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GH Recap – March 22 – March 26th



Ethan violates the restraining order against him and goes to the lake house where he implores Kristina to tell the truth that he didn’t beat her.  Lucky arrests Ethan after Sam calls the cops on him.  Jason and Carly discuss the fact that Kristina might not be telling the truth.  Carly drops in on Kristina, who seems on the verge of unburdening herself but the moment is broken when Alexis returns.  Diane finishes giving her opening statement at Sonny’s murder trial.  Dante and Lulu are set to finally make love for the first time when he’s summoned to the courthouse to give his testimony.  Maxie’s loved ones fear the worst as her health continues to deteriorate.

Alexis is infuriated to find Carly interrogating Kristina.  Carly tells Jason she’s convinced Kristina is lying about Ethan attacking her.  Luke believes Ethan is telling the truth when he claims he never hit Kristina and urges him to stay in town and exonerate himself.  Luke, however, becomes evasive when Ethan asks him about the violent incident in his past that Lucky had previously alluded to.  Jason shares his doubts about Ethan’s guilt with Lucky, who later goes to question Kristina.  Dante’s forced to implicate Michael as a possible witness to Claudia’s murder while being questioned by Claire.  Dante angrily confronts Claire for making him drag Michael’s name into Sonny’s trial.  Patrick arranges a romantic picnic in the park for Robin but Lisa happens upon the scene before Robin arrives.

Carly shares her suspicion that Kiefer beat Kristina with Jason.  Luke faces off with Sonny over Ethan, stating he believes in Ethan’s innocence.  Kristina pleads with Sonny not to take action against Ethan.  Sonny tells Jason he won’t retaliate against Ethan at this time for Kristina’s sake.  Ethan’s stunned when Lulu explains she thinks he’s guilty because he’s just like their father and reveals that Luke once raped Laura.  Carly accuses Jax of wanting to destroy Sonny at Michael’s expense.  Jax surprises Carly when he prevents Claire from learning Michael’s whereabouts.  Robin and Patrick argue about Sonny but soon make up. Luke infuriates Sonny when he implies Kristina might be lying about Ethan beating her.  Sam tells Alexis they should honor Kristina’s wishes not to pursue prosecuting Ethan and points out exactly what Kristina would have to endure if the case went to court.  Kiefer becomes angry when he learns Kristina doesn’t want to press charges against Ethan.  Carly goes to the island to visit Michael, who’s certain Kiefer was the person who beat Kristina after learning of the attack.  Claire wonders how Johnny will perform on the witness stand. Sonny goes ballistic upon learning that Kristina isn’t pressing charges against Ethan and he’ll walk away a free man.  Claire witnesses Sonny’s tirade against Ethan in which he states in no uncertain terms that he wants Ethan dead.  Luke pays Kristina a visit.  Jason meets Conan, a new employee at the restaurant who’s the son of one of Sonny’s allies.  Johnny warns Claire that Dante will end up protecting Sonny.  Maxie has a vision of Georgie.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Peter’s On Ice, But Is He “Dead” Dead?

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital provided more to the back-story of what Finn (Michael Easton) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) did with Peter’s (Wes Ramsey) body after Finn tussled with the guy and Peter fell down the stairwell and hitting his head on the wall, to his supposed death.

In story, Liz became worried when thinking back to how she suggested to Finn – and that they carried out –  putting Peter’s body in a freezer in the sub-basement of the hospital.

As she recalls their plot (to keep Peter’s body from being discovered until they have time to move him permanently), Anna  (Finola Hughes) is on the move of the hospital and uncovers a hidden service elevator that might just take her to the sub-basement, where she could discover Peter’s lifeless body.

But hold the phone! While we know it was revealed that Wes Ramsey departed GH, could it be that Anna could discover the freezer with no sign of Peter in it? Do you really think his reign of terror is over given that he is Cesar Faison’s bio-son?

Share your thoughts: Do you think Peter is really dead, or will the character come back to haunt everyone and try to get revenge on all who tried to stand in his way of Maxie and his child? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms Delivers ‘The Power Performance of the Week’

Leave it to a beloved MVP of General Hospital, Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones), to pull out all the stops in the culmination of Maxie’s storyline with Peter August (Wes Ramsey), and that’s what viewers witnessed this week on the ABC daytime drama series.

Maxie manipulated the manipulator during a stunning sequence of events.  In story, while recovering at General Hospital after giving birth in the woods, Maxie lays it on thick to ensure that Peter never gets near their baby Louise – who is actually being passed off as “Bailey”, the baby of Valentin and Brook Lynn – not kidnapped by the naughty nurse, Chloe (Kimberly J. Brown).  But in Maxie’s chain of events to Peter, she tears into him and tells him that Chloe kidnapped her, drugged her to induce labor, and took off with Louise.  Peter is stunned.  Maxie goes on to explain that Chloe said she was working for him and that Peter planned to take her and the baby out of the country,


At that point, Maxie plays on Peter’s psyche, telling him she wishes the dark side of him would return to get the nurse for what she did.  It is then she gets Peter right where she wants him when he admits that Chloe isn’t the nurse’s real name.   Maxie then turns up the heat on Peter and reveals that Chloe must have been fed information on her from Peter! And that the only explanation is that Peter is horrible person.

Then, Maxie tells Peter their baby is gone, it’s all his fault, and he hopes he is terrified, and that she is repulsed by him, especially every time he touched her.  She then confronts him about killing Drew Cain, Franco Baldwin and anyone else who got in his way.   He says it’s not too late for them, and that he did it all for her and Louise.

Boom! Maxie has got Peter’s confession taped on a file on her phone which she immediately sends to Mac.  That sends Peter running and well, we know, or we think we know where that led, to Peter’s fall down the stairs thanks to Finn (Michael Easton).


Later when Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) arrives at GH with baby Louise, she sits outside Maxie’s room as emotional Maxie sees her daughter in the arms of another mother, and is heartbroken that she can’t be with the little girl she just gave birth to.

Over the last three episodes. Kirsten Storms has reminded us all of why she has the innate ability and combination to play strong, determined, vulnerable, loveable and devastated with such ease.  Storms gave us a bravura performance to remember, slicing Peter’s charade in half, playing beats of Maxie’s fictionalized account, with Maxie’s real account of life with Henrik Faison aka Peter.   For all of this and more, Michael Fairman TV names Kirsten Storms work, The Power Performance of the Week.

What did you think of Kirsten in the pivotal scenes with Maxie and Peter, and the emotional fallout that followed? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.  But first, check out some moments from Maxie giving Peter a piece of her mind!

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General Hospital

Roger Howarth Returns to General Hospital and Debuts His New Character

Thursday was a special day for longtime fans of General Hospital and those of fan favorite Roger Howarth.  Today, Howarth returned in his new role on the ABC daytime drama series, who’s name is “Austin” and that viewers learn is a doctor, and that is all we know thus far.

General Hospital and Howarth previously noted that even though he was killed-off a few months ago as Franco Baldwin after he was shot in a struggle with Peter August (Wes Ramsey) that he would make his re-emergence on the canvas sometime in May.

Now with summer right around, Howarth is back.  When we first see his new soap incarnation of “Austin”, he comes to the rescue of Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms), who has gone into labor and found her way into the woods to escape the clutches of evil Nurse Chloe (Kimberly J. Brown) and Peter’s machinations.

And … as she just so happens to need a doctor, lo and behold there is Austin in the woods from what appears to be a hike, who ultimately helps deliver Maxie’s baby girl.  Trouble is, at the end of the episode, it appears that baby Louise might not be breathing.

In a summer preview for GH, in the brand new issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands this weekend, GH head writers, Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor teased, “Roger’s new character has an interest in a prominent Port Charles family.  He’ll shake up the canvas in surprising ways as summer unfolds.”

So, were you happy to see Roger back on GH today? Do you like that he is seemingly playing a doctor? Share your theories on his new character”Austin” via the comment section. But first check out, Howarth’s debut as Austin in the clips below.

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GH’s Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) chats with Michael Fairman about Britt being on the run with Jason, their burgeoning romance, working with Steve Burton and her other co-star and Britt’s diagnosis of Huntington’s Disease. .Leave A Comment

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