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GH Special Goodbye To Lee Baldwin Honoring The Passing Of Peter Hansen To Air July 14th!


Get out the hankies and get ready to take a walk down General Hospital memory lane this coming Friday, when the ABC daytime drama series pays tribute to the late Peter Hansen who played Lee Baldwin.

Hansen was the very first actor to win the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category at the Daytime Emmys back in 1979.

ABC exec Nathan Varni tweeted:  “A special goodbye to Lee Baldwin airs Friday, July 14th on ABC. Set your DVR’s or watch live!”

Just how the news of Lee’s death will spread or impact Port Charles will be interesting to see, but we know Lee’s on-screen son, Kin Shriner will be front and center, along with none other than Carly Schroeder who is returning to the show for this special episode as Serena, Lucy (Lynn Herring) and Scott’s daughter.

Schroeder told SOD on her return appearance: “I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful return. Kin and I still have the same mannerisms! He is like my second father.” Will Susan Brown be back as well as Gail, Lee’s longtime love?

So, are you looking forward to the series honoring Lee Baldwin and his portrayer, Peter Hansen? Comment below.

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Nice to see. I just hope we won’t have to see Sonny and carley there also. I have stopped watching the Mobs inc show.

Will be nice to see Carley Schroeder. If I know them, it will be a picture on the wall, and the family looking at it. I hope not. Would be nice to see some flashbacks.

I agree with you Janet. I stopped watching for the same reason. I hope Friday’s show lives up to its promise. I will have a box of tissues ready in case. Happy viewing

Janet, ditto!

I agree. I’ll tune in to watch the Baldwins, but let’s hope they’ll leve the Mob out of that episode.

hi Justin ..
rest easy..
GH has Not had a mob since 3012..
Just Sonny and Julian and invisible people on the phone..
it is two old retired mobster with personal grudges..
GH hasn’t had a mob story in many years..

And I love the mob, so for a very long time I have not fully enjoyed GH ..

Very disappointing!! ONE flashback?!? Nice to see Laura offer her condolences to Scotty in person, though

I am sure half the episode will be about Sonny and how he felt when Morgan died


I was a HUGE GH fan back in the seventies. I will definitely be glued to my TV for this one. In my opinion, and I know I will

I was a HUGE GH fan in the seventies. I will definitely be glued to my TV for this one. In my opinion, and I know I will probably get heat for what I am about to say, but today’s GH doesn’t hold a candle to what it once was. Rest in peace Mr. Hansen. You will be missed. Another great soap star at rest

I just said the same thing a few minutes ago.. I think GH has seen its best days.. Late 70’s 80s and early 90s..

Yes, Soapqueenforever and Mel, I agree with you both. I look forward to seeing this episode, but I’m afraid that with Steve Burton coming back, it will be back to the mob storylines taking over the entire show. I’m so tired of seeing the characters of Jason and Sam wearing black all the time. It’s the same old, same old. Now GH is letting actors go to make room in their budget for Mr. Burton. It’s a crime. I read that there are more firings coming. The names being bandied about are Michael Easton, Michele Stafford and William DeVry. It’s a shame.

It was something special “back in the day.” It had heart.

I hope they dedicate most of the episode to this without interspersing other stories. There’s so much rich material and would be a great tribute to the actor who was so integral to the stories, a great nostalgic walk for viewers who were “there” and probably fun for newer viewers to get a glimpse into the past.

I agree with Mel. GH was at its peak in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, especially during the Luke & Laura days. Sure do miss Lee, Gail, Jesse, Ruby, Steve, Dan Rooney, Joe Kelly, and all the gems from those days.

soapqueenforever, Mel, and Judith, I echo all of your thoughts! I am looking forward to Friday’s episode!

Big fan here, also! Afraid the episode will just make me long for “the good ol’ (classic) days at GH. 🙂

Love the Baldwins. Always have.

I have never heard of nor seen Lee Baldwin .
Nonetheless, it is a good thing to remember him and looking forward to seeing the Baldwin family.
I have only seen Scott ..

Same here, su…
But, my gosh!!! Is that Scotty? Look at the hair. 70’s, I presume? There are pictures of my Dad with exactly the same do. LOL.

Didn’t I tell you Scotty was once a dreamboat, CeeCeeGirl? And how about his physical similarity to the handsome Lee??? They really could have passed for actual parent and child, even though Scotty was not his real son. (Lee adopted him when he was a little boy after he married Scotty’s mother…)

Hiyah, Shay,
Yes, you did……teddy bear Scotty was very attractive.
The woman is, also, very beautiful. Her face looks regal and so well-sculped.

@CeeCee…Susan Brown and her Gail were the epitome of beauty and good taste…classy, intelligent and always impeccably attired. When she was paired with Peter Hansen’s dignified silverfox, Lee Baldwin, the two of them comprised one of those quintessentially-perfect, well-suited and highly-attractive soap couples we still fondly recall from days of yore! I so hope that there will be adequate vintage flashbacks to illustrate the truly special and comforting presence their lovely, decent and supportive moral characters provided during GH’s pinnacle of success! (Especially for those like yourself who weren’t fortunate enough to witness their original story in its own time!)

You missed some “classic” soap opera, su. And you missed the “real” Scotty. 🙂

I would also like to see Bobbie and Monica there because they were around when Lee was more prominent on the canvas. And while it’s on the top of my head, let’s see Lesley Webber in a few scenes too. That might be wishful thinking but if i can at least have Bobbie and Monica, I’ll be happy.

What about Heather?
They have son Franco .. ??
I know nothing of this LOL

way to many decades past for me to know anything ..

Yes, Heather should be there too. As a matter of fact, they can write that she gets a pass to attend Lee’s service. Heather is another character who was around when Lee was still doing things in Port Charles. We know Laura will be around because Lee was once her father-in-law.

Good point on Bobbie and Monica–particularly Monica. Look forward to seeing this episode. It would be awesome if Susan Brown (Gail) makes an appearance. Gail and Monica had a great friendship back in the day.

hi James ..
then Franco is his son?

if so– the Heather & Franco should be there to make it ”interesting”

Susan Brown’s Gail was always the picture of class and elegance…I hope we are favored with her appearance on this sad, but very much-deserved honor, of an occasion.


Scotty was adopted by Lee. Franco is (which we all just recently found out when Heather told Franco from jail) Scotty’s son.. Thus, Lee would be Franco’s grandfather.

Thankfully, there is no actual Lee Baldwin blood coursing through the veins of that freaky force of nature, Franco….Whilst this miscreant of a man-child may be a perfectly predictable, perverse product as Heather and Scotty’s physical spawn, we can praise the Lord that the ever-upstanding senior attorney most blessedly contributed no DNA to the unfortunate gene pool that created this motley, mirthful menace who terrorized Port Charles. Hence Lee’s sterling character and reputation remains fully intact…even if he did adopt and rear that grandstanding, ambulance-chasing and too-often-laughable legal eagle, Scotty!!!!

I think that maybe they won’t have all the remaining characters who knew Lee (due to budget); they’ll probably have those who are there in the present at a service perhaps?…and others seen in flashbacks.

Hi, Su…yes, Franco is Scotty’s son with Heather. It was a whirlwind when all this came out but when Heather explained it, it all made sense (in soap opera land anyway).

I agree , Rebecca. Even if i can only have a couple of the characters who still appear on GH, the flashbacks alone will get me choked up. GH really had alot of glory days back then.

rebecca1 and James..
thanks for clearing that up for me..
OK, then Heather and Franco should be there..
Franco has a grandpa to get to know !!

Hi James…yes; I agree. But I have a feeling they’re not going to devote an entire episode to him. It’ll probably be fragmented with the other stories. Hope I’m wrong…

I’m not sure, but this episode was probably shot before Howarth signed his new contract, so he’d probably not be in it. A bit of a shame, as it would be nice to have a scene with Serena and Franco.

Also, the writers forget about Christina Baldwin/Collins. Lucy and Scott raised her “Port Charles” but I’m fairly certain that girl has not been mentioned since LH returned to the show in 2013.

Monica should be present. Will be interesting to see if the current writers actually remember that Gail Baldwin (Lee’s wife) is the foster mother of Monica. She knew Monica as a child and took her in. They always had a special connection and was a confidant of Monica’s. And of course, Scotty’s three former leading ladies … Lucy, Bobbie, and Laura should all be present. Each woman also had their own connections with Lee through their own storylines and through their association with Scotty.

Balls of fire—I had forgotten that Monica was Gail’s foster child. How did I miss that? either way, very good observations and reasons you made, Michael!!!

Absolutely, Michael. After catching Thursday’s episode, I was very disappointed that Lucy was the one who brought such sad tidings of Lee’s death to Scotty’s door….My view is that Monica, perhaps with Laura, should have been the one(s) to break this news to his son. What could have been a really poignant and heartfelt moment was ruined for me by Lucy’s annoying presence yet again. And I cannot even fathom why Serena’s visit is considered necessary…it seems that her being with the Baldwins when Lee passed was just a lame, contrived excuse for her to pop up in Port Charles. As I said, those currently left on the canvas who best knew and most interacted with Lee and Gail during their truly active years on GH were Monica, Laura and even Bobbie. Their involvement in this storyline, along with suitable flashbacks, would have more than sufficed for this tribute, along with Gail and Audrey for good measure….if possible.

Totally agree Shay about how Scotty found out about Lee. I’m in the minority that I like Lucy but she tends to be a bit grating at times … Lynn plays her well as she keeps in character with what Lucy has become … I wouldn’t mind seeing her kind of reverse course a bit and play her a bit more devilish. GH needs someone other than a mob enforcer or a Cassadine to “stir the pot.” Lucy was good at that back in her heyday and no reason why GH couldn’t have a strong female villain that’s not mob related (Ava, Olivia, etc). I think Serena coming back was/is kind if important. I always hate how soaps create new, sudden, unknown children from an established character’s past (which was already known and therefore falls to having character’s history re-written which negates what we watched as a viewer. Scott has had THREE such sudden children over the years. While Serena we watched be born and yet she never shows up at a wedding, death, or life event of the Scott. Not even a phone call. That’s just total laziness on writers part. If they don’t want to bring the characters back then at least have someone like Scott talk to them on the phone while having a one way conversation before beginning their scene. Serena never had a fall out with her father to justify her never being mentioned or showing up (or having Scott explain his absence of screen time as being out of state visiting Lee or his daughter. So I like that GH is FINALLY addressing that Scott has a daughter that every long time viewer remembers and watched grow up. Of course, no mention of his other adoptive daughter with Lucy (Christina) which is annoying. Can you imagine Serena being full time and being made more like Scotty and causing drama with Lulu and setting up the next generation of Spencer/Baldwin feuding. And it gives Scotty another storyline to be involved in a supporting role … and helps tie in other vets like Lucy or Bobbie or Laura into the mix. I’m hoping GH gets positive feedback on Serena as it may lead to more expanded roles for Scott, Lucy, Kevin, Bobbie, Laura, etc.

@Michael….I can appreciate your sentiments about the slapdash manner in which so many legacy characters and their progeny are handled on GH, so even if those aforementioned ones are not my particular favorites, it certainly doesn’t invalidate my own views to say you definitely have a point in how their existence has been all but forgotten, and often completely obliterated, from present day Port Charles! My argument against the Lucy/Serena scenario was based more upon whom I felt was the best choice of characters to deal with this sad subject in terms of the history of the show, rather than any other considerations. Given the lengthy and close relationships that Lee, Gail and Scotty shared with Monica and Laura, even Bobbie, through their highly-visible years on GH, the only conclusion I could reach was these ladies were the most suitable ones to participate in a Peter Hansen tribute. Hence whilst I am decidedly not a Lucy fan, and honestly have no interest in her offspring either, that admitted dislike was only secondary in my reasoning for the contention that the oldest and dearest of Port Charles should have been part of this far too paltry memorial to such a truly unforgettable character, not to mention, the fine actor who portrayed him! Having said that, it’s long been a mystery to me why so many of the newbies show up in town apparently unconnected to anybody previously known to GH viewers and stay that way for the entire duration of their run, when it would be so easy to make these characters part of a family that actually has a stake in Port Charles’ past…That would be one way to keep the generational wheels turning without having to rely on too many of the higher-priced former stars who are unfortunately now too expensive for regular appearances.

I hope it will be in the regular GH time slot. Miss him as Scotty’s Dad. Glad he is being honored.

It’s going to be within the regular episode of GH on Friday. It’s not a special.

I will DEFINITELY be watching……….

I sooo envy you guys for having had the opportunity of watching GH, in all its glory and “Technicolor”, during its heyday. You are lucky, Jay. I will, definitely, watch.

Oh, you really don’t know the half of it, CeeCeeGirl! It’s not just those far better storylines and production values that made the GH of yesteryear so superior to the current version…it was the rich, well-defined characters!!! Really beautifully-written, nuanced and portrayed by top-notch players like Mr. Peter Hansen! He was most definitely “old school” in his approach to acting….always professional in demeanor, polished and drop-dead handsome!!!! And his Attorney Lee Baldwin followed suit, and I don’t mean only in the three-piece variety sense! He was ever so dignified in his comportment and upheld the law with a respect you simply don’t see in Port Charles today…no outlandish courtroom antics for this seasoned legal counselor….he was the absolute soul of propriety, decorum and discretion. In other words, there was never a hint of leather bondage wear and exposed cleavage present in his courtroom scenes, nor any popping out of the proceedings for a midday quickie with one’s latest criminal consort! Ah, yes, those were the kinder and gentler days of GH that I shall forever treasure and miss!

Celia…y-e-p…Technicolor…those were the days. Ah, memories……….

Later, my friend.

@jaybird369…Thanks for your kind words about our shared perceptions of Lucy, especially since it seems that many viewers have a rose-colored view of this off-kilter character, which I totally fail to comprehend!!!..Perhaps because they are unaware of her truly sordid history in Port Charles??? Lucy had very shady, sensational beginnings as the clandestine mistress of a married man who also happened to be a serial killer, and as far as I’m concerned, she never really mended her evil ways from that inauspicious start…She pursued one already-spoken-for male after another, usually those with extremely healthy bank accounts, yet somewhere along the line, it was decided that this deceptive, self-aggrandizing, greedy diva was somehow also daffy, benevolent and beloved??? Hmmm…I shall always scratch my head over that one…along with wondering why her attention-grabbing—and most often inappropriate—antics that never fail to irk me apparently so delight others!

Hey Shay,
Yes, Lucy has usually done what’s right for Lucy. But for many viewers, Lynn Herring sells it so well, we root for her to succeed. It’s also in tender moments (like her conversation with Scott on Thursday) that she becomes endearing.

One of the more memorable scenes from the 80s was watching the transformation of Lucy Coe from mousy librarian to voluptuous home wrecker. Her marriages to Tony and Alan were doomed from the start. LH did stellar work around BJ’s death and when Lucy agreed to carry Scott and Dominique’s child, the character softened more, but never lost that edge. Oh, and don’t forget her special relationship with “Mother Quartermaine”. Granted, I always thought the duck was strange.

How do you feel about Bobbie? She’s done her fair share of scheming through the years. I’m glad to see the current writers remembered that and have her play a prominent role in the Nell situation.

Shay…another thing about Lucy that has ALWAYS ANNOYED me: More and more, Lucy puts her nose and everything into other situations…which are none of her damn business!!!!! Oh…and you are SO RIGHT ON about Serena!!!!! To me, Serena was OK as a kid growing up back in the day. But…as an adult, I find Serena to be BEYOND ANNOYING!!!!!

Later, Shay.

I loved Peter Hansen as Lee Baldwin. Also loved Susan Brown. I was so sad to read when he died. I will be watchign this episode for sure. I hope they will not have those on who did not know him and were not on the show when he was. It’s not “Sonny and Carly TV” and i like michael- butt he’s not part of it either.

you are right because michael wasn’t even born when lee baldwin was around……….

Lee and Susan were so great! And Scotty was a “real” young man albeit short-sighted and immature–but certainly not “crazy” and “immoral” character that he has devolved into.

So glad they are honoring Lee Baldwin. I remember watching him and Gail. Great that Serena is coming back as well. Wonder if she will stick around.

I could honestly do without Serena…I just hope that her annoying “mother,” Lucy Coe will not be crashing this memorial moment…she always ruins an otherwise dignified occasion. But as for Laura, Monica, and what little is left of the legacy crowd, yes, by all means, they should be there!

Shay, thank you sweetie, Lucy is overwhelming and often ruins scenes with others! Might not be a popular opinion but I cannot stand her! I hated her with Alan and Doc. She was okay with Scottie because Scott is off center but thats about it! A one trick pony like Richard Simmons!

And don’t forget nurse Audrey Hardy. I hope she puts in an appearance that is not in the form of a flashback. Steve, Audrey, Lee and Gail bonded alot back in the day. I am hoping this episode lives up to its promises. I also hope that Laura shows up with her mother. Lee was Laura’s ex father-in-law. Happy viewing all!!

Right back at you, Timmmbo! Yes, Lucy and her tacky “look at me” antics too frequently overshadow what could be otherwise great scenes with beloved legacy characters that we already don’t see enough as it is.The effort to reinvent this woman as some sort of benevolent, ditzy do-gooder when at heart she is basically just a hyperactive husband-stealing, self-centered golddigger has always galled me..Those of us who remember her from her not-so-illustrious beginnings in Port Charles know that she has never really changed her stripes despite the fact she is trotted out on so many occasions where her annoying, OTT presence detracts from the solemnity and dignity of any special event she crashes.

Shay…you are SO RIGHT ON about Lucy!!!!! What has always annoyed me about Lucy the most: Lucy always has to make everything about H-E-R!!!!! BEYOND ANNOYING!!!!! Oh…and back in the day, Tony aka Dr. Jones deserved WAY BETTER than that attention-seeking LOONY-TUNEY Lucy. Bottom Line Here: In Lucy’s case…ONCE A GOLD DIGGER, ALWAYS A GOLD DIGGER!!!!!

Have a good one, Shay.

Thanks, Shaybelle. Such a beautiful woman!!!!

Of course I’ll watch. Been watching GH since the Luke and Laura heydays! Glad the conversation has moved on to who makes the better Jason!

I loved GH back when they had families like the Baldwins, Webbers, Q’s, Spencers, Now it’s just a mish mosh that leaves me sad, I love to see some nostalgia when GH was a must see show. I just hope they don’t write Sonny and Carly into the episode and ruin it. I”m sick of it being the Sonny show.

You said it, Tonia! Makes me sad and nostalgic also.


For all the complaining and moaning we do about Frank and Jelly, this special remembrance shows they can understand the history of the show. If JFP and Guza were around, we’d never get what I’m sure will be touching and heartfelt.

While rarely driving story, Lee was THE lawyer in town and had an ear for any character who could use guidance. Hansen’ on-air report with Shriner was quite special.

Tomorrow, we can go back to criticizing, but for now, kudos to all involved in putting this tribute together

Well said Steve! Lots of complaining going and missing the point that GH is taking the time to acknowledge the character and actor passing.

I completely agree with you Steve! Lets enjoy the episode.

RIP Peter Lee Baldwim was anamazing character the good old days with the Hardies and Baldwins. It’s going to be great to have Serena finally wondered when she would comeback. Scotty will have family finally. Hope Gail is able to come back also

A feather in Frank’s cap. Peter was a legend in Hollywood and a special character on GH. I cannot wait to see what they do for him.

Guess it will be perfunctory, don’t you? (Sigh)

@Nancy…Sadly, these days “perfunctory” is really the best for which one can hope from GH in reference to its legacy players! But it would be wonderful to be proved wrong just this once…especially with a well-deserved, substantive tribute to such a lovely man and actor!

So proud of the powers to be to take time to honor this stalwart actor and character of Lee Baldwin. This is a gift to the longtime fans 50+ years who remember those glory days!

I loved Lee and Gail! Such an elegant couple.

I’m really happy to see that TPTB will be honoring Peter Hanson with a special episode. I just hope that the episode only centers around Lee Baldwin and his family. I am hoping for a lot of vintage flashback episodes!

I agree…I hope they don’t do what they did with Tracy’s departure…a few flashbacks mixed in with regular story.

Yeah but you know, somehow, someway Morgan’s name will be mentioned!

@Timmm….”Morgan” would be the perfect trigger word for one of those inebriation-based games where everyone takes a swig when a certain reference is (repeatedly) mentioned. Instead of experiencing “love in the afternoon,” GH viewers would find themselves totally “drunk in the afternoon.” (But count me out….I’ve always been teetotal….LOL.)

Well, you called that one, correctly Timmmbo! So did everybody who rightly predicted that we would have a heaping helping of Sonny and Carly in the mix. Plus, Nurse Amy and her continuing sob story….so she is going to take a “leave of absence” now? Can we make that a permanent one…pretty please??? Oh, and after watching Thursday’s episode in its excruciating entirety for those few seconds of Lee Baldwin bliss, I have to ask, did GH get a group discount on botox treatments, because other than the said esteemed-attorney in his glorious flashback clip, nobody else’s face moved even remotely during the entire show!

Hey, Timmmbo! Just wanted to say thanks for your reply….it did reach my inbox and I really enjoyed your comments…especially the one about the “juiced up” old school mannequins…very well put! LOL…Hope you a great weekend, too!

I’m not going to hold my breath, are you?

So odd the amount of people who think Sonny & Carly will be part of it. They won’t. That being said, I highly doubt the entire hour is going to be devoted to someone who hasn’t been on the show since the 90s. If I had to guess, it’ll be a quarter of the show (spread amongst the entire hour and since the hour show is less than 40 minutes, there may be 10 minutes devoted to Lee. So will Sonny & Carly be on that day? Maybe. If they are, will it be part of the Lee’s passing story? Highly unlikely.

Sonny gets stuffed into every other storyline including the Tracy going away one–I don’t blame anyone for thinking that.

It’s not odd in the least. Go back and see how many episodes these two characters have been featured in the past month. There is a reason why people are worried that Sonny and Carly will be involved.

The fact that you find individuals concerned that these two characters will be featured is what I find odd.

Tracy’s final episode was not totally centered around Tracy, Lukes final episode was not totally focused on Luke, so why would anyone think Lee’s would? Most fans of General Hospital now, probably don’t even know who Lee is except they may recall the last name ‘Baldwin’ from Scott. Otherwise most people never heard of Lee Baldwin, but I have watched General Hospital since the beginning of the Luke rape storyline so I remember Lee Baldwin very well. He’s been around since the 60’s and he was involved in the Luke & Laura saga so people show wanna know him and remember him and take time to say their farewells.

I think the point of the Sonny and Carly comments, is that we’re just sick and tired of them being the focus of the show. I think what I’m reading is that people want to tune in to see a memorial for a character that represents what GH used to be, without having to see what the show has become, an endless story of a selfish, murdering mobster.

Amen, Justin! Very well put!

Agreed. When Ron Carlivati was on … he actually brought back a ton of vets and reduced the screen time of Sonny/Carly/Jason while still keeping them as leads. I always hated Sonny but less Sonny made me actually not fast forward through his scenes as the fewer storylines they gave him were actually good. What made GH so great back in the day was well-balanced stories that were spread evenly amongst its large cast. Lee Baldwin was no longer a “lead” actor in GH’s heyday of late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s …BUT he got to be featured in some stories and offered supporting roles in other characters stories (like running against Luke for mayor of Port Charles or any of the antics Scotty was involved in or even being involved with the Q’s).

In the particular photo posted, actress Susan Brown looks like Ruth Warrick (Phoebe, AMC).

Yes she does!

You think so, 4ever? I did not find Miss Ruth especially attractive; while the lady in the picture has a ‘cool’ beauty comparable to Liz Taylor. Just my opinion.
I am only judging by this picture, as I am not familiar with her.

I’m with you on this one, CeeCeeGirl. Susan Brown, aka, “Gail” always had an aura of serene regality to her essence…just very classy and well-bred….she did not at all raise Hades and make scenes like that gloriously incomparable old Hollywood drama queen, Ruth Warrick and her uproariously fussy Phoebe Tyler. To give you some sense of Gail and Miss Brown, just consider this…she was selected to portray two former first ladies on the small screen, Nancy Reagan and Pat Nixon, both of whom were the very picture of composed comportment and simple elegance. I think that says it all.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking Friday’s episode will be a Sonny-Free episode. When past viewers who were big fans of GH back in the 70’s tune in to GH for the first time in 25 years to see the tribute to Lee Baldwin, Varni will try and “hook” you all back by showing 38 minutes of Sonny and 6 minutes of the Lee Baldwin tribute because Varni believes people want to see the Sonny Show. Psst, Varni, take a look at your ratings and notice that Sonny and Carly have been on for 8 of the past 10 episodes.

Never fear; 4 of those 6 minutes of the Lee Baldwin tribute will be of Sonny telling other characters of how he wishes he had met Lee Baldwin and how his (Sonny) life may have turned out differently had he known Lee.

Enjoy GH fans!

I fear that you are correct.

I read in a SOD issue not too long ago Kin Shriner sharing his love for his “father”. They share Birthday one day apart and Kin without fail would spend the day with Peter Hansen ( Lee Baldwin )

It pulls at the heart how the veterans of this beloved genre treated each other. WHAT a magical time.

As I’ve posted. I fell in love with Scotty from the very start. Wow so in charge. Full on throttle with sexiness. MY MAN, who is still HOT to trot, and always in demand by the fans always brings showtime. His comedic flair, his high yield drama, his presence in any scene makes you giddy.

Kin Shriner is HOT.

I’m so glad they are honoring Peter Hansen. I loved the Baldwin’s. Lee and Gail were one of my favorite couples, and such a class act. I have watched GH since the beginning when the main story line was about Angie and Eddie.

I’ve followed GH’s characters with great delight and interest, and some disdain, at times. The storylines from the 60s, 70s, and especially the 80s and 90s always captured my attention. The legacy characters – Leslie, Audrey, Monica, Lee, Gail, Helena, Mac, Felicia, Kevin, Scott, Anna, Robert, Laura (and even Luke) gave amazing performances. And, who will ever forget Tony listening to BJ’s heart beating for the first time following Maxie’s transplant. I deeply miss these engaging stories. What I’m seeing now, truly makes me sad. I feel that the writer’s have turned this show into a mockery, and have dishonored GH’s legacy. There seems to be no interest or loyalty to protect its history. I admit watching is an escape from day-to-day life. But, that is because I want to be entertained, even if for just an hour . I want to be transported through amazing writing that draws me to a place where I don’t want to leave. I try to imagine that other fans want that too.

New stories begin, are interrupted, and not brought to conclusion. Actors disappear for long periods of time. Talented performers like Michael Easton, William DeVry and Rebecca Budig are given story lines that are beneath their capabilities. The stories no longer carry the depth and passion they once did. Very little is being done to bring attention to social issues, and those that are, are tossed in merely as an afterthought. The delightful humor that once permeated GH is now, barely a blip on the radar. It would be wonderful if GH could take a chapter from Agnes Nixon’s book and give us stories that make us laugh, touch our hearts and leave us wanting more and more. I fear those days may be gone.

I suppose I’m from the old school, and having my loyalty challenged doesn’t sit well with me. Please bring back the GH we once knew, and truly loved. I want to be a wholehearted fan, and not just one viewing from the sidelines. GH you ARE better than this. Fans want to see the absolute best from you. Are you willing to rise to the occasion? It is my deepest hope that you can.

Wonderfully put, especially your last paragraph. Are we currently being treated to characters and stories that will be worthy of flashbacks years from now? Given the nature of daytime and the number of actors that have graced our screens over the years, plenty of tributes will follow, but it would be nice to not have to simultaneously mourn the loss of a beloved actor and the show we feel we lost many years ago.

If Susan Brown (Gail) doesn’t appear, then I’m not sure how this will work. Unless Serena just comes to town to break the news to Scotty.

BTW, do we know where the eff Leslie is these days? Has it been established that she moved out of town? Because, if so, I must have missed that day. LOL

Lesley hasn’t been mentioned in ages. Laura needed her mother after Nik died, but not even a reference.

@Steve…Per your above post about Lucy/Bobbie…I’ve already pretty much stated my views on Lucy and her role in yesterday’s reveal about Lee’s death…it really didn’t work for me, and actually left me feeling very disappointed…I think there were other longer-term GH candidates who could have done a much more fitting and poignant job of delivering this news to Scotty…so, no, I’m not on board with Lucy’s special brand of hyperkinetic over-emoting as having been effective for me personally. The character simply grates on me no matter the situation, and that dates from Day One when her cover identity as a supposedly meek librarian was ultimately blown apart. I’ve never bought into her so-called metamorphosis from an adulterous town pariah to this desirable style icon who quite frankly pretty much obtained her fortune mainly through golddigging/multiple marriages. I feel much the same about Bobbie, no fond feelings for her either….I remember what a nasty piece of work she was back in her early nursing years, especially to Laura, and how she always claimed to want to live down her sordid past as a prostitute, but then never failed to use those same wily feminine skills obtained in Aunt Ruby’s former cathouse to trap whatever man captured her fancy at the time…and there were many! Hence to see her currently strutting around the halls of GH like some member of the moral majority ala Nurse Ratched is truly laughable to me…she’s done so many dirty deeds–along with her equally despicable daughter—that for them to be joining forces to bring down Nelle is patently absurd. (Oh, and now they have the basically useless Felicia getting in on the act, too. Don’t these women have anything better to do with their spare time???? Perhaps they should start a coffee klatch, knitting circle, investment group or book club….Lol.) At any rate, even though I am generally one who champions the notion of utilizing legacy characters whenever possible, that doesn’t mean that I consider them all to be created equal and worthy of being trotted out just for the love of it…some are far better and have more dramatic potential than others…such as Anna and Laura, not to mention many of the dishy males who occupied Port Charles throughout the ’80’s and would still be a welcome sight for sore eyes these days. In other words, I don’t necessarily consider simply having a history on GH as being a good enough excuse to exist on the canvas today…there needs to be a compelling reason beyond nostalgia to bring back former characters and keep them around.

Steve…I liked you comment further up about Lucy. Opportunists “yes.” Regardless I’ve always liked her character, and remember seeing her start out as the “mousy” librarian. She’s not evil, doesn’t kill anyone, or belong to one of the “gangs.” But admit I wasn’t happy with her when she tried to help sell GH to the developers. Naughty, naughty, especially for someone who has espoused the virtues of the hospital and championed the Nurses Ball. And she has caused a lot of havoc, but in her own unpredictable, quirky way. I’ve also mentioned elsewhere I was glad to see her spreading her acting wings in her scenes with Scottie and Serena over Lee’s passing.

@Kevin O….Last we heard, wasn’t she holed up in some Italian castle with Spencer??? At that point, the little Cassadine’s safety was thought to be in possible jeopardy, so off they went to a European safehouse. I don’t recall any updates about Leslie since then, but I could have missed her being mentioned in an off-handed manner. I mean, Spence is obviously alive, well and back in Port Charles…so, yeah, WHERE the heck is Dr. Webber????

These plans are a well-deserved send-off to a classy man, an indelible character, someone who personifies TRUE GH royalty.

So very true, Brother. I WILL DEFINITELY be watching this upcoming Friday.

Later, Brother.


Finally a show I am actually looking forward to. I am glad they are showing the respect to Peter and giving him a tribute show. But please, if it is possible, no Sonny and Carly for at least one day!!! I want to see all the vets, Scotty, Lucy, Laura, Bobbie, all the ones who had connections with Lee. Would love to see Gail. She was always pure class. Those were the days when GH was at its best. Now I don’t even care if I miss a few shows. So sick of the Sonny/Carly show. LW is a great actress but why must she be stuck with Sonny for the hundreth time. Even MB looks bored with the same crap. Looking forward to the tribute to Lee. RIP Mr. Hansen. You were a class act.

I do hope Gail is able to be a part of this show. She was Lee’s wife on the show and would just complete the circle. I look forward to seeing a fitting tribute to Peter.

Wonderful!!! I am looking forward to this.

Always enjoyed him on the show. I remember him from wayyyyy back to the b/w days when Lee was married to looney Meg (Scotty’s mom).

Wish Franko could have met and had time with his grandpa! 😀

I have been watching GH since 1965. Lee Baldwin was one of my favorite characters. In fact, I miss them all. Steve, Jessie, etc. May Peter rest in peace. I love seeing the “old time players” return and seeing those old GH scenes.

Been watching, since beginning! Had to stop, in late,90,s did to someone’s illness, always at hospital, me, and Mom, didn’t know how to hook up vcf! So, I stopped for 14, years! Started, 2, or 3, nurses, balls, ago, bored! Didn’t know, all the kids, of NEA, Carly’s, where was Brenda, in order to find out, who all of the kids, belonged to, I would look up, on Internet! Boy, doesn’t anyone, import Charles, use Birth control!???????A bunch of sluts! Remembered, Laura, happy, Kevin back, Scotty, Want, more, Mac and, FeliciA, love Bobbie, saw HDR on home and family, last year, said, she is on another soap, on line, you pay for????? Want, the old people Did not know Peter was dead, they did not play IG well! Why would, Seen, leave, Gail, a grieving , widow, and run to Port Charles! If, in story, He just died, ?, get rid of , Ned, and ,Nell, Nina, Joss, Av, Spencer, Alexis,daughters, !!!!! Could not believe, Ned’s, wedding, forgot brides name! No food she owns, hotel and, restaurant IG was I , usually, these weddings, only have champagne, and cake, they have lots of,$, and you call that wedding? They did not even have a cake, nor dinner, heard Nell tell Michael, she was starving, and he said, let’s get you, some, some, snacks, how cheap, couldn’t afford dinners, for 12, people, what a boring, wedding!!!!!!Don’t like the part, with Nathan and, Amy, don’t think, there, is even a brother!!! Nathan is a detective, why doesn’t he check, VA, hospitals, for his name! Think it is, just ploy, to be with him her? after his his hot wife! And he is playing into it!!!!!! Want to see, Mac, and, Felicia, on regular, basis, also, do they think we are blind, have not seen, Lulus pregnant big, very pregnant stomach, for months??? Why didn’t she hold something in front of it! ?Realize, with story line, of Charlotte, they couldn’t have her pregnant in show! Then they, at wedding, said, she went to lid down after being seen at beginning, up with other woman and bride? Then she appeared, next day! I hate when shows, think we are crazy, and don’t realize these things!!!!!!! Get rid of, Oscar! Let Jack’s, in all the time! What ever happened to Franco, never said, where he has been!!!! Didn’t like news, Jason at beginning, but OK now, let Steve Burton have different part! They should not hire him back, he left, what grass wasn’t greener on other show! The deal, with Sam, is too far fetched!!! Why didn’t they send her to a shrink??? What happened to Anna’s, evil twin, hate when they do that! Ava, can still be charged for touching, and changing someone else’s, meds, no matter shat they were, you don’t switch anyone else’s, meds, it can kill a person!!!!!!How come They showed Tracy, bump into Luke in Whatever country she went to?????? I give up!!!!!Just get rid of all news people, to me, and bring back all of the old characters, still alive, wanting to be in it, from the beginning! Wat hex, from,12, yrs. Old, half hour, blk. and white, probably, 20 minutez, after commercials! Horrible, pictures, also, seen on excerpts, on line! Goodbye, for now!!!!

I have been a Fan of GH since the beginning. I have been out of town and am just seeing 7/13 episode. I cried just hearing Lee had died. I am so looking forward to Fridays . The flashbacks will make me cry. But They Will be Tears of memories.

Breaking News

The Young and the Restless and General Hospital Actress and Writer, Meg Bennett, Passes Away at 75

Meg Bennett, who had played Julia Newman and later became a writer for the top-rated daytime drama, The Young and the Restless has died at the age of 75.  The news comes from her family who shared that she lost her battle to cancer back on April 11th.

Daytime fans remember fondly, Meg’s portrayal of Victor’s (Eric Braeden)first wife. Bennett joined the show in 1980, after her first soap stint for two years in the role of Liza Walton on Search for Tomorrow.

Impressed by her story notes, the late Bill Bell, then head writer of Y&R, had Meg doing double duty acting and writing on the show from 1983-1987. When he decided to write off the character of Julia, he also wanted Meg to stick around as a writer.  Not only did this begin a whole other daytime career for Bennett, but she was not done playing Julia either. Throughout the decades, Julia would still come back to Genoa City for a visit. Most recently, Y&R fans saw Julia in 2018, and again in 2020.

Photo: JPI

Bennett also appeared on Santa Barbara and was a writer on that show as well from 1991-1993. She played the role of Megan Richardson. It was next that Meg had her longest writing stint coming to ABC’s General Hospital. Meg wrote for GH from 1993-2011.

In 1995, Bennett won her first Daytime Emmy for writing and her personal life changed after falling in love with nine-time Daytime Emmy winner, former GH head writer, Bob Guza Jr. In addition, GH also utilized Bennett for her acting skill when she was cast as the villainess Allegra Montenegro.  Meg and Bog Guza were officially married in 2004 and purchased a home once owned by Boris Karloff and Gregory Peck.

Photo: JPI

Additionally, Meg wrote for The Bold and the Beautiful 1987-1989 and later served as a executive story consultant to Brad Bell from 2002-2004.  She also wrote for Sunset Beach, Generations and GH: Night Shift throughout her writing career. She went on to win five WGA Awards for GH and Santa Barbara.

Meg is survived by her husband of 19 years, Robert Guza Jr., two stepdaughters, four grandchildren, a brother and a sister.

Share your remembrances and condolences for Meg Bennett via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Finola Hughes Chats on Her Lead Actress Daytime Emmy Nomination, New Directions for Characters in Port Charles, and Anna’s Love Life

In four out of the last five years, General Hospital favorite, Finola Hughes (Anna Devane), has almost become a perennial nominee having once again scored a Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress for the upcoming 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Hard to believe, but Hughes won her one and only Daytime Emmy back in 1991, and has amassed a total of 11 Emmy nominations during her enduring daytime drama career. As those who have watched GH know, throughout any calendar year, you can find numerous stellar performances by Finola that could be tops on any Emmy reel.

Michael Fairman TV chatted with Finola during the 10th annual Daytime Emmy Nominations Special to get her reaction to landing in the field of six fantastic women vying for gold, what scenes went on her now Emmy-nominated reel, what she thinks of how GH is shaking things up under new head writers, Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte, and the future of Anna’s love life. Here’s what she shared below.

Photo: ABC

What scenes did you wind up submitting that landed you in the running for the Daytime Emmy in this year’s Lead Actress category?

FINOLA: The whole Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) shooting and the accident and that whole thing. Then, talking about that with Sonny (Maurice Benard), and then a bit of the breakup with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), and then finding out that Valentin had lied.

Who helped you put the reel together?

FINOLA: One of our producers at GH, Michelle Henry. We have these amazing producers. They’re sort of the unsung heroes. They’re in the booth all day when we’re shooting. They do this wonderful thing where they earmark something, if they think that it’s been a good performance. So, they just have this sort of little list (that helps come Emmy time). So, that’s how that worked with Michelle.

Photo: ABC

Now you’ve had a string of recent Daytime Emmy nominations. Do you think GH is  writing more for your strengths in the last several years?

FINOLA:  Yes, and I think it’s become stronger recently. I think writers really take the lead sometimes from an actress or an actor who’s going through something or moving through something in their life. Maybe, that’s they were just seeing, you know, different layers and colors and so they started to write to that.  I’m not sure. It certainly felt like I’ve had some things (material) that resonated with me.

What I have loved about Anna is that she is very complex. She often wrestles with herself over her past as a double agent, or certain guilt that she carries around. It’s interesting when the lines are blurred for her and things get messy.

FINOLA:  I do well with complex and I like messy.

So, what do you think about the nominees in the Lead Actress category with you?

FINOLA:  They are great. I don’t know Annika Noelle (Hope, B&B) very well, but I hear she did wonderful work and she sent me a lovely message. Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, B&B) I obviously reached out to, Tamara Braun (Ava, DAYS) reached out to me, and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Y&R) and I just got on the phone last night and congratulated each other on our nominations, and of course, Cynthia (Watros) is here with me at GH.

Photo: JPI

You do like do like the fashion of it all for Emmy night, correct?

FINOLA: God, I I live for it. I’m as shallow as that. I might play some complex on television, but I’m that shallow in real life.

So, do you go by the trends of what to pick out to wear for a red carpet, or you just kind of go off what you think looks good on you?

FINOLA: I do like the trends. I really like the fact that the sleeve is having a big moment right now since the film Poor Things. It sent it into the stratosphere.

It’s been 33 years since you won your last Emmy. Do you think you’re a better actress now than when you were even 10 years ago?

FINOLA: I have no idea. It feels like a game of golf always for me, because get on set, like today, I was doing some work this morning and I just doubt myself.  I’m like, “Did I really bring it?” I do think I’m harder on myself now than I was when I was younger, because I really didn’t know what I was doing at all.  It’s a very hard question to answer. I feel like it’s different, but I’m constantly in battle with myself as to whether something works or not.

Photo: ABC

What are your thoughts then on being Emmy-nominated, at times, for more than three decades?

FINOLA: At this point in my life, I just find the whole thing encouraging and extraordinarily sort of affirming, and sweet and lovely. It’s extraordinary to even be acknowledged. That’s the truth.

Currently, on-air, Anna is taking a harder line with Sonny. There’s been a shift.

FINOLA:  Yes. That’s been really interesting. I was talking about this with Steve Burton (Jason), and we actually were working together today. We found like this level between the two of us when it comes to Sonny. It was just really like another whole level as to what I’m doing. I think what’s happened is people’s roles in Port Charles are becoming delineated, you know, where there’s less gray. It’s like we’re sort of moving into areas, right? All of us. That’s kind of great because then you’ve got the hospital, you’ve got the police station, you’ve got the mob, you’ve got the Quartermaines you’ve got Curtis’ nightclub, and so there’s these different areas. Then, your character becomes very specific.  I had those scenes with Genie Francis (Laura) that aired the other day, and it makes sense that we are sort of waking up because unfortunately Sonny’s going through something which we don’t know about, but he’s not behaving well. So, therefore we are like, “If he would do that, then we need to wake up to that Sonny has always been like that.” But, it’s not true. Sonny hasn’t always been like that. We still deal in the gray, because we are searching for the gray in ourselves, which is interesting. And then we have to make a decision, such as, “Where do you stand? Who are you actually?” I think posing those questions to the actual characters is kind of interesting.

Photo: ABC

Now, who’s going to be the man in Anna’s life?

FINOLA:  Well, I want to do some more stuff with James. Obviously, James and I text all the time about how we’re not working together. We all know what Valentin’s up to. However,  Anna doesn’t quite know.

I was originally thinking they might put John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) in a romance with Anna?

FINOLA: Oh, I know. I love Adam. He’s so wonderful, and so is Charles Mesure (Brennan). Obviously, Laura Wright (Carly) has been working with the two of them as well. They’re both looking like they are in love with Carly, so what can I do?  I’ll just take the leftovers. However, I’m hoping that I get to play Valentin. The thing that’s interesting is that he’s a Cassadine. His father has now passed on, so he’s now at the front of the wagon of the Cassadines. It’s in his blood. So, I don’t know what they’ll do.

Photo: ABC

What was our family’s reaction when you told you are an Emmy nominee? 

FINOLA: We had just taped three days of a very big event on the show. I was really tired yesterday and I was sort of laying down pretending to take a nap, as I never can nap in the middle of a day. Then, Frank Valentini (EP, General Hospital) called me to say that, Cynthia Watros and myself, had been nominated for Lead Actress. So, I actually got up and I walked outside and my three kids were sort of wandering around doing kid teenage stuff. I sort of told each of them individually. I was like, “I got nominated.”  They actually said, “Congratulations!” So, I think it actually resonated through the haze of online extravaganzas that teens are looking at it.

Make sure to check out the 2024 Daytime Emmy Nominations Special from this past Friday night below, where several of this year’s Daytime Emmy nominees stopped by the Michael Fairman Channel to share their reactions and more on going for gold come June 7th.

Now let us know, are you happy Finola was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress in a Daytime Drama Series? Who do you hope Anna winds up with romantically down the line on GH under new head writers, Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

‘Knots Landing’s’ Donna Mills and Joan Van Ark Reunite for Los Angeles Ballet Season 18 Gala

The women from the the cul-de-sac at Seaview Circle, stepped out last week as the Los Angeles Ballet celebrated its season 18 gala with ceremonies at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The evening was hosted by LAB staunch supporter, Donna Mills (ex-Abby, Knots Landing, ex-Madeline, General Hospital).  The Emmy Award-winning actress met up with her dear friend and former on-screen rival and co-star, Joan Van Ark (ex-Val, Knots Landing, ex-Gloria, The Young and the Restless) as well as her daughter, Chloe Mills, on the red carpet prior to the start of the evening.

This year’s LAB gala honorees included: Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Emmy, and Grammy nominated composer and pianist Kris Bowers, plus accomplished attorney and Los Angeles Ballet Board Chair, Jennifer Bellah Maguire. The honorees each received Angel Awards for the extraordinary contributions they have made to the arts, LAB and the city of Los Angeles.

Photo: JPI

Los Angeles Ballet is known for classical, contemporary, romantic and neoclassical ballets, for pioneering new works and for presenting relevant works by many of today’s most innovative dance-makers. LAB’s original production of The Nutcracker is an annual holiday favorite for Los Angeles residents and regional, national and international visitors.

Photo: Shutterstock for Los Angeles Ballet

Led by Artistic Director Melissa Barak, LAB performs in multiple theater venues across LA County including The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, Royce Hall at UCLA, Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Pasadena Civic Auditorium and Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. As part of its mission, LAB wants to expand people’s knowledge of and nurture a love for ballet.

Longtime fans of Donna Mills also know that when early in her career she was a dancer. In fact, when she got her first soap opera gig as a nightclub singer named “Rocket” on Secret Storm, Mills was shocked.

Photo: JPI

In a 2015 interview with Smashing Interviews Magazine Donna recounted, “I’m not a singer. I was a dancer. Why they chose me to be a nightclub singer, I have no idea, and I actually sang on the show.”

So, glad to see Donna and Joan stepping out together in support of the Los Angeles Ballet? Miss Knots Landing’s Abby and Val? Let us know via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Eileen Davidson as Ashley

The Young and the Restless

Airdate: 4-12-2024