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GH Preview: Alexis Goes Postal On A Lying Julian: Is The End Of Julexis Drawing Near?



Hold on to your socks General Hospital fans, when on Mondays episode of the ABC soap opera it’s showdown time between spouses Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Julian (William deVry)

Alexis has figured out that it was Julian who went and stabbed Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) to death on the pier, and with the knife Helena used to kill her mother! She tells him she thinks he had the one witness previously killed by a “drug overdose” …  could have snuck out to murder Carlos before 2:30am …  and then loses it thinking that he would use the weapon that Helena used to slit her mother’s throat to kill a man.  Julian had motive and she knows it.

Looks like finally Alexis is not turning a blind eye to her husband’s nefarious activities. Julian promised her he was out of the life of a mobster, but Julian will apparently go to any lengths to keep his freedom. Will he justify his crime saying he murdered Carlos to protect his family and Alexis …  and so he wouldn’t be put in prison and be sent away from them?

In the preview clip from the confrontation, Nancy Lee Grahn acts up a storm while going postal on Julian.  Watch it after the jump, and then let us know …  will it finally be curtains for Julexis?  Comment below!

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It looks like curtains for GH

OMG it is about time girl– the minute gun runners crashed your wedding you should have clued in that if you marry a mobster, you have married a mobster— you had about as much chance to reform Julian than Nurse Chapel had to get Spock to fall in love with her on the classic Star Trek series. The silver lining now that she finally cannot check her common sense at the door, she can dump the jerk– no matter how good he is in bed honey, he will never tell you the truth.

Nurse Chapel, lol.

Sad and angry how the Julexis story has been written. Nancy fan base is a group of very bright people, do the writers think we will buy the 180 degree turnaround writing of Julian within weeks of their wedding. I will tune out like I did under the writing of guza . I am happy
for Nancy to be getting good writing . I will miss GH

hi Jacqulyn..
Look what J&S has done to Anna, also..
Both Alexis and Anna, the strong women, have been reduced to weak freaking out woman..

I agree Jacqulyn.

their relationship was built on a foundation of sex and nothing else – a woman of a certain age running around like a sex deprived lunatic was just not appealing to me – it was just a matter of time and i for one am glad it is over!!!



Wow. So you disapprove of Alexis having a healthy sex life because she has attained a “certain age”? How 1956.

Wil, responded to you but it wound up further down on the page.

Ain’t that the truth, elm1951!!!!! To see any woman—let alone one who’s been around the block numerous times and should be old enough to know better—-become nothing more than a gullible, sex-driven pool of quivering jello over a guy is always bad theater, but the Alexis character and her storyline have been particularly deserving of scorn since they were all sooooo pathetically predictable….and it only took, what, two-plus years for the painfully obvious to finally pan out? Quite frankly, I’m waaay over both of these people…the craven mobster and his desperately wonton slag. If this show is to survive, it needs to cut out the deadwood, and these two would be a really fine place to start!!!!.

P.S. That would be “wanton,” unless Alexis is as addicted to Chinese food as she is to sex!!!!

What she (Shay) said.
I just think that no couple, old or young, straight or gay, should predicate their entire relationship on sex. It’s always bound to go bad and not just normal bad, but bad in a raspberry jam in a milk-chocolate candy bad.

I’m assuming Harry you dont agree that Alexis is a “wonton slag”… which would make her, in British terms, rather a slut (who seems to be wrapped in a Chinese dumpling).

Hello Harry…;) yes…we all know our peeps are fictional. But we ARE talking about Alexis and the term “wonton” slag was more amusing to me than wantan. But I digress. My point is I don’t think Alexis is one. Not a wonton…lol…or a wanton…slag. She’s never been portrayed as a promiscuous woman. She’s had sex within her all the characters have..(.as do NON fictional characters)…which was never shown until Julian. Before him it’s been a bit of kissing.

Some GH fans seem to have a problem or feel uncomfortable with Alexis having a sex life. And though I cringe at pointing out age again, if you read the few comments above it is once again referred to. Why bring it up at all if it’s not relevant. Anyone of any age can fall into a sexual relationship if the attraction is strong enough and he or she isn’t looking for love. Doesn’t make them wrong or immoral or immature. As for Alexis, if that’s what she DID do I’d be fine with that BECAUSE of her age. She’s an adult and if she enjoys being with a particular man then good for her! “A” man…not many…is not a “wanton slag”…it’s s healthy human being enjoying physical closeness. What I also disagree with is is the mindset that that’s all she and Julian did or do. We’ve got to use a bit of thought to extend to the fact that we only saw snippets of Julian and Alexis at the beginning of their relationship and assume that they did more talking and created more emotional closeness than we saw on screen…I feel the writers made a conscious decision to focus on the physical aspect so as to finally portray more mature characters realistically…that it’s not just 20-something’s who have sex. The writers did move away from that and we have’t seen them in bed for months…we’ve seen them move on as all couples do…from the initial infatuation to the more everyday stage. I can see why Alexis is so heartbroken, yet I feel Julian truly loved and STiLL loves her. Finally, some realistic angst…
There. Done. For now…

You say it well!

Thank you, Nancy and Harry! And I very much agree with the latter’s assertions. I’m not predisposed to enjoying any couple whose raison d’etre is nothing but sex, sex, sex, regardless of their specific demos. It just seemed especially bad given the more mature age and highly-dubious history of Julian and Alexis, but even if it were another pair that had engaged in this non-stop nookiefest, I would have been equally appalled….there should be so much more to an on (or off) screen relationship than just constant copulation!!!

But Rebecca–Alexis is a fictional character and frankly, I think the term “wonton slag” is hilarious. Honestly, NLG would probably get a kick out of it too.
The term also might be appropriate because Alexis did allow her needs and desires to override her sense of ethics and morality.
That said, I will say again that NLG is playing the hell out of this and doing a damn good job.

Give Nancy the EMMY!! Her work in these scenes is absolutely fantastic! 2:18 of her acting her ass off; I only hope that this is the beginning of fantastic work by Nancy!

Agreed. She doesn’t need to be in a bedroom scene to act her axx off and this snippet proved it!

Haters are gonna hate but Nancy Lee Grahn is pure acting power. William DeVry is almost invisible next to her. All the hatred towards GH astounds me. They tell great stories every day of the week. The acting is always over the top excellent and the stories move. We don’t have the the ridiculous plot lines from DAYS and we don’t have babies identities being switched or born to people too old to have them — YES Y&R I am speaking to you! — we have stories that bounce. Nikolas and Hayden’s disaster marriage spinning off the rails with each spouse playing an erotic game of one upmanship. We have Jason and Sam FINALLY reconnecting, Maxie and her insecurities coming to a boil with Nathan, LuLu and Dante finally being real with each other, Nina and Franco stretching their mentally challenged selves to new levels, Laura and the quest to find out what the “curse” is with Helena. Even if it’s ridiculous, Genie Francis deserves some meat to act with. Elizabeth moving on from Jason and hopefully finding love that isn’t second hand love, Griffin and Anna have a good chemistry with each other not romantically but they just radiate off each other. I want Paul Hornsby to get his comeuppance and Tracy Quartermaine is a delight every time she is on the screen, regardless of plot. The Corinthos stories are always stellar because of how well each of that family represents on screen. I love this show and the way it is paced. While I miss the hand of Carlivati I give Altman and Passanante some credit for at least keeping the flow going. I miss Ron’s sense of humor in his writing. But for now I am still happy. I want GH to succeed and I will not let the naysayers push it into cancellation by their continued bashing of the show and asking for stories from the 80’s. The exact problems that DAYS has is rehashing senior citizen characters trying to make them contemporary and it’s failing miserably. Can’t wait for the coming weeks on GH. Even the periphreal characters are great. I love Lisel, Brad, Epiphany and all the other characters who add some reality to this crazy world of drama. LONG LIVE GH!!!

yeah, what Mateo said!!!!

Mateo…I’m with you on most counts. Plus I get weary of all the same old-same old nitpicking. Sure don’t want them to turn into self fulfilling prophesies for the doom and gloom of GH.

Well said!!! I love GH and can’t stand people bashing it while it is obvious they are still watching! All the actors are phenomenal. The character-driven writing has made me interested in characters I never used to care for. For the sake of moving a story forward, sometimes things happen that make us question the writing (such as Julian’s 180), but hey…you can’t please everyone. Bravo GH for keeping me glued to the tube!!

Mateo, Nancy is a good actress. He problem is not Alexis. Her problem is with herself. Nancy will say things publicly that are less than PC and it rubs the fans the wrong way. Alexis is a great character, its Nancy they have problems with, at times.

Sorry everyone, the writing is deplorable–that is not even my opinion, it’s a fact.
And we get to complain if we want to without being called “haters.”
The ratings speak for themselves. Enough said.

Harry, hate to break it to you, but just because you say something doesn’t make it a fact. It’s your opinion that the writing is deplorable. It’s not a fact. There are plenty of people that are enjoying GH right now, regardless of what the ratings might say. I’ll take what the show is now over the cheesy cartoon that Ron Carlivati turned it into any day of the week.

Brian, yes it does make it a fact if I declare it as such.
I will hold my breath until I turn blue while stomping my little feet until it does indeed become true!!!!

Seems like it and I don’t like it at all 🙁

Julexis were my favorite couple but now they’re writing Julain into so many corners…..

Nancy is amazing here though

C’mon !
We are soap watching professionals, for gawd sakes!
I assume we all knew from their 1st kiss they were on their way to parting/the break-up.
Soap couples have about 3 months before breaking up..

((I thought she losing it was a bit of overkill on the drama, geeez freakout ! …………. lol

You know I love Alexis but if she rubbed her face against that bloody handkerchief one more time….

Rebecca, I know–I was cringing too.
But then it occurred to me that NLG was engaging in method acting. Maybe in confronting Julian and the blood spilled in the name of preserving their marriage and family, she is confronting her own internal Lady Macbeth.
I feel that perhaps NLG made a conscious acting choice with rubbing the bloody handkerchief against her face. ……or I am over thinking it.

I don’t know, Harry. Lady Macbeth was trying to “out that damned spot” while Alexis seemed determined to wallpaper it to her face. Perhaps it was a decision but as a one step away from a germaphobe and a proud card-carrying Purell user, I was a tad aghast.

But good analysis Harry!

Just thought I would chime in…call it overkill, method acting,or Shakespearian…I think Nancy has been doing a great job confronting the perfect storm of emotions, facts, instincts, baggage, loyalty, need for love and stability in the face of the opposite, and Julian that have finally caught up to her. She’s in the middle of a breakdown…or breakout. I’m counting on her to pull through, eventually.

I think you’re right Miss Rebecca and you too, Miss Rose.
But I guess we all concur when we say NLG has been just doing an outstanding job. She manages to emote without scene chewing and I have developed a whole new appreciation for NLG’s acting prowess.
I have mentioned this several times but must mention it again because I think it is relevant. Way back in the early 90’s, a crazy Ryan Collins (yes, Kevin’s brother) became obsessed with Felicia. At some point, Ryan crumbled up a note meant for Felicia and instead of discarding it, he put it in his mouth and chewed it up and finally, he swallowed it.
Later the actor said that scene was not in script but it was a judgment call. My feeling is that it was a judgment call on Nancy’s part to rub the bloody handkerchief to her cheek. I am trying to give the actress some credit as I have been rather hard on the character for the last year or so. I do feel that NLG has risen above the writing which has been afforded to her character.

Lol Harry…I’m not familiar with the ahem, scene chewing episode but I do hope it was digestible…both for the audience and the actor! And on behalf of Alexis and Nancy, thank you for FINALLY cutting “them” some slack. ‘Bout time! 😉
By the way, I replied again to your slag defense but it didn’t land under your comment. It’s a few above.

I think it is more like the end of GH for me. I love Julexis more than any other couple on this show. I have rooted for them from the beginning but I feel betrayed as a loyal fan by this show. Sonny gets away with murder, Jason gets away with it etc but in like a month Julexis has been utterly destroyed, the best pairing GH had going for it. Now GH wants to convince me that Julexis and Julian are unredeemable. It is not cool to betray and turn on your audience out of nowhere. This character destroying story never should have happened in the first place. Awful of you GH and shame on me for allowing you to punk me into falling for this couple when you never really cared about me as a viewer anyway.

I hate that they would do this to Julexis they are my favorite part of general hospital

So glad Alexis is finally seeing Julian for what he is!! She is too smart to let him pull one over on her! I wish they would have let Julian stay out of the mob. It was refreshing seeing him as a good husband and father. Now he is a cold blooded killer and there is no going back.

She knew it all along–that what is so MADDENING!

It’s maddening because he really did make an honest attempt to stay out of the mob, he DID stay out of rhe mob, he was very in love with Alexis and his children, he tried to be a good stepfather to Kristina nd Molly, make peace with Sonny…even lent a sympathetic ear to Nina. He did change for Alexis and she did believe him, as Anna believed Duke and Carly believed Sonny. If Alexis was as evil as her detractors say, she wouldn’t have been as devastated as she is

I hope she stabs him with that same knife…

For a second…during the sneak peek when she picks up the dagger
I believed she might actually run him in… Now that would have been
EXPLOSIVE. Alexis unfortunately has become a cliche, brilliant attorney
on one hand, while on the other hand she’s this desperate woman clinging
to the HOPE that her husband is in fact as innocent as he pretends to be.
Deep down she’s always known the end result wouldn’t be her dreamed up
Happily ever after.

How well you say that, Fanny. “Alexis . . . has become a cliche . .. .”

We are going to see NLG’s massive acting chops as she heartbreakingly accepts what she knew all along. Her husband not only lied to her but used her & made her compromise herself. And is a cold blooded killer. It will be riveting.

He didn’t use her. He told her straight out fhat he needed her to defend Carlos so Carlos wouldn’t turn against him. He freaked when the witness came forward and everything started unravelling…

That’s some damn fine acting–NLG really rises to the occasion. She has known from the start that Julian ordered the hit on Duke so her shock is a bit hard to digest.
However, NLG makes it work.

What I said, Harry! “She has know from the start” and “her shock is a bit hard to digest.” Amen!

Disagree Harry ,my love. Not about NLG’s acting but the rest. Read my comments on this page (if u wish to).

Amen to that…and your below remarks, too, Harry!

This better be the end of Julexis. Julian is a murdering thug who killed Carlos and our beloved Duke.
Ii’m tired of GH turning strong women into weak shells who toss their morals in the shredder for a man.
Julian deserves the death penalty or life without parole.

Why is Julian any worse than Sonny? Sonny killed AJ — a legacy character — and everyone seems to act like that was no big deal.

Preach, I really resent them making Sonny this god but Julian is awful and horrible…. it’s disrespectful

Julian is not worse than Sonny. I agree with Mateo re people wanting1980s storylines. Almost 40 years have passed. Good guy/bad guy rigidity is, quite frankly, boring. I love that Anna shot Carlos. Shades of gray are much more interesting.

Julian and Alexis are the most interesting couple on the show. The tension re whether Julian would stay away from the mob keeps the story riveting.

Alan…as far as I’m concerned, Sonny is WAY MORE DISGUSTING than Julian!!!!!

Just saying……….

And the end of Julian? Or is that just wishful thinking? Can GH get rid of ANY of the baddies????????????

Nancy, does Julian transplant the hair from his chest into his hairline which is no longer receding?
Oh the writing is horrid for sure. Julian was always a reluctant member of the mob–even way back when he was played by a different actor. That he would so readily jump back into it ordering hits and killing witnesses is really hard to fathom. Even harder to fathom is smart as a whip Alexis sacrificing her moral code and ethics to be with him and then acting shocked and horror stricken when she realized he really is still a mobster.
What I detest about Sonny and Carly is now they are acting all holier than thou, smug and sanctimonious. Carly was right when she called Alexis a hypocrite but so is Carly. She has covered for Sonny time and time again—even married him so she would not be forced to testify against him in a court of law. She knew he murdered AJ and covered for him.
See, it’s hard for me to get into a lather about what a creep Julian is when Sonny is even a bigger creep. The difference is we are supposed to believe that Sonny is the town patriarch rather than the town pariah.
The problem with GH is there is no sense of good guys vs the bad guys. It’s just bad guys vs the bad guys and GH becomes Fifty Shades of Black. With only shade there is no light and monochromatic black is boring, anti climatic and unsatisfying.

I totally agree with you Harry!!!
There is NO sense of good guys vs. bad guys – just a bunch of sociopathic mobsters who are “empathetic” with their families – NOT POSSIBLE!

Nancy has been stellar lately. If she uses the knife to kill Julian herself, I promise to never diss Natasha again for being smart in a courtroom and have no emotional intelligence in any other part of her life. I know how damaging her childhood was and I know Natasha is in there somewhere. Alexis, let Natasha out and kill the SOB!

Why? Lol…I still like Julian and I believe he still loves Alexis. Julian dead but sanctimonious Sonny, killer of AJ, thrives for years? Julian Jerome now has a lot of ties in Port Charles. He’s a charismatic man and actor. Did he break his promise to Alexis? Yes. did he go into the marriage to hurt or use her? No. He reverted to type and his immoral survival instincts kicked in…as did Sonny’s, Ava’s, Carlos’ and countless others that walk (walked) the streets of Port Charles. Carlos got what he deserved. He had no regret for killing Duke and laughed in Anna and Griffin’s face about it. I do feel horrible for the witness and Nancy is really pulling on my compassion for the devastation Alexis feels. Still, Julian and the fallout from all this is much more interesting to me with Julian alive.

JULIAN IS A MURDERER ????Most of the show kills in cold blood. They don’t pay, why should he have to ? Being married to Julia should be punishment enough.
Julia has no morals , has committed murder herself, and has been the mob mouth piece for years. .What goes around, comes around. A good old tornado blowing through this town taking everyone out is what it needs.

O-M-G!!!!! OK…you know what? I’m sorry but Alexis is such an idiot!!!!! If I remember correctly, when Julian and Alexis first met, Julian was already a mobster…and Alexis knew that. Also, A-S I-F Julian was gonna leave the mob ALL THE WAY!!!!! Another thing: Sooner or later, Julian was gonna fall back into his shady/sinister mobster ways. Once a mobster, always a mobster!!!!! Oh…and mobster-wise, I think that Sonny is WAY WORSE than Julian!!!!!

Just saying……….

Quick correction: WAY WORSER.

No, Jay, you were right the first time (unless you’re kidding).

Harry, you comments re Julian the baddie (by this actor and the other) and Carly and Sonny also being smug hypocrites.
BTY, love your remark about Julian transplanting hair from his chest to his hairline–couldn’t figure out that two-toned ‘do! But you got it just righ! 😉

Yo Harry…thanks for pointing out my error. I could have been right the first time. Again…thanks.


I would love for Julian to tell Alexis to dial the theatrics down to a 2 because he ain’t in the mood for a lecture from the woman who killed Luis Alcazar (and then faked DID to beat the rap), ran over Kiefer Bauer with her car (and only got community service), and made a baby with Sonny Corinthos (who murdered AJ Quartermaine).

GH needs to get its act together — half the population of Port Charles has killed someone and suddenly Julian is the one who’s crossed a line…?

Excellent point there, Alan, although it has been a real slice of heaven to see the ever-sanctimonious Alexis FINALLY get her long and well-deserved comeuppance/meltdown. I truly hope that the dagger benefactress herself, aka, “Helena,” hasn’t missed the hilarious freakshow of events that her gift hath wrought….from beyond the grave….or wherever!!!!

Alan…Y-E-S…THANK YOU!!!!! Alexis is far from saintly!!!!! At this point, Alexis is nothing but an annoying and self-righteous HYPOCRITE!!!!! Oh…and…in more ways than one, I would LOVE for Julian to tell Alexis to PUT A SOCK IN IT!!!!! Alexis=STUPID WOMAN!!!!!

Have a good one, Alan.

Yes, to your last paragraph–“half the pop. of Port Charles has killed . . . ” and there’s something “dead” wrong with that stat! 🙂

It ‘kills’ me how most on this show gets away with murder!!!-lol

Alan, there is no comparison between the “crimes” you just cited that Alexis committed with mob crimes. Julian, Sonny, Ava…they’re cold blooded killers who thirst for money and power. Alexis pushed a crimininal, Luis Alcazar, after he threatened her and after he caused an explosion which killed her sister. She hit Keifer while she was driving in a fit of despair and rage because Keifer landed her daughter Kristina in the hospital after beating her to a pulp. I’m not condoning violence on any level but self defence and mama bear, sister bear rage when one is killed and another put in the hospital does not make
Alexis comparable to a thug…just as it doesn’t make Anna one for shooting Carlos in her despair and rage.

I’d be inclined to cut Alexis some slack on the Alcazar thing if she hadn’t turned around and done in Kiefer. Alexis is an agent of the courts sworn to uphold justice, not dole out punishments as she sees fit.

Alexis has turned a blind eye to Sonny’s crimes for years — including his murdering AJ — so I am not buying this sudden “conscience” she’s finally discovered.

Hey Alan. There are severals factors here. First, the whole town is corrupt. Almost every person on GH is either a criminal, related to one or a friend of one. So right off the bat we’re not dealing with too much realism. But because of that we can only base our judgments on these characters on the corrupt microcosm they live in and how much slack we’re willing to give each one.

I agree with you that Julian is no worse than Sonny. And I loved AJ and was and still am pissed they killed him off and Sonny once again got a “get out of jail card”, litetally, and that Michael forgave him. But Alexis isn’t the only one that continued their friendship with Sonny after the fact…everyone did! From his son to Elizabeth who dated AJ! So I don’t think Alexis is a hypocrite given the wacked out morals of the entire town. By comparison, Alexis has dated a few mob guys before Julian, and dumped them all, including Julian, when they wouldn’t leave the life for her. On the other hand, Carly, Sam, Olivia, even sweet Emily…continued dating these guys while rhey were still actively still in the life.Alexis loved Julian. She truly believed he was out and I truly believe he was too and STILL loves her. But he went back, which I find untealistic too at how quickly he reverted but unfortunately that’s what they do when they want to advance story. Alexis has always been a good person in a town where defending the mob is a way of life for a lawyer, for Diane as well. I don’t think Alexis got what she deserved; I think it’s heartbreaking for her to have her faith in him shattered, her world shattered.
As for Julian, I’m baffled how he doesn’t assert himself when Sonny gets up in his face. Julian! Lol…big, bad mob boss, throw a punch!

No argument that the entire population of Port Charles is corrupt and that’s the very reason I have a hard time buying Alexis’ reaction: you can’t throw a dead squirrel in that town and not hit someone who hasn’t killed someone, committed a serious crime, or done time. Yeah, she’s upset her hubby killed someone but should she really be all that surprised? If Alexis is half as smart as I give her credit for, I would think she would’ve done a little due diligence by googling the fella she was knocking boots with and learned that he murdered his sister Olivia (let’s be honest: ain’t no amount of sexy gonna make that seem okay). There’s a difference between being a fool for love and just being a fool.

For years GH has seemed to confuse outright criminality with moral ambiguity in its writing. By allowing the show’s central character to commit murder and not only beat his sentence but also face absolutely no social ostracization, Alexis’ judgement of Julian just looks hypocritical in my opinion.

I think Nancy was great. Yes, even strong woman like Nancy and Anna can rationalize bad choices and have breakdowns. And I am glad they are not taking a year to move this story along. Many things to be upset with Julian about, but regarding his relationship with Alexis, one biggy is how he used her by pulling the love and our future cards to get her to defend Carlos.

Although I’m not feeling “GH” right now, Nancy Grahn is great in the scene (as always). What’s done is done — bye, Julian.

Hopefully Carlos told EVERYTHING he knows to Sabrina and Julian is forced to kill Sabrina to keep her quit and then Alexis sends Julian away to prison and Alexis falls for someone totally different and experiences some happiness. Julian is scum, Alexis is dumb and my finger is numb! [Oh, from using the FF button when Tylenol PM and Sam are on the screen together!] Expose Jason as a Helena robot and keep Jason “Dead” until Steve Burton decides to reprise that role.

No Timm, when Shay reads this she is going to belt out,”Don’t throw bouquets at me.”

😉 🙂

Very amusing, Harry! (Almost as much as the “wonton slag!” And you can thank autocorrect for that little one-letter slip-up. As soon as I posted it, I spotted the error, and immediately did a quick follow-up to try and save face.)

I see a summer murder mystery on the horizon. Who killed Julian???

@k/kay…..This show needs a serial killer storyline, asap!!!…The more murders, the merrier! (And the most expedient way to right this sinking ship by tossing over all the extraneous deadweight.)

I hear Lucas might die and that would suck! I like the actor and he is connected with historical figures! Give the guy something to do and put the gay story in the background. Its okay to talk about it and have a wedding but gays just dont always wave their hands and proclaim their choices, they live life to! Lucas knew of Griff, make them buddies, have them involved in a hospital story. But yeah, KILL JULIAN!

@Timmm I don’t see them doing that he is hardly on because they just have a hard time daytime does writing for gay characters why I don’t know but they do except I guess Days for several years had a good story then shelved it like I have said I have not watched Days in years. I really think if they had a replacement in mind they would cancel GH. Going back to the Jason & Sonny hour is not the answer either. Where is this big story for Laura on every two weeks one day. Everyone bitched to high heaven about RC I myself did at times but I think they are in worse shape now.

RC wrote in little spurts with camp and shock. He didnt write stories with a beginning, middle and end. Jean and Shelly were supposed to do this and concentrate on the hospital. They did okay but have since floundered. Why not have the three of them put their heads together? Probably because of the money and GH flat lining and ABC just doesnt care. Anthony Geary got out before the final nail was driven! Can you imagine the line at CBS for soap jobs? How about Maurice Bernard as the head of the Santori family on Y&R? Yummy!

Hi Wil, yes, difficult to believe that anyone is criticizing Alexis for having a sex life, for WANTINGt a sex life, for ENJOYING a sex life,,,because of her age. I find that view simultaneously sad and laughable. Abd…unbelievable. When a man thinks that I find it sexist, when that opinion comes from another woman it’s astonishing. To top it off, I never found their relationship to be just about their attraction, but about bonding over Sam, Danny…their family a bond cemented by passion. Passion, which is the focus of any new relstionship…

I agree also with Jaquilin Smither above…Julian went from really wanting and staying out of the business to suddenly reverting to his old life. And I truly bdlieve he loves Alexis and his family…never used or manipulated her. However, feeling cornered, he went into brutal survival mode.

When Julian saw… Anna giving… his wife.. the 3rd degree.. and then some.. and casting suspicion… and/or just agonizing about what he asked , his wife… to do… and saw that she was not dealing with it well enough…

heck… I even lauded… how Sam.. her daughter came to her defense.. and point blank told Julian… what are you doing to my mother… asking her to defend Carlos

PROP TO SAM… OK… already… she surprised me… and… she point blank… told Alexis… more or less… my mother would never act this way… he’s the guilty one… not you

which..again… I prop Sam… for telling her mother… REALLY ?

so… kudos to Sam for telling her father… like it is

any way… I wanted to point out

it’s not so much… that Alexis wanted him out of the mob… and that HE MUST CHANGE HIS WAYS… if he wanted to be with HER… and be a family man… I think Sam and Danny would have accepted his ways and means

and it probably wasn’t that big a deal for Kristina ( think Sonny ) and Molly… well.. she laid in to mother enough… about her defending Carlos

so… this really all boils down to Alexis…. and yes… in her heart of hearts.. she’s played the ace card… full on… her career in port Charles is laiden with mob activity…

argh! I believe she truly is in love with Julian…

i’ll further state… again… ( just like Sam ) neither of them Alexis or Sam… have had the good fortune… to have long lasting relationships

I don’t know… Alexis sure puts her stamp on her daughters wanting them to be ??? strong independent woman… with all the elements of current events and thinking for themselves keeping relevant

just saying… Julian… was not that man… you can’t change his stripes.. for all of his life… is built on mob activity maintaining his family fortune… what was it??? going undercover… “he was with the WSB changed his indentity and was on the run? close enough

for any man… passion rules… he’s ruined this one with Alexis… he’ll move on… argh! looks like Nina is his next target ???

Alexis… she needs to calm down… with her virtue… it’s all over the place.. and every one knows it

she needs to back up… respite… and get her priorities back…. GH writers… GIVE HER a strong case… so the fans of Alexis… get her smarts back

I can’t naysay enough… when the writing of GH is so about:

Carly and Sonny – Sam and Jason – Alexis and Julian

I will state again… I love all the rest of the cast !!!!

when we are force fed … these three couples and leave out focus of all else ????

quite frankly… I would love to see Julian overthrow and take over Port Charles as thee king pin… Sonny is too much fun to laugh about

here we go again… Julian was at least sensitive enough… to put to an end… what Carlos being alive was doing to his wife… and was the last straw… in his own daughter bringing him to task

if he can cover this up… and it doesn’t come to light… then he will at least have spared his wife … and his daughters wrath

this was my point on first para

I feel for Alexis, I really do. She’s been a woman in denial like a lot of women out there in so many other ways.
I was there once but once I called him on his crap accepting what I believed wasn’t going to be I ended it. Julian deserves to be in hell, he so went over the line.

Jane…I feel for Alexis, too. Can’t understand why some think she should be perfect, or maybe don’t like her character. It can be either denial, enabling, or just plain blind love that can lead some down these paths of heartbreak, disappointment, and betrayal. Even stronger women like Alexis and Anna have their moments of being just human. As do the not so strong women. A little empathy and understanding here helps.

What Rose said.

Well, Rose, you already know I’m one of those who completely and unapologetically loathes Alexis, but in that spirit of sisterhood to which you so obviously subscribe, please allow me to pass along two words of advice to Ms. Davis that should come in handy for what will undoubtedly be future emotional meltdowns: “Waterproof mascara!” (You’re welcome, Alexis!)

Shay…I hear you re:the mascara. You would think the cosmetic companies that advertise to GH’s preferred and other demos would be sure that the makeup people would have waterproof product at their disposal.

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve thought mascara tears were high drama…

I agree with Scott to give Alexis an Emmy for her performance! I dont know what will happen with her and Julian but she is an excellent actress, one of the best on GH.

It’s unfortunate to see negative comments about the character Alexis and the emphasis on sex the writers put in her relationship with Julian. When writers do this for a younger couple, no one calls them sex addicts. I think the writers were likely told to throw this in their relationship, after all, GH is an ABC show and look at their prime time lineup, all violence and sex.

Nancy is a great actress and I thought her performance yesterday was exceptional. She truly loves Julian, they have a family, a marriage and love. But Julian put her at her breaking point with his recent actions which include murder. I saw things to like in Julian up until yesterday when he said Alexis was pretty much in it and should just go along with it. A very unmanly request.

The show ended with Sonny being at their door yesterday, seeing the look on Alexis’ face, knowing undoubtedly that Julian killed Carlos and the witness. Maybe Sonny will get her out of there and away from Julian. The latter who I now see as unworthy of Alexis and their family. Kind of hoping Sonny kicks Julian’s butt…

Alexis also “loved” Sonny–nyet! And Sonny kicking Julian’s butt? And who will kick Sonny’s butt? Isn’t that something like that old adage about “the pot calling the kettle black”?
PS I never saw anything to like in Julian–he is a crook and a fake! And a big-time user and abuser. Olivia “ran” with her son when she thought Julian was a mobster; now she is hunky-dory with it all. Say what? WHAT happened to her character? She hid Sonny’s son Dante because Sonny was a mobster, but she slept with Julian and now he’s her son great baby-daddy–sharing holidays, etc.

Tell me, isn’t there something really twisted about that? (And doesn’t the above synopis say it all about how “twisted” GH is (the writing, the point of view, the (im)moral center? “The center does not hold!”

Alexis also “loved” Sonny–nyet! And Sonny kicking Julian’s butt? And who will kick Sonny’s butt? Isn’t that something like that old adage about “the pot calling the kettle black”?
PS I never saw anything to like in Julian–he is a crook and a fake! And a big-time user and abuser. Olivia “ran” with her son when she thought Julian was a mobster; now she is hunky-dory with it all. Say what? WHAT happened to her character? She hid Sonny’s son Dante because Sonny was a mobster, but she slept with Julian and now he’s her son great baby-daddy–sharing holidays, etc.

Tell me, isn’t there something really twisted about that? (And doesn’t the above synopis say it all about how “twisted” GH is (the writing, the point of view, the (im)moral center? “The center does not hold!”


Max…where have you been all my life???!!! Lol…yes!!! I’ve been battling the sex as it relates to Alexis’ age since the day she and Julian got together! You said what I’ve been saying all along…did so again on this page. Great comment…thank you.

Nancy Lee Grahn did a great job with these scenes, but I continue to detest the writing from this regime. Julian was most certainly a flawed character, but his genuine love for Alexis and his family was his redeeming feature. But that’s all been shot to hell by the increasingly destructive, Guzaesque Passanante and Altman. And it looks as though it’s all being done to prop up “good mobster” Sonny (btw, the scene where he’s making the sign of the cross during Carlos’ last rites was both laughable and nauseating). Enjoy the Emmy you won this year, GH, because, if these two hacks have their way, you won’t be repeating that win next year.

PF, to use your words “GH was (literally) shot to h-ll” w–a–y before the “Guzaesque Passante and Altman” regime took over. “Let me count the years.” Can anyone say “Sonny Corinthos”?

Hi Nancy. I kind of blame the Gloria Monty era in some ways. It was my favorite time but it also planted some seeds that regimes after her won’t relinquish. I wish the teams after her would have gotten more creative. I give Gloria and her team credit for introducing Frank Smith and Luke Spencer and the Cassadines. But I wish Frank Smith (and family) and Helena (and family) would have stayed in the history books. At least Gloria and team successfully got Luke out of the mob and he was trying to make a decent living for himself between 81 and 83 before his first exit. Oh, and speaking of history and that era, Heartbreak Hotel was NOT on the Campus Disco playlist. Any youtube clip of that era, and there are hundreds, it is 100% disco and pop being played. No Elvis…no Heartbreak Hotel. Luke never even showed an interest in Blues until his 90’s return. It was his Blues Club where he would have most likely played Heartbreak Hotel, not the Campus Disco. I wish the current team would have taken some trips down memory lane via youtube before writing some of the stuff in today’s episode between Laura and Kevin; because they got it wrong. 🙁

I’m sorry, but I’m SO fed up with Sonny and Carly’s hypocrisy. Sonny is no less the murderer that Julian is regardless of the reasons. and Carly has gone lengths to protect not just him but Jason in both of their nefarious deeds. I’m not defending Julian and I DO like Sonny and Carly but, this is bs.

I’m going to have to bail on this show. if the writing and characterization doesn’t get it together. I feel almost stupid for allowing this constant whiplash inducing bs to take up 45 min out of my day. I now can’t stand way to many people I loved not more than 3-4 months ago. This forcing a Franco and Elizabeth coupling, Sonny acting like he’s got bloodless hands, etc etc etc.. I’m getting very close to saying “see ya GH.”

I feel like she over-acted the scene, but I’ll look at it again. I can be harsh sometimes. William could’ve delivered more.

How pathetic, disgusting and weak is Julian. Alexis needs to woman up. He is a sniveling coward. Remember during the hostage take over in the church at their wedding when I stood behind Alexis cowering? Body language says it all. A real brave man always stands in front of his woman to protect her. He’s gross and weak.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tracy Learns Gregory Died from Cody; Finn and Chase Share Their Grief

Friday’s May 24th episode of General Hospital featured some very touching scenes.

First, when Tracy (Jane Elliot) returned to the stables for a ride, she is met by Cody (Josh Kelly). He tells her she is needed in the house. Tracy doesn’t think anyone needs her there.

Tracy relates how Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) are on a plane to Florence. Cody tells her that they couldn’t get on that plane. Cody can only say, “He’s sorry.” It’s at that moment Tracy is hit with the realization that Gregory passed away.

Cody tells her what he knows of Gregory’s passing, but Tracy says that she knew this was eventually going to happen, but this feels so sudden. Cody is sorry she had to hear the news from him.  Tracy says, she’s not. She poignantly thinks Gregory must have been a lot like Cody when he was younger. Tracy goes on to say they both have an open way about them as he doesn’t miss a thing, doesn’t talk much, doesn’t push people around, and that he gives people a lot of grace. Cody is moved. Tracy decides she needs to head out.


Next, Tracy comes to the hospital and meets with Stella. Knowing Stella (Vernee Watson) is a patient advocate, Tracy tells her if anything comes up for Gregory’s death regarding bills or anything she can handle with her hands or her checkbook, to let her know. Tracy reveals that she doesn’t want Gregory’s family to worry about anything right now. She goes on to say to keep her name out of it.

Stella tells Tracy this is her loss to and its OK for her to grieve. Tracy shared that Gregory changed her, and she doesn’t want to let him down, at least not so soon.

At Finn’s, Chase tries to console his brother. Finn tells Chase he also lost his dad, but Chase can see how hard finding Gregory dead has hit Finn; given he has been drinking. Finn tells Chase that the person he found in that bed didn’t look their dad.  He cries that he didn’t want this to happen and Chase hugs his brother tight and says neither did he.

Sitting down together, the two brothers have a heart-to-heart. Finn realizes he handled the entire situation the wrong way and even pushed Elizabeth away.  Chase says there is no correct way to grieve. Finn feels such guilt over how many times in their lives he hurt their father, and now he threw his sobriety away, which Gregory was proud of him for.

Chase says he rebuilt his relationship with their dad, and he can do the same now with his sobriety. Finn asks Chase to get rid of the liquor bottle and so Chase takes care of it.  When Violet (Jophielle Love) and Brook Lynn return, Finn tells Brook Lynn he is so sorry that she and Chase had to miss their honeymoon. Brook Lynn assures him she is here for him for whatever he needs. Next, Finn says he needs a meeting and Chase says he thinks that is a good idea.


Meanwhile, in Albany, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is having all sorts of trouble in her attempt to get her law license reinstated during her her hearing vs. Fergus Byrne (Lane Davies). The judges will render their decision within 30 days and notify the parties. Will she head back to Port Charles, find out about Gregory, and wind up at an AA meeting with Finn?

In this episode, the always fabulous Jane Elliot touched out hearts in her scenes as well as Josh Kelly, Michael Easton and Josh Swickard.

So, what did you think about Tracy’s reaction to Gregory’s death? The scenes between Finn and Chase and what will happen to Alexis next? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital to Air Encore Episode for Memorial Day

Coming up on Monday, May 27th, ABC’s General Hospital is the only daytime drama slated to air an encore presentation of a previously aired episode. The episode that is said to have originally aired on October 5, 2023.

The episode features the following storypoints: Spencer and Trina return from a private tour of the MET’s archives. They make love again and lament that this is their last day in New York. Trina thanks their hotel room before leaving with Spencer.

Cody, having kicked open the door, stops Montague from hurting Sasha. Dante arrives with Mac and other cops. Montague is placed under arrest and charged with attempted murder. Cody and Sasha leave Ferncliff together.


Sonny confronts Gladys for her lies as Sam witnesses. Sonny accuses Gladys of using Mike, then Brando, then Sasha. After Sam goes, Sonny tells Gladys she’s leaving town and returning to Bridgeport. Sonny implies Gladys will die if she ever leaves Bridgeport. Sonny has Frank escort Gladys away without a single bag.


Charlotte listens from a hiding spot as Val explains to Anna he bought this house after Anna’s place burned down so he, Charlotte, and Anna could live in it. Val kept it from Anna because he didn’t want to get her hopes up. Val explains Charlotte needs his attention, so Anna can’t move in yet. Charlotte thinks back to reading Victor’s letter that says she must defeat Anna.

So, are you looking forward to seeing this encore presentation of GH on Memorial Day? Let us know via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Jophielle Love Releases Daytime Emmy-Nominated Song, ‘Shine’ on Major Music Streaming Platforms

It’s been a big week for General Hospital’s young star, Jophielle Love (Violet). First, viewers witnessed her character of Violet learning the news that her Grandpa Gregory (Gregory Harrison) had passed away in which she delivered a touching performance, and now she has released her very first single as a singer and a songwriter.

Love first performed the song entitled Shine during a December 2023 Christmas-related episode of GH. In it, Finn (Michael Easton) along with his family decorated the tree. It was then, Love as Violet, sang her original song, “Shine,” surrounded by her TV castmates.

In addition, the song is in the running at this year’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Original Song. Jophielle took to her Instagram account on the release of the track sharing that part of the proceeds from the single will go to Save The Children, an organization that strives to improve children’s lives.

Photo: ABC

Love shared via the IG account run by her mom, “My first original song ‘Shine’ which I sang on General Hospital over Christmas is now available on all digital platforms ! Part of the proceeds are donated to ‘Save the Children’ who helps kids all over the world in the middle of horrible conflicts. We encourage you to donate as well, or … listen to, like and share this song and post! Let’s bring light to the world,… anything helps. More to come soon as Shone is heading to the Daytime Emmy’s, since nominated in the “Best Original Song” category”

Already beginning to aspire to be a young Taylor Swift (as in writing and singing at such a young age), Love’s second song, “True Love” debuted at Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) wedding when Violet sang it to the newlyweds and for all the enduring couples in attendance.

Photo: JLoveIG/Spotify

Jophielle shared a little video of moments from the taping of Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding accompanied by her tune, “True Love. You can see it below, and can stream and download “Shine via Spotify here or Apple music

What do you think of Jophielle’s single ‘Shine’? Comment below.


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A post shared by Jophielle Love (@jophiellelove)

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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