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General Hospital's Dee Wallace Interview: Playing Patricia, Luke & The Spencer Family Secret & Working With Tony Geary!



GH fans waited patiently for the arrival on the scene of Patricia Spencer (Dee Wallace), the older sister of Luke Spencer (Tony Geary).  No one had ever heard of the character before, until the series began to unravel the traumatic back-story of Luke and the Spencer clan, and their tortured childhood past.  When news broke that motion picture and television actress, Dee Wallace, most known for her work in the classic Steven Spielberg film, E.T., would be taking on the role that viewers knew was an important part, and that an actress of the highest caliber was needed to fill those shoes.

As we have finally witnessed this week, Patricia finally appeared on the scene, and actress Dee Wallace made her soap opera debut!  In emotional scenes, a flipped out Luke finds Patricia with multiple sclerosis in a convalescent home, and there she is also reunited with her younger sister Bobbie (Jackie Zeman).  After Luke finally has a break into reality, thanks to some good talking to by Tracy (Jane Elliot), he flees the hospital and heads to the Spencer family home to try to remember what happened to him all those years ago.  In gut-wrenching scenes, and through an exquisitely produced, written, and performed episode, the secret that only Patricia also knew comes to light… Luke killed his father, and accidentally killed his mother with a baseball bat … and Patricia helped cover it up.

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Dee to get her thoughts on being in these riveting scenes with seven-time Daytime Emmy winner and icon Tony Geary, how she views Patricia and her importance to the Spencer family, and getting the opportunity to work with the stellar group of cast and crew over at General Hospital.  She even previewed that there’s more drama ahead on Thursday’s episode.  Here’s what Dee filled us in on, and more!

Those scenes with Tony Geary at the end of Wednesday’s 52nd anniversary, where Luke had finally remembered he killed both his mother and his father, were heart-wrenching.  What did you think of his performance and being present for it?


DEE:  I have to tell you, Tony is mesmerizing to work with and to watch.  Some actors can look right at you like trucks going through you, and when you connect with Tony, you connect all the way.  He’s a very generous actor, and he is a really sweet guy.  Everybody on the set welcomed me and made me feel like family.  I had never met Tony before this.  It was really one of the nicest experiences I have had in a long time.

How did this come about that you were sought out to play the key role of Patricia Spencer?

DEE:  I did not know they were looking for a Patricia, but the fabulous casting director, Mark Teschner, knew of my work, and thought I would fit with the Spencer family, and thought I would have the emotional life to fill it in.  So they called and wanted to know if I would be interested.  When I read Patricia, I knew who she was.  I know the love for family that will make you give up yourself and do anything for them.  I know that is a part of me.  I do look for parts like that, because I want to make some sort of statement with my work.

Had you ever watched GH before?


DEE:  Of course … Luke and Laura!  Of course, and that’s like Tony saying, “Have you seen E.T.?”   It is a part of our culture, General Hospital!

There you were as a young woman watching Tony! (Laughs)

DEE:  Yes!  Every young girl was watching Tony back then! (Laughs)

When you were filled in on the part of Patricia?  How was it explained to you?

DEE:  They told me it was a key part, and I would be playing Luke’s sister, and they had been talking about the character for some time, because I don’t take a part usually without reading it, because I need to know that I can do it justice.  But of course, you get parts like in E.T., which I did get to read before I signed on.  But I had enough information and I said, “Look, I need to know if she is emotional?”  They told me Patricia was ill, and it was about a lot of love and emotion.  I said, “Well, those are the things I do!”

It was so amazing to watch.   It felt like you fit right in with Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) and Luke as their long lost sister.  I felt as if you were immediately a part of their history and the Spencer clan.  Not an easy feat to pull off!


DEE:  Thank you!  That’s a great compliment.  It’s acting by fire.  We shot four episodes in two days and I thought, “I wonder if it’s too late to get me out of this.” (Laughs)  But the way I work as an actor, being on the soap really excited me.  I don’t like to rehearse a lot.  I don’t like to think about it too much.  I really like to be just in the moment.  My great challenge here was I studied people with multiple sclerosis.  If we are going to play people with a disease, then we need to honor that disease, and those people, and what they go through.  A lot of the symptoms of MS involve the vocal chords, and the speech slows down.   I called GH EP Frank Valentini, and I said, “I really need some guidance here.  I can’t slur my words, or have slow speech with these many words to say.”  He led me to the physical.  Wait till you see today’s episode! When you play anybody who is injured, dying, or sick, you still have to play them with energy, and so my biggest challenge has been learning all the lines, and getting them correct, and to honor that illness.  That is why you see me holding my arm a lot, and kind of slumped over instead of sitting up.  Patricia has very minimal make-up, as I am cringing!  Oh, it’s just another not pretty part!  I think I am actually famous for them.  Well, you know, you can’t be in a hospital bed with false eyelashes.  I have had a brilliantly wonderful time with all the actors, directors, and Frank Valentini.

So, did anyone know Patricia had MS?


DEE:  She has been in a convalescent home.  Luke tracked her down, and said to her, “Are you sick?” And she said, “I have multiple sclerosis.”  So he didn’t know, or he didn’t remember.  We read it as if Luke didn’t know.  Everyone in the family just found Patricia.

I thought the young actors who played as young Patricia and Luke were amazing.  Kudos to Joey Luthman and Chloe Lanier!  What did you think of their performances?

DEE:  They were incredible.  I want to write to them.  I think it means a lot to young actors to hear from people that they worked with; I know it meant a lot to me in the past.

When you all finished taping the final emotional scene on Wednesday’s air show, what happened?

DEE:  These guys are pretty use to digging in their heels and shedding tears, and then going to lunch! (Laughs)  It is a muscle you learn to let out and recuperate from pretty quickly.  Otherwise, you go down on your lines.  There were a few moments after the scene of everybody getting themselves back together, and then we had to plunge into what you are going to see on today’s episode.  It’s really heavy duty.


What can you preview about the story as it picks-up today?

DEE:  There is a lot more information about that night that gets revealed, and there is a lot more emotion.  Luke is back to being Luke now, and the ending scene has to resolve what is going on with Luke.

You have had an incredible career in motion pictures and television.  Do you look at it and realize just how much you have done and accomplished, and that it would be the envy of any performer?

DEE: Acting has been a great life for me, for the most part. There have been people that have hurt me, but people hurt all of us in life.  Our job is to bounce back and create, or recreate ourselves anyway.   I have always been glad that I chose to be an actor.  I am doing a lot of other things in my life, too: I am doing healing work, author, and I just created this fabulous new little toy which is called “MySelfie Bear”!

Tell me about my “MySelfie Bear”.

DEE:  It is a little teddy bear, and if the child pushes the paw it says a really positive statement.  The power of the bear is that the child says it back in the first person.   So the bear says, “I love my body.”  And then the child says, “I love my body.”  So the bear says, “I am so loved.” And then the child says, “I am so loved.”   It’s really the beginning of the child claiming how much he loves him or her self, and his body, and the world.  It was staggering to me to find out there was really no toy out there like this.  I just like to create things!


Christopher Stone was your husband and he did a stint on DAYS as Dr. Bill Horton!

DEE: Yeah, and he went through the same thing I did, and said, “Honey, I really don’t know if I can do this.”  I remembered that when I thought about taking the GH gig, you bet I did.  But by the end of two weeks, he had said he had never had more fun than being on DAYS.  I think he was on the show for about six month.

Did Tony Geary and you share any moment’s off-camera that you can share?

DEE:  Tony was so sweet, and we talked about Kansas City, and how much he loved Kansas City; which is where I am from, and what great barbeque restaurants they had and everything!  When I got down to my dressing room there was a lovely note and a bottle of Kansas City barbeque sauce from him.  So sweet!

What can you tell me about working with dynamo, Jane Elliot (Tracy)?

DEE:  Oh, my Gosh. The minute I walked out on the set she just threw her arms around me.  It’s like a family there, and it has to be.  You get in, and then you run it for camera, and then all the actors get together and they run the lines and run the lines, because you have little time to get the words down, and get out there and do it.  Jane Elliot said to me about learning the lines so fast, “This is what I am doing to stave off Alzheimer’s disease.  My brain is always working all the time, all the time.” (Laughs)

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Everyone knows you from E.T.!   It is an incredible film, and you were incredible in it.  But as an actress, do you ever get sick of people gushing over that, when you have also done so many other performances that you would like to be remembered for?

DEE:  Is it nice to be attached to a film that changes people’s lives and is still changing people’s lives?  You don’t forget that. Hell no!  I will talk about E.T. till they put me in the grave and are playing the theme song! (Laughs)

Your final thoughts on the opportunity to be a part of this incredible and important story in this history of the iconic Spencer clan of GH?

DEE:  My final thoughts are it has been a wonderful new experience at this turning point in my life as an actress.  It reminded me of why I wanted to act.  It was good, and loving, and powerful, and you can’t ask for more than that – the reveal of Luke killing the two parents – I said, “That would be enough to screw a guy up!”  And I will say, the grace in which Tony pulled that off was quite astounding!

What did you think about the performance of Dee Wallace as Patricia Spencer? What do you think about Dee’s comments on the harrowing scenes with Tony Geary and being part of the ensemble cast of GH and the Spencer family? Share your thoughts below!

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Actually, the character of Patricia was mentioned once in a 1978 episode (an old Elm Street neighbor of Bobbie’s asks about her, but Bobbie doesn’t want to discuss her). You can see the clip on youtube. Regarding yesterday’s episode, everyone involved did a spectacular job. Bravo!

Thank you! I get so tired of people saying that Patricia was never heard of before. The fact that Patricia was mentioned back in 1978 makes the story that much more viable.

Great Actress—I hope her role on GH is longer term!

She is indeed a great actress but everytime I see her I am reminded to phone home.

Dee is a keeper—bring back the young actors who played Patricia and Luke as teens—im certain someone at GH will eventually need some long lost children…lol…maybe they could be Jimmy Lee’s grandchildren—fill up the Q mansion!!!

I can only hope Lucas made a mistake today and that Pat had one of those seizures that makes you seem dead. Maybe her daughter crying over her will wake her up?

The girl that played a young Patricia resembled the original Carly on GH. I played it over and over and she has a strong resemblance to Carly.

I didnt see it today but my sister filled me in…hope she’s not dead!!!

Yeah, Rose. I question her death myself. I would have loved listening to Dee’s sweet and calming voice indefinitely. So, I hope what what you hope is true.

It would be nice to see her back, but they usually only bring villains back from the dead.

Exactly Sal….younger Patricia Spencer was a spitting image of Tamara Braun. Carly circa’01-’05.

Oh, I apologize. I must have misread. I thought Sal was talking about the mother, played by present-day Carly.
Please ignore my

Indeed,the actress who played young Patricia looked identical to a younger looking Tamara Braun;who played Carly 2001-2005.

I think you’re right Sal. They do look a lot alike. Wonder if casting noticed as well when they cast her. Hope they find a way to incorporate her into the current cast, possibly as another long lost Spenser. Because as you know anything at GH is possible.

I agree…she does resemble Tamara. I also would like to see both young Spencers incorporated into the show. I loved the kid who played young Luke.

Dee Wallace was so great, i loved the character the minute she debut, but its so sad she’s sick w/ ms, hope they keep her on for a while, Wallace nailed it and convince me she’s a spencer. also thought the young actress playing patricia was great, GH should try to get her for another character, but she’s gotta be a spencer/echart . Finally, love hearing how awesome Jane Elliot is, she’s so convincing as Tracy that when you hear from so many people how “nice” Jane the actress is it fills my heart, i would love to meet her in real life. I wold love to meet everyone on GH that would be AWESOME!

omg, just saw todays episode, april 2, it was heart breaking, it had me crying, wish there was more patricia, and valerie had me weaping, if GH submits these two episodes for 2015 they will definitely win as best show.

Great interview–thanks. Hope she sticks around on GH.

Dee did a fantastic job, as did everyone in the anniversary episode!

great interview Michael love Dee

The most refreshing thing about her is she looks wonderful and natural no fake face no fake anything! Actresses take notes! This is how you do it!

Aging gracefully? You bet, k/kay…….kudos!
Dee is as pretty as she ever was!!

I think the casting of Patricia Spencer was right on-target. I love the Spencer siblings!

Love Dee, but she just died today, so she was on two shows total? Unless of course, she comes back to life. That happens more often than not. Maybe Lucas made a mistake.

Dee was just wonderful throughout this storyline but her last scene with Luke brought me to tears. I have never been so moved by a performance as much as I was with Dee, Tony Geary, Laura Wright, Jane Elliott, and everyone else involved with the reveal. Congratulations to all for giving us the very best of the best.

Would love to see the Spencer Three remain front burner or key to all stories. That family bond is why we watch and engage in these daytime dramas. Maybe Lucky can come home. Laura, too.

Dee added the sweetest, most beautiful, gentle and dignified presence to an often (up until now…) repulsive storyline….she was perfectly cast in this role, and the same goes for those two young actors who portrayed Luke/Bill and Patricia in the flashback scenes. I would love to see them added in some capacity to GH’s current day scenario, as they acted circles around most of the other pathetic newbies that this show keeps adding. As a matter of fact, it puzzles me as to why the wonderful Chloe Lanier wasn’t tapped to play Valerie….I think it would have packed so much more of a dramatic punch if (F)luke had initially come face to face with the spitting image of his long-lost big sis in the form of her daughter….(or the previously aforementioned Julie Marie Berman, which would have been another brilliant casting move for reasons I’ve already mentioned….Unless it is going to come out as a further aspect of this tale that Patricia adopted her child, I cannot see the logic in the choice of actress chosen to play her daughter…I suppose we shall have to wait and see what happens since it looks like after today’s developments, she’s stuck in Port Charles for now….) Having said that, I had hoped for future heartwarming scenes from Ms. Wallace, and was extremely disappointed at her character’s demise at the close of today’s episode, but then I suppose that is the highest compliment one can pay to a performer…that they have left the audience wanting more! Major kudos to this lovely lady!

Im hoping she isnt dead, and will continue to make guest appearances…had Julie Marie Berman been cast as Valerie i could see Lulu inviting Valerie to stay with her and Dante, and Valerie becoming attracted to Dante and viceversa…me too wish the ones playing young Luke and Patricia would stay around…the show can dump T.J. and Molly!!!

True, jimh….Maybe she can appear to Luke as an apparition during his “treatment?” Having said that, it would be interesting to know if the rumor about JMB— that she was being considered for a return to GH in another role…in particular, as Lulu’s cousin—was indeed true. It certainly would have made for great theater, and it now makes me wonder why it didn’t happen.

Yes, Shay. I hadn’t thought of it, but you’re right……much more compelling and shocking.
I would have liked to have seen how the impact of that ‘apparition’, for lack of a better word, would have knocked Luke’s socks off, no?…..shock him right into reality!

Bravo, Shay.
I agree with your every word.

Thank you, Harry.

No “collective outrage” from me, either, Harry!!!! You are so right about the actress playing Valerie….I am completely underwhelmed by her, too….One always hopes for the best with newbies, but alas, here is yet another disappointment introduced to the GH canvas. As if the ever-annoying “Sparkle Pony’s” presence weren’t enough to stir our discontent….

May I add, Shay….without sounding overbearing…..It is not the fact that Valerie is obviously of mixed race; THAT, is not the issue. I just cannot come to grips with the fact that Patricia has a daughter Valerie’s age. I am assuming the girl is in her twenties? And, Patricia in her seventies? I suppose it does happen, but adoption seems more likely to me. That’s what I originally thought … soon as I saw Valerie, and I said as much.
I should just settle down, soap writers do have poetic license, afterall.
As you suggest, it would be very interesting to find out what Valerie’s story is? I hope the writers give us an inspiring, well-developed storyline. Later.

Understood, CeeCee….There just seems to be so much incongruity in this new character, that I hope there with be some suitable forthcoming explanations….as I previously posited, could Patricia have sought refuge in a convent once she skipped Port Charles???? Her curious grasping of her crucifix necklace leads me to think there could be a clue there….or maybe it was simply a personal acting choice on the part of Ms. Wallace? Having this woman be a former nun who adopted a child that may have crossed her path in her previous vocation would make much sense as to how they became mother and daughter, and explain the curious casting of Valerie. Like you, I tend to want a rhyme and reason for everything I see…..”just because” has never worked for me!!!!

As usual, I am in the minority (no word play intended) in thinking that the actress who plays Valerie is simply dreadful.
I have the same reaction to her as I do to the actress who plays Lilly from Y&R. She delivers her lines as if she is a disgruntled, spoiled Valley Girl who is angry because she is unhappy with her pedicure.
I know everyone thinks she is a great actress but her delivery is tone deaf to me.
And speaking of acting chops (or lack there of) while she is utterly stunning, I find those huge choppers to be somewhat distracting. As far as age is concerned, you know who would have been a marvelous example of stunt casting gone right? Drew Barrymore who played Dee Wallace’s daughter in ET. Drew is about forty now and would be the appropriate age. Could you not see her grin and say, “Give me a break” when Luke starts sobbing hysterically about his childhood? Oh my God, it would be PERFECTION! Plus, I adore Drew Barrymore–now that girl can act.

Actually, Harry, you are not in the minority. When first observing Valerie, I thought she was very pretty….far from stunning. A few scenes later, I discovered that she does have an angry attitude towards the world…just like Lily. You are absolutely right about that.
Thus, as pretty as a girl/woman may be, any anger she harbors becomes palpable, erasing all beauty.
Oh, yes, Harry…..Drew Barrymore would have definitely worked for me.

Thank you for the validation, CeeCee.
I said something similar else where and ignited collective outrage.

@CeeCee…I totally agree with you about the “anger” thing… must not only be apparent on the surface, but as an inner quality, as well. This new character’s “attitude” is simply not working for me, either. I am still fixated upon the notion that Julie Marie Berman would have made an excellent Valerie, especially if, God forbid, the show runners have Dante forsaking his marital vows for her…..I am hoping against that, by the way, as it’s ever so nice to see a well-adjusted, faithful couple sticking together through thick and thin anywhere these days….even if it is just on a soap!

I have apologized to sweet, Fanny already, so now I apologize to sweet you, Shay. LOL. I messed up the responses…no harm done.
Yes, I did not want to judge Britny’s Valerie. She was okay in her first scene. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. We pick up little nuances as we go along…, I will give her a little more time.
Her last two scenes were lacking that IT factor that normally grabs my attention. All I took from her acting was anger and disappointment. There is something that gnaws at me about her….the feeling is elusive…can’t put my finger on it.
I do agree, Julie would have been great…and ironic, don’t you think? A’ bientot, mon amie.

CeeCee…No apology necessary! I’m not even sure where you purportedly messed up….I often jump around to different, less current threads and find a response much after the fact, so that is why I am so late to the party here. I think we are on the same page on the subject of Valerie, basically underwhelmed with this new character. Actually, that describes my entire attitude for the past week’s episodes…with the sole exception of Billy Miller’s garage scene, I was pretty much overcome with ennui in reference to all the other scenarios presented…..they were just more of the same old stuff. It’s been completely downhill since the big 52nd anniversary episode….’tis a true shame! And yes, I shall continue to pine for JMB’s return. She was a real asset to GH, and her talents are sorely needed now. Later, Girlfriend!..Have a great weekend!

Dee Wallace!! you gave us a phenomenal Patricia!!
It was exciting to finally see the Spenser children together!!
How great that was !!!

It was a Hallmark moment…lol

Love it Mrs. ET !! Great actors GH

She gave a flawless performance– she will definitely be in the running for outstanding Guest Role daytime emmy at next year’s awards. I would of have liked the character to have been around to for Luke’s recovery and therapy — I’m mean no one just recovers from mental illness overnight and I could see the three of them working with Kevin, to reintegrate Luke properly. But if today’s show is to believed that process will be without big sis. such a shame.

Aawww……I hate to see her go!

Its GH—she might not really be dead—i see Lulu inviting Valerie to stay with her and Dante—with Valerie and Dante having an affair—VANTE!!!…lol

Oh, boy, jimh….that’s funny. Can you imagine? Not so far-fetched, is it?……VANTE….good one.

Vante? I love it, Jimmy. Very clever.

I agree, what an impression she left to all the GH fans for only being on a couple episodes!

She’s as beautiful without makeup as with it and her sweetness always seems to shine through. I loved her as Patricia and hope to see more of her. Thanks for a great interview.

I think Dee Wallace was an excellent choice to play Patricia, she did an outstanding job and the Spencer siblings all seemed to have a realistic bond, it was like they really were siblings reliving such a tram attic event , Well done GH

I think she did beautiful,loving work as Patricia. She was noble and strong in the role, my only regret is the role was short term. I love the idea of her “myselfie bear” it is truly needed in this world, where bullies and dysfunctional relationships are at a damaging level.

Man, I was hopping Dee Wallace was going to stay on GH a little longer. She did an outstanding job. Also Joey Luthman and Cloe Lanier were wonderful ad Young Luke and Dee. Maybe they can be cast as other Character maybe Daniel Thornhart and Christina Baldwin from Port Charles!

Dee Wallace was Great and her acting was super, I just wish they didn’t have to cut her out so soon. Kind of wish they had a longer storyline for her…

I loved her warmth and compassion. I am so glad the character was not some murderous freaky transgender psychopath as had been discussed on so many websites. I wish she could have stuck around recurring. Next order of business….sign those kids who played Luke and Patricia to contrcts. They were phenomenal!! And for however briefly it was wonderful to see Laura Wright play a nice warm hearted character. She does it so well…but unfortunately she is saddled playing shrill, snarly, sociopathic bitch Carly.

Yes, cast young Luke as Crychael and young Pat as Kiki now!

She was great as Patricia and having such an accomplished actress in the part helped with the weight of the scenes. Yesterday and today’s episodes were so great. Kudos to all involved and happy 52nd to GH!

Very believable portraying a person with MS. I enjoyed the short time she was on the show so much. So sad she could’nt be around for a bit longer.

I have always loved Dee Wallace. I am sorry to see the character of Patricia will not be on the canvas any longer. I was impressed by the actress playing young Patricia. She would make a good Kiki. I haven’t warmed to this new Kiki. Great job by all the actors in the Spencer saga.

Ns Stone was so good, i actually got online to find out if she really had multiple sclerosis. I was sorry to see her character die so soon. My question was answered in the interview. Thank you.

Dee was great. She put the icing on the cake. Her and Tony were in tune with the script

If I had blinked, I would have missed her. All the hype and she was only on a day or two. I think anyone could have played the role, it was so short. Nonetheless, I think Dee did a great job and brought a humanity to the role that was instantaneously connectable.

Maybe she didnt want a long term commitment?

Hi, Sal,
I believe the original Carly is Sarah Brown? The woman who played the Spencer siblings’s mother, the other day, is actually Laura Wright/present-day Carly. The reason you feel that young Patricia has a resemblance to our Carly today, is because she and ‘mom’ are the same actresses……one and the same.

And Sarah came back and played Claudia Zacchara and she was fabulous so I would hope Julie Berman would come back and play a different role or take back her role as Lulu.

First thing I want to say is…Dee, I remembered you from Cujo (before I remembered you from E.T.)

The 3 actors of the Spenser children are so dearly close in life that when the 3 Spencers were on screen that day it was like they were actually real, not characters,..
…. that was stunning!

Yes, I felt as if we were peering in on a real family. One freakin episode and it will go down in history as one of the greats!

Wonderful actress. Comes across as down to earth and genuine as “Patricia.” I think it was beyond a bad decision to kill her character off. We just met her. Luke and Bobby just reunited with her after all these years. Since GH barely has any families left, it would have been great to expand the Spencer clan…seeing the three siblings as adults took on a more poignant feel having just seem them as children. Now for them to find each to find each other again, confront their troubled past…all the love…surrounded by their children…golden. I could see Patricia taking on a Lila Quartermaine-type presence on the show. Budget cuts? They didn’t have to kill her, they could have moved her back to the convalescent home for a while. Perhaps Anthony Geary will really take his final bow, Dee is gone…Bobby might phase out…shame. Would rather they not close the chapter but instead fill in more pages with the ongoing lives of the Spencer’s…

I feel ripped off because GH does have issues with telling family stories. Luke, Bobbi and Pat had tons of possible material there to explore for the next year. Y&R has the Newmans and the Abbotts. GH needs to expand the Q’s and they could have had the Spencers.

I thought Dee Wallace Stone did an amazing job as Patricia Spencer. She fit in like she’d always been there. Too sad when she died. I would’ve loved to have more of her character!

Well, it was such an important role and a major key to the Fluke story and when they announced Dee would play the role I thought it would be great. Then I saw a picture of her and she looked like a Spencer. That was the final deal and she knocked it out of the park even though she swung like a sissy! [Oh that Tim Spencer!] She was only on a couple days and she made an everlasting mark on GH’s history. Congrats Dee Wallace!

Dee Wallace Stone was simply great–lovely and luminous (not unlike Genie Francis).
And she has the right attitude: She is grateful for fans and for the role in ET and will talk about it to her grave–unlike TG who has historically appeared to hate the role of Luke and to have gone out of his way to snub and deride fans and to forever sell them and their loyalty to him short.

I’m with you with Dee and Genie BUT Tony doesnt hate Luke, he has stated that he just doesnt want him portrayed as a hero and wants the character to go out in a blaze of glory. AND, he isnt snubbing fans, personally. He realizes that the fans want him and Laura to ride off into the sunset. He doesnt want that and he should have his say since he has played the character for 37 years. He owns Luke and I for one respect whatever his wishes are when he retires the character.

I loved Patricia, and loved watching Dee play the character. I only wish she could have stayed longer and that the family could heal under her character’s generous spirit.

I would have loved to see her as a regular on the show, she is great.

They should have figured out a way to keep her on longer.

I thought the ensemble cast was awesome! I especially like young Luke Spencer, played by Joey Luthman and his counterpart young Patricia played by Chloe Lanier. They really evoked the emotion and you felt for their character throughout the episode. I hope you will bring them back again, possibly in a new role. Such amazing talent!!

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Sonny confronts Gladys for her lies as Sam witnesses. Sonny accuses Gladys of using Mike, then Brando, then Sasha. After Sam goes, Sonny tells Gladys she’s leaving town and returning to Bridgeport. Sonny implies Gladys will die if she ever leaves Bridgeport. Sonny has Frank escort Gladys away without a single bag.


Charlotte listens from a hiding spot as Val explains to Anna he bought this house after Anna’s place burned down so he, Charlotte, and Anna could live in it. Val kept it from Anna because he didn’t want to get her hopes up. Val explains Charlotte needs his attention, so Anna can’t move in yet. Charlotte thinks back to reading Victor’s letter that says she must defeat Anna.

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GH’s Jophielle Love Releases Daytime Emmy-Nominated Song, ‘Shine’ on Major Music Streaming Platforms

It’s been a big week for General Hospital’s young star, Jophielle Love (Violet). First, viewers witnessed her character of Violet learning the news that her Grandpa Gregory (Gregory Harrison) had passed away in which she delivered a touching performance, and now she has released her very first single as a singer and a songwriter.

Love first performed the song entitled Shine during a December 2023 Christmas-related episode of GH. In it, Finn (Michael Easton) along with his family decorated the tree. It was then, Love as Violet, sang her original song, “Shine,” surrounded by her TV castmates.

In addition, the song is in the running at this year’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Original Song. Jophielle took to her Instagram account on the release of the track sharing that part of the proceeds from the single will go to Save The Children, an organization that strives to improve children’s lives.

Photo: ABC

Love shared via the IG account run by her mom, “My first original song ‘Shine’ which I sang on General Hospital over Christmas is now available on all digital platforms ! Part of the proceeds are donated to ‘Save the Children’ who helps kids all over the world in the middle of horrible conflicts. We encourage you to donate as well, or … listen to, like and share this song and post! Let’s bring light to the world,… anything helps. More to come soon as Shone is heading to the Daytime Emmy’s, since nominated in the “Best Original Song” category”

Already beginning to aspire to be a young Taylor Swift (as in writing and singing at such a young age), Love’s second song, “True Love” debuted at Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) wedding when Violet sang it to the newlyweds and for all the enduring couples in attendance.

Photo: JLoveIG/Spotify

Jophielle shared a little video of moments from the taping of Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding accompanied by her tune, “True Love. You can see it below, and can stream and download “Shine via Spotify here or Apple music

What do you think of Jophielle’s single ‘Shine’? Comment below.


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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Chase Confronts Finn On His Drinking After Gregory’s Death

The saga of the aftermath of Gregory Chase’s (Gregory Harrison) death continuesdon the Thursday May 23rd episode of General Hospital. At Finn’s (Michael Easton), Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) who knows he has lost his sobriety and has been drinking, attempts to tell the good doctor that she cares about him too much to let him throw away seven years sober.

Finn lashes out at Liz and tells her she doesn’t get to tell him when he is allowed to drink. Liz says she’s looking out for Violet (Jophielle Love) as he in turns looks out for her boys. Finn announces that Liz can stay here and make bracelets with Violet or leave. Next, he opens the door, and she walks out.

Immediately, Liz calls Chase (Josh Swickard) telling him to get over to Finn’s as his brother really needs him.  Meanwhile at the Q’s, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) gives a tender hug to her dad, Ned (Wally Kurth) because she can’t bear the thought of losing him.

Photo: ABC

Now back at Finn’s, he takes another drink and Violet emerges with the friendship bracelet and inquires where did Aunt Elizabeth go? Finn covers for the situation and says Liz got called back to the hospital, but she can show the bracelet she made to her later.

Just then, Chase and Brook Lynn finally show up. Surveying the situation, Brook Lynn can see that Finn has been drinking. She takes Violet for a walk so the two brothers can be alone.


Chase wants to know what happened, “step by step.” He shoots a look at the bottle of booze and says to Finn, “I mean everything that happened.” Finn tells him that Violet was at school and he came upon their father, dead in his bed.  At the point, Finn also admits he had a drink, maybe more than one, although it’s been such an emotional day he is not sure how many he has had. In addition, Finn did not cop to taking a sip of champagne at his brother’s wedding reception, which started this downfall.


Now the question becomes, what will Finn ask Chase to do? Cover for him? Help him to a meeting? Will he get rid of his brother quickly so he can continue his downward spiral? Weigh-in and share your theory via the comment section below.

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