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General Hospital


GH Preview – Week of August 13, 2018


This week on General Hospital, Griffin (Matt Cohen) is about to spill the beans that he had sex with Ava’s (Maura West) daughter, Kiki (Hayley Erin) during Kiki’s sexual harassment trial against Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva).  Now that Ava knows the truth about their tryst, what will she do to the man she loves and her daughter?   And the verdict will also come down on who won the case Bensch or Kiki?

Then, Robert (Tristan Rogers) enlists Jason (Steve Burton) to help track down Anna (Finola Hughes) and Finn (Michael Easton).  How will these two unlikely allies get along? Can they work together to find the duo before it’s too late?

Check out these teasers below for this week’s GH. Then let us know what storyline you are most interested in seeing play out via the comment section below 


Scott apologizes.


Kiki is on edge.


Sonny gets an unexpected visit.  


Michael’s emotions get the best of him.


Alexis gets terrible news.


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Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

Finally, a little payback for Ava, although it wasn’t done intentionally.
Even if Kiki slept with Griffen or anyone else of HER choice, what does that have too do with being sexually harassed by someone like Benche?


I quess its karma but it also proves Kiki is just as bad as the mamma who raised her…Griffen the ex priest…of course!!!


Hey, Jimmy….I think Kiki is a good person who had too much to drink to “escape” the hirtors of one Dr. Bunch-of-perversion. Ratz!!
Griffin, on the other hand, I think, has been a fake since the beginning…..
What I mean is, he kept using the name of God and Christ, and the Catholic Church as an excuse! Sacrilegious!!
Ava has pegged him right—-bullseye!!


Maybe this will lead to Kiki finding out Ava isnt her momma

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

Jimh, Sorry, but in no way is Kiki like her mother. Did you not see the night in question? They were both drunk, and were not just giving in to their selfish urges as Ava and Morgan did, with no regard or loyalty to Kiki, and more than once, also with Ava posing as Denise DeMuccio, I think was the name she used, for her fake cousin.


Poor Ava. I want her to be happy. Griffin and baby Avery makes three. I just want Ava to walk away from the Carly/blanket fiasco without being discovered. Enough of Sonny and Carly having the upper hand with her. Glad she helped make Carly pay. Now let it be and let Ava keep her child.

Will Griffin come clean on the stand? Dilemma. He was able to stand by the oath of telling the truth when he wasn’t directly asked if he and Kiki had sex. But once Alexis wanted verification that he and Kiki never had sex he’s going to face a critical point; lie under oath or throw himself, Kiki and Ava under the bus. Either way his conscience and the repercussions will come rolling down…

And, as much as I love Alexis her disrespect and dismissal of Franco cost her and Kiki. Can’t stand the way the writers have these characters condescend to some of the others. Used to feel that way about how they treated AJ.


I realize Ava is ballistic, but to tank a legitimate harassment case due to the “woman scorned” reflex is unconscionable even for her. Says more about Ava than the cheating does about Kiki or Dr. Happy Pants. And of course it means more of the furrowed brow/worried and afraid look pasted on Griffin’s lovely face. And does anyone else think that Alexis is a lousy attorney?

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

I have always believed Ava cares more for herself than anyone else.She wanted Avery so badly, where is she then? She took her away from her family, and who does she have now, a nanny? So she finds out about Griffen and Kiki’s one night (drunken) stand, well so much for her spiel about women’s rights against creeps like Benche. All she can think about is their betrayal, and whether Kiki wins or loses, I bet she’ll be on her knees apologizing to her mother. Ava thinks she’s God’s gift to all men, and once they have her, should never want another.As far as Griffen goes, I think his religious background has restrained him in some ways that other men think of as natural behavior.Every time after he’s been with Ava, I think he’s looking for the nearest confessional. I think he should have remained a priest.


Happy Pants?…must jot that down, LOL….
I missed about three eps and haven’t had a chance to catch up….except for today.
What happened to make Scotty flip? Did Ava get to him??????
Can’t mess with a woman scorned, Soaphound. Actually, don’t mess with Ava in any way, shape or form.
Wow!! I wouldn’t want to be her….can’t seem to have her either as friend or foe. Poor thing—no friends!!
I fear for Griffin and Kiki. Would Ava bring harm upon her own daughter’s head?…..
…..then again, Kiki is not hers…..biologically, that is.❤️


Oh Celia, poor Scott tried his best to throw the trial but once Franco sent the “KIKI AND GRIFFIN HAD SEX” text to Ava in error (it was meant for Alexis), Ava hit the DETONATE button and laid into Scotty. He had no choice. And I’m sorry, I like Matt Cohen and do think he’s beyond beautiful, but I enjoyed her slapping the daylights out of him. That frozen expression of woe has worn out…get him out of this story, pronto!


Hey there, CeeCeeGirl! I answered your last reply on the “Aretha” thread a week or more ago, but it didn’t post…anyway, since you brought up the Bensch trial, I have been mulling a notion that I’ve been meaning to discuss with you ever since its culmination. That is, how is it that nobody pointed out the HUGE conflict of interest regarding Alexis in her capacity as representing Kiki, et al, in this matter? I should hardly think that it would be considered legally kosher for a woman whose own sexual advances were spurned by a man to then go and, in the capacity as an attorney, file suit against same said male for harassing other females for sex against their will. The whole thing just reeks of impropriety and any defense lawyer or judge worth their salt would have pointed out this major no-no in a very big way. As you said, a woman scorned! Seems Ava’s not the only one with an axe to grind in this sorry scenario…..(Quite frankly, I would have rather seen Diane take down the creep in court…at least she would have had no skin in the game, personally-speaking!)


Hi, Shaybelle,
I apologize if I made myself scarce…..Giselle ( “Elle”, my twin) had twins!!!!!!!! Beautiful baby girls!!!! The boys are now outnumbered, LOL.
Yes, there is a huge discrepancy…..put it on the writers. The same idiocy is happening on Y&R….Seems to me the “scribes” create their work willy-nilly; without checking the legality or sense behind their “work”— it’s hit or miss.
As far as Ava, I will always love her….her acting is impeccable. And, she’s a Bostonian. LOL.
Nancy is doing more than her best with what she’s given. No, it would not be kosher to be on the other side of the legal “table”; however, as I said, that’s on the writers.
By the by—-what say you about Kiki potentially being Nina’s? Or Nelle? Everyone else had given up….except for me and Jimh. He suggested Nelle. I stuck with Kiki, or perhaps twins: Nelle and Kiki.
Griffin. His sanctimonious arse gets on my nerves. I detest hypocrites and those who think they’re just a step above the next person. You know who I mean, Shay?…..the typical nouveaux riches who look down on those who ‘smell’ like Wal-Mart shoppers…..
I cannot recall the poster who remarked ( could have been regarding Y&R) the remaining soaps seem to only cater to the ‘elite’ or upper crust… other levels of society. Life is not presented as LIFE!!
Where are we headed, Shay? ……how Orwellian!!
He did have some exceptional foresight. I think we are almost there. Leave it to George and his fantastical brain.
1984—-A little late, but, chances are this ‘elimination’ will happen in our lifetime.


I’ve always thought Alexis was a lousy attorney…and mother…and example of womanhood, in general!!!


Ahhhh, Ava, Ava, Ava….when will thou ever learn? Karma is a B—it’s that simple and that difficult.
Griffin….thy sanctimonious self never had credence…..”What mad pursuit? What struggle to escape?”.
It was always Kiki; Ava a substitute.
Kiki…”More happy love! more happy, happy love! For ever warm and still to be enjoy’d, For ever panting, and for ever young; That leaves a heart high-sorrowful and cloy’d…….”….. oh, Kiki; stay true to yourself …….
The end of another romance made in both heaven and he!! No more Ava. No more Griffin. Thank Odin!! ( still love both Ava and Maura—-Griffin? Meh….but, he IS hot !!)
What a soapy travesty!!


CELIA, CELIA, this is off-topic but I just returned from weekly groceries and…you’ve got to take a look at this week’s ABC SOAPS IN DEPTH. The CENTERFOLD is our Chase/Josh on a motorcycle. Honey, take a fan with you because I nearly lost my balance…felt like a teenager again. Needless to say, the mag found its way to my home. Let me know if you see it. Suddenly, our insane California heat seems justified!


Thanks for the rundown…Scotty did try. Poor guy….love him!!
I quoted “Ode To A Grecian Urn” because the ode wasn’t to an urn at all, but indirectly to the fantasy and fallacy of lovers and loves gone wrong, or right?! Remember those days? We had to sweep our brain clean and introduce words and phrases that made little sense….until it clicked….the good, the bad, and the ugly….and sometimes the dirty…..brings me back to High School where I only had eyes for one guy, smack in the midst of English class and “odes” to this and that.
Then, we had to scramble the brain back to normal until Shakespeare ( Will, my live) hit us.
Amazingly, I remembered certain lines….go figure…
As far as Josh and his beautiful self, I did see it… housekeeper is crazy about him, Matt Cohen, Billy Flynn and Casey…..never misses an issue. We actually ‘discuss’ their ‘attributes’ in great detail over a cup of coffee or two, or three??….
As my Gran is wont to say, “… dreamy…..”!!


0ooh drat!
Give me some hard Cassidine action–
and give some Jerry Jax and Johnny,arise Faison give me the the Zacchara’s and Alcazar’s !!

I’m getting brain damage from all the sweetness pored into GH; a sugrer overdose.


Ava had it coming..
After all. Ava had sex with Morgan Kiki’s man..
how did that go again lol
anyways tit for tat.


I said the same thing in different words, SuzieQ. We keep playing with fire; we will get burned. Listen to me, now…..wise words ‘n all, LOL.

Violet Lemm
Violet Lemm

Excuse me while I rant some, and let my B.P come down a little. Where does Ava get off thinking she is such a victim, because her daughter slept with her boyfriend? Maybe Griffin deserved that slap, but so does she. She thinks she has good reason to hate Kiki and Griffin, but it didn’t seem wrong when she slept with Morgan right after he and her OWN daughter were married, and afterwards. Why don’t these writers see fit to have someone call her out on this? Even Franco, with everything he said today, didn’t mention that little fact. She may be a woman scorned, but she’s also a scornful person. Well at least she’ll have burned her bridges with Griffin, after he finds out about her payback, and how she got it. Excuse mistakes please.

Breaking News

GH Releases ‘The Sonny & Carly Collection’ Featuring 20 Pivotal Episodes With Three Carlys

The torrid love story between Sonny Corinthos and Carly has been going strong for over two decades.  Now the ABC app and are offering up a collection of memorable episodes and pivotal moments between the duo.

However, this collection features three powerhouse actresses who have played the role of Carly: Sarah Joy Brown, Tamara Braun, and the current Carly, Laura Wright.

GH and ABC have released these episodes for viewing to coincide with Maurice Benard’s 25th year on the daytime drama series and a very special anniversary episode airing today on Monday, November 12th.

With the Sonny & Carly Collection, fans will be able to access 20 episodes from Sonny and Carly’s explosive and tumultuous 20-year relationship, chronologically.  Some of the episodes include: Jason is shot in an ambush. Sonny and Carly remarry, even though she is involved with Jax, Sonny confesses to Carly that he shot AJ, Sonny and Carly admit their feelings, and more

The Sonn and Carly collection is available now through February 12th and all 20 episodes are available for viewers with no sign in required at  and on the ABC app.

The ABC app is available in the App Store, ABC.comAmazon AppstoreGoogle Play and on most connected TV devices.

Check out the Sonny & Carly Collection, and then let us know which was your favorite episode of the bunch via the comment section below!


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Breaking News

Kimberly McCullough Directs Episode Of ‘The Conners’; Shares Pics From Show Night

As fans of director and actress Kimberly McCullough know, earlier this week she announced that she would be directing an episode of the the re=branded and renamed ‘Rosanne-less’ series, The Conners.  She originally shared the news of getting the nod to direct the hit comedy sitcom with a photo of the famous Conner kitchen with the words “Yup”.

However on Saturday, Kimberly shared some more behind the scenes photos from tape night, or show night, as they call it in the biz.   She is pictured above with cast members Michael Fishman and Maya Lynne Robinson.

ABC executive Nathan Varni tweeted to McCullough: “Thanks for a great week ⁦⁩ directing ⁦⁩ #107! See you soon for your next episode”

No airdate has been released as to when Kimberly’s ‘The Conners” directorial debut will air, but MF TV will keep you posted.

McCullough was also busy directing an episode of the new FOX sitcom, The Cool Kids just the other week.

How fabulous that the woman who has brought General Hospital’s Robin Scorpio Drake to life is finding just as much success now behind the camera as in front of it.

Will you be checking out Kimberly’s episode of The Conners when it airs?  Do you hope that between all of these directing gigs, she might fit in a visit back to GH? Share your thoughts below.

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Days Of Our Lives

NATAS President, Adam Sharp Talks On Daytime Emmy Review Findings & Plans For Change To Competition Process

In the aftermath of the letter that was sent to NATAS from daytime drama executives and producers demanding immediate change to the Daytime Emmys contest procedures, guidelines, or they would boycott participating in the upcoming 46th Annual competition, earlier today NATAS and its new president, Adam Sharp, released the findings of an independent investigation into the allegations levied against the academy and its annual competition.

After the full findings came to light , seemed to address most of the concerns raised by the four network soaps, Michael Fairman TV spoke with Adam Sharp to dive into what the reports means for change and evolution of the Daytime Emmys, and if it can resolve the issues so that General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Days of our Lives will come to the table and participate in the only kudofest honoring excellence in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes for daytime programming,

Here’s what Adam had to say about the key points addressed in our conversation below.

Transparency was a key issue noted by the soap producers in their concerns levied against NATAS.   One of the points centered around if NATAS had prior knowledge of the winners before the opening of the envelopes at the ceremony and the integrity of the contest.  What can you detail what the investigation found?

ADAM:  On the matter of whether anyone had prior knowledge to the winners, the reports clearly state that there is no evidence to support that. To the concern raised on the arm’s length distance necessary between us and the accountants we use to tally the votes, again there is no evidence to suggest that there was anything short of what you would expect of the standards of the competition. What it did find was that there were processes that either by virtue of generosity and us trying to be helpful when they asked, or by a lack of documentation to make people aware of policies and procedures, that created the appearance of unfairness, or unbalance in the process that may have been completely unintentional.  For example, the report noted that we did not have a published procedure for appealing decisions or filing any concerns or complains.  Some of this started because of one entrant in a digital category that raised concerns, and it was certainly elevated when the four soaps sent their letter, but without a published procedure, you’re really putting the onus on the entrants to know who to call and how to bring their concern.  So, that creates a system where there’s an imbalance because someone who doesn’t know who to call, doesn’t get the same hearing.  Likewise, if someone has made a mistake or technical error in their entry, and they happen to have entered the process early, and we catch it, we, in the past, have gone back to people and said, “Hey, I don’t think you intended to do this.  Would you like to resubmit?”  But if someone is entering at 11:59:59 on deadline night, they won’t necessarily have that.  Again, completely unintentional, but it could be argued that it created an imbalance or bias in the process, and the report made that clear.  For those types of things, we are going to crack down and be more consistent about our policies.  I told Brent and David that it’s going to mean saying no a lot more often in terms of giving waivers and extensions, and the types of things that we have done in the past to help people along. It is going to mean being more transparent and public about what our policies and procedures are so that every entrant has the equal set of knowledge to work from.


Does this mean a demotion for David Michaels, Senior VP Daytime Emmy Awards?

ADAM:  Absolutely not.  That’s something that I want to put a very strong pin in right here.  David led the 2018 Daytime Emmys to record participation and a growing audience.  This new resourcing of the team allows him to be more singularly focused on doubling down on that success for 2019.  The Daytime Emmys are the only entertainment award show to have posted year-over-year audience growth from 2017 to 2018, and more than 30% increase in the number of entries.  The report rightly noticed that we did not do enough administratively to scale to that growth and to bring the resources to manage that added audience, and that added interest from competitors.  So, now we are going to make sure that David and Brent Stanton (Executive Director, Daytime Emmy Awards) each have the support and focus they need to be successful.

When the letter from various soap producers pointed out a “conflict of interest” for having the executive producer of the Daytime Emmys ceremony also be the awards administrator, many were wondering how that would shake out, or how NATAS planned to deal with this complaint.

ADAM:  Obviously, “conflict of interest” is a legal term of course, but I think that what the reports found was that it was not a conflict of interest.  It was a conflict of time, and many of the more specific errors that were raised in the report, as I said to David, occurred in the 25th hour of the day.  So, that is where it was really a resourcing problem, and a lack of procedure and policy problem.  The lack of resourcing created the environment for something to go wrong, and the lack of policy and procedure created an ad hoc nature for how we address those problems and made that ad hoc response open to questions because there was no prior documentation that this was how these things should be handled.  So, hopefully we have addressed each of these areas going into 2019, and that gives us a chance at a fresh start with the community.



In response to the internal investigation findings, you mentioned you would bring additional resources to the Daytime Emmys, additional help in the operations, and you would add a “second pair of eyes”.  Would you potentially let people know who is in those positions that would be working with David Michaels and Brent Stanton?

ADAM:  Yes, so we are absolutely at a minimum committed to adding one full time position, and a handful of part time positions for that initial vetting process of the competition; that review of entries to make sure they meet the technical requirements, rules, and guidelines of their categories.  Now, in the past, there would be one individual, one set of eyes conducting that review, but now, we are modifying our policies such that before any adverse decision is made, such as disqualifying an entry, a second pair of eyes review it and give their independent assessment of the technical criteria and qualifications of the entry, so that there can be more confidence that multiple perspectives were employed before making any decision that could have an adverse effect on an entry.

Could a daytime drama actor participate and submit their work on n their own without the show being a part of it, if let’s say, the soaps won’t participate as a whole? And on that note, what would be the plans moving forward for the Daytime Emmys if the soaps decide not to participate in the competition?

ADAM:  If an actor or actress wishes to enter on their own with their soap still not participating: our rules permit anyone to enter independent of their program.  So, there is not a requirement that a show participate for an individual performer on that show to participate.  That said, they need to have the actual material to submit, and certainly a performer on that show is not necessarily the owner of that show and the owner of that content.  So, the question of whether they would have the necessary access to and rights to the video material to submit, that would be a question to the show producers as to what they would allow of that. In terms of the Daytime Emmy ceremonies moving forward without the soaps, the old saying goes, ‘the show must go on,’ and hopefully, it won’t come to that.  We have had constructive conversations with each of the broadcast soaps and believe our response and support goes a long way to addressing their concerns.  So, we are looking forward to having them.  Of course, they have a number of colleagues in digital drama, children’s programming, gameshows, and the rest of daytime television that we still expect to have a robust program at the 46th Annual Daytime Emmys in May of 2019.

You had mentioned that when you saw the results of the report that you felt it was very thorough, and you felt it pointed out things that needed to be fixed.

ADAM:  Yes, the report was exceedingly thorough and fair.  It delivered criticism where criticism was due, and there were a number of areas where we should have and must do better in the management of the Daytime Emmys and our other awards competitions.  I think the report certainly examined every issue that had been raised by members of the Daytime community and then some.  It allowed us to think about what actions we can take as a team to address each of those points.  I don’t think any awards show in our space has ever undertaken such an in-depth introspection of their procedures, yet alone made it public.  So, hopefully we are a trend-setter here.

The report indicates that NATAS will work more closely with the Television Academy (ATAS).  That seems to always be a point of contention.  How do you see yourself improving participation with them to engage that academy in more of the process?

ADAM:  So, the relationship between the two academies has strengthened incredibly in the past year, largely through the leadership of our respective chairman, Terry O’Reilly, the chairman of NATAS, who was elected earlier this summer and Hayma Washington at the Television Academy.  Obviously, they are going to have a new election soon as Hayma is retiring from the role.  So, we can continue that momentum into 2019.  What we note in our response to the report, was that one element of concern raised in the letter from the four soap producers was the mix of Television Academy members on our judging panels, and we want to be responsive to that.  We are prepared to make Television Academy membership a much higher priority in our consideration of judges for these panels, but obviously accessing that membership and engaging that membership requires a deeper partnership with the Television Academy, and we will see to that.

You are starting the call for entries on Monday, November 12th.  If the daytime dramas don’t participate within the timeframe you’ve given, do you see yourself adjusting the timeframe for the soaps if they were to say, “We want to work somethings out before we commit,” or are you just going to move forward if they are not participating in the deadlines you’ve set?

ADAM:  Our deadlines are going to be rather firm for all entrants.  We have a show date set for May and a process that moves backward from there in terms of the time that is needed.  Certainly, the fact that we have added additional review steps and procedures makes that timeline even more critical.  So, we are not going to be in a position to be extending extensions really to anyone.  In fact, the report specifically discourages granting extensions to anyone because that could create the appearance of unfairness that some types of entries get more time than other types of entries.  We welcome everyone, and if by the entry deadline there are particular genres, programs, or individuals that choose not to participate, we will miss them, hope they attend the show in May, and hope we can reengage them for 2020.

If the soaps did not participate in the 46th annual Daytime Emmys, but decided to come back later, it is my understanding that there would just be one drama category whereby web series and daytime soaps would be competing together in that.  Is that potentially what could happen?

ADAM:  I don’t want to go too many branches down off a tree of ‘what if’s,’ but our policies and guidelines do allow that if a category does not have a sufficient number of participants to be competitive, then that category can be eliminated or merged with another category or have its entries moved into another category for the competition.  So, we will look at all of the categories once we have the entries to see which ones remain viable and which ones do not.  Certainly, the fact that we do have digital drama categories gives us a place to contribute to have a drama competition regardless of what mix of entries we have.  I suspect that once you combine those, it becomes very difficult to uncombine them in the future, but obviously the call to entries is revisited every year, so, I can’t think of any long-term prognostications beyond 2019.

Since you are relatively new to your position with NATAS, you probably weren’t expecting that the producers that signed the letter demanding that change and issues be addressed in regard to the Daytime Emmys or they would boycott, would be something you would be dealing with off the bat.  How did you feel about it?

ADAM:  Well, I’m obviously rather new to the role.  My first day as interim president was the day after the Daytime Emmy show this year.  I was only named the permanent president last week.  It was certainly a trial by fire.  I would not say that I had enough history with the daytime drama community to have any expectation one way or another, and I think that is also true of our chairman, Terry O’Reilly, who came into office on July 1st.  That said, in a world of looking for silver linings, I think it gave us an opportunity for a blank slate and a fresh start.  By the community raising these concerns to our attention, and allowing us to conduct this deep review and make it public and be responsive to the issues they raised, it gives us a lot more opportunity to strengthen that relationship in 2019 than if a lot of these concerns had just continued to deteriorate and be whispered about at various cocktail parties, but never really spoken up and therefore, never really addressed.  So, while it was a painful process and there were parts of this report that were difficult to read, I think it gave us the opportunity to start from scratch and to put some of that history behind us.

So, do you think NATAS has addressed the concerns of the daytime dramas? What did you think of the points raised by Adam Sharp in this interview? Do you hope the Emmys will continue as usual with all four network soaps participating? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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