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GH Recap – Feb 28 – March 4th

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Sonny vows to get answers from Shawn on Brenda’s whereabouts. Dante troubleshoots how the Balkan set up the car bombing. Michael and Morgan return home as Sonny bursts into the guesthouse where Carly is helping Shawn recover. Jason receives a second phone call from Franco indicating his involvement with the car bombing and potentially the Balkan. Theo turns lethal on Suzanne. Brenda wakes to find herself in the Balkan’s clutches. Jason notices something is wrong with Sam – she has lost her hearing. Lulu puts her faith back in Dante. Patrick and Robin work together at the hospital. Alone with Ethan, Kristina discusses her own experience with the car bombing. Luke and Tracy call a brief truce in the wake of Luke’s kindness towards rattled Edward, who is still in shock over the wedding car bombing. Sonny is prepared to torture Shawn for information. Carly and Michael try to talk him down, but Dante finally convinces him not to use mob boss tactics in front of his children. Michael wants to help his father find Brenda in any means, while Dante offers help with legal resources. Jason remains by Sam’s side as she gets tested for permanent hearing loss. Patrick and Robin grow closer given the aftermath of the wedding, and they inch closer to reconciliation when Patrick offers to drive Robin home. Kristina admits her feelings and long-term plans for Ethan. Luke and Sonny lament the downside to having a police officer for a son and not being able to live up to their offspring’s expectations.

Held captive by Theo, Brenda tries to get help but is shocked when Theo interrogates her about his grandchild. Theo evades Suzanne’s probing questions about Brenda’s whereabouts. Shawn barely dodges a Balkan assassin who attacks him at General Hospital. After being questioned by Lucky, Theo tries to make a run for it but is blocked by Jason. The Davis Family converges upon Sam, as they give loving support to her recovery. Kristina witnesses Sam take a turn for the worse. Spurred by Lisa, Terrell presents the perfect reason for Robin to have less free time with Patrick – partner with him on an AIDS grant proposal. Nik works up the courage to admit his feelings to Brook Lynn.  She confesses it is mutual, and they start to combust when Nik storms out. Nik admits to Lucky that he feels obligated to try again with Liz. Brook Lynn and Liz see right through each other’s motives – and it’s a bitch fight call out. Dante urges Sonny not to use his mob boss tactics to find Brenda. Brenda reveals to Theo that Suzanne was present when her child was stillborn. Brenda tries to escape as we realize that the baby may still be alive. Shawn convinces Jason to let him get info on Theo. Molly recognizes Shawn’s hospital attacker, and Michael goes after him only to be held at gunpoint as Dante arrives. Sam makes a full recovery. Sonny asks Lulu to help keep Dante away from the search for Brenda. Kristina grapples with the similarity of Ally’s death to Sam’s collapse. Michael confides in Abby of his conflict between upholding the law and following in the footsteps of his father.

Sonny continues his fear campaign to get a lead on Brenda. While he gets no help from Jax, Dante finds a clever way to cooperate with his mob boss father when they take the Balkan assassin into custody. Dante and Jason warn Michael not to get involved with the criminal world, but Michael feels he is his own man with goals to prove. Carly admits to Jax that she wants her sons to follow in his footsteps – not Sonny’s. Brenda escapes her confines – running desperately into the woods, still in her wedding reception gown. Jason hovers, and the couple shares a romantic time together at the hospital. Looking at photos, Liz wonders again the true paternity of Aiden.

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General Hospital

GH’s Kelly Thiebaud Delivers The ‘Power Performance of the Week’

In heartbreaking scenes on last week’s episodes of General Hospital, Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) gets the news she has feared for quite some time – that her battle with Huntington’s disease has progressed even further than she imagined.

The moments were all played with devastating perfection by Daytime Emmy winner, Kelly Thiebaud, who has GH fans know will be departing the ABC daytime drama series soon.

In story, Austin (Roger Howarth) set up a consultation with a Huntington’s Disease expert, Dr. Talone. When the three meet to discuss Britt’s case, she learns that symptoms she thought were stress from being on the run a few years ago, and when she was in prison, were the early manifestations of the disease.

After Dr. Talone examines Britt, she reveals that Britt now has the signs of stage three Huntington’s.  As for her prognosis, Britt will have ‘significant cognitive impairment’, and while she was anywhere between five to fifteen years in her lifespan, it could be as soon as eighteen months when Britt will need assisted living and full-time care.

When Dr. Talone exits, Austin offers to stay with Britt, but she asks for him to leave her office so she can be alone.  Once by herself and overcome with the news she received (and looking at her framed medical license and business card which says that Britt is Co-Chief of Staff of General Hospital), she finally loses it and tears up her office.  Cody (Josh Kelly) comes upon her, when she is left holding the necklace she found in Peter’s possessions which are the diamonds of the Ice Princess.

Britt is in tears and tells Cody that when she found out her father, Faison had died, she thought it was finally over. However, his reach extends far beyond the grave! Britt is in disbelief that she wasted so much time seeking his approval.  Cody tries to calm Britt down by telling her she is worth loving.  Britt remarks, “Even with what’s been passed down to me?”  Cody is confused and thinks she is talking about the necklace which now makes Britt believe that Cody was only into her for the diamonds.

Later, in the most gut-wrenching and emotional scenes, Britt confesses to her mother, Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) that her disease has progressed. Obrecht wants to get her to a specialist in Toronto, but Britt says she just met with her and she informs her mother she has five to fifteen years to live – and a year and a half before she may require full-time care.  Obrecht promises they will fight this. An overcome Britt asks her to just stop because she doesn’t need a doctor … she needs a mom.  The two embrace, but Obrecht cries Britt deserved a better mother than her. Kathleen Gati and Kelly Thiebaud were extremely touching and effective in these scenes.

When looking at the totality of the arc of this story that played out last week, and the understated and beautiful work of Kelly Thiebaud, it is without question Michael Fairman TV gives our Power Performance of the Week honors to Kelly.

So, what did you think of Kelly’s performances as Britt learns what she will now be faced with in the years ahead and the aftermath? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Elizabeth Learns She’s Responsible for Reiko Falling Down the Stairs; Where Does This Story Go From Here?

Where is this all leading? That is the question many General Hospital fans are asking themselves following Wednesday’s episode. On the surface, it would look to now drive a wedge between the relationship of Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Finn (Michael Easton). So, here’s what viewers found out or had confirmed.

In California, Jeff (William Moses) reveals to Elizabeth that it was she who pushed Reiko down the flight of stairs.  At first, Elizabeth refuses to believe it.  Previously, Jeff admitted to having an affair with Reiko (Mele Ihara) while at Doctors Without Borders and Carolyn (Denise Crosby) admits she knew as well.  Liz starts to recall the missing pieces in her head of the argument she had with Reiko. Carolyn says, it’s all coming back to Liz now.

Photo: ABC

It was then, that Liz recalls her confrontation with Reiko where she called Reiko ‘a home-wrecking whore’.  At that moment, Liz threatened Reiko that she would tell Carolyn and Reiko’s husband about the fling with her dad.  Reiko grabbed Liz and told her she should not go through with that.  During the argument, and as a struggled ensured, Reiko tumbled down the stairs. Liz cries and realizes, “I did it! It was me.”

While Liz can’t seem to recall if Reiko’s fall was caused by her own intent to push her, or if it was an accident and Reiko slipped, Jeff shares he didn’t see what happened. However, Jeff really lowers the boom on Liz when he reveals that due to the fall, Reiko suffered a traumatic brain injury and severe bleeding. It was then, that Reiko needed a blood transfusion, and that’s how she got the disease that killed her.


Carolyn steps in and tells Liz they did everything to protect her from the legal system since she was a minor. So, they set out to get an immediate transfer for themselves and sent her away.  Liz struggles to understand why she couldn’t remember any of this. Carolyn shares that originally, following Reiko’s fall, Elizabeth suffered from terrible nightmares and sleepwalking episodes. Eventually, Carolyn coached her to block out the memories, and hence, they sent her away so she would never remember. Carolyn and Jeff say it was better to lose their relationship with her than lose her forever.

A furious and hurt Elizabeth can’t believe they brainwashed her, sent her away, etc. and believes all her parents cared about was protecting their reputations and storms out of the house.

So, how did you feel about the resolution to the mystery of what has been troubling Elizabeth for months and months? Do you think this will end up with a surprising turn? Are there just too many pot-holes in this entire story to make it palpable to long-time viewers? Share your thoughts on the story via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Elizabeth Comes Face-To-Face With Her Father, Jeff Webber

Friday’s episode of General Hospital not only brought back to the canvas, Heather Webber (now played by Alley Mills), but Jeff Webber (now played by William Moses).

In story, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Terry (Cassandra James) have traveled to Monterey, California, so Liz can go snooping in the Webber house (where she grew up) in an effort try to get some answers as to why she somehow knows Finn’s (Michael Easton) ex-wife, Reiko, and her troubled relationship with her parents, Jeff and Carolyn.  It’s been over 20 years since Liz has been back home or seen in her parents.

While sitting in a car, Terry had called Liz’s parents, who were shocked to hear from her but also agreed to meet her at the local coffee shop. Terry tells Liz that she will do her best to stall Jeff and Carolyn as long as possible.  Back in Port Charles, Finn finds out from Cameron (William Lipton) that Liz actually went back to visit her parents, which surprises him.

Liz shares she is scared to go inside her parents home (she knows the security code to get in without being found out) but she informs Terry she’s determined to get to the truth and connect the dots of what has been haunting her all these months. When Terry asks her what it is she is looking for, Liz admits she is not sure. Just then, Terry receives a text from Liz’s parents and she needs to get to the coffee shop.

Once at the coffee shop, Terry gets a call from Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) about Willow’s (Katelyn MacMullen) leukemia condition.  After she hangs up, she looks around the coffee shop and Jeff and Carolyn aren’t there.

Meanwhile, Liz has broken into her childhood home and sees a photo of her and her sister, Sarah, from 25 years ago.  Just then, who should walk through the front door? It’s Jeff!  He is stunned to see his daughter standing in the living room.  We fade to black and that’s the cliffhanger till Monday!

So, what do you think will be revealed? Will Jeff turn out to be a very bad guy? Does Heather have something to do with what happened to Liz years ago in the stair well? What does Reiko have to do with any of this? Share your theories via the comment section below.

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