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GH Recap – May 14 – May 18th



PCPD, Kate admits to Alexis her fears that Connie is responsible for Cole and Hope’s death — as Todd overhears. Meanwhile, Tea and Carly face off. Later, Todd informs Tea of his discovery, but she refuses to listen. So Todd tells Carly.  Patrick remains stuck in his grief and requests Epiphany reassign his patients. When Elizabeth finds out he has refused to operate on Ewen, she pays a visit herself.  McBain comforts Sam as she spends her birthday alone, missing Jason. Meanwhile, Jason finds support from Liz as she cares for Emma. Later, Sam returns to her room and encounters Jason, who has come to with her happy birthday. Luke and Anna encounter Liz with Emma and Aiden, and they end up babysitting their grandchildren together. Later, Heather witnesses the happy domestic scene. Olivia finds the timing of Maggie’s death and confession to be disturbing, but Heathers insists they concentrate on Steve.

Despite the betrayal, Sonny asks Alexis to help defend Kate. Meanwhile, Johnny tries another tactic to win back Carly, only for Todd to intervene. Later, Johnny and Sonny almost come to blows — but in an attempt to do right by Carly, Johnny tells Sonny he should forgive Kate instead. As Starr confides in Kate about her recent loss, unaware Kate may have caused it, Michael insists to Sonny he has no qualms testifying against Starr, as Todd overhears. We realize, along with Michael, that Molly and TJ have been secretly dating behind Shawn and Alexis’ back.

Carly gives Michael good advice about his motives to testify against Starr. Meanwhile, Tea tries to convince Starr to discredit Michael, but she refuses. Todd attempts to emotionally blackmail Sonny – if Michael backs off Starr, Todd will back off Kate. To Elizabeth’s relief, Patrick pulls himself together to operate on Ewen. Despite his promise, Spinelli names Matt as Lisa Niles’s murderer in court. Meanwhile, Maxie breaks the same news to Matt, who has been wholly unaware.

Kate prepares to confront Connie with the help of a psychiatrist, and Sonny admits to Kate he hired Alexis for her. Later, Kate demands to know if Connie is guilty. Kate almost comes clean to Starr but can’t bring herself to it. Later Starr is arraigned for the attempted murder of Sonny, and she pleads … not guilty. As Maxie admits her cover-up for Matt, Spinelli is forced to name Matt in the courtroom. The judge agrees to free Maxie if she signs an oath confirming Matt as the killer. Later, Mac and Felicia hope Spinelli will get through to Maxie. Luke stops Tracy from making a messy murder of Anthony. Later, Anthony overhears their plot to get rid of him.

Anthony overhears Tracy asking Luke to whack Anthony. Luke will get Anthony out of Tracy’s life in exchange for Tracy promising not to try to kill Anthony herself. Tracy wants to know what Luke’s plan is. Luke admits he doesn’t have one yet, but will handle him in own way.  Alexis and Sonny enter the other side of the lineup room and see Kate yelling at the two-way mirror, yelling at Connie, demanding to know what she did. Sonny rushes in to comfort Kate but meets Connie instead! Connie is able to keep Alexis out and proceeds to tell Sonny everything: she needed to get Sonny to dump Kate. Sonny knows it was Connie not Kate that slept with Johnny. Connie knocked out Ewen. Sonny grabs Connie: what did she do the night of the accident?! Later, Connie tells Sonny that it was her that night that tried to kill Anthony!

Anthony shows up at Johnny’s place and tells him that strange things have been happening. He now has proof that Tracy is trying to kill him; he’ll have to give Tracy her divorce and move back in with Johnny. Johnny isn’t cool with that. Anthony snaps, grabs Johnny, and tells him he’s tired of the whining about his childhood. Johnny falls to the ground as Anthony pulls a gun on him. Anthony is ready to shoot Johnny, but Johnny laughs, tells him to go ahead, it would make them even. Ultimately, Johnny tells Anthony it wasn’t Sonny that tried to kill him, it was Johnny!

Todd tells Tea he knows who killed Hope. Todd tells Tea about Kate and her split personality. Todd explains the offer he made to Sonny, but admits that it would appear that Sonny does not care for Kate like he used to. Maxie is grateful to Spinelli for getting her released without revealing Matt. Spinelli has to admit that he did reveal that information and Maxie now has to testify against Matt for her freedom. Maxie feels like everything is falling apart and it’s all Spinelli’s fault.  Meanwhile, Matt is talking to Elizabeth, and before he can admit he was the murderer, Patrick joins them with the news that Ewen’s surgery went well. Elizabeth moves off to check on him. Patrick is there for his brother, but Matt decides not to admit he’s the murderer.



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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura Wright and Kelly Thiebaud Deliver One-Two Punch as Britt & Carly Grieve the Loss of Jason

When General Hospital goes for the emotional jugular, it is very often top-notch daytime drama, and that was on full display through Tuesday and Wednesday’s episode of the ABC daytime drama series in key scenes as the news of Jason’s ‘death’ hit Port Charles.

In the wake of Steve Burton’s (Ex-Jason) dismissal from the show for not adhering to the vaccine mandate, it did open up the story and provide for a huge fallout for those who loved the mob hitman.

In the end, it was Carly (Laura Wright) and Britt (Kelly Thiebaud), who seemingly felt the loss the hardest.  Initially, upon learning how Jason ‘died’ helping Britt locate her mother, Liesl (Kathleen Gati), a defiant Carly blamed Britt for Jason never coming home.

In Wednesday’s episode, we saw how Carly and Britt tried to cope with the knowledge that Jason was buried under a rubble in a cave, with no sign of life, or his body found.

Overwhelmed with grief, Carly heads to the footbridge to be close to the spirit of Jason and to mourn him as tears flow.  She is stunned to see Britt show up there, too.  Carly is surprised that Britt even knew about the bridge that Jason had rebuilt thank to a generous donation from him.  Britt tells Carly that she and Jason had a lot of time to talk while they were on the run.  After Carly explains that Jason was her person and had been her other half, Britt offers to leave. S he expresses that she thought coming to the bridge would make her feel closer to Jason.

Then, in a heartbreaking moment, Britt assures Carly that she blames herself for what happened to Jason and hates herself.  Then, Carly has a moment of clarity that Jason would want her to forgive Britt.  Generous thoughts never come naturally to Carly, but Jason always set her straight on how to handle life’s most difficult situations.

In the final moments of the episode, with both women in tears, Britt moves to the center of the bridge with her arm around Carly, after Carly tells her she doesn’t want her to go.  The two stand together bonded over the man they both loved.

These scenes were masterfully played by Laura Wright and Kelly Thiebaud. They were gut-wrenching, powerful, and sad all at the same time.  We think many viewers needed several hankies during these scenes.

So, what did you think of the Carly and Britt bridge scenes …. and the work of Laura and Kelly? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Curtis is Stunned When Marshall Reveals He is his Father

Monday’s episode of General Hospital brought with it some very intense scenes between Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Marshall (Robert Gossett).

While at Curtis’ Savoy nightclub, Marshall confesses to Curtis that he in, in fact, the father Curtis believed to have died all those years ago, thus causing Curtis and his brother to grow up without a father.

Marshall explains he’s the man Curtis has been searching for his whole life … ‘Marshall Thomas Ashford’.

At first in denial, Curtis wants Marshall to leave the premises. Marshall tells his son to look at him and in his eyes. Curtis cannot comprehend how if he was alive, he could have left his children behind causing them a lifetime of instability.

It’s then that Marshall goes on to say that he could not come forward before because it wasn’t safe until now for him to reveal himself.  Marshall then asks Curtis for a chance and to take things one step at time.

Curtis demands that Marshall gets out of the nightclub immediately.  Before he leaves, Marshall leaves behind a family photo and once alone, Curtis breaks down and cries.

So, it appears that everyone’s guesses were correct – that Marshall is Curtis’ dad – but what’s the back-story, or is there a twist coming?

Share your thoughts on the storyline and the performances of Donnell and Robert in the key scenes via the comment section. But first, check out some of the key moments from yesterday’s episode below,

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Carly Admits To Sonny She Was Falling Back In Love with Jason

On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) finally had the “talk”.  You know, the one about what Sonny really walked in on the night he “returned from the dead” on Carly and Jason’s (Steve Burton) wedding night?  Yeah, that one.

Sonny has already had a conversation with Jason, where Jason admitted he was starting to fall again for Carly, even though they were originally getting married to show a united front for the five families.

Now coming to confront Carly, Sonny is at first greeted by her with “Mike’s” cowboy hat, where she says the man he was in Nixon Falls is a mystery to her. Sonny tells her he spoke with Jason and so Carly is compelled to admit that she and Jason would have slept together on their wedding night, if Sonny hadn’t shown up alive and in the bedroom!

Sonny’s clearly upset about his best friend and his wife getting so close and rekindling their old feelings. Carly tells Sonny that, at first, Jason and she were just going through with the wedding for show, but later, they decided to make it a real marriage, and were falling in love.

When Sonny poses the question to Carly, if she has any residual feelings for Jason, she says they have gone back to being best friends, and how much she loves Sonny.  Carly points out that Nina (Cynthia Watros) did this to them – she kept them apart for nine months – and so much has happened that it’s been difficult for them to be together as it was in the past because of it.

In the end, despite what Nina had perpetrated on them, Carly and Sonny come to an agreement that they need to rebuild their relationship.  But the cowboy hat looms as we fade to black.

Clearly, the Jason and Carly relationship and almost consummating it on their wedding night, is not sitting well with Sonny; plus Sonny seems to continue to not really tear into Nina for her deception as much as someone would if he didn’t also have feelings for her.

So, what do you hope happens next? Do you want Sonny and Carly to work things out? Do you hope Sonny sleeps with Nina? If he does, and Jason goes back to Britt (now that they are going on another adventure together to locate Liesl) is Carly ultimately the odd woman out?  Share your thoughts and theories via the comment section below.

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