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GH 50 Plans: A Luke & Laura Adventure, Rick Springfield Rocking & A Robin Return Surprise?



General Hospital has  been building towards April’s  50th anniversary of the legendary soap with blast from the past returns, bringing back the once staple of the series, The Nurses’ Ball, and setting the stage for the big “What if?”

What if, Patrick (Jason Thompson) finally declares his love for Ugly Betty Port Charles Style-possibly-blossoming-swan Sabrina (Teresa Castillo), just as “dead” wife Robin (Kimberly McCullough) walks through the doors? Will it happen? What will go down when GH finally stages the Nurses’ Ball on the April 5, 8, and 9 episodes? One thing is for sure Dr. Noah Drake (Patrick’s dad) will be rocking the house when Rick Springfield performs “Jessie’s Girl” at the soiree’!

TV Guide some inside scoop from General Hospital head writer, Ron Carlivati and seven time Daytime Emmy winner, Anthony Geary (Luke) on the big plans.   Here are some excerpts!

Carlivati on if a Robin sighting is possible at the Nurses’ Ball:  “This would in so many ways be the ideal time for Robin to walk through the door. It would be a total game-changer but, while I’m promising a whole lot of surprises at the Nurses Ball, I’m not promising what they’ll be.”

Carlivati on Luke and Laura’s (Genie Francis) adventure, as they hunt to find their daughter Lulu, which leads them to Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), plus there is the disappearance of the Haunted Star:  “We couldn’t celebrate the 50th without another epic Luke and Laura adventure. They’re no longer a couple, and they may never again be a couple, but their love for each other — like GH itself — is still going strong.”

Geary on getting to play high-action adventure one more time:  “These episodes are pure nostalgia — the kind of high-stakes, high-energy, really well-conceived plotting that’s reminiscent of the Luke and Laura glory days!”

So GH fans, what part of the upcoming General Hospital 50th plans are you looking forward to seeing the most?   Do you think Robin will make a return at the Nurses’  Ball?  Weigh-in!

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I actually like Patrick & Sabrina together. If Robin comes back she probably wont stick around for long, so why not have Sabrina & Patrick end up together.

Maybe because she too young for him, she acts like a HS girl around him and he looks like a total perv, who looks like he cuold be her father. Its stupid. I’m sorry but I would NEVER EVER accept her with him, NEVER. IF I had to see him with someone else then I would want it to be someone that it is his equal, sadly this character isn’t and his equal is ROBIN!!

I totally agree with you here! If Robin is coming around for a short stint then vanishing again, it really messes up Patrick & Jason Thompson to move on…

Because ROBIN is alive and his wife. No one can take her place. Robin suffered enough and should come home to her husband and daughter waiting for her. Besides Sabrina doesn’t fit with Patrick. FV said that Kimberly was DOING both. So I don’t see robin going anywhere. If she did i actually want to see Robin Patrick and Emma on her birthday trips. Student nurse needs to be with someone her age. Patrick is too old and he looks like a perv. Already sad that NB which was to be about Robjn and her involvement HIVAIDS which is reason they are having it now becomes about a makeover with RC focusing on that. Robin is a vet and legacy character and focus should be on that not a newbie who seems to be a pet if RC. I want my GH back.

I agree and disagree with you here. I would like to see Robin back with Patrick and believe their suprise reunion will be at the nurses ball…perfect place because of her involvement with HIVAIDS. RC has been gradually given us back our GH which doesnt seem possible under anyone else. I like Sabrina, and i too dont feel shes not right 4 Patrick but because they lack chemistry, and not for the age difference. Heck, Laura was nineteen and Luke was in his thirties(plus he raped her!) when they became a couple. Age shouldnt be a problem as long as there is chemistry which there isnt any for S&P. But dont be sad about the nurses ball…Sabs makeover is only a small part of it…there are many other suprises in store 4 us that possibly and finally could be the return of our beloved Robin.

i meant to say i too feel Sabrinas not right for Patrick…sorry about typo


I agree. I can’t picture Patrick with Sabrina, she is to young for him and I do have a problem with them being together if that is truly the plan. Every time I see her with cute little Emma Robin’s daughter I want to scream, This is so wrong. Put her with her own age group because Patrick is to mature for her. For me I’m sick and tired of everyone propping her on the show, and since she is a character created by the new writer of GH they have worked really hard to make us like her and feel sorry for her. Sorry it’s not working for me. When is the last time little Emma has been around Aunt Liz? Why can’t she have play time with Liz’s kids? What about Joss, she has no friend. Why is this little girl hanging around Sabrina and clinging to her all the time and not Aunt Liz who was her mother’s best friend, The writer really need to check the history of this show. But most of all, I don’t like her because from day one she was inserted into Patrick and Emma life . My most important reason is Robin is alive and have tried her best to get back to her family.
Little Emma have never mentioned again about Robin calling home to Anna even if she is not belived or again to Patrick. The one person in the family who know’s Robin is alive is Robert, and of course he’s in a “Coma” . I hate this whole story line. let Robin come home get her daughter and leave, if Patrick want to come all the better , but the Drake Family should be together and Sabrina is not a family member.

Waltina – well said.

i’m so in the moment…. I forgot about Robin’s phone call….. A little child… no matter what… would not have forgotten that…. Emma’s a smart kid.

I laughed when you said… you scream … when Sabrina’s around Emma… LOL. for what it’s worth…. this part is the only thing that works for Sabrina… she does have a nice, fair enough “bond” with Emma… but… if the writers think this is what is going to get us FANS of … to accept ??? Patrick and Sabrina together…. I don’t think so.

This story… oye! and it’s fans be damned ? … is the best love story to come down the pipeline… in years… even i will put my foot down… and throw a hissy fit… if Patrick acknowledges that he’s moving on without Robin…

this ugly betty cinderella waif girl… is not manning up Dr. Patrick. i’m not feeling it…. just saying….

they should have just continued on with the drug “relapse”… story… a while longer… ie: like MF once alluded to…. something current like crystal meth…

geez… he was in such pain…. and to see this story progressing with barbie and not his equal… a full fledged women we may have to accept some time… down the road… then… do not insult the story with something that we’re not buying.

I do not watch GH but I am a OLTL fan and I can tell you’s right off RC does not and will not Follow the history of the Show, and that is what makes his writing so bad. He has got everyone gripped right now with all these innuendos about Robin coming back, if he does anything he will have someone that looks like her from Behind at the Ball and have Patrick real close to turning her around and poof she will be gone and then the Story line of whether or not she is alive and where is she will start and a year or so down the line you might find out that it was some big conspiracy and Robin is actually dead….RC’s Writing is very predictable……JMO

She better end up at the Ball to be reuinted with her husband. I’m sorry but Patrick is no way ready to declare his love for anyone else. But that doesn’t fly with this fan, and if they want to stay true to Patrick’s character that won’t happen and the only other person he’s says those words to his father, his daughter and his wife. THAT”S IT!! No way in Hell will I be watching him doing that. If that happens then this viewer who has watched through the thick and thin with Patrick and Robin won’t be watching anymore and GH would cese to exist on my DVR. It’s the way it is. I don’t see it happening.

What I do see happening is Robin showing up, as Patrick is about to move on with Sabrina and he sees his wife is indeed alive, and that he secretly wished that she was still out there that’s why his heart wouldn’t let go of hers. It’s the way this fan wants it. I want KMC back, I miss her and yes I love that she’s doing her directing thing but I would love to see her come back, reunite with her husband and daughter and be happy again.

Please don’t ruin Patrick anymore than he already has, because if that happens there is no fan in this world that would want to see Patrick and Robin back together if he confesses his so called love for a character that he barely knows and then she’s suddenly pretty for everyone

Amen to that Mallory.

I thinkk you spelled it out perfectly.

Thanks Deb.

Deb – Thank you…. for saying as much…. why is KM back… for what air time she’s been able to share?

Geez! what love and a tribute for her to give us… the life long fans…

she can take a sabbatical…. directing… is like acting… you get your pick… and an occasional opportunity… and KM’s soul – her persona… understands what serials are….

Then you don’t really respect Kim’s choice, do you? Listen, I would LOVE to have Robin back for the Ball-and I believe she is holding GH hostage to a degree; but real-life issues are just that. It’s got to be HER choice to return, noone else’s. Quit screaming and crying like a three year old not getting your way, these shows are about more than one couple or character. Stop being selfish…

Totally agree with Troy!!

I can’t answer that, I know I’m being selfish but really then all the fans of Patrick/Robin Jason/Sam and even Lulu/Dante don’t want their favs to be without each other.

I can be selfless, I do it on a daily basis, I can let people be happy and I can be happy for others, but when it comes to this couple, I love thta KMC is doing her thing, doing what she loves. She loves to direct, but the fact that she told Frank and they convinced to not let Robin die means something. It means that she would return because she loves this show and loves Patrick/Robin. If I’m selfish to have my favorite come back when she can then I’m selfish. And probably ever single fan of this couple and many couples are selfish.

And by the way… if she didn’t want to return Troy that why has she been on? And why did we see her with Faison… and with Robert along with Dr. O?

Because FV and RC have enough respect for what Robin Scorpio-Drake means to the GH landscape. They’re working around her schedule.

Mallory is by no means selfish. She wants what EVERY Scrubs fan has wanted since the day we saw her alive; for Robin to come home and be with his family.

Any Scrubs fan has supported her choice to be a director, myself included. But the fact is that the Powers That Be are working around her schedule and since that’s the case, us Scrubs fans want our couple back. This ridiculous story of Patrick basically used as a prop in a bitch fight between Lisa Niles 2.0 and Sabrina, I’m too young Santiago.

I like the character of Sabrina BUT she’s got ZERO chemistry with JT. I’m sorry but that’s the truth. It doesn’t work.

She needs a story with someone her own age. Sabrina is too young for Patrick; so give her a different story with Milo or any other guy on the canvas.

We can scream and vent our opinion anywhere we please. That shows the passion that the Scrubs fans; along with JaSam and Lantte fans. We’re not happy.

Then if you want to call me selfish then go right ahead. Then every other fan of any couple on any soap is selfish for voicing their displeasure about something they see.

Kimberly is not holding GH hostage. She wasn’t killed because the story is still being told. It is to tie into other stories. The stalling had to do NOT with Kimberly but with TG being ill, FH directing and IB being on Broadway. Add to that OLTL people with Prospect Park problems and the story got stalled again. Robin was always coming back and FV said so. Both he and Kimberly agreed to work with her schedule and do both. Kimberly even said she misses GH.

As for Sabrina, I have no interest in a propped character that Gh had to use ROBIN and her daughter to make her likable. Britt was so evil of course the propped nurse was better. MANY MANY like myself are waiting and wanting ROBIN back with Patrick and Emma.Nothoing else will do. WE waited over a year and want our couple together with Emma.

Strudent nurse can get her own man, she doesn’t get ROBIN’S life handed to her. ROBIN is the one who suffered enough. Enough is enough.. time to bring Robin and reunite Robin with Patrick and Emma.

Mallory you have a right to express how you feel about the character of Robin. I’m surprise that someone would call you selfish for expressing your opinion, that is what this board is about “OPINIONS”. As far Kimberly holding Gh hostage with the character of Robins, it was their choice to keep her character alive. I find it insulting that someone would tell you to stop acting like a three year old. We all have our favorites on Soaps, some or couples and single characters. I don’t think you said Robin and Partrick was the show. You expressed they was your favorite couple and how you missed them together. That is the same way I feel about them. Don’t ever let anyone make you think your opinion doesn’t matter.

You are absolutely correct. If Kimberly is pursuing other career options her fans should wish her luck and success. Remember, she has spent virtually her WHOLE LIFE at GH. It would be unnatural if a young woman with this level of intelligence and talent did not try to spread her wings and fly solo for awhile. She has earned the right.

Jason Thompson’s career should not be “held hostage” to Kimberly’s dreams. His character should not be put on hold and allowed to fade away because his acting partner has left the show. As an actor he deserves the right to pursue HIS livlihood, fully, where he has chosen: GH. I would rather Patrick have a story than watch JT “back-burnered” just because rabid fans cannot accept that their story was fiction. Other halves of beloved GH couples have moved on when their acting partners quit the show, and even if we are disappointed, the characters survived: Luke without Laura, Felicia without Frisco, Anna without Duke, Sam without Jason, Sonny without Brenda.

If Kimberly has moved on for the time being, so should we.

I feel Robin is returning for the nurses ball…it would be perfecting timing. I like Sabrina but she and Patrick do lack chemistry…otherwise age difference dont bother me. Luke and Laure are 15 years apart. I feel Patrick would turn to Sabrina out of loneliness and nothing more. Sabrina is just a filler in the Patrick storyline until our Robin comes home.

I’m selfish too.

this story… on so many levels…. has ripped out my heart…and then some.

the history and “significance” alone… has upped the ante on how I feel.

Kimberly McCullough? is GH’s “daughter”…. the one person… who persevered… who had that white picket fence… that snow globe…. that forever etched in our hearts… Robin’s life…..


selfishly? KM is in a director program? I wonder when she’ll be done… i’ve posted before…. I’ll wait for this story… because… it’s the one story – reason I started watching GH.

it’s tough to see Patrick with any one but… I kinda wish the writers hadn’t dangled Robin and left us wondering… but, knowing the potential… for a full-time return is imminent… i gotta go with that.

WOW RC has already started the same crap to GH fans that he did to OLTL fans. You’s are falling right into his crap. FV & RC don’t care about the fans or what they want, they will tell you whatever they feel they need to in order to appease the fans for the moment. I saw Somewhere on this topic that FV said that Him and Kimberly are working around her schedule, Ok I just have to ask cause like I said i do not watch GH but did anyone read Kimberly saying the same thing? Or is this just from FV? Cause If Kimberly did not say it more than likely FV is appeasing the fans. Kimberly is directing now, I do not believe she can just take days off from Directing a show or a movie to come back to GH no matter how much she loves the show Just sayin!
The first thing you guys will realize is that FV & RC do not care about what the fans want, if they did there would still be a Jasam, Even without SB. Them not killing off Robin means they can use innuendos of Robin coming back for years to keep the fans watching hoping for a character they always knew was not coming back….. I hope it works out for you Scrubs fans but I would not count on FV or RC giving you what you want!

Where are Lee and Gail Baldwin? Any pre-Gloria Monty stars / characters making an appearance, i.e. Shelby Hiatt (Jane Dawson)??

I’m with you on that but you do have to remember some of these actors are now in their 80s. They may not be willing or able to make an appearance. I started watching the show in 1970 so seeing these actors/characters again would be great. Realistically it just may not be possible. Having them honored, especially those who have died, would be satisifying for me as long as it’s not just a few seconds, blink and it’s over. Hopefully there’ll be a long montage of these people so us “older” folks can reminisce the good old days.

Let’s enjoy what RC and FV have in store for us. I’m excited and look forward to the surprises.

I agree with you…and im one of those old folks too.

Tt would be Wonderful if they brought them aboard! I would love Patrick and Sabrina to stay together…..That is true Kimbely will not be on for long..

And you can prove that how? KMc is back for the Nurses ball and her character for all intent and purposes is on recurring status. When she was back full time, Scrubs hardly got any screen time to begin with…
Besides, James Franco can shoot multiple episodes when he popped into town, why couldn’t KMc?

Who said Kimberly is not on for long. FV said he is working with her schedule and Kimberly was open to it. Why are people making it seem like Kimberly is not coming back.I will take Riobin recurring since GH cast is already too crowded for all these characters.

Bring Robin home! She needs her family especiallly Patrick and Emma

I totally agree! Time for Robin to return to her child and husband.

GH has a lot going on I’m just hoping they stay on track and consistent, it’s understandable that they are going all out for their 50 th but I want storylines that make sense, there’s to many cliffhangers right now, like where or how long will they keep Robert in a coma? Since they barely show Mac why not say he’s taking care of his brother, or even have Robert recuperating at GH instead of some Swiss hospital where he got poisoned to begin with. I want storylines more grounded in reality with meaning and conclusions. I’m hoping since Brandon barash chose to leave they just have him in prison and not killed off. Give Rebecca Herbts some air time, the show is doing so good but there’s room for improvement.

There is a good chance one of the NBs suprises could be Robert returning with Robin and then his return could come between Anna and Duke. I hope. My biggest problem with GH is they’re always rushing patients to the tenth floor instead of the emergency room first.

I just want to see Robin and Patrick together with Emma. I don’t buy Patrick loving anyone but Robin. Where did this so called LOVE that RC say come from with this nurse. I don’t see it in screen nor do I see chemistry. If there was the head writer wouldn’t have needed EVERYONE to prop this nurse from Britt being so evil & to Emma of all people. Anyone with a brain would then accept the nurse after Britt. Then we had some heavy slanted writing with RC using Robin & her daughter so this nurse would be acceptable with Patrick and Emma. No thanks. Patrick looks so foolish in this teen drama. A makeover makes a person an adult is ridiculous. FV said he was working with Kimberly so she is coming back and can do both. Robin deserves to come home to her husband and daughter waiting for her not Patrick with another. Leyla and lisa in the past and now with Britt. Don’t need student nurse with him either. Patrick looks to be a father figure. JUST BRING OUR ROBIN HOME TO HER PATRICK and EMMA. NB is the appropriate place for it to happen. No other place would be better. .

If Sabrina gets her Cinderella makeover, and Robin does return for good, this would make a great twist where the fairytale ending is an unhappy one, for Sabrina that is. You cant help but feel sorry 4 her if Robin returns. And i hope some negative fans of RC & FV will start to appreciate all they have done for us because its obviuos they DO care about the shows history and us fans.

I wish John Bernadino(Steve Hardy) & Emily Mcloughlin(Jessie Brewer) were still with us. If these two, with Audrey, who started it all were at a table together reminiscng while Rick Springfield sings ‘Jessie’s Girl’ and Jessie glances around the room and sees a man who looked like her long dead ex Phil Brewer(Roy Thinnes who was the original) that would have been an awesome nod to the shows past. Or if Angie Costello, an accident victim from the shows first storyline, had showed up at GH as another victim of an indentical car accident that had happened to her 50 years earlier, would have also been a great nod to the shows early begginings.

I remember all the characters you are talking about, I used to watch GH with my mom in black & white & totally remember Dr.Hardy & Audrey & Jessie Brewer & her sister who was also a nurse I think her name was Louise not sure?? & Phil Brewer who if I remember correctly was a cheater..& Angie Costello & her father..

Gloria, if you see this Audreys sisters name was Lucille. The same name as my late grandmother who was a huge GH fan in the 1960s. I watched GH as a kid whenever i was at her house.

Goosebumps…………they should take old footage and put them at an empty table as ghosts………watching over GH and the nurses ball. Then when Rick is singing Jessie’s girl (again old footage) and Jessie glances around the room and she actually sees Phil Brewer and they walk off into “heaven” together. Ah, set them at the table with Audrey, of course as ghosts………………AWESOME

Jim, I feel sorry for ROBIN kept hostage and from her husband and child. Robin lost a year of her life. I feel for her no one else.

NB was to be about ROBIN not a makeover for Ugly Betty. That is insulting to even think the NB is about a makeover when it was about HIV/AIDS for which Robin played a huge part

Cathy (AND fans of… Robin and Patrick and Emma… Anna/Robert, Mac… Maxie) – you make me cry… tear up… well up with emotion.

Love… grips you…. your heart…pounds…

you give 100%. you don’t question the choice you’ve made.

you have that peace, comfort, and Joy of knowing… your mind and soul.. are nurtured… in a good place….


I’d look for things that would circumnavigate… wholly…. “Love sees no color”…

We’re one in the same.

Cathy –

my answer/def. of Love.

I watched Patrick, Robin, and Emma… and marveled.

If Robin’s not going to stick around- then I don’t want her back.It would be better for her to be just a memory. Much as I love Kimberly McCullough and wish her the very best, she should not be cause for heartbreak for Sabrina if she’s leaving again. I don’t know why they killed her and then un-killed Robin. If Kimberly never plans on returning- I guess they should replace her at some point. but it would really be unfair to have the Sabrina character devastated. If Robin would come back to stay- that’s another story.

I could care less if Sabrina is heartbroken if Robin return. She the one who confessed her feeling for Patrick and clinging to Emma like she was her family member. She set her sights on him from day one, all that silly day dreaming, running over to his house(to baby sit) putting herself into position for a little girl who was missing her mother and being lonely to cling to her. I believe Patrick needs a more mature woman to date, not some silly acting college girl if the writer are going to have Patrick dating at all. Put Sabrina in the group with Ellie, Maxie, Starr, Michael, even Molly(who acts more mature than Sabrina does). Let her meet some young intern at the hospital. The bottom line for me is she and Patrick are not a match. Patrick need to be with Robin and his daughter. I think for JT the perfect story would be about a single parent raising his daughter and the ups-and downs of being a single father until Robin comes back.
But Sabrina is the producer, new writers creation, they will do anything to keep her front and center. The Ugly Betty storyline is a good example. Hurry back Robin for a reunion with your family. This is not Sabrina’s Family.

I am really looking forward to the Nurse’s Ball and hope, hope, hope that Robin shows up!

That is my hope to see Robin reunited with Patrick and Emma and the rest of her family.

I’m thrilled Constance Towers is back as well! I was worried that she wouldn’t return.

I can’t wait for the surprises!!! I hope Robin comes back for the Nurses Ball… she has a special connection to them. I can’t wait to have Emma. Robin and Patrick re-unite and get some time together. I am concerned that if KM is not sticking around how they will handle that. I am concerned for Emma and Patrick and how they would deal with her leaving again. As for Patrick and Sabrina… if KM is not coming back and they don’t recast the role of Robin (which I would not like to see) I think Sabrina fills a role with Emma and Patrick that is needed but has to be handled very carefully.

For some reason today I was thinking about how on GH there are no current married couples with children and it’s almost strange that we don’t even have one anymore. With Robin and Patrick and Emma apart and Carly and Jax and Jos apart there are only broken family’s with mostly adult children and at the moment we really only have glimpses into family with Luke, Laura and LuLu and Maxie, Frisco and Felica. It’s really a sad state of affairs. It would be nice to have at least one contained family to center and ground the cast. RC maybe you could work on that…?

I want to see Robin with Patrick and Emma no one else. NO recast. for Robin either.

i want patrick and robin back together there the best couple on gh and robin get patrick in so many ways there only one woman for patrick and that is robin his true and first love and the mother of his child

ITA! Robin and Patrick are the best together. They are soulmates and the chemistry is off the charts with Kimberly and JT.

Can I PLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSE have Anna join Luke and Laura on their adventure instead of taking part in the NB? I soooooooo don’t need to watch Duke and Anna dance the tango for the gazillionth time. Come on GH Anna needs an adventure, she needs some action and she needs a mystery to solve. If you are not going to have her off to find Robin(which would be ideal) at least have her off to help find Luke’s daughter! While she’s at it can she swing by Switzerland and wake Robert up, he can come along for the adventure as well! If Duke feels the need to dance the tango I’m sure Carly or Olivia or any one of Kate’s many multiples will comply.

If they seriously want Patrick and Sabrina to be a couple then I say it way too soon for either one of them to be declaring they love the other. Sabrina is attracted to him, which at her age feels like love, but is not- and she should, like we all did in our lives, learn the difference between immature infatuated love, and the real thing. As for Patrick, he lost his soul mate, not that long ago, so he shouldn’t be declaring love for anyone right now.

Yet I do see the potential for romance between the two, just a lot further down the road, in a couple years maybe. Build the romance slowly, like they did in the early days of soaps, so when they do say I love you, it means something. And I like the idea of revisiting the high adventures stories which made the soaps epic back in the day- it will be a nice treat, as long as it doesn’t become a steady diet.

Robin is the only one for Patrick. You can’t force anything and Robin and Patrick belong together and always will. This is not even Patrick as the writers don’t know his character at all. Patrick doesn’t fall in love easily and he loved Robin beyond reason.

Cathy- when I said I saw potential for a romance between the Patrick and Sabrina that was based on the assumption that Robin would be out of the picture. Of course, while Robin is alive her and Patrick are end game for each other.

I was merely speculating if the actress playing Robin doesn’t come back and the character is killed off-then Patrick could move on with Sabrina- but she would have to grow as a character, have a romance of her own before that could happen; that is why I said IF they did it –it should be done way, way, way down the road for it to make sense.

In a perfect soap world Patrick and Robin would be back together forever, but as we both know happy ever after rarely lasts on any soap for any couple if they stay on screen- usually the characters have to be written off the show for them have any lasting happiness. So personally if Robin’s character has to be written off, I rather see the whole family reunited and leave the canvas together then leave Patrick and Emma alone without her– in MHO that will be the best way to preserve this couple if one of actors leaves the show.

I want Patrick and Sabrina together too!

Patrick, Robin and Emma need to be the family that they started out to be. Give this family a chance to just be! Patrick only loves one woman, that’s Robin. He thrives on her and she with him. The chemistry between these 2 characters and the 2 actors who portray this soap couple is one that will never be matched. Robin needs to come home NOW!

I am most hopeful that Robin/Kimberly McCullough will be reunited with her family. I do NOT want to see her being held. I do NOT want to see her watching the action and then being recaptured or walk away after seeing Patrick with Sabrina. I WANT Robin reunited with Patrick and Emma! In my opinion, THIS EVENT is THE EVENT for the reunion. Any other time would be so anti-climatic. Robin is more connected to this event than any other character. Scrubs fans deserve a happy ending for surviving the debacle of Lisa and being teased over and over this past year.

Fact is ROBIN & PATRICK are the couple (always will be) and the story is not about a Ugly Betty getting a makeover but about Robin and Patrick and the fact that she was kidnapped and wants her family and they want her. I want them together. I love them and miss them.

ROBIN & PATRICK are the supercouple and this story is about them not a makeover. What has happened to GH?

Robin better be coming back. Many like myself miss her and still want her back reunited with Patrick and Emma. NO one is Robin but KMC and handing her family over to some new character using Robin, Emma and the NB to make the character accpetable is ridiculous..If GH was smart they would do all they can to work with Kimberly and get Robin back since they lost many when she left. This dumb story with Patrick has many I know tuned out. Might be a good idea for GH to get viewers back and Robin reuniting with Patrick and Emma would do it.

I don’t see Patrick in love with anyone but Robin. I see him as not being able to move on. Since when did Patrick fall in love so easily in less than 6 months. These writers really do not know GH characters and that shows.

I agree and well said.

Patricks one true love is Robin…Sabrina is only a brief distraction for Patrick to turn to out of loneliness for Robin and nothing else. The fairytale ending 4 Patrick and Robin should and could happen at the nurses ball.

The only real big makeover is about GH, and not Sabrinas. I like Robin and belive the nb is her big story where she finally returns. The ratings are good so i dont feel her abscence hurt a thing but showing up at the nb could improve them. I feel FV and RC stalled Robins return so they could bring her back at the perfect moment…the nurses ball.

Fran, you got it, agree 110% !

I agree Robin and Patrick belong together. But Kimberly McCullough is not interested in acting. She does it for a few minutes when she has time. How would they explain Robin being back in PC for a day and then leaving. If Kimberly is not going to be on GH full time, then they need to put Patrick with someone else (I’m not saying now..) or replace Kimberly. She left not for other acting goals but to pursue a career as a director. While I wish Kimberly would return full time, she goal is to be a full time director- that is why she left. I don’t know what the answer is. Would the fans accept another Robin? If not, I don’t know what the answer is. We can wish what we want (I wish Alan was still alive as well) but how can Kimberly realize her dream of being a director if she is tied up on GH? I wish her goal was to stay on GH forever, but it’s not.

I want Robin come back reunion with her husband, Patrick & their daughter, Emma at NB. They had a beautiful connection & happiness chemistry, soul mate together. Patrick always belong with Robin only, they fell in love each other. Let Patrick happiness again with Robin & their daughter Emma, he really need is only Robin. Robin make him happy and Emma too, Scrubs family deserve to be happiness again. Patrick had a deep connection with his wife, Robin always forever. Scrubs family need to be HAPPINESS again, hope Robin’s pregnant with her husband Patrick’s 2nd child when Robin arrive with her father, Robert at NB then Patrick will shock and happy to see his wife, Robin live and pregnant, I hope. Scrubs family deserve to be HAPPINESS again always and forever. Patrick is belong with Robin only, he really need her so much. JT and KMC had a beautiful chemistry and also on GH sets too. Scrubs family always forever!!!!

Totally agree with you Mary-Elizabeth!

All you people be PATIENT!!! You really dont know what will happen til you see it happen and the most likely place youll see most everything you want to see happen could come true at daytimes biggest event of the year and thats at the nurses ball. Some of you are starting to sound like your getting as crazy as Heather Webber!!! DONT WORRY!!!!!!

If they were really moving Patrick on to a new relationship they would have already had him take his wedding ring off and put it away. Don’t believe it’s JT’s choice to still be wearing it and he’ll take it off when he’s ready. Jason once said in a PA the perfect time for Robin to return and would make the most impact would be just as he was ready to move on. I believe this whole s/l was a plot point to get him ready to move on when she returns. What made the relationship between Patrick/Robin was that they were equals and had chemistry between them. Kim knew how to sell it. You just don’t see that between Patrick with either Britt or Sabrina. I’ve seen too many hints about their reunion to believe it won’t happen now. They’ve written around her schedule before and could do it again. No child the age Emma is would be asking for a substitute mother but would be crying for the mother they lost–from the very beginning they had Emma asking if first Elizabeth would be her mother then running to Sabrina wanting her to be her mother. Any child psychologist would tell you that’s an unrealistic reality because a child that age wouldn’t understand what death is.

The 2 women he was paired with acted like HS girls both fighting over the boy who was interested. If they were really moving Patrick in that direction why didn’t he show any interest in either of them from the beginning. I saw none. Then when Sabrina gets up the nerve to tell him her feelings he leaves her standing there. Patrick chased Robin from the beginning and was jealous when she talked to another man and it took him a whole year and their dating for 6 months before he even said to Robin that he loved her–that’s why I can’t buy this s/l as dumb & dumber to believe he all of a sudden going to decide he’s in love with Sabtrina

I appreciate reality checks…. it’s just disarming… because of the investment… to what grips the heart.

I so… want… that KM… takes a sabbatical… after she finishs her directorial program… ? she’ll succeed in making it a career.

she knows… and understands… internally… what this genre does….

Oye… LOL… God Love her… steer her back….

romance, love, mystery, intrigue… unrequited being. eclipsing. honest.

If I remember correctly when KMc did the last video interview with Jason they talked about Patrick getting a new love and said this would happen eventually–at the time he was taping the grieving scenes and didn’t want to talk about it

Please don’t make Patrick have any feelings other then friendship for Sabrina,it just does not work .I would love love love Robin back but even if Robin does not come back Sabrina is just wrong for him, Sorry GH but I fast forward through all her scenes.

Robin! Robin! Robin! The biggest mistake was showing her alive. She should have stayed ‘dead’ until the nurses ball. What a wonderful suprise for us had it been shown that way instead.

In hindsight, I agree with that. I understand why it’s being done the way it is-but I think that is where the majority of the anger towards Patrick/Sabrina lies-the fact that we all know that Robin is ALIVE. But until Kim decides not to hold GH hostage-nothing’s going to change. Before people start yelling at me again, I respect her choice-I just think she’s taking advantage of the situation.

I agree with Troy. Kimberly is pursuing her dream. Kimberly McCullough’s dream is to become a director. I don’t understand why they killed Robin and then “Unkilled ” her. They keep showing Kimberly/robin every so often, but she does not want to return to full time acting. What good does it do to show her every so often? Even if she comes back to PC she will leave in a short time and that would ruin the story line. I don’t want she and Patrick to break up. Unless they replace KM we will not have Robin back full time. I wish she did not want to become a director, but she does. Maybe they should replace her, sad to say. You can’t blame the actress who plays sabrina.

Did anyone buy People Magazine For GH 50th anniversary? A lot of good memories inside this magazine & more! Inside there is map of Port Charles & shows ELQ building
and others!

I love GH I do want Robin to come back to Patrick I really really wish Steve Burton would come back to Sam I miss seeing Jason I Love GH Please don’t ever take it off the air. That is my life support. I wish I could meet them all.

Much as I loved Jason/Steve he lied to the fans and said he was leaving to have his family live in Tennessee. He told some media that GH refused to let him work part time. He is working full time on another soap on the saem coast. He lied to us and so I am done with him. They need to find another good looking blond actor.

General Hospital

Soap Stars and Notables Participate in the 91st Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (Photos)

Sunday night in tinseltown, it was time for the 91st anniversary of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, which has become an annual tradition featuring soap stars and other celebrities from primetime, movies, music, and sports as thy drive down famed Hollywood Boulevard amongst floats and musical performances.

While many attended the live event, viewers around the country will be able to see the taped version of the parade on Friday, December 15th when it has its first airing on The CW in a two-hour special starting at 8 pm ET/PT.

Taking part in the festivities were: General Hospital’s Tajh Bellow (TJ), The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kimberlin Brown (Sheila), Ashley Jones (Bridget), Denise Richards (ex-Shauna), and Naomi Matsuda (Li), Days of our Lives stars, then and now, including: Deidre Hall (Marlena), A Martinez (ex-Eduardo), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Brant Daughtery (ex-Brian), and Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa), The Young and the Restless’ Kate Linder (Esther) and former star Tatyana Ali (ex-Roxanne), The Bay’s Kristos Andrews (Peter/Adam) and Maxwell Caufield (Sir Thomas Kenway), plus As the World Turns Ming Na Wen (ex-Lien) and more.

In addition, iconic dancer/singer and choreographer, Paula Abdul was the recipient of the Humanitarian of the Year, while Dean Cain, Erik Estrada, Laura McKenzie, Montel Williams along with guest host, Elizabeth Stanton, called the Sunday-after-Thanksgiving tradition from different locations around the parade route.

Now below, check out some of the snaps from the 91st annual Hollywood Christmas Parade featuring some of your soap favorites.

Photo: JPI

Wow! Marlena and Sheila together for the first time! Imagine if Marlena as the MarDevil met up with Sheila Carter and caused all sorts of havoc from Salem to Los Angeles? Crossover? Here’s Deidre Hall and Kimberlin Brown getting into the holiday spirit.

Photo: JPI

Reunited and it feels so good? Remember when Daytime Emmy-winner, A Martinez came to Salem to play Eduardo Hernandez, father to Gabi, Rafe and Dario? Now, A can be seen in The Bay. Meanwhile, Stephen Nichols continues to keep on keepin’ on as Salem’s “Patchman”.

Photo: JPI

GH’s Tajh Bellow with his lady love actress Lauren Speights.

Photo: JPI

Giving us some Christmas wrapping vibes, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Naomi Matsuda (Li).

Photo: JPI

Always ready for the holidays is former Days of our Lives star, Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa).

Photo: JPI

Former ‘Bold and Beautiful’ star, Denise Richards (ex- Shauna) dressed in the holiday spirit.

Photo: JPI

There is no doubt! Our pick for ‘Best Dressed’ has to go to General Hospital’s Josh Kelly (Cody). I mean, how can you top that for being in the ‘Christmas Spirit’?

Photo: JPI

Humanitarian of the Year recipient, Paula Abdul.

Photo: JPI

Former As the World Turns Star Ming-Na Wen (ex-Lien Hughes) ready for the holiday season.

Photo: JPI

Brant Daughtery brought along his young son, and wife Kimberly, who is expecting their second child.

Photo: JPI

Maxwell Caufield who will soon appear in the latest season of The Bay, looking ‘Christmas’ dapper.

Photo: JPI

Ready for winter, and dressed in holiday white, Y&R’s Kate Linder.

So, who’s holiday outfit from their appearance in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, did you think was the best? Let us know via the comment section.

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General Hospital

THIS WEEK ON GH: Austin’s Murder Begins to Reveal Its Suspects (Preview)

It’s been a minute since General Hospital left Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt shot dead on the floor, which also signaled the exit of fan favorite, Roger Howarth. Now, in the latest promo for the ABC soap opera, it looks like the story will finally pick back up the week of November 27th.

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) is on the case and trying to go through the list of potential suspects who wanted Austin dead, and there are several. Look for Dante to confront Sonny (Maurice Benard) about Austin’s murder and in turn, Sonny to hightail it to Ava (Maura West) and ask her if she pulled the trigger. Meanwhile, Cyrus, Mason, Nikolas and others could have fired the shots.

Since Austin is related to the Quartermaines, will his death make an already potentially messy family Thanksgiving even worse? When we last left the Q’s, a smoke alarm went off as Gloria (Ellen Travolta) and Lois (Rena Sofer) were putting the finishing touches on the Turkey. But as we know, Gloria is seemingly tormented and keeping a secret about a mysterious caller.

Photo: ABC

Check out the teasers for the action this week on General Hospital below, and then the weekly promo.


Thanksgiving continues in Port Charles. Sonny senses something off between Anna and Nina. Marshall is worried about Curtis.  Gloria shares with Lois that she is in some trouble. Stella and Portia make a realization.


Dante gets some disturbing news. Alexis has a meeting with Laura.  Sam is concerned about Drew’s recent behavior. Elizabeth tries to reassure Finn. Molly and TJ have a disagreement.


Sonny confronts Ava. Martin helps Finn with his legal issues. Maxie opens up to Felicia. Dante and Chase collaborate on an investigation. Gloria gets some help from her family.


Dante has questions for Ava. Dex relays a message to Sonny. Portia gives TJ some advice.  Sonny makes plans for Christmas Eve. James enlists Cody’s help.


Carly has an interesting encounter at Kelly’s. Sonny gets a proposition. Ava makes a confession to Nina. Brook Lynn panics from family pressure. Kristina consoles Molly.

Now let us know, who do you think the smart money  that will be revealed to be the culprit that killed Austin? Comment below.


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Morgan Fairchild, Nicollette Sheridan & Donna Mills Visit ‘Tamron Hall’ to Talk ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’

Monday November 27th, soap opera favorites, Morgan Fairchild (GH, ex-DAYS, DFT, The City, Dallas, Falcon Crest et al), Nicollette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing) and Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing) visit with Tamron Hall on her syndicated talk show. (find times in your area here).

The trio is set to give some inside intel to Tamron on their highly-anticipating holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas, set to premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, December 2nd (8pm ET/7Pm CT) and streams next day.

As previously reported, Ladies of the 80’s: A Divas Christmas also stars Linda Gray (Dallas) and Loni Anderson (WKRP in Cincinnati) and in story, five glamorous ‘80s soap opera stars reunite to share the spotlight to shoot the final Christmas episode of their long-running soap opera.

The producer, Alex (Travis Burns) and director Nell (Taylor Ann Thompson), old college friends, do their best to keep things on the rails but as the ladies come together, old rivalries resurface that threaten to tear the whole production apart. With the show nearly canceled before it even begins due to the ladies’ famous diva behavior, they reluctantly agree to set aside their differences and past secrets to “act” as if they all still love each other.  When old sparks reignite between Alex and Nell, the ladies become eager to play cupid and conspire to bring the couple together. Along the way, the divas also discover that the love between them all is still very strong too.

Photo: Lifetime

Ladies of the ‘80s: A Divas Christmas also stars Christopher Atkins, Patrika Darbo (ex-DAYS, B&B, The Bay), Alec Mapa, and Mills’s daughter, Chloe Mills. In addition, the holiday film features a theme song performed by none other than ’80s pop star Tiffany.

Check out the official trailer for ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ starring Donna, Nicollette, Linda, Morgan and Loni below, followed by the Tamron Hall Show preview for Monday’s episode.

Now let us know, are you looking forward to watching Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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