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GH Nurses' Ball 2016 Part One: What Was Your Favorite Moment?



The glitz, the glamour, the calamities, the storylines, Lucy Coe, the return of Robin and Emma, and the opening number were all part of the first installment of GH’s 2016 Nurses’ Ball!

And it all got off to a fast start when red carpet staple host/correspondent, Donny Sheldon was joined this year by Good Morning America’s Abbie Boudreau and Crimson’s editor-in-chief, Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford).  As Port Charles most famous and infamous residents walked the red carpet, it was Nina who was inept, awkward, and thus Stafford who had some of the best one-liners of the episode!

We literally laughed out loud as Stafford clumsily played Nina in the spotlight shoving the microphone in the guests faces, and then adding her two cents’ worth, especially when she saw Hayden aka Rachel Berlin (Rebecca Budig), Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco (Roger Howarth), the Elizabeth/Hayden same dress debacle, and her arch-enemy Ava Jerome (Maura West)!


Anna (Finola Hughes), who runs into Andre (Anthony Montgomery) at the bar outside the ballroom and where there is clearly some chemistry between them, has to stop her conversation with the good doctor when his date Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) shows up.  She thanks Anna for keeping her date company.  This makes Anna go inside the empty ballroom where she sadly remembers Duke.  But, Anna’s spirits are lifted  when Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough) pop out behind the curtain to surprise her!  Later, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) shows up with Griffin (Matt Cohen) on her arm on the red carpet, because Nathan (Ryan Paevey) is in the hospital, and she says she can’t show up to the Nurses’ Ball alone.  Robin gets to meet Duke’s son for the first time.

Next, in a touching moment after Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Billy Miller) arrive, Jason tells Robin his memories are coming back.  He expresses he knows how important this evening is to Robin, and what it means to her.  It was a nicely played moment by Billy Miller.


Meanwhile, it’s Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas’ (Ryan Carnes) wedding night, and we learn that Lucas previously told Brad that they needed to spend the night apart, because if they see each other before the wedding it’s bad luck!

Well … they run into each other backstage at the ball with Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) and Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) in tow.  Bobbie seizes the moment to toast the guys and welcome Brad into the family. Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) clearly has plans to interject herself into the ball on stage.  We later learn she has planned her own rendition of The Sound of Music‘s “Edelweiss” complete with puppets in each hand.  Luckily for the audience in the ballroom, she is whisked away by a bunch of masked male nurses.

Ava has reminded Carly (Laura Wright) via text she is coming to take baby Avery in the morning, thus sending Carly on a mission to find evidence that Ava killed Connie Falconeri.  Alone in Ava’s room, Carly finds the flash drive in a drink shaker and gloats about it in a fun moment played by Wright. Carly heads back to the Nurses’ Ball dressing room and finds a laptop where she connects the flash drive only to be shocked by what she sees!  Is it Ava and Paul (Richard Burgi) having sex?


As per usual, Lucy (Lynn Herring) is a bundle of nerves prior to making her grand entrance on the stage at the Nurses’ Ball.  She says a special mantra to herself: “Keep your clothes on.”  When Lucy hits the stage and welcomes everyone to the ball, she introduces the staff of GH with the opening number.  Lead by Nurse Epiphany Johnson (Sonya Eddy) with Felix, Amy (Risa Dorken) and Bobbie, and even Andre in the mix, the group performs a GH rap on the history of General Hospital from Steve Hardy to Lassa Fever!  When the number is complete, Bobbie is backstage and she completely passes out!

Meanwhile, Lucy had just revealed a very special surprise on stage as the curtain opens and we see the attendees’ reactions as we fade to black! To be continued…

What was your favorite moment from the GH Nurses; Ball 2016 Part One?  Let us know in the comment section below.  But first watch a few clips from the episode below!

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My favorite part was seeing Jason go off on Liz. It’s quite comical to see Jason be so concerned with Jake when Liz and Lucky don’t seem to care. I say, free Jason from Liz and Jake by revealing that Jason isn’t Jake’s biological father. And with that, Liz can raise her son the way she wants; which is giving them to Grams.

I cannot stand Jason anymore. The old Jason understood that he lived in a glass house as far as ethics and morals are concerned. He was not hypocritical.
This Jason is all shrill and silly with all his moral posturing. Run away, Miss Lizzy, and don’t look back!

yeah…. it’s in overdrive.. how macho can one be ?

Jason is SSSOOOO uptight

for one of… the most featured couples… Sam and Jason NEED to go backburner ASAP … and FIND their personality

otherwise don’t bother

his sneer and machismo posturing @ Liz and Franco…. “i’m getting back all my memory…. you two are on notice ”

???? huh?

who cares

what a time for Franco and Liz to bond… and just move ON

Yes the little boy gets upset on stage and Jason sits there with Sam who follows him around like a puppy dog! Tell me Jason did you remember your Precious Sam watched Baby Jake get kidnapped and you threatened to kill her if she came near Liz and the baby again? Really Jason was not needed back and Sam needs to stop with the Demi Moore impersonation speak up gosh they mumble all the time.

I could get on board with Franco and Luz if he was not Franco lol! Sorry this has been the best acting partner since RH came on but Becky has chemistry with the phone book!

I LOVED Jason setting Elizabeth straight about Jake and putting her and Franco on notice that he’s gotten his memory back!!! I loved the Anna/Robin/Emma reunion. I loved how the opening number recounted General Hospital’s history and that Bobbie participated. I loved seeing everyone all dressed up and looking smashing. And I loved Carly’s little side trip. I’m praying that it shuts down Ava once and for all! Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

Yes, I did like the references to GH history/hospital also.

Nina’s red carpet commentary was the best part of the episode for me. Michelle Stafford was hilarious.

The opening number was…no, just no.

And preventing Dr. Obrecht from taking the stage is a huge mistake — Kathleen Gati has been the standout performer for the last two years.

Thank you for that, Alan—I have the same opinions as you. I thought Nina’s “bringing out the skeletons from the closet” bit was so funny even though nothing would happen like that in real life, it was still hilarious as she aired out everybody’s dirty laundry so it was quite easy for me to suspend disbelief. And yes, Kathleen Gati had better perform. I love seeing what she does along with everybody else.

I agree with both of you. Michelle was hilarious and Ms. Gati is a treasure. Sure would prefer her to Dillon and Kiki warbling that silly whiner of a song.

Nina was the highlight of the show for me…loved her double mint line and the “noted home wrecker and sleazy lawyer bit.” Hilarious!

Phil- your right Nina was the highlight lol esp with Anne name! She was very funny… N I’m Ava fan forever so it’s always more need for her! I’m
Glad she’s finally at a nurses ball!

Sorry this was for @kevin lol

I lI’ve Ava also!!!!

@phil your a smart Man lol today cat fight should just be the beginning she needs Emmy worthy material 24/7

Michelle Stafford owned the first episode – from her “frozen” expression when she first realized she was on camera – to the best one liners in the show – proof once again what a great “get” she was for GH. Nina ruled!

Sorry, Moviegal and others–I was laughing at Nina and certainly not with her.
Aside from Stafford mugging it up. it made no sense that this whack job with no viable broadcasting experience was suddenly acting like the hostess of the red carpet.
I guess we are supposed to collectively shrill about how good Stafford was, but frankly, I fast forwarded through her scenes.

Well, she is – after all – the editor of Crimson……and this is Port Charles, not Cannes. Harry – I’ve noticed that you take every opportunity possible to bash this 2X Emmy winner, with 9 other Emmy noms under her belt. It’s almost like it’s a personal thing. If you fast forwarded through her scenes, then how do you know how good or bad she was?

Nina rules, Harry. ….love her to pieces. She has many fans, contrary to your belief.
I think your antipathy for this beautiful actress masks your obsession of her, LOL. DO you have the hots for her, Harry? Double LOL.

Ok I got to step in I am a Stafford fan but this character she plays does not do it for me either I know MS was unhappy at Y&R that’s her perogative but it’s just too much for me as a viewer . She can do drama lets get off the slapstick we are finally doing it with Howarth this is a soap opera not stand up comedy.

Thank you, Kay, for differentiating the character from the actress. We all say whatever we may for any character….that’s all fine and well, but Michelle Stafford is a superlative actress caught in a less than gratifying role.
She is, in fact, molding ‘Nina’ into a redeemable character. Considering how she was introduced ( as a crazy, maniacal betrayed wife and daughter), Michelle is steering Nina in the right direction.
Yes, her infantile behavior makes me scratch my head, as well; but, I would think this is the route to take to finally see Nina shed her cocoon, and emerge as an adult. I have faith, Kay..LOL..

I think I liked Nina’s snark the best. But more Ava, please.

Kevin the reply above was for you lol

The first day of the Ball got mixed reviews from me.

I wasn’t in love with Nina’s “clumsily” played interviewing techniques. I thought she’d be a bit more socially “aware” since she was raised better; forget the coma setting her back twenty years. Nonetheless, some of her zingers were very funny.

Is Donny Sheldon a real person or a character? I know he’s supposed to be Felix’s boyfriend. So if he’s a character, I say bring him into the mix every once and a while; he’s cute, and it would be nice to see Felix get a story.

Bobby was really moving during the opening number. I was impressed. No wonder she collapsed after wards. Bravo to JZ for selling it!

Emma and Robin’s scene watching TV was a bit out of place, as the press releases already gave away that the characters would be in PC for the Ball. So I found that just a bit confusing; if not a wasted scene. Can’t wait to see anything they are in though. I just love those two~!

I wasn’t sure if I liked the opening number but I’s so happy we didn’t get a third rendition of the song they used the two previous years. While it wasn’t my style of music, I appreciated so many of the GH stars were in it and that it paid tribute to the show’s history. Good job!

Ava going to get her checkbook at her penthouse while Carly was ransacking it was classic soap. But having her get to the door and find her checkbook in her purse; thus not going in, was pure genius! I loved that they’re making us wait for the Carly/Ava cat fight that’s bound to happen. One picky point though: When did Paul give Ava the thumb drive of her confessing to killing Connie? I thought he said he’d never do that. Ergo, what’s on the thumb drive Carly has? And why the heck would someone leave it in the shaker…especially with Scotty in the house?

Loved Maxie and Liz’s dresses! They win the night so far, with Jordan’s and Kiki’s coming in the next layer. Griffin wins it for the guys looking dashing.

Can’t wait to see what’s up next!

I generally agree. I have to wonder…WHY would a murderer keep a flash drive of confessing to murder?? I hate when soaps are so lazy in their writing, and try to build suspense that isn’t even suspenseful or dramatic. It’s just nonsensical!

I am pretty much over the red carpet arrivals. It was a cute stunt in 2013 when the show brought back the ball in conjunction with the show’s 50th. The reporters are always awkward and seem out of place. And HOW do they know such intimate details of EVERY person’s life, and why do they blab and reveal it as the people walk in? It is a cheap, lazy way of exposition and recap, and it insults the viewer’s intelligence. It cheapens what the Nurses Ball was always about…a community coming together in support of a worthy cause. It was never about who wore what.

The Opening Number….well, at least we got Bobbie! It is such a shame that the core of the show…the HOSPITAL…has been decimated so badly that the opening number has to be filled with day players and recurring cast members that we rarely see. There were some nice nods to history, but they just tried too hard. Some of the references to the past were heavy handed and forced, especially the Tania Jones one. I love when soaps mine their history, but Inserting references to the past when they have no real relation to what is on air today is just gratuitous.

I am not a fan of the male strippers that were instituted under Carlivati. Partially because I am male, but also because a strip show has no place at a benefit to raise money for HIV and AIDS. Turn that around…and have the women stripping! Kelly Monaco was in Playboy…why not have her do a pole dance strip tease at the ball?? Viewers would be irate!! It is tacky and inappropriate and in very poor taste. Also filed under the inappropriate category is Brad and Lucas having a wedding at the ball. First of all, WHO cares?? We see these characters maybe once every two months. Second, these are two characters who had promiscuous sex on the first night they met, while Brad was involved with someone else. A gay man…sleeping with two men…one who is a complete stranger….getting married at a ball to promote awareness and raise for funds for HIV and AIDS? Conflict of interest much??

With all this said, I would rather have the ball than not have it. It is usually good juicy soapy fun. I just wish they would spend some money on production values like they used to. They have a corporate real-life sponsor. It would be so cool if they would rent a REAL ballroom, with a real stage, instead of cramming it onto a corner of the GH set. And hire some extras!! This is supposedly the social event of the year…replete with a red carpet, and yet when Lucy is onstage and everyone is seated, it looks like there are about 12 people in attendance. This is a show that will rent a real warehouse to film mob shoot outs in, and will spend all kinds of money to feature violent explosions and crashes and fires and disasters. Once a year, I feel, they could spend some money on making the ball look and feel like the big event it is supposed to be!

I love Kathleen Gati, but Obrecht is just completely out of place on the show under Jean and Shelly’s writing. They don’t do high absurd camp like Ron C. did (thankfully), so the character has no relevance anymore. Her attempts to hijack the show were a creation of Ron C., and should have ended when he left. She is not a core character like Lucy. Her shenanigans now just seem like filler, and her performances always had dark and disturbing undertones that just didn’t jive with the purpose and goal of the ball.

Whatever happens, today should be fun!

Dylan, soaps thrive on people having promiscuous sex — their sexual preference has nothing to do with it. If we omitted everyone in Port Charles who has had affairs from the Nurses Ball, we’d just sit and look at an empty set for three days (which might be an improvement considering the current state of the writing on this show…)

As for Brad sleeping with a stranger while he was involved with another man…why is that any different than when a straight character sleeps around? How about when Monica slept with Ned (who I think lied about his name) only to learn later that he was her nephew? If anything, as a gay man Brad probably took more precautions to prevent the risk of contracting a disease than the straight population of Port Charles who always seem to end up pregnant with the wrong man’s baby. (And as for seeing Brad and Lucas once every two months, I’d say they’re in good company since that is about how often we see Laura…)

And Obrecht is a great character — it’s a shame Jean and Shelly are only interested in mobsters instead of exploring more of Lisl’s back story including who Nathan’s real father is. Ron Carlivati may have indulged in camp but his GH was infinitely more interesting than Jean and Shelly’s any day of the week.

The TMZ like reporters were a joke! This is supposed to be a classy event for a good cause. HA!

IF Kelly Monaca polled danced ABC would be flooded with complaints! Male strippers for some reason are okay? Double standards!

ABC puts ZERO dollars into the show. The stage, the lighting and sound are terrible! AND, yes, why not have this in a studio where an audience could gather? Have fans buy a ticket to the show and the money goes to AIDS research? Its just laziness!

I agree with what you say regarding the promiscuity angle. And should we forget that Brad was blackmailing Michael into sex as well? Has he ever even apologized for that? Not sure how well that represents the real gay community.

Well, I’m glad i’m not losing it. I thought I must have missed the episode(s) where Ava got the flash drive back.

Love it….look forward to NB pt2 today!!

Favorite moment: When Anna sees Robin and Emma and they hug. Sweet!

seeing liz and hayden with the same dress on hahahaha

favorite moment: Carly finds evidence against Ava (I assume). I enjoyed viewing the beautiful fashions and liked most of them. Emma was as cute as ever!

Nina was funny. Carly added some mystery. First act was not entertaining, SO would give the show a thumbs down….

Favorite moment? When the camera veered away from the scene chewer who ate Port Charles. That would be Nina, played by Michelle Stafford.
I don’t know–seems I am in the minority but I actually feel allergic to the sight of the mugging, upstaging, over preener who exhibits a self-consciousness one usually sees in adolescences.
I do not get the collective fawning adulation.
And where, pray tell, was Laura?

Laura should have been there….her mother, stepfather and stepsister were part of the hospital for years…she should have been part of the ball to honor them but then we get people who shouldnt be there like Val and Nina for example!!!

OOps…spoke too soon-Laura is there and so is Kevin!!!…

Laura finally did arrive today (Nurse’s Ball, Part 2) and today’s show was so much better than yesterday’s nonsense. I could have done without the Magic Milo number. I mean, really? Enough with the hunky males stripping–once was enough thank you very much.
But I loved Emma and Ned singing their duet,”Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”
Why, oh why, is not Ned on GH all of the time? He is a fan favorite, everyone loves him. He is not only a great singer, he is a better actor than all of the newbies put together.

Harry, I’m with you. Michelle was great on Y&R. On GH she seems to act like a little kid who is on a constant sugar rush who jumps up and down looking for attention ALL the time!

I wouldve had a favorite moment had Liesel performed-there is still hope?….Nina on the red carpet was awkward…opening number was so-so…i will wait and see what happens today!! Good tp see Bobbi, Scotty, and Lucy!!!

Valerie being back is it for me.

I suppose they meant for the singing and rapping during the nurses routine to be uber cheesey and campy. I wasn’t a fan of that aspect of it. But it was cool to see them dressed in the vintage nurses uniforms with the little nurses hats. Glad they included Bobbie in that number. My childhood memories of GH include Bobbie, Jessie, Anne, Dianna, Georgia and Amy holding down the information desks on the different floors. The big red telephones on the walls behind them. Lots of telephones ringing. Lots of doctors being paged over the intercom. Lots of elevator doors opening and closing behind them. All of the nurses wearing those white uniforms with the nurses hats. Then many of them would blow off steam at the Disco in the evenings.

well ok-
At this point in time I do not have a comment.
If, I did voice a comment it would be – what in heck was the that gawd aweful opening song and dance, as it was neither a song nor dance, I would have no comment.

If I were to comment on the excitement of the ball I could not, because there was no excitement, I would not have a comment.

If I were to comment on how I felt about the ball I would not have a comment as I felt nothing.

So- I can not comment at this time.

But you did comment-lol….and i agree about that opening!!!

heeey Jimh ..
The opening dance/whatever that was- I know have a comment;
If that song was designed to thrill younger people with rap, it was not rap/
Whatever it was to be it was on the other side of the moon from rap.
It was simply lame.
If the dance steps were to be rap crank steppin’ it was portrayed as grandma in the kitchen boogoin’ down to rap ahaaa!
So, my ending comment;
The opening dance/song was totally embarrassing lame and simpling nothing recognizable as song and dance.. I have not clue what is was.. lol

I am waiting for Dr, O to save it, IF, they don’t make her look like a dingbat.

But you did, Blanche! You did comment!
(me, very loosely paraphrasing Bette Davis from “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”)

Why I’m not happy? So many reasons but if I list them, I’ll hear all kinds of “negative excuses” because that’s the norm in this Country.

The opening number was good. Lucy is Lucy. The Robin reunion with Anna was flat! No Mac & Felicia? Nina looked and acted like a goof! I hope DAY TWO is better!

Sabrina singing with amy.that song l always cry.liz ‘s son Jakes song.the head nurse ephimney she’s got a great voice.l hope Lucas survives and nic.l think Curtis thrown nic onto the rocks. (Wish it was Hayden sorry.maybe She will be arrested l hope.sam is getting to be needy something she accuse liz of bein.sorry again.

I liked that number that Jake & Franco did-any info on that?

I wish Obrecht had a chance to do her act. Loved her 2 previous performances. She’s very good.

Ned & Emma 100%!

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dante is Shot as Jason Reveals Himself

Just how was General Hospital going to reintroduce the character of Jason Morgan to the canvas with the highly-anticipated return of Steve Burton in the pivotal role? Well, why we don’t have all the answers, the show wasted no time, and Burton first appeared at the beginning of the Monday, March 4th episode.

In story, while Sonny (Maurice Benard), Selena (Lydia Look) and Ava (Maura West) are at the warehouse, they are facing off with the FBI and the PCPD when John (Adam J. Harrington), Anna (Finola Hughes), Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Chase (Josh Swickard) et al show up.  Meanwhile on the roof, a man kneels over a skylight window who pipes up with, “it appears they are late to the party.” It’s then revealed just who the man is talking to, and it turns out it’s JASON!

Meanwhile, John and Anna are questioning Sonny and Selina on what they are doing in the warehouse. Selina says they are planning a poker game. Next, the man with Jason aims his gun at Sonny. However, Jason messes up his shot, but the shot rings out. Inside the warehouse everyone scatters about. They realize the show came from the skylight.

Photo: ABC

Jason tells the other man they’ve been compromised and need to leave the location. Below, in the warehouse, Dante thinks that he and Chase can get onto the roof since the shooter didn’t see them. So, Dante takes off with Chase to find the culprit. In the meantime, John orders a CSI unit. Next, Chase returns and says the building is all clear and Dante is pursuing the suspects.

Now on the pier, Dante catches up with Jason (who’s back is to him) and the other man. Dante orders them to freeze. While the other man gets away, Jason stays put and Dante orders him to turn around slowly with his hands up. Dante is shocked to see its Jason. Confused, Dante says, “What the hell?” Next, the other man returns and fires two shots into Dante’s chest.

Photo: ABC

As Dante goes down, Jason runs over to him. The other man calls Jason “Jacobs” and tell him to leave the cop to die. Jason tells the other man to go to the planned site and he will find another way out. Next, the man attempts to fire at Jason who is hovering over Dante, but Jason shoots at him first and takes him out.

Back at the warehouse, Ava sees a bullet hole in Sonny sleeve, as John says that it confirms that Sonny is the intended target. John and Sonny stare each other down due to their dark past.  It’s clear that Sonny doesn’t trust John and vice-versa.  Anna tells Sonny she is not out to get him and doesn’t want him to die. She adds that Sonny, “Must have had an angel on his shoulder because she doesn’t see how that sniper missed from this range.”

Chase returns to the warehouse having dropped everyone off at the PCPD, but says Dante hasn’t checked in with him. Sonny looks very concerned, as Jason is looking very concerned over Dante’s body.

So, what did you think of the first episode back for Steve Burton as Jason Morgan? Will it be revealed that he has been infiltrating this organization to save Sonny? Does Jason not know his true identify? What do you think is going on?  As for Dante, will he pass out from his injuries and not identify Jason was even there on the roof with him? Comment below.

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Steve Burton Confirms ‘General Hospital’ Head Writer Switch Changed Jason’s Comeback Storyline

General Hospital viewers will see today, Monday, March 4th, the beginnings of the return storyline for Steve Burton and his character of Jason Morgan.

Just how did the recent head writing regime change at GH alter the plans for story for Jason’s comeback? As had been rumored, seems plenty. Back on January 22nd, it was revealed that Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor had been replaced by Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte. At that time, Burton had already signed-on to return to the daytime drama for the first time since being let go towards the end of 2021.

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Steve confirmed that what we will see on-air is from the new head writers and that the direction of the story changed, “So apparently there was a whole different story planned and then the head writer switch happened and then they kind of rebooted (the story arc). I know Patrick (Mulcahey, one of the new head writers) a little bit, but I really know Elizabeth Korte (who was promoted to co-head writer).”

Photo: JPI

Burton added, “There’s no one in the building that loves that show, knows the history of the character, and is invested in it 100 percent than Elizabeth. There has never been a more deserved promotion, ever. Once I know that she was (one of the head writers), I was like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be good! I cannot wait.’ And it has been exactly that. Everything has been amazing.”‘

Photo: JPI

In addition, during an Instagram live on Monday with his podcast and comedy show partner, GH star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Burton also commented on the upcoming story arc which brings Jason back to Port Charles. Steve expressed, “The story is not going to disappoint. The scenes are super deep. Frank (Valentini, EP, GH)  and the new head writers took some time to really think this out.”

Burton, being a longtime veteran of the soaps, said Jason’s return is not just isolated to be about him. “Great story on daytime should involve a myriad of people across the board and where it effects everybody,” he shared. The popular fan favorite feels that this story delivers on all levels.

So, what do you think about the head writer change and how it prompted the plans for Jason’s return? Comment below.


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Jason Cook Recalls Landing His Soap Roles as DAYS Shawn-Douglas Brady and GH’s Matt Hunter

Daytime fans remember Jason Cook when he became wildly-popular as Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo’s (Peter Reckell) son, Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of our Lives from 1999-2006. He later made a brief return in the role in 2015 for the series 50th anniversary.

After departing DAYS, Cook was offered a role on General Hospital as Dr. Matt Hunter, the younger brother to Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) from 2008-2012. However, during his time on the soaps, and after, Cook has been focusing on his behind the scenes roles and passion as writer and a director of feature films.

Last week, the Michael Fairman Channel welcomed Jason, along with two of the stars of his latest film, Four for Fun, Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-AMC, B&B, GH). During the conversation, Cook revealed his continued admiration for the soap medium and the actors who work in it, and how it came to pass that he landed his parts on Days of our Lives, and then on General Hospital.

Photo: JPI

Cook spoke on becoming the on-screen son of soap opera’s most iconic couples, Bo and Hope: “I auditioned for Fran Bascom. She was the Days of our Lives casting director at the time. I was never a great auditioner, I don’t think. She made me feel really comfortable. I remember that screen test. And then, I remember when I got the part, I was actually working at a company at a desk job. I got the call at work and I just screamed, and at the time I didn’t quit my job. But then, I got that contract when I was 19-years-old and it totally changed my life.”

Photo: JPI

But, was Jason aware how key to the show being Bo and Hope’s son would be? “Yeah, my older sister was a fan of the show. She definitely let me know that I better not mess it up, because I was gonna ruin her favorite couple,” he shared. “I remember she printed out the family tree and it looked like a physics diagram. It was so complicated. A lot of detailed work went into it. But, I was excited.”

After being a known entity with a large fan following, eventually Cook made his way to a new role on General Hospital. Jason explained, “GH was fun. That was a situation where Brian Frons (ex-ABC Daytime President) brought me over there. I just told him I didn’t want to be like or want to do Shawn. He’s like, ‘Well, what do you wanna do?’ I said, ‘How can I screw things up around here and shake things up?'”

Photo: JPI

From that conversation things began to formulate. Cook revealed, “We started talking about the TV series House. I think in soaps, there’s an assumption if you’re going on a show that everybody wants to be the hero. I was like, ‘I don’t want to (be). I want to screw everything up.’ And then, they wrote it in that Matt Hunter burns the hospital down within like six months. I was like really proud about that. The other part that I loved about that character is that Matt, and his older brother Patrick (Jason Thompson), were both neurosurgeons. And if you (an actor) resigned your contract (with the show) you go to Patrick, you see Patrick. And if you don’t resign your contract, you see my character, because my character was going to kill you every time.”

For more on the interview, make sure to check out the replay of the livestream conversation below with Jason, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young.  Now let us know, did you enjoy Jason as Shawn-D and Matt on GH? Do you hope someday he might return on-screen to the soaps? Let us know in the comment section.

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