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GH Casts the New Kristina Davis with Actress Lindsey Morgan!



The debate on whether GH should bring Lexi Ainsworth back in the role of Kristina Davis has come to an end.  The powers-that-be have made a switch and when Alexis and Sonny’s daughter comes home from Yale it will be actress Lindsey Morgan (pictured here) taking over the role.

According to TV Line, this summer Kristina will be taken in a whole new direction for the character.  Morgan’s credits include: Happy Endings and How I Met Your Mother.   The new Kristina will make her debut the week of May 21, when Sonny and Alexis’ daughter returns to Port Charles in not the best of moods, having learned that there was much more to her admission to Yale than she originally thought.

So how you feel about the switch? Do you think GH should have let Emmy nominated Ainsworth return, or do you think it will be interesting to see how they change the course of Kristina with a new actress putting her stamp on the role?  Let us know!

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Dont know the actress.. Pretty girl… but still think the fans wanted them to bring back Lexi.
She is Kristina.. Dont know why they have to switch

I’m upset I really liked lexi

Just like any recast… we will have to wait and see. Welcome to The General Hospital Family!

I didn’t have an attachment to the other actress, actually neither of Ms. Davis’ younger daughters, so it’s fine with me to try someone new.

Word of warning NLG is noi going to like this someone quick take her computer away before she tweets! I am curious does anyone know this actress’s age she looks older then Chad Dull who plays Michael! Personally I think Lexi had already moved forward to making a career away from GH their is still no gurantee as they have said that it is not just a six month reprieve for GH to stay on the air.

I keep seeing people say that GH only has 6 months. Why is that being said when their contract was extended for 1 year?

Teresa i got the impression from Tony Geary & Maurice Benard’s comments but maybe I was reading it wrong. Also if they did decide to cancel they would probably give them 3 to 6 months before they pulled the plug. I was just going by the actor’s comments several people have commented that ABC has still not made a full announcement on them did they not lead AMC & OLTL to beleive they were ok?

Kay Killgore,Thats what I thought to ,from what Tony geary and Maurice Benards comments where,Thats why I will continue to boycott abc/disney and mickey mouse will have to deal with my 3 e mails a day reminding them of agnus nixon ,one life to live and all my children,1 year was nothing to renew general hospital ,if the cared they would have renewed for 3 to 5 years,I dont trust the rat channel.

Lexi is the only Kristina

I don’t get it. Rather than give fans what they want (Lexi Ainsworth), they recast instead. If Lexi turned down the offer to reprise the role, then that’s a whole nother story. But so far, from what I’ve read (or haven’t read in this case), she was never even given the offer.

I think they should have let Ainsworth back in the role. SInce there has been such a confusion as to weather the show would not be cancelled. I think that particular actress had a wonderful chemistry with her on air sisters and mom. Sad to see she will not be back

ron tried to get her but she has primetime offers & she didn’t want to commit to a gh contract…………

I know most people Liked Lexi, and so did I. But I have to say, She even somewhat looks Like Sommy and Alexis. I Think Lindsay will fit well on the canvas. let’s she what she brings !

There was no reason to get rid of Ainsworth in the first place. And I hate when soaps get rid of a popular character, that was portrayed beautifully by a talented actress, and replace them with a completely new actor. Stupid decision….and shows do it far too often.

I liked Lexi a lot as an actress although her role mostly whining. I was sorry she had to leave the show. As for Morgan, beh! She is a pretty face but I don’t think she has have much of career background to be playing a heavy role like that of GH’s Kristina. All i know about L. Morgan is that she was one of Snoop Dogg’s lead girls in his music video “Boyfriend” I doubt she will be bale to pull Kristina’s role to Lexi’s level of performance, but we’ll see.

She’s done more than that youtube her resume. I saw her in an MTV movie last year. And she takes alot of acting classes. Her skills are way better than Lexi who lacked talent

Although I will miss Lexi in this role, she did an amazing job with the character in her teens. I welcome the actress who will be playing her as a young adult. Kristina will no doubt undergo some personality overhauls, but I am in it for the long haul & look forward to where the character goes.

Boo!! And Pox upon them for this one! POX!!

She looks similar to Lexi…just hope she has the acting chops behind those good looks. Time will tell.

honestly…if i hear a recast being made on the basis of “(insert character name here) will be taken in a whole new direction for the character blah blah blah..i will puke…what are talented actresses and actors? they are ACTRESSES and ACTORS—that’s part of their craft ACTING. This happens over and over and this is the first time i’ve ever decided to say something about it–not that it will make a difference. No offense to Ms. Morgan. I will miss Ms. Ainsworth however.

There was nothing wrong with Lexi Ainsworth, to begin with. I hate when soaps get rid of a popular actress that portrays her character beautifully and brilliantly and then later recast the role with someone completely different…..and use this lame excuse of, “We’re taking the character in a completely new direction.” Isn’t that the point of being an actor? You can take your character on a roller coaster ride of emotions and directions. I think that Lexi was more than capable of taking Kristina in any direction. I don’t like this decision, and I think it’s one that daytime soaps make far too often. Just bring back Lexi!!

Love Lexi and will miss her so much. They never should’ve let her go in the first place. The old team wrote her character into the ground and I just wish the new team would’ve brought her talent back.

What could the new team have done?
1)They could’ve made the character less whiney and focused on school which would’ve been believable for this character considering how much she was into getting good grades and going off to Yale.
2)They could’ve dressed her up so she looks her age and not like she’s 14 years old. They did this to Kimberly McCullough all those years ago.

Why isn’t the move a good one?
No offense to the actress portraying NuKristina but she now looks older than Michael, she is now as tall as Michael and taller than big sister Sam and mom Alexis.

What will be missed?
1)Lexi’s chemistry with everyone on the set especially the Davis girls will be irresplacable.
2)Lexi’s great acting when given good material could’ve been put to good use now that her character is as GH is saying: taking a whole new direction.

I’m still very dissappointed in GH’s decision to fire Lexi and for the new team to not bring her back. I will try to give the new actress a chance but bottom line is I will miss Lexi not portraying Kristina.

Sometimes they need a more mature looking actress to take over a certain role for a story they want to tell.

I enjoyed Lexi’s portrayal of Kristina, and was sad when they let her go, but I am sure there is more than we know behind the change in casting, so while I will miss Lexi, I am sure the powers that be know what they are doing, and I am more than happy to give Lindsey a chance.

“Kristina will be taken in a whole new direction for the character”

Get the eff out of here! A whole New Direction? Give me a break.

They only did this because Lexi said ‘screw you’ to GH.

AWESOME RECAST!! I love Lindsey’s skill and I find she’s the perfect match for Kristina. People need to back off of her.

Where are you familiar with Lindsey from?

I YouTube’d her appearances listed above, plus watched her demo reel on IMDb.

Well, I had no attachement with the Lexi, or the 2nd Morgan. I liked the 1st Morgan, and Molly. I donot like the 2nd recast of Morgan, and had no attachement to Lexi as Kristina, so I’m open. Since we are talking recast, the PRESENT Michael has grown on me., BUT I loved the first grown up Michael before him, Drew Garrett. The guy just was the BEST FIT for Michael. This Michael, Chad Duell, he’s ok. He tries to be bad, but he looks so good when trying to be bad. Drew as Michael had that darkness in his eyes as Sonny did, and he also had that potential to be QUITE the ‘ ladies man’ as his father, another thing I don’t think Chad can pull off. But he has grown on me. But I’d welcome back Drew with the quickness, plus I’m sure he has ‘ matured ‘ allot in the 2 years he has been gone, which would be perfect since they wanted to mature him, which brought on Chadd.
Congradulations to the new Kristina, plus very pretty, a perfect fit to be Sonny’s daughter. The man is gorgeous!


Your two favorites, barbara t and Scott, are having again a major fight, this time at the “General Hospital is Safe! The Revolution has been Canceled!” page. Looks like they need a touch of your mediation.

Your funny Heather.

Best of luck to Ms. Morgan but I won’t be watching because Lexi Ainsworth will always be my Kristina.

Yet again GH fails to do what fans asked.

Enjoy the last 6-12 months of GH.

They did try to get her but she has other projects in the works and she did not want any contract,so gh didnt fail anyone.I will enjoy the next 6 to 12 months of general hospital ,sure has gotten good lately I am loving all the stories,hopefully our petitions and boycotts of abc/disney work and we get general hospital for many more years to come,This fan will be watching.

Yes, GH will be on for many years to come — just like AMC and OLTL….whooopsie…..

Let’s face facts, people. ABC doesn’t want to produce soaps anymore. There are a ton of lower-cost programming and only one is needed to come in and replace GH. Look at The Chew — it’s replaced AMC and is doing fairly well.

This fan won’t be watching because ABC Daytime is DEAD to me. TPTB at ABC/D have no respect for soap fans.

Mr.t, you are so wise.But you should help save gh and boycott the rest of the trash that abc/disney is trying to throw down our throats,we want to save all the soaps that are left ,do I trust abc ? HELL NO. but helping general hospital is important for all the daytime soaps or they will be gone forever and that we dont want.E mail abc 3 times a day like I do ,keep signing petitions,help agnus nixon get her soaps back so we can see them on another network ,but dont give up on the soaps or abc,nbc and cbs will win.LETS BRING THE RATINGS UP,DONT BRING THEM DOWN,THATS WHAT THOSE Idiots running the networks want FOR US TO SHUT UP AND WE WONT.

I hope this is a good move, but IMO Lexi Ainsworth is an exceptional young actress in a sea of beautiful, but talentless, young performers. Crossing my fingers on this one and hope for the best. I’m sure Ms. Ainsworth has a bright future, but I’ll miss her Kristina.

Wow – the NuKristina is just as classy as Lexi….NOT.

In my opinion, i found the whole davis girl clan, alexis as mother, sam, the protective older sister, kristina and precocious molly to be the only family dynamic that had some substance and belivability in GH.

As another poster wrote, enjoyed watching the first morgan who totally looked as if he could be the younger brother of dante/dominic. He also had a great connection with his cousin Molly. Who can forget the karaoke duet they sang at maxie/spinelli’s faux wedding. totally adorable.

Sort of off topic, but why don’t the new writers start that up again, bring characters back to have some fun for once, something thAt is lacking in all soaps airing these days.

Without Ethan I don’t mind a new Kristina. Lexi is the one who had chemistry with Nathan. I wish Lexi the best of luck and good luck to the new Kristina for however long General Hospital is on the air.

Yay! Cuteness has arrived, I hope you can act because the girl who originated the role somehow had a few fans.

ouch, I am one of her few fans,But thats ok I will give the new kristina a chance.

That’s really rude. I think this Kristina will be okay. I’m a huge Lexi fan and can’t wait to see her star rise.

Well we’ll have to wait and see. no matter to mereally. i am getting used to the switch up.

I am a HUGE Lexi Ainsworth fan and am so excited to see her career blossom!

Best wishes to Lindsay Morgan as the recasted Kristina Davis.

Kristina is a great character!!!!

we want lexi back ,this is not fair to her fans that love her as kristina davis,,,,,,morgan will not be able to fill her shoes cause we love lexi and want her back …..

Sorry, I don’t like the new Kristina. I think she looks too old for the part.

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