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GH Recap – Jan 9 – Jan 13th



Just as Sam is about to confide in Michael, she gets a call from Patrick with questions about Jason’s recent violent behavior. The pregnancy test results come in.  Liz makes an important promise to Robin.  Sonny gathers information on Jax – just as Kate arrives to hear.  Later, she makes a mysterious call, and she and Sonny get hot.  Meanwhile, Carly comes onto Johnny, hoping it will keep Michael from the mob.  Ethan finds out more about the Woman in White, aka Cassandra.  Olivia questions Steve about Maggie.

Jason changes his mind and decides to go after Franco – for good.  Sam watches a nurse and infant at the hospital.  Patrick overhears Jason demanding Robin tell her husband the truth.  But Robin dissembles and Patrick lovingly sends her off.  Carly barrels in on Sonny and Kate.  Later, Sonny and Kate agree to be public.  Carly pulls Johnny just as Anthony gets a visit from Michael.  Michael demands justice from the PCPD, who has yet to find the guy killing dancers.  Later, Delores finds a clue that connects the victims.  Freaked that she is being followed, Maxie lets loose on Lulu as they do yoga.  Anthony prepares to marry Tracy Quartermaine with Maxie’s help. Carly asks Luke for a bargaining chip with the Zaccharas.  Ethan and Ewen discuss Cassandra and who she could be, as she looks on in hiding.  EOD, Helena is waiting at Wyndemere.  Johnny makes a strange demand on Steve Webber.  Olivia spins out to Dante, and later does Steve still have feelings for Maggie?  As Maxie fearfully works with Anthony on the nuptials, Lulu questions Tracy on her engagement to the Zacchara mob boss.  Tracy is threatened.

Sonny tries to talk Jason into letting go of Franco, but to no avail.  Sam gets a call from Alexis and Molly.  Jason confronts Franco.  Sonny and Johnny face off momentarily at the mob office – and Michael asks his father to do what the PCPD has failed to do.  Delores points out some conflicting information about the stripper attacks.  Ethan and Cassandra grow closer as Helena waits to strike.  Steve and Maggie discuss their past and shared secret. Olivia attacks.

At Wyndemere Helena continues to eavesdrop (while holding a long dagger) as Cassandra admits she sometimes feels like she is being hunted. She also confesses that she is scared to learn who she really is; what if the truth is more dangerous than running around the country and finding abandoned mansions to squat in? In a strange way Cassandra quite likes not knowing her past; ignorance is bliss. Ethan is utterly charmed by her and kisses her. Cassandra is equally drawn to Ethan and returns his kiss, which builds to making love. Meanwhile Luke is at the Haunted Star making phone calls. He inquiries on Helena’s whereabouts and tries to dig up dirt on Johnny for Carly. Later Luke texts Ethan, asking him to meet him. Ethan reluctantly leaves Cassandra’s side and heads to the Haunted Star where he tells his dad that he doesn’t want to help him nail Johnny. He is more interested in his new lady at Wyndemere. Upset Luke reminds Ethan that nothing good ever comes from Spoon Island — stay away while he can!  Back at Wyndemere Ewan pops by for a visit, surprising Cassandra. She mentions Ethan and Ewan warns her that she can’t get involved with him. Not now and not ever.

Jax continue to lurk around Port Charles. He calls his mom to tell her that he must stay a little while longer as we see a gun on the desk in his room. At the mob restaurant Michael angrily demands that Sonny find the stripper stalker/attacker and kills him. When Sonny tries to reason with Michael, Michael threatens to do it himself. Kate arrives and is mighty disturbed to hear this conversation. After Michael storms off, Kate asks Sonny if he intends to fulfill Michael’s wishes. She knows what lengths Sonny will go for his kids. Sonny assures her that he won’t, but Kate is sure. She changes the subject to the restaurant renovations and Sonny says he doesn’t know if it will work. Hurt Kate asks if Sonny means the restaurant — or them. As Jax watches from outside, Sonny decides he no longer wants to make the place into Fortuno’s — the restaurant of his and Kate’s youth — and throws away his wooden key chain. Pleased with this symbolic action that supposedly means a new Sonny, Kate promises to return with new plans for the restaurant and leaves. Alone Sonny answers the phone when he is shot!

At Jason’s penthouse Sam leaves an urgent voice message for Jason, asking him to leave Franco alone and come home. Michael arrives to find her loading a gun. He wants to hire her to find the stripper stalker/attacker so he can kill the creep. Sam passionately refuses, afraid that if Michael goes to jail, Jason will, too. Michael scoffs; he knows they are supposed to keep Jason from getting upset, but what he wants to do isn’t any less upsetting than whatever Sam plans to do with that gun! Furious Michael storms out and decides to buy a gun from a guy in a back alley.

Jason arrives at the art gallery to confront Franco. Franco taunts him, which only frustrates Jason. Jason shoots Franco and as Franco bleeds, he says that if he dies, Jason will never know what really happened between him and Sam during the honeymoon or why Franco even came into his life. Later we see Jason driving away, his left hand clenched as the gallery burns behind him. Jason finally arrives home to tell Sam that Franco is out of their lives for good. Troubled Sam says he isn’t — because she is pregnant!

At the hospital Patrick is annoyed that Robin hasn’t called him yet. Her plane should have landed by now. Elizabeth fidgets as Patrick says how much he misses Robin, etc. Later he is relieved when Robin finally calls and we see she is standing outside of Seattle Mercy West. (Hello, Grey’s Anatomy!) Later Elizabeth cracks from guilt and blurts to Patrick that Robin isn’t at an AIDS conference in Africa doing research for a patient. It’s Robin who is sick — she might be dying and didn’t want Patrick to know!

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Elizabeth Learns She’s Responsible for Reiko Falling Down the Stairs; Where Does This Story Go From Here?

Where is this all leading? That is the question many General Hospital fans are asking themselves following Wednesday’s episode. On the surface, it would look to now drive a wedge between the relationship of Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Finn (Michael Easton). So, here’s what viewers found out or had confirmed.

In California, Jeff (William Moses) reveals to Elizabeth that it was she who pushed Reiko down the flight of stairs.  At first, Elizabeth refuses to believe it.  Previously, Jeff admitted to having an affair with Reiko (Mele Ihara) while at Doctors Without Borders and Carolyn (Denise Crosby) admits she knew as well.  Liz starts to recall the missing pieces in her head of the argument she had with Reiko. Carolyn says, it’s all coming back to Liz now.

Photo: ABC

It was then, that Liz recalls her confrontation with Reiko where she called Reiko ‘a home-wrecking whore’.  At that moment, Liz threatened Reiko that she would tell Carolyn and Reiko’s husband about the fling with her dad.  Reiko grabbed Liz and told her she should not go through with that.  During the argument, and as a struggled ensured, Reiko tumbled down the stairs. Liz cries and realizes, “I did it! It was me.”

While Liz can’t seem to recall if Reiko’s fall was caused by her own intent to push her, or if it was an accident and Reiko slipped, Jeff shares he didn’t see what happened. However, Jeff really lowers the boom on Liz when he reveals that due to the fall, Reiko suffered a traumatic brain injury and severe bleeding. It was then, that Reiko needed a blood transfusion, and that’s how she got the disease that killed her.


Carolyn steps in and tells Liz they did everything to protect her from the legal system since she was a minor. So, they set out to get an immediate transfer for themselves and sent her away.  Liz struggles to understand why she couldn’t remember any of this. Carolyn shares that originally, following Reiko’s fall, Elizabeth suffered from terrible nightmares and sleepwalking episodes. Eventually, Carolyn coached her to block out the memories, and hence, they sent her away so she would never remember. Carolyn and Jeff say it was better to lose their relationship with her than lose her forever.

A furious and hurt Elizabeth can’t believe they brainwashed her, sent her away, etc. and believes all her parents cared about was protecting their reputations and storms out of the house.

So, how did you feel about the resolution to the mystery of what has been troubling Elizabeth for months and months? Do you think this will end up with a surprising turn? Are there just too many pot-holes in this entire story to make it palpable to long-time viewers? Share your thoughts on the story via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Elizabeth Comes Face-To-Face With Her Father, Jeff Webber

Friday’s episode of General Hospital not only brought back to the canvas, Heather Webber (now played by Alley Mills), but Jeff Webber (now played by William Moses).

In story, Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Terry (Cassandra James) have traveled to Monterey, California, so Liz can go snooping in the Webber house (where she grew up) in an effort try to get some answers as to why she somehow knows Finn’s (Michael Easton) ex-wife, Reiko, and her troubled relationship with her parents, Jeff and Carolyn.  It’s been over 20 years since Liz has been back home or seen in her parents.

While sitting in a car, Terry had called Liz’s parents, who were shocked to hear from her but also agreed to meet her at the local coffee shop. Terry tells Liz that she will do her best to stall Jeff and Carolyn as long as possible.  Back in Port Charles, Finn finds out from Cameron (William Lipton) that Liz actually went back to visit her parents, which surprises him.

Liz shares she is scared to go inside her parents home (she knows the security code to get in without being found out) but she informs Terry she’s determined to get to the truth and connect the dots of what has been haunting her all these months. When Terry asks her what it is she is looking for, Liz admits she is not sure. Just then, Terry receives a text from Liz’s parents and she needs to get to the coffee shop.

Once at the coffee shop, Terry gets a call from Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) about Willow’s (Katelyn MacMullen) leukemia condition.  After she hangs up, she looks around the coffee shop and Jeff and Carolyn aren’t there.

Meanwhile, Liz has broken into her childhood home and sees a photo of her and her sister, Sarah, from 25 years ago.  Just then, who should walk through the front door? It’s Jeff!  He is stunned to see his daughter standing in the living room.  We fade to black and that’s the cliffhanger till Monday!

So, what do you think will be revealed? Will Jeff turn out to be a very bad guy? Does Heather have something to do with what happened to Liz years ago in the stair well? What does Reiko have to do with any of this? Share your theories via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Robert Is Shocked When He Sees Holly as Emma Samms Returns

It’s been a long time coming and on today’s Thursday October 20th, GH fans welcomed back fan favorite Emma Samms in her role as Holly Sutton.

Samms, who is battling Long Covid, recent it to the U.S from the UK to film all-new episodes of the long-running ABC daytime drama.

In story, as Lucy (Lynn Herring) has now gone missing, Anna (Finola Hughes) is desperately trying to break Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy).  Meanwhile, we see a woman face down near the rocks and a body of water.  Suddenly, she begins to have some movement in her hands.  The woman gets up and walks through some other rocks and heads off.

Later, the woman makes her way to the Quartermaine boathouse.  Willow (Katelyn MacMullen), who just had to get away from the unpleasant argument at the Q’s and is not feeling well, heads to the boathouse after seeing traces of wet footprints. Once inside, she lets out a scream.

Next thing you know, Michael (Chad Duell) runs to her as Willow is thinking the woman could be the ‘hook’ killer who ended Brando’s life. At the PCPD, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) informs everyone that a woman just showed up at the Q’s estate after receiving a call from Ned (Wally Kurth).  Anna is hoping it’s Lucy!

Dante and Robert (Tristan Rogers) hightail to the Quartermaines.  Meanwhile, Jordan (Tanisha Harper) gets a lead about a registered drone that surveyed the lake the previous night. When she obtains the footage from the drone, Martin (Michael E. Knight), and Anna look on. They watch someone supposedly shooting Lucy and her falling into the steely waters off the pier.  Once they see the face of the shooter, Martin and Jordan turn and look at Anna and want answers.

Dante and Robert arrive at the Q’s and Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), who has seen the woman inside the boathouse, tells Robert to prepare himself before he goes in.  Once inside, Robert sees a a very much alive Holly Sutton!

So are you glad to see Emma back on GH? How do you think Holly’s story will play out? Share your thoughts and theories via the comment section below.

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