.

Like Jennifer Bassey, it looks like James DePaiva took a role that was written for a day player. A waste of two fine actors.

All these things are possible. I have only given my perspective, Grant.
According to my husband, Sam is manifesting symptoms of “Toxoplasmosis”. Obviously, not 100% accurate….it’s a soap, TPTB will cook something up, without fail; whether it makes sense or not.
He only saw one episode with Sam having these hallucinations, and he diagnosed her, LOL, after apprizing him of the conditions in which Sam gave birth. My husband said it could be from a parasite. This is why I said it is not psychologica, or physival; but, bacterial.
I do agree about this Garvey guy. You have just added a good scenario in my ‘repertoire’ of “who done it….”, LOL. He may have been the one to kidnap Spencer, albeit I was set on Nikolas. Your reasoning sounds better than mine.
I don’t know how Sam fits into all this, but she could be the one to shoot Sonny. We shall see.
The Olivia intrigue is another good premise.

Some days better than others. Some days I don’t want to be strong, Celia. But life goes on and I need to not let it pass me by and that comes from strength and resilience. Hope all is well with you.

when Ava removed her bandages i wanted her to start screaming…then we see her face-she looks just like Carly-lol…im back briefly…very ill so i only come here occasionally until when i ever get better-later…sister very ill too

Sorry, Jimmy. Peek in when you can. Hope you and your sister feel better soon…..much love.

@jimh…Of course, Oscar could be connected to Nelle…but what would her family have against Spencer and the Cassadines??? Her big beef is with Carly and her clan…Now if it were Joss who had disappeared, then, yes, that would have made sense! (Then again, when is GH ever logical???) Anyway, welcome back! I sent you a message yesterday when I first saw your post, but it went bye-bye! Needless to say, it’s so good to hear from you again, jimh!….Both you—and your trademark humor–have been missed! Here’s hoping that your sister and you bounce back from what’s ailing you very soon! Take care….

Well put, CeeCeeGirl! You know, the other day when you alluded to Dr. Jude’s educated guess as to Sam’s malady—but didn’t name it—I was already thinking “toxoplasmosis!” (So, did this character cross paths with some manky stray cat, enjoy a too rare hamburger or did I miss another clue as to the source for this illness—do you think she was purposely given the parasite in some form or another??? In any case, oh, yuck!) Regardless, this unpalatable storyline could give Kelly M a chance to finally shine, if her recent excellent scene with Ava is any indication of her future performances….As for the culprit who kidnapped Spencer…could it be Oscar??? There was some talk about his father possibly being a past GH miscreant…..maybe he’s doing daddy’s dirty work? (Or mommy’s??? I suppose it’s possible he could be the son of one of Port Charles’ former freaky femmes, as well….) Just a thought….

Hey, Shaybelle,
So exhausted…hard to sleep…got back from a Joan Jett concert ( she’s touring with ” Boston”), and I just had to tune in to see what’s new in our soap world. Best time…all’s quiet…sshhh….

Sam could have come in contact with a parasite in that germ-infested ( cat feces?) trench where she gave birth…..
……Or, as Grant suggested, the doc ( DePaiva) could have contaminated the meds he gave her.
Also, this Oscar idea has merit, as you stated. He could, very well, be related to Garvey.
Was it Steve or Alan who said the same thing ( that is, the boy being a mob-family scion) when Oscar made hie entrance on stage?
Yes, I never thought I’d see the day I would give credit where credit is due, in Sam, that is…….I shall eat crow…..Kelly is truly doing this state of “psychedelic limbo “, in which she finds herself, justice.

Stray cat. Really Shay??? I love Sam and Kelly can act. I think her biggest problem is being in scenes with Sleepy Miller! They both mumble and slur their words like Anna Nicole Smith used to. When Kelly is acting with her mom, sisters and now Ava, I think she is great.

My first thought when Spencer was ‘kidnapped’, was that he was behind it, himself (perhaps with Sonny’s help). He’s been looking for an opportunity to put the screws to Valentin, and what better way than pinning the kidnapping on him. The kid is incredibly smart, has the means, motive and opportunity to pull off something this diabolical. Spencer would go to any lengths, short of physical violence, to exact his revenge.

@Timmmbo…I knew that would pique your “curiosity,” however, remember, what it killed as the famous saying goes!!! LOL. But yes, cats–especially the stray variety—are a veritable buffet of nasty germs and assorted dangerous pathogens that can cause a variety of truly awful maladies in people and other animals alike…just one of the reasons I cannot stand them! (The fact that they are also highly predatory creatures which stalk the warrens of wild rabbits that nest on our property is another huge factor in my intense dislike of them….I’m not much of a “pet person” to speak of, but I do adore my bunnies…they are nature’s gift to my family and I’m very protective of them!)

Had to ask you too…what if Oscar is Nelle’s brother???

@Sassyduck….I would certainly never preclude a child of Spencer’s brilliance to have come up with and executed such an antic, but somehow, I don’t think that’s what has happened this time. Call it intuition, but this event simply feels more sinister…and foreboding.

Kelly Monaco :   Sam

this trance and / or fugue state…. I too shall eat crow if you tell me her eyes are deader than ever.

first of all… I am not getting any premiere tickets to Sam… and Jason.

each scene sees her lapse in to a dead state

Sonny deadpans for the audience… not really saying much of anything

Jason pines in … are you OK ? who are you talking to ?

thereby Sam just has to give some excuse or make a quick hasty exit.

BAM… end of story.

okey dokey… Sam just is ? she at least should be explaining her fears… so talk to yourself. Shelley and Frank can’t even let her do that ? so as not to heighten the audience awareness that their never was much their to begin

argh! Sam and Jason forever. thank god Liz got out of their orbit.

Thanks for your reply…im still having some medical problems but hopefully i am on the mend

Ahhh, Joan Jett, huh, CeeCeeGirl??? (“I Hate Myself For Loving You!”….greatest song from that particular artist! Oh, yeah!)…As for the “toxoplasmosis?” That was a soap storyline staple for an absolute age…seems to me at least a few pregnant women suffered that particular illness through the annals of daytime history, although it was usually pre-birth and played up as a threat to mother and child before being cured to save both patients…I don’t recall a post-natal application of this malady! As for Oscar, the kid is a walking question-mark as far as his background is concerned, and given his close proximity to Spencer, it seemed like a logical proposition that he could be involved in the mini-Cassadine;s disappearance. And, yep…kudos to Kelly for capturing Sam’s psychosis in all its “psychedelic glory!” (And speaking of, what if she’s instead being fed “shroom” extract? That would also account for her currently whacked-out existence!)

you slay me….

“…And speaking of, what if she’s instead being fed “shroom” extract? ”

Laughing out loud

having been their done that. she can lolly gag in front of the spotlight and do something hadn’t she

lordy this girl has no life. about the only time I’m jREALLY irritated.. well what about that ? is when she’s lighting in to her parents. Julian and Alexis need to kick her to the curb or give her a doubly good spank

i have missed many episodes because of illness but i wonder if you know what happened to one character…the young guy who seemed interested in Sonny-he was briefly involved with Kristina…then he worked at the coffee shop before he vanished?

The only advice I can muster right now is when you see your neighbor in the elevator wearing a mask- do not ask her if it is one of the new treatments from the spa downstairs. Peek-a-boo-horrifique! Poor thing, she invited me in for a drink. With a full case at hand, I feel we are on are way to being fast friends. Speaking of who or whom is behind the mask- looks like we have had somewhat of a confession. No outbursts of shock from the courtroom, I might add. And I have plenty of my own real-life problems to deal with to give It a good interrogation. I lost the baby. More details of the accident- and truly shocking- have come to light that change everything. I am so confused. Or drunk or even better PTSD from the accident and pending lawsuit. I did find the baby, thank goodness- my niece-whom I was asked to care for while my sister is handling what I am unable to. She was still fast asleep in the elevator in her carrier. And I think the numerous trips up and down were just as soothing as the numerous cocktails I had at my neighbors. Life has its ups and downs, doesn’t it?

Let me add, dear Shaybelline, if I may be so bold-and beautiful- avoid General Hospital at all costs! While it certainly is a step up from my last hospitalization- so confining and dreary and my roommate Heather seemed to come and go as she pleased-and not once a crust from her glorious BLTs. Just plain selfish and cheated at canasta. My beautiful baby- a bumbling, inexcusable switch-up of urine and blood work courtesy of the lab. The only thing I am carrying is plenty of catholic guilt and shame and a few extra pounds- not the miracle bundle of joy I loved from the moment I felt the first darling little kick in my belly- in reality a bad prawn cocktail from Newman Tower. Yes, the possible FAS diagnosis had me concerned. But having survived transitioning and reassignment surgery and all the pain and expense and worries- my miracle baby would surely emerge unscathed. Please don’t even go there. If we are to suspend disbelief so often-who is to say where and when to draw the line-I ask you?

Thank you for your always sage advice, Phyllis…I will take it under advisement! It truly is a comfort to have someone like yourself who has obviously seen and done it all to take the time to come and share your vast life experience with the rest of us….you possess a candor that is rarely witnessed on this website, and I really do love it! But you mustn’t further tax your precious energy with sorting out our silly website problems…you’ve already done more than you could possibly know! For now, you must put your own myriad of urgent personal needs first with plenty of rest—and probably a good dry-out, as well—-before you can get back to saving the world (or at least, Fairman County!) with your superb legal expertise. But please do check in whenever the mood and opportunity hits… really are a sheer delight of epic proportion! Here’s wishing the best of health for both you and your infant…regardless of its dubious paternity! (Hey, you don’t happen to know a mobster named Sonny Corinthos, do ya???? Just had to ask…..)

PS….LOL, T….about the mumbling? Gee, I don’t know if BM influences, or brings out Kelly’s mumbling.
I had a problem understanding her, way before Billy was in the picture….excuse the pun.
I think Sam’s mumbling, at this time, while she is going through whatever ailment, fits with the theme of the storyline.
She should be hallucinating all the time…..perfectly executed. LOL.
No, seriously, I agree. I am just beginning to see Kelly’s talent….jokes aside.

Celia…girl…I’ve been a big Joan Jett fan ever since I was a teenager back in the day. Oh…and BTW, Bad Reputation, I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll and Cherry Bomb are my all-time favorite Joan Jett songs. AW, HELL YEAH!!!!!

Later, my friend.

Hi, Jay,
You must be one of the nicest guys, ever! So, I could not simply ignore your comment, in my inbox, as I will be “retiring” from GH, until it becomes less hostile and more ‘honest’. LOL.
Anyway, I can tell you that Joan J still has ‘it’—-she truly is a wonder!
But, we, also, went because my husband is a “Boston” ( the band) fan…..everyone was great!!!
If you go on line, you can see the concert, or snippets of it. (Jones Beach—July 23rd).
When Joan was first introduced you will hear the crowd’s roar…..but, what you will hear above all others is my eldest sister going nuts yelling ( she’s a Berklee College of Music graduate, LOL)…..loves Joan Jett.
She is presently guzzling hot sauce, straight out of the bottle….she says it soothes her throat and her laryngitis. LOL.
Soon, my friend.

Genie and Maura bring it every day. (The Ava Spencer scenes were exquisite.) I’m thrilled to see Laura with actual lines. She’s been sitting on the side for far too long.

I’ll never be a fan of Mumbles so I’ll leave it to her great fans to write a proper appreciation.

Michelle is among the best of the best. Wished she had more to work with.

“…I’m thrilled to see Laura with actual lines. ”

and she’s earning back her legacy vet stat.

“…I do feel Laura is the moral center of the show, I wish she would not have used violence. ” – I borrowed this from a post above. –

Laura certainly has her chutzpah together when backbone is in steely mode, yeah?
she usually tends to always hesitate or is in anxious mode ?   she’s certainly displaying a whole new intensity and willpower.    THANK you Genie Francis.   eat a candy bar

” I wish she would not have used violence. ”  yeah that just raised my ire that much more.   I was getting a little weary of grandma Laura “fighting” for her daughter Lulu custody of Charlotte.   AND she asks Sonny to use whatever connections he has.   AND … this is the biggest let down… Carly approves of Sonny DOING WHATEVER it takes.   Laugh out loud… he man Sonny with his hand gestures throw everything out.   give him rosary beads to still his hands

once again… it’s all to the detriment of the best character GH has; “Valentin” will TPTB ever redeem Valentin ? or is all this push… for show and the reveal of Nicholas is alive bust this all wide open… and Valentin, Nina, and Charlotte can move on.

I do agree… w/@Timmmm… that it’s fair enough… that Laura is doing this for her son, NIcholas, and now her grandson Spencer.

I really miss Tyler Christopher. what a man… had brilliance in his arsenal.

argh I am not looking forward to Steve Burton , with MORE Sonny and Carly

Honestly I can’t believe this is the first you have noticed Kelly & how low key your description was, she has been giving Emmy performances throughout this whole story. Her scenes with Maurice & how she is confusing everyone leaving them with bewildered looks. Going back & forth from sane to almost borderline insanity, her performances have been brilliant.

It was a great episode. I felt for Laura and I thought her scenes on the dock were the best. You could feel her frustration, the grief she barely expressed for Nicolas finally rearing its head as she now fears for Spencer. Regardless of whether Nicolas is really alive or whether Valentin is or isn’t the culprit…she believes he is and finally let loose.

I always like Sam. I, too, think that though she’s supposedly having visions…her visions are allowing her to see the truth! She should have resented Sonny all along. She should have feared for Jason each time he did Sonny’s bidding. There is nothing abnormal about the way she’s feeling…but obviously in the way it’s manifesting.

Ava. If ever there was a sympathetic mobster it’s Ava. She has been given so many sides…and she left “smug” a long time ago (one of the main character traits that Carly oozes and make me detest her so much). Maura’s spectacular as the beautiful woman stripped of her outer layers…so to speak… However; if Valentin could go from his past face to his present one…it would be completely absurd for us to believe Ava will never…could never…be beautiful again. And, that kind of marred the dialogue between her and the doctors. That none said…”in the future you could regain your beauty.”

As for the new Sam/Ava friendship, I have a feeling Sam might be using her to hurt Sonny. It seemed rather suspicious the way Kelly put on Ava’s mask…like she was getting her ready for revenge. Hope not. I’d love to see a real aunt/niece relationship. I’d also like to see Kiki have a relationship with her cousin! Also frustrated me that Ava didn’t defend Julian more. She should have shut down Sam’s accusing Julian that he “couldn’t be there for her,” when he insisted several times he wanted to stay. Ava begged him to leave.

I have a feeling you might be not-quite-right. I mean, hour upon hour day after day, dissecting the minutiae of GH and posting, and posting, and defending and monitoring all conversations for appropriate content. Lashing out when you are playing defense attorney in the soap opera you live in. Why not send in your scripts and notes and feelings and what you think is best for all concerned. I’m sure they could really use your help, and obvious you would work day and night and for little to no pay. And you would get to control things and people and have your way.

Ugh! Why are posters attacking other users here?

If one finds themselves disagreeing with another poster on a regular basis, simply stop reading their comments.

I might not agree with a comment one poster makes about a storyline, but will keep my respnse to the show (characters, storylines, actors, writers, EP).

Nobody knows what’s going on in other posters’ lives. This website might be one of the only escape they get in their challenging lives. Respect and civility for all.

After reading the ratings page-which took hours-I tend to agree. Even Scott Baldwin as prosecutor would be able to easily dismantle the endless perjuries-and with a hangover, at that. Seems most on here have lives grounded in their own families and activities and interests- and only one who is so utterly invested in being a controlling presence on these pages. It is exhausting and at times infuriating but it is always there. Defending any cause does not grant one the right to assail others and again and again and then cry foul and is anyone else that vested in stock here to create other names and characters to add to their brigade. You tell me.

So perfect-women on the edge! Her latest ICBMs have launched. We are all fake profiles conspiring against because we want control! Great place to visit, but don’t want to live my life on these pages.

Battlestar Galactica in the quest for control of the planet Fairman. Only I don’t see the others as alien invaders or even seeking control. Just to have their voice or opinion heard. Without judgement or disrespect. It would seem that if a post is posted, after being moderated, then one is free to disagree or state opposing views. Without the insults and accusations and all supposedly in the quest to defend those needing defended-which in that case, ok to name call, insult etc-as for the higher good which has been arbitrarily and capriciously decided by a site squatter under the impression that daily hourly posts afford a sense of ownership and control and superiority. Pass on that.

At least the Bold and Beautiful’s Summer of Sheila is highly entertaining. This version-which extends to fall, winter and on. And on. Is not. I think Heather Webber must have escaped again, and is pouring gallons of her famous ice tea. Only no sugar in this latest batch and I am choking on it. People complain about some characters hogging all the air time. But then do the same on here. Not good for the ratings.

I hate it when the soaps re-write history. I don’t like it on here, either. Each new version follows the same line- I am a victim’s advocate and defender and victim and everyone else is bad and wrong. And stupid. And she does not like them-but they are not real, anyway because no way real folks could disagree and if they do it is because they are bad people making bad comments and deserve her insipid retorts. I wish Ron C. would take over writing for her and her crew. At least some humor.

Women on Edge Indeed! And men too! Summer of Sheila on the weekend-bonus! I want in on this one, as no doubt will be epic. In previous episodes of this battle of the fembots or manbots or people or whatever- to me seems people take this as 2 teams- I take this as I do not know anyone here that I am aware of and you do not know me. I am not on any team and I don’t really think others are- often one person will speak out and that gives others gumption to speak out as well. Regardless, many here have had their feelings hurt and the person who has hurt denies this repeatedly and justifies any insult in the name of defending fictional characters or age groups or actors-whomever. It is not ok. Disagree or voice your opinion but stop with the other mean words. I do not blame the people standing up for themselves and taking a few pot shots themselves because I have read what was said and I have seen them try to make peace and never are they respected or apologized to. Karma, baby. Gotta love it. Victim of your own foul kettle of fish.

Women on the Edge: Laura, Ava, Sam and (________)….What an apropos thread for these posts to appear!

Fairman Family Feud- this IS just like the soaps. I want to play too and I want to be Phyllis. Not Newman. Definitely not Diller. I am Phyllis Fontaine DeMarco. since the role of defense attorney has been taken, I will assume the arduous task of Fairman County Prosecutor. I am going to need any and all victims, witnesses, perpetrators to come forward now with their testimony and remember you are under oath. I have started to go through the evidence- and there are thousands of pages to go through. I will need a good vodka martini. Probably another. I have not lost my law license, enjoy cocktails but not a drunk. Enough about me. Make your statements to the court, and remember, this is daytime tv, so histrionics are highly desirable. Proceed.

It is with sincere regret I will not be able to continue in my role as prosecutor. Last night, I left Fairman Towers after a lovely dinner and a few glasses of wine. My law partner insisted on driving, but since it was my car and he needed dropped off at home to his wife, I took the wheel. I’ve been really tired lately-but what busy attorney isn’t? My mistake was taking off my seat belt. And texting. And a little law review between partners. The deer came out of nowhere. A huge buck. Despite having gained a few pounds, I flew out of the car and was impaled by the antlers. It took everything I could muster to crawl impaled back to the car and pull my partner into the driver’s seat. He would have wanted it that way, I am sure. The surgery to remove the antler from my head was successful, but tests show I am several months with child and due to my BAC in the tests performed, the doctors are concerned about fetal alcohol syndrome and the police keep wanting to question me. I have questions myself. Like who is the father of my child. It is hard to think straight in this hospital bed. My nurse is tight with the pain meds and keeps singing that I am not alone. Frankly, I wish I were, I have a splitting headache.

@ Phyllis- Excellent. Just a breath of fresh air and hysterically funny and witty. Thank you. More, please.

Dear Phyllis….(May I call you that, or do you prefer Attorney DeMarco? Please let me know and I shall happily comply…) Best wishes for a speedy recovery…you sound like one heck of a durable dame to have survived your immense ordeal! Needless to say, I am crushed that you will be unable to fulfill your gracious offer to represent all of us who have been so negatively impacted by certain provocateurs in Fairman County….you sound like just the right woman for this arduous and thankless mission of which so many have previously attempted and failed. Alas, fate stepped in and dealt not just you, but the rest of us, this terrible card….so now, what to do, what to do???? No matter how many witnesses seem to come forward to corroborate said offenses, we have been dismissed and even taken to task for expressing our very real concerns about this unacceptable ongoing situation, and no practical solution appears to be in sight. Any advice for us that you could muster—despite being in your sickbed state—would be greatly appreciated, although if you feel unable to concentrate with your obviously painful antler-inflicted injury, I do understand. Those horns must have been a real b*+@# to remove. Here’s hoping that at least that annoying musical nurse has finally left her double-shift and that a more subdued one with a generous attitude toward patient pain relief has taken her place at your bedside! Get well soon!

I couldn’t help but think about the money and effort Valentin expended on overcoming his scoliosis when Laura hit him hard across the back with a crowbar.

Hi, Mister M,
Just finishing up reading the comments. And yours? Well, how shall I put this…..HILARIOUS!!!!!!
Such subtle sarcastic humor never passes me by. Too, too funnny.
We needed that. Thanks….love it !!

What you think Carly would do if Oscar who is seeing Josslyn turns out to be Nelle’s younger brother?

Ahhh, my Jimmy……I’ve given up. Anything is possible. I’m still living in dreamland where Kiki, Nelle and Nina are concerned. LOL. I will embracing that tiny scintilla of hope that they are mother and twins, forevermore.
So, my friend, why not? Oscar could be anyone. Belong to anyone. Obviously, he is someone on which to keep an eye……there must be a reason why he is suddenly crawling to the front of the stage.
I thought he was just part of the teen “scenery” when Joss’ friends invaded Carly’s house.
So, while we never saw those other kids again, heeeeere’s Oscar.

I still wonder what happened to thatyoung guy Kristina was involved with…he showed interest in Sonny, started working at the coffee shop then vanished

I had read meningitis in spoilers but looks like your hubby hit the nail on the head with his diagnosis- toxoplasmosis -good work!

@MisterMedia….Makes one wonder if Valentin will relapse back into his former Quasimodo mode….

HaHa, Shay. I heard that in his past life Valentin served as both aumonier and bell-ringer for La Cathedrale de Notre Dame. I was stunned!!

Genie Francis was amazing in her scenes but I would’ve expected Laura whacking Valentin would have triggered memories of when she hit David Hamilton while in a fit of rage and killed him. History is a soap’s best friend…

Yes I remember that well. She is on the brink. That could produce some great scenes! Where us Kevin to help her thru this!

I guess we can stay tuned and find out. Glad she has Kevin in case it happens.

I guess Laura can be allowed to be violent once every 40 years

🙂 🙂

Hi Steve…

Had to find a place to post to you out of the “war zone.” Until and if Mr. Fairman puts a stop to this latest round (it’s happened twice before) I’m sure even this comment will be stalked as well.

Just wanted to say I appreciate your sweet, sincere response about people attacking others…not knowing what’s going on in others lives, etc. That comment, just like your posts, was intelligent, mature and sensitive. And rational. It’s funny how we can get a sense of people from the opinions they express in their posts. Our rapport…(yours and mine) even when we don’t agree…is always friendly, as we discussed.

To be honest I’m not sure how long you’ve been posting. And, I’m not sure if you’ve been aware of the ongoing feud between myself and CeeCee (Celia) and Shay. I’ve already posted this little bit of “soap” site history but I’m writing this to you since Rose, Harry and a few others who are regulars know the history. On an intellectual level I think it’s funny/strange that I’m bothering to give the history (not to you…just in general…because it’s soooo unimportant to “real life!) But (and I do think this is funny, it’s the PRINCIPLE!)

So. Sit back. Get your favorite drink, coffee, tea, crumpet? 😉 and get ready to hear the tale….

Once upon a time, there was a GH episode where Nina (whilst in her crazy frame of mind), kidnapped Ava and took her baby from her in a rather brutal way. Did you see that episode? I thought it was fantastic. I thought the acting was incredible and it was a very powerful, gripping story. I “dared” express that on a post. I went on to say I had mixed feelings though, because it was brutal and horrific…but powerful and great drama nonetheless. Celia (who went by the name CeeCee at the time) didn’t agree. But she didn’t just state her difference as you and I and many others do. No. She said something to the effect of, “So you like seeing babies harmed, Rebecca? I don’t get you. I’m confused. You thought it was horrific but you liked it…seeing babies harmed?” Needless to say, that put me on the defensive. That wasn’t merely a disagreement…that was an attack and a ridiculous thing to imply, assume. I told her so; I was quite annoyed. And, thus, began the war…

Still with me, Steve? 🙂

Shay, at that time was friendly with both CeeCee and me. Actually, all three of us were friendly. But instead of either staying out of it, or perhaps telling CeeCee that she shouldn’t be on the attack, she instead found CeeCee’s comments very funny, and the more CeeCee and I started arguing, the more enjoyment Shay got out of it. She applauded CeeCee and CeeCee’s husband (CeeCee got her husband involved, smh), snide remarks. Which I found antagonistic,.So now, I’m on the defensive toward both Shay and CeeCee. And thus…their friendship was formed.

Flash forward. The now infamous Alexis comes into play. Every single time she was on with DeVry, all that CeeCee and Shay could talk about was how old she was, too old to want so much sex, too old to show cleavage, her boobs were wrinkled, she was like a mare in heat or something to that effect. I took offense. Why? Because I’m in my late 40s and to me, comments like that (coming from CeeCee who was 28) and Shay…have no clue how old she is but I’m thinking much older… was offensive. The comments continued. Women Alexis’s age should be home knitting booties..on and on and on. Those comments might not offend anyone else. But other comments might. Perhaps gay viewers wouldn’t appreciate constant gay jabs. Perhaps black viewers, Jewish viewers, Catholic viewers, overweight viewers…whatever it is a poster might be sensitive about, takes offense to, should be recognized. We’re on a public site with a mixed bag of viewers and if it’s pointed out that certain comments are offensive it would seem to me to be respectful to be aware of such when it’s pointed out and not make them anymore. But, nope. It went on and on. Still does. The latest was that a woman of that age who wanted “so much sex” had to have a sexual disorder. I should have ignored it. And I tried, LOL, I really did. Until I couldn’t. I also tried to point out that when you insult a character’s body and looks, you’re actually insulting the actor. It continued…Valerie’s buck teeth, Carly’s weight, Jackie Zeman’s facelift, etc. I just felt that actors occasionally read the comments and it wasn’t cool. So I kept asking them not to write it explaining it was offensive and then we got into more arguments. Went on and on and on…………..

One day, Alexis was again the subject of a post. Again, comments were made by the two so I reacted. However, there were other posters on the page who felt I had aimed at them, as well. So, I apologized, explained a bit of the history and where my reaction came from, to no avail. It went on and on and on…rather abnormally…and CeeCee and Shay were in all their glory. Shay kept encouraging others to join in, she kept talking about me (as you’ve now witnessed the “others” are doing) and it kept going until Michael Fairman was alerted and put a stop to it.

CeeCee and I decided to call a truce. Shay wasn’t seen on the site as much. Flash forward again. (I’m laughing as I’m writing this because it’s so absurd…that I’m writing this at all) Oh, well, great diversion from more important things!) And so cathartic! So, CeeCee and I are getting along pretty well and then, boom! Turns against me! Out of the blue. Jane Elliott gave one of her last interviews. I expressed my opinion that I wasn’t too thrilled with certain things she said, made me feel like she wasn’t as invested in her character as the viewer was which put a damper on it for me…but that I’d seek out the full interview to see if I get a better read. Then added I liked Jane and I’d miss “Tracy.” And, then, the attack. Can’t even remember which poster it was, I believe Judith…… but replied to my comment with a real, snotty, nasty comment. Followed by another. So, of course, I got annoyed and responded in kind. To which my “friend” CeeCee sides with Judith and tells her “she understands; she’s been there.” And so it began again…And posters who I never even spoke with directly, like the names you’ve seen here, came out of the woodwork. Same ones every time.

And by the way, there are quite a few people at different times who have said snarky things to any poster who he/she doesn’t agree with. But what “adult” goes around attacking one person in some kind of group mentality on every comment? My argument was with two people on one subject which I found offensive. And they knew it but persisted. (I find it strange to begin with to be fixated on one character’s sex life that it has to be brought up each and every time…long after the story even took place. Either way, offensive comments to older women. Pointed out. Ignored.) I wouldn’t go on a site that was mostly older people…say 70s and up…and start commenting about 70-something and 80-something year-old bodies…PARTICULARLY when I know the posters on that site are that age!!! But I digress. Any other comments Celia and Shay made I stayed clear of; unless they commented on my post.

These posters? Who knows…two posting as many, have no way of knowing…somehow they think that continually attacking me somehow puts them in a better light..and that they’re justified to keep going at it. The entire argument they’re making is not to attack people, but instead of saying it once they somehow think stalking me around the site and using infantile gang mentality is somehow a “moral” ground. Can’t help but think of politics… the irony.

There it is…
Next week…Game of Thrones. It’s a much nicer story…

Are you awake, Steve! 🙂 C’mon; it was engrossing, no? 🙂

Hi Michael (Fairman)…I’m glad you got my message. Thanks. Looking forward to your new site!


Three phenomenal performances in one day? I almost forgot I was watching GH. Kelly Monaco awoke from her slumber to give a chilling turn with a baffled, intrigued Ava looking on (the always sublime Maura). But my favorite was Genie Francis’ unhinged meltdown…wow! Just goes to show the wealth of talent this show has access to. And to top it off, Billy Miller gives us that sexy takedown of Valentin. Be still, my heart.

Kelly Monaco : “I’m going to PROP ” here ye here ye… it’s about Sam

I went back ( watched ) and focused on Ava and Sam. AND, ” I liked it ” . plenty

think of the story possibilities.. as Sam seared Ava mind.. that she could take her life back. wouldn’t you like to see Sonny get his just deserts ?

it was ALL about how the scene ended… with that womanhood side by side embrace screaming coquettish . flame on fire this UP.

you know … call it Thelma and Louise… call it a burgeoning friendship… now that Julian will sadly be MIA. if Sam is such a popular character… LET HER LIVE OUTSIDE THE DULLARD Corinthos’ Pie. if she had a life and/or more distraction perhaps that would give her a chance to befriend a gal pal. it would seem unlikely.. Ava certainly needs a reach. Sam just does not work with just Jason and her sisters and mother. so bland and uninteresting. she showed REEL. i’ll leave her at that. it wasn’t but a minute… OK.

Billy Miller: couldn’t agree more… nuJason is sex in caps… stud ON with all my palpitations zinging every where. just not having that lasting effect. HES A QUALITY ACTOR as well. this is really his only appeal. recall how many times.. Jason and Nicholas went at it… HMMMM ? hotted out then hotted out now. HMMM Jason and Valentin. ???? another coquettish unmomento. YES

so it goes.. it all culminates that the sonny and carly show have arrived back at the beginning and alas… sometimes empty sometimes 1/2 full.

god… as I posted .. with shelley and frank going the three generations route… ala

Bobbie / Carly / Josslyn. LOL

seriously , if I was Josslyn i’d do everything I could to kick Carly to the curb. there she was all loud and banshee over “Oscar” she tried to be sentimental and soft.. as she digressed she was impressed with his piano. get with it writers . TRYING on overload to build on Carly and Sonny. zilch zip nada.

I have always loved the Sam, Carly and Laura characters and the actresses who play them. This is definitely some of their best work .

I saw Maura West in the airport a few weeks ago and chickened out when it came to telling her that I love Ava Jerome since she was standing next to me at the security check point. She is on the most brilliant actresses on the show.

These characters are allowed to take matters into their hands too much without any consequences ; believe me when I say , hit me on the head with a crowbar or anything else and discover yourself in jail with quickness! However, I’d call in the real police because Port Charles Police dept. is very partial ; no justice

I am just happy they are finally giving Genie a story and more air time. Now show more of her and Kevin and their relationship. Just because a couple is over 50 does not mean they are not sexy. Would rather watch them then the dull Michael and Nelle. Maura West, what more can be said. She always is amazing!! Good to see Kelly finally getting to show her acting chops instead of looking bored and that monotone voice . The only time I can take Sonny is in those scenes where he is stalking Sam in her imagination with those Al Pacino, Godfather looks. He has the most mesmerizing dark eyes, Valentin does too. Will miss Spencer when he leaves. That kid is a natural and the things he says cracks me up. He was the hi-light of the summer. Sad about Finn and Hayden. Why are they showing them buying a house and being happy when we all know it will not last. Will miss the actress that plays Dr. O. . She is good, but the wrote the character into a corner. Though the stories have not been the best the past year I still think GH has some of the best actors!

Buying the house, I think it is a symbol to show the audience that they plan to live happily ever after with child ONLY to be ruined by the evil Dr. O!

You are so right, Timmmy. I have this premonition that Dr. O will destroy this couple’s life by doing something bad to Hayden, the baby, or outright kill her. I shiver at the thought. I hope I am wrong as I wish TPTB will think of a more “civilized” way of exiting Hayden.

I totally agree more Kevin and Laura. His absence I. The last few episodes has been glaring. He would be at Laura’s side thru this ordeal. She needs help!

Sam, Laura and Ava are the only reasons I’m still watching GH.

Kelly Monaco has been knocking it out of the park. Sam has always been my favorite so I’m thrilled she is finally getting a storyline. The scenes with Ava were chilling! Maura and Kelly worked well together and I hope to see more of it.

Maura West always brings her A-game. Ava Jerome has been one of the best things about GH since she came on a few years ago.

Genie Francis is a legend and proved why with her performance on Friday.

I’m thrilled that Sam and Laura, my two all time favorite characters, both have storylines that are allowing the audience to root for them and the actresses to show off their acting chops.

Genie is a legend all she needed was a good story and some emotion in it.

Kelly has always been a good actress but she’s always been behind Jason or the partner in crime so she never really had to be too serious in acting but with MAURA she showed how great she really is and the story lately may not be the best but her acting is showing depth.

Maura is to me the best actress in daytime right now but the stories under Shelly/jean hasn’t been the best for her but she always made the story work with here acting. Now this story has gave us some of her classic emotional acting with spencer.. sam and Dr. Griff! Every year Maura should be nominated for an Emmy with the right material.

I agree, DB..we are so lucky to have the great Maura West on GH. Along with Genie Francis, Michelle Stafford, Kathleen Gati, Laura Wright, Finola Hughes, the great, recently retired Jane Elliott (still miss Tracy), we have no shortage of brilliant ladies. Now if Sam’s story continues as well as it has, maybe Kelly can move up a notch also.

Yes we are! Hopefully this story does lift Kelly because I like her she has an unique chemistry with Billy Miller who also gets awful writing.

I bow to you, Soaphound… have enumerated all my faves.

Nobody has mentioned– what Laura will do after she knows it was not Valentin.
She went lumatic full psycho on Valentin and he is innocent.

Anyways.. Laura is going to have to get down on her knees and ask Valentin for forgiveness.
She committed assault and battery and she could go to prison for it.
(( I hope Valentin files charges against her))
And when Laura finds out Nikolas is alive, Valentin will own her .

Psycho Laura is going to have a rude awakening ..
(she is total spich ..

Yeah, only on GH, Laura will go to jail and Sonny, Ava and Julian are free as a bird!

Isn’t that the truth! No one every pays. Laura doesn’t belong in jail. She needs psychological help

I don’t think Valentin will press charges, su. If he went after Laura, then all his ‘good’ work will be for naught.
Valentin needs to prove that he is not vindictive and means no one any harm.
There is another thing that keeps gnawing at me, though. Where is Claudette? And, is Valentin responsible for her fate, whatever that may have been?
Laura is an angel…..she better not be going anywhere.
And, Michelle Stafford brought elegance, “how to walk” and fashion to drool over, in PC. She “ain’t ” going anywhere, either……..regardless of what is bandied about her. She is one in a million.

Laura is an angel. She just needs help grieving. She is slowly coming unhinged

THAT was GH on Friday!

Laura: Finally we get to see Genie for what she is, a wonderful actress! And FINALLY she shows her anger at Val for him “Murdering” Nick. It was great to see her hit him over the head and then FAKESON shows up to secure the scene.

Ava: I really love how they the writers are writing this redemption story. Ava has been so bad and unforgivable BUT to show Ava physically and emotionally burnt, we the viewers are acquiring sympathy. Her and Sam’s scenes were unexpected, odd but VERY good!

Sam: I love what she is doing and the acting has been great. You ALWAYS know when they reach in that closet, unwrap that gun, check the ammo, someone is going to pay!

Nina: NOTHING. I still feel the character is shoved down our throats. Nothing against Michelle. They have never known what to do with that talent. And Val, we dont have sympathy for him and Nina is attached to “The worst Cassadine Ever!” [Laura finally repeated Helena’s words.]

Could Oscar be Nelle’s brother…that would be an interesting shocker for Carly


Sonny served all of one day for First Degree murder. Surely Mamma Grizzly Heather could be released.

I’ll make the pitcher of Iced Tea to celebrate.

Heather is my favorite Soap Crazy of all-time. And one of my top five GH characters. Can you imagine the fun if she and Lindsey Rappaport fr OLTL were roomies at a transitional home.

A boy can dream…. Shouldn’t Steven Lars have been re!eased by now?

This is the Genie we have wanted for yearssssssss!

The Facial expessions, the projection in voice, the power of a Spencer becoming the moral compass of Port Charles.

Hopefully, a meaty storyline is up Laura.

My Girl Maura always hits the right stuff and gives us another side of Ava!

Never the one to disappoint, i could watch an whole hour of just Ava working her web of life.

The Sam storyline is very blah. The last time she was really interesting was when she was with John McBain.

Awesome talents so enjoyable to watch but I just cannot embrace the plots. I am tired of mob mess and family vendettas that stretch credulity. I know. It’s soap. I just prefer a little more humanity to crazy.

Hello Michael Fairman-always nice to hear from you. Message appreciated, and received. I apologize for my big mouth and frequently off-topic. I love your site and the stories and scoops. Looking forward to the new site, and on my best behavior. Again, my apologies and best to you. Thank you.

You are not the one needing to apologize for anything. Michael Fairman needs to apologize for allowing this totally sick and weird nonsense. Better things to do and places to go. Take care Mo

@Michael Fairman.

Thank you.

I have watched General Hospital since 1971. I have also been reading the comments, which used to be so enjoyable, for years. I have never posted before.

But, I couldn’t ignore all the negative vibe. From where I sit, there is only one person who keeps throwing the first stone. For years now. It is so unbelievable that she keeps acting the victim and continues with the viciousness. If another poster puts her in her place, her gander goes up and lies by recounting her version.
I read every post since you have opened the dialogue. Let me tell you. She is good at it. Too good.

It is in fact Rebecca who is the troublemaker. While it is perfectly fine to agree with hers pals when they attack certain characters. But there is only one character and actor no one is allowed to touch in her world. This Nancy Grahn worshipping is her prerogative, but she can’t attack others for not sharing her opinion.

I do not agree with anyone being attacked, actor, character or poster. But, Rebecca has called other posters crazy without comprehension skills. Then she skillfully reverses the blame . You can’t blame the offendees from defending themselves. It is only natural. Hard to ignore.

Thank you for speaking up! If I am banned for agreeing with you 100% -at this point I would consider it an honor. I have come here for years and made less that 10 comments at the most. I have watched this over and over and now she has written to MF and again played a victim. There is one person needing banned-but even that would not prevent a return as she has made several other posts to fawn over herself under other names. There is never a break-ever. No comments by anyone else ever have or do reach this level of offensive and it is pervasive and makes me sick. Go ahead, ban me. I can not fathom how one person continues and continues to control this site without any repercussions whatsoever. I don’t think anyone else who knows who they are needs a warning-their behaviors and mine are a natural human response.

I have always tried to apologize promptly when I am wrong or even when not, in an effort to get along with other people. I have apologized several times on here, including this page. After reading this and other comments, I take it back. I give up. Surrender. Everything you said, Francesca- so true- as myself and others have tried to point out and take defense from. And she writes Fairman and plays Vicki Victim once again and everyone else gets spanked by daddy and a warning- same warning from what- a year ago? I don’t need one. Last visit. No more. Enough! If Fairman and his moderators are not bright enough to see exactly what has and is and continues to go on here- well they deserve the Rebecca Hour-day month year after year- I care not for one iota more of this insanity. Goodbye.

Even Victor Newman got sent to prison. It was not for long, but justice was served. Not on this site. I will save you the banning of me-I ban myself from this insanity. One person has woven a clever and sickening web and camps here to rule and writes to MF and so it goes- over and over. I know what the truth is and so do others and somehow this is missed- I would like to go on and on and point out- as she is given freedom to do on here in book-length posts where she twists everything around. Hell no. Done. Totally disgusted and happy to self-ban. Adios.

Clearly no use. Everything you say I will attest to and agree with. My third post-and last. You must be a fake poster like myself- and our clear view of what has gone on here and so forth does not matter at all. Shameful, Michael Fairman- I have been a fan and soap fan and reader for years and years and I am so sorry you have chosen to put one poster and her utter abominable behavior above all others. You always have a positive and loving message- but you do not follow through on your site and allow one cunning and disturbed individual to ruin this and lump others into her mess and then threaten to ban us because we protested? I am not feeling the love and want to bawl but will take myself elsewhere and with regret say I will not be back but it seems the only right thing I can do.

It is no use. True, all. Ban me. Seriously- enough. Had my fill. Out.

Nikki, dont leave because of ONE bad apple! Michael will cut her loose!

I have has a birdseye view of this also, and am in agreement entirely-although I think you were perhaps a little too nice about the whole sordid mess. The level of manipulation and distortion and then curled up cuddly kitten innocent victim is disturbing-even more so the response from Michael- also a sick obsession with another poster and jealousy and wanting- all of this usually makes for great soap. But in this case makes for a master’s class in personality disorders, manipulation, gaslighting- I am extremely disappointed, stunned, but you, I and countless others-who are lumped into some kind of group and summarily dismissed as frauds or imposters or fake- and then threatened with removal- while kitty kitty licks the litter from her claws.

Preach! On deaf ears. Outrageous. Sick. Messed-up- true- and total bs that this has not only been allowed- but is endorsed like she is Queen of Sheeba. Queen of this place- and a liar and instigator and on and on and on -go right ahead and ban me before I vomit in complete and total disgust. Sickening.

Valiant attempt at presenting the truth, but sadly you, I and a plethora of victims are once again being offered the boot. Spread the love? If this is love-not loving it. At all. I can’t condone this, don’t accept this-no-I DO accept this and chose to withdraw from the festivities entirely. No longer a fan or supporter of this site.

Also a lesbian obsession with Celia, a hatred of Shay for “Taking” Celia from her-frequent digs at both of their husbands as they are in the way as well. Other posters who have taken her fire-collateral damage- nothing matters but Celia and Shay. Read it yourself on page after page. Others are fake or liars or Celia or Shay conspiring against her. How dare Celia withdraw from her. Only Celia never was playing for keeps nor even aware she had been staked claim to. Her thanking Fairman on this page- classic- making sure everyone “Knows” she and Fairman are on close terms and she can’t wait to lay claim to his new site. Wink Wink Vomit. No comments ever made in jest or otherwise ever deserved her attacks and plenty on innocents caught in the fire who dared to protest and treated to more and more. She has claimed and destroyed this site like a virus- and Fairman allows it and approves and tells others to shape up or be banned. If this is spreading love- it is a sick love and abusive and tormenting for many and I have lost my respect for Fairman and thoroughly disgusted with the abuser as hero and in every episode and untouchable and dare to cry help and be silenced. No. No. No. Sick.

Wow!!! What a revelation, Diane. Good one, my friend. And, to think I never suspected a thing. Love it. LOL.

Oh my. I think you may be on to something. Obsessed and jealous and angry and I think -whatever the line is about protesting -thy doth protest too much?? – If I can’t have her-something she never “had” in the way she presumed or assumed or desired-Poor ingenue Celia- always popular and friendly and I have enjoyed reading her tidbits- and How dare evil Shay befriend her and ruin the budding romance that Celia was never party to. So destroy all the villagers in a moral cleansing? Have not cared for her attacks or writing and the critiques- she has the gall to critique Jane Elliott’s behavior or words or motives- is rightly called on it and then throws the caller under the bus. Others agree-she backtracks- re-reads or regresses or realizes she has slapped an icon- backtracks-plays victim, attacks. One trick pony needs a pasture far far away from the others, yet insists on front and center every day every page and has now added a crew of sycophants of her own creation-I take it her fan mail is nil- so time to write it herself.

Oh, Diane! May I nominate you for “Post of the Year?” Make that “Post of the Decade!” LOL…(With an honorable mention runner-up prize for Phyllis Fontaine De Marco! You go, girl!) Your analysis of this situation was absolutely hilarious….even more so than another contributor’s hypothesis of a year or so back that proffered the notion that CeeCee and I were two gay dudes doing an elaborate panto as fast-friend, soap-loving chickadees! (Not true…as far as I know, we are just as you say….two ladies with beautiful, happy families and fulfilled personal lives outside of this insane microcosm!) As for those nosy posters who cannot stop speculating about the more intimate details pertaining to moi???? Let’s just say that after seeing all the uncalled-for grief CeeCee took for graciously sharing the particulars of her delightful life…kids, hubby, age, travels, extended kin, etc…well, I just decided to keep mine generally private and off limits since it really is nobody’s business…most especially those who seem to be just dying to know so they can make derisive comments about those topics, too!!!!

Since my accident and loss of one eye, I keep missing posts on here and then –Bombshell! I would not mind some attention of the obsessive kind- just know that any financial support will need to come from you- and I enjoy a glamorous lifestyle-and hoping whomever can and will provide one for me. I don’t think Celia is the only ingenue within these walls- turn down the lights a bit and I will show you ingenue-and-improved! Better yet, just turn them off.

Francesca Bruno? Really? Who are you? Never saw your name before. Just another “suspicious” new name here to attack Rebecca, even after Michael Fairman expressed his disapproval. Francesca, whoever you are, give it up.

Oh, Francesca? It is obvious that you and some other “new names” are one and the same. It stopped being cute after…when was it. Oh. Never. Now, respect Mr. Fairman and others on this site who wish to talk about soaps.

Hi Rebecca- always suspicious of new names, aren’t you? FAKE! Doing exactly what you accuse everyone else of. Liar. Fraud

Yet we just see you to play defense on Rebecca’s team-the one and only. Suspicious? Of course, because she tells the truth- a stranger to you.


Who am I? My name is Francesca Adriana Rinaldi Bruno. I hail from the province of Cosenza, one of the three regions in Calabria , Italia.

America has been my home for 46 years, now.
Who are you?

Really only one poster on here tells others what they may and may not say or do. Same poster always accusing others of being fake or imposters. I call fake. If not fake, entirely out of line and not your place to tell others what to say or do- but I think we all know from which well these fetid waters flow.

I agree completely. But this is her home and she has made that really clear and so has Michael Fairman. She not only has her profile, but her other profiles to back her up and ready to take over in the event of an emergency. Only she will never face the banning threatened to her victims and loving an abuser is not healthy in any relationship-including on the internet. Encouraging that is abusive as well. I don’t want to be a part of this nonsense anymore. Come to escape, have fun, catch up and that has all been irreparably damaged and then threaten and blame people that do not deserve it and I have had my fill.

It is truly a shame. But, no matter who posts, it has now become questionable, Brian……what’s the point?
I don’t see anyone attacking any other poster with offensive words except the peson in question. Most posters agree to disagree.
She goes on and on about my two names….CeeCee and Celia. As soon as I switched from CeeCee to Celia, I announced it. My personal mail, under CeeCee was hacked. I switched. Nothing nefarious. My name is Cecelia. Nickname CeeCee because my twin could not say Cecelia. The name CeeCee stuck… parents have always called me Celia.
But, I must think that Mark and Rebecca are one and the same, otherwise he/she would not protest so much, every single time. Fixated. He too, accuses people of going by different names.
Better off going to Days and Y&R where she has no control.
Enlightening post, Brian….along with everyone else’s. There must be a reason why so many are speaking up stating, more or less, the same thing.
If a new poster comes on board..oh, my goodness!!!!…. said person can’t be authentic. He or she must be such a persona non grata for going against Queen B !!

You know, Brian? After rereading all these posts, I must say yours is the most succint. It says all it needs to say in a few, significant words. You tell the raw story, exactly.

Michael- thanks for your reply. I have come here for years and never said a word. When I finally did post it was not to insult or harass or anything of the sort. Rebecca came in and insulted and harassed me and when I responded she accused me of being a stalker. That was enough for me. I have only responded since when she does this again and lies about it and I have read your previous attempts to stop this and it does not work. I remember you reaching out the last time to people that were insulted and hurt and they have not returned and I loved reading their posts- witty, funny, thoughtful-and someone besides Rebecca who monopolizes all of these pages and honestly- who is she to appoint herself the watchdog or defender or monitor of others words- isn’t that what the moderators are for in the first place. I am so tense and rattled by this once again I am sorry I do not see this changing. Actions should have consequences-we all ask for that on the soaps when someone is always taking advantage or hurting others-the only consequences here are a loss of humor and camaraderie that was fun to read and how I regret ever taking part in any of this and best to take my leave as this is not healthy for me. I do thank you though, and for your response and your interviews. Frank

Michael, I forgot- I also apologized to her, although she certainly does not nor has ever deserved an apology. So did several others that are here again and hurting and angry-they apologized to her as well. She never acknowledged any single one nor did she ever apologize to anyone ever.

Hi Michael,

I wasn’t sure where to post, so posting here to reply to you here.

It looks like I am late to the party, but I want to jump in and provide my 2 cents. Feel free to disregard.

I haven’t been back to this site for more than a month. While I had a really busy summer, I am also tired of coming to the site to hear constant actor/writer/producer “bashing”.

I am especially shocked at the vicious attacks against Nancy Grahn, Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller, Michelle Stafford, Maurice Bernard, Laura Wright, Ron C, Frank Valentini, etc. Many of these attacks are on their physical appearances, voices, makeup, clothes, etc. These posters will say they are criticizing the character only, but then Ava (who killed Connie is beloved) while the others gangsters are really despised. One poster said that Billy Miller can’t act after he has won 2 Emmy’s. Nancy is acting based on the writing provided to her from her bosses. I can’t believe any job where one would have to suffer such daily attacks from strangers hiding behind their computers who have no IMDB stats. It is unbelievable. These GH folks provide wonderful shows almost daily and don’t deserve this treatment. I hope your new site will be able to address this.

I heard one of Michelle Stafford’s interviews where she mentioned how the squeaky wheels (who are usually in the minority) can get a lot of attention on these blog sites, but based on her twitter/Instagram they are NOT representative of the majority. I was so happy to hear this. I also know that Jasam and Julexis have huge twitter/facebook followings, but unfortunately we would never know this from visiting your site.

I applaud Rebecca1 for trying to defend some of these actors, which takes courage. It is much easier to ignore these mean comments like I usually do.

I realize that managing this site is a huge undertaking. Thanks for providing this wonderful site!

Michael- people that do not go to this page will miss your messages. Last time you went from page regarding acceptable comments. You also did say that if this continued, people would be banned. I am happy to be banned, but in fairness, another person seems long overdue. Impossible, I guess, because she has other names and will just return under one of them or another. I don’t live for your site- I have enjoyed it but had enough of one person ruining the entire experience and over and over. I apologized- though I never instigated any attacks I and others did apologize to her in effort to move forward. I also withdrew my apology this last week after another barrage. Never was I or anyone else apologized to. I am okay with being banned, my life will go on. But I do hope you will also look at banning the other party involved. Once again, clear, concise acceptable conduct- if off topic not allowed maybe no posts longer than average paperback- not my job to tell you yours and not at all trying to. Just want justice, fairness.

Yeah, you do a wonderful job interviewing celebrities and they seem to have a fondness for you but I dont run to this site as often as I use to. ONE bully has ruined discussions. I have disagreed with others on politics and we or at least I move on and forgive. One person was irate at Kimberlin for returning to B&B because she supported Trump. Really? Who cares, she is a great actress and adds to the fun of our viewing pleasure. I miss all the good people on here. I hope your new site “Drains the Swamp”, and we can have fun again! Thank you.

Sad. True. Never-ending. These boards used to have some of the most entertaining posts I have ever come across. Just hysterical-wit, humor-others would pop-in and it was -for me anyway-always exciting when the pages were updated to see where and what was next and I laughed and could not wait for more. I didn’t see any hate or abuse and yes there was some snark but it -in my opinion-was not abusive or intended to hurt or degrade any person or other poster or actor. Then, the darkness and vitriol. From one who felt left out and not most popular or the center of attention. So they decided what was and was not acceptable-and also who had a brain and who needed a psychiatrist and all the while claiming the moral high ground while eviscerating others-many innocents caught in the line of fire-bewildered, insulted, and then angry and demanded apology. They were treated to even more abuse. I remember Fairman stepping in and reaching out. But surely some of the rest of you remember those writer and the fun and humor that has not returned since. I see one attempt at it here on this page from Phyllis- and I laughed and laughed- and noticed not one person commented on her post or found any humor and that is really a shame. Is it because everyone is so uptight over the tension that is the new normal on here?

Thank you for putting the truth out there for all to see! I cannot wait for Michael’s new site. I hope he takes out the trash and we can all have fun again! Lets discuss our soaps and leave politics OUT of it!

@Francesca Bruno….Molto grazie for your sensible comments. If you are who I am surmising, please convey my fondest regards to your delightful daughter and magnificent mother….I miss them both! However, if I am mistaken, deepest apologies, but thank you just the same for said sentiments!

Hey. Jealous. I thought you were possibly grooming me for a potential scandalous dalliance du jour and I turn my back for one minute and find you swilling Chianti and noshing on cannolis? What up with that? Hush Hush, sweet Shaylotte. Don’t go breaking my heart-or do-but I draw the line at stealing my purse-just FYI.

Oh, my….I think we may have had our wires crossed, Phyllis! Whilst I will cop to the occasional cannoli, I’m a teetotal suburban housewife who is definitely not desperate….in other words, I am a girl who can say NO! to outside temptations and always does….What I think you require is a gal more after your own free-spirited heart…someone with a hot mess of a shambolic life whose stories of woe can easily rival your own…May I humbly suggest you contact Alexis Davis of Port Charles?…Besides having a widely-documented love of the vino and an even more well-known gargantuan appetite for the nookie, she is also an attorney (of sorts…) so you two should hit it off on so many levels, professional and otherwise! That’s not to say that I don’t truly feel for you and your various trials and tribulations…you sound like a real survivor, not to mention an immensely tough broad, so I do admire and respect that more than you know. Plus, I really appreciated your fine legal advice regarding that ongoing “situation” we previously discussed. Still friends? Given I do so enjoy your considerably colorful gift of gab, I hope future chats won’t be out of the question…..and, not to seem indelicate, but I couldn’t fail to notice that you have already begun mixing-and-mingling with others on this thread, and that’s always a good thing…spread your wings, dear lady, and enjoy all that Fairman County has to offer!!!!

No Shay, dear, I am not she.
I apologize for not responding sooner.

I am very familiar with your writing, and I thank you for your input. I have been watching for decades and read these threads whenever I am able. I never really felt the need to add anything. All of you do so well discussing what’s what.
I did feel the need this time, for whatever it is worth.
The first time around was bad, so offensive. The second time around, worse.
I hope there won’t be a third time, where MF needs to step in.

I am semi retired, but, always busy working as a translator in one of those colossal buildings on the Avenue of the Americas, NYC. I do not want to get buried in these threads, as tempting as the urge is. Precisely the reason I never posted before.
Having said that, I do know everything there is to know about General Hospital. Inside out.

Come fall I will have more free time. Maybe I will participate more regularly.
I thank you for honoring my first language, Italiano.

I love your spaghetti sauce and frozen pizzas! Welcome!

I have had a really bad week. I mean, surreal-nightmarishly bad and so I came in here for some levity and escapism.
What happened? Don’t even try and answer. My sense of humor and irony is gone right now and I probably won’t see anyone’s answer anyway.
But it’s sad and pointless.
Michael Fairman, it seems to me that a quick antidote to the problem at hand is to allow a filter feature. Maybe that’s not possible but I honestly think it could help.
Thank you.

@ Michael Fairman- Thanks for your response, Michael, I appreciate it and have a tremendous fondness for you, your site, and admiration for your work and keeping soaps front and center-I believe I also saw you in a inmate line-up on Bold and Beautiful!
Michael, I can’t do it. It is a battle, it will never end, and I am exhausted. She has already brought in her other accounts to defend her and attack others and this is what she accuses everyone else of doing. What person goes to such lengths, is here 24/7 filling pages and pages? I see the name and shudder and the games and tactics and I am sure this is unpleasant for you and your staff just as it is for me and others who are fake wrong and imposters- you have given warnings and it is still the same and she or another name she uses or will chose will be here- I surrender- it is not worth fighting with it or for it or hoping for some solution other than to walk away. Thanks again for responding and good luck.

Hi Group

did it post ?
trying, again.. sorry if a duplicate..

Hi Group

Hi Suoo. Don’t you hate Sonny?

Wow! I don’t know who you people are but you are doing exactly to Michael Fairman what you did to me! This is his business and he has done his best to handle this situation from all different angles! He has allowed comments on many levels from all people to go through which, unfortunately, instead of making the site more interesting has turned it into a Twitter-type environnment where people are out of control.

I have explained (which I should have had to) over and over a situation between myself and two posters which has been going on. In between our personal “feud” we have posted mostly on the soaps and have had nothing to do with each other. It is you “other” posters…and no, there is no way of knowing who are actual individuals and who is making other identities to defend oneself and friends…but it is beyond odd this absolute rage. Now, unless there is a second (Rebecca), I’ve seen one without the number one after the name but only twice, I have no idea what any of you are talking about! It it’s about the character Alexis and her age, then yes, that’s me and yes, I have commented very strongly my aversion to ageist comments. Other than that, I have no idea where this votriole is coming from! There have been others who have been attacked here…Eilenn Hargas I believe and AJ (there’s an AJ here now but the other had something else to his/her name). Point is, you guys are out of control! It is YOU who have followed me around this site in the last week, from the B&B ratings page, the the Julian/William DeVry page to the Nashville page! I have not said ONE thing to any of you…and yet you keep making ridiculous, offensive comments to me! It IS exactly what happened twice before and it IS suspicious! So, regardless of whether you all “really exist” or if it’s a few making up other names…you think that can’t happen? I’ve been accused of BEING Michael Fairman, Nancy Grahn and Nancy Dilligan! The irony is, if I was going to change my name why would I keep Rebecca1 and allow the “abuse” to continue. It’d be simpler to just ditch the name and take a new one. But, for me, it’s the princilple.

Now, we have another poster, “Diane” talking about “digs” at husbands. As far as we know Shay isn’t married. CeeCee is, and has mentioned her huband several times and has related “digs” at me. All you have to do is research the pages and it’s all there.

Celia and Shay conspiring? Again, “CeeCee girl” and “Shaybelle” Agan, all in the pages. The three of us have feuded over ageism for a long time. Nothing “imaginary” there and there have been plenty of digs. It WAS me vs the two of them (and a male friend of the two) who have been at this for a while. Nothing imaginary there.

“Lesbian?” WHAT are you talking about!!!! LOL.

I don’t know Mr. Fairman any more than any of you. If you stop to think, do you really think if he and I were “friends” he’d allow me to be attacked for pages and pages??? Wow, think!

However, do you really think that I’d allow myself to be continuously harrassed arround every post I make which has gone on for a few days now, ever since I defended April on her B&B ratings page. I defended a poster (I don’t even know! don’t recognize, because SHE was attacked! And, in defending her, I didn’t attack anyone…just said she was entittled to her views. YOU all attacked her, for the same reason I get upset over ageism! You didn’t like her views and you were nasty! You were nasty to me when I didn’t interpret Jane Elliot’s interview they way you did! YOU attacked me!

I just came here to see if there was any followup and was shocked to see the comments about me and now aimed at Mr. Fairman. I have nothing to lose; this is his site. On the other hand, just like Twitter, even people who run sites…as well as actors, etc, take abuse from loose cannons.

It’s one thing to have an ongoing issue between two or three posters. For a whole crop of “posters” to come out and rage for days is odd, at best.

And, here I am, defending again. Not because I know Michael, but because the reaction is so ludicrous that it borders on surreal.

From this point on, I’m going to let every petty, racist, ageist, judgemental comment to fly by me. Let the moderators decide if those types of bigoted comments should get through. And I’m not quite sure if the posters who make those comment will have as much “fun” if they’re not MAKING fun…but I guess that’s up to them.

By the way, I venture to guess there are others who see my point of view but don’t want to get mixed up in this mess and be aimed at, like you did Harry and Mark for speaking up. So, you attacked April, Harry and Mark and continue going after me yet insist it’s me that’s disrupting the site. Gotta love the twisted logic/values.

In today’s episode, the part of Rebecca will be played by Mark. And vice versa. “Don’t come for me unless I call for you…” “whoever you are, give it up…”
There are two of her alters- front and center and there are more. Again, everyone else is fake and petty and ageist and racist. Are you April and Abruz and Harry, also? How is it they and “Mark” and Celia and Shay- the only real people on here? Why is it an attack on you when others don’t care for the names you have called them or the insults -anything you disagree with or don’t like is an attack and boundless conspiracy theories and poor Mr Fairman being attacked- he is not being attacked nor in need of your services, Mark, for defender. I think we all see what is and has been going on.

I think you must have forgotten to change your name back to Rebecca, Mark. But please, go on about other posters changing their names. I suppose this is our doing as well- another attack. A crop of “posters”?? Looks like you have a greenhouse full of your own identities-at least remember to keep the names straight-points off for that.

Multiple personality disorder???? How very soap-apropos!

Might as well just cut with the chase, go with a full-on admission and adopt “Sybil” as one’s new username!

So sorry to hear of all your troubles.

Wait, people were attacking me? Well, that’s an outrage, an outrage I tell ya! And Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care.
This isn’t real life in here folks. Try disassociation–it works.
I don’t need to come in here to be insulted when I can get that treatment at home!
Back to soaps: GH is getting better but that Assman Landers has GOT to go. Otherwise Nathan is going to have to hang up his police badge and become a proctologist and THEN he will have to buy a new license plate which reads,”Assman Landers.” Okay. I am cheering myself up!

Hi Harry, You can be Phyllis if you would like. Or Harriet. Or Rebecca or Steve -I mean the choices are endless. As are the multiple personalities on these pages. I am doing my best to follow along but still lost. I know all the alters serve a purpose-if I remember Vikki Buchannan and Sybil and so forth- some are stronger, some defend, some are good, some bad- I have no idea if I am speaking with one or many or the same or does it really matter or am I the one losing my mind and if so, who am I or we, so to speak?

Phyllis, don’t you ever go! You actually made me laugh out loud (I refuse to write LOL).
I love your imagination and ability to parody all this nonsense. It’s good and harmless fun.

I am on other sites where bad behavior became the norm. The owners and moderators took control so the site was able to function as intended. It was a relief to all. New boundaries were put in place and all comments are monitored and immediately banned and taken down if anything is questionable at all. I applaud you Michael. No need for mean and nasty behavior…we see enough of that daily all around us.

Dear Mr. Fairman,

I think that a brand new site is a very, very excellent idea. I look forward to checking it out whenever it is up and running. Take care, sir.

All the best to you,
Jason aka Jaybird369

Dang, after reading some of the comments, it seems we have more drama here than on any of the 4 shows!

Without naming names or taking sides, we have accusations of:
Select Amnesia
DID/split personality disorder
Sexual attraction
And the makings of a potential who-done-it.

Somehow, this has got me in the mood to watch “Soapdish” tonight.

And then came you… Mysterious stranger, new in town. Alone? I am fairly new to town myself and newly single. Dismiss any stories regarding a topless road-rage incident as pure fiction and make yourself at home.

Phyllis, you are hilarious ( I assure you all that I am NOT Phyllis).
I swear, you remind me of a certain poster from way back in the AOL soap posting days. In any case, you certainly inject a much needed dose of humor into the issues at hand and for that I thank you.

(Giggle) Stiffling a laff!

The more I try to get my bearings, the more confused I get. Steve, are you one of the alter-personalities as well? Hey, the more the merrier-except when I am picking up the check, anyway. Just wanting to get to know people, even if they are just many parts of one. Or another. Cheaper by the dozen.

Anyone who’s read my point-of-view on Julian & Alexis would know I’m not one of the personalities.

I will say that I always did admire how goody two shoes Victoria Lord got away tons of things thanks to Niki and others. Connie Falconeri was a poor imitation.

LOL. Not to fret, Steve. You are you. I can vouch for that. (But they might not believe me.) This may have a trickle-down effect! You ALL may have to change your names…how do we know we’re all not “me?”

Sorry to inject a little factual info into the festivities (and “Phyllis” has been quite amusing, I must admit) but I wrote yet again a verrrrry long piece to Harry & Rose…and Maureen… none of which posted. I kinda think when posters are STILL going after one, that would be me, a voice (mine) should be heard. So, here’s the deal…and I’m afraid much less interesting than multiple personalities and unrequited lesbian love. C’mon, really? Hahahaha…

I am always “Rebecca1 on here. Period. I post enough for anyone to know that. If I was going to change names…and if I indeed did so many times…it would follow that many would have rushed to my defense. As it stands, even people I’m friends with on here, who I’ve defended in the past, didn’t “speak” up…so…though I could have used other names, (to defend, lol, my virtual reality online honor)… I didn’t. EXCEPT!!!!…

Once. That was a one-time “Mark” comment to tell someone to back off…I believe up on this page. If I posted as Rebecca1 it’d start another sequence of “rebuttals.” And, no, I wasn’t any other “Mark” on any other page. The one who said “don’t come for me unless I call for you” or something to that effect, wasn’t me. I guess there’s another one/s. (Although I think I know who you are) And, Phyllis?” You magically appeared twice in two years…both at the same type of “event.” How “coincidental!” Tres droll you are…I’m kinda sure I know who’s hiding under that pen name.

AND. SHITTTTTTTTTTT The second time…when I intended to post as myself but FORGOT TO CHANGE MY NAME BACK TO REBECCA1 !!!!! It was because I DON’T change my name here, that I didn’t realize that once you change it, you have to change it back! I just assumed it’d post as Rebecca1! I’d forgotten that if you sign off you have to resign in…and I never had to sign in again unless I was on a different computer! Et voila! Soooo busted! Gotta admit…if I was on the other side I would have probably laughed and shook with glee over the apparent “gotcha!” Ironic as it was, I can see how that looked and if I was a spectator/reader I would have thought it hilarious. And riveting!

Yep; beyond funny and I was FREAKING OUT because I KNEW that you’d (and you (plural) know who you are) say that I’d been doing it all along…and it was ironic (and quite the “Oh, NOooooooo” moment behind the scenes (keyboard) because I’d just accused someone else of a fake name! Irony is so cruel…sigh…

I can guarantee that you would have gotten even MORE joy when you saw me staring in disbelief, wailing “no, no, no” as the name “Mark” laughed back at me and I couldn’t wipe the smirk off his face…translation…couldn’t delete or unsend.

Moral of the story: When you fall off a post you have to get back on and ride like the wind. Or something like that.

@Rebecca1 – I applaud you for “trying” to defend some of these actors, which takes courage. It is much easier to ignore these mean comments from posters, as I usually do.

It is quite obvious that these new posters who popped up – are family members.

General Hospital


You probably needed the hankies during today’s Wednesday, June 19th episode of General Hospital, for it marked the return of fan favorite John J. York to his role as Mac Scorpio.

This was to be York’s first episode back on-screen since he underwent treatment for two blood cancers and revealed his health diagnosis and battle publicly back in September of 2023.

The scenes involving Mac gave viewers all the feels, and it looked as if reality and the soap blurred, especially in York’s scenes with his on-screen children, Maxie (who Max raised) and grandchildren, Georgie, James, and Bailey Louise, and wife, Felicia (Kristina Wagner).


Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


Meanwhile, Felicia keeps getting calls from Maxie while she is work at General Hospital and does not pick up. So, Felicia is unaware that her husband is back. Eventually, Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and is in for a big surprise when Mac appears and the two hug and share a kiss.

After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

So, what did you think about Mac’s homecoming on GH? Were you touched just seeing John J. York back in action on the ABC soap opera? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Jophielle Love Talks On Violet’s Emotional Scenes with Finn, the Loss of Gregory, and Taylor Swift

During General Hospital’s recent episodes surrounding the death of Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison), who succumbed to complications from ALS, many in the cast delivered touching performances; including Jophielle Love (Violet).

In story, Violet learns of her grandfather’s passing when she comes home from school and her father, Finn (Michael Easton) sits her down to explain that Gregory passed away in the middle of the night. Violet’s reaction was one of devastation and tears.

Michael Fairman TV caught with Jophielle on the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmy Award ceremonies, where she was a nominee for Best Original Song for the song she co-wrote, “Shine.” The track was first heard back on a December 2023 episode of the ABC daytime drama series and is currently available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

Photo: ABC

When talking about the departure of Gregory Harrison, and Violet’s reaction to her grandpa’s passing, Love shared, “Well, I was very tired from the taping of the three-day wedding, so I already had the tears in me. I knew that I was always going to see him (Gregory Harrison) in real life, but I was also very, very sad he was leaving the show. He was such a delight to work with.”

When Violet saw how difficult it was for her on-screen dad, Finn, to cope with with the death of Gregory, Love shared, “It’s hard for Violet, but Michael and I, we still see each other and he’s always happy (in real life). But, those scenes were hard. I was comforting him.”

Photo: ABC

Receiving her first Daytime Emmy nomination as songwriter was a thrill for Jophielle: “Well first of all, I was jumping up and down and Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) came and told me while I was on set. I was just so excited.”

Photo: JPI

Since pop superstar, Taylor Swift, started at a very young age as a singer and a songwriter, does Love see herself as a mini-Taylor? Jophielle emphatically stated, “I’m a mini Me“.  As to what she thinks of the record-setting Swift’s music, and if she likes her work. Love shared, “Yeah, yeah … so, so…”

What did you think of Jophielle’s performance during the passing of Gregory? And her comments here on Gregory Harrison, Michael Easton and Taylor Swift? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Issues Statement Condemning Racist Attacks Directed at Tabyana Ali

After continued online racist comments directed at General Hospital cast member, Tabyana Ali (Trina), the series has issued its own statement on the situation across all of its social media platforms on Tuesday.

Ali, who back on June 9th took to X to stand up to the racist remarks sent her way, has been facing the same situation since joining the soap opera back in 2022 as a recast in the role of Trina Robinson.

Throughout her time on the ABC soap opera, Tabyana had been one-half of the popular young love story of “Sprina” along with Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer).

Photo: ABC

Now General Hospital is standing up and alongside Ali, with its statement which read: “General Hospital does not tolerate hatred or bigotry of any kind. Racism has no place in Port Charles. GH is for everyone.”  Since its posting, the ability to comment has been turned off on the GH Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

While the statement does not specifically name Ali, according to Soap Opera Digest, ABC has been communicating with Ali and her representatives about how best to navigate the situation. Once the statement was issued, Ali took to X and said, “I appreciate you so much ABC/GH.”

Photo: ABC

Back on June 9th, Ali opened up about the “hate” directed at her and then added, “To anyone that hates me, that’s absolutely fine. I don’t know you and you don’t me, but regardless I’m sending you peace, safety and prosperity.”

Several of Ali’s GH co-stars have posted the statement on their Instagram accounts including: Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Jacqueline Grace Lopez (Blaze) and Kate Mansi (Kristina).

What do you think of General Hospital’s statement that racism has no place in Port Charles? Are you glad they stood up for Tabyana, and moving forward for any form of racism related to the show and its cast? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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